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bta Iwrraan.
CA,l3KIa CO.. PA.
. m TOHER 10. 1890.
, u of boretto, was id
r'Ji'. ,,f!..;l!-fonte, visited
i ....
' ?.t A-..A on Saturday.
1 purchased a fine
, . ..... of Kan.-, ra., is
u rg.
. :i. . of Cassa
M: '.'hirjon Wednesday.
. .. ..f T.arr tow
l-i -.l.-irsr. ou J1
. , ...... :ik-r. oi t.eiie-
iiarJ '. ' tv..t,ds in Ebens-
, . ,.f the VAezi
' ' ...''vk'a- r.vded out
. .. m,V, has hut
. 11.
,,; .l.iiii'-s A. La
..-.-d 1V the slier
tl on
,',( Kt.' i'-'"" is V1SI
linc ..,,,1 l.m.iM K. Dii
' L- f..i.
" . .........n-i-A BrwU tire
Tlur- ar' alr
. ... i.,a:.l "' "peratio
i ,,f Keude town;
ii n-
... ,, ,,. .lav lai
. . -I ii: f.i i"rv, is
li:rii wiiii enough rd
r..!....' day ami uigw
,.; :i m r residinir
!HX'un. 1V" ,""",v- "
..!l.'l"'- "
,n three acres
, ... ... :i former resid
, ... ii, i l'l.iluileliihia ii
,'i.'-i:a wf !al week, aged
. . r : -i
, ' .!. ' ihe (liristi
, r..v;i"ii '' of fa
!..il !al'-r.
. ...... .-.wall l-ie was raised
I at
. v,,i,!.iV allerilODll. X
,.'l..:r.-.-.l ! y Thomas J. lie
v.,;," .ir N-ult.
,, y i-a" opi-ned to-day
,. mn ii.f early in the
;!i .(... r ii,i.iiin-iroii..
... .;i a hr.ml.l to jail the
".. i!;rra-har-'e of usm!i and
vm'4'' ioi''mmi' rape, made
;i:i.,-r. i.f Aiiam- township.
J....... of ;nmiiMiin. near
vr!(.n-'y ii! and his par
Mr,, .loin, K.es. of this
,, t, ...HiiiH.ii.-.i to his attend -
- M . r-: ' o:,:. il hod carrier
., a. l.p.'ik'ht to jail on
.rj.-i ;;ii th- lareeny of a ."
i,i .i: fioiu Char!.-- Miller, also
'. ..r;i:-r;y of t'amhria tow n
:.: v .-..nvn-ted of burglary in
i . !.n'v t.ii rt wa ?-eiiteiieetl
: .! v.-ars ai.'l is months, in
. ;-:.:t-!.:i try.
..ijiff "hiin." were taken to
.lav ia-t week to visit
T:.-y -re paed otT as ex-
- Ir :n V:ra:iiia. Everything
:ur.:.i ;'i' the freight.
I', air county, has de
i n,.ijor:iy of the bridges
..t.jl.t to - l aid for by the
s- ar;ti!t there will be
!i;aii expected at eoun-
- !.-. .1 Meyerdaie. Son-.er-:
"j ,ii itie veiiina of October
n .-.nn s.iuiTariiim. Death
: a tu'.uir and an attack of
ii. a- years of age and
I; T! . r. KL-.d of Cuffs
" ar i Coi;i,ty. while shoot-
-L 4M.A.-I !at !-ritlay. ac
' : The ball entered
: in hi kidneys.
: jr.-du t a long, rold
raiil.lt, and minks is
' the corn husks are
' '-' i i- ;in eimrDiutis one:
havo tH-guii to lay iu
Il-ir.-r. of arrotl town-h-rt.
Healer, of Spang--!,.!.
r- in Tom n on Friday.
1 mi- ti: week f,ir CiiR-in--
- -i ijii.i tirin in a medical
1'. 'v.
.''.:."i-io.-,M.! the real es
' V in. ile,-,.;vtd 0tTer a
'z ! acre, in Clearfield
.' c a:e on Saturday, Nov-l'--"c:
- i- m.. at St Angus--:
! aii.)il,.-r column.
- a I rirh: ,UI.- daughter of
Mr- Y.i,- I. )!, f this
' M'Hi'hiy eveniim about s
aiHtii.r.j,,,.,,,,. i roupT after
" ne. The parents have
1 f .he entire community in
" eyeHr.,,;,j SOIl f,f Mr. and
'1! t. ,,f ..,,t,,w,u d;e(j a,
u. n.-i , .nr. n. a.
'-'' -i"iri!, on Saturday, of
T-j J , w .
1 rem ;i ; i, i re t a ken vr .
' ',J 'iitis'.,w n f,,r iruerineul.
5 '"nuiiissi fliers salary case
"'5- s ,ir.'ii,.(l U-fore the
"J" a.' '''''-l uri:. on Tuesday.
Kitt.-j; ;Ul, yvjn .'van9
7''!'"rir- ""'d W. Horace Rose.
:i. v,. re the attorneys in
' ' ,"'a -'r:iii'i entertainment
r i-Mlay, October -Ml,
'luiiii, aj re fresh -
e-a:i,r.- ,,f entertain-
' '-Iter
fod time is anlici-
-"'"-i to attend.
'Ma V
.... n aiiu'er
of Ashville
iiiriotme and undertak-
";rTI"-r!y conduct,.,- by her
1 an, h, anger, at Ash-
S'O, .,1.,,rUlI)j,y
,:,rK l!l that business in
' "ad" j another col
ri, t' ' '" -nut about all the
""iiitrv el..i.. t.. ....
- Ki. of M.lr( h in the event
' " 1,1 it lleI1..r.,,i .
-ami. old stand this
th.-y Wii close the
''.'' !.o,i,iav, and who ever
w"ri-. it,K on a holiday 1
- l""'" ""urred Saturd
-i-trict sewer in A
leet ,jf lh). ,lreet 9udden
"rryiifir down a station
-lav will be required
i iiis same sewer.
- yres,.... ,
: euini. ,-avea severa
r-. I if
Fred Oast, of Johnstown, was brought
to jail one day last week to answer at Dec
ember sessions to a charge of carrying
concealed deadly weapons.
On Thursday evening of last week a
lire at Kane Pa., damaged John Kebler.s
business block to tha extent of fl.tMO. Mr.
Kebler formerly resided in Ebensburg.
The residence of Mr. J. W. Buck, at
Conemaugh. was destroyed by fire on Wed
nesday morning. The fire originated by a
coal falling from the stove and the upset
of a lamp while trying to extinguish the
blaze, caused the destruction of the house.
On Monday night, the house of Mr. B.
('. Williams, in the West ward, was en
tered by a man. who was evidently bent on
robbing the owner. Mr. Williams was
awakened by the noise and the intruder
made a hasty exit through the kitchen
On Thursday of last week, Sylvester
Seymore, of Allegheny township, attempt
ed to commit suicide by shooting himself
in the breast with a revolver. The ball
struck a rib and followed it thereby pre
venting a fatal termination of the attempt
at self destruction.
Mrs. David J. Jones, of Westmont,
who was so badly injured by a collision
between a buggy and a street car, i re
ported by the attending physician. Dr. J.
S. Taylor, te-ie steadily improving. This
will be gratifying news to her many friends.
JttttHKtown Democrat.
The overhead bridge being erected at
Patton by the Pennsylvania Railroad com
pany is about completed. This bridge will
connect Mclntyre avenue with the new
township road leading to St. Lawrence,
which is considered a nearer route by
about three miles. The bridge is twenty
two feet high, twenty-two feet wide and
about seventy feet in length.
The Altoona Mirror of Saturday says:
"MissTillie Wilt, aged seventeen years
ran iwjy from her home in Ashville. Cam
bria county. August 24th. and found em
ployment with a respectable family at Al
legheny furnace. Her sister came to this
city in search for her yesterday morning.
and with the assistance of Constable
Stains found the girl and took her home."
The curfew agitation has Invaded the
East. It is stated thst more than a hun
dred western cities have adopted the rule
that boys and girls under the age of 16
shall bo off the streets unless accompanied
by grown persons by it o'clock at night, and
hat the order has excellent results. There
is now a movement in Trenton, N. J., to
adopt tlie curfew idea. Certainly llieeil
it is sough, to overcome by this ruin is a
very real one.
A Norristown special of October fit h
says Dr. John S. Schrawder, of Areola,
was to-day convicted in the criminal court
of furnishing a false statement to the Nor-
ristown Breeze. This is the lirst case in
this county tried under the law of S'...
making it a misdemeanor to furnish false
statements to a newspaper. The case was
on trial two days and attracted widespread
attention. Motion for arrest of judgment
was made on the ground of unconstitution
ality of the act.
John and Milton Cunningham, of
Clarksburg, Indiana county, have been ar
rested for non-support. The information
is made by their father under the act of
lsi'.K". The accused indicate their willing
ness to proyidu for their father but object
to maintaining their step-mother. 1 lie
act of assembly referred to compels child
ren, able to do so, to support their parents,
wlieu the latter are desiilude and unable
to support themselves.
Skyles, Miller A. Co., recently shipped
'UI bushel of potatoes lrbni Williamsburg
to Baltimore. They cost Yili cent a
bushel in Williamsburg and the price ob
tained in Baltimore was '-'S cents. That
looks like a good margiu for prolit. But,
unfortunately, the freight charge was just
exactly lirst cost of the potatoes 12)- cents.
and the shippers only got a net prolit of 3
cents a bushel, or $1S for the whole car-
lead. That was hardly worth the trouble.
Holl iila ysbu nj Uta ndard.
A. W. Buck, assignee ot B. P. Ander
son, will offer for sale at the residence of
B. P. Anderson, iu Allegheny townsbip.
or. Saturday, November 7th, ISlni, alio
o'clock, a. m.. that well-known hotel
property known as r.he "Anderson House,"
at Cresson, two farms in Allegheny town
ship, the coal under three hundred and
eighty-eight acres in Allegheny township.
and a lot of personal property consisting
of farming implements, horses, cows, pigs, j
etc., lumber, shingles, etc. See ad in
another column.
The Pittsburg IMiily A'ck is just
about six months old. It is a Republican
evening newspaper of eight pages, neatly
printed, and served by mail or carrier at
one cent a copy, or 3 a year. The lkiily
.Vein aims to be a paper for the home, and
it spares neither labor nor expense to cater
to the family circle. It claims to have
been phenominally successful in its efforts.
It is the only Pittsburg daily with a page
devoted entirely to women. If you have
not seen it you can get a sample copy of it
by mail free of charge.
On Sunday morning. October 4lh, Mrs.
John Ramsey, of Brisbin, Cleai fie'd coun
ty, committed suicide.by hanging, using a
piece of miner's lamp wick, and attached
it to a transom of a door. Her husband
died about ten months ago, and she lived
alone, with her son, who worked at Smoke
Run. coming down to see her on Satur
days. Saturday, October 3d. howevet, he
missed the train, but came down on Sun
day morning on the first train, and pro
ceeding to his home was horri "led to find
his mother hanging. She was aged 55
The compulsory school law is not giv
ing satisfaction in may place. The law
provides that suit shall be brought against
parents and guardians when children have
been absent live days during the month
without excuse. The truant oflicer of Al
legheny picked up a fourteen-year-old
boy and took him before a magistrate
when it was found that nothing could be
done in such a case unless the parents of
the boy made a complaint. The father
was willing but the consent of the mother
had to be obtained also. An amendment
will be asked for to cover all such cases.
Among the decisions handed down by
the supreme court of Pennsylvania at the
opening of the October term, at Pittsbuig.
on Monday, was that of the Common
wealth vs. John Hurd, of Blair county.
The decision affirms the judgment of the
lower court. The case was brought into
the courts of Blair county against John
Hurd and James Funk, commissioners.
and resulted from the auditors' report of
expenditures for l'.. In relation to repair
inir the court house and jail and the draw
ing of money from tho county funds. The
defendant was found guilty, sentenced to
pay "fO and costs, and removed from office
On Thursday evening or last week, as
the train from Cresson, due at Ebensbnrg,
at 5:5'., was approaching Kaylor's station
it was run into by a coal train ana the en-
cine badly wrecked. Fortunately the en
gineer of the regular train saw the coal
train some time before the collision and had
checked the speed or the accident might
have been much worse. There were thir
ty-nin passengers on board none of whom
were hurt. They were orougtii to .uens
burg ou another train. The accident was
due to negligence on the part of tha opera
tor at Kaylor's, who should have stopped
the coal train until the regular train had
By a decision of the supreme court,
handed down last week. It Is decided that
a stockholder in a water, gas or electric
company, having a contract with a city or
borough for the products of his company
cannot hold a position on the council of
such city or borough. That puts a re
striction on many of our people most com
petent for councilmen, but it is the law
Albert Koontz, of Johnstown, who
playfully pointed a gun at bis sweetheart
In 'that place, on September S'.nh. and
while doing so the gun was discharged,
was arrested last week, charged with hav
ing shot and attempted to kill her. He
was given a hearing on Saturday evening
and was held for court without bail. The
evidence showed that there are consider
able grounds for believing that Koontz in
tended to kill the woman, it being proven
that he was told the gun w as loaded before
he pointed the weapon at her in a manner
in which he claims was a joke. Koontz
denied that he knew of the loadiug of the
One day last week, while threshing at
John Hardman, Jr's., Mr. Hard man sent
one of his hands to get some oats to feed
his horses. On going to the granary he
did not see anything to get the oats in but
a box containing wheat bran. He took
the oats and bran mixed and fed the horses.
The bran contained rough on rats, and the
result was that one of the horses died from
the effects of the poison and the other oue
is still lingering and suffering from the
effects of the same. This should be a
warning to persons who have rough on
rats sitting around in so careless a man
ner as it was in this case. Everett Repub
lican. Mr. Fredrick Hauk, Sr., a well-known
citizen of Carroll township, died at his
home in that township on Wednesday
morning of last week from heart failure
superceded by paralysis. The deceased
was born in Prussia', 05 years ago, and
came tc this country when 19 years oTage.
ItlS."i8he came to Carroll township and
settled ou the farm where he resided up
until the time of his death. He is survived
by his wife, two sons, J. J. Hauk, of Car
rolltown, and Frederick Hauk, Jr., of Car
roll township, and two daughters, Mary
and Kate at home. His remains were in
terred in St. Benedict's cemetery at Car
rolltown on Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Timothy Brophy. a well-known
and respected citizen of Altoona, died at
his home in that city on Wednesday morn
ing from a complication of diseases. In the
7Dlh year of his age. Mr. Brophy was at
one time a resident of Ebensburg, and was
well known to the older people of the town,
manv of our middle aged people having
attended his private school when he
taught in the old academy which stood ou
the south-west corner of the court house
square. He was born in Kingston, Can
ada, December 4th. 1S17, and when a child
his parents reniDved to Pittsburg. After
attaining manhood he came to Eliensburg,
where remained for several years teaching
"school. While, in Ebensburg he was mar
ried to Miss Catharine Kane. He after
wards removed to Blairsville, Pa., and in
1S"i5 removed to Altoona where he resided
until the time of h!s death. His wife died
in 18.S4. He is survived by four children
all grown up. His remains will be taken
to Loretto for interment.
Four men. Martin Nolan and Oliver
Laly, bricklayers, and "George Wortham
and Joseph Nelson, hod carriers, were
thrown twenty-five feet to the ground by
the breaking of a scaffold at Hart's build
ing on Eighth avenue and Nineteenth
street. Altoona. on Thursday afternoon.
The injured meu are employes of Con
tractor Flinn, who is doing the brick and
stone work ou the building. Nolan and
Lacy were laying the brick from the scaf
fold, which had about 1,hio bricks stored
ou it, beside some mortar. When the three
hod carriers brought up additional loads,
the weight wai too much for the struc
ture, which simply collapsed. The four
men were dropped to the ground and were
buried under the masses of bricks, mortar
and timbers. Wortham, in his descent, fell
astride a timber, and suffered horribly
painful injuries. The other man escaped
by catching to a board as the scaffold fell.
All are badly hurt and it will be several
days before the full extent of their in
juries will be accurately determinated.
nrfecllTe mt Work.
A Philadelphia firm sent a detective to
Indiana last week to investigate some ir
regularities of a certain traveling agent
engaged by them. It seems that dress
goods etc. were continually missing and
suspicion pointed toward the smart com
mercial agent who had a girl in Indiana,
to whom he was paying some attention.
The youug lady lives across the Two Lick
but before leaving town for her home she
took the dress goods to a down town dress
maker and ordered a dress made. When
an elderly man, with a straw hat, appear
ed and asked for the diess, the dressmaker
replied it was not finished, "Well, the old
man said, I want to get another like it just
give me a piece of the 'goods," and when
the goods was handed him he replied
that's the stuffy,," and authorized the
lady to hold that dress until further or
ders. Of course uo blame is attached to
the young tady who supposed the goods
were honestly secured but the young man
will likely get another job, cheat some
other firm and fool some other girl.
Indiana Democrat.
(rabbrd ltm Dollam.
One of the most daring robberies ever
heard of in this locality was committed on
the Point. Saturday, iu the presence of
over 1, " people. But it was only owing
to the presence or so many people mat the
culprit got away.
Shortly after 7 o'clock a youug man ap
parently about 24 years of age and wear
ing a dark suit and black hat with light
moustache edged his way through the
large crowd and took position beside the
stand on which the ticket seller for the
sideshow was at work. Dollars galore
lay on the stand in front of the crowd,
while halves, quarters, dimes and nickles
were stacked uo alongside.
Quick as a flash the young man raised
both hands and before anyone could stop
him he had grabbed a double handful of
ttiA dollars and was off in the crowd
Everythidg was done so quickly that the
crowd was almost struck dumb with
In a few minutes a search was being in
stituted for the thief but he evidently did
not run far and probab'y stopped in the
centre of the crowd after being lost to
It is thougtt that the young manse
cured about 30. The ticket seller suffers
the loss. Johnstotcn Democrat.
ki mt i'lriinrn mt Johiiitowi.
The annual parade of the volunteer fire
men in attendance at the state convention
in Johnstown, was held on Thursday.
The parade was over two miles long, and
took over one hour to pass a given point.
Over 100 companies took part together
with twenty-six bands, many companies
being represented by from SO to 8tt mem
bers. The Johnstown department of four
teen companies turned out l.inw strong.
The parade covered a distance of eight
miles and was brought to a close with a
grand review by the state officers, the
members of the Executive Board and the
local executive committee. The prize for
being the best uniformed company and
the prize for the largest compauy in lioe
was taken by the Junior FIra company.
No. 2, of Reading, and that for the finest
hook and ladder truck was taken by the
Rescue Hook and Ladder company, of But
i ler.
Heal Estate Tranifrrl.
Assignee of John W. Sharbaugh et ux.
to L. A. Sharbaugh, Carrolltown and Barr,
consideration, f-00.
G. G. Rorabaugh et ux. to Summerhill
township school district, Summerhill, t25.
Johnstown & Scalp Level Turnpike
company to borough of Dale, Dale. $300.
Heirs of Jacob Schrift to John Schr-ft,
Croyle, $1,300.
Abraham L. Good et ux. ct at. to Wasco
Suro, Barr. $350.
Veronica Stremel to Veronica Closson,
Johnstown, $1.
Executors of Charles Von Lunen to Mox
ham Methodist Episcopal church, Johns
town, $lfiS.
Augustine Mulligan to Alex. Hutchison,
Patton. $100.
Mary" C. Myers to Albert Wolford,
Washington, $1.
Albert Wolford et ux. to Pennsylvania
Railroad company. Washington, Pjoo.
Andrew J. Sanker to Dennis Bradley,
Washington, $75.
Dennis T. Bradley to Thomas Grove.
Washiugton. $350.
J. C. Homer, Jr., administrator, to Ja
cob Zimmerman, et al., Johnstown, $3'f0.
Ellen Garrigan to Mary E. Garrigan,
Alexander Weaver et ux. to Richland
township school district. Richland, $45.
Mary F. Garrigan to Ellen Scott, Johns
town, $300. ,
Webster Land & Improvement company
to Vincent Gabanny, Crovle. $'J00.
Assignee of John Decker to Cambria
Building & Loan association, Johnstown,
Francis Leckev to George W. Mapledor
ani, Morrellyille. $1.
James Douglass et ux. to Camnria &
Clearfield Railroad compauy, Carroll,
MathiotReade et ux. to Edward Ma
honey, Washington, $70.
Administrator of Edward Burk to John
Zeak, Clearfield, $4,130.
Theresa Cramer et al. to Pius Cramer,
Allegheny, $1.
Ida M. Conrad et vir et al. to Pius Cra
mer, Allegheny, $-M8.
Rey. A. D. Noon et al. to Philip Noon,
Munster. $1.
Executor of James Noon to Philip Noon,
Minister, $1.
Martin Shaffner et ux. to Jeremiah II.
Ivory, Chest Springs, $h"fO.
James Perry et ux. to Sarah E. Ramage,
Chest Springs, $50.
Edward A. Mellon et ux. to Peter P.
Young, Patton.
Roth Hnorkrd Oat.
Harrisburg. October 13. This afternoon
J udge Siinonton handed dawn an opinion
declaring invalid the certificates of nomi
nation of Josiah I). Hicks and Francis J.
Kooser. who objected to each other's cer
tificate in the Twentieth congressional
district. It will be recalled that Hicks
was nominated by the participation of
State Treasurer Haywood as an additional
Tho court decides that Kooser was nomi
nated by a minority of the conference, and
therefore his certificate is invalid, and that
iu the case of Hicks the conferees had no
authority to delegate their powers as con
ferees to an additional conferee. Both
have filed nomination papers.
"There is no principle of law nor any
rule or custom in the Republican party
which would justify us in holding that a
nomination in any view which could be
taken of the facts in this case could be
made by a minority of the legal con
ferees." The court holds that the Introduction of
of Benjamin Haywood iuto the conference
as a member, with the power to cast four
votes, was illegal and in violation of the
rules and customs of the Republican
party in the congressional district. The
court says: By the rules and usages of
the party, when there is a candidate nomi
nated at a couuty primary for any district
office, he has the right to select the con
ferees from that county and the number is
fixed at three for each county. There is
no rule or accepted custom which provides
for the appointment of conferees in any
other way for increasing the number of
conferees, either by a vote of the confer
ence or otherwise."
This decision will make a free for all
fight among the Republicans with no can
didate for congress In the Republican col
umn. Messrs. Hicks, of Blair; Thropp, of
Bedford, and Koosier of Sonr.erset, have
each fi'ed nomination papers, and their
respective names will be on the ballet, but
neither of them in the Republican column.
It looks very much as if the next congress
man from this district might be a Demo
crat, and bis name R. C. McNainara, from
Jndffe White Onanrod.
The supreme court on Monday handed
down an opinion dismissing a mandamus
on Judge Harry White, of Indiana county.
Fleming Park, cashier of the West Phila
delphia bank, had a suit pending against
Judge White, and asked him to certify it
to the Cambria county court for trial at
Ebensburg. This he promised to do, but
did not, and finally, it is stated, refused to
grant the request.
After the mandamus proceedings had
been instituted the transfer to Cambria
county was made, and because of this the
supreme court dismissed the rule, but' put
the costs on the plaintiff. The opinion
"It was the duty of the respondent to
certify this to Judge A. V. Barker. This
duty was mandatory, and required no ex
ercise of deliberation. There was nothing
to excuse the delay."
The case which has got Judge White be
fore the supreme court is an interesting
one. Several years ago Thomas White,
his son, went into business in Chicago
with a young man named Camp, also of
Indiana county. The judge indorsed for
them to the amount of $3,ono. The paper
was negotiated through the West Phila
delphia bank, which several months ago
asked the judge to settle. He refused.
MarrlMe I.lr
The following marriage licenses were la
sued by the Clerk of the Orphans Court
for the week ending Thursday, October 15,
Frank Cain and Clara Scliettig, Carroll
George McClcllan Kelly and Mary
Louisa Stiiier. Patton.
Charles W. Neese and Clara C. Noon,
r - V 1 . . .......... 1. i
LHIWcr X UVICI win iju i y .
: 1. .-. 1 AKa-ma .lrtrtnalnivn and Win
wie Griffith, Lindsey, Jefferson county,
in to Hornick and Rose Horn, Johns
Harry S. Dumm and Ellen Williams,
So.ith Fork. .
James Thompson, Westfield township,
Indiana county. Pa., and Mary Maley,
Bennet J. Gill. Chest township, and
Iflary ourgoou, t u,ic iifnnsut,
Charles Martin Voightloy and CeliaA.
Hipp, Dalsytown.
Michael J. Farabaugh, Munster town
ct.i, and Marv J. Gonsman. Summit.
Robert W. Bingham and Rose A. Miller,
Jacob K rook, Jr., and Mary Waldron.
Pal t on.
, : It C a fi Hon nl ntrt -in T? 1 . i r
.orne'ius -,
county Pa.: and Matilda Lynch, Pottage
On Monday afternoon Charles Fleck,
fWo.,..n of the Pennsylvania railroad
Hiinw at Tvrone. was perhaps fatal
i ininrol bv a soueeze. Fleck jumped on
a car that was passing up through the
yard to the shop. In jumping off the car
i oanoht hetwefan the shop door and
11 0 V. J - -
the car and terribly squeezed. Ue was
badly injured internally and will probably
die, "
C AfA Pr month and expenses paid good men
O "I U r taking order. S.eadT work an-TwllI
lurolxb fine oat tit and choice territory. Apply
frotecllTa Narerie, Uenera, K. Y. Jnly 3 4m.
WANTED. A general representative In this
county to oruanlie local board lor the
Artisans' Savinns and Loan Association. Ad
dresa 1 Filth Ae.. Plttabqrg. Pa. mcP'
WANTED-A reliable man to represent a loan
InUltntlon In Cambria county Money
loaned In sums ol tioo to tio.ono. For particulars
apply to W. M. DAVIS, Coalport, Pa.
'TThk Ebensbars Hulldlna; k Lrfan Association
I will offer for sale at the Key Bulldlnir Kb
ensbur. on Xhe fourth MondT In Octobar.
000 00. tltFO. UA 1 ' ' f
Lbivtbr Laamaa. Secretary. ' President.
Everybody, and especially the oyster-loving
people ol Ebensourtr. are invited to call at Kobu
MeBreen's Old Kellable Kostaurant. when they
want good, fresh Oysters, by the pint, quart or
gallon Or you can have them Stewed or t Ned,
all at tho lowest price, fresh Oysters every day.
The Way:
Mail Orders are coming in for the
New, Ail-Wool
Tufted Suitings
there must be extra merit m
them we claim that there is, hut
would rather have an expression
from you individually.' -
y .. ar;i v l
Will you write our iviau wmer
Tipnartmpnt for samples of these
extraordinary values in newest
up-to-date styles in Dress Goods
and Suitings? 3G to 50 inches
wide 35c , 50c. and 1 5c. yd.
All we ask is fair investigation
and an unbiased verdict.
Also send name and address
fcr New Catalogue out of press
this week. If you come to ihe
Orpat F-xnosition doa'l fail to
visit The Great Dry Goods Store,
right on your way to Exposition
Assignees Sale
Kv virtue ot an order of the tVurt of Common
Pleas ol t'amhria county. Ia to me directed I
will expose to public sale al the houne o' B. P.
Anderson, in the township ol Allegheny, in said
county ol Oainbrta, on
at ten o'clock, a. m ..the following described real
estate, to wit: -
All these lour certain continuou u
situate In the township ol tJrefooi.. In said coun
ty of Cambria, known as lots ns. o. o. i.j ami t
in i.lan No. 4 01 lots laid out at Crei'son by the
lirexson Joi.l & Ooke company.
Having thereon erected a r m n- i iw r.i
fifty leet In depth by thirty leet In width, with
an "1 same dimensions atutcneu. uu ..
large stable used for livery porposes. Ecept-
. . ft. . wta I anil of t:T
lug anil renerv i uic , y.ni " v . - - ;-
minerals lying and belnn underneatn the said
lots of ground. The hotel building erected on
thene lots Is the celebrated AMIiK!sll
HOUSE." at t:ressoa, in said townsnip oi r-
son. .
Also all that certain piece or parcel oi iuu
. ..... . . . n...h.n. fnnnl V nt
situate in ma iuubbuiu " ' ... j . -
Cambria, and state oi Pennsylvania, adjoining
lands ol LtmoD fc Haily, heirs ol Francis tal
laicher. Thomas rarrlsh, F. A. Storm. L.uke T.
Sanker C. K. and H. Hlmmmelwrtght. Ienus
Sanker. FranelB Koonti. nenry w ise auu aku
ard Kenny, and containing
and f ninety-seven perches, more or less; be
ing composed ol two farms, known as the Mc
Outre la-m and the Hroce larm. The tormer
having thereon erected a bouse and lanre barn.
The latter having thereon erected a FINE
arse barn and outbulldlnns. a tenement house.
and water owersaw mill with an abundance of
The above described piece of land will be sold
In parts to snlt the convenience ot purchasers.
AllO iat. UU'I' . " " "" " - x -
land and the coal nndertbe Lenus Sanker larm:
adjoining, (which was reserved by B. P. Ander
son In the sale to Sanker) containing in all
and one hum-red and thirty-two perches, more
or less, tegetfer witnnnuai and necessary mining
tights anu privileges, will be sold separately 11 a
better price can thereby be obtained lor the
Ten ner cent, of the purchase money to be paid
at time of sale, the balance ol one-third at the
confirmation ot the sale, one third in one year
and the remaining third In two years from con
firmation ot sale. Deferred payments to near in
terest and to be secured by judgment bond and
mortgage of the ifurcbaser.
Personal Property.
Also at Ihe same time and place I will expose
to sale a large quantity of personal property con
sisting ol horses, cows, pigs, wagons, sleds.
sleighs, harness, plows, narrows, norveraae.
wlndm III. shingle mill, planer, a large quantity
oi bay. oats, wheat, corn . straw, worked lumber,
shingles, and many other articles too numerous
to mention. Terms of sale of personal pronerty
wl I be made known on day ol sale wnen a liber
al ereott will be a-tven.
A. w. hih -iv.
Assignee of H. P. Anderson et ux.
Ebensburg, Pa.. tcujler 13th, lftwS 16 3t
Orphans' Court Sale
By virtue of an order of the Orphan's court ol
Canhrla county, reonyivama, iu me uim-iou. i
will exnose to public sale at the hotel ol Simon
JNagte, In the village ot St. Auxugttne. In Clear
held township. Cambria county, Pennsylvania,
at 2 o'clock, r. m.. the followlnn described real
estate, late tne property ol John neason, a
All that certain piece or parcel of land situate
In the township ol Clearfield, county of Cam
bria, and stale of Pennsylvania, adjoining lands
ol T. ftl. Sheehan. Thomas Naicle. John Mont
gomery and Uerald Adams .ooniainma
more or 1am, and having thereon erected a log
.1 Kant
Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid
la hand at the time ol sale: the balance olone
ttiir.1 at the connrmatlon ol sale; one-third In one
year, and the remaining third In two years from
the confirmation of sale. Interred payments to
bear Interest and to be secured ny t ie judgment
bond and mortgage of the puhaser.
t . L. LITTLE.
Trustee to sell the real estate of John Neason.
Patton. Pa.. Octnoer 14th. 1898. Oct.H .it.
Letters testamentary on the estate ol Paul
Ellwanger. late ol the borough of Ashville. Cam
bria county. P-. havlntc been granted to the un
dersigned, all persons Indabted to said estate are
hereby not I lied to make Immediate payment, and
those having claims to present them duly au
thenticated lor settlement.
Ashville, Pa.. October loth. 18. Itt 6t.
rT pays UiidterUse. Try the t tusis.
Tread Powers, Threshers and Separators, Iron and Wood Pirnm
Fence. Wire, Etc., Etc., 1 '
Schedule In effect November 17. 1SB6.
. 1'onne-ctlonaait Cresien.
Seashore Express, week days..
S Ail m
Altoona Accommodation, week days ... Il3im
Main Line Ex ureas, dailv 10 &u a m
Altoona Express, dally l io p m
Harrletburg Accommodation. Sundays
nnlv 1 n? Tft ri
Mall Express, dally. .. S IT V m
Philadelphia Express, dally.. 8 14 p m
Johnstown Accommodation, week days.. 8 14am
Pacific Express, dally 8 iT a m
way raenger dally.. ..... it 36 D m
Mail Train, daily... 4 2o p an
Fast Line, dally ... 8 ! p. m
Johnstown Accommodation, week days... 8 34pm
Ebensburc Brsnrh.
From Hastings and the North
. 7 M a m
.10 no a m
.. .1 05 p m
. S 06 p m
. 6 M p m
. 7 30 p m
. V3iipn
, 7 40am
.10(13 a m
.1(1 IS am
. it (i5 p in
. 6ii6im
S 59 p m
. 7 30pm
from 'ref'Hon.
Kntm Vlntondale.....
rroa 'recwin ......
From "resson
From Vlntondale .......
From Oies,wn
"or Cresson...
or Hastinitsand the North. .... ..
"or Vlntondale
or t Tresson
For Vintondale
or Hastimcs and the north
"or Cresson .....
I'rssHon and t'learfieltl.
Leave Irvonu at fl.45 a. m.an.l 3.10 p. m. arrlv-
Inir at Cresson at 8 05 a. m. and 4.10 P. m. Leave
Cresson v Mo a. in, and 5.30 p. m., arriving at Ir-
vona at 10.55 a m. ana 6.50 p. m.
For rates, map, etc . call on aeent or address
Thou. E. Watt. I. A. W. U.. 390 Filth Ave.,
Pittsburg, Pa.
tieneral Manaiter.
(teneral Manatcer.
Silver and Gold.
A very small amount of
either will get you a dozen
Fine Photos '
Wright's Gallery.
We have come to stay for
one year anil may be longer.
Give us trial, anil if we
cannot satisfy you it will
cost you nothing.
Opposite County Jail,
Ebensburg, Pa.
s. L. sma-D.
Attorneys at. 1 rt av3
Offlce on Centre street. 4.28 93
Attorneys ixt Law
w-UIBm In Opera House. 7JJM
Ebbhsbdrs, Pbwh'a--Spec1al
attention to given claims for Pen
sion Bounty, etc eh7-'Su0
AsT-Offlce on Centre street.
Ebbhbbcks, Pa.
aw-Ofce In Collonade Row. on Centre street.
Ebbhbbcbo, Pbwt
fay "Offlne In Opera Honse. Center street.
Letters testamentary on the estate of Dennis
Cawley, late ot the Dorohich ol Ashville. Cambria
county. Pa., having tieen irranted to the under
signed, all persons indebted to said estate are
hereby notified to make payment without delay,
while those bavins claims against the decedent
are reiuefled to present them proi-crlr authenti
cated lor settelment.
JOHN CAW LEY. A'hville. Pa:
JAMES CAW LEY. Altoona. Pa.
Ashville, Pa.. Sept. IS, 18H6. St. X.
Estate ot Emmet V. Byrne, deceased,
letters ol administration on the estate of Em
met V. Byrne, late ol the townsnip I Allea-hen v.
In Cambria county. Pa., bavins been k ran ted to
me, all persons indebted to said estate are hereby
notibed to make payment without delay, and
those bavlna-claims will present them, properly
authenticated k.r settlement
Allepheny township. Oct. a. 19.6 6;. X.
Notice Is hereby riven that the application of
Albert J. Hopple, of Spanxler borough, lor the
trans fer ol the retail liquor lllense grant to It.
C. Sullivan, In Sprntcler borough, has been Bled
In the office ol the Clerk ol Quarter Sessions In
and lor Cambria county, and that the same will
be presented to the Court lor its consideration on
Monday, 4ctober 28. lsyo. S. W. 1A Iai.
frothonotary'a Omce. llerk A 5.
Oct. 1. 18Sf. Oct.l3t.
We want one
or two men In
each Coun tr to take orders for Nursery Stork,
and are willing; to pay well lor koo1 work. We
agree to KEPL.ACE FKbK anything that dies
from natural causes.
We also have a choice line of SEED POTA
Aufr. 28 8 4m.
STKAY HEIFER.--Came to the residence of
the subscriber In Summerhill township, on or
about the 2uth ol July, 1S".5. a beiler with white
back, white belly, black aides, a piece off the lelt
ear and a bole la the sme. The wwoer is re
quested to come forward, prove rrty. t ay
charges and take her aivay. otherwise she 'will be
disposed ot aceordina: to law.
THMAS Mc4iOt'()H.
Summerhill township. Octo.er loth, Inyo 3t X.
The fnrntture and nndertakinx business for
merly conducted by Paul Ellwanaer. In Ashville,
are now oliered lor sale. In a-ood locality. Itvath
of proprietor the reason lor -Ulnar. Call on or
.'dress JtKS. KEOIN A EL.L.W AMI1.K. Ash
ville, Cambria county, I'a, OCU1S4U
Moofficig and SpoiitEn
0nv cmi"AsnttiiaI Clear
Sale is now mi. It will pay
you to attend, mi entire
stock of Spring and Sum
mer goods must be closed
out by Sept. list to make
room for our fall stock.
ILcading Clothier,
JLilly, Pa.
Sf0 "'4 -Xft
? 7
You will find the most complete assortment of Fall and Winter
Clothing, Overcoats, Boots and Shoes in Northern Cambria. You
will find a complete stock of Fine Suits at $5.00, $G.O0, $S 50
$10.00, $12.00, $15.00 and $1S.OO. Overcoats from the cheap
est to the best in the markot. All well made, nicely trimmed and
perfect in fit. f.
The Most Complete Line
of Gents' Furnishings and Underwear at prices that defy compe
tition. The best line of Footwear in the county from the heaviest
Brogan to the finest Kid in ali styles and widths.
A visit to our store will convince yoa that it will more than p.ay
you to buy your Clothing, Overcoats and Shoes from us.
C.A. Sharbaugh,
Let Us Reason a HiflB.-
If your horse twists a shoe, you crt a
If you ntil a -r.iYxin: lt-pil .jiHti.fn solve!, you p to a Liwn
If you fall ill you have a iHx-tor to U ll you v. lia: to take.
It is their Experience and Skill You Pay For.
Then why m ike an exevption in the purchase of vour Dru--? If vou hnv . r...;i.
n-,11 or a priscription to till, y,.io,, Flavoring Ext nuts, liriW laiZu ?"J
cin,w, or anything to purvh.ise tliat a store .!evoUi t . Drue niav keei, , l'T it
f, lly to cnf.ain.1 quality with quantitv an.I ct an inferior arti.-U
gtgjTWK HAVE THE BEST. . " ie.
Coliiinlla and FreLloiiia Walctes
In Key And Stem Winder.
tlTMT line of Jeweliy Is unur-
self before purchasing elsewhere X
1 -, 1 ft 4 1 M 1 M H fill GA. T .1 ft- ft-.... '
E2f All work guaranteed.
horse iwr in r..t ;t

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