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R. L. JOHNSTON, - - - Editor"""
II. A. McPIKE, - - -- -- Publishes.
Democratic Count j Committee.
The Democratic County Committee of
Cambria county are respectfully requested to
. meet at tho Court House in Ebensburg, on
Wednesday tha 15th day of May next, for
the purpose of transacting business relating
to the coming election. A general attend
- ance Is requested. The following pentlemen
compose said Committee : Wm. Buck, Joe,
Alardis, A. Marts,' Francis Bearer, Uenry
r Bender, Daniel McDonald, P. J. McKenzie,
' C -Warner, Da-rid Farner, John 1L Douglass,
John Devlin, Edward Connery, Peter Brown,
Rees J, Lloyd; John Sharbaugh, John Man
Jon, John CooneyJohh H. Kennedy, George
Gurley. Charles O'Hajran. D.F.A.Grier,
Ilogh Bradley, J. B. M'Creight, Jos.Boxler.
James King, Geo. Shaffer, Francis O'Friel,
i Thos. Judge, Edward Farren, John White,
. James Costelow. James Burk. John H'Col
gan. Christian Walters. John F. Allen, .
GEO. C. K. ZAUM, Chairman.
...jr. THE SOUTH. '-. .
.7 The present is the time for cool reflec
tion. Business affairs are comparatively
t quiet the people hare returned to their
a1 N avocations there is no pending
' V ,V ' to evoke a conflict ' of opinion.
-Vrai utV?1 Congress has adjourned, and
monetary matters have improved in con
sequence thereof. This is not an opinion
of ours, bat a well established fact, ad
mitted b j all parties. ' The Radical Leg-
ifllature has adjourned, and the Detno-
, cratie and a majority of the Radical papers
denounce it as corrupt and reckless beyond
all precedent, tike Congres their act
of adjournment was the only act that met
... the approbation of the people.
. The tax-paying masses are beginning to
t compare Radical legislation with that ' of
former years, when purer principles pre
vailed in our National and State legisla-
. tion, and the result of that comparison is
: by no means favorable to the party now
in power. Radical extravagance ' has
added greatly to the burdens of the people,
while the course pursued by Congress has
rendered the future of our country so an
certain as to place nearly all the burdens
of taxation on the Northern people. ! '
The, Military Bill, which reduces ten
TOvereign States to the condition of terri
tories, and substitutes a military Govern
ment for the" civil power, contains no pro
vision by which the Southern States will
be restored to the Union, even after com
plying with all the requisitions of the Mili
tary BilL, Indeed, Thaddeus Stevens, the
acknowledged Radical leader, says ' they
shall not bo. Thus, while, according to
the theory of President Lincoln end Presi
dent Johnson, the former enactments of
Congress itself, and the concurrence of the
Supremo Court, the Southern Stales were
never out of tho Union while the: sur
render cf the Southern armies under Lee
and Johnston to the Union armies under
Grant and Sherman," and the public dec
laration of President Lincoln made direct
ly after those surrenders, and shortly before
his death, recognized the Union as re
stored, and exacted no further terms of
the seceding States than renewed fealty to
the Constitution and the laws, a singlo
department rCongress repudiates this
theory declares that the Union is not
restored, and Ehall not be for an indefinite
. period. " ". ' '- -V-" ;
., We are aware that some months since
muck was said about tho unsettled con
dition of the South. Radical papers and
Radical speakers were wont to dwell with
much apparent enction on acts of a lawless
character ia the States formerly in rebel
lion, more especially cases ia which the
unfortunate negro" was the EuTcrer. In
deed, every "murder, every riot, nay, every
assault and u.;ry occurring in theae States
'itemed a God-send to tbes3 cCl'.crs aJ
craters, as teadirg to shew tkat perfect
ordsr wa3 not restored in the South.
' Now, wa cheerfully admit, that many
violations of the law. have occurred in
these States since the closa cf the rebel
lion, ri many . p:rh-p3 as before it cora
menced cczrly as many, perhaps, pro
corticaatdy as coTr occur in Ilasracha
tzits, XCew Ycrk, cr Pennsylvania. " And
fxli msy. expect to occur h:rc -r.;r,
wherr the otithcra i&ic3 hi tnzzzizl
in Coz-:z"i cr n:L - ,
lTrln x?zvz t - llj Cztlt with hi
it tL-j vera ha:3d net
cc!rJ iaio eccicfj cot even
lowed to r--.!; H tha ibuih. And Lenc0
it was 'efg-ed thi js Scth v;zj net re-ccr-iruetc1,
cd thai I- z.zci'.i wcra
ct'to rj5y th3 cf tLa UrJcn.
Bat thcee changes havo vanished from the
7 ' ;
radical pnpers,r and you hear nothing of
the kind trom tiiat -quarter. Indeed,
radicalism itself Las furnished the best
contradiction to this assertion. lHenry
Wilson, the Senrsr .frcm Massachusetts
one-of the most violent and . vindictive
radicals in the Senate is even .now mak
ing a political tour through the Sou th
delivering radical speeches at every town
to mixed assemblages cf white and black
auditors. lie preaches radical doctrines
from every stump as freely and as fiercely
as he did in the Senate. And yet he is
never molested he passes along with the
same impunity as he would in his own
State, makes his speeches, and transmits
their substance to his friends in the North.
Judge Kelly, of Philadelphia, and other
radicals are to follow , him. These men
are not the least afraid to go down among
the - "red banded rebels" of ' the Sooth
when a political purpose is to be gained
by it Then what becomes of their argu
ment against a government of the "Consti
tution and the Laws and in favor of a
military government ignoring alike ' the
lines and sovereignty of the States T Their
own conduct is the best reply to their ar
guments. Then what is the cause of the
madness which "rules the hour in refer
ence to the restoration of the Union ?
What is the motive that produces the de
lay in reaping the richest harvest of peace
resulting from the glorious terminatien of
the war T The' answer is plain it is
purely & question of power. ';,
Radicalism must elevate to the Presi
dency in 1868, Fred Douglass, or S. P.
Chase, or B. Bottle Butler, (we put the
best man foremost,) and in order to do
this the white man in the South must not
vote, and the negro, in the South must
vote. It is well known that the majori
ty of the slaves in the South were rebels
so far as they were anything, and espoused
the cause of their masters. Notwithstand
ing this, while the legislation , under, the
Military rBill would deny white' rebels a
vote, the whole negro vote, rebel or net
rebel, is to be polled. No difference how
"red-handed" the rebel is, if he is also
black-handed, he has a sure thing of a
vote. This is the game that is now being
played, and he is at least purblind ; that
cannot see it ' ' 4 -" 1
We ask the people, j t ,ia the honest
yeomanry cf the country if it is not time
to stay the destroying hand of this angel
of darkness ! whether it is not best, ! the
war being ended, to reap the fruits of
peace ? whether it is not better to still
keep an eye on the Constitution and laws
cf our fathers, and maintain the integrity
of the flag of the Union, without erasing
a stripe or blotting out a single star from
the galaxy cf States ? . v'j :
-'..Let; the. people ponder! We are no
alarmist We never, have for a single
moment despaired of the Republic But
we do believe that it will owe its salvation
in the coming struggle to the conservative
sentiment of the country, and that the
elevation to power of such men as Ste
vens,' and Butler, and Sumner, without an
executive arm to stay their, revolutionary
principles, will be the darkest day for our
future that ever dawned upon our beloved
country. ' .
Tiie records of the . War Department
show fifty persons are now confined at the
Dry Tortugas nine citizens and forty-one
soldiers. The former are Mudd, Spangler,
Arnold and O'Laughlin, the conspirators,
St Leger Greenfel, sentenced to hard la
bor for life for conspiring to release pri
soners of war,; John P. Adair, a South
Carolinian, sentenced to five years for rob
bery; John Walters, ten years for man
slaughter, and Sam Henry, three years
for assault with intent to kill. - Of the
soldiers, eighteen were sentenced for de
sertion, seven for assault with intent to kill,
and six for robbery. ' : .
.Ixis ackno w ledged by Physicians, Drug
gists, and everybody else who ever used
it, that Dr. Strickland's Cough . Balsam
will care Coughs, Colds, 'Asthmaand all
senses of the Throat and Lues, ouicker
and Loiter Vaaa eny other remedy known.
Vie would recommend our Teaser to try.
this great remedy, knowicg it to be A
Lo. l. '"'"" Ira..'.
Lancaster struck the Radicals & heavy
blow cn Friday last - The lata Legisla
ture gerrymandered the city ia the most
infamous manner, and Lced. in' that, war
to secure a majority in tha Councils. Bat
iu3 democracy tvere wide 'awake, and
swept, tha city -by ca ovcrwhtlmisT -xaa-jority.
AH toner to them 1
I:t T7Ar:::::arc:i there era, mere rris
tcred crr3j voles thzn wbita. If lha
c--cc3 tJ, tha' ccrntr thzlloa vets - for
one cf their oxm color far ilaycr, he will
b3 elects J, tnd political c-uality, . ia tha
matter cf culce fcoldb-, thus estiva' its
Crst prr -tic-l ill-trnlba U tLa crritd cf
tii ei'.1:3 ... -... - S., .
Gen. Rosecrans, says the TrZune, whd
has recently resigned his rank as Briga
dier General ia the Regular Army will,
perhaps, be referred to in after time's as a
conspicuous witness, if not cf the ingrati
tude of the Republic, at least cf tha fact
that war, like all other professions,' Is a
good deal of n lottery in which it is . not
always the deserving , who win .the, suh
stantial rewards. Victor in the first im
portant engagement which resulted favora
bly to the Union.arms in the war cf the
Rebellien ; planner and executor of four
distinct campaigns, three of which were
eminently successful j. hem .of several great
battles, neVer decidedly beaten in" anjren
gagement, frank and resolute in his patri
otism, and idolized by a hundred thousand
veterans who fought nnder him- General
0 . ,
Rosecrans, by a strange combination- of
mistortunes, uas never been in favor with
his vfScial superiors, and never obtained
even from the people a fair recognition of
bi eminent services. ?. It was less than
sixty: days . after the attack upon ; Fort
Sumter when he did us the first great ser
vice in , Western Virginia by compeliir 1
the surrender of General Pegram at Rica
Mountain. The planning ; and iighticg
were both exclusively bis; the reward
was given to filcCIeflan. After McCIellan
had been transferred to the Potomac, Rose
crans fought the battle of Carnifex Fer
ry, drove Wise, Floyd and Lee acroskthe
mouatains, finished - the ;campaiga with
brilliant rapidity, and when there was
hardly a rebel picket left on this side cf
the Allegheny Mountains," was . relieved
for no fault of his owni' that a Mountain
Department might be created for General
Fremont ' He fought and won the battle
of Iuka in September, . 1862, while his
superior officer, Gen, Grant, . was lying
inactive- with his troops four miles from
the field of conflict, and although for this
engagement he was made a major general
of volunteers, there sprang put of it ajnis?.
understanding with Gen. Grant .yvhich
had much to do with . the marring of all
Rosecrans subsequent career. ; The next
month at Corinth he beat Van Dorn and
Price with but little more than half as
many men as his adversaries, gaining the
most important victory of the wax " op to
that time. Recalled 4from thepursuit,
greatly against his own judgment, by Gen.
Grant, he was relieved of his command
nine days after the battle and ordered to"
mcmnatu .:t . '
Two "months after . his appointment
October 30th, to the "command, cf thj
Fourteenth Corps at Bowlin? Greeni
Kentucky, he had coqverted a demoral
ized rabble into a magnificent army,' andL
led it across the Cumberland ' The four"
days battled Stone River wa won " noX
more by the intrepidity of the "soldier
than by-lhe' personal valor and skill of
Rosecrans himself, and was a magnificent
prelude to the brilliant campaign of tha
summer1 of 1863 by . which he drov$
juraggs army out ot Middle Tensessee,
and across the Tennessee River. The
battle of jChicamaugua in September was
a bloody encounter, ia which both sides
were too badly crippled to continue tha
fray ; but it secured us in the possession
of Chattanooga, the objective point of the
campaign and the key of all the; country
south of the Cumberland Mountains.
Nevertheless, Rosecrans was again relieved
of his command, and for several months
was allowed to remain in obscurity.1
Then he was sent to Missouri, where, be
sides doing' eHicient military service, he
discovered . the secret conspiracy cf the
Knights of the Golden Circle. Yet be
was once more removed, and has heTer
had a command since; ;
- Whether General Rosecrans unfortu
nate relations with the War Department
and the Headquarters of the Arrav er t
"bo traced to any fault of hi3 own, we have
no means ot knowing. We only know
that of all ot our generals he b&3 uniform
ly been one of the most. fortunate in.. 'the
field and the most unfortunate evervwhrr
else ; and thai his. retirement ought to
awaken in us a double regret that We
have lost tho services cf an accomplished
ciucer, ana nave rewarded so inadequately
what he has done for U3 hitherto. , )
; The dead body of a female infant was
touad near Ureensburg a few days ao.
: Mr. George Peabody ' departed for
England in the.steamerScotia, from New
xoric, n veanesday week. 1 ' .;. ,
Irwin Davis formerly a waiter at the
Massasoit House, in SpringSeld, Mass., is
now one cf the richest men in California,
his income being from. 50,000 to 00,000
. ; , A keg powder exploded near Fort
Lee, Niv York, on Tuesday, blowin" a
maa named McCalley fifty feet into the
air and "landing" him in the river. He
swam ashore and i3 still living.,-'-.'.
'At Sandyville, Iowa, recently, a mr.n
who T.-Z3 annoyed by the crybg of hia
child, four or five monthes old, at cirht
gfit cp and " deliberately" strangled -it to
death.". lie. "has "been- arrested for tha
crima. , :-'
'-. Oa Thursday evenirg last, in a Lsuta
cf evil repute ia Pittsburgh, a ' ycur-j
woman ' named illcllle - Giia cr Ilocra
committed saicida by -takb' laudanum.
Shama' at the Iif3 tha'iad -beca Icadir-,
end a lack cf resolution to abandon hef
Cbsolita crjrctr, were the'pretabh reasons
that - indacal eelf-dcstructica, , Che i?as
about twenty-two years cf e-3. as 3 a ca.
itive cf Akrcn, CLb.:- - : .- -
-. i ; 1 ) ! -!
f j!i M : ! ! : ;
r:07 COr?i?LE7E!
X ..."
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i f: ' ''- 1 I - '
n H i mm i n n
: - OF ITET7
raff TRIBE
OF 1087.
. stocs o
1I0TI0ITS, k.,
1 i
S ' -3
-t i-i i. M ij a. a. A
V 11 i v. , tif I UUlJ i 4.1 .-
' 4
centlv arrired from the citv -;.. vr..
some assortment of Spring and Summer Ml
linery and. Straw Goods, of the litest stjU
comprising Bonnel9 SSk and VdteU ft
c . i jr. j . . .
x rewtv x urwers, en BPsoriment or Ribbn
all widths and colors, Ladies plain and fr.'
Asress imams" due and Embrai
ered Caps, together with Hoop Skirtj.Ca
sets. Hosiery. Gloves. Ladies' and r..J
fine Linen Handkerchiefs, &c , we inri"t
lauies oi i.wcsourg ana snrronnding
tricts to call and examine oor BtnrV a.
store room formerly occupied by E. HurU
We have a fashionable mlliner cf eioi.
lent taste, who mil pay partienkr atteatia
to bleaching, pressing and altering H&tsKj
Bonnets to the latest styles.
- - i ' "Me3. J. DOYLE,-
April 25-3m. : Hiss MiUSH.
CAMBRIA COUNTY. In the matter
of the application of John O'Connell, Jr,fcf
decree of specific performance, notice lir
been given to the heirs and legal represeta.
tivea of Charles Heyer, decd, onmotifiati
P. A. Shoemaker, W. II. Sechler, Eq,ij.
pointed Commissioner to take tectimocj &
proof of contract. Ey order of the CocA.
. . .. JAMES GRIFFIN, Clek.
Ia pursuance of the above, notice u be,
by gien that I will attend to the datia rf
said appointment at the office of F. A.Sia
maker, Esq., in Ebeitfburjt borough,
Thnrsday the 23d day of May next, thet
and where those interested may attend,
W. II. SECULEIJ, Commiaaonei.
-May 2, 18G7.-3t.B--
11 : bcr offers -at Private Sale tiro va!nb!
tracts of TIMBER LKD tDf, in M
son township, Cambria cotraiy, mod knows
as the "Lloyd ProreTiJ.f, Also Fonrotii
er valuable tracts of LAND, situate in Ca-
ona ana Jacsson townships, and known u
the "Pensacola Prowrtv." Arxn TTA
FAEMS adjoining the borough of EbenihTj
one containing about 1C0 acres; theotli
about 150 acres. Tha bnilHInirff ore ill i
good repair, with caver-failin" spring! l
water near the houses. ; .. , . . .
Sy Persons wishing to purchase or ft
Farms or Timber , Lands, will do wj; i
calling on me before buyios; or offering &es
for sale. . . , ; F. A SUOEMAKEB. ,
ap.ll.tf. . Attry at La, Ebensbmj.
gyman, while residing in South Amer
ica as a missionary, discovered a safe ai
simple remedy for the Cure of KerrcB
Weakness, Early Decay, Diseases of tin
Urinary and Seminal Organs, and thewhok
train of disorders brought on by bant$
and vicious habits. Great numbers l
been cured by this noble remedy. Prompt
ed by a desire to benefit the afflicted im
unfortunate, I will send the recipe for prr
paring: and csinz this medicine, in a sealav
envelope, to any ona who needs it, Frtt jf
Charge. Address. -
-: Station D, BZlc House, Kao York O.1
March 28, 18473m.
Desire to inform the public generally W
they are now prepared to execute &
Sian and Ornamental Painiivij, GlazbgJ
per IZxhffinj, Grcim'nj and CcdeemimM, j
tber in Cambria, Blair or Huntingdon Cc j
tie, on the shortest notice, ia the rj
style, -.and at prices as reasonabla 3
ether firm or individual in the coniitrj. . j
' Call at their room ia Lowther's bu2i ;
under Eoushs Drug store, or addre !
Johk Eockett & Co., Altoona,
April 25, lSS7.-6m.
AH persons knowing themsefr81 f
dibted to the undersigned on book 9tc&; i
or by cotc3 now due, are requested to
and scttla the tama cither. by 'pajSi
cash (which, cf course, would be prt'
or giving or renewing their notes, on
fore the 1st day cf July next, as ft JfJ
date all accounts remaining unsettled" , .
lea in the hands cf a proper officer Jfrf i
lection.'- -: A.SACT?'
St. AccHist-ns, Hay 2. 1867w-2ffl.
TV- -1!.- 5 t i rr-i VtrhPSl V1 .r ?
in Cail, paid for CHEESY, POPLAR
am li:;d lu ii Bi:r..
- r. s. rrcss i

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