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Mil xtcman.
.i:I K
f. Kj!"'1'1" '
TOliER'J. 1"-
;l lio..! holiday
visitiiiK friends
. are now fashion-
k.r is viv.tinp
N if
. y -'
(. J fur a hotel is
.1. '
. iz 1 11 i 1 7i n i
in r.n'-""-'
, iv .-liville. spi-nt a
township, is
it 1
an ''1
..i i ;imt'ri;i
i i:':i'i i f"v,'r-
uf Crimson, vis a
,,, Tu.'sdaV.
r i,, ,.ri:i 'n Wedncs-
i y V,T ."".
Iv. .f Johnstown,
mi aiuiunj .
R.a.i.- li.wiiship.
; ii "ii
l.-n Kacl are
.. --,.f t!
I. ii
1 j-tirt, in Ueaile
! , r. of Harnes
KI nt-nrK on
minus a
farm one
.iMin-'ii-ed flyinc
,. tin.' approach
u l.. rt
n Saturday
lie will re-
a.i.i II
-t'fiit a ft-w
C. Kirk-
T -I
.1 !.!
I .1 !ll"nei
I to Wa
, t.v.i r.
nf C;-nihria
ill during the
J. i:
.-r... i-
..:n It-.-I:.
.ii '
a lai Uf one and
i tit-iiii; tMiulit
,ik. at .Johns-
V.-.int-lay t-venins
i ' i t-t. airs.
I . t : i . v - "I Mountain
., w r.i'. ia- i" Philadelphia
in.ii.-- -.ii Monday.
'. ji -..-nl the summer
.ii M.-M...I
-.,n..-i 1
uil Home, m-ar
: 1 1 -ln rvr on Wed-
It is proposed to (rive postmasters the
right to open letters on which postage
stamps have riot been placed; that thev
may be returned to their writers without
having to be sent, to the dead letter office.
Mrs. Musa Madera, daughter of a Bed
ford cuuntv farnter. has been arrested at
Hollidaysburg for abandoning her infant.
The child was left on a door step and died
from exposure. The coroner's jury placed
the blame on the mother.
A Lloydsville correspondent writes:
"It is currently reported that the Harbi
son and Walker Fire Hrick Co., proposed
building a new brick mill next summer in
oider to supply the increased demand for
i tire brick manufactured from the Lloyds
ville and Hammer tire clay.
John A. Marshall, Maria, of Bed
ford county, was run over it is supposed
by an empty engine on Monday night
near Ktttanning Point. His mangled re
mains were found lying on the track a
short time after the passing of the eu
gi 112. He was about 53 years of age.
Abraham Rhine, of Fulton county,
has just applied for his eighth divorce.
The tirst he received in 1SS1. The causes
which have prompted him to apply for a
separation range from such a general one
as "domestic infelicity" to "Lis wife's at
tacking him w ith a pair of scissors."
The Presbyterian Synod of Pennsyl
vania will hold its fifteenth anuual meet
ing in ISellefonle. October 15th to 21st.
Over two hundred ministers and elders
will be iu attendance. This synod covers
all of Pennsylvania and West Virginia and
comprises twenty-four presbyteries.
A man giving his name as Samuel
Vine and his home as Cleveland, Ohio, fell
from a train while stealing a tide across
the mountain last Wednesday night. He
fell under the w heels and had his right
foot ground off, besides being otherwise
cut at.d biuised. He was treated at the
A I Union a hospital.
The incomplete flood channel at the
Kittanuiiitr Point reservoir, was damaged
to the extent of flo.ouj by the Morui on
Tuesday night of lat week. A great deal
of the bank is washed out and seme of the
stonework and cement bottom torn away.
The loss will fall upon the contractors,
.lute A: Foley, of Pittsburg.
Johnstown cily councils on Wednes
day Might passed a resolution thai if the
Pennsylvania railroad company docs not
at once r-pair the Wootlvale overhead
bridge the city will proceed to reopen old
grade crossings in that part of the city.
Trouble is expected if the railroad com
pany does not come to time.
John Snyder, a farmer living five miles
northeast of Sharon, was cleaning his
Winchester rille a few days ago, w hen the
piece was accidentally discharged. The
ball went through his wife's stomach, kill
ing her instantly; passed over a child's
head and crushed through a window.
Airs. Snyder's death leaves live chiloren
I,-!. :
Ii in:: I'- puiili-is was
.l. iin Haw ksworin. oi
ii, il -hipped to 1'liila-
f. v -r i atients
there are strong
will follow from
of Pitt-burg, who
ith hei sisters.
returned to
H.V 1
, - i.r..:i
- t... Y.i -
. v Ami
- A ian.- :
j.-ir-. Mr-
V-v .1. 1 . Mi
,. (.f ii, .. i. :n
K cii ai.'l
,1 family returned
'i:t,nrg on 1 uesaay
: -,l. -uiiitner at their col
li,,! avenue.
, ( ,,:iiii,i ii.ii- r John Fergu
f t ami na county, are visit-
llr i: i. r's No. 213 Seventh
...mi Ti il'ii in:.
,i. r .ii- .l at his home in Pnr
: i,:jt.t of ia-t week, aged
lie is survived by his wife
i.f .-hiMreii.
A. l-hai hauslh, Andrew
I 1". .1. Ietri.-h, three of
,;itet)t Misiness men.
u-hurtf on Tuesday,
t.nini'jiing died at her
uAii-hip, on Monday,
. (irunibling was a sis
r.ernaii. of South Fork.
.i;:;a!.. - provide that all
ti..- -ir.-ets after '.:3i p.
: till morning, un-
,.h! excuse for being out.
earrieid has silenced the
i:' i- iri,.-i of his neighbor
uf a lio.-n guinea h"ns.
ji,,r3 have asked the
lr. I!. II. Warren, has
-J - i ay;. ii.-s of the army
I. i'h little prospect of
i,.t -ea-in. Kstimated
-r r i,i
; I f,
years, a well-
r in I'.arr township.
recently by being
w a- throw n about a
ex-sheritT John Orr,
icked with typhoid
a ith a blood clot on
i has set in and his
1 ' k farmer went to Hunt
Mli: a load of choice ap-a-
oh'iiged to sell at 10
The fruit seldom, if ever,
at -ui-li a low figure.
.a- t.. t
a am, a- sounded in Kbens--lay
iii--i:t. It was caused by
i- ft. -m a i;rate in one of the
inn . in- ,,f Maple Park. It
'iii--iii-hed with but little
Il of till
id at i
I'.ih ir
rai -d
i- 11th regiment
r polio. Pa., on
:-t. Company
in Kbensburg
v. but we understand
! . of this place. Is
ivixiug member of the
in Kbensburg.
M. iiuvern died at the
- Ii, ..,,.. Somerset, at 3:3 o'cloik
r-i.i :if'. i noon of last week. The
-J i- a in. uiher of the lirm of John
!-'-.... i, -(i.. contractors employ
s .i,:!, l-eiiu railroad work in
' ' M-'Millin. of Dixonville, will
a; llarin -huro. Cambria county.
" -'i-'M : he oHi(.( and drug store of
1 'r. K i r U . who died there onlv a
s-" Hi. J. H. WooilrulT. of
A I". -'! ailuated this year at a
i ,n: L'e. will locate at I.arnes-
- Ill, (,!,, I'rtHJICXH.
"'-in Walters, executrix of
Va::.-r-, (ieeeased, will offer for
,reu:i-e j Allegheny town-'-l.a.f
southwest of Chest
1 '"-iay, Octoljer 2Ulh, lS'.Ki, at
A i . the farm containing 115
f w hicb are cleared, with
a lot of timber, and a lot
1 '"I--rty. See advertisement
n r,
i.'iy went into effect in Vir-
liiilf the sal, if liniinr til ft
"t f at.y institution of learning in
't'-. whether the student be "over
at- ol age or not. The pen-
' ,,f fr(J,n ,o- t,,!;, aJ m.
'i ' i:t f,,r mx months: in addition the
-r mut itive bonds in (500 to be of
"liavior 1,
-T tor a vear.
-'w.-e io the act a
and a subsn-
forfeiture of the
The Kane lleimblivan states that John
Ityers, of Uenovo, w bile out chesii.utiug a
few days ago discovered a large rattle
snake coiled up -and ready to spring. He
Killed the rattier, which measured 4 leet
and 11 inches in length, bad 2S rallies and
a ouiion, making us age vears. It was
the largest, rattlesnake ever know u to have
been killed in that region.
.i aines urecr, a coal miner at t lierry-
tiee. lost two lingers the other day by the
explosion of a dynamite cartridge. In ex
amining the dynamite to see if it was good
lie III one ol lle luses, intending to throw
it a good distance before the explosion.
l.ut tl.e fuse was short and the cartridge
exploded before he could drop it, and he
lost two lingers and had iiis hand badly
1 lie state superintendent of public in
struction has issued circular letters re
garding tin; enforcement of the coiupul
sory education and vaccination laws. He
suggests tbat directors must use discretion
in euforcing bo-.h acts, but adds that
school boards should make every effort to
gel uoiiatlendants into the schools. He
says school boards have the power to tu-
force vaccination.
A llarrisburg dispatch says: J. D
Hicks, of Altoona, Francis J. Kooser, of
Somerset, and J . T. Thropp, of lied ford,
for the Republican nomination of congress
in the Twentieth district, have tileduomi
uation papers. Thropp's papers contained
over 2,2ii signatures. Kooser and Hicks
have brought counter suits in the Dauphin
county court to determine which is the
regular Republican nominee.
The change in Pennsylvania railroad
agent at Crsson tcok place on Thnrsday
of last week, as already noted, Mr. J. W
(iore stepping down and out on accoiii.i of
ill health and Mr. William Colbertson,
formerly assistant station master at Pitts
burg, assuming the duties of the Cressou
station. Mr. Gore will leave shortly for
Philadelphia and Baltimore, and from the
latter place will go to Colorado.
On Wednesday of last week a small oij
stove in the residence of Mr. Peter t.ut-
wald, of tlallitziu. was accidentally upset
by the children w hile a.t play, and inime
diately exploded, throw ing the 11 antes all
over the room. Mrs. Outwald quickly
carried the children from the room ai d
seizing a blanket threw it over the stove
and nickinir it UD threr it out. The
flames were extinguished before much
damage was done.
Thomas McKiernan, Jr., is the owner
of a curiosity. While excavating for the
the new blacksmith shop in the upper
vnrd a cnnir of his workmen discovered a
peculiar shaped stone about the shape of a
man's fist. He had it broken open and on
the inside found the petrified liody of a
large grub worm. lie. has the halves of
the stone bound together with rublier
bands now and will keep the worm in it as
a specimen. Altoona Mirror.
Farmers in Rayne township, Indiana
ennntv. renort a strange and fatal disease
that has broken out among the sheep in
that and adjoining townships. Some
farmers have lost their entire nock. I he
disease acts quickly. The animals are
taken suddenly sick, become stupid, mope
around for several days and die. The at
attention of the state board of agriculture
should be called to this disease, as they
miglij. suggest a cure or preventive.
Friday, while James and Charley, the
r. and s-year-old sons of Isaiah Myers, of
near Kecksburg, Westmoreland county
were cleaning out a stable, James acciden
tally struck his brother in the temple with
the pitchfork, one of the prongs penetra
tinir Mo sku'l. It required the efforts of
both boys to remove it, Charley assisting
i .. .rul task. He was removed to
111 Lll
bis home, but grew rapidly worse, how
then? is little chance for his re
Farmer David Uerkey, aged G3 years
died at his home in Paint township.
Saturdav from the
pffect of wounds inflicted by three masked
burglars on the night of June?. James
and John Ilhoddy. bi others, and Richard
Jackson are in jail at Somerset charged
with the offense. The victim's daughter,
l,ucy, died from the result of a broken lee,
Inmninir from a window on
the night of the robbery in a fruitless
attempt to summon assistance.
Thero are people who believe the bi
cycle craze Is dying out; they may well
read this: A certain New York firm of
fered to sell an unlimited number of high
grade bicycles for eighteen dollars a piece.
On the day In question 40,mi almost pack
ed the store in their anxiety to take ad
advantage of this chance.
Andrew Long of near Barnesboro, had
a narrow escape from death "Tuesday of
last week at his boms. He had just hitch
ed a large grey horse in a cart and drove
to the watering trough near the barn when
the horse grew restive on acconut of the
harness chaffing a sore on its neck and it
backed over an enbankment. Mr. Long
was thrown out of the cart and the horse
fell on him. His shoulder was broken and
he was bruised about the body.
The largest ear of corn ever seen in
this sectson of the country was placed on
exhibition at the fair by D. A. Luther, Jr.,
of Carrolltown. The ear was 31 inches iu
length and 15 inches in circumference.
Mr. Luther had many calls for seed, but
the price of $1.00 per pound looked rather
high for the farmers, besides the seed
would be useless to a man who did not own '
a planing mill. It was a very jne en of
corn, however, and had many admirers.
Carrolltown Xcu-8.
Mrs. Samuel Closson, of Gallitzin,
aged about sixty years, on Monday after
noon committed suicide by jumping Into
the well on their premises. There was a
trap door on the well which she lifted and
then made the fatal leap. She was dis
covered about a half hour after. She ii
survived by her husband, who is employed
as an engineer at Taylor & McCoy's coal
mines, five sons and one daughter. Her
remains, were Interred in the Union ceme
tery at Gallitzin on Wednesday afternoon.
James O'Connor, Esq., a well-known
attorney of Somerset county, died at his
home in Forwardstown, Somerset county,
on Monday morning, October 5th, his
doath resulting from injuries received from
falling down a flight of stairs at home the
day previous. Mr. O'Connor was 70 years
ol age. He is survived by his widow and
live sons, two of them being the well-
known attorneys. James It. O'Conuor and
Francis J. O'Connor, of Johnstown. His
remains were interred in the cemetery at
Forwardstown on Wednesday morning.
The superior court has decided that
the act of assembly passed in lsT and
known as the Livery act is constitutional.
The act makes it a misdemeanor, punish
able by a tine or imprisonment, to wilfully
damage the property of a liyery stable
keeper. The law was made to cover cases
of careless r reck'ess driving, but in num
erous counties of the state th
courts have declared the act to lie
unconstitutional on the grounds that the
purpose was not clearly expressed in the
title. Numerous prosecutions have been
awaiting this decision.
A heavy freight on the Pennsylvania
railroad, parted at Donahue station
twenty-six miles east of Pittsburd. about
4:3U o'clock on Tuesday morning, and
came together again, smashing fourteen
cars. Peter Cavanaugh and Reuben liar
kins, of Homestead. Pa., were instantly
killed and Noah Green wood, also of Home
stead, died at the Greensburg hospital.
while amputation of his mangled arms was
n progress. Michael Holliday, a brake
man, was fatally injurta. 1 he three dead
men were en route to Johnstown to attend
the firemen's convention.
Assistant Treasurer D.J. Jones, of tin
Cambria Iron company, and Mrs. Jones
parents of Register and Recorder F. It
Jones, of this place, and both well known
iu Ebensburg. where ihey formerly resided
were badly injured in a collision lietween
their buggy and a street car at Morrell-
villm Friday night. Mr. Jones was nncon
scions nearly two hours. Mrs. Jones ha
been an invalid for seven years as the re
suit of an attack of rheumatism. Her
knees, which had been stiffened, were ben
nearly double as a result of the accident
causing tier intense sintering, notn werr
taken to their homes and will recover.
Joseph C. Hale, of Summerhill, was a
South Fork on Monday and after doing
cousiderame orinKiiig starteu home in mi
evening on a freight train. Just west of
the Summerhill station he attempted to
jump off and missing his footing tell with
both feet under the wheels. The limbs
were both ground off between the ankles
and the knees. He was taken to Johns
town and thence to the Memorial hospital
where the physicians in attendance be
lieve he will recover. Hale is about 34
years of age and has a wife and three
small children depending on him for sup
The Altoona Times of Tuesday says
Joe Morrello, king of the Italians, took
about forty-two sons of Italy over to Pat
ton on Johnstown accommodation yester
day morning, v here they will go to work
on the new Cambria county railroad, which
is to run from Patton to Spangler. The
Cambria county railroad is said to be an
extension of the Iteech Creek in the direc
tion of Pittsburg. George S. Good &, Co.,
have the contract for building the road
from Patton to Slangier. The length of
the new branch is nine miles and when
completed will make the entire length of
the Iteech Creek from Williamsport to
Spangler l.VJ miles.
Mr. William Glass, a well-known citi
zen of Gallitzin. died at his home in that
place on Monday afternoon, from paraly
sis. 1 he deceased was ooru in iM mister
township, where he resided on a farm un
til about ten years ago, when he removed
to Gallitzin where he resided until the
time of his death. He was twice married
and is survived by his wife who is at pres
ent seriously ill, and five sons and three
daughters, viz: Gallitzin, of Milwaukee,
Ed ward, of Loretto, Frank, W'intield and
Sherman, of Munster, Annie, of Loretto,
Mrs. H.J. Eberly, of Munster, and Mrs.
John Noel, of Lewistown. He is also sur
vived by twosisters, Mrs. Susan Gallagher,
of Pine Grove, Munster. township, and
and Mrs. Sara McGuire, of Loretto, both
agea widows, the latter being 4 years a
widow. His remains were interred in St.
Michael's cemetery, at Loretto, on Wed
nesday morning.
The signs of good water are that it
soon heats and cools; that in summer it is
cold, and in winter has a slight degree of
warmth; that a drop dried upon awhile
handkerchief leaves behind not the slight
est stain; and that it has neither taste nor
smell. It is also a sign or good water,
that, when boiled, it is sooner heated and
afterwards cools sooner than another, but
this sign is not near so infallible as the
judgment that may be formed of the
quality of water by the fele. A hard or
soft water is a water the particles of which
adhere more or less elosely to one another
The weaker the adhesion, the less they
resist the touch, and they produce less
sensation in the hand, because they may
be much more easily separated. Hard
waters render the skin rough, but soft ones
smooth. T he lormer cannot Don meat or
vegetables tender, which the latter do
without any difficulty.
John B. Stonehraker, ex-supervisor of
Rush township, Clearfield county, was
waylaid and brutally assaulted by some as
yet nnknown person or persons on ihiirs-
riav nicht of last week, near the Osceola
bridge. He had delivered a cow to a resi
dent of Osceola and received f20 in pay
ment for the same. He visited some of the
hotels during the evening, drinking with
friends, and started on his way homeward
about 11 o'clock, having, however, left the
balance of the money with an Osceola
friend. Shortly after crossing the bridge
he was suddenly attacked, the culprit hit
ting him with a club, or other weapon,
over the head and leaving him in an un
conscious condition by the roadside.
where he was found the next morning
He is terribly cut about the head and face
and other pertions of his body, and it will
be some time before he will be able to leave
the bouse. The offenders have not yet
been located.
Real Estate Transfers.
Lyde Lenhart to .Epbraim M. Kuntz,
Johnstown; consideration, 1,01)0.
Frederick Kuebne etux. to Daniel Judy,
Johnstown, ?5.
School District Portage township to
Pennsylvania Railroad company, Portage
township, $75.
Hannah Jane Groome et vir et al. to
Pennsylvania Railtoad company. Portage
borough, $3,250.
William H. Pruner et ux. to Henry A.
Quartz. Cresson township, 1,'.)0.
Mathiot Readc et ux. to Harriet Inman,
Washington, $30.
Administrator of Ella -Smith to Philip
Smith, Johnstown, $200.
Cambria Iron-eompany to Charles Ras-
baugh. Franklin, t'KM).
Georgh II. Brown et ux. et al. to Sarah
ane Cranston, Johnstown, $1,500.
Kate Chandler to Eyanna Shay, Mor-
rellville, $1.
Margaret Baker et vir to Lewis B. Keip-
Jackson, $1,S00.
Henry Goldstein et ux. to Joseph Zim
merman, Johnstown, f l,4xi.
F. Wilham Biffinger to Barbara" Bifiiug-
er, Johnstown, fj.soo.
Hannah Bunton to Charles T. Bunton,
Croyle, $550.
John S. Wicks et ux. to Simon Philips,
South Fork, $'j)0.
Thomas Giltings et ux. o Thomas J.
sittings, Clearlield, $.ko.
Assignee of Francis E. Itehe et ux. t3
Charlus Miller, Allegheny, $1,550.
Mary C. Myers to Pennsylvania Rail
road company, Washington, $?45.
Sheriff of Cambria county to D. L.
Ivrebs, trustee. Carroll. $100.
Margaret Zentinyer et vir to Thomas
Barnes. Carroll. $2,250.
Cambria Iron company to Harry W.
Miller, East Conemaugh. $.K"0.
William B. Osborne et ux. to Lizzie II.
Linton, Johnstown, $375.
Starr las Lterasos.
The following marriage licenses were is
ned by the Clerk of the Orphans' Court
for the week ending Thursday, October 8,
1 .'.:
Thomas A. Conway. Derry township.
Westmoreland county. Pa., and Elizabeth
C. Glass. Juniata tow nship. Itlair county.
Mahlou M. Beightley and Bertha-J.
Lolir, Johnstown.
Andros Zuravisik and Catharine Minha.
Henry RiCer, Cambria township and
and L.izzic Schmidt, suinnierniii townsnip.
El ward Bytheway, Herminie, West
moreland county. Pa.. a:id Kate Wishart,
Iteiiiniigloii, lsla:r county. Pa.
C.J. Anderson and Eva Johnson, Has
ngs. Ai.ton Crapla. Lilly, and Josie Menek,
4loward Berkstresserand Faithy Lowry,
Benjamin Gibbon and Mary Griffith,
Samuel Stiles, Nicktown pnd Augusta
Trout, Spruce, Indiana county. Pa.
William Dunmire and Clara Kelly, Jack
son township.
Edward Evans. East Conemaugh, and
Susar. Zimmerman, Franklin.
Theodore P. Bantley, Scalp Leyel, and
Emma J. Strati b, Stoystown.
Leo Makawiski and Olean Wisniski,
Ernest E. Dobbs and Sarali Richardson,
Don Iu.
Mlseellaavoas Hotleoa.
A in Pr month and expenses paid good men
O 1 U tor taking order. Steady work snd will
lumlsta fine outfit and cbolee territory. Apply
Protective Nurseriei, Uenera.W.Y. Jnly3m.
V TAN TEI A general representative In thtt
y county to ornanlite local boardn tor the
Artisans' Savlnin and Association. Ad.
dress 1 Firth Ave.. Pittsburg. Pa. mehat
WANTED A reliable man to represent a loan
inuitutlon in Cambria county Money
loaned in sums ot $100 to 10.0U0. For particulars
apply to W. M. DAVIS, Coalport, Fa.
'IThe Ebenburst Hull.llnit at Ioan Association
I will offer for sale at the Key Building, tb-
enobnnr. on the fourth JHonoay in i"-"",
txono.oo: THUS,
L.BSTBR L,KiB, Secretary.
Everybody, and especially the oyster-lovlnit
Kiopla ol Ebenabunt. are Invited to call at Kobi.
eBreen's Hid Reliable BusUurant. wben they
want good, Iresh Oysters, by the pint, quart or
gallon Or you can have them Stewed or tried,
mil at the lowest price. Fresh Oysters every day.
The Atlantic Refining Co., of
Pittsburg, Pa., make a specialty
of manufacturing for the domes
tic trade the finest brands of
THE,, ,3k JSS: HEEEEfc
Mooffing and Spotsthi;
Tread' Powers, Threshers and Separators, Iron and Wood Pumns
Fence Wire, Etc., Etc., 1 ' '
Illuminating and Lubricating
Naphtha and Gasoline
That ean be
Schedule in effect November 17. IStt.
Cenneetlonsat Cr canon.
Seashore Express, week dys......... 6 3" a m
Altoona Accommodation, week days tni
Main 1-lne Express. dally 10 W a m
Altoona Express, dally 1 1-0 p m
llarrlHburn Accommodation, Sundays
only 107pm
Mall Express, daily 817pm
Philadelphia Express. dally.. lUpm
Johnstown Accommodation, week days.. 814am
Pacific Expres. daily IJJim
Way Passenicer. dally.... .... 2 3fi p in
Mall Train, dally IHpa
at .lne, dally . B p. m
We challenge comparison
3 i. r 1 I asi i-ine. daily . ..
every knOWn prOCIUCt 01 peirOl- I Johnstown Accommodation, week days
eum. If you wish the .
Most : Unirormly : Satisfactory : Oils
in the market ask for ours.
EbensbnrK Brs-nrti.
From Hastintcs and the North
Prom llre.oson
Krnn Vlntondale. .........
Km in CreMn
Krora 're.on
Prom Vintomlale..
Krora Oresson..... .....
For C'resfon
For llaetinus and the North
For Vlntondale
For ;refuon....
Por Vlntondale
... 7 34 i in
..10 iJ a m
:t 05 p m
.. iospm
.. 6 56 p m
... 7 SO p m
.. 30p m
For HastinuTS and the
For Cresson...'... ..
.. 7 no a m
.lun3 a ra
....H is a m
: os p in
6 no p m
5 p m
.... 'oOpni
JOS. HOME & C0. sli
The Way
Mail Orders are coming in for the
New, Ail-Wool
Tufted Suitings
there must be extra merit
n and Clearfield.
at 6.45 a. m. and 3.10 p. m. arriv-
boSa, m. and 4.1o p. m. Leave
and ft.so p.m., arriving at Ir-
vona at 10.56 a m. and p.50 p. m.
For raus. wiaps. etc.. call on aicent or address
Thou. E. Watt. P. A. W. 3i-o Filth Ave..
Pittsburg, Pa.
Ueneral Manatier.
Ueneral Manager.
0ur Semi-Annual Clear
Sale is now on. St will pay
you to aJtc..S. Our entire
stock of Spring and Sum
mer goo1 mtist be closed
out by Sept. list to make
room for oiw fall stock.
The jLeadsna; Clothier.
JLilly, Pa.
Kxrnrslo lo HnpnononiK k. Pa.
At this period ot Hie yar there is no
innri' ilrlinlitfiil place for a short outiii?
than YYoposiionock, situated on the top
of th Allegheny mountains, Jii.'iO feet
ahove tidewater. Wopsononock affords a
mapnilieeut view of the country for miles
around, now made more beautiful by the
au.uuin foliage. The scene from 1'cint
Lookout is not equaled east of the Rocky
mountains. The railroad north of Al
toona assends M- in the distance of eight
On Saturday, October 17, the Pennsyl
vania Kail road company will run an ex
cursion to this delightful resort, for which
round trip tickets will lie sold at an ex
ceptionally low rate. A special train will
be run on the schedule given below:
Pittsburg :.i
Johnstown 1.25
Cresson Til
Altoona Ar.
Altoona Lv.
Stops for dinner.
Returning, leave Wopsononock at r:00
I', m., arriving at Altoona at 5:45 i. M.,
stopping for supper; leave Altoona 0:20 p.
m. making same stops. Tickets will per
mit of stop off at Altoona on return trip,
and will be good for return passage until
October l'.nh, inclusive.
8:m a. m.
10:4O A. M.
11:. 'to a. M.
12:05 i. m.
12:40 p. m.
them we claim that there is, but
would rather have an expression
from vou individually.
Will you write our Mail Order
Department for samples of these
etmnrrlinnrv values in newest
uD-to-date styles in Dress Goods
and Suitings? 3G to 50 inches
wide 35c, 50c. and 75c. yd.
All we ask is fair investigation
and an unbiased verdict.
Also send name and address
fcr New Catalo'nic out of press
this week. If you come to The
Great Exposition don't fail to
visit The Great Dry Goods Store,
right on your way to Exposition
Silver and Gold.
A verv small amount of
either will get you a dozen
of .
Pine Photos
Wright's Gallery.
We have come to stay for
one year and may be longer.
Give us trial, and it we
cannot satisfy vou it will
cost you
Ballot this Fall.
The ballot which wilt be voted in the
state this fall will contain nine columns.
The Republican party will be first, then
will follow Democratic. Prohibi
tional. People's, Socialist-La
Silver, .leffersouian and a blank column in
the order named. The surnames of the
presidential candidates of each party are
placed in the column just below the cir
cle above the electors. To the right of the
names of the candidates Is a large square.
n which the voter by making a cross
votes for the entire thirty-two candidates
for electors in that column. A voter de
siring to vote for any other candidates be
low the electors, in any other column, will
be required to put a cross mark opposite
each name.
This form of ballot differs materially
from any form used since the enactment of
the Itaker ballot law in isui. Colonel
John A. (ileiin, corporation deputy auditor
general, lias prepared the plan, and the
ballot is expected to give more general
satisfaction than any yet adopted.
Political KnlldoEluK.
Leonaid Keck, one of the leading busi
ness men of Greensburg, had an experience
with an eastern firm a few days ago that
will open the eves o'f a good many as to
the methods employed by the Republican
party to discredit silver coin, and, inci
dentally, create a sentiment for McKin-
ley. Mr. Keck received a large invoice of
goods from the firm referred to. and ac
companying it, by mail, was a bill for the
same, upon which was stamped; "This bill
must be paid in, gold or its equivalent."
Mr. Keck- is not a man that is easily
scared, much less can he lie coersed or
bulldozed. Accordingly, by return mail
he peremptorily demanded of the pre
sumptuous firm that unless the obnoxious
condition were recalled he would ship the
goods back at the firm's expense. It is un
necessary to state that his demand was
speedily compl ied with; they had "waked
up the wrong passenger, urccnuburg
The ndrlirnel will exposa to public tale on
the premise la Allettheny townsnip, one-uii
mile Bouth-wesl ol Chest iSprinit. on
ition,' Na- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1800,
bor. I ree I t f o'clock, a. w.. the lollowlnir real estate:
All that certain piece or parco. di huu "'"
township of Allegheny. eoTiiaininir 115 ACKtS.
more or less, aout 60ACKKS cleared and In a
hlifi-state of cultivation, aod bavlnc thereon
erected a nood TWO STUKV
a bank barn and ail necesry outbuild inns, the
place la well watered and ha a lare orchard ol
choice Irult. .
Ten ner cent, el the purchase mpney to be paid
m han.i m.i thn time of sale, the balance of one-
third at confirmation ol sale, and the remalclniz
one-third In two Tears, deterred payment to be
secured by )udgment bond and mortgage of the
purchaser. . . ,
Also a lot ol valuable timber, several thousand
leet. coniistinn of white pine, cherry, sh. pop
lar, cucumber, nn. nemijca. iwm . ' .
sold separately from larin.or both together, ll to
a better advantage. . ...
Ten per cent, ol purchase money to tie paid In
h.n.i nn hv nf ai. the balance ot one-third In
thirty days, one-third in six months, balance ol
onr third In one year Irom day of sate, timber to
he secured by Juft?ment. exemption notes liearinK
interest Irom'date. with approvtd security; no tim
ber to be removed until the above conditions are
complied with.
Also all the personal property, conslstlnn; ol
two roan mares, two much cows, four head of
yoanic cattle, four sheep, three hiiirs . two shoats,
lot of chickens and Keens, hay by the ton, xrnln
In theKront.d. wheat, rye and oats by the bushel,
corn In the shock, a lot of straw, one two horse
waicen. one huiocy . one two horse sled, one mow
ing machine. one hay raUe. one hayfork and na
tures. one urain screen, tanninic mill, corn shell
er, two sets heavy harness, two sets buifny har
ness, plows, harrows, cultivator, whitfletrees,
chains, and other articles too numerous to men
Oct. 9 It X. txecuinx.
Opposite County Jail,
Ebensburg, Pa.
Hardware. Qneensware,
AttorneyH at law,
Iffire on Centre street. 4.28 83
Attorneys at Iiiav,
9Otfi?e In Opera House.
Kbishsdm, F'a
-Spectal attention to given claims for Pen
sion Bounty, etc. - chT- Nno
J " i i. 77
Colunil3ia anfl Freflcnia Walcies i
In Key and Stem Winders.
S"Mv line ol Jeweliy Is unsur-
paed. Come and see for your-
self before purchasing elev here
C2FAU work guaranteed.
: CARL Eiymus.
Ifflce on Centre street.
The Tyranny of I he Dealt.
We will suppose that your occupation Is seden
tary that you are chained, so to speak to the
the desk In some counllnK bouse, or perhaps to
the loom In some Taut mill where you are com
pelled to lhbor from morning till niicbt. Sunady
Is your only day ft r relaxation. You return
home every evening wearied mentally and bod
llr. Your health and strength beitrln to fail
What will most elieetually recuperate Tour Tita-
eneriy 1 he welttrnt ot evidence point ton j
ot he- evidence than that Hoe tetter 1 stnmachl
Kilters Is your salent, most reliable sheet an
chor. I'se It tiersistent'y, and your system will
won realn lis prestine vigor. Kvery function
will receive a healthful tmpulaa. Titers ia no
remedy to equal the bitters lor nervousness aud
want ol sleep, aispepaia, constipation ami Dinous
ness. It averts anil temedies all forms ol ma
larial disease, and Is a preventive ol rheumatism
and neuraUta.
Notice Is nerehy given that the application of
Albert J. Hoi. pie. of Spangler borough, tor the
trans ferol the retail liquor lilense granted to 1.
U. Sullivan, In Sprngler borough, has been Died
In the office ol the ;ieru oi viuaner sessions in
and lor tJambrta county, and tbat the same will
be presented to the tkiurl lor Its consideration on
Monday, October 28. 1W. S.W.IJAVlS,
rrottionoiarj i umoo, .ier vi. s.
Oct. Oct. ai.
Orphans' Court Sale
Rv virtue ef an alias order ol the Orphans'
eonit ol Camlria eountv. to me directed. 1 will ex-
liie to public sale at the store ol 11. ti. r.nerly. at
Munster In the townsnip ol Munster. Cambria
county. Pennsylvania, on
at one o'clock, r. sc.. th e following described real
estate, vis:
All that certain piece or parcel ol srronnd situ
ate In the township of Monster, bounded on the
North by land of Samuel Noel: on the East by
land ol James Noon; on the South bj the Cam
bria fc Clearfield railroad and by the turnpike;
on the Wet by land ol the etate of Cornelius
liever, deceased, and by land of the estate of
AuKUtilin llurbln, deceased. containing
and 118 perches.
Kf-servlng and excepting, however, two small
portions thereol agxregutiug three acres, more or
iesx, which Philip Karrea In his lifetime sold and
conveyed to the Cambria a Clearneld Kallroad
Ten rer cent cl the pu'ehase money to be paid
in hud at tne time ol sale: the balance ol one-
third at the confirmation of sale, one-third In one
year from the confirmation ol sale and the re
maining third In two years from the continuation
of sale. Iieierred payments to bear interest, and
to be secured by ludgment ixina ami mortgage oi
purchaser. H. P. I'AKKKN .
Administrator of the estate ol Philip Karren,
Mupster, !., sept. Zfi. iir-'o. -e at.
rHE Kbbbmah and the Semi Weekly Pittsburg
Post at only Yi-UU a year. All the news.
Ofce In Collonade Kow. on drain street.
EsisnsfRO, Pbwi
KVOfflne in Opera House, tlenutr si-rant.
Inciters testamentary on the estate of Ilennis
Cawley. late ol the borough of Ashville. Cambria
county . I'a.. having leen granted to the under
signed, all persons indebted to said estate are
hereby not I tied to make payment without delay,
while those having claims against the decedent
are requested to present them properly authenti
cated lor settelmrnt.
JOHN CAWI.EY. Ashville, Pa.
JAMES CAWLEY, Altoona. Pa.
Ashville , Pa.. Sept. 25, 18!, 6t. X.
Estate ol Emmet V. Byrne, deceased.
letters ol administration on the estate of Em
met V. Kyrne. late of the townsnip ol Allegheny,
In Cambria county. Pa., having been granted to
me, all-persons Indebted to said estate are hereby
nolined to make payment without delay, and
those having claims will present them, pn-perly
authenticated Icr settlement.
- Administrator
Allepheny township, ct. a. 1RU6 6L X.
You will find the most complete assortment of Fall and "Winter
Clothing, Overcoats, Boots and Shoes in Northern Cambria. You
will find a complete stock of Fine Suits at $5.00, $0.00, $S.50,
10.00, si 2.00, $15.00 and S J 3.00. Overcoats from the cheap
est to the best in the markot. All well made, nicely trimmed and
perfect in fit.
The Most Complete Line
of Gents' Furnishings and Underwear at prices that defy compe
tition. The best line of Footwear in the county from the heaviest
Brogan to the finest Kid in all styles and widths.
A visit to our store will convince yoa that it will more than pay
you to buy your Clothing, Overcoats and Shoes from us.
C. A. Sharbauch,
we want one
or two men in
for Nursery stock,
lor good work. We
anything, that dies
earn County to take orders
and are willing to pay well
agree to KEPL.ACE KKEE
from natural causes.
- We also have a choice line ol SEEI POTA
Au. 'it Irt 4m.
Let Us Reason a Little.-
If your horse ists a slit?, you jrt-t a !irrs' sher to re-t-t it.
If you m-v a pt'rj.lexinp: leipil )tuMin -oIvel, vou t:o to a lawver.
If you full ill you have a lKjctor to u II you wliuT to take.
It is their Experience and Skill Yon Pay For.
Tlu-n why make an exception in the urt-h:Lse of your Iruir? If you have a family
rtvipe or a ir -script ion to till, Sj.ices, Flavorinir Kxtra-t.s, lrtis, l"atent .Meili
eines, or anything to ntirhne that a tre .levoUl t lniirs may keep. Isn't it
follv to ronfonml ualitv with uiiantitv an.l tret an inferior itrtiele.

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