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JUNE: 6,11857.
Thk CoasraTjJiK CebsM9ST In ac
cordance with announcement the corner
atone of th new Catholio churchy designed
w be erected in this place, waa laid with ap
propriate and impressive ceremonies, on
Tuesday afternoon last, and wa witnessed
by a large and attentive concourse cf people.
The day was a most propitious one, the God
of nature seeming to smile benignly upon
the initiatory step there being taken to-
wards the erection ot another temple to Ilia
y.anor ind dorr. The beloved pastor of the
roiresatbn. Rev. R. C Christy, was assist-
mA in the exercises by Rev. 5. Wall, Presi
dent of St. Michael's Seminary, Pittsburgh,
p... Parrfn -Tvrone. Rev. Hushes, Broad
Ton. Rev. McGovern, Bellcfonte, Rev. O'
WnnrVf. Kittannina. Rev. Biebam, New
Brighton, Rev. Tracy, Huntsville, Ala., Rev.
rviftanh. Carrolltown, and Rev. Burns, St.
Augustine, and at their close a powerful ser
mon was delivered by Rev. Wall, from the
text, "Thou are Peter, and upon this rock,"
ic. The sermon was a vindication of the
Church's claim to being the one established
by Christ upon earth, and" was certainly a
most earnest, forcible and eloquent effort
throughout, and one worthy cf the .gifted
mind, the sincere heart and the sound judg
ment of the Rsv, speaker. V have neither
pace nor facilities for giving a bjnopsis of
the sermon, but we feel sure that uoone who
listened to it, though he might take issue
with the arguments advanced, could fail to
he convinced of the sincerity of the speaker
and bis deep conviction of the truth of what
he uttered.
In addition to a record of the ceremony,
a copy of each f the papers published in
the county and lso of the Pittsburgh Cath
olic, specimens of coin, currency, &c, there
was placed in the stone a list comprising the
names of the Tope, Archbishop Bishop of
this Diocese, clergyman who participated in
the ceremonies, architect of the building,
as well ax thoa of .National, State, County
and Borough ofiiciala. A collection was ta
ken up upon the occation, which netted, we
believe, a very handsome sura. Il compli
ance withrthe wish of the pastor we shall
next week publish the names of all persons
who contributed one dollar and upward to
the fund.
We cannot close this hurried account with
out commending the good taste displayed by
the ladies of the congregation in the adorn
ment and equipment of the speaker's stand,
and without also bearing' testimony to the
profound interest and attention manifested
throughout by the large concourse of people
lreent It may not be out of place either
'say that our young friend,' J. C. Easly,
Fjsq:. has been employed as architect of the
new building, and that it is the intention to
rect a handsome, commodious and substan
tial church edifice which will be an orna
ment to our town and a fitting testimonial
ut Catholic xeal and devotion. '
Serious Kaiuioad Accidist. -Mr. Hugh
Gillin, engineer on the E. & C. R. R., and a
resident of this place, met with a most pain
ful accident and narrow escape from death
at Creesou on Saturday evening last. The
fact of the case as we learn them are that
11 r. Gillin had accompanied his wife to the
Philadelphia Express east, and was running
along the flown tracK lowaras tiisown en
nine when he wns struck-in the back by i
locomotive used as a "pusher," which was
descending ttie mountain ai ine time, ana
knocked down, tie locomotive passmz over
his left arm, crushing it for the most part in
a shocking manner, lie also sunt red a se
vere contusion of the head, occasioned no
doubt by his fall. Dr. Walter Bell, of Sum-:
mitville, was summoned without delay, and
the facts being telegraphed to Altooaa, Drs,
Gemmill and Camp hell were dispatched as
coon as possible to the aid of the injured man.
and in a short time the arm was amputated
above the elbow and his wounds propeily
dressed and bis condition rendered as com
fortable as possible. The distressing news
was telf grabbed to Mrs. Gillin at Gallitzin,
and she returned with her unfortunate hus
band to their home here, arriving at an ear
ly hour on Sunday morning. Mr. Gillin is
one of the tldcst and most proficient engi
neers in the employ of the Company, besides
being a worthy citizen and neighbor, and
the sad accK-ont wmca has oeuuen him is
universally regretted. No fears are enter
tained of bis injuries proving fatal. The en
gineer of the pusher" is severely censured
for not displaying a headlight, as well as for
neglect of schedule rules, and he has doubt-
i .i i j: i l r . v -
icsa ere mis ucru uiotuji;cv4 kuui vue cm
ploy of the Company. ,
Distressiko CxsualttI From our Car
rolltown correspondent we have the particu
Urs of a deplorable accident which occurred
tear that place on Saturday evening last, by
which a worthy priest, Father McGivern,
waa seriously, but we glad to learn not dan
gerously, injured. It appears that while at
the branch of the monastery located in Hop
per Valley, Carroll lowcship.and while seat
ed in front of the refectory, at the'time stas
ted. Father M Givern was suddenly startled
by hearing the discharge of a gun and at
the same time felicg a disagreeable sensa
tion ia hia thigh. Oa investigation the fact
was ascertained that a bey living with the
Brothers had brought a shot gun from the
house for the purpose of shooting a bird, and
while in the act of taking aim was spoken
to by some one, and turning suddenly around
caused the gun to be discharged, the entire
contents of which penetrated the leg, pear
the thigh, of -the Rev. gentleman named.
He was immediately convened to Carroll
town and placed under the medical care of
Br. Oatssau, who found the wound, although
painful, by no means & dangerous one.
Cocrt is at present in session, but owing
to several adjournments cn Tuesday, no tas
iness of special moment has transpired up to
the hour of going to press on Wednesday,
A rape ease from Richland township occu
pied the principal attention of the Cccrt up
to that time, and excited of course the curi
ity of poor weak humanity. The attend
ae at Court is reatocably laijc. .
J.. ' ? JOHKSTOWK, JCJfK 3, 1857.
Dear Freeman !Ir pen this week chron-
icles the death of one who stood high ia the
esteem of his fallow men here, and whose
sudden demise has deprived a most excellent
mother of an only son, the stay and prop of
her U6Ci ining years, and society generally of
a worthy member. I allude to the death of
John B. Fromald, who, on Wednesday last,
at the early age of 2S 3 ears, received the fi
nal summons which must come sooner or la
ter to each and all of the human race. His
disease was originally quinsey, but developed
itself into inflammation of the lungs, and in
its violent nature put a period to his exist
ence in a week after its inception. He bore
his extreme" suffering meekly and with true
Christian fortitude, and being consoled in
his last moments by the solemn rites of the
religion he professed, death had no terrors
to him. The writer of this can bear testi
mony to his many noble qualities, of head
and heart, and can truthfully say. that his
general character was pure and without re
proach. His almost brofcen hearted mother
has the sympathies of our whole community
- . t - ar
in her irreparable bereavement, aiay ne
tvst in peace.
Theo. K. Babcock, for many year3 a resi
dent of this place, and latterly chief clerk to
the Surveyer General, died suddenly in
Washington, Pa., on Thursday last, of dis
ease of the heart. - Mr. B. bad many warm 1
friends in this locality, who became endeared
to him through the manly traits and kindly
disposition he always evinced. " Green be
the turf above him!
.Thursday last, as all your readers are of
course aware, was Ascension day, and was
generally observed by several denominations
here. The German Singing Association kept
up their annual custom 01 ascending the
elevation known as Green Hill before the
break of day, and indulging in sacred songs
commemoratiive of the ascension of " our
Savior into heaven. This custom of the
Germans is a commendable one, as standing
beneath the green arches of the trees, they
see the sun arise in the east and survey the
handiwork of nature, and of nature's God
all! of which is well calculated to turn
their thoughts to the great mystery of man's
redemption, and to trace out, step by step,
the sufferings and the glories of the Man
God, until at Ungth they picture the last
scene on earth, the glorious ascension.
Two men were sent up last week in de
fault of bail, for alleged larceny. The affair.
as detailed to me, was rather a mixed one,
but from what 1 could gather the parties
started out" by getting drunk, and when
about sretting over this excellent species of
runtime and env'vment, one discovered he
was minus SIS and the other mane toe start
ling discovery that a mysterious .-disappear
ance of half a saiV-horse naa taKen place
from his mopus bolder. - After cogitating the
matter over for a while, eacn came to the
conclusion that he -had been victimized by
the other, and cross - suits for larceny were
forthwith brought. As neither party could
procure any person deeply encugh mtert'ed
to go their surety, thy were sent to rusti
cate in the cheap boarding house situate in
your place, until twelve gcod men and true
can find oat whether or not -timet 01 the
paitiea manip ulated hia comrade's cash, .
A couple of old offenders were last week
brought before the Burgess for disorderly
conduct and indulging m a promiscuous set
to with each ether. His. Honor wai hearing
the case with his usual urbanity, good na
ture and legal acumen, when just in Jhe
midst of sojne interesting details from a wit
ness who was evidently a reader of a sport
ing journal, and who was describing the
combat in P. R. style, one of the robustiuua
defendants upset the dignity of the pro
ceediaga by dropping hit fist in a rude, un
seemly and violent manner on his late an
tagonist's mouth," rather elongating J the
opening originally formed by nature. - The
result of this dexterous strategic manouvre
fsroved rather disastrous to the man of bel-
igerent propensities, as he was immediately
placed iu durance vile" to remain for the
space of five days, and his less hostile adver
sary was discharged. Somebody suggests
to persons in anger to count tea ere they
act, but my impression is that the Burgess'
recipe in tha matter ia rather an improve
ment on that style, for if anger won't cool
.down in . the 8x10 bake oven, called by
courtesy a lock-up, why then it would cer
tainly hold out longer than the late rain,
and I beard a
farmer sa?
was "some
The building formerly occupied by the
defunct Mountain Echo was last week offered
at public sale by its present proprietor. Ft
W. Hay. . After being bid up to about
$8,000 the sale was adjourned till the second
week of the present month, when Mr. U.
will doubtless realize the amount at which
he values the property." I believe it is the
intention of Mr. Hay to commence immedi
ately the erection of a larg, commodious
and substantial brick building on the old
Canal, opposite D. Creed's,
"" In rny "personal" last week I mentioned
the fact of Mr. Geo. Gurley being in town,
and from the rather dubious notice I gave
him strangers miht be led to infer that he
wasn't exactly a standing member of a tem
perance association. I had of course no in
tention of conveying such an impression,
nor had I the leat idea cf wounding his
feelings. I bad supposed it would be taken
in'ths spirit in which it was meant. To make
the amende, however, I can conscientiously
say that Mr. Gurley's reputation lor sobriety
is second to none in Ebensburg, and to my
knowledge, at least, he has never been tin
der the influence ot liquor. Whenever Sku
Bal makes a misst&tenseat, or his meaniog is
misconstrued, he is ever ready to apologize or
explain. Apologetically yours, Sz.u Bal.
' Hejjxocs;, Jcki. S, 1857.
Mr. Editor As I have already informed
you I have never tried my hand at writing
for a newspaper; but when my old friend,
the lamented. Charley Hurray, edited the
Democrat and Sentinel. I often dropped ia
and gave him my ideas cf matters and men,
and he would fix up some good things frcra
data furnished kirn by his friend "ilordecai."
Then I lived in town, however, while now I j
ara a resident of ths eccctry away down
hers in Washingtoa township -and cf course
havent it so handy as I had then. But no
'.irf thAt -vemr csi -l-.hi.r c-f tha ASczman
Lai a ttpcrttf hers, I thci;;l.t I would try
my handand let you have the benefit of the
weekly transpiring iu this old Democratic
stronghold. It seems so strange that none
of the leaders (?)"of the party in this district
find time to report anything to the demo
cratic papers, though 2 suppose none of them
want anything from the party, and having
got tired suppcrtinn it. have laid it down
just to rest themselves, and several so forths.
But now for' the news, . ) ' :
The weather for the past week has been
somewhat improved in this locality that is
it don't rain quite so heavily nor incessantly
as it did during the last month- and every
tiller of the soil is now busily engaged put
ting in the balance of "the spring crops. . "
- Coal Mining and Shoddy. .-The coat miners
here, who had only partially recovered from
the effects of a recent "strike were forced
to stand another blow on the 1st ult., the re
sult of which was to send a number of them
elsewhere to seek a living for their families,
some of whom were actually suffering- want
from the effects of Shoddy - rule. This
'strike," it appears, was caused by Shoddy,
instigated by Rothschild or Devil Bug, post
ing notices announcing that on the first day
of May the Baid Shoddy wculd reduce the
price for mining -fifty cents a yard.. This
additional outrage the miners determined to
resist, and nobly did they stand out for three
week?, some of them living on the generosity
of the others soulless Shoddy even refusing
to ' assist ," ' . .-- ' ;
HymauaZ Lieut. John Lynch and Miss
Maggie llmds were married by Father Ryan
at Summit church, on Tuesday. 2Sth ulfc.
I hope John has gone to glory, and although
have no pretensions to poetical talent, I
cannot refrain from saying to him that .
'Tis very cruel, this Lynching, Hinds '
ouch deer creatures you should neverharm:
But in your modus operandi maybe she finds
bometbmg that mitigates the pain, as by
a charm-
Educational (?) Tha new School Direc
tors of this district are to meet to day to or
ganize. - There is a regular system practiced
here in the selection of these officers. A sort
of menagerie has been established in the
central part of the district, from which are
selected periodically one or more of the cutest
animals, whop through the influence of the
managers, are to lead the honest; unsophis
ticated members of the iioard. This year,
"Oh, shades of Brutus ! .
-They have, taken a Guyascutus
Now, Mr- Editor,: I don't want to excite
tho envy or jealousies of your traveling cor
respondent, MacShane, but if he is miffed I
can 1 neip iv. 1 am no; going to hide my
light under a bushel, or conceal it ia any
measure, in order that his may shine. ' So
be it distinctly understood between us that
I am also a travelling reporter for the Free-
man. I shall take care, however, to keep
clear of his territory, and don't want him to
intrude himself into mine- . At the-last .ac-
counts he was in Washington. Well, he can
be there a long-time, figuring about - the
White House, and colovging .with Andy
Johnson, and associating with members of
the R. Congress, without being in tho slight-
t daiifer of having his path, crossed by
: ir. Tvirj. t
me. ror my p. i-wuior, a am m
the habit of picking cj company, and gen-
erallv make it a point to coSOse only what"
is ceasidered" honest. r Hence, thereiur, &c.
I'll not go to Washington 'very soon.
Well, Mr. Editor, as I meant to say, I was
out in Old Westmoreland lately stopped at
tx-jsnenn uuston's tiotei m JUatrobe, and
was of course treated like a gentleman. The
Sheriff knows "how tokeep a bote!,,' though
his house is wanting in at least one of the
conveniences mentioned by xiacbhane as
fuund at a certahV establishment at which
he says he saw them drink ia Philadelphia.
A person gees op stairs here without the
aid of either tcrenches or wen s. Ill cot
say any more that fastidious -young man
of the A'leghanian m:ght have his nervous
system injuriously affected by the finishing
of that word. You know, Mr. Editor, he
can't bear anything that is very highly
scentedi The first sight I stopped there I
was late, and took supper and roomed with
a Mr. Smith, and the next night with Mr.
Jones." : And this I think accounts' for the
many long tatles the Sheriff is obliged to
spread for the entertainment of hia guests.
JL suppose he has the patronage of all the
Smiths and Joneses, and that you know is
a "big thing." - ' ' .
. I stopped and dined at the Scott House
at Johnutown-on ray way out, I didn't see
so very much of -a Row as MacShane alleges
is always kept up there, but suppose when
a character of his distinction stops there the
Row is greater than when a common ma. a
puts up. I think so. It is my intention,
Mr. Editor, to be-cut again this week and
shall not forget you.:
"Muchly f yeurtf, i- Mosdicai.
VisrrcBS. Among the visiters to our
town during the present week, not attracted
hither by the Court now in session, we had
the pleasure of greeting Mr. William Mur
ray, formerly of Summerhill, this county,
at present of Altoona, and our genial youner
friends, Capt. Morgan McDonald and Mr.
A. J. fcpigelmire, of Philadelphia. The for
mer gentleman is the eenior member of the
mercantile firm of Murray & Belford, Altoo
na, and the two latter represent the whole-
sole dry goods bcuseof M. Cress well & Co.
and the extensive grocery establishment of
Gillespie,-ZelJer & Co., Philadelphia. "We
commend the former to such of our friends
as make their purchases in Altoona, andtbs
two latter to those who buy. to sell again.
They are all three clever, deserving men,
and practical friends of the t rtcmmi.
Mat has retired from the scenes of actual
life, blushing like the rose and beautiful.
wafted along by bland breezes and spring
zephyrs, and though during her visit she
shed many tsars, she parted from us in a fit
cf joyous , laughter, and left us with the
gratifying knowledga that V. S. Barker
still continues to sell clothing, boots, shoes.
cry goods, groceries, etc, just S3 cheap as
, 3
. ft"
anybody can at present pretend to ecu tfceta
or hereabouts. His stock is we, I wcr-
thy of examination, and hi3 prices very low.
AST 01 car cany or weekly eoicn: poranes
wishinj: to pscure a regular letter, racy,
chatty and iaterestin, from JohnstowTJ, can
V-a acccraaodited for a reasonable cc:
cnOiua by fiddresstc- tlas c
Lifs lKStraiCK The advertisement of
the Home Life Insurance Company cf New
Tork, which will be found elsewherf ia our
paper to day, sets., forth facts well i worthy
the consideration of all to whom thy come
greeting. It is "a cuty which every man
owes to his family. to endeavor to leave
something for their support in case he should
be called away by death, and there i3 cer
tainly no more safe and satisfactory method
of making this provision thaa by securing a
life insurance policy. ;; Mr.' Benjamin ?E.
Davis, who is at present among us as agent
for this Company, and who has just arrang
ed, as the following ceruacats will Ustify,
the clainxof the executors of E. Shoemaker,
Esq., dec d., is endeavoring to convince rnr
citizens of the' great advantages of life in
surance, and we imss win succeed n enroll
ing many of them as "patrons . cr this first
class Company.
LBEXfrBUBQ, June 8, 186T. -Mess!
Esleb & Coltox, Gen'l Agents of
Home Life Insurance Co. Gentlemen : I de
sire to express my thanks to you for your
promptness in adjusting the claim under
Policy No. 11096 on the life of my father,
and would recommend your Company to the
citizens of Ebensburg nnd neighboxhood as
not only sound and reliable, :but prompt in
the payment of losses. Tours truly, ,
t . A. fcacsMiKiB, Att'y tor instate.
"What Advebtisikq will Do When
our young friend, F. Sharretts Dvsert, house
and sign painter, first came among us, the
opinion was freely expressed that be would
find little to do in his line. .Nothing daunt
ed, however, he first procured a shop, and
then announced through the local papers
what he was prepared to do, and in a short
time his hands were so full of work that he
was compelled to employ three journeymen
to assist him, and he is now fully convinced
of the efficacy of printer's ink, in securing
employment. Mr. D., as the work already
done by him will convince anybody, is a
proficient mechanic, and needs no further
commendation to secure him plenty of work
m our town and neighborhood. We trust
he will be patronized as he deserves. s
At her mother's residence in Ebensburg,
on bunday . morning . last, ilra. Jake
O'Niell, - daughter of Mrs Susan Rbey,
aged 42 years. The deceased was beloved
by all who knew her forber many virtues,
and her loss will be severely felt by a large
circle of relatives and -friends. Her illness
was protracted and borne with Christian for
titude and resignation. Her remains -were
interred at St.-Patrick's Church, on Tuesday
morning, .with appropriate ceremonies. Re
quiescat in pace. : ...;.-,;..-' r-: ..' ;
-- "Circumstances compel .'me to make
pei.me to mase
a Ion? call, a strong? call, and & sinnera and
determined call to all those knowing them- 1
selves indebted, the subscriber having liabil
ities to meet and drugs and other articles to
buy, requiring cash and nothing but cash,
although greenbacks might - do. All the .
money that I have received from my patrons
since my debut in Cambria couotv has nt?t
been sufficiecTto clear my drug bills." ' I do
assure rny friends that it is not my pleasure
to harass of distress any one, but my neces
sity. I therefore hope thiicall will be 8uf5
cient notioe to all. , J ..J. KRlSE, M. D. .
, St- Augustine, June 6,.1867.-lm, .
Office. No. 2oS Broadway Neva 'York. PhU-
Qd4.ph.ux Agenttf, corner tourm
and Library Streets.
The Homx Lite Ixsukance Compant de
sires to call the attention of all persons who
may feel interested inithe subject' of Life
Insurance, to the following facts and consid
erations:,- ... : : .
.Tins HoifB. was organized May 1, 1860,
as a Mutual Life Insurance Company, in the
best sense cf that term. . ,
Ths Hons is now seven years old, and by
the wise and prudent management of its
President and Board of Directors, has taken
its position in the front rank of all the best
Life Insurance Companies in the united
States. - .
The Home divides its profits among its
assessed members, annually. Dividend, May
1, 1867, forty per cent. cash. -The
Home had May 1, 1867, assets
'amounting to One Million Three hundred
and Eighty-seven Thousand Dollars, all se
curely .invested.
Thk Home has now 9,000 assigned mem-. '
bers from $1,000 to $10,000 each j total
insurance, 20,000,000 .
Tee Home promptly paid losses last year,
amounting to $146,800.
Present Advantage and. Fntnr Re
sults ot Iitr Insurance.
U is a safe and certain method of provid
ing, after death, for Wife, Children, Parents,
Brother, Sister, or Friends. The Merchant
and his Clerk, tho Minister and all Profes
sional Men, the Mechanic, the Farmer, and
the Laborer, taay avail themselves of it to
soms extent with ease and the greatest ad
vantage. - . . ,
A Life Policy soon acquires a cash value,
and on a great pressing mergency may be
converted into money. ' It3 benefits are felt
in many a widow's chamber and orphan's
horns. Tt alleviates the anxiety of parents
and fosters the spirit of self-reliance. -
GEO. C. RIPLEY, Secretary.
-E3LER & COLTON, Agents for Pennsyl
rania. New Jersey and Delaware, Corner
4th & Library streets, Philadelphia..
G3-Tks Hosie refers to Rev.Tbos. Carl
ton, D: D and Bishops Jane3, Simpson and
Kingsley.t-f the Methodist Episcopal Church;
the iioa. Judges Strong and Ludlow, Rev.
Aldert Lames. Rev. T. De Witt Talmadge,
win & Co., B. B. Coraesys, Esq
Cashier Phi!a. Bank, Messrs. E. W. Clarke
& Co., Drescl & Ou, Bankers, and Samuel
Welsh, Esq., ths most -of whom, and hun
dreds mors cf prominent men in the Church
and Statsara insured iaTHS Uome.-
5 AUG AIl'S can ba had bj bnyr
t . J.
oca nuKTLsrr's.
Hit! I
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l. i J- 1. I
M Thompson's
1 "
win if! v-
: : : M
Tht largest Exhibition in the T70rld !
. With a ModI Mid CuanpUH :
ME N A 'a B K I E
And Conr.dtioacf tli ldin Tlt ibre4 l-
.--OX 22. O S J
Prntin( nor. Kara nd Cytioua Anifn!. Intpailn
tliai n.l Kaptilm and norii Varied 3iJ .Varal
. irmaBf l-ua in any tostern la Aiatiua. A
' - - tnajur portion of th '
zooLidaiCAi, sPEcnrsNS i
- Hay baa a just Imported. ' Amor.f t!ia ikaturas r
, Aa Unwaitaj Calf. Vint Afn-n K apliiM r tap
turaJ, Tour.taal " and tmil'jsl tv e-n " -.ly IS
- month old Stand Sd inch Mn' and Vita
SJ0 fouaie, and th wi ndtrful fii?mu ,
, Trained Monatcr.
A Colciiii Aalatic. .
Bring too nallt trTl en foot. WJU rot h-tm la
tk f axarl,, but Will ba prform4 iu & miu al ma
Exhibition . .
mm fc. iJ ana
Th Drif Anljaal CcaijaBToTv ViU ch rxhiiti.
. AUD AND PAXTUllKS; and ir m TbTiUiuj
rrirman vith thaa Viarc and aTa;
..MonsUra .
- J Th Tt9 jDUplay ef WILD ANIitAI.5 anj t!
Will ba gWan ia ccbjaactioa
Th Den "will contsin a Marniflcnt Zbr ; a
Towering Ottrlch, V hue l'lumed. fc"eu JTt
High Threw Art-Scan. Lioa Six lXonth old)
"" Kitten, finest and ret'icat pcicin In tay
MB(ri ; Sc(-1 Crw d Calf; LoejL1j
ped IIiadrftlRaIJ'"ara only A-rsimal ot tha kind
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JDra-vrnby Sixteen Arabian Horeea, contclnlnc
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Trained Blooded Circu3 ilcrs3
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All the Menr'JrcriP A 'lrcn tine'er Ofi
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Tavo Perromnancea,
' Aflsraoca'& Evening at 2 &7 l-2oclk.
Doors o?sa cr.e hov.r pre?:cm. .
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ADfAlSCIOfi. - - " to CENTS
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