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Arthur Sewall Formally Ac
cepts the Nomination.
nit: ;oi.i Stan n. is ii al'i:ak;nfi.
1 he Vle Presidential 'a?.lMlH,te- l.tt
Some IliK Hlnt. Ivit'v the ll ItMg
Ce nh n I- r-- Mlwr thit I(m-It
Vl Out III.
Rath. M . O-t. 7 Hon. Arthur S
wall. I)i?niMTiitn: c-aiilnlitf fur vi-
president, of tins Unititl Stuti-s. has
mud", public his It-ttrr of nit t-pf ;it::
It is sls follows :
Hon. Stephen M V tilt?, f 'tminuHii .nil Mem
tMr of the Not ifi'-athm t !iiiiiiiiti?-.:
f i F.NTI.KM KN 1 Iiiivii tin? honor to m:-,(l
In writing, as ' tiavt? nln-uilv vitIkiIIv
done, tin- nomination ti-mti-n-d hy you mi
la-half of th- ItaniiM-riitii: wirlv m-h its c an
ilidati- fur ti- pnsiihnt of tin- I'nilKi
Stntt-s. Ami in mi Iiii 1 am (ilml first t
express my sal is(u-tioii that tin' lul lornt
tif our jmrty, whh-h hits iaiiiiiiiainli-il tnv
lift- loiitf alli'irium-t-. ts Imiu-st I v anil full
li-clanitory of nil tin; prin-iplrs anil -iMiiiilly
of tin; iilisorliltijt llii:iii-t.-l Issue
liMit which as you say 1 look my t-.enl
'"When thi lioiirs of triumph si-oim-d r
mote and when arnnnint money -h;iui(or-throughout
the world Imasled that, flu
eumiuist of the Aliierii.ui masses
Thest; prinetnles lllivi; Intro ot lata; in
nlieyani-e, hut only lai-mist? Ihosat whom
,we triisti-tl to niaiiitaiu them have failed
to do so. these prlniph-s i-an imvit tli
Wis hnvti resi uiil ur piirly Imm tlio
who under this iulliienee of I lie iiiinie
power have entit ml litl anil deliasil it
Our mission now is to n-sene from thl
saline Kvi-r and its foreign ullles. 0111
own lielnveo country This Is the lirn:
and highest duty imxscd liy onr (Kirly'
platform; upon tlm 'rforin:iiiin of tin
dntT all other reforms must watt. Th
test of party principles is the -vcnimen
they assure; the proof of jrood ipiviti
mi nt is a contented mid happy piple,ini.
th' supreme test of iMith is the ability I.
yuide the country through crisis a
well as to administer the ffovermnen
in ordinary tinu-s. Our ptsople now fnrr j
erisis, a i-rlsls mom serious than any slni-
the war. To what party shall they tun
in their dim emertretiey ? It is true tha
the present erisis may not involve al
equally, that there are t hose who do no
suffer now i.d may not suffer should tin
crisis thre!i,lied hy the gold standard
come on tn a!. Its fury.
Human srlilshness makeH thos deaf l
oil appeals, hut. to these, fortunately, tin
Ifc-moeratic party 1ms never ineded to ap
peal to win lis battles, nor does it now
save as there an; some amonn them win
r.'tn rlst: superior to self in the Kaerifiii
which such a crises demands of every i
trint. Wts are told thai the country h.i
prosjicrcd under tin; present iixillelar
standard, that, its wealth has enormousl
increased I irimt.il so, hut In whos.
hands? In the hands of the toilers, tli.
farmers, the miners, the fahricators Ii
factories, the I rulers of the nation's weal I)
ill icacc, its defenders in war? have the
the prosM;rity which was theirs so late a
2(1 years ajio? I deny It. They deny il
None atiirm it save t hose whose Interest
it is to do so Whose profit would diminisl.
as prosierily ret urns to thost on a-lmi
distri"ss they thrive)
All is indit'd ri-iht Ik Iwci ii ;ipltal and
lahor. The Iwst iiiiiiiey in the world" i
none too immI for tlmse who have Ot. it
hut how- is it with the . pel ivnl u'
our rieoph; who have "trot it to jjet f" I low
is it with those who must, huy lhis"liei
money in the world" with the products oi
their own l.ilw.r? Thesi- am tin- people (u.
whom the I tcmiKsra! ic party wonhl li'ifls
late What is Ihels-st money for t liese
is the iietion for all to a.-k who real I
love this land How elsetNin you mcrcitsi
lalxirs' purchasin; miwct lint hy incrcas
iiift I he price of lalairs iriHliu lsC Is II r.
fair measure of values, that, in inn tcai
priMliiciu mi lion I en hushels of olafoc
must Im iiiid for a dollar, ten hushels oi
oats for a dollar, sit hushels of corn for u
dollar, three hushels of wheal and all
other products of the soil, and mines, au
thelalNirof all wnji! earners ut thesanu
ratio? IIim'S any fair mind say this i
honest money that forces such an ex
change, and if it is not a fair exchange, i
it lionist. is-it l-ss t han rolilw-ry?
This is the condition to which the single
frold stamlard has hioiiht us I'luh r n
the apprcciat ion of lhr "l'sl money tn
the world" has increased the wealth oi
the rich, and tor the same reason has in
rrenscit the debt of the di-htor. So it h;--Nen,
so tinder the prcs-nt standard il
must continue to lie. Wit h t hie olijeet
lessons alioiit me. little in-cd have we foi
history anil statistics, ami the studies ol
schol.-irs. I.iitle satisf.-iction it is u u
th.it tlicy have warned us long sin' ol
the deadly evil of t he cold standard It
has brought lis at last to t he fiarting ol
the ways. Whither shall t he people (co
in the way that has led to the enslave
ment, or into that which offers them theii
only chance to regain individual liU-rty.
l.istitiK prosperity, and happini-ss? l-t
not our opHnents chiirj.it us wit h creating
class (list met ion Alas, for the republic
they are alrejidy hem, cnaliil hy the He
pithliivnn policy of the last :m years, cn-.atiil
by the very system wc would now over
throw and i.cstr. .y. Nor do we raise a
set-tiotial issue. The nomination you ten
iter repels tin charts.
None knew N ttcr than I that this nom
ination is meant- as no personal tribute,
but its an assurance that our party Is n
non sectional p,irty. Not by our policy,
but only by the continuant; of the fcoU
standard can si-ctionalism Iw revived
Neither shall our opponents lie permittiMl
to terrify the people by preilictions that
temporary disturK-tnces or atiic will
come from the imlicy wo proioso. The
American pi-ople will lie loyal to the na
lion's money, will stand behind it and
maintain it at whatever value they them
selves may put upon it. Oncv lefom in
the present cenerntion have our dcodIc
been callitl upon to face a momentous
crisis. hat then said Mr. I,uicoln. the
chisen leailer of the plain peoplti of the
laietr as ttti awed liy ilncdu-, i.i wi-ak
em il by tho wily s rsuasnii of the falsn
Irn lids, who, as today, pleaded for coin
pmtniscwith urunK His answer was:
"If our sense of duty forbids this, then
let us stand by our duty fearlessly and
clfii-ti vol y. I t us lie diverted by noun of
these sophistical contrivance wherewith
we are so industriously placed and lio
tailored, -ontroveii-s such as untying for
Mime middle (rround Mwiun rlxht and
wrons r;versin the dlvinu rule and iull
iun not the sinners hut th ri;hteoiis to
li'M;iit.-Micc, such as InyiM-artor.M to Wash
I'llon, Imploring men to unsay what
V ashinton said, and undo what Wash
liiflon did. Neither let us Is slanden-d
from our duty by false aei:iisat ions against
us l-t us have faith that riht makes
mlht, and in that faith let us to the end
dam to do our duty as we understand It."
e know well the nature of be struff
l in which we am oiiKaisI, wn arts
anxious only that the Mniile of the land
shall understand it, and then our lutttlo
is one. liehind the strong enlmuch
iiient of theKold standard am u:ithi;red
all those favored classes It has 7osU;rKl,
the only datitferous classes of the land.
A variire mid unholy ;reMl am then;, every
trust and combination Is there. Kvery
monoMily is them, led by the (n-atest
lnonoMily of all, the monopoly of the
power of gold. With us In our assault tits in
t hese entrenchments am all these unselfish
men, who not now sillTcrlnpf t hemsclves.
ran not nt content with comlitloi is so full
of sulTerinfjrs for others, and thai, vaster
' oi our ieopie wno nave lui-ti sao-
rilhisl to the small and selfish rbiss who
now resist their attempts o n-ualn thi-ir
ancient rights and llls-rtii. TIii-.-m; m the
nt riots ot 1H!; the f of a "dishorn- t
lollar" which enriehm JO imt o-nt uf our
youpla Uf rob the rait; Ike lipfendufs ul fjie
honieg of the land, 1m )Ublie morals and
the publlo faith, lith-of which alike for
bid the M ytiient of uovcrmnenl obliKa
tlons In a .mill costlier to thos; who have
to pav than that the isniitruct cjills
for; the defenders of the honor of I he na
tion whose most sacnil i:hart;e is to care
for the welfan; of all lis cilii-ns
The frw and unlimited i-oinatse ot sil
Her is Ilia; sole n-mi-ily with which lo check
the wnniKs of tislay, to undo I he ruin of
the isl and for our inspiration we have
the juslii-cof ulir iiili-s- anil t host i-hi
ishwl principles of Jefferson and -lack i
which shall U- our itui.lc on our return
Miwer. "Kipial and exact justice loa.l
nu ll, alisolute ncipiii-scclli;e in ihi;lsioiis
of the maorily. the vital principles of
public, the honest Kiyment of our debus
and sncnil pmscrvat ion of I he public.
f;illli " l'nr-uiiilly si-nsible of the Intth
honor of the nomination you lender.
I am, truly your,
Al Ulli Ii Sir w M.I.
Kkii,,m-i al Atioll m tlrt,uMirn Mattllv
I IO.IMMI Nrll MiiiiIIi.
MaktmKI. f:nnn..f)it. 7. - t tin; H
tow lis in the stale eliftlons w-re held
tn Mi'J. Kef urns . have licen rii-eiveil
from I4 of tliis towns Those not
heard fnmi are isolnleil and without (
wire iiiiiiiiiinilcat ion and i-iint alninn so
few voters astxi Is-tif iniitisiderable iui
poi tamst Of the 14(1 towns heard from
i:t:i have elit-ted the Itepublii-iin ticket,
which shows a Haiti of 2 tow ns over
the election of last year
Those towns have niven the Kefiub
lli-nii majonty. nvenijiilin alsiuf lK. in-Ili-atltiK
an approximate majority in
the state of la.tNNI. Of the Hi tow ns
now missing, tune are consiileril as
safely Kepublli-aii with insiK'iijtieaiit
Republican majorities. Tln;st; missiiif,'
towns, together with the larKer towns
of New Haven. Hartford. Hi-iil"cKirt.
Derby. Ansonia and Nauj;atui-k. wheie
no oloctsoiis wore held. woorditiK to tin?
estimates of the Ki'imbliiain iiiuiiiutrrs.
would kiv,! n Keiublic4in inajorily in
the state of nlsiut a(),(MK)
At the DciiiiM-ratic headquarters, how
ever, while they coneeiie an apparent
Republican majority of 1 0.01 Ml or I2.IMK)
they claim that local issues were too
sharply defined to permit of an ox pros
sion on the national issues, and that
the Republican ma.'trlty in Oninoi ti
cut on Nov. X will not exoooit IO.IMMI
II atnit the ('tarliiH i;lrn a ttoyal VI
iie liy 1'rrnrli l'inil.
Paris, Oct 7. Thn entrance of the
czar and irtwirina info Paris was the
occasion of wild demonstrations by the
Mipul;u(; all the way to the Russian
embassy, whons they are stopping.
I'ri-sidcnt and Mine, Faure called anil
then tho royal iair went, to church.
Th czar then drove to the Klysee
piilace alone in order to return the visit
of lresidnt Faure, and the czarina re
turned to the Russian embassy.
Letter in the day Mum Caruof. widow
of the late president of Franre, and hi-r
son called at I hi; Russian eiulwissy and
hail a brief but i-ordial interview with
the c.arma.
The czar after leaving the Klysee
(uilace drove to t he residence, of M. Ixm
bet. jire.sidcnt of the senate, and M
Hrissou. president of tlm chainlicr of
detiuties, whern he left, cards.
lator he went to the palaco. Presi
dmit Fauro. surronndiHl hy the mem
Iters of his military household, met the
czar at the portico of the pahu-n, and
after warmly shaking hands with his
majesty they proceeded to a salon,
whore they remained In conversation
for "JO minutes
The rfhident then conducted the
rr.r lo another salon, where Hit; minis
lers wore presented to his majesty, and
thence the latter was escorted to the
(irande. Salle des Feles, where filMI sen
a tors ami deputies were preseufiMl tit Un
distinguished visitor.
On returning to the Russian em bassy
lie received the presidents of tin; chain
tiers, the cabinet ministers and tin-iiionils-rs
of the diplomatic corps.
Later the czar and czarina attended
a dinner at. the Klysee palace. Then
they went to the theater.
Hyuterloo Ieth and Slckatu It VI.
;iiiln l"laf:ea.
MlLw ai'KF.k, Oc t. 7. Oases of poison
tiK from eating smoked white fish con
inue to be reported Three deaths thus
Tar have taken place at Menll. Wis ,
where Altiert Radlolf, Ous Krupgor and
ft man whoso, name Is not given, sue
inmbiHl. KruoRer died this moruiii"
Radio tf's father and two other children
f the family are very ill fioin enting
;iie lish. S'-voral others in the town are
in a critical condition. Altogether
jv;nty cases of poisonitia are ri'isirfen
t Merrill. Four morn cases are r."
ported here.. The victims are Theodore
5uhr, his wife and two children. Their
-itdition is quite serious
Following so closely after the pros
tration of all the students in fjonx-ordia
college in this city, and the similar
atlliclion of over 541 people who ate the
fish, the news from Merill is causing
quite a panic from fish eaters and ileal
rs Twenty additional cases are re
ported from Bmthertim. on the east
shore of Lake Wiiinetiat;o. tho family
nf (JisirKe W ts-r. i-onsist ui" of himself,
wife and five children, iieuig in u sen
nus condition
The analysis hy the Milwaukee; health
authorities developed the fact thai tin
lish partaken at Concordia colh-oe con
laimil the poisonous genus called
Romanies. The state Isiard of health
will investiuale tho cases at Okkosh
Brotherton and Merill
No Cm For Amorlram l Try lo Com
p"l In Sonllt A itie r
Nltw York. Oct. 7. Amona the pas
sengers who reached this city on lioard
the American line steamer New York
wn Secretary l W. Flshhack of tho
American legation at Buenos Ayn in
company with a party of la American
manufacturers who hail been stiiilyin;
mmercial interiwfs in South America.
The entire time consumed In Brazil
anil the Argentine Republic was one
unbroken situs of fetes and luimiiicts.
the rs-oplo in every instance turning on!
to do the part y honor
Secretary Fish back said flint at tho
preset time it was itiiossitlc for the
llniti-d States iniinnfai-tiiri-rs or mer
chants to compete with tin- Kuglish in
the gritat commercial contets of South
AniiTicsi. The Knglish have establish
mollis in every center, and ships to
transport, the goods hither and timber
The remains of K S llacon. who
died during Ihe trip, was brought ov i
on the New York and was removed i..
Eri for inlermenl tomorrow
Tha tlorrllile Cliarc AKiml llrxttpmoi,
n mn r'Mlrra ICal.
Nkw Haven. Conn.. Oct. 7 The po
lice of this city believe that hrakemen
f the Consolidated railroad have lieen
ruthlessly murdering tramps caught
stealing rides on ears of that line. It is
asserted that ten liodies. all mangled by
la-nig run over by trains have lieen
fonnd on the tracks of the Consolidated
within tho last six months.
The dispatch states that a man named
Moloney from Brooklyn was shot twice
and thrown from a train hy the train
hands, but survived his injuries and has
given information to the authorities,
which led to Ihe arrest of a brakeinan
named Bean iTie latter, according to
the fctory. conic -sod to the superintend
ent of police of Now Haven that tho
trainmen made it a practice to kill
tramps found on their cars.
PllUbaric Mmf it Cama.
Baltimore. Ort 7 The champions
and the Cleveland ball team have
gone to Cleveland where they will play
a many of Hie leiuaimng games as
may le necessary to settle the contest
foi the Toin pie cup unless a seventh
should lie reonired. i
Pittsburgh will get it. It in announced
that the total .receipts for the three
Kame played in Baltimore amounted Ut
Ult$iJkMJ. (
Immense Crowds Heard Bryan
at Indianapolis
liia-il Smnr of lt i;ll Ih ra.1 r
l.c-ailcr' ... -!-.., littKini; Il
Una hancnl l-rMl ln llrt ijlf
Immi A Itii; !: -l lit.
I.MdASAPtil.l.s, Oct. 7 The reception
ircoriieil William .leiiniiigK Bryan on
us arrival in lndianasilis was as nearly
s groat as any In; has tei-oivoil during,
his enlire. triji lie made five s ii lies,
here. Iwo in Ihe. afternoon 'and Ihree fit
night, and at each meeting he addressed
immense audiences, one of which was
nearly as large as that addressed by him
tin Ihe Boston Common. Hie largos! of
the. i-ainHilgu
The Bryan jiarfy arrived in Indian
apohsiit 12 - 4a o'cliM-k. ami was ri-ecl veil
at the station wilh gtent out hnsiasm
rroui many thinisjiuds gathered alsml
the station, lie was taken iuiiueilial ol y
to the Oraiid hotel, and the irade
from the do-mf to the hotel was a con
tlliiious ovation to Ihe candidate.
The Cleveland dnb lliPlliie.; Alliort
ciKits and silk hats. Ihe linliaiiapslls
Kepiiblican Silver club and the Cray
Hub acted as escorts, and the parade
(asset I through streets lined with poo
plo, the prtliciial thoronuhfari-s bonr;
so crowdiul that Ihe sidewalks wei
ru l off in order to keep the ciowd
froni pressing iimhi Ihe carnages
After dinner Mr Bryan addressed
the largiwt crowd of the day at t In
state house. Kvery inch of available
standing and climbing room was taken
The ark in front of the stale house was
packed with humanity, the streets on
either side were crowded, and piiiph
wore gathered in the windows of the
build MIL'S across the sfn't in rude! to
see the candidate, even if lliev could
not hear him. Prnlwihlv less than om
fourth of the audience heard his speech,
but those who were able to got within
the sound of his voice were out Imsiastu
to a degree.
It would Ih; an ImjiONSihilit v to il i
mate the ctowd so great was tt Mi
Bryan began talking at :t:la o'clock
ami niiiiio a half hour's siieeeh
After the nomim; had i-onclniled hi
remarks at the st ate house he was fakoi.
to Toiiilinsou hall, where he siinke to as
many people as could tie. gotten into and
in front of the balcony whore lie stood
This meeting was also cut Imsl.iMic and
often during Ins speech the candidate
was stopped by t he ilemonst rat ion. i.t
approval At night he strike to t hiee
more audiences, one. to the Commercial
Travelers' association in Ihe (iraml
hotel and one from a platform ontsuie
the courthouse and one In Tnuiliii.ii,
hall. Tin; sM-o Ii inside tho hall was i
the lalsiriug men of Indianapolis
His remaiks wi re applauded in lh.
In his state house, speech Mr. Bryai.
made some hard slaps at Mr Byiiniii
one of the priucifial loailers of the gold
Democratic inovoinont. He was deal
ing some hoi blows at tin- gold I i o.o
rats when a voice said :
"(Jive it lo Bvnuiii "
Mr Bryan said :
II vim want. In know arhAt- mat distil,
guisfieil cili.i-ii
A voice "Kxtlngnlsheil"
Mr Bryan Tin- gent leinai. nggi-.i.:
e.xtillglilsiieil . llti li but I will ,iv ills
till-vllislied iM t ause he ho n e-l whethei
he lias any flit un. or not If vu want U
know what he salil alsuit the gold Unnl
anl let me read from 1.1- -ii I. it, I ik.i
of silver in lssti
"Again. Ihe adviiiitti-f, oi goto f.proa'-.i
is with oH'ti hands and mlln.u inil. i,
ances, but. I lear with ihtti ln-neull
t heir coats '
Aha, my friends, he nriderstu.n the. n
tare of I he animal Is lom I.. I g.n lo a
sin-late wit h it. He Is i lghl Hi hi. ih ... lp
lion The gold stnliil.ird novel fought .11
open fight It carries I lit kullt ..I tlu-a-sassin
,-iml iIiks its work t hiiul ll,r n,i.l.
of a burglar If. In tiot al. ..i-i Ar.i-ii.v
never was and novel will bn
Now sii'. si;, how Vrli ha jr.ot-rlo.oi-them
He said .
"Oh," they say, "w Wrtnl sliver '. v r nit
blmetallists. but we want m honest dol
lar Sush-ihI coinage and wi, will driv.
Kngland, ( ierinany anil othii nation!,
bimetallisui, ami tin I. the price ol ilvi
bullion will appreciate, jn.ii .,ui lollxr
will Ih; woith a hiindied cenl "
That is w hat he s.iid in ISMi My Irit-isils
Instead oT siiying now that we will adopt
hiiuetallism and drive ot hei nat ion to il
hi; says that we will stand by tin gohl
standard ami allow ot ln-i nation I., ilriv.
us away Irom il I mighl alsi. .iu.le. l
you what Mr. By mini .u..ld n. 1 1 1.. 1
sMich from Mr Ingalls Now t.i.tt tl..
language ipioteil from Si i.atoi Innils
"No eliilurin fabric of i.atl..nal pn.s
M-rity can Ixi lniildcd 01, gold to. hi 1
t he money of uionari h King ic.vit. It.
I he exchanges of n it ions art- .ifTi-ii-d .
II ; ils tendency is to art i.mlalt 11, va.i
masses in t he i-omuicrclal i-enter. i.i.il .
move from kingdom lo kli. )' in sm I.
volumes as to unset t le value and stu i,
the liiianees of the world It is tin Instru
ment of gamblers ami sM-cnlator and tin
idol ot I he miser and thief The object 1.1
much adoi:ifloil It l-coliic li,nht
.1111I .iit 1 ve. and shrinks al Ihe approach
nf danger, and whenever II is 111. v-i nii-ih-.l
II always lls.ipM-ar at Ihe huhl.i
alarm, it liegins lo Iim.U for n tnu- . it lli--h
rough Ihe Hat Ions al war to Ihe l.atloli
Hl NMi-e War make It n fugitive. X.-
Miinle in a great eim iji iii y ever found .
ailhfnl ally in gold ll is the 11.0M n.
srdly and t mac herons of all metal Il
makes no t real y that II does not make II
has no Iricmts whom it il.ien not mn.ii. r (.:
later Im I ray Armies and navii-s nre r.ol
uainlaiiiisl by gold. In tmiei.f panic an. I
ealamity. slnpwrei k and diater, it Iv.
comes tin- eniei agini anil mini-let ot
ruin No nation i-ver fought a great wai
by I he aid of gold On Ihe contrary ii.
the crisis of g ma test peril it Income ,-u,
enemy more pole 11 1 thai, tht l. 1.1. th.
fli-ld But when the battle is won and
HMce has Ut-ii si-cnnil gold tcapjH-ai and
claims Ihe fruits of victory "
Mt a rNUAal Cnntntalnn.
Nkwphiit, Ky . Oct. 7 The case of
John Seward, the defective chargini
with the siitMtrditiatioti of tw-rjnry in
fhn trials of Jackson and Walling, has
neen fswtjionort. W illtnm Trusty. Sr
father of William Trusty. Jr.. whom
Seward introduced as a witness
swear that Pearl Bryan was fonnd dead
in 1 .-1nc111n.it 1 and conld not have lieen
murdered on the Kentucky side of the
river, made a i-onression. stating that
certain attorneys offered $afM for such
evidence and that Seward gut his son to
testify accordingly and then kept all
Will IMt An f ii r .1 r.
Washin(!TO. Oct. 7. The Venezun
Ian tmondary commission will meet
next Saturday for the hrsf time in sev
eral mouths and it. is exftected that con
siderable business will Ik; transact, d
At least a lame ouanlilv of m .ii.,, .
tamiNy to the iinpiiry with which the
o.. ,,,,,,,, isi-nargen intsbeeii collected
by the agents who have been engaged
all summer in this country and Kuropo
suul much of this will lie in shapo for
linal consideration
A HltlrinUh Will. Strikers.
Lkadville. Colo.. Oct. 7 A report
has reached military headquarters of a
skirmish at the Resurrection mine be
tweeu soldiers and strikers. Kight,
armed men approached close to the mine
and opened fire on the guards Both
the soldiers and their assailants sought
shelter behind rocks and kept np the
shooting about 20 minutes. No one was
hurt as far as known.
Ilishnp lUrhnun ! r).
Bf.thifhrm. Pa., Oct. 7. A tele
gram has been received by the provin
rial elders conference of tho Moravian
church announcing the death of Bishop
Henry T. Bachmaii, which occurred at
the parsonage of the Moravian church
- . it. ti
1 11aco 11111, ia.
A tirugciitlx' iiiivent ion.
Philadki-Piha. Oc... 7.The twenty
second anrm.il convi iitioit of the Ni
tional Wholesale Drnggists' association
w liemg held here. President J. O. filiol
of Minneapolis in the chair.
They defied the rain.
Horn rwlfRa mn Vut to Canton tt
Hear McUlnlrf,
(axion. (.." Oct. 7. The regular
wct Isintnl tram brought two extra
roaches to this city filled with shouting
McKinh-v men Trum Kast Brady, Ciar
ion county. Pa. They were headed bv
t band and tanner aniiotincilig the
party as --pliiKK-rats of Clarion cisnnty.
Pa The delegation waa introduced
bv N K (Jraliam and addnwwod by Ma
jor McKinley from his front jmrch
No more ent husiastic callers have
neon here that those from Toiiawanada
and P.ulTalo anil Syracuse. N. Y.. and
hi ni-uii; rounfy. Mich. And through
the drenching showers the caller
marched to the McKinley hhine. niak
ing the i-ity ri-soiiiul with their enthu
siasm, while mounted troops and largo
band of nmsic. and finely drilled coni-paim-s
uiilforminl ip Mackintishes
pvokinl cheers from the thousands who
stood sheltered in the doorwnyn and
under awnings while the visitors
marched bv The formal receptions of
Ihe visiting delegations did not end the
demon trat ions Sim 111 as the city was
shrouded in darkness, the clnlw wro
again on the fttreot. Michigan and New
York ami Ohio muting to form the
sjM tnclo. When the jwirade was well
organised if marched and counter
marched pjist the McKinley homo, and
was reviewed from the little stand on
the front lawn hy Major and Mrs. Mc
Kinley. IVi-sident Higgins of tho In
diana and Republican league and mem
l.crs of the McKinley household
A spwial ! rain of five coaches arrived
bringing tin- lumlier dealers of Buffalo
and Tonaw:inila This was a ilislin
gnishoil app-aring and thoroughly en
thnsiasf ic delegation It was composed
of business men coiinitiHl with the
lumlier trade, and according to the
statement of tho spokesman, including
many former Democrats. The roeop
tion was held in the Taliernacle. rain
preventing a demonstration on the
lawn Millard S. Burns made tho in
troductory addrosa.
Shortly alter 5 o'clock a special train
of five ooaohi-s arrived. Injuring the Re
publican clubs of Syracuse. N. Y. Most
prominent in this was a handsomely
uniformed and well-drilled Syracnse es
cort, an organizaiinn alTectiil in ISfif.
There were also roprnsnlativos of i:
of her clnlis, including a detachment nf
wheelmen. The delegation was inlro
diii-ed by Daniel Crichlon. a business
A few minutes after the Syracuse
luirty arrived a special train of ten
coaches reached Canton, bringing a
delegation nann-d in honor of Ionewe.
and organized in the county of Adrian.
Mich The partv was madenpof aluof
(Ml vr cent of farmers The delegation
in a pouring rain marched to tho Me
'Kinley home to view tin; lawn They
thou returned lo the Tabernacle, where
Henry C Smith made the intrivluctory
Ha !.-. rtnarir llay lll XV If.
Tube m 1'ritln.
Br77ARt's Hiv. Oct. 7 The presi
dent has left on 1 11.1 ( neida As every
thing was in readiness there was node
lay in the. departure of the yacht and in
a few moments after Mr. Cleveland
reached here she was steaming down
Ihe bay Private Secretary Thiirlicr is
also the guest of Mr. Benedict on the
I rip It is oxpi-otod that the party will
not reach Jersey City Is-fore Friday, as
it wast he intention to sjH-nd consider
able tune fishing a they proceed.
Mrs Cleveland, with the children,
traveled in a sjxM ial car attached to the
regular New Vork, New Haven & Hart
ford train for Boston. This car was
dropped at M iddlelioro, and lieing taken
up later by another train,-proceeded on
to Taunton and Providence and thence
to 1 ireenwich to visit Banker Benndict's
Small lorprrinlintt Award.
Washington. Oct. 7. Secretary Iler
lert has finally awarded t he contracts
for buildlM" the smaller lors-ilolmats
lie already having awarded tlioHd knot
boats. Herresohoff of Bristol. R I .
gets one 2i..-knot boat and two I'll knot
I mat. WoltT Al- Zwickor'of Portland
Or., got two -JSi-ktiot lxits. flu; Col
nmbiati ironworks of Baltimore get one
I -oat and the Hillniau Shipbuilding
company of Philadelphia get Ihe re
maining 'JO-knot Imat.
ti- tni-,1 Ni riaitrit
Pan Fkancisoo. Oct 7. Tht. dispatch
from Ioiidou. telling of the am si ol
William M Castle of San Krancisio on
the charge of stealing furs, is discri-il
ited by his friends here Tho Mi
Castle mentioned in the dispatch is tho
senior member of the big tea. colVc-o. and
dried fruit shipping firm of Casth
Brothers nf this city
Kl-c-llc n v Itisliop.
Bi FKAi.o. Oct. 7 The council of tht
diocese of Western Now York is in ses
sion to select a Protestant Episcopal
Lisbon to succeed Rev. A. C. Coxe. do
ceased The contest in said to rest lie
I w ecu Bishop Walker and Dr Lang
ford with lir- Stone trong third.
the market.
1'int-r.i-BO. Oct
WHEAT So I oln ::a.:to: No t ml. 7IJX.
(t)UN-Nrt z fcllew .mv.T.lle. No.
alo-llwl Msfti'.,!,; I,iu., ,m. K,rm --
J-jc- ! -! ear. i:.((,U.-
HATS-No I Mlntr. SuifliiHr, N k rt.
m-Sii-. eilrs No A while. ?.ll&?4c: llul.l
i.lkril. Xlfrri
HAY Xi. I tlinnttiy. 'f II HVfUl Nn t.
i.vlli..i.i. iihcmi.n. ta.anffgj.i.i; No lf..llc
1-lKlrie. tl iV.itJ Ht. all,i. hv. t II laiui.l.i i:
ll tlinolliy
hTTTKH-Kliu prim. lHSt2r; .to rmm
r ls!vil!. . liii.. Inn, , ri nmry. Il.,tl7. ;
lar.c ii.iu.lri toll low vraila .i..l
S.kll.U f.( lk:
i'H KKsK l-'nncy New Vnr lull t-iui.
'Vt-: new Oliiirn mil r.if-iim IVi'.tSe. Vi
sm Si tiilw. Ilitlliy. . Iiml.nm. r
.na. ;v.jvi-. tltiio Swisa. in IiiIm. Ih-.. Swi. 111
aiiisrp I.I.n ks llllie
Ki;s-siruily fresh Pennry trarila ami
l.l... in Hes Ilia lie. mtiiimU. U'lfclie
ItHTl.TKY -ltrira live . hickrns. 7ina:N; i-n
.l. live cliukciia. snmll. SeutiVK-.; spruiu
lilckri.. XVii.Kv- H.r ,,ir; dressetl 1 In. krlw.
Iftl.ii M-r pound. ilrpsM-d .rin hlckeiin.
-Vyitl-.lv. five ducks. HntOMk. i-r pair, live
ImktvH. labile i piuind
I'lT-tFBfBO. Ort, s
OATTI.E-Recelpt fall on .Monday, tmrnrn
or. a.-le. uihtkel alow ; tixla v's rei eipl Hidil;
n.arkcl 11111 haiir-d We .pioln prices fnl
lows Prime. f.;tVTH fin; Kooil. fl u Ci.4.:l(.
Ii'ly. 7 (l; Knol hiilchers. .! HV-l llu.
fair. S-i tikj 11 Til; eomiunn. fi J.V&a.til, hulls,
Mhk Ad wi linlnciineiiwH. f.Vl
Cl5. Iresh rows Mini sirliim r. SJi.Ki.ti Ul
IliMiS-Iieieipt fnir on .Monilay. iS 1 sr 011
aale, market slew ,, Y.-rkers nml pics:
i.lhe Bihiles sln.,V; tmUy's run IllMil. .le
uiKiiil fah lor Ut grades tin. I slow nn lie hi
weichl; prices mn Imn.il We ,,i.ie: prime
i.eiliiin. weichlH at t-lne.4t.IKS Ut heavv
Yorki-rs. f;i 4iVJr. : Sli; l omiunn lo fair Yorker.
. Xfc 411, I,, hv boas Anie.i .MI. rnuah
at.il .ti;s. :,i,Mt
S1IKKP AMi I.AMBS-PnntT ItKhl oi
MoihImv. 12irs on nsle. nmrkel steaily or.
Mieep anil Isn.ho. vent i nlvit, iiusrtcl lower.
I.-mIht rent-ipti. Iii-lii. mnrkel stsi- n,
aheep. hut o 01. tainhs. prices on-
l.niiued - We qiiole prices lollows
Prime. fVSia.;i i, ril. Ja ;na,1 ..ti. tnit, .!'
(tta.tli. 1 oinm.ni. (I 7.va- . culls. 75. 411 a
j.nihs-:hr.ii e. M 4iH -,. coii.mnn In kikmI.
.lli4i,4 III. vciil lalves. .Soo mi; heav anl
thlii CHlves. J: lkKu rrfl
CixcinMATl. Ort 8
HOGS Mxrkel etehilf at 2 S115 1 41. Ra
el.ls. S. '.Hi' !..(!; shipments, l.iHI henil.
('ATT1.H.- Market stesilv Hi $2.-j,4 a Re
trlpts An, shipments. Mil l.exl
sillKV.r AM 1.A.A1HS-Mrket for .-teer
Mesrlv hi ll 7.y&:l in Receipts. 1 fwo head
Rhll.mer.ts, l.tui heed ln.l.s-Market sienU
at $. 4t,4 ii",
.,,.. t YOUR. Oct. ,
HEAT ispnt mrfrket firmer; No. I Uri
CORN Spot market firm; No. 8. 2fio.
OATS Soi market firm; Nn (.Cc
CATTLE No trailing Enropean rar.les
gur.te American Meers at 1iko H-r pound
iltesse.l weiuht. refrigerator beef nt K.i,. ,,r
pound; bheep al 9tlOHo per pouD.i rl rested
SHEEP AND LAMHS Market slow and
weak. Sheep. fc.Oiil.WI; lauiba. 4 UKJ5.0JL
mvuo Mmn uiwax aa a.UAiAa kJt
Afraid o
The New York Journal is the only
Metropolitan paper indorsing
Bryan and Sewall
and it daily publishes articles hy
the leadine financiers of the country
on both sides of the question,
It is progressive liberal and always
espouses the cause of the masses.
Every broad minded man should
read it. whether Republican or
De'ly - - - - - 1 Cent ovBiywbertx
Subscription for One Llonth.
including Sunday - - - -40 cents
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A. Ml. HI I H, l anhler.
Carrolltown Bank,
T. A NH tKHtl llll, l anhler.
General Banking BosiBtss Transacted.
Tbe Inihiwlmc are the piiDoltiai feature ot
reneral harKin.- hunlnee:
Kocelveit payable on ilenr.and, and loterent hejar
Intt certificates lsi-ue.1 n time teogttri.
KitendeJ to caitouien on lavorahle termaaad
nprove.l ia.er itlre.intet at ml time.
Made In the loralitv anrf upon all the bantrnv
towns In 'he tTnlted statea. I'barvea mnWtu
lasned netcotlable id i I .rt nt th ''nlfT
States, ami Inrelun exchanire nsoe.t on all parr
of Korot.
a "rTf
tit merchant, termer and mheiK aoilrtted, t
whom reainMe aor..ino.latlrin will tie extended.
Patrons are ssure HiaI all ln.na.-ii.in nbul
be held atrmt 1 j f.rtvsie and confidential, and
1 hat they will he treated a ItlraMr as ko
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fairs ruquirinsr a clear braia. A tour weetu
course of treatment at the
No. 424G Fitth Avenue,
rwitorps to them all their powers, mental and
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among them some of your own neighbors, to
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absolute safety and eftiriencr of the Keelev "un.
The fullest and most n-archiluj iiivestlfntioii la
n vitod.. Send for pait pbiet uivina full iuJ urina
tion. auirlM.
I'oiatoea and all aprlne rmpa will
c row bciu.-r and yield lar more, if j vi
FlneMt fertflfm-r hf ail bir. m w.ti
fint from intuiufkcturHr to txrmr (no
. special pntvfi torrarttwi IoCh
" " m m m0 werbty men to
ret.reseut us In tbe ia'e ot HurfThnieu Nuireir
Stock. Specialties eontrollok by ns. Hl.b&t
Silary or t ominiion paid weekly. Steady em
ployment the year round. utnt tree; exclusive
territory: experience not nreef 9ry: hU V -sureit
workers; sdeclal inducements to tieicinnet-..
Write at once tor particulars to
Jnly 31. .5in.
ImilMI aa WaslaaJa Oaln la all Ihubsf
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tle iJ x.i 6 ti
A Quick plicf for every Type or
Flux Cardinal Points RcSfCCTiMQ
Ilf v-r fo..-rt thnt ail
h.-lach-5 arc t-ssm-ttatly
nervous. I'y ijun-t-inu
the nrnrcs you-top
the hcatlachc. !
Every headache is a
pruyer i the oin
i al iK.rves ir kest.
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ShonM vur hcdath.
i nervmis. sick. -riothc.
dy bK-piic. or c.
Caused lv worry. ;ini
civ. excesses of any I. i:nl
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I hen ch'.Ulren sutrc-
nth headache, tr
any one else l'r tiat
matter. uic Kopfalink.
the be.t remedy fvt r o4
-.rcd. S;if", ue. won
tk-rtully quick in action.
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ially thiit ditressiiiLly painful type prcunai to
ladies stitTtriiin In hi irrrmilanty or uterine irri
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3 . fr
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Soli Propmictors.
!?!ck Hrdaclio and rellovpaU tbo trorsWafl fnrf
dent to a 1-ilioua atto of the syneim. such a0
Jjizziriesa, Kausco, Drc-wstuuf, Liytrwai aftef
eating, l'ain ia tue Hi.!v "c VThilo their moet
remark aljlo sucreas has boeu shou n in ciriri(T
TTparla-hn. yrt Carter's LiSflo Uvnr PHH r
eqnnlly vaii)o in OoiiHtipatinn. cnrinjr tv! pro
T'.-ntiijg Ihisaanoyinpccmplaint.Tvhiuj t!i-vaiso
correct all liBrni-r f 1 bAftniK-tiu run lata the
liver and regulate tue U-jwola. iiva if Ucy acUy
rArt'ethpy wr.nlilboaliTioatiJr5irfosstnthnoe.who
af.-T fromtiifldiHirc..acoi-iplaiiit; butforta
Ziately thCirgrxHlijc.atl.jes xioteod ht ro.and Lhnaa
whoencetry thorn -Till find thctc littk. pillsvata
et.le Inraiuuijr wnr. that they trill not be vnt
liugtuduuitbouttbviii. But after ailsick bead
Is tli bano of m many Htm tHat hero la wbare.
make our great boast. Our pUlscureit wails
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4'alarra. loolliat-he,
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ant. Try It. At lni(r norvs. or hy mail on
nwipt of name addrew and ti eenta.
Balllmare. Md.. r. f. A.
"C.lT.Wk ly
rhleaeMer. l.acll.k INum. RraM.
Orli-laal and l.nlv Genuine.
rt. alwavii rei;.ble. UDKt ak
Brat.,1 in Keil and '4d mrt.llic
wiih i.i,, HM.it. Tate
I fK tms ami imttttnn. At PruicKiMi. or iffid 4a
I Jr In flimj ti j.artfcular. t.-tiaMWi ot
V'C t Keller foe I. lull)-." Uttrr. I.t relai "
V if Mall. 14,llIO T"tir.ftnilR. Tam 'ai
. , .7 1 'hl.-hetert heatlcaltaVadlMn tau,.
wlo n? au laical liraauw. M I aila . i'
uuuuilj a. i i 1 1 or
i l'li.telon ... aH rKh.'l-Jj iijU
4 i-iuK T.-pSurrey !. outM-II Al-L
i hoad Watron. is, ci.,-it..r.
I6 Itimil Cart . R M Ituvoftai
llitcrxrv 1 1 rtina .n H .An.n.l
tin Huinry " 4.75 Mi.ldirman'.
WTeaiii " U i profit.
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it. . nreov a- cart ro.
t to It Lawrence tit, Cincinnati, O.
Cckbr,- led
Band Instruments
Piccolos and Band Supplies!
Catalogue. 81 I, 81 3. 815, 817 E. 9th St.. N.Y-
V . 7
1 -
cru V- a. Li Lira
J pay. toidrertire. Try tb I-'ekkham.
SSH ni.d r UU.M..M -.on S.r.l 'J' . "
llookK." It i a o "!" " ' '
iiiK wrlt to rwj iM-r-.i: f -t
cm rweift of t. -! 'vv1 ,TJ!
end r-t'-: 1 ' ' 1 a.t -' !r SU Li.iJt
huld ra:i ; "crlit.
K..I l.n ..-l..!.. v .!! n - - ! . : ; ;'
r..n.i -ic- ..r.l- - il.. .:....!.-.
ite ni.e.1 i-.-i:.r e .t.. i.v, r .:!. : '
CIir..lli' .::d.-.
A vrrv j.l"in:r. ! : vr r
oth'-r b ti -r nr.--. it . r . ii! . -r
int. iter I'ihI r'-.til'. I r -
t m C s "
. -:!. '!.
r it
tdivfu .hua in T.'t
The Acadeo Phmr.ccKtic Co.,
1.0M!0 4I i 1 Kl..
An elegant Knr'ivi . rp..'i V" ' ") '' ',"
for lii i. .ns. tna.nri.il I .!.- 1 t .
Suit .f v.T taelitv-livi- Hiirs d " tMiU' '"
acH-n'-ilic ri-wiirrli , -.
Aj.IrriKl 1-1 lii. l.i. ll"! l:: -.'T'- k O'-'""' :, K
IuuMPin i..-"lii' t.-isi:-. k :;. ; : !: 'j" "'
K.-1.-iallv r.-:p;i.i t.. I.i.i.-s. i Ir. ! J.d i--"'
P .f Hl..lt.-:rv hll' lts
tnlirt-.y viV' t-';"- frrI" ful 'lrus
11 ;:i-! t'W'y t-y
lie foyal '1 -tni.uti Co
LONDON a:id kcv; YCSIC,
Chfimstst by i.rp..,':t::.-T:! xt I:. r V:i :-it tl.e
y-jwen auU U lb- a l.-nu::..
NLW Yt'UK IK' ' : -
1GO. 132, IC-; Cliaritor.SL
! royalI'-ills.
i Same m-dic:i..i' f.ri.rv -i"-; -s ".s L.-iULTytr, ia
boxt-. j.i.;-; to l-:'v, f' t 'J j c n'".
reme'sbertiebig FOUR!
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Vinegar Bitters PO'SVDIr.e. d -. s. '.-.
Vinegar Bitters, i v.- - t'..''t f I t"J
Vinegar Bitters, t,M:v. M'xr-.i-u-. i.eo
The World's Creit E'.ood Purifier
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Only Temperanco Litters Kdottii.
Tbcpa-i i'flb if n f 'rnrtrv tlif I -rnJlnff
4 ftiarrt. r-V'ttX-A
IL H. McBonal J Erng Co., Prcpneicra,
Policies writt. t s?iert ni ? in tto
T'. W. DICK,
vilm iiUht.i:u !i i.M.u i
tlilM LM'hli BfSlNKSS
a --.i---.v V V
. . w, .
rr inf. .nnari .n an 1 fr.-.- ,'; rtl, ,-,
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Shaving Parlor,
Mam Street, Near Pest GClce
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K. X. VKrSS.
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General Insurance Agent
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Mountain House
Shaving Parlor
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Hall's nant r.rxrtrri! va'
effects bT the healthful ir.fa.n.f 3
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ther preparations.
Buckingham' P
Colors them brown or Ms. k. - ifT.
and 1 the best dye. tvgii ::,'. Zl
produce permanent iimtu-. rx'K't.
bein a fdnjrle prepamtior. 1 J,
enlent of application than J 0'jaz'
B. P. HALL & CO, aahoa,
Sold by all Daalori U Kaiid'
Steel Picket Fence.
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