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u u
J aintaia German.
C,et out the vots.
,iio to the election on Tuesday.
,VilJ geese were flying southward on
Vdnday night.
Yon- the Democratic ticket from top
buttimi on Tuesday.
,r. J. J. Khoddy. of Ashville, was a
i ti-r to Eix-nsburs on Monday.
Mt. I'leasant Institute has been
,,) ou account of typhoid fever.
,Mr. H. J. Hopple, of I?arr township,
r!it a few hours in town on Monday.
-.Ki-nr-buri? is to have a new station
jfr.-ii:lii warehouse in the near future.
-Mr. Joseph Itoland.of Ga'.litzin towu
i.tut a few hours in town on Mon-
Tli- moko stack on the Drisrgs trrist
this place, was blown down on
damper on the
ready for Hal-
around the
Davis is Joiug
weather put a
... uho were netting
,-urti is being put down
. hoiH- cemetery. John
-IiriiiMng water brought two dollars a
irn-l iu Alumna last week. Beer is
lKiii't be satistied w ith voting yourself
: ynur stay-at-home neighbor to go
j d., likewise.
onie men are so constituted that they
it around all day and not be a bit ei-.-l.-.i
at uiiiht.
A Hallowe'en tarty was given this
"!.ur-ia;,)evei.ing by the Misses McKen
... of this ulace.
-Mr. .loseuh Iiengele. one of (iallitzfu's
;iiTiiiig business men, was a visitor to
;i,uti,' on Monday.
-A woman with a jag was one of the
mu;il sights on Ebensburg's streets on
VrdiM lay. She hailed from Lilly.
-Mr. I'. V. I'.rowu, proprietor of the
riiini! Hotel in this place, has Wen 111 for
rrk or more and his condition is seri-
-Kv-lierifT Luther, of Carroll township,
rlieriff (Jray, of Carroll town, were
j,.iir the visitors to Ebensburg on Mwn-
-Jikije McCiiire. of the I'nion -M iftlin
.uler ui-lr'nt, heard the arguments in
-tcra! i a-es at argument court on Tues-
-Andrew Tumi, a Slav, died at the
1 uih m-e on Monday from cancer. He
.i. admitted frJUl Johlistbwu and was 53
rir? of age.
-Iir. t". Slieridan, a well-known phys
au uf Moriellville. accidentally fell a few
v ago and wa badly cut and bruised
iiutit the fai-e.
-Lo-t. so'iiewhere on the streets of Eb-.-Liirit,
a gold ring with amethyst set.
Ti.c?ame will reach the owner by leaving
:t lliis urtice.
-(in last Friday night dogs killed a
,.m!ier of sheep for Harvey Evans, in
iUilnia townh:p. Two of the dogs have
UiV I tee II killed.
Within the last couple of months six
v Lave disappeared from the vicinity of
j;i:.i and I lie opinion is general that lliev
ive b'rli stolen.
on Mmidav evening the attorneys of
If Cambria county bar held a meeting iu
Lr court house for the purpose of revising
ie ru'e- of practice.
-tir.-ed pork is selling at 5 cents a
.vjiiI in this market, and dealers say that
.hf price will be still lower within 30
:iyv- In'iuimi Mam f tiger.
-Meplien Conrad was a-pnointed tax
)! 'ei-tor for Chest Springs on Tuesday at
irtfiiriient court to (ill the vacancy caused
y iLe r.-- iguatiou of Charles E. Perry.
-on Tuesday John Prinzik, aged 22,
r at the Almshouse from consump--ri.
He was a resident of JohnMowu
.rior to his admission to the Almshouse.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Denny, and daugh-
i, iirare, aicompanied by H. II. Myers
i:.d M!- Henry, all of Ebensburg, drove
n to ration of Sunday. Patton Cour-
-A dwelling house owned by John
Kriin. at Summerhill. caught (ire a few
..Lt a,:o and was damaged to the extent
j'iUmt ?'.o which was partly covered by
ti-iir Jinn.
-Seriou forest fires are raging in the
KrM, iiioiintafns near Lancaster. A
: .:nl.vr uf houses occupied by whiU-s and
iiri..- have been consumed and great
':"' threatened.
-I'r. I.avison saw a lear n"r. tbe farm
& J ' i j ii Evans, iu Cambria township, on
Ii.i-diy t fling. It is believed to lie the
'iOi.- one Uiat visited the suburbs of Ebeus-
r.- il.e day previous.
-A T.i!d watch was stolen from Steve
''!. near Vintondale on Thursday of
-'. week by John Sable, who had been
"-aider at l'ater's house. The thief was
:;nire, at Johnstown.
James t nriiiiiitfham, employed in the
.mi-v into ,iialt near Uuliois, was
'-d Saturday by a premature fall of
uv. H,. w as about 33 years of age,
il .-iu-. a wife and two small children
-o-.e nitflit last week burglars attempt-
niter it,,, dwilliniisof Messrs. IVter
K.m.ey and Conrad Wentroth, at Wil
The were discovered in lioth in-''-1
left without securing any
I i.e statement of the I'enusy Ivanla
" -a 1 Ueli. f Eutid for the month of
iii!..r, !s'.i;N shows that there were
death U-nehts, 13,2.'ii; a'-cident
"-'.-M-. f ..u; ii-k benefits, ",(.'; total
a, cuint of the failure of the well
jiu w I,,, h ih Mir.pl y was received, the
im-.i. iand Natural ias Company will
!t"'L ";- ns siij,.,;.. lo Jejhnstowu on and
'' N-vnnUr 1st aud clo.-e up Its busi
:n thai eiiy.
n ... .
oariy i,i,!utw-r, aged 3(, and Miss
l"i Mi. haels. aged IT, eloped from Bel
'-mi.., rtedneday aud went to Cumber-
MJ-. and were married. They re
u-i eu home on Thursday expectlug the
eijtal Llessjiiif.
.M; Wellie Iohr, of Johnstow n
t.-r h
"ine in that city on Monday from
- "ruiinie. About a week before her
"'n -I.e was struck on the aead with a
"v bai an J the injury developed into the
h c-tused her death. She w as
- 5ar- of aie.
"'dor H. Sultzbach, a Philadelphia
u,,r, tailed ou Wednesday, his indebt
' ' auiourniug tuaboutJM),iiuo. Sultz
''. when a boy, w as a resident of Ebens
aiici a younger brother of Simon
;-wba,-ti, who died in this place abou
ears ago.
- irs. JauiM McXally died at her home
( ; "iiiinii on Monday after
'-'iie from consumption.
v 'a-l and Mary Keough, of Kittanning
U1U1 Mie is survived by her husband
""3 iu children.
" Monday a large black bear passed
' -fully within n m.iri., .f ,.f
,. j ' . K., w . u mill. ji
enough limits, near the residence of
Humas L. Jones, in Cambria town-'l"-
A number of hunters started after
nut Mr. Bear did not wait to make
"ir i.uainuuce.
a lingering
She was 28
Two frame dwellings belonging to
James S. Bracken, of Morrellvllle, were
burned to the ground at an early hour oc
Monday morning. The water supply be
ing short it was impossible to successfully
light the (ire until both buildings were In
ashes. Loss o,0O0 with $3,5X insurance.
Thomas Bowen. of Coopersdale, aged
1? years, who was accidentally shot by a
companion while out gathering nuts, died
at his home in that place on Monday. His
pareuts formerly resided In Ebensburg,
his father. Alvah Bowen, having been
employed on the grading of the Blacklick
Reports from the regions about Belle
font e and the Seven Mountains say that
game has never been so plentiful in 10
years. This is especially true in the case
of wild turkeys, which are found on both
sides or tne jtaic: Eagle Valley in laree
Hocks. Deer are also quite plentiful in
the mountains.
Thieves entered a house belonging to
Phil H.Jones, In Jackson township, on
Saturday and carried off a lot of butter,
cheese, canned goods, sugar coffee, apple
butter, etc. This is the second time they
have visited Mr. Jones' premises and he
proposes to make it hot for them if he
gets his eyes ou them.
The state department on Friday grant
ed a charter to the Patton Clay Manufac
turing company. The company is capi
talized at .",( ). The directors are Hon.
James Kerr, of Clearlield; George S. Good,
of Altoona. A. E. Patton. of Curwensville;
E. Mc El fresh, of New Cumberland, W.
Va., and E. C. Crow n, of Patton.
The towns in Clearlield county are be
ing canvassed for subscribersto a telephone
svstem to be erected in that county by the
American Electric Telephone company.
The company has not yet lieen fully organ
ized. It will be composed of Clearfield
county capitalists. The obje;t is to con
struct lines and operate telephones in
Clearlield county.
The Pennsylvania Company is deter
mined that an immediate end must lie put
to tlis possibility of suits arising from in
juries sustained by employes who are un
der age. A few days ago nine young men
undei 21, who were working for the com
pany on work trains, were peremptorily
discharged. It is given out that this rule
is to l strictly enforc-ed throughout the
entire system in the future.
While Mrs. Patrick Dolan, of Mt.
Pleasant, Westmoreland county, was
hanging up the clothes, which she had just
finished washing, her baby boy fell out of
the door into a tub of soapsuds and was
not discovered until life was almost ex
tinct. A physician was immediately sum
moned who succeeded iu partially resusci
tating the child, hut the-work resulted in
death by the suds forming bubbles in the
In the United States district court ou
Tuesday at Pittsburg, Lewis H. Snyder,
of New Washington. Clearfield county.
was convicted of sending obscene letters
through the mails to Hula Stifller, the 13-
year-old daugter of a farmer residing near
New Washington. The letters that were
produced in evidence were of the vilest
description and were not read in open
court, but were given to the jury for
On Monday Mr. W, A. Hanna. Mon-
seytown, Lycoming county, found two of
his yearling calves dead in one of the
fields on his farm some distance from the
barn. The calves had lieen killed by some
animal and toru to pieces. The condition
of the vearlmgs indicated that a bear
might have killed them, but Mr. Hanna
thinks they were killed by dogs. One of
the calves was a thoroughbred aud was
very valuable.
The barn of Alexander Cover, in Cone-
maugh tow us hip, caght lire on Tuesday
and together "with its contents, including
all of this season's harvest, was destroyed.
A large amount of farming Implements,
machinery, harness, etc., was also con
sumed. It is supposed the fire originated
from some children playing with matches.
The loss is estimated at $2,"00, with no in
surance, the insurance policy which Mr.
cover carried having expired a few days
Louis Balstion, a Swedish miner em
ployed at Greenwitch, Clearfield county,
was struck by an engine going east, while
w alking on the truck near McGarvey on
Friday. The engine stopped, picked him
up aud took him to Altoona aud he was
conveyed to the hospital in the ambu
lance. At that institution examination
revealed that, aside from abrasion of the
face and ferehead, he was not much in
jured. Balstion was visibly intoxicated
when taken to the hospital.
The Uosliny, in an item on ballot
priuting, leads its readers to believe that
we "scooped tl.SK for ballot printing
which the Mountaineer afterwards
charged only t222."i0 for." We have no
disposition to thresh old straw ovei, but
we have a distinct recollection of offering
the Ooxinnj more than double that amount
if it furnished us with the fame amount
and quality of blank paper that we used
in the ballot printiug job. The Uoslhnj,'
readers, perhaps, have no memory.
Six double tenement houses occupied
by employes of the Sterling Coal company,
at Hastings, and owned by the company.
were destroyed by fire on Tuesday morn
ing. The tire originated from a defective
flue and owing to the combustible nature
of tht building it rapidly succumbed to the
devouring element. One building after
auother caught aud all were burned. Ow
ing to the scarcity of water the work of
the firemen was rendered nearly useless.
The loss Is put at 0,uuo partly covered by
At the sta-e convention of county com
missioners, held at Meadville week before
last, resolutions were adopted recommend
ing the passage by the legislature of an
act makiug the otlice of district attorney a
salaried otbee; an act to pay assessors a
uniform rate for actual work done; tore-
peal the act creating the oflice of jury
commissioner, and place the work on the
county commissioners; an act for the uni
formity of taxation, with exemptions only
as provided in section nine of the constitu
tion: to substitute the act of 1.3 for the
law requiring the assessors to make return
of births and deaths.
One of the uueerest freaks of nature
ever heard of is a little dog owned by Ed
ward Lindsey who lives aUthe red school
house between Bellefonte and Milesburg.
The dog has only two legs instead of four,
and not withstanding this queer state of
affairs, is as healthy an animal as one
could find anywhere. The dog is about
tour weeks old, and is perfectly developed
otherwise. The shoulder blades are per
fectly formed and the marks can plainly be
seen where the legs should be. It romps
and plays with the other little dogs aud
does not seen, to have any trouble in mov
ing around. Hilleftnile Dally A'eif.
William Martz, of New Germany,
Cambria county, was in the city this morn
ing. Mr. Martz was endeavoring to tind
Adam Underbaker, a German peddler, 'v ho
18 years ago adopted his niece, Mary
Martz, then an infant child. He has not
seen his niece for H years, but succeeded
in locating her to-day. Her mother is
dead aud she and two sisters and a brother
were left homeless. The other sisters
are now married, one living iu Phfladel
phia and the other in Allegheny City. Her
brother resides in Gallitzin aud the other
sister. Mary, has not been seen or beard
from for over 15 years. Ureennburg Prt.
The forty miners employed in the Dun-
10 Coal Company's mine, at Dunlo, who
went out at the time of the strike, were
not permitted to return to work when
they wanted to. and the drift is still idle.
The contracts which were being tilled at
that bank were transferred to the com
pany's mine at Conemaugb. Some of the
Dunlo colliers have left to look for work
A sewing machine sharp has been travel
ing around iu Cambria township visiting
all who could be gulled by him. His
method of operation is to visit a house and
on pretext of looking at the sewing ma
chine, examines it, carefully turning
around the wheel, examining the shuttle,
etc. He wishes a little carbon oil and
while the woman of the house is after the
011 he substitutes a broken part that he
carries with him for the same part that
belongs to the machine and when the wo
man returns he shows her what is wroug
with the machine and proposes to 1x it
which he does by putting In the original
piece and charges from tl to f3 for the
John S. Wright, of Wrightsy ille. Clear
field county, was tried in the United States
district court at Pittsburg on Monday on a
charge of passing counterfeit mouey, and
was acquitted, though Judge Bu fling ton
did not think the verdict in accordance
with the evidence, and gave Wright a lec
ture before discharging him. His brother,
B. F. Wright, was to lie put on trial this
week for making counterfeit money. He
is accused of turning it out by the whole
sale. Charles B. States, of Flora. Indiana
county, was tried on Monday for passing
two counterfeit dollars. He redeemed
both after he was discovered. Thejury
acquitted him.
A disastrous wreck occurred on the P.
R. R., near Harrisburg at an early hour
last Thursday morning resulting in the
death ol Daniel Wolfkiel, of Altoona, en
gineer, and Joseph Haines, of the same
city, fireman, aud the injury of nine
others. A freight train broke down and
threw several cars onto the west bound
track directly in front of the southwestern
express. The engine of the express plung
ed into the freight cars and was thrown
over the embankment into the canal. The
locomotive was completely submerged and
the engineer and fireman were buried un
der It. The express was composed of the
engine and seven mail cars, and four of
the latter caught fire aud were entirely
On Wednesday night of last week the
house of Dr. Davis, of Six Mile Run, Bed
ford county, was entered by unknown
parties, who, after a short search, opened
the trunk belonging to the doctor, w hich
was standing in hisroom, taking therefrom
the sum of 3.211 belonging to the school
board, of which the doctor was treasurer;
also some private funds which had been
placed there for safe keeping. A queer
complication arises, in as much as Dr.
Davis' bond had never been accepted by
the school board. Therefore the direc
tors are equally responsible for the sum
which included an appropriation received
from the state a few days ago of $2,20(),
which Mr. Davis, his bond unapproved.
was not authorized to receive and w hich
the school board are at fault for allowing
to be placed in his hands.
About Public IIlKbways.
One of the mistaken notions of a major
ity of persons is that certain things belong
to the public, such as the fruit of trees by
the roadside and berries on bushes not
closed by fences. There is also but a
vague idea of what the rights of the pub
lic are as to the occupancy of the streets
or roads. In a case before the Butler
courts recently Judge Greer's charge to
the jury contains some information which
makes interesting reading.
The case before his honor was the ob
struction of public roads and streets. The
defendant was Indicted for maintaining a
nuisance by lhe obstruction of a public,
road, a part of which he used for the pur
pose of hewing timbers. Counsel for the
defense urged that so long as there w as
any room left for a team to pass, the use of
a portion of the highway by an unauthor
ized person for his own private purpose.
did not amount to a nuisance. The court
ruled otherwise. His honor, in his charge
t the jury, said the public has the right
to the free and unobstructed passage over
the road, and if impeded, the township is
liable for any damage that may result.
For all other purposes the land totiie mid
dle of the road belongs to the owners of the'
abutting property on each side. No other
person can lawfully use this for his own
purposes or appropriate to his own use any
grass, rruit or other crop mat grows
thereon. But in case of accident, as the
breaking of a wagon, a man may pile his
load by the wayside and leave it there for a
reasonable time, until he can remove It.
Incidentallyhis honor referred to the use
aud obstruction of the streets in town, by
fakirs, venders of medicines orother goods.
The rights of the property owner, he said,
arethe same.in town as in the country. The
public has a right to free passage, but the
title of the owner of abutting property ex
tends to the mi Idle of the road. A license
from the burgess or town council to occupy
this property for business purposes, is of
legal effect and ai.y person so occupying It
may be arrested and indicted for trespass
or nuisance, ills license win atiora nuu co
protection agaiusl prosecution and punish
ment for such unlawful act. A property
owner has not only the right of possession
in his land, but the public to his premises.
Corner lots are the most valuable for busi
ness purposes, because they give the pub
lic better access, aud the owner of such
lots owns a larger extent of street, to the
full benefit uf which lie is entitled, and of
which he may not lawfully be dispossessed
by intruders.
Krai Knlate TraaaOr.
Mathiot Read et ux. to Mary C. Myers,
executrix, Washington; consideration, $1.
Mary C. Myers, executrix, to Charles A.
Hughes, Washington, $1,131.
August G. Meyer et ux. to Matilda
Pesch, Johnstown, $l,ono.
Francis H. Bradley to S. W. Lynch,
Gallitzin township, tH.
Cambria Iron company to W. W. Ams-
bry, Gallitzin township, (1.
Max Frick et ux.to Harbison & Walker
Co.. Reade, $325.
John Ashcroft et al. to Margaret C. Bur
goon, Cresson, tl."0.
Chest Creek Land & Improvement com
pany to William T. Robinson, Patton, tlun.
Assignee of Aaron Emerick et al. to
George W. Staley, Jobnstowu, $..
Anthony Kibler et al. to Joseph A. Gray
et al.. Chest $1.
John C. Smith et ux. to Daniel Osier,
Adams, tWJ.
William S. Stutzman et vir to Henry G
Miller, Morrellvllle, J3.1U).
Sarah Stutzman et vir to Henry G
Miller, Morrellvllle, $300.
Levi J. Foust et ux. to John A. Wissing-
er et al., Johustowu, $2,UK).
William Bailey et ux. to William 11.
Bailey, Johnstown, $l,(ni.
Gale Heslop et ux. to First English Luth-
eian church of Morrellvllle, tl.mio.
Thomas J. Byrne. Jr., to John J. Red
inger, Susquehanna, $150.
Spangler Improvementcompany to John
J. Red inger, Spangler.
t-mlrm bjr tbe Nberlir.
At the Court House on Monday Sheriff
Coulter sold the following properties at
sheriff's sale:
Maurice Clark's property on Market
street, First ward, Johnstown, the sale of
which was postponed at Johnstown on
Saturday, was purchased by M. B. Steph
ens for $ ).
All the right, title and interest of James
J. Rhody, administrator of Lydia Gill,
Deuuis Cauley and P. M. Stoy in a lot,
house and storeroom in Ashville borough,
was sold to the plaintiff, the Equitable
Loan it Building Association, of Altoona.
for $2.1.
The same Association, plaintiff, bought
the iuterest of Rosalia and Simon Gut
wald in a lot in Elder township, paying
therefor $3U.
The same Association, plaintiff, bought.
for $.V, the interest of I. J. Weakland in a
forty-acre tract of laud in Carroll town
The interest of Martina and Daniel
Blatt in a house and lot in Ashville bor
ough was bought by the Gallitzin Build
ing & Loan Association, plaintiff, for $')).
The same Association, plaintiff, bought.
for $. each, the house and lot of Thomas
Carroll, in Gallitzin, and the lot with liv
ery stable thereon, of Andrew Hileman, in
Gallitzin; also for $loo the house and lot
of Andrew Hileman in Gallitzin.
The house aud lot of Samuel Ord. in Gal
litzin, was purchased by the Gallitzin As
sociation, plaintiff, for $.70.
The Gallitzin Association, plaintiff, also
purchased the following properties:
House and lot of Andrew Maxmanski, in
Gallitzin; house and lot of Jacob Rufley,
iu Tunnelhill borough; house aud lot of
Walter Rutledge, in Gallitzin; house and
lot of Henry R. Bertram, in Gallitzin.
The interest of Catharine aud F. D. Bur-
goon in a lot In Asliville borougu was
bought by the plaintiff the Altoona Build
ing it Loan Association for $25.
re i . . . . . . . , o i .. i.... i ....... t . , f . . .. 1 1. n
A. nc Tallin asjviabiuu uuiiKiii, mi inn ,
same amount, the house and lot of Edward I
Glass, in Ashville borough.
niwtllanroni Kolltci.
I Highest pneef pmld
Krlns them to
Nov 1, 1S5.
for all kinds ot Fort.
Etonsburg. Pa
TITAN TEI A neneral representative in wis
county to ornarie local board lor the
Artisan' Sarin and Ixjsn Association. An
dres VI Fifth Ave.. Pittsburg. Pa. metca
"ITTANTEi A reliable man to represent a loan
II Institution In Cambria county Money
loaned In turns nl floO to tlu.ouu. J-or particulars
apply to W. M. DAVlS,CoaUort. Pa.
TOST between James Kirk's !artn and Ebens
j bnrg.on the old clank road, a mm blanket.
The finder can leve it at the Krckm w ornee.
tlr.0. W.sHtKKi.
T'HE Ebensbunr KoiMtnn t Loan Association
will otier for sale at the c-uncll chamber. Kb
rngburv. on the !ourtb Monday In November.
l.ow.uo. THUS. 1A IS,
L.btkb L.&KI1IBK, Secretary. President.
Everybody, and especially the oyster-lovinic
people ot fc-leniturif . are Invited to call at Kobt.
McKreen's Old Kttllable Kustaurant. wben they
want Koed, tresh Oysters, by the pint, quart or
gallon Or you can have them stewed or Pried,
all at the lowest price. Fresh Oysters every day.
Julian Street Restaurant
Bill ol Far This Week:
Chicken and Oyster In every style.
Ham and '-rrTee.
Hreal and Butter.
Served every day and ntitht until to o'clock.
Polite waller. Brlnif the ladle.
Ice ('ream and Oyster b thn icallon can be
hud at any time by BOiily in an two days in ad-
vance J AM ES H. G AN r.
Nov. 1. Its.
4n n
combination of values such as the BIG STORE
alone can give will be spread before its patrons lo
Fall and Winter. Just an indication of ifloderii
Storckeepino is to be found in tiiese items.
Administrator s Sale
BY virtue ol an order of sale Issuing out of the
Orphans' Co-jrt ot Cambria county, theun-
dersiicned Administrators ol W Hliam Toinlinsoii,
late ol Allegheny townnblD. deceased, will exuose
to public sale at the bouse on said premises on
SATURDAY, NOV. 2, 1805,
at 2 o'clock, p. m .all that certain piece or par
cel of land situate in Allegheny township. 'am-
una county, retina., aojuminir !ands ol John lia
u and 11. K. Moore, beginning at a post, thence
nrth jy 1eif rees east - perches to a m..i: theuce
north 80 detcrees to a poi; thence west UJ
perches to a post; thence south 25 degrees Wert
SJ percnes to tne place ol beKtnninic. oontainintf
76 Acres and 26 Perches,
more or less, and bavin r thereon erect e.1 a TWO.
Sl'llKY PLANK HOUSE. There H a. soon the
lnd a small Orcoard ol K'Mx! Fruit Trees; Heui-
ock anu nam liuiner, wmte Pine. Shingle
Timler, Tbe land lace to the southeast and it
will make an excellent iaim. There is also on
the land a noe spriiiir ol water. The land is
about one mile from Amiiiry Coal Works
and I underland with valuable coal. About 10
acre are cleared and in good tiate of cultivation.
One-third ol the purchase money to be paid on
delivery ol the deed, and tbe balance in two
equal annual painenta with Interest, secured
uHn the ptemlees by bond and mortgage ol pur
Adminlsttators ol Win. Tomlinson. deceased.
Oct 11, 1TO5.
Men's all-wool sack Suits in black, blue and gray for $5. OS; men's Suits, box coats, all sizes,
for only $3.4S; men's Cutaways, dark, blue and black, for $9.50; men's Cutaway Suits, all
X sizes, $5.50; youths' black and blue Suits for $2 00 and up the $2.00 Suits are worth more
money, so we must reduce them.
Boys' Saits, ae from 4 to 15, for $1.25 they are latest cut, very fashionable and dressy.
Buy one for a school Suit. Boys Kneo Pants for 15, 25, 35 and 50c. Men's jean Pants for 5c.
up to $1.50; men's scuff Pantst $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50; men's dress Pants, pin stripe, all
J shades, for $2.00 up to $G.00.
We are selling them for $3.00 their value is three and four times as much but we are bound
to sell them. Come early and get your size they won't last long. All the latest Hats and Caps
for Fall and Winter wear can be found here. A full line Gents' Furnishings. Fashionable and
up- to-date Neckwear at close figures.
Plaid Dress Goods, double-width, .it 12c. up to 25c. per yard. Lancaster Ginghams at 5c.
per yard. Calico, the best, at 5c. per yard. Bleached or Unbleached Muslin, 5c. Novelty Dress
(ioods at 10c. All-wool Flannel at 30c. Lumbermen's Flannel at 30c. Ledies' Wool Skirts
frm C5c. to S5c. 10-4 Bleached Sheeting for ISc. 5-4 Pillow Casing for 12c. Ladies' Fleece
lined Underwear, all sizes, for 25c. Children's all-wool Underwear, lCc. to 50e. Ladies' nat
ural wool Vests for 85c. All colors Yarn at Gc. per cut. The celebrated R. & G. Corset for 75c.
A complete line of Shawl Fascinators in all colors. A full line of ladies' and children's wool
Hose at very low prices.
teg-TO TIIK OL!) FOLKS. 1K you n.Hsl any certain put:
irok-ii'.' If so. o.nie t- lis wr have it.
teir TO Till: YOl'NO FOLKS. Are yon think'nnr of going to hone-kt'-im:7
.n that line liefore huying. We ean save you money.
of Furniture to replace the article that lias 1-een worn out or
If you are, consult our pric-s on everytliing
Style, Fit and Comfort
in Fall and Winter Shoes.
The Atlantic Refining Co., of
Pittsburg, Pa., make a specialty
of manufacturing for the domes
tic trade the finest brands of
Illuminating and Lubricating 0ilsf
Naphtha and Gasoline
That can be
We challenge comparison with
every known product of petrol
eum. If you wish the
Most : Unifonnly : Satisfactory : Oils
in the market ask for ours.
ur Fall anl Winter Stoek Is now complete in all departments.
chiMren. I iir prices are as low as the lowest, consiilet intr quality.
To wear our Shoes means comfort. Will v.iu trv them?
A'v a complete lino of lhil-l rs for men. women.
We sell iio slnxl.ly gtoxls. An iiispeciioii is all we
in. OMTM,
tayN. 15. A Lunch will lie served to all buyers out of town, (.'all ami trv it.
I-ertnrc In tne M. E ( hnrch.
On Friday evening Rev. Chas. L. E.
Cartw right will lecture in the M. E.
church, in this place, his subject being
Mistake? that Moses Didn't Make."
The gentleman has a high reputation as a
lecturer and tbe flattering notices of the
press in all parts of the country lead us to
believe that it will be a mistake to miss
the lecture. The following notice from
the West l'enn Press is a fair sample
notice of tbe opinions of the editorial fra
ternity :
Rev. C. Li. E. Cartwriftht, who lectmed
in the M. E. church last Thursday eveu
ing on the subject "Mistakes that Moses
Didn't Make," completely captivated the
audience by his pleasing eloquence at-d
sound arguments against the follies of in
fidelity and hypocrisy. Droll humor aud
tender pathos were cleverly interwoven
The peculiar individuality and personal
magnetism of the speaker won for him the
favorable opinion of both old aud young.
many having expressed a desire to hear
him lecture again soon ou auother sub
A Large family.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Endler. who reside
on a well-kept farm in Elder tow nab id.
this county, about a mile from Hastings,
enjoy the proud distinction of being the
parents of a greater number of children
than any other people in Cambria county.
if not in the state, says tbe Spangler .SVu-
tlnel. To them have been born twenty-
three children, twenty-one of whom are
living, two sons having died about two
years ago with typhoid fever. No twins
or triplets have been born to Mr. and Mrs.
randier, ana tney are not past nl'y years
of age. They enjoy xcellenubealth and
hope ar.d expect to spend many years yet
with their numerous progeny.
Haw fa Ia It.
If a voter wishes to vote a straight tick
et (as every true Democrat intends doing)
he will simply mark an x in the circle at
the top of the column of his party ticket,
fold bis ballot and hand It to the inspector;
he will do tbe rest.
If he desires to split his ticket, (w hich
every honest, self respecting Republican
should do) he must put no mark In the
circle at the top of either column, but
must place an x in tbe little square op
posite each name for which he desires to
Tote. That's the whole business iu a nut
Aarrlwe License.
The following marriage licenses were is
sued by tbe Clerk of the Orphans Court
for the week ending Thursday, October 31.
John Jasarky and Mary Kudach, Has
F. W. Killen and Amanda C. llugan.
Owen (iates and Delia I'ittman, Johns
Charles J. Harron and iSarah Ott, Johns
Stephen Furst and Elizabeth Komar,
Joseph Tugga and Annie Toth, Karnes-
William E. Dimes. Walnut, Crove ani
Ladie-A. Ilite, Dale.
l'erry Allen Troxell and Ida S. MulhoN
len, Glasgow.
James M. Flanagan, Pine township. In
diana county. I'a., aud Catharine llefcle.
Isarr township.
Marion Colier. Hellwood. Itlair County.
I'a.. and Elizabeth Wyland. Figait.
William Myers aud Itridget Neary.
Albert Pleban and Hedryka Ziebron,
Kehonl Keportn.
Report of Chest Sprines school No. 1 for
hrt mouth ending October is.i.:
N umber in attendance, 44. I'er cent, of
attendance -boys, us; girls, t5. Perfect in
attendance: Lizzie Leary. Kathleen
Kearney. May Kearney. Rosella Conrad,
Jeiievieve ISyrne. Josephine L.itz:nger.
Ktheldreda Eitzinger. Laura Charles.
Mary Miller, Xauiotui McDonald. Emma
Farrel Mctiraine. Li nine Callahan. Rose
Randall. Ethel IKiuelass. John llurri. Joe
Miller, lien in-1 Callahan. Charles Hurd.
Willie Mctiraine, Ralph' Davis, James
V fetor Dodson. Clare Kelly, liornard Con
rad. Raluh Litzinger. Ferdie Wharton,
Charles Litzinger. Dellie Litzinger.
Report of Lake school, Croyle tnwnhip.
for hrst month ending ih-tober j, ls-ja:
dumber In attendance uoys. I.; girls.
23; tolal, 4. Average attendance hoy.
13; girls, 19; total. 32. Perfect In attend
ance: Charles Straver. Isaiah Mevers
Alex. Miller, Charles Hurtnett, Howard
Kurtnelt. Calvin Usher, Henry Mrtck
Elesler Hohson, Sarah Hobsou, Levina
Varner, Ida Fisher, liertha Strayer, Del
la Strayer and Ida liurtnett.
In tbe matter of the account ol M. 1. Hear
er, rq.. A'Mirnee oi at. it. If. t reery, lor tne
benrOi ol creditors.
Tbe underiicnrd Auditor appointed ly the
court ol conmun tlaa or t-nitrl iwunij tu
distribute the laud In the hand ol the above
accountant, notice In hereby ariven that 1 will lt
at my cfti'-e In Kbenburic. Pa , on TPESIIAY.
o'clock. A. M.. lor the purnoae of attendinc- the
duttea ot laid appointment, when and hre
thoe Interested u-av aitenri or be lorever de
barred Irutn coming in on said lund
Not. I. 18y4. Auditor.
I'ndeabirdty f'arreet.
The Gosltnu, fn discussing the merits of
the Republican candidates in this county,
makes the following statement about the
Republican candidate for prothonotary.
which we honestly believe Is correct:
"Mr. Samuel W. Davis, of Ebeusburg, Is
a man who has long been before the peo
ple of this county in various clerical ca
pacities, and who was at one time a coun-
y commissioner."
u. in initnoriiatelv Strengthen Stomach and Ke-
tore Appetite. For sale by llruggl' or ent
t.rnntmiv b mall on receipt ol prloe. wic. a box.
Nor. l.flm.
Is a imecial noon to nuines men who. navlne
drifted iiiicoii.seiouslv into the drink habit and
awaken totind the disease of alcoholism fastened
uikiii them, renuenntr tln-m unfit to mauaire af
fairs requiring a clear brain. A four weeks
course of treatment at the
No. 424S Fifth Avenue,
restores to them all their powers, mental and
physical, destroys the abnormal appetite, and
restores tnem to tne conuition tnev were in tie-
fore they lnuulircl in atimulants. This has been
done n more than 1000 cases treated here, and
among them some of your own neighbors, to
whom we can refer with confidence aa to the
absolute safety and efficiency of the Keeley Cure.
The fullest and most sejirrhiiur investigation ia
n vfted. bcua tor ptuupulvt kivuik loll inionua-
auic 2.M.
iSchedule In effect May 20. 1806.
('narrlleDiat Creaaon.
Seashore Express, week dyi .... 6 3n a no
A I loon Accommodation, week days nini
Main I.lne Expreas. daily lo Wim
... luupm
Do you know we are taking out teeth
every day without one particle of pain?
W ell. we are doing this very llnua with
"Odiintunder." the only local amcMheiic
that has stood the test and to-dav it is the
only one that is used universally by den
tists who are up lo date in their callim:.
l he price lor I lUontunUi-r when pain
less is .Ml cents, but if you cxtierieiice the
least pain, we only charge you the usual
price. cents.
How a Unit those teem mat need lining
Well, you sav they don't ache. Thai's
just the reason why you should have them
tilled now. After they b tve ached onee
you will probahlv have to have the nerve
killed and the tooth treated if you are de-
sirious of saviiu; it. I only charge ri I cents
for amalgum hlliugsand from f l.uo up tor
cold fillings. These are hard-time prices
but they go just the same. Why procras
tinate? that's a big word but it'sa u-ikiJ
one richt here oecause prm-rasunaiion
means to the patient loss of sleep, neural
eia, ear-ache, tooth-ache and goodness
knows what else. We know of a good
many young ladies of our acquaintance
who would have been married long aeo II
it had n t been for those horrid -looking
teeth. Remember, toeverv patient navinir
teeth filh-d 1 give a Imx of lr. Richards
tcoth powder and full instructions for the
care of the teeth. On the i:ith of each
month 1 will extract teeth free of charce.
You say why on the 13lh. Well, now.
that's my business. All you have to do is
to come. Remember I won't take out your
Kood teeth, because 1 don't lielieve iu it.
Then you sav suppose the i:uh falls on
uudav. Come right along and we will lie
only too glad to relieve you of the offend
ing member.
Fall and Winter.
Altoona Express, daily.
HarriHlmiy Accommodation, Sundays
only ... . .
Mail Express, daily......
Philadelphia Express. dally..
Johnstown Accommodation, week days
Pacific Express, daily
Way PaskeOKer. daily.... ....
Mail Train, daily
Fast Line, dally
Johnstown Accommodation, week days
A.ttoino' axt Jjiiw,
-Office on Centre street. 14 ffl 93
1 07 p 1
S 17 it m
8 14 a m
8 ?7 a m
2.KS p nc
4 '20 p m
8 is p. m
Attoi'neys nt 1 ivav
-( )(ti.- In Opera House. 3.9.P4
T. w
F.brasbnrt Branch.
Trains leave as follows: 7.20 and 10 2" a. m.
and 3.IH) p. m. and arrive at i:reson at 7.67 and
10 62 a. m. and 4.06 p. m. leare t:resson at w 30
nd 1110 a. m and 5.30 p. m.. and arrive at Eb
ensburg at lo.t and II 45 a. m., and 0.06 p. m.
Crsssoa aMid Clearfield.
Ieaye Irvonit at 6.46 a. m. and 3 00 p. m. arriv
ing at Cresson at 8 06 a. m. and 4.20 p. m. leave
Hresson t) 36 a. m. and p. m.. arriving at Ir-
vona at 10.66 a m. and 0.4O p. m.
7-Speclal attention to a-iven claims lor Pen
sion Bounty, etc. euj- -wo
wOfnce on Centre street.
Ebbbsbcbs. pa.
nines la t'ollonade Kow. on ttantn. street.
Kor rate, maps, eta
moa. E. WATT. p. a.
Pltuburx. Pa.
Oeneral Manager.
call on ag-ent or address
W. !.. 110 tilth Ave.,
Oeneral Manner.
EBBBHBrRa, Pbbba
Office In Opera House. Oenter street.
Harilfare. Qneensware,
Letters ot administration In the estate ol
Edward Hurk, late ol Clcarheld township, Cam
bria county, deceased, raym been granted by
the Register ol Cambria ouunty to tbe under-
siicned. nocice if nereny siren mat all perpoos
indebted lo said estate will please make lmme.1
late payment payment and those njvio ola nil
auatusl tbe same will present them duly auihen
ticated lor settlement.
Administratrix of Edward Burk, deceased.
lr28 Twentieth Avenue, Altoona. Pa.
Nov. 1. lsyi.
I i Lettrrs testamentary on the e'tate ol John
Hubert, late ot Cretson township, Cambria roua
tv. deceased. tiavlbK r.een granted to tbe under
sinned, noilee Is hereby ariven that all persons
Indebted to said estate will please make iiumnl
late pavmrnt. and tnose nsvinic claims or oe
ma ads aicainat the same will present them prop
erly authenticated lor settlement.
Executor of John Ulliterl, deceased
Bresson. P., Oct. 17. iw6.
Muri Fire Insurance ipncj
General Insurance Asent,
We are now displaying the largest stock of Best-Made Fall and
Winter Clothing, Overcoats, and Gents Furnishings and IShoes in
Cambria county.
Our line of Overcoats is immense. We sell well-made and per-ect-fitting
Clothing as low if not lower than anyone in the State.
We have all sizes to fit the small bey as well as the largest man.
no matter whether you are short or tall, lean or fat, we can fit you.
All we ask is lor you to examine our goods and learn our prices.
and you will be convinced that the best place in Cambria county to
1 J 1 A
buy Liiotning is at
C. A. Sharbaugh's,
t-irW- an- rt-iaml to furnUh t.ii s?liort notice ami at prices tliat
tU-fy cidti-lilirti
K--i constantly on lianl one of -he 1-sr-est and IVs
Scl-ct.l Stock of any coinvrn in the County.
(Jive H-rsnal suiH-rvisioii lo the manufacture and ship
ment of all rilers.
I'sc- none lnt t!ie lit t Sttck, and j-ay particular atten
tion to the M-ttins; tf all work. Also arcnts for the fa
mous t'hampioii Iron Fence.
i:DENsF.ri:t;, pa.
We have a full line of TRUSSES and SUPPORTERS
of every description. A rupture is of such vital im
portance that we keep in stock all sizes and makes of
We solicit correspondence and can fill orders by
it Will Pay You
Togo to QUINN'S, Clinton street, Johnstown, to
buy Carpets, Linoleums, Mattinrrs, Oil Cloths,
ClanKets, Feathers, &c. Prices Reduced on All
Goods, and FREIGHT PAID on All
jj amies uisns.
- V
v ; 1
3 V"'
? -
r, A
. t

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