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Inches. 1 year Huff
H oulnmn, 6 months
X column. 6 montea . ........ 0.e
X column. 1 year .M
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1 column. 1 year Ts.ee
Business Items. Brst Insertion, IOe. Mr liM
rabseqaent lnsertlots. sc. per lin.
Administrator's and r-i ecu tor's Notices., tl M
Auditor's Notices je
tray and similar Notices .ee
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tloo or society and communications designed te
call attention to any matter of limited or indl
Tidnal Interest most be paid lor as adyerusmwatm.
i .--J? nd Job lrtct"M of all kinds neaUy and
exMiousiy eiwitsd at the lowest prices. And
don tyon lorget It.
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as. C. HASSOM, Editor and Proprietor.
81. DO and postage per ear In advance.
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tt. alert.
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jfie Indestructible "Maywood
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: '-wij latte all risk vi datuaire tn
1.-.r-l WDCTTns, 3 to ZO. Hnaranteed
. rt it . Surreys, S65 to SIGO
. f r to (i ji. Tor Buggies,
C 7. Z ?. J--' :.c a "U f"r st3t Pnetons.S6t5
-. Form Wagons, Waeonettes,
f ' V.'oons, Delivery Waron3i.t Road
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":te to T. S. QnscEY,
I n'-, Cb'capo, Secre
t;.e Star Acciikn1
for information
-US Accident Insur-
Mcntion this pa;r.
i doing you can save
aid over uUO.lJ0.0O for
Jour own Agent.
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- 1 r-y f.r r ' ""T",mrrand. No
.Jan. 21. 186
OilicrM IVmjiny;
;y5 Modi! No. 5 Ij
an-i ti-ni'lrst bimrlr ivcr tumle. Adaiitert for all kindn of
.n-firil l!i it "!iil. tn-ah 'ifiii tii.-t: sinipie in construction,
.-:. r: tow art s: xt such wiry constriK lion that its parts
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! i' .r"s; dKvays ro.'idy tocive r.'ltaiiiu atict rapM transportation,
.ii.i -til. KiiHrtiit-el "r tlir- car. Mmleof -inch cold
. ,r.n''. metal for ifs v. eiL'lit known.; joined toutther ith
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-,rv Irrril pattern. TIHK? "Arhnirton"' lojipe or Slor-
.r trier t:r Jt-rlas-s pticrtT'.-ttic tti. ' it K A It I N.S Hall
ri- . is cr.'-.nk :ixle. sie.iine ):.a 1 and iedals. Cl'I'S AMI
.-. . i.artlntty t ?:n per.'.! ftirl liar.lene-i. tl A 1 XS Hiirh ernrle
n;. tit. I! iM t Mir ceieiirr.ti d oi:e-piece crank, f ully iro
i Iti: 4'll Shortest inches- "ollesi :i7 t':Ct.lS. iKAIt
;;-T i. Se; fork erown iMate tn.i-.i nn-tiai el steel. HAN1I.K
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Coupon No. 2G06
IF se.s'T WITH
No. s May wood
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'ti 1 tame" thin av - sl.iri
No. 7S1, Snrrey.
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727, Road Wapun.
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yii Iisi.E anil I LV NETS. E!kbnrt nicycle
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rT Tf rwh .-f:i nr.fri Sr. 1 4e. In i.neiin'Htie tire?
el t-inme. cJr..p forvo ce.
ftflT t22!CC by the only concern that ever
volnntariiv reduced nrireru or
l'l recent titr.es originated a new idea in Windmill and
v. iter Sepply Goods. Everything the farmer sells is low.
who sells low to him ? We have repeatedly refused to join.
nr.d h ive therefore defeated windmiil combination, and have.
smrc '."v. reduced the cost of wind power to what it was.
Through cratitnde. and because we are price makers, and are
rt' Ak. l . . n .1.1 : . L. .1 1 - .. nlA Annln.n.. t
'.' 1 " ...M rti -i i 1 f Vi i u orwl 1 r. Ka mivlrrn C .... I windmill flnil I
: ' lj . i e I Q uii&muii . omci.i rCQ r believe
r', Tsf rj" m low prices, high grades and laree sales. We make short i
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kuss iiiut; cynniier5, lower man irou ones 7 m iuwi at
s 1 f i We prepay freieht to 20 branch honses. Send now for .
' "' l! bef'iitifTilly ili.isirated ratalosne of np-to-date ideas.
tr.'s appears but once. Our Imitators may not nave
our latest plans. ISo one Knows mc oest
Pun-.p or Price until be knows ours.
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A panir of rnfonrjarloM and al- j
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..t 1.. M . .(Hl.lllll I1.IW Ul"
oiiuuii i . " ' ' "
Vn. ts. C.-Pnirtita. ent jrir.r-.-j
. 144r MUNM A CO.;
UI ISriinilwar,
Best In the World!
Eet the Genuins !
Sc!d Eenp-re!
67 VINE ST., CINClNNAii, u.
iSJklWIil IT
V iJw. MUKM A CO. xy
? V3iI Ilrinlway. r'
Sto &8ERTS W&rffjS!
Tho Tremendous Speed at Which
They Sometimes TraveL
Recorrtert Movements of Keeent Up
heavals In l'ifcrltic Orran Terri-
ble lesl ruction Caused
by Them.
Tho recent tirlal listurlnnees olservol
at Yam-oiiver isltuul anil at New river, in
Mendocino county, indicate unerringly,
acconlinp; to t lie jrenl 'email locally con
nected with the coast and fri-otletie sur
ey, that one or more ear! Iitiakes have
1 ken ilace since the awful wave, that
caused the los.; of .!(1,(MII) or inon lives at
Yesso. of .June 2S. The exact, tlate of
the tiila! ilisturhance at Vancouver
island is not known, so that- there may
be a question whether the manifesta
tion there and at New river worked the
same natural convulsion. The rcrristor
attached to the tidal fr:in;.' at Sausalito
told of the Yesso calamity liefore many
of the facts had lieen received by cable.
Hut the extent of the information
traced on the marerram at Sausalito, as
it is called, t.is only that Uicre had lnn
an earthquake which had caused the
ocean to undulate in an unusual way.
The observer at Sausalito reports tint
when the tencil attached tothe tide reg
ister was record inr the Japanese tidal
wave he could not see anything iinusu'il
in the appearance of I he water.
Karthquakt? waves or those piven rise
by earthquakes are transmitted with
suchenoruious speed that the Japan dis
aster w as recorded about 12 hours after
it occurred.
There are valuable records in the
office of the coast and peodetie survey
which show beyond question that a,
speed of six miles a minute, or 300 miles
an hour, is to lie expected under such
The overwhelming of Simoda, a town
on the island if Niphon, appears to have
been almost a complete parallel in phy
sical manifestations with the recent oc
currence at Yesso. On the 23d of IV
cemlxT. 1.")4, a sharp earthquake sho'-k
mis felt in Simoda anil Ukui the ship
ping at 9 a. m. This was followed at
quick intervals for half an hour. At
'J:;'.0 the sea was observed washing into
the bay in one immense wave, :o feet
hijrh, with awfnl elx'ity.
In an instant the town of Simoda was
overwhelmued and swept liijrh from its
foundations. This advance and reces
sion of I he water occurred uiany times.
The Russian fripate Diana was hurled
alMiut iiv th-.' rising and falling of the
waters, which varied from less than
s. feet to more thai) !0 feet.
("apt. II. . Adams wrot of the Si
moda disaster that the sea. rose live
fathoms alove its usual heifrht, "mcr
ilowinjr the town and carrying houses
and temples before it in its retreat.
When it fell i left but four feet of water
in the harlxir. It rose and sank this
way five or six times, covering the
shores rt th" bay with the wreck of
boats, junks and buildings. Only 1"
houses were left standing in the w hole
place. The entire coast of Japan seems
to have sulTered."
That terrific happening was recorded
by the tide register at San Francisco 12
hours and 3S minutes later. The dis
tance between Simoda and San Fran
cisco is 4. 5:27 nautical miles. The wave
! r:i!!siiission varied, according to two
estimates, from r.IW miles per hour to
:;T0 miles per hour, or (i.2 miles per min
ute, which is about six t imcs faster t ha n
the most speedy railroad t rain f rav els.
The tide j-r. ugc was established at
Fort Point about 1"2 und was removed
to Sausalito by Prof. Ileorge DavMsun
in 177. The lirt large earthquake re
corded on the ga litre at this point v. as
that the Simoda. The gn at com ulsiou
at Krak toa. in the St rait of S inula, v. hii-h
too.!; place nr. ly a few ye;:rs sure;, was reg
istered at the Sausalito tide gauge, ami
t ho new s t ha t a great cart kquakc had oc
curred was made public by Prof. David
son weeks before the information was
otherwise known. From calculations
based on Iho record made by the tide
gauge at Fort Point after the Simoda
disaster of 1-t M the coast and gocdciic
survey i st'm.ited the average dopfh of
thi-Paoi ici.ocan.aiMl theaccuray of the
estimation has lceii subsequently dem
onstrated by derjv-soa soundings. It is
an interest iiivf fact, in v iew if the recent
calamity at Yesso, that the loss of life by
earthquake disturbances up to l-tOtl on
the entire earth has been at least 13,0i.(),
ooo. San Fr incisco Call.
A Cow Worth More Than M m.
In the Fnited States the administra
tion of the law afTeoting the civil rights
of the citizen, his property rights grow
ing out cl the controversies betweeen
man ami man Umui contracts, has come
to lie regarded as of much more iuior
t a net than the enforcement of the law
which protects the life of the. citiz n
All can notice that. The criminal law
and it administration lias rather fallen
into disgrace. That is esjx'cially true
of the large cities of the country. All
must agree that it is more important to
protect a man's life than it is his prop
erty. If tbe'man's life is destroyed, if
the assassin fires into his house and
takes aw ay his life, is that not a greater
deprivation Mian to deprive him of his
horse or his tow. or even of al! theother
projierty which he jiossesses? Now
why is this the case? It is largely lie
cause of the corrupt methods resorted
to t odef eat the law's administ rat ion. and
Ix-cause courfs of justice look to the
shadow in lhe shajie of technicalities
rather than to the substance in Hie
sh iH of crime. North American Tie
view. A JnilKo'K Kepiy.
At one time a delicate question as to
lhe construction of a statute was dis
cussed lwfore the venerable chief jus
tice of the New York court of common
pleas, Charles P. Daly, and aftr elab
orate arguments on each side the chief
justice decided the question in open
. ourt, giving his reasons in a few well
timed remarks which caused a lull in
the courtroom. The silence was s-eed-ilv
broken by 11i successful attorney,
who stood up and t-aid with an air of
oatroni.ing approval: "May it please
your honor. I. for one. agree with you
entirely." The chief justice, with a
twinkle in his eye which 1-etokom d his
-njoymcnt of the joke, but a irfctTly
"rave face, quietly removed his glass.-s.
and. amid a breathless silence, said: "I
have, counselor, generally found in my
ex rience that the successful party
agrees w ith the court." .
The a.ir, after a heavy snowfall, is
usually very cJear, liecaixse the snow,
in falling, brings down with it most of
the dust and impurities and leaves the
atmosphere exceedingly clear.
It is estimated that the drought
in New South Wales has caused the loss
of 9.5OO.OO0 sheep. This catastrophe,
together with the consequent reduction
in the numlier of lamliK in the next
breeding season, will make a great dif
ference to the supplies of mutton and
wool for this y?ar and the next.
After analyzing various qualities
of flour Mr. ltirard informs the Paris
academy of science that the common
liel'icf that line white bread has less
nutritive iiower than course brown bread
is wrong, as both the fine and coarse
breads contain practically the same
amounts of gluten and of phosphates.
Switzerland had in 1S94 7,037 liotels.
in which $102,000,000 was invested, giv
ing a return of T2 er cent. Of the
travelers who frqucnt them 30.7 are
German, 20.7 P.ritish, lS.'J Swiss, and
only li.fi American. The hotels employ
2(i,S10 servants, whose wages are $1..100,
000. or about. $."fi a year apiece, the chief
jtortion of t heir jiay coming from tips.
A Norway correspondent.says: 'lrrs
til this year there have lieen hut few
American bicycles, sold here, and the
Knglish and (icriuan manufacturers
have had this market almost to them
selves. This year, however, the Ameri
can cycles have taken the lead entirely,
ami the demand for the American mi
dlines is even larger than the suj-
At the recent meeting of the Iloyal
society in Tendon, a pendulum instru
ment was exhibited, intended to record
the slightest tilts and pulsations of the
crust, of the earth. It was asserted
that this instrument would render ol
servable a tilt of less than one throe
hundredth of a second of arc. In other
words, if a plane surface were tiped
up only so little that the rise would
amount to a single inch in l.ooo miles,
the instrument would reveal the tilt
ing. it is well known that, the kea, or
mountain jKirrot. of New- Zealand, ha
ix'come notorious from its change of
habit, from living on insects, fruit an 1
liorries. to attacking li ingsheep, lieing
rcKrted to have dcvcIocd this carniv
orous habit within tho last 30 vi-urs.
It apN-ars. however, from further first
hand oliservations by T. White, that
the kea lives high up on the mountains
a long distance above the forest line,
where there are no lierrios or fruit, and
only lichens and a few insects occur.
Value of Their l'rodurt Is In the Quantity
Not Ouality.
The Pailin mines are spread over an
area six miles by two, and consist of 13
mining villages, the chief of whi' h are
l!aw Taka ami Haw Dineo. These two
are more than four miles apart, but
they are joined by an excellent roiilcut
through the forest and well drained.
Sapphires, says the Ixnidon Times-, are
found all over this district; the whole
countryside is riddled with hole-; sunk
in the red soil down to the sapphire
layer. Formerly the stones were found
quite near the surface, but those- daces
have long since leen exhausted, al
though the Iturmese Ftill continue to
turn over the old heaps in the firm con
viction that precious stones grow. Now
the stones are found at a depth of from
15 to 2." feet, in a reddish, gravelly layer
of varying thickness up to IS inches.
The pit sunk is usually some five feet
in diameter and either square or cir
cular. Soil is raised in bamltoo bask
ets, attached to the end of a balanced
lever, and when the Fnpphire layer is
reached the stratum is carried in the
nearest water and washed carefully for
; tones. Not more than one shaft .11
t hree pays for its working expenses, but I
when the sapphire layer is struek the
profits may In- large indeed. It is nil
a question ofluek. To dig and work out
one shaft occupies two or three men
one month. Two or three Hurmos" gen
erally go into partnership and hire
I.nis miners to work for them and sink
the shaft at the rate of two ticals (two
shillings eight jwnce) per is inches. Oc
casionally sapphires of considerable
value reward the miner, but the sap
phires of Pailin are of morecomnierci.il
value 1-eeause of theirqiiantity than be
cause of their intrinsic exeellence.
Deepowt Spot
In the Oresn Nearly Sis
Fo r 20 y ea r s or more t he dee icst s po t in
t he ooean has lieen supjiosed to lie to tho
northeast of Japan, says the New York
Journal. There the Ifottom lies 4.(".,3
fathoms down, or more than five miles
trt-nt-ath the surface of the waves.
In the latest. hydrigrapher's rejioi t of
admiralty surveys, made by the P.ritish
government, this ocean record, which
has stood so long, is lwaten, for there is
otl'cial information of a decjMT sound
ing than has hitherto lieen made? The
dooest Sot in the ooean. so far as
known at present, ha.s been found to lie
in the neighborhood of the Friendly and
Kermadce islands, in the Southern Pa
cific. Here the maximum depth is
.".I. ".5 fathoms, or close upon six miles.
The ol-servation, made by the officers
on lMiard the P.ritish ship Penguin, is all
the more interesting for the fact that it
liears out the result of previous re
sen relies, showing curiously enough as
it does that, the deepest parts of the sea
are not far from laud.
Dec-sea sounding has come of late
years an exact science in itself. One cu
rious feature of it, and one which is lit
tle known, is that the "leads" used have
to lie constructed with esecial strength
in order to withstand the enormous
pressure of lhe mass of water which
lienrs down upon them when they lie
lnn the ltottom. So great is this pres-stir:-
that the soundirg apparatus in
ordinary use would he crushed.
A Intent-Minded.
Professor Margaret, please tae
that cat out of the room. I cannot
have it. maki-ig such a noise while I an.
at work. Where is- it?
Servant Why, sir, you are sitting on
it. X. Y. Mercury.
t.llce an Afternoon Tea.
Oldskins What was this affair that
resulted in i nch a calamity at Moscow?
Merrivale Judging from the crur-h
it must have lieen something like m.
afternoon tea. Philadelphia North
rUnnY tjwAPS.
Tiriggs "You haven't any idea how
much 1 siitTer from the infernal heat."
Key. .Mr. Wilgus (mildly) "In anlici-
wit ion?" Indianapolis Journal.
Her Father "Has my daughter given
you any encouragement, sir?" Suitor
"Well, she said you were always a very
generous parent." Philadelphia Amer
ican. Mamma T think the laby is grow
ing very fast, don't you?" Pajwi
"Decidedly. I thought, he weighed three
Munds more at four o'clock this morn
ing than he did at two." Truth.
Fort unate Awkwardness. He " Ton
my soul. Miss Amy, I never iroxel to
a girl before!" She "I Udieve you;
ami, for your own sake, I'll see that you
never do it again!" Drooklyn Life.
When a man isettruck by Cupid's dart,
ho trembles like the lialloon sleeves of
the bicycle girl; it is only when he is
passed by by the little hunter that he is
as sclf-ossessed as a woll-slarehed
four-ply eollar. Itoston Transcript.
Fuddy "P.ut. don't you think thit
liondor is a terrible bigot?" Dmhly
"P.igot? No. indeed. What put tint
into your head? 1 never knew Iiend-T
to disagree with me either in religion
or io?itics. Why. he's the fairest man
going." P.oston Transcript.
Old Friend "Are you making a suc
cess at your profession?" Dr. Carbo
late (throat spoeialist) "Oh. yes. It
was uphill work at first, but, in the
language of the jioet, those who "came
to cough remained to spray." Indian
ajKilis Journal.
He "I am going to pay you t he high
?st compliment a man can pay a wom
an." She "This is so sudden." He -"I
know it. but I came away without
my pockotliook Van you lend m. a dol
lar until to-morrow?" X. Y. World.
The Hear liirls. "Now, Kitty, let
there lie no secrets lietween dearest
friends. What was your first thought
after you accepted Harold Law lor?"
"Honest Injun?" "Of course." "Well,
then, my first thought was that now he
could never marry you." Detroit Fiee
Senator Ceorge L. Shoup, of Idaho,
was formerly one of the most noted
Indian fighters in the army of the west.
Okrika, on the Old Calabar river, hav
ing objected to I'ritish misrule, is the
latest, sjiot on the west coast of Africa
against which a "punitive" exjn-dition
has. 1m 'en sent.
The w idowed queen, of Naples, is the
only female knight of the Russian Order
rf St. George, an honor conferred sole
ly for exceptional gallantry under fire.
At Willots Point, X. Y.. there has just,
lx-cn mounted a ten-inch gun which
hrows a 475-ounl projectile a distance
cf six miles. At each discharge 250
pounds of jtowder are tiscd.
One hundred and four out of a iossi
Lle 105 was made rjt a rifle match at
Ilford by a volnntccrof the Fast Surrey.
F.ngland. regiment recently. The score
was 34 for seven shot.s at 200 yards. 35
at 50O yards and 35 at COO yards. This
is liolievcd to lie a world's record.
Some, of Groat Hritain's lati-st guns
will lie employed forth" first time dur
ing the autumn eamjiaign. in the Sou
dan. They carry a highly-explosive shell
ten miles and each shell is capable of
disabling 200 of theenemy. These guns
have such a rapid fire capacity that lie
fore t lie first, shell hursts three others
r.re on their way in the same direction.
Gernnuiy is fast turning out its older
fenerals, 32 having leen forced to re
tire within a year, which lients the reo
f rd. The average age of a brigade com
mander is 53 years, to 57 in the French
111 my, where the average ago of all
ranks is higher than in t he Gorman. No
German brigadier is more than SC. while
30 French brigadiers are over ill. Ger
man cavalry colonels average 4S years
four months, only seven lioiiig over 52.
while the French oflieers in tJie same
army average- 52 years five months, 53
colonel? lieing over 52.
Police officers in Morocco have Iittlf
accounts to settle with the prisoners
whom t hey arrest. The prisoners must
pay them for the trouble of taking them
to jail.
Two 12-year-old lads in Sutton. Kng
land, contrived to get some candy out of
a slot machine, without dropping in the
usual coins. Remorse then attacked
them, and they drowned themselves.
Paris concierge have received a blow
by a law just passed in the chamber of
deputies, punishing by a maximum of
a year's imprisonment and $1(H fine
the suppression or opening of private
let tors.
William Watson, of Prooklyn. dreamed
that he saw his 11-year-old boy drown
ing. At breakfast the next mornirg
he commanded Jack not to go near the
toiid where he was accustomed to
swim. The lad disolieycd the com
mand, and that very day was drowned.
A Dancing LJr-ardU
One of the interesting little animals
that, live in far-away Australia is the
dancing lizards, known scientifically
as t lie cblauiydosaurm kingi. The
queer reptile is about three feet in
length and wears a collar of bright rod,
yellow and blue mixture. He gets his
name from the collar and Is called the
frilled lizard. He. is not a bit pretty
and Ikis a way of jumping around that
gives one a ieculiar fright if one -oiues
upon Itim suddenly. Although this
frilled chap has four legs lie seems to
like walking and dancing upon his hind
legs better than traveling Uon all
fours. He is as quick as lightning' in
his movements and lives Uon the. in
sects that, injiahit the trees of the thick
w-ok1s. X. Y. Sun.
Natural Dentistry.
A curious fossil that bears a fantastic
resemblance to the work of some pre
historic dentist is mentioned in a recent
lMiok, "The Gold Diggings of Cape
Horn." An a-quaintanee of the au
thor's, during a journey from theStrait
of Magellan up the coast, stopped tinder
a vertical earth bank to pick outafossil
that be saw protruding. The relic
proved to be part of a mastodon's lower
jaw, with two teeth still in place. As it
was in bad condition he -was altout to
throw it away, when he saw in a split in
the top and side, of one tooth a bit. of
some foreign sulstanee. This turned
ut to lie gold, and, as the finder be
lieves, must have been deposited in line
grains. by the action of the water.
Callfornla Orowera Have Formed
a re-
ful Organization.
Kach hxTil exchange has its own
jwu-king Isouse and is resjioiisible for the
packing ami shipping of its own fiuit:
it alrto receives direct returns for its
own shipment,, hence a loss in one ex
change does not affect the revenues
of another exchange, unless it Ik the
result of a default on the art of a
pnrcluiser or from an elTort to protect
the interest of the entire exchange sys
tem. The t x (lenses of the general man
agement are lnirne pro rata by each
The system is a jierfeet one, a circle
within u, circle. The modus erandi
is thin:
An order comes from an custom mar
ket direct to the state exchange head
quarters at ios Angeles. That, order,
if large enough, is divided among th-'
ton district exchanges. Kach district
1 xchange redivides its own order amoiio;
its local exchanges. The Kiiorintond-t-nt
of the local exchange notifies each
local grower how many and what
kinds of fruit to deliver to the ex
ehange juicking house, jirojHirtioning
the order to the. size of the various or-chard-t
th.it liolong to the exchange.
The grower then fills t hecis.signd num
lier of "field" lioxcs (so called to dis
tinguish tin-in from Kicked lioxcs) and
delivers them t the (tacking house.
There his resonsibiIity ends.
A.s the fruit is delivered it is carefully
weighed and stacked by itself, theji
(Kissed through I he "grader." where t he.
"culls" (damaged fruit) are thrown out
and thc.ontiDges of various sizes dist ril
utod in different bins from which t hoy
arc w rapM.i ami (tacked. The. culls are
sold to local dealers for alxiut 25 cents
a Itov. They are not. sjioilod fruit by
:iny mcaiiN. but have erhnps lost their
f-hort green stems or have a small blem
ish on th rind. The culling process
is extremely thorough, for the exchange
is very exacting as to the quality and
at(Marance of its product.
After (ticking, the fruit is again
weighed and scientifically placed in re
frigerator cars. (A practical sugges
tion to buyers always "heft" an or
ange.) A.s a rule the fruit is consigned
to a representative in the east, who
cither receives it or direct.s its destina
tion while en route. Chautauquan.
Oldest In the llritish Isles
Is the
Mara, of Scotland.
As a result of recent investigations
it has lieen shown that the foundations
of the families of about a dozen of the
400 Iiarons in the P.ritish house of lords
date back to 1400, the earliest Innng
1204. The oldest family in the P.ritish
Isles is the Mar family, of Scotland.
10'J3. The Caniplx-lls, of Argy ll. Ingan
iu 110O. the Talleyrand dates from U'J1,
Hismarck from 1270, the Grosvenor fam
ily, the dukes of Westminster. K'".": the
Austrian house of Hapsburg goes back
to J52. and the house of liourlion to
S04. The descendants of Mohammed,
ltorn 570. are all registered oarefully
and authoritatively in a liook k"pt in
Mecca by the chief of the family. Lit
tle or no doubt exists of the absolute
authenticity of the long line of Moham
med's descendants.
In China there are many old families;
also among the Hebrews, "but," says an
authority, "when it comes to pedigrees
there is one gentleman to whom the
world must take off it.s hat. not as f icile
princeps or primus inter pares, but as
the great and only nonesuch. This is
the mikado of Japan." His place has
lieen filled by memliors of his family for
more than 2.50O years. The present
mikado is the 1221 of the line. The first
one was eontemorary with Xebnehad
nezzar, CC0 years liefore Christ. Of the
seven great religions enumerated by
Max Midler as (Mtssessing F.ihles the
mikado family is older than five.
Since -we all have the consolation of
knowing that we are descendants from
the first family, it makes no difference
if some of the early records are Io-t, ex
cept, so far as they relate to recent prop
erty titles. Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Melon mice are ruining cro(ts in the
iicighlKurhood of X"w(Krt, Ky.
Farmers in IVmgltis county, Kan., are
educating their horses to eat jtotatoes
which they can fed at 11 cents, while
corn stands -for 17 o-nts.
An immense pumping engine at the
mines of Friodotisville, Pa., raises 17,500
gallons of water at each revolution of
the huge fly-wheel.
Xot all western cherries in eastern
markets come from California, On-gon
shippers sent two car loads east within
a week from Salem ami Portland.
England's onk is now made in f!er
many. The great roof 1 teams of AYin
chestet cathedral are lieing renewed,
and the wmw1 used is Stettin oak, cut
in 42',i foot. lengths, the-other dimen
sions lieing 14 by IS inches.
The recent exposition of the Royal
I'libltn Agricultural society- demon
strated that while our farm machinery
equals that of the Pritish in strength,
it is of much lighter build. Our con
sul at. Dublin suggests that on this ac
count our machinery is at a disadvan
tage. n.s the Irish farmer prefers heavier
looking implements.
The interior of a gold-liearing rook,
was ins(ected in an Oregon town, by
means of the Roentgen rays, and
veins of auriferous metal were as plain
ly visible as if they were on the surface.
It is recommended that every life
1m int. carried by ships should lie pro
vided w ith a bottle of citric acid wh"ch
precipitates chloride ot sodium, and. it
is said, converts sea water into a palata
ble drink.
Spain's scientific attainments may not
Ik great, yet she has at least a criminol
ogist. Senor Salillas "Kl Dolinouente
Kspanol" has a vocabulary of the Calo
Jergal or gyosy thieves slang, and one
of the Germ.inia spoken by ordinary
thieves. Drs. Itrissaud and Marie, two French
authorities on nervous diseases, cite
Prinee Hismarck as one of the few in
stances of a very bright mind found in
a very tall Tiody. They say that the
healthiest, persons are rather tinier
than altove the middle height, and that
the children who come out best at
school examinations in France are
those whose bodies have grown slowjy.
The tone of the piano improves i hen
the instrument is moved from the wall
of t he room.
The extense of heating a London
theater, the Vaudeville, by electricity,
using storage batteries con neoti-d with
radiators, is said to have Ix-cn less than
70 cents an hour.""""
Sir A. Harris jiantomime, "Cinder
ella." last year is computed to have cost
$125,000 liefore the curtain was raisi-,1
011 lioxing night. Sir Augustus did not
flinch from dressing a chorus girl re
ceiving 24 shillings a week in a dress by
Worth at$Doo.
The decree of the Italian government
indefinitely extending the time of the
copyright of Rossini's "I'arier of S
ville" has lieon deoIand by a parlia
mentary commission as contrary to Iaw
and void. Tlie final decision rests with
the full house of (larliamenU
Kiiima Fames, licside her public tri
umphs, ha.s won most generous praise
from Mi Ilia and Calve, ami Julian'
Story's picture, called "LC IjilioraToir.
de Saint. Iizare. exhibiti-d this year in
the Paris salon, has lieen purchaser bv
t hi--French government, w hich is an
uncommon compliment to an American
In France, it seems, there is a strong
superstition that the operas of A mbroM
Thomas bring some sort of ill luck.
The Pans Ojiera Comique and the The
atre des Arts at Rouen were burned ;n
the night of the jterformaiioe of
"Miirnon." in which, it may - reonl-
leotyd. a fire scene actually occurs. The
Grand Ojiera. Paris, was burm-d on the
night of a performance of "Hamlet."
Ambrose Thomas himself was well
aware of the suterstition. and u.-ed
laughingly to declare that he waslui ky
in other ways.
Two thousand Latter Day Saims mis
sionaries are said to lie in England just
Mosquitoes have appeared this season
in England. It is supposed they utaik
their way across the. Atlantic in i cargo
of lumlter.
Only 11 pT cent- of the larger and
five (HTcent, of the smaller English gold
coin liear an earlier date than 170.
The clean aiiearanie of ISritish coins
is always a delight to a foreigner. This
is true ts well of Canadian coins.
The numlier of unmuzzle dogs soizd
in the streets of London lietween Feli
ruary 17 and June 13 were 20.'J42. ami of
those 4.ffi2 were claimed at the police
nations. The numlierof casi-sof rabies
from the In-ginning of January to J
ts was inc.
Ilcdingham castle, the Essex strong
hold of the earls of Oxford, and pre
pounced to lie the finest Normun keep
in the world, is in the market and will
t hortly be put npat auction in a London
salesroom. Here Queen Matilda is gen
erally Itflievcd to have d"Md, and Henry
V I I.'s v isit to the projicrty is well known
in history.
The diamonds in one symliol of the
shah's rank are said to weigh almost. 20
A Hindoo wife may lie divorce if she
scolds her husband or goes to a dance
while her husband isabsent from home.
"The end of the Ottoman empire is
rear." the foreign corresjmndents are
saying. juit as they did 4 years ago.
The (irison (Hijuilation of India, large
a.s it is. is only 3s jut I11O.O0O inhabitants,
or less than half the projiortion that
prevails in Great Pritain.
Seven lions are among- the (tots of the
sultan of Morocco. At night he lets
them range the courtyards of the jal
ace. to act as guards to the royal
The mosque of St. Sophia at Constan
tinople was laid up in mortar (ierf urned
with musk. It was built a thoiwuid
years ago. yet the musky smell is .still
Mohammedan depositors in the jiost
ofliee savings banks are enriching the
Pritish government, as their religion
forbids them to receive interest. They
insist -on taking out no more than they
have put in.
He Was Suilcloui-
"Pardner," said Derringer Dan.
"you'll excuse me, but I'll have to
quit you. I ain't a-playin no more
(Ktker this evenin."
"P. ut you have a lot of chips yet." re
marked the young man from the east.
"I know it. And I'm goin tor cash
em in. too. Y"ou look like a tender
foot, an ye talk like one. Hut I've
heard o n-ople that got buncm-d and
liought gold bricks even ef t hoy did read
the newsjiapers, an orter to Tknowed
1 -otter."
"I really don't quite follow you."
"I had four nine-s(iotii a little while
. "Did you?"
"Sartin. An ye didn't do a thing but
say ye'd stay out. Then I had a flush tin"
ye said the same. I got four kings an"
an ace, an ye laid down yer hand ez.
"That was remarkable."
" 'Remarkable' don't seem to quite
cover the ground fur me. Pardner, 1
don't ay yer work in one o these here
Roentgen ray outfits on me. All I sxiy
is that I ain't a-playin no more joker
this evenin." Washington Star.
The otter is the favorite animal pot
among the Chinese. .
The titanosaur, an extinct animal
which formerly lived in the liad lands.
wsi f5 feet in length and Mood about 3S
feet in height.
The pranticoles in confinement in the
Zoological gardens, London, are an
nounced as once more nesting, and the
female, which is now sitting two eggs,
is nssistd by t he male, who relieves her
from time to time in her task of incu
bation. The Hampshire (England) county
council has issued an order forbidding
the taking or destroying' the eggs of
the following birds: Common buz
zards, honey buzzards, kingfishers,
Montagu's harriers, nightingales, owls
and woodpeckers.
A hen hawk which seized upon a hen
of the Griost breed of game chickens
in the yard of Villiam McDowell, of
Arredondo. Fla.. was fought by the hen
and two other hens which joined in the
liattle, and they kept up the fight until
tho hawk was killed. .
A jiortable bicycle, one wheel of
which folds upon th. other, has lnvn
invented by a mechanic in Gratz,
A machine for catihJng grasshop
ieri is owned by Henry Crow, of Gar
den City, Kan. It coofs them in by
the bushel. Mr. Crow- boils them, and
fi-eds them to his hogs.
A new t-treet corner indicator has
U-en invented. The name of th- thor
oughfare is. in fact, inclosed in a glass
brick of Fjn-ciaJ construction, arid is
intended to lie i.i;ule the corner stone
and to Ik held in place by the other
paving blocks.
German eydLs-s have an effectual
w ay of getting rid of trouhU-fromedogs.
Hicycle Umilis are ik-w manufactured
iu the fatherland small, but extreme
ly noisy, explosives, which exercise a
magical effect upon the cur of aggres
sive propensities.
A novel way of illuminating a tunnel
lias l-vn devised in Paris. Reflectors
throw light from many electric lamjts
li f.-ct almie the rails to t lie sides of t lie
tunnel, when it is again tefiooted by
burnished tin. a soft and agrtwahle
light. The trains automatically turn
the current on and off in entering and
l-aving the tunnel. (
The automatic (tostman is a new in
vention. This i an adaptation of ti e
pneumatic principle already in use
in connection with the London tele
graph oihoes. A car driven by air
pressure is iroj-lhil through an un
derground tule and automatically
gathers the letters de(ios.ited in Uixes
at the various slat ions and carries them
to a central office.
Tlw-re is considerable risk incurred
in shoeing vicious horses. lth to the
oiaeksmith and to the horse, itself. To
remove this rik altogether an Aus
tralian has invented a sort of wooden
cage, the sides and top of which are
ladd.tl. The horse is let in. the dior
is fastened and the cae is then turn.-. I
completely ujsile down, the animal
resting ou it.s liaek w ith its f.et u,.
A. ton of rosebuds will produce only
alout two ounces of the attar of roses.
The only gem in the world whichem
not Ik counterfeited is the opal. Its
delicate tints defy imitation.
The first watch ever made by ma
chinery in the I'nited States was niadu
at Roxbury, Mass., in l5n.
If the wort! "loom" were not in ex
ist nee now it would lie hard to find a
wind to fittingly take itspla-e.
The Liltrty tn.ll at Philadelphia
cracked while liolntT tolled July s, it5.
10 announce 1 he death of John Marshall,
chief justice of the 'supreme court of
the I'nited States. The liell was cast in
ljoialon in 1752. broken up and recast in
April and in Juae, 1753, so it was 2
t ars oi l when it broke, and had some
hard us;.ge. Th" crack probably came,
"Miss France H. Trihou." says the
Il is ton Transcript, "daughter of Chaj
iain Tribou, takes exception to the oft
repeated statement that no man now liv
ing can read Eliot's Indian Pi hie. She
writes Zion's ilerald that at the Mohonk
Indian conference of 1-V4 she heard
Hishop Whipple say that it is a mistake
to say that it cannot Ik read, ln-cause.
the Ojibways, of Minnesota, can read
"Why, Eila. I hoard that you'fell
down a flight, of stairs the other day!
Weren't you hurt?" "Not a bit. You
see. I fell into a liar gain liasenient,"
Detroit Tribune.
A young ruaa in thi5 community
went to see his girl a few days ugo. and
the old gentleman put him to cleaning
out his well. The old roan bossed ties
j-ib. P.ullook (Ga.) Times.
Their Choice. "How does Winters
maiuige to ki-ep the wolf from the
door?" "He doesn't. He gave violin
lossdns. but his family said they pre
ferred the wolf." IVtroit Free Press.
She "How provoking this is! I've
lieen waiting an hour fr the tide Ut get
lip." He "Yes; but you shouldn't get
imjiatient. Rementobr it's Uen out
nearly all night," Woonsockot Re
jKirter. Sortner "You must have had
rreat fun when your football tituu
played Yassar." Jack Tackle Fun?
1 gu-ss not. I am engaged to the um
( tire, and she ruh-d meoff for holding in
the very first rim mage." Princeton
The etiquette of bicycling is re
eoiving a great deal of discussion just
now. It is lielievod that a wheelman who
has lieen run over Ly a lirge ly team
and a grocery wagon Kis a right to
speak without an introduction. Chi
cago Times-Herald.
Master (rings forhLs valef) "Look
fore. Joseph, you liave brought me tw.t
lxiots boloncing to the same foot,"
Joseph (exit and soon returns with an
air of utter bewilderment) -Ph-os,
sir, it's not my fault: the other pair is
just the same." Le Petit I"arisie.
"Doesn't it strike yon. Dolphy.
dear." and the gushing girl gazed
dreamily towards the western horizon.
"that there is more poetry in the slow
ly sotting sun than in any other object
in the universe?" "I lon't Tknow so
much about that, mused the mild-eyed
minstrel of many rejections. "I reckon
the waste-jm-ier basket runsjt pretty-
close." Judy.
Rain falls on the eastern coast of Ire
land aliout 20S days in the year.
There are 2s.ooo Hebrews in the city
of Amsterdam; over 10,000 of them are
dealers in diamonds.
Monaco had 44.401 visitors during the
month of May, -which is over 3.000 more
than ever liefore.
In Pulgaria the proprietors of patent
nostrums are alway s in a state of un
easiness. If the medicine fails to pro
duce the effect advertised tho proprie
tors are imprisoned.
There is a grapevine at Oys. Portu
gal, w hich liears a sufficient amount ot
grajti's to make an average of 150 gal
lons of wine a year. x
Peter the Great's house at Zaandam,
in Holland, has jus-f. lieen inclosed with
in a protecting building. The ofteninff
ceremony was performed in the pres
ence of the Russian consul-general and
ot her noijiliilltien. - -
;. t.slvTTjy , .

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