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Terms or Subscription.
f f paid In edvnnee.nr wltbltt ibrM months. ..Ii' Oe
If paid after three ud before li Boat hi... I M
Ifpaid after tbe expiration of til moubts... I do
r Messrs. 0. at. Parr a warn. A Co., Newe
paer Adveetlelag Agata, IT Phi How, earner
ilekjuan Street, art our duly authorised Agents
la New York City.
Ki:i,i(iioi;s MOTICKM.
Methodist Knlarjoiial Cliurr hRev. J. S
M MiraiuT, Pastor. Hervlcee every Habbath
4t 1 04 A. M., and 7 r. M.
Sabbath Hnhool at V A. M.
Prever Meeting every Wednesday, at Tl P. M
Communion Borvtee, Irit Habbath f every
j.onth, at 10f A.M.
Wait Clearfield M, E. Churrh. Re.
W. fi'-oTT WiLioa, Pastor. Preaching every
alternate Sunday, at o'olonk, P. M. (Sunday
Hobool at Si, P. AJ. All ara Invited to attend.
ProebyterU Church Rt. II. B. Duti.br,
Bebbath cervices mornlna and evening Sab
bath Bobool at I P. M. Prayer Mm ting Wednee-
day evening.
Baptist hurrh.-rUv. , Pastor.
Sabbatb School at I P. M. Prayar Maatifig an ry
Wednesday evening.
Hi. Francis' Church Cathollr Kit. P
J.HmafniN Divine service et lite A. M., oa
the first, third and fourth Suudaysof each woatb
Vtipari and Beoedlotion of lb Blessed Haarauant
et 7 o'clock, r. rtunaay oonooi itw; cm;
afteraooa at I o oloen.
tfeoond Monday of January.
Third Monday of March.
. Plrat Monday of J una,
, Fourth Monday of September,
- . First Monday of Juno.
Second Monday of Novambar.
Pritidmt J il at lion. Cbarlai A. Mayor, of
Lack Haven.
Attittant Lmm JmtfUon. John II. Orvls. of
it ( JuAgtiAbrm Of don. Clearfield)
Vincent fl. Holt, Clearfield. .
Prvikootfy-ltl Bloom.
M'giiframd RttorHL. J. Morgan.
Trawr Philip Dotte.
IHttriot dttornty J. F. MoKonrlek.
Hktriff Jamat Mabaffoy. a
tmMtM JSlklT
Cuuntw Saror Samaal F. McCloikty, Cor-
flnumt fJommttiomtrC. W. Kvlar, Art him
ton P. 6.1 Klab J ohm Ion, Urannion Bllli P. 0.;
fastMittfawrf Chrlt John W. Howt.
John Norrli, Br., CnrweniTlllo.
Count, Auditor-WilMtas V. Wright, Clar
flald; Jotapb Uilhtaad, Tbraa Runii J.P.Nur
riP, Woodland.
Cemnlf Cor on J. B. Neff, Naw Waihiogton,
Jur Qommini9w AndrewJ. Jarkannt Clear-r.-.l
W. R. Itrown. Clearfield.
Xuynrinttndtnt o Puhli SckooUS. L. Mo-
gnown, ciaarnoiu.
Jimhr of WiigkH Mmwu Jrm W . Carllla,
offie at Lotheriburg Pa.
NotariM ( John W. Wrigley, W m. Ra
dohaugh, Cyrui Gordon, Cloarflold: Jonrph R.
Irwin, N. K. Arnold, Curwonvllla ; J. A. Living
tona, UaUoia City.
Onr AtmNaootaaiR la dooldedly InUraMlng In
a local point of tIow, and profltablf reading to
autaldaro who want U oara uodkj.
"Will )vn tak wheat, oali or ora fur aub
rripiion f" Wa aro oftfa inquired of in this way
by Ivtfor fra atroni who reaida at a dirtanca
frbin Clrarneld. Wo again ray yaa. Tba reoclpti
of a raponalbla inarrbant or niitl owner In tba
riclnily, will anawer oa Jaat aa well aa tba eab.
To illloitratt i If any of oor patrona will dolirar
u a bag of grain at tba mill of Joatph H. Bntb,
in Cbaat townchlp, IIorao Patch ia, In Uarnaldt,
Tbouai II. Foroay, In Unban, Wa. Porter or
Nbaw'a, In Lawranoo, or Brew a A Sayler, at
Rwktoa, Unioa towaablp, and forward thalr
rtcalpii for the a moan t, wawill aradlt than oa
tbclr account for tba aatna. In tbta way all may
aon pay what thry owe, If tboy will puraoa tbla
ooa ran.
gorAiivortiBr and othors will boar
fa aitnd that all artMaa in landed tar publication
In tbii papor aiait be handed la, nut Utar than I
Taeadny, at 9 A. M. Dont forget It !
The famona teat oil well at OftCoola
baa boon hnodooedi "
Tbomaa A. Kleek, ol thin place, ia
onload to bia retldenee with a aerloua attack of
Inflammatory rhoinalni.
T. Benton Pulley, the temperance
I aatwrar, waa reeantly married to Mr. Ella 6.
Ilelndol, of Qtttyiborj, Pa.
A rovival meeting is being held in
tha Melhodiat church In tbla borough, which wll
likely ba protracted for aoma time.
m m '
TJot. K. J . Gray, A. M., Freeitlont o(
Willlamaport Dltklaeoa Seminary, will preach la
tha M. R. Charah of thli p aae neit Bandy.
Frank Cooper, who baa been con
fined ta bia home in tola borough for tbo paet two
montha or mora, with rheumolUm, la tbla to ba
oat agala. .
KaJ. W. Graham baa removed hin
atack af drag i, Aa., Into hut aew quarter! oa 8ee
oad atnot. Ha aow oeoapiae ona of tba Doaleat
Mot roomi la tba State.
4 -
Onr Town Council are talking about
arurehaaing a Are angina. Tbla, to awr judgment,
mill ba a feasible lareatment, and will ba enjoyed
by all tba tai-payeri la aommoB.
One paper lefts in Clearfiold county.
Tha pahlieatloa of tha Hoatidala Nm baa beaa
Indefinitely nape dad, and that jaornal baa goat
tbo way of all thinga that are terrestrial.
Clearfield Lodge, Ho. 1,3-14, 1. O. of
U. T., will bold their quarterly election of nfioori
oa Thursday arealng neat, la thalr Lodge room.
A full attendanea of tha memaera m requested.
e- sp
The County Auditors have com
pleted thalr report of tba financial aondltloa of
our rennty, which It row la tha hands of tba
printer aad will ba girea to tba pablieneit week.
ii aw -
(ioiNaOif. We learn that the en
gineora, angsgad la looating tha railroad along
.the titer from tha mauth af Blnnamaboalng creek,
-were at Karl baas bridge oa Monday, wending
.'nelrway ap therirer.
Owar Mitchell and Frank G. Harris,
Tvsqi hare beaa appointed Commisalouorf to
take teatiasooy la oertala dlforoo aaaea, tba par
ticulars af whtah raft he ascertained by reference
to ear aaw a4rartlaamaats.
A prayer meeting, In the interest of
. tha young attend i eg aollegea aad sckoola, will ba
held la tbo leetare room of tbo Clear He'd Prnby.
terlan Chareh neit Thursday eranlag, ia accord
ance to a roqueat made by tha General Assembly,
On account of the bad condition ot
Aha roads, wa ara requested to state that tha
Taneberf' Local Iootltnu. aotleed ta the"Kduoa
tiaasi Colama" tt this Issue, to ha bald at Da Bole,
:Ph.4Vfc and 7tb,has been Indefinitely postponed.
i ewi -
A Twival seems to be in progreas
with tha Tamplara af this place. At the
s last maatlai wa Warn they had foartoea sp plica-
Ueai for admlasioa, aad at tha aama time a aamher
ofeM mamharav wba bad aoft )at la aa appaar
awee for aoma week a, retaroad asd pat their bar.
aaaa am agaia.
'mm a awi
Kocnd. The famous agitator, Xingo
Park, waa eRt Bp saoh adlde ta oar eoal regions
ta I8T, aad sa myiterlaaely diaappaared ahonta
moath ago froai tha Weaisaaralaaa' raglaa. sap
posed to bare beea waylaid and his body thrown
lata tha MoaongabeU rirar, aa tarwaptaa
eaal mine Rear Wbaallag, Wast Virgiala, Xinga
If a brick.
lndmputable J-ile Insurance Is fur
jinked ay by tba Kqaltable Llfs Asaaraaaa 8e
Wty af tba felted States. Policies ara lasna
arstabta after being la farm three year. Asects
ef the Cam paay, thirty -eight and see bait millloas
f dollars i awrpMf, swtaa and aae-half millloaf.
CaM at lha efflee af ft. M. MaSnally, agaat. Clear-
Sail, tV, aad aaaaataa aa lamoateataale Poiiey
Wrnns" Dbathb. Mrs. Nottie Kirk,
wlfa af Ir. Kirk aad aetea af Horn. 0. R. Bar
rett, af this plees, died sad deal; at BetlefoRte aa
Moa Jay last. (ba formerly resided la Brady
itowaahip, this seaoty.
Mr. Stady, haakar and a prom I neat has I a ess
aaa af Tyrone, fall dead a tha street ia thai
tows Monday arealng.
Atria (7orsTiifa. Ws ars now in
aha aide af aha third wash af awr Jaaaary Court.
Judge Orrle Is praaidlBf, aided by tha Aaaotlatea,
Ogdea and lloli. Aa U to a week set apart far
I be trial af civil eaaaes, lha attaadaaaa ts Ret
large, and from tha tar d lasts of tha lawytra aad
aiure aa Moaaay, It looks like a proleaged weak
af Btfal buiaese ; hut w aatpaat shaa Friday
minruiug will wind Bp tha term.
Kanon. Tbo avwtwmont table only
shows 104 cows for Lawraaaa township, It should
U 336.
sj i
Hftvo you headache, pain in the
baek.eoettd tongaa, or dlsilneesf1 If is, taka
PiUrt Lira rills," and be oured.
-rf . .: i i ii i mm a-
" Nothing niultea a man, woman, or
child feel meaner than a tlokUag MOtloa la tba
throat. Taka "Dr. Setl-ra Couth Syrup."
Tsnty-lve cents. ' -j
Next Monday in "Ground or
Candlemas day, when tha aforesaid animal will
determine what tied, af weather we will bara to
endure tba Bait ill waaki.
' A Rioiit. We intar from a re
mark mads by the Superintendent, that some of
the teaehars oaoaaionally sernb (heir school honsaa
oo vlaltatloa day. It Is old t but try again.
The Lenten Rcanon beina thifi year
on tbo llih of February (Ash Wedntadsy) and
closes aa Kaater Sunday, wbwh oeeura oa the
IHth of Msrrh, being very aiuca earlier tbaa la
former years. r
Maiihikd. Mimb Clara M. Colomnn
ona of tba Coleman slaters, who frequently
appeared on the atags In this place, waa married
at Rnabfllle, Indiana, Dseember Ittb, lo Mr.
Jawrs Curl ia, of Huston, Taias.
Uiahop Jeno l'eck, we learn from
oar Alioona eicbsnges, will preilde at tha ap
proaching saislen of tba Central PanoayWania
M. R. Confereaoe, lo convene In that city oa tbe
loth a March, la place af Biibp Haven, da
- - e m
Sad. We learn that a Mr. Read.
livlni near Wsstover, la Chest towaablp, his
burrled six ohildren wl'.hta two weeks, tbo dii
aaaa being dipbtbrla. Ho osrtainly has tha
aympalby of tha entire community In this lore
be rra reman t.
LiHt of lottora romainlng unclaimed
In tbe Postofllee at Clearfield, for the weekending
January IB, 1AKS t
Miss Bell Brandon, Win. T. Faber, Riobard
fllenn. Arthur Jenkins. Chas. A. Bailers, Miss
Lacy Vincent.
P. A. Qaulih, P. M
Tkmpkranci Mrstimo. Wo have
beea rnaesied to announce that a Temperance
meeting wilt be huld In tba Lutheran Choreh, at
Kocktoa, on Hunday, the 1st day of February, at
10 o'clock A. M., hr tha purpose of organ ii lag
an association under Iho tl ram plan Tempera noe
Union. All tba friends of Temperance, as well
as others, ara Invited ta attend.
Mr. I'bilip Komlingur, an old sub
crlber u our papar and well known In the
whole surrounding country, Informed ua tbe other
day, that his wife, who lor two weary jaars hud
suffered with rheumatism la tbe shoulder, during
which time she had been treated by several
physician without success, bad been completely
mired by aslBKle bottle ol Rt. Jacobs Of!.- Hie
cyms, Ohio, Courier, f-fc. 1.1, IS7S .
a- eii
Ai'Pointmbnt8. The County Com-
misslonora on Baturday last appointed a portion
of their Cabinet, aa lollows :
Counsel Dsvid L. Krebs.
Priaon Pbysioian Dr. T. J. Buyer-
Jnaitor D. Woods Jordan,
Clock Wlndsr 8. I. Boeder.
Tbesa ara all reappointments, eioept Janitor.
Mr. Jordan lakes lbs plana of Harry Hemphill
oa tha lit of April neit. Tbe Clerk'bip Is still
la au'penM.
Information Wantku. inlormatioti
ts wantal of Andrew Irwin, who came to this
country about 1700. Ho resided awhile la Phila
delphia, aad afterward settled in Cecil county,
Maryland. There Is said ts ha aa astata la
Ireland fur this branch of the Irwin family.
W. J. F 111 Chapel atrcet, Dublin, Ireland, and
W. 0. J., 1817 Pranhford Hoad, Philadelphia,
advertise thai a handsome reward awaits any
one affording ia formation as will enable his hairs
to reoorsr his property.
- - i a ew
A Good Idba. We believe that
wheat, rye, eura and oats aaa ba Improved as
well as beef, mutton, bogs, etc, by owltere, and
wa ara therefore glad to notice that at the recent
State Convention of millers at Harrlsbarg, they
adopted a propoiitioa that a eon mi t too, com
posed of one member from each county in the
Slate, be appointed to agitate among millers and
farmers movement looking to tbe Improvement
of tbo ear let lee or wheel aad the eetebllaauenl
of sa equitable value of Iba oereal at tha mills.
Tba Eioautire Committee of the Association was
Rutborlsed to carry out the above views.
What a Woman did w ith a Postal
Card. A lady Id Kansas slty, Mo., who
saw Id tba Daitg Jomrml, an advertisement of TAs
Howar&eMMf, publisned at Minneapolis, Minn.,
sent her address to the publishers, by a postal
card, aad received ta reply their new ptotoral
premium list. Ia thret days sha earn id Scri
asr's Month If and Harpw't Baxmr, for one year,
and a aew eaehmsre dress. Her hasband thinks
that was a good Investment, Tk flouktfr Is
aa admirable Illustrated monthly, aeat, sensible,
and praotle a), and every lady should at least sand
for a sample copy, which Is sent free oa applisa
Uoa. Address Buckeye Publishing Company,
Minneapolis, Mioa.
The Clearfield County Agricultural
Society mot last Friday tn this borough and
elected tbe following officers for 1880, vis t
President Launder Denning, of Lawrence
Vice Presidents M. 8. Spencer, of Pann town
ship, and N. Rlshel, af Lawrence township.
Treasurer John McGaughey, of Clearfield
Secretary At. M. Row, of Clearfield borough.
Kieeutlva Committee El tsba M. Davis, af
Pann township ; W. P. Tats, of Lawrence town
ship ; John Smith, of Bloom township ; Philip
Dotts, of Beocarla township, and one other gentle
man who has aot yet signified bis aeceptanoe of
the posltioa.
mm m .
Klrction op Bank Omegas. At
tha annual meeting of the stockholders of the
County National Bank, la Clearfield, on Tuesday,
January 15th, the following person were elected
as oflesrs for 18HS :
President James T. Leonard.
Vice President Thomas H. Porcey. , .
Caahier W. M.Soaw.
Directors James, T. Leonard, T. 11. Foreey,
U. L. Ked, A. H. Hhaw.Johu K. Weaver, YYm.
Porter, John W. Wright.
The officers of tbe First National Bank of Clear
field, chosen at tbo election on tha I .Ilk Inst- for
18nfi, ara as follows i '
President J ona. Buy o ton.
Viae President A. F. Boynlon.
Caehter Wm. II. DHL
Directors J on a. Boyntoo, R. Moasop, R.
MilchelL James Irwin, Hr Alea. Murray, A. F.
Uoyatoa, Wm. II. Dill.
Tub Wonderful I We are happy
to annoRRsa tbe coming et the aeiebrated Uoium
bas Cloak. This wonderful piece) af mechanism
has attracted attention of the press aad people
throughout tbe entire country. It comes highly
recommended. Tba following Is what Kx-Utr-ornor
Bisop, of Ohio, says ef U i
J. 0. Taitbbr, Golmmbm i
Jhmr Mir "I have attended eueef your pop
alar recaptions af tha Ureal Columbus Clock,
made end Invented by you, and la viewer Us
elaborate laish and marvelous worklags, pre
Boeaee it tba most eitreoMinary piece of me
chanism I have ever wltaaasad. It u aot oaly a
matter of pride te tbe Bute af Ohio, bat ta tbe
entire Nettoa. i aope tnai your aevotion to
Science and Art may find the approoiatioa it ew
(oily deserves."
This woRderfal olock will te et Molted la tbe
store room la the Opera lloasa raeeatly occupied
by J. f. Kramer ao a grocery store, oa Thursday,
Friday and Saturday ef aeit week. Admission,
fifteen and tea cents.
mm I c
Tut Lumber Trade. Tbo official
report, by the Lumberman's Kiehange, af tba
stock oa bead at the close of tbo year, shows tbe
following f
Plna. Hemlock,
feet. feet.
Willismsport, Jan., I MO.. 1,4M,CM fi,IS,10&
Look Haven - 1MH2.432 2U0,we
Baltimore. I,M0 ,UftO ,
Philadelphia................... T.22M7S .......
Total Januarr I. I0.,.l I l.W,3M 7,148,ft!tS
Total January 1, IT0...1V,at,l7d ll,a3,tfll
Differaoaa.....H S,2Vfi,200 ,2I8,2&V
Tbe Williamspert maaufaetarere report tl,
140,08 laths aad- I, SSI, 4 17 pickets ea hand, a
slight laeraaae ever last year.
A dispatch ta the Philadelphia sTeeara says
tba rite la the river brought dew a abeet 1,00s,
00 fttet of lags ta Wllllamsport boom. Oaesaw
mill there Is reanlag te eat the stock ef logs ea
kaad. Several of tha timber rafts which seme
dawa mod their may la Marietta ml petals be
low, aad tha novel spectacle ef raftlag la mid
wlater waa wltaossod oa tha West Breach of the
The werk Is aregraesiag favorably ia the woods,
aad eiperieaeod jobbers estimate that the stack
ef pias lAge aa hi) lha tributaries af the Basque
haaaa wltt ruga from tDI,Wt,Soa U o0,000,O00
feet. Aa unusually large awmhav af timber rafts
will ba made this Wlater, aad the pries based ea
this supply win aot only ba melatalasd, hat pos
sibly la si cam d. The eatleok for the Mmbcrtag
latereets af 1980 Is hatter than tl bas Seea for
sis yeero J,fk VmmfirwHtrrmt.
If you want s good pair ot skates
ohusp, go to Herder's dun store.. dec. lO-U,
We have now on band several thous
and first elan envelope, which wa will prist for
business men, er anybody also, at prices that can
aot be rivalled. Call and sea them. if.
- i neaa a en
At Iho RgpuBLiCAN office is tbo plut-e
to gat your Job wik doaa We ara fully prepared
to do anything la tha printing line, will do It
wall, and at tha right kind of prises. tf.
Another lot of those beautiful Horn
tngtsn Sewing Machinal, Juat received at 1 lar
der's. Tbate oiaehlQee hva no cog wheels, asms.
aar Frlolloa pulleys Corns and examine thsm.
1 I ! deo.10.tr.
Baroflma bus become the ackuowl
edgod remedy far llvar and hldney complaints.
Prepared by K. K. Thompson, Tltasvllle, Pa.
and for sale by all druggists la Clearfield, and
Joseph Beyler A Ron, Lutbersburg. Jaa-Sl-St
fteo a woman on nurscbaok in another
column, riding near Spoor's Vineyards, with
bunch of Orapes from which B pear's Port Orepe
Wine Is made, that Is so highly esteemed by tbe
medical prufessfoa for the use of i aval ids, weakly
persons and tba aged, gold by K. W. Graham,
Druggist, Olearflald, Pa. jly-18-'7fr-lf.
A Fact. An ftdvortisemvnt Inserted
la the Rki-usmcam will reach mora readers than
If pubiishvd In all tha other papers in tha ouun
ty,Riti oust Iba adverlisei bus than one-half
In other words, an adverilsfnu-at published In
our Jcurnal ts nor tit double tba price of that
charged by any other publisher ta tbe county,
"It t a fact.- tf.
Important Motlre to the Public.
I take pleasure In certifying that my saw mill,
whloh was burned an the 18th of November last,
was Insured with KKIlll a 1IIDDLB, State
Central Agent of the Aurora Finn Iniuuartb
Co., of Cincinnati, aad that they bave promptly
settled and paid my loss, and I would recommend
toe Aurora and lis A genu as rename parties to
insure witb. wilhos n. uoovrr,
Jan. 18, 18S(Mt Clearfield, Pa.
Removal. Dr. T. J. Boyor has re
moved his medical omoe to tba rooms recently
occupied by Buck A Graham, In Graham's row
fle makes CIIHONIO DISK AS BB a specialty.
CHAKOKB VERY LOW. The manttfaeturcrs
having lowered prices, he ta prepared to furnish
dueod rates. The afflicted will ba benefited by
giving biioaoalL julyS3, '7IMf.
i ' i e i i
New Daily StaorLine. James L
Lcavy baa succeeded In baying a dally mail astab-
l.shcd between Clearfield and Penn field, and will
herealW rua a dally stage between the two points.
Hli contract began with April 1st, end tha stage
will leave Hear Tie Id every morning (eioept Sun
day) at 8 o'clock, making connections with all
trains on tha Low Grade Railroad at Pennfleld, re
tnrn'ng after tba last train the same evening.
Pafsengcmsnd freight will be carried at low rates.
Orders left at any of tbe hotels will be attended
to. 18spr7V-tf
Farukrs. Look iiini! Lytle will
give you highest market prices for Wheat, Oats,
Corn, Ilnnkwheat, Butter, Eggs, Onions, Apples,
dried fruits, and all kinds of produce. He has
the largest and best selected Stock of groceries,
teas, coffees, molasses, spices, oil salt, sugar,
queensware, tuba, buckets, baskets, churns, etc.,
in Clesrflfld county. He buys bis goods in large
quantities from manufacturers and first bands
for ash, and takes the advantage of all
discounts, and so he Is enabled to sell at lowest
price. He gives eusb priori for produce, and sells
his goods at the lowest prices in the county.
Still Mors Railroad. The follow
ing, which we copy from the Punxsutawney Spirit,
indicates that somebody means business :
i ' ' J
, Or rice, or M. A 8. Railroad Cohpirt,
Pm khuta wxkt, Jan. Sd, I8H0. (
The stockholders of tbe Mahoning A Basque-
henna Railroad Company are hereby notified that
an election far President and Directors of said
Company will ba held on Friday, Jaduart Ud,
INN", I o'clock, r. at., at the omoe ot Jenas
Wiaslow, la tha borough of Punxsutawney.
r. w.JKAKS. rretidvnr.
R. 0. Wins low, Secretary.
The charter for this road authorises the stock
holders te build a railroad, aommeaelog oa the
Allegheny river, at the mouth ot Hikwi-
creek, and tbanae up that stream to the Susque
hanna river There la ao question but that tbta
road will ba built la the near future. It is the
oaly bee-line for a western connection from this
Motion or the State, and It will penetrate a ooal
field equal to that of tbe H shannon, or Sandy
Llek Valley.
Clearfield Coal Tradr. State-
meat of Ooal and other freights sent ever the
Tyrone A Clearfield Divialon, Pennsylvania Rail
road, for lha week ending Jan. 17, 1S8b, and
the same time last year .
OOAL. .... ' .. TORS.
Fortbeweeh - J-1,a
Same time laatyear - 38,602
Iaorcaae M,7eT
Previously during year - 8T.SII
name time last year....... 17,740
Total la 1880 .M M 100,882
Basis time last year 01,843
Iacreaae...............-.....- 89,020
otrsr raatOBti.
Lumber fleers.
Miscellaneous freights....... 149
Officers Installed. 1-aHt Thurs
day evening, tha officers and members of the
Clearfield County Pomona Grange met la Pic's
Opera House and tnrtalled their officers for tbe
ensuing yoar, as follows t
Worthy Master Blithe W. Duvti, of Pena
township (Oram plan Hills Postofllee)
Overseer Andrew Itenkia. ot narisaus town
ship, Bait Lick).
Lecturer u. if. asnuaii, oi nioom townsnip,
Assistant Steward -Wm. T. ScbrTver, of Law
rence township, (Clearfield). 1
Chaplain Miles Head, of Lawrence township,
Treasurer James Ppeokman, f Lawrence
township, (Curweosville).
SesreUry Lewis 0. Dloem, of Lawrence town
ship, (Corwensvllle).
Uatekeeper Robert Byd, af Lawrcnrs town
ship, (Olearfield).
Ceres Mrs. Catharine Davis, of Penn town
ship, (Grampian Hills).
Pomona Miss Sarah Jane Owens, of Lawrence
township, (Clearfield).
Flora Mrs. James F pack man, af Lawrence
township, (Oarwenevtlle).
Lady Assistant Steward Miss J. Alice Read,
of Lawrence township, (Curwonsrlllc).
The aeit meeting will be held la the month of
Anniversary Celebration. The
Good Templars of Clearfield propose ta celebrate
thslr first anniversary aeat month, oa Thursday
and Friday evenings, the 28th and 27 Lb. The
programme win be nearly as follows t Oa Thurs
day arealng, February 28th, they will hold their
regular meeting in the Ledge roam, which will ha
secret, aad, after the regular order of business Is
dispeased with, refreshments will he served. Af
ter tha feast of lee cream, cake, Ac, tba meeting
will ha open far short peaches, musts and ameoe
meats, after which they will adjourn antU Friday
evening. Oa Friday aveatag, February 27 tb, tbe
meeting be open to the public, and will be bold ia
the Court House or oae of the Gburohes. The
place has aot yet beea decided upon, but it will
ha aaada known la dae time. Tbe programme
will ba nearly as follows i Prayer, music, addresses
by speakers from abroad, by ministers, and mem
hers and ethers j a hlst ry af the Ledge will be
give by eaa or the member. A good time gen
erally Is eiaeeted, aad everybody ta ranted to at
toad. Death: or Rev. Campbell. Ourcit-
laaac ware eoasiderably shook ed lest Wednesday
afteraooa to hear af tba death af Bar. B. P.
Campbell, af Woodlead, which occurred that
day at tbe M. 8. Parsoaage la that village, after
aa lllneas af about tea deya, from pneumoaia.
Mr. Campbell was a young man, and gave
premise af fa tare useful earn and satraordiaary
ability 1b the celling that ha was aagaged,havlag
gradaated at both a literary and theological ta-:
st Halloa of learning. The Pbllipsbnrg Jmmnul
apeaks ef htm as fallows i "He Joined the Central
Peaatylvaaia Goafereace la lt7fi, aad fay the
Circuit system of the M. E Charah, has aot only 1
rendered effieisnt Service ta those among whom
his lot has beea oast, bat has ales beea familiar-.
laiRf himself with the hast methods af fetara see-,
ease la learn Ing the habits, tastes and ways af the !
people la every grade af Use. Ivory variety aad '
phase af hamaa asters controlled by grace, earn as
aader the aotles of man la his calling. H Is maa
agemeat ef tbe work aad his deportment ta his
peeltloe leave aa room la deaht bat that la the ;
aaur fat use ha weald, fcr his am sis nay, be ia do
maa 4 among the more Important appolatmeate
la his Confereaoe. Bat aa aasrrlag Frovideaee
has otherwise directed his promctroa."
The deceased was about 10 years ef age, aad
leaves a Wire (formerly Miss Mat lis Wright, af
Q lea Hope) aad erne child a sorrow far their be
ranvemoat. His remains ware take to HaT
Mooa, Centre coaaty, for I items l. ' ;
OoarteaJled aa Monday, Jaaaary 17th, 1880,
st 3 o'clock P. M., Judges Maysr, Ogdea' and
Holt oa the fieaah.
John lentoa and Bury Hemphill wars ap
pointed tipstaves, ,
quabtbb sbrbiors.
Tbe ease of the Commonwealth vs. W. A. Rai
aey, Indicted for felouons arsoa, having been
sob tinned from the first week, was laheR np and
tried. Tbe Jury found tbe Defendant guilty.
Ths Dsfeadaat was s cBteaeed la pay a floe of
of fifty dollars, aad Rndergo aa lmprlsoament la
the W cetera Pse Herniary for the period of four
yean and three moat ha.
cur won plrar. 1
Tbe trial list was taken up and disposed of as
folWWS ! t t
Levi Goes, Trustee af Jane Peters vs. Wain
right A Co, No. 45 January Term, I8bu.
Feigned Issue to try the validity af Judgments.
Nos, 171 and 377, January Term, l?8, vs.
Jonas Peters. Tried. Verdict for lbs Plaintiff.
Robin Taylor vs. W. 0. Cardoa. No. 208,
January Term, 1880. Assumpsit for labir. Set
tled by tbe parties.
Tomklni and MaoMonlgal ve Jacob Uirsh.
No. 489 January Term, 1879. Appeal from
judgment of Justice. Settled as per paper filed
Jacob Golnstt vs. 8. C. Patch In, Administrator
of Porter Johnson, deceased. No. 140, March
Terra, 1873. Assumpsit. Continued for causa.
Peter Mo'leorge vs. J. W. Davis. No. 2H7,
September Term, 1877. Assumpsit, TrlsJ. Ver
dict for Defendant.
John B. Dillon and Simon Mc Per lend vs.
Steward Cowcn and John Taylor. No. 500, Hep-
Umber Term, 1874. Ejectment. Continued for
Thomas Mitchell vs. Henry Ringold, J. Dillon
ef. of. No. 374, Jaauary Term, 1375. Trespass.
A. C. Hopkins aad J. D. Walters added as De
fendants, and case settled.
Geo. B. Goodlaader vs. Geo. Kramer and Wil
liam K. Belt. No. 37, Jcae Term, 1871. Tres
pass and cutting Umber. Placed on trial list for
third week.
Wm. A. Bloom, Kxeoutor of Afaram Bloom, de
ceased, vs. A. 0. Tate,)Admiolstrator of Isaac
Thompson, deceased. No. lufi, September Term,
1876. Debl Tried. Verdiot for Defendant.
J. D. Htcki vs. H. 0. Kellsy. No. HI 1, Jaaa
ary Term, 1870. Appeal from Jadgmeni of
J oi tbe. To ba marked discontinued, upon pay
ment of ousts by Defendant
Wm. Albert A Pro. vs. Thomas Psrks. No.
3Sfl, March Tsrm, 1876. Assumpsit. Settled.
Andrew Gardner vs. Curtis Reams. No. 80,
September Term, 1870. Ejectment, plaintiff
suffers a voluntary non suit.
David 0. Hensel vs. Daniel Miller. No. 331
September Term, 171. Debt Verdiot for Plata
tiff for $100.
Jobs C. Aoksrd vs. John Ligbtner, No. 468,
September Term, 1878. Dsbt. Leave given
Plaintiff to amend his pleadings. Defendant
pleads surprise and ease oonliaued at costs of
H. II. BhilltngforJ vs. Robert liars Powell-
No. 7&7, September Term, 1870. Trespass. Con
tinued on account of the sickness of Plaintiff.
John M. Cummtug vs. Q. W. Qallaher, Admin
istrator of Hugh Gallahar, defeased. No. 95,
January Torm, 1877, Debt. Verdiot for Plain
tiff for $300.
V. A. A W. D. Irvlo vs. I rish Lloyd. No. 101.
January Term, 1877. Assumpsit, Judgment
for Plaintiff.
ABOt'ttanr list.
Jamas P. Uele vs. Tbe Moebanaoi Land and
Lumbar Company. No. 823, September Term,
1878. Motion for new trial. January 23d, 1880,
It Is ordered that If Defendants add the sum of
$140, a set-off Improperly admitted, and have
judgment entered as of ths data ef verdiot for
$1,840, then reasons for new lilal ara overruled
and discharged. '
Executors ef William Irrla vs. Jobs M. Chase,
No. 409, January Term, 1874, Role te show
causa why Defendant should aot be required to
make a Deed to Plaintiff aad pay costs. Role
Joha OoRRery vs. Osceola Park Aaeoolalloa.
No. 278, Juaa Term, 1878. Motion for a new
trial. Motion overruled end new trial refused.
D. J. Hear A Co. TS. Lever Flegal. No. &,
March Torm, 1870. Motion for a aew trial.
Thomas Myers vs. Thomas White. No. 474.
June Term, 1878. Rule granted to show ease
why Judgment should not be opened, As. Rule
mm4m ebeleer -.. .t ,t.
Thomas Meyers vs. Thomas White. No, 818,
Jaauary Term, 1879. Rule granted te show
caBse why a credit of $1M0, with Interest from
May 9th, 1870, should not be entered. Plalatiff
allows credit for $28.30 and rule discharged.
Joseph MoCullough vs. D. W. Thompson aad
Joha Thompson. No. 327, September Term,
187T. Rule to show aanss why amount of Judg
ment should aol bo eorreetcd, Aa. Rale made
absolute. Jadgment to he entered for $2,171 .87
Instead ef $2,080. ,
Margaret Hoover A Coo red Bloom vs. B. L.
Falhaer. No. 351, January Term, 1880. Certiorari
ea part af Defendaat ta Jaetio Brhard. Bs
eoptmni overruled and Judgment of Jnettee
Robin Taylor vs. W. O. Cardoa. Na. 503,
Jaauary Term, 1880, Rule to show eaaas why
Jadgmeat should aet be opened nad Ft, Fa. set
aside at the cost of Plaintiff. Rule made abso
lute. Judgment opened.
James Dnnn vs. W. S. Taylor. Na. 83, Jaau
ary Term, 1880. Certiorari ve part of Defendant
to Justlea Porter, successor of Matt. MeAteer.
Judgment of Justice reversed aad set aside at
costs of Plaintiff.
D. W. Logan vs. R. O. Thompson. Ho. 531
January Term, 1880. Rale to show oaasa wby
appeal should aot ha stricken off. Rule made
absolute and appeal strlohea off.
Petition of eit liens of Bell township for a
bridge to ba erected over the Basqnehanaa river,
at a place where the public highway from the Ia
dlana aad Curweasv ills State read to New Wash
ington crosses the river, at or near (be Widow
Wetsel's,ln said township, presented. Read aad
considered, end D. L. Ferguson, L 0. MeCloskcy
and Henry D. Ross appointed viewers. .
Petition ta vacate and supply a publla read ia
Covington township, commencing at a point at
or near David Askey's place, and ending at a point
at or Bear Falrmonnt School Uoase, la said town
ship, presented. Read and considered, and T.
W, Moore, A. B. Shaw and D. W. Moore ap
pointed viewers.
Pstitlon of eit I tens of Clearfield county, for
the appointment of Commissioners lo take charge
ef the Huston and Pike township road. Read
and considered and Jas. L. Leery, Joseph White
head and L. Bird appointed Commissioners.
Iu the matter of the use of ths improvement
and right of way af Saw Mill run, Burns ide
township. Petition presented for assessment of
damages to ewwers ef land, Aa. Read and eea
sidered, and Laaader Denning, A. B. Shaw aad
Moses Bailey appointed viewers.
Pstitloa presented for a read te lead from the
line of the borough ef Routsdele, at the North era
terminus of Good street te the reldenee of Mi
chael Leach, oa read from Houtadale to Ooeaa
Colliery, la Woodward towaablp. Read aad con
sidered, and Theodore Vaadesen, and Doa St.
Gee. Frailer appointed viewers.
Petltloa of cit liens of Bloom township, for ap
pointment of viewers te lay out a road from a
polat star Rear H. O, Aaderaea to a point at
er near Thames A. Smith's, la said township.
Read, and S. F. MeCloskcy, Frank Me Bride and
Ellis Keater appointed rlsweri.
Petition for a road te load from the weslera
termlaas ef Elisabeth street, la the borough ef
Heatidale, to the Oat bolls Cemetery, la Wood
ward taws skip. Read, aad H. 11. lUrtman,
Frank Bolgar and 8. T. Henderson appolated
Report of viewers laying out a pa Mis road
from aear Jeese Weaver's, la Bell to a ship, to
tatorseat the Pnaxsatowaey rosd aear Solomoa
Peas' 1b said township. Refarrsd hack to view
era, who are directed to procure releases from all
claims for damages done parsons through whose
land the eald read Is located aad where releases
eaaaat ha precared, to assess tha damages sus
tained, If aay, by said owners ef the land.
K sport of viewers laying out a public road from
a point near Bailie Bowman's, ea the Olea Hepc
aad Clearfield road, la Kaos tow ship, to Inter
seat the Osceola road at er aear tba residence ef
T bees as Hamptaa, ta Woodward to wash ip. Coa
firmed absolutely. ,
Report of viewers laying eat a public road,
leading from tha State road from Oarweasv 111 to
ladlaaa, eomsseoetag atev Loar Reeky Spring, la
Bell towaablp, to ia tersest the pahlta road toad
lag from Mahaffey's saw mill to Trout v I lie. Con
firmed ebeo lately.
, Report af viewers laying eat a peblie road
leadiag from Iletiry netlbrwa's by Wm. Clerks,
at er aear I point where tbe aid Helper road
anaaaets with aama, la Paaa tewaehlp,re a petal
aa the Pee iswtavraey road, at at aear wave
Row lee aad MrCltasey's Hue creates the same, ta
Bell township, and vacating that part ef pah lie
read from Deale) Fry's to eld PuueaUwaey read ,
la said township. Filed aad confirmed Nl. SL
Court adjeufuwd aa Tharsday, Jaaaary S3d,
natll Monday the 38th Instant.
The Xiw Remington Fauii.t Sew-
ua MAcniMB for sale at J. B, Harder 'a Una
Store, Clearfield, Pa. Oot S9-0m.
Rotmbstbb, N. T., Feb. 15, 1879.
Da. M. M. Fbrmrs, Vrodonla, N. V.,
Dear Sir: A young maa here bad terribly de
ceased face for many years. He bad never been
able ta get any relief till be bejeaa taking your
medio las. He U now on the sixth bottle rf your
Illood and Liver Remedy aad Nerrs Tonis, and
his face is entirely well. Yours truly,
Jaa.31-3c. Maa. L. 0. Smith.
Dr. Feasor's Blood aad Liver Remedy aad
Nerve Tonis may well be oalled "The conquer
ing hero" of Uie times. It la the medical triumph
A 'Xt age. Whoever has "the blues" should take
It, for It regulates aad restores tha disordered
system that gtvss rise to them. It always suras
biliousness and Liver Complaint, Jaundioe, Dys
pepsia, Constipation, Headsohae, Fever and
Ague, Spleea Kolargements,Sjrofula, Erysipelas,
Pimples, Blotohes and all akin Eruptions and
Blood Disorders! Swelled Limbs and Dropsy ;
Sleeplessness, Impaired Nerves and Nervous De
bility ) Restores flesh and strength whoa tbe sys.
tern Is running dowa or going Into decline suras
Female Weakness and Chronic Rheumatism, and
relieves Chronic Bronohitls, and all Lung and
Throat difficulties. It does these things by strik
ing at tbe root of disease and removing Its causes.
Dr. Fanner's Improved Cough Honey will re
lieve aay cough In one hour. Try a sample bottle
at ten cents.
Dr. Fcnner's Gulden Hell of cures any pain, as
Tooth-echo, Neuralgia, Colic or Headache in five
to thirty minuter, and raadilj relieves Rheuma
tism, Kidney Complaint, Diarhaia, etc.
Dr. Fanner's L Vitus Dance B pacific. Oae
bottle always ouros.
For sale by Harts wick A Irvlo, Druggists,
Clearfield, Pa. aug-37-tf.
Special B.
A.J. Jackson, near the Fhew House, has the
best assortment of Picture nramea ever brought
town. If aot In tbe county, uo and look at
them. aov30-2m.
If vou have a picture you want pu. in a frame.
take It to A. J. Jackson, on Market street, two
doors east of the Bhaw House, and he will let
yon hare it cheaper than you oan buy them any-
wnere else, because no manes tnai uusiness a
specialty. nov28-2in. .
Waktrd. 500,000 14-feet shaved boons, deliv
ered at the railroad, la car loads of 8,0oll, at all
oints on the Tyrone a U learn old, P. a Bald
laala Vailev. and Pennsylvania Railroads, for
which I will pay tbe highest market price.
ii. r. ItRAMRR,
OctlO, 1878-tf. - Clearfield, Pa.
Our U i' rid Phr Crht. Discount aw Old
Pricrs. Hewing Machines can now be purchased
at Jderrell's tin and variety store, from $85 up
wards, aii ainus oi sewing mac nines repaired
oa tbe shortest notice.
Clearfield, fa., July 18, 1877.
Mother QrUr.
The pride of a Mother, tbe life end Joy of a
home, are bar children, hence her grief when sick-
ess enters and takes tbem away lake warning
then, that you are running a terrible risk, if they
bare a Oougb, croup or vt hooping uougn, wnicn
lead to Connatnntina, if you do not attend to It
at onoe. SHI LOU'S CONSl Ml'JIUH CI KK is
guaranteed to euro tbem. Prloe 10 ets., 50 eta.
ai.oo. for lame tsack, aide or cnesu use
ShtloiTs Porous Plaster. Prtoe 35 cents. Bold
by C. D. Watson, Clearfield, Pa. aepl7-eow.
The BfM t Ever Knew iff.
J. G. Starker, a prominent and Influential elt-
Ibcr of lone City, eays : "I bave bad tbe Dys
pepsia, and Liver Complaint for several years,
and bave used every remedy I could bear of,
Ithout an v relief whatever, until I saw your
Kb Hob's Vltaliaer advertised in our paper, and
was persuaded to try It. I am happy to state
that It bas entirely cured me. It Is certainly tbe
best remedy I over knew of." Price 76 vents. For
sale bj 0. 0. Watson, Clearfield, Pa.
ous Cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker mouth,
and Headaobe. With each bottle Is an ingenious
nasal Injector for the more successful treatment
of tbe complaint, without extra charge. Price
50 oents. For sale by O. D. Watson, Clearfield,
Pa. , sept 17, I87V-0m eow.
B centra For 8 a lb. R. Newton Shew keeps r
full supply of FredoRia Baggies and Platform
wacona for sale. Jo ao seen at ins bbaw tiouee
yard. Call oa or address kloa at Clearfield Penn
sylvania. may is-u.
Coixacron'a Warrants. We have prepared
a form, and have oa band a large quantity, ef
blank "Collector's Bales," which have been ap
proved by tbe high eat legal authority in the
Courts of this county. At Twenty Venu per
doaoa we will mall any number to the Collector
ordering tbem. A Collector, when oompelletl te
advertise property, must post up not less than
tnree notices m sue most puuus pi sees ia ms
borough or township.
Wartbd. Delivered at the Rail Road.
100,000 26-Inch shaved shingles.
100,000 34-lneh sawed shingles.
100,000 foot of pine boards.
600,000 14-feet shaved hoops.
5,000 railroad ties.
60,0U0 feet of good hemlock boards.
For whloh I will pay tbe Inchest market price,
delivered at Clearfield, or at any point on the
Tyrooe A Clearfield Railroad.
J. F. Kramrr
Clearfield, Pa, Oct 18, 1878.U.
aJpst llcecived.
Just RocMved by AllNOLD. at
Car Load Kova Scotia riant or!
Car Load pure Corn. Rre and Oats
Chop 1
Car .Load Deaken bnlt I
Car Load of Choice Family Flourl
Car Load Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac!
ftarShinirles, Bark. R. R. Ties and
Grain will be taken In exchange.
Curwensvillo, May 1, 1878.
Clbabviblb, Pa., Jrb. 37, ISM.
Flour, per cwt. .
$4 00
Buckwheat Finer, per cwt ,
8 00
3 00
1 80
1 40
1 00
1 86
3 0b
t 50
Gore Meal, per ew(..H.HM.....
Chop, rye, perowt
Chop, mixed, per cwt. ,..
Bran, par cwt
Wheat, per bahel
Rye, dot haehel M.
Oats, per bushel
Cora, ears, par bushel ,,
uueawneat, per baenel
Potatoee, per bushel ,
Apples, per bushel
Hams, par pound...,.H
Hboalder, per pound
Lined Beef, per pound
Chickens, per pair..n
d utter, per pound
Kfgs, per dotoa M
Salt, i mr sack, lares ...
Coal Oil, per gallon
Lard, per pound
Dried Apples, per pound
Dried Peaches, par pound
Beano, per buahel.....
BlIXOTT MURPHY. Al Id. re,ldu. of
Hr. Victor II.uf.nT, on Mond.T. J.nu.rr 1 0tb.
IBM, b? Job. IMrard. Hn.. Mr. Viator Billi.lt
nd Mrt. AlConal M.rpbr, both of tiirrd towa
ablp. Ctaro.ld aoii.tv, .
la, ooanlv, Kin..a, on Monday, January Ivih,
lean, o, n... rather laaay, Mr. Kmll untli.l,
forat.rl of Fnnrh.ill., Ol..rfi.td .ouotT, P.., t.
Mlia Mari. A. Mal.tal, formarlf of Lawlaoaon
tj, MUsonrt.
KULI.KN-K()nUINj,At tha M. B. Par-
loaa. n WW Cl.art.ld, on WadondaT, Da-
bOT 14tk. 19711. b. Ha.. W. B. W 11.00. Mr
Jam. M.II.Q, of Li.mM towoRhlp, and Mia,
Addl. Boblna, .rCI.art.ld boroufb.
BOTT-DIXOK.-Atlb. M. I. P.ramar.ln
We.t QlMrfl.ld, an Thnrada,. Dawabar Stb,
ISrit , b,W.8.Wllao,Mr.U. It. Holt, of Contra.
aad Miaa Krldirat UiKin, .f P.nnrtll., bath of
t-lawa.it huii fa.
d.oo. of Mr. Honjaaib Jurv, oa Wadnatd,
Jannr, 7lb, 181.0, bj John Ploard, Baq., Mr.
Harri.on Moll.arr aad Mi., Jannia Uo.uii.nour.
bath of Sirard lo.aiblp, Clonrlald 000017, Pn.
LEWIS. In New MlMport.Clearfield coantv.oR
Twaeday, Jaaeary 15th, 1880, Mr. David Lewis,
aged ?ft years, it mooihs and 38 dsys.
Indiana and Jeftersoa roontr papers please
CAMPBKLL-AI Woodland. Clearfield coun
ty, Pa., oa Wednesday afteraooa, January Slit,
1880, of pneumonia, Rev. R. P. Campbell, of tbe
Oesntrel Peansylranla M. R. Confers nee, aged
about 80 years.
CAHR. la Lawrence townshln. on Tuesdav.
Jawoary tOtb, 1SP0, Mrs. Catharine Carr, widow
af A label Carr, in tbe tilth year of her age.
5rm ktt$tmn$.
CAUTION All persons are hereby warned
against purchasing or In any way meddling
with the following personal pro pert v. now la
tha poseeestoa ef AH HAM A. BLOOM, of Pike
township, via i One dark bay horse, 3 sets of her
aoss, one saddle, 1 plow, harrow. Tbe above
aamod property belongs to me and Is left with
aula A brum A. nioom en loaaeniy, subject to my
order al aay time. WM. T. BLOOM.
Curwaaeviiie, re., 'an. jl, le"0
Notloe Is hereby fivca tbat Letters of Ad-
miaisiratioa ea iuo estate oi juh.ti r. mil,
late af Lumber Oily borough, Clearfield roaaty,
Pa.. dscaassJ. having bean dulv ar anted te tbe
undersigned, all pereoas ladebtad ta said eetate
will please make immediate payment, aad those
having claims er demaads again at the same will
preooal them properly aathentloated for Settle-
ent wltbeat delay. MAHTUA A. HiLR,
A dm la 1st raters.
Lumber City, Pa , Jan. 38 It
J; May Concern t The undersigned, having
been appointed Assignees for the benefit ofcrcdi
tore by Jas. B. Graham, of Clearfield borough, all
persona, therefore, having claims against biiu will
present tnem to us tor sell is mem, anu loose in
debted to tha said 'J rah am are required to settle
aad make payment to us.
Clearfield, Pa., Deo. 14, 1879-tf Assignees.
J. la hereby given that Letters of Admin la
tratioa on tbe setate of BAM I BL CALDWKLL,
late of Pike two.. Clearfield county, Pa., dee d,
having been duly granted to the undersigned, all
perewus indebted to said eetate will please make
immediate payment; aTnti thorn hat-tog claims or
demands aaaiast the aama will present them
properly authenticated for settlement without
Lumber City, Pa., Dee. 34, 1879 fit.
ClAUTION.-All persons are hereby warned
J against meddling or ta sny way interfer
ing with tbe following personal property, now
possession ofKUnAHD HUIT
ossession of ED WARD N UI'P and J0BI All
of Brady township, vli i The
one-half interest In and to a steam boiler, engine,
shingle mill, belting and fixtures thereto belong
ing and now In charge of tbe ebove named par.
ties. This property has been leased to tbem, and
Is allowed to remain in tbe possession of said
Nupp sod Widdowson oa loan only, suKjeot lo
my order at any lime. p. K. liVllNK.
Troutville, January 21, 1880 Jt,
ITXEC CTOHH' NOriCE..Votioels here
J by given tbat Lotters Teitamentary on ths
estate ef RICHARD DANVKK, Sr.. lets of Peon
township, Clearfield county. Pa,, deceased, hav
ing been dnly granted to the undersigned, ell
fiersons Indebted to said estate will please make
m mediate payment, aad those having claims or
demands against tha same will present them
properly authenticated for settlement without
delay. R. DANVKK, Jr..
Grampian Hills, Jan. 7, 1888. flu
Pleas Court of Clearfield county.
C hrlitlon Bear I No. 228 January Term, 1 8S0.
ir. J
Addis Hear. J Subpoena 8ur. Divorce.
Tbe undersigned Commissioner, appointed by
tbe Court to take testimony in the above stated
case, hereby gives notice tbat he will attend to
bis duties at tha offioa of Ierael Teat, Esq., In
Clearfield, Pa., oa SATURDAY, FKIlKUAKY,
21KT, IMifl, at 10 o'clock A.M., when and where
all parties may attend. FRANK G. HARRIS,
jan28-4t Commissioner.
Common Pleas of Clearfield oountr.
Joseph Intsrcwics ) No. 339 Sept. T., 1879.
Margaret Interewios. J Bubposna In Divorce,
The undersigned Commissioner, appointed by
the said Court to taka testimony tn tbe above
case, and report the same to tha said Court, will
attend to ths duties ef bis appointment at bis
office, In Clsarfleld, on FRIDAY, PKIIIU'AKY
1.1 T II, 1380, at 1 o'clock P. M., at which time
and place all parties Interested may attend.
jan38-8t. Commissioner.
The partnership existing under the firm name
of leavy, Mitchell A Co. was dissolved on tbe
4th day oi JJeeember, A. V- J7V, by mutual con
sent, by James Mitchell withdrawing from said
firm, and by John Mitohell withdrawing from
said firm on the SHU of December, l7V.
Dec. 33, 1879. JOHN MITCHELL.
Tbo businesa will be carried on hereafter bv
tbe remaining partners, James L. Leavy, W. R.
Mcrnerson aud iiavtd Mouaugney, under tbe
firm name of James L. Leavy A Co.
W. R. M -PHKR80N,
Clearfirld, Pa., Jan. 7, 1SB0-4U
rpRIAL IJrVr. List of Causes set down for
X trial at January Term of Court, commenc
ing Monday, January 12th, 1880, aud continu
ing tnree wbcrs:
Third Wbrk Moanar, Jar. J8tr.
Rlins Bmilev vs. DuRois A Fuller
Casper Lelpoldt vs. Cbristiaa Tubbs
Co Nat Bank of Clear'd vs. A.Humphrey
Co Nat Bank of Clear'd vs. William A Wall too
Samuel Arnold, As'e. vs. F. B. Bloom
T.J. Boyor vs. AUsbcrllngetal Ei'rs
John P. Irvlo vs. James A. Bloom
Jo bn Moore vs. William Luther et al
Bridget Baker vs. Allegheny V. R R Co
Mattern A Miller vs. Jacob S. ti ear hart
James Pert use of vs. Jacob Rlneiett et, al.
Jonathan Baynton vs. Thomas Parks et. at.
nieboias vandevenusr vs. John Jamison
Moore A Marpbey vs. James Flyan
Isaao Lines -, . va. Oeo. 0. Kirk, Ad'r
ItbtMM al TI)m o. Kjlmt
R. B. Rose va, J. T. Rnrd
Robert Browa 1 vs. Adam Moycr et. aL
Samuel Uenoa vs. C. H. Hensal
TbomasWaisoa A Wlfavs. P. A L. M. Coudriet
KLI BLOOM, Prothonotary.
Tl'FY I.IT. List of the names of jurors
wj drawa for January Term, A. u. I8s0,oom
mencing or the 3d Monday (13th), aad to con
tinue tnree wschs :
travrrsi jurorsSo wrrk,38th rat.
W J Kime, Burscide bor Morris Dun lap, Graham
J F Irwin. Clearfield. I' B Mons. "
J R Jenkins, Car'sville,! W Mel'mckenareenw'd
nion d Jays, noutsaaic, (Jbas iborp, "
W A MoUonlgle, ' Jno Rsiter, Karihaus,
M Cowan, Itecearia, L McOraekon, Knox,
Heaekiab Place, Bloom, Tbos Witberow jr. Knox.
James James, Boggs, : A J Gullcb, Lawrence,
Daniel Tramp, Uradford Jacob Creels, "
Jacob Willlama, " IJoo B Lytle,
W B Taylor, " J ere Hoover, Morris,
Otto 0 Buck, " Zae Fullmer, "
J L Weaver, Brady, Ab Pearoa,
John Potter, " iM G Bloom, Peon,
QS Reams, " .Wm Dale, Pike.
John Carlisle, 'D B Bru baker, Union,
F M Hockenbery Bu'iide Wm Shields, Woodward
A Mo Crack co, Ferguson W B rib off,
Triennial Assessment!
N0TICK Is hereby gWen tbat tlie ComroUrion
ere af Clearfield oounty will meet the tas-j
par ere at tbe following named place, for the
urpese oi seating ana ueiermining peeip on me I
rtennial A Men merit for 1HH0. Tbe time fori
hearlca appeals will be between the boure of 9
o'cloeh A. af. and 4 o'clock P. M. of each day. j
I be appeal will be aeia lor j
Curwrarille borough, al the election bouic, on
Friday, February fltb.
rike tewncbtp, at ue eieoiion souse tn unr-
wennTille, on (Saturday, February 7th.
Hoenen towncnin. at tna election nouae, Oa
Monday, February 9tb. i
Qlrard. at ConrrSM Hill icbool bouie, oa Tuee-
day, February lutb.
arthaas, at tbe house of Joiepb R unlay, oa
Wwlnecday, February 1 1 th.
Cetingtoa townibtp, at the public none or
John Muleon.oa Thursday, February 13th.
(lraham township, at the sleet ioe bonce, on
Friday, February Uth.
Hr ad ford towntbip.at the houee ef Jaoob I'caroe,
on Saturday, February Uth.
Boars lownahlp. al the house of Edward Al-
bert, on Monday, February Iflih.
WallaMton borousb, at tba hotel in satd bor
ough, on Tueeday, February 17th.
Morris town hip, at the house of Mrs. Kleen
howcr, tn Kylertnwn.ea Wednesday, Feb. IHth.
Decatur townibin, at tbe aouie oi Hicnara
Ilnghec, on Thursday, February 19th
Usoeola borons h, et Hoyl's hoUl tn said bor
ough, oa Friday, February Zvth.
Hoatidale berouab, et tbe nt dona bold in
said borough, on Saturday, February 21 at.
Woodward townibtp, at the bonee el X bom as
Henderana, on Monday, February Slid. 1
Uulloh township, at ths botol in Janes rllle, on
Tueeday, February 14tb.
Ueeoarf tewnsbtp, at tbe notei or rranR uotts
In Olen Uope, on Wednefday, February 1Mb.
Jordan township, nt tbe hotel tn Aneonrtlle, n
Thursday, February lth.
Knot towntbip, at mrsey inn annooi nouae,
oa Friday, February 17th,
Ferguson townsbtp, at me reeinence oi joiepa
Moore, on Saturday, February IHth.
Lumber Citr boron ah, nt tbo houee of Israel
Quppy, on Monday, March IsL
Tfewbura borons rt, al tbe noueeoi lease stsraie
in said borough, on Tuesday, March 3d,
Cbest townhin, at noraoauans ccnooi Bouse,
on Wednesday, March 3d.
Hew Washington borougn, ailtie aoueeoi u . w.
Rose In said boroogb, on Thursday, Mcreh 4tb.
Burn side townbip,et 1 onng i scbooi house, on
Friday, March otb.
Burnslde boronab, at the bouse of Foster De
vi in said borough, on Saturday, March 6th.
Hell township, at Ibe bourn ot Hobert flis-
balTey, oa Monday, Mureh Ith.
Orecnwood township, at tbenotei oi ueorge u.
McCraeken In Hellelllc, on Tuesday, March Vth.
Penn tfiwnsbtp.at M M. Flynn's hotel in rean
flle, on Wednesday, Mareb 10th.
' Bloom township, at the election house, on
Thursday, March llth.
Brad? township, nt William Sehwem's hotel In
Lntbersbnrg, en Fitday, March 13th.
Handy township, at Iba election noese in
DuBofs, on Saturday, March llth.
1alea township, at the e lee t loo hones ta Rook
ton. oa Moadar. March lath.
II a to township, at the pu bile h outs of Jamas
Beofleld In Pen to id, en Tuesday, Hareb lfltb.
Clearfield bo roues, at tbe Commissioners' Or
Ire In said beroagb, oa Wednesday, March 84th.
Lswrenoe township, et tba commissioners Vi
nes in Clearfield, on lbursday, March Jilh.
Notice Is also hereby glren te the ARflKSftORS
ef (he sereral boroughs end townships, that they
be promt with the Board of Commissioners an
the day of Appeal, tn their respeetWe districts,
as well aa all persons whe me teal themselves
A rancrei Anneal will he held at the Com mis-
el oners' Odea, la Clearfield, en the 83d, tth
and 5th dae af March nest, after weea ao
appeal will be heard. The Assessors are re-
u uired ta tire each t stable a written er printed
notice of tbe kind end amoaat of property he ar
aba ts assessed, at least Ira days before tbe day ef
Appeal. cunriAU w. m i.r.n,
At'esl i Com miss loners.
Jon W. Uowfl, Clsfh,
CewMissteness Ornm,
CLrasnsin, Va., Jsn. it, 1s.
e. s7henderson,
u.e dIS; "?lrj??-i-- V
4v. . i , i " . . '' jj
rpiIB subscriber aow offers to the oltisaaa of
X liumside and vicinity, an unprovided
stieolalty. Hereaftor all kinds of Casksts and
Coffins will be kept oa hand, and orders filled at
Mineral t ittentted Anywhere,
I will furnish the fiaest aa well as ths shsapest
articles dedicated to funerals- All orders left at
tha store of Jour 0. Cokkbb will receive prompt
attention. For fnrther particulars, call on or
address B. B. HENDERSON.
Dee. 10, 1879.IX
James I. Leavy,
Havltia purchased the entire stock of Fred.
Sacketl, hereby gives notice that be has moved
Into the room latelv ooeuDird bv Reed A Hairertv.
on Second street, where he is prepared ta oiler to
ioe puuno
of the latest Improved patterns, at low prices.
Gas Fixtures and Tinware,
Roofing, Spouting, Plumbing, Oas Fitting, and
nepatriug ramps a specially. AH -work
Anvthtnr: tn nr line will be ordered rneelal If
desired. JAS. L. LKAVY,
Proprietor, i
Clearfivd, Pa., January 1, 1879-tf.
Interesting to Buyers !
Cloths, Cassimeres,
Winter Dry Goods,
Which be will sell cheap for eab. Hand o tut
Carpets and Oil Cloths,
' fliwl? 0 aa 4 flfllmRM
In Block and Mad. to Ord.r.
Elmira Boots and Shoes.
Ba; do oth.ra ; thay at. th. Wk
1 door, Waal of Poitofflca, CLEARFIELD, PA.
oM, 'J-tt
Cheaper than ever at the store of
G. a & T.W.MOORE,
Wo have Just rocofvod the Inrgeal
and beat selocted stock of
Hats, caps,
That lias ever como to town. Also,
all the new novelties in
Drivinir Boots and Shoes.
Rubber Boots & Shoes.
(live us a call and see if we don't
sell cheaper than anybody else,
oro. C. MOOHE.
CI.art.IJ, Pa, trft. tl, H7..
C hea p Qa sh S tore.
Clearfield, Pa.,
Comprising Dress floodi of the very latest styles,
consisting in part at uashmcree, Man roaster
Fancies, A I pare, and all manner of -
Fancy Dress Goods,
Such as Cretans, Mohair Lustsrs, Plaids, Dress
Uingbams, Dross Fancies of tha very latest
styles, end as cheap as they can be sold
ta this market.
Consisting of Glares for flW, Lad lee and
Misaee. Hoeo of all shades, ntlk Fringes,
Laeea, Fancy Dress Buttons, Ladles'
Ties of all shades and styles, Cuffs
ee)d Collars, Ribbeos of all hinds and
qualities. Merino Underwear, Trimmings, sts.
Queensware, Hardware, Tinware,
Carpets, Oil Clotha,
Wtakk UI b. nld wk.laul. ar rUU. Will lak.
Country Produce
In Birhaiif e hr Vo4a at Market Prtraa,
wm. i. norriR.
I'lrarlrM, Pa., jt. , land tf.
1216 Chestnut Street.
Philadelphia, Oct. II, IS79.Sn.
Fall and Winter Stylos,
. A. FLECK & CO.,
Cl-jiAHMjii-lJ, FA,
Rlnr-k nnil Coloreil Cnalimnip", Brocmle J)ri d'ood.i, l'lnin ftrrn (innilx,
New MiawlH, lnuiuii Coat", lied r Iniinels.dniy r IrinnriH, I' la id r lannela,
Navy liluo Plnnncls, Waterproofs and Ladiou' Clotha, all culora,
Caaiiimoroa, Men's and Boys' Wear, Dreta Ginghams, Calicoes and
Munlins. Our stook was nover bolter. Onr Ladies' Skirts are beautiful.
Millinery Goods,
A. complete Mtock nt our uNiial Bargain).
b&s&9 mm
Plurnos, Flowers, Winj;s, Oatrich Tips, all kinds of Fancy Wins and Birds,
Now Brocade Velvots and Silks, Sutina, Black and Colored Silks, Black
and Colored Silk Velvet, Kid Gloves, Lislo Gloves, Silk Fringe,
Buttons, Laces, Corsots, Kmbroidcries, Edgingi, Insertings,
Linen ITandkerebiefs, Ladies' Ties, Ribbons, Germantown Yarns, Zopliyra
and Fancy Yarns, Ladies,' Gent's and Children's Underwear, Ladies,'
Gent's and Children's ITose. We don't intend to have any store in
Clearfield oounty beat ns in anything style, prices, quantity,
. quality, or dolling. Give ns a call and seo for yourself.
on ciotiiH, pad T3T7rTQ
Ottoman, UArVrijlO,
Graham's Building, - Market St.,
TJ JSf X 3E! IF. "X" jh. XXI 3E3 3FL 9
All kinds of Caskets and Colli na kept on band, and furnished to order on
short notice, including tbo finest as well as the cheapest that can be manu
factured. Our
Is the best In nse, and will be furnished when required. Funerals attended
in any part of the county. Call at my cfTleo, on Second street, or leave
your orders at Troulman'a Furniture Store, adjoining the Fosloffice.
oct 1,79-ly.'
$tx gkflwtistmfnfs.
T)EES VOU aui.B.ThlrU.n hi... of
i) Ilallaa Brn vbloh I will mU h.p for
aaah, or axebaoa. for whMt. For fnrtbar In
formatioa Mil oa or addraa, tb. andr,ljrDd,
Not i.TH-tf. ClMrSald, Pa.
Prices of Shingles,
OanvaoaTlll., Jaa. 8, TS-tf.
aad PiD.toaibipa,Cl.arSfldooanty.
hMaonabl. tlm. al..n for part of purehaw
mon.T. PrloM $.0 to H.M par aera.
lliaara'a r,Mr..d. L. BIRD, Agoat,
r.na.ld, Pa.
or W.Li..ca A Kasaa,
Eapt 10, 1Sra.tr. CLarlald, Pa,
The White Sewing MacHine
Can ba bought at lowest prices from AI.KX.
PATTKRSON, Woodland, Pa. It Is equal, if not
superior ta any first-claes Bowleg Machine In the
market Circulars sent on application.
Woodland, Fa., Oct. Sit, I til ft m-
fAUTIOM. All pereons aia hereby warned
J not te nurcbaes or hare anything: ta do with
a certain note giren to George Urabm, of Brad
ford township, calling forlor forty dollars twen
ty dollars payable first ef June, 1 8g0, and balance
due first of June. UbI. As I hare received no
(Value therefore. I will not pay the same an I ass
compelled to do so by law.
j. sf. MVEKUUyD.
Lu t Boa, Pa, Jan. U, '-"
The nnderclrned will salt at nrlrate sale all
that tract or parcel of land situate n Decatar
township, Clearfield oounty, Pa., withtn a short
distanoe of tbe Tyrone dt ClearncH R. R., and
adjoining lands of Hobert Hudson and otners,
and known aa Ue Jaoob B. Uearbart 101. ine
said treat oonulning 6V acres more or less, with
two reins of valuable ooal thereon, has about 10
acres cleared, and Is the her to a large body of
ooal about being developed. Will be sold lew and
upon easy terms. For particulars, apply to
vaviu a. nana.
Clearfield. Pa., July IS, 187s.
A Specialty.
The nndersiaaed, being thankful for past fevers,
would respectfully la form tba eltisena ef Clear
Bald and vicinity that he hae parehased tbe shop
in Clearfield borough recently occupied by Amos
Kennard, situated on locust street, in the rear of
(lee. Weaver A Oe.'S store, where by strict and
close attention to business, be hopes te receive a
large share of public patronage.
.O" Prices reasonable and all work guaranteed.
Clearfield, Pa., Oet 14, 1H7V Im.
The undertlgned offers for sale all the pine, oak,
rioplar and bemlook timber an sis acres oi iaao
n Clearfield oounty. Parties coasultlug the map
or atlas of the county, will And it In Brady
township, adjoining tba Hell towastata ev
line, and known as tract No. 1454. Thl.eWa
limber will ba held epea frr sale until tbs--W
1st ef December neit. For further particulars
apply to ar address,
uiiu. p. uvuiMiAnunn.
October U, 1879 U. Clearfield, Pa.
rpHAT w.ll b.owa .report? ritual, oa lb. baak
X f tb. Baaoaabaana rivar, ra tbo boraaab of
C.rwB0vilia, OloarS.U ooantr, Pa., ooooptad by
Iba law BKNJAM1N UAKTHUUHN, dao'd, Ii
aow oaorq tor aai. it aoataiaa aboat
Thirteen Acres.
Cpoa wblab la otmU4 a tna Iwo-atorj fraaao
TADLI, aad Iba aoHoaan Ml
balldla, aad alao a H.OWINfl
f-OI M AIN.f p.r. BPRINO WATER. Tbla
ta a v.r. d.,lrabi. proporty for a pH..u ml
dmoa. TbopropartylaaowoSoivdaiPaiVATl
BALK, n tMaoaahla Wraia. tn tartbw ia.
braialioa la nlatloa la It, Mil aA tba praraiaoa,
ar apply ia iaaaaa.nisM ia praoa or by Mtw.
Atloraoj lor tb, ll.tra.
viwriuia, ra sk M, H7t If.
Clearfield, Pa.
Baft I, 'J.j
Clesrflcld, Pa.
I M.L Im mnmw I...
) oolflt fro.. AdilroaaII.Itall.tC.aPMT.
Honiand, Ualaa. dl7,t-ir.
e-TO a wak.
lit a day at bona taaily aiada.
V " Co.IlT oatSt frM.
Addraaa Tro. o..,
Augaata, Malo.
JSto 59f. V.y "
Samalfra wortb
tv -- sa lr.
Addraaa Stloaoa A C,
Portlaod, Maio..
f OOO RURHELAW Owrj. Wr.Y.r t Co.
J, want Ira tbocand baabala o( OAT8, a.,
and will pay oaah or produM.
CtearS.ld, Pa, Aa. II, I87 lf.
5,000 Rail Road Ties.
Carw.o.Tlll., Pa. Jaa. I, TS-tf.
g U McGEK,
DuBois, Clearfield Oounty, Fenn'a.
ap'Will attaod proaiptlj to all l.sal bailaMI
eatraaiB4 to hla aap. IjaaSI,'.
$400 for$250 1
THE aadaraltnl will aall a Lot wllk a aaw
Htabl. aod elbar oalbaildiaira tbarooaorart
for U:H wortb 0. SlioaU lo Kail ClMrti.ld.
Variety Stora, CI.arS.ll, Pa.
Jaaaary II, lSM.tr.
banklDf Ann kaowa aa tba laarfiald Coaaty
Bank ba. uaoa dlaiolrod by aiataal oooMat, aad
tba bank la to to lato f radual llo,aldatioa. Wo
ara roapooiiblo for lb. d.bU, aad wlU pay taaoi.
Th. aaaau will b aadar Matrol of Joba W.
Wrlsioy oiolaalTaly, al Iba baakiag boaaa, aad
aad will bioollooted by him.
Cloarlrld, Pa, Dm., 1M If.
If jou want to see the finest Stock of
Ready-Made Clothing
If yon want to Buy the best Fitting
Clothing ;
If yon want the most Beliably Made
If you want to bny at the lowest Oaah
jVnces, go to
17.111 ItU'N.
If vou want to see the best assortment of
If you want to tee a nice selection of
Gents' Furnishing Goods ;
If yon want to bny a
If yon want to get the worth of your
Money, dont fail to g to
Del, II, l7 .

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