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Tbe Lecal Tobacco Trade.
There is net much of special impeitance
te note regarding the transactions
of the past week. Quite a num
ber of strauyc dcaleis weie in
town, and some of hem made tours of
greater or less extent into the ceuntiy,
but the bad leads prevented thetn from
getting far away from the turnpikes and
consequently net a gieat many purchases
were made.
The damp weather has been veiy favor
able for stripping and farmcis have net
been slew in taking advantage of it te pre
pare heir crops for market.
On Saturday there was a very considei censidei
able quantity of baled leaf deliveied at the
warehouses in this city, but nothing te
compare in quantity with that of some of
the "big days'' last season.
Following aie some late sales 10 10
pertcd :
Samuel Ilshlcman, of Stiasluug town
Chip, has sold te Fiank Bear (3 acres at 21,
s.and e.
Michael Gicider, of Sli.ishurg, ha-, sold
te Mr. llarnish his eiep at 20 and !.
Henry Itehi-cr, of Strasburg, lias sold
te Mr. Brackbill his crop at 20, .i and !J.
James MeCaskey hob sold te Mi. Hai
nish his ciep at 21, 5 and ''.
Christian Kanlt'm.ui, of t'alslituy lev.w
ship, has sold 8 acies at 19, 10, b and (J
G. K. Sultfuss, of Salisbiu v, has sold
te L. Uambeigei & (t , his crop at Hi1., !
and a.
Mr. Linvillc, of Salisbury, lias fold le
Dillcr & Iluttci his cie .it IS, G and '.'.
J. Miller, of Salisbiu v, has mid hi-. i.p
at 17,5 and a.
E. J. Kendrich, of Conestoga, lias sold
te Mr. Spingain, G,7S'5 pounds at 20 cents
DavidFemev, of 1 Vim township, has
sold te Mr. Stehinan liis ciep at 20, 8
and 4.
Christian llelncr. of Strasbnrg, has sold
te Mr. KinbuMi, of Cincinnati, '. acies at
20, 6 and C.
Our Salistuuy (miespeiidcul wiitcs:
"The tobacco mail. el still lively. Thuuiep
of Salisbury L being bought at laii piicc-s ;
some of thu bet, yields lepeitcd have been :
Isaac Cofl'reath Held ever live bundled
dollars wei th hu.i: one and a tjuaitei
acres; RebeitUs.,,.,nAl)iain Km t.'.st.mn,
received $7 10.00 from two acres and Mr.Gce
G. Worst $100 fien. J acie. Mi. Abiain
Kurtz sold the product of 1 10 plants Ce:
$153 and many otiiUe in about the :.i::ic
Ruling piice.s fur geed te v.-.ygoed
wrappers may be quoted at fiem 20 te ")0
cents, with seconds fiem 0 te 12 and lil'ci.s
at a te 5. Badly hindled or Hca-bilUn
crops are net sought and no eilers above
or 8 cents aie made for them.
Between -100 and ."i00 eases of 1ST!) ;.
repei ted sold last week en pii-, .-te tcim-.
but at i at Ik r still piiees.
The New Yeik niuikctvvill bj feniid h h
peited en eui outride pages.
The Lebaneu Dally Ten . nole tint
"Shindel Sz Hershey, f Lanc.tstci , bought
a let of leaf tobacco this week in our ilaee,
of about 20 acics ; pnecs vai". ing, "J. G and
Scents jK-r pound ler bindeis. and te, 1."
and 20 cents for wtappcis, acceiding te
grade. Buyer-, find eui tobacco of geed
quality, and we have lets te sell yet."
The Reading Time lepeits that Adam
Styer and Sen,ncar Moigantewn, liae sold
and delivered Jive tens of tobacco, giewn
en six acres, te a patty in Menteiey, Lan
caster county. It was in leurgi.uie-.
bringing lt-spectivcly 2j, 13, 7 and a cent-.
per pound. It is censideied one of the
linest crops in that section. Adam Bean
sold his ei op te the same paity fei ia, 7
and a cents ; and William (ti-cr, el Iloney Ileney Iloney
breolr, sold his crop of Jive acies for 23,
13, 7 and a. t Other lets h ivc br en dis
posed of en private terms.
Cm i cut iSusiueHs, Opinions, 1.1 c.
Ceuit met en Satuiday afternoon fei
the puipesc of licaiiugcitticnt business.
A wiit of estrepment was giantcd at
the instance of Jehn M. Stehinan, admin
istrator of Geerge Fleweis, deceased, te
restrain llcniy theater fiem emmitiing
waste by cutting timber fiem a 1 1 acie
piece of land in Raphe township, against
w hieh land Mr. Stelunan, as aduunisti.i
ter. holds a. judgment el !G()0.
This ineining ceuit met at 10 oVIe k,
both judges being piesent.
In the case el L.J. Ltudeinulhv.?. tlc.uy
Shaub, in which a motion for a new tii il
was made, a nile was lefu-ed : the
Judge Patterson deliveied opinions in
the following cases :
O. P. Biubiker vs. Chiisti.tn Seu'cnsg.
RuIcferancwtii.il; nile made absolute.
Isaac Mishler v. the eeunty of Lutein
ter. Rule for a new tiial : nile made ab
solute. Strasburg and I'levidenec township'..
read. Rule te show cause why one of the
viewers should net be lemeved. Utile dis
In the case of the Putin township lead
Elias Shcetz, of Kli.abcth township, was
apH)intcd a viewer in place of C. J. P ,!,
of Penn township, who was lemeved be
cause he owned land adjoining th it el a
person through whose land this ie.id
Current Ittisiucss.
A charter was granted te the "Guvn
ficld Cemetery Association of the Un.led
Brethren in Christ," worshiping at Slch
man's church in Maner township.
II. "Ellen Given, of Columbia, was
granted a divorce from her husTmul Jehn
I. Given, jr., en the grounds of th.sei th.sei
tien. Haldemau Jacksen. Heniy Ouck, .Jacob
Reed, Geerge Fisher, Frank Ilogcuteglci.
Geerge Shectz. Nathaniel Jehnsen, Xeah
Kcescy and Win. Fiew, the Columbia
fisherman who at last August ceuit v.eie
convicted of violating the lih laws and weie
sentenced te six months impiisenment
and te pay a fine, were lit-night into ceuit
this morning and wcte discharged undei
the insolvent act. They weie a happv
looking let of men and they left for then
homes rejoicing.
At the January ceuit V.. J. Buckwaltci
was an applicant for a tavern -Jieense at
Greenland, East Lampeter township.
Pending the granting of the license Buck
waiter died. His wife then petitioned
for the transfer of the license and it was
Uuiuaue Hie Company iui.
Thcie was a very full attendance at the
Humane fair Satuiday evening, about
1000 people being present. The leeeints
were eiy encouraging.
Te night will ba'Shiiller night, and tha
Shinier fite company will attend in a body
accompanied by a band.
Wednesday will be "chilihcn's day,"
and will be ap.ut especially for the aecem
limitation of the little folk- In the after
noon the inmates of the Ch'udien's Heme
will attend in a body fiec of ehaige, at d
each one will receive a piesent.
The " Washy " boys with a band will
visit the fair to-menow night.
The articles chanced oil" en Satuiday
night were wen as fellow.-, : Pair of vases,
Mis Eckman ; motto, Mrs. S. Derw.ut;
pair of images, Mis. Resh ; tobacco m m,
Mrs. Derwart ; pin cushion, Heniy Dicr
pard; perfume, C. Winkler: velvet
cushion, Geerge Brown.
Petty "Larceny.
Fer some time past thieves have been
making a practice of cnteiiug the vesti
bules of the public school houses and steal
ing from the pockets of the childicn's over ever
clothing whatever happened te be in them,
and sometimes even stealing articles of
clothing. The bey.s accused of being im
plicated in the thefts have been arrested,
en complaint of City Superintendent
B acinic and held for a further heating be
fore Alderman McConemy.
The doings of the teachers' institute at
its session of Saturday were unimpeitant.
Twe Matietta teachers the Misses Tur
ne: weie in attendance as visiteis.
A missienaiy collection will take place
in the M. 12. church next Sunday morn
ing. The Reformed chinch enteitainrnent
will be well attended to-menow evening
and se will the ball of the Citizens' band
this evening.
The piebability is that fhe excursion te
Pert Deposit to-menow will be a veiy
large one.
The Susquehanna 1 oiling mill employees
weie paid en Saturday.
To-meirow will be the anntvetsary of
Washington's birthday and a holiday.
The Philadelphia ei Reading railroad
company's pay car is te be heic te day.
The employees will b paid for Januaiv's
P. & 11. engine Ne. 1(323 is new miming
heic en local fi eight, in place of engine
Ne. a&7, which was broken up in the
P.uke-ihuig wieck of about a month age,
in which Vitnier Daily, who has since
died, was injured.
About one inch of snow fell heic dining
the eaily bems of this meining. It has
quite a natuial leek.
Miss Jessie Dcntlci, of Leck Haven,
Pa., is visiting in Columbia, the gurst of
her sister, Mrs. W. P. Withci-.
Mi. William J2!!is, of Yeik, Pa., spent
vcstcid.iy in Columbia, the guem of his
luethei, Vernen 12IIis.
Mis. Wheeler, wife of Rev. Heniy
Whcelc:,et theM. E. church of this place,
addies-ed the M. E. Sunday school of
Wtightsville yesterday afternoon, and the
M. E. chinch of the same place last even
ing en missienaiy weik. -Mrs. Wheeler is
a pleasant spcakci and we knew she was
attentive;, listened te en this, the subjeet
in which she appciis te be p.nticulaily in
tcirstid and i which she se elten
Pas-engeis weie te-day, for the lii-t
time since the leeent gorge, enabled te ,0
tin. nigh fiem hi le te Peit Deposit en the
Cehtmhii A: Peit Deposit railroad. Tin
train which lelt heic at ll:ai a. in., cai
licd them. A tiajisfei had te be ni.ide at
Pequc.i eieek, wTit-:e the bridge has been
washed away, but the stiuclurc will be le
plaeed this evening and through mns will
!c icMtmcd as usual to-menow meining.
A Columbia weikuian employed thine said
that dm nig the lust days of the Peit De
posit geigc the ice was piled as high as the
leiegiapli poles, and that the men while
working 11 id theii eeati; hanging en the
On tin- Pennsyh mia laihead in the cast
ud esteida altei 110011, a labeting man,
woikmiei I'pp it Black, in their cott cett cott
tiaet el sliaightLiiing the line east of town
wanted te li.';lu with Jehn Siiiick, a son of
the Thiid w.ud eenstable-e'ect. Jehn did
net want te light, bill the man persisted,
and finally Shuck accommodated him.
Tne les'ill ,-.a that Suuck fcseapad nu
hml, but his ,ulveisat . ts tnibly jmn
ishd ar.d had .1 couple of libs b.elcen. It
will be some time boleie he is again in a
Jigiiting humor and whoa he is lie will J
sU-ei ele.u of St! iick and I''e'c f-u- aueth:-.- ,
Ma-l.im Rcut's minstiels .qipeaied in
the Ci-iiiiubi 1 ejtjt-.i lieuse 011 Satin day
lU'i.ii.g Lefoie one of the largest audi
rum, of the season, and g.te a pailerni-am-e
which .i- ci editable te the eunip my
and which has ini-e been spoken of as
lully equal te the peileimauce given heic
about one j eai age by the same cempiny
which as ieweil by our local eiitic,
i.mks aii'eu'j the A enteitainments heie
given. As in tl eii former appear
ance th.- cempan piesented nothing which
a rclincd audience could take exception te.
'Iheie was no action or leek belrajing
au thing net appealing en the suifaee,
and dining the entiicenteitainmentcveiy
thiu was conducted with a inedchty loe
natuial te be assumed. The end men
weie geed ; se weie fhe specialty ailists
and (lie builesque, "Penif.s A'lius Among
tin- Piialcs," was tee lidiculeus te admit
of one 1 est 1 anting his propensities for
laughing. Condi using the thing into a
nutshell the pci fei nianee was very ci edit j
able and 'he het: ;e was weilh semelliinr
ni'iie than aOO.
IIimi'i l an c I'rlseu Ii:siccti.
Jehn W. Obeiheller, who was jtiiseu
nispcctei up te Janu.ii-y, died at his home
111 Bicckueck township en Fiiday. lie
was neaily 70 yeais of age and had been
paitially pualyed for some time. lie
leave-, a wife am' seveial childicn. The
iimeial lakes ji'.-.ce to-ineiiow meining.
.lesej'li Wlilte Hceeaert.
Jeseph White, of Ne. 2aS East King
eticcl, the death et whose wife we noticed
enlv a few weeks age, is nimsclf included
in the necrology te day. lie died this
morning, aged 77. He wa-. the father of
Councilman Chas. J. White and a well well
knew 11 citien of the Thiid waid
Hurt en t:e Railroad.
Moinme Patteisen. a Geinian about 30
i-.iis el agr, had his light thigh broken
en the Pennsylvania laihead near Biid-in-Hand
la-t night. Patterson, together witli
a man 11. lined Pawlien, was stealing his
way te Pluiidclphi.ieii a fieight tiain, the
feimcr was sitting en the bumper of one
car and had his legs en another. The ac
cident was cuised by the ens coining to
gether The man was taken te Lcamau
Place, v.hciehe was al tended by Dr. Lea
man. He was then brought te this city
and was placed iu the hospital, wheie Di.
Cek attended him. He has been in this
ceuntiy but a vear, and he has a wife and
thiee children in Germany.
1 lie Count Auditei.
At 10 o'clock this meining the beaid el
county andileis consisting of F. G. Mus
sel, city ; James Cellins. Colerain, and
Fiank Ctniati, of Maiietta, met in the
m plums com 1 100111, this, city, and organ
ized fei the purpose of making their an
nual examination of the books and accounts
of the county eflicet.s. Mr. Mnsser was
chosen piesident and Mr. Cellins, sccic
t.uy. A. F. Sehenek, esq., was elected
cleik, eiler which the beanl adjourned.
They will .sit from day te day until Hie
uidit is completed.
Ilunicil His Hand.
William Aldiich, shipping clcik at the
Penn iron weiks, iu this cil y, while assist
ing in leading with iron a car upon the
siding Satuiday afternoon, get held of a
het bat, which binned the flesh of his
hand se scveiclj as se tcmpeiaiily inca
pacitate him from v.ek. He has gene te
Wilmington, Del., his leimer home, te
nurse his injin ics.
isitrd j Ilia llrether.
Hcinaid Failcy, the man who had his
legs cut off en the 1 ail read en Fiiday, and
who is new at the county hospital, was
jcsteid.iv "visited by his hi ether, who ic
sides in Nevvaik. The latter is a very te
spectable looking man and he is employed
in the steel works at his town. He is
gieatly wet ricd about the accident te his
brother, who is new in a critical condition.
l'jirli.il l'aralysis.
Samuel Nixderf, proprietor of the s iloen
01 ncr of Seuth Duke and Middle stteets,
was paitially prestrat ed by paralysis en
Saturday afternoon. His case i-. net con cen
sideied sci ion-'.
'est masters Appointed.
The appointment of the following post
masters for this county is announced :
1). W. Barr, Mount Ncbe, Mai tic town
ship ; W. L. Mycts, Wheatland Mills,
West Lampeter township.
The Sky This Week.
The celestial events of the week open
te-night with the conjunction of Jupiter
and Venus, with Satnrn close at hand.
Mercury is an e ening star, and a keen eye
will catch him glittciing net far above the
rim of the hills seen after sunset. He will
be best seen en Tuesday evening, if the
skv is clear.
The brilliant star Vega furnishes us
this season a striking illustration of the
apparent 1 evolution of the heavens caused
by the eaith's rotation. This star, which
some rank as the brightest in the north
ern hemisphere, net even excepting Aic
turus, is se near the pole that at its
lower culmination it merely dips behind the
hoiizeu and in a fews heais leappeais
some distance fuither east. It may be
seen netting iu the netthwest at about
sundown. Soen after midnight it icap
peais in the neillieast. The study of r.
dozen books could net give se clcara no
tion of the movements of the celestial
sphcie as can be obtained by watching the
setting and rising of Ycx. It is an iutet -csting
fact that the ship in which Norden Nerden Norden
skjeld made his famous Neitheast passage
bete the name of this star.
Tliu Snrilterii.
The annual meeting of the society
known as the Sin vivers will be held to
morrow night. The society started with
21 members of whom the following have
died : Chas. D. Rupley, Jehn Jehns. Capt.
J. C. Rttltei, E. C. "Reed. c-q.. Samuel
L. Lehman. Jonathan Sptecher. EH Lan
dis. Dr. Wm. M. Whiteside, Chas. 1 1.
Spieeherand Edw. A Scner. The two
last named have died since tin- last annual
V.iliuibte IJnn ltrretcrc .1.
Titi. meining Aldciman Spin tier le
ceived infoimatieii fiem Smith, West &
Lyens, pihate detective -. of Baltimeie,
that they had leceveied the valuable
deuble-baireled, bieec'n-leading gun nian
ttfaci tned by and belonging te Pi of. Win.
1!. Hall, of this city, and which was stolen
en the 8th of September last front the es
tablishment of A. V. Canfield, Jr., & Ce.,
of Baltimeie, wheie it was en exhibition.
The gun is an elegant one and weith $273.
"7Vj I'ttahs'' Tu-m;hl.iyO,y aite'i,
I. en. Ien opera company, wliie! will this
-. eninj; p:eluic (.WHn-rl anil biilliv.iuN " 11-1.1U1-.
el I'ciiance," i compescil el leity
Mini scictiel . lnuli li.w lie-en selccleil upon it-
ou 11 111c: II-, .no! the pie---i of tin- c-itie- where
ll.c voile li.i? lie.-n peifenncil pio pie
iirnince it liistelajin etay n-spect. The
mom. lnii, of the epeia will lc 111:1: kt; I by all
the li( In; eqiic cIlectsnecess.il j te itspiOpci
appieei itien, anil v hleh aie letiienibi iel ljj
these el en: ie ulei . . he s.nv the 01 era last
Itctiieic, U'tlvni, I'i ti.n tc .t II ctt. Tliese
faeilt :ulits at the ha.l el an immense
niui.-,tul 1 enip.,ny, ameni; them some of the
he-t kiiew 11 names 111 the burnt cork piolcs pielcs piolcs
sien, will '-come anil -i.i- 114" Weiliu-idaj-uilit.
anil the wnliliawti litj; he-as-e. They
have a liinnberet new at li act ions both in the
tlist p ut a-nl th" olio, ami the tienpe is com-pe-c-il
of yentlctnen.
'''Hazel K11I. 1." "e pi n ever ( moved e
len-ja 1 mi 111 tin-, teantiy a. that el "lliel
i like," which hail meic than lliitu lmiiilieil
e. i-i-f ulive lepiestiitalieiis. at lie- M.uli-en
& in u theatre, I5ioekln. It will b-- pieiluc-eil
hi 10 te 11101 low niylit by theeempinv el that
tlieatie, including tint chummy little Inly
and mlteil i.clieis l-llic KlN'.ei, Mi. C. W.
Cou'deck, 3lr. Kciriiseii, and oil ei wlmu
name- aie aline-,1 eipi illy wi'l and laveiably
Iviiew n.
Xethmgis tee ?oed ler e' i- nil
1 en Cutii-iiia Seap
-no no!
Dim-w pieventedand nii'dic il lul'-. b --e-.iil
b. .1 limelj ns'-el Malt 15ittei".
s.-vairi.i: MttTiuK.
II is niijioaibie ter. 1 weni-in -itfei a tinthlni
ein-t. et tie-i'ment v.ith l.ydi 1 11. l'iukn 1111 '
Vej,el ible Compound le continue te -.nllci
with 1 wciliin nt the nlei'iii Knele-i- -i
?tampte Mi J. l-vd.i I. I'lnkhain, i".! Wisii-m
.i.enue. I.nn, M.i---, tei pa.nphlet-.
tthj lti-jr masters'.'
Tluy may relieve, but they em't enictliat
lame ba( 1., lei the kidneys .ire ihe tumble and
von wanta lemcdy leaet dneetly en their se
cm liens, te pniity .nut le-t ere their he.ilthj
condition. Kidney- Win I h.i- 1'ial speeitleae
lien and it the s il-ie lime il i.'iikiti - the
bowels 1 ( itccllv. Don't wail 10 net -lelc, but
t'et a pukage today, and eni- vem-.-lt
laipnd and diy void b all di i.-j-?it-i. (J11 -ninilinin
Tflnmpn. I.'l lv,dH
J'reterl (lie l.iltle line.
I'I'etk. 1 tiii: Jam r C).. s 1m.hi thcelien tal.il
lonvnini'iiee-el cienp, w lth lit. Themas Le
1. clue Od. It Is the king et all ee'igh mi dn inc
uswillas a ieeilc s lemcdv lei lhenmati-m,
lame b 11k. spiulns, 1,1 um-s. ul. pile, knliu y
trouble, etc. Take it inw.udl.v .iudaplv out eut
w.n.lh. I'ei sale b, if. IS. C'eelu.in, diiiffgNt, 1 '.7 and
I 11 Neith tjeeiii stiect, I aniater. "
Net a lteeray;c.
"Ilu-i ne net a bevnrage, I1.1t tt medicine,
with imalive piopitties et the highest de
gi 1 e, 1 out. lining no poi-eneus dings. I nej
de net leal down an aluady debilitated -n -,
t in, but build it up On. bottle (ent.iin meie
lieps. th it ". mole ii-al hop stieiiglh, than a
bailel et eidmii.v bin. Kc-i ilni','1-1 in
Keelii -.lei sells tlii-in, ..nti the phj sici ms'pie
senbe them "-Ueeluti 1 l.veni ig l'xpiess en
Hep Itit'ei-. M7 -d.w
.lletlu-rs! Mothers:! Jtletbeis! !!
.Vie j en distuibed nt mlit and biekeu et
join list bv a sick child Milteiing and eiying
with the excruciating j. 1111 of cutting teeth V
II se, go at once and jet a bottle et .Silts.
llI.s.(HV- SOllTHIMi sYltll'. It will 11
lieve the jwer little sulleiei iinmediatelj de
pend upon it: these is 110 mistake about it.
Theie is net a niethii 0:1 .nth wlie has cvei
used it, who will net tell jen at once that It
will rc-gnlate the bevels,and give lvst te the
methci, and leliel and health le the ihild
epcialing like-magic. It i peilictly a ite 10
uc 111 all casts, ami pleas mt te tin- taste, and
is the pieseiiptien et tine et the eldest and
best lenialc- phjsfiluis ..nd nuises in the
t' nlted M.iti-. sold evei vw he:.-: -ieintsa
het tie. IcbS tl.W. l , V K
The t'repab I'ajiuli.
The ce.ieet thing te tin when one has a
iou-rhei an attack el iSheuin itism, is te use
Itr. Tlientas' J'efct liieOil, or it one husaal
11 ible heic afflicted w ith home et the diseases
01 hnits le wlui-li herellch is heir, ese the
- line leliable means et cure.
Ter s.ile bv 11. 1!. Cochran, ill uggisf, 1 !7 and
1 MXeitli Q-'eeii t..-t, lancistei, I'a.
l'rl tirape Wine.
This VI11e i- mule in New .In ej, and is
s.inl te sin pas an j thinj 111 the way el wine
ever 111 nic. It is c-alle.l 'peei's Wine, pie
tlucetl bj- Mr is peer. Since the true- unalv-ia et
its piepeities was published by .Tames IS.. Clnl Clnl
ten & t,"e , these vrl.e could atlei.l it adopted
its use in pretei unc-e te fo"ei;;u winis. P10I.
Chilton ushd it lit his e.vn lainily, and has
w littcn te Hie public the following eaid :
Laboratory of J. It. Chilton & Ce,
New Yeik, II arc 11 11.
e niadeacaiefulan ilysiset the Teil Grape
Wine produced by Mr. Allied fepecr, ami de
net hesitate in pioneanciiig it pine; it on en
tnlns all the piopeiticset the Oporto grape,
and theiefoie.ter medicinal Uses, it i supcuer
toether wines, its principal cllccts upon the
system are mildly stimulating, dmietic, tmdei-ilic-
and tonic. It will prove beneficial in affec
tions el the kidneys and chronic tliseases.with
gciici.il tlebility et the constitution. 1'hjsi
ciims may safely receminend it te ther patients
in place of the many (leubtlul mixtuica tee
eiien -old as pure w inc.
This wine can be had el and is a
most excellent article lei weakly person, cs
pec-l.illy female'. It is a veiy superior table
wine, and the most healthy ill Ink new in use.
It is net a spliited or iiianulactiuc.l article,
like most native w iecs.
Tills wine is etideied by Irrf. Alice ami
Davis, and sold by II. 1Z. s.iv maker.
- Opera Glasses in great variety of styles and sizes. Field
Glasses, Combination Opera, Field and Marine Glasses, Magni
fying Glasses, Microscopes and Telescopes.
Fer almost every form of Defective Sight. Oculists' prescrip
tions for Glasses accurately filled at prices much below city
charges. Nearly all our Optical Goods are imported by our
selves from the celebrated house of Lemaire,and are sold much
lower than general prices.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
4 Wect King Street, - Lancaster, Pa.
DLSKLt iliLLur. OntheSuili et Februsiv,
IW, by the Uer. W. T. Gerhard, at Ins resl resl
denee, Ne. 31 ust Orange street. Air. Hnriy
V. iluukle te Mis9 Alice E. Miller, both et
.Manitoba township.
DeuriTEE Mai.iev. January .11, IsJI, bv the
itev. Father haul. Win. .S. Demtee, et JSalti
imuc eltv, Md , te Ztlias Annie I.. Mauen, of
thli citv.
bMiTB CitLUsrii. Febnrirya), ISrfl, at the
paisenag" tit at. Jehn's Lutheran chinch, by
the Kc-v. Thus. I;. Kaiker, Je-cph IS. Siuith. et
Steclten, r.t . te Mis K-ttie Cllicspie, el this
c Uy.
Wiiitic. On the 21st lust., in this i ity, Joeph
White, iu the 77th jcir et hisajje.
Tim lelatives ai.tllucuds et the lainily nie
respectfully inv ited te attend the Itinera! trem
his late lcsldeuce, Xe. 2Jb Kist Kin,? stiest. en
Wednesday attPtnoen al 2 o'clock. 2td
xi:w aju rr.KTisj:3i xis.
JL Ini lent, Xe. Sand IU Seuth Quiuu stit-rt.
Apjily at the lMLi.MUKMJKiiOiuce.
rpin: l.it.iiiNix; st'KAr maciunk
J. will be en exhibition at the Cadwi 11 house
tiein te-day until Wednesday. Cigai makers
nic lnviti d te (.ill and cviminc It.
IJl2td W. F. MA11LEM.
et auction et ISoets and : Shoes al I'lpcc's
shoe Mere, Ne. 9jy l'au King street. Alse
Carpets. Shi Hing, 'gn and etlier liMuics, at
7 p. in. sli-up. ltd
Vcnen TisAiti: axii iaiis wages
vi lulc lu.u mug il. A tevv lntelligc-ut boys
w. inti d te h ai n thepiiulingbusincsii. Inquiie
in pci seu ei bv Icttc-i le "Inqulifr I'lintlng
and l'ublishing Cempanv." te and 5"i Xerth
Queen stieet, Lancaster, l'a. Ul-ltdeed&Otw
1.1L.MJTKIX Nonet:.
J A mertinget the stockholders of Ihe l.au
caster Citv Light ceinivany will be held at the i
eUiee et the in asiiiei, J. Iliy ISievvn, Xe. 72'
Xeith Pukestieet, Lancaster illy, en batur '
ii.iv. viaien i-.', issi, ai jua. in., lerinc puipet
el electing tlve diicettus te nerve ler the ei
faiiinuvsar. TIIO. IS. COUIlltAX,
ltd Secietarv.
22, IsSI.will be sold at Xe. 214 East
OiangeSticet, household ami kitchen liiiiu
tuic, censisliiig in pait of one. pi ine ami steel
and niusie books, niaible top tiblesaud books,
set i-, oil i aintiug-. small c ird table, dining
mom stove and ittiies, kitcht-n stove and
lltu:es. t.upels by the jani, tables, chillis,
wash st mils, and n.any ether aitic-k- net
Sale te reiiiiiicnee at onee'ekx k el aid day,
w lieu (onditieiis v. ill be m-ide known bv
Mkm.v snui.Lirr, Ant. It-bl5 tsd
I ei geed, clean family and all ethei kind
et ( OALge te
iu ilil vand Weight glial antced. Onleis li
sp, ctiiillv selh iletl.
OH ICI): gg ilnst King Mreet. VAItU:
01 S Net tli l'rliue Street.
I e
. r,i i
e H
2 H
i E
Z h
7 O
. 1
ix, U
With uviiteil buttons, and each pair w. maul
ed net te nj), selling fei $1.10 per pair.
Iu colon el Mede, I'.lne, Ibeu n, Sli iped and
Cheeki led. Made with nveted buttons, but
net lined, siiung lerJi, Miami 7."i cents per pair.
itudilveii examine them veu would decide
net te make at home what you can bitv
cheapei anil bettct made. We hive
th it match the last let named, and -oil ler the
lAfflnON k
tl J-lv tlvvv LANCASTER, I'A.
years et age who is willing te work at
anything. Apply at this efllee. ltd
IT situation te de any kind of liberiug
weik. Apply ai the Solid IIoise Hetel, ltd
"f Works a tew active, iiidustrieus bejs
tiein twelve-tt eighteen yens old. tlO-lwtl
T sinltli. linishcraild boy te lean: Cuiiiuge
Apply te II KXRY XOI.T Y. .1 u ,
Jtd Cor. Maiketaud Mauen atieels.
WAX1KD.-A .MlllW.r; Aii:i MAX
wants a situation as clc-ik or salesman.
Can speak the Gentian lauguuga ; geed letei letei
ence l'lcase call at Ucylnuc limine,
ltd FliAXK kkeamei:.
Tt)'T FAIL TOATTllxe llli;
te a lanr
Ao'Lels el tun ami ;;e.mI nii.ic
1MI?SUN lOCts.
"lY'' ftinefcr this
GUAM) V Vllt (IF tii::
inn:x evkry nruxixa AXD OX MOX
ti: tt,i
Fei the liciii.dt ei flit.
Woodward's Continental Vocalists,
In the Coutt Meuse, Lancister,
Hiss Alice Trejer, sepi me: Miss -Vaiy
Scner, Contralte: jChas. '. Meweiy, 'lener;
A. W. Woedwaid, llassti.
AUMissiex, :'.r, ci.
Doeis open at Vt o'clock. Conceit te uui-menc-eat
8 o'clock. Tickets let ilc at Wood
wind's Mii-ic Stere, 41! K ist King stiect
PKKA iieusr.
VKI)X1-:S!AY. FEKKUAKV 23, 1881.
Mv.Ll! IlllIX 1. MlsIII.l'.lt
Barlew, Wilsen, Primrose & West's
The Largest and Me-I Cmipleie.
Ueseived heat tlnee tl.p s in ndvaiKC at
i ceker's Olllee. IIS Mil
Lui.Te.v e;-j:i:a iieitsk
" liuai.iiitce a lloed .sitting nt J lleuis."
SO Xlglits ill Xew Yeik City, and I. iiiglung
lioem only.
willi r. t:iieuiN'.-s
Willie Lileuin and riank W. Sanger, I'io I'ie I'io
pueteis. rrtsi-nting the Cma-nt and lucer
Musical Conceit,'
fir, I'iiii In a Photograph (iallery.
Mui2 i;tiiislte. Cestmuliif Klegiint.
Miith Unlimited.
seats at Opera lleujscOflice, 7c. &. 81
diiiissien 35, no ie 7Ce.
ui.'iex ei'eka neusi:
Monday Evening, February 21.
Mr. .lelm 11. Mishler hnu the hoiiei tepiescnt
lu.ndux epj:ra COXPAM',
taimpesc-d et th piinaipai incuibcis et the
eiiginal Filth AM-iiueTlieatie Cempanv in the
Melodramatic Opera, in two net-, w lit ten anil
composed. eprcbly tot production in the
Culled .State, by Arthur Sullivan and W. S.
t.ilbert, author tiiifl composer of ' I'm tfeie,''
entitled, The
Or, The Slave of Duty.
'I he Opel a will be lcnduicii in thc'saiuc man
ner that linraclcuzi-d Its successful liinin
New eik and the )i nit ip.il cities et Ameiica.
TheSaneiy is-EntinlyXew : ElabeiateXew
Costumes! An Eul.tiged Oichc-ntia, and a
Chei us of 40 Trained Voices.
The sale of seats at Ycckci"-.
ADMISSION, .10 .V 7iCt.
ri'i.rex eri:i:A iuili:.
Madisen Square Theatre Company
At K(l I FlM.tO ID PI.
the c;reatest play.
With the Ougin,
Dunstaii Kilke
Lord Travels
Pittacus tiiccn
Aaren Redney
Barney O'Flynn
-Metlnu.ileh Muggins,
.Jee (a millei)
Dan (a millei)
Hazel Kir ke
Delly D utten
iaily Travel
Mercy Kirke
CflnXA .
The sale of scits w
at Opera Heue Otllce.
il New eil: Cast :
... Mi.C. W. Couldeek
...Mr. tliistavus Lev ick
Mi. W.J. Feigusen
Mr. Henry Aveling
Mr. Etlwaril Celeman
called " Met.'-
Mr. E. II. Lee
. . .. Mr E. M. Kebe-its
Mr. Jes. Waters
Miss Lille Ellsler
Miss Deia Leigh
Mrs. C. Ruh
M rs. Cat nc Jamisen
Miss Annie ElUlc-r
35, .1.0 & 75 Cts
ill begin Fmlav, Fell. 18,
Established Ageiiey of tke
Eleven Hundred Thousand Dollars.
Invested in Sale and Solid --cuuiltles.
dll-iiidM.W,R H-ceikI Floei.
MONDAY EVENING, FkB. 21, 188!.
Washington, Feb. 21. Fer the Miil
dle Atlantic states, rainy. foHevvetl by
cleaiiug weather, colder neith westerly
winds, rising barometer.
Iiisuiarck Hurls a Thunderbolt into the Ger
man Landtag.
Berlin. Feb. 21. The cause of the
cabinet crisis is as fellows : The lower
house of the Linatag had amended the
government bill ou local administration.
The amendment entiusted the supervision
theieef te the local council instead of te
the' I.andrath, as was proposed by the bill.
"When returned te the upper house Count
Ven Eulcnbers accepted the amendment.
A few minutes afterwatd.s Ilerr Remmel,
aetiug minister of commerce, Piince
Bismrrck's special depaitmcnt, stated
that Prince Bismaick's presence was
piev ented by illness, and lead a paper te the
cutset that Piince Bismaick could net con
sent te entrust the supei vision of the
communes te iuespensible bodies. He
weu'd submit the bill te the empeier,
but would insist en iU ie vision iu
a geveinment sense befete applying it te
ether pi eviiicc-. Tiie house was thuntlcr
struck by this aiineuticcment. A semi
official pap. r slated oil Sunday evening
that Count jh Eulenbeig had alieady
I'ltict-etliiigN in the senate.
WvsiiiNertiN, Peb. 21. In Ihe Sciinle
the cenleience lepeii en tlie arnij :ipiO
ptiatinu bill was lend and adopted.
L'lecc-eilingt. in lliu Heuse.
Ill the Heuse an eidci was adopted tlcs
ignaling Sunday net at tlnce o'clock for
the ebseivance of ceieineuies in memory
of the late Fei r.atu'ie ei.it.
air. Waincv (Ohie) i.itre'luced u bill
cicatiug a bend of liae.il inspector te
watch ever the collections and ovpendi evpendi
tuies of the public treasury. Theie aie
te be tluce iiieiubei.-, only t.ve of whom
bliall Leleug te one political p.ut. Tiu-y
will sei ve for life or geed behav ier eitd be
ineligible te fill any etlier eflkv.
t:i; r.vrKxsr.s
W b tl .in tu-tit eessTtil Cuutc-,! f-.i :t e.tt 111
Congress Cost..
WAsiii.M.rn.N,- Feb. 21. The Heuse
committee en election', had ii'idcr consider
ation te-day the tpicotien of allowance for
expense . in Jhe contested election case of
11. aloe.ly Keynten again -.t Leiing, horn
the Tiiitil 3I.i,s.ichnsetts distiict, ucently
decided in favor in? Lei i tig. The
ceiitc't.inl, Ie nteii, piesents veucheis
for Ids alleged expendituies te the amount
el" $7, 100, including a leceipt fiem I'enj t
min F. l'utlei for $i,000 for priifcssietial
set vices. It is thought the committee
will net alle.v ever !j2,000.
Ui-.ul Hotly Kceu.e. ej.
Ni:iv Venic, Feb. 21. The captain of a
sleep Iving at the feet of the West 10th
sljcct. thi.s nieTtiing, disceveietl the body
of :t mail lieatiiigin the liver, anil after
seeming it lepeited the f.ict te the police.
The buily was lccegni.ed as ih.it el" Chas.
P. Blake, 17 je.ii-j e" age, a lavvver ileing
business at 1(5 "Munay sticet, and lcsiding
at Xe. ' Thiity-lilth sticcl. It was ic ic
meved te his icsSdenee and the coiencr
was iKitificd.
Iliiiit'ng ler ttie Iiieen.Il try.
Ijemhin. Pi.b.21.-A tlcspitch fiein Ber
lin ie the Ti.ne savs that a large icwaid
i-. etteicd for the discovery of the sun
posed incendiary of the synagogue which
was destieyed by tiie at ieustetler, Putn
eiania, last week.
AVaillke .llevciiicnls in Alliens
AiiiuNs, Feb. 21. A ieal dccice has
been i'Siu'd catling out the leseive. The
tioepsofthe M.ue.i aie being gi.ulually
eiiicicd te maicli neithw.utl. The l.itgcst
college in Athens has been t em cited into
a militaiy hospital.
Xe Oiiermii in tin Senatorial Couventieii.
- IIviMtiMtritt:, Pa., Feb. 21 The thiitv
thiid ballet te day for United Slates sena
tor, icsultcd as follews: Heaver, -7;
Bavne, 21; Wallace, 1! ; Scelield. 2 ;
Shins, 1 : Mci'rath, 1 ; Haiid I. Theio
being no i hoi urn piesent the convention
A (JirlV l)es. crate l.ll'ints in 1st ijie I i-eni
Her I'arvutit.
An etiaeidiiiaiy scene ecelli icd in the
Trey, X. Y., jielice ceuit jcsteiday. Hon Hen Hon
ei.i luitagh had been ai tested en com
plaint of her father for ti nancy. The gill
being ever Mi jeais old, her lawyer, Mr.
Palmer, raided a point that warrants is
sued for pei sous ever 1 1 jeais of age for
tittitiicy would net held. Justice Jcimyss
held that the point was a geed one, and
dismissed the case. Lawyer Xeary, Mr.
Muitagh's counsel, advised the parents te
take possession of the gill, who had ab
sented heisclf fiem home sit ce Apiil. It
is alleged her patents had maltreated her.
Mr. Palmer objected te Mr. Xcaiy's giv
ing such instructions. "'Takeher, I tell
j en, take her,' inged Mr. Xeary te the
parents, who at this juncture aiese fiem
their seats and lushed tewaid thegiil.
Henera anticipated their movements, and
with ciics of " Yeu want tegct me home
te minder me! I won't go back! Help,
help!"' Kin tewaid te the deer mm earning
se loudly that people lushed into thcioeui.
fiem the sticet. The mother caught the
gill as she stepped fei an instant, ilenuia,
with a peweifnl elicit, leleased heisclf.
and falling upon the old lady, fought her
desperately, pulling the white hair fiein
her head, and burying her finger nails into
her flesh. Mr. 3Initagh came te the ics
cue of his wife. The spcctateishad arisen
from the benches, and Lawyeis Palmer
andXeaiy weie etideaveiing te separate
the Muit.ighs, while the com telliceis were
intcicstcd sjxsctatei s. Mr. Palmer, having
separated the giil from her patent1, was
assaultetl by Mr. Murtagh. Mr. Xeary in
teifcied and pi evented Mr. Murtagh fiem
doing much damage te Mr. Palmer. Aftcij
ward, while an application for a wi it of
habeas corpus in behalf of the giil was
pending bcfeie Judge Strait, the giil es
caped and is still missing.
r.NOK.Meus i)1idi;ms.
Interesting Fact Concerning firt
M arlne 1 nsurnnce.
A summary of the condition of the joint
stock lire and mai inc insurance companies
in this state, just issued by the insurance
commissioner, is an interesting document
as showing the enormous dividends earned
by some of the companies in Philadelphia
Fer instance the Fire association, with a
capital of 8.j00,000,distiibuttd in dividends
6200.00'), equal te 40 percct. of its capital;
the Fi.ir.kii:. fiie insuianre cenmanv.
:w.t'.i a capital el $400,000, distributed
$128,400, equal te 32 1-10 per cent, of its
capital ; the Ginud lire and marine insur
ance company, with a capital of $300,000,
distributed 00.000, equal te 20 per cent,
of its capital ; t'he insurance company of
Xerth America, with a capital of $2,000,
000. distributed $100,000, equal te 20 per
cent, of its capital ; the Spring Garden
company, with a capital of $100,000, dis
tributed $04,000. equil te 10 per cent, of
its capital ; the United Firemen's company
with a capital et $200,000, distributed $24,
000. equal te 12 percent, of its capital.
The company which earned the smallest
dividend in proportion te its capital is the
German fire, which, with a capital of $100,
000, distributed $3,.18, equal te a fraction
of ever e per cent, or, te be exact, ..518
per cent, et its capital.
There are inthe .state 42 joint stoek fue
and niarine insirrance companies, with an
aggregate capital of $10,525,800 ; gross
assets, $32,783,125 ; total receipts in 1SS0,
$11,075,705 ; total expenditures, $10,253.
997. The total amount paid iu dividends
by all the companies during the year was
$1,398,051, equal te a fraction ever 13 per
cent, of all the capital employed. The net
amount at risk January 1, 1881, including
perpetual, was $1,014,874,707.
-u nr.t ''liirliet.
vv Yems. I'ttbiuary 21. Fleur dull,
pi Sees) without ttt-cided change: Ssiipoi Ssiipei
tinu Matu j U0$Tt UO; t-tr:i ttt
4 .aiqire: ciii.it. i de $4 .Vitfl Wi: tant-v
de ti S"igi ,'U; round hoop Ohie 4 !((" 0l';
el'Oiee tin at f." (";i'. 7"; "Up-rUnr west
ern ! iJii! il: coiiiuien te geed t-
tia de Jt 0J4 C". ; clioiivile -fi TilTfi. T.'i : choit-e
vvliitt- wheat tl" ij (JflilOi. Se.ithurn dull and
ancliangetl ; coninieii te tan- extra it ir.Jj
" -ill: ue.nl tot lieit f de f. -JT.iilt 7.'..
Wheat a tl lilt-st i tin-er: Ne. I White. Apnl.
$1 l'.fii Ii.' i : Ne. -J l-ed. Much, $1 Isjj ;
de April, fl 111' i4iI !': tle M ly $1 is'.,y
I Is';
loin dull. witlie.it k. i. lul ehan-re :
Mixed wcMc-in spot, .".' (J'uv; de liiliirts it1,
Oals-i li.itle stieinrei ; si.ii,.. 4lti'l7e: West
ern t:wl7e: Xn.i piil, I'.1 a: le M ly, lie.
I'lill Ktclptii i aiarl.rt.
I'lliLtmsUMiiv, r.i.. KI. 21. Kl.uir tltill,
Int prici-s stf.iiiy ; siipt'rllni-, J imij.;7 ;
exti.i t(7it (: "iu.. and ludi.iii i l.iuul
rt 2."itr. 73: IV. tin $1 7i ( s). I.nini t nnilv
?." ,"ilXl Oil; MiIiins.M.t L'.ll.i ." Klt" 7":
sti-iiiglit. JliiiffCI'i; iti.iiis p dent f 5i'j7 "I ;
putig de ti ."KI;t,S no
ltvt- Heur at ." mi.
VVIi:it e.lMfi : Nt. Ui.i, e Kt-d II Il';
lielavvaii-und I'riiui itt-.i, U I .(St IP-i ; tle
Amber, -fl lliil IS.
i;ei n iiii(-t .mil :.;. a.li , u...i.. . ":.; yulievv
.".Ii-; mixed, te' ".-.
Oats timet, nneh in.;. .1; .Ne 1 i.i'.t: K(flV 'e :
Ne. 2. 44(S14Ke; Ne. t, de lil-'Ce; Ni1 2
3Iixei U'iSif.V.
IJye llrinut'J'ie.
l'lOVisien- nnlik. i and pilot's tliiet ;
nits-. p.nU. $u;S'(..V: l.e.-t li.tuis tll',l-ii ; lii
ip i iii.'-s In et .-iil.il I. e b. I ii-eii Miiekt-d
I. mis ti -'6Ile: pit MeiU. i n- '.iii1!';!: smekt-.l
.heilltlt'is iSi,' ,e; s..It tle i'i. "t'lf.
Laid niaiUet e i i.-l : t itj l.-tt..J I-Ne;
'oe't luilt 'it is'-.i'.'.iijt-; prtimtsteitiiifli.'.l.
Itutter market steady, pi n-i-t unit l ; l'ie mi
eiy exll.t .I-JiJ-.i; : de geed te eheiee 2" ltd
.'Il : Ittadfenl eeunty :iml Vt-vv i eikeftra, tubs,
27ifl' 2S : tle In kin"', ii.iile; Western dairy
extia2."(jJi: tlitgiuHl tociieiee 2n.72lc. Kullt
chime scaiee : I'enn'a best leec-ipt-", lU(f lsc;
Westeni IS.e-.ervee.fr. i. Is'j'ii.
I'gg-. unsettled; ! i., i'l.f.'Ce; Western 2"iIS
2 e.
Clic-c-e tpiiet and sttadv; New Yerk
lull cream, iSj.SlIe; Weste'ni lull cream,
I'tDMc; de. "i,nr le goetl 12ipl2;ie; tle
hiilskim- lO'IPy. ; IV. tle in'inll'U:
I'otreleinn tT'idr ; it lined D'e.
Whisky at $t M."
Sceds- CiMiti te prie.e t lev.-r dull at 7'(
t; tle tle Timethy tiut.t at 2 s,,, i, ;
tle tle H.i M-C'i ipiietul$l 12.
fl.H.ulelplii.i Cattle Miirkrt.
Wtsi- I'liir.vncivKi. I'eb. 21 t'attle lies,
J,j() heutt :.unukel Imr: Prime, ll-Hc ;
geed, ."sj,e; ctiiniueii.J'It
het-p aleb.'J.tii-ihei'l ;ni:iikut i lii : 1'i'ine.
b'-JUti'e; goetl, ..7..ic; uieiliiitn, .Vi(itj-',r ;
Hogs sales, 4,n In ml ; miti ket I. ill : I'rin e,
H'-iiy e; geed, S'4c :; medium, S'u;si ,..
l.ixe Stock .MurUets.
Clin vt e. The rett Ipts el hogs weie l'.,wr
lieail; shipments, 1,AM; mat ket vtrfy weik
nntl l(il.-.c lower ext ept I'erbest: :til gmtle-.
clesetl tlull and weak' ; niixt-u packing :it $" le
C$Zbi)z light at " 7U?.". '. ; i-IidIci- lii-.irv al
$HC 10; :i tevv fxtiuutinifili !".
'I lie lectjpts td t-.U tle west-4,21') head : ship,
nic-nts. l.tHJH : in.irl.et rathi-r vvtaikpraiitl sltiw :
coinmeii ttduir sldpiung tlull .it I5lfii) ; gee.)
tocheitent it s-,,',0 J-xpeit-. st.-itdy ut '. Ml ;
lmti-litis' we.tkerat il OtliD" 'M ; slot !.!, nom nem
ninlly at ?2 7'itf1! : tiiiiii' lie.tyv leeilers at 3 1. IS.
Tile receipts et shc-ep weie e,tt)ti he-nil ; -hip
nieuts, I,S'I; the maikit was lairlv at live;
t oiiimen te medium -.tt ady at $1 JSt 7' ; uoed
teeliiee:it'S3"irn; extm.it -fi T-f'.
Cistxvri. Hogs weie linn ; lomnien al
$t.V)SSl; light at -Ki SUfriWi; pail.liig.it
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New eitiC. Ca-li. M.-irch. April.
Wheat 1.17; ft i-yi -f I !,-,
Cem S7 .S7 VS,'
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Uhett I. Hi. !.!'.' I.I.J
Coin Ij; Si, .te'u
Oats IP: .IP; .is
New YoitKhrec-Ks.
slecks weak.
A. M. A. M. !. M. P. M. I 51.
l.i.l, II rji i:.m n :-,
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.... 4 ti
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117 my-,
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.... 147
... i ny. ..'..
.... 127JJ ....
... Ii4 '
Kiiel!. It s.
Mb hl-.'iin . A L. s....jsi
Michigan Cent. K. It. 117-4
Ch.c.tge ,Sc N. ij
'-hit age. M. ."LSI. I. II :
Han. A St. ). Cem... S-i
' " 1"M. ..ilil',
Tolt tit. & Wabish 4S
OIueA MNis-ippi. .. Il",
Si. Leuis. I. M.iS Ii. i.''t
On! ii in :iinl W stern. ..i.'C
c. c. a I. c. is. i: "i'i
New .lersev CentniL.lin;
I)il..V Hdii-eii Caiiui lie
Ilil.. Lack.. c Wtsteiiil'I'X
Western Union TtL.II.'J
IVcilit. M-ill S. s,. Ce S't'i
I'nieii I'acilic 12i'
K:mis& 'Iexii- U
New ierk Ct nlial
Adams Kxpn-s
Illinois Central
CIcvel.iii.l ,V 1'itts
Chicago .V II"' k L.
I'lttsbmgi. Sr H. W
.itimk-' ste.nl .
I'.-tinsylvania It. IJ. .. i J ,
I'hil'a.A liiading :
Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Navigation . IS';
Neitln in l-u-i!U- Cem 4S'
" " I'M . 7i'
Pitts., Titus v'c-A I: . "I"
Neitheni Centiii! 41)
I'luIVA Kile K. Ii.... 2S,
Neithcrn I'l'nn'a
rn. it. u's erx.j
Ilt-stenville l'.w
Central Trans. Ce
xsa v.
17rt VIY.
ihi .
T:'.yt T.li'i
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-". -'I
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.... isl
Lecal Stocks ami iitiii.I'.
JVr Last
Vll. s lie.
Liiic.CHy 6 per ct. Lean, due !-... 'into $nw.25
'" ISl.. .. I.Mf IU.I
" " IWS... Ittl
lsye... i'jti
". " lifO .. HM
"" 5 pt r ct. In 1 or 3 ears. . lue
S per t. s-chefd Lean
Lane. ami Ou irijv'c- U. K.bend 10 1
" " " stock.... SO
Lancasteraml KplinitiiturnnlLc... 2S
laine,KIIzal)etlit'ii anilMldillet'n.. 100
Lancaster and Krmtville turnpike. 50
lAticaHtcramll.itItK turnpike 25
IjincasteraBtldlfaiiei- turnpike SO
Lancaster and'Manln-iiii turnpike. 25
Lancaster anil Murictta turnpike.. ,
Lunc. and New Helland turnpike.. 100
latne. antlStrasbuig tmnpike. 2S
IaincantlSusipic-liamia turnpike., sun
lame, antl Willow- Mil et turnpike. 25
Kanners' Nut. I! ink tit Lancaster... DO
First Nat. lianket Lancaster lt
Ijincaster County Nut. IS ink SO
Lititz National Bank 1111
Strasburg National ISank 100
Iniptir. 1 11 inting Ce 'i '1
lauic-.U iJ Light and lu. I C is
" ' "nds. 101
. i

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