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:.,,-. ,, .T.,,T , .v...... ,. , , -w-wi - v - - -
A WKEKLY PAPF.R : FITBLISIIRD IN CLKAItFIEM), BY 1. W. MOO UK AVnrru,.- u.rcw m" " 7 '''' " " , - - -
Tkmis, SI 00a year in advance, 1 25 if paid within three mnniha tfi ka ;V i i- -. - ---
- ' - rr - "S..1.:!L1 wi,!,lL10t,, 1 75, if paid within nino n.onll.f., nnd if not paid until the expiration Of tl.o year $2. 00 will chared.
' -- ' CLE ARF1ELP, WEDESAY, AUG 1 S5 1 ' '"' NVMKEK2V.
. '
"You enn take litis case," said the fore
man "hero m a stock here is some copy
ami if you would ' tikn h quiet nnd steady1
partner, you will find this gentleman still
enough in oil conscience.'" '
The ''partner" merely looked up tmd
faintly smiled iii Acknowledgement ol" tho
foreman's compliment,' nnd kept on with
his work ; while the 'foreman turned nwny
to attend lo something else. ' '
' Wo worked on steadily Until dinner, 'as
we were in a hurry to get the paper up,
without exchanging n word or even a look.
ed by us had been dubbed.
ed an universal titter run round theoflicc.
Theso little things irritated mo some, but
ns i was not the principal obmet nt
Mlhcse-nrrows weroninicd, 1 resolved to for:
ocnr, and let turn be the first one to spook.
"I say, fellows," snid a rowdy lookin
customer, who went by the nnmo of Zcko",
"do Quakers ever hnva ca.mp.meclins ?''
"You," answered Another, "they hnvo
a Chmp-meeting over there in Quaker cor.
ner every night. ' That fellow camps out
upon Uie floor every nnp he lakes."
''Well,'', said another, "I've heard of
bourding nt tho market house and sleeping
j II iiiu um.iiiiAiii i hiiu iiiuio iujuic iu siuuy UOl Cll OCIO TC
,10 physiognomy of my neighbor, tie I .'Wonder if they wouldn't take in board-1
was a young man or about t hree or four crsI u,kecUhe first speaker ; I'll see il
nnd twenty, with hf.ndsome features nhd !,i .... .1 . .
. -,.,... ; , ;n r ""7 u.u" 1 1 ? n"cs nna regulations
fl.'d )ou but told us what your object was,
wo would not hnvo lilnerd a Hmr,l
1 1 - f-. ' i'"- iii-
ciu in your way."
'I .formvo you frcoly.sir I formve you
nil,' said (Junker.
'And how much have you to raise yet
I asked, 'beforo you will hovu Ihc requi
site sum V v 1
' 'About one hundred nnd fifty dollars.
Ml hnvo my health . and eonlimiii fn nuU
good bills, 1 shall be ready to slurt for Eu
rope in nbout two months.'
'You won't hnvo to uuilthnt long,' said
cite, laying tho money ho held in his
hand upon the stone, 'if my week's wanes.
every cent of which you nre welcome to,
will help you nloii!? nnv. Cmnn l.nvc ' l,n
added, 'how many ofyou will follow suite?'
"cu, mere iiiine, said Jim, laying an
A upon the nilo 111
a rattier lntcueciuai cast 01 countenance. tfiha home nrim.,l . ;r ii..r a . imh 1 1 . . ",I J u,lu
His face was ouite pale, nnd the raven ! f ,n,ei1 !y do 1 II board nnd m.uo' suid n .dozen voices, ns each
darkness of his hair, eyebrows nnd eyes, I , ; tanP ' x ,mv . , , . . ae-positeil an equal amount, un'.il they
made me immediately come .0 the conclui L ' 8 1 made quite a pile of bank bills. .
U3 ufncu -ilierc. fjlrannor. In .0 iht nr.,1
O I iiiu T
sion, nftcr thoughtfully studying his phys.
iognomy, tlmthc was a hnrd student dur
ing his leisure hours, or that, depriving
himself of the recreation of books, or oth.
cr sources 01 enjoyment, he spent all liis'iisur,
waking hours nt the case. The latter sup
position time proved correct.
As dny niter day passed by, I became
more ncquutnica with him; and 1 found : everything
Inm to be n singular character, ueneath 1 mlici
i,: oi., l, l..i .j i.: j . ! I
ins oii'iiu iiu iiuu tuuauuuu u u niuu 111 Liua.
et, which contained a spirit lamp, a mat.
trass with bedding, n few cooking utensils,
snJ a small slock of the plainest kind of
fjod. When tho hours for meuls arrived,
ho would light his lamp, nnd putting some
food over it to cook, would work until the
rest of the bands hud left tho office, when
he would sit down to his frugal repast.'
, , . . ( - . , ni "i;
...,,.,,, nrm.y compressed, as .r to Cod prosper1 you,' said Zeke, tendering
choke down tlm n r... 1 1 .!. . ' ' ",,ul""
- umiiiiiiniu, inn I nun um money
..v. oi.ivj nut u uiu; i Miieuxi Dowever.
that ho picked up the types fuster than
No gentlemen.' answered O linker. '1
thank you for your liberality, but I cannot
t nl:rt t'mtf rvmnn.t I 1 . II
1 lungs could not no on in this wav'l nsk is tlmf I 1 ..n , ..
mur-h longer, for ns god-like n quality as work without bcin" disturbed "
,l"uw ""-c is, licnnnoi noid oul n.-.mst 'Uut vcu must lal.n It ' .,rn,t
T. , ..a . m.avju jini,
e. . DU ..,, CIUIIII U3 growing warm: wo owe It to von. nni von
nnir, and nrennrcd to net mv nnrt n ' h tl u iv..... .
. 1 -- 1 ,i. ,,u ,e uunc you a rreni
n nun wncn 11 uursi orth. 1 s
u.innuuii ,. um. inn, us no oincr way ol makin" amends
re I'ingiu rounu 1 no sumo, wan tticir
if von dnn'l tnl-i ii .III l i.r
bills in their hands, waiting to be poid off. Muncky morning, nnd I know that for my
'Quaker happened to bo mono end of the' plirt it will bo much plcasanler to com-
....u .......vuiu.i-. oppobiicnimsuHMj, rnencc the week with the consciousness of
z.eKC usua, ,e wunKc-r was l.o 'ob-, having appropriated my money in a sensi
served of all observers, nnd sly whispers, ' ble way than with the toggy head, acl.in
He worked inreantlv durin.r unrlin,. V.T i "v,vU,o lll ll,ulluu limDS)uu empty pockets, which nlwnys
lie worKen incessantly during working 0f the elbow, passed round the group. As follow a freo nnd easy " -hours
hardly leaving the-oflicc, unless to ,,e foreman paid Quaker the amount duel Still the sfran-cSitated
purchase food or upon some errand ofthat ; him, hc gave him a new quarter dollar to .T.ke it- ake i for your sister's sake '
S?-.; w""'8, "T 1 n"h!', hr" ! n,nk0 ul 1,10 chanSe- Thi. did not es-1 Said ,wo or three voS
.ui.i.u ..u.u ...tun, inc.n..uiy lounu, cape .cue's eve. and he sn d w th a tone' tn,.;, m.!m....MA...i
; , i i ii ,5 ! . ii, feuiii,iii. u, ti.uu vtuiiKiT, us
to bo heard by all . . . ; . j j.0 sny .for my sistef.8 saltC nnJ j
'lf the eagle on that quarter had life , to be able some day to return it, principal
nnd I Wem n Slate nrisnn rnnvirt. I vinnl.t .,f :i .
, i -t , . i I u iiu ill ici ol.
m kirpt upon me coi n.cn lie not swap places with it, for my confine- -Quaker' left for Taris shortly after
J? wdrl Tfei n,' nf ' T'd , rM' "d a " JSh lA s fill
at work when I led nt niht and when J - squeezed le death." : jtion 0f knowinff ,, LU istcr WQJ
returned m l o morning, I could not posi- This ws the hair that broke the cnmel's pletely restored tosight, and thatthevwcJe
lively assort that he did so. I am not very back' VViib the cxclamution 'you scoun- on their way home J
garulous especially, when employed nt the drcl I' he made one bound, and with a stun- I invo heard from him several times
case, nnd as he would not first address me.jning blow brougbt Z,kc to the floor. Then since. . 'His lints have been drawn in
I wnuld hot speak to him ; so while the jerking off his cent nnd placing himself in pleasant places,' and he is now a judicial
fun and jokes were rating round the oth- a figh:mg attitude; he turned to the aston-! functionary in a neighboring Stnte.
ff fll'flU .un I n .1 n tl.n 111 - 1 III rO O
vuio, ..c om. in us mu yiuir, i ibiieu group w tin 'come on you cownroiy
Avas not long in discovering thai' there was ruffians. If you cannot let nlonc peacca
some mystery connscted with him, nnd l,Iy, I w ill make you do it bv force. I have
mm ins miensc nppucnuon 10 moor wns ( borne your insults long enough, and ilyou
him nt tho ense, working aw ay with nil his
might, ns if some great issue depended up
on the improvement of every minute. I
even at this distance, without pain and
horror 7 Dr. limh.
Hoys ! V'e have a word to say to you,
nnd we sny it not in nnger, but in love."
Will you listen? Wc tell you, then, that,
you should not smoke, beca use smoking
Who can see a group of boys, eight, ten,
or twelve venrs old in our streets smokinrr
j i i. .. . ,. i . w ' . . . . . . . . . . .
um piuniiieu iiiun-iy uy n uehire 10 make nave any more io oner, come on with cigars, without anticipating such a deprc
money; for if there is anything in iphrenol- them !'V. ... ...... s - . cation of our posterity in health and char-
Sy jU('eing I"rom ll'e formntion of his I , This challenge 'was suflicient. Coats nctcr as can scarcely bo contcmplulcd,
ncnu, nc was mo very one wnom i wouiu camo rH and sleeves were rolled up in a
have selected' from a score for b spend-j minute. I saw my friend would boapt to
thrift. Occasionally his cheek wouldflusb, 1 gel the worst of the right, and forcing him
his eyes light up, njid a heavy smile over- into a corner,' I exclaimed ,:
spread his countenance; then' the smile' "Gentlemen, one word if you please!
would go away, his eyes would fill with It would bo cowardly for you all to attack
tears, while expressions or sadness hi, this man J I will not sec il done. ' And if j is injurious to health. Such is tho testimony
most despair would scat ' itself on his you will attempt it 1 have something here! of medical men, nnd nmon" thorn are some
. : - , i .. . ' . , .i ; . . 1 . . . .. . ... I . . . . . .
countenance, i nave
sand times to ask Jj
but as he appeared
refrained from doin
nnt proffering sympathy unasked. him because be has conducted himself nche, tremor, nnd vertigo." That tobacco
"Well how do you like your neighbor 7" strangely ; let him explain his conduct, and in nny form, is n slow poison, working its
nsKcd rrfe of tho journeymen of me ns wo perhaps wenn make up our quarrel. Ilo ' deleterious clTccts upon the system, is pro
were descending the stairs one evening, owes you an explanation if not to you, he ved by nil experience. Bui vou sav-you
certainly does to me. And now sir,' snid feel quite well, nnd it does you no harm.
I turning to him, 'I demand it of you as a! So snys the rum drinker.. Ilo says ho
right.' -it . -i .j drinks, beca'uso it docs lit mi good: and
- 11a hesitated
Gen. Jackson nnd Cm. Miller.
The following from tho Hufiiilo Commer
cial, is so characteristic, of (Jen Jackson,
be read with in-
There is many a life scene more touch
ing more worthy of immortality than tho that wo nre sure it will
deeds of conquerors or tho heroes of his-! tercst by every one j
lory. The lollowing from tho St. Louis On the nccewon of Cen. Jackson, the
Republican, is one: smull clique of intriguers who clustered
We saw, snys the editor, lust evening, nround the lioston Statesman, assuming
nn apt illustration of the affection of wo- j to be the Democratic party of Massachu
mnn. A poor inebriated wretch had been 'sctlsj had apportioned tho federal offices in
sent to tho calaboose. His conduct in the that' State among themselves. To ono
street, and after ho wns placed in tho cell, 1 of 'heir number wns nssigned the Col Ice
was of suoh a violent character that it be-- torship of Salem. The war worn' Miller
camo necessary to handcuff him. Tho J was proscribed without hesitation, or com
demon rum had possession of his soul, nnd ; punclion. Tho selections niado by tho
ho gavo rent to his ravings in curses so , Stntcsman clique was accepted by General
prol'uno as to shock the senses of his lb I- j Miller's successor who was nominated to
low prisoners, one of whom, in the samo:'he Scnnte. When tho nomination camo
cell, nt his own solicitntion, wns placed in ' to ho noted upon, Col. Denton interposed
a separate apartment. , A woman nppenr- j and asked that it might lay over. lie
cd at tho gruiing, and in her hnnds she , was sure that the President would not intcn
had a rude tray, upon which were placed j tionally remove the incumbent there must
sonio slicssof bread, ficsh from the hearth-' be some mistako nbout it, nnd desired to
stone, nnd other little delicacies, for her err-1 bring tho facts of the case to his consider
ing husband. She stood at the bargozing ation. The.request was complied wiib.as
intently into the thick gloom, where her," matler of course. Col. Denton immedi
manacled componion wildly raved. Her, ntcly waited -upon Gen. Jackson, and tho
voico was low and soft, and, ns sho called j interview is said to have been of high in
his name, its utterance was ns plaintive ns terest. A gentleman who was intimate
tho melody of a fond nnd crushed spirit, at tho White House, used to describe it
Tl tears streamed from her eyes, nnd
there in the dark house, tho nhode of tho
most wretched nnd depraved, tho tones of
her voice found their wav into thnt wick
Cd inun s heart, nnd ho knelt in sorrow
nnd in silence before his young nnd injur
cd wife, whilst his henrt found relief in
Icars such only ns a man can weep
Though tho iron still bound his wrist, he
placed his hands, with their heavy insig
uia of degradation, confidingly nnd nffec-
tionatcly upon tho brow of his fair com
pnnien, and exclaimed, "Katy, I will try
and be a better mnn." There, upon a
rude seat, she had spread tho meal. , bich
sho had prepared with her own nonds,
and after be had finished sho roso to
depart, bidding him be calm nnd resign
ed for her sake, with the nssuranco tljat
she would bring a friend to gq on his bond,
and dial she. would return and take him
home. And she leA him, a itrong man,
with his head dcooping upon his breast,
a very cownrd, humiliated before tho weak
and tender being whoso presence and af-
fcclion had stilled the angry passions of
his soul, iruo to tho, instincts of her
lovo and promise, she did return w ith one
who went on his bond for his nppearance
next morning with his hand clasped in
that of his lovely w ife, she led him away a
penitent, and we trust, a better man.
There were those who laughed,, as ihnt
fialc, meek woman boro off her erring
mbnnd, but she. heeded them not, nnd
her self-sacrificing heart knew or cared
for nothing in iis holy and heavon-born
instincts, but to preserve and protect him
whom she loved with the devotion of a
wife and a woman.
Sam. Suydam, of New York, offers a
wager of $2, 00 J or more, ono half forfeit,
i lhatCapt. Edmund W. Paul, of St. Louis,
uern icmpicu a innu- (lapping mv urcati sieniticantiv ) I tint will ol tie best nnd wisest. Jr. tush, n rmrf. . . - ... : . '
,. r .i i . i, ..ii l i i 1 1 1. , ,i .. ' ' i cannoi mi me oruiiinry size largoi oi an
im the cause of this, stop it. . lie is not to blame ; he has only, kind, nnd benevolent, as well ns a great L- ... : ; .,, m ,nn r.
so cold nnd isolated, I resen rd an insult which any one of you man, says-''Tobacco, eyen when used ofcner ho (Suydam,) each parly to
Si mi, ua u .i ni" I'll ua- . kuuim huts uunr. x uu liuiu mi llisunru III iiiuueriiuou. uiuv tauso u vspens III. IICQU- '!.. ... ,u
"I enn hardly make him out," said I,
"ho appears to be a strange sort of bcirig.
You nfc belter acquainted with hint than
I ; how do you like him ?" , "
, "For my part I hate him, nnJ what is
more hc has not a frienfl in the whole of
fice. That fellow has been hero for three
months nnd ho hns hardly spoken to any
tho word J'one ;" eijlicr party shooting af
ter tho word "one" to bo "considereJ ns
having missed the map j tho word to be
given in. one second. t .
, This offer is understood to be nn nccep
tnnce of a challenge put forwaj-d by dipt
somewhat in the following style :
"General Jackson, do you know, sir,
who is collector at the port of Salem, Mas
sachusetts, sir?" " 1 ' '
, ' "I can'l think of his.unmc, Colonel, al
though I've just sent it up to the Scnnte.
Hut hc is a good man, I know, nnd a good
democrat, too, for Green and Ilenshaw
both told me so."
"But, sir," rejoined Col. IJ., I beg to
inquire whether you. know who the pres.
ent incumbent is, sir tho ofticcr w hom
you intended to remove, sir?"
"No I can't remember his name but
I know he is a d d New England Hart
ford Convention Federalist, for Green and
Ilenshaw both told me so."
"Sir, the present collector of (lie port of
balcm is Oen. Miller, sir, who (ought w ith
so much distinction on the' northern' fron
tier, in the war with Great Britain, sir."
"Not tho brave Col. Mil'er, who said,
I'll try!' when asked if he could take
that d d British entrenchment al Bridge
water?" ' " "
'Yes, sir," snid Col. Benton, hc is the
same man, sir."
"The d 1 ho is. Where's Donaldson?"
A sharp pull at tho bell was followed by
the prompt appenranco ol a servant.
"Tell Col. Donnldson I want to see him
quick." 1 1 ; '
Mr. Donelson entered. . :
"Donclson, I want the name of.lhe fel
low nominated for Collector at Salem with
drawn instantly. Dy the eternal ! theso
politicians aro the most remorseless scoun
drels alive. Writo a letter to Gen. Miller
and tell him he shall hold the office as
long as Andrew Jackson lives. Slay I'll
write myself the assurance will be more
gratifying as coming from n brother soldier.".
A Missouri journal Jells a snake story,
iho awful character of which is enhanced
by the apparent-authenticity of the details.
A man named O'Mara, living nt Copper
as creek, had a little duughtor 12 years
of age; and about fuino-months' ago, the
fnmily noticed that she grew thinnnd seem
ed to pino nwny without any nppnreni
cnuso of sickness. Sho wnstcd away to ft
skeleton In the fall of tho year; but when
the winter '6et in, she seemed to recover
somewhat. When the spring camo round,
sho showed n great reluctance to eat any
thing nt liome, but would lake her bread
nnd butler, n pieco of meat, or whntever
was given, and go way to the edge of tho
creek to eat it. Tho family noticed that
she nlways went to tho same place, whero
she would sit for a long limo nnd then go
home, generally complaining that sho had
not got enough ; nnd whenever sho got
nny more, going back again to tho same
spot. '
This conduct appeared so strange, espe
cially in connection with the emaciated ap
pearence of the child, giving no evidence
of the food sho was supposed to have cat
en, that the neighbors noticed it, nnd fi
nally induced her "father to follow her to
the creek nnd wntdi her. She had been
sitting there tho entire part of one fore
noon, nnd then rqturned to the houso for
something to cat. Having got it? she went
back, and her father saw her sit down
with the appcarenco of one expecting some
ji iusi, io nis norror, no saw a
large black snako creep up from tho creek
and laying his head in the child's lan. take
the slice of bread and butter from her
hands hissing whenever she did not feed
him with promptness. Tho poor man ut
tered an exclamation which alarmed tho
snake, and sent Iho girl running home in
fear of her father's nnger. Ilo did not.
know what to do, but his friends advised
him to let the child go to ihe creek on the
following day, and to follow sccrclly and
shoot the reptile. '
The girl went noxt duy to tho creek.
according to her usual habit, and iho snake
came up ns before; whereupon the horri
fied man, stepping hastily forward, and
shot it through the head. Tho child
swooDcd from fright, and tho snako wrilli
ed a good deal before it died-? but w hen
the girl recovered from her. fainting fit.
sho was seized with spasms resembling,
tney saiu, tno contortions ol the snake ;
and both the reptile nnd the child seemed
to die at the same moment. This is a
strange narrative. .:'.)
Improvement, Iron Manufacture.-
The Miners' Journal gives n long account
of an improvement in rolling railroad bars
made by William llains, of Poltsviile,
who is a practicable iron manufacturer.
By the present plan each pair of rolls has
nine separate grooves,' through which the
heated mass from the furnace is success-
fully passed, until it is delivered from the
last in the shape of a railroad bar. By
the new process instead of the ono set of
roll, containing tho nino grooves, there
are nino separate pairs of rolls, each hav-
fa lltn nrtn
a momcnu ' 'Lome, my ; in both cases the poison is so insidious, 'i,n' m, ni .;n u,, i,;.
1 1 n iiu, saiu ij ici us novo ii, iiiui-vi-r it, mm me viuuiu 13 npo lor me gnivu vie uu hands full
is, nnu at once put nn cnu to this quarrel.' i is aware that tho worn ol deuth is com
'Well, gentlemen,' lie 'said,: 'I am not me'nccd. But you have seen aged men
disposed. to Isy iny private affairs open to who have been all their lives addicted to
one. 'A mnn who makes such bills ns ho i public gaze, buLlsupposo I must do it for its use. It is Iruo ihnt some may hnvces
does, nnd hoards up his money like n mi
ser,.! have very little friendship for. Wc
wouldn I nny of us caro- so much if he
once. You must know, then, that from coped its ravages ; but you have seen such
my earnings, I must hot only suppbrt my-j persons a polluted mass of animal matter,
6tlf. bul my mother, t6 sisters and throo, lethergctic, wheezing, coughing and offen-
would be a little sociable nnd spend a dol-Umtdl brothers, w ho reside in a distant j sive ; ntjgV becauso somo havo escaped
laror even a dime occasionally; but no, State. I could earn enough at home to sup-, with theirlivcs through all its bad ten Jen-
every-five-cent pieco ho gets ho hangs on j port Uiern well, but. my reason for coming f cics, will you run tho dreadful risk mere
fo a.s if ho wns afraid Hie englc on it u ould i hcro.is lhis:,i Ono of my sisters, who is y becauso you love ill -Remember it is a
spread his Vines and fly away with jt.dp-j now a beautiful girl of sixteen, and the pct vitiated and artificial taste of which man
ing him out.of a five cenl picro. Bit ho of the, fnmily, has been blind from birth. alone is capable. Tho instinct of brutes
:an't stay here long. We havo insulted . Wo had no hope of herevcr acquiring the cvcr prompts l.hcm to reject tho vilo and
Jntn a dozen. ot tunes; and he has1 es.acuiiy 01 sight, nnd were content to nDiao , nauseous weed. Iicasoii was given to man
spunk thnn I think ho Ins if he don t rc- by , w hat wo thought .a dispensation ol ns a guide, nnd even boys ought lo uso it.
sent it some day. Wo'll get him into n Providence. ' But recently I havo seen a j)0 y0u remember with what difficulty
.luarrol then, and havo him discharged." isamilar case to hers a young man who you formed the habit how sick it made
' . i , . i 1 i . t - ....... J i I... I. .. : ... .u - r . I I
wu rusmreu 10 ii;iii vy uu uiiiim in ("! you ni lirsi, aim uecuuso you can now
,sicino in Paris. 1 havo corresponded wilh 8moko without turning palo with nausea
that physician, and ho has hopes that in nnj vertigo, do you imagine it has lost its
my sister's case ho cad effect a cure, tendency to do you harm? By no moans.
1 bis, gentlemen, is what i navo been la-j p,ut tho worst of tho caso has not been
boring for sifico .1 have been here to, inll. There is in each of you, boys, an
raise funds sufficient, to take lier to Paris jminortal spark, kindled hv tho breath of
1 Jove that sister ns 1 oo my own ino ; ,h0 Almighty. And this undying spark
I have i labored day nnd night have, do- tt,;a 0f matchless worth sudors
"But." said I, "do you know anything
nbout his history ? Ho may have some all
absorbing end to accomplish, which is the
cnuscofbis untiring assiduity. You should
have a little charily for tho poor fellow,
, and Inking Crockett's motto 'bo sure you're
right before you go ahead.'." .; n- - ;
" "No, wo know nothing of him ; and if
circumstances arc ns ypu supposc.it will
be his own fault, if ihcy are discovered loo
laloj for M-e havo tried often enough to
scrape nn acquaintance witn mm. iou
:had better not take up on his sido if yod
do not wish to incur the di.-plcasure of the , to beware of ihe consequences ! .
. . 1 t r..i.t - .! t Zr-ke had risn to his feet nnd heard all
k,i fr.nhe . ow. nnd mv iricna nna saiu. iis iiwh.m.i
o seo him rifihted should ho j 'Quaker,' I could see the moisture
1 had somo
was resolved (o
XVCU IU Flu nil" 'b'"- " . . , . j . L I t 1
. . . ... .1.-. 1 u linn tin bnd finished 1)0
get into diffieultv. I soon saw mai no iu ma i " - -- -
J 1 .1 X a L..I4 n h. 1 tilAnnniT 1Mt h nnd rTrnqn irri j iiihli o iniiiut
very unpopumr, nnu inni 1, oa 1 n.ii 1 ...... p - r o
' 1 ' ' . .1... r... UI. M.l.'.l.. ikn Inars ) nt fft llnWtl MIS hlCC. DC
disposed 10 maXO UIIOWBIIL-vs iui nun, nnnw . ...v..,..- - .
' . . . 1 . r 1 11 iI.a I ont.l in li vninn nllirnnnit Willi CmOtlOll
.IlilllY "V1D HIV, MIU Hi ( . .
' !..:. e - ...1
nut eonsiuercu ins iiiuuu
jokes cracked at out expense: Whenever
th "(iuakcr coriKr,"(athu 'jiluce occupi-
prived mvsclfof many comforts, and homo -nramo w;it. his physical being. These
your taunts and jeers for her sake . But jaljvc jnfluenco represses intellectual en
I enn bear it no longer. If you nre men orgy it renders its votary indisposed to
you will desist; ifyouarenoi, I warn you J mental c.xcrtio
, Boys I hschew the lillhy weed. Pre
serve your purity. Snvo your money.
Husband your time - It is shocking to see
a knot of Sunday-scholars standing or
strutting about, puffing cigars. Let the
pitiful, ugly shamely spectacle never be
witnessed by tboso who had wit enough
to keep clear of it.
"Mv noble fellow wo have wronged you,
deeply, and I for one ask your forgiveness.
OCrCongress adjourns on the 4th int.
Ihatl nul lias commence in his own
abilities wilh the pistol, witness the propo
sitions: "1. I will fit a dollar to the end of a
twig, two inches long, and while a second
person will hold the oilier end in his mouth,
so ns lo bring (lie coin within nn inch and
a half of his face, I cngngo to strike this
dollar three limes out of fivo at a distance
often paces or thirty feet. I will add in
explanation that thero aro several persons
willing and ready to hold tho twig or stick
bs described above when required.
2. I will hit a dollar tossed in tho air,
or nay other object of Ihe same size, three
limes out of five, ot a uhrrl and fire.
3. Atthe-word I will split thrco balls
out of five on a knifu-blnde, placed at the
distance of thirty feet.
1. I will hit three birds out of five, sprung
from a trap, standing thirty feet from the
trap when shooting.
5. I will break, at a word, five common
clay pipe stems out of seven, at tho dis
tance of thirty feck
0. I engage to prove by a fuithful Irial
tint no pislol shot c.Tn be produced who
will shoot nu 8plo off a man's head nt the
distance of thirty feet oftcner thnn I can.
Alureover, I will produce two willing nnd
ready to hold the apples on their heads for
me, whan required to do so.
7. I will wager, lastly, thnt no person
in Ihe United States can bo produced who
w ill hit aquartcrof a dollar at the distance
of thirty feet oftencr than 1 can, on a wheel
and fire. "'
OCT We know a young fellow who is so
Scene on the Ohio. -Our boat stop
ped to take in wood. On ihe shore, n
mong a crowd,' was a remarkably stupid I ig but ono groove arranged in ono con
fellow, with his hands in his pockets and , tinuous Jinc, with closo ducts or boxes be
his upper lip hang;ng down. A dandy, jtwecn ; so that tho "pile" (iho hot ball of
ripe for a scrape, tipped nods and .winks metal) is fed in at ono end, and comes
all about, savins, "now I'Jl have some 1 out of the other a railroad bar I Thnnrin.
fun; PH. frighten the greenhorn." Ho 'cipal advantages claimed ore economy of
jumped ashore with a drawn bowie, bran- Uime and saving of manual labor.
dishing it in the face of tho '.'green 'un," I t-"
exclaiming, "now I II punish you 1 I've', b1V" rSJ"E Choleka calls A
been looking for you a week." Tho fel-lj" of GJermnns w" resided on the
low stared stupidly ot tho nssailant. ' IIo,7hlcago road w,lllin fiftccn mnlcs walk
evidently had not sense enough to bo scar-1 , m lho IIaII nnd 1,1,(1 becn stlPI,l,rl
ed; but as tho bowio knifo come near his n,PuUlc expense for tho last 8 weeks,
facc.ono of his huge fists suddenly vacated s bcen scI)l Rway hy he cholera.
his pocket and fell hard nnd heavy between ! F,ir1s!' 11,0 ra!l,cr was ,aken 1,,en lho hvo
dandy's eyes,, nnd tho poor fellow was !:'' dren, and lastly tho mother, in whose,
floundered in the Ohio. Greeny .jumped on ! ""'V"-' wa3 fom,d lwo lIl0"Sind five
board our boat, put his hands in his pockets ,",ndr?Jd do lars in 5old- Thcy have liv
and looked around. "May be," said he, 1 nmid reeling roul stenches, and
"theros somebody clso hero that's been lin-lotroyiiig vapors for weeks, and
looking for me a week." . I,ad "nPfscd upon the public charity; but
r- their avarice has availed them nothing ;
Selfishness. Live to some purpose they are rotting in untimely graves ol
in tho world. Act your part well. Fill their own seeking, and tho country is sole
up tno measure 01 duty to others. Uon-' heir lo their concealed weulih.
duct yourself so that you shall be missed
wilh sorrow when you aro gone. Multi
tudes of our species are living in such a
selfish manner that thcy aro not likely to
bo remembered nftcr their disappearance.
Thcy leave behind them scarcely nny
traces of their existence, bul are forgotton
almost ns though ihey had never been.
Thcy nre, while thcy live, liko one pebble
lying unobserved umongsl a million on tho
shorj ; nnd whon thcy dio thcy nre like
that amo pebble thrown into tho sea,
w hich just ruflles tho surfiice,. sinks, and
is forgotten, without being missed from the
DelroiC Free Press.
Fhacas in Washington. An exciting
scene occurred in a room in tho Census
Burenu, nt Washington, on Friday after
noon, in consequence of a young lady at
tempting to shoot ono of tho clerks by tho
-a - -r 1." . . C I-- . 1 -
iiuiiiu Ul iu3ui ui jcisrv. llir. IV. -CS
OTA story is teldofanold Dutchman,
for many years lho keeper of a ferry ut
Oil Creek, who was one day crossing with
a large load of passengers, who with one
exception, addressed each olhcrns colonel,
major, captain, judge, etc. Y hen the faro
enme to be paid ho clwrgcd the litlcd men
one shilling each. "What is my fare?"
said the geullcman who had no title, after
Ihe rest had nil paid: "Your faro!" said
the Dutchman, "your faro ish chust nod
ing you ish do first high private Ynnkee
ever carried over dis creek, and you isl)
A Gem. Wo lovo to sco a woman
treading tho high und holy path of duty,
unblindud by sunshine, unsenred by the
storm. There nro hundreds who do bo
from tho cradle to tho crave, heroines of
enpod unhurt from lho room, but iho ludy I nJuf-1". of whom tho world has never
expressed n determination to do the deed ,ncardbut n"n,e' L brig,,tei'
the builJing until nil iho clerks had left.
rampant a native that he won't cat ''irish alleges that matters connected with
potatoes." J her honor caused tho attack. '
and rcdres herrrievnnee nn,l .nli "crcaiter. even besides tno brightest angel
. . . - ....
OTho gloomiest knell .that rings over
tho full of virtue, must bo to hear of ihe
lost esteem of those wo love,

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