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int..ma Loaiea. ,
Hoee-hucd, .lim-grecn, gold-tinted
Where maples fringe the .-reck ;
Broased, on the oak-created hill-top.
Like the Un of s hunter '* cheek.
Bright-flashed with garnered sunshine,
(slowing with silent praise.
Are the loaves of rovsf forests,
Ripened through long, stiil day*.
Daintily molded oha iref, s
rail of the winet light,L li. l\ L |
Distilled from a million sunbeams.
And treasured for our sight.
i, | ii i iii I. I
Farm, flurdclt ami HwiselmW.
ter, two cups snniL 4s'if Vtm fl< -i0
three eggs, one nroff*
ed in a cup of milK, two tcaspoouiul*
croam tarter, mixed in flour.
flour, four eggs—whites and yolks bent
an separately, two teaspoons cream tar
ter, one teaspoon sod. a. Dark apices.
SODA Bmcrrra—One pint of sweet
milk, npitwqr lori tjtnjg fheiiflotn}
an>gg. one tcAspohh \1 of softs stift tVo
cream tarter, and pui them in dry; a lit- j
tie salt; mix rtrry soft ; roll them and
rutin auull siaed biscuits: hike in a
quick oxen ; they aw dnhVntus, aud fi ill
suit the most fastidious taste.
Sons SHOULDER* w Hoiuucs.—A oor
reapoudeut of the Gim.Ww Farmer writhe
relative to sore or gailvd slioulVri|uf,
horses " Wash them well every night i
and morning with a strong solution of ■
aak bark, made by bailiafe the table in
water, thru rub them well with linseed.
oil. Anoint them night and morning;
with a salve made of three parts of lin
seed oil and one part of quiok-likie. To i
make horses' shoulders tough, wash the
shoulders well twice a day. for • week
before working, with the oak bark sol- j
ution."' * (
A method adopted in Portugal hg*-
serving fish consists in removitfg
viscera and sprinkling sugar oter the,
interior, keeping the fish in a hortvont.il
position, so that the sugwr may pone- t
irate as much as possible. It* is -said 1
that fish pre|>ared in this way * Can be
kept completely fresh, for a long time,
the saves being as perfect as if recently
mora agreeable taste, a tahfo-spfrmtiifo
of sugar being sufficient for i fivrepouM
fish. • * *M
A GOOD lUr TKAF. —Take a WnJ >
that will hold water, cat the head a life*
tie smaller than the top of the barret,
pass a string through the center of ffie
head, and hang it np so that it-may Iflmg •
perfectly free inside the barrel, three or
four iiichee below the dHw. Now, put *
in five or six Inches of and dfoa!
some grease on the fop of the barrel!
head, which yoiimuat Ivdues by uaakmy i
on some thin pwoes of lead r pi*a wmr t
trap where tha rats can gat art it earily. I
ana it is ready. They esane np to the
grease, and in stepping op one Mde.r>f}
the head the other naturally upland
in goes the rat. Tlrv Bead soon
its equilibrium, and is ready Tor anotheA '
Sometimes, 1 when tliCre is "considerable [
grease or food around alifry |hfY can
get ft, they won't take IheTaot. rTrWnst
case, put a little annisred in your bait. " j
PKTS IS THK COCSTHX. —J. cxixrofpui* -
dent of the Rucheater mn4~
Ckrvucle tn B-ii?11 givos u rather '"ahparika*
dery" description of pets-inllnt tvnintrj. l
and says: Ilia lift a xawaiim ||
have anacondas in their cellars to destroy
rats and mine, as they are more ufhawat
in their work thnn cat*. Tbej do net'
have the largest sized snakes for that
purpose; they are poly from 10 be £)p,
feet long, and aw <widpm as they
live iu the walls of tlie epUarj, wliiqh art
very little used. They are owned about j
the streets, and sold to thaw who have i
lost their pet reptile, or whoever mar!
chance to need them. Menlm vs.gen o&il iLk
of smaller sizes, are kejrt as pets h> their
houses, bat to prevent their mischief i
they are necessarily chained. During
the prevalence of the yellow foyer, the
summer past, the contagion vsup more-'
fatal to them than to the families ixfwhicb
they were kept. , j I * |
MAXIXG A Ctfotrbfefc— Hir
cover the bottom o£ thepotthe chowdee I
is to be cooked in with pickled I
pork, or. if pteferndl BM aktevxnoon-,
fol ot lard. Take fav kind of fresh
fish (cod and l>ass are f>e*t) and Igy (hear*
over the pork or in the lard, if pork iste
used, fir&t fry it tb-sMtarit* iard, -u&tdf
boiling hot. Sltrew over t; -> fish a layer,
of chopped cdtoßs. anf a kver of jfiiti
trackew, pep Mr* and salt, •MSEkre- >
used if liked, but are not esMntiar. *
Next add another layetjHf fish, then ]
another of onions, .rntber Ot crackers ;
an 1 seasoning. When all the fish is in,"'
dredge with flour, and quite cover the
fish with water ; stew gently. Half an
hour will cook' A cbowdar of HWHI urate
sire. Take up tho chowder; thicken
the gravy by adding a tablespooniul of
flonr to a teacuo of butter. AdvJ tin's ,
to the gravy and slew two minutes. Add* 1
wipe or catsnp if IH<H!. Oyster or elatn !
chowder may be made "the sany ways*
Svooximojt fob HutuctFmtot- 6
Many otherwise excdletit"
think they can hardly ooeJi a mealwwifn-,,
out calling into requisition the pork- ■
barrel or the lard-tab in oM.piwM or
another, and many a meal jscOßsetjMnt
ly spoiled to a xjelitkte 111#' h'r ttrb !
means. Pork is a scroTtilatar, disgusting'
food in any shape whatever, and sLo^d.
be banished from all < ivaLiaed tabh*. ■
Those who think fish-chowder umiot be |
made without pork should try the folbvr- 1
ing recijie : Take three pounds of fresh I
codfish, cut in pieeas about three i acid's '
square, five or six trytized. potei^ce.!
slice very thin, and half a.dnruo .hard 4
crackers broken a little. Put twodhinjs
of a cup of Hotter in thcbotfbm of the i
kettle, then a layer of flsb, fben if %fPf '
of potatoes and crackers, andon id?'
all is used. SprioUc ovevoacli layxp,
salt and pepper quite fnaely, aud pour,
over it boiling water enough to com ik 1
Cover it closely to keep in thffWteaai. I
Let it Iwil twenty minuted tkffiVpin-t of
new milk and it i*readying tie- UiUtc". 4:
All who have eaten ik-
cious. Try it, ami you it is far
superior to a chowder rqad'3 with nork. '
If hard crackers cmnoft Vwbftii&d,
common ones, but do not put flu"* ip
until the chowder Is nearly done cook
ing, as they boil up and make ft ion
thick.— ELechanfft hi- -Ai wwa,!'
ROASTING A TlßEß*. — Select a fins, 1
plump, yellow-skinned turkey, weighing |
from ten to twelve poooda.;,£x amine u
well to see that gll the pin.teath tars flf t* ( ,
taken out; hold it over a blaze fg singe Tj
any fine heirs that mav remgfh f'-W&fc Ifrj
thorouidy insula sad out, -and itfbvft. 1
over with salt. Take tho gizzard, he** ] 1
and liver, let them boil unto! Umd< r. ,<
When done, chop lb cm very fine.. Take j
stalobread, or the large Boatedcroctert, j
and grate or chop them? Add ftaft,
pepper and some green herb, if Hkf S,',
to the bread-crumbs after which Iwvit) 1
up two eggs gdtli whhi.ta moisten the 1
crumbs; add and thttHlrdiwfghlv the <
chopped "hiwards," not forgetting to 1
put in salt arid better. £ll the itukde <
of the turkey, with dressing, taking t
care that the neck or crop is made to ,
look plump, and sew the openings, I
drawing the skin tightly together. Theh f
rub a little butter over yvpr turkey, aud
lay it upon the grate of your meat pan. 11
Cover the bottom ot the-pu well with 1 <
boiling water. After a balf-hqw*,-baste I {
the tnrkey by ponring over it {ho gravy j
that has begun to form in Qie pan. Re- !
peat the basting once in about
minutes. In an oven of average" twin: 1
perature, a twelve 4ond turkey will ra-1,
quire at least three hours; fcut'.cveiyte
oven has its own way of baking, afid t (
the cook muit fie governed by it. (
A FOAZE.— An Irishman,being annoyed 1
by a howling dog in tke>nigbl,. jnmpgdd ,
out of bed to dislodge tlie ofiendtr. lt|
was in the month of January, wbeg the I
snow was three feet deep. 11$ uat/#- 1
. turning, his wife ran out to see what wapj
the matter. There she found her bus- j t
band in fi?s night suit, his b-eth.shatter-1
ing and his whole body almost paralyzed
with cold, holding thi "struggling dog by! r
the tiil. "Holy mother, Pat," said she, '
"what wud ye be afthr doin ?" '
" Hush," said he, " don't ye she ? . I'm 1,
tryin' to firaze the baste I** ...
* - - —.— • ;i
GEV. SXCKLB* VASI married to Miss !<
Creaoh, at Madrid, and started for New i <
Tlie President, in his annual message
to Congress, asyie:
In adUreasing *my thirl annual mes
sage to Ahe ]uw waking branch of the
I government it ia gratifying to IH alile to
state that .hiring the past year aucossa
I has generally dHwltd the effort to exe-!
; cute all law's found upon the Htntute
11fo<>ks. Tl\o policy lias IHVU not to in
| quire into the wisdom of the laws already
loiiacUvl, but to learn their spirit and
ifitent, and to enforce them acoordinglT.
'* * rHosruiuTY.
Tlie past year has, under a wim; Provi
iTToaoc, Iveu one of genera! prosperity to
' the nation. It has, however, been at
tcndcil with more than usgal chastise
meuta in the loaa of life and ptopArtv hy
stiwiu and fire. Theae dis.ist.rs have
Ifcdgied U> call fortli the best elements of
human liatup; A| oiu- aud to
develops a frfolls|it4 t*rus ra Ufa jan t
of foreign nations, which goe far towarils
allevialing the distress oocasioiMsl by
jAlyiyJanntiea. j (
j* . OCR roßmaS RKUirtoRS.
' The relations of the United States
) wfthf f.ifsiru i|iViA .wwtaia.v to lw
f frvcuftly.l fTavyr;. i\l iks 1> wt i Aeuiful iu
' two groat nations, sp.aking
; luvi *t"and having one lin -sgv
st-nriing by peaceful arbitration diaputos
ol "Totig standing. sMltokV < <*> v time
jftiHtriiig tlw>se nationa into bliHwy and
rbhsnTc conflict. An example has thus
been tct rehi.'h if. aue*v'' , l 1,1 f " hnal
'issue, insf' Pi'othir civil
, iaevl nathuiA AmllV Iwaflfr the naall* Af
i ivftitqing to productive industry millions
1 men now maiutaiued to s*ttle the
i disputes of nations ly the bsjrouet and
i Unx broads w,>rd.
)< J i< TKK.ITIKS.
I' I recomnieatl the lephdaHon necessary
j ou tho of the .United States to bring
J into oja-riHon th* of the treaty
to the fisheries, and to the other
r .*jK rfhiti'ttn of Ou•
. tow-ithf fhl- Tfo'tish Nortli
American {roaaeaaiona t Iwcome opera
k flve sqsiKiu :usthupti>p*-t aluiH
li%fltafl.oM the p-u't of Great Britain and
rirtHit tMH9A&wgial*tnMi may become
<v. .qH-rWrtibtVeroti-vhe' (Adiermcn of tlie
I UoflttHl"ffijft.-s begin to make their ar
fmbtip 1)W the coming season. I
I tt® reiiußViqciwhiUou for an appro
L'litof daiarwfinding the tru. jKi
of the burty-'iuiUi parallel of Uti
where it f.wißt. tin# boundary l* '
i teeen the iitwfea and the Britiaii
Navtb Amyioan poaewat*. between th.
1 fafkc of We*tV*vid/i and the mimtail of
ockv Motyitfys.
1 . vjU-NOK i*D aKRXAKT.
t* fHplqmatic relations
fbatatv u Fnoftwi tlertnany haw en
. qblctl are t* giro ihrectimia for the with
t ;m>taeUoa exteiuUwl to
Gcnnaiis ig France by the diplomat -
and ccnsnlfl* ir|tfoscbUtlves of the I'nit
lu Dial rougtry. It is jast to •
add * Stil ait duty of this pro
• rti tnhaa h" r iby the him
tfVfl md Consui-Gf ucral at l'aris, and
theWtrjiiw comtuSln Trani-C under the
"of the latter, with great kiml
|Sat as well as with prudence and tact.
TilpV! couAe has receiwd the commend
afton of the German gevernmeut, and
•r .7i _
r .. jy uyagp- STATES AND DERMA NT.
tfovernmcnt of the Emj*-nw of
Gcroiapwceetinaaa ii lumftmt a friend
j IjAw l dig toward the United States, auil
aUsire to hurruouuM with Uie moderaU
an* jast policy which this g.iverumeut
iiiZßjtJihs m'U4 relations with Asiatic
'pbWcTw as wcTRs with theSouth Ameri
ic tuV prtl JbflJvA Kay -givi awwauic-vs ,
j yial the fnenfily feci! rigs or that govern -
| niAd arc fufly* nkoreii by the United
M-j itaw. #
Tueviifffloaririnvof the new treaty of
comnfoftb betwfi-n tha United States and
, Ifiily'liive Been'exchanged. The two
r [ "Sjf'i haia aaii sj ju this treaty that
private jirOperrir at stea ."hall be expmpt
. from CtAli.| fcfbfdw-tpire-ti th--1
I Jno powfhx 1 Til/ rmfotl "Stifles* hate
spared no opportunity .of incorpontiug
.this rule inta the oUigg: - wxs of nation*.
Thy Xuriy -first Congress at its third ses
*M-m. iuad.-au appropriathn for tlrn or
{ganjzation or ft wtexf tfoftmftwioti fur
. adjudicating nflofi fibctdaimsof ciriwns
f-of tfi& vnifed Sfttes ag-.dnst Spain.
• growing of itteurrecHon in Onlm.
been organ
ized. T'rhmsniit herewith (he coites
-1 pomlnw* rehtfing to its formation and
I its jartsdictiafl. It is to Ix? hoped that
the oomixussi|Ui wpl afford the olaimaiitß
a coßiplcto rumudv far their iuinrirs.
• f m
j kI'SSIA.
j * ThsvutiwMtc friendly relations which
j liavc v# (he United
' yLit<s and .continue undisturbed.
1 The vl-if 01 {ni- tfuriT son of the Em-
L uo
(ilimuiisjh the, c'ordudity of tinate rela
ttrs. TV-eepfrort Wlm-h
lias bcdfl nffiW Oriird Duke is a
| rrfeqj." flWt On our "sdt we -hare tho
voah.is o| that t The inex-
I cgßible course of the "Kuaman Minister
,at Washington rendered it aocessary to
1 ask ruiall,aiid to lunger re
rei-.cthut iiiat*itipiwy e > a diplomatic
I rspraist ttive. It was impossible, witii
S<H-respect, pr with a lust regard to the
(fignitw (4 the rimsirv. to (lertnit Mr.
ifkfUnirdto fa(fid*hitertonrs.! with this
. irftrr hbnse of
Jffih-iMv and during his j
! Pf-rtrf yVI/crcn£c, tbreugli various
mtam-. mdliibe relotU-na letw*-u the
1 t'iMUsUbUkA anil other powers, in
mtagda—-with aw own wtebre. this
u. veinmeiit has leeii relieved of further
' BafAgnfTrt of the kflhirs of the impe-
ban pilsted juto the luunls
I hgtPtliman entisely nnobjectionabl -.
h*! JAPAM.
|f With/apamwo conthtue to mniutain
mitHfialetMiaffi inA'-* Pn>mph-d hy a de
sife to put an cud to the Imrbaroua treat-
Auf-nt of Mr RTiipt*tet*kt-d sailors on the
ipstrprted stir Minister
ut LVkiU'W endeavor to conclude a con
kT#afio with Corea lor securing the safc
ty of such ma
| ryem-JPiniral Itoogexs was instructed
fio accompany him, with asufficieut force
IVj protect him ia cfcse.pf neeil. A small
ii p-irfy sent out on reaching th<?,
WwtrealUuWfVa? ?y attacked at a dis
*l , Antrte was giv
f (1 ajvilbgy ■ neither
eime. Uien landed, and af
terjgj aniuoii# tfmrcL over a nigged and
difih uit omißtgr. due forte from which
rtdtew# "bra jrallairt assault, and were
di stn ved.-* Having tiros punished the
trfndlrals, ami'having vindicated the
reuior of the A - *' the ( X)H--lition return- ]
<*l, hading it unpihcticable, under tae
rirouafttanceH, to cxmainde, the desired
cpl rafpix-tfully refer to the I
com*lHUHb nt-e relating thereto herewith '
loaye the subject for sucli
acfioh as Copgre|s fee fit to take.
! • BBXh-h
The liepublie of Mexico lias not yet -
the Vcty objectionable laws cs
twJUjiiA# what is known as the Free
louu'on the fiuutiiii rvf-the United
tires iny V take# hs tlmt repnhlks for
rimini bibw terete I Wpersoos on Ha Irons
tiflW , *Pllm>#Meite(>, by its own actiodf
fdiefnthis government of the !
drfflemoe'experiViu-t'nfrom tjiesc causes.
Our with tl<- various republics
•a Qtedrai and Suufij America continue;
a* It one exception, to be cordial and
adlft I r oeom met id some action by >
CoegreewregafdingHie overdue i lists if-
Ments under the award of the Vcnezuia
c!aim cftinnilsslbn of 1860. The inter
nal of this government pre
sent uo justification for the absence of
ftttsxt to meet their solemn treaty obli
gation*. i s - •
The ratification pf tlie Extradition
Treaty wiflr ' Nicaragua has been cx
chahgefi. . " •
| snbject for eapgratulation th#t
'the of Brazil has taken
the initiatory step towards the abolition
of sj/irery; ©ur relations with that em
pir( will be
made more so bv thin not. It ia not tx>
much to hope that the government of
lir.uil may hereafter find it for its ter
cet, an weil an intrinsically right, to ad
runee towards entire emancipation more
rapidly than the present act • coutem
plates. •
It is to lx< regiv-tt.xl that the .list urlx.l
condition of the island of Cuba continue*
to lie a stutive of annoyance and of anx
iety. Tlie existence of a protracted strug
gle in such el.> proximity to our own
territory, without ap|Mreut pro*|xN>t of
an early termination, cannot lx- other
than an object of concern to a peojile,
who, while nKstaimug from inU-rn-reuee
iu the affairs of other jx.wera, iinturullv
desii>- to .w every country in the tutdis
tnrlw.l enjoymoui of jx-nre, hlx rty aud
the hfi-aaiug ot fit-e insotutiona. Our
naval commanders in Cuban waters have
been instructed, iu ease it shonl I IKN-OUIC
j ie -esaarv, to spare no effort to protect
the lives and property of AOH< iiji- Auicr
i<Hu eitisena and to maintain tlie digmti
.T t|ir flag. It is lioixxl that all pell.'-
lfig quiN.ti.ms with Spain, growing out
if tlie affairs IM Ttths, may le adjskte 1
in the spirit of jxNiee and conciliation,
which iiiia hith.rto gmd.sl the tw->
|x>wers in their treatment of auelt quv>
The national debt has been reduce.!
to the extent of eighty-six millions,
fifty aeveu thousand, one huudnnl and
I twenty-six dollars iud eighty cents dur
ing the year ; and by the negotiation
of national tmuds at a lower rate of ut
] tereet, tlie interest on the public debt
has IHH-II SO far diminished that now the
sum to le raiatsl for the interest account
is nearly seveuteen million dollars less
llian on the first of March, I*o9.
1 r.s-ommend that all taxre from in
ternal sonreea lieaboliahiNl, extvpt tkOHo
NiUectisl for vinuaand malt
liquors, tobac-o in its various f.rus aud
from stomps, hi readhiatuig the to fill
! I suggest that a careful estimate be made
of the amount of surplus revenue ool
| looted uuder the present laws after pro
viding the current cxia-usea of tho p>v
-1 ernment, the interest account of a aink
, ing fund, aud that this surplus be re-
Jiuvtl in such a manner as to nlTonl the
greatest relief to the greatest nuuibhr.
; Oontuiue.l fluctnations in the value of
gold, as eonqoircd with the national Cur
reucy, has a most damaging etleet IIJHUI
tho inereaae and development of the
! country, iu kerping np pru-ei of all arti
j cl#a n.NN-asary in every .lay life. It f<*e
j ters a spirit of gambling prejudicial
alike to un'.iuual morals and national
tiuiiuces. If the question can la- met as
to howr to get a fixed value our cur
rency, that value constantly and uni
formly approaching |ar with specie, a
very ueairablo object will lv> guimsl.
Warning not having been heeded, on
the Tth Of Oct. a general proclamation
. was issued suspending the privilege of
the writ of Ualx-u cortua in nine counties
iu South Carolina. Direction was gi.cn
that, within the counties so designated,
persetns supposed, upon creditable infor
mation, todic meuilwrs of such unlawful
| .-ombinations should Is- arrewtetl by the
i military forces of the United States and
jdelivrred to the marshal to be dealt with
according to law. Iu two of sti.l couu
, tiea—York and Spartanburg—many ar
: rests have l>een made. At the last ac-
I count tlie number of ja-mms thus ar
resttvl was one liuudred and sixty-eight.
Several hundred whose erimiualitr was
, iuK-ertaiue.l to lie of an inferior degree
j were released for the present. These
; have generally made confessions of their
I guilt. Great caution has been exercie.l
in making these arrests, aud nutwith
standing the large uuml>er, it is believed
that no innocent person is now iu ens
I t*ly. The prisoners will be held for
• regular trial iu the judicial tribunals u!
the United Stah-s As soon as it appear
led that tlie authorities of the United
■ SGh-s were aUiut to take vigorous
' measures to enforce the law, many JHT-
I sons alweond. il, and there is good
! ground for supjwising that all of audi
jH-rsons have violated the law. A full
report of what has lieen done under this
law will he submitted to Congress by the
In Utah there still remains a remnant
of Iwrlsirisui repugnant to civilization,
to decency aud to the laws of the Unit.sl
States. Territorial officers, however,
have lx-en found who are willing to pec
form their dnty in a spirit of equity, and
with a due sense of sustaining tno ma
jesty of the law. Neither |Mdigamy, nor .
any other violation of exi-tiiig stubrte--
wiU be jx-raitted within the territory of
the United States. It is not with the
religion of the self-styled saints that we
are now dealing, but with their practices.
They will lx- protected in the worship of
God, according to the dictates of their
conscience ; hut they will not le permit- (
test to violate the laws under the cloak
of religion. It may bo advisable for)
Congress to consider what in the execu
tion of the Inw against fxilvgatny, is to
lx- the sUtns of plural wives and their
Offspring. The propriety of Congress
pamiug an enabling net authorizing the
territorial legislature of Utah to legiti
mize all rhil.lrea bom prior to u time
fixed in the art, might be l>y its
humanity to those inuoceut children.
This is a suggestion only, and not a
recom mendat ion.
More than six years having elapsed
shire the last hostile gun was Ami I*-
tween the armies then arrayed against
I each other, the one for the perpetuation,
the other for the destruction of the
Union. It may well IM> considered
whether it is not now time thnt the dis
abilities imputed by the Fourteenth
1 amendment should be removed. That
ameudment does not exclude the ballot,
| but only imposes the disability to hold
office upon certain classes. When the
■ purity of the Imilot is secure. majorities
| are sure to elect officers riflix-ting the
j views of the majority. Ido not see the
| advantage or propriety of excluding men
from office merely because they were,
Iwfore tho retiellion, of standing and
character sufficient to be elected to [Hsi
tions requiting them to take oaths to
support the Constitution, and admitting
to eligibility those entertaining precisely
tht; same views hut of less standing in
their communities. It may ho said that
the former violated an oath while the
, latter did not. The latter did not have
it in their power to do so. If they had
taken this oath it raunot lie doubted
they would have broken it, as did the
former cla**. If there are any great
criminals distinguished above all others
for the part they took in opposition to
the government, they might, in tle
judgment of Congress, be excluded from
such an amnesty.
In my message to Congress, one year
ago, I urgently recommended a reform
in the civil service of the country. In
conformity with the recommendation,
Congress in the ninth section of an
act msking appropriation for sundry
civil expenses of the government mid
for other purposes, approved March fi,
1871, gave tho necessary authority to
the Executive to inaugurate a civil ser
vice reform, and nloc<d upon him the
responsibility of doing so. Under au
thority of said act, I convened a hoard
of gentlemen, eminently qualified for
the work, to devise rules and regulations
|to affect the needed reform. Their la
-1 bors are not yet complete, but it is bc-
lieved that they will succeed in divining
' a plan which can be adopted to the re
lief of the Executive, the heads of de
partments and members of Congress,
and which will redound to the true in
terest of the publis service. At all events
the experiment shall have a fair trial. I
have thus hastily summed up the opera
tions of the government during the last
year, and made such suggestions as oc
cur to me to lie proper for your consid
eration. I submit them with a confidence
that your combined action will be wise,
statesmanlike, and in tho best interests
of the whole country. U. S. GRANT.
Executive Mansion, December 4, 1871.
i It takes 800 pounds of beef, 10 busk
-1 els of potatoes, 080 pounds of bread, and
cabbages, turnips and onions ad lib. to
,fwd the Aubm> Sfetq Prjuonone day,
slant an Women.
At a recent dinner iti New York, ai
whnjh no ladies wern present, a matt, in
responding k> the toa*, —Woman,"
dwelt almost aolaly >u tba frailty of tin
ie*, —e*elnintittg that tlie lumt of litem
were little lietter that the worst, the
ohief difference being in their surround
At the cnncluaton of the a)>occli, a
gentleman roae ami tut id : " I trust the
gentleman, in the application of Itia re
mark*, refers to hit own mother and
mat era not our*."
Tna effect of this just and timely re
buke waa overwhelming ;and the tualtg-
I iter of woman wa rowtwl with aliame
and confuainu.
Thia iueideut acrrea an eicellent pnr
|nt- in prefacing a lew wortl* on tin
Of all the evil* prevail nt among men,
we know of none more blighting in it*
moral effect than the tendency to )>eak
slightly of the morula of woman. Nor
is there anything in which young men
are ao thoroughly mistaken as in the es
tiuiate fltey form of the integrity of
woman—not their own mother* and am
ter* thank God, but of other* whom
they forgot are aoiuetxwly elae'a tnotlmr
and aistera.
Let ytntng men retnemlwr that their
j chief happiness in life fiepciida on their
faith tit women. No worldly wisdom,
no iniaauthmpic philosophy, no getter
ali/Ation can cover or weaken thia fun
datuaiiUil truth It atanda like the record
of (tort trim*"!f for i\ is notbing lose
than thia—aud altould put an everlast
ing acal upon lips that arc wont|o apeak
slightly of women.
Knowing the Kuin*.
" Alston's Treatise oa Seaman-shin"
' give* the following facta ami rule* far
. computing the strength of rope* ;
To timl what size rope you require
when woven ti* a tackle, to lift a given
, weight. Divide the weight to be raised
iv the number of parts at the movable
block, to obtain the strain on a single
|mrt ; add one-third of thin for the iu
©reised strain brought by friction, ami
Mil- tlie roja' of corresponding strength.
' One-sixth of bun is t 2 8 ton*,
j which, with one-third added, is b ton*
, • nearly, for uhioh yon should reeve a six
mch or ti inch rope.
Conversely : To find what weigh? a
given rope will lift when rove as a tackle,
multiply the weight that the rope is
capable of suspending by the numlmr ot
par's at the movable block, uiul sub
tract one-fourth of this for re*i*tauce.
Thus : B.b tons, the strength of the
! rrvfw, multiplied by rt, the uuntber of
l>art*ktho iuovw)4 block, nouns 1:1 )t
or one fourth, gives 40.1 ton* as the
weight required.
Wire rope is more than twice the
strength of hemp rope of the same eir
cum fere lice ; splicing a rope is supposed
k> weaken it one eighth.
The strongest deseription if hemp
rope is untarrod, white, threc-stromlcd
rope; and the nest in the scale of
strength is the common three-strand,
hawser laid rope, tarred.
An Amiable Youth.
The Hartford Timr* eavs ; A on ire*
pouilent from Windsor informs ns that
a party of boys from twelve to tlftecu
vears of age/liviug in Rainbow, think- j
lug to have a little fun, blackened their
fuees and went lo Mr. William Misirc'r
house. Moore has a son, a boy of four j
teen, wuo has often collected other bov*
at his father a houe to have sport. Tf:e
ladn went to the kitchen thww and •
rapped. Young Moore came to tin
disir, and, seeing the blackened crowd,
asked them what they wanted, thi*
said, '• We want to stay all night." He j
i retreated, exclaiming, "Clear out ! I'll
slioot you!"-and the party, knowing
his propensity to use a pistol in all sorts
of threatening and dangerous way*,
Itnrtel back for the street. Young
Moore came to the door with a loaded
pistol and fired at them. The ball bit
a boy by the name of llanlon, in the
. liack of the head, at the Iwse of the
brain—entering among the thick muscles
at the junction of the skull and neck.
It does not set in to have fractured the
skull, but has lodged against it, la-hind
the muscles. The Moore boy is said to
have Iwe 11 in the habit of using the pis
tol iu a most wilful and danger-ma mmi
ner—pointing it at o'her loy* :tnd snap
ping it, ami the Jieople of Kntntwjw pro
pone to take some action * gainst young
Miami. It is thought llanlon will not
mirtain serious injury.
The Public Ilcbt
The following is a recapitulation of
f the statement of the public debt :
la la Besrtoz IMnw! la Cat.
Bond* si Si |*T CTHt 11.5T: I|Viop
lk tsl* si flv ja-r cat.. jtt.Mtsim
■ t
T rterijwl tI.SM.4SS ua or
lu(*r*sl MHI.iSI}
W>t H< wins lnlrrt in lawful M -tw-jr.
- Ori!"r*tMi <u in-1-blnc. si tour
prr.rtn HTS.ooom
i hu rvwaon FunJ si Ihrr* pr
I .*•> li.ono^wow
Csrtt&mtaa si U>m> I*l cent *s, iw- *> (*>
. I 1 '
rrliu-tpsl. |ju.l*.aaa.<
Inl-ivsl M4.M0.00 |
rubl as Wtik-h Inlimt hMl'isml slurs Maturity
l niKHwl .-<•
ll,t,r*: Slits
I*l-1 li-*rlns no lolmtl
old drmsnd sad lrg*|.trn4*r D*t**.. $3*7.491 Si 11 i
FrarOoMt owrrnr ai.toii (Oft f ,
' Cola Csnlfirstrs 14 W.IW W
JTtnHpd sirs.ft-5.0t7.50
t'tirlslm-d Interest 14.442.13
Total ra-bt.
Prtnrtpsl 5.31T.1T1 194 #4
Interest SI.MSt.SST.W
Cash 111 (bo Tisasurr. S
('••In interest $04,334,444 M *
Curronr; .. 10,123,499.7*-'
Debt IrM eh In Ihr Tnsnir;
lU*. I. 1171 % $>7.*4
i N*. I. I*7l 3.341.713.444 00
Deer*-*** of IrM durttiß raonlh 48.443.0*0 1* I
[Veres.* of .I*l ln*- Msi-*h 1 73.457.479.07
i f*~-rrs<- of drill from Msroli 1., l *W,
I-ilsrrb I. I*7l W1.7M.413 09
The f'nltcd Slates Treasury.
Treasurer Snfiucr makes the following
report : The nooks of the office were
closed June, 30, 1871, after the entry of
nil moneys received and disburse! on
authorised warrants within the fiscal
y< ar, aa follows
Cash. Dr.
Hklaiic. in Trpmenrr from lamt j-rar 1H9.WJ.171.
Rpctoved, formerly mvlltetl m* nti*T*ll
ml ile >..|s
Rpppltpil from l/nm... fIJO njn.ajs 90
ner. lrrl fern i nmleia* jnrt.JTn.l'* 06
Her d from Infr lUer.. ll.l'X'H l'S 1.1
Umerlred from I mini, I,JSS.6IS.IW
lire* (red from mr 2J.s3f.iiM ol
Uecelppd from Nmry l.kl.flHl
Rprel/rd fr-'Oi latnrlor.. 511.675.91
Rer'd Irnm Mimrellmn'm . 32.766.226J<9
Total nvsijit for the floral year Wl.S9S.isi 63
Onad total 19W.9TH.319.30
Ca*h. Cr.
Pmld on mreonnt of Isihllr Debt (6SI 919,111 ft
Pmld on arrount of Ihr Army 55.637.953.56
Paid on arrount of lh* Mmry VJ.6.'H.67S.AS
Paid on mcrount of Intrrlor. 1J.656. 671.33
Pmld on mrrounl of Tremmury projvr... 31.J89.A51.9*
IWId on arrount of Cnmtomm. 17 617 162 I<l
Paid on mcrount of Treasury Interior.. 6,179.317 M
l'ml lon mr.roint of Internal fleernne. 9 126.166.23
Paid on mrronnl of Dtplommttc l.ssi.nns.jl
Paid on account of Quarterly Smlsrtrm. JMA'AS-M
Paid on arrount of War (rlrll Inanrhl 951 3*6 11
Pint otj avco .at of Judli i*ry 2.911.W7.61
toial eipendTluroa for floral year.. $670.986.5TJ.0fl
Bal. in Treoeury *t rlooluß l>ol year 199.917.177 It
Oram! tolal 1980,961.369 30
beggnraof Newr York are impostern, if
wo may believe u oorrenpondent who
lias len writing of them. A wrctolied
lookilig man, nppnrently blind, nnd with
his head carefully bound up withaclenn
bit of iniudin, can be often seen in the !
street* slowly turning the handle of a
diminutive orgnti, while in his hip lien
an infant fust asleep, through the effeebi
of morphine, and two other ebildren,
enrefiill vnelecte.l for their ages, on either ■
hand. Careless people, who are charit
ably dis] wiped, frequently drop a penny
in the box standing on the organ, tnongh
few imfigine that the whob thing is an j
imposture. llie man is far from being
blind, and the children are hired by tip
day. The writer once pointed out the
group to a policeman, as they sat in
front of the 77MC* Office, and it was
startling to see the audden change effect
ed by his interference. The man regain
ed his eyesight in a marvelous manner
the children became awake, nnd all four
shuffled ofl in great fear of an arrest.
CoHPTROLLKit Cotiolly ol New York
was unable, to make up the required
amount of his bail, —0380,000 of tlie 81,.
000,000 being not forth ooming, and was
removed from the New York Hotel by the
Sheriff to JjitflJow Street Jail,
Our Internal Revenue.
kSHvHfr*fpoirr oK run com m nwjoNXfl^
The rejuirt of the C'ommiuimgjrr of
, Jttarti.il Revenue state* Ilia ng6tiy.it*
' receipt* from all gtuiree*, tWWk' of
the ditect bit ttftfn 11*9 lauds, and On
duty upon eiieufiitiun and <b-p >.|t • of
national bsnka were for thw llwnl v-ar
1871. 9144,1111,170 24. This anm in
cludes the uinoiliit refunded nmi Allow
ed (Sl drawback* Drawback" have baoti
stlowed on gentU'ai liumdiautflse iiuilei
sivtiou 171, set J uiie !Rl, lf">4, limited
tiy Uie act of March 31, lbtSM, amount
ing t0f22.8H7.1t7. This amount ia larger
than that allowed for in Ibeal year IH|O.
on account of the ailjudieatiou of old
claima for draw lan k* on cotton go#!-
rendered ndminaahlA by joint resolution
aptrruvetl July 14, 187(1. There
wa* refunded during the past o*eul year
for laß fi dleuallv aOaOasco, (#.! I
the m| pf Hh"l7.f*4*l Thialargd tiicr#sue
over tlie year pree*-ding was due to the
adjustment of claima that had been sus
pended during former years for more
complete coinmlcifiUou ; fyr tnsUim'n,
j the claim of one df tliu Hkibi" 1
was einbraeed iu tlie aboye aggregltF.
and amounting to Sl'>.B(iii for taves col
lected on divideuda declared upon stock
owned hf tin- Htate. Tin* was the larg
est elai|i 4v r allowed by the bureau,
and was referred to tllO Attoruey-Hem<-
, ml for his advice.
'ihe Coiutuiiuooufr'a i-atunata of re
ceipt* for the current nscid year, under
the pregent law, is §lii-',(KAI,tMIW.
Ibe o'linlH rot lUkttllerihs u-Oiw i <isß|
fr-'if rOgislered during Ihe l.vrt lls-Sf
year, was 1,(4.1 The uuiiils-r of fruit
; dixtuleries registered was 7,1411. The
total number of distilleries regis
tered was M, l'.rj. <lf the distilleries
(otlu-r than fruit 1517 weri*• ijomtekdnr
ilig thefffar ; itnd of tin! frldt dl||di|f
ics 4,(K>7. (%o rrturos t Uils- -rnk fci
the LksMi-tail year iliow u i. Asl \m>
duel ion )h kubilde gallon *S fb - T-Je
rial ifi-fthnu ffiiit, of M.47 t4<(: fttl
fojin mrft * ; ti>Uu r>mh /•> -
diietioti, 50,77(5,100. The totisl quantity
of spirits iu thw I'mUd Skates not in in
ternal revenue w iv-houo stlie latef May,
1871, was 11,185,713 proof pall- 'lis, show
ing a decrease m qunrfdlv'
sine# NoveuiU-r 15, 1870, uf 4.402..v*0
' gallon* The rce.-ints from sptRs for
Ihe fiseul year ended JnnertO, t*7l, were
f4t,2->!,B4s. The amount of tax receiv
ed on fermented liquon at 81 a lionyl
was. 1iiß471, 97.158.7dt. Ths inn -dkl'
over former year* is believed to la- iPte.l
iu pnrt at least, to the greater attention
given to that subject bv ndor'Wtl 'UAnt '"'j
Tlie total receipts from tobacco for
the liseal iear ended June .'HI, 1871, were
8H3j578,0t>7.18. A* compared with the
receipts from the same source for the
preCfsling il-s-alyiar. the iniTvi*i?e>f 92,- ]
tf-'H.l'-'.Ht. The to fed ammiut (f UMI-lfae
Itiphl tobacco rcin*seuti-d liy the amount
of collections for the fifton! year ndpd
Jinn- 30, 1871, was as follow* ; C'bvOtsg
U'haeeo, suutr. AC. (class iti cents) Ij4
(517,8Ctt | hnuid* ; amoldng tda !N*
-••nip*, shorts, Ac. (class 10 cents) 140.-
j 4l7,ti*Ui pounds Adiltotllis the quail
tit\ exported 10,021,082 pnunilfl a Oil
the 4>xc(vts remaining iu warrhotiwn4.Run
3D, 18*1, over June ISM, 1870, 72,377, giv
ing a teissl pnaluet for the tear of 1(15,-
i 828,18*1 (Miunds. Tlie total number of
i-igars, ehe-rooto, Ae.. on which tnxe#
were collected was 1.332,H44 J ,;kT7.
* — n tl
The Tnited State* Army.
HEIN-ht or tmk srs iu.TaV. or wak.
1 Tim report of the Bccretary of War,
for the vcar 1871, sets forth some ioßv
(Citing facts fegardiug (be i il'lbWt I t#-
of the country. The report *avs :
In oceoidsuce with the act ofCoogrcaa
I tlie oumls r of enlisted men wai ou July 1
,r< dueed trt 581,(*10 ; itldiffereUt *oldtel>
, acre discharged, and the vtlf
emits was ramxl with wTnOv la iaipfo*-
ing the character of the muk ami file.
The following are the dgures
lulutsl ItSO ir *B||.Mn 31l
Knii*-I ta*a .4 •rdnsa** U
Or-lnss-* MffßSßb Sl psU •** , J*'
Millisr* A. irtr.y lanJ 1.,1k 94
Msd it.*d per <-**■*'*. OiretHpiH latteSji-
M *ii!it*<l turn (*f hsl rf. 3 bsl * Ualrt (WUl'y 4-
*4 mlissl bj*h p* map'j.t* k(') lu.*.
o< rnluinl iDrn f*ti |i'ji.JJ4 MnHiVsai* ;.U *•>
OsMisuslMmd Sitol iwlsion . joo
T.-tsi ... v , % aa.ogn
ITie total expenditure* for the Aseal year
jdEdiug Juuc S l .!, IHO9, were
fiic cxpcadilfbwa for tin- year ending June
til, 1870, wgp t>s7.isM > ti7ri,4(i; wiywh
sum includes •9-5,607,500 for ner on.l
Tiarbor improvements. Tlie expChdit up
for the yenr ending June JW, 1871, were
• about ® 1 1,(.M1, (**• inHndiniffdr viver and
harlor unpfovemanta 99,945,0 0. Thus
during the year 18tS! 70 Ulcrwductiuaan
(•XpeusMlof the War 1) j-art in- nt aimnflit
' I'd to 922.988,357.36, and kkthjt lli<
year 1870-71 a further reduction of 817,-
, wn made. Tor the next fiscal
t yaar 1871-72 thrro is otipropriotcd S-1f...
590.776, including for the riv< r and bar
, IHr improvement* tH,4f'7,sck(.
Desertions during flic jmst fek-mAidh
have largely iDrreavd. The rc|orts iq
-vived at the department indicate ibat
, (lie redaction of the jsiy of Roldler fT('n
, BJO to 813 |H-r month ha* contributed
greatly toThi* result.
The retired li*t of the army t* now lim
ited to 800. The endeavor has been to
'equalize the nelictiona for that list from
I wth the higher and lower grade* oft he
officer* entitled to lx> placid upon iL so
tlq>t it may sot fed tilled to lili OIM-UaWd*-
hie extent by officer* of high rank and
consequently greater compoiyatiogJ
The numlKW of grav* i in nltl>nal
cemeteries i 317,850, including 2,2115
Ijidthwl during the year. The cemeteriee
over an area, in the aggregate, of alw>ut
1,800 acre* of land, acquired at a coHl of
During the fiae.il year small arm* and
ordnance store* to the amount of SIO,-
oOu.iKO have lu-cii Mild, itibl the entire
p roots da, cici'pt n Munli auni retained to
meet expense of preparing other stores
fir mill , have pa*acd into the Treasury
Isevond the control of this department.
It has been absolutely nemwsary to re
tain alsout one-sixth of the unuy
States of the South oust of the Sfiasiasip
pi which were i-ngsginl in the warf tly
rebellion. Numerous applications for
troops tqgaad ill Ilia vatyrcrtngut jfthe
laws were marred frtjni Vnrled v Watea
marahals. officers of internal revouuoytml
State oflu'ials ; urgent sppenls for dis
tance crowded in from jirivnte citizens,
and it aoon became evident that the se
curity of the people demanded tla- con
tinued picaepce id th<u. fffiln h'fees.
BOSAPA ATT. —The hufrprmfan*
gives |HWtiooliirM of tlie marring* of
Prince Pierre Bonaparte. The ero
tnony w" performed in Hmraels, at the
Fg-tirh Iyegation, nnd wa* only tho twin
see ration of a union solemnized many
yearn ago, i presence of an official of
"the amsll district of Lacuisino. in Bel
gium Lnxcmburg, and liinding Mile.
Hifflin to Prince Bonaparte. Mlle ; Biff
lin had long been known as Princess
Bonaparte. 'Hie marriage, which result
ed in two children, was disapproved of
lv the Emperor, who withlnhi his eon
sent. The empire having fatten, Prince
Bonapaate. in tho opinion of tlie Mr
pendant* tteipr, thought it eo*fary
in order to " regularise " his position
and seiyirt) Uib future rights of his chil
dren, to have a new ceremony. A
contract wna prepared by which the
children were declared legitimate. The
pnweerting oflTwl no incident of note.
All bols and interest
under tho net of July 11, IH7O, entitled
"an art to authorize the refunding of
the national debt," are by that rffit de
clared "exempt, from the |M.yment of all
taxes or duties of the UnltdHttes, as
well as from taxation* in any form under
Htate, ninuicipfil. Or local authorities.
(Section I,chapter 3T>ti,ii|W*fUUi statute,
jiuge 272.) The Coinmiiwioncr of Inter
nal Bevenno nileo thnt the exemption
embraces the interest as well as principal
of tho new bonds, and thnt this interest
need not lie included in tho amount upon
which a dividend or other taxes are re
qnired to t>e jiaid.
A HAPPY ANSWKR.—A ui<thr scolded
lier tUiilil for ft) lining bare foal;
Bho said : " What nrf you dojngtlllt
for ? "
• I was making my feet happy," the
The Trlze Fight.
11 "TM PHM flffflT between M"aec and
Coliuru t(*k place aa advertised, on
Thankwirwig 'kif, aboutfMty milea from
New Jt ws atiollier OtrJr. H
lasted tin* lour* and a half and eleven
round* were fought Mace claim* that
in the fourth rouuil hi* hand was dis
abled. The eleventh and lost round
ia thu* desoiha9; ( '<• hum's friend*
were \M high spirit*, and shouted,
' " llulljr-koy, Joe ; you've got him sure
all tha ftgie.'* Mace began to ahufllc
ami lib nrqund hi* oannf, but ceiag an
I iqieniiig, lift landed a clean cut ou Joe'a
jaw. Joe got mukiona again, ami the
sparuag went on a* la-fore. Mace went
to his noruer puffing, (lohurn eyeing him
from UtO tpidilie uf the ring. (Retting
even <u ('dlaira./ A* neither of the
men showed vigil* of moving, Hufe Hunt
| *a*d, "Thi* i* played; 1 will giv* you
Iflfe minute* bi'ndvanoc," Colmrn took
Tdui at hia word and went quickly to
Miu-c'n ivirimr. Mire advanced a trifle
| and theu iwtuawl. t '-oliura followed him
closely. After a little s]mmng there
Ihp another of the rest*. Keopl. were
"•fgumlngto fed disgusted, ojid the men
iigoiu to (l the auuk. There was anoth
er t-xlidijnnii of aeit-iiee w its-out anj'
blows, and Mmoc again n tivaUwl to hi*
coiner with Uie hands down. (Hissc*
uionnd Uui ting.) Hufe Hunt came to
the cnth-r of Ihe ring and said, " This
ain't alight; I'll give you men thirty
( seconds Uj get to Imsincss " I loth the
jiug*4lif eamo forward and did some
JSjharfing for twenty minute*, with no
Holbifji. The people round tlie riug were
, dmgqgtej, and Uunt ngaju odvaucad and
aai-f, " Uera, you men, get to vnur c*ir
ne.r* ; A decline this * draw. * Thi* end
ed the tight* if it may in- called SO. and
; all bet* arc of course declared off.
lae, four hour* and ten minute*.
The American Congress.
n (lie following table of Heuator* and
nils-r* of Cougrca* tlie |M>!itic.d char
i-r of < 'oiigtessmcii is put down as
understood at the time they worn elected:
lie|*it>iw'an> 57:
, Is lygcrat*. (.. 17
I Vt< pululesti majority. to
,u (i v.-or i(I:I ; UK a.\ rAtiv e>.
| ✓ / - Hr**r /■"fy —von t
i rfM.
* l. AT. U \
Aia )•*(** - t u a a
At 4a(Ma* 3 1 13
'MoM '•"* l a 3 o j
r. >up< elsut 3 ! 3 t
Ilft-Usui. . .. 0 1 0 1
llurtda I o 1 0'
Ksrgia ~..3 4 3 4
h.4 10 4 n 6
iians i .... • 7 4 6 Si
u o.
Rias 1 0 I o!
K<-ut achy. 0 u 9
1.-uctaoi. ... .. 8 0 8 01
Maine 6 0 S 0,
Martjoud. .. OA 0 5
UaJUdMOetla. ..... 10 0 10 0
Misatadpg*.. ...... 5 0 A 0
Mi-lilisu. 0 0 A 1 j
MmaJfceta i 0 3 0
Mioun.. ... 7 3 4
Nevada 10 0 I t
NrU*mka 10 1
New Hamtwlure 3 0 0 3
* ns Jem y > 3 3 1
Sr V<wli 1* 13 15 16
North I'oroUu* .... 5 3 t 55
(Hita 14 5 14 5 j
Oregon 0 1 0 1!
lVnasyivstua 1* 6 13 11 j
Klxde Island.. ..3 6 3 0 ]
-tmt|> Carolina ..4 0 4 0
Texas 3 1 I S
TMIIMS*.. .w. .. 0 0 3 6j
Vermont .1.11 i I 0 S 01
Virginia, i .W.J. A. . 1 0 3 5
* Virgints ...... 3 0 1 3 '
Ys iKvancij 5 1
The * 6 3 0 0 j
Totkr. *i )4 A3 139 lit I
TIIR Di ke at Wasmikotox, —Grand
Duke Alexia was received by l*rci
dent tirnut in the Hbic I'arior of the
Kieentivc Itnnaion. Minister Cnlaeaxy
fitkt pti aeuteil the Duke k the
dent, who shookftandr Wml|ke little
cunpliiuent* In each other. The Duke
theft preneitk'd the memliert of his suite
Uitli- f ft, npi tlu J'reeident in
turn'prcaenfrxf the m mlvV* of hi* t'ali
inct aud lp* official attendant* to the
Duke. The*c presentation* over, the
tinmd Drtke ws* eocorted to tlie Ked
I'arior iuvl presented k> Mr*. Grant,
Mu> Neliui (iraut, and other ladies. At
the court moon of tlie eerruuaiies. the
parties returned to Minister tatacuv'i
residence. No formal entortainment
wat provided for the Duke at Washing
ton. '
Tntiw-a* DmiirwatnEKTw.—Tlie dim
Imrsementa by wansnta from the Treaa
ury Department during the month al
November, axcluMVe of ftmonuta jiaid en
aeixmiitgif lite public debt, were aa fol
Civil ami tn1arvnamww................. t4.StMAA.tt
War IVparOnrnl, ■ ... MM.tB M
Sin Ih-pnioi-at ... ..... I.IB.JMM
Intro a iriwrtimpl-ISnoaUiß* and
•ad** i.T.ft.-.. I.WLT7M*
T- tal... ~. 515.M4.a11.ft
If *i * ,an *—l ■ ->mAp' 1 ■ ""
AoßK3Tt.TfStU—Wool <* rowing. Stock
Ihufting, are verv profitable in the health
ful iyl vallie*. of Colorado.
ThepCn of the Colorado Spring* Colony,
with other information, aontfrae. I'. A.
Cnuiercu.' No: 3 Itowling Green New
York> r " •
I>r. U. V. I*iToo, of llnlTnlo, N. Y.,
in U- Umk <H < Uroiiic Ihiw*, MATH
in rt<Airl to hi* Ooldcn Miilidtit Dis
(incry, villi which onr reader* HIT
familiar, " from it* wonderful power
of the Bung* I had
thought elr<*rly of calling it my Con-
Mifnotwt. t.'nn-: lut from tho fact that
it it n pevfiwt sparifle for tho acre throat
mid ibdfTwme** to which miniMert and
■tiler phWlc speaker* anil ringer* arc
subject. and alao for /IcowcAi/i*. and nO
i(T*i CoHtiht, and i an invaluable
remedy for diaeaaca of tho Liver, and
alao as* a Blood I*urifle*, I decided not to
apply to it a name which might mislead
and prevent ita use in other disease* for
widen it ia ao admirably adapted.
It will iu onaUnlf the time
neei-warr •• dbfc*"tl with any other
medicine, ntid it dooa it, not by drying
it up but removing the canac—subduing
the irritation and healing the affected
Th* rtVnsbtovnedirioo i sold by all
firnt-.cJtyM npiggi*4a- 574
..* y .
bill forJthCrilsl# I'mwd'' Suffrafe in
Wyoming paused flic aoiincn, tlie vote
being 5 yeas to 4 nays.
HI HAS WRECKS. —Every .lay and honr
we uMwt with broken down specimens
of humility— y-tx-k* that arem jiaat hopes
of salvage. A* lenet sev en-eights of the. e
inigGt lie fitted with new vitality, by a
onurae of DR. WALK Ell's CALIFORNIA
VIMOAH HrrTKaa. Many arc suffering
from the reaction of nim-ooUuted hitters
or powerful mineral*. It is characteristic
of Dr. Walker's Ureal RerUtrttiir* thnt it
neutralises the effect of these mia-callcd
nyn*buK, .>ud accomplishes in due time
n perfect'cure. *
F.VKRT farmecwho owns a good nUwk
of horseaJiiUtli and dhccpi and mtends
to keep them through the Winter, should
get at once a gotwl stock of Sheridan'*
(Wrtdry Conddwu Hoirdert. One dollars'
wortli will save at leant a half ton <ff hay.
|. scimswledged by *R biases* of people to be the beet
and rant reliable blood puriffe* in the world.
Winter Wisdom.
Warm clothing alone will not prolect the body sgalnM
the conra<in#tieee of the audden depression of temper*,
tar* wiltvh tp conoomltani of early winter flannel neat
Ih* ekin preterm* th* animal heat, but it doss not tan
part animal rigor That properly n th# apeoial pretnga
t Ira of llo*t*tter'a Stomach Bitter*, which I* therefore *
xpertatr pr>WoMta| IMf-l * nisjunlg of lb* complaint*
which are in net common al ttt* season Yor example, a
editor ttf th* g*r*l eygaftahle.inrifnrant, rooun*be*d
' Air wilfb* almost sure an p*ecrade chill, and fcfer. bfi
lona colic, diaordenof th* stomach, constipation. and
many other complaint* which arc often the direct or in
direct effect of an almnephera surcharged with cold, nn
-9 ~H> * 't —.
wholeeoin# vapor Morenrrr. the ayatem toned and
regulated by Alia mean, ia much mora likely te reels*
pulmonary disease than it would otherwise be : for the
influence of searching medicine precede* all the organ*,
and every tthpr apg timor of th* frame. Persona who**
vital powers are weak, especially inralld ladle* and th*
aged, are earnestly recommended not te face the winter's
rigor without baring raonurae lo this aafr and sufficient
' means nf rr-rnforrlngenfpehlrd nature. Much suffertng
may bo raoaped, much danger averted hy following this
I onahcil. Briwp l* {f ngrar, Uft food pmrnb, but l,
' h*Htf W lit ftft'ti ftan IftW.
A Mii.r !* a : I.— l)rxtrr trotted *
MMli* CHI FHAIHOII 111 tin*
of ten Uiotuwiul jteople, in 2:10. There
i no pretence tout uj other hone ever
trot tea n mile m fuel lie that. —N. Y.
I'khmonm who have become thoroughly
chilled from tuir mite, mar have their
circulation at once reatoml by taking
ink) tlx* stomach a tea-spoon fill f Jokit
rnjn't Amxiytte Liniinrnl lulled ill • little
cold wuter, wall sweetened.
('HAi-ratt iianus, Ibm*. rough akin, pita
pint, ring*nrm, salt-rheum. and othrt
cutaneous affections, cnred, ami the akin
uimlo aoft ami liy using the Jo-
MM Ta* HO at. made by CadwkiX,
Haxamu t Co., Near York. It ia more
Mimini and cosily applied lluui other
remedies, avoiding the trouble of the
greasy compounds now in use.
You ahonld write k Mr. Chaiujm W.
li AMNiJta, No. 7 Wall Street, New York,
if you wish any information about Jtail-
Itmd llomla. .
■ fNUmil iMHIItM.
J*r Onal OU-. an mmm mMm*. sad son—M m
ft imAuMft Ml ftftlft an—laowl lu all1ft— ft. Ih* Kir*
UH M . IJM (...Id M—dft at a. Sunt—. FamSc
Kftilr—d I liiuft). Iwui a— ft— Thiw-TaaUw
|— OSM. ul J limit 'lll UftSa • —HIII in a".
•ad —and Of am aad —lf moe a Um MUn
Naad *ad aqt|—M ut ax—Otaa MA** A—
at land la ma aaW at UMt, Mu Aana af land M
a* 0> *■■* H>md Tbft blfkl pr— —a bft
•ul tot IT a. fiift-Tftftfttta, and att nOvftr BuUftM
Hmmnrnm n—irad M ftftiiift—ft riafklrd, aa| wd
*>ll mh—a turn, m aall 1 |t trnadft Qui mi ilm. *Ol fa*
laraMfaad a* *mdin*li— far Jo UouM tea, Ffail*.
IftlpfaM. Km York aad WaOuadt—. aad fa awl Haafca
aad Baakan Uiramti— itweo—
The Markets.
vow rosa.
Bute Caitlb—PMum u> IU. Butt—La |lls >*
l*lr*t qualtt; 11 .11V
Uoliuai or llr omg. .10a .11 t,
onjisar; Una iMUr . .10 • .to',
luTr ar kiaaat |iwlr. A M l*
Mi us c*i (Ut tin*
Hu"Ui. M a Ws
Dmat <* .Ito,
Hater at ■ .<,
O. •■•*—Mkitdltuf Ul(* .1*
lunift—Kitr Wiiara............. la a .U
„ Male EOta. *to a 1
Wai_i—Amber Weakrra..... I.*o a I.l*
" Male... ICO a I.ft
Wlnta Gri3r.ce tun IU alt!
go. f Spring. I*o a I.S
Hrt—Waatara M a .**
tUiUAtl—Mala .* a .*
(Via*—Mi lot Wratera T* a .11
Gft*—Wft*u*n> M a M
PuBK-MtM W W at* 00
Lud A a .M
fr mown a —Croda It Mwdn
IU ; ... Oft.- a a J)
Ofcftow. a. as a -a*
** ruK7 at a at
Wraiarn tmllßarr .lj a .IA
PnuaSnau Bar ,aj a .At
C'Htui-Male Factory. .It a .It
- lUimnQt 01 a la
Üblo .1* a .11
Eftfaia-AUta It a .It
Kaar dmi tat a tat
Mar A.ta a IN
[ t. a too
Flora... t.to it.
1 War**—So. i fapnue' k* aMB
{ Ooaa M a .11
Oitb u a at
hi a. 7* a .T
luaut ao a .at
LftJUi.... It a .If,*
Waaav I.M a k7t
Wra—Mat* *0 a.
BilUt-AMe At a .M
Uiift-ltalft. U a.a
ru*-Fnw. run 1.71 a 7.50
W HUN- Waatrru Bt I U a lao
Wkn* l.a al at
Ooae—Trllow. M a .M
goad at a .17
Fmouni-Ofak IMkH.t,
Itettr (laTTLt. .07 a ,oS
Ot/wea Hue 11 WO at Lid
Timothy too
0-jmn-la* MUHMe It a ,li
Fuwa—Ban*. tto a too
Waeat—Ambor l. 0 a 1.65
Oam* Ml a .7*
1— It a .SS
Subscribe Now
! far thft I—l. *.d*>* atroalakad Ilitlt t 1..
jia Ik* 15 OK 1.11 and tba hm PIPEI la (fa*
55 OKI.It (ar th* HO t at. HOl.lt udlir Um
■I tarn. 1 *> * tarn a.
UHWftltota MM rkrtfKM tkl AMI Al.RllTl .
(totted. . .
ri'RE 111 all if SENTIMENTS,
lit ( tm i'L ATIOS Mart/ a*aala thai at all Uw*
Aarteaharal iin laaAitd.
•• T E l iB tamtaaliia II ha* Nraa UM tod
For the Farm.
fNw ifct IM( tlwi.
4(wi-xm la I Urf* parMxiMal of 41 porn
rtnoly prtofad. and l!M with 9AWa, janMnaf, wWoai
mailer. lartaTltßS hnadtwda at todiV mad <a
♦e*K EairaTltft la iwij anasal (that.
For the Garden.
II (ttßtaiatfaah atoeUi a Clatoadar at Opmtinao la b*
p-i-formad na IM Earns, la lh On-hard *nd Oar
dan, in and arannd lit. Dwrlllaa, toe.
Tli* ihnaaandt nf hIBU and tan *M*na* tint ia ***r,
mlnro* ar* I" rpami by ptartVal. ißldli/mt wtrkla*
(BPS, aha know trhAl tb-l aril, atiaai.
For the Household.
The tlaaarheld Ikpftartaaeal to rahtabto te I
ptpl7 Houtpkppppr. afnidlat I*l7 man/ ntotal htal*
and dlr*rMon ralcalalrl la li.htrn and ftcilitato la-
Ooar Work.
For the Children.
RV Aaregsfgf •
Th* DryaHanl Air I'klMrti ud Inalk 1*
prepared with special nn, both to famish amusement,
ln<l to inculcate know Ms* and wood moral principle*.
dmartem ha* on uumeus* nrculsUon. and
rm thka account can bo offered o cheaply It contains
14 large quarto pmr**, and P.ngi-nTing, that alone at*
worth tar mora than Lb* prior at the paper, which coata
SI .op a-^Yjear;
Capita,M| lot .pl". •lliMCaplea, M*.
Th* TOlumra of I***" Agrtnbmrto constitnte a
Cyclopedia of Agrlrnltnml and Horticultural
I.lternture, famfwiMrto eracr an* who ownt a mat or
(**<t, aa they contain the wrlttnaa of th# rwy tew latei
on th ae subject* in the country. '
Try it a Year!
Remit In Check., Port-office Money Order* or Re*ie
terad letter* Bend for Preueluua Lid of mora than
14M valuable artlrlr* worth from Ml te MM
each, any of which may be obtained with a little labor
wttbent mwaiey. Send for a tempi* oopy free.
A Nanurno Cocoa. Cou>, or Sow
Throat, which might he checked hy a
Kimpla remedy, like •* Brown'* Bronchial
IVoehm," it allowed to progreM may ter
minate errionaly.
A good Ocncral apprecialea the impor
tance of new rcortota A good hooae
wife amircciatea J. Monroe' Tayior'a
Cream Ywaat Hiking Powder.
for Seautr of Pel lab, gavtag of Labor,
rraaneae from Duet, Durabtlttr A Ohaap
n.M, truly unrtrala4.
< WnlUia I.HtUm, nbr Mar r
but rMMaUlap mu la Mac Ml Miw f WrappM,
Tie R'i| m rat* l Ml, tm rntnt iMbrt
Ma at t.al.a mil ft i.mi In m! lAr
j tlMtn* Nim Mr <** M IUU Paltab
MORSE BROS., Prop*r.
Grand, Square and Upright Pianos
waaa ivumb m
rtrM UmmO Umt4 Mwtal,
WarM'a Tm. furm, IM, ai Uulm, Ml
Tkb Inmil Fuwa m uinnab i .fallal Va ha
Tb l lral-t I.M, flaaa
1 ana barfafa Mia | .U Thou- iMMManU awaillwnl
,la .11 aOan l>, lb. MM nM.tia.ial |aM< Thar an
i Mral M ajl MM ) ~r lui 111 I.iiarl IMIIJ 111 iab.M'Tai #4-
{ uiuM*. Thaf tsava a laaji 1 mmilmi* npmOnm.
hMu InM, u> li"r ml *0 WH M tba
thlUaoM wl
■n.lawa* A a.a' Miiaaeb M.aalaaiarir,
ta lb t. Ml BrHMll, tinranl aMI OTtI.HH ■ aaKWIH
iMI at ita lubl w Iha aurkl Tha pahtabaail iiAmiil
j Eaaa... rat.rat- haaUH iiiotliil lha ImH tbM OaMnam
I v etna art aala, hhtta -a Oa h.- Miaaa J.aaa
aaalata ./ ,W C-4 at.
■T.lh.at 4 Wah Mil aIMCMi illHIM h ftW
*aw Pm*M IprUM flaaaa
j aul It.hla Ira. hai. fal - at laMilir Ml TOlht
I htm icHM. ahtrh n nuaihiiat ta Ma~ awl ,Mb% ar
Ht tal ..taa.Mar <.b ( ,ata., wha Hl ll.| I lljaI
: i. Um* and tariog war* latitat vhotM la aHaMpbaoa io
liaaaaa. tbM tar athaa Pimm m itaaatal taaautMMral
I'tar, riaw haimlrt Ihr IT * a T ata-a.
Bwn>a m IbaaaO—OT —a o lha haat MMbh
: and m-aa ii -r -ur* ami lOTMhlp miM pawb Oh Pta
j **3lP-litaal£hSl iSuktrata trrth pi'b'a UM. —Wad baa
j am ,pplwMiaa. UM
I— ab 111 Bml PewreeeeSi A. Seer Tee*.
8 O'CLOCK. i
#37s \sgr L 'Msmttttz
#lO AJMK sf- ■
Ar-.r 1 " >
at thlhi htm ftrat-eat. haaa baai am lna\. 8a
a'n r Mtau AddfMi tv 8 rUVOdO-.M
UttaJaa,. 8 r
Vl KVOI l IIIHI I.ITT, *m„ mm b, n,
it außitla MMM ailhutl a-dMat. hand en. anh
ta m' rliiilnht mm pM It br man Mail Jibi.
bn 1. tiMngkia Jm.
TM E Mhwil Tlw (Mftr. i * aai
■ < un • n,Uai : M*a) aaa w.rtaiii# aarkta mm
riaat .r .tb tm m mmim mm. Bmhl k Mil mm rmrtpt
* pro* I for Ik.; 11 f 1 tMnk
T mi NtiiuiiM r a milt coma
-1 HwUwlk aaa< ijwiiaal ifcatr Paaulf ttara-
Ban lirrulm af tin fcuuL Mb at airbt
PruAl. la—, Parabaalaa* abfca.t
ei f.r.tr nfrnrw.
■* i N
41 6 r.KT* WaMbL *!• wb a<n aaa M
a*4 far • ibaa •< atari • ••. aba. Partipatar. fra*.
O. Bttaatia A C*y. *m A r*M* n, f
il'ku-tb rmk Fana. tW Mark f. mt
auikaaa at >< aIUMk. brad for f "alatoraaa
r*a>M Baal £.aa ,liair<. Marti—harp. W. V
Menraliia and Rfeenmatm
I ham a aartaaa can far lb aim tlaaa.aa. trial
•artpba aM ™ of cbarr*. aa laalmuoa la
'■ >->. M f> iW..*ai..,faraOMtp. Bt
Two auiTiri'L eirri *-ri ra
raa>7 • a popa'ar a talaaa Markb.ata
•' a aaanat caefarr aI. p* art* aarh > oar l . aab
acrtbar. aa rraaiot K u> anantrka inn af n a
MMafEa*ai bral l'a(rita| -tb ~ laaada
•tax, aa.: Un fax R laiaiaa,' pab pant Uaaiaa
•ara aaatat ; aaa to *. Hil> par rfar.
* Tuitwww, Juki in. Mkbiyaa.
■araw WaMra. 4l Braatoaj. I. T.
bid ilabwai af Ox* Mntnasa Ptma BnxtaMa. aad
Oeaaaa af an InMaw s.4<-r. :>r4iw Wa!n> . at
.mrrnutw t~rn p.mfu. aab. 4.,. AA mi i ( m aiß ub
Inaa |4 la tin IM> uaMl |4 : Wa aaaa* a la, aaf
•aal appkMl if garihaiaA. A bb kimt ml Paakoa
Oanaa. Um n—t kmnUtat a,U an! parbei taaa mt
maAa. aaa aa riklMAa at M Wi aafaai Jtaa Tark.
far AOADEMIEE. SCHOOLS ib hmlk OUaan,
Tb.. arak *lllsk?"of*aTJWj , i*TV AND rOM-
SbSSSm "* * Aix RiMiLak
MURK!) tatiwrraat aarwo aa4aiabkaia ml lAaMaaar
aSKi ftsyiss.'irriCsr.rPT.
lb* <na Da fW. TV
- T'.tuaakail. fa aaa
X a a*. Ami pa aab akiball aar>
M" Mlk Sb- lb* Uraal Allaatl* aaa
{■ I* T'a f a., a < ~u>rh Aa
MWMSM \ \ ■ i o. H. AAfW
,k rj 'mm n-r m. I'IPAAf 'V-aAw,
* ar* annafanannr a r*rj eafaaw patal at baH
Ma fw of irtininr naiata. If boa a bat It lb at
diuoaofrtrr paiatoeaab* mAa Ufbkarw flarbar It a
taUaf. fnkb a*. aaA feaold V>lK*allo* llaart
alt* for tKMuaa. barm.- (*t katktMn. <J*ra- bofl
*rv aaaok* Htacko. t*l.el rnt* Ae. w* aba aiao*tar
tar* aar.at.taami Raiaxrr Kaarota karavrrtaaaß Am
mjA mm af roof*. Ko* jaw li.U, aafb. Ar . a4>
dtaa. tin RKADY IKWIWOv,
N*. at Ooanbatt a—
HUM*. KKKIK * (Vl> PW l ilnM, Uuwra
iMl ww fot furr, ntkllto. Iwaftihi.
Ctan,r>lm>i7 iktM.
and all rkrMlr Rlm< lanroporad from
Uw emlir('u4mra*| Bu%, from Bo
nador, (Mid to lh wUr " fit* author. ;*oa af
thai country. If m the am) r/Mm, b—v ( raaata
•lixnlrw Hid kIM4 Hrller town. Ml k> alt
IVum>.<- m not trrttW. tunas Ntmitn Han,
I rati mark and ifwrMoaa Road for a (Mia, llSko
ami UWiM;. Jio. M Codar tir — S. T.
Ghicap and its Destroctieo.
A fall and txarWu feaary of fkmaa. Mr pa*, wiwal
and fatar. w,th rr.phtr arooca. tandoula and full do-
I !• of the diaailrr. tar (Ira P. CfM, and J. * Ma
hu. rdilora of the t'hteago rvdta* wtih ora* AM
patrv and Ml IttaalNtlaaa. It in now mad; for
Agents Wanted.
t/if? (V. ML, m PMUIV
TO uovniEti TO
Great Saving To Consumen
bt ecmxs vr clfsa
|l}> Bond tar oar In Time Loot and a (M tana ntß
aorompaa.r >l. onuniai fall SBMM na making tnrgo
nrai trmmiam and r.mnnaaatioa ndatareaum
The Great American Tea Co.,
p n Boa MO. WW TASK.
A Remedy Found at Last I
It will Care jour Cfffc.
It WiH Preieil aid Cure Coosasiptioi.
Thai fnach. ahM ta am niylartlng, na; rrantt
la fatal ( "B.ampf lon. if aomr prompt Krni
tdj la not nard. Wh; aarrittr* jronr
Itrn nleo jonr ran ha
rand an .nick, and
at ao aaaall a
mat I
Thorn who am afflicted with a Cough ar with Qon
aumptma mad tha following letter fma a prominent
m.rrhaat of Marin. CO,, Mieh , dated Jaijr A Wt
flnr Ska—Th. Allan'a I.un Bal.am kaa arrirrd. I
woo id art ilka to ha mahout it. for H haa tomd of lite.
I look a bod raid, and o rough. and Snail, coooomparoo
wo rented upon na I waa la ann luid aula. I mod
ornithine dial waa recommended, and apeoi a grant
<iral of money. and wnt on baip I had ilan'a Lone
Balaam for .air, but 1 know nothing oliU mortU. T did
not hkr to take it with nut knowing aaoro about H. I
had not'old a bottle VThm your agent nailed em me. I
U.ki him I moid not aoll o medic no I know nothing
about. Mr urgod mo to try it mmolf. I did ao; and, to
rojr gratoful aorpriao. tho tfrat bottle .topped mj oongh :
and. h-fore tho third bof to waa taken, mjr lung, were
hoalod and wall; and I can now apoak koowiugfy to my
frirnd. and ruotomore of tho rood qiiallWoa of Alloa a
Long Balaam # I icmainyonra. IY^C&TRXLL.
la warranted to braak op the most Iron Ut scow* Couh ia
an inoredlblT short time. There ia M romedj thaj ima
•how more e* ideno* of real merit than this BALSA 11,
for sarins Oomtmraox, OoDosa, OOIJM, ASTCMA,
Oaour, Ac.
It to only about acraa yaara since the Balaam t— Met
offered to th* pofahc : aad. in thia short torn*, it haa be
en— known and appree-ated ia nanrly erarj town and
Tillage throughout the United K tales and th# I>Oi*iin
of Canada. Hundreds of thousands of aa—m an
nnally "old ; aad thanes n't of witasa— testffly " <M
onnqnaled powar in healing the diatnsa* that it i*
omaendad for.
It la HMWIMM to the cMat delicate CMMB*
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History of the
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A The Home of
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Just Published,
History of the 6arden City
With Una outrnnugaof fho prinripo! hntM.no. ; dm.
of Hhfanwo mMV and I1. with a empiric H..ior, of
gyot.roai f ire. thrrtbna inctdoata hyay. allaiaan, and
his and aormrr rtabatn of the Warn, natnbaUw, Ma,
accompanied with a torpr rv* (rfniu
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I Tut Mutßumi) Frontal
A ralaabi* ladma oompoaad. tor netnrin* the h**Mb,
and for the PMUMI am of U it trWm tram
mpdrit is* cf the blood, sock u
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GrrdrrlM, Cukrr, ton,
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Pa—, rtww, roach*. Catarrh,
Bronchitis. \e eras lata, Ik**,
mat****. Pal** la Ik* MM,
Dyspwrela, C—aMpattaa,
CaMlr**M, Pile*.
Hdk. Dlnlara, TTm i iaam Patau
ara* at MM lftmarh. Patau la tho Hark,
Kldaey tomplalat*. Female Weak-
Ma, aad General BetsUlty.
Thi* preparation to setentiAeally aad "mil ah) *,. '
bmat. aad *o toronctjr ewmUM tram mot*, bat*
aad hark*, that It* ood effaces ara raaltoad Immediately
altar commencing to take a Than to Bo dtoaaaa ot th*
human mat— for which tho Vto crura be aaad
with rear am nmr. a* It daaeaot eoataia act matania
ran pound. for arariioatrng th* systole of atl Imparities
of the Wood, it haa ao eqaai. H haa aaewr tailed to effect
a earo, girlag toe* and atreassh to thearal—Mbititated
by itinaa* It* wonderful itlagta a* nn th— complaint*
an rarpnaing to at- Many ha** hna eared br the
Taoxrncc that han tried many other lawalln It eaa
wall b* called
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