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1 Breezy I
1 County I
|i Netfs I t&i
Still more frosts.
Jessee Phoenix, of Panama, is visit
ing friends and relatives in this place, ar- (
riving on Monday.
Mrs. John Schwab, who has been ill
for the past week, is much better at this
time and expects to be able to be around
again in a few days.
G. L. Page made a business trip to
Renovo on Sunday.
There was a temperance lecture given
in the hall on Monday evening for the
benefit ot the Temperance League, by i
Rev. Shriner, of Emporium.
Robt. Boyd, who has been ill for the
past week, is again able to be around.
Wm. WykofF, John Clark and Alex. J
Schwab started for work in the woods on |
Mountain fires were again started in
the vicinity of the Brick Works and
Canoe Run, but the rain Tuesday night
was timely.
From reports of moet of the tarmers j
in this community, it appears that most i
of the fruit has been damaged by frosts. |
The Cameron Hall Team lost the first
name of the season to Sterling Run, last
Sunday, score to 4. The features of
the game was the pitching of the Sterl
ing Run pitcher—striking out lfi men—
and the home run rap of Krape in the
Uth inning. The Cameron boys played
a fine fielding game, especially Sullivan
and Stewart.
Lor is E.
Mrs. J. A. Dice returned home from
Stewartstown, Monday. They expect to
move in their new home this week.
Mrs. Wright, of Krie, was the guest
of her mother, Mrs. Herrick, Thursday.
Wm. Krebs, of Pine street, is Reported
very ill at this writing.
C. G. Howlett and wife were visitors
at Hick* Run, over Sunday.
Mount Hope Coal Co., are shipping
coal every day,
John Ebersole, who was recently in
jured by a runaway team, was able to
visit his parents, Sunday.
Washington Mason i* quite poorly at
this writing.
Grabrille Tarraborvllle visited his
brother at I'ittsburg over Sunday.
Mrs. Ophelia Shaffer and son returned
to their home in Austiu Saturday, hav
ing spent several weeks with the former's
brothers, Mike and Frank Parker.
Mary Summerson was called to Cam
eroo Monday on account ot the illness of
her daughter, Mrs. John Schwab.
lil.l'K 1iK1.1..
Far Sal*.
Full-blooded Rhode Island lU*I Kkk»
Setting, H < ggs, 75e.
F. V. lIk.II.MAN.
Miss Myrtle Shafer spent Sunday in
Miss Thco. Penrith sprained her ankle
pretty badly, last Saturday, but is able to
be around.
Miss Ethel Runyan visited in Em
porium last week, guest of Miss Jessie
James Hussell and family went to La
quiti last Saturday.
Miss Anna Anderson and Miss Ber
tha Fulton spent last Sunday at Reno
vo, guestß of Mrs. J. I. Gardner.
Mr. L. C. Clemens returned to his
home at Newton Hamilton, last week.
Miss Mattie Collins, County Sur>t.,held
teachers' examination in the school house,
Mr. A. W. Wylie, of Sterling Run, is
building an addition to Mr. Nathan
l Silin's Store.
Miss Muriel Bailey has returned to
1 her duties iu the Mountain House, after
! spending several weeks with her parents
on Mason Ilill.
Rev. Skillington. of Renovo, and Rev.
Runyan, of this place, went up the Fork
lon a fishing trip.
Heber Wyk off spent Sunday with his
parents here.
Joe Summerson, of Emporium, was
here over Sunday.
Miss Beatrice Jordan and Miss Ar ta
nking, of Emporium, visited frieuds here
over Sunday.
Born, a daughter, to Mr. aud Mrs.
Earl Johnson, May 16.
| Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Collier and son
from Panama, are visiting Mrs. Collier's
pareuts, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. WykofJ.
Miss Mabel Buchanan and [v& Crum
are attending Summer Normal at Em
Mrs. Hy. Wheaton and sons, ot Em
porium, are visiting Mrs. Wheaton's sis
ter, Mrs. Earl Johusoo.
C. O. Miixi 11, wife and children made
a trip to Emporium last Friday.
Miss Hazel English, ot Cammal, is
stoppiug with her aunt, Mrs. Amos
Swartwood, and working in the shell
house of the Sinn'a Powder M'fg Co.
Mr. Amos Fenton visited his home
Emporium over Suuday.
Mr. Zeb Smith, of St. Marys, moved
his family here. Mr. Smith is employed
by the Sinn'a. Powder M'lg Co.
Joe H. Couosil visited here last Satur
day. He accepted a position at Tyler.
Dr. C. W. Gray made a business trip
to Emporium last Friday and Saturday.
Miss liula Logue, who has been here
some time, lias returned to her
home at Costello.
Born, a son, to Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. I'.
Shater, on the Hth mst.
Born, twin sons, to Mr. and Mrs. W.
T I 'iper, Ri-novo, May, 15.
A number of our people attended the
seven cent supper held at Driftwood last
Friday evening, and also the Epworth
League Anniversary Services held at
Driftwood Sunday evening.
Wu. Ponachy died Tuesday, at his
hoiue iu West Grove about three miles
Kast uf Hinn'a. Mr. Ponaehy has lived
at Wisst Grove for many years, and ha.<
been in poor health for some tuue.
Eittle Carrol Davison, a grandunn ot
1 F. E. Siuitb, had a narrow escape Tut*
day aft>moon. While playing iu the
I )ard s heavy lwdd< r wan hl>.wn down by
the wind, and struck the child on the
back of his head. Wednesday morning i
he was reported getting along nlcelv.
Nathan Silin's store was burglarized
last week to the amount of abont five
hundred dollars.
Trains of coal are now moving on the
B. S. R. R., after a three month's
shut down.
The It. »t. S. Co., are putting up a
dwelling house near the B. & S. depot.
Geo. P. Shafer has purchased part of
the Jacob Shafer estate, and is puttibg it
into corn and potatoes.
A. J. Barclay is busy planting corn
this week; a little late owing to cold
Several of our town people get up
early morning now to look for Halley's
Comet. They have a fine view of Venus,
| which is the morning star now and is
very brilliant.
Seth Nelson, of Round Island, was a
visilor in town on Friday. He says he
has several bears spotted next fall.
J. It. Batchelder visited the County
seat, last Thursday, filing his papers as
| constable and collector.
Theodore Kepheart has accepted a
; position with the Laijuin Lumber Co.
He will start Monday.
W. H. Lupoid is putting a new metal
roof on his house this spring.
Nathau Silin has the lumber on the
ground for his new store.
Judge Wykoff is at his farm at Ark-
I sill, plantiug and doing his other spring
: work.
F. L. Miller was an Emporium visitor
| last Thursday on official business.
The Cameron Powder Company are
still looking for their locomotive, which
has not arrived yet, but was shipped yes
terday. The Company are getting along
pretty fast with their work.
Trout fishing will be a thing of the
! past as the jioiaonous dregs in the streams
{ have killed nearly all the trout and other
I fish.
William Donachy died at his home at
j Grove, Tuesday night, about eleven
< o'clock. Deceased was an old soldier of
the civil war. The old vets are an»wer
ing the last roll call pretty fast.
K. F. Smith visited with his family
the first of the week.
J. R. Batchelder was at First Fork, on
Wednesday, taking the list of school
| children.
Mrs. G. W. Batchelder and Mrs. J.
I F. lYasley visited Emporium ou Tuet*-
! il »y-
J. R. Shafer, who has been handling
the expreas for the P. k E. here, has
; taken a position a Reoovo. (Had to see
| our boys promoted.
A. J. Barclay is shipping one of the
! planing machine# from Barclay's mill to
Seattle, Wash.
George P. Jones, general manager and
John Schwab, secretary of the Cameron
' Powder Co., were at the works on Tues
Game Warden, A. E. Siuith, went to
Potter ou Friday, to look up some par
ties who are killiug lohins and hunting
on Sunday,
Several boys have been destroying bird
Oests lately. They had better stop the
work or they will bt arrested.
J. R. Batchelder was appointed as
sessor of Grove, in place of E. F. Smith,
who has resigned.
Cameron Powder Co. Gecntlemen:—
"Debse" did not intend harm against the
Company in stating that the flues of the
of the sh< 11 boiler bursted, as one of the
employees reported it to him. Debse
has the greatest respect for the Com
The black water from the pulp mill at
Austin commenced runniag again last
week. We had heard it would not be
put into the stream any more, but it is
in all the same.
Chas. Snyder has a fine pig. He had
better keep it under lock, as it is worth a
a big price, the way pork is retailing.
The Sunday School and lodges are
making arrangements to hold memorial
services here on Memorial Day. All are
invited to join in the work of placing
flowers on the graves on the dead heroes.
The Grove Socialist party are looking
for a man of their party to represent
them in the Legislature this tall. It is
> between J. Henry Logue and Henry
A good many idle men around town
lately. Not much work at this time of
the year.
The Sinnemahoning Powder Co. is
I still running a full crew.
The Cameron Powder Co., made gly
cerine yesterday. Will be ready to make
straight powder this week.
Michael Long, son of D. K. Long,
! fell off the mill dock, a distance of 14
feet, last Friday, and dislocated his hips
and cut his head very badly. The boy
is getting along as well as can be expect
ed. He is under the care of Dr. Mock.
Fred Quintoo was a Dußoia visitor
lon Friday.
Mrs. Myrt Pontus, of this place, is
visiting relatives at Hicks Run and Sin
Thomas Smith and wife and Dean
' Seely and wife, are visiting relative* in
Delaware. They expect to be gone a
| month.
Hen Chambers, of Penfield, was iu
town one day last week.
Ghas. Munn, of l'enfield, was a visitor
at this place, on Tueaday.
Mrs. Painter, of Brookville, is visiting
' relatives at this place.
Lewis Krise made a flying trip to
Pitlaburg, last week,
Alice Davis, of Tyler, was in town
ou Monday afternoon, visiting relatives.
The young child of Viloa Hamilton, is
with aore eyes. The child»
i light may entirely leave it.
Florence Derail, of Force, spent Sun
I day in towu.
Chas. Smith was a Falls Creek visitor
| on Sunday.
W. C, Hantaan, of Lock Haven, trans
acted buisnesa ia towu on Thursday.
Mrs. Pete Milligan is suffering with
a healed jaw.
Mrs Bert Shears is in very pour health
at this writiug.
Mr. Bo*tie, ot this place, is *utl«ring
with a severe attack of rheumatism
A number of men attended 1. O, O. F.
lodge at Heneieite, last Saturday umht.
Hi rrtta l'i r.
Guurt Piano tor Sale.
A Hradbtiry PIANO >a<|iiar«*) ID KIKMI
Apply at I'KKsr 37-lf.
Mrs. C. J. Miller was an Emporium
visitor Saturday.
Thomas Kilbourn had the misfortune
to loose a finder on his right hand, while
engaged in a job of carpenter work.
Henry Hill, of Grove Hill, was a call
er in town one day last week.
Harry Teates transacted business in
Drittwood an Friday.
Anson Mason, of Pine Street, is doing
sume repair work for W. R. Smith,
building new floors and plastering his
house on Park Street, South Side.
A. W. Nelson, of Hicks Run, called
on home folks on Sunday.
Walter Logue and Lewis caught a tine
mess of speckled beauties on Thursday.
Rev. Smith preached at the old Hunt
ley Church on Sunday.
C. Wesley Barr, of Pine Street, was a
pleasant caller in town Sunday.
C. W. Johnson was a Reoovo caller
one day last week.
A. W. Smith returned to his work as
watchman for the P. R. R. after a
month's vacation.
Miss Gladys Hill, of Grove Hill, is
visiting with W. R. Smith and wife, this
Lewis Smith, snare drummer of the
Huntley Hand, is a great lover of flowers,
so they say. He discovered a large lily
growing near the old Cemetery some days
ago, the largest that was ever grown in
this country. is cultivating it day
and night and when it gets its growth he
will put it on ezhibitiou at the ucxt ex
position. It is now about five feet tall
and makes a very beautiful appearance.
K. J. Collins says we need not look
for any warm weather until the comet
disappears and that will be after June
Mrs. Emmeline Summerson. who has
The time is coming for summer outings. Have you thought
about yours yet ?
No couutry ou the face of the globe contains so many
delightful summer resorts as the United States, with its
near neighbor, Canada.
The Pennsylvania Railroad will issue its popular Sum
mer Excursion Hook on June I, and you will fiud it a won
derful help in plottiug out your summer trip.
It contains descriptions of about eight hundred of the
leading resorts of North America, lists of hotels and board
ing houses at these various places, a map, routes and rates
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If you have grown tired of the resort you have visited
for years, you may make a selection from this book for a
stay of a day, a week, a month, or the whole summer.
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and seashore, or a fishing trip, or a hunting jaunt, by rail
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Any Ticket Agent of the Pennsylvania Railroad will IK
glad to furnish a copy of this valuable book for Ten Cents,
or it will he mailed you po*t j»aid ou receipt of twenty
fivr cents, bv tleo. W. Boyd, General Passenger \gcnt,
Philadelphia, Pa.
been visiting relatives and friends at First
Fork, returned home on Tuesday.
Dan Kilbourn has ordered a car load
of Havana cigars from Cuba and says wc
can look for a bigger time about Julie
Ist than there will be when Halley's
comet strikes the earth on May 18th.
Boys get your dinner horns and cow
bells tuned up.
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We have just received
a supply of that famous
Crylophesis Talcum. A
sample for the asking.
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