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Cameron County press. [volume] (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, May 19, 1910, Image 4

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\T% Iri IP 6 * IP g | (TW? 1 Jrl IwC
j- ll - >• lllVl CJL IV§ ejLC¥JK%. W. dren Dry Goods Ladies Clothing, Millinery, and Furnishings, to be sold in TEN DAYS time,
Beg mriing Wednesday, May 25th, 1910, 9 a. m.l
A Terrific Sale, sending death and destruction to high prices, demoralizing competition; will bring thousands of people from far and near to attend the sale of E. S.
Tho PVIIQQ ic Rria%f ISiIQ I P Q PfinnOrOiViilh ThiS iS the bargain event that will surpass anything ever attempted the value 1 giving
i 1 fj l»J 0 U BU Ofc fltJlla" 1 j iloUl ill Ol vUjJUuI UIBBI 111 line in Emporium. Save this and wait for Cameron County's Greatest Sale.
Bought heavily, anticipating a big spring trade, but owing to backward conditions and a
i tardy season we have more stock 011 hand than we care to carry—in fact, more than good busi- Immense Stocks! Magnificent Bargains! Thousands of Surprises!
I ness judgment warrants; besides
WE NEED THE MONEY AND MUST HAVE IT. Read on. Read every line. Then wait for tiie 20th Century's most remarkable and stupend- I
This fact combined with still other reasons gives the strongest incentive to make this an ous sa^3 * R will be characterized by enough thrilling, sensational selling for a hundred sales.
I unusual event. j 1 , . , „ . Don't hesitate. NOW is the time. Act at once, when the Bargain Flood Gates open.
In order to make this sale QUICK and DECISIVE we have employed the most effective
] weapons known to modern merchandising, that is; not only the eliminating of every vestige of
112 profit, but the cutting deep down into the vitals of the original cost 011 every article, item and lAf Affl nAnjfl nit A 4 ft &•%-»
garment in our peerless assortment of the choicest creations of the world's greatest workshops. wS sJf| f|P VIS ihm <?l If J ■Til JIT W /I
Our store will remain closed Monday and Tuesday, May 23rd and 24th, arranging stock and marking down prices for this sale. Therefore, save this and wait for the opening WEDNES
DAY, MAY, 25th, at 9a. 111. The prices quoted below have their real significance only in conjunction with the high quality ot merchandise offered. Read these items. Read every line. It
will be the most profitable reading you have done in years.
pi. _ 1 During this Sale we will pay railroad fare to all out-of-town buyers of $25.00 and over within a radius of twenty-five miles. The Most
»CCJ.I lp IO lljiripoiuni Sensational Bargains Ever Offered. Read Prices Carefully.
Ladies Man-Tailored Suits Millinery Waists Ladies' Gauze Undervests
Lot Ladies Suits that sold up to $ lO 00 -$5 gg We have worked to sustain a reputation in every trimn?^,''Scvllue" 8MS l priOT U, ?!!\"?f!?. , ....38C Sale^rlce 8 10C ValueS ; 4C
Sale price bat we show—so you can corae here Wednesday with . ' . m . , , xr . . rn t > v .. « r i
Lot Ladies Tailor Made Suite, in all the leading the assurance that modes will not be wa ched else- , Lot of W bite Embroidered Waists, $1 •> QQp u , . \ess, « for 25c value. *7(l
shades, good $12.00 and $15.Q0 values. djr? OQ where at our prices. values, sale price vvuo bale price, - - - . - . . - '
Sale price *P • You Will Appreciate These Hats —Hardly two Lot of whito Embroidered Waists $2 00 1"1 Q S I quality Ladies \ ests, worth ISC. 1 2*o
Lot Ladies Suits in a large variety of fabrics and alike; so many styles that there's not room enough values, Sale price J.. J. O bale price - a
styles, handsomely tailored and finished. (Ti-i /-w /OQ here to tell of half. New large shapes, new small Lot white Embroidered Waists, §3.00 1/I Q I n«-ILr^v^k,"c«£o
Regular $20.00 Values. Sale price. shapes, new medium size shapes—conservative ar.d values Sale price JL .*xv7 LiaUlcS nanuKcrClUclS
Lot Ladies Tailor Made Suits in all the latest ultra fashionable modes. Every wanted shade is here Lot of black and white Silk waists, <h o 1 O Ladies' White and Bordered Handkerfs, 0 ~
1 shades and styles Handsomely finished £-i AQQ in its most refined tone. Trimmings of quality so elegantly finished $3.50 values, sale price 10c value. Sale price 3C
Regular $25.00 values. Sale price placed as to add grace and beauty far beyond the one lot of Lace Wafats that sold up o Off , Ladies' White Checked Hemstiched Hand-
Ladies Kimonas , L^ies' Trimmed Hats, regular $5.00 gg to S l^ oo ' " JlJfsiVk WaVate"'' " o o 'ladies Pure good ' o
. ~ , „ ... „ , vale. Fair Warning Sale Price H 51 •" ° Lot of black and white bilk Waists, Q /lO 25c values Sale nrir« loC
B«le^r. S !r tK ™™ M '. 680 . ,, !" M . 420 VM $3.39 hand.owed, 5 4. 5 0v,,,»„,5,,.pn 1 .. . . 3.4» " ° bS & P„>. ft.odier- OQ„
Ladies' Short Kimonas that sold up to s2.oofyQ_ Ladies High-Orade Hats, Extraordinary -1 Ladies Skllfts ( les, ocvaues. .a e price
Sale price. values at SB.OO, Fair Warning Sale Price.. 1U Lot Ladies Skirts that sold up to $2.50 gg ChambreV and Ginghams
Ladies long Kimonas, $3.00 values, m 1 o O - r . 1 , n aie price,,.. I - ." 1" „ . . -_ , , 0
Sale price Untnmmed Millinery s4.oovllues . ae . !".' $2.19 Sale prioe of Colored Chambrey, 20 c values.
Lace Curtains Rough Straws, regular 75c values. A Lot Ladies' Skirts in biack, blues and Panama One lot of Dress Ginghams, 20c values
Sale price latest styles, $4.50 values. p Sale price - - - - J-iO
Special Notice. E. S. Coppersmith has two dozen ' Horse'ilair Braid, regular $1.50 values'."" Sale Price ........................ ... One lot of French Dress Ginghams, -j q
pairs of lace curtains. During this sale «i q Oflp Sale price b/OC Lot Ladies' Skirts in black and blue Voile q regular 3oc values. Sale price - - J-ao
the >' ar « ' Milans, in all the new shaps, regular <t»i qq and Panama, $7 00 values Sale price........
Ladies Gloves * ,'V;! " H - $ V th &T§^6.23 Shrunk Cotton
SPECIAL PRICES on all Pattern Hats during n _ 1 r*-i 1 One lot of Shrunk Cotton in all colors, ii|.
One Lot Black and White Lisle Thread qQ n this sale. LaceS and KIDDOnS 20c values. Sale price, per yard - 1 laC
filoves, /5c values. Sale price.. P'll-,-.
One Lot 12 and lb button Black and Tan gg PlllOW 1 OpS l aaa , han manufacturers' cost. Notions
. ilk Gloves, $1.5 values. Sale price Valenciennes and Torchon Laces, 5c to 8c oin n r h tv, ji- i
FrnKcniflprlps Lot ofFanoy Pillow Tops that Bold as high -i p values. Sale price 3,0 Good Toweling by the yard, lac values.
C.mDrOiaeries as SI.OO reduced ' Lot 15c Laces c Sale price o®o
Hamberg Embroideries, Edges and Inser- ry n _ , _ , Sale price ' OC Good Toweling by the yard, 25c values jg,
tions. Worth 10c and 15c per yard. Sale price ' Malme BOWS and Dutch Collars All other Laces reduced in proportion. " Viood Safety Pins (a'il sizesi reeula'r urice 10c
Corset Cover Embroideries worth 35c per i All our Ribbons, all colors and numbers, at less U1 , , 1 si .esj regular price iuc./^i_
yard. Sale price JLoC One Lot Hand-Made Maline Bows, regular Q/1 /-» than manufacturers' cost. Salepr^, car<l , " " * "
All Laces and Ribbons reduced in proportion. 35c values. Sale price C I J- » a Good Hooks and Eyes, regular price sc. q n
One Lot Dutch Collars and Jabots in all the-. LadieS LorSetS Sale price, per card ..... OL
SIiKS leading styles, regular 35c values. Sale price UC 50c and 75c Corsets.oonn n c< 16c .^ ack and hide Combs. q
Sale price oale pnoo * " * * ** * m
» 2 .<» ra^%^.^^.. Ladies'and Children's Hose yao . . 19c
Black Taffeta Silk, 32 in. wide, every yard guar- Ladies and Children's black and tan 2 for 25c
anteed to wear, regular $2.50 kind. <t»-i qq Hose Sale price &C Sale price ,z} a ' t ~ ' '
S '"lS~ TafftjtaSillis gaar.nt.rf Mwe.V, Ladie. , D d Children's beat 20 0 hoso, .ale pric. 11 C All otber grade, reduced in proportion. SaleTrico . - PP . . 19C
regular $1.50 values. Kale price #yC Ladies imported Gauze Hose, black or tan, -i Corset Covers 35c Ladies' Elastic Belts, all colors. 21P
Children's Dresses besl silk LuVe Hose,' o 7n saie°pHce 0t c .°™": . regu,ar . 3s °.. va,ue9 :. 21c sDEc^ 168 ' ® eltß< aU colc>;9 - * . lie
One Lot Childr«n's DroHHRH that sold double heel and toe, Sale price O/C One lot of better grade Corset Covers. AOr> Hair Pins, a package, -
regular for 75c Sale 39C Ladies' Underskirts Hand Embroidered, 76c values. Sale price. Sal. price - ? ' - - ■ lO
One lot better xrade Children's dresses, aCk unueibKiri!. I adiaa' Mll<lin IlndprwPAr Our entire line of Hand Bags at one-half|of manu
regular $2.00 and $2 50 values. Sale price $ . Ladies Underskirts, 75c values, sale price 42c Assortments of Drawers, nicely trimmed q ac urers cos .
pl » pv Ladies Heatherbloom Underskirts $1.50 oq with lace and embroidery, 35c values. Sale price iLXtra opeCial
DaDy S Uresses values, Sale price Lace and Embroidery Trimmed Drawers, AQQ We are going to close out our Crockery and
One Lot Baby's Dresses neatly trimmed og Q LadieS Silk Underskirts ° Elegantly trtmmed and finished - Wehav^a'comp'lete 1 ' Impor^ed^Han'd
and finished, regular 74c values. Sale price T , , ~ . ~ and Gowns 75c and SI 00 values Sale Drice t:OC SV, . j/?/. „, _ i ~ itnportea liana
One Lot Baby Dresses, elegantly finished, «q n **kJ\e $5 48 Drawere and Underskirts, high-class gar- nn Painty China, also complete line of Glassware. All
regular $1.50 values. Sale price OyC sold up to $12.00, Sale price «P .**o ments nicely trimmed, $1.50 values. Sale price' OC must g°-
CI J Owing to the magnitude of this gigautic sale, many uncrupulous merchants and small fry will take advantage of the extensive
■ 11 ■ advertising we have done throughout the country and try and lure you in through ficticious signs. Don't enter the building un-
WW U1 \JA. A A jjj y OU see ie name i n "big rec j letters over the door, E. S. COPPERSMITH'S STORE, you will then know you are right.
STORE CLOSED o ur Entire Stock in the Hands of the People for Ten Days Only Correct
Monday and Tuesday, May 23rd and Emporium's Greatest Sale of Merchandise Business
24th No goods sold and uo one ad- * tvuu
mi t ted
Wodnesdav Mav
fT CUIlvSUaj, lilaj what you waut. And come early if
* you possibly can.
at 9A. M. EVERY DAY A MONEY SAVER j Wrappers. Apply at once. j |||

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