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Great Lafcor Demonstration in
An Enthu-Sasltie Andlcnw ! Many Thou
a .tl- rrrwat-llh Speech In lart.
I silver I'arly otlfiou Meeting
Liiiroln Toolsht.
t'niCAKi. Sept. . Th cron rath-t-reii
at Sharjishoorer's .-.irk, the spot se
leetetl for t):e lal-ir pieuie, very slowly.
At ::. o'clix k a mighty shout v"-t up
in in tli- outskirts of the crowd and
there wan u Kfcat rush for the carriaire i
i i ui'i. d by Mr. Lryan. w hich had jut
tli- ti ..rrivtV. within the eudtwnre of the
l-.irli. Hundreds of jw-ople preM-d for
ward km, to shake -Vr. Uryaii by the
hand, and the passage of the carriage
t!irnni:h the rnil was snevhut elov?
il -.m--juoIit-e. lie finally rem-hitl the
rj :ik r s stand, w here he was r--ive
with JToionced applnu. Outhe stand
ir -etU.l Jild'e M. Vmnell. Judtft
innti and a LirKe number of repre
sentativt s of the trader unions of Clii
Cairo. At 2 :VJ Mr. Ilryau bei:;.ii his
r-.-ri, N-mi; intrmiui-ed by Edwan
t 'uroil!. pn-sideut ot the Building
Trade oiiim ll. in a brief und appro
priate adtiresM. Mr. Hryaii wtid :
I iV-ire to tlumk the 1 tiiililluK d
Tra.les miu il for this opjs.rtmilty which
ti, v h;ivV extended to me '. sjs-ak la-fore
tliw';.-.--iiiMi-d uu Ilmr ilnjr. Ijlsr day
ha-. tteeuiue a tii-d thin? aiimiiir our lnstl-tutinli-t,
and It is well that it has, t 1 1 so
n this day all over this nation those who
lire enajrsl iu the production of wealth
meet iu order that they may commune
with each other, discus ttmse questions
in which they areesMt ially Interested and
emphasize Iwfore the world f has t hero is
not'hinir dishonorable in tho ftict that one
earns tils bread in the sw-et of his fact'. I
am glad to stand on tlds day In tho pirs
cmviif those to whom this nation Is so
largely Indebted for all thatit has had, for
all that it has now and for all that it can
hoH-to have. Iam not indulging in idle
llaltery when I say to you that no part of
the people of the world SPuao importaut
to the welfare of mankind a those whose
laltorand brain convert natural resource
into material wealth. Applause. 1
1 miht quote to you what Mr. Carlisle
aid of these Ieople in 1STS. lit descrilied
tin-mas the struggling iiiiwu'S who pro
duce the wealth and par the taxes of the
country. He did not praise them too
highly. The struggling masses not only
produce the wealth and pay tho taxes of
the country in time of pence, but the
struggling "masses have ever Ix-eti and
must ever he the nntlon'ssurest protection
in time of peril. Applause ana a voice:
Good boy, Willie.'!
Let me quote you what another Ameri
can has said. In speaking of capital and
litltor Abraham Lincoln, in a message to
t'ongress, used these words; "Monarchy
itself is sometimes hinted at as a possible
r fuge from the power of the jvooplo. Iu
lay present position I could scarcely lie
.untitled were I to omit to raise a warning
voice against tlds approach of n-tiirnliig
lcsMti-m. It is not neethtl nor Jltting
here that a general argument should Ik
made in f.tvir of public Institutions; but
there is one point with its point not no
hackneyed as mist others, to w hich 1 ask
bru t attention. It is the effort to Jil.ui
nmital on an equal footing with. If Hot
iiln.xe lalar. In the structure of govern
incut. It Is assumed that Inltor Is arail-af-le
nlv tn connection with m1tal; tluit
uolnslv I.i't- unl's s.nnel1r l com
m.iiiiling cil'ltal imeh'w by the u-e f
ti itiduts- him to latsir." And tli-n In
ndil: l-iil-.r l on- .r to and lnd.-.-udenl
f capital I'apitalis only the fruit of
latMtr. anl cuid never have existed If
l.i(ir IumI not tirt eil-teil. ApplikiiM,
L-tI-t i t he oiiperior of i-aplil and d
s nis iiiileh higher entderatlon "
The nre the Wi-nl-of ,lrahaiu Lin
coln 1 1 y an- not intended to iu' al.t
iii.lTT g-ont c.ii Iut they t. it
great truth th-t l always to rrmnn
l-ritl th it (npital l ' ut the fruit of lalior,
and von cannot destroy lrt.r without tie
stn-ying the MNsiblilty of futur- capiU.
:App.U-.-. :
Ami tin- o'liiiimn Mple are the only
tN-otlc wtn have t-er ti-tird gladlr aiir
i-rvn w tio pD-iu hed humanity and equal
right-, i Appiau-e. I I do not mean to
Mir that then- an- nociceptions to the
trciicr-tl rule. Ther- liave alwavrt b--u
ound among the richer class thosv who
w ,n tiltetl with thcsniritof fhllaiit hrolir :
there hac alwars ls-n found among Uiem
tliose who wen- willing to stx-nd their
liv-s in th- uplifting of their fellows; but
i am siM-.tking of the rule that reforms! do
jiot come from and an not supjort-d by
I iioc v no c-Jiisiui-r i nemeives imeu aoovc
the common M-'ple. A voice, 'That
right."" Xordo I mean that you have
le ver found among the common people
thoe who would iietmy tnetr I-ltows
Then- an thre" forms of government
l-t known among men. Then is tin
liionan-hv. when! a king rules bv right di
vine; there Is the aristocracy, where a few
control, and then- is the Democracy, which
means the real people themselves. Why
is it that the stn-ngth of Democracy I do
not use It in a jkh ty sense, but In a nr wider
ens- why Is it tliat the strength of Deiu-iH-nu-y
has always Urn found among tho
rirmmnn pciiplr; hy!" hv it Is simple
enough. If a man has high position or
great wealth he may Is able to stand tMid
keep on the gool side of the king. If he
has great, inlluciicu he mav lie one of the
ruling classi-s in an arlsto-ra-y. But you
tire not willing to leave any form of giv
rrnment to your children except a Dem
iH-racv in which i-su-h citizen Is protected
In the enjoyment of life and liberty and
the pursuit or Happiness. I Applause.
The great common tn-oplo believe in I
llem.x-ratic form of government, 1kcuuso
It Is only In a Deniocnitto form of govern
ment that they are ablo to protect their
rights and advance their Interests so far as
government can advance human Intwsta.
l-t me dwell for a moment upon the ob-ji--t
of government.
Our government is the bi-st form of gov
ernment known among men. t)ur go-A
ernment is the best form of government
know n among men not liecauso every law
Is gsl, not liecause wo have upon thi
statute iKxiks every law needed to protect
each citizen in the enjoyment of his lights.
Our government Is the best form of gov
ernment known among men tecaiwo It Is
possible under our form of government to
have just as good a government as the
people deserve. Ours Is tho best form lie
cause it is iiosslble for the people to make
it n-ili-ct the best intelligence, tho highest
virture and the broadest patriotism of all
the js-ople.
lA-t me warn you against confusing
government with the abuse or govern
luent. Andrew Jackson said that there
were no necessary ills in government;
that its evils existed only In its abuses.
Let mo dwell for a moment upon the
object of government. In this land it is
our lioast that our government derives ita
just power from the consent of th gov
erned. What kind of government will
people? consent to when they are fife to
consent. There are two things to be con
sidered In government. The first is that
In the enactment of legislation you Shall
be careful to give no advantage to one
person over another If that advantago can
be prevented. In ot"ter words, it in the
duty of government to avoid acts of
ailirmatlve injustice; but that is only part
of the business of government. Juilcrson
has stated the other half of it. fie says
tliat government must restrain men
from injuring one another. That is one
of the importaut duties of government, to
rest mi n men frem injuring one another,
and the government that falls to restrain
the stronger arm that can be lifted from
injuring the weakest citizen lv-all the
land is a government which fulls to do its
whole duty. Applause.
My friends, if you Und a largo number
of men out of employment you have a
right to inquire whether idlencus is In
flicted uMn the human race by rat und
laws, by the act of the I'n-ntor, or whether
it is due to legislation which is wrong. If
it is due to legislation which is Wrong,
then it is not only your right, hut your
duty to change that legislation. Ap
jilause.J The greatest menace to the em
ployed lalxm-r today is the increasing
army of the unemployed. It menaces
every man who holds "a position, and if
that army continues to increase it is only
a question of time when those who are, ns
you may say, upon the ragged edge shall
leave the ranks of the employed and Join
those who are out of work. Applause.
My friends, I am one of those who bo.
lievethatif you increase the amount of
idleness, if you increase the numlier of
those who mot work and yet must eat,
you will drive men to desperation and in-en-use
the ranks of criminals out of those
who would be earning bread under better
conditions. Applause.)
Whenever a man offers you pay for you
vote ho insults your manhood, and "you
ought to have no respect f'jr tho man who
tries to do it Applause And the man
IT ho instead of Lusulting .your manhood
by"an olTer of purchase ntteiiipts to 111
timiilaWTju, crww you. insults! your
citizenship as v.-U as your manhood. .Aii
plaus'. 1 '
LoSwie- leave with yoa just one part in jr
v5M. Whatever limy be your vii ffs on
vulltlctal vju.-stionJ. wlmt.-vt-r may lie your
ide.is as Withe policies prviett-jd. iroiti tunc
to time by various ii.rli.-s, let lue isrjreyt.u
to m.ifce it your liig.ie.t ambition to provo
TourlviK v,.rthv i.f thai nTfi.t.-st of all
Lames tin American citizen. .Air.Ui.e.J
Sliver Party Not Wiearlirn ToniRht.
Lincoln. Neb., Sept. .15 Hon. V. J.
Eryan has arrive here, and will h
fofmallv no-itied by the national silver
party of hLs presidential nomination to
nifrht. and the formal lu.tirieation will
probably kike placa iu front of the
state bouse.
Tii Ketnrna Coming Vry lo1y Ho
Littk Rxk, Sept. J. Conservative
estimates based on partial returns re
ceived now place trie tot;u vote ar i .
oho, ani cive Jones a clemr majority
over all opposition conitiiuc-d f from
6O.0OO to tW.tHnk. The figures are com
ing in slow, and uianr enthusiastic
Democrats claim tbat when the lack
counties are all in Jones' majority w ill
run aoove "..
Mauv countl'-s iu Arkansas nave no
WjWrapu office, and it w ill be sever.il
JPft before the oUioial rotarns are all
iu. Tho unusual length of the ticket
in io the process of counting very slow.
Loc-4 optiou contests served to bring
oui a heavy vote in many districts. In
l'ulaski couuty the iucrea.se iu the total
vote cast was nearly 80 per cent over
fhat of two years ago. and correspond
inir Increases are reported from many
tt her counties.
It was a verv quiet election. nis-
turbauces of any Und have been re
ported, and only a fey arrests were
made. The Bepubllcai and Populists
are making uo claims, but are awaiting
offloial returns. Local tickets are Hi
doubt iu a few counties, but in most
en.eu th nnlv nnestiau is as to the size
-' ---v j L
of the Democratic majority.
rrlra fans Fleolor New
Italic to He Uraftnd.
Grand RaPiDS. Mich., Sept. 9, The
first business seesio of the Lettercar
riers' couveution has beeu held. The
president reported 05 votes iu the cou
veutiou, 420 delegates actually present.
118 branob.es represented by proxy and
officers with 87 votes. Two contests, in
volving Brooklyn aud Pittsburg, were
nettled amicably by withdrawal of
Brooklyn, Some warmth was shown
relative to the rules, tb second class
cities dWring less powW given to the
John (Joodwin of Branch 15. B. J.
Curtis of Lynn, and John Parsons of
J ew York, were appointed a committee
to draft new rules. At he caucus of
second class city delegates resolutions
favoring a tenure of oinee bill giving
security in position during good behav
ior was adopted, and V. ft. Hasbrouck
of Corry, Pa., was directed to bring the
matter before the general convention.
Willlaiu B. King of Washington made
au address iu relatlou to claims for
overtime. New Orleans presented Grand
Rapid with a handsome standard in
recognition of hospitaiitb'B tendered.
Kim rmaoa HUM mU hy FalMng- Uvrr
mn litwnknifiil..
ARsw, Ind.. Sept. tt. A frightful
aeideut hi oiiurred to a couching
party tf young ieole which etarted
ut from this ctty. When atxut five
mlW north of this city the hordes took
fright at Mme object in the road. They
tnu-kHl tlm mar wheels of the t.dlyh
over an embankaient, aud th ix-op'e .
horse and vehicle were rolled dowu a
hillaida la a tuaujfled and bloody mass.
Six persons w ore killed. Their names
are as Tol'.ows : James Pritzhugh, Frank
Metieh-r. Mary Cumllffe, Francis Conn,
Ague Levest, Edward Siuythc. The
iujured : James Ilolloway. fructuretl
skull; May Morrill, broken til. Frawk
lKnahtie, driver, internal iujurles ;
Victor Brie. broken leg.
The remainder of the narty escaped
with more or less painful bruises. Que
of the horses was killed in the fall.
The remainder had to bo shot.
Itubll Ml Ticket Wou by 30.00
Whitp. River JrxcTiox.Vt., Sept. a
.Toslah Gi out for governor and t he Re
publican state ticket are probably
elected by 3u,(XM majority, the lurges:
ever giveu a governor in this state.
H Henry Powars ami William M
troni tor congress are elected as are
tnajorltit.-a in the state senate and house
Practically the full Republican vote
was fcust. On the other hand t)ie lack
of wganlzat io in the Democratic
ranks was very apparent.
Many Democrats who clo not endorse
the platform of the Chicago convention
remained away from the polls while th
mor dissatisfied one, voted for the lie
publican ticket.
The Populist and Prohibition vote
was pmcticaily the same ua four year
o. .
The Typothetae In Reunion.
Rochester. N. Y., Sept. !). The
United Typothetae of America kas be
gun its tenth annual convention here.
About 2tK delegates are iu attendance
from all parts of the country, the south
being largely represented. Strong reso
lutions hJrVe been introduced regarding
the government's printing of return en
velopes. The election of officers will
take place to-morrow, the last day of
the convention.
Bradley For Three Speech.
Chicago, Sept. 9. Chairman Ilahn
of the Republican rational committee
announced to-day that Governor Brad
ley of Kentucky will de'iver three
speeches in Missouri during the week
eorameucliig Sept. 14. It has not been
decided In what cities.
Lit d n't Know It Wat Loaded. STii
Lancaster, Pa., Sept. it. Harry
Bneghurst,, a conductor on the traetioi
line here, handed John Wilmer, a col
lege student, a revolver supposed to b
not loaded. Wilmer pulled the trigger
and the bullet entered Bringhurst'f
1'opullnts Cry For Cash.
WHiorox, Sept B. Chairman
Marifti Butler of the National People's
party committee issued a lengthy lett t
to the people for funds.
Senator Voorlu-es is very ill. Ills friends
fear ho will be unable to tnke part in the
Knormous shipments of sugar are on
fhe way to Philadelphia from tho East
Indies, Honolulu and Hamburg.
The body of Professor naevewilck, who
committed suicide in Italtlmore, was
brought to Philadelphia for burial.
Sew-all Killnm, father of the late Ber
nard Glllam, the cartoonist, lias died at
his home at Mount Vernon, N. Y.
Several heads of prominent bureaus of
the government uri expected to present
their resignations to Cleveland in a few
days at the president's request.
A Bcrlly dispatch says thut Herr Kmpp,
the inui manufacturer, has dismissed all
fonrlgn workmen and otlicials from his
employ on the ground ot betrayal of s
crets to foreign governments.
The officers of the steamer Seneca from
Havana, which has orrived at New York,
declined to make any statement concern
ing the arrest of Samuel T. Tolou bv the
Spanish authorities beyond the fact tliat
his passport was not correct.
At Gleneoe. Minn., Dorntan Musgrove
nd Charles Clingmars paid the penalty
for murdering Sheriff Rogers. A de
termined mob of luo men took them frem
the county jail, dragged them to a bridge
half a mile from town, tied hempen rope,
tightly around their neck and swung
them into Lernity.
Man Accised of Rifling Law
yers Mail Arrested.
r.'illiara Ureer. fierk of (irnlre
lhiroasli. In Jail liarerd M Itli Car
rying on a Systematic Work of 1 heft
and uiuillin.
Pittshi'ko. Sept. !. A sensational
arrest has been made by Superintend
ent G. B. Perkins of th Perkins' Union
Detective nireiiy, and Constable Morris.
They took into custody William Breez,
a young civil engineer and clerk of
Lireentree Ixnough, who was later
lodf -d in jail in default of jSo.ihk) bail
on chan s of forgery.
Bn-cz is supposed to le the man who
has made life wearisome for a large
number of local attorneys during- the
last two years, through stealing letters
fmm their ortlces and obtaining there
from checks, whose signatures lie after
wards imitated. Detective Perkins
thinks lie may have cleared $10,000 in
his operations.
It is possible he had accomplices and
other i;rrests may follow.
For months there have been a num
ber of mysterious thefts of letters in
law omees on Diomond and Grant
streets. Fourth avenue and other points
where the legal colony is mo.:t closely
grouped. The thefts were annoying
and embarrassing, as many of them
conrained checks of great value, some
ranging up to nearly 0O. The puz
zling manner in which they disappeared
iu liowise helped to assuage the annoy
ance. ' The police, who were notified of the
losses, thought tliat the solution of the
trouble lay in the postollice, their
thory being that dishonest employes
were responsible for the losses. United
States government detectives, who
were put on the case, believed that
street mail boxes were entered. Many
complaints were made from time to
time to Postmaster 0"Donueil and In
spector Hooteii, but it was liiijiossible
for a long time to get at the Inittom of
the mystery.
One of the most sensational thefts
was that of some mail from ex-Judge
Brediu's office some months ago, when,
among other letters taken, was one con
taining a draft for Kit), which was
subsequently returned to Judge Brcdin.
the puiloiner evidently being of the
opinion tliat the attempt to realize on it
would involve too much risk, and
further that it was of such an amount
as would justify a keen search for the
A large numlier of letters, as devel
opments dt-moii-t rated, were slo'.eu
from lawyers' ollices. which seems to
have lat-u aliuo-t exclusively the chosen
field of ojierations of tile sllek operator.
A numlT of banks l-caiue involved in
the ojx-ratioii through cashing the ex
tremely cleverly forged checks which
were foisted ou tlioiu. Alrf-Ut seven
months ago a tmld attempt was made to
soenre fmm the C tnii.en-i.il National
bank the money e on a check for over
The cheek was ind'T-cl by Attorney
K. B. PetfV. whose signature followed
that of tin- f-rsoll to wle-m It Was mude
payable. The heck Was II. tended by
Attorney Petty to p:iv a luml r bill iu
au eatern town. This check was pre
sented uf the hank, hut Tuiyment on it
was refused until Mr. Petty could 1'
communicaied with, us there was obvi
ously something wrong uhout it. Iater
one of the bank omcors was called to
the telephone and informed that the
clp-ck was all right and that the man
who was t;-ikit)g to him was Mr. Petty.
The ofliiial was familiar with Mr.
Pettv's voice, and untliinkinglv called
back that the voice was not Mr. Pettv's
wherenixm the man at the of her end of
the line h-ft the phone and made his
UUtntHru Committee Kenorta and
I'Hssrs HftfolutWili.
EnixnruuH, Sept. it. The congress of
:he British trade enions to-day dis-
russed the report of the parliamentary
committee, which opjKises furthi-r jar
ticipation in international congresses.
Finally the delegates adopted lien Til-
Vet's motion to the eff-cf that all future
International congresses should le con
stituted of representatives of loiia fide
labor organizations, :. ; that Jhe ilele-
satvs should L-e iletr-riiiined on ilie Hues
of those attending the British trades
anions congress. The delegates voted
to exclude the reporter of all non
union paiiers. "
Counsellor W. Thome, a memlr of
the parliamentary committee and a del
egate of the Gas Workers' union, moved
and the congress adopted a resolution
declaring for the limitation of the work
day to eight hours iu all traues aud oc
K. Harford, a delegate of the Amal
gamated Railway servants, moved a
resolution calling for au amendment of
the employers' liability act, particularly
m regard to the resp-nsibility of sul-
coutractors. for the extension or period
of notice und the removal of the maxi
mum limit or compensation. -
The congress also adopted a motion
favoring bills to amend the law of con
spiracy and the law regaling breeches
of the peace, and resolution in favor of
a number of amendments to the factory
Lost Control of Wrecking
aud Two Were Killed.
Clinton, Mo..' Sept. U. The trestle
across Tow:, creek, on the Kansas City,
Osceola and Southern railway, has
been burned. A farmer went to the
roundhouse not a mile away, to notify
the company of the fire, and an engine
and six men started to put out the
Within a few hundred yards of the
burning trestle the engineer lost con
trol of the engine aud dashed into the
fire, and went down with the trestle,
falling 2o feet to the ground, and was
totally wrecked. Four of the men had
jumped off. The engineer and fireman
staved on the engine and were killed.
The engineer, Kdward Smith, leaves a
wife and four children. Richard Bar
ter, the fireman, leaves a widow and
five children.
Wade Hamilton Has Returned From
His Tonr of I nnprt-t ion.
WasIiinutov, D. C. Sept. 9. Gen
eral Wade Hampton, the commissioner
of railroads, has completed his annual
tour of inspection of the land-grant
railroads in the far west, and
turn to Washington the latter part of
the week.
.The results of the trin he savs are
satisfactorv. and his rennrt. vrill d.ntr
that the books of the roads indicated
a material improvement this year.
The inspection t ip covered several
months. Between 8,000 and 9,000 miles
01 railroad were traversecL
Ticked 1 p AU Hand.
London. Sent. 9. The KethM-ianu
and Amercan line steamship Spaarn
dam, Captain lionjar, has passed the
Lizard, and signalled that they have
picked up all hands of the British bark
Perfection, Captain Loonier, which
sailed from Quebec on Ar.g. 1 7 for Rio
Janeiro, and whic h had been destroyed
by fire at sea.
To Consider Freight Kntea.
Ciiicaoo, Sept. . -Tlie lines of the
Western Froight association are in ses
sion to consider the question of the de
moralize ion iu rates that exist in their
territa.v- -
Interstate C mnierce Commlmlon Will
- lake I Railroad Casea.
Washington. Sept. 8. A series of
important investigations of charges
against railroad throughout the weft
will be made by the interstate wni
ruerce commission, beginning at Chi
cago, in the United States court house,
Sept. 17. Many of these cases are of
great significance to railroads and ship
ping interests generally. One of the
most imjiortiiiit is that of Paine Bros.
& Co., of Milwaukee, vs. the Lehigh
Valley railroad et al. The hearing of
this case will le on charges of reason
able rates on wheat, corn, rye and liar
ley in cargo from Buffalo to Philadel
phia, New York and other points. The
Paine company form the lake shippers
of these cargoes. They will be heard
at Chicago Sept. 17. The dates of other
heal ings iodow :
t I '.liie.nm. Sent. 1H. S. B. Iloira-
boom of Creston, la., vs. the Chicago.
. . - I
Burlington v tuiucy ruurouu. involv
ing alleged excessive rates on hard coal
iu carloads from Chicago and Streator,
IU., to Creston, la. Suffern, Hunt &
Ca., Decatenr, 111., vs. Indiana, Decatur
Ar Western railroad, involving alleged
exclusive rates on corn in carloads be
tween Gai ret ts and Cumargo, iil, ana
Indianapolis, and alleged overcharges
for shipping shelled corn from Lintner,
IIL, to Cincinnati. The commission
also will investigate on Sept. 21 alleged
unlawful rates aud practices in the
transportation of grain and grain prod-
nets by the Acnisou, AopeKu oc oama
Fe and others, to be adjourned for
further hearing at Kansas City Sept. 24.
A Memlierof the Iterlng s- commlHitlon
Oivrs His V ir Ms.
San Franc isco, Sept. 8. C. II. Town-
send of the United States fish commis
sion and temporarily of the Bering seal
commission, iu an interview expressed
the opinion that the seal herd in north
ern waters is beipg rapidly extcnniT
uated and the sealing industry ruined
by the unrestricted pelugic sealing now
indulged in by a large fleet of schooners.
He maintains that tliree-lonrtns ot all
the seals killed iu the open ocean are fe
males, and that thousands of pup are
dying on the Pnbylof Island rookenes-
on that account, vm tne jujkiu coast
the conditions are even worse, and he
thinks that sealing in that section wii.
never ugain be profitable unless the
seals are given several years of perfect
Kreelver for a Street Hallway.
Ft. Wavnk, Iii.L. Sept. 9. The Con
solidated Electric railway company of
this city has jiassed into the bauds of a
receiver. John II. Bass and il. S. ltob-
k-on were appointed by the court ou the
motion or at'orneys for rrank De I lass
Robisou of Cleveland. It is alleged that
the appointment of a receiver was made
neci-ssary by the fact thut a runner
president of the comioiuy diverted 1,-
500,000 of bonds to his own use, which
were to be useu a collateral wi uri.
for that pnrTot'. The company is cap
italized at f -.tJtiO.tXiU.
F.teni.u ot the Railroad War.
W'ashinutov. Sept. M. There was n
significant extension of the railroad
rate war in the south when two or more
roads made schedules of new tarih"
freight rates to conform to those of the
ScaNiard Air line. The Atlantic ('-oast
lr.ie and the Norfolk and Western fihti
formal notices with the interstate com
mence commission. The coast line
new tariff is from Richmond and Pe
tersburg and the Norfolk and Western
from Roanoke.
A t-rearnt For Hoke .smith.
Atlanta, Oa., Sept. . E-S-cretary
Hoke Smith has been the recipient of a
hauosome Drescut from his assistants in
the department of interior at Washing
tou. The token of remembrance was a
magnificent punch howl and ladle. It
is of figured silver, lined with gold, and
on the outside these words are en
graved: "To Hon. Hoke Smith, from
his mends in the department of the in
terior, Washington."
Red 31 en In Sensiou.
Minneapolis, Sept. . Tho great sun
council of the Improved Order of Red
Men began its sessions here. There
are some i00 Red Men in the city.
Great Inc-ohuee Andrew Patton of Dan-
vers, Mass., made his "long talk" re
viewing the work of the year and com
mending the handsome growth of the
Raseball Magnate Married.
Lrie, Pa., f-ept. !. t'Uns on Der
Ahe, the millionaire president of the
St. Louis baseball team of the National
League, has been married at the home
of Mr. Julius Koenig. one of Erie's
most promi: mt jewelers. His bride is
a young woman of iiO years named Miss
Delia hi. V ells and resides in St. Louis.
Tonr of Innpection.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 9. Gen
eral Miles lias started on his tour of in
spection of the araiy posts in the north
west. He stops first at Chicago and
goes thence to Fort Custer and as far
west as luget Sound, where he will
pass upon the sites for seacoast fortifi
cations selected by the fortifications
board, of which he is president.
PlTTSBl'RO, Sept. 8,
WHEAT No. 1 old red, K?!.T0c; Xo. 2 red.
CORN No. 2 yellow ear, 2'.j'?-T"c; Xo. 8
stielleu. Llft-.TH--: high mixed shelled, Stikft
ic: nuxeil ear. :scU3c.
OATS Xo. 1 white. 2.Vti-.Ue: X0. 2 do. 24U
3?-V: eitraXo.3 hite,24aatc; liBht mixed.
HAY No. 1 timothv, Sll.iWll..Vt: No. 2.
?s.oia..-il!: pi.cktng, $A."aift,7.nM; No. 1 feeding
prairie, $7.5U..li; wagon hay, 14.l04i,15.U'
lor timothv.
1JUTTKR Fltrin prints, lHtrttaip: do cream
ery, lStfUiic; Ohio, fancy creamery. l.jbMAc:
fancy country roll, 14&1.V; low grade and
ciM.kinir. tKf?ti(-.
f'HEESE-Fancy New York full cream.
kitsc: new Ohios. full cream. TMTrTUjc:
Wisconsin Swiss, in tubs, 1ii.12c: litntmrirei.
new. Tjwtsc; Ohio Swiss, In tul. 11c; Swiss lu
square iiocK, liie.
tiii.s strictly fresh Pennsylvania and
Ohio, in cases. 1.VTM5W-: seconds. 12ritl:ic.
I'OL'LTIiY Ijirye live chickens. 7uri.7.V per
pair; live nuijKens. smull. iKiAic: snrintr
chickens. 20ftini per pair; dressed chickens.
12WU jier pound; dressed spring chickens.
PiTTsnrno, Sept. 8.
CATTLK Iteceipts on Monday, IV. cars
market was active at an advance of 10 to 1
on all grades. Kereipta today light; market
sieauy. v e qume: t'rlme, Si.7iXi.4.,:t
giMsl, $4,4114.(30; tidy. H.HKiSZ: goo.1 liuch
ers. $:i.S"rtr l.lu; fair, $:1.7(Vrt4.on: conunon. $ t.t
ft:i.5o; bulls, stags and cows. f2.iiffi:i.3e
bologna cows, per head. fo.oi7c.lo.lMi; fresh
cows and springers. $l"i.KJr4'l.(l.
HOfiS Heceipts on Monday, 20 double-deck
itus. ninrsei. was active ana lixrtl.ic hlghci
than clone of the week; the run light todar
market shade higher. We quote; Prime
light and mediums. Ki.7rrr.l.Hi: enmr..n
fair. :.rtoa3.70; heavy, $XSi(&3.ai; rough
SHEEP A!7D LAMBS Supply on Monday
' eitrT ninrKoi active ana 10 to Kic hlirl
than the close of the week. Receipts today
light; market steady. We quote as follows:
i-rinie. e-.K!Vi.ti"; good. i.St&3.aii; fair. $2
Ci3Si: eommon. St!-(W2 .Ml- . i.ll aiin
Lambs Choice, $4,511(0.75; common to go
i am oa. n.wM.zt; veal calves. 5.an&o
neavy sua una calves, f i.i&3.50.
ClwrrsitATI. Sept. 8.
HctOS Market active and higher at $2.Sll
f?..4.i. Keceipts, t.WM head; shipments, 1,WU
CATTLE Market steady at $2.24.30. Re
ceipts, l.MW heail; shipments, oun bead.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Market firm at $1.50
&UU. lte-eiits. 1.7WI bead; shipments, l,a
head. ' Lambs Market strong at $2.ao4j,.3n.
New York, Sept. 8.
WIIEAT S;iot market opened weak, closed
steady: No. 1 hard, HTVfcC.
COKX Spot market easier: No. 2. 25-4c.
OATs spot market dull; No. 2, IMo.
CATTLE No trading. European cables
quote American steers at Hnillc per pound
drea-wd weight: refrigerator beef. Tltfl&e;
sheep at fcluc par pound dressed weight.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Market dull but
tlnu feeling rJl around. Sheep. S2.6uaa.TS.
Lambs. $3.Hi-..O0.
HOUS-Maxket firm at $3.0044.00.
ZH-. UiUm JTedleat Co.. Xlkhart, Ttut.
Dbar Pis: For 20 years I u troubled with
bean dineae.
Would frequenily have falling
r nave uui
Had to sit ui
gpelm and smothering at uusbi.
leniis at nixbi. tiaa to ut ud ot
grt out of bed to breathe. Had pain in my left
tide and back mort of the time; at lavt I became
dropsical. I was very nervous and nearly worn
out. the least excitement would cause me to
faint. I wm
with fluttering. For the last fifteen years I could
not sleep on my left side or back until began taking
your n HtMtrt Cure. I bad not taken it very
lung untd I felt much better, and I can now sleep
on either side or back without the least discom
fort. I have no pain, smothering, dropcy. no wind
on stomach or other disagreeable symptoms. I am
atile to do all my own housework without any
trouble and consider myself cured.
Elkhart, Ind.. Mas. EijfiaA Hatch.
It is now four years since I have taken anj
medicine. Am in better hcultb than I have bees
tn 40 years. I honestly l-a- a a
lieve that Dr. 3HUo JVeto Tl IRPG
Urart CWa saved my life W
nd made me a well woman. I am now 62 yean
of ape, and am able to do a good day's work.
May 29th, 152. Mas. E1.W1U HaTCH.
Sold on a Positive Guarantee,
Dr. WALES' PILLS. 50 Doses 25 Cts.
AL. JvttAMUA. M. J. IS lC'K. A. H.bUK.
&8TABI.I8HBD 187U.
Johnston, Buck & Co.,
A. W. Ill 4 H, Casblrr.
Carrolltown Bank,
SIIAKHAIdll, ashler.
T. A
General Banting Business Transacted.
The lollowtiuc are tna principal fetu;S ol
K0Dsr.1l tLKlQr hUSlBCKS :
i:i!si th
!ecetve! iTt.le on Imand . and tntereit heat
tnic eerUOcates Usued t time loiKMltors.
f vtemled tv rnnromer on taroraMe tatnis anr
Simetl pa-er d I mounted at all times.
MkIiIb tha legality ana anon all thebanktm.
It. wan In the rollt states. I'barKa noOerate
lsnJ nmrntlsMe tn all ru of the t'nttac
s't- :! lorcUD czrhanK ixoad ob ill part
01 r.nroi e.
( t nl T
Ml merrhaats. tirmeni snd ott ers solicited. t
hra rrainal'l areniaifsilnn Will t extenll.
I'atrnu ars ii'arnl that ail trsosactlons rhall
l belj a trlrilT pilvatraDi! -Dh Jntlsl, and
tnst ttiey win i e treaiel as linerally as kooc
raosinit luies win peraiu
jiilyttniiy ,
is stamped in the best watch
cases made. It is the trade
mark of the Keyslo?ie Watch
Case Company, of Philadelphia,
the oldest, largest and best-
known factory in the world
1500 employees, capacity 2000
cases daily. Its' products are
sold by all jewelers. It makes
the celebrated yas. Boss Pilled
Watch Cases, now fitted with
the only bow (ring) which can
not be pulled off the case the
11 a rccidi imnn 10 t:r.--.iics mn who, Imvinij
lrill--t u:i,-iiM !rm.!y into 1 he drink habit and
twaKcn liinl t;ic li.-c:ii-..f nii-dlii.iism l'atciicd
ii 11 .iicni. n-nilcnnir litem iiuia ii hiO'ihu-c itf-
H-rt r.-.: : a t l.-nr brain. A fjur wci ki
ourc or treatment at Hie
Xo. 4JI6 fifth Aventte,
-cstr.rps to them all their power, mental ani
hy-iical, tleinys the at iiorniiil ainet!l:, Hil.l
v.-iort-. tnein in tne comtitioii lln-v were in lc-
'.ce tiiey iimulin.' 1 in stimulants. This has Im-ii
itiiic u ini.ri: l.iiiu l i treated here, ami
uiitii t!:e: i n-mc or your own neighbors, to
lm-!t ie un refer wi"ih conti.i. m-e us to the
h-o'.tite .f ty i-nicienrv of the kct-lev "nre.
lie i-iiiesl aiitl most senrchuit; lnvetitfHtjiin is
vi!. - i . ti;uit lot iuni.aiLt ttvuis lull mionaa-
auic 2 04.
fctitl all pprins cmi will
'! 1$ "n"K u-'lt,'r
aiitl -ivltl fur uuiff. if you
Kinent lertl!!::er for all kinds of soil.
I'irr-ct fmm luannfucturer to farmer (110
aticiiis). s.ecml prs-es for eurloa.l tuts
N-w price list mailed free.
T0RK tllkJIUAL ItOlikS, lork, Ta.
t usniriK trugt
wi m sbbi wrhty men to 1
t iu iiivnie 01 uur ;noice eJnrierr
Sioek. Speeiaities cootrolieo li us. HUtiet
S tliirr or t'omuiision pl J teeslV. Stea3y em
ploTtnent theyesr roond. Oatnt'lree: exriuKlve
territory: expe lenee not necessary: hi iy an.
ruiu woiams. wimii inoureinents to liFKtnners.
n me ni uor- itir psniruiard to
N. V.
Jnly 31. t 5m.
- lapsmnasaWkokasuiDnlmis stlkbubot
Violin. 6uitars. Banjos. Aecordeen. Harmoal
cas, Ac, all kind of Strings, etc, etc.
811.813.bl5.8l7 liastlltliSt..NewYoraV
fnre tract i f ieoh1 trarden lantl In Southeast
ern lori,U A(LMS WANl EUJUrr-oiUoni.
morn in tr Iti
JOHN JFm STRATTOl".1 be 8enJ
le sent frti
onlW r
lasartMafaad ffUliDalmail1t tiii
llolins. CuiUrs Banjos. Mandoline- It Las a oitP
Harmonicas. Ac. all kinds of Sfe' j?lr .
Ml. 813. 815. 817,i;ast-ARIOT
j llAiiKiBiKa,NewYork.
Vous Fsoe
Will be wreathed with a most engaging
smile, after you Invest In a
The most complete and useful devices ever -added
to any sewing machine.
The WHITE is
Durably and Handsomely Built,
Of Fine Finish and Perfect Adjustment,
Sews ALL Sewable Articles,
And will serve and please you up to the full
limit of your expectations.
Active Dealers Wanted in tin occu
pied territory. Liberal terms. Address,
VurSnlr ty J. W. Sll IK BA Villi. VnrrolllnfJ
do 1 3 em
A Quick Pecicr ro event tyfc or
Fcur Cakdinal Points Rcspcctimo
TLf rv-r f .t that all
' hc.vt-at are c vn
t atly nrr-ftitH. :vjui-t-Iig
ihe firrvr you tp
the heaJach.
Every We.achr K a
rkyer l lh cran
ial lirr--S I' T lifcsT.
Soothe them Mh Korr-
Should y"
houM your heartache
Whn chililrrn uiit.
with heait"hf, ur
any one rte tr that
mutter, use Kothlimi.
tiic let rrmet.lv ever 4
r rrj. Sai-. ure. won-(if-ttully
quh.k ii anion.
OU, M' k. T--
notiic. !yfx"iti4". rr rr
Caused by worry, anxi
ety . rmCKSse cf anv Lin. I
or trruin wnrtncM, use
fcloi r ALtNt cure nrcv tyj ff heaLrhe. espec
ially that tiitre.sirii:ly p.ktnlu! type peculiai to
U'lir lufTrnnc fr-m irreitulanty or utertue irri
tation, or whoe tin tie require them to tUntl lor
1 0114; cri"Hi.
OiOttTiVI A.ktftUT,
WtK ClOUkTiOi,
ailments anil coutiitioit u hrre nerve wate not on
Is invaluable fcr Teachers. Scholars. Treacher
Stutlmts, Merrhatits, rUlitors. Men, Women
and Children. Everybody whose nerves re
at all likely to pet out 4 orl-r.
It is atoutely ae under all circumstances and
conditions. Price, 25 cents.
Sold by Uruckiisi generally, or sent to any d
drcs ou receipt cf price.
Soli Fromiitoms.
eALTiMone, Mo U. S. A
B'xk ITeadache and rolievealt tho trrmblws tncf
clniit to a bilious suite of tbe syscetn. suoh aa
Iiizzlnesa, Kansca. DrmrstuoKS. Distrros after
eatiuK. I ain In tue hiilu, ka. Wlula tUeirnioat
reuiarkanlo success has been shorn in curing
Headache, yet Carter's Iitito Liver FTTlfl mtm
C'tualty valnatlo in Constiatiou. curing sutl pro
vntiuR thinannoTir.ceouplaiiit Lilu tiie;alsa
correct a!I ilisorJersof thestonuu-btuniutato tha
liver and rugulata Uio bowols. vcn if they only
curea n
Acltalhny Tronld bo almost vtriceloesto thoswb
aulf.T from tiisIi..t!-M!.'itn;comiii.iint; butforto.
liatelv tbeirpoo!iif.wttoes notoutl hereina those
vboencetry tbeinaill It ad Uiese little itls vain.
al-le ta soxuany Trars that they will nt bo rt.
ling to do without them. But after aliaick bea4
Is the bane of so many lives that hero Is where
e make our Rival buabt. Our pills cure it whiia
cUi-.-rs do not.
Carter's Little liver Pills are very smalt and
ery eay to taka. One or two pills make a dctsa.
Tt y ai strictly voretalile aud do not gnpe or
rnc". Lutly Uioir pan tie action please all who
iSo liieiu. lu vulsat 2 icents ; tivefor $ 1. tiold
"'t cr.tg-Li evcrj wheru, or Bent by mal
Z.'-VTZR riZDICIMC CO., New York.
na enjoved a eonaUnt patrvmar for over
""tr Jn It is wonderfully cdicaickHia in all
painful diaeanen. mrh aa
Khramail.a,. l aatVac.
alarra. Iwtlkarltr.
mral(la. Itaeaaelie
and other ailment where pain la aa attend
ant. Try it. At Kntr Koren, or hr mail ua
reeflpt ut uiua, atldnaa and fenla.
K.tllrr. Md.. V. S, A.
ocili.us ly
CT.teae.trr'. KaclUh Wumii. Rraa
tUwrnTS rVaatoto. LADIIB auk
irtv-lrt tor ca.retra Fno,
tfrat. aa-la wtik Mh ritslsM. TaLat '
iker. Ara sisntftTwu titWir
ritotuaNrfMtifiMN. Air-mi,trwft4 4.
n sism roc ftartteular. utUOMWali nn.l
Kellef fnr 11 m Irttrr. t retat
Msa.lL 1.M TettaiMtak V
.ET BUGGIES at h Pricp
. -W Von llutnrr
VTr Wrnl the
. tun
i-1 1. . .....
lUd Katcon. Ji cul.tiietitora.
'. h.aul Cart Hi j Uu of fae
13 fti; t.rrand wave
t.7Y Mulct teiuan-a
n-S.,Bj7 :0Teain " i2 Ki i,n,nt
MttrsTui Saddle, (1 ajiCatye Frre.
rnBtfjr- r. Bttev jt rtCT cn.
Vj-jJ S W It human at., Cincinnati, o.
A4m M. sk sssst aw
Iiver -gre
nana' instrumeii
Piccolos and Band Supplies.
Culou.. 811. 813.816. 8I7E. 9th St.. N.Y.
T pays to.dteruee. Try tbs Itutiia.
. V l. .-r.fi.-tl t. vei.ture If f. TX'
ro cent., iu Mimt I-. lie- U.ptK ruU,.,, .
one of tbeir la-ailllt.lt I I'mtr-te-l lr"" .
Hnokn." It ua i r. I. i n:.ri-. aii-l utirr-.
tujf wim to rv-ry i"'" ' -
en I po4it.l a full f t of til. ir liu:tftui ti.-u-e
hol-1 trains rriM.
Ftiri.-n rente lle-v wm ai
3 tat. k t fUtM t.lfl
r.mipl-le wt,ls -f Ut- M-aJ. ..- '- '
H:-t i--iarst.,,. ii-r.uh l.nr,.,nr-ii.
cnntin i aid".
A rerv pleaetii?. l.trmUe- t 'H"1' '"1 r.matM
rftnitatiiixl I'T .ii-ti.t. tl-. ,-,.-.: . i-.v .e vc
outer b.tt-rdr.iL. eil t.r t-.'.tl ..rfl. i.i Irrt
et per I'm lUiltlr. P ' 1 ' 1" .niwii'le
............... in Ijinii.- atni Aiiti-iii-a. tifliiumo
.iniiaUK- t very bitttie. For J by Im;:'ets.
Maniitartui.tl by
The Acadouc Phanaaccutic Co.,
Aneleirant Enclis'i i-h.inuaf
f.te Ltiiitu Itialitnill llllti l.ltrtl tl
e T.rettarnu.ti.
il W : t r.-
suit if tver tueiity-IH-e jt-ais .f n;.-M -ni.n-tiS
fc-it-nntk' resi-nn-li.
Airve.l ! th.-lii-li-t tiietlit-niaiitlK.riti.
Iu iw in lat-'liosjtitaiR is.eiet v juti-l ' mt-pe
KIieTally lit-iitul t.t bi.lies, . lnl.lrt u kihI --o
pie of nrl.-iit.-ir baltiis
Eiitireij vrvt-btbir ; I'rv- fruin li-tnitfnl tlrus
Jn Handsome Packaats, Ptic SO Cts.
lYejutn-d Mtlt ly by
Yle TJoyM 'lirn. KcnlL1 Co
l"heiiiists by appointment P: tl.-r Taf-ty Uj
Vuat-n ai..l to lb- J'oy al 1 -uiui
KMV VitkK I.R.Wt 11 :
130, 132. 134 Charlton SL.
Fame nlu.-iiiat prt.p. rti -s x Ixixm. In
tXeS, ,-t J.lll . J !-.t. f-tr a j tell'
Vlnejrr Bitters C0RU.AL. "yj'
Viaegar Eittcrs P0WCEB5, . 6r.
Tinejar Bitters, n- '). , '7';'' ! I
Vinegar BitUrs, o:d tt K i it-., r ta-t. . 1 .00
The World's Great Blood Purifier
and Life Ol-'1nr Principle.
Only Tenperanc 3 Enters Edowti.
Tar va.t itth f a I rniutr the l.eaaiaa
I- a wt i ' .Mdi. la.- l I He VlaiU
R. H. McDonalJ TJrr. Co., Proprietors,
Polletei wntteti at snort noie tn tbs
atd other Flral 4 laa 4'ompaisilea.
rK TliF.
t-:hnr.or..tTiT' m istt-i
TIAde Misrc.
r, , t-uriRtcHTS, etcJ
i,-i'V. a "n re inn.it.ic wnre t.i
tX3 OK.HDW.T. N-w Yoik.
Oltlottt bureau for aeenrtntc tni..nts in merlea.
J. very 1--ttt'nt taken out Py u t Pmucht tn-fom
tlie public by a not tee given free orcWve in Ute
e.V. " 1 rd'?-''-s obtained, and all l at,
eat businetts mneurted for Moderate F .
.i-ur M ,s Pnse U.S. Patent Office.
m.T-rr?n Mr""'1ltei.t in less time than thoeo
remote from aithmirton
.ifndJmo,lo.,-.dra,nir r pboto.. with de.erln-
Villi. W aiK-iaa if ... - 1 1 '
Opoosite Patent Office. Washington. 0. &
Shaving Parlor
Mam Street, Near Post Office
B -a -vl WSa -e -w-ss w. i V- 1 J AT - -sw
J Scientific American
ni vr -n v-:-e-
Larcert etrent.-itlot, of ar ,ttflr paner tn the
wortd ...11.11.1 ly l:i,,,truu-.l. N.. iut.-lli.-ent
man tA.mU t with.mt It. Weefclv 4.1 Ma
year; 1 1.5.1 aix ioo, h,. A.t.tre M V VNi "o
Pvauttuuu. 31 lsiuaJw. v vork Cut;
charge. tnr fee not due till patent i erare.1
niph,e, ,"Uow btain l'atents,- with
nams of aetual elie.it. inyourState, coauty o
town, sent free. Addn-s; y'
-;The nnderslened desires to tr
110 that It ti a a r.. .
1 form the pub
, - - viTHCTi -11 a v i n if
L .Vs ?.tre,!t- Ilrr the po-t offlee vbe-i
par or 00
barber! ok
iu m 1 1 its Knnrh. mat
fat nr. .- . on in ue
v; . . ' neat anc clean.
our patrona solicited.
K. X. I KVN.
Eteistan Fire Insurance Ape
General Insurance Asent.
i.Et kxs it ma.
M ol ths rata I Mt
4 ?.m. in 7- Iffountain House
Shaving Parlor
treated on f sntre street near Mountain House
otneo. iNhavina. Hair futtiriK and Shaniitoo
Ina done In the Bftatest and l-est manner. A
share at yonr palronaxa sotietted.
Kuili-KT CASSll T.
Till' a.- .... .
It tbe p:a--
JOB P ?:v.t
rromiitiy a:, J sati.f.r
'ill lun-k iitr inre ,,j
in . .
ottnpt-iKtti, jlir.
&fiI-CIS w.tik
V art prepared to lurt , , 1 '
ev-ry d.M-ripti..ti
M'YI.E and
a - it.
i ti
Lowest Cash fe.
Jothii.(t nut the I
turner! u
our work n-ak f..r
Dare-rl tn nrtnt .... .1 .
r 'Ke,-;rt
Hl'M N F! tlAltltS TA,.
Monthly Mati.mwv
I .A 11K1.S. C'lltft
. . .
V IMTINU :. t;lt I
IlKAtTS. Uki mi
H t.. 1 i e
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