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Advertising, Rates. W
W ,1-jdrn It l-bnilistfn?llT understood
that no advertiMlrtiVTR b Inserted In
the columns of TuTOvyioji AnvooATs tljst,
may bo received frAn .unknown parties or
firms unlnaa nceomrtftnlecl. by Hie CASH.
The followlni amurj))(ir.leni
The followim amulMtv.lCTin!
, i -
rsQtAntji Lisas;
' S f A -,-
n...... Iii.Ml.rnfT. iucut
iv...n' ,rr;.iinn ft cis.
Throo mouflii.cacMinscrtlonl""" 2 ct'
i,b.m than tfrfce month
".y.x'.L 2
ass than trfcemon)!is,first!nK$tion
$1 eacttidb3Ciuenfine4ioii.i..... 251c"
Local noll&s 10 cents ler Unci t
-f 3-
? ..J!
ttorneysr y
.... 1 A
nouernc UK .lMtlj dime col-
......i. . .-..-1.1L. MaV W:oiisuUm! 1" nnynsn
ndU.ruian.ji ( ;
' ju ' . . . - ;, ,i ',' : . . . ' '
H. V. MoBTniMBE, Proprietor. . , t INDEPENDENT " Live a)ld Let Live" Sl-00 a Year if Paid in Advance.
p T T f ... I . f j , , , i ,
Hrtf&klo M! ' ' ' '"'"' ' 4 LEHIGIITON, CARBON COUN'SY,- PA., SATURDAY, P1UL 21, 1883. If not paid in, advance, $1.25.
I 1
Xancf Dentists.
it.. Unmoved hlsomco an.l lie sl.tence irom
TkB. W. VrfttKBEIt,
May be cbnsuUcain the EnalW. or Orrman
al S ' flf (Via Cast Pmtf. DnANCii.)
JilitAare Reading,';'.), '-0.18 a,
Sp.rl.l .ttrntlon rl Chroulc W
nmco! South Kasl corner iron
April 3,J8p.
-Jyq- B. KKBElt, M. U. ,
. mrvariiTAV mill ft U liQHON
J.. iMnlr Htr'rVr1 rtEUEtt'O UtOClC,' I.ClllKuH
,0Majr be coninitod In tlio Oerm m LaiiKiiaso.
. ... Uov .
May e eoniultad InihRjerman or English
rOiolfe Durling'l DrnK store,
W.Aportriglit, D.D.S.,
OFFICE rPl)poa1t?1V"C""i?fQad wy'llouio,1
u.tiAii t ii'hinrtt of tiie Attest 1m
...M.r. in inAh ihh.xl nnhllanccs 'arj.t'
the UMt rnetlio U of trtiuont In ixll surreal
mi ri)niw.il-I1)i: ailin o sleicil II
!lrei!. irpomtiile, iiorsons'rcslcllntr ontshln
of Mauch Ohunlc, shoulU m ike onganeinenls
liy mall.' JJ
Railroad Guide.
Anangement' of passenger Trains.
' ' ' ' NUVEMUER, 12tli.'is-.
Trains leave Allentown as follows :
(Via 1'KnKioMKN llaitnoAn.)
For Vlill i.loliihla at .5.A A .11,10 a.m.,
an'lIMO 4 in; '
sun iia 1 a.
Kor Philadelphia tit S.ODn.m. nn1 .135 p.m.
((Y la IIast I'i'.ss JIrancm.)
'j,ir'1:i.illnir hml HarrlshuOir. U 00. 8.40 a.
m.ai'il6v4UI'(hl8.0iii'. rn. '
Fr Lancaster anJ Columbia, 0.C0, M0 a.
ra f and 4Jip.ni; ' , .
For HarrlshurK, nnil naypolnta, 0.05 p. m.
Trains for Allentown leavo ns follows :
Leave Philadelphia, 7.40 a. in. and 1.00,
I.as, ana 5.11 p. in. - ., . ,
f S.UNDAtS., - ; J - '
T.pave' Phlladelplila. 8.10 a. ra , J.1S, and
4.M ii. m.
r0R!THlf bSE OF
2.00. 3.65,
, 1.45
At.,1 a S it. m.
Leave llarrlsbUfB, 52 J.60, OJ0 a,
anrl 4.UIP. in.
" L-ave uabcai
n 'inn
I, cava v,iiuiiiiiiji,i iju t. in.,. u .uu j-.u..
ft-roui KlnnStrret Depot.
T.cavo Rcadlnir. 7 30 a. m.
Leave JlariUburit. 6 20 a. in.
Trnir'vlii!"ii!r1tlomon llallreaitl' marked
thus () ran to and Irom Depot'. Ninth and
Green Mri'ois, I'lilladelphla, other trains lo
ami from llrwul street Depot. '
The 5.t.O and 0.45 a. in. trains from Allen,
town, and the ia5 and .li p.m. train Irom
rmladcipnia, via I'erhionTii iiaiiniau, uuvo
through carso and from Philadelphia.
. , . (lenerul Jluoagcr.
t (Ocn'l I'afs'r & TICKei AgenL.
November 0th
Rose. To move the bote-
els gtnlln, 2 to 4 I'llli
thoroughly, 4 to 0 IHUl.
jcptrltne wilt decide the
proper dot In eocA case.
1'or Constlpnllon. of Costlveness, no
rcmcdyls to circctlve aAYEn's Pill.
They Insuro regular ilaliyactlon, and ro
store the bowels to unhealthy .condition.
X'or Indigestion, or Dyipopsla, AVER'S
Pl!u are Infaluablc, and n sure cure.
Heart-burn, Lou 8 of Appetite, Foul
Stomach,; I'lntulcncy, Uiulness, Head,
oclie, Tiuinbncst, Kauscn'.'are all relieved
and cured by AYnrt's riLLS,
In Liver Complaint. Billons Disorders.
nnd Jaundice, Avutt's I'iuj should'bo
given In doscS large enough to excite that
ii i i' .."..i .
,1. d vll.'UI?lll)i illCUIVIIlW IU ,UV UJJIIU, uihii
PILLS are unequalled.
XVorma. caused bv a.'morhld eorulttlon o
;ihcisi'er,'t7.30.a. m.( 1.0) and f3.40 - Vm hoKe)Si are ex,)0llcd by' these PJLLS.
Eruptions, 'Skin Diseases, and' Piles
the result of Indigestion or.Constlpattbn, are
cured by tlio use if AyeiiVPills.
For Colds, take AVer's Tills toiouea
tue.Tores, remove lunanimatory secretions,
and allay the fever. I i j
For Dlnrrlircn and Dvsenterr. cruised by
sudden colds, lndlgestiblo food, etc., AYItu's
Pills aro the truo. remedy. ,
IMtcuinntlsm, Gout, Kcuralela.' and
Sciatica, often result from digestive derange
ment, or colds, and disappear on removing
the causo by tho use of Ayer's Pills..
Vuinors, Dropsy, Ittriney Complaints,
and other disorders caused by debllltyor
obstruction, are cured by Ayer's Pills.
buppreanlon, and Painful Menstrua
tion, have a safe and ready remedy In
i '
West EudBi:6wery,
. M-aucii Chunk, Pa. ,
Pure Porter aid Lager Beer
Delivered all over the State.
Full directions, In various languages, ac
company each package.
thei-abed by .
Dr.J.C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mast.
Sold by all Druf gists.
October 8, 1881 il
Ths!uUotni OompinlosareKopresoateil:
ItBAIUNO.tHI 'jJ'J. ilJ,B'"
l.i:lll(lU 1'IHK. anil the Tit A V
AlS rcBrsjlvanlS anil llntn.il eo Thlet
rlfurrinu iuM,..u...;.r.- ; i
Marca'SS. ISf , rilOs. IvlLMiiUuii.
IIahkSt., LKHiniiTo.v, Pa.
The (Ja uok Hpsit ..irors nrst.clafsaccom,
rainlatWiis to thetlfaveUnit publU'. J""'-"""
f.A ti, v n, vepL- mi Reasonable Terms
Jlh'olco Otu'irf, Wines and l.lnuors alwuyi on
band. OoadSheils and Stables, wlih alter-
tlve Hostlers, auaensa.
tAprll 10-yl,
p.VCKF.RTON(HOr.yr. ;v
WlJwiy between Mauch Chunk S: I.chlir.liten
Thlnell k'nnwn liiitel Is s'lnilrablT retltleil,
a-.i i.. ih. l.A.i AiiAlftnilatlnfis tor liprman.
entaniUranslcntUQarilers. rxeelli-ntlalilo.
and the very bot liauurs. AID tine suhics
attached. .. ":3'
Clocis, Watclies ' anfl Jewelry
Just Received, at
Bank St;t LehigMon;
Holiday Presents,
AH or wnicn is neing soiu at sicn rxiraoroin.
ary Low Pilcei that all can buy.
Lools for yourselves ! !
Oold and'Sllver Watches from ii 00 to GO 00
Scut's Chains " Uto 10)
Ijidles' Chains " S5to (100
Lockets " 1 00 to CO 00
Rings . ,.,. 3 to 12 00
IlracelelF, Qcnts'and Ladles' Chains, Hreast
I Ins, I.ar Jewels. and a variety ot other urtl.
clcs too numerous to mention, Including
PIcao call and see for vomitives before
buyliir.ellt where. utcz-r
Liveiy'6&alo Staples
And PoVtlveJl I.OJVr.Jl riJIllKS thanuy
'ulbevL'vctf nthe Cofnir.
AXt arAf hMvlwtne cartiaces
w irao.ns ann iyp
Nov..:.tS7rl. .
Of) tm CO piz in
H-x CO "xj
TP) 3 CO o
As the Est, Kfvet Brulgs conucctln j (m
new lorit ana urooaiyn; is ihiui- w w
opened lo the publls, lha following sta
tistics of it may be Interesting:
Construction commenced Jan. 3. 1 670.
Site of New York calsaon,"l"2)t.i02feet.ij
Blio of Brooklyn caisson, ,l(laxl02 feefc,i
Timber and iron In csJsfpi), 5,233 cubfe,
1. ' - .
Concrete In well boles, Chambers, eic.
cnblo feet. '-
Weight of New York caTss.in, about f.OOO
Weight of concreto nilljig,,8(000 Ions., ..
New York tower contains 40,945 ubic
yards nf masonry.
Brooklyn tower contains 38,214 cubic
yards of masonry. '' ' '
Length of river span, 1;595 feet 0 Inches:
Length of each land spii); iiO feci; 1,880
Length of Brooklyn approach, 071 leel.-.
Length of New'York approacb,'l,502 feet
G inches.
Tota'l length of bridge, 5,089 feet.
Width or bridge, 85 feet.'
number of cables, 4. - '
Diameter of each cable, 153 inches..
First wire was run out May 29, 1877.
Cable making really commenced June ill,
Length of each single wire in cables,
3,579 feet. " .
Length if wire In four cables, exclusive
of ivr.ipyiun "ire, 14.3SI miles.
Weight nf four cables, inclusive of wrap
nine wire, 3,5334 tons "
Ultlmalj strength' ot each cable,, 12.200
Ions. , '
Weight or wire,' nearly 11 feet per pound.
Each cable contains 5,298 parallel, ,not
twisted; galvjnlied s'teel oil coaleil jwlres,
e!os-ly wrapied to a solid cylinder 15 inch
es in diameter.
Depth ol tower foundation below high
water, Brooklyn, 45 fret.
Depth ol nwer roundalion below high
water, New York, 78 .feet. ,
Siie'of lowetsat high waler line, 140x59
Siie or towers at roor course, 138x53 reet.
Total height of towers above: high water,
27S leet.
Clear height orbridge in centre ol river
span above heigh water at 90 degrees
135 feet.
Height or floor at towers above high
w iter.119 ret 3 tnchss. -
Grade of roadwiy,;34;reet in loo leei. Jf
Height nftiwe'r4'aboYejroadway,.159 fcp,t.
Size ofanchi
Rita i,f rnipll
Height, or anchorages; E9 feetll
feel roar. " . x 111
Weigl'if of ea.'h anchor plate, S3 lonS.ia
Engineer, C,6'.."W, A. Ruebljiig.
1 'crx?
iwersabf!YOTOauway,.iov "yf,'
horaseitlTbastt 120x1 ja'feiefK-iiorages'atilIj'xlOlYeet
Arf'old n'egr'oTiani&'l BstriCUrVAWitn
r)unts1JGri8wnl(.Ta,'wyer among lus'frjneifs,
Ins-law snop yesieniav wnn
uisook'po his.face, and said: '
))or; I am shabby. TLeie s wme-
tbing about. mo
That fellows in, broadcloth will loox on
" ask'ahce;
Ths'ni'aiiSsiii their soR-flnwtng flounces will
'-doul,t me.
Anil sneer If I offer my hand in the
rlanc.- ' ' '
iDat'wheri I am sad there's a vision that
cures m(
And lightens the heart that has sunk in
my breast;
In daylight aud.in darkness it ever allures
me, i
A jolly log-cabin fa,r nut in the West
A shabby log cabin, a.shaky log-cabin,
A jolly log-cabin, faf out in Ilia West.
Then hoi for tin land where the sunset Is
Good bye lo the town with its perils' and
Where forests are waving and broad rivers
There is room for a fellow whose pockets
' are low.
It Is therein my fanry whatever befalls me,
It shows me the j'ys that are purest and
best. '
Ah, sweet is the vision that eyer enthralls
A jolly log-cabin for out in the West
A shabby log-cabin, a shaky log cabin, ,
A jolly log cabin far out in the West.
Who cares for the scorn ol the city's proud
Whero lushion and, folly together agree?
There fs one who will dwell by Missouri's
fair waters,
And wait at the wash-tub for love and
for me.
The sounds that I hear are the voices of
" cbildhood,
The 'crow of old chanticleer doing bis
The home of my heart is a home in the
A jolly log cabin far out in tile West
A shabby log cabin, a shaky' log-cabin,
A jolly log-cabin far out in the West.
I am poor, but I'm honest. The fetters that
bind me
Will Tail In tho West like dead leaves
' from the tree;
A prince on the prairie the future shall find
me", " ' '
As proud as the eagle, as wild and as free.
What words shall I borrjw to 'tell of niv
1 rapture? v
When eve warns the bunterof homo and
. or rest,
Wit); a gun on my snoulder, a deer as my
, capture,
I'll rido In the cabin far out in the West
A shfbhy log-cabin, a shaky log-cabin,
A jolly jng-cabin far out.In the. West.
I'nore my own convictions and be ruii.
ed n holly by the opinions of otheru, es
pecially when tbey are not backed by
better rtasons than you have yet given."
"That's as tnuoli as lo say, I suppose,"
sild Mr. i'hllbrlck, wratblully, "that
yon snap yotir Qngors at tna ami my
Murk made no reply.
"Yon can do na you please about It,"
added Kittle Pbllbrick's uncle. "She's
her own mistress. If she's tool enough
to throw herself away on a poor,. young
man', when aho can have her ehoice of
the two richest enes In town, Hue on do
so for nil of me, hut pho must under
stand that she'll never handle any of u y
,"Y6ur money ..is.somethlng . that has
never been taken iulo consideration by
us," answered Mirk.
."Ob. no, I suppose notl" sircistlcally
"No, col of course not! out I thought
tbere woulJ be no 'harm done in giving
you to 'understand whal lo expect, or
rather what not to expect from me,"
"Mr, rhilbrjcl;,' I am not the man yon
ibko ino xor, angwereu juuri- pruuuiy.
Tjiiote John staid n week before he
said anything nbor.t golug home. Tncli,
one moruing,
"I'm going io the Corners when the
sUb3 ones." he iuformed Uiein. "I'll be.
back Monday, I guiss."
"You nra welcoma to come ntid stay
as long as you like," assured Milk,
On Monday Uucls Johu came hack.
"There's something for you," he mid,
tossing a folded paper into Kiltie's lap.
"Why, TJnole John," cried Kltlic,
with flushed cheeks and surprised eyes,
"it's a deed for this fatm to Murk and
ms. What docs it mean?"
' Meana that the farm Is yonr?, of
course. Is dintier mobt rcadj? l'in near
ly fnmishid."
"Hut I want to know whtre this ci me
from, nud how," persisted Ktttio. "I
don't iindtrslaud."
"I' rsn't explain till I've iisd sorcc
thine to eat."
And nothing could be got out of Uncle
John until after the monl was over."
"There Isu't much to explain," he
stld, pushing baok his plate. "I drew
all my monoy out Of the Glovirslimn
bank two weeks before it fnlledo I didn't
lose a cent.- That deed is the wedding
present I ought to have given you wWii
ynn. gat married.- I own tip, I was mis
takcu'iu Ibis husband of yo'irs, and I've
been convinced that there U something
in love, nflor nil, but don't you go to
crowing over me for having to own np
thst you were right, or I'll I'll do some
thing, for I bate to give up that I was
wrong, the worst way, and I oau'I stand
it to bo twitted or it after I have no
kuonlodged the corn."
6 ?m s
T 1 " Mi I -
Central Carnage-Works,
called at h
verv anxious- look no
"Boss, Iz clean twi6ted np this time, an
I want to ax a few (liieshans,"
"Welf, co ahead, Sam."
"Well.alrde whito folks tell mo Hat de
seiuni nm at leas, a month ahead.. I h'ars
'.in lalkln' 'bout it on the kyars an' all
"Yes. this is a verv forward spring. I
think we are at leasts month an?ad."
"Well, ifdat's do case, will He Fo'lh .0 i
July come mi )he To'lh o" June, or when'
u" hatn": April lule day dun gone an'
passod by two' weeksf
The lawyer triert to explain, but Sam
was more mixed than before. He scratch
ed his head and went slowly out, but lo
hair an hour ho returned with a longer faoo
than ever.
"Got that through your head yet?" asked
the lawyer.
"Fo' da Lawd, but Tie bin struck agitd
whispered the African. "II we am a mouth
ahead now, dis ya'r will either have thir
een monthsoronly 'leveuSpIain dat nowl"
Bat the lawyer could'nt, and, Sam went
nut, raying:
"Dese white folks am a worry curus set,
dey is. Dey go an' git no seium all out
t.-rgear; an' den a. nigger can't tell whether
lo plaut tuters or dodga inches."
Dnillr Cf .lollimllinll T1
- Are prepared to Manufacture
Carriages, Buggies, Sleighs,
' Spring "Wagon, &c.,'
Of every description. In the most substantial
manaer, auu at jiuwvii unin 1 rices.
A PTJWI'Q wantrd.tosell Edison's Iu.
rtUhn IO leal Telunhone unit Edison's
Initantaneons Piano und Orisan Mutlc. En-
I close stamp lor o.laloguo and terms.
EDISON WUS1U UO., I'iillaitelphia. Pa.
ucc. 24-iue.
The tramn is always cowardly, and
nothing pleases him better than to strike a
bed when it's done. . , ,. .
When money matters aro tight with a
man is it any excuse for his getting tight,
-'Tis the old fashioned custom tsilor
who gives his customers particular fits.
Repairing' rrontiitly Attended to.
April 28, 1883 yl Proprietors.
Vor ranirnl
fnr LSoldferl on nny
iscubc. wounn or in
iury. reci. 410 oo-
dtoantT. It nek Paw IHnclmritTl lor l)t niTtcri,
fie., nnicuro!, it TCflMeiiif "cnce. Anrw
snrclaltv. ami WAR-
in. a 11 n i i 1 1, pt A I.
ES and all kinds of LAND SlUlll'T bonuht
ami a dd. I.irue stoeK, and iiiirnesi i-rices
na d. lin vnu wnnr to sell or luvT II so.
write to A. A THOMAS, Attorney at Lawt
wasningion, u.J. jan.o-vio.
for oil diseases of the Kidneys and I
lb h&a tpodfla svcUon on thU meet important
orcan, enabling It to throw off torpidity and i
Inaction, artlsiiilatlnff tho healthy secrettcn
of the Bile, end by keeping the bowela In free
condition. eHecUnz 1 ts reniUs dlrcharire.
r BQ nlnvln If you are laCtrins from
I RfldlCtr Ida iaalariahftTOthechillJ,
aro bilious, dyspepCo. or constlrtatod. lad-ncy-Wcrt
williurely r;llere & quickly cure.
lnthiaacoaontocleanM theEytem, trery
t one ahould taha a thorough courso of It, (Si)
iwUoir.or i;. r. ana rr
Wu ratenl. ICQ 7th
ninttulr aniutunc! tft the nubile that ho
hai oifcnl a NKW I4VKU WSTAltht: in
ooanreQD Uh hU.hutvl, auJ U lrepared to
teates-pilliigs.or Business Trips
horteil notlceaad roost liberal terms. All
orders left at the "Carbon llooio" wlll rccelvo
prompt, Attention Stable on Karti H'reet,
next tn auiii, uiiiiii. ,,....-,
HtrretHroc- it (lr opu. U H. Patent Jilflce,
Washlniiitin. I, II. orrcspondence sullfit
ed. N' charue tor riUIci-. No fee chaiK"!
unless t'a'rnl IS aimwru. jiricrcucr-. ,rni
jnhns-n lit Co.. Ilokrs. iwl .Pvtimasler,
W.iliU'atoD, )t U PaBippIetlof Jmtruc
tlons free,, fjaiie-vfo
-7a .ii Mh. ATAKufTarlnir rroro the errors ana
lndlserallons o juotli. neivoas weakntis. I
la ly .c.f. ts o'r.a.nU.i.l. k. .'.'
a reetM that "III er tiu. Hlfcr. 0
nil AUttr- Th's srut remedy wasuKeov.
red hi mls'ionsry Inhouth Aiaenta. bead
a sir-ldrnsMeneliiilob s.v Jossru
i Slatlou D. New Ycrkt lty
Carbon Advocate
Cheap Printing !
J6 9
Agayi . .
rtr- vpt'Tii anti stinuin AOTD.
Wonolvu oie-tor U tomjl SD Unnhnnn 9
he d na nii and von Kill ret ait. IHullliUull i
"--.time led c ovelopi Addr-s" i
P I J V 1 '.AN titfOnsiiura N V Jalrl-I
No Patent No Pay.
obtained for Inventors In the United States
I Canada and Kurope,nt reduced rates. With
I our principal offlce located In Washington,
directly opposite the United States Patent
timet, we are able to attend to all patent
business with greater promptneis and de
spatch and at lets cost than other patent at.
torneys who are at a distance from wash.
Ington, and who have, therefore, to employ
'associate attorneys." W make preliminary
examinations and furnish opinions as to ra-
tentab.lHty. free of charge,and all who are
Interested In new Inventions and patents are
Invited to send for a copy ol our "11 aid o for
1 obtaining Patentr," which Is sent free to
any address, aud contains complete instruc
tion, bow to obtain -oatents and other valua
ble matter. We refor to tho German-Amer
ican National Rank Washington, 1. U.i tne
llnvnl Kwudlfh. Aorwcifiao BUI1 ljaiilf n A."Ka
i ni ivn.tilnulnn I Hon. Jos. l?aev. late
Illhlel Justice U, rt. t'ourt ol Ulalms; to the
Ulhclals ol the V.Si patent Offlce. and to
tienators and Members 'of Congress from
Ierery Mute.
Addrcist LOUIS IMOOER fc CO., So
licitors or Patents and Attorneys st I.aw.Le-
Droit HUllding, WASIIIKOIOK, U. ti.
HETJob Printing neatly,
chenply and promptly execut
ed at this ofiice, Give ns a
trial nnd br? convinced.
$ST The Most Ileliable, Carefully
Prepared, and Besl Purgative of the
Preheat Age is
Brandreth's Pills.
They are compounded nf Roots, Herbs
and Gums of the most healing and bene
licial kind.
Asa Family Medicine they are unrivalled
curing llead-acbe, Constipation, Livtrcom
plaint, Rheumatism, Dyspejisia t-leariug
the blood of all impurities setlelug on the
Liver, Kidneys and other important organs
removing the waste -tissue, 'aud adding
veara to the lives of all who use then).
. ; . i . .
For fifty years tbey have been used by
the American pub'ir, and their constantly
increasing sales show how, they are appreciated'.
A Perfect Ilemedy in 20 Diseases.
AsimniD, Mass.
I am verging on eighty years, and deem
it my duly to suffering humanity to say
thst my long lile is due to BRtKnaKTH's
Pills which bsve been my sole medicine
for half a cenlure. I know the last forty
thus years of my life Is owing solely to
their use. Your Tills saved me many
times after the best medical skill in sever
al States bad given me up as hopeless. I
bs,ve hd many converts t purgation with
naiSDanTn'j Tills, and have seen them
nsrforni almost miracles of cure. For
children, a few doses have cured tnsastls,
scarlet leyer, and whooping cough. In
all female troubles nd weakuese I hay
neyer known them to. fail. In ajhll males
I have known them to cute the worst rases
of dyspepsia, rheumatism, kidney diseases,
dysentery and dlarrhoeii eyen -dropsy
paralysis, and apoplexy have yeldeil to a
persistent course ot BaixDssm's Pills. In
fact I have found them the true Life Elixir-
They act as continual preventives against
the clfacls of time, disease, and JaboT
"No, sir, I can't bay yes to any snch
noneense," said Mr. I'bilbrick "old
LbAon I'hilbriok," all Iho irreverent
youngsters of Hartley , Comers called
him. "Why? "Simply because my
niece ctn do' bitter. Isn't that a good
reason? I think It one of the best of
reasons. Uood, better, Dest. iou may
be a man to make ber happy, therefore
a match with you would be a good one,
But the man I have in view for he.r would
not only make her happy, but he's got
Komething besidn his head and hands lo
live on. Therefore a match with bim
would be a better one, don't you see?"
"No, I don't see it so," answered Mark
Anderson, "because she loves me aud not
the man you've set your heart on her
"Love! Fudgel" exolalmed bachelor
Fhilbrick, disdainfully. "I have livid
twioe as loug as yon have, young man.
and I never was in love yet."
Were you eTt'r la England?" asked
"No, and never want lobe," answered
Mr. Phiibrick.
'Then why aren't yon logical, and
argue because you were never there that
there Is no such place as England? You
might just as well do that as to pretend
that there is no such thing as love be
cause you never experienced it.'"
: "I dou't want any words with you,"
responded Mr. Phiibrick. "I won't have
any. You're like all other young men
'of, these days; you tbiuk you know n
good deal more about matters and things
and what's for the best, than older heads
do. I calculate to look ont for my own
affairs yet awhile, nnd for Kiltie's also,
She's a self-willed, obstinate girl, but I
tneau to convince her that she's foolikh
In listening to yonr ful-le-rol. You
needn't try to convince me that I'm wrong.
for you can't. I nm not' one of the kind
to be bamboozled when my mind is made
"I am sure that I bare uo intention of
trying to bjmkorzle you,' auswered
ijark. "I have your niece's promise to
marry me. it wouu ue mucu more
agreeable to her aud to me if we could
obtain your consent to our marriage.
Ilut if jou eh ooao to refus9 it for no bet
ter,reasou than yon have yet glveu, we
shall, marry without It, sir."
"Eh! What's that?" exehlmed Mr,
Phiibrick. "My niece marry you againkt
my wUheb? If she does she shan'tliave a
cent of my property. Not a cent, sir."
"I dou't know as ate wants any of it,'
answered Mark, ' proudly. "I have (wo
strong arms to work with, backed np by
a big heart, and I'll see that she doesu
come to want."
"Ob, fiddlesticks!" exclaimed Mr.
rtiijbilck, with infinite contempt
That's all nice enough to talk abont.
now, but wait till you have to get down
t j real hard work and grub for a living.
Then you'll sing a different song. Why,
bang it all young man, don't yon see
that I am coniddering your welfare us
mnoh aa'her'B, In withholding my consent
to Ibis foolish plan of yonr?"
'."lam greatly obliged, I'm snre, for
your great and sudden interest iu me,'
answered Mark, with keen aireaini. "I
"If you knew me better you would never
insinuate that a possible fortuue was
what I looked at in wishiog to marr)
your neice. I want bcr becauso I love
her, and because she loves me. But
your mind is rondo np, and there is uo
use in wasting words about the matter.
Good afternoon, sir."
And Mark bowed himself out,
"I must say I like his grit." admitted
bachelor I'bilbrick, as the, young man
went down the walk. "But the idea of
marrying for love, when there's money
to be made in tho transaction! Stuff and
Two days later Kittie came to him
with the traces of tears on her pretty
face, but n look of quiet determination
abbwed through them.
Undo John," she said very calmly,
but iu u tone that told her miud was ful
ly made up, "I am going to marry Murk
Anderson next Sunday."
"Just as you please," answered her
uucie, , "It doesn't concern ,mo any.
Uat,J,mnt. say you're a ,fool in taking
up with. that lullow,. whens you could
have Squire Askani or: Lawyer Goodell,
if you'd only say the word,"
'I wouldn't marry either of them if
thi y were the laat men on enrtb,' de
clared Kiltie, bnvely; '"I m- golug to
marry Murk, and I know we'll be happvi
and I do wish. Uncle John, that you'd
look at it as we do, and come and visit
us after ws are settled,
jDon't-go to'aiking people to visit
you on nothiug a -year," responded her
Aud be walked out of ibe room
Mark and Kiltie were married .in a
very simple, quiet fashion, aud went to
housekeeping iu a pleasant, little place gtato
a few miles from Hartley Corners. Un- New Jersey-N J., Garden State.
cje John sent oyer nil her things by ws New vork N. Y., EmpireStale,
man, but did uot go near horiiimself, or North Carolina N. 0.. Old, North
send her any word that told her, he had gtnte.
The Carbon Advocate.
An Independent Family NewmtaM
Published every SATURDAY, Ja
Lahightou, CatWi Co., Pa, j
Omcs-DAiKWAY. a abort SUstsaac W
the LehlgU Valley K. B. D-it
Terms: $1.00 per Annum in .
ivunr DUCKxe-rtox or rt-ux rarer
Job Printing
The abbreviations and lamiliar names
or the AAiious States are as follow t:
Al.ibuma Ala.
Arkansas Ark., Hear State.
California Oil., Gulden Stale.
Colorado Col., Centennial Slate.
Connecticut -Conn,, L.ud of Steady
Delaware Del., Blue nen State.
Florida Pin.. Peuinsnlar State.
Georgia Go,, Empire State of the
Illinois-Ill., Prairie State.
Indiana Intl.. Hoosier State.
Iowa la., Hawkeye State.
Kansas Kin., Garden nf tbo West.
Kentucky Ky., Blue Gras-t State,
Louisiana L i., Peliciu State.
Maine -Me., Pino Tree State.
Massachusetts Mass., Bay State,
Maryland-Md . Old Lino State.
Micbigau Mich., Wolverine State, er
Like State.
Minnesota Miun., Gipber State.
Mississippi Miss., Bayou State.
Missouri Mo., Iron State.
Nebraska Neb., Bhck Water State.
Nevada Nev., Silver State.
Now Hampshire N. II., Grnuite
Most people have heard of the "6vn
Wise Men of Greeco," but very fev knew
who tbey were or why they, were oatlie.
so. The aeveu wise men of Orfw art
snppnsed to buve lived In Ik fifth cen.
tury befirt Christ. Ther name art
I'ittaous, Bias, Solon, Thales. Chllou,
Chesulbns, Ptrlnuder. The reason of
their being called wise is given different
ly by various authors, but the most ap
proved accounts state that as tent
Cjans were fishing, certain straiigere
from Mtletut bought whattvrr Should
bo lu the nets without seeing it, Wbeu'
t'de nets were drawn in they were found
to contain a gold tripod which HIn m1
he sailed from Troy, if supposed to feav
thrown lucre. A dispute arose Wwaea
tlio fishermen and the strangers M l
whom it belonged, and, as tbey eonld
uot ngrte, they took it to the tempi of
Apoln uud cocsnlted the prieatasa as to
what should be done with it. She said
it must be given to the wisest luaa in
Greece,, nnd il was accordingly seal to
one of the seven, who modestly disclaim
ed the title auu forwarded tbej.wil to
another, nud si on. until it paaaed
through the hands .f all tho men, dl.
tiugtiibhed afterward as the "Seven
Vi'inu Men," and as each one claimed that
the idhcr was wiser than he, it was final
ly sent the Temple of Apollo, where it
dug rcmiiiued to leach the It-soona that
he wisent are the must dUtrnstlui of
thoir wisdom.
Ayer's CalharlFc Pills are tutted t
every ago. BiMng sugar-coated, they are
easy to take, and I hunch mild and flfssant
in action, sro thorough and searching In f.
fei-t. Their efficacy in all disorders of Ih
sto nach and bowels is certified la by ml.
nent pliyiieiaiiSipromiiittlclergTBian a4
any of our best ritiuns.
We are not very observing, bat w
have noticed that the first thins anr
oman does on alighting from a ear
age is to carefully put her rlcht hand
in conjunction with tier back hair, just
to see if it's nil right'.
Digging for coal Is aslrnrrglt be
tween miud und matter.
It was in the Yoatmite.oa a steep and
rugged mountain road. The parly num
bered about a duxen, and the jelllest f all
was a well-known dominie. Somehow or
other his mule stumbled and rolled over
nd over, the dominie clinging fast to bins.
When they came to a stop the mnie wssoa
ton. Both the dominie and th mill wara'
badly bruised. One of the party happrnwl
to have a bottlo ol Pistt Davia'e Pai
KiLt.r.a. In a hw hours they wera ready
to proccod on their journey.
concluded to accept and niako the best
of the inevitable. , .
"Well, if be chooses to cherish
grudge for what .we have done, so be it,''
said Kitty, "I'm satisfied
"Aud I hope you'll uevcr have cause
lo be sorry for it," supplemented Mark,
kissing hiB wife's rosy cheeks.
"I am sure I never shall," said Kittie.
with her head upon ber husband's shoul
der, in an attitude of pcrfeot content
with ber life and its outlook.
I heard some bad news to-day, an
nounced Mark one evening. "The bank
Gloverstown has failed, and your
uncle must have lost every cent bo bad
"Poor Uucle John," said Kittle. "He
always kept his money there,, so he mnst
have lost everything. Isu t there any
prospect of his saving anything?"
'None at all, answered Mark. "Im
sorry for bim. it mast be bard to be
reduced to poverty in old age, especially
through the dishonesty of men yon have
I'll tell you what I'm going to do, if
you're willing," said Kittle. "I'm going
to write bim, nnd ask him to come nnd
staya.whila with ns. I'll tell him that
we hardly felt like doing this before, for
fear he'd think we wanted to effect a
reconciliation on account of his money,
Now he can't think that of ns,1
I'm willing, of courso," assured
Mark. "I'm too happy to led sore over
what he said to me when I asked him to
consent to our marriage. Tell him I'd
like to bare him come."
So Kittle seut ber letter,
About a week after tbe stage stopped
at the gale, aud who shoula Kittie see
clambering out of it but uucle John,
Oh, I'm so glad yon'yo come, she
cried running to meet him, "I was
nfniid you wouldn't. Aud Mark will be
glad, too. We don't tbiuk a difference
of opinion ought to prevent our being
No, of course not, since you bad
vour own way, replied uucie iioun
But Kittie kuew bis way well enough
to feel satifcAed that he was glad enough
Ohio O., Buckeye State.
Oregon Od., Beaver State.
Pennsylvania Pa., Keystone, State..
Rhode Wand It. I., Little Rhode.
South Carolina S. C, Palmetto
Tennessee Tenn., Volunteer State.
Texas Tex., Lnne Star State.
Vermont Vt., Green Monntain State,
VirginU Vs., Old Dominion.
West Virgiula W. Va., Now Domin
Wisconsin Wis., Badger State.
The territories are:
Alaska, Alas.
Arizoua, Ariz.
Dakota, Dak.
Dietrict of Columbia, D. 0.
Idaho, Id. T.
Indian, Ind. T.
Moutana, Mont,
New Mexico, N. M.
Utah. U. T.
Washington, Wash. T.
Wyoming. W.vn.
Tbe elephant is the biggest animal
that wnlks. II.1 is ns big as a whole
barnyard full of cows nil rolled into one,
He has fore legs in front aud two hind
Ifgs, which my uucla John says makes
six legs, but the elephant that I saw at
Ibe circds hadu't as miny, and I guess
he lost some of them fooliir around
mowing macbiue. His legs look lik
snwlogs standing ou end, and bis feet
are as big as wash tubs. He has tw
tails, one at t'10 front eud of bim, and
one at the hind end. Tbe front eud i
oalled a truuk, but I don't know what
tbey call it that for. It don't loolt any
more like n truuk than like a carpet-bng
lhe lil'jil end t ill In a little thing, not
much bigger than a dog's tail. I tbiuk
both tails was one lu the first place, nu
that it stuck way out behind '!g enongl:
for snch u big animal, and then I s'piise
that It was bit by n pile-driver or some
thing and drove clean through so that
the butt stuck out In front. Thalwhy
they call the frout part the trunk, 'caine
the trunk is next to the root anyhow
that's so with the trees, The elephan
to vMt them, and consequently she felt has two ears hnn on the side of bis
very much elated. head. Thty lork like barn doors. They
"Well, I must say you look tolerably are very uscfnl for to keep the flies ou
comfortable here," herald after he had 1 in summertime, ennse bis tail is too
looked tbe premises over, short for flies. I gueas be uses tbem for
"Of course we haven t been able to blankets to keep him warm when the
fix thlcgs up yet as we d like to," an. weather is cold. Tbe elephant has
atiered Kittle, "but the crops aro look- wenderful memory. My Uncle Job
ing well, aud Mark feels sure there'll bo mja thero was a man once tbat gave
enough to turn off to make a payment on elephant tobacco in a circus. Iext year
tbe place this fall." the show came to tbat town again, with
Before Maik came in to supper, Uucle the- same elephant, and tut man went
John was quite at home, and be greeted the show ugain and the elephant nearly
his nephew cordially. killed bim. He recognlzsd tbe man,
ThonghtJI'd come over to slay a ftw Uucle John says, though the man bad
days." he said. "Since that bank smash-1 been married more thau six months. And
up I've been thinking of quartering my- that's all I know about elephants.
uelf on my frlenda, yon know."
An.i tTnela John chuckled In a wav The nun who promises bis wite
that a roan would hardly bo supposed to money for a uew spriug bouaet auil then
Puffi nm popular with politciam.
Slippery as an eel Rosens end
Boxing gloves are now worn by so
ciety men.
-Dollars and sense are often strangers
to each others.
The Knuller the foot the more pain.
ful tho bunions.
To lake out grease spots set en a
warm stove.
The stomaober most sought after la
a square- meal.
Baltimore, Md. Rev. W. IT Chapman
says: "I deem Brown's Iron Bitters a meat
valuable tonic for general ill health."
A sound suggestion never tarn a
deaf ear to tbe telephone.
-Gross carelessness Losing one hnn
dred and forty-fonr dollars.
-Tbere is uo rubbish in the yard of
the man who keeps three goats.
-The oat does not drink, yet it'is g- kt.
er.lly t mnd dead in the gotter.
-.V spring query Did th mow ens,
when it saw tbe snow drop ?
Base bawl is alusys seasonable wHh
a country church choir.
An insurance agent named I'yls,
In running fell over the stile,
St. Jacobs Oil gave rilier ,
And the pain was so brief, , ,
He got up and said: "I should sinlisV'
A lame old lady at Kayter,
Had no one tit adviso her,
Till Doctor John Boyle,
Tried S' Jacobs Oil,
Its action did simply surprise ker.
There are sixty-six thousand loco.
motives iu tbe world. And yt, when
you have waited for a train at oui deso
late way station for flvo hoors,you would
svtenr that tbere was but one. and tbat
that hud gone the other way.
The newspapers often print the
"lht words" of men, but never those of
women. Tfce latter would tak np too
much room and crowd ont lb advsrtls-.
The meanest slight a girl can pat
upon au admirer is to use a postal card in
refn-iing au off.r of marriage. It proves
that she doesu't sctuilly cars two cento,
lor bim.
XSQ Dresi-s. cloaks, eoati. adkin.. .J
all gariiiriils ran b colored sanwutulli-
wilh the Diamoud Dyes. Fsshiouabl eof-
or. Only I Do.
Tbe tavcru kvoeper is constantly in
liquor, but ho frt-qnmtly knows batter
than to get liquor iu him.
A man who ban thedeliiium irtmsiMT'
can justly claim lo have seen th folly hi
intemperance lu all its uakeel trnlh.
Uood luck apparently hu't desert
ed this country. A reunsjlvanU yontb.
had his neck broken in a priu fight,
Tue milliners are baviug their sprtnj
openings, and married men's pock.l
books will abotly have to felloar snlt,
Tbe weather is coming when thai
mlnUter who isn't wide awak cannot
keep his congregation from guiug to
Men laugh at women for crying
when they want to swear, when the fMt
is men swear when they want to cry.
Maine papers have alr..dy Ugan to
obrouiole the fludlug of May floa.r,.
the fragraut trailing arbutus.
Wueu a married man fluda blssuwlf
have great respect for age and thowis- whobodl.stallhebadatonefullswoopjreru.es to gtvo It to uer is gmiiy oi . i-i-aeu out at a ocUck a. iu hey.aru
doni belonging to it, but not noogh to o.' misfortune. breach Iir a key to the utosU-a

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