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MAY 9, 18G7.
- qped Oct. Our Johnstown and Car- 1
Jv wn letters, the literary contribution of
v lusa " "Answers to Vyorresponaents,'?
j' i.'boII of Honor ., have been crowded
v-th press of official advertisements
alumna this week. Ve hope to
matters so as to giro all a hearing
kmt next. To those of out patrons who
rlnnt vet pd their subscriptions w
ill y &at we ave extendd time
ntiaiias the price per year for
- aDr until after the June term of
Wt., AH persona who do not pay on or
that time will De cnargea
Setsmlt Iimubed. -An account of the
.-Mflnt on tlrt Fenn'a Rail Road, a short
jT.nr east of Wilmore, this county, will
L found elsewhere. Among the injured we
,,T, -0t noticed the name of Mr. Rowland
u-nhrevs. a resident of this place: yet
iii injuries are very severe, if not dangerous.
Mr. U. a thrown from the Express car, it
u .nnruwed. tbrongb a small window, and
.nd brsiued dreadfully. A clean cut ex-
n?i ovr the crown of the head from ear to
eir.tbrougtt ine acaip, uut iwrmuawiiy wim
nt nv injury to the skull. . One of his an
il was also badly sr. rained, and he received
giber contusion. nat maxes Air. li.'a
the more distressing is the fact that his
i ife'i health is in a very precarious condi
tion, and but little hope is entertained of
ur recovery. 1 he injured man, nowever.
ji being properly cared fr, and we are glad
to Itara that he is doing well, lie was in
th employ of the Adams Expre&a Company
!l the time of the accident, and had the good
gate to obtain an accident insurance policy
m time since, which entitles Lini to a
twekly stipend during bis present affliction
PrwiOKAL. 7 Smiths et al. During a
ncent visit to Philadelphia we met two of
thil tribe Capt. George N. and Dr. W m.
i. bo'Ji formerly legislators from Cambria
aunty, lhe CJaptam is ine same earnest,
dever fllow as of yore, and sings' " Wash
ington was lorn," etc., just as well as ever.
The Dr. i as firm a Democrat as In days
none by, and still entertains a strong domes-
tic atwenmem tor ituie Yamuna, xii son
Thomas, the school-boy of Ebensburg, is a
ine, graceful gentleman, and occupies a very
rapectable position in business and society.
We fauna our whilom mend, U sorgo Al.
Kiddle, at liis new business place, the house
i Wood, Marsh, Ilayward & Co;, where he
rill alvvavs be glad to meet his old mends
Dr. Braluer, too, is at home to his menu
it the i mmense drug store otZiegler Sc Smith.
an Third street. .
We stopped at the Merchants' Hotel, the
i . i
hwiiquariers oi wmurians, wnero voey are
loeci v cared for as such. ve urge our
friend visiting the city to give the.Messis.
iIcKjbi8 al . '
Vj& Rici's Cibcus, -Notwithstanding
ue tnciemency of the weatner there was a
lair turn out to witness the Prince of Clown.
Thit the performance waa satisfactory we
Qttd scarcely add, as, with Dan luce at the
Mm. it could not be otherwise. Indeed.
to witness the performances of the beautiful
trained horses was in itself worth the price
of a4miaKim. . Tha horsemanfihin was ptutd.
A w. 1 O '
jtiie gymnastic feats well performed, and some
ti. thetti new to the "ring," while the "Sd-
trwi vjlvilo auracea mucn miiennon irom
j .he more serious spectators. But, after all.
tht Inimitable Dan U:c himself was the ob-
served of all observer s- Ills witty and
good' humored home thrusts at the follies of
iaa (lav. his ndicula rf fanatics and extre
mists, and his patriotic eloquence, won gold
en opinions from all within the canvass,
iad while some decry the "great showman'
tU well to remember that
" Honor and shame from no condition rise ;
Act veil your pari there all the honor lies'
Railroad Acciuskt. A serious accident
occurred on the Pennsylvania Railroad on
Tuesday evening of last week, near Wilmoie
nation, this county, it appears that as
'M Philadelphia Express train, which left
Pittsburg at 4:20 Tuesday afternoon, was
uceading the mountain with two engines
''Ucbed to it, a heavy land slide was en
countered by which the train was badly
recked. - One of the engines was thrown
wr an embankment into the Conemaugh
river, and the other into a ditch, damaging
'hem both considerably. The baggage cars
d one of the passenger coaches were also
ked, but the ballance of, the train es
ped inirnrv ' Samuel LIcNansbt and James
i'Kourke, the engineers, were thrown from
I Hi. engines, hut were not naoiy hurt, xir,
?Gilmaa, the express taessenjrer, a resident
M Harrisbur?. sustained a fracture of the
j'eft leg, and Thomas M'Greggor, of Phila
'lphia, was seriously bruised. The pass-
IHgersj eacaped without injury, ;
Iarcbnt. A young man whose name
i failed to learn was lodged In jail on
jjhiday charged with stealing from A. S.
jhbone, Esq., of Jackson township, a
ld watch, a pair of pantaloons and a vest.
j3 itepped into the house of llr. R. situated
the turnpike, some six miles west of
.wnborg, during the temporary absence
i the family, and, -haying consummated
set, escaped towards the railroad, where
j- m intercepted by the vigilance of Con
jhls George, just as he was about to take
j- cars, and brought back to this place and
."ommitted for trial.
Tim. "There i time for all thin-a
tinn to ha tftrrr m. tim tn ha aat timn
JU tnerry and a time to be glad. There
j4fimc, too, for all persons, if thsy will
j t to a T. RobeiU' watch and jewelry
i Ublishment on High street and obtain it
jS?6f d or Hi watch or aa
wv or twentv-foitr hour r.lrwlr rr-r a
ted. and
'uwT twenty-lour nourcioctt.
J7tehs repaired and warrant
IT 5 of jewelry, notions, etc.
JOHN Sr-triT &rm VAaA fn C
f mines of the Cambria Iron Company at
Jfistown, on Saturday week last.
EDrroRiALrnEs, Local and GexekaiZ -
To Cure a Felon Put him in the Peni
Distressing The efforts of the Rad-. to
account for their defeat in Connecticut. .
Ropes. John "W. "Forney has' gone to En-
rvpe. lie should have bad a rope at home.
To 6e Expected." -Many ' of the Rads. are
engaged in the effort to resuscitate the
Kuow-Nothing party. .
A lieautiftdSiaht. Fifteen hundred Sun
day School children were in procession in
Johnstown on Thursday last.
B-B. Many of the Rads. ' talk, of run
ning iieast liutler tor rresident. it wouldn't
take Grant long to "bottle" him.
Trwe. Our neighbor, the AUedharuan,
speaks of the negro as "casting lustre upon
universal liberty." Well, he does take the
shina a little in that direction.
CornpLimerdary. John W, Forney was
made the recipient of a negro serenade on
the eve of his departure for Europe. He
made his colored brethren a speech.
The Difference. Wade Hampton and
other ex-rebels have got the Black Crook.
AUeg. Thad. Stevens has got the Black
Cook. ' One is ideal the other is real.
The Press. Our neighbor also alleges
that certain blacks were pressed to take seats
in the conservative convention at Nashville.
Glad they .have got the liberty of the press
out there at last.
The Blair County Court last week granted
liquor licenses to all applicants exceptm
two in Hollidaysburg and five in Altoona
the remonstrances to the contrary notwith
standing. .
XJp-RUX The , Lewiatown Gazelle Is de
fending the Radical Legislature from the at
tacks of the Radical press throughout the
State. It has a very large contract for a
very small paper. . - . Ti
A Mistake. Friend Brotherline feels sore
over a castigatton he received irom uoiooei
Rice at the "big show." He should have
given the Colonel a fair Jtdd then, as Rice
only wants proper cultivation. ;
If the saying that rain makes corn,' and
corn makes whisky, and whisky makes Dem
ocrats, be true, then we may look for an in
creased Democratic vote next fall. AUeg.
And tee shall expect the AUeghanian to be
with ns. "
Jeff Vans refuses to astc for a pardon or
solicit bail. Why does he not be honest
about the matte', and call for the rope at
once? Hollidaysburg Whig. Whenever he
wants a hangman he will not pass you. Bro
Suicide. A man named Dixon commit
ted suicide.on Friday evening last, by drown
ing himself in the Juniata river, at Tyrone,
HUir ennnty. His body wag r-cvered the
uc-xt morning. No cau.-sfc is assigued for the
rn4i act. V '
Apirrobatitry Tlia late radical lnslature
paxtsod over 1600 acts. .The AUeghanian,
w are pleased to see. appravr two of them
On of tin sa id to nvike juries political, half
and hlf the other to prrlnhit the exclusion
of negroes from the Philadelphia street cars.
" Death frxitn Lightning. In addition to the
deaths from lightning of two cousins named
Armstrong, in Westmoreland county, on the
24th ult.. we notice? that a man named
Noah Armtrong was also killed in Fayette
county, on the Mime day and la like man
Judqe Sharsirood. There is a Strong cur
rent retting in for the nomination of this
distinguished jurist as the Democratic candi
date for Supreme Judge. No Democratic
lawyer that we know of could poll a larger
vote certainly no one could fill the position
with more ability.
McCrecry. the pardoned convict whose
testimony mainly contributed to the convic
tion of Buser and Howser for murder in this
couoty, more than'a year ago, has been en
gaged in passing counterfeit money, and the
officers of the law are making vigorous ef
forts just now to secure his arrest.
January and June. The last Huntingdon
Globe records the marriage of Thomas Tweed,
aged 65. to Miss Catharine Shaffer, aged 22,
In "ye ancient borough." In Altoona, re
cently, a man fifty odd years of age wedded
a lassie who is said to be somewhere in the
middle of her teens. Matrimony, like the
weather, Is playing some queer pranks this
Exchange Hotel. Altoona. The hotel of
Johnston & Gibb?, which was destroyed by
fire last fall, has,' phoenix-like, arisen from
its ashes, and is now more than ever a first
class bouse of entertainment, with the amia
ble and courteous Col. John Woods running
it. WTe advise our friends to hang up their
hats at this establishment when visiting
Literary. We have received the Demo
cratic Almanac from is publishers, Van
Evrie. Horton & Co., No. 162 Nassau street.
New York. It is a valuable compendium of
statistical information and Democratic text
reading, of nearly 100 pages, and is sold at
the low price of 20 cents per copy, or six
copies for 11. Every Democrat' should
have it.
Musical. Many of our readers may not
be aware of the fact that Cambria county
possesses a musical prodigy in the person of
Miss Lena Lucshardt. A hough yet m her
teens, she is acknowledged to be one of . the
most accomplished pianists in this country.
She is the daughter of our worthy fellow-
citizen. Mr. Louia Luckbarct, of Johnstown
himself one of the very best amateur per
formers on the violin we have ever had the
pleasure of listening to..-' J .
Hon. C. M. Donaran. Of that gallant
Democratic phalanx who so manfully bat
tled for the right during the late session of
the Legislature, none deserve a higher meed
of praise than Captain Dovavajt of Phila
delphia. Amid the pride of power which
marked the conduct of the radicals, amid
their taunts, their sneers and their menaces,
never was known to falter. Bold, fearless
and talented, ha earned far himself a repu
tation which should endear hini net only to
his immediate constituents, tut to the whole
Democratic party of Pennsylvania. . We
hope he will again permit his name to go
before the people of his district for another
term, and we cannot doubt but that a dFs
cerninj constituency will retain the services
of on who has done them and himself so
much honor by Lis pait career. ;
Commencement of a Grand Tour of Olscrva
; tien PhildddphiaLdimous Matters
Tdiiics The Negro Fashions , 4"C. -
Deab Johjtsojt Am here in the' city of
"brotherly love" with the sole and-exclu-sive.
purpose cl furnishing you and, through
you, the numerous and intelligent readers
of the Fbeeman, with a sketch of matters
and things transpiring in this beautiful city.
More especially am I here in , the character
of reporter, to enlighten you, beloved but
benighted Cambrians, who not nnfrequently
"branch'.' out to Cresson for the Philadel-
Ehia train, as well as these "northern
ordes" who come down the Susquehanna,
whole "raits" at a time, as to the manner
they are to deport themselves when, in
"swinging arund the circle." they find
themselves m this village. And first as to
Religion seems to be so well established
here as to require but little attention. That
great crime ef running the Sunday cars has
been permanently disposed of, and the poor,
thinly clad sinners,' whose appearance at
church is such a drawback upon pure de
votional exercises, but rarely appear in tho
sacred buildings, owing to the distance from
the factory to the church. Consequently,
not only good order, but an appearance of
easy respectability is apparent in all the
exercises in tho temple of. religion. The
pious worshippers, reclining in their softly
cushioned seats, have so much confidence in
their venerable pastors that' they inconti
nently fall into a profound "slumber while
the glad tidings of redemption are showered
upon their unconscious heads. And such is
the habitual good breeding ot these christ
ians that while nearly all. sleep, snoring Is
rarely heard to disturb the solemnities of
the occasion. I urged Edwards to aecom
pany me to church, bat he declined on the
ground that he had come to the city "to get
out of poUiics." -3
; - ; , i: : POLITICAL MATTERS, j
Politics, like business, is rather dull just
now. 'The honesty and integrity or tne lata
Legislature is much talked of here in radical
circles. The factory people, however, com
plain that the legislation was all la the in
tereot of the "spinners.7" 1 The colored peo
ple are a little disheartened from the fact
that Forney has left for Europeand Massa
Kelly is going dewn South to enlighten his
"down-trodden brothers." But as my letter,
like Geary's inaugural, must be all under
appropriate heads, I shall proceed to speak
of the . ' " ',. . y -
I was shocked and. disgusted lo find the
Act of Assembly "in such case made and
provided," shamefully violated in this radi
cal eitv. I saw no ceirroes in the street
cars, though I rode over the whole city
But I did see negroes frequently beckon to
the conductor totop, but he 'couldnt see
. , . , i ' i rf
it. ana in mis manner is our tuiuicu wit
zens, who "Dors away the paim" in tne late
rebellion, treated by these radicals.' Else
where, however, I observed quit a a change
in the deiortment of the , people toward
this unfortunate race'. . At a club room
where the radicals "most do congregate," I
had formerly observed that when four of
the members would 6it down to enjoy a game
of euchre for the "lemonade," the nnetic
cessful pair would decide, by a single game,
"whose fault it was." This they lAcrt ciil
ed "niggerlng off.' ' I was pleased, on my
present visit, to observe that this approol-
ous epithet was no longer used ; biit the
liberal remark, was made, Let us Ainean
off!" Our colored friends, too. feel their
eouality. as I observed at my hotel, for
when I sent a colored waiter iur anytnmg
he always made me wait too. . I may add
that the word black is also tabooed in re
spectable society, and among even first-class
horse rckevs. A span of let Llaci horses
were sold in my presence at the bazaar as a
pair of colored horses. . , -
Mindful of the desire of your lady readers
to be booked on the subject of the prevailing
fashions I put myself to much trouble to
obtain the required information. ' la the
street the dresses worn by the ladies art
much fuller than formerly In other words.
there is not near so much spare; calico,- and
the ladies very nearly Jill their dresses
They are very much dwarfed from former
proportions, and two ladias can readily past
each other on the pavement ; and a gentle
man is no tonger rendered invisible in
street car by being sandwiched in between
a pair of fashionable ladies.-These dresses
are or a neat and. plain pattern, and give
the wearer the shape of a "time-glass. The
skirt is very tastefully looped up, showing
embroidered petticoat skirts, and, below
these again, the ankle, encased in a well
laced gaiter the ankle reduced te its small
est denomin White stockings are
much worn at least, the pair I saw was.
I have spoken of street dresses,. . Trains
are the order of the day and night, within
doors ; and they are longer than ever. On
my way from my room to the dinner table.
I set my foot upon a ladies1 train at
the head cf the stairs, after the owner had
brought up on the landing below. Eha
frowned indignantly, but I felt her beneath,
me. and did not even apologize. . ' : ' ,
But a Tady's bonnet is "the head and front
of her offending," and to real isa Its unique
beauty you must, "to the.theatre go." There
I went. The manner of wearing the-hair
and the style of the bonnet fif so it mav
at the fo.fr cnes In the parquctis, their heads
appeared to me like so many cacliSowers.
These hats are - of the finest fabric and ti
niest size imaginable. In shape they re-
sesitle a toad-stooi, though much more
ornamental, and have no hole for .the head.
bein'r reflect Iv cat on fcota Etdesv Thsy
are wcrn at an angie ot about tarty-five de
grees, one end resting-, on , the hairy protti-
bcrance i nve Deen Bpeamng or, tne other
on the bridge of the hoae, resting slightly oa
the forehead. - -
Instead of the beads,' t?r string, cf ebony
or brilliants, wowa around the neck and ex
tending down to the waist, so much sported
last summer, a- beautiful wreath of green
artificials floats gracefully over-ths should-
ers, and dewn the "spine oi tha baclc," as
Mrs. Partington would say. -
I expect to address yoa again from this
city, attd aftr that joa may expect to hear
from me at Washington. ; After visiting
that city and giving you a full history of
all I can see aoa hear, 1 shall start on my
great northern tour to the Lakes, the Cana-
das. snd expect to meet Alecs Il'UInr in
the Russian Possessions of the United States.
And while Aiecx proposes giving an ac
count of his travels in the N. Y, Tribune, 1
shall not fail to have for my "medium" the
Cambria Freeman ; and thus our. corres
pondence shall go before" the world in' the
leading papers of the respective political or
ganizations. - - , JlACbHANB.
The Latest and Best News is that R.
H. Singer, who, upon his entree into our
town, reduced the" price cf horse-shoeing one
third, has determined still to lead the van,
and offers' to work 10 per cenk lower than
the lowest for cash, and insures satisfaction.
Persons needing tire on their wagons or car
riages, can save dollars by giving him their
and the way. to save many of them is to get
your, blacksmithing done with Mr. Singer J
at the west end of town. nr. o. is also sen
ing Dinger's ttneqnauea lire ana iana
Bender a . machine ' which saves a great
amount of time and labor and bends theTire
round and. true of which Win. Mvers. of
Altoona, says he would not take 100 and
do without. Any amount ot testimony just
like that can be shown; but the machine is
its own best recommendations to a mechanic
Persons wishing to purchase should call on
or address -vAa.il, cingeb, AoensDtirg.
SrjsBissx, no doubt was every person on
awaking from their slumbers on Wednesday
morning to find that wintry weather, in all
its vigor. Was again with us. it - was no
agreeable surprise either unlike in every
respect tha surprise which customers expe
rience who sample the handsome : stock: of
goods which Mills & Davis are now selling
at greatly, reduced prices, at their establish- J - -
ment oa High street. .. -. .
w tlco 13 hereby given that he following
accounts have been passed and filed in ' the
Register's Odce at Ebdhsbhrg, and will be
presented to the Orphans Court of Cambria
County, for confirmation and allowance, oa
Monday the 2d day of Jan3 next, to wit 1
Xho account cf Robert II. Singer, trtlstes
appointed to sell the real esUteof Dennis
Dougherty, late of Allegheny twp, dee'd. .
Ice first and final account of Catharifid
Doujrherty. Adm'x of John Doushertv, lata
of Chest township, decdi . - ; -'v ,
lhe anal account of Jacob W ertz, Guard
ian of Harriet Mincely, minor child of Jacob
Mincely, decMo .. : . :i - ;
lhe second and final account of John w.
Haynes and Reuben Haynes, Ex'rs of Joseph
Haynes, late of the Borough of Johnstown,
deceased. ; - -": - . "
The first cad final account cf C, 3. Ellis.
Adm'r of Reese Price, late of Cambria Bor
ough, deceased. ,-. i v
The first and final account of David II.
Roberts, Adm'r of Eleanor Jones, late of
Cambria township, dee'd. " " - - " '
lhe partial account of John Flics: atid
Henry Bender, Ex'rs of the last will and tes
tament of John Campbell, Sr.", dee'd.
The first and final account of Mary A.
Conrad, Adm'x of Paul Oonrad4 late of Clear
field township, dee'd. : : ; !
The first and final account of Thocas E.
Davis, Ex,'r of Evan E. Davis, dee'd.
The first and final account of Joha Rich
ards, G uardian of the minor children of Geo.
Richards, deceased. - ". '.-.,;vt
The account of Walliam Davis. Adm'r of
David Davis, late of Cambria twp. deo'd.
lhe erst aha final account of John A.
Blair, Adm'r of the estate of Mary Clements,
deceased. r ' . . -
The second account cf Jacob 0. Horner,
Adm'r of Jonas Horner, late of Conemaugh
township, deed r : . .
The first and final account of Matthias
Denny, Ex'rs of Peter Denny, dee'd.
The first and nnal account of bimon Weak-
land, Guardian of the minor children of
Charles Bradley; dee'd. :': i " !
The first ahd final account of Samuel
Blongb. "Adm'r of Susan Weaver, late of
Richland township, deo'd.
The first and final account of John II.
Douglass, Adm'r of William Douglass, late
of Clearfield township, dee'd.
The account of Mich'i Mcuuire and Chas.
McManamyAdm'rs of the estate of George
Bruce, late of Allegheny .township, dee'd.
The account of John liease, AdETr oi
the Estate of Susannah Reatn, dee'd. ; v
The first and partial account of GeOrge J
Rodgers and William Kitten, Ex'rs of Jane
Wherry, late of Ebensburg. dee'd. v
JAJjlliia UKlrf lU, itegister.
Regiiter's OSce, Ebensburg, May 2, 'CIMt.
14 Geo Walters 7 0111 A II Tiske!
14 Isaac Gates , 7 CO . -
SL Augusiine, Clearfield Township.
14 S JInlow- 7 CO 14 J
Cdntbria Eorounh.
A canpp
1 4 John Ryan 7 CO
14 John Kurtz 7 CO
14 J Stibich"
14 Ignat Kuhla
Iaretto Borough.
14 Chas Miller 7
14 FD Saupp 7
14 CAttlesberger7
14 M Levy 7
14 Jaa 0'tlosa.ld 7
14 -WLItaogtf 7
14 Fat'k Shields 7
!4-OTrieI .7
14 F Jacobs t
14 John Bradley 7
14 PhU Hsrzo- . 7
Munsier Tovn7iip.
14 D.f" P Farrea 7 CD! 14 Jas O'Briea
Jackson Totcnship.
14 Daniel Riser 7 50114 S Albania
' SammitsEZe Eorovgli. -14
W MConneli 7 00! 14 Christ Reich ' 7
14.RLudwis 7 CO 14 JasMGHiea 7
Ebensburg Borough.
1 CO
7 60
14 Mrs Todd .
1 Tibbett ' 7 CO
14 Lloyd 4-Mui-
. lin ' 7 CO
13 R II Tudor 10 CO
14 Mills Davis 7 CO
13 E Roberts . 10 CO
13 VS Barker 10 CO
14 Geo Huntley 7 CO
14 Jas Murray
$ Lemon
14 G G Owens
13 J M Thomp
son , 10 CO
13 A A Barker 10 00
14 E E EVans 7 00
14 Mrs Doyle 4
Miss Rush T CO
14 Leib Hop
ple 7 00
Crojle ToumsJito.
14 Wm Murray 7 0014 G B Wike
14 PM-J Brown 7 0014 J M Cooper
ivumore tiorough. s
14 A Berekam 7 50114 John Shroth
14 And Cullea 7 00
14 JnoM'Colsan7 00
14 W R Hughes 7 00
Washington Tovcnship,
14GMears 7 50
14 Shoemaker t
Son ' ;7 00
14 R R Thomas
14 CT Roberts
14 Geo Gurley
14 Shoemaker
Toumship.. r
14 Tbos Adams
t id
7 00
7 0
14 L Cassidy
14 KephartrCo7 00
14 Jos nor ner 7 50
14 ElizM'tatosh? Cd
14 Dysart Co 1 Ofl
14 Wei Tiley- 7 OD
14 Jane Muilin 7 00 14 MM'Laughlia? CO
Gauitzin Township.
14 J J Troxell - 7 001
14 J Gearhart 7 00
14 F J Parrish 7 00
14 J Dawson 7 50
14 F J Christy 7 00
14 Jas Murray 7 00
14 Pat'k Smith 7 0d
14 Thos Bradley 7 CO
Ekcovb AGs Hoke Xxdcst&t. We Invite
attention to the card of our young friend.
F. Sharretts Dysert, whom we know to be
a competent workman snd a deserving me
chanic. -lie is a new candidate for public
favor m this community, but is none the
less entitled to a fair . share . joL patronage. .
Let noma industry be encoUragSd. " v
Snow and piercing cold are cot Welcome
visitors in the mulst of May, but Welcome
or not they are here, and nothing better can
be dohe than to move oa m the even teaor
of our ways and still continue' the purchase
of all needed dry goods," clothing, groceries,
etc. at the cheap store of V. S. Barker, oa
High street. '' "' . r"... ,
eisn and Domestic Merchandiss la Cam
bria County for the year 1867 I
-'""V 'I Jekmf:wn BorouaTl.
Wood,Mor- " 1 18 Jacob end 10 00
reU & Co 200 00 14 J C Domm 7 00
Charles Un
Dok'f FOE&ET to bear in mind and keep
In remembrance that more eoods for less
money, of the very prettiest and best tex
tures, can be purchapfcd at. J..M, . Thomp
son', on High street, than at most any other
place' this side cf sundown. Go, see and be
convinced. ' ' " : '
versagt r; 20 CO
14 LLuckhardt 7 00
14 Cyrus Hart 7 00
14 S Leopold 7 CO
12 E Leopold &
Brother 10 00
14 n Walters . 7
14 John Levan 7
14 C T Fraaer 7
14 Sarh George 7
14 Wm H Pike 7
14 J S Edwards 7
14 Fred Kress f
J2 iG Stewart ,
-& Co 12 50
12 F W Hay 12 50
14 Mrs Miller 7 00 13
14 William M'- 14
Pherson .7 00, 14
12 J Redelshei- . r
mer 12 50
13 L Cohia &
Brother 10 00
J. LXL C. f.VKIBBIN, Proprietors. 13 wuiiamu
: Fourth St., between Market and Arch,
May 9, 18S7.-ly. ' . PHILADELPHIA.
tenders his professional services as Phy
sician and Surgeon to the citizens of Carroll-
town aud vicinity. " Office in rear of build
ing occupied by J. Buck & Co. as s store.
Night calls can be made at the hotel cf Law
rence Schroth.
fMay 9. 1867tf.J
be cauea are oeauumuy adapted, to eacb
other. Many 3 of" the ladies' west a Icsj,
heavy tress of their own hairl desceadln"
Irota behind the leis ear, at the preciss spot
where the hangman's knot is tied,' and
foaling down the back, while a monstrous
protuberance of bcmebody else's hair sticks
out from the baek part of the head. In-dead.
1 11. t v : 1 11 l f
ruca is vuo ui-iuia iuiuu inai; m manv
cas-23 it is i
3 possible to d acids
1 .
lump sticks out behind or tha head sticks out
before the question da pending upon which
is the Ur?st ! . What on earth they 11 these
lumps with co man dar vesture to snrrest
cocoaant was geasrally ttsod for, fillls.
And thi3 wczld give meaning to tha threat
of a lady, which is frequently, beard, "to
crack the cocoanut" of another.. -' '' ;
Then tit de&r littla hals ! Leckiri djwa
House, Sign and Ornamental Painter.
Graining, Glazing, Paper Hanging, and all
other work in his line, promptly executed,
and satisfaction guaranteed. Shop in the
basemen t of the Town Hall. , . m' ; .
Ebensburg,. May 9, 1867.-6m.
1ST OF CAUSES sat down for trial
I at a Court of Common Pleas of Cam
bria county, commencing on Monday, tha
8d day of June next ! - -r 1 -: -
Jackson et al - vs Johnston et at
Baird - $ r: t. "Blackr ..- I ' "' r.
Delozier" '"' t$ Byrne et al " '
Priasle , vs Price t al
GEO. C. K. ZAHM, ProthV'
lJrothonatory7s Omce, May 9. 1867.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the
Jshena of said County. Greihnj: We com
mand yoa that you attach William J Bur k,
late of yonr county, by all and singular his
goods and chattels, lanes and tenements, in
whoss hand3 or possessioa'ioever the tsma
may.ba, so that he be and appear before our
Court cf Cotnjsca Pleas, to be holden at Eb-
10 00
14 GBentley: 7 CO
14 Adam Pharr 7 00
merman 7 56
John Geia .15 00
Jas . J Mar- ;
phy - 10 00:
Joha J Mur-
phy . :10 00
M L Groa
berg 10 CO
lS . F GMack 10 00
13 F KreiUfrColO 00
12 V Luther 12 60
13 CDittlebachlO CO
IS Jacob Wild 10 00
14 Miss Mary J .. 1
. Parka - ; f CO
13 CSappes 10 CO
14 Emil Young 7. CO
14 A BargrafT 7 CO
( '
Krauss & Co 7 O0
Geis&Reuth 7 CO
Mangsld & i
Co v 10 00
G Mhrr 7 00
WCald WeiUO 50
good 7 00
J Swank & '
:-0)- .12 tO
14 G WKlstnef 7 00
13 Cunningham
& Barnett 10 00
14 HSchnable 7 00
14 D W Harsh
berger & Co 7 00
J B Froraald 7 00
Sar'h Dickey 7 00
Jno Thomas 7 CO
F Border . 7 00
Wm Berlin 7 00
JohnDibert 10 00
Joha A Mc-
Kinney 7 00
D Dibert &
Benshoof 7 CO
D Barn hart 7 00
D Dibert 10 00
Saml Bheam 7 00
Alex Mont
gomery 7 00
Jno Hannah 7 00
Osborne &
. Fishsr: .. .10 60
14 ADBrinker 7 00
14 John Beaton 7 00
13 Geo Wehn 10 00
14 J H Sheak
: & Co - 7 00
14 David Creed 7 00
14 J Madison &
; Co 700
14 Hay & Bro-7 00
14 P O'Conne'd 7 00
! 14 Logan & Co 7 00
14 D McKenna 7 00
14 James Jchn-
; ston tc Co ; 7 CO
14 Rainey & . -
M'Cullough 7 CO
14 M W Keim 7 00
14 Thomas &
Weaver 7 00
14 Foctler &
: Levergood t CO
14 FocklctCo 7 CO
14 J II Howard 7 00!
14 David Reese. 7 00
14 L F Leiteh-
Rlckldnd Tovmshir ; 1
14 Geo Berkey 7 C0!14 Geo Coarad 7 CO
Llcteklick . zteettshtp.:.; 1 -.-14
T4-W Duncant 00!l4 J G Adams ' 7 00
Rost Host, Conerhaugh Boron sh, 15 00
Henry Haansmaa, Johnstown Boro,; 15 00
Graff 4r.Herbachi " : ; " ' : 15 CO
J A Stcmmer, .. , , .15 00
Herman Vochanr, Cambria Borough, 15 00
G J Scwaderer. Washington Twp.. 15 00
Julias Steich, Carrolltown Borough,' 15 00
Henry Blunt, " - " ,15 00
F Bingell, Loretto Eorongh, . 15 00
J Holzworth; JohnstoWn, 3 tables", ' 0 CO
J W Muilin, Washington Tp, 2 tables, 40 CO
J W Mulibi Washington Tewnshipi 30 00
AN APPEAL Will be held at' the Treasu
rer's Office, EberJsbttrg'. on Monday the 6d
day of July next. ALEX. SKELLY,
May 9, 1857.- t; Mercantus Appraiser.
lowing persons hate filed Petitions in
the OSes cf th8 Qetk cf, Qaarter Sessions
of Cambria County, to be presented to the
jud es of said Court oa the first Monday of
June next 1 v
tATEEi LlCEXSE. - -'.;-. '., 'v V
Cambria Bor Adam Kurtz. Edw Ilowa :
Carrolltown J3or Lawrence Schroth,Joseph,
Cote, Cawfence Steich. Francis P.Grossber
ger j Carroll Tp-Afldrew P Baker ; Ebens-
burg Bor R P Linton & Son, East Ward
Isaac Csawford, Geo Gurley. West Ward;
Gallitzih Twp Flavian Haid ; Johnstown
Bor John Bending, Jos Doubt, 2d Ward,' .
Charles Zimmerman, sr, D W Goughnoar,1
Wm Palmer, Charles Hochstein, 3d Ward f
Loretto por Phillip Herzeg, John B Myers,
Florini Bingeil ; Millville Eman'l James,
Richland Tp os Geis r Summitville Bor'
Henry Hughes j Washington .Tp Yeroiw
lea A Reilly Uwea b weeny ; Blackuck Tp.
Joseph J Duncan. -'! '
Ebensburg Bor D-W Conrad. W Wardf
Loretto Bor James O'Doanell ; Summit
villa Bor Christian Reich i Washington T if
Mark McLnughlin ; Wilmore Bor John"
Sehrote. ' GEO. C. K. ZAHM, Clerk.
Ebensbarg, May 9, 1837. - - ,,
berger,,, '
14 Ebea James
14 Lewis & - ;
' '"Davis .'"-V
14 GW Walker
14 It Pritchard
14 Johh Crows
14 Aug Floto
14 JL7" Marbourg
14 J Williams
14 J Widman - 7
14 Mrs L Aaren 7
Conemavgh Borou'vTu
ensbnrg, la and Jot its said county, da" tho 4
first Monday cf June next; Ihera to answer
Louisa Keepers cfa'ftsa cf debt ; tad, also,
that you s'jmnisa. that
ba snd appear t -fore cur Court oa.tho
said Lrst lionuay cf.Jane next,' to answer
what shall: be" tljocted ' agaiast.'him,- and
abida tho jadmecfcf- the Court therein.
And have yen then asd ther3 tl.i3 writ.
'Witness" th3;,Honcral!3 '". Georga Taylor,
President Judjre cf cur said Court, at Ebens-"
I burs, the twenty-saenth day cf March ,J ia
the yearci our Lord ess thousand eihthta
dred and slxty8STea"r" "" """" y
K. ZAnil. PrcthCTotary.
14Tuch'd Ellis;. 7
14 nenryGinea;f
14 Ealtzer & v ;.'
Sp angler ' 1
14 Michl Il'Ca,be 1 CO
irRoh2rt3 & Co ? OC
14 James Lyncli
14 Jno Kingston
14 Geo WStatg-
" , man , ... 7
14 P M'DenaItt 7
14 A G Crooks 7
p. " . : '
Alexander 7
11 X at
CAMBRIA COUNTY.-Ia the malter;
of the petitioa for a review of the account of
David Shaffer, Guardian of Samuel Jacob
and Mary Shaffer, minor children cf -Jacob
Shaffer, Jr., dee'd. Stpt. 3d, 18 S3 R'earf
and prayer granted and citation awarded". .
March ISth, 1857 Answer to citation filed.-'
April 5th,. 18G 7 F. A. Shoemaker, JZsq.
appointed Auditor to bear, decide and report;
upon exceptions. By tha Court. - .
In pursuance of the above appoiatment t
will attend at my oface ia Ebeatburg, oa -
Thursday the SO th May, when and where.
all parlies interested shall be heard. s
May o, 137.-St, ; . . : : AnditorV;
j Hil Al tiS AH"tl A311 l AiU .
having been granted to the understgnsd
oa tha estate of Edward Shoemaker, late of
Ebensburg, "Cambria custy, ecc'd, all per-;,
sons indebted to said estate will make irv
mediate payment, and ail persoas havia'.
claims against. the same will present tbens.
duly authenticated, to the 6ubscriter3 at tb-e
14 Peter Kubrets 7 00
Jos Liaucr
; ' ' ;; Carrollcsn ' Soroush
11 A A Ttarl-e l rlli Tvs T
14 -And Hauk 1
14 FJDarbarich7
14 J Buck & Co 7 00!
14 F Grcsbdrer 7 COj
IS E&HKuttcr 10 CD
14 Yencr
7 CO
CC 14 A Oswald 7 CO
C0!i4 Skssa Schroth 7 CO
14 JoY-'crtaer 1 CO
:a c i-
Shoemaker,' EbctsVwrg, 'Fa ' "
J9 fTTf
May 0, lS7.-Ct.
AlkER, Y t",; ,"
i at
14 J Wt-seri .: 7X3
14 Jchn Conrad 7
14 S M DouUi3 7
-: CCJ- All persons indebted, fa" tU Ute firm
cf E. Shoemaker & Sons Ere reputed to cil
atd settle their accounts. ' " -':
JL House - crTora, caa buy Ka
Hardware cheap by paTir.-r ca.fch at
Vsb. $3. GEO. HUirnY'.T,
1 T
' !
J f
2Ciab!el cn
! .aj'cr t oyi
if -evening wc
Vhich'tbey h
' ;Mcu everjbe
havo foror
3Cd: Off tO i
. octatori, and
cage containi
5 3 Avcf c drav
Clisrlcs Y.'hl
'libit 1h3 cont:
?? Tlio anim:
, and nctive
of their spec
he lions is r
t ractabla. S
i Jl confidence
1 3, entered w;
i jan to pat t
. All proccc
i . length ono
ion r.r.d dl:
Idle struck h
whip. Si
; ring and sch
i ; with his tee
aid a cat, v.
b i back upon 1
1 of horror pa
i I of spectato
f I ; many peo
Ish merit ; so
i 1: nances awal
f i ihcrs rushed
f unly hoping,
n tamer fri
i! . awaited lii
- y awaited '
r. the raomc
; iaws upon
it . . .
i i and . retain
! temblo. ja'
i "crociou3 be
j was cridsr
i ost cf his i
I e of-tLo-f :
pned fbrtunn
j j nn iron b
. f the lion's h(
. irr".l was s
i . "d." ' In an
I -t ed Lis feet, i
I . f'nts of tha cv.
F i blows of
I i , I premacy, " r
i j f ; of J)cn-!3,y
i 1 ' would iiat
n c:
nerocs '
f I but La
't lal to s )
I ured.tL J
j oh in a t
t ng the bo:,
i nlmosf us..:
tlic obviouv
c-ded with
Trickily thar
i:;2sses Lrd
i 'only , i
tiled the a,
j . k their ret :
j K reding Ihcr
t ... - a i i,
-A till thca i
;0 PCriOUS Cl
White did
con tern por a
Iter leavir;
to tho Nn'
ow lies tl.
f 3 reduced
! a to. restore
, ; sound, co:
. t ntcr v.-ith
'a.' 'readfu!!" :
claws cf
1 is of a
t 'id Laa ct
I i Lim vi'
i s." rT.-i'.'
? Iebrafesl
1 S by til
-1 solera::
' "nted r.t
I no, Du
;,1 proccs
J battalion;
dlatcly crd;
-o, and ami
ets, tha r
nan to rcc
; 3 euro who
- -
I "3 below
rc, r,
; - - a EuOVC
tLa fcrr
r's f-r:
in a i :
0 rd:ir;U
1 ti;- C

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