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ft-Klil-AnY 13. 1307.
. . A I
4!n pt
... u..
,f (..a-eo". U4!
of .K,hntown, ex
, wn- in town on
wife, of C host
Kbeiisburg on
. Fvrry
, fri.iij
...leeiivMted by numer-
, fill
Uilll i' J I
" Mr c,.N,,n Si pes, of the
' ',' ;: :U1f Ollt of tod.
r Karkor
mi of
received as
erviees last
irti. of Twin
M. M
V- A
. :I1 II oil
f vn,!;h. of
. ali.l '
a,,i..A to the county
, W Jnu-ro. was brought
v 1,1 r at court to a
tl.e IVnnsyl-
lliMUl I OIIIL t u
i . i I ..
fai.aiM" uetrieu ,
' ' ,lV j, bt-r itli Klana-
...ir;v .i.nu.o.l of a nuni
' . ri fr,,i liailitzin drove
? .'ridav ai.J took dinner
....':,ri (-'oiiriav.- Independent
..., .eid their Firt Air
V', 'Viivcke Hail, in this
;jy ! Jtit-
... i,r :l n. of Minister town
' . ,.j t.f Lis .laui:liter Marie.
'.. in K,ii-,,,'e Tuesday
tie- Kkkkman.
r V.iit. wile oi .iiiiiii
,, ,., . :r,.-i-r on I lie l llismil p.
j- t., r home iii Omemaiiirh
,f ;a-t week, of consumption.
,r,-.-,l iiiieiitranee on Tuesday
llraekeii build-n-llar
door and
$"hi worth of
.,r..iijti it"
.rrt.,i aay
,t 4.! ' ili.'dard Ii. Ued,
j-., . ti il r-ranch. while niak
.... j; Viiih-iidaie. had bis right
r-m. tn ilie draw heads and
iv r. .-i.t a lire tr..ke out in the
'i i,.w a! Che-l Sprinifs. but
; .. .wy aii'i the prompt ap
f iter prevented the destruc-
r. ....I;:
v c at' leartieid wa broken
-.ir- Ii Wednesday morning
t'.A ri' y aumiiiiling to t:
.niit'.tiL' to taken.
.. . in I he per petrat-irs.
.a . !r .i l.ui:diiis on the t-ourt
,v. h rh the iras plafit for
:i ;he rmirt houe i- plared. was
-. i Friday morning by an
'a'. Nj per-nii hurt and the
;. .-v-i;.iij Fet.ruary 1.".. ls'.tT,
y. ;.f I leiiana. i i! deliver
r "I rank-.'" in the M.
: K'--:!iirj. 1'ieirs open at
t ; u a; - o'el.M-k. Admis-
' i--. a ne iii! r ofthewell-i-
v. of M. Au'iitine. died
:. Kei.:. . ii-i ( hrisunas
i-1 , r u t . i t railroad man
i i hi. (1 death was the
' .-'.ay i iii.;.
i . it- Ili'a.J.ev diej at her home
' :A f. on Fr day. Febriiai v
;-' ' wr. 1 r i Mirvived by
: i : iTi, i i:i!ilren ail grown
--ii - i-ri- '.Titerred in the
' s.u,:ii,t. on M mid ay.
:.-T: : (.iihiiit' forward.
" :' r .'. -how 'hat at the
'--r there were in the I'niled
- ::, -.i,.:.-l,u.icr-, 147 bar-
-"a:!.ir. t Iirumntive
; a-'-r. biaok-uiiths and
i- !-.r. an ac-i and respect
. r i : i.rinjf Allixtna,
-:-0iy m.-ri.ins. The de
' ' u hii.ter tow nhii.
t. l-'Jl. lie is
r- ai.d twu
' A ' I:
v r . a I'.-nn-y! vania.
I .e hi. me i :n Al
t' ' f a b..x i ar at the
iii iriiiiig and
-v-r h :eu. -everinc
d .ij a few bouts
l'-Mi l.u-j.iial. He is
' a:,J line i .iii.
the l.:n w ,i -hot and
-h i -hi at l'l.rt Royal
'"ii arr.-ted ami IikI-
' ; a:!. 'I he iiiariel re
' t-er. and the victim
a.-k. M iUi-ki bid
i."-y M
' i ii.K. but was loca-
'll i.'t.e tn, uble.
'i: iily show
- A
s ,
M in Hie I'..,...
an t w.tli the cost of
" aid .lames Farrell.
n llil- I'iixc wa-
tl. .
'' trial w tnch is
' ' o-t inav be thiul.leil
""'' l".ers have reijiiest-
i !, ,u to state that
" rr lii;,- a tn.Mng match
..kin. -is, the contet
:i ''he M miaain f'iiv in
uld like to niept
' o. I v. i, I..;, and KJ5
x in .I'.hn-iown ifde-
-at:i,n of Fbens-
r-'iu Ilr. T .1 n-jul-
t, aires of gronnd
f 'own, (. tnt,
. j
1 -i'iiat.-d b.r the pur-
' "HI in ,( al)j beauti-
anu-u:ii. resting place
' ' i ''ay la-t week Mil-
a Hr-tin,irt.ai1d coun-
. . . . i
iy hi- team running
! r
1 i'a
ii out of the sleigh
irnhei, and his face
''d . ! r ty Irftmn
f the llody ,y tne horsPS.
"i. lilion and has to he
' 1.-!
'uiii: man w ho claims
"'"ii. this tate. Is &
in dohii-town and in
ll-.-d of ht,'inir iiimruvi
i a. e- r.y representing
!t" e-,,poy ,)f a tilratrical
' the lime came to pay
" '-appeared. Oflieers are
",r the nun
ri"'k Meehlilig
'''""f. have for
ami John
sume time
- --r-ut f,,r
m the
Or. Urink-
V I'nilv.
On Satur
-ere sururis4-i tn sen
'i "in over the top ot the
'II 1- Ofllv d.tiL'n lu.nl fr.nr
a.tj feel, but
the flow would
:-;d of (r,
roua tw-i,tr-6ve to fifty
William Clawson, a miner employed at
Ehrenfeld, was probably fatally injured
Wednesday afternoon of last veek by be
ing struck by a running coal car in the
mine. Clawson's injuries consist of a gash
on the head, a compound fracture of the
light thigh and coi.tusions of the body.
Here is a straight tip from the news
paper called Bruin: "There's only one
right way to advertise and that is to ham
mer your name, your location, and your
business so constantly, so insistently and
so thoroughly into the people's heads that
if they walk in their sleep they will in
stinctively turn their steps toward your
At DuHois, Wednesday, wnile Mrs.
William 11 imes was washing, her li-year-old
daughter made a sudden attempt to
got out of her road, when she fell back
ward into a boiler of boiling water. The
motner snatched the child as quickly as
she could, but the hot water had done its
fatal work. The flesh was so thoroughly
cooked that chunks of it fell from the
child's arms.
Centre county grand juries aro not to
be trifled with. At the last court, in three
cases relumed, the grand jury directed
that iu one the costs be saddled upon the
justice of the peace before whom the pre
liminary hearing was conducted; ii: an
other, that the district attorney be respon
sible for the costs, at.d it the third that
the costs be paid by the prosecutor. The
one with reference to thedistrict attorney
will not stand, so lawyers say.
The $i-tentific 4 m.-rioin prints this
cure for diphtheria: At the first indica
tions of diphtheria in the throat of a child,
make the room close, then take a tin cup
and pour into it au equal quantity of tar
and turpentine; men hold the cuo over a
tire so as to till the room with the fumes.
The patient on inhaling the fumes will
spit tip the membraneous matter and the
diphtheria will pass off. The fume- of the
t ir and turpentine loosen the film in throat
and affoid relief."
Some miscreant forced an entrance
into t he court house at Itellefonte at an
early hour on Monday morning, and after
atnrating the doors leading to the court
room above with kerosene, set lire to them.
The flames were discovered by the time
they had burned a bole in the corner of the
room, and were put out. The building is
but slightly damaged. It is generally be
lieved that the act was that of some one
desirous of destroying the ballots stored in
the vaults, so as to stop the contest for
sheriff now under way in the county.
Charles Willis a colored laborer. w;is
knocked into a blazing coal fire and pin
ioned beneath several tons of earth until
roasted to death by the caving in of a dug
out used as a temporary habitation bv
railroad construction nieii at Culmerville,
on the Huller and I'ittsburg railroad, Sat
urday night. Itennett, who was also
caught under the roof, escaped w ith a
broken leg. Willis lived iu Virginia, but
had been employed on the wharves and
river boats about Pittsburg for over a year.
He has a sister residing in Fairchance.
Lock port correspondent Lewistown
Gazette: We are informed by good respon
sible parties that M iss Lilibie Aurand of
Soring Run, has this fall ami winter cut
twenty two cords of wood, cutting U e
timber down in the wooks and ross-cut-ting
it into cord wood length, and has also
dug a well thirteen feet two and one half
inches deep. This she did all herself, ex
cept the cost of twenty-livei-ents for a man
to hoist np some dirt from the bottom of
well. She has also, with the aid of her
father and mother, husked fifteen hundred
bushels of corn ears.
Joseph Aiello. the Italian sentenced to
death for the murder of Dew is Scalo. at
Walston Mines, Cbristmrs Day, l.ir, es
caped from the I trunk villi-. Jefferson coun
ty, jail on Friday night. He placed a we!'-
made dun. my in bed, went into the bath
room and went over the top, tnrough the
attic down stairs and out. He wa rap-
tnred on Sunday night at the farm house
of William McCracken, about throe miles
from there. He had been hiding in the
barn and went into the hon-e almost ex
hausted. He asserts lie w ill never bang.
John (ienthner, of ISald Kagle town
ship, Clinton county, a few days ago was
tramping over the mountain in the Scook-
tack region in qtiest of game when he saw
a lear under a rock. The brave hunter
approached in close quarters lo the
animal, so close indeed that Mr. I'ruiu
came out and swiped the man with bis
paw. A scuffle ensued, but Mr. (ienthner
fina'ly broke loose and, stepping back
a few paces, up with his gun and
?ent two Shots into the bear S Ilea. .
which killed him. The 1'ar is seven and
half feet long and weighs .Vn pound-.
The Pennsylvania railroad company
has recently adopted anew design of water
scoop, known as a balanced scoop, by
which it is posible to take water while the
train is ruuning at the rateofuior.il
mi les an hour. Siiu-e ls'.l all new passen
ger locomotives and fast freight engines
have been designed to include wa'er
seiHips, Dut Willi llie oni lortn oi scoop it
was neeessary to slow dwn w hile taking
water, while with the inproved de-ign no
time is thus lost and more water is taken
per hundred feet of trough. At 7u miles
an hour it is now possible to till a :sm gal
lon tender in ninu seconds.
John Siyak, the Hungarian coke-
worker of Ilecla, who on January 'JMi
walked two miles in the snow to win a
wager of ?." and a keg of beer, and who has
been confined in the Westmoreland county
hospital since with badly frozen feet,
escaped from that in-titation Saturday
morning by jumping from the socoi.d-story
window. He was clad only in trousers and
a thin shirt. He ran wildly through the
streets of (Iieensburg for an hour before
being captured. He hoard the physicians
were going to amp-Hale his feet is given
as'.heieason lie tried to get away. His
feel were again frozen and he will likely
A remarkable story in connection w ith
the death of David Uastress, of Findley
township, Mercer county, has come to
light. ISastress was a leading jeweler of
Mercer and was in business in tint town
in former days. He was very distrustful
Of banks and the government and secretly
converted all his earnings into gold, which
he carefully secreted. Shortly before hi
death he confided the secret of the hiding
i. bice of his money to Dr. Yeagor, his
phylician. Dr. longer followed the direc
tions given by ISastress and unearthed two
glass jari the weight of which was nearly
forty pounds. The jars contained Jf.',Xl,
which was turned over to the family.
Johnstown citizens are very much ex
eroised over the possibil.ty thai llie I eni.-
sylvania Railroad company's new branch
line to the Scalp Level coal hems, w nu n
, lunLi.u -VV . tn Loal company nas
. 1 . .
Diirchased. will terminate at Lovetl in
. . 'III l.. 1 -a ,i i r
11 mil of JOIlllSlOW U. llie inii..-i.i.."
onu.au v already has a branch to Dunlo
...H ih distance Ironi that point to llie
coal lands is much shorter than to John
town The Cambria county railroad, tin
nou.iin.niii.il to the Hrecch Creek from
ration to Spangler, a distance of over nine
miles, is rapidly Hearing completion under
the supervision of Chief Engineer Maclu
tyre and tieorge S. IUrkI A Company, con
tractors. It is thought that the road will
be by March 1st. ready for the hauling of
trains oyer It. The road is now completed
and the tracks laid olh from Spangler
and 1'atton to a point about four miles
west of Pattou, where an extensive fill is
being made. As scon a this is complete I
and the Uacks counected it will be ready
for operation.
A correspondent of the Mapleton Item
writing from Trough Creek, relates the
following: While ;utting ice on S. Chil
coit's dam last Saturday a good si.fd
spider was noticed in one of the cakes
about two and one-half inches from the
under side. There was what looked like a
bubble of about one and one-fourth inches
in diameter around it. Some tim?s it
would seem to move its legs, which was
finally only concl'ided to be a notion.
Hut W. L. Wright, who -'was housing the
ice. thinking it would not be a nice thing
in a glass of w ater next summer, concluded
to cut a hole in it and take it out. I5ut he
aidn't have to take it out, for as soon as it
had room, to the surprise of all present, it
crawled out without any assistance.
Miss Annie Vogle, of Indiana, w hile on
her way home from visiting a friend In
that place on Friday night, was followed
by a man who when close to her home
clapped his hand over her mouth and told
her if she made any outcry he would kill
her. Siie pushed him away, called for
help and struck him with her umbrella,
scratching his face. The fellow finally ran
away down a dark aKey. Miss Vogle ihen
ran home and although badly frightened
and her lip cut an 1 bleeding from a scratch
from contact with the man's linger nails,
w as not seriously hurt. Indiana papers
say there is a well defined idea of the
identity of the assailant but he has not
been captured. Mi-s Vogle is well known
in Ebeiisburg where she was visiting last
summer and has numerous friend;..
lrrlaF l.lrrn.
The following marriage; licenses were is
sued by the Clerk of the Orphans' Court
for the two weeks ending Thursday. Feb
ruary 1J, 1SV7:
John S. (lingle-bergor and Elizalieth
Miller, Koxbury.
Robert I). Reese. Cambria township, and
Rosana Keith. Itarr township.
Lewis L Williams. John-town, and
Rachel K. Roberts, New Florence.
Frank H. Price and Kltie Long, Kens-
John Thomas and Maud C. (lood, Spang
Fred LeitenlM-rger and Matilda
Wagner. Johnstown.
John C Crueirer. Morton. Pa., and Cor
e i t Vickroy, Johnstown,
.lames C. CrotTord and Annie liurkbart.
J obnstown.
William Kmmol. Johnstown, and Lizzie
Hoffman. Walnut (iruve.
Stephen Kovacs. Puritan, and Annie
Urban, Now York.
(loorge Sprougb. Now Florence, Pa., and
Franie Camra. Johnstown.
Joseph Donley and Annie Martin. Johns
William II. Riiinniel and Mary P.eeblly,
W. L. Thompson and Crace A. Jackson,
James M. McFee and Lnell'i Hanna.
tieorge l. McCoy and Martha K. Skyles,
Lingi Antonio Lainoand Mary W. Lies,
1 i t . i n .
Peter Naglo, Delaney, and Caroline
I In tier, Hastings.
Hays Itaikley and Mary K. Rennett,
Justus Moller and Mary Mattes, Johns
W. A. (Ireen. Tipton. I'.lair county. Pa..
and Fannie S. I Seers, (ila-gow.
Michael Z. ilner and Maggie Iluey. Car-
lames Haley, Patton, and Maggie Krit-
zer, Carrroll town-hip.
Samuel M. Wissinger. Adams town-hip.
and Annie II. 1 1 arbaugh. West Si. Clair
lo'vnship, Redford county. Pa.
iSeoraeT. Rnss2l and ISessie M.C.Jack
son. ( tlasgow.
Kdiiiinnl F. Wright. Johnstown, and
n-a M. Roiidahush. Dale.
Herbert R. Lambert and Martha A.
Dunmire, Johnstown.
William W. Jones. Cooiiersdale, and
Klsie M. Rager. Morrellviile.
Ijewis Noll. M un-tor, and Lizzie Piter,
ret to.
Adolph Stick and Kmeline Demaire.
Andrew M. Kidd. Figart, ami l alharine
rit' hard. Portage.
Charles R Rboades and Mabel Fetter-
man, .Morrellviile.
Joseph lSarnantt ami F'i.aleth Tlas.
Fiati Dlatrlbiilion.
Persons who wi-h to secure tish from the
state for breeding purposes or are intere-t-
d in the matter would do ell to read the
rules which the Pennsylvania commission
of fisheries have made for the distribution
of the same.
To liegin with, the state has been divided
into six districts and all applications for
blanks for fish must be senl to the com
missioner of the district in which the ai-
licant resides. The application, when
received, must lie endorsed by the senator
or representative 01 llie district, alter
w bich it is to be forw arded to the commis
sioner, who will appiove and then forward
it 10 the hachery to lie filled.
Cambria. ISIair, Somer-et and Rod ford
counties aie in lue tourlli district, for
w hich H.C. Demuth. of Lancaster, is com
missioner: estmoreland and Indiana are
in the Fifth distriet, and applicants there
in should send to D. P. Corwin, 4i:i Wood
street, Pittsburg.
No applications for fish will be granted
for streams on which saw mills are located.
that discharge sawdust into the stream, or
on which there are tanneiies, mills or
nianu factories that discharge chemicals or
other poisonous matter into the stream, as
it has been found useless to slock waters
where these obstructions exist.
A Tonr to tfaliuy t'lorlfla
When the North is at its worst Florida
is Ht its best. When lakes and rivers are
icebound here and a drifting snow fills our
streets the violets are blooming there and
the air is laden with the sweet perfume of
h udding Spring. Wnen Old Roreas how ls
around our northern homes and the fro-t
king rules, the mocking bird is singing in
Florida's graceful palms and the whole
land is melodious w iih happy song. The
elegant special trains of the Pennsylvania
railroad Jacksonville tours are lilting in
troductions to this delightful laud. The
next tour, allowing two weeks in Florida,
leaves New York and Philadelphia under
personal i-scort February 23. Round-trip
tickets, iucludii'g Pullman accommoda
tions and meals on the special train, will
be sold at the following rates: From New
York, .VMH; Philadelphia, 4S; Cunandai
gua, t.V2 s;r.; Erie, .Vl.s.".; Pittsburg, .".1 (K),
and at proportionate rates from other
For tickets and itineraries apply to
ticket agents. Tourist agent, li;n; iSroad
way. Now York, or tieo. W. Hoyd. assist
ant general passenger agent, Rroad Street
slalion, Philadelphia.
A Klrh llarttnl.
It costs no more to sow gcod seeds than
it does to sow old and worthless stock.
How foolish is the person w ho fails to got
ti e Irt-st to start with. Nodoubt yaii have
often thought of this, when your garden
has not done very well'
Will you jng along in the same old way
this year, or use a little forethought and
send to J ames Vick's Son. Rochester, N.
Y , for their catalogue which contains a
list of all that's new and good.
Their seeds are always reliable sure to
crow and never disappoint. Send 10 cents
fur catalogue and deduct this amount iroin
first order. Reully costing nothing.
V Irtura fchoatd ilmf tli feplla.
The dark ages suggests the creation of a
.1. .1. ni v-liio ai the aim-house. Rr'er lias
inn I. m. kins? for a Job under a Republican
administration is ninny enough lo make, a
bull bawl. UokHwj.
Looking for a lob not much! Not as
long as the qualifications for county treas
ure rcr on the Republican ticket remain at
the ureseut standard. Too much talent iu
the g. o. p.
Com mnn trail on.
Ebensburg, Pa., Feb. S,
Et. FiiKKMAx: Iu last week' Fkkk
man I see that Mr. J. IS. Deunv held a
meeting and passed a resolution declaring
iu favor of improving the tow n by devoting
w hat money the borough has at its dis
posal to the construction of sewers and
betterment of our streets and after that to
ihe construction of an electric light plant.
It would now be in order for Mr. E. R.
Cresswell to hold a meeting and resolve to
light the streets. A meeting thai no one
knows anything about but the few that
are invited, is not much of an index to
public sentiment and should receive very
little attention. As a citizen and taxpay
er, but residing on a street that receives
very little benefit for the taxes I pay, I am
opposed to sewering one or two streets at
the expense oT the town. Let each property
holder, in front of w hose properly the the
propoed sewer w ill pass, hold a meeting
and pass a resolution to foot his share of
the bill at so much per front foot as they
do in other places. That kind of a meet
ing will count for something and w ill not
be an imposition on other people.
And now, while writing, I wish to call
the attention of the people of Ebensburg
to one of the latest improvements at the
peoples' expense, the public School build
ing. It lias been built only three years
and is now getting ready to tumble down.
It was built by a "favorite" contractor,
w ith no supervision, and at the time the
work was being done people experienced
in building, said it would not stand. The
north wall is now giving away arid it will
not be long until the building will be too
dangerous for use. It is a disgraceful
monument, though not a lasting one, to
the directors who were intrusted by the
people with the expendit ure of t heir money
and the contractor who erected such a
llimsy and dangerous structure, liable to
prove a death trap to the school children
of Ebensburg.
Real Vtalate) Trsasfrrn.
Ceerge Rhey et nx. to Ann Quinn et al..
Cone inaiigh, consideration, ?1.
Ann Qiiinn et al. to IVuusylvania Rail
road company, Johnstowr:, t-'.o.M).
Ad-ilph Sebibel et nx. to John Spenger,
Johnstown, $rj.".
Kliabeth Rorkhard to John Linkhart,
Lower Yoder. :tuO.
I'eler 1 lowling et ux. to I,ohn Rrenza,
John-town. $ l.nT.I.
John Kckels el ux. to William S. Con
ner, West Taylor. SKi.
Spangler Improvement company to
Henry Ager, Spangler. "-'.
Kda K.Mosholder et vir to Anna S. Im
ler, Jolinstow 11, $1,100.
Harvey M. Rager et ux. to Robert J.
Rager el al. West Taylor, H).
Klmer (John et ux. to Nathan S. tlarret
son. Dale. $KiO.
Margaret I. Mi-Conaiighy et al. toJulius
Guyer, Rower Yo.ler, $.".
Heirs of Haitian Stu'zman to Samuel
S. Stut.niaii. West Taylor, f ino.
tieorge Yarner, Sr., et ux.. to Abraham
Yarner, Jackson.f'.'lt"..
tieorge Ilabicht et ux. to Augustin
Walters. Rrownstow n. $.
William J. Donnelly et al. 13 Alexander
Chapman, Ration, f'.i.
William J. Donnelly et al. to Daniel
iiaden. Ration. t'.
John J. Weaklanti to (Jeorge M. Raker.
David J. Rougher et
iix. to Eli Arotin.
Rarr. 1ik.
J. M. Cooper et ux. to X
Coopei sdale, $1 .
IS. (iriflith.
Daniel S. Riee et ux
to C. A Williams,
Ration, fl'.m.
Philip .1. Riiriihoimor lo Sarali .1. Rurn
lieimer. Wilmore, ?1.
Riz.e Cosei et vir to Charles Karabaugh,
Spangler, f UVu.
Itentti of Vrt. sarah J. Draajr.
Mrs. Sarah Jane, relict of the late
Charles Denny, died al her home in Rol
ler, I'a.. of an a-t lunatic alTecliou, on Sun
day morning.
The deceased lady was the eldest child
of Charles R.. and Mary J'orter Kenned v,
and was born at Trout Run. Lycoming
tout.ty. I'a.. about lifiy-eigbt years ago,
but her parents, a few years afterward,
removed tti the vicinity of Lilly, where
Mr. Kennedy was for many years em
ployed as a stationery engineer at the
heads of planes Xos. .1 and 4. In 1.5 tin;
subject of these Itnes married Mr. Charles
Denny, and they resided for several years
in oil City and afterward in Allegheny
City, where her husband died eleven years
ago, and a few years subsequently she re
moved to Roller, I'a., her sons Krtnk I.,
and A. Ilildis Denny being employed as
baggagemaster and lireman, respectively.
on lite l.ntler accommix-aliou, and her
daughter M ary Denny is a saleslady in
the stoie of Mr. I'. Duffy, in Rutler.
Resides the children named above, Mrs.
Denny is survived by her brothers
Messrs. J. II. Kennedy, of Rraddock. and
A. I. Kennedy of 1'reeport and by Mrs.
L. I'arrfsh. of Lorelto; Mrs. John Mc-
Cormick, of Wilmore; Mrs. S. S. Shultl, of
Rraddock, and Miss Lizzie Kennedy, of
Loretlo. her sisters. Her remains were in
terred in St. Aloysius' o metery, at Sum
mit, on Wednesday morning, where the
remains of her husband and several child
ren repose.
Halting Oppoara Removal.
Ilarrisburg, Feb 7.- (ievernor Hastings
is against the removal ot me. capilot to
Philadelphia, and has spoken in no uncer
tain way. At the executive mansion to
night ho was asked about the removal and
aid: "I am emphatically in favor of the
retention of the capiiol in Ilarrisburg."
The governor said more but did not do-
sire to be (iiioleu. llns is a serious on-
tacle in the way of the Philadelphia
bojm. and when llie country members
have their say it is believed that the talk
of removal will rapidly die. It has been
intimates that Senator Quay would op
pose the removal on any pretext. It view
f the fact that the state owns so much
valuable property here and the further
fact that ll.e people could not express
themselves on the Question until Xovem
ber's election, tlnfs delaying the erection
of a new capitol almost a year, it is the
opinion of state oflicials and others that
the removal scheme will be little more
than a nine day's wonder
(iovernor Hastings has been directing
the remodeling of tiraco Methodist Kpisco
pal church for the use of the legislature
ami says the new headquarters will be
ready for llie lawmakers to-morrow night.
Work was suspended at midnight and will
be resumed after V2 o'clock to-night.
WeoUes In Moineraet.
The question whether live wool ves yet
exist in llie mountain regions 01 wmersei
county has been set at rest by one being
caught in a trap on Saturday by John
Quinn, about eight miles from Somerset
borough. It w-as taken to town to C. S.
Yaunear. of the Hotel Van near, yeslerday.
It is of the large gray timber species, six
feet one inch from nose to tail, three feet
high, and weighs about one hundred and
forty pounds. It was caught in a trap
afier it had killed a numlier of sheep for
the farmers of the neighborhood. Mr.
Vannear will have it prepared by a taxi
dermist and place it in a conspicuous place
in the iiotel, says a dispatch from Somer
set. There are many more of the kind In
the same region, it is said, and have been
very destructive to small stock and game
during the late deep snows. An organized
hunt for their destruction is proposed, but
they are very wiry, and seldom shot or
When cyou call at the office of a busy
man, do not expect him to recall immedi
ately your face and name and locality, al
though you might have met him more
than once before. Much unpleasant em
barrassment would be saved if you would
plainly state when vou first go Into the of
fice, "My name is from arid 1
called to see you about such and such business.
(IKSALKOK KENT. Tbe Ontrml Hotel.
JT at
Lorelto. Cambria county. Pa. kj
Addreas MKS. KL.L.A M. MclMJN ALIi.
Jaoy. 8 tl.
AT AN rF.ll A general representative lo this
y county to organize local hoarda lor the
Artisan' Savings and Lio.n Association. Ad.
dress VI Filth Ave., Pittsburg. Pa. mctr.l
lT ANTEl A reliable man to represent a loan
ly Institution In Cambria county Money
luaned in sums l IUQ to SIO.OOO. For particular
apply to W. M. PAV1S, Cealport, Pa.
I'HK Ebensbnra: Building At loan Association
1 will orler for sale at the Key Building. Et
engborg, on the tourtn Monday In Fet.ruary.
ta.oou.ou. THUS. HAV1S,
Lbstii Liuiii, Secretary. President.
A large l room he a Irontlng on Craw
lord street. Ebensburg. Ieing la good repair, and
the lot well set with Ko I trult trees. A Imitate.
Inquire ot MKS. ANN A Ht'N N .
Jan. 'i 3t. Ebensburg. Pa.
VT the Musical College. Freebnrar, Snyder
county. Pa., none but the ties: methods are
uxil. so that lo-aay It Is recognised as one ol the
oremost chools ol music In tbe country. KJ.1
will pay lor a term ol rx weeks, instruction and
board. Si ring term will begin May 3d.
Jan. a it. X.
Everybody, and es?lally the oyster-loving;
people ol Etenburg. are Invited to call at Kot.u
McHrt-eo's Old Kellable Kuslaurant, when they
wnl good, I run Oysters, by tbe pint, quart or
gallon. Or you can have them stewed or Fried,
all at the U "est price. Fresh Oysters every day.
That's All!
Duly T .V for a silk-lined Kersey Over
coat, formerly $10 , and wortli $i:ti.
Only Tw o Doi.i.aus for a warm auddur
able Roy's Reefer.
Only Fni K Doi.l.Aits ami a Half for a
heavy and substantial Roy's 1'i.stkk.
Only Six Do n.Aits a.m a Half for a
line Fi 11 Coi.i.akkktk.
Only Fivk Doi.i.ai:s for a stylish Frit
Cai'k. Worth twice Ihe money
Only Fivk Doi.t.Aits for a Ciiii.ihikn's
hi.Mi Coats, fur trimmed, formerly 17
Only Tex Doi.i.aks for dainty Ciuh
i.ukn's Paki v DitussKs, beautifully made
in silk, from Paris au designs, formerly
:t.. 011.
Only Kii.iit Doi.i.aus lor Misses' Tailor
Made tw o-piece sin is, some were formerly
.' 1.
Onlv Tiikkk ami a Half Ck.xts for a
line line of A pron (iingham, regular ly Five
Cents a Yard.
Only Si'.vkx Ckxts a Yaki for yard
wide Perca'.e. regularly Twelve and a
Half Cents a Yard.
Onlv Thiiity fivk Ckxts a Yai:i foi
all-wool silk embroidered Shirting Flan
nels, regular .Mic. and iliie. qualities.
Send for samples of any material that
vou may want, or if you cannot come in,
have these garments senl to you on trial.
Fortieth AddusI Statement ol the I'mtertlnn
Mutual Ure Incuranre etnipany. ol Cambria
county, lor the j tnr 1 nuing. 1 ceiuber 31. l-s5:
Amount Insured Iiecem-
ber at. IMs t 410 815 00
Amiiutit insured during
jear lKf.ou iw
Deduct amount expire.!
luring year '4:173 00
liedurt amount surren
dered and cancelled . . ttu.Tsi 00
$ XK058O0
Amount lnured Ierem-
oer ttl , 1 f.m
Anieuut u.ii- in lort-e
:.2T 4S 00
lieceuiher 31. livi I4S.4U1 00
Amount taken durinie
ear aii.w00
$ ltr 3v 00
iK-durt amount expired
during fear i tM.070 00
Iledurt amnunt m -rendered
and cancelled .- H.&SJ 00
&i.tft! 00
ItMS 4'.14 VO
I reinium notes In torce
lecetuler 31. ls;5
Amount on hand at
settlement. .
t'a"h tor lie" Insuradce..
Amount assessment No.
14 -
Borrowed money...
0T3 19
7 .1 Ki
bou 00
t "JOS Wo
h.M EMillltKHS-UiSSES FAllr.
Klizihetti Th..ma . 2.tfi5 7
St. Ki.nttme t'atholic
chun-h 1.565 00
Fhilip Friwcli 1.275 011
U.S. and Mary K. Hunt. I.'.MIUO
1. J. Hughes hoono
Simon A. Weakland Am 00
Mark lluner Mi'5
S. J . I.uihcr 13 75
John' tlill 'ii 00
.Inch V. Sult 10 25
t han. Miller 8 00
Secretary's lees .. 175 00
1 reasurer'8 salary sohi
K.i.i 40 "0
Agent1 Cf.mmiHSion . 131 25
Heturn premium 8 4
1'rlntlng. postage station
ery, etc ... 106 90
Saln'ry Kxecutive commit
tee 5 00
Expenses adjusting los e 75 05
ttoiuuii. sion on assess
ment No 14 357 48
A'Wismctit No. 14. uncol
lected 370 S8 815 74
Balance on hand
Burrowed Money . 800 00
losses unpalil 1 8BU 42
lyo 22
January 21. 1HH7, ihe foregoing statement an I It
eu. lound coned and approved.
.:ni. fvans
:. T KiiBFKTS.
Executive committee.
Jan. 28,17.
In the Court of Common Pleas of t'ambrla
Nonce is hereby given to the creditors of An
drew K:Kenruoo ol mo 1. mowing order ana de
cree made and entered by raid 4'ourt:
tmi now. to wit. January 14, ISH7, the with
In i.eiHIon read and it Is ordered and decreed
tbat the Nberitf give notice ty advertt-einnl
in 1 mt newsi.ai.era tiur.llshed within tnecouuty
tor li.ree courecutive weeks notilyit.g tiie cred -
Hors ol Andrew f-cneiirode tnai an application
would Lo made al tne I'-ourt of Common fleas
to l held on thi flrst Mondsy ol A. arch, 1MT
at 10 o'clock, a. m . tor an order and d.cree
author! ng. empowering and directing Adam
Sfhettig. tie above named petitioner, to recon
ve to the said aMigtor. Andrew Eekenrode.
bis heirs and aasigoa. all the rpjity. estate
and eltects Itelonv'ng 10 tbe assigned e'tale tn
tl.e ps-i. sslon or eont ol ol the pemiuno , at
wt.tcli tnue nnai ueO'ee, unless some 1a o
it und te preseuted lor Ibe relusni tbereor.
w il he made, authorising-, empowering and d
iti'.fnv the petitioner to execute aud
dell to the aaid A-drew Eckenroile.
siguur as aloresid. a deed conveying to him.
in.- hirs and assigns, a.i the property, estate
and etlecis a aioresald. and tbat the said pelt
tioner sbtll Iben t.e releu-ed and diecbarged
iruiu Alt lurther llat.lllty lor and on accjuul ol
tbe asstgument to him as aforesaid.
In pursuanee of Ihe direction eon rained In tbe
atn.ve ordur ol I mn. notice is nere'.y Ktven o
tl.e creditors of said Andrew Icsenrode. tnt
ateltcallon wl.l ! tuade to said Court on tbe
trst Monday ot Mitch at 10 o'clock, a. m , lor a
rna .ieere null orim g. emtoweriUK and direct
ng utam Scheltlg. as-ignee ol said Andrew
L.cn ol- lo convey a 1 the i-r..perty and ed els
reinaiutog unsold or bi3 possession and con
trvl 10 bis said assignor,
SherlU's dice. Feb. 12. 1H07.31 SOtrlfl
Wanted-An Idea
Protect toot Ideas: ther may l.t
Who can think
of some simple
thing to patent
I. ring you wealth.
Write JOHV WKDDF.KbCRN A CX.. Patent Attor-
Deys, Washington, D. Cn for tbelr l.'i priaa uS
jadUst oX two hunurad. Invent kins wanted.
Tread Powers, Threshers and Separators, Iron and Wood Pumns
Fence AVire, Etc., Etc., 1 ' '
Liquor Licenses !
XTOT1CE Is hereby given that the applications
X ol lli following persons lor Liquor Licenses
t.ave been Oiled In the Office ol ibe t.'oart of
Uuarter Sessions of t:ambrla t'ant;. Fa., and
will be presented to tbe said Court lor Its con
sideration on Moa dat. Fkbki'art 15. 1K7.
Lnlecs specially designated below the resi
dences ol the applicants (as stated In tbe aitl
tions) are at the places lor which application Is
AahriUc Ilomwjh.
Lvl Bnrket. retail.
James Hanlin. retail.
U. (r. Myers. The i.sbvlllo House, retail.
Jliinicxboro LlitriiuijU.
Thomas Brown, corner Mary and Maple streets.
lohn Hindle, Bamesboro Inn. retail.
1. E. Nolley ,cor. 1'liila. Ave. and Carol iDe St..
Marcellua Weakland. corner t blladelphla av
enue and Martha street, retail.
Ittirr Tiiruxii,
Harry A. Luther, retail. St. Nicholas Hotel.
ItUtfklivk Tou-nhii.
James Ilunn, Nantl Olo. retail
Currolltown UnrougU.
Mrb. B. A Klum. Main street, brewer.
c. A Farabaugh. brewer
John Ola her. Main street, retail.
Andrew li. llaug. -The Hohenxolle " retail.
Julius Bauer, American House, reit II.
Vinient Keig aud John S. In mm S.aln Hreet,
Martin C. Schroih Main Street, retail.
V. J.Stoltx, The Central Hotel, lets II.
Carroll Tuwhtp.
Fatrlci Harrigan, near rlag station of C. ai C.
K. K . retail.
J. 1. Kirkpatrick, ITnlon Hotel, retail.
Client Siriwjx llimiwjh.
Kit-hard Ivory. Tl.e Iiexler House, retail.
Cheat ToM'Mk'i
H. B. Allison, St. Lawieuce. retail.
Clearfield Ttnrush ip.
Ceorge Hartr. St. Augustine, retail,
ti. P. Nagle, St. Augustine, retail.
CrexHtm Ttwiixhip.
Matthew ftdelstrg. Summit, retail.
John Browu. place. t:reson Inn; residence.
Anderson House, retail.
Thomas T. Caltan. cor. Asbcrotl avenue ana
Second Street, Cresson, wholesale.
John McNally, Junction Huu, retail.
K. J. McNallv. Summit, wholesale as brewer.
James I' Mo Wtliiauis. ttresson Springs, retail.
J. M. O iK.nr.ell. Summit, retail.
Conrad M enderolh, Anderson House, retail.
J. L. Yeckley, Summit, retail.
Dean Toiruxhip.
Kichard J. Free. Buck Horn, retail.
W llltam . Snyder. Iy sart. reiall.
ElH-nxhunj. Kaxt H ard.
John B. Denny, corner Centre and High
Streets, retail.
KhfttsLurj, West llirJ.
A. E. Bender, corner Main and Centre, retail.
ti. A. braver. Blair House, retail.
M. 1. Elierly. corner High and Julian, retail.
Wan. M. Kimball, corner Julian and High, re-
Kller Toicnxhip
J. W. Anna. St. Honllace. retail .
Frank X OU.St. Honiia--e, retail.
iriiltitzhl Ittitttwjh.
John Heclier. 2tK leet west ol Fenna. de(ot.
F. N. Burk. corner Main and roresi streen.
K. E lMgnan. Chestnut street, retail.
M. Fiixharrta, cor. Malo Street, opp. r . H. K.
drKt. retail.
F. r. tlllen.' bnrcn street, retail.
A. J.ilutwald, corner Uuarry and streets.
retail. ,
Allen H. Heist. Main Street, corner 01 niiej.
residence. lK.ylest.iwn. Fa.
Arnold Lenz. corner ol main anu imm..-
John Loue. Forest street, retail.
Elmer Nelson, corner ol Main and Ctetnut.
A. 1'aduta. St. Thomas street; wnoiesne.
1 C. KiK-keleller. sugar Strtsei. wholesale.
Joseph Siigatialter, Fortage Street, retail.
Uallitziii Ttiu nnhlp.
John A. Mctlnlre. lielaney. re all.
llastiwjx lluruuijh.
E. L Beckwlth , ct.rner Kallroad Street and 4th
avenue, retail
Marshall Olliiairlck. corner spangier .-.irc
and 6th Avenue, retail
E. II. ray. corner Miller a.na nnage
retail. . . ....
Charles Kinney, comer spang ler street uu "
Avenue, retail.
Jiepb S. Lansbery. tindge rtrrei. renu.
Michael H. Nagle. Nagle Hotel, retail.
W. L. Nicholson. Central Hotel, retail.
K. F. Notley. wholesale.
J. A. Park, corner 4lh Avenue and Beaver
Street, retail.
Frank wargo. tne American nuu.
Jnckxtm Ttitcnship.
John D. Wentrolh. Vlntondale. relaiL
Lilly li'trowjh.
Oeorge Brant, Kallroad Street, retail.
V A Oeorge. Kallroad street, retail.
Otto F. Heliy. Kallroad Street, retail.
John J. Mccann. Kallroad gtreet. wholenale.
Patrick McCann. corner Main and Washing
ton, retail. .
John Kyan. Kallroad street, retail.
Blair Short, corner Washington and Kallroaa
Street, retail . . ... K
Kobert Smith, corner ineveianu mi
Streets, retail.
Isttretta Ilnrouyh.
V. F. O'IKinnell, ret til.
Patton Itorowjh.
John Boyce, Iing Avenue, wholesale.
John K.Cordrll. Central Hotel, retail.
Wm. A. Mellon. 105. lo7, U7i 5th Avenue, ro
ta I . . ...
Simon M Wilson. Magre Avenue, reran.
John A. Wolle. corner 5lh and Magee avenues.
I'ortayc Borowjh.
it. I. Brown. Kallroad and Lee Streets, retail.
Albert lMebl, Martin Street, retail.
ll W. Martin, corner Kallroad and Fortage
Streets, retail. , .,
Oeo Yecklev. W ashington street, man.
William Yeckley, North Kallroad Street, re
1'ortagc Township.
W. . Confer- Jamestown rttiil.
Hobert Fisher. Jamestown, retail.
lleailc Totrnship.
3 F. Bonner, Lloydvllle. retail.
A O. Brown, Frugality . retail.
W. A. Chaplin. Flinton. retail.
S. A. Cooper, Fallen Timber, retail.
Joseph W lit. Fmarl. retail.
Spanalcr lhmuih.
F. H Bearer. Hotel Franklin, retail.
Kichard Bowen. Crawlord street, retail.
A. J. Hopfiel. retail.
S. B. King, corner Bikler avenue and 4th
street, retail. .,.,
1 .an in t Ulllvan. ".-" -
M. C. Westover. Bigler avenue, wholesale.
Summerhill llurouyh.
John Urirhth, Main street, retail.
Francis Kurtx. Market, retail.
f. C. Yabner. corner Main and Kallroad
streets, retail.
iSimuiidMiHiia Tiwnxhip.
I. W. Hoover. Tbe Travelers' Home Hotel, re
ill.' Tunnclhill Borouyh.
Joseph A. Bertram, Church street, retail.
i..i... tloldv. corner Church and Tnunelhlll
streets, retail.
J. MirOuire. corner Portage and Tunnelbill
streets, retail.
WaxhinaUm Township.
Frank Leap. 'assandra. retail.
Martin leap, t:asandra. retail.
William Leap. Cassandra, retail.
Thomas O'Brien, Casaodr, wholesale.
Wilmore lioroutjh.
N icholas J . Boyer, corner Main and Portage
stieeis. retail
H. W. IIAVIN. 4 le.rH, A. M.
Ebensbunt , Pa., Jan. S5. 18s7. 31.
I.lqaar Mrsase.
Notice H hereby arlven that tbe application ol
1 in. H. Edwards, wbose residence and place ol
business u jiiuvmowb. iuhkv wwurM.F.
tavern license, has been 0 led In tbe office ol the
IVurl ol Quarter Sersiuni of Cambria county.
Pa. and will be presented to tbe sod court tor
IM consideration on MtlNDAV. EEBKl'AKY
1 187. 5. w- JAV l-i.
Eoensbunc. Jan. 30, 17 . 21 Clerk i.
Mooffing and Spouting.
carl Rrnsrrcrs,
'W WV:
For the next 30 days we will sell any of our Winter Suits, Over
coats, Underwear and all winter goods at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
We must make room for Spring Goods, and to do so have have re
duced our prices so much that all Winter Goods are bound to go.
Our Loss Will Be Your Gain.
We carry the best line of Shoes in Northern Cambria and some of
them have been reduced to less than cost of manufacture.
Call soon and get a bargain.
A Hook of Permanent Value, j
i F.vr Am.riun Pit7..n ttt.i'l uvprc I II .l.l t !
hi American History and c-oll--nr til
Americana w ill want il. School, Col
lege, aud I'tiblic Libraries nmt have
Colony and
Common wealth
Author of
"The Making of Tennsyl vania."
One Volume, Red Ittickram. to
match the making "The Making
of IViinsy I vania," or Maroou
Cloth, gilt top. iincul edges.
List I'imi k, 1 50.
To brine it to the attention of the wide
circle of readers it merit- we will send,
postpaid, to any address on the receipt
of $1 -4.
PENNSYLVANIA ha had a more var
ied and inti-restinc hi-lory than any other
State in the I'nion. The early settlement
of the province under the enthusiastic
leadership of William IVnn. the conflict',
of the numerous setts and nationalities
which made up the population, the horrors,
massacres, and excitements of the French
and Indian wars, the tietce strtmcles of
political parties in the Revolution when
the success of the movement for the liber
ty of all the Colonies depended on the ws
ilion taken by the Keystone State, as it
was called, the same slrueele repeated at
the time of the adoption of the National
Constitution, and that stranjre wild revolt
of tbe Scotch-Irish known as the Whiskey
Reliellion all this Mr. Fisher has Riven iu
full detail in an attractive, handy volume,
w ith additional chapleis on the pat I t tk n
by l'euusylvania iu the civil war, the
growth and effects of the public school
system anJ the development of Philadel
phia in 'he present century.
Uknky T.Coatf.s fc Co., ITi-.i.ishkks,
KL. I '.S
In qttieklif
Clmmors the
I M .I HWllioH .
UmUt th Sore.
Protrnm ttt
AdtUivmnl Mf.
ftrntnrr- the
train nf Tnnle
It Will Cure COLD 'N HEAD
A particle is applied Into eacb DoMrel aud is
axreeahle. Hric Ml cents at KruKKlM ort.y mall
fcUY HKnTHtKS, & Warren Street. New York.
Havlnc ben ai.Klntel auditor by tbeltr-
ban's tourf ol Cambria county, anon motion o I
Ittell k. Little, to distribute tbe fund and fr
uiM'n exceptions. II any be tllfd. In tbe matter t
the brstand dral account ol Ann Hurt, admin
istratrix ol tbe estate 01 r.owara nura, deremsed.
Notice U hereby iven thai I will ait -or ihe put
uose ol my ai.tM.tntment at the c-onrt House In
Ebensburg. WKUMHsiuY. I tBKl'AKV. 17 A.
D.. lsvT, at o'clock, r. . when and where all
persons Interesten shall attend, or be forerer de-
, barred from eominn n on said load
E. J. t tHINNtiK, Aadttor.
1 Johnstown, Ea.. .'any. 2T. Xsv.
T In Key and Sum Windera.
KINIiS ill-' jpuvrnv i T
HTMy lineof Jeweliy ! unsur
4 pa-d. Cotnn and see for rour
Jseir berore pun hasiDjt elsewhere
taTAll work guaranteed.
CAEL Eiraus.
Schedule In eflert November 18. 1H6.
sxttasist trew.
Ses5 hore trpres, week d ys
AltMn cn.mmolation. eec days.
X3 a i
Main L.lne Express. daily lo s a
Altut.na Aocwin.. week days lep
Ha.rrtst.ura: Aeronmodatlun. Sundays
only ., ,, 1 97 p
Mall Express, daily
Pblladeli.bla Express, dally.
5 IT pi
ft 11 p I
Johnstown Accommodation, week days.. 8 14 a aa
Pacific Expres. daily.... ............ 8 7 a am
W ay Fa.en-er. dally.... ,. , 2 tw p sa
M all Train, daily... 36 p SB
Hit tft.ur Express, dally S &s p m
East L.lne. dally 28 p. m
JuhDMown Accommodation, week days lUpa
Ebraibart Brvaeli.
From Ha5ilnars and tbe North 7 30 a sa
Emm 're? n . 18 aa
Enm Vlntondale..... -. 3 35 p m
Emm "re...o-. 6 u p aa
Ertn '"resiion 1M
Er..m Vlntonds.1"...... 7 28 p m
Erum Uresaon.... ... . W lu p B
Eor t'resson -
!-r HaottnKS and the North ....lowsaaa
Eor Vlntondale ...10 1a aa
Eor t "rrfMin .. . X 35 v aa
"r Vlntondale. 8 ui. p aa
Eor HaMiDics and the north SSSpm
Eor t'rtwon I 28 p B
t'reanosi at aid 'lear8lela1.
Ieave Irrona at s a. m. anj 1 20 p. m. arrlT
Inv at Cresson at 8 08 a. tn. and S U p. tn. LaestT
'reason tt 3 a. m. and .V3o p. nrrlvlnic at Ir
T.ma at ". 1.4'J a m. and 6.50 p. m.
Eor rates, aaaps. etc., call on axent or address
rn.w. E. W att. T. A. W. It.. Sou tilth At..
fitubunt, I'a.
(General Manaver.
J. K. WtKiIt.
(General Manaarer.
a. u RBBD.
Attorneys at lnw,
-4Jffice on Centra street. - 9S
Attorneys t Law,
srufflx In (.'pen, Honse.
Lhsuu, pux'a
-Spclal attention to gtTea claim tor Pen
sion tfoanty. etc en-
' ATToRaarr n r. tx.i'wprtLoa at law,
scuffles on (.Centre street.
Eiimms, Pa.
sT Uffee la Colloaade Kew. oa Ceatre street,
Ennscss, Paxn A
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Eteistoj Fire Iasnraiice Ipcy
General Insurance Agent.

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