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The KxcfMlln of Prof. John W. Webster*
the Murder ij Dr. George Parkmnn, in thi
Medical College in lioston , on the 23 J day of No
vember, 184 St.
From the Eastern papers, the Boston Tran
script and 'I raveller principally, we copy the
following particulars of Professor Webster's
execution on Friday lost:
Professor Webster was visited as usual by his
family yesterday, and they remained with him
nearly four hours. There is every reason to
believe that they left entirely ignorant as to the
day of Ihe execution. The prisoner had felt
great anxiety in regard to this closing interview
lest he should betray himself. When it was
iivor, he felt greatly relieved, and spukc chcer
fully. He had detected no sign of a recognition
ol the iact that this was their last interview in
Ihc demeanor of bis family. Neither had the
jailer. To the latter, as they left the cell, they
addressed some remarks, plainly indicating their
expectation of re-visiting the prisoner. An im
mense crowd had assembled in Leverett street,
and about the jail, to see the unhappy family as
tliey issued ; but Mr. Andrews took Mrs. Web
ster and her family through his own house, to a
door opening on Lowell street, where a carriage
was waiting, and they thus escaped the scrutiny
and remarks of the multitude.
The last interview of Dr. Putnam yesterday
with the prisoner took place belween'half pas't
seven and nine o'clock last evening. Officers
Jones and Leighton were present in the cell, by
the Sheriff 's orders. Dr. Putnam wished more
privacy, and the matter was finally compromised
by dismissing the officers, and hawing Mr. Gus
tavus Andrews, the jailer, alone present. Of
this interview we cannot say much. There was
no confession contradictory of that already
made by the prisoner. Professor Webster de
clared himself willing to die on the gallows, as
" 3 partial expiation of the great wrong he had
done to sec-iety."
1J is serenity he said was established on religi
ons conviction. He alluded to the ceremony- of
ids execution, and remarked that if Ire faltered
it would be through no fear of dying, through
no effect upon him of the horrible surroundings
and accompaniments of his doom ; but because
of his misgivings as to the efficacy of his own
repentance, as to the future, to which he was
going; because of the "clouds'' that might
come over his spirit at the last. He hoped,
however, that he should bear up—arranged
that he Should be tied by Mr. Andrews in pre
ference *to any other officer—and said that he
expected to be tranquil during the night, al
though he might not *leep. After Mr. Putnam
retired, Professor Webster resumed his reading
of the Scriptures, which he alternated with in
ward and inaudible prayer, during which the
two officers preserved perfect silence. Occa
sionally he would close the Bible, and burying
iiis face in his hands, seem rapt in supplication
and thought.
During a great part of the day yesterday the
prisoner occupied himself with setting aside
little memorials for those few friends, in whose
charitable feelings towards him, when he was
gone, he might hope, fie selected a number of
his books, and wrote in them the names of sev
eral persons, towards whom he wished to ex
press some recollection of past obligations and
favors. He seemed to take much interest an
this occupation. He eat a little fresh fruit
during the day, and exhibited little or no ner
vousness or physical agitation. Those who
liave conversed with him of late days felt little
•apprehension as to his committing suicide, lie
w as evidently fully impressed with a sense that
it was the crime, and not the gallows, that made
the shame. Mr. Sohier, counsel for the pris
oner, visited him during the day, and took leave
of Irim. a number of applications have
been made Jn see the prisoner during the last !
two week 3. Clergymen from various parts of
the country have sought an interview ; and he
has received numerous letters of an admonitory
or consoling nature. The interviews he has, in
most instances, declined. The fetters be has
read. Indeed, throughout his imprisonment, lie
has kept up his interest in outward affairs, al
though his thoughts have seemed to be mainly
devoted -to studies arid meditations appropriate
to his situation. The cell of Professor Webster
was No. 5, in the east corner of the criminal
department of the jail ; the same cell in which
Washington Goode was confined.
At a quarter past nine lire religious services
commenced in the cell, in the presence of
Sheriff Eveleth, the jail officers, the legal wit
nesses summoned for the occasion, and the re
porters of the press. The prisoner knelt before
a chair in the centre of the-cell, Dr. Putnam
standing in the door-way, and addressing the
throne of grace.
The gallows was surrounded by some 150 per
sons, including several sheriffs and deputies from
abroad, and a large police force. But few mem
bers of the bar or of the medical profession
were present. The windows of tire surrounding
houses, with Hie exception of the jailer's, which
was empty arid closed, were crowded by persons
of both sexes and of all ages. The tops of the
adjacent buildings, the sheds, out-housc, and
every available point of view were occupied.
The rear windows of the houses on Lowell
street, the houses on Leveret and Wall streets,
all had their eager throngs of spectators. Pro
bably they numbered about a thousand. There
was some slight disturbance in the crowd atone
time, and the reading of the death warrant was
interrupted by shouts and the crowding of those
solicitous to see the appalling sjiectacle.
At 25 minutes past 9, Sheriff Evelefh, and his
deputies, Messrs. Goburn, Freeman and Ilugg,
mounted the steps of the scaffold, in the jail
yard, followed by the prisoner, supported by
Dr. Putnam, and by jailer Andrews, and Mr.
Holmes, a turnkey. The prisoner took his stand
•ipon the trap door or drop, and immediately
under the rope which depended from the top of
Hie gallows frame. He was dressed in a black
frock coat, buttoned up in front, black pants and
shoes, without any neck cloth, and only a por- '
'ion of the shirt bosom visible. He immediately
• nteied into conversation with his spiritual ad
viser, which he continued as long as practicable,
nnd with apparent calmness and composure.—
Deputy Sheriff Goburn called the attention of
witnesses, &c., to the reading of the Executive
death warrant, which was next done in an audi
ble manner by the Sheriff —who, with his officers
and the asacfffbly, generally remained with un
cover; 4 heads during the reading, with the eX-
U-piion of the prisoner. The prisoner was then
seated, while Mr. Andrews proceeded to confine
his elbows by a Strap, which also passed around
the body and tied the hands crosswise in front-
Another strap was bound around tho legs just
above the knees. After the prisoner had agarr
risen upon his feet, the rone was drawn down
arid adjusted around his neck by Deputy Sheriff
Bugg. The knot was placed a little behind the
i iglit ear; and the rope being by accident drawn
too closely, tho culprit's countenance became
t!■•■died and his cyts filled with tears, when the
noose was instantly slackened, The black cap
'•3 drawn over the head by Messrs. E ugg and
Holmes, thus shutting out forever from the pris- .
oner's mortal Yburnt the beautiful sunlight arid
'due <4y of this fair summer day. The (lashed
<id , : 'i jtwce of tire prisoner's face continued as
<; -r trap was descending; and, to the last tno
"•mt, he turned his eyes sideways upon Dr.
''"'nam, who stood at the left, leaning upon the
•ailing, and much affected.
Sheriff Eveletli announced, that in the name
'he Commonwealth he nliould now proceed
• ! v into effect the sentence of the law, ami
■ .1. ft placir" hi- foot upon the drop, the
prisoner lei! :ome seven feet and a half, and his
mortal career was at an end. This took place
at 2;> minutes befote ten o'clock. The body
swayed slightly to and fro ; and, in a few seconds
allet the fall, there was a spasmodic drawing-up
of the legs, once or twice. Beyond this there
was no observable struggle ; nor was there any
subsequent agitation or quivering of the body.
Alter hanging about thirty minutes, the body
was examined by Dr. Henry G. Clark, City
I hysician, and by Dr. Charles 11. Stedman, of
the Lunatic Hospital, South Boston ; and they
nilonne*! the Sherifl that life was extinct. The
bheriff then announced the fact to the assembly,
ana after thanking the witnesses for their prompt
attendance, he dismissed them from further ser
\ice. A pine coffin, painted black, was then
placed beneath the body. The corpse was
owered, the rope removed from Hie neck, the
lul of the coffin was nailed down, and the body
was then removed to the cell which Professor
Webster recently occupied, according to the
j Professor's express desire. It will remain there
till evening, and then be delivered to the friends
ol the unfortunate criminal.
While living, Professor Webster enjoined the
Sheriff not to permit any person to look at his
remains while they were in the jail. I under
stand that late in the evening the body will be
taken to Cambridge, where arrangements will
be made for the funeral, which will take place
on Sunday next. The body will be deposited in
the family vault, at Mount Auburn, one of the
most beautiful cemeteries in the world. Every
thing connected with the funeral was arranged
I by Professor Webster himself.
Professor Webster was in the fifty-sixth year
i of his age.
Crowds began to collect in the streets and lanes
adjaeent to the jail, at an early hour, and by
half-past 8 they were thronged with people
drawn thither by intense interest in the tragedy,
and a curiosity to witness its enactment if pos
sible. The strong body of police who were
stationed about the jail,-obliged all pedestrians
on that side of the street to keep in motion.
Hundreds of people stood upon Leveret street,
opposite the jail, with the sun pouring upon
them, gassing at the massy waits of the jail build
ing, not being able to obtain the slightest glimpse
-of the execution.
The roofs of the houses on Leveret street and
the windows were filled with spectators, one of
whom we saw making use of a ship's spy-glass
to view the scene. On Cotton street, and in the
little lanes that run from it to the jail yard, was
also a large and excited crowd ; and such was
the eagerness of individuals to witness the scene
that they had no scruples in forcibly entering
dwellings in the vicinity for that purpose. We
saw two or three young men ascend to the roof
of a three-story house by a spout, at the immi
nent hazard of life and limb, for this purpose.
At another house, entranoe was effected, by a
number through the cellar door, and it was wiLli
the greatest difficulty that the proprietor, aided
by his friends, couldprevent tlte mob from taking
forcible possession.
From the Boston Transcript, 31st nit.
The countenance of Professor Webster in
death was serene and evert pleasant in its ex
pression ; exhibiting no discoloration or sign of
distortion. The genial, beaming smile, with
which he was wont to encounterafricnd,sccincd
to have just passed over it, and left its trace.
Soon after the body was cut down, Dr. Put
nam repaired to Cambridge to communicate in
telligence of the execution to the bereaved fam
ily. For some days, through the vague commu
nication of a friend, they had been anticipating
that each interview with the prisoner might he
the last; although they left the cell and the jail
on Thursday, not supposing that the execution
would take place the next day. As they en
tered their carriage, however, they noticed a
bustle about the jail, and the assembling of a
crowd, from which they drew dreadful auguries
of the imminence of the fatal event; and when
the visit of Dr. Putnam was announced yester
day morrung, they knew at once that all was
We drop the curtain over the scene of domes
tic anguish that ensued. It was not unrelieved
by hopes, that the father and husband had deep
ly repented of his crime, and that the bitterness
of death was alleviated by sincere religious pre
paration and prayer to the Most High.
Dr. Putnam having inquired of the prisoner
yesterday morning, before the religious exercises
in the cell, whether there were any points he
would like to have touched upon in the prayer,
Professor Webster replied, that there were two,
which would he agreeable to his feelings to
have introduced: OIK; was, that the hearts of
hts fellow-men might be softened towards him,
after he was gone : the other that every conso
lation from heaven for the suffering he had in
flicted might be vouchsafed to the family and
relatives of the late Dr. Parkman.
HARRISBCRG, Sept. 4. —This morning an alarm
ing accident happened at the warehouse of Mr.
Witmer, at Salungs, four miles below Mount
Joy, on the Harrisburg and Lancaster Railroad.
Owing to sheer negligence, the switch at this
point was turned the wrong way, and the loco
motive Cambria, which was coming along with
the passenger train, was thrown from the main
track, ran over the terminus of the branch along
the warehouse, and down an embank incut. The
engineers saved their lives, but sprained their
Jegs considerably, by leaping off the engine. All
of the" passengers escaped miraculously. Had
not the engine been reversed as soon as it was,
the loss of life would have been immense.
AVOTHEK NEW- COT'VTR.utF.TT.—A §2O note on
the West Branch Bank, Williamsport, fa., has
made its appearance recently. It is described
as bearing a Suspension Bridge on the left end,
and Neptune and the Sea Nymphs on the right.
Engraved by Batvdon, Wright & Hatch. ~ i
THE RECENT STORM. —The late storm
was unusually severe in Georgia, the Car
olinas, and some parts of Virginia, caus
ing an interruption of intercourse between
various points, and causing great injury to
the crops of cotton, corn and tobacco, i
Throughout Georgia it was extremely dis
astrous, and many planters on the finest,
and richest lands, lose four-fifths of their i
crops. In the vicinity 0 f Miiledgcville, I
and also of iNCwbern, N. the crops
were almost entirely destroyed. At the
latter place, three vessels lying at anchor,
the Medal IMatt, the Clara Fisher, and
Boutwell, dragged their anchors, and were
driven ashore, but were gotten oft' the next
tide, without having sustained any very
serious damage. 'Phe Roanoke valley was
also inundated to a most alarming extent,
and the crops of wheat, tobacco and corn
entirely submerged.
• ■
of Wisconsin has recently passed an act
by which any owner or lessee of land
who shall, knowingly, permit the Canada
thistle to go to seed on such land, is deemed
guilty of n misdemeanor, and on convic
tion thereof, to be punished by a fine not
exceeding five nor less tliap one dollar,
with costs.
n?"Edmund Lafayette, a grandson of
the general, arrived at New York on Sun
day last,
On Fridav, lfithult., in Brown township. Mrs
Mvy v SifM AH i, age. I it" YEAR*
On Thursday, sth inst., by Rev. S. P. I.illey,
Col. PETER K.KRN, a distinguished 9oldier of
the I S. Army during the Mexican war, and
Miss SARAH JANE, daughter of Abel Davis,
Esq., of Granville township.
[For a bountiful slice of the wedding Pake,
the parties, aside from other considerations,
have our best wishes for their success in life.
We cannot help adding, however, that the Col.,
after having braved the dangers and privations
ola soldier's life, during which he withstood
the ravages of disease and the missiles of war,
has now fallen, as all soldiers should fall, in
arms of the ladies.]
On Thursday, the 15th ult., by Rev. George
Elliott, Mr. WILLIAM KINSLOE, formerly of this
place, and Mrs. ANNA M. WOLVERTON, of Alex
andria, Huntingdon county.
Philadelphia Advertisements,
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Looking Glass ami Variety Store,
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ceiveil this spring from my friends and customer*,
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The above ships u ill so i! punctually, on their apimiittr d
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February 2, IbSO—ty
'S'lit' CSiiiia Slorc
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October C. 18dt I v.
*_=T J : -g3 \ • T .-, T q-i
C ontaining LOO Acres IHOIT
or Irs*,
SI I UA I R in Itcrrv township, Mifflin coun
ty, surveyed the sth day of May, 1774, in
pursuance of an order of survey to John Rey
nolds. The said farm contains THREE
1 LNEMKN'I S atul one good, sub-
BARN, with two Springs of
VVuter, and is favorably situated 4
miles from town, adjoining lauds of
Abraham Rothrock, and others.
Possession will be given on the Ist day of
April next. Jhe title is unbroken and indis
" The Chief Burgess is hereby authorised
and required to make a deed to the purchaser
thereof, at'ested by the corporate seal of said
Borough, and the proceeds arising from the sale
of said farm shall be paid into the Borough trea
sury for the general purposes of said Borough."
—Extract from the Poor House Law passed at
the last session of the Legislature, approved by
the Governor April 22, 1850.
P. A. V ORRALL, Chief Burgess.
Lewistown, August 2, ls5U 4t.lamtf °
r|HIE subscribers will offer at public sale,
A ou WEDNESDA Y, the 2U!h of No
vember next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., on the pre
mises, the following described real estate, late
the property of JOSEPH BARTHOLOMEW,
deceased, of Granville township, Mi ill in coun
ty, containing
i;i Acre* and 101 Perches,
more or let*-, bounded by lands of the heirs of
John McFaduen, George Shade, and others.
I here are about 80 acres cleared and in a
good slate of cultivation, well watered by a
email stream, b-sides several springs. The
woodland is well timbered, and soil of excellent
quality, and could, if desired, be cultivated.
/Wk The improvements are an
p> feet square, and a
with u never failing well of excellent water
with a pump in it at the door ; smoke house,
spring house, a large stone bank barn, 40 bv
IUO loot, with two large floors, two granaries
with cellars under, corn crib-, and other out
buildings. There are two Apple
ffiggSiSS Orchards, partly yoHng grafted trees.
Besides a variety of pears, peaches,
plums, cherries, apricots, &c This
farm is five miles above Lewistown on a pub
lic road, leading Cram thence to Shirleysburg;
also on the Central Railroad. It is conve
nient to mills, schools, and places ot public
wor&hip, of different denominations.
Persons are requested to call and see for
themselves, when any information necessary
will be given by one of the heirs residing
Terms made known on day cf sale by
August 18, I*so—tJ.
be otlered at public sale, on the
▼ f premises, on i'RiDA Y, October 18,
l8.)0, the following described real estate, late
the property of DAVID lIARTZLER, de
ceased, to wit:
A tract of Land, situate in Oliver township,
new district, containing 225 ACRES, more
or less, about 125 acres ot which aTe cleared
and in a good state of cultivation, and the re
mainder covered with excellent timber, adjoin
ing lands of David Miller, Geo Wakefield's
heirs, Daniel Voder, and others. The improve-
J&wwA ments consist ofa TWO STORY
J J jb LOG IK MJSE, weatlierboarded.a
11 Ijay Bank Barn, Wagon Shed, Sinoke
flouse. Spring House, with an ex
cellent -Spring near the dwelling, an Apple
Orchard, and othei fruit trees. Tins property
is situated on the Juniata river, two-niles east
of .M'Veytown, the Pennsylvania Railroad run
ning through the same, and is convenient to
churches, schools, miiis, Arc. Persons desirous
of examining it, or obtaining further information
respecting the same, are requested to call on
DAMKI. VOUCH, residing on the adjoining farm.
TERMS OF SAl.E.—()ne half to he paid on the
Ist of April, 1851, when possession and an ih
disputahle title will be given by the heirs—the
remainder to tie paid in three annual payments,
without interest, to lie secured by bonds and
mortgage on the premises.
Sale to commence at I o'clock, P. M„ of said
day, when due attendance will be given by
Oliver tp., August 23, 1650-ts
Pennsylvania Railroad.
~' n ' "
ON and after MONDAY, June 10, I*so,
Lcwistown daily as follows, viz:
Eastward at 2 40 a, m., and 9 42 a. ni.
Westward at 2 50 a. in , and 5 51 p. in.
Fare to Philadelphia. #5.00
EREIHU'T TRAISS daily,(except Su
nday.) Arriving from the East at 2 50a. in.,and
going East at 2 40 a. m
LIVE STOCK is charged at car load rates.
SAM. Ml LLIKFN, Jr., Ag't.
Lcwistown, June 14,1850 —tf
IT WILL CURE.—When you have a cough
or breast complaint, gel a bottle of Dr. 8.
F. Green's SarsapcrUlr, Ttir and Cherry
I'ictoral. It has cured persons in Lcwistown
and vicinity, which can be testified to. It does
riot nauseate llie stomach, and is pleasant to take.
Price only 50 cts. per bottle. For sale at
apl 2 Diamond Drug Store.
30 Uniforms,
i\r H\V and made in the most substantial man
i-M ner, according to the requirements ot the
law regulating the Uniformed Militia of this
Slate. Patriotic young men, desirous of keep
ing up this important arm of our defence, will
find thisa rare opportunity for procuring cheap
uniforms. For further information apply tq
Lewistowq, July 19, I^so—3t.
rgllJß choicest and best LIQUORS —if you
JL don't believe it come and taste them—selß
myy.l ing at J. THOMAS'
tono WKTUEUIM.'s WHITE LEAD, in 50
• and ItK) pound kegs, just received and for
jjlfl sale by YVJI. RKWALT.
Tobacco, Snuff and Segars
OF every description at the Diamond Drug
and Variety Store of
p®| A. A. BANKS.
iM 01 P er h )r b.'*l Duncannoc Nails,
M / ) by K. J. HOFFMAN.
T ItrvD June 21.1850 tf
ROBINSON & ELURKIPS Ureal Southern Circus!
Will perform at Lewistown on Wednesday, September 11, 1850.
I prises the best Equestrian, Musical and Gvrnnastical Troupe in this country, with a stud of
Horses and Ponies superior to any other ever collected.
In its progress through the country it will be preceded by the Great Triumphal Golden Chariot,
drawn by Eighteen Beautiful Cream Colored Horses, and devoted to the conveyance of the New
\ ork Brass Band, led by the celebrated and unsurpassable Bugle Performer, Mr. J. MUSHER
i tie famous A. ROCKWELL, and J. COSSIN, universally acknowledged to be the best
clowns in the world, are members of this company. Also Master JAMES ROBINSON, the cele
brated Bare Back Rider, who accomplishes backward every feat attempted bv any person forward.
Miss HENRIETTA ROBINSON, a beautiful and talented child, nine years of age, will perform the
most daring feats ever performed by any lady Equestrian in the world.
Mr. J. R, ROBINSON, the celebrated 4 and G horse rider, who stands alone unequalled in this and
other countries, being the most graceful and daring Equestrian of the age.
Mr. J. G. ELD RED, the celebrated Dramatic Equestrian.
Mr. WM. ODELI. in his celebrated act styled the Indian Hunter.
Monsieur FOSTER, the well known Cannon Ball Hurler.
Mr. HENRY RUGOI.ES, the celebrated Slack Rope Performer, and a host of others, all brilliant
stars in this country. ADMISSION 25 cents. No half price tickets.
Lewi3town, August 30, 1850-2t K. WRIGHT, Agent.
TBAHE Second Term of this Institution will
commence on MON DAY, September 2d.
Persons wishing to send their sons from a
distance need be under no apprehensions in re
gard to them. Boarding can be procured
where they will be almost constantly under the
eye of the Teacher. Terms of tuition are as
follows ;
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic,and Eng
lish Grammar, ° $3.00
Geography, explained bv Globes, 3.50
Algebra, ' 4.00
Geometry, 5.00
The Languages and Natural Science?,
illustrated by experiments, (5.00
The Female Department, under the charge
of Miss ANTOINETTE PROSEUS, will be opened
the same day on the following terms :
Elementary Branches, $3.00
Natural Philosophy and History, 4.00
Algebra and Geometry, with all the higher
branches of an English education, 5.00 i
Pencil Drawing or Crayon, $2.00 ,
Painting, 2.00
French, 3.00 j
M usic Lessons, . S .OO
OC/~ Term of eleven weeks.
W. H. WOODS, Principal. !
Lewistown, Aug. 30, 1850.
COUNTANT for twenty years in the city
ol Philadelphia, and Teacher of Penmanship,
having been engaged for the last year in a
counting room in this (dace, and solicited by '
friends, has taken and furnished rooms in the
late Judge Reynolds'house, west Marketstreet,
where he will cheerfully impart a knowledge j
to fit any young man for the counting room— j
not in two or three days , but in a satisfactory
time to the -pupil. Those desiring a knowledge
of Book Keeping or Penmanship will call at
his rooms any afternoon after 4 o'clock P. M.
A class will be formed on MONDAY, the
2d September. Terms moderate.
References and specimens satisfactory to the
most fastidious.
N. B.— Marshes" system of book keeping not
I.ewistovvn, Aug. 30, 185t)-tf
DR. E. W. HALE, having purchased the
Drug and Chemical establishment recent
ly owned and conducted by Dr. J. It. M rrcHEi.r.,
will continue 111 1 Drug business at the old stand
well known as the Dee Hive store, a few doors
east of Franciscus' Hardware store, on .Market
street, where may at ail times be found an as
sortment of the best anu purest DRUGS and
t .MEDICI:\ES in the market. In addition,
lie will always keep on hand a well select
ed assortment of French and English
Chemicals, Faints, Oils and Dye Stuffs,
together with a lot of superior PERFUMERY
Physicians and Druggists from the coun
try will find an extensive and well selected
stock of goods from which to make their selec
tion, and may rely upon having their orders
promptly and carefully attended to, and upon
terms as favorable and liberal as can be had
CO" Physicians' prescriptions carefully com
pounded. [Lcwistown, Aug. 30, 1850-tf
TIMIE subscriber has again got his Mill started, and wishes
GR AIN, for which be witi pay the CASH, as high as the
market will afford, according lo quality. Any person
having good \\ heal will do well lo call and show a sam
ple before they sell, as he thinks tie can afford lo give
MOUF. llia.li any person in the place. Those not wishing
to sett and wanting to store, he will receipt after harvest
to he kept to the Ist of Dec em her, and after Quit time he
will give a receipt to he kept to the Ist of August, as he
will wish to close all his accounts twice a year, and will
not keep any over unless he makes a written contract to
that effect. If the person holding the receipt d"es not
sell before the above days, it will he carried out to their
credit at market price at the above named time. In giv
ing a receipt, if the wheat is not good, he will mention
the reduction per bushel in the receipt, so that when the
owner eo;nes to sell there will he no difficulty.
All wheat left in store he will reserve the privilege of
buying, when the owner wishes to sell, at 13 cents less
than Philadelphia price when the cnnal is open, and if
rents leas when it is closed, and if he should not buy at
these prices, he will only charge one rcpl |'r bushel for
storage. No interest will be allawcd on money left with
htm for grant, as he w ill he prepared at all times to pay
the cash
He will keep Hi) Kinds of FLOUR and I'KKO flr sale,
l>ut the orders must tie left in the office in the mill, and the
cash paid, before the Flout or Feed will he delivered.
This arrangement is made to prevent any disappointment,
as there is no person that has any privilege of selling but
the Book-keeper, who eaters it ou lit book and pitta the
order on a wire for the porter to deliver. This will pre
vent any mistake from being made in the ft)line of orders.
l.ewistown, June SS, 1850-tf
IJi.AIISi and Fancy Knveiopes, .Note i'aper,
Leiter u.nl Writing Paper, Quills, Steel
Pens, iS. - c., lie., fiir sale at the lhamotul Drusf
anJ Variety Store ol A. A. BANKS.
riIHE undersigned,Treasutcr of the Levvis-
J- town School District, hereby notifies the
I taxpayers of said District that lie will attend
at the usual place of holding Elections in and
for said borough, on SATURDAY, September
21st, 1350, for the purpose of collecting and
j receiv ing the SCHOOL TAX of said District
for the School year ending the firct Monday of
dune, 1951 ; and in defaukof said laxpaversto
I pay their taxes at the time and place aforesaid,
they will be required to pay five per cent-in
addition to the amount thereof, with costs by
distress, df-c., pursuant to the 27th Section of
the Act of Assembly, passed the 7th day of
April, 1349.
N. B. It any person wishes to pay his tax
before that time, he can do so by calling on me,
August 16, ISSO-4t Treasurer.
DR. Iv. VV. IIAI.i:
OFFERS his professional services to the
citizens of Lc.vistown. He can be con
sulted at all times at the Bee Hive Drug store.
Levvistown, August 30, 1950-tf
Bedford mineral water for sale
by the gallon at the Bee Hive Drugstore.
This Water is highly recommended to persons
recovering from Bilious Feyer, and in all dir
eases where there is derangement of the Liver.
PARTICULARLY* recommended to persons
recovering from Fever—a few drops im
parting to the stomach a glow and vigor equal
to a wineglass of brandy or other stimulant,
without any of the debilitating effects follow
ing the use of spiritous liquors. To the dys
peptic and 11 lose predisposed to Gout and Rheu
matic affections it gives great relief.
For sale only by Dr. E. W. HALE, at the
Bee Hive Drug store. [aug3o-tf
ipiUS Novel Combination and Double Troupe will j><
-*• format I.EWI3TOWN on MONDAY,Septrnil>. r*2:!d,
I ISSO, for one day only—afternoon and evening. Perfor
mance will commence at 2 I'. M. and 75 I'. M. s> Doors
| opening half an hour previous. Admission 05 cents.
In the equestrian department, one of the leading, and
' from their novelty the most striking feature, are the won
derfulexploits ofthe Wild Rider, EATON SION E. This
extraordinary equestrian, of whose skill and daring vol
umes have been written wherever he has performed, ap
pears in two distinct acts of horsemanship, in neither of
which does he use saddle or bridle oil his superb steeds,
though they are both as wild ami apparently untaineatilc
a? when first lassoed by him on the Pampas of South
America. Their leaps are truly terrific, and it ts impossi
ble to describe the sensations ofthe beholder as he watch. ,
the motions of ltorse and rider, which are in perfect uni
son, and which convey to the mind a strong picture of tim
Centaurs of Heathen Mythology.
Mast. T. NEVILLE is another of the stars which fotm
the brilliant Galaxy of Talent of which litis great Com
pany is composed. He is everywhere admitted to lie
without a rival in his equestrian feats. Mr. CADVVAI.
I.ADl'.R,graceful and daring many horse rider, the estab
lished fa vol ile of this company. Mr. E. DERIOCS, with
Ins highly educated,superb stud of Lilliputian Shetland
Ponies. The great and widely renowned Acrobats, the
RIVERS FAMILY, whose pleasing and astonishing t'e.u-,
have never been equalled in America; the d
equestrian and champion vaulter, Mr \V. O. DALE, M:.
SAM I.IJE, whose herculean feats are the wonder an I
admiration of all who witness them The juvenile eques
trian prodigies, Masters G DERIOUS, I.I'K.E undC-H \s.
great Clowns, 808 W ILLIAMS and DAN GARDNER,
whose unexceptionable art and most approved good In:
mor, have placed the in at the summit of their profession.
Master of the Arena, Capt. J. A. DECAMP. The grand
Heroic Equestrian Dramatic Spectacle,
SI. Cscoi'ja*? and (lie fiuigou,
Or the Seven Champions of Christendom,
Got up with the most lavish expense, with new and gor
geous dresses, properties and appointments of every sort,
as performed for hundreds of nights at the National Am
phitheatre, Philadelphia, w ill conclude each entciluiu
Post's Celebrated Military Band will scconqiany the
A great and entirely novel feature in the magnificent
paviltton is, the manner in which it is illuminated, Uje
means being a PORTABLE GAS FACTORY. In thia
machine, probably the greatest discovery of ihg age. tlm
quantity of gas necessary to render the interior of the
liavillion as light as noon-day is daily manufactured, and
the article produced aflbrds a purer, better and more brii
liaut light than can he obtained from any other gas • '
in the country
's* The above Troupe will **''>•-< -l eytowrion
Saturday, September el" stlg'-J a:

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