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. V. U 1 1
The Illinois Senator Made a
Strong Speech.
Hf St the Rrpuuliran Party Stand
r!edi;ed to Io niiiethiiifr Far the
Slmcelini; Patriots Hoar Speak
Acaintt Orantlr.g Itellifreretit Klhta,
Wa-itix'ton-. May 19. Cub. has
a?:tiu occupied the foreground in the
senate. It drew large crowds to the
galleries and brought "two notable
rieerhes, the one by Mr. Ma-on (Ills.)
in favor of the Mortran resolution, and
the other by Mr. Hoar (Mass.) in oppo
sition to it.
The Illinois senator pi-tared in fer
vid term the distre-s in Cuba, dwell
ing particularly upon the starving con
dition of mo I. Hitt-rt States ritizens. as
reported by the presuipnt. anil called
upon the nate to throw off it letli
sirpy and pa-sthe Morgan resolution.
Mr. Ma-on had several sharp tilts
with Mr. Wellington Md. ), the latter
p oteitinir that h- was being niUreDre
(ented. It i d to eiinit!er.ible commo
tion in the trail- ri-1. during which Mr.
Wellington declared that he could not
be clinked o:f by the rudeness of the
Mr. Hear spoke in his nsnal calm
and iiigni!i' d -tvle and t iolt occasion
to irri'l l-unrombe appeals to con
tfif aent-; ami I ragadocio as to our na
tional strength. Mr. Hoar's criticisms,
:tlr!iough impersonal, were e'early
aimed at Mr. Mason. Senators Gal
inger (N. H ) and Hawley K'onn.ialso
sp- ' e. the former for the resolution
uti'l the latter urging that thj United
Mate- should not rush into war while
our r..;t-t defenso.s are manifestly in-ad'-'iuate.
Senator Ma-on began with sarcastic
r-fereiiee to the "polite delays" of th
senate, which had taken the place of
tli" "old game of filibuster." On one
pretense or another, he said, the oppo
sition to this resolution had succeeded
in delaying action day after day. Day
utter day the American people had
awaited that action, had expected that
at least the barbarities of the Spaniard
would be checked, until at last it
seemed as though tho voice of the
American people was to remain silent
while the "sale of girls, the murder of
children and the barbarities which the
Spaniard calls war" proceeds in Cuba.
The senator cleclar- d it was time to
act. to carry out the platform of the
Republican tarty, and to speak here
and now in behalf of (Juba. Mr. Ma
son referred to "that splendid gentle
man" in the presidential chair and to
the j.r.-i.leiit's Cuba message in proof
of the serious condition prevailing in
"Here is the proof," exclaimed the
"In the communication of the presi
dent stating that o citizens of the
l' tilted States have been forced into
towns are destitute. Who forced them
th-re - Was it the insurgents? Then
there i- war in Cuba. Was it the
Spaniards': Then if there is uot war
there ought to be. and with us. Eight
hundred Americans driven from home
starving, and still some senators say it
i. for much of a war."
The senator aid that with this state
ment that soO Americans were suffer
ing we pa-sod a resolution in substance
saying: "Idease. kind Mr. Spaniard,
let us bring home our Americans and
protect them under cir liag." And
yet thero is no war in Cuba.
"If si . American citizens are being
driven like swine." exclaimed Mr.
-Mason, "compelling us to send from
our shore to protect them, if it is uot
war, what is it r"
Mr. Mason turued his attentiou to
the remarks favorable to England made
by Mr. Wellington (Ma.) the day be
fore. "Yen, we owe her (England) a
good deal." declared Mr. Mason, "but
we settled a good part of it at Bunker
The senator read newspaper extracts
showing tho condition of affairs in
"Is that the kind of information,"
interjected Mr. Wellington, "that the
senate of the United States is to have
us a basis for a resolution of bellig
erency ."
Mr. Mason replied that the senate
mut act on its t e.t information, and
when tho Spaniard sells his daughter,
murders hi-, boy and conceals the facts
the people must rely on tho American
correspondent to get at the facts. Tho
senator paid a glowing tribute to those
correspondents, some of whom had
risked ami given up their lives to pre
sent the facts to tns American people.
He referred to the deatn of Correspond
ent Cro-d.y. who fell on the field during
an engagement.
"And yet." suggested Mr. Gallinper.
ironically, "there is no war iu Cuba '
inferring to the Cuban plank iu the
St. 1-ou.s platform, he said :
You remembtr how the great hall
rang. The great, struggling, hberty
loving p"ople of tho world said at la-t
tue lie j uhiican party is ou tne high
ro i 1 to success. McKinley sure. Lao
t rry tor Cuba. Tho Kepublieau party
poke, and from the days of Liucoln to
the days of McKinley they have never
Stepped backwards from one plank of
their platform, and tlityshi.il not do
it now."
Mr. Maon closed as follows :
"Mr. President. t;o one fears war.
but if to keep our promises with Cuba
and protect her means war, let it come.
If to protest aguin-t the butcnery of
women and children means war, let it
come, if to defend the hone.-t daugh
ters of brave patriots means an lusuit
to Spain and war. let it come and come
quickly, for I tell you whether we
t-pealc or not the civilization of the
azarei:e is upon ns whether you
sleep bound hand and foot by the rules
of oioer, or whether you shall speak
like American brave men, the march
of the Nazarene is upon us, liberty
shall prevail and the island of Cuba
under the providence of tiod shaii be
A Sharon .Mn' Itrport.
Diroit, May 19. According to the
report of Supreme President P. D.
i-trattoii of Sharon, Pa , the member
ship of the National Protected Home
Circle lias gLiaed 7.000 since the la-t
reinvention of tu supreme circle of the
onh r two yeaiH to. This is a net in
crease of u-i per cent.
l-.a-"eiiatiir Mrl lirrm.n irlv Murdered.
Nkw Your, May 19. Former United
States Senator J. K. McPherson of New
Jersey lias had a narrow escurto from
being killed at his oilice in tliis city.
William Yon A ken attempted to shoot
him and was prevented from doing bo
by Edward F. An accomplice of
on A ken's escaped. Yon Aken, who
is partially blind, was arrested. Busi
ness differences.
A Murderer Sentenced.
Lxscastkh, Wia.. May 19. Mark W.
Townsc nd. who was arrested in Adams
county. Wash , and brought to thin
place for trial on a charge of murder
ing his wife about eight years ago, has
tetn found guilty of manslaughter in
the fourth degree and sentenced to the
penitentiary for two years.
J!..jr Killed Four and K I oped.
Monckova, Mexico, May 10. Mace
clonio Kransto, the 17-year-old boy who
murdered four p. rsons here and then
eloped with the daughter of a ranch
man, has Iteen captured in the mountain-
near Yillaldama. The girl was
with him.
A Royal Marriage.
Cettinje, Montonegro, May 19.
Prince Francis Joseph of Battenberg.
youngest brother of rrince Louis of
Battenlerg, and Princess Anna of
3lontenegro, a younger sister of the
crown princess of Italy, have been jiiar
f led at the cathedral.
e V
, n e ' ' -n by the CotiTeotion at
i'.tia,.u. treasurer's Iteport.
PiTTSBVRrs. May 19. The second
day's session of the Women's Baptist
Home Mission society opened at U : 15
a. ra., in the Fourth Avenue Baptist
The committee on nominations made
the following nominations:
General officers President, Mrs. J.
X. Crouse, 2231 Prairie avenue, Chi
cago ; corresponding secretary. Miss M.
(j. Burdette, 24 11 Indiana avenue, Chi
cago ; recording secretary, Mrs. W. E.
Wamslev. Brookivn . treasurer. Mrs.
A. H Barber. 2411 Indiana avenue.
Vice presidents Arizona. Mrs. Win
field Scott. Phoenix; California (south
ern), Mrs. J. F. Jackson, Station K..
Los Angeles; children's vice president.
Mis Louise Yickroy. 534 St. Paul's
avenue, Los Angeles ; Colorado, Mrs.
F. 1. Smith. 2631 Humboldt street.
Denver; Illinois. Miss Ellen M.
Sprague, 300 Marshheld avenue, Chi
cago ; Indiana. Mrs Keubeu Jeffery,
5M N. Capitol avenue. Indianapolis;
Indian Territory, Mrs. J. S. Morrow.
Atoka, Choctaw Nation: Iowa. Miss
Laura Mason, HVi South Ninth
street, Burlington ; Kansas, Miss Mina
S. Everett, Hi5 Harrison street. To
pekn; Minnesota. Mrs. H. D. Gates.
114 Summit avenue. St. Paul: What I
Can director. Mrs. H F. Stilwell. loOt)
Blaisdell street, Minneapolis, Minn. ;
children's vice president. Miss A. Celia
Morford.t Jwantonna ; Montana, Mrs. E.
L. Johnson, 725 Breckenndge street,
Helena; Nebraska, Miss Martha Van
Ness, 29 Sauiisbury block, Lincoln ;
New Jersey, Mrs. H. F. Smith, Mt.
Holly ; What I Can director, Mrs. Ida
Altman, 1 101 East Broad street. Eliza
beth ; New York, Mrs. Rachel B Tay
lor, 1224 Dean street, Brooklvn ; North
Dakota. Mrs. M. F. Hall, 1433
Fourth avenue, S. Fargo ; Ohio, Mrs. S.
M. Fulton. 13 Washington avenue,
Elyria ; Oregon, Mrs. J. F. Watson,
Portland ; Pennsylvania, Miss Fiances
M. Schajler. 017 Grace street, Will
iamsport ; South Dakota, Mrs. Walter
Ross, De Smet ; Utah, Mrs. J. J. Comm.
13 Eagle Block, Salt Lake City ; Wash
ington (eastern district), Mrs. E. T.
Trimble, Colfax: (western district).
Mrs. S. W. Beaver, Burton ; Miss An
nie Beaven, assistant. Burton ; West
Virginia, Mrs, Anna Stone, Fairmont;
Wisconsin, Mrs. L. Smith, Darlington;
Wyoming, Mrs. J. O. Churchill. Chey
enne. On motion the secretary cast the bal
lot for the o.hcers named, who are the
same as last year. Thi- was done and
the president, Mrs. J. N. Crouse. re
sponded for the newly elected officers.
The treasurer's report was as follows :
The report showed that $(jO.U71.- had
be.-n received from the various state or
ganizations during the year. In addi
tion to the amounts contributed there
was received OVJ !i6 tor deficit of
Ib'Mi, bringing the total receipts for the
year up to $'.3,lil.5S. This, with a
balance on hand of f2,95 10, brought
the grand total to t t. lo.iH.
Of this sum the general disburse
ments amounted to t0.778.41. The
liabilities consist of a fl.700 loan,
emergency fund. $2,000. The debt at
the close of the year was f 7,200. not
including the emergency fund of
$1,500. On the total was paid during
the last year $5,0b0. leaving a present
deficit, less the amount of cash ou
hand, of !3.?U
The I'nlted $ta(e Coininliiluncr Enter
tained fti line Style at llavaua.
Havana. May 19. W. J. Calhoun,
the special commis-ioner of the United
States, who i.s investigating the death
of Dr. Ricardo Ruiz, a naturalized
American citizen, has visited the
Spanish Casino, which was decorated
and illuminated in honor of the eiav
rath birthday of King Alphouso. Mr.
Calhoun was accompanied by the
Spanish consul at Philadelphia. Dr.
Jose Coneosto. the mayor of Havana,
Senor Michael Diaz, and Dr. Jover,
who acted as interpreter.
Mr. Calhoun admired the building
and expre-sed appreciation of the
courtesy with which he was received.
After the guests and their hosts had
partaken of refreshments, the secre
tary of the Casino toasted "peace for
Cuba and sincere and unalterable
friendship between the United States
and Spam."
Dr. Jovcr then toasted "President
McKinley" in English, which was re
sponded to by Mr. Calhoun. The first
words which the latter uttered on gain
ing his feet showed him to be an ac
complished orator, as well as a discreet
After some preliminary remarks of a
compliment ry nature Mr. Calhoun
said that when he received his appoint
ment to come to Ouba ho formed the
Idea that he wa going to a foreign
country, but the hospitality he had met
with in Spanish territory had made his
residence here so pleasant that he be
gan to believe himself among his own
people, and yet was almost forgetting
his own country while longing for the
approach of peace and progress for
Humorously Threatened With Arrest If
2ieht Session Are Held.
Detroit, May 19. Delegates to the
twenty-second annual convention of
the Amalgamated Association of Iron
and Steel Workers of America were
welcomed felicitiously by Mayor May
bury at the beginning of their sessions.
He warned them, however, that if they
persisted in night work that he would
order the polite to stop them.
President Garland responding said
that a shorter workday was exactly
what the association was after. "We
try," said he, "to give the best that
human hands and skill cau give. We
ask in return the best wage the em
ployer cau give u-."
Routine business occurjied the re
mainder of the sersion. The wage
scale will be reported today and will
then be discu-sed for a week or more.
The attendance is larger than last
year, abont 1 delegates being present.
Canada is not represented
Mr. Uay 1'reseuled Them a
K. rpt ion.
London, May 19. The Princess of
Wales has held a drawing room at
Buckingham palace in behalf of the
Mrs. Hay. wife of the United States
ambassador, presented Miss Helen Mor
ton, daughter ot the Hon. Levi P. Mor
ton, in the diplomatic circle. Aliss
Morton wore w hite satin, embroidered
with sprays of silver and trimmed with
azaleas and snowballs.
In the general circle Mrs. Hay pre
sented Miss Elsie French of New York,
who was dressed in white satin em
broidered with snowballs, with a train
of white brocade lined with pale rose ;
Mrs. and Miss Ogden Goelet and Mrs.
Yanbergen of New Y ork.
Women Dele sir I'retcot
Toledo, May 19.-At the Uc.ted
Brethren conference devotional exer
cises were led by C. C. Bell of Oregon
there were nine women delegates
elected, but only six are present Two
ef them are wives of delegates who are
present, one the wife ot a minister id
I he conference, Mrs Geister of Musca
line, la , the wife of a merchant Mis
Dora Scott, daughter of a decea-ed
minister, a teacher and stenographer
Miss Roark of Upper Wabash, a sten
ographer. They are accorded all the
rights of delegates.
Colored Applicant Failed.
Axnapolis, May 19.John Smith,
the colored candidate for the naval
academy, has failed in three out of four
branches of the English examination
Under the rales of the academy ho will
be allowed a re examination.
Their Convention In Session at
Reports Show ltoth ltranches of the
Order In I'ennsylvanla In Good Condi
tion Action on Constitution by the
Ladles News of the State.
Williamsport. Pa., May 19. The
seventy-fourth annual session of the
grand lodge of Pennsylvania. I. O. U.
F . opened in the Lycoming Opera
House, with 1,000 delegates present,
who represent 1,090 lodges throughout
the state. The meeting was called to
order by Grand Master Amos H. Hall
of Philadelphia. Mayor Mansel de
livered an address of welcome, which
was responded to by Grand Master
The executive session that followed
was taken up iu th; hearing of several
reports. The statistics show that the
present membership of the order in
Pennsylvania is 107,I2, which is an
increase of 910 during the past year.
The total amount disbursed for relief
was J5so,3ti. id, an increase of
The state assembly. Daughters of
Rebekah, opened their eighth aunual
The report shows a present member
ship ofc 12,5:56, an increase of 1,512.
Eighteen new lodges have b en insti
tuted during the year and four have
surrendered their charters. The total
of $"i,044.oti was paid out for relief.
Amendments to the constitution
were reported and adopted, being ne
cessary to make that instrument con
form to .he charter which was granted
to the state a.-sembly at its session last
Senator (jnajr Only Seems to Know Its
rate 1 lie Legislature.
IIaruisbiro, May 19. Conflicting
stories are current about the ripper
bill. Just who is right will not be
known for a week or so. Tnere is no
doubt that Senator Cjuay can pasa the
ripper if he so desires, and there seems
to be no doubt that he has made up his
mind what he will do.
As the matter stands now the ripper
is as dead as a doornail, and tuay is
the only man who could resuscitate ij,
and it is doubtful if even he could pa-s
the ripper clause
There was not a lame attendance
when the senate was called to order.
The first bid taken up was a :i act to
provide for the better protection of
fema.t insane patients in transit, which
was returned from the governor tor
amendment, and was passed finally.
The next bill was one of vital im
portance to the laboring men of the
state as well as the corporations. It is
entitled "an act to protect employes of
corporations in their right to form,
join or belong to labor organizations by
prescribing penalties for any interfer
ence therewith." There is no question
but that the corporations were opposed
to the bill, but no tight was made on it
as the bill passed unanimously. It is
said that the corporations were positive
the bill is unconstitutional and for that
reason permitted it to pass.
A bill entitled "an act to authorize
the issu" and service of warrants of
arrest on Sunday when complaint is
made of certain violations of the liquor
laws or of maintaining a disorderly
house was also passed finally.
USenator Gibson s bill entitled "an
act to require the u?e of automatic
safety controllers oh hoisting engines
for the prevention of loss of life and
limb of employes and other persons
over hoistinacr runaways it; the shafts,
elopes, strippings. quarries and mines,
ana providing penalties for the viola
tion thereof, was called up on final pas
eage. The bill was defeated once be
fote fcr want cf a constitutional ma
jority. The bill was defeated. It ha? teen
reconsidered once and is now dead
The act to Drohibit the public exhi
bition of photosraphic reproduction of
prizefights failed for the want of a con
stitutional majority.
Mr. Keuuedy called up senate till
SSS. which permits county comm-.s
sinners to authorize tli6 construc tion of
cads for the use of bicycles Mr. Ken
nedy explained that the people of Alle
gheny county favored good roads and
bicycles. Senator Fliun also spoke in
favor of the bill, and it passed finally
The final adjournment and the mcas.
ores to be passed before that time wert
the subject of conference at the ese:u
live mansion last night.
The final adjournment was figured at
about June 17. It may be a week later,
but un etlort will be made to prevent
i hi Niaht sessions of the house will
brgin neit week.
The Keator ballot reform till was
killed on third reading in the he ue.
The house, alter two hoars debate,
oopteu tr.e report of its committee en
rlt-ctiuns. unseating Robert L. Robert?
as tne member Irom the Third Phila
delphia district and .-eating Oscar P.
Saunders, the anti-combine candidate
at the fall election. The vote was 10J
to 53.
Two reform bills endorsed ty the
last two state Republican conventions
were reported from committee. Tnty
are the non-politicai assessment and
non-interference measures. The former
was amended to allow voluntary con
Holloway Tried to Strike Itronston and
the Latter I'sed Ilia Tongue.
Frankfort, Ky., May 19. The sil
ver Democratic minority with posses
sion of the senate. Goebel in the chair
and Bronstou an the floor, held the
floor through an eight-hour session and
promises to continue it until the cud of
the present session on Friday. The
Gold Democratic-Republican majority
of each house is still determined that
the fusion bill shall pass the senate at
least, and that it shall go through both
houses this summer if there is any way
to persuade or force the governor to re
call the session.
Senator Holloway. a Gold Democrat,
tried to Strike Senator Uronstou, the
Mlver Democrat who is holding the
floor, and while he was being held away
from him Bronston said : 'Damn you
and your demands," and then : "Turn
him loose. I dare you to lav your
hand on me, you cowardly whelp."
Had to Call the Police.
Lancaster. Pa., Mav 19. The third
annual convention of the Afro-American
Republican League of Pennsyl
vania is in session here, and was char
acterized by such disorder that the po
lice had to be called in. This was a
consequence of the bitter contest for
the presidency between the present in
cumbent. I3!ackwell of Steelton. and
Fir?t Vice ? "resident Catlin of Monon
gahela City.
Medical Men Meet.
Pittsfi'ro. May 19. The State Med
ical society's forty-seventh annual con
Tentiou opened successfully yesterday
morning at the Alvin theater. About
400 delegates attended, which number
was swelled during the day and con
tinued to increase last night.
Argued i t,lmf of torbett.
Washington, May 19. The senate
committee on privileges and elections
has heard an argument by Attorney C.
E. S. Woods of Portland, Or., in sup
port of the claim of Hon. H. W. Cor
bett to a seat in the senate, to succeed
Senator Mitchell under the appoint
ment of the governor of Oregon, bat
the committee took no action.
The Annual Conference. Preceding the
Assembly, In esiton,
Warsaw, Ind , May 19 The an
nual conference of the board cf tcr
?ign missions with the chairmen of th
synodical and prsbj -terial con.mi'ie??
and representatives of the woman s
boards, which is held in connection
with the one hundred and ninth gen
eral assembly, is holding its session ou
the Winona assembly grounds. Rev
Frank F. Lhenwood. D. Li.. L U . pre
siding. - Rev. Cleland B McAfee, Ph D . cf
Park college. Missouri. Rev Dane an
Brown. D. D . of Larko Mo . &cl
Rev. Hunter Corbett. D D . of Che
too. China, were on the ptogtamir.a
First t'nion Ctrl Oriduate r.d Took
ItiCh llnnots
New- York. May 19 The first
woman to be graduated by the facu!y
of Union Theological seminary re
ceived her diploma last night at th
sixty-first annual anniversary and com
mencement of that institution Th
interest in the event was doubled by
the graduate being Emily Grace Bnegs.
daugh'er of Prof C. A. Briggs, who
was suspended by the general assem
bly after a trial for heresy in 1S:4.
Mis Brigas. who is in her ilst year,
carried off the honors passing all the
Cane -r Cared by Prayer.
Cleteland. May 19 Mrs. Joseph
Morris of Ashtabula has suffered sev
eral years with a cancer. Two weeks
ago she was at the point of deah. when
6he was induced to try faith cure. Mi
applied to Zion church in Chicaco for
treatment. The people wrote her at
what hour each day they would oiler
prayer lor her. and instructed her to
pray simultaneously, which she did
Mrs Morris avers that ner pains ceased
with the first prayer and never re
turned, and in a few weeks' time the
cancerous growth went away. The
patient is now able to take her meals
at the table;
United Itrrtliren Church Conference.
Canton. O.. May !. The general
ccr.ference of the United Brethren in
Christ is being held in a ountry church
east of this city and is being "attended
ty a large number of delegates, includ
ing 34 Pennsylvanians and the bishops
ct the church. The sect is very similar
to the Dunkards. The men wear semi
clerical garb and the women (Quaker
like gowns of somber black. They are
a picturesque group. The men in greet
ing each other embrace and kiss. For
mal handshaking is the greeting of the
Snpected of Destroying Itody.
Chicaoo, May 19. Additional de
velopments in the murder mystery sur
rounding the death of Mrs. Louisa
Luetgert, the imprisoned sausage man
ufacturer's wife, have led to the firm
belief that if Luetgert killed her he
did so without any help. The vats are
being examined, iu one of which Mrs.
Luetgert's body is supposed to have
been destroved.
Klected a College President.
Cincinnati, May 19. At a recent
meeting of the Methodist board of
Freedmen's Aid society Rev. Dr. C M.
Melden of Brocton, Mass., was elected
president of Clark university at At
lanta. Dr. Melden has not yet ac
cepted, but he is expected iu Atlanta
today to look over the field ana then
signify his acceptance or declination.
Scotch-Irish Congress Postponed.
Chattanoooa, May 19. The Scotch
Irish congress, which was to have been
held in Detroit, Juno 10-13, has been
postponed because of unavoidable de
lay in making certain necessary ar
rangements. It is not probable now,
says the secretary, that the congress
will be held until fall.
A Compliment to .Morns.
Paiiis, May 19. A deputation repre
seiitmir the American chamber of com
merce in Paris has presented to Samuel
E. Mors., the retiring consul general,
an illuminated address and a large
rilver repousse vase bearing allegorical
Foster's Trip For the Seals.
Washington. May 19. General John
W. Foster, the special agent of the de
partment of state, charged with the
negotiations concerning the seal fisher
ies, will sail tomorrow tor England.
It is the purpose of General Foster t.i
esutjune nie. negotiations Willi the
British government. He will extend
his journey to St. I etersburg to deal
.1 .....I . . L. .1 !i
uueenjf wiin me itctsian government
Silver Men il ror Orient.
Boise City. May 19. Ex-Senator
1 J t - . ...
liuuiiis, Dcnaiors oannon and Petli
Brew will sail .lulv 2 for f "hin- iwl
Japan. It is understood they go to
. 1 .1 c 1 . .
eiuiiy me financial question irom tue
eii ic ii Lai Biauupuini.
Twelve Firemen Ilurned.
Chicago, May 19. Twelve firemen
were frightfully burned by the exDlos-
ion of a tank containing ho gallons of
gasoline in the grocerv of W. H. Mau
ley in Forty-third street.
I'lTTSBlTBO. Mav 18
WHEAT Vo. 1 red. SHWic; No. 2 red. t7
B.-V-: sirinc wheat. n.cco.
COItN N'i. -J yellow ear. ii iOUL.-; : No 5
helled. hiirh mixed tdielied. -S -,
OATS No. 1 white. :6Ji:r7c: No. 2 do. 25
tt.&V: extra extra o. a white. ii44c
light mixed. 2Jt2le.
HAY No. I.I timothy." $12 (KiaiJ.St; No. 2
do. iiu in.i". m; parking. ftf.m&T.ioi: No. I
fea-dine prairie. $T.75aS.l; wauoti hay, $14.0(1
ill.i.i for timothy.
PtH'LTUY Larire iive chicken. d;.V per
pair: live t hickens, email. :.i.t ic: BprinnerK.
7Tci.siir; drewd. 1'HrlllV k.t pound: live dueki
'"; tui ir per pair: dressed, lo.tli- per imiiiiuI -
live turkeys. ifcUx: per pound; drenaed, 13
BUTTER Eltrin prints. 17c: extra cream
ery. l."Vi icitl''- Ohio fanry ereauiery, !!- .i,
itc,: faney country roll, 1&.11U; low tcrade
and roiiklnic. i"v!T.
I'll KESK New York fnll rream, new
make, Illl4t'.lc: Ohio, full rreain. new
make. 9Vy.olm-; new Wisconsin Swiss, in tubs,
ll(llV6c; limburKer. new. SSivc: Ohio Swiss,
In tubs. Il(i.lle: Swiss, in bricks, u-pound
average, Mui.llr.
EtJtiS Strictly fresh Pennsylvania and
Ohio, in cases, in lar lots, Uittfo; in a Job
bing way. lil&lHtc; selected, fancy stock
Pittsbcro. Mav IS.
CATTLE Receipts IiKht: market stron.
We quote following prices: Prime. $.Vlti
5.2V. good. $i.7oii,4.l. tidy, $4.4ia4.Iu Kood
butchers. $4.2'4j,4.4 : fair. $:..4.1U: heifers.
iVI.KCkrtl.2-V. bulls, stairs and cows, $2.i4l!ft3.75
ronnnon to irood fat oxen. I.iii7.4.1(; bo
loerna cows. .lKi 15.11; fresh cows' and
printers, fat." :Mt.
HOtJS -Receipts, of hoirs on Monday lib
eral: market dull and lower. Today receipts
litfht. Prime medium, $-1.Kir.l.is."; bet
Yorkers. $ l.7.Tft:t.8 1: heavy, $.1.7i&: 8 1; com
mon to fnir Yorkers. $3.7. G.3.7V, pi(s $3 7Vi
3.8: roughs. $2.4i I.S5. '
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Thirty car, on sale
on Monday; market dull and fully 2 c lower
on sheep, steady on lambs. Receipts today
llkiht: market steady. We quote prices art
follows: Choice, S4.1.V&4.2": Rood, $4.UK34.ti:
fair. Jl 5.V,&:J SO: common. $2.Mi,3.4(). Lambs
Choice, SVCKfcVl."); common to good, $4.10
f.4.KV. sprimr lambs, 5.no,jfl.:i: veal calves.
$j.iUi5.j'; heavy and thin calves. 1. 5o!
:iNCiNtATf. May 18.
HOOS Market dul. and lower at at $3 00
CATTLE Market fiynat $2.8.-)a4.7.
SliEEt' AND LAMLS-Martel for sheep
steady at $2.75UI.ii. Union, steady at
New York, May It.
WHEAT-Spot market weak.
COItN Spit market easy; No. 2, Clffjo.
OATS Spot market quiet: No. 2, 2.1c.
CATTLE No trading. European rabies
quote American steers at liai2c. dressed
w.irut: sheep. 124131:. dressed weight and
efriirerator beef at aPHc.
SHEEP AND LAMBS - Market quiet
for sheep, steady for yearling and lower for
iambs, sheep, $3.0.414 Su; yearlings. $4 Otf
6.2S. lambs. $d.04Ha.5H.
HOCiS Market steady at $2. 90 Oi-301 1
If von value nioncv
call and examine our
line of Sprini; aii(l Sum
mer Clothing made ex
pressly for us and which
we will sell you for less
money than those peo
ple who are advertising
Clothing at less than
Our flock is not Uttiht from Tom,
Dick ami Hurry luit from iin-t rlass
Clothing manufacturers tvliero t-very
garment is rlcpely itistK-t-t l In-foro leav
ing tlieir -tal'lisliini, t
T tie (stock is complete net made tip
of odds aud ends l-ut of fr-p-i, clean
ytndy the price lift, liring it with you
and come exHt ling more for your mon
ey than ym would get from SXIDK
firms traveling aliotit from place to place
with a line of rhnddy stuff.
Wen's Clothing Department.
I'nion Cissiiiiere Stiit, single hre.-iKtcd.
This is not a . 0 suit reduced to J'.is
hut it is a mit generally advert ie.l at
t'2 oil and (Ml, which ve w'l at 2 I mi.
(ood SuhMaritial Wenr-tJiving Suit,
not a $14 (Ml suit reduce d to ;.", hut
a good fctiit, we offer at .".
Klegant Cheviot Suit, Mark and mix
ed colors, Sacks, uot a If. otl suit re
duced to .." :;.", hut we will give you
selection from several different styles at
i; 7 ami $ 1 oil.
Corkscrew, Diagonal and Fancy Mixed
Worsteds, Sacks and Cnttways, not re
duced from $1S (Ml and $J0 (Ml to i"7 :'.U.
hut a suit we have U-en Se lling all spring
at f; TU and 7 (Ml.
Fine Clay Worsted and Thihets, guar
anteed all wool, not reduced from $2S ((i
to $'. CO, hut have hee ti selling them
right along at $7 (Ml and $s (Ml.
Kvening Suits of the very finest ma
terials, and Custom-Made, the- regular
price never was from $1S (Ml to :;7 ihi,
hut has Uen sold all spring at Jf, .u to
fl-J 00.
Men's Working Pants from l."c. to
Children's Suits. 7-V. up.
I-' Make No Mi stake. Keep
tour tyo on Your Pocket
J. B. Miir & Sou.
crfam balmCATARRH
J j Mick Itf
Xnsa I 'fH4Mt$fM
AUutf i'aii ft tff
tit tnttit49
iitilit tit ft Srm .
t'rrtrrt the
JlffnrrffMr 'rom
, "-n . i ' .
It Will Cure COLD 'N HEAD
A lmrticle l arplie.l lii ra.-h n.-m i au i m
KrwNehle I'rlr'.MI -eMi ait lruKiclrt orliv idhiI
r.lt KKOTHhKS, je; Warren .itrt. Nrw orfc
Steel Picket Fence.
A 7K A '
iS ti " ' ' ' i' I'
Miii till ill
TIetDoreiitati'nrar'!etrtF-n-ewltli Oate. rTh' f.
Brttiuel , br ..! on It,.. , u .1 H..-U. -,, .ritlr,"
prk-. I Sdi.M ,10,1,-i. nol.l.. .,
Sum, Kltt.nc r-.,. (.hu.t-r. .mViI V K IS,
Io. r. nj kxillnn. Br. Imo Orill,. M IKK luutlld
UNDO kCKKhS. n.l .1 1 M, ,.r M IRK kk
'01. Z03 205 MarkatSU
mcli e V6 ly.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
and enjov it. nne linivt liri have l'immI
he-alt h. "
clcaiiM's the system, aids ili, sli-.n. eiirrx
'ollstip:itiin anil siek lie:i.l:i. I.e. Pl.-.isant
to take-, 1h-s not 15, i j l i.r sale l.v :il
your Irut.'jii-ls, KM- and 2'h: Samples fre-c.
Maniifaelured l.v TIIK .loll.N II Mill.
CO., Warren, Pa.. :; l- :7
Robert Cassidy's
Shaving Parlor
located on Ontre "trevt near trilBr-s I.lveir
ottoee. s.havinic. Hair Cnnimt an.l Sluin.o.
inicilone la the nnieil ami I-b-i tnaoner. A
bare ot yonr iatronaice KitliAitext.
aTSV B l"r in'Miiii i,j a tiarni
If- In aliiH-.-it ir;i
1 1 f 1 1 1 Ir nhVMliH.n . .f -1.1 ... .
lal flliH-lKi.r il. I. -lit (...I lr.-!!i Im-in,.;
:-.'.iarnilk'. nrilihii-, ..r Hal.l.iiM-ss. I Ml
ilcUns an.l it-iv laili. In.L.r-.- it. I li..unaiils t-nrnl
mntiili-iill.tlly. r..r far-., ulars mlilre-Mi. wi;!i :.ee:n
fir? sWTlpr? TWW iim e.MMi il,
-ll 1 Lf L,IV Ur IK.." Ilrl.,j, Ml, .lk , 1 1
ocfJ.5 ly
For all Bilious and KitRvoes
Diskasks. Ther purify the
Rlood and trive Hialtiiv
action to the em ire system.
April 16 T ly
Best in the World!
Get the Genuine !
Sold Eienvhere!
I..i. t fail to visit the Croat Manufacturer's Clotlnna Sale which tikes place in the larire steire r.eom. UKl.
."li MAIN STKKKT. JtlHXSTOWX, PA., between Franklin Street, next door to U . It. Dlbt-rt llar.iwai.
eiavs otilv.
f I . T.im Wholesale Stock Fine Tailor Made Clull.inir lor Men. Poys and C hildren all made etire-siy f,r th,.
to tie sola at re-tail at less until nan tue
I ratie. 1 lie storK e-onsisis o: i nousanu 01
co.us fr Hoy, thousands of Tailor-Made
.... . . j .
I'mivs. All made exi.re'sslv for thii season's
This is ihe stock of Nathan. Stern & Co.. lart'e wh-lesale rIolliir.tr n.annfacl'irers of 111 Kallinmre street. p.a.. .,
have I 111 Miid tin ir iiMial custe.in of inantifacnu ins a laipe and vaiied stew k e.f Spriiuf and iiiiiiii.-r Suits. tv. r , , '' . .
Men. lioy and Children. The stea k is e ouipletel v made up and only l o 1 hinls e.f It i sold. I he -aln,,.,, ... .
I'mted States diirinir t)i te.lMr. Xovenil-r and l)ee-emter siit.ulyu.C the nee-ds of the retaile rs. Iin;s t(..h r,. ,.. ,.J
disposed e.f. Since then t he salesmen have hee-n discharged, llie t.rai.ch e.tliees .11 ew rk, Milwaukee. n. ,. " " ' .
have U-en rle.s.-d atul ihe retnaininir third of the stK-k. aiiiMiiitii.ir to l.C.oiMi lM-inir ollennl t.i the put.ii.- ai..l " ' -
within lodays without regard te est or value. Il'scash they want and cash they must have. 1... matter hi. jr.. - : ...
11: 1 i 1 1. i...,.i i.jj ..,. ire fur its nieh stan lar.l of 'I a I lor- M ale t lotniiitr a.lai.t.r
- - . - ...... ... - - .... j ... . .
Eccollect Scle taeECEs Ttaisiay, May 20, 1697. t 9 a.
XuTltK - This build in it has been leased for in days. No jt.khIs sold nfr anyone allowed on premises mail K:A-..
Tliis Sale will last but 10 Days, No More, No less.
Positively no misrepresentations will le permit led. and all sales made satisfactory to the purchaser.
In order to show what Ciifanlie Uaraius will be offer.-!, a few price are in :iii.ned. and rem -m r th-re ,
ir tin that we e-aiimit iiu-ntion. " '
Study the Pricelist, bring it with you, come expecting more f.ir your money th ny.,u ever,t!,.r,
Ciiion Ciisimere
price, f.i i. . . .
(lood Siit.st a n t tal
Silicic anil Ilouhle
Wear-tJivius Itusine
price, f 1 1 t o. for "5
Kli-tiiti.i ( l.evial Suits. Hlack ami Mixed colors. Sacks,
n mini uinl Mpiareciit. regular price. l. "
Ueitulatiou Heavy Itlueli A . K. Suit, regular price fls; . . ."
toikserew. 1 ii;iu.u;tl and Fancy Ml Mil Worsted Sacks and
t utawu s. regular price $s on and oo. for
1. 1. ! iti.d llht. K I'ilot Heaver and Fine Whip-Cerd Suits,
n-milar price t.'.l oo
Fine fhiy orsteii ami Thihets. regular price fii, now.. .
Kvet.i n' Suits of the very Finest Materials and t'u-toiii
Made, rcsiiilar price, tls oil lo f.'.T oo, now fei .". to Jl.'l
M e n"s t ;...i.l Urn Winn Pauls' regular price.! t, for 7
Tl.i- t'lolhint; House a No had a very succe-slul Custom l-prtmeiil, and accumulated a few elegant Nn! i
or anoiher. 11 on can Im lilted you can s,-,-ure a line suit l less than e-o-t of material alone. The st.x k n
extra si.e -;aruieiits. Silmil men cau l suited at boy prices.
lyiake No Mistake.
And Ih sure you are at th e rijfht place, as we ate iu dead e artiest alMiut tfivinir you U ai .. u.aI. ..
tlieir actual e-osl. Come youi-e! and tell all your friends.
This a bona tide M aiifacturers saie. To aconimodate every U id y. store will remain
.lavs until II p. i. Car fare paid to oul-of-lo u purvha-ers.
N . It. Men hunt- sold orly in the forenoon and fircash.
n. i.. juhss ro.s. .v. j. un a. a. . mrt.
t-JlTABMKHEO 1872.
Johnston, Buck & Co.,
A. W. HI t K, 'ablepr.
Carrolltown Bank,
c,mtui.i.TnwN. pa.
T. A. SHAKKtK.II, 4ltler.
General BanliEBnsiness Transacted.
Tbe lollowlntt are the pnncli&l lutnru ol
Keneral tai.iciDir .ugioess:
Keoelve.l pajat.le on demand, and Interest hear
Init cerltDrates Uiue-t to time deosltor(.
Kitendeil to ruftomer on Imvorahle teim and
4).pruvrd paper .Mxnxintesl at all time.
vtxdrln the lorahty and anon all thebanklnn
towns In the Tnited States- t'harxee moderate.
lsao,l nexotLible In all .ru of tbe t?nltd
sisi-ik. fcn.l tt.reivn exchange Issued on ill part
of Kuro e.
(II merrtiant. termers and others toilltd. to
iriiom rea?onatle aeeomolatl.n w.ll re extendetl.
Patrons are HS-urHl tbat all traDtuu-tions aball
he held as utriclly prtvat and onti.lentlal. and
hat they will te treated as lilmrally aa ttood
hanktmc tales will ruiit
Ke?ievtlully ,
joiix.vro.. ki t ii t .
17 51. 1U.
Policies written at snort notice In tne
.nel other t'lrwf ' t'eiapanles.
.m rR the
Kivenshora. Jnn 21. I8a.
TDinc u .
,.. . WfiRiOHTS, estoJ
ii '":'"" n-. Tree Handl.. w rite to
C'l.l.-st l.urvau for afmnn- patent In Amerlra.
r.vrry (..-ib'tic taken .ml l.v us la l.rouvht l f .n
tlie pul.liu by a iu.i.t Klveu free t.r charge la Uae
'ncntific mwicau
Tjtnreat elrrmtntlnn of anr -lentlfle raner In the
li.aii hotil.l lw v. iit,.,ut U Weel.lv. imp a
year; !.:.. hIt m..,.tl, A-ldrewe. SU VviTi"
1'LBIj.iiKiui. 3 1 ltroadway. Yura cftr
imurh ..f tn-nttaent at the r Heek
Xo. 416 Fifth Avenue.
ro;(rrrvi to tTiein all tl-eir nmri-w ,. ,
M-.r ,ho,n to the conditio,, VheV , nllJ.
loretltey iti.ltslir, I i KUnn.lauU Th U l!L I JT
".fs Mi. i.i m.i.. of y.mr own tteiirl tA.
Alu.m w, refer with ee.nil.ienee T'.i
- ..e.. .-.-u.l ,ur Luiu.Ue.t eixin fuA iu.
anir 2 e
Mountain House
Shaving Parlor,
Ham Street, jtar Post Office
The nnderslrnet desires to Inform the nub
ile that he has eened a shavlna: par'or on
t entre street, near the p.st office where barberina
In all its branrbets wilt be carried on In the
future. LrerTthlnir neat an eleaa.
Y our patronage solicited.
F. X. rtis.
jk Scientific American
I tli 2.X w T
e-osi eei hhuimh ui..-.
: . . m .. t j ,..1 I L'i.r.ii , I s I, ,r 1 ,-ti
a. mm -.- ...... . .
Suits and Overeoats f..r t hildren. thousands
trade. No old Mock, but all strictly this
- --
5l6Main Street. Eeilsteln Building.
Worsted Pants, regular price, : and : ; T
Cheviot ami t a-simere Pant-, regular ir .-?
Men's Fine I Iress Pauls, regular .r: -e ii .n , f. ,, '
Youth's ( js-in.ere and WorMed Suit- reirijr . , ....
Youth's F.xtra t ll.e I Iress Suit-, m ( ,.- ,, .. . ' ; , v
ed-and Fancy Ctfuiueres. regular pn,.. , , '.'
5:( 00 Pairs Ecy's Im Pants, 11:
Sl.t.S ill. 14 t ,1;.
oi l. I'l-.ie
t -
reicu lar
- llre - asted.
- ss Suits.
All the New and
-.1. ' imni .- ii.u.
Noby lie-s Si.ii.
Fine 1 iress sniis
lar t.rice. fl oo
Keep Your Zye on tlie Yellow Sitn,
Owens & Makin.jOH: : PRINTING
I!1 Wt'ort
All kinels? of the Test Meat
from selected stock kept at their
Daily Meat Market on Hieh
Street, Ebenslmrjj.
Give ti3 a call.
IKiuful dnau. fu.1i a.
'"-l.ai. l aakan,
.l.rrk. 1 I k..
-aewlala. Ua-ka.lic
lilLi.l . ' At ,ur "--. -r l. nji 1M,
rl .f tuou.-. adj .jkI ;i -m,
-' M 4.. V. M. A.
Caveats, and Trade-Mark, obtained, and all 1'aC
ent hu!tie-s mnrarted for Moderate Fe
Our Office is Opposite U. S. Patent Office.
!TwT,I7n ,f?. !'tent in Ies time than those
remote from M anhinirtoii
!end model, draw ine -.r tboto, wi-li ae-rrlp-
I m a a.7 a ' 1,11 H,eT1i 1 -farMX
m ramnhUf kll..a- .k. . . . .
- - k.u riicni. with
Ooooaita Patent 0(5 c. Watttitvolim. f C
a. L. HID.
ATEleTT I Illll
r ttl.-e on 'entre streot. " (4 2 tu
wrVtti-no, t lJXAV,
-Om3e In Opera House. t WM
hT- tb0
ATTOKNW - w .. . . . .
LltW.shlKtl, . pA
' ,rl" on tntre street.
-. e K,B;;r.v.,:.l:'7
At home or travelinif with iiimni.iv. ....
wne. t . . " ' ' " .
r lntruiar, ttivlnc ae and Wn
I-tlon. Y ou ean work all or part time, and tbe
B to US kr liani.nl.H
Mar li UT 4m.
HBSBlnri Fire Insurance Apcj
General Insurance Agent.
""(t 1-iT
thousands if Tailor-M'.
,f 'I n I li.r-! ,l I
- - -. - tana
sea-ou s product mils.
a, Eni Itfls Falnfej, iE
: i . i
Nol.y Pattern-. Sii.irle ai..i 1
.-.lit, M ll:id. i.l,(e ;
regular price t . ..
in l am y I a-MUi.-n-- ai:i U
tejf'.t ."to. exir price,
oix-u every e em
Tilt: tn he mAs
Printing Oin:;
Is tbe vlaor to vvt ji,ur
Piomptly aul sti.-factoti:y ttn-s.ri .
will meet trie price- .f a il toi; i:t
cotupetion. di.u l do r j
first-cia.-! woik and w.st t
living l'r f.-r it.
Witn Fast Presses ra mfc
We art. prepared to tu:u i ut J ;. ! r :
every di-criptieti in tt.r f 1JT
STYLE and at :r,e-
Lowest Cash Pi
Xt.thtue out tne be: iua:rr;l i t: u
our work .-peaks ter it-- f. rt;
Iared to priut erj t' e -rcrte-. t
Hl'MNKtiti t'Ahl.. Ti;-, :n I. t!t
Monthly tatkmkm- Ksieiovs.;
LaBK1. t lKe l LAK. V ti i ; ev:
VlMTINQ CAHLr. t H f . k. N..TE-.
IKAKT!, l;Ee'EIPl. IU)M)H..&,
1-KTTRK AMI NeiTE llttlMM'
Hop amiI'aktt Im hatu; It:
Vecan print anythititi fr.-m trtii-.
and neatet ViritiDtf Carl t. tv n r-
Piester n short tmti.f ar.a si i
tno-it liea-olil t.:e f.airr.
The Camltiia Kieri::r.
KUKXSl;ri:.. 1T.SM
Schedule in efiect . .:: ''
l'esSie-rllaal re
a a-T.
Seashore Kipress. weet, ,1 - -
Altoon orsnjtn. latf.n. r-.
-Main Line Kxi.n-H-. ;la.i
Altoona Amu... week Jiv
Hrr-l-ur Ar atui:i-'U. '.&'
Mall Kl.re-. .lailv -
Hhlladviehla ti.re-. Jul y
w aT.
.lobneitown Aoremnii.1i i-n. ee -a.'
Pat-me Kxpnes. daily
ay I Va-enver. .laili -
Mail 1 rain, dally
I'll trLurc hTf -f. Ji !
r"at l.i be. dally
Juhnuwn AceuaiaioJkt'. ti. " -'
r.te tn re Brfr
TAI ekl: 't
From Hailos and ti.e ill.
r rota Cre.n
r'r..n Yinloudale
F'rutu 1'iT'H.n
r rem 'rson
r rim Y'lntt.ndale
Iryto Oresstfon.....
TKi- t:.
For "reon
ror HaatinttK and (he St.!.
Ki.r tntondale
"or re!M.n ..... .
"r Y'lntondale -
Ke.r Haettnas and the tu.r::,
ror t rrsofi ......
( rrnu mmd le
lare lrronit at f i a m
ln at Creason iiluit tn
r.,1 1 - t
l'reson . a. m. an J .-' I 1
at ".I t" a tn. and ti x' f n
Kor rates. atajHe. etr . ral! -n
Thh. E. Wan-, t. A. W. I
filUl.ura. Pi.
J. K. Ht'Tl'H I.NSe ,
(General .Manurr.
.1 K
' t
Draeax 1' - "
Ury of the '
rri;!"1: A"'",J. :r
ance. M'"-'- -'" ;
Pv o 1 Vs '.'.'a ;
membership fee. Hj rjlJ ' rI '""
accidental injuries.
Be your own Apent-
era Mrnii-t rviIVATIi'
a: 4.v.A -
Wanted-An Idea
trb.- .
mmn your loeaa: iiw " " - p.e
Write J6hn Wll'EKlirhN XM
tev tnT T'I
Pa"11'. as
eya, Wa-blnatam, l. e. f. thetrj
ad Uat ot two tre4 tuvaw"

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