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Tv.th.- Iviu j.-raiu- voters of Camtr.a
County. ., ;..,,,;
-U:rrr-Cil' 'H-r'.J p. Sal
Tti-diViv t :i T ttWeeil I
.-t.-X i x .'.--' -J - ., 'or lie
purple of ei-ctlt.ir d-l-sat- ,'V-"'r;.
craik- County Cor iVe.,t.;,r V jb .e
La. , count li.-k-t srai.-s.cl stu h
-... rt.u-iKs , may Setroezr.t to it- -
le?.tion: n.bie at the Court
eftTTet--tiri '.be
1fi.n. il 11 u Lil K. A M
returns ar.d for the purpu'
until loVoek. the Liur 1,1 tv Ue ru.f
nvcntioB proper w mi. r
oriiminieiit of i.-;e2dTes -tje
fur the c:.
1 M fiTrt
if-vrni ui-tricts is a i-jiio--
Joliof :.n. vc w
Adtsi tp -
A.-ni-J lP
Hirn!tf'ro hxr
H.rr ty
Rlf-k lCC in
-ml-na tp
fUnot.lovn t."--
Ln-t (.-nn? tnr..
t'le.rfteid tp
rwrmiiitti tp o. 1
Xsoneuioa tp "u. 2
f :,-e-a tu
n-eie t
tan-y u''n tor
ljte ror
l'mo tp
2 JOCWwa."'"
: .i..faiiMon. k
j J Lr.-iuttii . (J
2 Jotjci'own. 1-eh wj..
l . johciown. lih wl..
1 1 ichcftown. l,n w-
z Joro-own. l'b w,j...
2 Jobu'own. 17tn wd..
1 Lilly, for
1 Loretto tor
l Ix.wtr Y?er tr-
J 3fivrrel:l!e-l "a --
1 M -tTeii'i Je. 21 w J..
1 M. rrellTtiie. 31
i Mautier tp
2 Pat ton iKT.
1 Port tx.r.
1 portnae t
1 Keade t;-. tt
.. ...... o. .r l KMtle li.
- - - - , .- -
EiitTijiw Nil
r-.,iiF-c.'ur fc i . -Ktitft.ur
fctJer tp
rtiKi:n tHr -
rn.1'e tt'T . .
!U tr
il!itia tp
fatfiiazi i--r
J A4-kJU lp - - -
J'.lit.u"n. 21 J...
J'.BMtuWO. S-l "J
J. Li el..a. 4ib
JutibStOWD. 6ti.-1
.'ohnrloc. 6.bwJ..
Jot!ttCD, Ttn W.t.
JobntO'D. Jl
1 Kk-L'j'1 tp
1 K--e1le tt.r
2 K-jibury. -
v .sjutti fork lr.
1 -ipE.er tx-r
t su.orei tp
S ?aM3irM;l X-t
1 ummertj'li tp .-
aiieljiaca tp
1 I unueibi:! l"r
2 'i per ixler tp-
1 .DtvD Ji e
1 'i!Hm ion tp
2 Ae?t!nont tx-r
1 e5lTyr tp
i br.t 'p
2 W nmcre tr
The Kepullican conjrrioni cni
paigQ coniiiiittoe wi'.i crier from tatir
printers l.(i'.v copi of the tariff
fpecch msrff i y Bryan in f:;e h--ue cf
of the WiL-on It i 1 JirruUt
rrincirMi y i- t't:e C-t qJ wu-revr
ti-.ere may i-e d.mund f-r it.
Tiie IpnKf ratsc tiiara-r i -
pr! t chu'-kie at !tit! U- iar.;i.ao
v,v- -:-i tti-'ii more f' -v-r to
their el how.- If hy &r-f chA-'tCf tb II
puh:i-ar foi: 1 intl;ivnl to u '.'
mfLt their t,"-"i work an i :.-lr,N)l"
fw milliori o -j if-f of the Midi?"-j .-j ur
?frf4ch cf act-cptHijL. tne Heav
mieht ilmwt c-jDc-iit to ci,e d-.r? and
let the campaign take car- cf it?!f.
Mr. Braa:b tariff p'-' r'2e
the ahieft puhlie aJdre--? on that u!-j-ct,
not exoeptsr. g that r f Chairman
Wilton. It cciratfiandxi wid- attenti 'n
J . . T . . . , , .t , Jul .T-. i.lll i-n t
i Had it not lra f- r ttje fame whirh this
speech brought him as a statesman, af
an'orator cf the tirt raak, i: ir douhtftsi
if the Chicago convention won id have
known Mr. Bryan well enr.uh to hivt
placed him-at the head of the Democrat
ic ticket-.
For the K-pnl.lican-. to iiow take that
speech and circulate it amous the i"W
tariff KtrpuUh-ai ? cf the great wM wiii
add thousand? of votes to the Ieniixrat
ic party.
Morm l aii- Mic Ufaiu-.
r::t-b.ir Au-t 13 A vie Wit ttun- 1
viihjj a rJii:- of thirtv rai n of the
c';tv s-h.n-y af:r eiht o'ci-jclr tSi
n rri. iv't3'c rhed a'U. f rive
np at-d t cit-.-trui i: 'o ;.f inu.vi
rr rjtT'v. The torr;i
ei fury ia t::- vUey
iia -.i;.i i! t i.vu.-':!.
!:j s ci'y. !
At I v Il iv-r. a ;n ii! n on the 4
I'lV-i-i.r a:.l .' rn ra;,- ? 1 :a i.
;,k;Ui . - c-ii e i a - t -ou 1 i.ii-t"" . . .- i r
jvd. I':u- t r ii. ts iai.v a s n2.sa
I-Shest of all in Leavcr.ing Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Kcport
sru i; d lU?
f i-r-ic. in
t - r ,
III. imiuien wuniiUlte.
slrr-av;; w.i- c iv- tei 1 l a rUiriJS IJ.IOts ua- yn"; -
riv-- wwi.t npthtrhii -:rl---. wwtw iwrtl: ire ueau-j iai tj -i
lu - I'eei -'-i.e-i a l irwe part c i thu ai IeiuoorHtic cnnimitt-e will I- estab-
Bavr r.'.aiik r.. id. i-l-. ,-kd the I'ittshur Hso.-d at Ct.ica.j j with abrauchio Wwh-
aud :era ra:.rol. k;jcl live svx-t j icjtjn city jmt -w..e...
and ru.ijd fxrii..-. Four of the people i cnimitte- r.rtn ieoi to conuuc-i m .!
j ... t'i,-ir iive "-re drowned at J)- in-?ss of ta c ampaign lorine prej-eni ua
Received No Money From
ver Mine Owners.
iita Auld, t
ofa:r: Mr, .-i
The dead are: Mrs
.-5'V.v, Si-ven'.y-f ur year?
a;j F'-ipiton. widow.
aieds'xt..- y"tr-; Mrs II hir.soa, acetl
tnirty live year- Tiif-so we dr. w ned at
Ie Hvtn and Kn.il. h i:ie, a i.ew.-boy.
aced t'.fuea years, was tirowiied abuve
Ie Haven, Liy tiot tec- vred.
-d so far re:
Jt-hn K Mcleao, of J
O iio- 11 J Campau. of Mituean; J. 1.
Johosfjii. of Kansas; Ciark lir.neil, oi
(i-urgia; Iir-diey Muahey, of truiont; ;
Cnaries L ci jt;iu, of Illinois- )
J. L N orris has deen selected as the
ai-sist&ot tr-a-urer of the uational Lem
ocTHlic coniniiitee located at Washing
ton. Other appointments will be made
m, ncc-asioj r-ouires. The executive
..rtimitt wiii r aLTinted later. Mr. t
(iraian was rfj nested to accept a place
on tiie camiaii:n committee He de-
"allal ommlttM'
Will (oiuc Out ami tlf lir;.
Willlns. - .-. .. tliir lK-Lail
of Hi) I'r.v.l I.lfv.
I'ittirbar. A;u?t 17 Word
i evening that a voung woman had died , clined betau of the selection of Chica-
! undr f asiiicious circuuisiancvs at
... i:
tcrj u cbiioe
TV' ere will &'.-" a ni-n.tr of th
I. iilo- raiie t'ounty tui.iuiiiec to elect in
eai-i. litnct at U.-- abovf mei.tioned e.H.
tioii. H. A. Kiiifi"hirt.
H;airman I-ino ratic County Committee.
Kt en-burg. Aupti-t Wh.
InlTSa bushel of wh?at could be
1-ought for a dollar in gold. To-day a
guld dollar will buy nearly two bushels
of wheat. The "intrinsic" value of
wi.eat to-day, for dour or bread, is the
fame as ia 173. Now which has
changed inti insically, gold or wheat?
At the recent election in Alabama the
Populists were in fusion with the Repub
licans. With the g. o. p. organs that
was all right, and the Pops were nice
fellow?. When they unite t,with the
Democrats, however, according to these
game g. o. p organs, the Fop liists im
mediately become bewiskered cranks and
and wild-eyed anarchists.
Bth tLe Democratic and I
platforms reject seTereiy upon tne
b jpreme court of the United States and
call foi a change in its constitution.
This arises Datura. ly from certain re-ent
decisions cf that lody which has not at
, all suited the popular ideal, and it may
i i lrf that th" drnanJ wiij become s lk r-
sistent as to work a change in the or
ganization of the supreme court Jt is
certainly a fa t however it maybe ac
counted for, tnat the most recent deci
sions of the highest tribunal in this land
have looked towards the sustaining of
the vested iateresisofcapit.il rather than
conserving the liberties of the people.
This is but natural peri;as, in view of
the fact that capital has such a tremend
ous advantage, in all courts of law, with
the consequence that i s interests are
emphasized to the eic.nrioa of individ
ual right. Tiie ablest lawyers are al
ways corporation lawyers, and the rights
of property occupy by far the largest
hare of judicial attention. However,
no matter what ii;ay be thought of the
proposition to reorganize tne supreme
court on a more Democratic basis, it is
false and wicked to call it "anarchistic."
The constitution of the United States is
ont so eternally infallible that it may
not be improved.
housf No. 4- ' Ttiira avenue. Dr-tec-lives
investigated tiie ca.-e and arrested
Dr. S. V. Anderson, of Allegheny, and
Mi.-.-Anna ifohreoagost, of Munnmg
ton. W Va . who are charged with pro
curing death by a criminal or-eration.
Afir.riviuz an a.-.-urn-d name and teii
iag a rktitious si ry, Miss ifchrecon
g i broke down and conle-eed "t ih-
oroner that tne dead tiirl was iier cous
in, Mir.- Dakota S-.nrecongost, tne
daughter of a respectable widow of Kit
tanni'ig. Feuoa.; that sne ha i le"ii be
travel ' a hiii-i;ie-s man of Warren.
iVnna , wiio wan'ed to marry her, but
the girl would not consent. Sue Said
that Dr Ander.-vn had ten engaged by
ners&!f and htr ecu-Hi V perf.rm the
op-ratiun for 7-". Tne crime was com
mitt-d D-t Triurs lay and the victim
died this evening. Dr. Anderson says
he is innocent and wiii prove it.
lr-F.R Rki 1IK. N. Y.. Aug. 10
William J. Bryan, fur the fcrst ntnc
fincx- Senator Jonn M. T!iurtti:i, as :il
leul. le-iiiel that h- (l.ryuuj wa in
the -ruj.loy of u.ine own.-r-. uu'i"
an official denial, f-05.;b i vn h a ch.:l-
I-nire to t!i" i'a'i!tai I.-j"ilii-;tit .
j Dress Woolens.
They've Uei coniin im,
-:ise nOtT ci.e, sirn.- the;
i li r-t of the ni i:::h, bat
' sui l n .thinir :tb..ut them;
diiJ not ;ut n?iy on y-.iW r.ll
we h 1 1 HC unia'a'C'I :t ootu-jrehcn-ive
line n w we
invite yon to in-peit a ool
lectiou that will exempli
one of the re von; for this
store's Sdfces.s Kre a--5irt;uuiit
of choice go uls
less jricel.
We were nt eonsi'lfr.'ih o
iHin, e-"verinr ;i peri 1 t
several month-, ettinir to
rether these w oniru'is
things exquisite weaves,
rich col -r t iT'eet :n:;j:nifi-
isi u a u uzm
v "vr? rr o ?
l r.-
Wlun vou 'v:ini GOOD FLOUR r.:V.
'r the i:iaiMif;uvt"r. of Flour has 1-een j jj. i
Mill in Eben-hurr ."j.ri-1
g., as he coii'd not very well go s far : niiit-e to coiue out in t f open and w
f,,,m hiinwi. state. He will, as a mem- . cu.-e nini or ior v r !: -u -nl
lr of tiie national commiit-e. ngate,
nr-tivoU- in tne c-imraign. esiciaiiy in '
hison and ceighlcnng states.
Mr. IlrvanV attention h;td b-n called
tial'hy lViin-jlauiau hilled.
Simon Bi rns, president of the Win
dow Glass Workers' Assrxriation, recent
ly made the following statement: "As
for myself, I will not vote for McKinley.
I am opposed to the money sharks and
Two planks of the platform adopted
by the Iiemocrats at Chicago are receiv
ing the endorsement of Republicans in
all but a few states in the Union. Thev
monoi-olies, whose cause is championed re 'he planks declaring for a tariff for
by the Republican party. The produc
ing classes if they know their business,
should vote any thing else but the Re"
p.ublican ticket."
The Etate committee at its meeting at
Harrisburg last week decided to recon
vene the Hate convention at Harrisburg
on September 10, to fill the vacancies in of that sort of tariff McKinleyism over
the elec toral ticket caused by the resig-
revenue only, and for free silver. Thev
are for these policies because other pol
icies have proven harmful to them.
Four years of the McKinlev tariff
brought about the financial trouble
which is new in the land. The farmtr
and the laboring man have no hesitancy
in announcing that they want no more
Lincoln, Neb, August Cliff
Hagey, the mn charged with th mur
der of W. F. K sier. tne weaithy Ctiam
b;Tbarg. Fa., man found da l in an
ihey U.-t Fridiy night, is in the city jail,
a!ong with Miio MctVi i, a saloon loafer,
and f jor women of the town who are
c.narged as accessories to the murder
Hagtr, who was lst s-en with Kyster
Friday night, but who eluded the polic.
as captured yesterday while hiding in
a brush heap on a fcrm near Valparaiso,
twenty miles from here.
Mayor Graham and Chief-uf l'"ltce
Veilick made tne arres'aad tirouglit the
prisoner t j Lincoln. He refjs-s to.taik
further tnan to a.-s-rt his innocence.
The p' Lee are firmly convinced that
Ey-ter was drugged aud robleJ, eitner
in a saloon or at the disorderly house
A'incii he and Higev visi'.ed, and li is
T ay l Fall v ith BallMs. j
" i
Helena. Ark.. August 17. A game fcf j
Las-bail played at poplar groe yester-
dv ktwo colored teams for a siak o '
tVent'ed in a pitchf-d ba tie in h ch j
two boys were fatally shot and four oth- i
ers wounded. I
The opp'-sinc team were from Folk :
coimtvsnd t'-,e Iwdy plantation. Will- !
iam (iri!!in, tae umpire, and an adhe
rent of tne Folk side, held the stakes ;
In the thrd inning firimn gave the Iow- :
, . i . - . j,r.. i . ,j : ; .
ay team tne not euu oi a mwun inim , fl&j Tr tiioi.tn, jk
and the aggrieved tara; led by Israel. World-lit rwid. and
to the ooiiTrover-y U-l(iii S-Ti::5r
j 1 liarston and Slewart isii-1 h- i. t.-r-'
iiuti'-j to s'tt;t; the matter if jsib;-.
! He TherttfoiT U'-niaud- an oj-ti 'ii.ir-.-i',
wlJ'h lit- suys h- r.-fi.t" with o --
taFiS of his private lift; and ins l:tiali ial
affairs. t,r tji'-ii'-e. He fcrrli'-r s.iys :
I have already d.-ni 1 this ' ii .rgf
OU several o-;L-iOiis, but the r.-it-r-.t :"ii
of it by Senator ThcrvTon. a iis?iii
jraished residt-nt of iut own stt-. jnt
llie'l mo in answering atvon. I h:iv
never at any time or umii r ai-,v rtn i:n
t.tatic I-ji In the employ of any mint
owners luaiviaually tjr (il".e ri vely. -.i-r-tiy
rir iuiirta-tiy, tn.r have 1 - r
U--ii in th ejjiiiloy of. or l-t n jvi-ti by
any bimt-tallic league fia' ".".
Aside from my tcitoriai slary td at :.:
f l.Vj Tur tnoi.tn, jiad by tie tjma.::t
a f!u;ill a-noun
.i-nk!e Gn-
TJrin" in vour r:tin arvl rive us
rtiu in r.-uii l m p;.r.ltely ou fet :h.
own v.h.- ti. Ii t:iruiers i-h to ex-h:in-e
lH y -:.ti .1 The Mill is running ev-r
i'.V;j?T F J'OWKR.
ecnt eu-eiii?o
Tate, maie a rush for the umpire and
his son, who was acting as ottici-d scorer, i
The umpire whs prepared for the attack, ;
however. He opened a valise and
passed pistols to memtiers of the Polk ;
team and the battle Ix-gaa. Israel Tate .
was the only man on the Ivowdy team 1
that had a gnn. but he did effective work.
He emptied his pistol into the Polk
team, reloaded and emptied it again,
and is credited with having shot foar
but the en.l
jusiifie'l the cl!-rt yotiil
bo ','1 av:-,l wiih them
vou'ii be sl--i'l, in '"ur own
interect, to send" thw store
your onltr we will be re
j:i"ttl V'U will pro fit
First thincr to b. i- tr.
sentl for -atup'es a hi sotoo
sliolit hint ;t-s to ycur pref-en-nee
if vou like.
The time to get
things is n w.
li 1 V.- A I-
.i tt ... V
'ar,'. ! ,'
.. o -
.1 -fl
a :
oody carried to tiie alley, wiiere it
fumd. Aa injjt-st was l-egua
evening, but was not concluded.
America fr'nrni!! Flaol.
nation of Wm. Singerly, JohnM. Camp-
U-11, and others, who have withdrawn
from the ticket t-ecause they are op
posed to the free and unlimited coinage I
of silver at 10 to 1.
Thk shameless marshalling of the
forces of corruption to the support of
McKinleyism by the tariff barons four
years ago aroused public iudignation
and resulted in the overthrow of the
combine. This year the open organiza
tion of greed to foist, by corrupt meth
ods, the syndicate programme of gold
and grab on the country is a warning
the people w ill undoubtedly heed.
and over again. Prosperity will not
come through the plans offered by th'-
Republican party the people well know
and they are declaring for the Ilemo
cratic candidates and the tariff and
financial planks of the Democratic par
ty with a unanimity which has rarely
been equaled.
The farmer's interest on his debt does
not fall in projtortion with the value of
his croj. The creditor can take the
$tiO he receives as interest on the farm
mortgage and buy nearly twice as much
wheat, oats, corn and potatoes as he
could when the debt was contracted.
With the interest be receives from the
merchant the crlitor can buy more
than twice as much of the merchant's
Os our fourth page will l.e found a
a sy nopsis of thesj-tech of Hon. Bourke
Lock ran, of New lork, in replv to tne
acceptance of our candidate William J
Bryan. Mr. Cockran has the reputation
of being a glib talker and for that rea
son the "gold bugs preferred that he
should open their side of the campaign
in New York, instead of their candidate.
McKinley. "Money talks" and the
gold bugs are entitled to the 1-est they
can buy but in Mr. Cockran, they have
a prophet that is not altogether reliable.
He was opposed to Cleveland and Stev
enson four years ago and-they were elec
ted and his opposition now augurs fav
orable to the election of Bryan and
Sewall. Ever since the Democrats of
New York state refused to make Mr.
Philadelphia, August F. An entire
locornc.tive plant will snorlly Ire taken t
St. Petersburg, from tins city, on the
LSriti.-ii steamship Laienam . Tne plant
is to I-erected at Nijni Novgorod, the
commercial metropolis of tiie interior of
the Russian empire. Contracts for ma
chinery for tiie plant, amounting to over
J.",oti.ooo. were awarded to American
Tne plant is to be built in connection
with trie Sarmova works, an extensive
establishment engaged in manufacturing
cars, steamboats. Steam Ixii.ers, and em
ploying u.ooo hands. The locomotive
olant will have a capacity for building
ji id engines a year, and w ill employ
about l.boO hands. The tiremen and
engineers will le Americans Trie com
pany will le known as the Russian
American Manufacturing company.
(trier l aunr Heatti.
A Fampmeetine iptd Out by Fire
York, Pa . August 17. Etnig's drove
camj. meeting grouud. five miles north .
oi this city, was devastated by lire at
ci.-M-k this morning. Thnty live '
double cottages, a large tabernacle aud a '
dining hail -vere reduced to ashes. The '
loss will rem-h about $10,000; insurance, :
:3 5l0. Many of the cottagers lost 1
their personal property, and watches, :
jewe'rv and money were consumed in ;
tiie tire. There were t-tween 7H and
s'KJ cottagers on the grounds at the time
of the tire. They were principal y from
York and Baltimore. A few children i
were asleep at the time, bat they were 1
taken out without injury. A number of
jieasons were slightly burned in trying
to save tneir effects. The fire lasted an j
ti i nr an.l n.tiilTl T 1 .T 1 1 Q . V : 1 fllU rL' J t k !
11 1 Hi 1 , lull ii . -nun t . . .. . . . . . - ...... . - - . . - -
.1 r,A ti. ir;n ' national executive comnnrr.-e i
Kit if re lilt; oiini pimiii. x oe uunu t
ings were insuretl for $3,500 in local
mutual comnanies.
rivel frni the b-al prof'-ssion. tny n
come sitift my retireiuent froi'i -ti
press bus t-e-i"i fi-riv(:i ejT!r'!y fro!;i
l -ctun ltefore ('hnt.t-n. j-i:t iyi nui a i l
lecture bureaus whu-n have u-.iiiy jno
me a !ixt-d sum, snui frtmi t-ontribtit urn
made by the people of tiie ii-..hi
where 1 have six-teji. w
In some ii!Staiic--. I have r'-' ire.i
nothing ut all. In most -.ises 1 have
re-eived more thuu enough to jwiy tmv
elinsr exiK-nes. In only two in-raii
I tlank. La.- i:iy n:i.pt-t satjon --- f
fl'M'i. aud in tins" in-t;.iie-s it w us
aliont ioo i.t one place and al.uf l-n.i
at the other."
Mr. Bryan tbMi r-ft-rred to h:s jli'i
cal rc-'ri to sliow that his coiivi;i,on
t free coinage was not of any r -.-nt.
date. Tbeu he suid :
-Having m-de this answer to Mr.
Thnrstc.u"S lettt-r. I shall hereafo r T.ike
no notice of individnal or new -;;tfT
riimmcut on this subject. If tii'- U---publican
tiurior.d coi:iir.iTt"e vrilt -ay
orticially the.f I hive -. f-r lf -en uiploycd
to deliver srn-f h"S ty any mine owner,
a group of mine iwn-r- or by arty o
ciation suppurtod by mine owners, I am
ready to make a st:t njent showing m
detail iill money reu-ivi-d by lac for
t-jM-ocii mak l n g. "
Allerlicny, I? a.
. - , ., - , v, .. .
9 m- -Ti li !
. - - -i -. :
1 )cnt rrjti,.)v ,
1 V
f tir I'tMtfr-l itfttt . kT i
:.- :-r CiTa-rj:i la j " ' --
. . i. . . u.ui ly r...-,-x.-. t!r
i.i.it ' 'ie. i.r . .M w - i -t,..
! t.j: "w-ti. t'Na'ri, i' i i'" "ib
J. -.. . s.ufrj ., u ,u :1. i; M
l't.tr. I: u ti-ni-i
tM;: l- jf..ir nL.! 'if f. .!
'-:i.u-?- exri--;fctr rl i ! ri; j--r. 1 .1
!i .s-Tr.l . :r. re.ii .-ir-. ;
-v-r sin in tf:- !.; I. r. - - --rt.
: 1 trr.l'.!.. .ta -i'z : -c :
-i --Urv. 7 Br Tii;.-r . ,1
lr.2,:tl:lt'- ri r..', I;- i v :i.'V:i-.-
' r-- m H.i.m ' ! c n. h .. - r .r
urin'.i iirL. I':;, ' f.:.-
I 4
i O
Pittsburg, Pa., Augu.-t 17 MaryMc
tiovern, the six-year-old daughter of
15-trney McCiovern, of Lverson, was
brought to the city this morning and
sent to the Merey Hospital, where a del-i-iate
operation wiii be jterfornied. A. A.
Meyers, who h:is Ken attending the
child since July 4. says tiie child will
hardlv survive. The indisposition of the
fhiM was noticed on Jiny 4 Alter enjoy
ing the day in the woods she went home,
complaining of having a stiff knee.
The following morning she grew worse,
and Dr. Mey-ers diagnosed the case as
one of rheumatism. He afterward
found he had madei mis.ake, and that
the child was suffering from an acute
nnamation. Alter t eating the case
everal weeks he attributed a;l the trouble
to a light garter worn by the child.
Trbtl to Murder His Wi!e.
Lancaster. Pa., August 17. Because
she had sued hirn for desertion Charles
fiundaker on Saturday night attempted
to murder his young wife an Conestoga
I'ark, a summer resort a mile from town.
(Jundaker tired three shots, only one of
which.. took effect, and this making but
a slight wouad. iHindaWer believing he
had killed the woman, hid for several
hours in ai adjacent cornfield, but Ulti
mately made his way to the house of a
woman named Urlleman, where he was
arrested. As sv"n as the would-be mur-
lerer saw the officer he pulled the same
pistol with which he had attempted to
kill his wife and lired three shots at his
own head. Two of the bullets glanced
off, indicting uglv gashe-? in the s-ah.
but the third caused a fracture of the
fkull. He will probably recover.
St I
goods as he could a few years ago. The Cockran United States senator, he has
trouble nearly all comes from destroying had no use for the Democratic party.
the free coinage of silver. Restore the
law as it was before 1S73, when our
financial difficulties began, and all will
be well again.
There is nothing about the free coin
age of silver to frighten anyone. It
would simply be the returning to the
astern in practice up to 1573 when the
Republican party demonetized silver.
The present patriotic act of the hank-
s,4 in furnishing gold to the treasury
for keeping the gold reserve at the legal
point, is significant. If these gentlemen
a-e patriots, as their present acts would
indicate, why did they let the president
sell $2,000,008 worth of bonds fcr the
same purpose as that for which the bank
syndicate is furnishing the gold now?
.i-i . , 1 , - I
nenuiat was uone suver was neing There ig an election in sight, at which
coiueu at tue ratio ui auuui iu to i, auu
no one objected to it. there was no
complaint from any quarter. It was so
popular that when it was demonetized
there was a great complaint from all ov
er the country, and at the next election
the Republican party was ewept from
control, and the first Democratic con
gress elected since the war was sent to
Washington. All the Democracy asks
at this time is to restore silver where it
was before that infamous law was passed
"A gold standard encourages the
boarding of money because money is
rising; it also discourages enterprise and
paralyzes industry. On the other hand,
the restoration of bimetallism will dis
courage hoarding, because, when prices
are steady or rising, money cannot af
ford to lie idle in the bank vaults. The
the gold standard is attacked by the peo
ple, and if bonds were again sold to buy
gold before election the defeat and en
tire overthrow of this gold sceme would
be absolutely certain. This very act is
being done for no other thau a selfish
and corrupt motive. It being an effort
to continue to blind the people, and
perpetuate the scheme of robbery that
has well nigh ruined our beloved coun
At the meeting of the Democratic
state committee at Harrisburg, on Thurs
day of last week, John M. Garman, of
Nanticoke, I.uzerne county, was elected
chairman, to succeed Robert E. Wright,
resigned. Hon. James F. Kerr, of
Clearfield and Col Jack Fnanvler r.t
o v
Bellefonte, were also voted for, the lat
farmers and wage earners together con- ter being the choice of the Harrity wing
Etltute a considerable majority of the OI ine Pay, but as Mr. Harnty's name
people of tha country. Why should I now Dennis with the Democracy of
their interests be ignored in considering 1 1 ennsylvania, Mr. Garman was elected.
financial legislation? A monetary sys
tem which is pecuniarily advantageous Kansas Populists have en.W ti,
...... I -v,- . I V
to a few syndicates bas far less to com- 10 Democratic electors of that ttate with
n I 'i u i 1 1 1 1 1 M i & r VMt'l II M II l( II Willi n Dirp I I lin ,..., ,. , .. I ' .1 . , .. .
B. c uuurifiaimmsiuai mey shall he east
bope ami encouragement to those who for Sewall or Watson, according to wh,Yh
f t!o nulilin'il wfHilth " ' William T I . .. II I .1 z . . 1 .
. . . . ---- tf. 1 mum irau in uie electoral college. Dem
JJryan s nolitication sieco. ocrat endorse the Populist state ticket.
The Fatal Ice Cream.
Lambertvhle, N. J., August !"
laursday last a large number of farmer:
and their families atteuded the Moun
tain Hat vest Home, held annua Iv near
Reillwiiie. Among those in attendance
wis Miss Mry Fizzle, of Matthew
Corner, r.arly next morning the trirl
was taken sictt with vomiting and died
that evening. A number of other peo
ple were similarly affected bat all re
Covered except Mi.-s Fizzle.
It 1 supposed that Miss Fi..le's death
and the sickness of the others is due to
the ice cream they ate and which was
made on the grounds. It is not known
what poisonous substance got into the
CoiiMable Mobbed by Strikers.
v. . : , . .
.tewL-asiie, i a , .ugust lo the sit
uation among the striking Italian quarry-men
continue to be very ugly. Con
stable J. A. Andrews narrowly" escaped
being killed by them on Thursday. An
drews, in company with Policeman
Heiner, went to Carbon with warrants
for the arrest of some of the worst men
They had arrested two of them and
Heiner had them in charge, while
Andrews went after a third. While do
ing this he was attacked by the mob.
T hey would in all probability have killed
mm out lor the arrival iof reinforce
menu. Andrews has three broken ribs
and is otherwise badly bruised.
Fatal Collapse of a lying Machine.
Berlin, August 13. Herr Lilienthal
the engineer who has been experiment
ing with Hying machines for several years
past, died on Monday. He started to
fly with one of his machines from a hill
1.... m . i - i
iov ieei nign, near the town of
Rhineow, near this city, lie had only
been in the air a few minutes when the
machinery of the flying, apparatus col
lapsed and Herr Lihenthal fell to the
ground. He was picket! up unconscious
it was fouud that his back was broken
and he died shortly after having been re
moved to a hospital.
Black Cholera in Boston.
Tti I'op Won't Withdraw Hint Johm
tail llol lrr Confer.
Yashinotov. Ang. 10 Tlx- Populi-t
a three or four days' ss-don horu.
! One of the intrsting mart- rs which
I possibly may ! brought np is the vi- c
j presidency, though it is known th-:t the
j eveoative committee will listen to nc
proposition looking to the withdrawal
of Tom Watson from tLe tiekt. S.v.a
tor ButK-r sa.d that if P'-aVo had -rooc
for vvhat Brrau do -s before the r,cop'.e,
neither holc.ng of the PopaiisT j-irry
ortratiiz ition togeiher nor auythin
would have prevented the nn:niii..ti!-a
of the whole Democratic ti. ki-t by tht
As it is Swrtll doe; not t pr lit tl;
PtI udsts and nnd-r no c ir .iiiiistan'
will they vote for hini. He thinks tint
Wat-ou stands a licff -r cl-.-ince of 1 -i::g
the next vice pr"aoc:it than i-t-w.ui.
Another matter to i-o settlt-cl by thf
meeting of the exeer.tive Cfimmittoe i-
: the notirication of Watson. Mr. Bute t
is chairman of the notification commit
tee. He says that not hing definite haf
; been arranged a- yet.
National Chairman I'.ntler and Jfnrj
conferretl over fnsion. I-mo-rats 1
the south, especially in North Carolina
j think they are lieing badly treated
while in the west the Populists aru not
j satisfied.
Assignees' Sale
Fur. C::M- aiHi Jackets. Winter h i;
and Woieu L'mienvoar at QUINNS. j
and 136 Clinton St., Johnstown.
Oi; sili at halt' !. New Sjnin
(iiHuls aniviiiir everv lav.
I' -.. ! ; i : i - - r .
SATl'KDAY. Al G J TI1. I-.r..
a- !' fiVh-r, i" x
A--: irt-iti Ti'ne
itWtr.ii .r-T:(tr J
to tne u:.:
r.-. e-'ai1 . w ri -
r -1: in: 1 ! v j o:
t ' r i. - ti il x : i J . : . . ! t-fc : v, t f e
Bston. Mass., August 10 The t.eo-
ple of Waitham were startled to day bv ;
the reirt that Patrick O'Toole, a well- '
known citizea. was ill with black chol- :
era- Invrsiigation troved that the case '
was one of cholera nostras, similar in '
symtonis and effects to the dread Asiat-c
cholera. D . Cousins, who is attending '.
the victim, stated that the case is a verv I
serious one. the patient having turned
completely black, and being continually
pu.seless and rigid, lhe disease is con
sidered as bad as the genuine Asiatic :
cholera, and its aptearance has caused
much alarm. The disease is of a decid
edly infectious tvue. and the ereate.t
care is being exercised to prevent its
spread. The victim will undoubtedly
An Attorney Victim Die.
Cincisnati, An. 10. Fr.-d S. Both
acker, who was stabl-od by Attorney
Cbarl" Lnndy on Mt. Anbnrn streift.
ba.s died at the hospital from the eiT--t
of the wounL The charge against th
prisoner will be changed to in urW. but
it is likely that a case of nelf-b-f tuo
will be anowu. Dundy is an atlilete
antl it wan surpriiii&r t bis friends that
he resorted to a knife when attacked by
the two Rothackers, otie of whom, at
least, was intoxicated. It now appe-'r
that he- was at tLe time suffering from
aa ucut case of piles.
l!rja Agrees to Sprak.
Medina, N. Y.t Aur. !.. William .1.
Bryan has consented to arldress tlif
farmers of Orleans county at their an
nual picnic at Lewis Orove on the aft-. r
noon of Ang. iS. tre day after speakinj;
in Buffalo.
r r-t N - t
15-irii-- h -ll'l
in I 'rk -n rr-1
1 M ; ill ftrcft.
( S'. : ' .1 l:r.
.!::. Il WVriTr.
.I'fc -n r a-i. !
ri'l I. s : -!.
i,url. I . -.
- I: iej:!:f- V
lir. Tl . .3 V -
. I-, a' -l . -. t
v i i:;f-n
ilr" -t- rv !mu.e
r.i: .
- .4 .
Vr.-t T-r---
i: i:in:i: no...
Dli. A. LAIN(.
An Aerouaut's Terrible Fall.
Juiney, 111., August 17- B. Frank
Jacobs, an aeronaut, traveling with a
circus, met with a I orrible death here : toeaiui.ind t6 mn t i ire:erriEK aj re?:or-
Tlte BlKtrnl lool at I. arse.
I the lDdl vidol who t.eriitnily neulert Li
yesterday in the presence of bis wife and
young child and an assembled throng.
He wag having a baloon race at Baldwin
Park with Professor Dudley, when his
baloon burst 200 feet from the ground.
His parachute failed to open and he was
dashed to the ground, breaking almost
every bone in hi body. The same ba
loon burst "Friday night, and he then
had a narrow escape from death.
All the Oinrlal A Treated.
Johnstown, Pa., August 19. Mavor
Wagoner, Controller Lenhart, City En
gineer Golf-tcin and all of the 34 coun
cilrnen of this, city were arrested to-night
for maintaining a nuisance. The prose
cutor is Alderman Patrick Graham, who
claims the officials have caused the val
ue of his property to depreciate through
their failure to open a sidewalk along
his property. The hearing takes place
Friday evening of next week.
Sew Oil 1 Ittiu Upfard .
Clarksburg, W. Va., August 19.
There is great rejoicing over the discov
ury of oil It miles from here, in the
Ten mile district near Cherry camp.
The well was being put down by the
Mountain State Gas company, and at 2.
oOO. feet oil was struck. The well stands
1,200 feet in oil. This discovery opens
up a vast field.
Butte, Most., August 19. Foreman
I ;ter Ryan, John Manning and John
Campbell were killed in the Bt. Law
rence mine last evening by the failure of
a clutch on the hoisting engine to work
which permitted the cage to drop to the
bottom of t!;e shaft, a distance of 1250
Id It. Many IHJum who are net o-iniiiiiii,.a
lilloU do tlii. 1 bey are genuine otjecu of c.ui
VaJlioD & well as cemure. a lailure o! 14. elite.
loti ol tleep anl tlerh. imairei dlnetion. an
uncertain ooDiiltlun ol the lime!? anj Fytuptom
of billioaDea are so many waroiUKS ol the ap
proach of dloae. To dirreicard tbera Is adject
lolly, which offended natare In dae tune ianlrhg
severely. II not latailr. Tnat tcenume and
thoroughly reliable preventive l " tnlily mir
ehlel In the rhats ot chrome dieae, Hostetter'
Momarh litttefs. will, if rrs-iriej to In time,
avert thoa dirler. to the reuioval t.l whicn it
llio Inl y adequate. Anionic tbr-e are chronic
indlxestibn, liver cmjiLiut. k 10 Dry trouMes.
eonsupaUon. nerroiunes. rfaeomalism and ma
Se'U-l N". 5. - r : r -t . : n .
r-jr "el ol I:irii tp tr c t- ?i - n L
a i ! 1 ini Pr: -e t-ai t. :r;.r .
iir ili lirii Ji 'ii'tn3. J.e : .x r
trr,t Kurtz, u.t- H'ilier tr.c, -ir. ! ..-P e--
l;T 1 rrrOK.
T:nr.!--Ni. Or e iT't. re'T in tf e C....1 ai
other irliieri1!!!.! At Kt. an 1 tt.i .t: .'e
T At'KllS ISi-rt- '1 Xi.f .,n, j :.. , ..
K" unl .tl ti wn a! t; e W .1 m. H i t im- .
:inn 11 I'ritir 1 w!.:.-ti. nil- iTit; t:.t:-i!-o
1 .1 .1 -N I'ri n e . A : : . m 'iIiitio; h I .
! artt; N i v 1-.'iti t.r .-.. r in tr t
ot i.n.l at M irit-rnl f-i-.i. in 1,,-tT.i rr..T:.
!iin. imuriil-l ii.d iir-i-r:!.! i ..'.. w-. he:: -cilia
. tie:t:lii-k n-srM.t l.-.-ii i-ri-'li; .! -?--tiich
1." n.l 1 Ci-.n''r;a lr..n .- -nj-jr . .-"!." i.
3' 4 dere"-. oa: "JO .V. ec-r he to a c.f jn.l-;.-.-t'.tii'-e
-nth -i l; Orree. v e-t 11 M "-t.-: r. 1 .
a hem'ook: TT:ct,-e h r, .1 r -Tf ei- i4 1'-
ti I'j a it:: thrn't- . ni, , utr-...
IT.TJ ."T:. 10a p n ii. ir ui lu-ri .re-:
'her.re i'ir:; with s::-1 river n - n , ;.
res. me-: it r .ct. i t ..-:. tiie-.- - n 4
drare-i. te-t 1 4 1 t -reh ti fik..-r . t .re t..i
l"wu: II ilnt.-. in-, rij l.;i t -e--t.?. r-1
li!retf . we.t i - 1 1 e"- r to i.ite I ir .: ; . n--2-"
'ieie-e. t :t 1" 4 w oi'f?- t-. a !.-:-"-r,er-.h
-7 1 . -!-i:r. e. it-f 7 ;ir f, tawi:is
I'irrh: ti .'ce n-Tli . , ,)e,j-. . r. 3 ; e'- e
!'iiii,iei.i.ri.l n.-ii'-e ir:n iir-i,-.;
ea' l-." lert-rei t-. pla -e e: '.-r ir.uit. . a j ; u -
1-. ..-I. r.
!" :--i.tl
' - ;.-M-n
i - - .
Formerly of Carol"
nnetlnM r-
:- to r
iv . r f
i- 1" Kl IT I ' : -
i' . - i: I-.' : -
-e ---
t A -- -: ::.
l. r? i x : -
rOi; -- -
t 1.
1 V
J. Fi- 1 r. .. . .
AT "
anil ail sprn? rmnm -ni
p Phosphate
Olr. ,t from manuhtcturr to tarn.-r ik
atntKl 1...;.. 1 . .
" -iL' irn 11, r rariiwl lotH.
. Nfta-M1-e iiM niailM frv.
T0UK tlltJIKAL UkS lurk, Ta.
15 Jt 43 Walker St. Hf.Xf T0EK
musicau merchandisf:.
tlolini. Guitar-, Banjos.. Accordeons, Harmonl
cat. Ac, a kinds ot Strinos. etc . etc
Wanted-An Idea
trho ran think
of some Biiiiple
Protect . yoor 1dea: they may tirtK y,ni wealin.
Wrtle JOHN WtUDEkt.1 RS C . Patlrnt IVuS.
ua list oX two hundred iavtwitwus waaimi.
J4 ir'-r:r. and hivina th.rnti e-rr.! on- d'-ntee
at.d 1 .-a' ilnie 1 aixe Ifi.-itn! hnu-t-- u l ..in?
?nia:i itore r"Oi.
Wii tMlil inwti.nij or a a wh-le. t-, ru-par-hiern.
Ten per rest, t l jmri-.-ia-r in o.t t'i I e j ai !
when 11. e pr retT if strars d.wa: ,.ne-ti-i',i w: t-i
the stle 1 eni.noiKM tn th r ur' nn.l tl.ert--
mn.c-irr in hi nienT ii irf-iii .:.ce n : in a ti.-n ;
.e!erre 1 paj men" t.. tv e.-ore.l i-v -.'.iwl
no'e -r k it a: sue. won ni?p'e-t. at the u.n t I
thf a-:ar'. Ptir-n..r ai-.i t- t.xvv t:: rii.l
to par la luli n tletnerv l i1rel
J H.iiKKli.V.
A?:itnee ot .l.idn K .u .u.l w He.
JAMF- M. UALri;ivS. Att'.rner.
Julv il Ifi :i .
I - : 1!
at t..-
run 1
I art n.eii ;
It i
: -.1 i : I I
-.t. - .1
1; i
:l 1 l
I 1
.t r-'-wr- I'll-
r 5.x: -r-XX
.- v I
V : r-.. -
1 -- !.;(. ;
.!-! T.-- WTi A
Tl 1 - - 1
.1 . .
rteittre Frew
! il
4 '
I -
The Atlantic Refining Co., of
Pittsburg, Pa., make a specialty
of manufacturing for the domes
tic trade the finest brands of
Ilinminatins and Lnlirieatins Oilst
Naphtha and Gasoline
That can t
We challenge comparison with
every known product of petrol
eum. If you wish the
Most : Uiiircriiily : SatlsfactGiT : Oils
in the market ask for ours.
I-. t-iri
l' ; r:!ti'-:it. t !:rn..;l. . i
'erii ar.- -'4 .,-.,-4 1
1". ti ti-V ! x tt.'-i v.
il ,i:arv .. -: , : : r
S'.ate'Cai :tu! :. ! il.- v
'l'-X-. .
Till". pati:i iT . 1- .
portutii::- f .r -- 1 1 ' j :
a -e;ii!-j i i.j! i. . r.
s-fiei-i-i! a::, t.ti .;i i- --v
1 y 1 . i ) ! ' w iii ,,, 1
nut: ial !-i::e iijti!.-.
6 U-
.ltd I lear-
:-r i;i :.i'-
- . :' tr i- r
- . ::. Tl..-
re :' - i ;!..:
1 r.
l.eTf Ir
lr.- .t C-f-
t 're.---T: "
x '-..s : :
1 .rr.'.H
Th.. 1. x
t! I KK '
K ',
.e:,i!-- 0? fufh
; ! t - s.-i.t fri-':. now
by :iu:i i.ii.y, cti
DAILY. 1 Ti ry wi-.-'k i.iy r- iii.lt ::: tl.
Vt-.ir. e ; ;i j i .ir.
Wr.KKLV. Tt.e-i.iy
e,-k. ( i a year.
THF. DAILY i-s,,,. xx
until aft.-r tio- ,-f.
receipt of i hi.
THK WKMKI.Y vx ii!
until after I h- t-iit ii in.
r ere! ;.i of oiiits.
TUB PATUIoT i i!..
nied lllll III Pel !:-V U .1', u,
t;ira ami I'l.i i..ieit.!:ia.
word waiit coiumu.
Address, Till: pA1!:toI l'.ii!-AM.
1 1 x 1: 1: i -1. 1 I'l a.
U- :.t
t y t:i 1:
ill L
i t 1 ivilii-'li.'
rv. !-:.ie ,d IT.!
It tius u t-ii- a
tl-!'ic I y- IriTi .
N 1 .rx r-'
lir'.ii- c i- ri
iw),.m. ii:a
ocl-i.wi It
V. 1 1 7
Imporerif-.f and X-ho!-Je rValrn in aH kiaiaot"
fell. S13. fcT5. tI7 LUit -Ji Su. Kew York.
YriiFT.trl.f- "
uk 2uiy
lamarwn asf Wi" T. , 1 33
MiieiriL MERC"'
. . v v . v -rV .
Violins. Gwttars.
eat, c, an ?,?!!?..-
of J - '
on 1
ty hi
rd s ;
snii '
dleti '
" i
auJ 1
of A
10 ili
f,- t
t te!
on V
on "i
f o! Iv,
k: ,.
j c'-

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