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FRIDAY April &, 1872.
LOCAL HEWS.- Our friends, every
where, wilt oblige us by sending us local
new* of int#r**t. ... ,
CIRCULATIO*.--The circulation of tlic
KKI'OSTKK, on this side the county,
larger than that of all other |*per in the
county. Business men will therefore tind
thin one of the best advertising medium*.
We invite all interested to come .and in
spect oir list far themselves.
RKHITTAHCW.—AII monies for sub
scription will he credited on the subscri
ber's address, sach week : by referring to
which our pain ns can at all times *ee now
their accounts stand, and a receipt is by
this system carried upon each copy of the
.Tack Rouah is to take possession of
the hotel at Kabmburg.
Lieut. Jno. Lintberl hat taken poa
session of the hotel at Aaransburg.
On*. Smith, formerly of ITilion
villo, has taken iwiaaossion of the Old
Fort hotel.
The landlord* at Millhcim have
'Jjceu returned.
Geo. O'Brynn, wne door Mow
Holler's llellefonte, keeps one the
most extensive furniture
snouts iu those part*. Any articVof
■furniture desired can bo had./ Hi*
prices are among the most reasonable.
Tltat p-inee of salesmen, Mr. A.
Sternberg, it now superintending a
new clothing snfiablishmciil at llelle
ibute, opjiosite HalTer* store. As
overbed v kuows hi in, nothiug is re
quired in cur columns in his piaise.
Ge and sec Sternberg at Isaac liei
xenstein's new store. Sea adv. J
Our readers will I>o glad tn know
that A. Sternberg will have the super
inteadcnce of tha new clothing store
at !W!ofante, of I. I*. Raisenstein
Go and see Sternv, in his new quart
ers, and lie will sell you goods low.
Go and see him, without fail.
The mau who don't take the lit-
EOKTKR, was in the office the other
day, and wanted to know whether it
is true that Jeff Thins was captured.
He also wanted to know whether the
big fire in Chicago had got put out.
We told him it had, and gave him a
few of its thrilling iucidents ; he then
asked whether we'd be at home next
Sundav. to tell him all about the Chi
cago fire. lfrthen left, saving we
miyhl send bitn a REPORTER occasion
ally, as he supposed paper did not
cost us much, because it was ouly
made of rags.
Char esteemed friend, Mr. Jame*
Van Ormer, has left Millheira and
gone to Woodward. If Millheim ever
lost anv citizen whom the will miss,
it is Mr. Van Ormer —but what is
Millheim's loss will be Woodward's
gain. Mr. Van Ormer will superin
tend the largo grist-mill, at Wood
ward, now the property of that whole
souled fellow, Mr. Dauiel Weidensaui,
uvhu has completely refitted the mill.
J/r. Van Ormer knows how to make
good flour, and if our friends in the
lower end don't have good bread, it
wQI not be his fault. J/illers of his
ability aod experience are scarce, and
'those who try him ouce will always
bare their work done by him. A
sppply and feed will always
VTK found on hand there.
The barn of Mr. William Lamb, of
A/kriou Iwp., says the Watchman,
with its contents and three cows and
a calf was burut on Friday last. How
the fire originated, we did not learn,
but presume it eamo from a spark
from the bouse.
REMOVED —After April Ist. 1872,1
the Boot, Shoe ami Leather Store of
Graham & 800, will be found on
Bwbop St, next door to Keller's
where they will keep the lar
gest stof-k of Bool*, Shoe- and Leather
in town. 'ps- 3t,
ACCIDENT. — On Tuesday while
Mr. James Denver was ® u l ' ,e
with hie flitting from Milroy 1° our
town, the team of which he had cha'*S e
made an effort to run awav, in the
neighborhood of Tetters bank, and iu
his efforts to prevent this, he fell and
the wagon pasted over his thighs, in
juring him to such an extent that he
had to be conveyed home ou a bed.
Prof. IX M. Wolf, f Bellefonte,
baa In i n elected Preaident of a lie
foimcd theological institution in Leb
anon county. It is a fit selection, and
we congratulate our friend upon the
At no time, within the last twenty
years have w noticed so many flit
tings as this spring in our valley. Al
rooat everybody seems to be on the
"move." For cheap Goods go to H of
fer Bra's.
FISIIETY.— Win. Wolf, at tbe old
atand, has just received a larg supply
of fresh mackerel, shad, and herring —
the nicest and beat in market, which
will be aold at reaanoable figures, and
all wanting any ihiDg in tne line of
fish, are invited to call and see his
fresh stock.
Sold. —John Wolf has sold his farm
near Sprucetown, 60 acres, to Philip
Kemp, at 865 per acre.
LARGE EGO. — Mr. A. 04tdorf
sent a lien egg to this office
measures 8 inches by 61 inches in
cumference. Whose chicken can beat
A friend from the Loop send* ui tbe
following items :
H. A. Larimer, a staunch democrat, an
honest man, and a good citizen, moved
from the Loop, to Mr. Sun key's farm, near
Millheim. Mr. Sankey has been very
fortunate in getting a tenant who will per
form his duty in all cases. V
/ The old and wellknov.n Kerlin stored
C has i>een sold to Mr. Wm. Armagast. /
Dr. Fisher, of Boalsburg, still has hanus
at work prospecting for coal at the base of
Tussey Mountain, in the Loop. Oood of
fers have been made by speculators for
property there, hut the owners refuse to
Smokers and chewers, at Hiram Hof
fers, in the Conrad house, is where you get
the delightful article. Hiram knows what
you want and always keeps the nicest ci
gars, tobacco, pipes, and all belonging to
that line, at reasonable prices. Don't for
get to patronize Hiram, he is one of the
cleverest fellows that ever stood behind a
>-By reference to the Jobbing and !
Commission house of Hurnside & Thomas,
it will be seen that this firm are offer
ing a very large and superior stock of
Fish, Groceries, Tobaco, Leather, Molas
ees, Harness and a thousand other articles
of merchandise, at city prices. These
goods are all new. If you wish to save
from 30 to 60 per cent., you should natron
ize this old experienced and reliable firm.
They sell for Cash only, and keep no
books. We cheerfully commend them to
all our renders, and feel satisfied of the
fact, that they sell goods at city prices.
You will be convinced l-y pricing their
goods. You need not go to other markets
to make your purchases.
Shingles ! Shingles 1
Twelve Thousand good sawed Shingles
are offered for sale by the undersigned, at
reasonable rates, at Centre Hill.
-sap3t J. C. KEMP.
Of all the big blowing, we know of,
in theee port*, laat Sunday night and
Monday c|>|>od the climax. It blew
hard enough to take the hair all a
bald nigger* head. It blew as the
winds blow when navies are stranded
and forests are Tended. At Smith's,
about 1 mile this side of Millheitn, a
Crt of n roof was blown from a small
m. On Saturday, 30, the weather
was mild, with some rain towards eve
ning ; on Sunday there were occasion
al brisk showers of rain, and A/otiday
was pretty cold, with pleaaautar
weather on Tuesday.
Mr. Dauin wishes hie friends to
bear iu mind, that his wine and liquor
alore has been removed above the
Cuniniiugs house, where lie will con
stantly keep the finest and beat of
every tiling iu that line.
Zellcr Jarrelt have removed their
drug store to the BrocherhofT house in
the room lately occupied by Mr Lip
toti. This places these gentlemen iu a
more central and convenient locality
for the people geneialiy. Their new
quarters are fixed up tu niaguficent
style am) iioiy of our reader* should
them, when iu
RcTlofonte. They a ftcah
supply of Chemicals and
beside* are among the most reHoble
and experienced tacit in that business
Humor of n Murder Committed
Thirty Years Ago.
of One of tho Murxlerert.
The following, from the Lowisburg
JvurHol, relates to a matter with which
nearly all the Penns valley readers of the
Kt porter are familiar:
No doubt many of our reader* will re
member a rumor which was in circulation
tome thirty years ago that a man travel
ing on horseback through Penns Valley
Narrow* had been foully dealt with. The
rumor was based uptn the fact that the
body of a h,-r*e was found tome twenty
rods from the pike which had apparently
been knocked down with a cudgel and
killed. The horse was fouud.several days
after he was killed, by some boys who
were out gunning Other circumstance*
connected with the affair caused a great
deal of excitement in the neighborhood,
gome half doxen of the ciliaens were toon
after summoned to the s|>ot, who reported
that the case required a thorough investi
gate n A call was made upon the citi
xeiis en lUA***> grid a day appointed to
make search for the body gf jhc man sup
posed to have been murdered.
On the day appointed a number of men
from Centre and Union counties repaired
to the spot w here the horve was found and
set out in squad* through the woeds, and
searched all day diligently hut {bund noth
ing. They then concluded that if there
were any grounds for their suspicions, and
that a man bad really been murdered, his
body must have been sunk in a saw mill
dam close by. Another day ** appointed
to let the water out ef the darn.
On the night before the day Used upon
to let off the water, the gate* were drawn
by tome unknown parties and the water
let out. Tbe feeling* of iho searching par
ties can only be imagined when the nest
day they found thing* in *uch n condition.
Titus? who had given the matter very lit
tle thought ridicuaed the idea of
there being any cause res apprehen
•ion*, at once changed their mind*, *ad
the excitement became intense. Search
was, however, made in the mill dam, when
ftesh track* were found that had no doubt
been made the previous night by parties
who had been wading through the ntud,
but no further developments USf® brought
to light.
Varieut rumors were in circulation.
Several parties were implicated in the
crime, but a* in nowt case* of this kind, the
rpmors were mostly, if not all, unfounded,
and Uw pycurrencc was seemingly fergot
Some ten year* ago, btsvofgy, jj was
published in the newspapers in certain lo
calities in this State that a man, who had
been a former resident of tbie county, had
Confessed upon his death bed that he was
one of a party who had murdored a man
jn Penns Valbsv JB%irow same twenty
years previous that Jau.. This now* pre
a'.<d some little excitement at |bptjmg, but
it soon also diod out.
Within the last few days rumor ha* it,
that a cvrtabi man moved to the west from
the upper i." 4 of this county many yesr.
since, had lately od hJ
at hi. dying hour that .V* " ° na o(
party whe had committed the fetus I a'*
ley Narrows murder some thirty ycaf'E o,
and bad implicated three others. Thai
tbey played cards (with the man they af
terwards killed) at a tavern this side *f
the Narrows, and there discovered that he
bad a large amount of money, being adro
vcr from Berks county ; that they at once
laid a plan to kill and rob bitn; that they
followed him through tbe Narrow* to tbe
place near where the hor.-e was found and
killed hint and the horse, and buried bis
body under the horse. After the horse
was discovered they meved the man's
body and sank it in the mill dam, and
when tbe matter was talked of, and
the citixens determined to let out tho wa
ter out of the dam, he and the other parties
mplicated let out the water the previous
night, and took the body and carried it
several miles away, towards Lrurii Valley
Narrows, and were tbe frst on the ground
tbe following morning to help search.
Our papers will doubtless in a few days
contain a more complete history of the
matter, but there are now • many rumors
in circulation that we would not be sur
prised in the end to find that there is no
, foundation for the present exciting roports.
For the Reporter.
Sewiug Mat-hine Sales of 187}/
rale* of the different a-
are, to a an
a< of the
popularity of the machines they iu mufac
ture. it may be to the adrantago of the
public generally, to rareftilly note the fol
lowing statistics of the aalea of the leading
machine companies for the year 1871,
which are taken from the sworn return of
each company, made the leceieer of license
fees :
The Singer MTg Com. sold 181260 Mach.
Wheeler 4 Wilaon!m'f gCo 128696 "
Orover& Baker S. M. Co. 6U838 "
Weed 8. M Co. 3 W66 "
'Howe M. Co. Ijan. Ito July 1] 34010 "
Wilcox 4 Gibba 8. M. C. 60127 "
Wilson 8. M. Co. 21168 "
American B. O. 48. M. Co. 20121 "
Domestic 8. M. CV 10697 "
Empire 8. M. Co. 2906 "
By the above the Singer seems to be the
"K ing' of them all, and it certainly is the
best. Call on Mr. J/essinger, or at Zim
merman Bros 4 Co., in Bellefwiite.and see
•♦• - "
For the Reportet.
From the Loop.
CoctcßTilLi, April Ist, 1872 Hon. F.
Kurtz—Dear Sir.—l have just been in
formed, through a reliable source, that on
next Thursday a corps of Engineers, un
der the charge of Mr. Worrei. a practical
Engineer, will commence at Milroy station
to examine a route through the Seven
Mountains for the contemplated rail road,
known as the Willow Grove and Burns
Spring R. B.
if a practical route can be found, (ot
which there i not the least doubt,) the
road will belocated at once and operations
commence at the earliest possible period.
We feci proud that we of the Loop will
have a railroad in proximity to the village
of Cburchville. If such is the fact, of
which there is not the least doubt in
my mind, we will, in all pro'ability, be
successful in getting a post-office, for
which wo have labored hard, but have
been denied it by radical authority. We
have made evory effort in our power, by
using all honorable means to get a post
office established at CburcbviUe, but the
radical ipfluence at Centre Hill has induc
ed the Post Mastjejr General to believe that
we are unworthy that (gyor feeing confer
ed on us—being regular copperbaa4, and
unworthy his notice. To change the sub
ject. I would say for the gratification ef
those who think that all who live In the
Leop are ignoramuses, that we have living
near Oburchville a child, not yet two
years old, that can slug two tunes very
correctly, namely, "Little Brown Jug, '
and the "Rook that is higher than I." She
sings with as much earnestness as though
the was a professor of music. A MO*.
For the Reporter,
Did You Hour Anything Drop.
BkLLxrOMTK, Pa. March 9Mh 1*771
Mr. Fred. Kurt*. Dear .Sir: —We have
carefully road Mr. Hartgee' letter In your
last. lfesi>eahiat,lengthjalHuttlling "the
truth," and seems le assert that he can tell
the truth as well a* Mr. Zimmerman 'or
any other man " He says, further, "that
the people of Centre county can well see
that the American Sewing Machine is tho
best" and that "Mr. Zimmerman knew* it
to be a fact."
Now, wo know that the pontile of Centre
county "can't see it" in that light, and we
know too, as lated in our former letter,
that Mr. Z. admits no such fact, and that
he took the American to his house to get II
out of the way in the store.
Wo have two of the seventy-five dollar
American Machines, now. that we have
repeatedly offered at fifty-five dollars each
sad cannot get purchasers for them at that
Hut, in erder te inform Mr. Bartges, and
the people of Penns Valley, generally,
which machine it the beet, we will just
mention the number of machines sold by
each compaiiv ill I*7l, which is at follows:
The Singer Mauufscturiug Company sold
I*l,*AX< luachiaee, while the American U.
O. and S. M. Company sold only 30,121
machine* Showing thnt Ifil.ISM more
Singer machines were sold than Ameri
This statement is taken ft out the >worn
returns of each company, made to the re
ceiver ef license fee#, and is therefore, cor
rect. We sold in this county ftvm April
Ist I*7l to llie present date lot) Singer Ma
chine* and will give the names of the pur
chaser* in our next "The proof of the
pudding is in the eating," so the proof of
the best Sewing Machine is the immense
number ef sales.
In accepting our challenge for a sewing
match Air. B. shows a little of the while
feather, by askiug us to pome to ,1/adisou
burg, as we staled expressly iu our former
letter that w# weuld sew with him any
where west of Afiles, Pettn and llaine*
townships, and as Afaditunburg is in anoth
er Singer agent's territory we would not be
justified in going there.
But we will slick to our former offer and
will name Centre Hall a* a suitable place
for the contest. Mr. H. alto brag* about
beating eur agent at Jas. A. Sweelwood's
in Poller township, lu answer to this, we
will slate that the Singer that was on trial
at Mr. S'a, was not in working order at the
slack thiead-pin in the needle bar was out
of place, which escaped the notice of Mr
Mrssingur, until! it was too late. Hoping
that Mr. 11. fully understands tho mcaniug
of the eleventh commandment, and that he
will make it suit to meet us at Centre Hall,
we remain, Your* very truly,
*mKR|fAN BkoSA tX).
1871. Jacob Spangler. DR.
Murvh 26th To order on G.
Grossman.. 9186,64
*' " To cash at audit 76,00
" 28 rd 1872, Ty amount
of dup1icate............... .......
Contra CR.
March 23rd 1872, By Ux ex
onerations 21,92
By labor..— 523,13
" " " By soryipes 110,00
" By ca*h .... 143.U)
" " " Bj- order tQ
successor - 134,49
John tioodhart, PR
March 26th 1871. To an ortlvr
* on J. Kmerick 9 66,4T
" " " To cash at
audit....... - - 07,66
March 23rd 1872, To amount
of duplicate....... 408,65
Contra CK.
March 23rd 1872, By labor.. 412,98
" " " By exoner
ations - 8,75
~ .. ii„ , orr j CM lUO.OO
•' By c'atb 14.94
Robert Lee, DR.
March 25th 1871, To order... 370.30
March 26th 1871, To cash
(ft offer 1 - 9 40,00
Murch tfrd iJTV. Tf amount
of duplicate... 781,27
Contra CR.
March 23rd 1872, By ex
pense* 9<®2,48
" " •' By service* 45.00
" " •• " per. cent
age -9 39,06
v " exonera
tions.......... 6,12
•. • •• " paid Dr.
Neff. 7.00
" •" •' " cash 66,06
" *• " " keeping
Wilson Quick..-..........—.. 81,16
" "F.H. Van
Valxah. M D 6,00
•i J. T.
Black, M. D 14,60
" • "•• Tdgr M
successor 244,31
j, a iwiw, DK
June 6tb 1872, To balance on
11. Dashers duplicate ~. 916,
March "Jird 1872, To amount
of duplicate 646,41
Contra CR.
March 23TJ 1872, By vouch
• •• •' By services 40,00
• " " By percent
age on 700.80 41,04
• i i { }y order to
. 763,30
Auditors DR.
March 23rd 1872, To cash re?
ceivod from township offi
cers - 363,U)
Contra CR.
March 23rd 1872. Kxonara
tions for 1871 4,76
Dr. P. Ne#
medical attendance..—....- 101,26
•• " •' Fred Kurt*
(printing) .. - 16,50
•" '• Auditor. 1
day each 6,00
" " " clerk 1 day. 2,00
•• •• " Room rent,, 1,00
" " " Sundries.6o
" •' " paid J Hoi
terinan overseer for 1872... 70,00
•• " " D Gilliland 60,00
_" " " l'ead Win.
llarkios for keeping and
attending Mrs. Meyers and
child duiing illneas 111.00
We the undersigned have examined the
above accounts, and certify to In* correct
ness of the same.
W. W. Lovtc, Jan. M'CLIWTICK,
J. D. MURRAY, Auditors.
War. A. Kxaa, Town-clerk,
Netiee is hereby given that the follow
ing applications for License have been filed
to April session, 1872.
I). Johnston ft Hons Hotel, Bellefonte bor
Wilkinson ft Griee "
Michael Howard M "
Edward Keby Uestaurant "
n. H. Stone Saloon " *
Fred Smith Restaurant " •'
John Anders M " "
A Baum Wholesale Liquor " "
Jacob Kttle
Henry Jacob
Thomas Loughery "
Helen Hirshler Restaurant "
Wm. Brown "
Daniel German Hotel
Dew ning ft Yeager Rest. " "
George Taylor Hotel Unionville bor
Daniel R. Boileau " Milcsburg bor
T. M. llall
Jno Hpangler " Potter twp
Charles Smith jr. "
Martin Leitzell " " '•
Gotleib JUaag " Spring twp
Joseph FTMUUOU "
Jeremiah A. Sankey " Hiiowliow "
Robert J. Haynes " '' "
Jeel Kline " Marion twp
William Kobb Walker
Alfred Kroamer " Penn "
Rebecca Musser
Elizabeth Kuhns " Liberty "
John Limbert " Haines "
C. A. Paulker " Philipsburg bor
J. L. Bumgardner "
Montgomery Brewer " "
S. Smith Wholesale Liquor
Jno Beezer ft Bro. " Banner twp
Joseph Peters Hotel Harris "
Patcfioll ft Miles " Huston "
Jno C. Mason " Rush "
Martin Murphy " Rurnsjde "
James Redding Hotel Hnew Shoe twp.
Frank Hutton Restrurant Philipsburg bor.
Catharine Koust Hotel Potter twp.
Gworge Miller " Haines twp.
Elias Miller " Miles twp
J. B. Butts " Bellefonte Bor.
Harry Kline "
Martin Dolan " Bogrstwp.
If arch 27th 1872. Cleik of Sessions.
Shoemaker*, leather denier*, ){riiiii
dealer*, ilont fail to read the ndver
tiaemont of your old friend A. SUM
man. If any out delight* to pleaao
people liy Milling cheap it ia our old
and good natural friend Suaainnn,
By virtu* of writ of fieri facia* issued
out of the Court of Common Pleat of Cen
tre county, and to me directed, will ho ox
noted to public sale, at the Court House,
in Bollafonto. on Monday the 22nd day of
April, 1872. the following properly, via :
All certain frame dwelling house 21
stories high, 86 feel in front ami 2tl feet in
depth, situate ia the town of Centre Hall,
Potter twp , on a lot or piece of ground on ,
the north tide of Church street, adjoining
lot of Win. P. Shoope, on Ilia north, an al
ley on the west anil Church street, being.
40* feet ia front, on Church street, and tKI
feet ill depth. Seised taken in execution
ind to be sold a* the property of tleorge
it. Harpslcr.
A I,SO !
All those 2 certain lot* of ground, situate
in the Borough of Howard, Centre county,
Pa., one thereof tx-ing at stone corner,
near Main street, thence along said street,
south 611) degree*, west VI !*et to post,
theaee along an alley 33) degrees, west
13 2-10 per. to post, thence along an alley
2l) degrees e*t 60 feel to |k>i thence by
lot of said Jacob Mecse, 30) degree*, cast
14 2-10 per to place ofhegining containing
one-fourth of an aero, more or le*. there
on erected a two story house, stable, and
other out-buildings, the other thereof
bounded on the north by lot of Jas. But
ler, on the west by the estate of Buttler,
on the south by lot of Jacob Mccse, and
on the east by public road, containing on*
fourth of an acre, more or less. Seiaed,
taken in execution, and lo be told as the
property of Jacob Meese Sale to com
mence at 1 o'clock, P. M of said day.
1) W. WOODRINO. Sheriff.
Sheriffs office licllefoute, Mar 39th, 1872.
nuumuis MOTH
The following accounts have been ex
amined and passed by me, remain fllod of
record in this office for tho inspection of
heir#, legatees, creditor*, and all other*
in any w ay interested, to be held at Belle
fonte, for allowance and confirmation, en
Wednesday, the 2tih day of April, A. l>.
Ist The final Account of l-ac M mi J
Jacob S. Carter, administrator* of Joseph
W. Carter, lalo of I'ottor township dee d.
2nd. The account of the adminst ration
of Alexander ffhaunun, and John Ke*.
administrator* of (ha estate f Hamue)
Harpster, lato of Fottcr town.plp Centre
County, dte'd.
3rd. The account of John It- Leather*,
executor of tho left wilt and testament of
Daniel Leather*, jr., late of Howard twp.,
'4th The guardianship account otJohn
L Muuer, guardian of Kit-hard P. Laura
V, and Alexander K. minor children of
Robert and Laura Morton, late oi K< ron
ton twp. dee d.
6lh The first and final account of Jac
ob R ijowcr, Jr., guardian of Kiunjine
llarpar minor chilJ oT Henry Harper,
late of Haines twtv, dee'd.
6th. The guardianship account of Win.
Keller, late of Potter tow nship, deceased,
who was guardian of Wm k. Foster, as
filed by John 11. Keller, and D. \V Kell
er, administrator* of William Roller, j
7th "Die guardianship account M.T.I
Mtllikin. guardian of John R, and W. 8. |
Key*, minor children o! Thomas <J. hoys,
deceased, as filed by James MflliLin.%attor
ney in fact for the executor* of M T. Mil-|
likin, dee'd.
tflh. The account of William Meyers,
administrator of all and singular, the goods
chatties, rights, and credits which were of
Georgo Ifi-ycr*, laic Spring township,
9th. Account of James Oiiver. adminis
trator of all and singular, the govel*, chat
tics, and credits of John liaily, tlunalic),
late of Ferguson twp., dee'd.
10t|j. The account of Simon* Long, ad
ministrator of Mry Dung, uf How
ard twp , dee'd.
I Ith. The account of Henry M. Meek.j
and Mary A. Miller, formerly Mary A.
Cooper. ' admistralors, of Andrew W. j
Cooper, laic of Fcrguson township, deceas
ed. .. .. _ .
I2lh. The accouut of James I*. Coburn,
administrator of all and singular, the
goods, chatties. lights, an J credits, which
were of Henry B. Mussina, late of Haines
twp., deceased.
i3th. Tho partial account of Je-*# L
Test, executor of the last will and testa
ment of Joseph Booth, late of Ruihtwp.,
lltli, The account of George W\ Brurn
gart, aJmiuLtralor of Henry Tresslcr,
late of Fatten twp., dee'd.
16th. The account of Daniel Brumgart,
guardisn'ofM M. Karhard, minor child of
JdCob W. Karhard, deceased, late uf
Miles twp.
ICth. The account of George Alexan
der, administrator of liarnabu* Shipley,
deceased, laleofl'nisn twp.
17th, The account ef A. C. Geary and
Adam Decker, administrator* of the estate
of David I!effman, late ef Marion twp.,
JKth The account of William Garbricl
and Baiiluei J. tLubri. k. rxueutor* of
John Garbrick, laTo ftf Marioit township,
IVth. The account of John 11. Neidigb,
administrator of John Neidigb, laic of,
Ferguson twp., deo'd
20lh. The flrl partial account of John
T. Ross, and George W. Campbell, execu
tor* of the last will and teoUiuent ot David
Bo**, !q!e of Harris twp. dee'd.
SI'I Tließs.svio.it uf Gram ley.
aJTiiinLtffilor oi nil 'and singular, tin
goovls, battles, right*, and (jrcdit*. finch:
ijcre of Jacob Grsmlcy, Sr., laic of Miles,
two., dee'd.
XJtid. The thinl partial account of]
ftCorus Livingston. executor of Henrj
VandvLj,. lata of Rellefonte, dee'd.
ilrd The cJminLtration account of
iUnry ileaton, administrator ut William
B. Krl.e, lato of Boggstwp,, deo'd j
lilth. The account of Jacob Leilsoll. jrj
administrator of Jacob L-itxell, lato of!
Fenn tap,, doe'd.
26th. The account of David Rhoads
and John Irvin. jr.. surviving trustees,
under tho will of William A. Thomas,
late of Bcllefonte,
26th. Tho administration acoount of
JMfi) Weaver, admuii-trator of David
Vf caver, Mx of f'erguson| twp., dee'd.
27th- Tno acxoui.x ,f Jacob Strohrn,
guardian of Daniel and &u*mi Ketr. uiinor
ch ldren of D.inlel Korr, Into of Fotlcrj
twp., dee'd.
April Court—Grant! ,|uropi
Philipsliurg—John llanick
Walker —Henry Beck, K Marklo
Bonner—Goo Dale, II L Harvey
{h>ggt- -vi Pletcher, A Fetxer
Rush—Robt Steven*, Peter Siegfried
Spring Jess ttlcwert
Snowtnoo —A Cariipblu
4 Moon—J L Gray
ltellefonte—C M'Caffcrty, Simon Har
Union—Wm H Smith
Worth—W V Beck with
Gregg-SG Herring, Jacob M'Cool
Potior—Ji.o JJnsterman
Liberty—J no liuckly
Burnside--G 1* Zimmerman
Howard K Glenn, J W Hall
Mile*—Sain'l Gramly
Traverse Juror* —4tli Monday, 22nd
Philipsburg— II Jone*
Ilaine* —Sam'l Burrell, Geo Bright,
Tho* Mou, J H White
Milefburg—Wm Baird, M Irwin, Wm
I! Adam*
I'atton—John Hicks, G liuixor, Jonas
Howard —B F Holler, Mich Confer
Gregg- John Rishel, David Barges, Jno
Grove, Joseph Smith
Bellofonto—John He (Tor, 8 A Bell, Geo
A Bayard, A Mullen, John Mease, C Fry*
berger, Wm K Adams, I Mitchell
Benner—Goo Johnstonbach, A Uurbrlck
Burnside -Geo Viedeflcr, J it Beck
Huston— Thus Parson*
Worth —J G Jone*
Spring—A Stewart, J 8 Swart*, J M
Furey, A Miller
Potter—Peter Keller, I) F leisher, Geo
Miles—H Fidlcr
Halfmoon—T M Way
Liberty—l) Bitner, J Dehnus
Marion—Jn<> Holmes
Cprtin—Jno Dohaus
llarri*—Wm Lyt[
Snowshoe—J A Wolf
Peen—Cbr Alexander
2nd week—29th April.
Snowshoe—J Gunsnlus
Potter—A Koch, Joseph (iillilssnd, I C
Boa I
Ferguson—W Garner, SOass, P Kuieh
loin. J Gates
Liberty—L Kverhart
Rush—J White, W Asky T J Batcbelor
Haines—O B Stover
Harris— Jno Meyerß Gardner
Philipsburg—A Alberton A .J Graham
Bellefonte —11 It Verger S J Cook
Papa—B Ard
Tay lor—T Dougherty 8 Worper
Spring—J L Hookey
Benner —Wm Tib bens
Milesburg—J B Thomas O Ayors
Boggg—John Curry Win Smith S
Charles M U Mackey F M Coy
Milea—S K Foust Jonath Kramer
Gregg—B Harter
UnionvilU— Juo Bing.
A Htaatino AaTict.*.— Nature'* Hair
Restorative. 80 clear, frag 1 ant, ao rill,
eient in raatoring gray hair and keeping
the head healthy. A*k your diuggUt (or
L 8M advertisement. apll "it
Corrected by Keller A Mu*or.
Whit* Wheat f 1.40, Red 136 ..Ry*
76 Corn t'#t> Oat* 40 liar ley 116.
70. Oloverseed 5,60 potatoes 40,
hard pr pound 11 Pork per pound 09
Hotter 26....... Kgg> 20 Plaster per ton
sl6 Tallow 8 Itncon H llam 16.
Corrected by John M Howell.
While wheat 1,46 .. Hid wheal 1,40.,..Rye
70 Corn 70 ttals 40 Ilarley (16
('lovcrsced 6,60 Tiiimthyseed, 860
Salt 2 60 per sack
Itacon Ilk Ilnin 111 . ... duller JD Eggs
20 Piaster U. VI 5
New! 'lolhingSforc
I. L- Reizenstein
in the corner building, opposite 11 offer's
store, Bellefontc, ha# established a new
('lathing Store where Ihe bc-t bargains ill
, the county are offered.
$7.50 to sls for Suits of tho tin
est Gassimoro.
and a full and complete assortment of ev
ery thing in the lino of ('lathing.
(•rut's. FlirnUkiiiK HinuU
all directly from their wn manufactory
Jewt'lry. Rnk'htw, Ac.
They have engaged their old dark, Mr.!
A. Sternberg, so w.-ll known to iheturople, j
and whu will be pleased to sou III# old j
friend*. a|#6tf.
1 noott HKI.OW Hort ru'a
(JEOJi UK (run YA N,
Hwaler in
y 1U W 3 Y U IB 2
Parlor and Chamb<r Set*.
Particular Attention to Ordered Work.
In AH lu liratu-hc*,
Always "n Hand, and Funeral# Attend.*!
With an Elegant Hcarte. a|>6tf.
in lower room. No, 1. Hush's block, where 1
he keeps on hand a stock of
0.1 A' and 11EML0( K LEA Til EH.
Kips an<* Calf Skins,
of French ntul Oily Finish.
Haw HidesS ~TAXD
Trunks and
fa Uses
erH)O Red Fox. Mink,!
I I lik> ■ ki.Aa ofj
r ur* IR<ughL
Clover and
Timothy Seed
bought and sold. WHEAT, GATS and
:ill V :i- . f grnln s.-I,V
Go to So,,man's, there vou can buy
cheaper thnn elsewhere, n* ever,
knows, who ever dealt with hlin. He let,
no una,off without a good bargain.
Next door to Sussnuxn's is the cheap dry
good* establishment of Isaac Guggenheim
df. aps.tf.
The Champion of the World.
The new Improved American. Button-
Hole Overaeaming and Complete
Hewing J/uchine —The great
est machine.of the Age !
Simplcity, Durability A* Cheap
ness Combined.
This machine being the litest, ha* many j
improvement* over all other, in a word, it
is a perfect machine!which it ackuowlodg
ed by Dumbest judge* andagent* of all other
itajfThc following reasons are given
j why this is the {jest family machine to
: purchase :
! 1. Because it will do everything that
any machine ran it; hcmiuing'froni the
finest to the coarsest material. lieinming,
felling, cording, braiding, hindin* .gather
ing, and sewing on at the same time, ruf- ;
'fling, quilting, &0., better than any other]
2. Because the tension* are more easily ]
adjusted than any other machine.
8. Because it ear work a beautiful bul
lion-hole, making B* tine a felling as by
] hand,
4. Because it will embroider over the
edge, opd making a neat and beautiful
border on any garment.
6 Because it will work a beautiful eyo
lst hole.
fi. Because it can do over-band seam
ing. by which sheet*, pillow cates, and the
like, lire sewed over and oval.
7. Because you can ouiekly raise or
lower the feed to adapt it to thick cloth.
8. Because you have a short, deep bob
bin, by which the thread is constantly
drawii from the centre, making the tension
even and doe* not break the thread.
fl. Because the presser-foot turns bark.'
so the clotb can be easily removed after be
ing sowed.
10. Because the best of mechanics pro
nounce it the best finished, anil made on
better principle* than any machine man
ufactured. It ha* no springs to break;
nothing to get out of order.
11. Because it i two machines in one—
a button hole working and a sewing ma
chine combined.
12. Because no oilier machine can ac
complish the kind of sewing stated in No.
8, 4,6 and *l.
Remember, it i* to last a lifetime, there
fore one is wanted that will do the most
work, mid do it the best This machine
can do several kiails of sewing not done on
any other machine; besides doing every
kind tlmt nil other* [can do. The Ameri
can or l'lnin Sewing Machine dues all
that i* dne on the combination ex
cept button-holi) and ovcrseaming.
The American doe* not rely upon "an
tiquity of invention" nor upon reputation
won when Hewing by machinery wm in its
infancy ; but the tact that it embodies sub
stantial improvements upon tho many old
machines in market, and has decided ad
vantages over all other machines.
Gallon A. L. Bartre*, Madisonburg,
who is the authorised agent for Centre
county. Also keeps tho best Hewing Ma
chine thread, needles, nnd repairs altkind*
of sewing machines, clocks, watches, inu
xick boxes &e I will thoroughly canvass
the section belonging to me, and I shall be
very much pleased to iell every persona
machine, on easy terms ; giyu it a trial be
fore purchasing any other— it IIHS no equal.
Parties wishing the machine, will please
address tho undersigned. Satisfaction
guaranteed. All order* promptly attend
ed to. A. L. BARTGKS,
Agent for Centre County.
* TY.
, j The lieiiiorracy of C' litre county Penn'a
• 111 1-• • 11111 V convention met, Rttttlvrd that
the follvwiug iior tulm be adopted for the:
Aituru government of the party In ald
. county s
let, Tho election* for delegate* to rep
, resent the different district* in the annua)
• democratic county convention, shall be
1 held at the u*uat plate el' holding the
general election* for each district, oil the
Saturday proceeding the second Tuesday
in August, in eai li and every year, begin
iiig at Iwo o'clock I'. M. of *Hld day, and
continuing until five o'cleck I*. M.
! '.'nd 1 lie said delegate election* shall
: he held by an election board, to consist of
the member of the county committee for
' such district, and two other democratic
; voter* thereof, who shall be appointed or
designated by the OouiityiComiuittoo. In
1 case any of the persona so constituting the
i board, shall lie absent (Volil the place ol
holding the election fur a quarter of an
hour alter the time appoint! d, by Rule
First, for the opening of the same, hi* or
their place or place*, shall be filled by an
election to be conducted riro cure, by the
democratic voter* present at the time.
3rd Kvery qualified Voter of tho die-
Uriel. aim, at the last general election vot
ed the democratic ticket, shall be entitled
lo a vote at the delegate elm lions ; ,and
iitiy qualified elector of the district who
will pledge hi* word of Imnor to support
the democratic ticket at the next general
election shall be permitted to vote at the
! delegate election*.
(111. The voting at all delegate elections
j .hall be tiy ballot; upon which ballot
! shall bo written or printed the name or
name* <*f the delegate or delegate* voted
for, together with any instruction* which
the voter may desire to give the delegate
or delegate*. Rach ballot shall ho receiv
ed from tho persons voting the same, by a
member of tho election hoard, and by bitti
deposited in a boa or other receptacle
prepared for that purpose, lo which bo*
or other receptacle, no person but the
member# of the election b urd shall have
6th No instructions shall ho received
;• t recognised unless the same be voted
upon the ballot a* provided in Rule Fourth
nor shall such instruction* if voted upon
the ballot, bo binding Upan the delegate,
unless one half or more of the ballul* con
tain instruction* concerning the same of
fice. Whenever half or more of the bal
lot* shall contain instruct in* concerning
any olfice, ihe delegate* elected gt such
election shall be held to be instructed to
support the oandidalu* having the highest
number of vole* for #uch office.
tiih. Kach election board shall keep an
accurate list of the names of all |er*on*
voting at such elections; which list of vote#
together with a full and complete return
of such election containing an accurate
statement of the |ier*on* elected delegates
and all instruction voted shall he certified
by said board, to the County Convention,
upon printed blank# lo be famished by
the County Couiutittoe.
7th Whenever from ally district, qua)- 1
ificd demos ratio voter*, in number* equal j
to five time* tbo delegate* which such dis
trict ha* in lha County Convention, shall
complain in writing of an undue election
or false return of delegate* or of ilislruc- f
lions, in whichcomptallil the alleged fact* a
shall be specifically set forth and verified '1
by the affidavit 01 otic or more person#, r
such complainant* shall have the right to I)
contest the scat of such delegate* or the n
validity of suuh instruction* Such com
plaint shall be heard by a committee of
live delegate* to be ap|>ointcd by the Pres
ident of the convention; which said com- t
to it tee shall proceed lo hear the parties,
their proob and allegation*, and a* soon t ,
a* may be, report to the convention what j,
delegate* arc entitled to seat* therein, and y
what instructions are binding upon such j
delegate*. \V)icrcp|H>ii the convention
•halt proceed immediately, upon the call a
of the yea* and stay*, to adopt or reject t
the report of the contesting part in*. In
which call of the yea* and nay, the names
of the delegate* whose seat* are contested
or whose instruction* are disputed, shall .
be omitted 7
j nth. All dalcgato* must reside in the
district they represent. I n ease of absence
■ or inability to attend, substitutions may be
j made from citixen* of the district.
'Jth. Delegates must obey the intl rue
lion, given them by their respective dis
tricts, and if violated, it shall be the duty
of the President of the Convention, to cast
-.be vote of such delegate or delegates
lin accordance with the instruction* ; and
:ho delegate or delegates to offending shall
he forthwith expelled from the Conven
tion. and shall not b ciigiLleto any ofifice
< r place of trust ih the party for a period
of twoyear*.
loth. In Convention a majority of all
the votes shall be necessary to a nomina
(lion; and no person* name shall be ex
cluded from the list of candidates until
after the n/ll ballot ®r vote, when the!
person receiving the least number of rotes
-hall bo uir.ittod and struck IV-otp the
' r<<ll, and and to oft at each sUcceasive vote
| until a nomination is made.
11. If any person who it * cadidate for
any nomination before a county conven
tion. shall be proven to have offered or
paid any money, or other valuable thing,
or made any promise oi a consideration or
reward to any person for his vole ur influ
ence, to secure the delegate from any dis
itrnt. or shall have offered or paidT any
money or valuable thing, or promised any
consideration or reward to any dele
! gate for bis vote, or to any other per
son with a view of inducing, or securing
the vote* of delegates, or if the same shall
be done by any other person with the
knowledge and consent of such catididnlc,
the name of such candidate shall be im
mediately stricken from the list of candi
dates, or'if such fact be ascertained after
:Ms nomination to any office, and before
! (be final adjournment the nominal on shall
be struck from the ticket and the vacancy
supplied by a new nomination, and in
either case, such person shall be ineligible
to any nomination by a convention, ortoj
an election as a delegate thereafter. And;
.in case it shall be alleged after the ad-!
-'ournment of the convention, that any
uaiididale put in nomination, has been
fruilty of such act* or of any other fraudu
rnl practice* n> obtain such nomination,
| the charge shall be investigated by the
County Committee, and such *te|s taken
as the good ot the party may require.
12th. If any delegate shall receive any
money or other valuable thing, or accept
• the promise of any consideration or re
ward to be paid, delivered, or secured to
j hint or any person for such candidate,
a* an inducement for hi* vole, upon proof
of the fact te the satisfaction of the con
vention, such delegate shall be forthwith
expelled ; gnd shall not be received as a
' > delegate t any future convention and shall
be ineligible to any party nomination.
nth Cases arising under the 7th, 11th
and 1-th rule*, shall have precedence
'overall other business in convention, un
.ltil determined.
Pursuant to an orJer of the Orphan*
Court of Centre county, will he sold at
public sale on the premise*, in Mile* twn
*hip. in *aid county, on Saturday tho 13th
Jay' ..f April, A. U , 173. at H o'clock P.
)t the following described real estate, lap
ofGeorgo Fohl, deceased, to wit:
A valuable message, tenement or tract of j
land, situate in Mile* township. Centre;
county, bounded and described a* follow*.
Beginning at stones on the old road, thence
along lot No. 5, owned by John Bierl.v
south 4q degree*, wost 107 porches to
stones, thence by land of J. Hpanglcr,
south K.I degrees, east 44 perchc* to stones,
thence by land* of Jsnuv Auman, south
27 degrees, cast 73 Perches to a stone,
thence along said old road south SO de
gree*, west fit) peruhaa to place of begin
ning, containig 11 aerc* 147 perches.
Term* of Sale—One half the purchase
money to be paid on continuation of sale,
and the balance in one year thereafter with
interest to be secured by bond and mort
gage on the premises.
in Bellefon!
For Cash Only!!
Jolibers *V <'OlllmUnion Mcr
BOk..Remember —Goods Sold I*w for
, Cash Only.*ycM
The HI rich A Brother More ha* lately
Well changed Into (he hand* of J* rob
Kilieln Mllroy, where you ran get *il
your ready made chfihlng, together with
a large variety of notions,net# and cap* of
the latest style, tobacco, cigar* and Jewel*
ry. I will tell low for c ash. 1 would
solicit the |XK>ple of Petiitivaller to give
me a call. Jxoon Xataa,
On 28th ult., at ihe residence of the
bride'* parent*, at Woodward, by Rev. I*.
Mai II II Mr Robert M Wolf, to
1/UsSutan K. .Wilier, !>oth ofllalne* tw|>.
• ♦ •
tin l*t int„ in l'enn twp., Mr#. Keen,
relict of (leorgr Keen, deed, aged 88
it \omnc till ir
Mr 1, Sores, Wounds and Lueun.
f)d 4gur, . UM Pais Cur# 0/
Ferßfceumitiuq,. . . DM P*is Care Jnl.
For Fevflksoro,. . . ,UM Ptij Cj# OtL
For CholeiV tyorbtil, . UM Ptip Jffiro Oil.
For SprtiniV . . . . Ue Oil
For K**daehlV . . . UM Cur* Oil.
For BruiMS, . . UM Xiq Cur* Oil.
For Corflitnd Bulltoni, UafPaiq Cure OiL
For Any Sore, . ,X , Us Paiq Cure Oil.
For A n J Unjenen, . ArtlM Mp Curt OiL
Aa4 w rksllsag* \b.M.l<lX pdso lis ,nl
t)**d ItiiaJHr ssi* Iknall; for
UAH /NO ]|\UA*T.
Ask tor PAIR/CDRE OIL. T\s a* taker, for
fiWaiAIT IT TO OB 18.
It I* aet s jJfmg tsnneniU irrprauAlei * asgV
M in* rMßpoaa*. wsits AruaiX.
W Tapiuts qb Marks so* t stXu,
f sad I* ■ Issfc sn* sals lo use. vb
MU by *ll Pmagtoi* sis* 1 fester* to Medirfl^
McCIURE A EATON, fKewxroaa,
Msnfiia*. IV*
WAlt! WAR!
On l'riccs.
11. It. NntTH.
of Potter* Mills.
We would most respectfully iofrom his;
friends, customers, and the public gener
ally, that he has taken testation of
Tlioitossoii's old quarter*, wuw have been
remodeled and Improved, and is now pre
pared to accommodate all who may favor
him by calling.
He has just received one of the largest I
stocks of all kind* of Merchandise evei!
brought to Centre county . hicb he iutnd |
to sell at scuh figures a* *ll make it an ob
ject lor all person* to purchase. Families
laying In winter supplies of Groceries,
Dry Goods, Ac., should not fait to give
him a call, a* he feel* confident his prices
and superior quality of goods will amply
satisfy all. Uis stock of
consists of Coffers uf the best quality. Teat,
Sugars "f all kinds. Molasses,; Kofi, Salt,
Cheese. Dried Fruit, Spices, Frovisiens.
Flour and Feed, Ac., Ac. Our stock of
D R YG GO I) 8
it large and varied, and we w ill just say I
can supply any article in that line, with
out enumerating.
a large sunk of ready-made Clothing for,
Men and Boys' wear, which wo will dispose:
of at a very small advance on cost.
Boots and Shoes, Hals and Caps,
ware, Uueensware. Wood ana Willow'
Ware, Notion*, Fancy Goods, Carpets, Oil -
[cloths. Wall Fapera. Window Shades, Ac.,
(iraham & Son,
Boot & Shoe Makers
door U>W it Bot\ißUirc
Wc manufacture to order.
Our work it next mid durable.
Our price* arc very moderate.
We warrant to give satisfaction.
We have the LARGEST and BRSTj
stock of Ladic'i and Children'* shoe* in'
We are receiving good* every week.
We with an examination of our good*, j
ae Pcnnsvalley trado i especially In
to call and ec our stock, we think |
wo can please all who call a* to style*. ]
quality, and price*. We study to render]
satisfaction, and although wc have had an
extended trado for year*, wo have never;
civen a customer cause to complain.
tcpllAtf j
A llegncnev Street, Bellefonte, Pa.
I). JOHNSON A SONS, Proprietors.
The proprietor* oftr to the traveling
publio, and to their country fiiends, first
class accommodations and careful alien,
tion to the want* of guest* at all times, at
fair rate?, OarcAil hostler* and good stable
ling for horses. An excellent table well
served. A Bar supplied with line liquors.
Servants well trained and everything re
quisite in a first class Hotel. Our location
11 in thf business nart of the town, near the
lo#t Office, the Court House, the Chur
ches. the Banks, and the p incipal places
or business, renders it the most eligible
place for those who visit Bellcfocte on busi
er pleasure.
An Omnibus will carry passengers
and bnggngc to and front all train."
free of charge.
Subscribers to
MONTHLY are get
ting all the latest and
best Music for two
and three cents a
niece. Every num
ber contains at least
$4 worth of new j
Music, by such au
thor * its Hays,
Thomas, Gounod,
Porsloy, Abt, Kin
ked, l'acher, A Hard,
Struuss, Faust, etc.
Single Copies
mailed for 30c. Price
$8 per annum.
J. L. Peters,
699 Broadway, New
The Hong Kcho
contains over one
hundred beautiful
Songs, Duets, and
Chourses—sueii as
Driven from Homo—
Little Brown Church
-M) Father's
Growing Old—Only
u Little Flower—s
Rain on the Roof
—She Sleeps in the
Valley Write men
Letter, etc. There
|s pot a poor piece in
the book.
Sample Copies
mailed, post-paid,
tor 76 cents.
J. L. Peters,
690 Broadway, New
York. 10b2.4m.
Machine Shops.
Van Pelt &Co,
The undersigned, having leased the
above fsinblishnienl. announce to tbe pub
lic that the same will be carried on in all
its various branches, as a
and Manufactory of Agricultural
They are prepared to 111, upon shortest no
tion, ail orders for
Home Power*
Threshing Machine* 1
liay Hakea,
FLOWS and Flow Castings
.if every description. all kinds of Castings I
made and filled up for
Mills, Forges, Furnaces,
Factories, Ac. I
Also, every tiling in tbe line of *
in Iron or Hrass.
We eniploy tbe best Patternmaker*.
Our Patterns are new and of tbe latest!
improved plans.
Alsoinannfactare the unrivalled
Corn P la r,
which is the best now made.
All order* by mail promptly at ten-'
dad to IdecTllf
CIKN THAI. HOTEL. Corner of Third
/ and Chestnut Street, Mlffllaburg, Pal
John (Showers, Proprietor,
lu Central Location makes it particularly J
desirable to persons visiting Town on
businee* or pleasure.
11. A. Taylor'* Livery Attacked,
lunftly __
Centre Hall, Pa,
lias on had an 1 for sal* at the most rea
sonable rates a eplenlid stock of
and every description of Wagons both
warranted to be made ol the bast and most
•Inruble materials, and by tha most eipe
rienced workmen. All work sent out from
the establishment will be found to he of
the highest claw and sure to gine perfect
kstafsi'tiuii, lis will also have a five as
sortment of
'ol all the newest and most fashionable
• tyles well and carefully made and of the
best materials.
An impecti. n of his work is asked as it
, is bvlicvel that none superior can be found
: in the country. augKatf.
Tuui of Dry Good*, Groceries, No
tions, Hardware, Ready-made
Clothing, and thousand* of
other article*
*<B Cheap Store of"®^
Hertacher & Cronmiller.
and now offered at prices lower than
the lowest.
Dry* Good*. Notion*, <Jroc cries, Hard
ware, Uurrn>w*rr, Wood and willow ware
lr n. Salt, Fih and in fact, a magnificent
assortment of everything
Dress Goods
A most beautiful variety, consisting of all
the novelties of the season,
white goods, embroideries, hoop skirU,
All wc ask that you will
silver plated and Yankee Harness <joublr
and sin ale, bridles and halters. Apr 1
Groat Attraction and Great Bargain*! |
f undersigned, dcteruiiad to meet thoj
X popular demand for Lower Price*, re-1
pi . ttully call* the attention of the public ]
to his stock of
now offered at the old stand. Designed es
pociall* for the people and thctinfs, the lar
gest and most varied and complete assort
ment of
Saddle*, Harness, Collars,. Bridles,
of every description and quality; Whips,
and in fact everything complete to a flrst
clas* establishment, he now offers at price*
which will suit the times.
11A better variety, a belter quality or finer
style of Saddlery ha* never before been of
sered to the public. Call and examine our
tock and bo satisfied before purchasings
Determined to please my patrons and
thankful for the liberal share of patronage
heretofore enjoyed. 1 respectfully solicits
continuance of the same.
Bishop street, Bellfonte, in the Stonebuil
ding formerly occupied by the Key
stone Bakery)
Takes pleasure in informing the public that
he keeps constantly on hand a supply o>
choice Foreign ana Domestic Liquor*.
All RarrtU, Key* and Cask* :carrant*d\
In fsntain tkr quantity rrprtsfuted.
The attention of practicing physicians it
silled to his stock of
suitable for medical purpose*. Bottles,
iocs, and demijohn* constantly on hand,
lie ha* the ONLY PURE NECTAR
WHISKY in town.
All liquors are warranted to give satis
faction. Liquors will be sold by the quart,
barrel, or tierce. He has a large lot 01
Of the Hnest grade* on hand.
Confident that he can please customers
he respectfully solicits a share of public pa?
tronngo " mylltr
Every No. of
MONTHLY contains
four or five Piano
Bongs, lour or flvo
Instrumental Pieces,
besides Yocal Duets,
Quartet*, and four
hand pieces—in fact,
we guarantee every
yearly subscriber at
hast 850 worth of I
choice new Music.]
We offer four yearly
copies for $9.
Sample Copies
mailed for , Five
Back No*, for sl.
J. L. Petere,
609 Broedwys New
Wherever the
Glee-Book ha* been
introduced, it has
been pronoun ce d
superior to all other
works of its kind.
It is the largest, la
test. finest, and only
collection <f new
tllee* and Quartets,
nearly all of which
have Piano Accom
paniments, ad lib.
Sample Copies
mailed. post-paid,
or $1,60.
J. L. Peters,
699 Broadway, New
Stoves! Fire! Stov's!
At Andy Koeemati's, Centra HU, are •
latest and best stoves oat, be be* jest
received * Itrfi tat of
Cook Stoves, the Pioneer Cook,
the Eclipse Cook,
the Reliance Cook.
PAKL<RB-Tb. Mediant Light, self-fee
der, Una Burner, National Egg,
Jewel!, Ac.
to*.lf sells stoves as LOW as anywhere
ia Mifflin or Centre eo. -4Hf
The undersigned hereby informs tbe
ciUaens of Puunavalley tbat bs has pur
chased tbe Tinsbop hsretofors carried on
by tbe C. If. Mfg Co., and will continue
tbe tame, at tbe old stand, la all its brnacb
-01, In the manufacture of
1 All kind* of repairing doae. Be has
always on hand
Fruit Cnna, of ell Sisea,
All work warranted and charge# reason
able. A abare of tbe public patronage so
licit,,l AND. REJWMAIJ,
iscpTOy Centre Hall
Cirtiti HALL
j Coach Mann fao tory.
Levi Kerrey,
at bis establishment at Oewtf* Ball, Pa.
keeps oa hand, and for sale, at tbe ase
i reasonable rates a tangs stock ef
A Spring Wagons,
Put* aad ftscr,
and vehicles of every description mads t
order, and Warranted, to be mede ef tbe
beet Mssvosf material, aad by tbe moat
skilled and competent workmen. Persons
wanting anything la bis liaeare rsgaestod
1 1 >> call aad et am ins his work, they wi|l lad
jit not to be excelled for durability aad
! wear. ap*9Kly
Jons B Liss. P. Bangui W ilmi
1.155 X A WIUOI,
Successor* of F. P. Wilson, Boil of.'
■ Peso
llave MFCU rod UM servioas f Jaw ■
Stcco. of Philadelphia, a druggist •* *\ r
toon \ ran rtpfrints, vko will law th
char< of their prcscriptioa^buslnass.
A ntaht Ull k attached to thotr store
door, and tha'aaaplayeeasleaping withia too
building, will attend to tha want* of tho
public at all koiiri of tha aifkt
Lian ft Wilaon keep constantly on
hand a tare* rtoek of
Drugs, Paints, Oils. Pertumary, Trims*
:J Medical Appliance of all kinds,
together with a Tory largo atook of
Patent Medicine*. aweh aa
Vinegar BiUorm. and also
Pure Win#*, and II- ,
quota, ol all kinds
for aodkal
jul.vM.3m P, ZS?H ft WILSOM.
the very best quality jaa received
Wolfs old stand
Rair Restorative
Coaliitu oo LAC SULPHUB-oX
VER, and is entirely free front th
Poisonous and Health-destroying
Drugs used in other Hair Prepara
Transparent and clear as crystal. It wtll
not soil Use finest fabric - perfectly SAFE
CLEAN and EFFIdIENT. -desidara-
• It restore* and prevents the Hair frsai
! becoming Gray, imparts a toft, flossy ap
! pea ranee, removes Dandruff, is ft flashing
Ito the head, checks Urn Hair from falling
off, and restores it to a great extent when
prematurely lost, prevent! Headathss,
cares all humors, cutaneous eruptions,
and unnatural heat. AS A DRESSING
DR. G. SMITH, Patentee, Ayer, Mass.
Prepared only by PROCTER BROTH
ERS, Gloucester, Mass. The genuine it
put up in a panel bottle, made expressly
for it, with the name of the aitiele blown
in the glass. Ask your Druggist ftt Ha-
Trax's Haia Bestoxaiivx, end take ae
ffidriSend two three cent stamp* to Proc
ter Brothers for a "Treatise ea the Human
Hair." The information it contains is
worth $900,00 to any person. lsep.lv
For sale at Centre Hall by Wm. Wol
and Herlacher A Cronmiller.
A Book That Will Sa
This it an original, interesting, and in
' structive work, full of rare fUn and humor
being an account of the AUTHOR'S PRO
FESSIONAL LIFE, hit wonderful tricks
, and feats, with laughable incident* and
adventures as a Magician, N ecromaneer.
I and Ventriloquist. Illustrated with
16 Full Page Engravings,
1 besides the Author's Potrait oa ttenl, and
numerous small cut*
The volume it free from any objeetioua
: bio matter, being high-toned and moral la
, iu character, ana will be rend with inter
t est, both by old and young. It givea the
most graphic and thrilling acoounta of the
effocta OT hit wonderftil nth and magical
tricks, causing the moet uncontrollable
merriment and laughter.
Circular* Term* Ac., with full infbrao
' lion, sent free on application to
711 Hansom Street, fchiladeiphia.
JOHN SFANOLKR, Proprietor.
Stages arrive and depart daily, for nil
points, north, south, east and wett.
| This favorite Hotel hat been refitted and
furnished by its new proprietor, and Isnow
liu every respect one of the most pleasant
j country Hotels in central Pennsylvania.
The travelling community anddrovart will
always find the best accommodation* Par
sons trom the city wishing to mnd a few
weeks during the summer in the country,
wjll find Centre Hall one of the most tato
tiful locations and tho Contra finU Botol
all they could desire for contflm . nadfaohp

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