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Cameron County press. (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, January 13, 1910, Image 4

Image and text provided by Penn State University Libraries; University Park, PA

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I;] | Entire $15,000 Stock Transferred to the JQQ Black
ij 5,000 Post
I Newman - Simmons Company P n„
|| lc Each Of Cleveland, Ohio 49c
||Sa/e Started Tuesday Morning, Jan. 11 at 9 o'clock
k I and lasts for ten days only. All goods marked in plain figures; strictly one price
13 and CASH ONLY to all. This will be the biggest money saving sale ever held in »j
»j Emporium. Space too small to mention prices on all merchandise in the store but
I I the following prices will give you an idea of the values that await your coming.
11 This stock must be sold to raise money to pay our bills which are now coming due. ||
11 All merchandise has been marked to less than cost of manufacture. A terriffic I
II demolition of all former prices and profits no matter how big the loss. SI.OO
I spent here will do the work of $2.00 elsewhere.
Ladies' Coats Ladies' Suits Umbrellas Specials B "'moniy^Mßg ( yice me '...$ 1.19
1 * 2 T S pS™:." no . ne - T .. $18.98 <l - 2 4 l^ e rella6 : mo ". ey . rals :...79c 19c r ' < '%^'™l v E e^L Mitt ' !,, ".'..38c ;
A t rr\ T v > n <. . . _ OK „., .. Tr , .. -k- - 15c Children's Hose, money 11 n 50c Books, money raising QQ.
9 ».50 Ladies' Coats, money AJQ 25.00 Suits, money raising 1C JQ 2.00 Umbrellas, money <M 1a raising price lIC price- ' OuC
« raising price *t.tO price raising price __
« SI.OO Men's Dress Shirts i<>c Gloves, or mittens, fO^
4 10.00 Ladies' Coats, money CHQ 22.00 Suits, money raising 1Q QQ 3.00 Umbrellas, money rais- lOq monev raising price /OC maney raising prices UOt
J raising price • price • ing price •if 25<J Men » a Mittens, money lO n 35c Books, money raising lO p
5 12.00 Ladies' Coats, money nAO 20.00 Suits, money raising 1O JQ 4.00 Umbrellas, moneo rais- OOq raising price JLOt price IVJv.
raising price * i .ifO price I&.W ing price L.Oy 15c Ladies' Hose, money rais- 11- 5c Tablets,, money raising O
■ 15,00 Ladies' Coats, money OQO 18.00 Suits, money raising QQQ 5.00 Umbrellas, money rais- O ft Q ing price price O*,
raising price 0»«J0 price • ing price $2.00 Suit Cases, money ©1 1 Q 25c Box Writing Paper, 1
_ J# y _ Q raising price money raising price
hi Ladies* Petticoats Ladies rur Sets Children's Coats 10c Crepe Paper Roll, money fin 81.00 Corsets, money raising »7Q C
K « raising price W price • </*»
- 00 $3.00 Coats, money raising 25c Ladies' Hose, money rais- 33.75 Picture and Frame, 73
II I,r price k^S ' niol,ey raiSillg $1 09 oo'Coats," money raising 239 • $ 1.69 10C ,ifee C ! e . S :.^°. n^.r^ n . g T 2 C
SI 2. money* raising lOA 7.50 Fur Sets, money raising AgA monev rahnna- o\o 50c Children's Sweaters, QO„ 50c Men's Extra Heavy Fleece QQp
pricp - 1.Z.1 pnee —o.uu money raising 2Oq money raising price Lined bbirts or Drawers vOl
{ 3 2.50 Skirts, money raising I£A 8.00 Fur Sets, money raising AQO P™ s6, 50c Dressing Sacks, money QO r 50c Ladies Fleeced Under
-91 price i.O» P nce 5.00 Coats, money raising Olq raising price OOl* wear f|
9 3.00 Skirts, inoney raising lOA 1 0.00 Fur Sets, money raising gOA P»ce O. y SnwiftU 50c Ladies Outing Gowns, OO- (
ffffi price .....l.o" price G.OO Coats, money raising fin upCLldld money raising price I
_ . , . . P rice $3.50 Suit Cases, inoney ®0 1Q 75c Table Linen, money rais- AO*, 3
II Misses Coats Ladies Skirts n , rawing price ing price ftoc I
• SoeCials SI.OO Children's Wool Sweat- *JQ r 81.75 Bed Spreads, money 01 1Q |
$ $2.25 Misses Coats, money QQ/» $4.50 Skirts, money raising t£o QQ " ers, money raising price ■ raising price I
1 raising price 5/OC price «}>£■.Oi7 15c Children's Hose, money 25c Ladies' Belts, money rais- 10 51.50 Water Sets, money &1 1Q 9
j| 3.00 Misses Coats, money (j*l QO 5.00 Skirts, money raising OQO raising price "C ing price AOV raising prices I|Jl»li7
raising price yl.uO price £t,UO 50c Ladies' Belts lnonev OO $6.00 Silk Waists, money® OOQ $1.25 Dressing Sacks, money 'JQp
jg 4.00 Misses Coats, money OOQ 0.00 Skirts, money raising OOq raising price ••• uOC raising price Cr raising price *
raising price £««>0 price SIO.OO Dinner Sets, <67 QO 25c Ladies Underwear, money 10 fl
H 5.00 Misses Coats, money OAO 8.00 Skirts, money raising CIA " >c nrir«^' Hose, money IQc money raising price v'«Oo raising prices IOC
r; isiijg price L»VO price 1,1 20c Ladies Handkerchiefs, 11- 20c Children's Mittens, money 11-
6 ♦».<»(> Misses Coats, money OQQ 10.00 Skirts, money raising £! 50c Ladies' Ilandbags, inoney O fip money raising price iiV raising price lit
rai.-ing price 0»Vo price U*tO raising price 50c Photo Albums, money 1Q- 10c Red and Blue Handker- ftp
r> $1.75 Rugs, money raising (fl? "J 1 Q raising price !UV chiefs, money raising price
Ladies S Waists Ladies Furs price " 10c Ladies' White Hanker- O- 50c Baby Bonnets, money QQp
69c Ladies Outing Skirts, chiefs, money raising price Ut raising price fl
a 75c Waists, niouev raising $3.00 Furs, money raising <j»l Ca money raising price tOC 10c Ribbons, all colors, money O- 10c Towels, money raising ftp I
i ut *° C $1.25 Ladies' Hand Bags, 7Q- 0| rai8 T in « P ri «t; ofl P * ice V.' I sl.oo
sl.oo \\aists. inoney raising £Q_ 4.00 1 urs, money raising OOQ money raising price ■ i/C SI.OO Ladies Wrapgers, >7 o|, 20c lowels, money raising 110 ||
prict' OUC price ■ " money raising price ■ price ffl
K K ••'.«O Silk Waists, money QO 5.00 Furs, money raising 9QQ M ''moneTr-uSnt iS 1 ' 8 ' 19c 25c Ribbons, money raising 1/S- SI.OO Men's Kid Gloves, I I
a jjjj) raising price «pi.JTO price £t»yO y » price price lOt money raising price " <'*• a a
I 1 3mo Silk Waists, monev OIA 5.50 Furs, money raising OOn 50c Children's Bonnets, 25c Children's Belts, money lO- 25c Stocking Cap, money rais- 1 mfl
K raising price <&•!«/ price money raising price raising price ing price I I
■ « ">.< lo Silk Waists, money 'J QO 6.50 Furs, money raising OQQ $3.00 Rugs, money raising "1 £SO 50c Soap Box, money raising 1 7sc 7sc Men's Kid Gloves, ■■
g g raising price price 0»*JO price *• O KJ price IvV money raising price OQV ■■
y The Fair Store, Emporium, Pa., ;
| H. A. ZARPS & CO., Propietors
I NEWMAN-SIMMONS CO., in charge of Sale. Nothing reserved. Everything in the
(Store goes at sale prices. OUR PRICES ARE THE TALK OF THE TOWN AND

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