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Centre Hull, IV, April 5., >
TERMS.-The RxroaTia is published
lines) for three insertion. Advorttteincuts
fer 12 G and S months, at reduced rates.
Any person sending us the mantes f *u
new subscribesr, with the cash, will re
ceive the RKI-OHTK* one year free,
aga .aii————
From a circular, published iu an
other column, it will be seen that
Greeley and other promineut republi
can* are takiug a "new departure
namly, to depart from Grant and hi*
rotten, plundering crew. Every de
cent republican, whose tkirU arc clean
of robbing the government, ia in favor
of defeating Grant aud for the Cincin
nati convention. Will the boucat
rank aud file in the radical rank* ba
governed accordingly?
The M'Clure-Gnty investigation
has ended, aud the committee hat re
ported that M'Clure is entitled to the
•cat by about 1,000 majority. After
this report was read in the Senate, Mr.
M'Clure vu sworn in and took the
•cat previously occupied, through
fraud, by the virtuous radical Gray.
Gray then packed up hi* trap* and
left ilarrisburg, without wailiuf to be
shaved er getting hia boot* blacked.
The fact ia. Gray ought have a teat,
with shaved head in state pri*ou, for
occupying a seat that was obtained by
the most shameftil frauds en recenl.
Since Gray left Harrisburg the sen
ate now stands 16 democrats to 16
republicans, and one independent, M -
Clure. M'Cluro hereotfore belonged
to the radical party, but so far his
votes in the senate are not of a charac
ter that democrats might complain, he
fought a bold fight against radical
fraud and corruption and with the aid
of democrats, right aud justice have
for once triumphed.
- ♦ ♦
The Mifflinduig Telegraph is badly
posted when it asserts that Mr. Jfiller
was in favor of the railroad bill with
the stupid proviso mortgaging the
road to the stockholders and then
authorising the issuing of bonds to
other parties in order to raise money to
complete the road. Mr. J/iller and
every friend of the road {looked upon
that as killing the enterprise, which
was the intention of our men-ber of
the house, a secret enemy of our road,
and it was tacked on in spite of Mr.
Miller's protest
By virtue ef a special act of the
Legislature, tha citizens of Shippens
burg took a vote an license question,
and the result was 133 vote* for li
cense and 264 against license.
Philadelphia is aroused and work
ing hard far the removal of the cap
ita to that city. Meetings have beeu
held and oammittees appointed to fur
ther the project.
The dwelling bouse of Uriah Moyer
and Jacob File, ef Beaver Twp., with
contents, sod that of Jos. Koons of
Centre Twp., Snyder ce., were recently
destroyed oy fire.—Times.
Msj. C. H. Shreiner, is a delegate to the
Cincinnati convention.
A SZNSIULZ BILL.—The bill securing to
married women their separate earnings
came up on third reading and passed—yeas
IT nays 13. The bill gives a wife sole cen
tral of her earnings, whether wages of la
bor, salary, property, business er other
wise, so as not to be subject to any claim
af her husbands or bis creditors; provided,
that she shall first prove her separate title
and ownership.
Local Option.
The following ia the new local op
tion law, as signed by the governor :
SXCTIOX 1. Bt it enmeted etc.. That on
the 3rd Friday in March, 1873, in every
city and county in this commonwealth,
ana at the annual municipal election
every third year thereafter in every such
city and county it shall be the duty of
the inspectors and judge* of election* in
the cities and counties to receive ticket*
eitherVrritten or printed for the legal
Voters of taid cities and counties, la be- led
on the outside ''license," and on the in
side "tor license" or "against license,"
and te deposit said tickets in a box provid
ed for that purpose by taid inspector* and
judges, as is required by law in the case
of other ticket* so received shall be count
ed and a return of the same made to the
clerk of the proper county duly certified
as is required by law, which certificates
shall be laid before Judges of said court
after taid election, shall be filed with the
other records of said eourts, and it shall
be the duty of the mayors of citiee and
sheriffs of countiev, or of any other officer
whose duty it may be to perform such ser
vice, to give due public notice ol such
special election above provided for three
weeks previous to the time of holding the
next annual municipal election in every
such city and county, and also three weeks
before such election every third year
thereafter. Provided, That this act shall
not be construed te repeal or affect any
special law prohibiting the sale of intox
icating liquors orprohibit the rranting of
licenses : Provided, That when the mu
nicipal elections in any county or city do
not occur on the third Friday in March
the election provided for in this section
shall be held on the day fixed for tha mu
nicipal election* in said city or county
And provided further, That all licenses
granted after day of January, 1873
shall cease, determine and become void on
the first day of April, 1878, if the district
which they shall be granted determine
against the granting of license, and the
Treasurer of the proper county shall
then refund te the holder of said license
the moneys so paid therefor, for which
the said Treasurer shall be entitled to
credit in his account with the Common
Sac. 2. That in receiving and countin)
and in making returns of the votes cast
s the inspectors and judges and clerks o
said election shall be governed by th<
laws of this commonwealth regulatini
general elections, and all the penalties o
said election laws are hereby extended t<
and shall apply to the voters, inspectors
Judges and clerks voting at and in aseord
ance upon the election held under the
provisions of this act
Sac. 3. Whenever, by retu ns of elec
tions in any county aforesaid, it shall ap
pear that there is a majority against li
cense it shall not be lawftil for any license
to issue Xor the sales of spiritous, vinous
melt or other intoxicating liquors, or any
- admixture thereof in said city or count}
at any time thereafter, until an election ai
above provided a majority shall vote in
favor sf license : Provided, That nothing
contained in the provisions of this act shall
prevent the issuing of liquors for medical
- and manufacturing purposes. Provided,
The citixens of Lebanon shall vote upon
the question on the third Friday of March,
1878, on the tame day and time when the
townships of the county of Lebauon hold
their spring elections.
We have the authority of the Cam
eron Herald for the statement thai
Senator Wilson recently wrote to IJor
•ee Greeley inquiring the most ap
proved method of cultivating t bocta
The philoeopher's answer was short,
but to the point Persist in your ef
fbrta to have Grant renominated.
The 1 toshiest lkwh.
The hero of the "stock-holders mort
gage proviso,', ha* crept into a hole
and left hack the following ; which wo
reproduce for the amusement of such
as have not teen it:
From th* H'ateAiwon.
We know that our Pcnnsvslley re*Jer
sad especially those who have invested
their money in tlie 1.. ('. A S. ('. railroad,
wilt he gratified to learn that they are to
have the kind of a rail-road they sub
scribed their monov to build- ill be
pleased to know that the little "ring," for
which our friend (?) Kurtaof lhrlteporUr.
acted as spokesman, that had arranged
to have our people pay lull rggpa
a half built, —half gauge rvwd. Tn order
that its member* might steal the difference,
in the cesl of construction, is busted, tho
Reporter, the director* and a few others to
the contrary notwithstanding
On Tuesday last in the Legislature, the
Conference Committee, t* which was re
ferred the dififereno* existing between the
Senate and House on the three million
mortgage bill unanimously Inse led a
proviso that th* act thou IJ \e inaperatir*
unlet* the r\w<( t* ci>nstruct*il th* ecuiaery
* xliis prevbo we suppose, the would-be
leader of the "narrow gauge ring, wilt
denounce as another effort on the part ot
"our member" to delay and defeat the
- uccoss of th* eutcrpri-e
Very likely it will dsfoal the *ut*rprl>c
as he understands it a i *ntsrprie that
was to rob the subscribers to the stock,
along l'ennsvalley. thai his pockets and
those of on* or two other parties might be
Iu place of the cry they raised last tall
of "narrow gauge or nothing,' it has now
been changed to "nothing tor lbs narrow
gauges," and while th* eiii*nt of I eons
vller, who have acted honestly, earnestly
and liberally, in the matter can rejoice,
that tb.-ir stock is not to without
having some return for it, ourorother chip
of the Reporter, cbn wash hi* head and try
to invent some new sohem* to defrsud hi*
neighbors and friend* out of their money.
Th* hill •* it pasted busily authorised
th* company t* issue mortgage bonds to an
amount not exceeding three and a hall
millions dollors, and made it compulsory
to build • ordinary gauge road, or is*u*
no mortg* gs*.
Mr. Meek haviug attempted to kill
the railroad with his famous "stock
holders mortgage" which we exposed
and settled for him so completely in
the Reporter, week before last, we
now give htm the ben6t of our col
umns in trying to show what a saiut
he has been. The above article we
are nat afraid to have read by the
people of Penusvalley, and it needs no
Comment from us, as our people have
already prououuoed their opiuion up
ou it and him.
The "ablest" is careful to keep sileut
on the "stockholders mortgage" pro
viso, sugar coated to kill the road, in
which infamy he was exposed by the
REPORTER, and tha eyes of our peo
ple opened to what Meek was doing
to kill off the road three-fourths grad
ed. The effect of Meek's proviso was
that all contractors aud bauds iu this
valley were making calculations to
quit and go to other port* for employ
ment ; and that is what weuld now be
the state of affairs on the road, had net
the REPORTER exposed the infamous,
sugar coated proviso, and thereby
aroused our people to their danger,
and/ores our "ablest" on a hasty back
track. He must feel pretty sensibly
by this time that he did not succeed in
April-fooling the people of Pennsval
ly by bis sugar-coated, but deadly
By misrepresenting the sugar-coated
proviso, a few unthinking were led to
favor it, honestly thinking it was iu
the interest of the mad, until the fraud
was exposed in our columns, a ben a
committee of indignant citizens from
this valley at once called upon the
author, Meek, and forced him to con
sent to have his pet scheme to kill the
road stricken out.
We ask our readers to go back two
months, and they will find the Watch
man week after week pouriug slime
over the bill and bellowiug to our peo
ple to petition against its passage, so
as to kill the road and then hide him
self behind the remonstrances and
throw the blame upon our people. But
no remonstrances came at his bellow
ing, which silence should have satisfied
our officious legislator that our people
had no objection to the 3 million bill
as it passed the senate. Our people
will remember, that tha Watchman
then threatened if ao opposition came
the bill would pass on "the following
Tuesdav." No opposition came and
the "following Tuesday" did not see
the bill passed as promised, but, in
stead, it was choked off by our officious
legislator, in regular legislative roos
ter and pincher style in order to force
a corruption fond te grease its passage.
What then/ Why, when failing t©
call out opposition to tho senate bill,
by misrepresenting it in his newspa
per, for weeks, he prints remonstrances
in hia own office, unsolicited, and has
them sent out Now, why, if he was
a fair representative, did he not also
print petitions for the bill and let the
two go out together? Ab, that did
not suit this hidden Bellefente enemy
of our road and that would uot help
him to kill it He then, failing in his
tricks, tried the famous sugar-coated
proviso, insulting the intelligence of
the people of Pennsvalley by assuming
they would swallow that, he knowing
it was death to our railroad ; really,
how nicely be laid a plan te finish the
road right speedily, and had his trick
not been exposed, our read would now
be lying tu state iu its coffin with bis
sugar-coated proviso for a shroud, and
while its Pennsvalley friends stood
around mouruing over its demise, the
outside world would be laughing down
at them from the top of Nittany moun
tain for again permitting themselves
to be gulled by said Meek.
His insinuations about defrauding,
need no reply—it is the stop thief cry
to distract attention from his own bad
doings—Meek put the finishing touch
es upon bis own character, ours can
not be stained by the base insinua
tions of one whose word when upon
oath honest people weuld hesitate to
Meek's trick having been exposed
and thwarted, the friends of our rail
road maj now look for an energetic
prosecution of the work.
California had a terrible earth
quake, on 26th ult. In Inro county
thirty lives were lost, and n chasm
was opened in the earth 30 miles
down the valley.
San Francisco, March 80.—Additional
details from the volcanic district of Inyo
co 400 miles southeast from San Francisco
say that on Tuesday last the shocks con
tinued Cerro Gordo was badly damaged.
Lone Pine appcarc to have been directly
over the centre of tho disturbance. Some
30 were killed. The earthquake was first
described as like a park or artillery fired
beneath the town. The scone beggar* de
scriptions, Nearly the whole population
was buried beneath its ruins. Cries for
help and screams of the wounded filled
the air. The first shock was followed In
quick succession by throe others. Over
800 distinct shocks wore felt between half
past 2 o'clock and sunrise. The earth was
in constant shake and tremble for over 3
Humors that volcanic action has bees
seen on tho summit of the Green Hood
mountains, 60 miles south ofVezo are in
Jttaret Ago* l * nt th Tup of the //run
(leneral Rorha Defeat* ami (loo
bies* Whole RmlHtitnnrj Army.
Cilv ofJ/exico, March I ft, via 11 *-
vniia, j/arch 25, —The government
forces arc triumphing •vet the rcvolu- i
tionist*. General Kochu ha* diiven
llu tH out of the citic* of Aguar, ("nl
ion las', l.ng>s ami Zacatccn*, and re
lieved the troo|ui, at Satt !-oui* I'otosi.
In a bailie on the second, (ieneral
Kocha, with ti.IKHI troop*. defeated the
united revolutionary fuves, number
ing 0,000 men kilting and wound me
7IH) and capturing 7,000 ineu and all
their artillery except three gun* :
The revolutionist* rotuated toward
Fresnillo and X rex, being pursued by
(ieneral llooha. (Jeiieral ltocha *
victory i* a death blow to revolution
arv project*, but anarchy will prevail
for a long lime.
(ieneral Negrele, with l.t(Kl men,
kcejv the state* ot I'uebla, llidalgo
and Tbaacala in constant alanu by
his acta of vandalism. He avoid*
•pen engagement*, and with hi* tro|*
attack* town*, hacienda* and railroad
train*. On the 3rd he attacked a
working |mrly on the Ap>*aeu rail
road. consisting of the paymaster, em
plovec* and laborer*, returned ou the
fourth and kidnapjxid John Ouiau,
the superiuleudenl. On the Hlu and
9th he attacked several puhpii train*,
destroying the freight.
General Hocha i* accused of shoot
ing a nunih -r of prisoner*, l'resideiit
Juuret receive* the congratulations o(
the pre** at the capital.
Ihpvrute Struggle W Itb a Ma
Attested Murder of Two Hitter*—A
Battb for Life.
I l'oughkeepsie. March 7. —A terrible
affair happened near MarlboioUj.li,
' Ulster County, this morning ui the
house of George \N illiain I'urdy who
3 resides seven miles north of Newburg,
e near the tirsl named place. W bile
laboriug under temporary iuaauity
Mr. Purdy made u desperate attempt
to murder his two sisters, lte resided
with his mother, .Mrs. Phmbe Purdy,
and his sister, Miss Klisw Purdy
He was ill from uu epileptic attack,
and |iartially deranged. Auolher sis
ter, Mrs. Anna Coukling, spent the
uight at the homisUad to assit in
taking car* of her brother. The three
ladies occupied a led on the (100t 1 of
the silting room. Purdy slept in a
room opening into this room. At 4
•'clock this morning George entered
the room occupied by the ladies and
stopped the clock, sayiug that its tick
ing annoyed him and prevented hi*
sleeping. A few miuutes after return
ing to his room he again entered the
sitting-room and threw himself flat on
the floor and remaiued motionless.
The sisters took him up aud laid him
on their bed aud then went iuto his
room and occupi d his bed. The
mother remaiued with him. Iu a few
minutes he started up from the bed,
seized a fire-shovel, and went to the
room where the sisters were. Opening
the doov he shouted : " I'm going t
kill you both. The next place I will
meet you is at the bar of God," and
commenced striking them on the head
with the 6hovel. Then throwing that
dowu he seized each by the throat and
tried to choke them to death. AfteJ
a terrible struggle they freed them
selves from bis grasp and escaped to
the sitting-room. lie followed them
and the struggle was renewed. The
stove was overturned and the hous*
was set on fire. At length the sisters
succeeded in breaking away from the
| maniac, Miss Purdy ruuning out ofi
the front dooy aud M™* Coukling
starting for a rear door. Purdy pur
sued the latter, and having got a ra
zor out of tbo bureau drawer, over
took her just as she got outside of the
doer. Here auother terrible struggle
took plane, the madman endeavoring
to cut his sister's throat and she bat
tling for life. In the effort to get the
razor from him she received two cuts,
one in the right aim just missing the
main artery and the other in the hand,
but he drew the razor across her
throat, makiug a terrible gash, laying
bare the windpipe and the root of the
tongue but missing the main arteries.
While this struggle was going on Miss
Purdy had run to the houses of several
of the neighbors and alarmed them.
The first one of them to reach the spot
1 was Daniel Vau Orsdall, who on hear-
iug the alarm bad dresMtl himself as
quickly as possible and followed Miss
Purdy to the bouse. She reached it
first and met the brother. Having,
as he supposed, finished Mrs, Conk
ling, ha attacked Hiss Purdy, and
seising her by the hair of her head,
threw her down on the ground. Mr.
Van Orsdall coming up at this time,
he knocked the brother down, and af
ter another struggle mannged, with
the help of his young sou and Mies
I'urdy, to secure the madman. Hut
it took their uuitod stre iglh to hold
him, and ther feared that Mrs. Conk
ling would bleed to death before other
help could arrive. At length, how
ever, mora of the neighbors came,
George was tied, and Mrs. Conk ling
was cared for. She had made her
way iutothe house after receiving her
wounds, and the sister knowing that
the building was on fire, was afraid
that her mother and sister would be
burned up, but the flames were soon
extinguished and all danger from that
source was averted. In the course of
the morning an officer arrived from
A/arlborough—about a mile north of
the scene of tragedy—and George was
handcuffed. Ho went to bed and re
| fused to sav a word to any one, but
lay in the bed as if asleep. Tomor
row he will be taken to the State
Hospital at Poughkeepsie
■ ♦ •
A Town Eiigulphed by an Karth
European mail advices state that
the town of in the Cau
casus, was almost entirely destroyed
by a recent earthquake. The number
of persons killed was one hundred aud
thirty-seven, and the destruction of
property very large. A considerable
portion of the country was converted
into a desert, and the inhabitants re
duced to great misery by the destruc
tion of all the crops.
DEAK LAND. —Messrs. Geo. W.
Cliilds and A. J. Drexel, of Phila
delphia recently bought a piece of
ground, (about oue twentieth part ol
an acre,) corner of Wall and Broad
streets, New York, for eight hundred
and fifty thousand dollars on which
they design erecting a palatial hanking
house. This is the laigest sum ever
puid for land in America.
Boston is become so used to being
the headquarters for the publication
of unquestionable literature that tho
onlv way in which tho Bible cun lie
made to sell is by binding it in yellow
cover uud advertising it in tho "sport
ing" papers as choice reading, to bo
sent in a sealed envelope to any ad
dress oil receipt of 85 CMIU. Such at
least, is the course adopted by a spec
ulative genius of that ilk whose nat
ural bent for swindling has been de
veloped by Boston training.
The Liberal Republican* of New
York to their Itrethrrn in the
To Colonel William M. (iroevciiot,
Chairman of tin* Executive Coiumil-
U'ooftho I.ll><-1 it I R|ublictn Conven
tion of Missouri, Washington, I> j
Sir : We, republican* of New York,
wih to oxpriM our incurrence in the
principle* lately act forlh BY (IN) lib
eral republican* of Missouri:
We make this departure from I lie
•rdiuary methods of parly action from
a deep conviction that lite organiaa
lion to which we belong is under the
conttol of tboae w ho w ill use it chit fly
for personal purjaw-cs, ami ulwtrucl a
tree expression of opinien U|ion the
ini|M>itant mntteis which the gentle
men whom you represent have laid be
fore the pctiple of the United Stale*.
We believe that the time has come
when the |>olitical offence* of the pal
should be pardoned ; that all cittieiis
should be protected in the enjoyment
of the rights guaranteed to them by
the constitution ; that federal taxation
should lie imposed for revenue, and so
ADJURED to make the burden U|HII (lie
industry of the country as light as po#-<
sible ; that a reform of the civil service
should be made which will relieve po
litical action from the influence f of
ficial patruuage ; that the right of 10-'
cal sell'-goveruiuuut, the foundation of
American freedom, should be reassert
ed, and the encroachments of federal
power checked ; aud we also ladieve
that at this time a special duty rents
upon the people to uo away with cor
ruption in ofhee.
JJJThe ex|>osurcs recently made in this
state have brought to light evils which
are uot confined to oue party nor to a
single locality, and disclose dangers
more formidable (ban any which the
republic has yet encountered-
Willi the hope that the movement
begun iu Missouri may spread through
all the states and iuflucuce every po
litical party, we accept the invitation
lo meet in national mass convent ion
at the city of Cinoinall utl lite tint
Wednesday of May neat, aud we iu
vile all republicans of New Y'ork who
agree with us to co operate iu cur ac
Henry If. Sdileu, Horace lirechy,
Fred. A. Cotikliug. William J)orliei
tuer, Sinclair Tuusey, Migismum)
Kauffman, E. Krackowifer, Ira O.
Miller' Edwin K Reynolds. William
H. Briggs, Charles W. Godard, Hen
ry D. Lloyd, William W, Goodrich,
Waldo llotchins, Hiraui Raincy,
Freeman J F'dtinn, George |'. JJrad
ford, Benjamin A, Willis, Horaoe
Bems, Ix-wis Lowenthal.
(Juror Story or Superstition.
The Berlin, Wiscohaio Journal lia*
this story : "A man who rcaided in
this city has related to us a strange
storv of superstition and barbarity,
which he claimed had happeurd in
thts city recently. Our iufuimmit wa*
a (ieriean, and the parties in this story
are Tolauders, but their name* we
could not learn. The story, as related
is substantially as follows: About
the last of November or <|ic (|rt uf
December a young Polish woman
cave birth ta a child. About two
days afterward she dird and was bur
ied in the city cemctry. After about
five weeks the wife of the brother of
the dead woman was taken very sick,
and it was thought she would die.
"It appears that there is a supersti
tious idea among the Polanders that
if one of a family dies, unless the head
of the cor [we is cut off the whole fam
ily will be likely lu follow In rapid,
succession. However, if after one ls
died, another one is taken sick, it
some of the blood is procured from-tbe
dead body aud administered to the
patient he will recover. In accord
ance vyith this (([pef'titian, our ip.
formant alleges, the husband of the
tick woman went to the burying
ground ou the night af January 2, fire
weeks after interment, dug up the
body, cut off the bead, and look (Vurti
it bfood and other liquid, which he ad
ministered ta bis wife as medicine ;
that shortly after this the sick woman's
malady assumed the form of small
pox, from whirh she recovered, and
is now entirely well. Our informant
claimed tht many witnesses ceuld b#
brought to corroborate this story, and
from what we learned we are led to
believe there is some foundation to it.
The person who gave us the in forma
tion knows the name of the Pulander
in question, but wouli) not disc Lac
s > s
Horrible Crime in Delaware.
Wilmington, March 27. —A hor
rib'.e case of outrage occurred nbeul
two and a half miles south of hers
last night. A negro named William
Dennia forcibly entered the house ol
A/rs. Thomson, a white woman, while
her husband was absent. He chased
her out of doors, chaught her by hci
hair, dragged her hack to the house
and up stairs, and there after a pro
longed and desperate struggle, in
which all the furniture in the room
was broken, and her clothing torn otf.
he outraged her. He then pulled out
a razor to murder her to prevent her
testifying against him, when she broke
away and lied to a neighbor's house,
falling exhausted on entering. The
brute tore great piecca of flush from
her arms and shoulders with his teeth.
An excited crowd of neighbors and a
squad of police arc hunting the man,
who is still at large. J/rs. Thompson
is believed to be fatally injured.
Ter rifle Tornado at St. Lonis.
ST. LOUIS, MARCH, 30.— A very ac
vcre thunder and lightning storm pass
ed over the city about 8 o'clock this
evening, accompanied by a heavy
rain. During the storm a terrific tor
nado struck the large brick market
house oil 7th street, bet wen Spruce and
Poplar, and leveled the northern half
ofit tolheground in a twinkling. Most
of the roof and several heavy timbers
were carried across 7 street, and strik
ing the building op|)osile, knocked two
great holes in it, exposing the rooms.
8o far as now known only 5 persons
were injured.
The long-ex peeled companion tu "TKN
NIOIITH IN A BAR Bum" is noarly ready,
and will shortly appear. The popularity
and great usefulness of this standard tem
perance book is evinced by the immense
sales that havo been made,—much greater
it is believed, than that of any book ef it*
clas* ever published. Who has not read
lliia remarkable book, so true to nature, so
intense in effect, and so terrible in it* mor
al, and who that ha* read it ha* not wished
for a companion. To satisfy this widely
expressed desire, the author has undertak
en and just c<>mplot<i a new volume, that
unmasks the liquor-seller and his accursed
traffic in away to startle and arouse the
The new book entitled "TIIHKK YKAK* IN
A MAX-TRAP." It give* an inside view ot
tho liquf r trade, and portray* tho terrible
effect* of that traffic in a series of life pic
lures, full of the inlenc*t interest, with
the skill and fidelity to nature so eminent
ly charactere*tic of the author. _ The book
cannot fail to make a strung impression,!
and, as a new auxiliary in the cause of
temperance, will have a wide and power
ful influence. Nothing could be more!
timely than Its appearance mow. W ,
learn, liy the publishers' circular, that it )
is to bo sold exclusively by agents, and a* ;
it is a good opportunity to secure a book '
which will sell easily, and at the same time
do a vast amount of good, wo advise any
one seeking profitable employment to ap
ply to the publishers J. M. HTUUCAST ft
Co., No. 783 Hansom Street Philadelphia, t
for an agency, and enter into this work of I
moral eolportcurage at once. i
Horrible Cum> or lure*!- A number of tie* HberilTa mile*
Avmr.Ru Kntlinniel Drpue, of [•#*• hwn •ddwl to lh IbUirfjw our
liudaoo City, New York mi lnttlli-i 1 iue. Head (nam.
pint ii in I ivptitnblp yuting mail, imtde
UMae(waln(a A/urv lin;.-;"-.
mi utli active Rill, daughter ol" Henry
Hiigg*, one •>! the moat active and tl'lkltlt 1* SAI.KH Hy viitue ot *un
r . , P dry wrlt*of fleri fu< ia. levari fn IM
|i .• ini iit iil IIIUIIIm i* i'l llio hmory vniiditioiil (iijMiiiiii, ikiubd out of llio Court
.t/.thodicl Kpiacopnl Church of Her-i of Common Hea* of (Vntre county, end to
t en. During the manner the young** dir-ciedlhero will be
' , " , ,I , .1 " i rf ' lU* wile, et the <-t>urt-houe in llellefunle,
couple were ennetantly together and U „„ Thur*day the lH.h .ay ..f April l*7'J
wna understood ll.iy were betrothed. the following property to wit .
fwo tnumb* ago, at the *nggetion ol A""ruin T>t d ground *llll4lO in the
II .1 .1 .. . 1 1 town of Keberhurg. in Mlie* twp.. Centre
.t/.iry I ether, iltey were married.| C4 ,unty i marked In the genera! plan of aald 1
i lirev wi-i-L* ago M cloud fell upou| town at lot N*. 8, bounded on the ea*t by
the doting young husband. H e M . Lan adey. on th*aoulh be main (treat, on
~ru,l .bit lu. if, ... wry fe ZSkUSSSSfc b£dX!
to become u mother. lie ccmauded along main air. el ti feet, and in length
tin explanation A/nrv wa dutlih. i° r depth !U0 feet. It being |>art of the *ame
*■>} •••;•< is.
Veal the naiiie of Iter reducer. DejiUe grant. J and conveyed unto Samuel Uubea,
lit once abandoned her, leaving lit-J in 'he aid Smuuul I)ube aud Sman hi*
*'T : r r" ~r' "J 11, "'r; ,*>
lived. A lew day. ngo .Mary, child wa having thereon erected a two *tory frame
in*ru. ui.d in her pain, with tearu and j betel, •table and oilier out building*.
pruyera for jmrdon. .he made the am' Tw „ cerUin land .it-!
loutiding colileaaioli that her UWII uate ill Mile* two., bounded and dearrib-.
father, the auiutly Ilrigg*, ia the father p d a* follow*: The tir.t, No. 8. begin mg
of the Child. This alarlliug inl-lli- I?.°*! . ii
, . , *? , , tuenee *outn 17| uegree*, eal 00 p< r.ne
gciioe having been cmumuiucatod to to stone*, thence along inuuntaintop, aouth 1
Voting Depne, an overcame hint that 7'Jt degree*, wel It perehe* to ione,
iie fainted, and na* carried inmiblf ft** "* land of l*aac Zeigler, north |
. ~ , #i-i .1 ii 1 degree*, we*t U> j.erche. to a maple!
lo I lit- bullae o| hi* liruther. Ihe hu* tree, tiu-neo atoug land of John Frank. |
bond hu* *uod for a divorce, and will north 7of degree*. ca*t >f peri-he* to nine*!
pica* lor u .IK. dv legal termination to f, oll ! e , r , ,her £ H"* 1
lot No. f., hounded a* follow*: U*gining
.ic connection. I lll'guilty lulher t at tlcnc*. corner of land of John Frank :
skulking about Hudson City, Hot dur and Mr*, liaker, touth 171 degree*, -a*t OtJ;
iug to ahow liiuteelf. porehe* m *tone, thence along mountain j
lop, aouth ,"i| degree*. wet 14 pert hei to
. ~ aa.T.r *. a i.ir .tone*, thence by land of Jacob Frank. I
toi'ly Hays Without hire. Ultd 1* if- north 174 degree*. <>t on percho* to
it-I*l i i i * _ liiuutj#, thfiuo north cut 14
tot*ll \\ illKiUt I'OOil Ot W Hl®r. pUco fl beiriiiiiix,
An liciirt'nrw which rnnkealh. ™* Ave acre* and allowance, it being
, . th* very p trt of the tamo wkieh i'hilip (ir-*. did.
lllimkl Ireete wttlilit llie Vein* ef the grant and convey Jantary Slat, IH&7, to'
reader, came to light lust Monday Daniel Kreamer. Heued, taken in exwu
..ear in Clin..l. fVIiT \V.* "on and to bo wdd a*the property of 1).
over in I llllon, Cwluiuct county, \\ I*. w Hrt..r and Thoma* V. Meyer. tSale
llioiuaa Downing, who for eottie tiuie to coinmvuee at 1 e ch>ck 1' M. oftaid
ha* lived alone in N email chanty, day, L> W- WOOHRING,
back from any ruad, over in that lo- NhanlT.
. . i , i- i- AH that certnUi ui*ge toacment or
cality, and i|UHtricd *to|ic fur a livcll-i pi.n*,! and iiaK-el of land *itu*tein thetown
towl, w taken violently ick at Mcahanwon, in the U>wnhip of Snow
, , i ... |Shoe, Centre county, and known at lot
boiltd oil the g-ll ol hut January with uun.brr trtm in the plot of aaid town
biliou* fcyer, and wit* coiifiueil to lna And aUo the lot neit mUoiuing the *aid
Inal from that time until Monday.!'" l "?lio!ied lot. they being the *ie
M . , n • .. • lot* or piece* of ground a hieh F, P. Ifurx
arch 4. lftiring the long Weary ihall and wife by indenture dated the 2lt
day* of hi* illtteaa no otic called— Do day of September. An ISUa, conveyed u>
ne ta lend a helping hand in mlmiM-' 1 !"' dnfnadenu M. K. 4 Wa. Cainbell,
• , .. ... , /,i ...a- ith*r**un erected a large dwelling houte.
l*t-| lug to the wailla of the kuflercl ; .üble, and Other outbuilding*. Seined
and all beoauac l|ie lu* n(iuii of lit* re* taken in eset utlon and to be aold iu the
uletjce wa* *o secluded thai he l'. r ."l'/ rty r X ,rt>l Oatapbell and
had not been tnUted froru hi* daily | ' "A'WO I
round of toil. I*a*t Monday, bow- A frame dwelling how* of two and a
ever, came the good Samaritan. A l' lf kaving K front of 88 feet *r.d *
'• h-<ruM Mr
a quantity of bttftor ln*l fall c*il-d atjluu or pice* of grvmiid in Central City, in
hi* residence on Mondav to make a 'WIM lownahlp, known and designated
.'■illn li. n on the tame I'm n an 15 tl "' t''" B •"* •
eoliectP U on Ihe aamc. I jco ap- N(l Tt ~j BI|J I#l , frxjntini
proaching (he houae there were no the townahip road leading Iron. Miieborg
vi*ilde sign* of life, but from the in-Ao th-lt*!d K*gle ridgi *. Seited taken in
~rir ,n..n..l pWiful ..ib.h.l wer.
moat li*irowing to tbe soul. An m- ALSO:
trance was forced, and the suffering
uutii found ou his bed with boots gu<|
clothes all on, iu which condition he
ihad imwil tho length of lime above
slated, without the comfort of fire, and
At the last fifteen days without fao<l
or water. la this condition he was
lifted from his cot, aud conveyed to
the house ufa mar in ighinr, medical
4id a| ni-Mi summoned, nuu, at this
a filing, he is brououncep in a fair
way to recoyer.
There is a very pretty stale of af
lairs at Washington just now, if a cor
r> rpoudeut of the World is to l*e be
lieved, aud allowing to the bungltngof
those who bad of (he reception
of the Japanese. fhey are said In
have managed the affair so as tu uf:;
friid nlmqft suvl please uo
one. Finst. Mori is offended because
the Ambassadors presented their cre
dentials directly to Mr. Kish instead
■of passing them through his bauds.
The Kmbaiay is ffendgd l>swue
the j'rrtijcm did net altcnd the re
ccptiep givcti iu it# houpr by the gov
erfiuieut at the Masonic Hall. Dr.
Newman is highly offended because
the Prcsideut neglected to invite (he
Embassy |o jifftrl.itu pioaoh oil "The
ptacMeiiaflho East." a sermon of
great power, prepared expressly for
the occasion. The congregation are
offended at having arrayed themselves
in their most gorgeous apparel in vain.
Mr. Colfax is supposed to be jil.u of-'
It tided at (his Prvsideniial slu of omit
sion. Finally, Kodamo, the Ja|tan-ae
law student, who was down iu the bill
for an address tf welcome, to ba deliv
ered in the church, ta the Embassy,
first in Ja|taocse and aftywards in
English, it uiotuily oftbuded. lit
iia* been practicing his address with
great assiduity for some time, and
now finds his labor lost. Altogether,
the officials at Washington seem to be
"progressing backward" very rapidly
ill (hp mailer of international court
esies. Alexis sit treated with suf
ficient coolness, but the Japanese re
ceplion is still more deplerably
On. Fa. Conference of ilic liven
|Cl Church
The thirty-third acasion of this body
was held iu Baltimore, Mil., closing
March 12th- Bishop J, J. £*hcr, of
Chicago, presided,
Th Conference numbers, at present
about 70 members.
The next annual session will be
held in LcwUburg, Fa., to commence
the first Thursday in J/arch, 1873.
The stationing committee reported
the following assignments for the en
siling year :
I' K Baltimore— Green street Station, r
Kurtz; East Baltimore Station Benjamin
Honest; Baltimore Mission. Jesse filling
-r ; Baltimore Circuit, D \V Miller, and
U S Bowers ; Alborton Station,'\ Shea*
tiergor. Shrewsbury Circuit, CH Uraniely'
laretvilla Circuit, J Cs M Hwcnglo ; Glen
H<ck Station, W Hnidobaek; York Su
in, W It Stover; York Mission, U F
•wcnglo ; York Circuit, It Conral and N
Young ; I'rospeet Circuit. 1* A Hishcl nnd
\ W Uower,: Logaitsvillc Circuit, J C;
!'\irnworth ; Washington Mission, (sup
difMl by the board o( Missions,) E B 8011-;
-1 j Hagertuwn Circuit, 11 II Kcam : L*oburji
iNtalion. 8 P Kramer ; Hie Spring Circuit,
0 L Barton ; Carlisle Mi-sion, II A Hart
/.lcr ; Cumberland Circuit A P Deitrich,
nnd one to be supplied : Conewago Circuit
A W K reamer and K W Hunyan ; Bend
• rsvillu Circuit, J M Price ; Pery Circuit,
N W Seibert and J A Irvin; Marytville
Circuit, J M Young ; Liverpool Circuit,
1 1) A Kepnor and 11 Grcninger; Port Trev
orton Circuit, H Yeung and F M Baker ;
Troielville Circuit, 8 Aurand; Middle
burg Circuit, 8 K Davis and II A Gram
ley. I
Lawianußo DISTRICT, M J Carothers,
P K—Union Ciieuit. A Uearick ; Lewis
burg Station, U K Zenner : Hutfalo Circuit
iC Khor and L K Harris ; White Doer cir
cuit, W 11 Davis; Milton Mission. A 11
Irvine and J K Rrader; Danvillo Mission
W K Detwoilcr ; Columbia Circuit, II W
Buck and H C Koworsos , Grangcvllle
Circuit, \V M Omnia n ; Hufhosvillo, cir
cuit W W lthodas and K M lieavor;
Wyoming Circuit, 8 I Short is#: Nusque
11ai>11a Circuit L Matliias ; Dushore Sta
tion. T M Moris, J W Benta, Professor in
Union Seminary, and member of Union
Quarterly Conference,
K Williamsport Station, J. Kreamer;
WilliamsiMirt Mission, 1. M. Pines; New
berry ami Dubois Mission, Goo. llunler;
Lycoming Circuit, A. Kraus, and one \o
be supplied ; Liberty Circuit. V. King,
C. P. ltuiuberger ; Jersey Shore Circuit,
Z. llomberger, J. A. IJuducr; Nitlanay
Vallcy Circuit, M- BUat. J. M. Longsdorf
Centre Hall Circuit, S 1). 11, •nuinglon, A.
Stabletop ; Centre Circuit M. W. Harris,
S. Y ariek : Sugar Valley Circuit, K :
Staiiibneh. (f. W, Currln ; J,uck Haven
Mission, 8. T Buck i Heneca Circuit. A.
Mark ley.
Fr Stowar.s fortune is estimated at *■ .
I ween fifty and sixty millions. t v '
tile amount when there is R A
i.llllon. to guess by. ' ar * m " f ton |
All lbs rigi.l, title 4.1. J latt-rest of Jcfend-1
ant ir. ami i certain lot or piece of ground, j
pitunte iu Peon township. Centre county.
1 Itourdcd and described as follows, vis :
lb-ginning si a stone, thence south (So de
grees. west 3J perches U> a pott, thence'
south & degrees. we>t t| perchwi to a post,
thence south 2l| degree*, cast I Sill
I h- relies to a slum-, lixutca south If da
rt re,- Cast ( |>rcL< to a stone, thence
jnurth 761 degree*. east a join lies to s post,
thtinco north 6 dugree* tu place ofbtgin
ning containing one acre. Thereon erected
la tannery, dwelling U<>u*u bark house,
-SMI other out buildings. Beisml taken in
csseutlon and to b sold as the property of
I William L Musscr. I
A certain lot o* nitre af ground situate;
in Hush township, Centre County, l"a , eti|
the west side of and near the Tyrone audi
- Clear J eld railroad, nearly opposite the
, house occupied by IL-nry r<a|, MUwtiing
lands <t Wm P. (pwtauu and <4her;
tberwen erja Uj * two story weatherboard
wo IwhSk, Id foot by > feel, with a shod
| kilt hen attached. Seued taken in execu
tion. and to be sold as the property of 3.
T. Karris.
All the right, title r.ad lalerest of tloo
li Hastings, ip aud to all those certain
iarqu ur Uwcis of land situate in ltennei
|lownsbii>. Centre county. IV. one thcrwof
b. yudrd on the South Iv other lands uf
(he said Ueorge and Enoch Hastings, con
laiaing two hundred screw ur thereabouts.'
thereon erected a dweiiiag house, barn !
ai d other out building, another thereof,
i.oUbded u the West by land of Wm.
tiiova and William lrvm, on the South
by land of Andrew Shivey and the!
public; road leading from Ilooptburg to
F.llniore, on the Kast by land of the said
Andrew Shivey, and on the South by land!
••I John Wagner and other lands a# de-!
Tendant, containing twa hundred acres or;
(hereabouts, gt,iLLav tug thereon erected s
detailing bo use, barn, and othcrcu(bui)d-i
'logs, aiiother thereon, bounded on the
South by land of Dr. (Jeo. A. Fairlamb,
and John Hariin, on the West by land Co
Edward 11 unies. on the North by laud of
Robert Koane and William Roger* and
i® C"* l by other lauds oro. IK and Enoch
Hastings ~nlain tug two hundred acre*
(if Ihervab-uU. having thereon erected a,
dwelling hou>e, barn and other outbuild
ing*. The other thereof, bounded on (hg
Kast by land af John Wagner ua the,
South ay land af the said lb- Fairlatnb,'
and on the North t&d Wust by lands f
the sanl Opt aud noch Hastings, ©on
tipptwa two hundred and eighty u<rw*!
'more or less, having thereon urctod, a
house, barn and other otR buildings, seix-'
ed. taker in execute*, and to bo sold as
the pruputy Hosting*,
All that Iwo storied frame dwelling
house and lot or piece uf ground situate in
the Borough f lkdlefunta, adjoining lot
.of James Clark on tha North west, and
lotufMrs. Dolan on the South, an the'
East by a street leading south from the'
Friend's grave-yard, wbivh said street is a
| continuation of Sluing street, and on thej.
West hy lands of Harris heirs. Scir< d,
sod taken in executian. and to bo sold ns
the property of Jaiues Dolan,
All that certain two story dwelling
houtc and lot uf ground siuate in the Bor
ough of nelleiwnte, Centre county, bound
ed by lot of Harris heirs and others. S>i
en, taken in axecution and to be sold as
the property of Catharine Dolan and J
I A certain tract or piece of land situate in
Curtin twp.. Centre cwuntv, bounded north
■ by land of O, and J. Curtin, west bv land
of L Curtin, east by land of It. Young,
and south by land of C. and J. Curtin,
; containing 2SO arret more or loss. Seven
j ly-five acres more or IOM cleared, with a
(food orchard and having thereon erected
a dwelling house, barn and other outbuild
ii:gs. Seised takon in execution, and to
bo sold as the property of Nathan L. At
| * ALSO \
Tho following real estate of defendant
situate in I'oltor township. Centre county
to wit; Bounded or north by land* of
Fredericks, oast by land late "of Gourde
Foust, and others, south by land of Wm.
M:iiae, wel by land late of George Foust,
dee'd., containing Y£l acre* more or le*i
jlhcroon erected a dwelling house., barn,
nnd saw mill. Seised, taken in execution.
' and to bo seld as tho properly of Stephen
j Garraty.
All that certain messuage and tract id
land, situate in Hush township. Centre
j county, Pa. Surveyed iu the name of
Casper Lawrence, bcginlng at a quaking
asp, lher.ee by land of William button,
south 60 degrees, west 320 perches to a
white oak, thence by land vacant, south 10
degrees, east 230 perches to a black oak,
thence by land of Samuel Chestnut, north
50 degrees, east 320 porches to a hemlock,
thence by land of Daniel Brumer, north
40 degrers ; west 230 perches to the begin,
inc, containing 4SB acres 168 perches and
allowance, which said tract was surveyed
in pursuance ul a warrant dated 16th May,
17U.1, granted tu said Casper Lawrance (ex
cepting and reserving 13 arret of said tract
ai the maple corner at the pond.) Also nli
that tract of land situate in Rush township
al'orenaid, begining at a maple or black
oak, thrnre by land surveyed in the tiamt
of Mary Floyd. south 40 degrees, east 230
parches to a hickory, thence by land sur
veyed in the name of Jacob Slough north
50 degrees, east 820 perches to a birch or
pine, tlicnco by land surveyed in thouame
nf Owen Joraen, north 40 ({parous, west
230 perches to a h> mle t i; or post, thulwa by
land surveyed J,i the namo of Casper L- , v
renep, south 30 degrees, west 820 ..orchei
loth* Pisco of boginiug. Containing 460
teres 153 perches and allowance. Survev.
•d on a warrant m the namo of Saw
Chestnut, dated May 15th ITW, (ox* UOl
tnd reserving 40 acres of tin
vest corner of the above J ?"• t ' ,c
bo maple or black onk * -' act adjoining
:meted two dwclUc corner.) Thereon
iud other outh- ~? houses, two stables,
laaieti. t*' Jildings, about two acres
ukt '" I" execution and
>• -,U as the property of Charles W. F
Sale to commonco at 1 o'clok, P. M of
laid day.
... D W WOODRINO, Sheriff
heiiffs oflico Bellefonte, PH., Mai. 26th.
The bill for a new libel law has
been defeated iu the Kouatu of ibis
State. Any hill on that subject
ought to be most carefully prepared,
for while innocent and careful publish
er* ought to he protected, tiara and
hlckguurd* cannot be too cioaoly cir
cumscribed. in any case the private
atTairs of private cititcns should he
carefully prelected from iit;ws|>aper
iuliisious. A wide latitude, however,
should be given iu afTsira of public
concern, so long as truth is udherad to
ami intention is not malicious. We
doubt whether the Legislature can im
prove U|>oii the Constitution on the
• ♦" •
An old ins id down the valley smokes lo
bars*! in her house to insks it smell as if
there wa a man shout.
This year is locust yesr providing the
estreats cold this winter did not free** out
jlhe Kgyplian songsters.
/"'IKNTIIK i '<>!' STY ss.
Notice Is hereby given that an addition
ul |>artisl account ofT. JM 11*11, assignee, i
I of Jseab Hbope, has been filed injlhe court!
of Common picas of Centre County, to I
April teriu land unless etcepliou* ere!
filed on or before the third day of said,
term, it will b confirmed
marttit.4l. PUOTMT.
D. <fc C. Luse
Manufacturer* of the Celebra
ted Excelsior Cornplanter,
alhpriug Milts, l'a. This machine hilts
and drills, any deaired distance apart j
This Planter was awarded Ist premiums
at state fairs of ttsii- fi-'d A 'W, in compe-;
tilion with the M<<rri-oii, llerkstresscr,
IJartrnalt and ollters. We also manufar
ture Complows or Hera per*. l6mrWt
This salt not, at Penn Halt, Centre Co j
Pa., will b opened on the 15th f April,!
The course of Instruction will he as the;
name indicates—Classical and Normal.|
Special attention wilt bwwiveu to Normal
branches and t snch students as may look
forward to toaohing.
Terms ftu,UU to j.cr term of 10
ysi'ki. Nu deduction for absence except
in case >t sickness.
Hoarding can he procured at reasonable
rates near the school.
ltefcrenon. Principal.
Hev. I>. M. Wutr. marts.oi
(■rand Opening
FOR 1872.
5111. ROY,
wfc.iro ho has o|wn(d with a very large
stock of the laUwt stylos, both fancy and
Parlor, Chamber and Kitchen Furni
of all kin da.
* AH kind* uf repairing done with neat
•'ess and dis|uttch na* ing fisur (uad war I
t "} n at the bunch. I am prepared to do
all kinds of. usi.au work, line or common.
Thankful for past favors, I hope by strict
attention to business you and everybody
<se will show smiling faces at ny new
wsee cuutut.
yjf. R WtUWIX THOMAS A. Itluca
! ; Beliafont*, IV. !•
j • i (Successors to liwu a Wiloo*.,)
V Kespucilully inform the citiaaus tf
y. Centre and other counties, that they R
j have one of the largest aud best se- H
looted slock of HarJwars to be found, —I
. consisting of Iron, Sloe!, Naii*, ttc
!je Horse Shoes. Axels, Spring Wagon <sl
* Skeins and ftoxes, Osmplete stock q; *<
5 carpenter tss's and builders hard- fil
* wars, harks, oils, paints, glass, var- S
Ck hishes, brushes, cucumber pumns and "
3 tubing. Lamp, af all kiida smiles >
< cutlery.
Full line uf saJdinry and coach ma- |
j kers g wsJ, wood work for buggies
•*Ud wagons ploughs, harrows, culli-
valors and grindstones. Looking
jj glasses and mirror plates Picture s
. Iramcs made to order. They alt S
A .have the celebrated cook stove, •
x every one warranted to give is* rfpot C
saliifaction Ail kinds of parlor K
stoves We are detormined to sell
3at the lowest prices for oast,, or on w
a, short credit—not to exoes J three! ®
■ months. Call and see ua, a < ( take
i pleasure In showing our g*oodsL.
u>arlstf. Usll . fotite, IV ~
™i ■*!
a I >
M. "C
sl 5|
I expect to keep a much larger
stock of
this season than heretofore, and would in
vite all my friends from Centre County, to
call and see my stock, before purchit>ing
elsewhere. 1 will have from
in a few days, of all
Oots.to $1 per 80l c
Please call and examine for you* ,
or write me .Uliugsixe. and kinM r
and forward.
satisfactory can be returned. * nd " ~ot
AYM. J. M MA' jjp * j
mu^ L P.
A lot of I and, lyio gin Gregg township,
on tho bank H of I'vnns creek, between
Penn Hall an d Spring Mills, is ottered at
private sale. It iwlioins lands of Goo.
Buchanan an d L. B. M'lntiro, containing
moro or less _ Aiout 8 acres consist of
first class wl lite pine timber, the balance
cleared and under cultivation—6 acres are
For furthc i particulars apply to
13oct,tf Gregg twp.
partnership heretofore existing un
der the Arm name of Fi.l.er * (irttPg Was
dissolved on the 14th day of March, Fwn
Notice U hereby given to all persons
knowing themselves indebted to the said
orm, that thrv are respectfully rcqunstod to
call at tne old stand nt Farmer's Mills, and
settle their accounts without dels*.
mar42.lt B. H. OKTTIO.
J —————— o.^.
M ii.i.itci u, CaiTna Co., Pa.
Receive Deposits and allow luterast.
Discount Notes.
Make Collections
Issue Eastern Exchange.
And a general Banking Business dona.
AW ALT", PnaaioanT.
Cashier. mariUtf.
The undersigned offers at private
sale a two story dwelling house and
Ijoi. on lain street. Centre llall,
with ktableai.d ail necessary outbuildings
and choirs fruit on the premises, end wa
ter in the yard. The house it as good as
new. For futher parterulart apply to
1 laug.tf. Centre Jlell
Wooden Pump,
Tits undersigned would rc-spectfbliy cell
the attention or the ritioent of Centre county,
snd Peniitvelley in particular, to the fact
that he is manufacturing
THIS 3£S-r PUiap.
mode at home or elsewhere. Ha tr.*, noliai
but the In st material, BiVAtxr < Tt T ,ixu
to give satisfaction, as being t\,. nttAl
mg and durable. swr*ni', B TO TBK ou>
wooden pump, being nr.nged to Ut th#
j water off and prevent |„^, t , B minUtr
rote, popur or C' . C u, n p f pumps always
on baud, ill* ' jm t|risl for pumps it nil
"STL i ,in •.* r * e *h"b<w, and arc thus
hern ml 9 i net Check ing or Crack lag.
AL orders by mail promptly filled.
I*l PING, mads of the best materiel, of
"Ve inch Mantling, joined together w.tb
coupling blocks, thoroughly banded, and
wai ranted to stand any pressure required
for ordinary uses. Prices of pining range
from 12 to IB cents per fooL Send orders to
Miiesburg, Pa
and POWDF/^ij!
(XI A L Wilkesba' rr
2W / K, furnscesnd foundrr
rr~y - at the low
*t-pnr es. CuMoinfr, will please
J" 1 * .hat oar coal i housed un-
Q, ' r commodious shed*.
LI It K--V/ood or end-burnt Lima, lortnle
at our kilns, ou the pike leading to
POWDER.— listing received the agency
for I>u Punt's Powder Al"
WHOLESALE, are shall be
pleased to receive order* from
the trade.
Office and yard near south end of Bald
Eagle Valley K. H. Depot, Uellafonte, Pa.
ao *< SUORTLIDCK A 00.
dealer* in
also all the
A very large as
sortment or Toi-
Soap*. Ac., Ac.,
The fice*t qual
ity of Karon
and Razona.
PRESCRIPTIONS, compounded by com J
petent druggists at all hours, day or night.
Night customer* pu 1 night bell.
BithopSu, Bellefonte Pe.
nlB )
Great Destruction
of high prices!
va-At the Old Stand^f
nt Centre Hall.
dry goods,
Hate, Crp, Boots, Shoes.
also a large stock of
FISH, the beet, all kinds,
the bt st and cheapest in the market.
apr7l WM WOLF.
A now and complete Hardware Store has
been opened bjr the undersigned in Brock
et hotTs new building—where they nre pre
pared toeellail kinds of Buillingnnl Hons*
Furnishing Hardware, Iron, Steel, Malls.
Buggy wneelg la setts, Champion Cloth< <
Wringer, Mill Haws Circular and Hon*
Haws, TennonSnwt, Webb News, IceCrrsit
K rosters, Bath Tubs, Clothes Racks, a fbl.
assortment of Glass and Mirror I late of a).
sloes, Picture Frames, WhwPnrc.es
Lamps, Coal OH Lamps, Belting, Bpoken
Felloes, and Hubs, Plows, Cultivators, Core
Plows. Plow Points, Mhear Mold Beards
and Cultivator Teeth, Table Cutlery, Shoe
els, Hpades and Forks, Locks, Hinges,
Sc rews. Sash Springs, Horse-Shoes, Malls,
Norway Rods. 'His. Lard, Lubricating,
Coal, Linsc nd, Tanner;. Anvils, Vices, Bel
lows, Screw Plates, Blacksmiths Tools,,
Factonr Bells, House Bells Dinner Bells,.
Gong Bells. Tea Bells, Grindstones, Carper,
trr Tools, Fruit Jars and Cans, Paints, Oils.
Varnishes received and for sale at
jctnoa auy. J. A J. HARRIS
Furniture Rooms ?
cespoctiuily Informs the citixesns of Gentrv
county, that ha hasconstaaily on hand ar.j
makes to order, ell kinds el
TABLES.**.. R '**'
IJis sicck ofresdv-medvFu.nl' ore islet,
and warranted ofW a workmr nshipsmi .
all made under ■*', own t turner', tatesuncrc .
sion, and is offe mi rates aa cheap atel<
T ,T -"hfbl for paat fr vors, he soli.
V? ft* uuaaoe of the name.
Call jnd see his stock Wort purrhasii
apiM *>•!*.
se. R. ILAIt, Or ITITttl
Attorneys at Lew. Bel I * fonts-,
ofic i, on the Diamond, next door to Gar
man's hotel. CVnsu hat ions in German et
Engl sh. feblffWf
T OHM F. POTTER Tttira.y st lav.
♦/ Collections promptly mads and eyerie
attention given to those having lands oi
property for sal*. Will draw up and hnvt
acknowledged Deeds. Mortgage*,.*? Of
, lee in the diamond, north side of th.
court house, Reliefonte. mllffr i f
axxar #xxauorr. jpanoxaT.
_ President, Cashier.
(Late Millikeo, floorer A Co.)
And Allow Interest,
Discount Notes.
_ . Buy and S'ell
Government Securities, Gold and
implOflhtr Cannons.
JAB. V'JIANTTA Attorney L*
8e11e..-: , eoaiptly attacks to alt he
I >nq*t entrusted to him. iail.ikif
T\ F FOKTNEyT Attorney at Law
j IJ, Bollefonta, Pa Office over Bey
HM A LUST SB, ur d i mus
A TTOP %> G YK _ A T . LA WI
j lt * n,,f " Pt *' loatre Co.. Pena'a. apfiftr
I K * C. MITCHELL, Attorney at Law
BoUefoata, Pa. Office is Carman, a>
' j#w building opposite the Court Bouse.
C. H. Guteiius,
Surgeon And Mwhanicml Deatitft
who Is permanently located la Afcn.nsburn
in the office formerly occupied by Dr. Ksf,
and who has been practicing with ealirs
succesa—having the experience of n uumbet
of years in the profession, ha would cwih
ally invite all who have aa yet >U gives
him a call, to do so, and test the truth (Wees*
of this assertion. ffi*r-Teeth eatractod
| without nain. msygf u f_
! ISO. H. oavia. c, T. rmuwe
j Attorncys-at'law. Office inConrad Roast
Beiiefonto, Pa.
' with Orvis A Alexander, attends to eoiloe-
in the Orphan's Court.
BOoTS! UrgT stock, all styles,: sixes and
prices, for men and hoys, jnst arrived
;j at Wolf well known old Stand
: between Market and Arch, formerly KM.
i Carpets. Oil Cloths, Oil Shades, Wick
> Tarn, Cotton Yarns, Carpet Chains, Gnus
; Bscs, Window Paper, Batting, Ac. Also,
Brushes, Looking Glasses, Ac. deeply
C ha S ; H. Held,
Clock . Watelamaker A Javclei
Millheim, Centre co., Penna.
Kcsnoctfully informs hb friends and th<
public in general, that ha has just opened
at hb new establishment, above A Wan
dcr's Store, and keeps constantly on hasd
■all kinds of Clocks, Watches and Jewelrs
;of the latest styles, as also the Maranvillt
Patent Calender Clocks, provided with t
1 complete index of the month, and day oi
the month and week on its face, which is
] warranted as a perfect time-keeper
s*.Clocks, Watches and Jewelry re
paired on short notice and warranted,
j sepll'Cß;ly
MILLER'S MOTEL, Woodward. P.
Stage* arrive and depart daily.
1 hi* favorite hotel it now in every recpect
one of the moat pleasant country hotel* in
< entral Penntyl vania. The traveliag com
; munity will always find the beet accommo
dation. Drover* can at all time* be accom
modated with stable* and pasture for any
number of cattle or horse*.
julyS'ethf GEO. MILLER.
• EBOVT, Eiaaor st.. Bcllcfonte
The subscriber respectfully calls tha at
tention of the public to his establish m nt,
where he is prepared to furnish all kinds of
Foreign end Domestic Liquors' wholesale
at the lowest cash price*, which are warran
ted to be the be*t qualities according to
their respective | rice*. Hi* ctock consist*
of Rye, Monongahele, Irish and other
Whiskies, all kind* of Brandies, Holland
Gin, Port, Maderia. Cherry, Blackberry
j and other Wines—the beet articles—at as
.reasonable rate* as can be bad in the city,
Champagne, Cherry. Blackberry, Ginger
and Carrawav Brandies, Pure Jamaica and
New England Rum. Cordial or all kinds.
He wortla particularly incite Farmers, Ho
tel keeper* and others to call and examine
hi* large supply, to judge for themselves
and be certain of procuring what they buy,
which can seldom be done whan purchat
ng in the city.
WT-Physician* sre respectfully requested
o give hi* liquors e trial. aplO
To he had at Herlacher A Cromiller'a
A lot of good row Furniture on bend. '
uch aa one Bureau, Bedstead*, Wuk>
stands, Sc.
A splendid lot of Buckskin Gloves,
driving Gloves, dress Gloves.
Tan lard.
The undersigned would respectfully in
fUqn the citiaens of Centre county, 'that
the above Tan Yard will again be put In
full operation, in all its branches, by them.
The highest market price will be paid
for Hides of all kinds. The highest mar
ket price will also be paid for Tanner's
Bark. The public patronage Is solicited
Satisfaction guaranteed.
The Chepast,
purest, best.
On Allegheny Street.
Coffee, Tea, Sngar, Syrup, Dried Fruit,
Canned Fruit, llama, Dried Beef,
Salt, Picklea, Butter, Floor,
Corn Meal, Buckweat Flour,
and everything uaualy kept in a well regn- *
la ted first class Grocery Store
mar3.6m RUHL* GAULT.

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