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J t Scientifio American
1 C'y:.
I l''aliis- Hll II I Mill
Harry, the Cabin Boy,
Atoned for His Sin.
erylxxiy who knows anything
about 1 la lli. Me., ami her ships must,
neeessat ily, I-now the lieaT. Sht is
one of those trilii-look:-ii"; erat't that
l'e.i'inore CooK-r inifrht naturally h:ie
pii-l uml for his Skimmer f the Seas.
Ihilky of hull, shaiH-ti like a swonl
tish, with whiffs of enormous sre:xl.
I here was a time when the lieaiier hal
more "Uiek work" about her fruine
than the "twenty iwriafruas built i.:to
a siiifrl- eraft," of whieh the great
American author useil to tell.
Few who were anywhere near lt.it ii
on u eerlai.i Iay 1 u ri n jr the eenlen
nial year esi'i ever forjfet with what i n
tliiisiasni the KeajNT was eonsiriieI to
her native element. She won listme
lion on the hih seas from the very
start, anil when it was not in winning
raees or earryinpr nolable ear-joes it
was in rseum"; some jKXr w retell eliri";
'ntZ to a jii.-ee of timber. It is only
a few years sinee the KeaMr arrivel
Were the winner of a 1 5,(M)0-mile ruee
aroiiiiil t'aM' Horn from Astoria, Ore.
Her eoinpetilor on this oeeasion wmi
the sturdy anil sin-eily bark Western
Ik lie. The sum of $I,imio was staked
on this event, anil the Reaper took
the prize.
l!ut the T?eaer is now in troub!e,
'and her maiy friends will Je fflad to
learn that th." marine doetor entertains
hoes of her reeovery. She is at l'oi t
!anl, where fhe arrived the other day
badly broken down in health a id
spirits, after the longest and rouih
!est Kis-safre in her experienee. from
H-ean to oeean, and that is saying a
rreat d'.al for a eraft that has iloubled
the onie as many times as has the
t Xot only were lier hull and wing-s
.badly crippled, but she lost a lit; le
hero, ajid those who lemaineil on Hie
, bat. tlintr eraft were a struir"iiiip;. emaei
ateil, exhausted and starving: lot wm n
the vessel final ly reached the head of
Ihe Columbia river. The story mitrlit
never have iM-en known on this side had
not the nine-year-old daughter of ('apt.
; Voting-, the master of the vessel, wi lt
ten brietly "uf the same to Mrs. II. Y.
Morris, of J'.rooklyn. The little gill's
name is Henrietta, ."lid she accompan
ied her mother to the Pacific eos.st
in the Reajier. Henrietta is a n-a
' nymph, if there e-er was one. She
loves tin sea as she loves her doll, a ml
not onlv can she spin a yarn as well as
any of the fol-"sle hands, but she can
vvrite an interesting- one, too.
There ne- it was a toug-her lot
of "hands" collected at the instance of
any s",i:ppinir master than that which
tumbled aixKird the KeaMr she lay
in the stream off bilw-rty island last
May. -
Hardly had the ship got olT shore
. from Sandy Hook when the mates dis-
: covered that half a dozen of the sailor.-?
. who had leen singed as A. l!.s were a:'
i'reen as the sheathing- on the ship's
liottom. Some masters lelieve in in-
, t roducing a capstan bar on invasions of
this kind; but ("apt. Voung is a human
man. and. with a sigh, he simply logg-ed
the men. and determined to put up
with a bad bargain.
The mess or cabin loy who went in
the ship was known to the otlicers as
Harry. He had never been to sea be
fore, although he told ('apt. Vounr
v. hen he came on Itoard that he h.i'
inside a deep water i oyage in an Knglisn
bark. He was a good lad for a time, am1
it was not necessary to ask any ipies
tions to discover that atone time he had
felt the influences of a gol mother's
hand. He was only 15 years old. rat her
tall 1'or his age, with a full, o-n face,
light, curly hair and blue eyes thaf
lixaled the clearness of the sea itselt.
Somehow or other he eineeil a tond
ness for that little water sprite Hen
lietta immediately after she came
aboard. It was one of those attach
ments that an older brother forms for
his little sister, and at the leg-im:ing-or'
the passage he made frequent trips lie-
" tween the cabin and the headquarters
of Charley Noble to pet some dainty for
his little queen. I!nt after the ship had
leen at sea seven weeks it was noticed
. that Harry was irreg-ular in his habits,
and that his devotion "to the little
woman aft" was not as marked as it
should lc. The lad had had much oc
casion to associate with the men in the
usual course of events, and preu-iitly
his conferences w ith t he green ha mis 1m--came
so frequent and pronounced that
('apt. Young was obliged to reprove
It was like casting; water on a duck's
back, though. These men seemed to
have some unknown xwer over t In Im,
but the extent of this power was not
icarned until the .stewardess one day
discovered that somclxxly was stealing
the condensed milk. A watch was
maintained, but still themilk continued
to disappear, and finally the butter lx
, gran to take French leave. Then th
Hour followed to keep it company, and
was sooir-joined by the sugar. Those
w hise dirties called them aft lx-gan to
susMct one another, but never for a
moment was a. thought, given it th:-
honesty of Harry. Little Henriett.i
vouched for him. anil that was enough.
He had told her rcxatedly that his an. -bition
was to grow- up a prxxl. brave
man tlutt he ring-lit command a majestic
ship like ..the ReatHT, and on Snmlay
afternoons, w hen he ixired over the ii:
t le linger-stained l'.ible that some Chris
tian mother had g-iven him as nn hi'ir
loom anil read aloud therefrom to the
.rirl, Harry was watched with envy.
Hut the dreadful blow came at last.
Harry was discovered redhanded one
morning" stealing- a quantity of stores.
To have the stores stolen bit by bit was
sorrow- cnong-h. but to learn that Harry.
i-steimil and loved by all. was the
guilty wretch was a crushing- blow.
The stewardess wept in -oncert with
Henrietta, ('apt. Young- f-lt as if he had
lost u dear friend and the mates shook
their heads in sympathy. As for Harry.
he told ?t nil. The green hands bud in
duced him to bring- them a can of con
densed milk one day, and when they
asked for another and he had refused
to gvt it they threatened to tell on him
unless he obeyed. He thought too
much of the g-iMxJ will of his superiors
aft to let the men carry their t hreat into
execution, and as a natural sequence he
met their demands. And their' de
mands grew larger as his duplicity in
creased, until finally it was too late for
him o mane ins ikxjk or conscience ever
After that ("apt. Yontig- and his
mates did not trust him. He could not
go anywhere without watchful eyes
tqxHi him. for he had Ixen tried and
found wanting. Hut he could count
iqxm one friend and comforter, after
all. Henrietta knew him when he was
a good lxy, and she would not desert
him wlv.-n he had fallen from grace.
"Oh," she exclaimed one afternoon,
as a sort of exhaust to her wounded
feelings, "why did you tlo anything
like that, Harry: why did you do anything-
like that? It was dreadful for
yon to teal for those bail, wicked men.
Now we must ul! suffer for it. The ship
has lx-eti making- such bad weather of
it that papa says the pass-ag-e will hist
more 4han six months, aud lieeause of
your helping- yourself to everything
we must run short of provisions lie fore
we arrive. It was dreadful of you to
There was no mistaking; the faetthat
the craft was making- bail weather of
it. Fifteen days had lxeii consumed
in an endeavor to round the caje in
blinding- snowstorms and g-ales that
were deail ahead and as sharp as the
point of a needle. Twice ("apt. Voung
hud a conference with his mates on the
advisability of wearing- ship anil putting-
b.-fore it so as to linish the pas
sage b way of the Catie of Cood Hope.
When it was not blow ing great g-uns it
was a series of calms with the ship
fanning along-, as sailormen say When
the canvas collapses every other min
ute. In these light airs she was as
slow- ;.s a blind man groping- his way.
The topsawers of the crew said they
never saw such weather before, and
they were alxiut rig-ht. The g-ales had
played sad havoc 'with the sails and
spars, and the lusty seas which arose
in their wrath ate big- chunks out of
the decks, their fixtures, and the. hull
Then the food pave out, as was pre
dicted, and dark looks were flashed at
Harry. The butter, milk and sugar
had lxen exhausted some time when
the news was iassed around that the
flour had given out. The prowling- le
came general then, and even the preen
hands turned up their noses every time
Harry put in an apearance. Some
thinp hud to lx done. The last few
mu nils of flour had lx-cn used one Run
day, when ("apt. Yoiinp thoupht of
some old wheat, the sweepings of that
famous cargo which was stowed in
the lower hold forward. This wheat
the hens on lxiard had previously re
fused to eat, probably lx'cause of its
bilgelike color. How to pet it was
the thing that tro ibled Capt Younp
most, for he knew that hunpry men
would not refuse it even if chickens
There was only one thinp to do. and
that was to break out the carpo stowed
under the fore hatch. It was a long
and dillicult job, and the deck of the
- ship was like a huge dry pixxls estab
lishment w hile it was in progress, but
it was pot ten at iast. the preen hands
working- harder than anybixly else,
their apjx-tites urging them on, jxr
haps. Once on deck the wheat wa:
prounil in the coffee mill and the stew
ard converted it into what Henrietta
descriWs as "pfxxl bread and jwin
eakes." It could not last forever,
though, and finally it pave out, too.
Then the last remaining; stores were
taken in hand. These consisted of peas
and 1 icans. and Mate Harri; thought
them so valuable just then that he hail
them counted as a prelude to distribu
tion. Harry, who was primarily responsi
ble for all the trouble, did not suffer
from hftnper as much as did the other
men. A worse fate was reserved for
him. The Reiqx'r was alxjut a month
in the 1'acilie when she encountered
a terrific storm that lasted three days
and nights.
There was an old man in the crew
who had made several oycpes in the
ship lie fore ami who was ;s capable
a sailor as ever let po and hauled. To
ward midnight en the second day of
the storm this old man was struck by
a sea which came on lxtard. and the
ship Ix-inp well heeled over was lx-inp
rapidly carried over the side, when
Harry, who was passinp, pnlnVd him.
In doing so the lad fell and a succeed
ing wave caught him. and. pickinp him
up much as it would a straw, tossed
him into the dim. daik sea alongside.
The cry of "man overboard!" brought
all hands to the deck, and the roars
of the mates could Ik- heard alxive tlr
howling of the wind and the painful
creaking of th sjiars. An attempt
was made in response to an order to
pet the ship around, ami though the
helm was hard to weather, all efforts
to get the vessel lx'foro the wind proved
unavailing. Harry was never wen
again. There was preat phxtni among
the hands after that, and Mate Harris
that night read from Itrainard, where
h-- says:
" At the piping? o' all lands.
When the Jui,-niciU signal's spread
Wlit'ii the islands anil the lands
And the rwas Jive up the dead.
And .ne south jiml Ihe north shall come,
V,'li n tin: sinn:-r Is ilismai 'd,
Ar.il Ine just man is afraid,.
Then I ifavi n lie thy aid,
I'oor l'om."
The Reax-r was nearly 2(K) days on
the passape. and was more like a wreck
than her old self when she reached
1'ortland. N. Y. Mail and K.--: press.
Komr'i Earthquake and Lottery.
The earthquaku recently feltin Rome
has already produced a result that to
any except an Italian would seem in
credible. It has augmented naturally
the receipts of the national lottery.
The occurrence was so unusual that
paniblers saw their opportunity and
quite a series of fipures lx-came popular.
The first shock w as felt on Noveinlxer 1
at 4:3S p. m. One. four and thirty-eipht
were obviously factors in the lucky
series. And then the lottery manual
heljxHl the pambler out by supply inp
him with other fipures. chiefly 11, (N
and 30, so that among the six success
was certain. Eleven was most run on,
as it was equivalent both for "Xovem
lier" anil "earthquake and also repre
sented the fete of St. Martin, a saint
very txipular since the Iwittle of San
Martino. In fact, the lotteries received
such an impulse from the earthquake
that the offices had to be kept open on
All Saints day, contrary to all usape.
When the winning numbers were act
ually exposed to view not one of the pop
ular six was in the category.
A Uroap of Facta About the Greatest
City ta the World.
London has a larger area than Xew
York, 1'aris and Her I in all put together.
Ten millons of eels are aunually con
sumed in London.
A London fop costs $35,000 for extra
pas burned.
In London 861 streets are named
after the queen, besides which there are
167 Queen streets.
A thousand piano organs are played
in the London streets daily. This does
not include common hand organs.
Ten days of London fog cast 25,000
people on beds of sickness.
About 1.250.000 articles are pledgee"
with London pawnbrokers weekly.
London consumes about 4,000,000
pints ot txjriwinkles each year. There
are 2(Mi periwinkles to the pint. Total,
500,000,000 periwinkles. What becomes
of the shells?
About 2,500 dress suits are hired out
in London each night.
It is estimated that in London fully
3,000,000 people never enter a place of
There are 90,000 paupers in London.
There are more than 4,000 pledged al
etainers among the London cabmen.
The London jam trade provides em
ployment for I6.OO0 people and 65,0M
tons of sugar are used yearly in the
More than 1.OO0.O0O ready made cigar
ettes are smoked in London each day.
Twelve thousand people are employed
at the Loudon theaters.
London has nearly 320,000 maid serv
ants. Only one person in four in London
earns five dollars a week.
In the year 1S94 seme 13,000 pewter
beer pots were stolen from North Lon
don public houses. They are used to
make counterfeit money.
A Londou confectioner says that he
is often called upon to furnish wedding
cakes weighing 1,000 pounds each and
puddings of a size sufficient for 500
hearty appetites.
A single firm in St. Paul's church
yard once received an order for 1,000.,
0)0 ladies mantles from a retail cus
tomer. London contains 250,000 working
single women, whose individual earn
ings do not average more than 25 cents
a day.
On an average every London K)lice
man arrests but seven people a year.
Ixiudon streets are very long and
each one is crossed by an unlimited
number of other streets running at
right nnples to it or euttinp it diap
onally or otherwise. From this it n
sults that there are an unconscionable
number of street corners, each one the
junction of two streets, or three, or
four, as may be. You may stand at any
one of them without being told to move
on and take in the vista of that fxrtion
of the town in which you haptx-n mo
mentarily to be. In this way the eye
may grasp the perspectives of two,
three or four streets successively, al
most simultaneously, without as much
as changing the position of one's body,
in fact, by simply turning one's neck.
These streets are composed as follows:
A row of houses to th right is paral
leled at a distance of 15, 20, 30, 40 or 50
feet by a second row of houses to the
left, or vice versa, the fronts of each
row of houses facing the fronts of the
opposite row of houses, unless it be the
backs which face each other, when it
is a mews. long and comparatively
narrow space is thus left between the
lows of houses, the center being a road
way for vehicles, and the edges being
for the safe assape of tx'destrians.
This is the street. "When you get tired
of walking on it you can call a cab and
drive back to your hotel.
It is stated that London drinks every
year 45,00O,(H;i gallons of malt liquor,
K.O00.0O0 gallons of wine and 14,500,()0
gallons of spirits.
It is estimated that the great smoke
cloud which sometimes hangs over
London weighs 3(K tons. 50 tons of
which is solid carbon and 250 tons of
which is hydro-carbon. It is calcu
lated that the smoke of the year is
worth $10,000,000.
London pays nearly a third of the
whole income tax of EngLutd.
There are over 12,000 artists in Lon
don. In winter as many as 40,000 per day
of dead larks frequently find their ay
into the Londou markets.
The cow population of London is 18,
000. On an averape rain falls in London
on 1S2 days of each year.
Over l.OOO.OOO pawn tickets for sums
tinder ten shillings are issued weekly
in London.
One million eggs are brought into
London daily from Italy alone. Chi
cago Tfmes-llerald.
Nothing multiplies so much as kind
ness. W ray.
Discretion of sjxech is more than elo
quence. Ha con.
A servant has two purses, his mas
ter's and his own. Monod.
Philosophy, if rightly defined, is
nothing but the love of wisdom.
What king so strong can tie the gall
up in a slanderous tongue? Shakes
txare. Girls we love for what they are;
young men for what they promise to
lie. (ioethe.
That virtue which requires to Ik
ever guarded is scarce worth the senti
nel. Goldsmith.
The morning of life is like the dawn
of day, full of purity, of imagery and
harmony. Chateaubriand.
Take my word for it, the saddest
thing under the sky is a soul incapable
of sadness. Countess de Gasparin.
If a lvook conies from the heart it
will contrive to reach other hearts.
All art and authorcraft are of small ac
count to that. Carlyle.
la a Hurry.
Gent Gee Whittakerl You've spilled
that coffee all over me.
V. aitcr Very sorry, sir, but I was
hurryin to get through.
' Guest I'm in no hurry. -
W"aiter No, sir, but it's most time
for a gent leman to come in wot always
fees me, sir. X. Y. Weekly.
The largest reflector for a telescope
was that made for the Lord Kosse in
strument, 72 inches in diameter.
Some Men Who Have Wonderful
The Remarkable Ability of Three tea
IrraacUoaiM to Remember Dates. Name
aud locldenta Ater a Ung
1 ay. tr ot Years).
Probably the three most remarkable
men who have ever startled San Fran
ciscans who knew them with their
feat of memory were "Count" Smith,
clerk of the Palace hotel.Timothy llain
bridge, of the tiolice force, and 15ob Nor
al, known all over the United States
as the "boy preacher.
Count Smith was for some years
chief clerk of the Palace hotel, and he
died alxnit seven years ago. Horn in
affluent circumstances in Australia, he
met with financial misfortunes earlv
in life and came to America, w here he
changed his unpronounceable name to
Smith, and other years thereafter
added the prefix "Count. Finally he
drifted to San Francisco, where he lie
came chief clerk of the Palace. Though
many stories concerning this man's
achievements in memory are exagger
ated, there is no doubt that the organ
v hieh recalls the past wasdeveloH-d in
him far beyond that of most men.
It is related that some names and
faces of puests were so indelibly en
graved on the tablets of this remark
able man's memory that when he saw a
guest who had probably lx-en absent
for j-ears, and whom he had met in the
most M-rfunctory manner, he would
say: "Why. how do you do, Mr. Valen
tine? Do you still want 516 w'ltli a
Lath? That is the room you had iu
Such thinps astonished travelers
from every land, but it is not to lx in
ferred that his memory of every puest
was equally clear. Such feats were re
served for the special cases of xrsons
whose characteristics were so marked
that when once recalled by visual sen
sations every circumstance connected
with the former mcctinp tiassed before
him like a panoramic view.
"Count" Smith was a marvel to man y
thousands from all quarters of the
plolx". yet in some matters his memory
was only ordinary or even indifferent.
He said it was no effort whatever for
him to reinemlxT names and faces, if
he recalled them at all. He attributed
the gift to birth rather than cultiva
tion. Tim nainbridge's memory is even
more marvelous, and he is to-day one
ot the most active little men in the
city. Though his eyesight is so im
paired that he uses glasses, his memory
is so actie that he readily recalls the
name, face, history, and prison record
of the thousands of convicts w ho hae
jK.ssed lx?fore him ill 2(1 years.
liainbridge is always the standby of
the jKtlice department in matters of
identification. He is at t he jxiliee courts
whenever suspicious prisoners an- on
trial. Often he will say, for example,
when"Jolm I'rown" ison trial forprand
larceny: "This is not .lohn l'.row n, but
Tim Collins, who is wanted in Tennes
see for burplary. He served a term at
Folsom for arson in 1879."
The mi st striking thing about liain
bridge s memory is that he sees the old
self of men through the changes of
time. Beyond the fat face covered with
a full lx-ard and furrowed with lines of
caie and crime, Hainbridge sees the pic
ture of ten years Ik fore, when the de
fendant w as slender, young. and smoot h
faced; and he often startles the crim
inals themselves by vividly recalling
their crimes and describing them as
they were in older days.
Hob Norval, known as "the lxy
preacher," used to startle the residents
of the mission b rejx-at inp. after hav
ing once heard read aloud, entire arti
cles from newspaTs. He was an ec
centric genius, win formerly traveled
and lectured all over the I'nited States
on religious themes. It was his habit
to sit down on the grass, close his eyes,
place his hands over his forehead, and
then have slowly read to him the sx-eeh
cr article he w ished to reprtxiuce. after
which it seemed to photograph itself
on his mind, so he could speak it with
rare precision. Norval said it was no
effort, for hiin to do such things. San
Francisco Chronicle.
Yvette Guillxrt, the French celebri
ty, is resixmsihle for the latest fashion
of wearing long black gloves w ith even
ing dress. It is all the go in Xew York.
Mrs. Heed, wife of the sjx-aker of the
house, does not go oi-. in six-iety this
winter because of the death of her
mother, which occurred last summer.
Mr. Heed's daughter, wh is a sweet
looking blonde, wos "out" last w inter
and is among the gay set thisyear.
Prince Henry of HattenWrg, who
goes with the Ashantee exjKdition, has
taken the precaution to insure his life
for rrSOO.fiOO, so that if he is struck
down by an African assegai, meeting
the same fate which lx-fell the prince
imperial of France, his family will not
be left in destitution.
Lord Salisbury is a vastly rich man.
lie received $l,0OO,iKM for his proierty
iu the Strand, he derives an immense
income in the shape of untaxed pround
rents in London aud in the country,
and while in office as prime minister he
receives the iay attached to the office,
and while out of office the jiensionof an
ex-cabinet minister.
I. T. Itarnuni, the late showman,
owned some -property in Venezuela,
which durinp one of the revolutions
there several years apo was confiscated
and destroyed. Through the l'nite.1
States poverument Mr. Uarnum made
a claim for comtxnsatioii and was
awarded $l,40i. The Venezuelan gov
ernment was not able to pay a lump
cum, but agreed to pay it in ten annual
installments, with interest added. So
the executors of the ltarnum estate re
ceive from the republic of Venezuela
now each year a check for something
like $150.
The Servant Qoeetlon.
"Maggie, did you hear the door bell
"Vis, mum.
"Well, whv don't you open the door,
"Sure, I don't know a soul who'd call
an me at this time of the day, mum. It
must be some one to see yersilf.
Truth. -
T 1 ic new x-ean greyhound under con
tract for the North German Lloyds
at t he Vulcan works, Stett in. is to make,
an ax-erape of U knots on her first trip
from Southampton to Sandy Hook.
The highest price ever aid for a
tooth is supjxyed to have 1-een 3.5UO.
(KM1 trade dollars. In a small Asiatic
war the Portuguese captured the tooth
of sac ret 1 monkey fiom the Siamese,
anil this was the ransom agred iinh.
The Moody ta'x-rn-icle at Atlauta,
which cost a little ov.r S"-.!oi. has lieen
Fold f-"r J.'l.Vl to i local clergyman, who
w ill retain it as a meet inp plat e for re
ligious assemblies. Sam Jones will
shortly bepin a svrie of revival serv
ices w ithin its wa'ls.
It brings back the days of the Al-r-ine
corsairs to read that th. cardinal
prefect of the propaganda distributed
200,1m. Ml francs lst year for the ransom
of shs'es from cpptiiity. The m.vney
was Sxiit by Catholic missionaries in
the interior of Africa.
lVx-tors at Montrcuil. near Paris. r
f use to pive their sen ices to he munic
ipal disjiensary, Ix-cause a woman has
lxeii appointed to scre in it one day
in the wck. Their grievance is aggra
vated by her Wing paid, wiiile their
servh-es are given free.
At l'.laekwell. Knplantl. the largest
battle ship in the. world is nearly ready
fur launching, and will le called the
Fuji, instead of Fusi Varna, a; oriffiual
ly intended. It i a battle ship of Har
vey ized steel armor. 40n feet long, 73
feet broad and 44 feet deep.
Tolstoi's "Patriotism and Christian
ity" has lxen tranr.'atcd into German.
He condemns atriotisni as unchristian
lx'cause war is made in its cause, and
makes fun of the Cronstadt and Toulon
Prof. Guiseppe de Leon, rector and
professor of history in the I'niversity
of Padua, died recently. He was the
author of a life of tiiulianodella llovere
(Pox Julius II.) and of a history of
Charles V. in his relations to Italy.
Several works by Margaret of Na
varre, the. author of the Heptameron.
have just been discovered in the Nation
al library at Paris. They comprise
poems written in the last four or the
years of her life, amounting to 12.immi
verses; two dramas, letters, dialogues
and songs.
Three volumes of the memoirs of
Marches Giorgio Pallavieino have lxen
published in Italy. He was a fellow
prisoner with Sil io Pellieo and Maron
celli in the Spielberg, and was later
Garibaldi's adviser. He brought alxiut
the plebiscitum in sen by w hich Naples
aud Sicily voted to join the kingdom of
Quinine in Italy is very expensive,
costing to the public $oo a kilogramme,
and is often adulterated. As pood and
cheap quinine is needed in the malarial
districts. Sipnor lloselli. minister of
finance. projxses that the sulphate and
hydrochlorate Ik sold by the povern
ment at a uuiform price in all stores
dealinp in the state nionoix-lies, tobacco
and fJItlt.
A preat deal more honey would lx
consumed in the cities if the unadul
terated article could le procured and
its purity vouched for.
If you don't think the lxst stock
pays Itxk around through your neigh
borhoixl and see. if the best farmers
don't k-ep the best st.x-k.
It is estimated that prain fed to
suckling lambs designed for the butcher
at an early day iavs at the rate, of two
dollars a bushel for corn anywhere in
the eastern and middle states.
Knglish sheep owners lifter tin'
pens in which sheep are housed with
burnt clay as a preventative of foot rot.
Ihe clay acts as an absorlx-nt a..ul
li.akes a gixxl fertilizer.
IVm't try to hatch chicken with hens
ill midwinter unless you are w iHiiur to
devote time in carinsr for the bnxxls.
Hens cannot raise chicks in winter un
less kept in a warm place.
When sulphur is given to animals in
winter it is liable localise them to take
told, as it ox'iis the xres of tin' skin.
It is said to also cause rheumatism if
giien during damp weather.
One reason why cattle w ill go out in
the liarnyard during inclement weather
and endure cold and dampness in pref
erence to remaining inside is that the
stalls are Ux dark and cheerless.
Mascaglii has taken up the duties of
director of the I.icco musicale. found.il
by Kossini in his bin h place. Pcsaro. and
v ill give up ooi osit ion for a t inie.
Mine, .lea nil. Hugo, the granddaugh
ter of Victor Hugo, who was recently
divorced from her husluind, Alphonx
I taudet's son. is alxjut to marry a young
d.x-tor of Paris.
Stanley and Mountcney .Tephson. the
only white survivors of the cxix-ditioii
for the relief of F.min Pasha, have just
erected a brass tablet in Kilmorcchurch
to the memory of their comrade. Sur
geon Park.
French footlmll is improving. The
Lacing club of Paris recently Wat a 15
of Oxford men at the Kugby game at
Wvailois-Perret by one t ry to nothing,
while theOIympiquedub Wat Ihe same
1." in the Hois de Iloulogne by a goal to
a 1 ry.
Three hundred and eighty-six dis
tinct liWI suits have lx-en Ix-gitn by as
many priest s against the Paris .loiirnal
ot, account of an article reflect ing on the
t-Iergy of Ihe Halites Pyrenees. I'ach
priest asks for ?2U damages, and if they
win. the result of each lawsuit will lie
printed ill five IievvspaxTS of Toulouse,
as many of Hordeaux and in 12 news
papers in thedepnrtment.
A current topic electricity.
.lack Frost is painting noses.
Grass widows are seldom green.
Sells like hot cakes maple sirup.
A rattling old time throwing dice
for d rinks.
Some men are lxrn tired, and others
pet run down by bicycles.
The pugilist may get himself arrested
but it is a hard matter to shut him up.
Kven the stingiest man will some
times give himseif a weigh, if the scales
nre free. Kacheller.
The biggest ni.xise ever taken in the
ArtxtstiMik region of Maine, the state's
Wst hunting ground, was killed recent
ly by Col. A. A. I'.aker. of New xrt. li. 1.
A game official measured ihe animal,
and his figures are: Weight, dressed
and including hide, w ith the bobsled on
which it was hauled. 1,"M pounds;
spread of antlers. 4'. inches. The an
tlers have 15 prongs on one side and li
on the other.
The addition of 75.f"iO acres to the
Adirondack park is a cause for satisfac
tion. The laud purchased f roni Ir. Webb
make the largest single block yet ac
quired in furtherance of the pnrx -of
extending the park to include the il.-oT,-7i.O
acres li-d Uhii as a proHT reserve
for the maintenance of the forest and
St reams so necessary to the state. With
this addition the public domain will
amount to ".75.iki acres.
The prosjM-ct of another Ashantee
war recalls Sir Wilfred I-avvsoii's sum
mary of the Knglish campaign of IsT.J.
He asked in the house of commons w hat
Kuirland had gained by her victories
over the Asliautees. "An old uinbrv lla
anil a treaty," he made answer to his
own question. He was remind. -d that
there had Ixt-n no treaty. He remarked
that he was not sorry, as the treaty
would have Ihtu worth no uiore than
tin- umbrella.
One of the smallest men and one of
the biggest gills in the country live
down in Gcoipia. The former is Mr.
Tom Coster, of Hazclliurst, who is L'4
years old. is thr-c feet nine inches hieh.
and weighs ;.r, pounds. He has two
younger brothers who are each more
than six feet tall. Mr. G. W. K.-ld. n
Wrry, of Okeufcnokce. has a girl i:i
years old who weighs ITT. pounds, and a
Ixiv seven years vv ho weighs 1 In pounds
and wears a numWr six shoe.
One big firm of ranchers near Miles
City. Wash., employs all the year round
two hunters and a pack of 13 Russian
wolf hounds to keep the range f n-c of
wolves and coyotes, w hich are a jx-st to
stock raisers all over the region. Solar
this year 1lie hunters have taken the
scalps of 22. '1 wolves and many coyotes.
Whenever any traces of wolves or cov
otes are found the pack is taien out
. and put on the s-etit. and usuallv the
jx'sts are quickly run down and kill.nl.
This methiMl is the only one that has
proved effective, as the vv oi v es rcf use to
take xiisoiit.-d bait.
Another queer happening a11ril
uted to the recent earthquake that
shivered up through the middle stales
from the gulf to the lakes is that many
vclis have gone dry. and not a few cis
tcrns and rescrv oirs have Itccomc nipt v
since t lie slunk. In t he case of the lat
ter it is probable that the cement
iiai-k.-d or t he const ruction was other
vvisevveakeii.il, but this explanation
dix-s not cut - rely explain the case of I he
wells. The ImiUoiii of a well in l.r.cro
township, near Wabash, Ind.. dropel
out entirely, and not hing that has lx-en
used to sound 1 he dept lis of t he hole has
touched the 1m.ii torn. To all apjx-aranccs
there is an immense cavern under the
well hole.
Even in the Matter of Iroal She Id
Kisle.l I Kin Court Kulis.
She was the laughter of a judge and
she listened with languid interest to
his plea.
"I love you devotedly, he cried, pas
sionately . -I am prejiared to devote my
life to y on."
"He sKi-irio in your pleading." she
cautioned. "IK not st ray too far from
the jK'itit at issue."
He hesitated ami then asked, earnest
ly .
"Will you W my wife?
"Ah." she said, "now I see. the txjint
y ou wisn to make."
"I am not I ich." he urged, "but I
have enough to give you a comfortable
home, and my prospects are bright. I
oiler you the love of an honest man.
who will do all in his iwvr to make
you h.ippy. I "
Siie stopped him by a gesture.
"It is useless in continue at present.
she said, firmly but kindly. "There are
sevr.il cases ahead of yours ou the
I. xkct."
"Hut." he pron-st.il, "I want "
She stopxil him again.
"I must in.-ist that these matters W
taken up iu their regular order." siie
said, sharply. "Put your profxisition
iu writing and tile it with my maid,
and it will recive due attention when
it is i cached iu the regular course of
business. I haven't time to listen to
oral arguments iu a case that call be as
well pn seutc.1 in briefs."
With a sigh he left, and put in his
time until tale that night preparing a.
petition for a rehearing. Chicago
Not Literal. "Teacher "If a boy
smites you on the right cheek, what
should you lo?" Dick Hicks "Give it
to him with me left." Puck.
IMith "I'm in a quandary!" IsaWl
"I1..W is that?"" Kdith "Tom prom
ises to stop drinking if I marry him.
and .lack threatens to Wgin if I don't.
Miss Pert "Is Miss Strait I-ice cir
ciimsct ?'" Miss Caustic "Circum-sK-ct!
Why. she won't accompany a
VMing man on the piano without a
hax-ron." Salem Gazette.
In Chicigo. Visitor "Where is it
that man lives? Must W outside the
city limits, isn't it?" Kesident "Out
side the w ha.t ?" Visitor "The city
liuiits." Kesident "We haven't any."
- Puck.
A French confectioner, proud of his
Knglish and wishing to let patrons
know that their wants should lx- at
tended to j;t oni-e, witlu.ut any delay,
put out the sign: "Short Weights
Here." Harper's Drawer.
Parson "I married Smithers to his
first wife and he gave me $50. When
I married him to his second he gave niu
five dollars." Wiggles "He kuow
more alxut matrimony the m-conJ
time. I guess." Harjx-r's Ttazar.
"Have a apcr".' lawlcd a. newshoy
to an old pent leman from the country
on Austin avenue. "No hurry, sonny,
l'eihaps after you have read it I'll
glance over it." and as he passed down
the street he muttered: "Nice folks,
these Austin iople: so polite to j
stranger." Texas Siftings.
! A

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