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Cured by tydiaE.Pmkfcam's
Vegetable Compound
Galena, Kans.— "A year ago last
March 1 fell, and a few days after
there was soreness in my right side.
In a short time a bunch came and it
bothered me so much at night I could
"'"1 »°t sleep. It kept
'• : growing larger and
by fall it was as
•i|Br large as a hen's egg.
fKV I could not goto
■' 'y* wKr bed without a hot
'.i.l / ~ fij \ water bottle applied
•„!" *i if ■ to that side. I had
1 " v *• I one of the best doc
■ \ tors in Kansas and
he told my husband
yfl T* that I would have to
| W7t- 7/7 11 Ije operated on as it
//;/ hi nil was something liko
a tumor caused by a rupture. I wrote
to you for advice and you told me not
to "get discouraged but to take Lydia
E. rinkham's Vegetable Compound.
I did take it and soon the lump in my
side broke and passed away." Mrs.
R. K. lluey, 713 Mineral Ave., Galena,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from roots and herbs,
has proved to be the most successful
remedy for curing the worst forms of
female ills, including displacements,
inflammation, libroid tumors, irregu
larities, periodic pains, backache, bear
ing-down feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion, and nervous prostration. It costs
but a trifle to try it, and the result
has been worth millions to many
Buffering women.
If you want special advice write
forit to Mrs. Pink ha m, Lynn,Mass.
It is free and always helpful.
A "Crisis."
A mother of a seven-year-old lad
■was daily expecting a visit from the
stork, and found the little fellow's con
duct so annoying that his father was
called upon to interfere.
"Bobby." said papa, "mamma Is quite
111, and we are afraid that if you
are not a better boy and mind your
mother, it will bring on a crisis. Now,
my boy, perhaps you don't know what
a crisis is."
"Oh, yes, 1 do, papa," said Bobby,
blithely, "it's either a boy or a girl."—
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
toy local applications, as they cannot reach the dis
eased porli'in of the ear. There is only cue wgy to
run deafness, awl that 13 by cußJiittutionai remedies,
lleafness 18 caurtcd by an l!iflanv*i condition of th«
mucous Jl.ilrr; at the Eustachian Tube. When this
tube tti Infla'ned j-ou have a rumbling sou.-ui or tm
perfect hearlnj;. a*id when It is entirely closed. Oeaf
ne*** Is ths result, and unless the Inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored lo its normal condl
turn, uearlnK will be destroyed hmer; nine ca*e«
v out of t«*u are caused by t'atarrfc. which ts nothtnc
but an inflamed condition of 1 fie mucous surfaces.
We wtll rive one Hundred Kollaiu for any caf» of
Deafness n-aused by catarrh) that cannot be curod
fcy Hairs Catarrh ("nre. Send for circular*. free.
I J. CUEXiiY * CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by Dnjeclsts. 7>.
Take iiall's Family PHIS for conrtipattou.
Explaining the Soul.
The following dialogue took place
between two very small boys on their
way home from Sunday school:
Willie—Where is my soul?
Bobby—lt isn't any place; it's Just
Willie —how can it goto heaven
when it's just air?
Bobby—Why, your body goes. too.
Willie —Bones and all?
Bobby—Yes, everything but your
A Witty Bishop.
"The late Bishop Foss," said a Phil
adelphia physician, "once visited me
for some trifling ailment.
" 'Do you, sir,' I said to him. In the
course of my examination, 'talk ll
your sleep?'
" 'No, sir.' he answered. 'I talk In
other people's. Aren't you aware that
1 am a divine?'"
The Outlook,
"You were very cold last evening,"
phoned the young mar. to the girl he
hnd called on. Then he added, anx
iously: "What Is the outlook lor to
"Fair and warmer tonight," cam#
the answer promptly—Judge.
•Nuff Said.
"How did Jones get those two black
"Hunting accident."
"Why how?"
"Hi- was hunting trouble and 1 hap
[icnt-d to meet him." Cleveland
Domestic Notes.
"I've noticed one thing "
"And what Is that?"
"When one gets loaded It's usually
hi* wife who explodes."
The Appetite
Calls for more
Let a saucer of this
delightful food berved
with cream t< 11 why.
"The Memory Lingers"
I'kgi. I Of, and He.
Hontutn Cereal ' o , Ltd.,
Battle < reek. Mich.
Roses Made of Ribbon
MEW YORK is showing, on
millinery and for decora
tive purposes in several
_ other ways, roses made of
I ribbon. Each petal is cut
out and made double, that
is. ( ie«als are stitched
together in a tiny seam, with the satin
surfaces placed together. Then they
are turned, bringiug the satin outside.
Each petal is a semicircle, and two
or three sizes are made for a rose.
For small roses only eight petals need
he made, in t\vo sizes. Eor larger
ones 15 petals are made in three sizes,
five of each «'ze.
These rosea are uiK.de around mil
linery centers, and millinery toliage
and buds are used with them. Those
pictured here show centers of stamens,
but ribbon folded about a small cone
shaped ball of cotton, representing the
unblown center of a rose, may be sub
stituted for stamens, with good ef
These roses, made in several light
tints, form an exquisite wreath for a
summer hat. As they inav be made
from bits of ribbon (using short
lengths in several shades of one color
for the huge one) they are not ex
pensive lor those people who are
handy enough to make them. They
make beautiful favors and souvenirs
for luncheons and dinners.
The top of a good sized drinking
glass or eup will serve for a guide by
Thin IK a simple l#ltlt* house tin us
mado up in nnvy blue wincey; a limnl
of plain material Is taken acroai hack
and front, connected by straps o\er
tho shoulders; these straps are cut
with pointed ends In which button*
are sewn; the dress Is leathered and
set to this strap, th" foot lit turned
up In a deep hem J.at • forma the
little yoke
Materials required: Two yards
wincey 41! Inches wide. yard lace.
Sleeve Trimming.
All tuck* and triminluKM running
round a sleeve are in good lines for
llitt prwut aeflion.
They are becotuiHK to slender arms;
tliey provide a n!r« iu< ans of Intro
du< IHK Inee It, ertlon or > mhroldery
Into III* sleeve region of a uarmout,
. 'I th< y t?ive the K'lletttl Ill'prei luU
uf the lectiotiul sleeve.
which to cut out a patterr of paper
from which the ribbon peta may be
cut. liy trimming away a little of the
edge, to reduce the size, a second pat
tern for a smaller petal is made. An
other slight trimming away will make
the pat fern for the third or smallest
i sized pfc nl.
I Millint * foliage, which has seen
! service, w h buds and stems, is easily
! freshened >.p and used with these
| pretty rose, so that one may make a
] half dozen for a wreath at a small ex
The method of making jem is sim
| pie. Place the circles of ribbon in
j pairs together, with the satin face of
j the ribbon turned inward. Machine
I stitch these disks in a seam one-eighth
|of an inch deep. Cut the double disk
| thus made into halves. Each petal is
l made by gathering or plaiting the
semicircle resulting along the straight
. i edge. Sew the petals about the center
| of stamens or bud. and wind a bit of
thread about the stem, finally tying
it (irmly. Sew the smallest petals
first, then the next in size and finally
the largest ones For a cluster make
; one large and two small roses. Final
| I ly fasten them by winding thread or
small wire about their stems and the
| ( stems of the foliage and buds.
. , These roses made in light pink, pale
1 blue, maize and pale green make an
| exquisite decoration, set about the
: brim ol' a lace or net hat or on a mid
, i summer straw or hair braid. Hose
, j pink ia several shades and cream
_ j color look well together. All white
1 and pale buff make another beautiful
, j color combination. These roses make
no attempt to follow nature in col
oring. and are very handsome on one
color hats made in a color like that
i of the straw. Gray or blue look pai
, ticuiarly well.
If a very large size petal is made It
II is better to tack u tiny wire <called
■ . tie wire) along the seam to aid in
, shaping the petal alter it is sewed to
. place Tho edges are to be curled back
• I like those of the natural rose. The
i j picture shows very clearly the ap
pearance of both the large and small
; rose when finished.
Innumerable Designs and Colors Are
in Style for This Attractive
Many arc quite simple, resting far
down on the head. and of such a con
venient roundness that the trimming
may lie shifted from hack to either
side nt the pleasure of the owner
A softening touch of plaited chiffon,
net or lace Is used on the undi r sur
face of the straw brim. This , Just
the relief that many women '(■ quire,
for the straight line of straw across
the forehead is trying in Its demands
for good features.
Hoses and mi Ire ribbon tire used
on many of the turbans The colors
may be the pale pastel shades of buff,
pink and blue and look extremely well
when trimming the favorite leghorns.
Tulle, net and cause are being
seized with delight, for the transpar
encjr produces all iridescent effect
and the quality of the material in
•tires a comfortable lightness ol
i weight.
On a great number of these lac«
models the jeweled ornament It
placed nt the front and touches the
li ichead after the fashion of an or
i«ntnl headdress.
Ktraw turbans have huge high
standing brims which glv«. a tailored
line. Occasionally this is relieved b»
a how of velvet.
Facings of brown or Idack velvet
are this spring's touch. The contrail
is generally becoming, and Is a test
of good workmanship. This latt>"
point, of (ourse, will mark the ama
; tour fsom thu expert.
Jewel Shades.
These Jewel shades in rich silken
fabrics have not been equalled in any
thing shown heretofore, llurnt t>pa.
Is a •eiuarkable shade of deep rlet
yellow. Ituby is the deep red of tie
popular late winter d.niter gown
Amethyst ill these soft ipialltlea i|
wonderful dress silk Is more pale that
purple. The turquoise |h a heaven!)
shade, and uquniiutrlt't* is an iudti
I »ci ihatile pale green.
rt n
The Umpire—Say, Chimmie, I want
er resign.
"In the middle of the night of March j
30th I woke up with a burning itch in
my two hands and I felt as if I could
pull them apart. In the morning the
itching had gone to my chest and dur
ing that day it spread all over my
body. I was red and raw from the top
of my head to the soles of my feet and
1 was in continual agony from the
Itching. I could neither lie down nor
sit up. I happened to see about Cutl
cura Remedies and I thought I would
give them a trial. I took a good bath
with the Cuticura Soap and used the
Cuticura Ointment. I put it on from
my head down to my feet and then
went to bed. On the first of April I
felt like a new man. The itching was
almost gone. I continued with the
Cuticura Soap and Cuitcura Ointment
and during that day the itching com
pletely left me. Frank Gridley, 325
East 43rd Street, New York City, Apr.
27. 1909." Cuticura Remedies are sold
throughout the world: Potter Drug &
Chein. Corp., Sole Props, Boston, Mass.
At or About This Time.
"Why do they call them ocean
liners?" she asked.
"They're getting new terms every
flay," he said, without looking up from
the sporting page. "I never heard it
before, but an ocean liner is probably
a hot one that isn't infielded well and
rolls Into a puddle or something."
She made no answer, but when he
had gone to business she phoned the
doctor about him.
Don't Spank Your Children.
A little boy on a side street in Akron
says he always counts on getting a
| spanking every Monday, because his
| mamma does the washing and is so
' tired and cross she won't overlook his
! pranks. No wonder she is tired and
cross, but it is hard on the boy. If
his mother would use Easy Task soap
she would have her washing on the
line before 9 o'clock, because Easy
Task soap does half the work for her.
An Improvement.
"How did you enjoy your vaca
"Fine! It niade a new man of me!"
"I congratulate your wife."
Rrd, Wrak. Writry, Watery Ryea.
By Murine Bn Remedy. Try
Murine For Your Kye Troubles. You Wilt
! L.tk»> Murine. It Soothes. 50«r at Your
I prunlata. Writ'- For Bye K<"ks. Free.
Murine Ky« U< nuV.y Co. f"Ilh
Kvin h truthful man Is occasionally
guilty of exaggeration.
peru r DATir painkii lei
in "an utiuoo «»f prevention" a- *HI a* a
pound «112 1-uiv " For bowel trouble*, skin
wound*. coldv and other 111*. .*"> c ami e J)c tuaes.
Some of our first impressions were
made by mother's slipper.
Mm. Wtnilnw'i Soothing Syrup.
For children mflHil tiM' yuaii rcdureufn-
Dutuiuaiiou.allay ;uun.t ureMttnd cuuc. a uau*.
Let each man think ho Is the one
man -for the time.
ff— r x, n ■ oYf| rI a "izrzzr^ 1
h 1,11% I 1 IK 111
?.. sa UHOIUMH
'i 1 _ _ - _ _,. ._ _ 1 iipjaf' W dellahicl i. ► . i!io rt
:p - For Infants and Children. inptttftj/ «
mmWto Kind You Have
tp** iff AiiAiawc Rniiaht
...rrn.l ..T „. niiyuill |U« wl » ful.v M..uiW>f.«.
*{ 1 ALCOMOL-3 PtK CENT r.IIWUJW VUUgl|| "V . .
l{rl A\iffJ«rtable Preparation for As- M Million Bushels of
&* similtiiinj}theFoodandßeg ula "RnnrQ fhft M % Wheat ill 1909
(.R lini fho Stomuihs and ISOHC|S ol' •UDCLX U LU.U WA J m— 'tftiMklrihUM Wnl "r« CanutU fM.| rrnpe for
>MI ° Jr (V (ll« HKHa i>y i i■ ■
> t fmWMHTaMMMIB M \W 111 ft**™' I' »• fiMMHI.IMMI.mI In mall.
'.» x B|>l KV>I«IM ■:iiiHiTCTI Cl* l— _ M Ifl 'rfl|'r"»H i r**ii»mMiiu<ia«r ia>
; signature 112 S\)A tfa-ffi "Lw.r:"
S®| Promotes Digestion, Cheerful Xlf IP K
?j nessand Rest Contains neither ft f A AIF fill I uY r, ±"S»V£
$ Opium.Morphine nor Mineral U* /\\\M 'AptaJ -K f.\:rAS£i:£
Jr. % AIT
j». ; x ly \
?' XmAdh SmMt * 1 1* * / ■Mr*! M. M. WILLIAMS
I j * Jfv in
n(r Use Constipation
N^orms,Convulsions.Feverish- 1 >JL/ _ _
_ c a Jl w ■■ *'Fof i>»#r »tn« y*ar« I «u(Trr#«t whh chronlo
gt* SLttr \ m Lftif 11 If Ql*
conattpatioit (til during Dili (una I hail to lak*
— . I «>fw *Uh MM mry it kom
'•>! fac Simile Signature of ® twfure 1 eoulit hav« an action on my buavela.
ij'.y | ■ - lupl'ily I tiled I'tMdirli iMI tuday lum » well
*C* TL !M4II •"•" Ow' l "* ,h * »'"• j" #, » b#for« » <""•»
' _ I m IrTU VQQ PCJ I ■
t Tlir. « » SIAUM C'«IMIVSNV. I III! IV lUu O •" l " Th«n»n I" yo«, 1«M lt*» fl Ml •!! thai
J.T 1 VI vituk' * "X""'"* Vo« iin II»» IhU ill behalf of
Nr.iV illlin
:.HKa*TT*rrTM.iwMMMm< g% m MA|||| l*t»tt««nl, I'tlniahle, Pi.tanf, Taatn Oo<>4,
RIMIHW ll'Tlin n W
-• imir | || « r IIHIH
\j"'" 1 .. vnu i uiiin
«■»> c..j /Jf Wrayii. PAKAI.Yri'3; ; I
No Kidney Trouble in Three Years.
Mrs. Catharine Kautz, 322 Center
St., Findlay, 0., says: "Four years ago
I became afflicted
with kidney trouble,
an d rapidly ran
down in health. I
gj| suffered from back
>, ache and other kld
ney disorders and
was languid and
' p > • weak. I doctored
if,. •» •" and used different
remedies but became no better. Doan's
Kidney Pills cured me and for three
years 1 have been free from kidney
Remember the name—Doan's. For
Bale by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
The Doctor's D^ta.
A Howard girl who was uncertain as
to her exact age, as her father and
mother were not agreed on the year
of her birth, decided togo to the phy
sician who "attended the case." He
said: "Why, certainly, my dear girl,
I'll go and examine my old books."
When he came back to report, he
said: "I find your father /barged
with a girl baby born on the''steenth
day of April, 1S9 —, and 1 also observe
he still owes me for you."—Howard
(Kan.) Courier.
From Pain to Pleasure a Quick Transi
I suggested Resinol and gave a
neighbor one ot your sample boxes for
a child of a few months whose lower
limbs were broken out with a rash re
sembling Eczema. The sample was
applied at once and changed the wail
of pain Into smiles. Two jars were
used with complete recovery in the
surprisingly short time of two days.
That tired mother's looks and words
of gratitude were from the heart.
Geo. E. Ames, D. D. S., Boulder, Colo.
Where good thoughts germinate
S there is the growth of true greatness
I and goodness.—Lee.
Delicately formed and gently reared, women
will find, in all the seasons of their lives, as Jtatltfi
maidens, wives or mothers, that the one simple, j
wholesome remedy which acts gently and Jfcsff; s^4®^
pleasantly and naturally, and which may be -dOPr?/ ~J
used with truly beneficial effects, under any i
conditions, when the system needs a laxative. *EA ; . ' •
is—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna. It is Rk
well known to be a simple combination of the
laxative and carminative principles of plants j
with pleasant aromatic liquids, which are !£*4
agreeable and refreshing to the taste and fjjF
acceptable to the system when its gentle
cleansing is desired. Pf*"
Only those who buy the genuine Syrup of XT I
Figs and Elixir of Senna can hope to get its
beneficial effects, and as a guarantee of the • v \-• /v
--excellence of the remedy, the full name of the VVt rSJirl WI
company—California Fig Syrup Co.—-is printed \ -f\'i >3
on the front of every package, and without it ft "-***
any preparation offered as Syrup of Figs and &«y
Elixir of Senna is fraudulent and should be .;^i
declined. To those who know the quality of IlvlfcY-.*
this excellent laxative, the offer of any substi
tute. when Syrup of Figs and Eli-xir of Senna V
is called for, is always resented by a transfer ii/A
of patronage to some first-class drug establish- V -V- '1!
ment, where they do not recommend, nor sell 1' T Y
false brands, nor imitation remedies. The genu- '-.MLyf £ i
ine article may be bought of all reliable drug- ■: *■
gists everywhere: one size only. Regular & /H
price 50 cents per bottle. Get a bottle today ■ I
An Improvement.
"Yes," said the man with the shaggy
eyebrows, "we have a phonograph.
We've got several Italian grand opera
records, and last week I discovered a
way to make their reproduction abso
lutely perfect."
"Indeed?" asks the man with the
purple nose "What is it?"
"1 rub a little garlic on the record
before it is played."
Cures The OLI>
Oilier Remedies
Won't Csire
The worst rases, no matter of how long
standing, are absolutely cured by
Dr,P© ir° to
Healing 5 Oifl
Discovered by an Old Railrond Surgeon.
All I )ru( ' ts p itively refund mi ney if
it fai 1 ;; to cure . 25c, 50c &!r 1.00
l'aris ?l c' lici i. • Co. C-i.r a. Uhi".
Gentlemen: We rre requested to sr.v l > v.« that a
prominent citizen here—an old toldler—fans hnd a run-
I. n- .. •■r. ) • !-j; V:• , -r ■ 112 x"... . • -i> .• .
rOKTKK'iJ ANTIMCI'TiC Oil. c :r««i him.
11c is prepared to '• ;» • u ■ -nr to thin elfa t.
Siyne \ . •, ■
Mnker of
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Hay's H iaaHh
Never Fall* to Restore Gray I.lnlr !o
Nalurui Color and Brauty. Stops it falling
om, arid positively removes Dandruff. !.? not n
iiye. Refuse ;«il substitutes. Si.oo and 50c.
Bottles by Mail or at Druggists j£Es|C£l
Send IOC for large sample Dottle 0 J s SSJ 2ei
Philo Hay Soec. Co.. Newark. N. J.. U. S. A.
n A 3"* KLSTP"WntMon E.C'olemnn.WHffh*
Ilr [?8 I ington. ]>.< . liuukHtnt*. Uigh-
I *Aa 1 thJ3 I tat references, lie Ft reeulta.
: W. N. U., CLEVELAND, NO. 19-1910.

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