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tea I. i
' ..,.,.. u t . ... ' u i i rn kh ii
We Pag
jj ate
from $ 10 to J4U- sno w f
your Hailroad Ticket, and receive m casu p
full amount paid for ticket
Prices marked In plain flguroa on S
the ticket S
We liave an enormous stock of Win-1 g
ter Clothing that must "be sold regardless
of profit. The test Suits and Overcoats
from $10 to $30. rjpBairtiMMiWwjiiwiiSiWw p5
i sixth
1 TV k Brown
1 Market
J e jut
Filiate Ctaesali Etase-
Following the rebuilding of our store premises we feel like call
ing the attention of the people to a lew facts. You can buy
a bill of goods of us and have them delivered at your door and
save money. This is one reason why you should let us have
your trade. As to our line of goods we will briefly refer:
Dress Goods.
No better line nor cheaper prices will
be found anywhere. Ttfe styles are
1.ATV nn f ha .Mailt., tc ..aVnnfAA.l
...... uuu uw .jut..... fU,..
We have in this Hue everything, and
mln everything else the pricos are the that our many patrons may nave thi
every lowest while the Roods are the b66ttnt the market affords at the
i verp best. .Lowest Prices.
, Boots & Shoes.
No General Store is comploto with
out a select line of theso goods, but
k iur assortment is more than full, it
Includes in the line mentioned that
Bivhatyou want at the right price.
In this first advertisement we oulr
Hoods just to make your acquaintance bo to speak. At imother time we will
more elaborately explain our stock and low prices. Just now we kindly invite
yuu to call on us, examine what we havo and learn our very low Price.
J. Ju Haiieman,
Franklin Fish and Oysl
Panic Prices, small profits anil quick sales the motto. Remem
ber the nddugc A Penny Suvcd is a Penny Entiled," and watch
for H. Oswald's wagon, and make your purchases.
Part Cream Cheese, 3 pounds for '25 cents- Creani Cheese 2
pounds for 25 cents. 10 pound Baskets oi Concord Grupes 25
cents. Chesepeak Iiay Select Oysters only 40 cents per QuaU.
Medium Shell Oysters per 100,
per 100, $1. Choice Creamery JJuttur in pound prints .il)c
All kinds of Fruits, Variety of Fish Haddock, Pollock
Ciscoes, Plue Pike, etc. Fish a Wholesale aud Retail
Wagon at Lehighton and Weisspnrt, Tuesdn)8, Thursdius, Fri
days, Packerton, Tuesdays aud Thursdays Mahoning Valley,
Wednesdays and bnturdays. Kespeetlully
' fill lUiT
urilTLTa ! S JAV. Guru U X fJt
ItMh4lti Id.irT-un EjaMIj.-h .tJmort
pkt. i ai r'T &.! ttit ft
writlft rftt tvr r mmmfj Ttde4. Hon't
Ut nr oopilu. ipha dnnTiist 11 v fuj of
iwdUtitm. lniU.fthinijlMAt'tf- ijoimothcr U
OvUftMl HkftUftt C,lr(HU, Chtcn IU.. firHU.
SOLDbyT D. Thnni". DruMiBt LKHlUlUU.N,
329 N.I5TH ST.B8if.,Bi
30 TMrs' Oontlnaoni Jicik In th Cuz of
Self AbuseLossof Power
Dau4 Jrmamntlu (Wd inSUS day.
Dr. Ijl' titt u the uaijr uectailit that pwrniMatlj
ear. ll bfts tto Mtiftit bo mftttcr wtwt oiistn
&dVf)r'iA I'rUala fVnanllln It nam! t&t ftAfih
pUnt AdTtofr4 Kvcrylhlaa Conttdealfal.
Mad kiDtiUmp for Siuulc tuUijj ytuca, ttmt
IHlUWlKori Irulminll atn.
oacUara-tA.AL tiillP.U., aad 1 to S Ta
uS tutu ua Buawgrki
Craaiii B aim
Clears,, the
Vsss rsisex's3
All ,1 Tain aim
tis 5mi,
Kest'r-i th
.'rmea (
a, nen
ra r i piled Into rh ioirl and
f ft, t I' n &0 tuU H DiuitMisi,
' m , r 'prd, AUc
H.TlUu.,M Wirr.o St.. Htw Turk
"VfEAlUY thirty
thotisandlmy- j
ers Lave availed them
selves of our system
of paying ELailroad 1
Fare. S
The plan is very j
simple. Buy a; moder- f
amount of goods j
ft o store la the Valley carries n more
seiect stock of Grooeries than we do,
, 1. f .i I 1 .
Care is
always exercised "that our line of
Groceries aro New and Fresh In order
Our lino of Provisions will meet with
Tour favor becnuso it includes just
l"tyou want in this line at Trices
that are tery low.
make a slhzht reference to our line of
Packerton, Pa.
GO cents Prime tVhell Oysters
business woman
A Pige From Her History.
i mi exyvilfiKt'-t of
Tue t r.iiwiiiii 1.
troul ud MliFi lu it -
i t
It uf iliai limp verfc ---iihj-i
I 1.
. i .. I : in hiwli't . . It. H silt1!
ui" lau a nit of my Itru It A uhv
. u i,lti pi. t,W i'N I hit I I oj'i..I i . .
iMil UVii -'till i . it- I'jifj v(
in I I i iiuKs'tl hi n Ni-rn iu. i und i tli
M.f i i m'H i U'l.tHii rtlri i i ( j iu HiU-i.thn (,
m yii-H lU-jrl ' ur una r Mti In
.1 1-1.- n ttl im ii ami mi Mi I i nt
.Ixj ti.nl iM'i'ii run J b llw n-unwli
tlfuln l xiltllltf. lit UhllV WOII'MU ill
1 1 4 . i' uf tUe tlruri ('uri' iim I in I. . i Im
in hour Hfttr lttlrtu tlit- Hi I 1 t I
, I 'If -lkd Itriprov'otW'iil In h. t .r- ti
if ui titoiid. Wlivu I had tukeii (hut i
it' ' mm my auktu- Minit'ilih , I
km., fur uiouiua.Mud iu Hint-- Im.' ) ii
i Di ilmi ihfj swim nil r t
' r I Uftd taken OIK' Untlu til I w
if 'ure tbe iwt'lllng Iimu all von
in I v it ao uiu h tMitr thnt 1 dUi u
k On my PWouinu'iiUlUjn -i Ii
tins, to" iliutilf r'iiitMl Mi- M
. If u.ihuu 8l .(.'IiK'mi:u III
li Mm - New Hnun l uie uli-r.mi
id it- im , ii.ll.it lulit-ait (Im iv i
il1 'iiurfi -inn jxfcttl.. pn i mi. i
u il.- In Miles Mi titi'iil 1 ii fik ui i
r t ftul uf urice. ill twr lutii.t - ' il
)U uppM pit puid il 1 Lxshldtt,!) iixK. Hut
til uttiktM at UkiiTuu. drutf-
J AWi f R, ihe- barbvi, 0(mniii Cn.- Opera
H..u- ( uu h.iir It, vet and drun et
Clihif tu Itrjf i lau stvt liUt Mad mc him
'.iP t on iim1mvm l.'lli-t rtllf w Iur ttn
STl'tint 'HA iffl. rsAOTr uiiMUMitt
vui-kau orrit. U uft4'UArtre fur
iiawim.iikii cutt Inn mitt tliampoftiiiir Partiau
IM itllpulinti mU1 t" ruttUitt ldkk hann ami
CliUilrau' aUlr. Tuiirt aitiU r mUc. Ciwio
I Rue--1
t im i n
u i. ni. ... i,,,,ui,ir.i.i mu.i .oloiiriterM .)Dn. i-n.m..kMi.i. V .T.-.;iauaui I lia.iK'nifl iv
.. .. n... ini.ii.1. in
Ir ihl. .mi.sd hmnlmant. tin' 111 n e
llh . Hi II. ll..l.UOlllll Hi. rotwi " ,";
mi' 111 Uiv .lnni'i-l, flllil 111 Hi' Mipi'il. nuMfi-lnll
an n ii,. i iiaiiiM m iiiimi.""..
riiuiMH l Mil '. Mli l.'H rub ' ' "
re.mii. , r I Ii rnlt In dlx.aae. 1 .ninln us.
dl.oi,,, ill in., us sl .'"ill ii II H . II, 'I U I ;
eM III, is .Mm hi," ii anitliisl rheum, nc wliniMH
mi)f.ml i..leii..l b) ..lit ilumr exr,u'r. Ill
(u nili.nl rni h .ilt.i. i tiini' chilled Hv a
rtflormiHi.ifraHiii.Hfl.t mi f Hi-'l. iiinver
10 harlu morininiiml .'M-iiiii inl.isa'iil vitfir.
hiie.i wiin hiiriisliie. "in ngiii' iiK
and i.,iiiiii. Ilicii.k'iii ki.m ir, lit.!.-
So man eim servn lwoint',r-,li"t
hem ro leoplu who try lo ncrvo a
AlMirllllc hllvi'aavt.
IUi( l"! llfCJl IT . I . ' Jl""
.nk kouU li : aJ'U H uiiiiuod for
tbfiD, liio fullawiuK our ivmwllM liitY
nxwli il pUfoOUwuil l.tlp lr tvlin s
Mew Uiicover ,, for Uniinmplion, OougUs
anil l'ol.l, .fucli da tie guwaiilf! Klfe
iric llhten, tue ureal renifdy l"r Uver.
suouiacli and KWrn-'i. Hnckleo'a Arnica
MS, llu liit I" ilio viollil, aii.l Lit. Kllis.t
Vow J.llu 1111. llfli aiu a perftct pill.
Al. ieineilie ale eualauteed to do
Jutt Hint I claliued for llieui and the
Jealer pIhms name ! altichsd berrwllli
will he Ktad U) lell 0i mote pf thi-ui.
Sold at Jlebi' fliUlitoiii Jllerj's Weiss
porf. (liwat irrHB?u bus aatC rr'ulsteied
lllllou ml.
A (rli.,t lii nel iia friend Itiilmd. ail
not Ipm llian onf uiUtiuii vifople have
InunU lust tticli a IncndluDr. King's lu
Ulbcover. for Cousuioptlon, Cuu.Us, and
Colds If ou tia(p never used this lids
Uu-at tonsil ilefllclne. one trial will
otiviute iu mat it lias wouucruu cum
ilvo jwwers In all illecases ol Throat,
r.'h.jt. and Litucs Each tiolilo it cnar
anteed lo no all that Is claimed or nionfy
till be telwided Trial bottles free at
rtebtr'i telililitoo, illerv's Welsspoit
Diim i ore. Larie bottlee Cue. and $1 uu
Frigates in the miiJeru ntylo wero
first built lulOiO
I'ut JlJllTjlTljtlle He.l.
I .im dly,dlny. ill7j;
Ami I Hi.t to K.ito bnl.
I'e liiialU'l'Ille 10 I'at,
And lifadueliu rntks ma head.
In o her onls I am anaailng from blllou at
Mc'l. but Ur. Plercrs l'luaaut 1'i'llets Kill
biliiK ind'-iiouild nil rlKliu, by to-iniiirow.
ihej ottui cure npadnctie (nan liour. I lmve
louud tbeni Ilia best uitliaillc ihiUii naliUuce.
lliey (itoduwno naiiu's nt urliiinp b' tuo lueli
notk tlioroUBlllj'. Blievareeotneteiit lo varry
'n tuu M-st-docket und pieas-int lo lake, lu
TUIs.S cents.
The use of steel for sblp"Eiiildlii( was
beuu in 1879,
Scrofula. whether hereditary or acquired,
is thorousblj expelled from the blood by
Hoods harsaparllla, the gre.t blood
Of 10,000 britlsh seamen, bixty-six are
lost every-year.
CannlbaFKing "I dont see why I
ahouldn,t eat you."
Missionary "I don't agree with you."
Medicine Han "Take a doso of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills after
the meal, sire."
The Auttraliau navy has 120 shirr,
UlguuBBud 6710 men.
I suffered from acute Inflammation In
,v nnao and held for A Wftek At A time 1
could not see. 1 used Ely's Cream Balm
and In a few days I was cured, it is won.
durful bow quick; It helped rae. M rs
Oeorule S, Jud.on.'ITarlford, Conn.
For theee weeks I was snfferine from a
severe cold In my head accompanied by a
pain iu the temples. Ely's Creani Balm
was recowmended to me. After only tlx
ippllcatlons of the Halm every Irace of
my cold was removed. Ilanry 0. Clark,
New l'ork Appraiser's Office.
Tho ioo making mateiue was first put
into operation in 1800.
TIi Itirtlof WlMloin.
An owl sat In a hickory tree,
And shM In an tmpudeut manner to iur,
"Ter-haotl ter-hoott ter-lKK.tl
I Hiked her, politely. "You lovely old blnl,
llu toil the "Uolden Discovery heard?"
She ruffled her feathers and joke but a word
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery Is a
warranted Iuur. liver and hlood remedy, a
poweriui ionic auu RiiermivD u n icimoic
vltaltxwr (or weak persona; a padacea for scrof
i.Ia iiu.ii.int .HnpHMfiK. teversoies. eael Hues
and tuniori; coutalnn no alcohol aud Is a, lnftdl
lne without a peer. Ihere Is no rl-k In JuHlnfr
a irTHiiteed article. our money h.iek If it
don't benefit or oure.
The lungsoftheaveraKO man contain
about fve quarts of air.
CMIaV.'. f!nr la snllif n a (tiifti nnifA . Tt
f nn:..I.niOn.ii..mnil,Mi Tt ! IrSa
Itest Coifgh Cure. Only one sent a dose.
Oeorgia is reviving her gold mining
industry with improved machinery.
Call's Clover Hoot will purify your Blood
clear your t.oiuptexIon. regulate veur
bowels and make Head clear as a bell.
35c iOc.
To the Peruvian Iudiau cocoa sup
plies the place of food, drink aud to
bacco. Mrs. T. S, Hawkins. Cbattauoosa.Tcnn.
says!"Shlloh s Vitamer Bayeu mv i.e.
1 consider It the Dest remedy for a debit i
tated system 1 ever used'' For Dyspepsia,
uiyer or ivianev irouuie u eceis, i . v
Purred emeralds were well knorU to
the ancients and of high value as cut
Chllnh. Pl.rn. thn prpi.1 fTmiffh and
Croup Cure, is in creat demaud. l'ockel
site contalus twenly-nve doses only icoc.
Children love It. Sold by Drucglsls.
Thoroom lu whichthegroatXapoleon
died Is now occupied as a stable.
IturklPn'ft Arnica 8itlv.
1liliMt fLilvti In tlie world for Cull. lirulftM.
.'lorfs, UIitm, halt Itlieuiu, tever 8orw, Tetter,
Chapped Hands, CMlbUms Cornea, and all Hkln
Etuptlona, and posltlvel) cures I'llea. or no pa
required U Is ffuarantml lo icUe itrfttct ullt-
UlCllOll, or inunej' rriuutitxi. i rivo o itihb fi
box, Kor sultf by Ueber U-'hightou. aud Hler
Chinese dou't allow their pawn
brokers to chargeless than twenty four
per cent.
Quoretaro, Mexico, has tsolrfd the
fluaucial problem. Roup isn legal ten
der tbe re,
Au average ou five feet of water ii
estimated to fall annually over the
whole earth.
Taking all the yenr round tbe coldest
houe of the tueuty four 5 o olook in
the morning.
Ar Yuu HtnVrr From Cuturrh limy
Ker, Ktr.t
If you are, eo to your Hrngsist, or if
ou wiu'l 2l ii where )ou live, send to
us. (iet a bottle of Waver Magnetic
CiUrrh dire, Mileii ue will entirely
tiuaraute to cure any ease of IJatarrh,
Uay Kever, etc, oilier wise your mone
Mill he retnmd. For one dollar, one
tuxtl to Ut for One nkhiUi's ireainw-m,
and uu boiilti le cure. It hit never fallmi,
hiiU will eur .. nive il a irUl So
ome, no pa.
Thh Mayem Dkuo Co ,
Oakland, Mil.
For Bale by Dr. t'.T. Hern.
One dollar tut a tbree moaih's treat
ment and au aUUuu uMuie fur a eure
t whL ihe t$A.ra Dnuc Oo , of UakUuu,
Md , offer to MifN of catarrh. m
yrr, te Ak )onr uiuit fur a WtW
of ftlayefs' VaaueiU) Oaurrh Oure h
lias neer failed aud will wire yuu. For
aU by all dru-i, or nd4re tlie above
Ak our druMlst to how you a bottle
of ar MafneUc Catarrh Oure. One
bottle to cure any cav, no rjutter bow
severe, and wj:i uu for three montha'
treaiiuenl. Sold every here.
Tb un4rrafsiiatl uavlnc been ratortf U
hfaltt) b siniilv ineana. alit-r auffrrliuc iur
v eil fara ulili a -ri im luny afftjvttuu, auu
tliat dread dmeaae (kiNat mptiom. la auaktua to
take kDuwu lu hl fallow anCt-rcra llio uiaani af
i;..h, .,. w .lit. tli- 111 th The eclenec of mnir. . v l at prr-enl large Easw UiSiB
. i iu. n miiiw in. uruirr ur n iu cuerriuii)
I n ml (frrv of t bam') a copy iiftlie irea rlutbm 1
u-d whlt'li thry Mtil hap a urt) curt- fur )
1 at mituk. Aibiua,('aUtrrtif Brunuhttla aud all
thru aud liuu Matadiii. He bwpea ftll auAar
I en will Lnr lua ri-udr, an H la luvaJubl. i
t 'how dfiiriwa ibv mMrltluu. wliIWi will coat
them iill)laK. tiud nia uruvt a UaVaaUig, ilJ
I ptautetldipaa, j
Kev Edward A W llaon. JWoohl, . M T
r.rtoui VFha Rll Thh Iln.llr. to riir.i
clan. Far XfMrtlllB I'tfrp.
The wlTOce or mil lt i t" at prr rit larap
lydlrffte.1 townrd ri- , .vr-rlntf thenatnrp
of abnormal growth-, tin muni dHpflneH atv
irifformltlea. Th i!,hHii- nt the tinspit.uL
I keep a lr-wn lookout for rnnen whii-b seem
iiaciy 10 uereiop fiomeiiiunt or extraonlt
nnry Interest. A plan hat been adopted of
making A bargain nltb a person snfterlng
with some extrnortlluarr iifTUctlmi. which
binds him lo have delivered to the surgeon
at death either the entire bnd or such jiart
of It as may lie apeelHed In the contract, a'nd
which Is likely to prove of peculiar vnlne
from A surgical atAtidpnint Tbeee .con
tracts are regularly drawn tip, signed arid
rersoui whose bodies have been thus
contracted for are known among doctors
as "healthy cadavers," a paradoxical And
somewhat disrespectful term, but sufil.
olently explanatory.
tn transactions of th's soit every detail
is conducted with perfect delicacy, Bays the
New York Worl.L If the patient Is suffer
ing from some incurable disease, from the
effects of which the physicians have made
up their minds that he must die In a given
time, the news is gently broken to his
friends, a contract Isdrawn and klgneil, and
the pAtlent pursues the even tenor of his
way in bllssfnl Ignorance that his days ere
numbered or that a prloe has been set on
his bony.
If he has no relatives or friends, he Is deli
cately Approached by the phyilclnn, ntid the
facta are revealed with All poaalble consid-
eratlon. He Is mnde to understand that
death is sure to come after a certain period,
and a round sum U offered. If he be at all
reasonable and open to conviction, lie will
Invariably accept tho money and sign the
In tbe museum of Bellevue hoppUal are
a number of Rpecimena taken from "healthy
cadavers," which t lie late Professor Wood
regarded as valuable In showing the riro
ffreaa made by modern surgery, Ono,
which attracts particular attention, Is that
representing a reproduction of a jawbone
after removal of the inferior maxilla. The
Jawbone can be seen in its place in the
skull of the patient, who was a rather good
looking woman, according to her photo
graph. he had been employed in a match
factory and had contracted necrosis of tho
bone of the lower jaw from the fumes of
fihogphorus, tnbaltd while at work. She
Ived for some years with the substitute
jawbone, and nt urath, as a token of grati
tude to Professor Wood, she bequeathed
her head to him for scientific purposes.
Of course It Is not always certain that
the patient will die before the physician,
and this fact has led to some rather curi
ous consequences. One patient at Bellevue
hospital, who has been there longer than
any other, has reaped quite an Income
from repeated sales of his head. It
seems to be a part of the ethics of this
peculiar Durgammg mar, jn cose trie pa
tient survives the surgeon, he shall be
at liberty to enter Into auother contract.
This UellovuB patient's uame is Mike
Kelly. He Is a small man, about 55 years
old, and suffers from six tumors on the
right side of tbe face. Mr. Kelly attracted
the attention of Professor John It, Wood, of
the hospital, who bad made a specialty of
tumors, A careful examination showed
that they were incurable, and that an at
tempt to remove them might result fatally,
Finally the professor made an agreement
by which Kelly, In consideration of a cer
tain sum, was to allow his head, after
death, to bedeliveied over for examination.
Dr. Wood exhibited Kelly as a curiosity in
which be bad a proprietary Interest and
Eroudly related to bis fellow physicians
ow he had secured the tumors all for his
own use after Mr. Kelly's demise. Soon
afterward the doctor died.
Mr. Kelly then contracted with another
physician in the hospital for the disposal
of his head. This pledge, like tbe previous
one, was dissolved by the death of the phy
sician, and Mr. Kelly smiled softly, At
lost account be bad made another contract.
and except for tbe tumors was In the en
joyment of perfect health.
Hprrlble Dream Sometimes Come to
Opium Smokers.
Charles Ferguson, a young man captured
In a recent raid on an opium den at St.
Louis, confessed to the following experi
ence "I admit I am an opium fiend. I flr-st
acquired a habit of taking morphine. It
was given me oy a puystcian. i naa lauen
and hurt my head, and the drug was given
to allay the pain. When I recovered, I was
nervous and restless auu gradually acquired
the habit of opium tmoking. A woman
who had ber own opium layout prepared ray
first pipe. It mode me terribly sick, bup
the second pipeful guve tne relief and I con
tinued the practice.
'The last time I hit the pipe f had smok
era paralysis. It is terrible. The dreams
are a hundredfold more realist to than a
nightmare. I tliuugbt that I was about to
be burled. I saw the coflln and felt myself
lifted into it. I noticed theviavlngof the
black plumes of the heart and felt the
jolting of the spunks on my Imaginary
way to the itmietery. I saw the white
hatred oldcler ninti und Mt myself being
lowered in tlier..ve. I uas powerless to
move baud or tool One of the Chinese at
tendants touched me on the iboiitder
I awoke.
"When one has smoker's paralysis, one
cannot move baud or fujU As boon, how
ever, as any part of the body Is moved, even
tbe little finger, tbe power of locomotion
rettims. It Is au experience that Is not of
ten Mt, Tbe thiid attack U Usually fatal.
I have had it tw ice, and tbe chances are
that If we had uot been luterrnpted tonight
I would bave liad another and a last attack.
I was thoroughly uware of the fact that I
might never cmneout alive when I went
down to the dope joint this evening, so you
can judge how utrong are thu chains with
which the habit blmlH its vlatmt "
Tit ! in r, lift l In.
()t)u i f tic i.i t ti'itu ciihli? change in
fashion tlti hstmi I- that which affects
the dreasing of the Imir. The "friinV'
has Injen gntdnully giving pin' to softly
waved Uaudennx. and tlw thiudMinx are
creeping gradually tower down uutiltbe
return eeetne imuiiiifiit toth puffed Aud
waved bandeaux to be seen iu tlte por
traits of Jenmo Lind takfii along in the
flftiea. To young and delicate faoee the
style has an agreeable piquancy and
quaint new, but to women pt tliair first
youth or withe trong, ooaree features the
bang luw a tfofteniug effect much to be
Another etyle now gaining favor and
one beoomlug to round f aoee with low
foreheads U that of turn tug the hair
back from the forehead loosely ina twit
that Is lost in the light coils aud puffs ar
ranged in the middle of the forehead,
In this style of coiffure tbe front hair is
parted off on either side aud twisted in
the old fashioned way iuto two rolls.
New York Sun.
Tli Il.luite,
Id answer to a oorrwpoudMit a newa
lwr Bays; "The delug mentioned in
tbe IMble waa tbreatetwd iu the year
1W) B. a, aud buguu on Uo. 7, 1SSC I).
C aad ooutiunud 977 days. The ark
rktd on Mount Ararat on May S, lOSfi,
Imt Noh did uot leave it ontU Dso. 18
following." Any reader who Imagines
that it would he an eaay taek to figure
tbesi detail from a Biblical aootrunt oan
Bod a baU for Ms oalouUtloua in the
lerwith aud eighth chapter of Qnek.
A HarU I'roblem,
A ortm fiebaiiuK society fe iIUctum
log tbe C'UfhtKm wto hicb U tit &o
gTUr tbo h'i i . it who kom bout and
find tlutt tit. ttuj iur w uut rottd or Dm
wife who lt;ia .h nt-r ready audwbow
biuband dtxu, n,t unne htiiue. It U W
tiered tbut th. ui i iu- wiUud m a draw.
Wurtbuij.u.1 M.ita,,iu.
fun llm Tliu.
Jack lluw Mciiid it do (or ma to
apeak to yunr fuUmr uxiujbtl
Jee Beat time tu ibw world. Ha got
tbe bill (ur my uow bonnet juat befora
wa atattod for uur tlriv. Kxcbang.
Zlr A A, Witltami
Lvnn. HTAt.
For the Good of Othors
Jicv. Mr. millanm Heartily Ziv
done llood'n Sartanarllla.
We are pleased lo present this from
Rev. A. A. WiUiams, of the Sillsbeo
v.nnsuan t-iiurch, LJun, Mass.:
" I see no reason why a clergyman, more than
,njan, wuo Knows wtietM' be speaks
D..UU.U ucnuaifl io approve an
Article of Merit
Kir.,rU,A'1?m M Ms family hare
nuJiiSli!,-.H;.t?,'.nl u,25e beriftflU to
i rnn . J:.' " " "nanenoe. My Kite
Las for many ) oars ljeen a snfforer from severe
Norvous Headacho
lorwhlrri si found utile lielp. She hastrltd
many things that iirntnlsef well but neri
tormnitill. I..HtfnVaiiie'dg?vehaKt:
JS, SJiiW ?a''",lr"a- I' aeems sarorlil
lor her. The itheks of hcaiineuo docreawd la
number and were less violent In tlielr! Tntei
. . v"i"i ..on.iii him oeeu im.
proved. Ifer appetite has also been better.
From our experlenco with
Hood's Sarsaoarllla
I have no hesitation Ju endorsing lie uorlit."
HOOD'8 PlLtS sratbs bfit famllj- eatharOs.
nalla an AT..tl.. T t . -.
ATSwxr Sir's
Window and Doon Frames,
Doors, Shutters,
window Fftslics,
Mouldings, Brackets
All Kinds of Dressefl Lumtoer
Shingles, Failings,
Hemlock Lumber, &c.,&c
Very Lowest Prices.
pick Be&dache and relievo all the trembles Inci
dent to aUlious atataof the aTst-m.such t&
DizzloeBt, Kausoa, Drowslnaas, rJlstrsM after
catlog, 1-atu In the Bide. &o. Wklla their mosfi
rctanrlESDle aucceu haa been shown in curtog
ITeaflftcbe, yet Carter's littlo Liver FUts are
equally valuaMo In Constipation, curing and pre
venting thUannorliiaoomplalnt,vrhllotheyalo
correct aUdliordcraothaatomachtlmulatatb
llrersad regulate thebovU ISvenUtheyonlf
Buuer from this dlstroaslng complaint; but fortu
Vrhoonre try them will find theee little pllla valu
fbla In a many ways that thoy will not Im wld
Hug to do without them. But after aUalcknaai
'Is the bane of so many lives that here la when
worntkoour great boost. OurpUlacurtltwhile
ethers do not,
parter Uttle Liver Pllln aro very imall and
Jery easy to take. OuaortTOpllUciabsadoaa.
They are strictly vegetable and do nut (plpa or
rurae, but by their gentle action plaaso all whi
tisethnn. Iuvl&lsat25centsi nveforfl. Sold
by draggUta everywhere, or aeut by mail,
CARTER HCP-ntftiwrr nn.. nw vrt.
Scientific American
For Information snI free irandhook writs tn
MUKN A CX)- 5tit BliiUUUAX, NSW loitlf.
plilf2it bureau for aatnuing patenti In Amort cn.
Hrerr patent taknn out iif us U broualit befora
the puUlo by a nuiioe gl veu free ot chiua in tho
tarsest Hroolatlon of av acientiflc papar In tbe
world. hiledldlr Hluitrated No ibteUleeut
Rtau ahould be without, tu Weekly. i3.0t a
yaart lMux mnathe. AddreM MllNITAca,
i'fv'uiuusita, a 0 1 Unwtt-ay, iVuw York Uty.
Jt? ua'illtlw.h.ftnfiwrBiuiMd.ficta.rt'
Cutis., . . . to... bt Hurcinar brand. Nub
eibcu . hh i. ts;r.i xiitiiEMjiM;.
Do ye;' Irear them? Whsa iml In nesd try a p!r.
Beat In the world.
tea usies
rori OOYI
I f rw wast a Km DRESS 8HOL nsds la tae latest
t,lM, don't p. $6 lo tS, try my $3, $3 AO, $4.00
ti SKm. Thsy Ut equal to custom made sail lock isd
wsarssvsU. IfyoawlshtoscDiioinlzslsyeurnoUsaf,
do to by purcluulnc W. L. Douglas Shess. Ns and
srlee stssiped on tns bettom, louk tor It whoa yss bsy,
W. I UODOLA8, UicKskUD, Mass. Sold by
A. Mehrkum & Son, Lohighton
W II Zi'ienfnj, Aquahicola
If ou want lo be In time ami in
Good tbitUM (o auickh .and tuoerai
lue porchaaers ban ouli tbesnaersea to
UatsM, If tbey an eoupelfed to be ouu
tent wllb seeood elaas eboicea. Come
quickly to our large Carpet and I'uruin
Display at
52.25 B
2.00 .liflMM.
MniL, S laf
ul u . Milan. UJ ..mv
Cwa K 1.,..
t)l)posltf ihe Phi
I the ilee lo buy
of nil alien.
Lowest Prices und
Best Quality.
Always Prompt Delivery!
Let Us Hare Your
Orders for the
Winter Supply.
For the t'rettlest Jenelry and the
Dest Watches, Clocks and Silverware
the people of Carbon county must
come to our store. We not only have
Ihe goods but we sell them at prices
that are low and perhaps a llttls lower
than the same goods can be bought for
elsewhere. We are not selling shoddy
stuff for the best bscatise we don't
believe In misrepresentation. Our
motto Is "good honest coods at the
very lowest prices." Before vou buy
elsewhere we would be pleased to have
you call and see us.
Fino Cigars,
Stationery, Dolls, etc.
We carry In our nsual full and com
plote lino all the above goods at the
very lowest prices, il ke It a point
to call and see us when you need any
thing In our line and we are confident
that It will pay you cash returns for
jour trouble.
C. H. Nusbaum
Ilrh'gc .Street, .... Welssport, Ta.
Baere anfl Parcels
John F. Hottenstein.
:areful attention paid to the Delivery of
Freight, Baggage and 1'arculs to all parts
of town at tho lowest prices. A share of
public pationage Is respectfully solicited.
JSfIieave orders at Sweeny's. Koch's
or Lelbennutb's.
o c
a g i
a 2 J
ZJ 1 3
OFFiCE-IIorlaoher's Block, opposite the
tne valley House.
The I.eadlnc Ilestenrant In tlie Lhl;h
Tlila roj'Ul.ir liestauraut lias boeu thoroughly
refitted Hint iffiirulslieU.ftiKltheupm'ralRwini.
modal ion are uf a suptrlor and tnvltiuRchflrac
ttr. AU the delicacies of the season ?rTPd ut
mode rate rulen Hie bar U iui-oiled with nouu
but the test brands of Wlnea, Liquors, Als
Uluars, etc.
Idfea DInliiK Huom lu the Rear,
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
Anthracite Coal used exclusively
in&urlnc cleanliness and comfort.
Arranrjemert oi ratsenger
Sciikiiui.e in Effkit
June M im.
Tor Newark au.1 New Vrk IM, T.w, and 9.26
am., 2.M,UBtUli.lll.
For alanuuka Cltuuk and nltrilere 7.46
a. in. ; 12.67. un au.1 tap in.
For tduntierUtlle and Treuton S.SS arl
11.12 a.m.; aad t2.T & 4 8T p. m.
Fer atutlnirtou, Calasawiiu., Alteutown. lletb
lehem, and liaslon, ., !, .. 11.11 a, m ,
ii 7. i m. m, t sr. la hm and a.n i m.
For I'liiludelplita and points south ijan. s.4i,
7.a. e. and if.na. in.;3.aa,gl. La aint aji
ii in
For HeadlliBandllarrlsburK 40, 7.4s and 11,18
3.U9, and pju.
For Bowmans. LeltlKh (lap, rherrytord, Ijui
rv's, Wblte Hall, replay, and llokandauuuii
. 4i, 1 1 IS a. IU. 12.17, S ., 4.37. S.H I4Bd 3t
For Uaurh Cburk e.47, 7.4s, a.Miid a.m..
For Weatlierli and llailetoD47,7.
il. a ui . t m, 5.is, 7.30. li.; p.ni.
tor Mahanoy my. Hhenandoah ana Asbland
8.47, 7.43, M and it. 20. in , 4 U. MO t 7.a p m.
For Ml. Carmel and Hliamokln s.47, 7.4s and
11.2 0a. m.. S.lfip m.
ForroturllleS.47.7 4S, 7.14, JS ll.li and 11.30
a. in.. 4.10. a,u aud lap
For Wtafle Baven, Wllkesbar'e and Hennlon
7.43, . and 11.20 n. in. , 2J 4.10. 72), and I I.S6
For nttstou and I- & A. Jourt., T., a,os. and
11.20 a.B.; 4.10, 7.22. aad il u.'ni.
For Tunktuunioek 7,49 and 11.20 a. in. ; 4 10.
7.22 and il as p.m.
Forltbaoa ana flnieva 7.4S, II.201.. 111, ll.lf
p. ns.
For Sam, ttoehoater, Buffalo, K Mra Falls
and tbeWest 11.20 a w.: 2-o and n.n 11. m.
For Klmtra andllie West via Halaiiiani-a at
1 10 p m.
For New York 1.M S.M awl 11 12 ni , 2.M, 5 11
aud CJ1 u. Ol-
For FbUadelplila ije l.u 1 .97 a. in.. 2411, s.i;
and 6 SI u. so.
For Kastoa and luternmUale Htatums. U2.
;.7. Ii.12a.n1.. 1217, 2.sl.s.l7,.i 7&i aadt.)
For Mauen uaunc mi, 11.20, iijh a. 10. ; 2JS.
'. VI 7 lift and il-AO n. n
rot llvadlngat ana. ro..i.Bi and 6.17 u. h
tur M ,huiio t ily und Hlicuan4oa).ejsl,llJti
For rottKVlllr at 161 p 111 .
For Whtir Haven. Wllkca-Barra.
Aubtun, Kllnlra, Rucueiit4-r, fiuiLlk, Mlattra
Fuiuaudtiw West 11 asa. in 2.asaiHl Hasp. as.
For lurtber parllrulurs inquire of Aaentator
1 mif 1 uble,
It. H. WU.Bt K (ienfrul Hupt . Kaatern IMv.
A. W NiNNF.MA('HFR. Aut irueral Faa
Miuaer Alielil. tkiutb belblebeiu, Fa.
lftH l'lu tel.,
I In imlaiin tu
lalla.. Paa..
Lajsattwo, lt Will ud MttH-
I ulesTuta kllM vt WftU
I rtutW UirtruitU book.
&IMBSCB ( )ur ir1or m utut ii leM ttuH
i.otMi rtwrTv Giia rim v., HmA
I of Millport, will be at the Fort Allen
t Hotel every Thursday afternoon bo
en 1 and 1 o'clock, Specialty in
PRy, Dibeaaes of Woman aud Child
and Ujspepsla.
J ust now, as nil hinovntiou,
we arc offering our customers n
boautiful book- Sliepn's Pho-
tpgraphs of tho World, with
cvory Forty Dollar Purchase.
We would like Very muolf to
explain this to you " Will you
please call.
Bed Room Suites,
Parlor Suites,
Wning Room Furniture,
Book Oases,
Hall Racks,
Handsome Carpets.
A .i
miiuiig me goons we
sell at very low prices.
"Corner Store"
Lemons, Bananas, Its,
Celery, Cranlis,
Grapes, Table Raisins, Confec
tiros. Fancj Bastets, Qneens-
rae, ani a fnlllineofNi.ee
Lowest prices, gootl treatment,
prompt delivery
Call and See Us.
Corner Store,
H'lnter Coats for I.alles and
Fine Dress Goods,
are now on sale at
E. H. Snyder's,
The ladles of this town and elsewhere are
cordially Invited to call and see us be
fore maklDR purchasing elsewhere.
Green Groceries
Frank .Leibeiigiith's
where also can be found a
Fine Line of Vine Groceries,
Fruits, Candles, Green Vege.
tubloa in season,. to . i ItLrvery
lowest Prices. Prompt atten
tion und good (roods.
DRUGS, pure
MEDICINES, genuine and best
SOAPS, large line and cheap.
WINES.K001' for medicinal use
CIGARS, the best made.
SPECTACLES, nn extensive
nnd increasing trade. I guar
anteo satisfaction to uyery
Central Drug Store,
Dr. G. T. HORN.
Wum everybody in l.chighton
to buy at their store because
they have not only nn ex
cellently aseoited line
of fine
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots, Shoes, &.,c
but because tin ir prictae are low
er than these soods can be.
bought for elsewhere in fown.
We show ijood with pleas
ure, quote prices and deliver
all purchase. Don't forget,
but call and aee ut,
and all kinds ol TINWAR
W. S.
i v.
We Have
A cur of Hie oil-known Clark's Fer
tilizer Company's
to be here about September 1st, JFe hope our many friene?s
will bear this in mind when making up their estimates. TTo
do-not canvass from house to house, nor do we make any un
warranted claims, but rest on the merits of the goods which ha
a reputation often jtnrs standing, of which we are justly proud.
Cider Mills and Corn Shellers will soon be in order and we
will be prepared in due season to cater to your wants.
Lehigh Coal El Hardware Co
First m.9 IjeliiglitoM.
Largest and Finest GloOdoK Honse in tie Valley.
Hotel Allen Building, Centre
Lots of Fine New Gooods.
All Kinds of Fishing Tackle Very Cheap.
Come and see us. Wo are stocked with a lar
the things you need.
Smccm to N- iJatier. FranklLu Planiajr Hill, f eissjort. Fa..
nn'.n 'if? !? ,W,llllJh,T,r" Dlf ?"' at "''O'l notice to furnish bids and estimates
1. U' """SDressed Lumber, Doors. Sashes, Ac., tosetber with ne In
. ith li"' 'J r?1 .Walnul' Ch""-'0' 11". atthevery'lowe t prlTea? consUtent
with gopd work and first-class mater a , We earnestly solicit nr JJ..T.i
Ruarantce in return to elve satlsfaclldn in everrparllcnh 7 Patronaje tai
AtTI10SIA3 1)1
YArintia ulitl liflTfi lieadAPllfl tit
ue eves
Specialist, und tlif ywill rele inleltti
)t8. Kvf ry pair uf ttUss ordered
it and
Phaetons, -Surreys,
Spring Wagons,
Sleighs, &c
11. I. KRUM
and Heaters,
nt Lowest Prices nt
the Round House, Zehighton,
and it means good luck for every buyer who
gets inside our store this season.
A stock to plesae many.
To save money of all who come.
The Largest Assortments,
The Newest Styles,
The Finest Qualities of
Men's, Youths', and Children's
Fall and Winter Suits and Over
coats ever shown in the Lehigh
Valley. 6
A store full of Bargains.
Square, ALIiHN'TOWSr, PA
tu- tu nnji or
The Phila. Eye Speoialista.
Lehighton, November 16th.
C STOrtE, from 0 a. ni. to 5 p. m.
are rautlnz discomfort should eall upon tbel
skillful altrlltliin. NO CltAltlikto exaialnrroa
KiiaranletMl to be satisfactory.
The cool evening's tells us in
no uncertain languaga that Bum
mer goods must soon be put
nside Ho are ready for Fall
with n fine line of
Stylish Hats anrl Bonnets,
Tho Lowest Prices
Prevail. City Trimmers
Always Employed.
Weissport and Lehighton.
Prices the
lowest possi
ble, consist
ent with First
Class Work.
EH t

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