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(Ofyz JDtfate
Evary Ballet Shows Slight
Gains for tha Plumed Knight.
Harrison Gathering Strength and
New Yerk li Fer Him.
Tlie.Conveatlen Reconvenes en Friday Htm
Inf, nnd Without Balloting Adjourn
Until Hatimlsy Morning The Fourth and
riltli Ballets Over, Further Keen I Taken.
A Detailed Account eribe Voting at Te-Da)'f
Session Hie Deadlock Likely te Be Broken
InU KvtulDp.
In the PdnusylVAnla delegation en the
first billet en Friday, the vote was : Bher.
man, 29 s Filler, IS; 1'helps, C; Depew, 6;
Blaine, 2; Alger, 1. In this vote the Lancas
ter delegate", Hhreeder and Soldemrldge
are record ed for Tiller. On the second bal bal
eot, when the vete steed, Sherman 63, Har
rison 4, Alger 2, Depew 1, the Lancaster
delegates voted for Harrison. In the third
ballet thore was no change from the second
ballet In the Lancaster delegation.
The convention was called te order at
7:15 p. m. Friday by Chairman Eater.
The band struck up Inspiring national
airs, amongst them being ".Dixie," whleb
hewever, did net croate the enthusiasm
which Its every rendition excited at the
recent SU Louts convention. "My Country,
'TIs of Thee," was mero popular, and
greet ed with applause, aa was also '-March
lng Through Georgia."
Aa the musle ceased Mr. Cbauncey M.
Depew ascended thoplatierm and received
an enthusiastic greeting from the delegates
nd audience. He said:
Mr. Chairman and gentlomen of the con
vention : I roiue here as a delegate at large
from the state of Mew Yerk, neither ex
pecting nor desiring te appear In this con
vention or befere it in any ether capacity.
After my arrival the representatives of New
Yerk, by a unanimous vote, presented my
name te this convention. It was done for
state reasens In the belief that, because It
was the only time siuee the organization of
the Republican party that all divisions
could be healed and all Interesta united In
the Empire state, it would seeure In thai
einitnnnwealth the triumph of the tlcker.
Applause. Under these conditions per
sonal considerations and opinions oeuld
have no possihle weight. Since then a dis
cussion has arisen which has convinced me
that my vocation and associations will raise
a question in hitherto certain Republican
states which might enable the .euemy te
obscure the great Issue of the future, Indus
trial prosperity of tills country, up up
plause, 1 which unless obscured in soine way
will surely win us bucccss this fall. Ap
plause. The doiegates have voted te con
tinue iu my support se long as ballets were
te be taken, but under the circumstances,
alter the most earnest and prayerful con
sideration, 1 came te tne conclusion that
no personal consideration, no state reasons,
could stand for a moment In the way of the
general success of the party all ever the
country, or could be permitted te threaten
the Integrity of the party In any common
wealth hitherto Republican. In our own
state, by wise lawa and wiser submission
te them by the railroad companies, the
railway problem has been ae com
pletely settled Hint It lias disappeared
from our politico. Applause. Butl be
lieve there are cemiiniultlcH wnere It Is still
be actlve that thore may be danger in hav
ing It presented directly or Indlroetlv,
Under tbese circumstances and atter your
vote this morning, I called en the delega
tion irem ray own sir te and requested
ttieni te release me from further sorvice In
that capacity. They linve consented, and
my only apology in appearing here Is te
give excuse for their action for the appear
an co of my name, and te express heartfelt
thanks te the gentlemen from the states
and territories who have honored me with
their sull rages. The causes which have
led te this action en the part of the state of
Mew Yerk, new that thelr judgment has
been arrived at, will leave no heart-burnings
among the pcople in that atate, The
delegation will go home te a constituency
which were unanimous In the support of
whoever may tie the nomlneeof this con
vention. Applause
Jehn S. Vi, of Virginia, arose and, In
behalf et the Virginia delegation, said that
It had-electid the following cfllcers : Chair
man, Jehn S. WHe ; member of the
national committee, Mergau Treat ; mem
ber of the commlttLe te Intemi the nomi
nees, Harry Llobey.
General Hastings (l ) was then recog
nized by the chair. Hut-aid that he arose
In the Interest of harmony nnd caution and
in what he believed te be the best interests
of the party. He believed that these inter
ests dear te the convention would be best
served by an adjournment until Haturday
morning, In order te give the convention
time te have a tnore thorough understand
ing and te prevent hasty and unconsidered
action. He tboreforo innved te adjourn
until 10 o'clock Haturday morning, and
upon this motion he demanded a call et the
roll et statea. There was at once seconds te
this motion Irem Mr. I'llley (Me) Mr.
Hendersen (la) Mr. Puller (N. U.) and
Mr. King (Md.)
The roll call proceeded without Ineldent
until Mew Yerk was reached, when a poll
of the delegation was demanded. The call
disclosed the fact that New Yerk stecd 10
in favor of General Hastings' motion. Mr.
Depew voted no, amid applause. The re
sult was : Yeas, f35; nays, 282.
The chair then declared the convention
adjourned until 10 o'clock Saturday morn
These Opposed te llarrlmn la Ceur.rence'
Chicacie, June 23 A meeting of all the
elements oppesod te Harrison was held at
the Grcsharu headquarters, it began about
midnight and ended a llllla after 2 o'clock
this morning. The result is said te have
been an arrangement by which all the op
posing forces will held together agalnBt the
movement of the Mew YerkerB towards
Harrison and when two or three ballets
have shown that he cannot be nominated,
will adjourn the convention. Me attempt
will be made te concentrate the opposition
en any candidate because this Is net
looked upon as nocessary. All the
candidates had their claims advocated
by their respective friends and while
It was net the Intention te agree en some
one it was evident that such a retult could
net be achieved. Mr. Allisen was highly
speken of by nearly all the representatives
or what might properly be termed the
Blalne element in the con entien and mere
than ordinary Interest centered In Senater
Quay. He did net express a pre
ference for any particular candidate,
but be was opposed te ha'ty ac
tion which might Jeepardlzs the party.
Mr. CUrksan, of Iowa, Ilayden, of Massa
chusetts, Ouney, of Texas, Fe.senden, of
Connecticut, aud ethers Insisted that Sena Sena
eor Allisen wai the meat available man,
and Senater Parwell, Lynoh,ef MmMsslppI,
and ethers declared that Judge Gresbam
could be nominated and elected attheutne
time unify the party. Mr. McKlnley being
bound te Sherman wa net at liberty te net
f miner than te de all he could te prevent a
Cel. Hecker, et Michigan, was the only
gentleman who did net evince any anxiety
te have bis candidate recognized. Majer
MeKinley left the room about an hour
before the meeting adjourned, He said
that Ohie, despite all reports te the
contrary, was for Sherman first, lut
tad all the time. Senater Quay fait
reasonably confident that the Inroads of
th schemer for Maw Yerk's vote bad
made no Inroad la the Pennsylvania dele
gation. Ue made It pretty certain that this
morning's conference of the Pennsylvania
utiegviea wentd net be likely te agree en
giving Harrison mere than 30 or 35 voter.
He thought there would be no trouble In
getting an adjournment after two or three
ballete then another conference oeuld
be held end plane made for the
future. During the meeting the statement
aid te have been made by Patrick Ferd
about Harrison and the Irish vote of Mew
Yerk were repeated, They were te the
effect that Harrison' Know-Nethlng
record had been Investigated, and that it
would be certain te alienate the whole
Irish vote et Mew Yerk which was new
drifting toward the Republican.
Twe Hallits Taken In Which Sherman Leses
HUcbtly-U.uilsen' Big Osle Bloc Friday.
Convention Halt., Chicago, June 23.
10.-05 a. m. In and around the auditorium
from an early hour this morning the scene
were these of yesterday and Thursday and
the day before. There were the aame
maddening crowds, the aame frantle
eflerta et the delegate and ticket
holder te reach the turnstiles and
the same throwing up of barricade of
ladders and wagon and cordons of rope in
the efforts te keep baek the mulltudee.
The Queen' English would need perforce
be twisted end turned te find new phrase
in which te describe the opening scene of
the day. It waa net until 10:20 that quiet waa
finally secured and Senater Warner Miller
waa Introduced by Mr. Kstee as presiding
( ulcer et the day. By this time every del J
gate was In his seat. Bishop Fallows waa
Introduced at 10.22. He folded hi arms,
closed hi eye and fervently prayed for
blessings upon the convention, country,
Eait and West, north and Seuth. The elo
quent dlylne coneluded by repeating the
Lord's prayer, and there was a general re
sponse el "Amen."
A he resumed hi eat the band played
" America." The balloting was then be
gun. The fourth ballet In detail was a
fellow :
Alabama Alger 10, Sherman 8, Harrison
Arkansas Alger 14.
California HIaine 10.
Colerado Gresham 3, Allisen 2, Harrison
Connecticut Gresham 4, Alger 1, McKln McKln
eoy I, Allisen 0.
Delaware Harrison 0, Gresham 1,
Flerida Alger 4, Harrison 2, Sherman 2.
Georgia Lincoln 1, Gresham 1, Harrison
2, Sherman 19.
Illinois Gresham 41, Harrison 3,
Indiana Harrison 30.
Iowa Allisen 2a
Kansas Gresham 3, Allisen 2, Harrison
8, Blaine 5.
Kentueky Alger 3, Allisen 2, Sherman
10, Harrison 0, Gresham 2, Blaine 1, Fred
Douglas 1, Feraker 1.
Louisiana Alger 3, Sherman 9, Allisen
2, Gresham 2.
Maine Sherman 2, Allisen 4, Alger 3,
Harrison 2, Gresham 1.
Maryland Sherman 6, Harrison 8, Alii Alii
Ben 2,
Massachusetts Gresham 1, Allisen ?,
MeKinley 2, Sherman 7, Harrison 8, Alger
M leblgan Alger EC
Mluueseta Alger 2, Gresham 6, Harri
son 7.
Mississippi Blaine 1, Greeham 3, Sher
man 14,
Missouri Gresham 11, Alger 11, Harri
son 3, Sherman 2, Allisen 1, Blalne I.
Nebraska Alger 2, Allisen 5, Sherman?.
Nevada Alger 4, Allisen 2.
Mew Ham pshtre Gresham 1, Allisen 1,
Alger 1, Harrison 5,
New Jersey Gresham 1, Harrison 7,
Sherman 2, McKlnley 4, Allisen 3.
New Yerk Harrison 69, Blaine 8, Alger
3, Sherman 1.
North Carolina Gresham 1, Harrison 2,
Alger 0, Sherman 1. A poll has been de
manded by a North Carolina delegate The
result of the poll was aa fellow : Alger C,
Gresham 1, Harrison 2, Sherman 13.
Ohie Sherman 40.
Oregon Gresham 4, Harrison 1, Blaine 1.
Pennsylvania Harrison 7, Sherman 63.
Rhede Island Allisen 8.
Seuth Carolina Harrison 2, Sherman 6,
Alger 10.
Tennessee Allisen 1, Harrison 2, Blalne
4, Sherman 8, Alger 9.
Texas Allisen 9, Alger 3, Blaine 1,
Gresham 3, MeKinley 2, Harrison 1, Sher
man 7,
Vermont Harrison 8.
Virginia Mabene votes for Sherman,
Wise votes for Harrison. The vete was aa
fellows en a poll : Allisen 3, Suermau 10,
Harrison 8, Alger 3.
West Virginia Alger 1, Blaine 2,Gresham
2, Sherman 2, McKtnley 2, Harrison 3.
Wisconsin Harrison 20, Gresham -
Arizona Alger 2.
Dakota Allisen 3, Gresham 1, Harrison
I, Sherman 2.
Distrlet Columbia Blaine 2.
Idaho Alger 1, Harrison 1.
Mentana Gresham 1, Allisen 1.
NewMexloe Alger 1, Sherman 1.
Utah Allisen 2.
Washington Torrltery Alger 2, Harrison
1, Gresham 3.
Wyoming Sherman 2,
The vote was completed at 11:20 ai d
suited fti follews:
, 238
lllalne 4J
Lincoln 1
MeKlnlvy 11
teraker , 1
Douglas 1
Following la the detailed vete et the fifth
Lallet :
nrru ballet.
Alabama Sherman 9, Alger 8, Blaine 1,
Harrison 2.
Arkansas Alger II
Callfornla-Blalne 1C.
Colerado Allisen C.
Connecticut McKlnley 1, Alger 2, Alli Alli
eon 0, Gresham 3,
Delaware Harrison 3, Allisen 1, Blaine
1, Gresham 1.
Flerida Harrison 1, Alger C, Sherman 2.
Georgia Gresham 1, Harrison 2, Hher
mau20. Illinois Harrison 3, Gresham 11.
Indiana Harrison 29, Gresham 1.
Iowa Allisen 2a
Kansas Gresham 3, Allisen 2. Harrison
8, Blalne I, McKtnley 1,
Kentucky Sherman 7, Gresham 2, Har Har
rlBen 8, Alger 8, Blaine 1.
Louisiana Sherman 9, Alger 3, Allisen
Maine Sherman 1, Allisen (,, Alger 3,
Harrison 2, Gresham 1.
Maryland Sherman 0, Harrison 0, Alli Alli
eon I.
Massachusetts McKlnley 1, Gresham I,
Allisen 3, Alger 4, Blaine 4, Sherman 6,
Harrison 10.
Michigan Alger 2d
Minnesota Blaine 1, Alger 3, Harrison 7,
Gresham 3.
Mississippi Blalne 1, Gresham 2, Sher
man 15,
Missouri Blaine 2, Greaham 10, Alger
14, Harrison 2, Sherman 1, McKlnley 1,
1 Alllssa 1,
Nebraska Allisen 6, Sherman 3, Alger 2.
Nevada Alger 4. Allisen 2.
Mew Hampshire Harrison S.
Mew Jersey Gresham 2, Harrison 4,
Allisen 5, Sherman 1, MeKinley 0,
Depew asked that Mew Yerk be pasted a
New Yerk Harrison 68, Blalne 0, Alger
5, Sherman 1, Allisen 1.
North Carolina-Harrison 2, Alger 9, Hhtr
man 11.
Ohie Sherman 4a
Oregon-Gresham 4, Blaine 1, Harrison
Pennsylvania-Harrison 7, Sherman 63.
Rhede Island Allisen &
Seuth Carolina Harrison 2, Sherman 0,
Alger la
Tennessee-Harrison 2, Blaine 4, Allisen
1, Sherman 6, Alger 10.
Text Allisen 11, Alger 2, Gresham 3,
Sherman 7, McKlnley 1, Harrison 2.
Vermont Harrison &
Virginia Alger 2, Allisen 3, Sherman 10,
Harrison 7, Blaine 2.
Weat Virginia-AIger 2, Blalne 2, Harrl Harrl
en 8, Sherman 2, MeKinley 3
Wisconsin Harrison 20, Gresham 2.
Arizona Alger 2.
Dakota-Sherman 1, Giesham 1, Allisen
3, Harrison C.
District et Columbia Blaine 2.
Idaho Allisen 1, Graham 1.
Mentana Gresham L Allisen 1.
Mew Mexico Alger 1, Sherman 1.
Utah-AlHsen 2.
Washington Territory Alger 3, Gresham
2, Harrison 2.
Wyoming Sherman 2.
1 he 6th ballet waa oemploted at 11:60 and
resulted as fellow :
nrru ballet.
Sherman , 224
Allisen 91
Alger Ill
Harrison , , , 213
ureaham 87
lllalne ......,., 49
McKtnley 11
Every state down te Louisiana voted te
take a recess with the exception of Ala
bama, Delaware, Illinois Indiana and Ken
tucky. The latter split and gave 21 vote
agalnat the motion, When Mew Jeney
waa reached Mr. Sewell asked that the roll
call be suspended and that a reeesa be taken
by acclamation. Carried. The convention
will reconvene after 4 o'clock.
A dispatch from the general manager of
the United Press aays : There seem te be
a notion afloat that the full vote of delega
tions are always recorded. Thlsl net se.
If delegate are net In their seat and their
alternates have net replaced them In regu
lar form, the vote of the delegation thus
altuated are reduced by the elrcumstancea
The Bellellnt.
Chicago, Jane 2.1 10:10 a, m. Conven
tion oiled te order.
10:20 It Is said the convention will ad.
jeurn after one or perhaps two ballet are
10:35. Chairman Miller prepare te call
the roll for ballet.
10.40 MeKinley withdraw. He say
he 1 instructed for Sherman.
10:65 Depew announced the vote of
New Yerk.
12:00. Fester, Ohie, asks te be recognized
alter the formal announcement of fifth
ballet. He moved a recess.
Lawsen demanded that the vote be
polled, Ulaceck, Depew, Miller and Piatt
vote for Harrison.
12.01 A recess will undoubtedly be
12,07 A recess was taken until 4 p. m.
The Several Ballets.
NAMES. r - ,
1 I 2 1 8 14 I g I fl
eneruiun av HI tne ill ...
Allisen Ti 75 w in i ,
Alger 81 lie 122 m u; .
Harrison 79 V 91217 213...
Depew (9 09 90
JIawley 13
Ureslmm IU 108 l'2.'l W ..! .
Hunk.. v SO 16 .
Fltler 24 ..
In galls 24 in 111 .
Phelps V3 18 ft . ...I
lllalne f3 2J 35 U 4l.
Lincoln 3 3 2 1 ..J
McKlnley 2 3 8 11 111
ror.ker l
Deuglaa 1
S. Li. Millar rocelvoa two votes In the third
There are 8.11 delegates, Including
Dakota's 10 and Washington territory's 0,
Necessary te a choice, 418.
Blaine Will Be Nominated.
Chicago, June 23. The Mal saya this
afternoon : " Blalne will be nominated
this afternoon. Mr, Depew saya the deal
had been arranged and will be consum
mated without a hitch."
Opposed te Blaine.
Mr. Hamilton DIssten en Friday night
telegraphed te Mr. Themas Delan inquir
ing as te the sentlment of the business men
of Philadelphia with regard te the Blaine
candidacy and the cbanena of Republican
success In the event of his nomination.
The following dispatch was received by Mr,
DIssten In reply :
The Philadelphia sentiment la against the
nomination of Mr. Blaine, a? he has de
clined, and the public accept It as bis slnoere
desire and as his finality. The situation Is
tee serious and the business interest of the
country have tee much Involved te take
avoldable risk We recommend uniting
en Harrison, who, we believe, has all the
elementa te insure success. Signed by
Themas Delan d. Ce, Burnbam, Parry,
William it Ce., Jehn Wanamaker, Jehn
fc James Dobsen, Themas Cochran, Jehn
Bremley & Sens, Jeseph Wharten, William
Hellers A. Ce., Jeseph 11. Altemus, William
Weed ik Ce.
iiAOKF.n with uu.Mir.
Old Taimueuyite MT Cleveland Mill
carry New Yerk 1) lOO.OOO.
The Washington Star saya: Benjamin
P. ralrchlld, of New Yerk City, father-in-law
of Representative Stablnecker, Is in the
city. He is 74 year of age, and has been a
member of Tammany for 63 yearn, break
ing of the political outlook In New Yerk,
he said: "My mark is 100,000 majority In
the sttte for Cleveland. People may think
that .a wild, but I have been aetlvely en
Fated In the politics of the state for mero
than half a century, and I boileve I can
come as near at any man telling hew an
election will go. lam willing te risk any
amount up te (60,000 en my Judgment.
The people of New Yerk are pleased with
the ticket and with the platform, and they
will vete the tlaket like sheep following
eaah ether. Fer governor we will nomi
nate David B. Hill, tbe meat popular
Democrat new In the state with a hurrah,
Te run, or net te run, that la the que.len
Whether 'tis batter at ter all te tarry
for four years longer, and thui cast an an
chor. Te windward, or te venture all at once
And end perplexity. Te ran, te win,
Perchance te fall aye, there's the rub te tall,
And be a laughing stock once mere for all.
Why, Carnegie himself weald tern his back
On in", and all tbe trusts and syndicates
Would aeen at lllalne ; and there'a my letters
Yet if some ether candidate be cheien
W hat may boceino etmeT Let me ace,
He ' step the coach. t'H write another loiter.
v Frem the Atbanv Argui,
Orange and Lemens Sold by Auction,
Twenty tteuawd boxes et lemon and
the same number of oranges were sold at
auction In New Yerk en Friday. The
lemon brought between f5 60 and (0 per
b3x, and the oranges about 17.
St. Mary's Lawn rate.
The lawn fete at St. Mary' cbunh con
tinue te attract large crowds, and at no
place can these sweltering night be mere
enjoyably spent,
Subjects of the Sermons te Ee Frcached I T
Hers. Harrison, Leng and Lndwlck-Dealti
el a Bey Brakeman Sample Injured.
Several Other Sever Accidents.
Columbia, June 2.1. Children's Day
will be observed en Sunday morning in
the Second street Lutheran church, it
being a day set apart for the benefit of the
Orphan' Hemeat Leysvllle, Pa. The Mr
vleea will consist et a specially prepared
pregramme Including singing, responsive
readings, etc The ehurch will be trimmed
for the occasion. The Sunday school ser
vice will net be held In the atternoen.
Rev. The. Harrison, of the Methodist
church, will preach en Sunday morning en
the Bubjcct, "Our order from the Cem
mander, with premise," evening subject,
Hew wilt thou de In the swelling of
Rev. A. H. Leng, of the Ohureh of Ox),
will preach en Sunday morning en the
subject, "The Sanotlflcatien of the Sabbath,"
evening subject, "The Attribute of Gad."
Sunday school at 0 a. m.
Rev. K. Lndwlck, et Saleme U. P,
ohureh, will preaeh en Sunday morning en
the subject, "Saint' Rest." Kvenlnn
auljoet, Berean'a Motte." Sunday school
In the afternoon.
Rev. A, M, Buekley, the new pastor of
ML Zlen A, M. K. ehnrcb, will assume
charge en Sunday.
Thrce Accidents.
Percy Buck, a ten year-old colored boy
Hying near Chureh alley, rail from a row
of seats at the ball grounds lait evening,
sustaining severe Injuries. The Injuries
are of an Internal nature : also several
sprains te his lewer limbs. Dr. Bernthelsel
attended te the boy, who Is Buffering yery
.much this morning.
Brakeman Jehn Sample, of the l'ennsyl.
vania railroad, fell from a car in the west
yards last night, sustaining sovero bruise
about hi hips.
Abram Klsenberger, sr., bad his right
feet caught between two atone at the oeal
ehutes, and received a painful bruise,
Deatb el a Bey.
Walter Swartz Ulmer, an eight year-old
eon of Geerge Ulmer, living en Walnut
street above Third, dled this morning at 2
o'clock from dlphtherla. The less or this
bright boy la deeply mourned by hi
parent. The funeral will be held en Toe.
day afternoon at 3 o'clock.
1'arsensl and Other Notes.
Mr. J, K. Llneaweaver and her son ard
daughter left for a visit te Pettsvllle thl
morning. Mis Nettie will go te Loek
Haven te spend the aumrner.
Mis BIsle Pheneger left this morning for
a visit te Mew Helland.
Mr. K. B. Dolten and wlfe arrived in
town te day en a visit te Mrs. Geerge P,
Rev. Wm. P. Kvans, of BaitlmetP, spent
a few daya In town this week.
Heward Daum, et Cerdelia, ha been ap
pointed assistant te W. U. Barr at the Read,
lng atatlen.
Mrs. Susan Newlen came home last eve
ning from a visit te her daughter, Mr. Kva
Prutzman, of Blrdabore.
Mrs. S. C. May, of Maytown, is visiting
friend here.
Officer Wittlck caught a let of boy last
qvening destroying a fonce at Sixth and
Chestnut streets. After glveu a reprimand
the beya were released.
Officer Wittlck employed Ben Duek thl
morning te recover soma article thrown in
therlverby the " Ragtown" robbers. Twe
Jar were taken from tbe rlver, but the
ether articles oeuld net be found.
Alley H, below Second, has been Im
proved with granite centre stones
Chestnut street, from Third te Fourth, has
been macadamized under directions el the
highway committee
A petition is being clrcnfatcd asking for
the closing of stores at 0 o'clock, during
July and August
Samuel Wright la preparlng a business
map of Columbia for U. J. Tandy, map
publisher, Philadelphia,
The Christian Kndeaver society of Iho
Presbyterian chureh bold a sociable last
evening at the bouse of Mlsa Bird Leckard,
en Third street,
Messrs. Fendrich and Ryen, of town, de
feated Messrs. Utestand and Rleb, of Ma
rietta, laat evening In a match game of ten
nis. The Columbia player wen two game
out of three.
A number of young Republican assent,
bled at the otllce et C. C. Kaullman, esq ,
last evening te have a grand walk-around.
The cilice wan trimmed and en a banner
1 painted the name of the candi
date. The young men watted until nearly
10 o'clock for the newa from the convention
when they were Informed that the conven
tion had adjourned early In the evening.
Brought Iltr te Shere.
J. S. Rosenstamn, of the Police Gazette,
and W. J. McMUlen, also of New Yerk,
who are stepping at the Olty hetel, went
fishing In tbe Canostega near Recky
Springs this forenoon. While they were
en tbe bank of the streatn a lady attempted
te cress In a beat. Her craft was caught
en a leg In the middle of the stream, where
It became fast. The woman was in danger
of being upset, and she called loudly for
help. The strangers plunged into the
stream, unfastened tbe beat and brought
her safely te the shore.
Bass Ball Nana.
The Athletics defoated Brooklyn by 5 te
4 yesterday in a very exciting game. The
ether association games were : Cincinnati,
eleven Innings Cincinnati 10, Louisville 8 ;
at Baltimore, Cleveland C, Baltimore 6.
The New Yorks defeated Bosten by 2 te
1 In Bosten yesterday, and Chicago wen
from Pittsburg by 12 te 6.
The big amateur parade comes oil In
Philadelphia te-day.
The August Flower and Actlve clubs are
at the Ironsides ground this afternoon.
A Farmer' Hedden Death.
Levi Kisser, aged 40, a farmer near
Kllzabetbtewn, was killed en Thursday
evening while taking a tbreshlng-macblne
from bis barn. A fractious borse hitched
te tbe maeblne frightened and Mr. Kisser
was caught between the fonce and the
machine. Mr. itlsser'a neck was broken,
The Weather for May.
The May report et the Pennsylvania atate
weather service for Lancaster oeuntyshowB
the maxlmnm temperature te have been 80. 1
en May 29, the minimum being31 5 en May
3. The greatest dolly range was 30 degrees
and the least 69 degrees. The relatlve
humidity waa 79 9 and tbe dew point 63 3.
There were twenty days of rainfall, five
clear days, nlne fair days and seventeen
cloudy days. The prevailing direction of
the wind was eas'.
He Vs i'aral)sJ
The mayor had only one casote dispose
of Uils morning. He was a Beaver street
man who was found drank en a North
Queen Btreet pavement this morning. He
was se badly paralyzed that Officer F.bcr
man wheeled him te the station house en a
truck. He was very penitent this morning,
and a It was hi first otlenae he wm dis
charged with a reprimand,
JUNE 23, 1888.
A FA1U IN SKPTr.Mnr.lt.
Te Be Held In the Middle et the Menth lly the
rainier' Fair Association.
The Lancaster County Farmer'a Fair as
sociation have decided te held their fair In
McGrann'a park, from September 17 te 22d.
The managers et the fair held here last
season and the ene at Lltllz have united
te make thl one a success, which It un
doubtedly will be. The time selected
1 much better than It was for year. Belew
we give the name el the etUcera of the as
sociation and the committees having It In
charge. It will be aeen that the men at the
head of It are ropresentallvo citizen et
their different Motion :
B. J. McGrann, president j Hen. W. If.
Brealus, vlce prosldent t Jehn B. Kendlg,
treaauier ; B. F. Montgomery, esq , sec
retary ; Hen. J. A. Steber, Hlmen I
P".n,u' Marietta s Hen. Jehn H. Landla,
Mllleravlllet Jehn S. Mann. Maner: J. 11.
Bailsman, Maner ; W. U. Hensel, M. U.
Wenger, West Lampeter , Harry Carpen
ter, esq , elty; Daniel G. Kngle, Marietta ;
CountvCemmlsMonerA.il. Werth, Cole Cele
rain ; Samuel Virtue, Smyrna ; Jehn G,
Resh, West Willow; A. II. Sammy, Lan
caster tewnship: Jehnsen Miller, Warwick,
Truman K.Swelgart, White Herse ; M. L.
Grelder. Mount Jey J Thema If. Keller,
Lllltr; Amea Zelgler, Levt H. Gress, Kast
Petersburg; I. O. Pfautz, Warwick, and F.
P. Bard, Oregen, The follewlngoommlltee
have already been appointed :
Privileges and Grounds : Messrs, Werth,
Kendlg, Wenger, Carpenter and Grelder.
Finances : Messrs. Land Is, Stebor,
Summy, Orolder and Kngle,
Cattle : Messra, Brandt, Mann and
Horses ; Messrs. Fautz, Kendlg and
Sbeepand Sfflne : Messrs. BreMtis and
Fruits, Vegetables, Ae : Messrs. Kcsu,
Gress and Keller.
Machinery: Measrs. MUler, Sirelgart
and Virtue.
Fenco Depart ment: Messrs. llonsel,
Bard and Bailsman.
Theso committees are Hlmnlv te errnnirn
j for the exhibits In the several line indi
cated, and must net be oenfoundod with
the Judges, who have net yet been named.
lliey Clet at the Beer,
Jehn Jenes, Gus Aldrldge and anether
colored man named Klehls left last night
for Atlantle. City, whero they will work at
hotels durlsg the summer. Tbey have
been omplnyed at the Grape botel, and
bofero leaving town they all went down
in the cellar whero tbey proceeded
te help thomselvos te the beer In
a keg te which llie pump Is attached. When
an etlert wns msde te tap beer up stairs It
would net run, The proprietor or the hotel
went te the cellar and found the apparatus
dotaehod from the keg, Tliroe blaek men
wero found in different parts of the eellar
and they made n sudden exit. Thelr de-
ptrture from town was hastoned by thcae
e von Is.
Hurt In is llunetray.
Yesterday aftornoen Frank Reland and
Harry Mlshler, of this elty, were driving
along the Uarrlsburg plke, near Sohreyer'
nursery, when their horse frlghtoned at a
piece of blewlug paper. The animal dashed
down tbe embankment and Mlsbler, think
ing te save hlmself, Jumped from the
buggy, Uls toot caught in one of the
whe3l and he waa dragged nome distance
until Reland Nuoeoodod in stepping the
borae. Mlshler had one leg badly out and
his shoulder fractured. He was taken te
his home whero Dr. MoUermlok attern' e 1
A Woeiau Miming,
A woman named Fergusen, who II ve en
Charlette street, botweon James and
Lomen, dlssppoared from her home en
Thursday morning, and has net slaoeboen
seen by her family or nolghbers, who have
made diligent seared for her and are greatly
worried. The missing woman was some seme some
whatderangod en account of rollglena ex
citement. National drecrr. in Mr.lleti.
New Yenir, June 2,1. About 2d0gontlo 2d0gentlo 2d0gontle
mon, representing about two thirds of the
wholesalo groeory buslnesi et the Unlted
Statep, assembled In a large parlor of
tbe Grand Central hetel this morning.
The objeot of thelr gatherlng was
toerganlzoa Wholesalo Grocers' National
assoctstlen, the main obect of which they
atate will be te se regutate the sugar
market that In handling the commod
ity a small margin of profit may be
obtainable), F, W. Imbuah of Mllwaukoe,
called tbe meeting te erder and stated the
object of the call, atter which Henry
II. Helly, of this city, was elected chair,
man, and G, II. Ress, et Warren
Ohie, soerotary. The chairman then
appolnted a coinmltteo en oredontlals, a
oemmlttoe te cenfer with the sugar roflners
and report tbe result and a oemmlttoo ou
raaolutlenc An aijournment was taken
for an hour at eleven o'cleok. A geed
many wero glad for this action, as the
doIegatoH said the beat of the parlor
was fairly diabolical. After reoess the
dolegatos did net soem willing te
tarry. An argument arese at once about
ehanglng the place of holding the conven
tion te the Moreantllo exchange It was
finally settled te adjourn at oncetomoet
again In the sarue place en Monday at 10
It.ftcued by Firemen.
CiiKMae, June 23. At 1:30 this morning
a tire which orlglnated in a Ohlneae laun
dry In the baaoment et Me. 2103 Wentworth
avenue and burned through the first lloer
of the building bofero belng discovered,
came very near causing the death of a
number of persons. Geergo Wtsner kept
a candy stere In the front et the first
fleer and bis family lived In tbe rear,
and they were saved with dlflleulty. On
the fleer above the smoke bad densely gath gath gath
ored and the ilremen took from thore down
the ladders 15 person, several of them In
an unconscious condition, Including a Mrs,
Hunt, her son and tliroe roomers and Con
stant HoUtrein, his wlfe and six children.
Hclstrem Jumped through a skylight and
bis family wero rescued In an unconscious
condition by the firemen and taken te a
neighboring drug stere and restored. One
el the children, six months old, will prob
ably die.
Thti Kfigliinnr Killed,
UlMiA, N. Y., June 23. As train Ne, C,
the 'Thunderbolt", en the Erie was near-
lng Whltehouse Hwltcli, botweon Cuba and
Friendship early thU morning, and run
ning at a high rata or speed, it collided with
a freight train going west, throwing the
passenger train Inte the ditch, Knglneer
Trask was killed and the fireman and a
brakeman seriously Injured. Several pas
sengers are reported injured but nene seri
ously. A wrecking train and physicians
have been sent te the tcene. Particulars
)20,0(MI Let by I ire.
Mentiikal, June 23. Fire In the operat
ing room of the Canadian Pacific telegraph
company'.) main ofilce here, at 6 o'clock
this morning, caused a damsge of nearly
(20,000. The tolegraph bualneas Is entirely
hiupended from tbls end of tbe line.
Blaine In KireileeiBplrlt.
I.osden, June 21 Mr. Carnegie's coach
ing party with Mr. Blalne and hi family
left Molreao this morning for Dalkeith.
The day Is fair and sunshiny and tbe party
Is In excellent spirits.
P Washington, D. C, June2J fet
Eastern Pennsylvania light te fresh
southwesterly winds, oeolor fair
. . auu-
The Growth of Iho OrgenUstlen Since
Formation In 188.1.
Mount Jev, June 23. On May -tit. 1SS5,
the U, A. R. pest of this place was Institu
ted. At this time nearly all the soldiers
living In and around Mt, Jey were mem
bers or Goe. H. Themas Pest, Ma 81, of
Lancaster, Pa, but that being somewhat
tar for these who wished te attend all meet
Inge, some twenty veterans thought te
establish a pest of their own. They with
drew from Pest 81, and organized the
new flourishing pest here. The most
active workers te form It were Messrr.
F. G. Pennell, J, M. Hlpple end
Henry Pell or. Fer n tlme Ihey wero
nnsble te determine what name should
be adepted, F. G. Pennell suggested that
they name it after Lleut. David II. Nlssley,
el ML Jey, who lest his llfe by drowning
while en duty In Green rlver, Kentueky.
Mr. Nlssley. after whom Pest 478 Is
named, was a brother te Mr. Harry II.
Nlssley, of Mt. Jey. The charier members
of tbls poatareas fellow! It. A. Buobtnyer,
JnaC. Uollewoll, Sam W. Warner, Len
P. Helllg, Ja. Mllsen, H. Way, W. W.
Buller, Med F. Buek, David 1. Mooney,
J. G. Metzger, Jes. Bewman, Sam W.
Shrclt, Wm.' Matter, Aaren K. Becker,
Chas. S. Bleaalng, Penrose Frank, 11. It.
Nlssley, J, M. Hippie, Ed. E, Hippie, Ferd
M. Seurbeer, D. K, Smith, Henry Petier,
Hiram Splokler, Jacob Shelley, Ilenry
Swords, J. U. Cenner, F, G. Pennell,
The first officers Instalted were: Past
commander, J. M, Hlpple j sonler yloe
cemmander, Michael Drabenatadt; Junier
vloe cemmander, Jeaeph Bewman ; chap
lain, Hiram Splckler ; surgeon, Harvey A.
Uuohttiyer offleor of the day, W. W.
Buller ; officer et tbe guard, Ilenry Petier ;
adjutant, Allen K. Martin ; quartermaster,
J. It. Raymond ; quartormaster sergeant,
F. G. Pennell; sergeant major, Kd K.
Bines its organization the following have
been mustored In: J. H. Raymond, U. L.
Mooney, J. K. Cassell, Jacob Walters, A,
B. Welsh, Wm. Bewman, Henry Zerphy,
Dr. Jacob L. Zlegler, CapU L. D, Gallagher,
Benj. F. Eberle, J as. Doneghy, doeeasod;
i'Jiinp a. pyie, Hamuel Kurlr, Rev. E. J.
Miller, Michael Hendler, MIehael Brandt,
Allen K. Martin, Abraham L. Kelp,
Douglas I'attonen, peter Waliz, Wm.
Doneghy, U. O, Rheem, Jehn F,
Loraw, Rouben W. Krolner, Jac, M. Yeung,
Jno. Shenk, Harrison II. Krolner, Wm,
Swords, deoeasod ; Ell II. Shrelner, Henry
Mehn, C, A, Lytle, Abram B. Culp, L. D.
Rutherferd, Uenry 11. Greenewalt, Jeseph
It, Htrlokler, J. W. Wertmsn, Phil. J.
Dleter, Goe, Raehman.
The pest meet tbe soeond and fourth
Monday of oaeh month in OJd Fellows
hall, Kast Main stroet, Tbe room Is illled
with G. A. R. paraphernalla. Hanging en
the walls Is a hsndsome oil painting of
Lieut, I). II. Misaley.
David M, Mattln, Who Was Once Cleilc
Ujuatter Session In This Country.
Frem, the Mount Jey llerald.
. David M. Martin, of Osberne, Ohie, died
en Tburaday evening, In the 73d year et his
age. Mr. Martin was born In Mount Jey
township January 15, 1810, en what Is
known as tbe old Samuel Shoarer farm.
Ills father In 1818 purchased the old Cress-
Key hotel that steed en the cerner of
Main and Mew Haveti streets en the let
new owned by Mr. Illldebrant aad moved
thore. Mr. Martin remained at the hotel
until almost of age. When twenty-ene
Gov. Rltner commissioned him a Juitlce of
the poace for the townships of Denegal,
Mount Jey and Raphe.
In 1835 the school directors of Fast Done Dene
gal elected him te leach tbe first public
school In the township, known aa Richland
academy, slnoe transformed Inte Mechanics'
hall, owned by Aurelln Council, O, U. A,
M., of this borough, lie taught school for
thirteen years, alternating botween the
11 Academy" and the Old Bell soheol bouse
that ha been converted Inte a dwelllug,
and la ewned by Mr. Lewla Seeman. In
1848 be was olected olerk of quarter sessions
and moved te Lancaster, where he lived
for aeven years, having eorved as clerk in
tbe recorder's office under Jehn Brady,
after bis term as quarter sosslens clerk had
expired. Frem Lancaster he romevod te
Osberne, Ohie, where be was admltted te
the bar and foile.vod the profession almost
np te the tlme of bis death.
Mr. Martin was closely Identified with
the early history el Mount Jey, with which
he was qulte familiar aud always retained
his love for the old home. He waa a man
of strong oenvlotlons, and many virtues, a
kind fatber and husband. He was twlce
msrrled and leavos a widow, and three
children of the first msrrlsge, D. B. Martin,
general passenger agent CO O, itl.rallreed;
Oscar T. Martin, attorney, Springfield,
Ohie, and Mrs. Samuel Donaven, Mount
Jey borough. He waa a brether of the late
C. M. Martin, of this borough.
Commencement Wetk at Hlllersvllle.
MiLLBHsvn.r.B, June 23, The oxerolios
of commencement week si tbe Nermal
school will begin enSunday morning June
21, when tbe Rev. C. H. Harding, of Phila
delphia, a member of the clam 'GO, will
preach tbe baccalauroate sermon In the
On Tuesday ovenlng the Rev. J, R, T,
Gray, of Lancaster, will dollver an address
bofero tbe literary aocletlos of tbe institu
tion. Class day exercises en Wodnerday fore fero foro
neon, beginning at 9.30.
A private meeting of the Alumni associa
tion will be held In the afternoon, and a
publle meeting of tbe same asaoelatlon will
be held In tbe evening.
Tburaday, regular gradnatlen exercises.
The number of graduates this year Is 27;
of tbese 13 will deliver orations ou Thurs
Iluudrril. or Duelling, aud Thousands uf
Live Iteperted Lest In Mixlce,
The worst Heed evor known In the his
tory of Mexico occurred en the night of
Tuesday, tbe 191b. The rain started at 6 p.
m. and oentlnnod all night and all next
day, The latest advices from Seles report
600 houses awept away and a gtcat num
eor of lives lest, ;whlle at Loen, tbe next
elty In slzs te the capital, 1,000 bodies hava
been recovered, One Mile Square, In the
heart of tbe city, la gorged, whlle every
hour brings te light new horrors.
At Lsgen, about 40 mllea north of Leen.
the less of llie and property Is nearly
equally as terrlble as as Loen, many people
auu came ueing nwupi snay in tne rusning
waters, mines titled with water and miners
trying te escape weredrowned. Tbe coun
try from Celaya te Legas Is ene Immense
sea, whlle the railroad Is In a deplerable
condition. Hundred et families are home
less at all points, and many are starving.
Creps are ruined. Thore is no telegraphte
communication by tbe railroad te tbe City
of Mexico, and It Is still raining eyer the
ontlre republic
Fate el I'ear Beye.
1'eur boys were drowned in the canal at
the feet of Domine lane, en tbe Schuylkill
river, at Maeayunk, Friday night. They
went In bathing at that point, and whlle
atandlng en n leg It rolled ever and they
were thrown Inte the caual. Their names
are: Frank Wright, aged II years; Wil
liam Crowley, aged 13 years: Arthur
Crowley, aged 12 years; Jehn Edmunds,
aged lOyeais. Tney all lived In tbe vi
nlnltvnt llldire avonue and Domine lane.
Tbe Crowley boys are grandsons of a well
known Baptist clergyman In that neighbor
hood, and the parent of young Wright ate
also old resident, of Msnayank,
mTTD rrmrrx i-.T7t-a.Tma &
i. ahjlu jlmj JXJiA.O, f
is two PLacea. S&l
.. nm
neiingiiDumi uiien mirror the WeaaaHs .
snaaes ma Attempt te jena Her Ltre Die
covered by Officer Gardner aad Pre
vented Carrying- eat Her Deetgas.
Just Imfnrn nnnn tvri thai wife of raka i'ti
..... : :r r "w " 'jw,
npeiuei, wne residea at the corner of Maae f
anil I.eni-Al etrnAtM mila it...Ml e r.h-1
effort te take her lire. Her haabeaul ''
threw nhttilrnn mt. nut ,rh ft.,.,, mM 4,
!.. uu- -. . . . . . A''
uum ouejuutuieu a susrpsagea rlaOrnMt f
after arraying horself In her best elewft
steed befere a mirror np talrs ".
drew the razor across her threat twlefcil
. . . --- n.iieuIIUVff w,
a neighbor lady named Btumpf, telling MtJ;
iieinrn iimna this ih. i,a,i wtnM . ..- i- -
...... .mi luieuuuu vexing ner lire AMf
Ollloer Gardner waa n.sslne-tnn r..niCl
stroet near Maner he was acecated'
by a little girl named Snyder, "'
..- ,. ninuj UI.Otl HUU UIIU IIIOI IBSiWl
Mr. Spoldel bad taken her life. The effl- j5?
cer ran te the bouse and went up tain' '
He found Mrs, Speld-u lying en the bed I'l
nuu ma razor in ner nana. Jbromawennd "?41
.u ... iiiiun uiu uiuuu WBB gala 'Wn
lng. The offleer, with great dlffloelty, "$
took the rarnr frntn hr .nil i.m,Ii r J'j :
her from doing any further damage. The t-m
wnote neighborhood was aroused and '?
greatly excited and a orewd was book at that Ay
uunuiiu.i luraivai mu waa neat ssr-gj;
Un.lll.1 I.M..BM IL.AI.1 -I.. m Ti'
...... .. .-uwu..u.i,a. auu uuaiumaa wsrei'
, rw ftnn.t nik, mm am ... .. A. l(A
-uuu u uuu iu eMuiiaea me wctcnaa sr.,i
AMd l,.,nl ft.,. Hi. A K.l .. . $ '
.uv. .uuuu ..... .., iiw mu nuta in awrjvjVJ
turuau uue wen eueui an men ana a half ;;..-!
in lengih, but it was net deen : the ether V?J
was en ly a surraoe wound. The physician
owed tbe principal wound up and It is
net dangereus,
Mr. Speidel told Officer Gardner, when m.
t,A ff,,rtr Id. t-a'i. .sm l.w .... 1. B....-ai ,.'
... u.lu .u,e..v.uu ni.u UUI, UIO WOUlO.Tf
" mi" suuki u mr, sue uewrva, i jj
HhA eelrf ehn wnntd tin IS ae.ln t-- ?-
zc: :r rr .." "v... .""".
ue sui uuneDu. biih, Dpeiaei reaajr
against the doctors sawing her wound ai-"
made an efTjrt te teareif the htnitue FhA :
doetors piaeed a waleh ever her, bat
seems determined te take her life.
The cause assigned for tbe women's
attempt en her life la thst aha ha fatally
troubles of whleh the publle knew bat 4
,..,.w. Mv.uw u. .w. Mv.uww.n m-if Mm mwK ,. .
mind Is net sound. She I CO years of aa. &
. .. . ... . : VJ9-5
a imie tirantcet 10 snow cans way m New ,i
Trial Bhenld Net Be Had. " -.
CenrtmetatlO o'clock thl morning tit).
inu iraneijeiiuu ui uuxieui uuunea BSM.IO g.ii
hear araument of a few eases en theiwaWi "a
i.;r?i.j ....; v j. tt-a
iisieunuuuiniuuiii wuiy, vja
iiuuii tt. .uujr, uuuriuiauui EHlUUBr Mi -
tbe first degree, was brought front jctaeatf
mis morning ey anerui xuraneiaer MM ,
taken Inte court te be present when a MV'
tlen for a rule for a new trial was askatffsjp
His oeunsol made the motion and the
granted tbe rule prayed for. It will
argued at tbe September term of oeart, lav!' '
ginning en ine intra Monday. z
In the suit of Jacob Wanner v. Cltrfcw-
tlsn Sander and David Wanner, the rale) top j
if.fanU Ma. illut...uj
aavaa-aaaiv n mm U.UUa1.l1U. 4 y 1 4 ,
The Judgment docket was ealled Mil?
twenty-ene Judgmenta entered for waist
a ples, appearanoe and affidavit of defsaiae. m
Tayler Balr, oenvloted at the Jaawaat39
jeurned quarter sessions court of malMeaai -
mischief and assault and battery,
tencedte pay a fine of $100 andocswjer;
prosecution, and for surety of the peaew te' -glve
ball te keep the peace. Vl
A rule waa granted te show cause Whyti? 3
allal miinlD tf t,naaalna a.l....l .& . .. jSi
Samuel M, Wetzel tbe damsges ssteaaed tevl
him by reasen of Cheater stroet being 1
openod through hi land. H
A Little Bey Badly Darned.
Willie, a throe-yoar-eld son of Hany,
Haider, residing at Ma 33 Hsger Btret,e
with a serious burning accldent Friday $
aftornoen. The child was In an up-stalea
,'rf 5
wvu. auu huv iuuiuui niM uunijjr aflgsAesa
downstairs. Hhe hnt thn lltlla Callaa.7
. y .-T..z :. :" ::: : iz.t.;
au.vaiu auu iiuiuaiy ran up BIBUW. sail
quickly ran up stair.
found that tbe boy's clothing waa en tn; '
and with great presence of mind ah Uuwr ;5
her dress around him and exUnguUhed ki
flames. The boy's body waa burned Jmi
large and ngly blisters en one side, aad Dr.f
Hess was sent for te attend him. Ittaanpu
iweeu mat me mils lenew get possession Of
WIT Atjt,A- lPft aSaa-ha-a! A .... m mM -iaa,-, a-aka.a hT a
'" auujB wx " siwr siriiag k
them set fire te his clothing. ::
Mahlenbenr Collee-e OemmsEeimssL V',,i.:
The twentv.flrst innml Mmm.ni'.nuaeVtr'i
... . . .wHavHwaaan-asm lJ
ft Muhlanliirc avitlaaA a. A ll.nlnun. aa-tll '
epen en June 24 and continue dally uattll
j une -ve. uu tue uveuiug 01 me lermer aayn,3
the president. Rev. Theodora L. Hain. will'
dellver the bsccalaureate aermen. On
Wednesday morning tbe Junier oraterleal
prize oentest will take place and en Wedaee- .'JiM
day evening tne address te the ainmnt will
ha HallflMii1 h Umf...n, W . 1-.aaB a.. TV-J
w uu.i.u.uv. a.j a...U-ev,t ,, , ., ut-aVSV, U -T . ",
Tanaaatn. On lh.f.tlilkartnmMiu.aaMa,t .'
4cuvm.w.. I in IIIIIMIIHHI..HIIH
proper and oenforring of degrees will take m
nlaee. Q.
Maklac I'nblle Teller.
Tbree fisshlly drsssed country girl, who
oame te town early this morning, attracted s'i
considerable attention. They stepped at
thn fountain In frnnt fit Ttllrlranrlaa-Caa'a
.M.v.nva, a. . I. a Kf.avfliAv i m.,la, a. t -."3
Ktuuljr a. iu nuiuniiii auai.sii auu HTOa ,-
coeded te take a cooling drink. One then '."
drew a oemn irem nor pocket, ana ctlpptag iiZ
1. in iue wauir, cuuuy uuuiuvu aar eaaaa.
The ethers did the same, and they tkemr
walked away without notleing tbe crowd
of bad boys who were laughing at them.
A Mixed Drink.
E very body Is trying different' kinds et
drinks this het weather with hopes et keep Jh
jug ixxii, uui iuu quuvrusfc una 01 tee eeaaea , -Vwi
waa taken bv a Maner farmer at thn f fennav - iJ
hrtn.n thta ninrnlnc. TT a lvilr hat f a alaant.f424
of beer and after nillnu- It tin with waaar.i-'
ntanaH n.Alaa.nnnnhila Alann., In I. ISaMv &
i,miu u , u H,wi'uuu, uv w, bun, . aOTaa f J,
stirring It up well be drank It down. l;-,
Mums that thn nld crentleman doss avatw
drink this peculiar mixture te keep eoel
but it is bis sieauy coverage. ,
. -i
A stranbsrry Feetlvat.
The Ladles Aid society of the First Rt-j
formed church boidaiiraweorryieauvaLW. ,t-ij
Central hatl,Centre Square, Friday evealtifs'jj
and will continue 11 aiuruayeven.Da;. ..awj
ball wbb prettily fitted up, and the atteM,fJ
ancc, notwithstanding me intense neat, waHj
Very geed, ine iruue, crvaiua, Hin, g.,t . j
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for slsnder against Alice Van Meter, TsveJ''
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for chastity. -i
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