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HATODlY 150,000.
He Carries the State by an Im
mense Vote.
Indication Are Thxt Jtirie Mage llm
II1-11 Elected to the Seventh I'laee on
the Superior Court Iteneh The Keturus
From Various Counties.
PniLADEUHiA, 2Cov. 6. Returns re
ceived tip to midnight indicate
tliat Benjamin J. Haywood, Republi
can, has been elected state treasurer by
about 1.50,000 plurality, a Republican
pain over which was also an off
year, of about 15,00. This state also
electa seven judges of the new superior
court. Of these the six Republicans
nominated are elected, as follows:
James A. Beaver, Edward K. Willard,
John J. Wickham, Charles K. Rice,
Howard J. Reeder, Georee B. Orlady.
The seventh man on th ticket id in
doubt. The Democrats have six men
on the ticket, and returns indicate that
each of these has run ahead of the
ticket in his own section. The choice
apparently lies between Magee of Alle
gheny county, Smith, Lackawanna,
and t'rke. Backs, with chances favor
ing the former.
in this city the Republican ticket is
elected by an overwhelming majority.
The ticket elected is as follows: Judpe
court of common pleas, Craig Biddle;
district attorney, CJeorpe 8. Graham;
recorder of deeds, William W. Geary;
city comptroller, John M. Walton;
coroner, Samuel H. Ashbndire; clerk of
quarter sessions, William B. Ahern.
William W. Geary, who is regarded
as David Martin's representative on the
ticket, was cut to some extent, but not
as much as had been expected. Com
plete returns from 1 out of 37 wards
fhow Republican pluralities of 3 1. ;."(.
If this ratio is kept up, the plurality in
this city will be fully 00.000.
Altooxa, Nov. i. fciurticienr returns
have been received to indicate that
Biair county will give the Republican
ticket 3,o4x) majority.
Lebanon, Nov. u. Lebanon county
gives 2,000 majority for the Republican
Lancaster, Nov. 6. Republicans
carry the county by l.ScO,
Bkikoki, Nov. li Republicans t arry
the county by SHJO.
Nokhistown, Nov. 6. Montgomery
county went 1,100 Republican..
Towanda, Nov. t. Bradford coun
ty gives a Republican majority of 3,w.)
on the stata ticket.
Erie, Nov. ;. The Republican
judicial ticket will carry the city and
county by :i,0oo majority. Conrad J.
Brown will be elected county treasure!
over Captain Wakiler by :.m0 majority
and G. tid Beavis will be elected poor
director on the Republican ticket.
Beaver, Nov. ".. Wilson, Republi
can, will not have less than l.ooo over
Buchanan, Democrat, and if the gaius
keep up will have l.soo. The staie
ticket will have 2,50o majority in the
county, and it is di:i!cult to estimate on
so lew returns. The interest has 1-eeu
concentrated on the judgeship, and
nothing else was thought of.
Bradford, Nov. . McKean county
gives a Republican plurality of 1.0OO.
Clearfield, Nov. H. The situation
in doubt, with Democratic gains.
Bei i.efoste, Nov. ('.. Center county
gives Meyers, for state treasurer, and
the Democratic superiur court judges,
from 4)0 to 500 majority.
New Castle, Nov. . For register
and recorder Henry P. Sharer, Repub
lican, has been elected, together with
the full Republican ticket.
Mercer, Nov. e. Haywood's major
ity in the county will be nearly 1,00,
superior court judges, 1,500; "Mos s,
1,500. There is about tl e usual Repub
lican majority in the county.
Greknsbi rq, JNov. 0. The indica
tions are that the entire Repnb icaa
ticket in Westmoreland county is elect
ed by large majorities.
Kittaxxino, Nov. 6. Armstrong
county gives ajplura'.ify of l.fA0 for
Haywood. S. B. Gray was elected
county surveyor.
Tt"XKiiAXXMK, Nov. 6. Wyoming
county goes l.fiOO Republican.
Weli.sboro, Nov. (. Republicans
have 2,StH) majority in Tioga county.
East Ktrouhsbvro. Nov. 0. There
is an estimated Democratic majority
for state treasurer and superior court
judges of 1,100 in Monroe county.
Bkookville. Nov. . A majority of
1.500 is indicated for Haywood in this
county. Other Republican candidate
run about the same.;
Butler, Nov. t. Butler county goes
Republican by about 1,000.
KiiPORirsi, Nov. 0. Cameron ccuntv
gives a Republican majority on the
Mate ticket of about 30.
Pittski-r., Nov.tti. C. L. Magee
estimates that McDowell, Rep., for
coroner, has 10,000 or 12,000 more votes
than Graebir.g, making an allowance of
a total vote of only from 5,000 to 0,000
votes for Sawyer. The returns were
certainly too uusatisfactorv to make
any prediction on the indgship fiuht
Everyone concedes that Judge Mngee
jemocratic candidate lor superior
judge, is elected with a haLdsome ma
Ma itch Chunk. Nov. 6. Returns in
J . - 1 . T I , ...
uunw inai nay wooo. nep., win n vp
iO0 to ai0 majority in Carbon county
Republicans Cet 1 v.-.ything Worth llav
log in the State :..! Kaltiinore.
Baltimore, Nov. There seems to
be no room for doubt that the Republi
can have elected their entire state and
city ticket, and that they will have a
wuraiug majority in me ne.t legisla
ture. which will choose a successor to
Lnited States Senator Gibson. Even
Howard county, the home of Senator
tTorman, nas apparently rvv rsed it
normal Democratic majority of 500 aw'.
gives Lowndes. tepuM;can. for gov
ernor, a majority of at least that uum
ber of votes.
Baltimore city goes tor the Rupubli
can ticket, both Mare municipal.
vj iuajonc-.es raiig::ig irii u.ooo tc
8,000. and both brunehe-i of the citv
council will prol.-ib.y !.. llen.ibln an fd
the first time in many years In fact
there is not a letr ieit'fur the Demo
emtio party to st.ind tn in what ha.-
Jong ot-en consKlere.l one of the s:tfes .
Democratic starts in r)- Union.
The I'rolevtloniats Harred.
London, Nov. 6. At a meeting c
ice cnamDer or agriculture the Rt
Hon. J. J. Lowther. t
ber of parliament for the Isle of Thanel
uiviston 01 jveut, said that the greal
bulk of the agriculturalists iwirHi
protection as being the practical means
. n mionng agricultural prospentv;
but added, everyone of that opinion
had been vigorously excluded from th
coin mission 01 agriculture.
Quarreled Oifr Politic.
Woodsite. L. I., Nov. 6. Jame.
Schenck. a socialist farmer, and a man
by the name of Bowers have had a
quarrel over politics. Bowers struck
Schenck over the head with a horse
thoe. bcheu k is in a critical condition.
The authorities are looking for Bowers.
KiUhdin'l alowuexa Confirmed.
Washington, Nov. 6. Secretarv
Herbert has received the report of the
trial board upon tho ram Katahdin'
The fact as to the performance of the
vessel and her failure to achieve the
speed required are substantially as
given in the press dispatches.
Heart m Big Strike.
Glasgow, Nov. C The Clvde ship
builders have posted notices which lock
out 25 per cent of the employes ol
thier yards This precipitates the break
Which ha long been expected as a re
ault of the difficulty in the Belfast
Ahipjardj and begins the big atxik.
REPUbwn'ij WON.
They Crry Ltm-sTi -e, I'.ut Hardin It
I-.i- ct-J rrruor off tlie State.
Ltmsviij.E, Nov. fi. The chairman
of the Republican couuty committee,
with returns from two-thirds of the
preciuc's befor-; him, claims that th
majorit for Lr-idley in Jelitrsou coun
ty. including fhis city, will be 5.000.
The 111 precincts reported give a Re
publican majority of 3.7 The Re
publicans have captured ail of th
offices, with three minor exceptions.
In additjou to tins they have won tht
appellate judgeship and gained twe
representatives in the lower house ol
he leglature. The municipal oilicers
4f!t &:
elected are for the legislative branchet
of the city government, councilmen,
school trustees, etc.
There is a dearth of news at the
headquarters of the Democrats and Re
publicans. Reports are so meagre that
Chairman Norman would say nothing
more than that ho believed Hardin
was elected. He would not sav by what
majority nor why he was so impressed
At the Republican headquarters many
private telegrams had been received
from the ch.iirnien of the county com
mittees. Congressman Hunter, chair
man of the state committee, was not
favorably impressed with the returns
from the interior. ne said that a con
tinuation of the?j reports would indi
cate ihe election of Hardin by a small
majority The Democratic majority
four years ago for governor was .--,075
In another talk Chairman Norman re
fused to reiterate his claim that Har
din's majority would reach lO.OiXi.
The Post iliem.l says: At this writ
ing, the returns are coming in scatter
ing from all portions of the state. It
appears that Hardin leads the Demo
cratic ticket but it also appear that
Bradley leads Hardin, or, if not, Har
din's majority is so small as to amount
to a virtual .efeat.
Iowa Democrats Iihc to' the FopulintK,
Who I'oll a Heavy Vote.
Des Moixf., Nov. G. The Republi
can gains over two years ago are now
running nearly 24 to a preciu.-t. This
will give Drake, Republican, for gov
ernor, a plurality of over 00,0.) . if the
present rate of gain is continue. I.
The Republican state central armmit
tee claims the state by su.y.to or over.
The committee claims the legislature
by two-thirds majority. The present
indications are that the Populists wi
make large gains all over the state, am
their total vote mav be oo.ooo, th
largest ever polled in the state. Tht
Republican vote shows no special loss
the losses to Populism being almost uui
formly from tho Democrats.
Republicans Have a Majority off G5,O0
Iu MasKarhusettA.
Boston, Nov. 6. Returns indicat
the majority of Geenhalge, Republ
can, for governor, will be about 05,00'
in the state.
The legislative department of tht
government is also solidly Republican
o.j or tae 4U senators elected being ol
that political basis. There is a si g it
gain for the Democratic tiarty, the .-e.i
ate last year having stood 3 Reoub.i
cans and 4 Democrats. In the iiou.-e t
representatives the Republicaas Lavt
practically the same majority as las
year, which was an overwhelming one
Explorer Smith la Safe.
Philadelphia. Nov. 6. A cablegram
uas oeen received in tnis city from Mr
Donaldson Smith dated Aden bearing
the one word "suc essfnl." This news
establishes the safety of the pluckv
r-nnaieipniaii. who for th r..ir. ronr
and a half has been exploring the wilds
oi .eastern Airica. and at the same time
puts an end to doubts as to his saftv
which had been felt by those interested
in the expedition for the Dast few
Torn Apparel of a Woman Found.
Hickorytown, Pa., Nov. fl. A large
quantity of woman's apparel found on
the embankments of two quarries near
t. . 1 .
.iro tauseu u sensation tnroughout
Plymouth township and given rise to
kw"i l.nlw. . I. . A J .
mo cwri mat a irageuy nas Deeu com
mitted. The water in each of the
Quarries is ahnnt fout Hun k.i.
. . v.v , r, 1.11 V I l 11
will be dragged with the expectation of
-4-u,u uuu iu uiie oi mum.
Attacked a Young Girl. "
Lancaster, Pa., Nor. 6. Bertha,
iuo i-i-year-oia aausnter of Jacob Mc
Cue, a well-to-do farmer of Kwt T.nrr,
peter township, near here, has been
oiiucitea oy uarton tlarsh, a farm la
borer employed by McCue. After mal
treating the child and inflictine iniur
les that left her in a critical condition
iiarsn ned. lie was arrested.
. IPecullar Accident May Cause Ife-ath.
Bethlehem. Pa X'nir rv r r
Breinig, a prominent phvsician. is
lying m a precarious condition from
the effects of striking his head against
a post recently while walking up the
doorsteps at his home. There is verv
ijujjo w n m recovery.
Charged With Arson.
STRorDsm.Ro, Pa., Nov. 6 Mrs
Philip Miller of Marshall's Oeek 'for
merly Mrs. Harvey Surgeon, ha been
arrested, charged with burning Yet
ter's schoolhouse. The motive, it is
said, was to have revenge against the
teacher of the school.
Rainey Plants Not Sold.
rlVl? ?X- ,6 It was Ported
that the H. C. Fnck Coke company had
purchased the plants of W, J. Rainev
in the Connellsville coke region, con
sisting of 1.4W ovens. A representa
yee of the Fnck company has denied
May Itecouie tirand Vizier.
Berlin, Nov. C Ahmed Tewfik
Pasha, the Turkish ambassador T
manr. Las left rliw fir -
,h HVtoaTP" at the rut
of the sultan and mayW-ome grand
"," yv iiitriii 4-asJja.
' '
it n
: iV uZ1' M -&-:SJ'f--i. Jt.';
Elections Yesterday Will Cause
Some Changes.
They Get New Senators Front Ohio anil
Maryland Allison Sure of Ite-Klection
Itiackhuru and F-ort;e to Ito Iteturucd.
How It KUcct Hill and Siuitlu
Washinoton. Nov. d. (Jreat inter
est was manifested hire in the legis
lative elections throughout the' country.
as thev will materially affect the con
trol of the United States senate. Up
to election day the standing in the sen
ate 'was as follows: Reiiublicans, 42
Democrats. o'J: PoDuIists. ; vacant
(Delaware), 1. Total,
As the result of the elections, th
Democrats will lose and tiie Republi
cans will gain a senator from Mart laud
and from Ohio, respectively. The
other legislative elections do not ap
pear to uffect the standing in the sen
ate, as Keutuckv and .Mississippi re
main Democratic, the latter certainly
and the former probabiy, while Iowa
continues Republican. Utah chooses
two United States senators for the tir.-t
time, but the complexion of the legis
lature is not vet certain. Tho Utah
senators take their stats in the senate
shortlv after congress assembles. Tho
changes in Ohio and Maryland will not
affect the senate until March 4, lV.n.
The Republican majority in the next
Ohio legislature, as shown by tlie re
turns from Ohio, insures the retire
ment of Semator Brice, Democrat, and
the succession of a Republican. It ap
pears to be settled that ex-Governor
Foraker will be the choice of the legi
lature, as the state convention placed
his name in the platform as the sena
torial candidate.
In Maryland the election of a Repub
lican legislature, the tirst in maiiT
vears. will bring about the retirement
of Senator Gibson and the election of a
Republican in his place. As yet no
names have been mentioned in connec
with the succession.
The election of a Republican legisla
ture in Iowa is not unexpected, and it
is considered settled that Senator Am
son will be elected to succeed himself,
his present term expiring March 4
In Kentuckv incomplete retnrns indi
cate a Democratic legislature, which
will elect Senator Blackburn to succeed
The return of a Democratic legisla
ture in Mississippi has been a foregone
conclusion. It will elect a successor tt
Senator (ieorge. The returns fron:
New York and New Jersey indicaft
Republican gains. Ihese legislature
do not elect United States senators thit
vear. but. as part of the legislature.'
hold over, the present election is im
portaut in influencing those lodies
which will elect successors to Senatoi
Hill of New York and Senator Smitl:
of ew Jersey, whose terms expire
March 4, 1S'.T.
New Jersey i'rubalil) Republican.
Trenton, Nov. G. It is a diliiculi
matter to even forecast the result ot th
election in New Jersey, for tho reason
that the ollicial figured are not to bt
had, and also for the reason that Usej
county is conceded to be the pivota
point in the absence of trust wort hj
figures. Both sides claim to have car
ned the couuty. The chairman of tht
Mercer county Democratic commit te
concedes tho state to the Republican!
by from 10,000 to la.ooo.
Mayor Pingree Ke-I-lected.
Detiioit, Nov. 0. Detroit has electee
the entire Republican city ticket am
has added two aldermen to the Repub
lican majority in the common counsel
Mayor Pingree ran ahead of the balance
of the city ticket by l.ooo and upwards
His majority over Coldwater, Demo
crat, according to the otliciai returns, i
10,5.50, which exceeds Coldwater s tota
vote over 2o0.
1tah Is In Duulit.
Salt Lake, Nov. 0. Chairman Pow
ers says the chances on the governor
ship are about even, that Roberts.Dem
Ocrat, for congress, will be elected bj
you majority, and indications are thiv
the legislature will be democratic
Chairman Cannon of the Republicai
committee savs state and legi.-lativ
ticket wiil be elected, but gives no fi.
Nou-Prthn W. C. T. V.
Orekmn, O., Nov. . The sixth an
nual convention of the Non-Partisan
vv. t. ml. U. has opened here. Art
dresses of welcome were delivered by
Mrs. Currier, Rev. H. M. Tennev and
Airs. a. r . Johnson of Oberlin. the re
pponses leing by Mrs. E. A. Barrinc
ton of Belfast. Mo., on behalf of the
east, Jirs. Alonzo Linn of asliincton
for the Miterior. and Mrs. Florence' Mil.
ler of De Moines, la., on behalf of the
Kngineers Have No t.rie van. t m.
Ci-KVEi.Axn, Nov. 0. First Assistant
wand cnier i. b. Ingraharu of the
Jtsrotnerhood of Locomotive Engineers
who represents Chief Arthur durinf
the latter's absence in Europe, savs tha
so far as known at hc:i,li!,ii, t',
engineers on the Great Northern have
uunrwtaiice whatever, rle believes it
highly improbable that they would in
uuj ay wcome involved or take par
in any strike on the road.
Murdered aud l(olted.
Baltimore, Nov. fi. Captain Fred
ericK L,ange and his wife have been
murdered at their home, on Franklin
avenue, GardenvilK It supiosed
that robbery was the incentive of the
Qouoie murder.
Murderer Ilrannigan Surrenders.
CoLrxiKrs. TCoir i; vi r
nigan, the negro who shot and killed
uis wue, nas surrendered to the police
and, waiving examination, was "bound
over to court on a charge of first degree
IU Ul itc .
A Theater Huildine Collapses.
London, Not. r.A dispatch to The
uiuue irom lenna says that the Ger
Hits rl.ne 1 1 1- v.
coUapsed, burying 15 workmen in the
Mart -a Fleeted In Kansas.
Kansas City, Kan.. Nov. 6. Returns
muicate mat ine republicans have car
ried a maiority of their county tickets
u iu cuumiv ior pluralities of 7 0 tc
bOO, and that David Martin, Republi
can candidal for chief justice of tht;
supreme court, is e4cted by a hand-
Bouie majority.
Republicans Carry Chicago.
Chicaoo, Nov. 6. The Republicani
earned the election by pluralities ol
about 30,000 on the entire ticket. Ball
the Republican candidate for judge o;
the f nperior court, has defeated Morri
eon, his Dtm cratic competitor, by ,0.
5o0. The republicans elected five a
the trustees for the 30,000,000 drain
age canal.
The Result in Virginia.
Richmond, Nov. ;. The electior
closed one of the most apathetic can.
pa.gns known in Vircinia for ma,..
years. The detailed returns, so far w
received, show that the new senate wil
contain 34 Democrat nnd n nri n
era ts and the house about 80 Democrat)
uiiu 0 anu-jjemocrats.
Tlie Mississippi Flection.
JaCKSOV Mwo NTrt- it r .
fC reports esn-
S ? hHi Deocratlc majority of 4.-.0t
to oO.OOO. The campaign was on f re
6Uver aa ii'mnit tho au i .
the result is a complete victory for th
Nebraska In Itoubt.
Omaha. Nov. 6. The result ir
Omaha aud Nebraska is still in doubt'
Republicans Carry the Mate and Captor
the Legislature.
New YoivK, Nov. 6. New York state
has been carried by the Republicans by
pluralities ranging from 4S.OO0 to 05.
000, compared with a plurality of 24.-4-4
for the head of the ticket two years
ago. Returns from more than one-half
of the election districts outside of the
I ities of New York and Brooklyn, or
above the Ilar'.ein," show a net Re
publican gain oi l.'.SO i, compared with
the vote of two years ago. Maintain
ing the same average, the gams will
r?ach 23,OOy outside of greater New
York. In the two cities below the
Harlem the Democratic plurality of 0,-i,4-i
two years ago has been reduced
about 12.0i-0, giving the state to the
head of the Republican ticket by 60,000
plurality in round numbers.
In lss3 Palmer (Republican), for sec
retary of state, had a plurality of 84,
8J7 in New York state above the Har
lem river, while Meyer (Democrat) had
a plurality in New York and Kings
counties of ti0,343, giving the Republi
can candidate a plurality of 24.44 on
the total state vote.
This year Palmer (Republican), for
secretary of state, has carried the state
above the Harlem, based upon returns
from 1,7!3 election districts out of &
total of 3,:"o. or more than one-half of
the outside election districts by prob
ably lOOtxK) plurality. King (Demo
crat) has carried New York and Kings
counties by a plurality of nearly 50,000,
giving the head of the Republican
ticket a sale plurality of 50,000 in the
state at large.
The two branches of the legislature
remain as before under the direction of
the Republicans. The election through
out the state was orderly and rapidly
conducted, and the results were quickly
Tammany has carried New York by
about 25,ooO plurality.
Dr. Parkhurst says he is nordisconr
aged at the result; that a great lesson
has been learned, and that the commit
tee of fifty should never had gone into
a fusion movement, although it took
what its members thought was tho lest
course. The Republican chairman,
Lauterbaugh, says the lesson of the
day is that there will be no more fn
piou. "Fusion is dead forever," he
Faid, and politicians of every faction
echo his declaration.
The New I.ibary Formally Presented to
tiie City or I'ittsburc.
PiTTsr.URQ, Nov. 6. The magnificent
Carnegie library in Schenley park, An
drew Carnegie's gift to the city of
Pittsburg, was opened last uight by a
grand musical programme and speeches
by Governor Hastings, Mavor JIc
Kenna, Congressman Dalaell, President
Frew of tlie board of trustees and An
drew Carnegie, who made a presenta
tion of the keys of the new structure.
After the exercises were concluded, a
procession, headed by Mr. Carnegie
and wife and President Frew aud wile,
was conducted throntrh the entire build
ing, those who had listened to the dedi
cation exercises taking up the line of
march following tho prominent guests
of the occasion.
The beautiful art gallery and other
exhibits were thrown open for insjx'c-.
tion. The art gallery contains a loan
collection of paintings worth $1,000,000
from all parts of the world.
Important Decision Affecting the C. &
ICailroad Company.
Portsmouth, ()., Nov. 6. The cir
cuit court has rendered a decision that
establishes the claim heretofore held
that the C. & O. R. R. Co. is a resident
corporation of all cities on the north
bank of tiie Ohio river where connec
tion is made with the railroad by ferry
loats owned by the railroad company.
The case was that of D. L. Williams, a
commercial traveler, vs. the C. te O. R.
R. Co. for damages for detention of
The court held, confirming the find
ing of the lower courts, that tlie rail
road to all intents and purposes en
tered this city because it sold tickets to
Portsmouth and had offices here at
which it sold tickets and billed freight
from Portsmouth; that its function as
a common carrier began with refer
ence to freight and passengers of this
city, when it took charge of them at its
ferry on this side of the river, and that
therefore service of summons upon its
agent here constituted sufficient- legal
Ambassadors Inform the Porte That the
Massacres and Rioting Must Stop.
Constantinople, Nov. 6. Owing to
the recurring disturbances in various
parts of tho Turkish empire the ambas
sadors of the t towers have gone to the
porte separately and urged that imme
diate and adequate measures for tho
restoration of order be taken, declaring
that otherwise, the powers acting iu
concert, w ill take their own steps in the
An official dispatch has leen received
here from Marish saying that a conliict
has occurred there owing to the Arme
nians firing. upon the Mussnlnieu, kill
ing one of them, and wounding an
other. The fighting resulted in a lieu
tenant of tlie gendariAes and five Mus
sulmen being wounded and 14 Arme
nians being either killed or wounded.
A Religions Riot in Louisville.
Lonsvii.LK, Nov. 6. There was an
ugly feeling all election day between
the A. P. A.'s and Catholics at the First
precinct of the Fourth ward. Joseph
Diefeubach, one of the former, and
W ill Donovan, a Catholic, had a quar
rel which resulted in a pitched battle
between the elements. Twenty shots
were exchangod before the police suc
ceeded in stopping the riot. Only one
man, Jacob Kuright, an A. P. A., was
seriously wounded. The rioters scat
tered. A l.OOO.OOO Fire In New York.
New York, Nov. 6. A fire 'that
started m Keep's shirt factory, at
Lroadway and Bleeher streets, which
extended to Crosby street, is estimated
to have done a damage of l,000.0o0.
i he comparatively new building of the
Manhattan Savings institution was de
stroyed. The other buildings were de
stroyed and others damaged by fire and
A National Hank Fails.
NewYhat'om. Wash.. Nov. 6. The
Bellingham Bay National bank has
closed its door by order of directors,
being unable to meet the county treas
urer's demand for the county's deposit.
The cashier reports the liabilities ap
proximately at 105,000, of which f 77V-
iVz-VL?116 dePositors. The assets are
?! o,000.
Married Against Ills WilL
San Francisco, Nov. 6. Judge
1 routt has annulled the marriage of C
W. Saunders and Mrs. Sadie Saunders
of East Boston, Mass., on the ground
that Saunders was a minor when the
ceremony was performed. Sannders
testified that he married the woman
against his will and has not seen her
Mrs. Maybrick Transferred.
London, Nov. fi. Mrs. Florence May
brick, the Ameri
dergoing a sentence of imprisonment
for life after having been convicted in
lb'j of poisoning her husband. James
Maybrick, has been removed from
W oking prison to the jail at Aylesbury,
with other female convicts 7' .
The Iuke's People Celebrate.
th???' N2V- 6--The Standard says
that the marriage of the Duke of Marl
borough to 1 Miss Consuelo Vanderbilt
Will be celebrated on all rho i', ..
tates The bells will be rung naif the
employes will be given a holiday and a U
Mdnell is victor.
Chairman Kurtz Claims His
Election by 90,000.
Their Chairman Rays Campbell Is Iteaten
by OO.OOO The Legislature Safely Re
publican The Iemocratic Manager As
sign Several Reasons. For Their Defeat.
Coi.rMPrs, Nov. C. The Republican
state committee claim that the plural
ity of General BushneU will exceed
that of fcO.OOO for Governor McKiuley
in 1803, with which year's vote they are
comparing returns. There are some at
headquarters who say that complete re
turns will show a Republican plurality
almost equal to that of last year 137.
000 the high-water mark. The Re
publican state committee saw fit to
make a conservative statement to those
wanting to bet on over 100,000. Chair
man Kurtz gave out thb following:
"Returns indicate that the Republicans
have carried the state by a plurality not
less than that given two years ago and
elected a decisive majority of the mem
bers of the next general asseml ly."
Chairman Kurtz will not, claim over
90,000 at the most, although others iu
hi9 quarters go higher. Chairman
Kurtz does not estimate the Republi
cans will have two thirds of the legis
lature, but he says the Republican ma
jority in both branches will be so large
that the usual interest is not taken in
ascertaining the exact number of Re
publicans and Democrats on joint bal
lot for United States senator.
At Democratic state headquarters an
announcement was made that Ohio
had gone Republican by a decisive ma
jority in the legislature as well as a
large plurality on the state ticket.
Some 01 tne Jiemocratic managers
eay that the result is due to the same
cause as in lK;i;jand 1MJ4 opposition to
President Cleveland s administration
and the last congress. As both parties
had the same financial platform, the
rilver question was not an issue in the
campaign. The tariff was the only
national issue between the parties,
the Democratic wool growers and
others voting with the Republicans,
The Populists cast about 40,0 0 votes
the I'rohibitionists, about 20,000, and
the Socialists about 2,000. Neither the
third, fourth nor fifth parties nop- the
A. P. A. affected the result. The con
test was between the Republicans aud
.Democrats on the tariff and state
i-x-Congressman Charles M. Ander
son, chairman of tho Democratic state
committee, gives ont the following
We concede the state to the Republi
cans oy to,ot)0 plurality and both
branches of the legislature by a large
majority, me fopmist vote 01 over
00,000 for Coxey for governor hurt ns
The hard times were too fresh in the
minds of the people to be forgotten. and
this led to our defeat. There is noth
ing left us but hope on which to begin
the campaign or lb'Jti.
Chairmau Kurtz of tho Republican
state committee states that the Repub
licans have surely elected 77 out of 1 12
members of the house of represent a-
tiues aud 27 out of the 37 members of
the senate, a majority of 47 on joint
paiioi ior senator.
To Test the Sugar Kounty.
j.e.yv liki.ka.s. iov. t. me sugar
planters, inrongii Colonel J. D. Hill
and other attorneys, have filed two
sugar bounty claim suits iu the United
States circuit court under tlie agree
ment with the Washington authorities,
who will aid iu a speedy trial and ap
peal to the supreme court.
Inspecting (iovernuieut Work.
St. Louis, Nov. 6. The members of
the Mississippi river commission who
have charge of the improvement of that
part of the river below this city have
left here on a tour of inspection of the
work in progress and to look after the
general interests of the commission.
Their trip will extend to New Orleans.
An African Ei posit ion Proposed.
Washington, Nov. fl. President
Cleveland has been supplied with a
prospectus of the industrial exhibition
to be held in Johannesburg, South
Africa, in May and June next.
A l'. S. Consul Iead.
Washinoton, Nov. . News has
reached the state department of the
death on Oct. 21 last at Antigua, West
India, of James B. Fox, United States
consul at that place.
Charged With
Wife Murder.
iF.v whatcom. Wash.. Nov. fu
Wash.. Nov.
rred Jipiesman has been charged by the
coroner's jury with tho murder of his
wife, and the police are now in search
of him.
Stewart's Former
New York. Nov.
I'artner Dead.
(. William I.;K
oey, a retired merchant who was for
merly associated in business with A. T.
Stewart, has died suddenly at his
Marquis le Nayve Acquitted.
BorROEs, Nov. V,. The Marquis de
Nayve. who has been on trial for a
week past, charged with the murder of
his stepson, has been acquitted.
Conditiou of the Treasury.
Washinoton. Nov. 6. The state
ment of the condition of the treasury
6hows: Available cash balance, fl7y,
2,iU6; gold reserve. $03,030,230.
A Railroad Sale Con Armed.
BrevRLs, O., Nov. C.-The court has
confirmed the sale of the Columbus.
Sandusky and Hocking. The attor
neys who had opposed the confirmation
were not present in court and no ficht
was made. - fe
Snow In Colorado.
DrRAXGo. Colo.. Nov. 6.-Snow has
fallen to a depth of about two feet on
the mountains in Southwestern Color
course oltreaent if the A four wetk
No. 4246 Fifth Avenue,
restores- to them all their nnwe . ,
it j
SSS th
on. Hunj'hlet giving full uuonn.
a .
A Sure Remedy
in every case and every
kind of Hemorrhoids or
Piles is
This statement can't be
made too strong or too
emphatic. .
It is a simple, certain,
speedy cure for
r.himatlsn, Eczama,
Gcnviilsisr.s, Chilblains.
Sere usc!ss.
rtll 85
Demands prompt treatment. The ra
ults of neglect may be serious. Avoid
all harsh and drastic purgatives, th
tendency of which is to weaken th
bowels. The best remedy Is Ayer
Pills. Being purely vegetable, their
action is prompt and their effect always
beneficial. They are an admirable
Liver and After-dinner pill, and every
where endorsed by th profession. t
" Ayer's Tills are highly and univer
sally spoken of by the people about
tiere. I make daily use ot them in my
practice." lr. X. E. Fowler, Bridge
port, Conn.
" I can recommend Ayer'i Pills abov
11 others, having locg proved their
value as a cathartic for myself and
family." J. T. Hess, LeithsviUe, Pa.
" For several years Ayer's Pills hav
been used in tuy family. W find them
Effective Remedy
for constipation and indigestion, and
are never without them in the house."
Moses Grenier, Lowell, Mass.
"I have used Ayer's Pills, for liver
troubles and indigestion, during many
years, and have always found them
Lrtmipt and eftieient in their action."
. N. Smith, L'tica, N. Y.
"I suffered from constipation which
asMtuneii such an obstinate form that I
feared it would ause a stoppage of tha
lowels. Two lxixes of Ayer's Pills ef
fected a complete cure." D. Burke,
&aco. Me.
" I have nsed Ayrr's Pills for the past
thirty yeur.H ami c insider tlieiu au in
vaiuuhle family meilic-ine. I know of
1H Ifetter remedy fur liver troubles,
and have always found them a prompt
cure for lys-jsi;i. " James ijuinn, M
Middle St., lliirtfi.nl. Conn.
" Having iK'i-n troubled with costive
ness, wlik-li n-t ms inevitable with er
son.H of se.lentury habits, I have tried
Ajer's Pills, hoping I..r relief. I am
f:la. to say that they liavo served ue
et'er than any other medicine. I
arrive at this eoiit-itisirtu only after a
faithful trial of lln-ir merits." Samuel
T. Juiici. Juk si., liuaUm. Mass.
Ayer's Pills,
Or. J. C. Ayer &. Co.. Lowell, Mzt
Boltl by Dealers In SfHllelnw
An of en letter to women. I.
Laurel Ave., San Francisco,
May 18, 1S92.
" Dear friend of women :
"When my baby was born,
five years ago, I got up in six
days. Far too soon. Result:
falling of the womb. Ever sinca
IVe been miserable.
"I tried everything : doctors,
edicines, apparatus ; but grew
"I could hardly stand;
walking without support
mi possible.
"At last I saw an advertise
ment of Lydia E. l'inkham'
Vegetable Comfound, and de
cided to try it The effect was
astonishing. Since I took the
first bottle my womb has
troubled me, and, thanks
to you, I am now welL
suaenng woman
should know how
reliable vour
compound is.
is a sure cure."
an sniKsiM. sni,n ni
7 mail, in fona of FilU
os nraipl of S 1 .
DorTOtDODdiira fr) -
wand. addroa. la --a l
One-. I.tims K, Fins-
. w sr I I iMfk Tuc
ifsH r "? MEA. " MOTHER.
'-.f j J Cooks a dinner '.! at one
""S i Jte!3 ttoe Grand for OU or Gas
ffyg's-ri. :1 S'oves. liberal Terms. Exclo-
"J. j sive Territory. Let us tell you
j,- f- Vtdti 11 -
1 'zi,WJ w r CASTLE &. CO.
I t 206 Elm St.
Rochester. N. Y.
Best in the World!
Eettbe Genuine:
Sold Eierjwbere
45 Walker 8t. r vo
Violins. Cullar. Banjos, Accordeens, Hannonl
cas.Aca1 kinds of Strinas. ti . etc
t .':( HUKKJ. . .!T (1,ttllf
iZmL Ifi.1"?'""' t-"4 r-KK-cs
Tv 4 i..,surn-y.Ji; oui-h l I
t5?aV)!-l-2t,,it-"y - M-nsuLlkssai
S3d r.Jt Tfaid - 12 5..r,,nt
$12 S- i.r..ni.
f Moricmn Ssdd. $1 I
f iSw jr. l .. Kltui ifin-
r. n. Rl euT Jk cart co.
VSijJ tWU Lawreocs at-,
. earns, i
I Tcclhschs, Cuts, s
1 6vSdcie, apr&ins.
I Kaura!i3. Bails, ;!
I Sora ThrosJ, Uictrs. :
( Two sizes, 25 and 50 cents.
. A I drugisls, or f mail.
S Trnc KsaSMSTii Co., a-4 Canal St., N. Y.
The second week first
est anticipations. Must clear out stock by SeptemlL
1st. As fas fast as one lot roes another takft it ,1. r 5l
is beirinninrr to come and
immense stork of Men's,
...... . . .
lioiniii'' and Uents furnishings must go
This is the Greatest Prlnp-Rfdnrino- S a t ,. .
- - '
Tillv. If VOll hitVfl nnt
j . j - ... . - . v. , , juu nan tetter "
come before the good things are picked out. !
Strictly Cash. No Credit.
One Price. No Discount.
Good Exchange or Money Back,
TjCsrs'To tratle with us means prosperity to you.
When you want GOOD FLOUR take your ain to
the OLD SHENKLE MILL in Ebensbui. The
ior tne manulaeture of Flour has been
T 1 1 l sm .
onenkie unst Mill in Ebensbure an J
iring in your gram and give us a trial. Each mana
grain in ground separately and you get the Flour of your
own wheat. If farmers wish to exchange grain for Flour
they can lo so. The Mill is running every day with the
T - -
Policies written at snort noiea In tba
ENenctiunt, Jnir t.issa.
Carmtn. and Trade-Mark obtained, and all !',
ent tiuinrs roniirtrd f-.ir Mooerat F-
.nrf--rJ?ffica is Plxsrte U.S. Patent Olfi'ci,
e 7n ecnre patent in less time than l&aM
remote from W avhinmun.
;.ndx?,01 j,' dr"rjn- or Phto with derr1p
r. - ' d7,e- lf Pable or not. free it
ch.rpe. Our fee not due till patent is secured.
eampnlet. '-ilow to Obtain Patents." with
Opuosita Patent Office. Washinatoa. D. C
cream1 balmCATARRH
i .
Allaym I'aim mutt
i wflui Mitr ion,
JJmls thti tiorrs.
Prytfrrlm (Ae
ifesfvreo th
8rtt m of TnMm
m Ame.
1 '-cZ-?
It Will Cure COLD 'N HEAD
a iii,i lltto tx-u nosu-el and la
tSM&.Tutt-PZFS? ml l,ru't,"w ail
ant one or
line nr M'KSKKY siim w ..! ......
- -... . mp n 11 era
TilR. Sioek and Seed mmiiti w. Z
rive yon Stult K.ruv.nT with Uood Hay.
It will cost jou nothinw to kits it a trial. Stata
when writinic which yon prcler to sei;. Addraaa
The Hawks Nursery Co.,
urts rn ?
two weeks
ixceeaed onrMv
-i'iai'P m..
L V. ".I
we must hav mnm
. uli J nil our
Boys". Youths' and f'r,;u-, .
..." - VU"U
- v. ...v .... u ic t-er hM,
iAPtl in in cue iu L . .
put in the Old
turns out nothing
WANTED. Several faithful rati
men and ladies to travel for tLtd
Salary, $7S0.(0 and Exlm.
Position permanent if uitJ; ajo
crea.se. itate referfuce aod racka
i self add ress-d stamped envelope.
' 31-317-313 Omaha ISuiUlii.j. CHICA'iO
. - ' t -
NearAlcla. liakar
and ntaer ailmMini krr to u txsttt
nt. Try tt. At i"nur H"rr. or b aak
rVMip of auuue. aurw aoU & cvctt&
KalilMra. Ma.. T. R. A.
Write to T. S Cscn'
Drawn IM, Oven i3
tary of the 8ra a.cc
CcP!sr, for ini jrm
regarding Accident I""
ance. Mentiua ta p?
Dv so djinr too cm "
membership fee. Haa paid osct f-vi 1 '
accidental injuries.
Be your own Agnt.
ocLU 6m
r i noo xti
!T I II . . CaU. consna " "ttZ
iatast. briphtrst. Hellet an 4 mutt P1
selections, both vxl ani lrru
gotten up In the bki elefnt urn.
eluding four tare lxe Portr:t.
CM1EKCIT. ft Siw' Do. -4
Jt: lA1ftSl.tttirtatri.
r adluh pni c4 mrtM-
J; SEL-b f7Tt
Broadway Theatre BUff . Sew Yortt-W
Shaving Parlor,
Mam Street, Near Pest 0:
Tbe anderelgoetl desire to ",r" m
lie that ha has opened a bain roi
MatnatreM. near the ik offlf "'' "Ta
In all iu twanrha-M will camea
mtara. rJrerTibtn- neat and caa.
Your patronaf aolici ted. x fit-
MAM. C1.M par raax.
"wnj Tor sati

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