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" '" ..-I, , i . . ""M":,"""''''WI"i''1
3'.dj min Harrison Chesen en
tbe Eighth Ballet
- a
scventh ane final iiaLLer.
1 he Blx i Day of llie Convention Optns Wbh
lllalut'a Lieutenants Cenflilcnt at Nominal,
leg Tbelr FTeill, Hut the lUrrlten Army
Oalei S3 Itccrutts Frem t'ennrjlranla and
the Support Pre in Other States Give the Ir Ir Ir
(llaDlautbefloneror Leading the He pani:-
cu l'.nj.l'pSalt ltlir.
The unsuccessful balloting of Saturday
mernlng'a bosbIeu had tbe elleet only of in
tensifying tee Interest In tbe proceeding!
et the convention wben It was called te
order alter the rece;s. Tbe galleries were
filled early, and In tbe apace reaerved for
tbe delegates tbe bam of conversation was
Incessant, llardly bad tbe gavel of tbe
chairman fallen upon tbe desk when Mr.
King, et Maryland, meved that the conven
tion adjourn until 11 o'clock Monday morn
ing. Tbe chair diclded tbat the tell of
states be called.
When It was apparent tbat the motion te
adjourn had prevailed, a delegate from
Alabama arose and Inquired whether rail
road tlckets which expired by limitation
Saturday would be extended. In respenss
the chairman, whoae voice Is still weak,
directed the secretary te state tbat tbe
tickets would be geed nntll the convention
adjearned sine die, and when thesecreta y.
by Bn lnadvortence, spoke about railroad
passe, tbe convention realized tbe Judic
ieusness of the slip and applauded and
laughed vigorously.
The ebalrman then annnnnced the vote
te Htand, Yeas 400, nays 322, and tbe con
vention accordingly n1 J 'turned te meet en
Monday morning at 11 o'clock.
TO BI'ltINU DLMNE'S S till!.
Tbe bklrmltnlng- Fur the rlmned Knight,
Caliteriimns (letting TlitlrChampiBiie.ltendJ-,
Cuicaue, June 23. Around tbe botels
this morning it Is perslatently rumored
tbat a final communication has been rc rc rc
oelvod from Mr, Blrlne and at tbe con
venlng of the convention this morning
unanimous consent for Ha presentation
will be asked. Hut this is Just as persist
ently denied by B. F. Jenes arm Stephen
Klklus, although tbe fact that tbey
couch their denial In tlie werds: "I
have absolutely recelved nothing from
Mr. Blalne" limy bu significant
There Is a geed deal of talk concerning
tbe secret Blalne conference last night and
tbla morning at tbe Orand i'acltl-, In which
some sixty delcgates, representing all tbe
B'.ales exeeptlng Nebraska, Jewe, Kansas,
North Carolina, Seuth Carolina and Missis
sippi wero tbe participant?. All et tbem
that have been seen agree that altbeugb no
letter or dispatch from Mr. lllalne was pre.
scnted, it was nevertheless determined te
inake a stand for bis nomination regard lets
of bis own wishes In tbe mailer. A geed
many of tbe delegates made lengthy
speeches la which It was oentondod
that Mr. Blaine, being se far away,
did net cleat ly understind the sit
uation when his lotters wero written,
tbat the platlerm which had Leen adopted
was ene upon which he could stand and tbat
there was no doubt but that It nominated
he would obey the call. Ham Fessenden
announced tbat wben the proper time came
Maine would be ready with her supjiert
F. L. Burden said tbe same for Massachu
setts, Wilsen, of Kentucky, and ex-Clever,
nor Warmetb, of Louisiana, pledged thelr
delegations antl Logen II. Heets, of Ar
kansas, made an earnest address In favor
et going ahead vltbeut watting for any
word from the leader across the sea. After
about everybody present had added some
thing te tbe dlscusblen It was formally pro
posed tbat a committee should be appointed
totake charge et Blaine's interests and place
htm in nomination, niter the fourth
ballet te-day. But this was opposed
by Heets, who did net want any
speelal time fixed for springing tbe canal
date's name, and as a geed many ethers
agreed with blm, It was declded te simply
v empower the nommlttee te take the matter
la band, determine Blaine's actual
strength aud report at a meeting at 10
o'clock this morning. When the con
ference adjourned at 2 o'clock this commit
tee, which la composed of Creed Uaymend,
Cel. Samuel Fesaenden, Pewell Clay Clay
eon, F. L. Burden (Mass.) Charles
Emery Smith ( Pa. ) and General
Marcy (Tent).) appointed canvassers te
poll each delegation and get the name of
every Blaine supporter. They went about
their work with a will, and a great many
delegates were pulled out of their beds te
answer the interrogatories. At this writ
ing thelr labors have net been concluded.
The California contingent Is be confident
tbat Blatne will be nominated te-day that
it has ordered two hundred gallons et the
latest and mest fashionable brand of cham
pagne. They have also bought a hundred
bright tin cups from a wholesale hardware
store. That is taken te mean that wben
the Jollification cemes no faucels will be
used. Tbey will simply knock In tbe bead
of tbe barrel aud let everybedy dip.
At 9 o'clock the Harrison, Alger, Allisen
nd Qresbam leaders were holding separate
ceherences. The report around the bead
quarters et each delegation Is that the word
has gene out te stick.
Olarksen when asked what will be done
this morning In tbe convention replied :
'Just what we were doing when we left
eB en Saturday."
Sherman's followers are In exuberant
spirits and are going around elalming tbe
nomination of tbeir man en the second
ballotte-day. They claim thatir New Yerk
adheres te Its premise te give him a show
after It drops Harrison and they get tbe
support that has been privately pledged
from Iowa, Pennsylvania and ether states
they will make such a showing as will con
vince the antl Sherman element that It is
useless any longer te kick against tbe
prick. They also profess te be much
encouraged by tbe action et tbe Southern
delegates In deciding te stand firm te Sher
man. The Harrison tneu are talking In
precisely tbe. stme vein and make much
of the fact that considerable betting en a
basis el four te ene against Ulalne's nomi
nation Is being done.
Mr. Elklns, asked In tegard te the lllalte
conference, said : " I want what 1 say te
go te the country as the unqnalllled senti
ment of the leading friends of Mr. Blaine.
There has been much misunderstanding In
tbe matter, both by tbe publle and these
who represent tbe publle In this conven
tion. Mr. Blaine Is net a candidate before
this convention, unless by and with the
consent of at least four of the leading can
Haidatea Jiow before II. He will net be
placed la nomination under any etrenm.
etaacea, and his friends trust that
his friends In the convention will
refrain from voting for him until
every ether man has had an opportunity
for tbe nomination. A I said, wa want at
lent four of the presidential candidates te
relinquish their held upon whatever claims
they may have upon the convention and
make Mr. Blaine their candidate aa
nearly unanimously aa possible. His
Maine friends, led by Congressman Ben.
telle and Mr. Manley.wlll insist en this and
they are supported by every clear-headed,
honest friend et Mr. Blaine. Of course
tiere are a tew het-heada here, aa
meat anywhere, end they are attempt
ing te force things, bnt auch a move will
be deprecated by these who understand
Mr. Blatne'e relation te this convention in
view et bla letters. The chief reason
for tbe caucus was te obviate anything
eantemplated which might leek aa If hla
name waa being forced upon the con.
ventlen. ;At this meeting the Maine
delegates I have mentioned fought
for some length of time te com
bit acy rash or foolish action en tbe
part of hasty friend, and then I was called
en, together with several ether gentlemen
who are net delegate), and therefore bad
no right te a plaee in the caucus, 1 can
newaay te you tbat there will be no
stampeding. The ether candidates must
bare their day In the convention,
and then if there la no nomination
and tbe representatives of at least
four candidates conclude tbat Mr.
Blalne la the only solution te the dilemma
iney can nominate blru, anil I have no
doubt he will aect pt. But we must have it
practically unanimous or we won't listen
te it. At any rate we are Intent en holding
down these whose blind fidelity le Mr.
Blalne would make It appear tbat he
wished te objeot te the nomination by an
tagonizing tbe ether candidates."
IJUpatebes Frem mains Bead le the Cuu-
v.utlen by Mr. Moetelle RtseJls
el The Halletlng,
Convention Halt., CnioAae, June 25.
10:30 a m. The throng outside tbe audi
torium was net as dense tbla morning as
was tbe case at every session of the conven
tion last week. ThU is explained by tbe
feet that nearly all of the polltlefl clubs and
legions and the great mass et goneral visi
tors disappointed by the protracted length
of the convention and despairing of having
an opportunity seen te assist in the ratifies ratifies
tlen of the successful nominee, had turned
tbelr feces homeward en masse after the
adjournment en Saturday altorneon. Still,
what under ether circumstances would be
regarded as an Imposing crowd besieged
the doers of the building from an early
hour and from the time that the gatekeepera
began thelr duties at half paBt nine there
was a continuous uproar te tbe upper parts
ei tne house.
An hour later very few of the nine thou
sand seats allotted te the outside publle
were empty. The -delegates, tee, en tbe
whole were remarkably early lu arriving.
Thirty of the New Yerk, nearly all of tbe
Virginians and many Southern, Minnesota,
Michigan and Ohie contingents were In
their seats at half-past ten o'elock, although
the time for reassembling waa hair an henr
later. Very little enthusiasm was mani
fested and the leading lights of tbe gather
ing strolled In one after another without
being accorded a single demonstration.
Inside aa outside the atmosphere waa
close and sultry and there were Indications
or a thunderstorm, a fact which caused an
enthuslastle Blalne man te suggest that tbe
elements were preparing te give the auo aue auo
eesstul candidate a baptism et thunder and
Mr. Manley, of Maine, remarked te a
United Pi ess reporter this morning tbat
Blalne would accept only a unanimous
nomination, which at present seemed Im
possible and tbat he hoped there would be
no mere voting for Blaine unless he weie
formally pnt In nomination.
Chairman Kstee said as he passes the
United Press stand: "Beys, we are going
te make u president fur you te-day cure."
At 11 o'elock Chairman Kstee accom
panied by Kev. Dr. Edmonds, editor of the
Northwestern Christian Advocate, who
was te open tbe sixth day of the convention
with prayer, made their appearance. Net
a dozen delegates were absent when the
chair, at 11:05, brought down his gavel upon
the desk nnd announces tbat tbe conven
tion would come te order.
After prayer the band strikes up "Nearer
My Ued te Thee." Mr. Uuosten (Va.)
eilered a resolution that no vete should be
counted which waa cast for any one who
ha 1 net been regularly placed in nomina
tion. Tbe resolution waa doelnred le be
out et erder.
Mr. Boutelle (Maine) tben took tbe plat
form and proceeded te talk about Mr.
Blaine's attitude toward tbe convention.
He said tbat without attempting te glve any
construction te tbe language employed,
will read aome dispatches from Mr. Blaine,
as follews:
KniNiiunci, June 21 Boutelle and Man
ley. Earnestly request all friends te re
spect my Paris letter. Br.MNK.
EuiNiiune, Jnne 25 It jutelle and Man
ley. Malno delegation, Chicago. I think I
have a right te ask my friends te respect
my wishes and refrain from voting for me.
Please make this and former dlspateh pub pub
leo promptly. J. U. Blaine.
Tbe convontien then proceeded te call tbe
roll of states for the sixth ballet, which re
sulted as given belew :
Alabama Sherman 12, Alger 6, Harrison
1, Blalne 1.
Arkansas A Iger II.
California Blaine 10.
Colerado Harrison G, Blalne I,
Connecticut Sherman G, Alger 2, Alli Alli
eon -1.
Delaware Harrison -1, Qresham 1.
Flerida Harrison 1, Alger 5, Sherman 1.
Georgia Ureaham 1, Fred. Grant 1, Har
rison 2, Sherman 11).
Indiana Harrison 20, Ure&hatn 1.
Iowa Allisen 20.
Illinois Harrison 3, Qresham 41,
Kansas Qresham 3, Harrison G,
man 1, Alger 2, Allisen 3, Blaine 3.
Kentucky Blaine 1, Sherman 9, Alger
0, Qresham 2, Harrison 7, KcKlnley 1.
Louisiana Sherman 9, Allisen 2, Alger
3, Qresbam 2.
Maine Allisen I, Harrison 1, Alger 2,
Sherman 3, Oreaham 3, Feraker 1, MoKln MeKln
ley2, Maryland Sbermau C, Harrison C, Alli Alli
eon 1, Blaine 3,
Massachusetts Greabam , McKInley 1,
Allisen 2, Harrison fi, Alger 8, Sherman lU
Mleblgsn Alger 20.
Mlnneaeta-Alger 3, Harrison C, Qresham
Mississippi Blalne 1, Qresham 3, Sher
man 1 1.
Missouri Alger 15, Greshsm 11, Harrison
2, Sherman 2, Allisen 1, McKlnley I.
Nebraska Allisen 5, Sherman 3, Alger 2.
Nevada Alger 6, Blaine 1,
New Hampshire Sherman 1. Allisen 1,
Harrison G,
New Jersey Qresham 1, MeKlnley 3.
Harrison It.
New Yerk Uarrlsen 72.
North Carolina Harriton 2, Alger
Sherman 11.
Ohie Sherman 45, Harrison 1 ( Luckei ).
Oregon Blaine 1, Qresham 5.
Pennsylvania Harrison C, Sherman 51.
Khede Island Allisen 8.
Seuth Carolina "Harrison 1, Sherman C,
Alger 11.
Tennessee Ulalne U, Alger 6, Harrison 2,
Allisen 1, Sherman 8.
Tennessee Is being polled. The result
et the roll call of Tennessee u aa fellows ;
Alger 0, Allisen 1, Blaine 8, Harrison 1,
Sherman 8.
Texas Sherman 7, Alger 3, Allisen 8,
Ureeham.1, McRlnley 3, Harrtaen 1, Blaine
Vermont Harrison 8.
Virginia-Sherman 10, Allisen 5, Harrl.
a in e, Alger 3.
West Virginia Alger l,Blalne2,Qreaham
1, Harrison 2, McKlaley 1, Shormae 5.
Wisconsin Harrison 21, Oreaham 1.
Arizona Alger 2.
Dakota Harrison 10,
District or Columbia-Blaine 1, Alger 1.
Idaho Qresham 2.
Mentana Ureaham 1, Allisen 1.
New Mexico Alger 1, Sherman 1.
utab Allisen 2.
Washington Territory Qresham 4, Alger
1, Harrison 1.
Wyoming Allisen 2.
The sixth ballet waa completed at 11:55
and resulted as fellows :
Aill.en.... ,
Shenn an. .....,
iiiiititiiinitti 17
iiiiitititittiHn 73
eeeaas i a 91
ieaeeeefee SMI
. SI4
e tttsa X
eeeeetsaateeaaaa 12
Fretl. Grant..
Alabama Sherman 12, Alger 0, Blaine 1,
Harrison 1.
Arkansas Alger 14.
California Harrison 1G.
Rell call demanded In California delega
tion resulted: Harrison 15, Alger 1.
Colerado Allisen 0,
Connecticut McKlnley 1, Alger 2, Sher
man C, Harrison 4.
Delaware Harrison G, Qresbam 1.
Flerida Harrison 4, Alger 3, Sherman 1.
Georgia Alger 1, Lincoln 1, Harrison 3,
Sherman 17, Qresham I.
Illinois Qresham 40, Harrison . V Alger 1.
Indiana Harrison 29, Qresbam 1.
Iowa Allisen 20.
Kansas Harrison 12, Sherman 1, Alger 1.
Allisen 3, McKInley 1,
Kentueky Alger 3, Harrison 10, Slier,
man 0, Blaine 1, McKInley 1, Qresham 2.
Louisiana Sherman 9, Alger 3, Allisen
2, Qresbam V.
Maine Snerman 1, Alger 1, Harrison 2.
Allisen 2, Greshsm 2, McKInley 3, Feraker
Maryland Sherman C, Harrison 9, Blaine
Massachusetts Llnoeln 1, Hresham 1,
McKInley 1, Alger 2, Allisen 3, Harrison 9,
Sherman 11.
Michigan Aiger 20.
Minnesota Alger 2, Harrison 8, Qresham
Mississippi Qresham 3, Sherman 14,
Blaine l,
Missouri Sherman 2, Alger 14, Qresham
12, Harrison 3, McKInley 1.
Nebraska Alger 2, Allisen C, Shermin
1, Harrison 2
Nevada Allisen G.
New Hampshire Harrison 8.
New Jersey Sherman 1, Greiham 1,
Algnr 1, MeKlnley 5, HarrlJen 10.
New Yerk Harrison 72.
North Carolina Harrison 3, Alger 7,
Sherman 12.
Ohie Sherman 45, Harrison 1.
Oregon Qresham tl.
Pennsylvania Sherman 57, Uairlsen 3.
Knil ell demanded.
The result of the roll eall was as fellows :
Sherman 52, Harrison 8.
Khede Island Allisen 0, Harrison 2.
Seuth Carolina Alger 11, Sherman 0,
Harrison 1.
Tennesaee-AIger i, Blalne 0, Sherman
5, Harrison 3, Allisen 1.
Texas Alger 2, Allisen 8, Sherman 7,
Qresham 1, Harrisons, MeKlnley 2, Blaine
2, Creed Haym'end 1.
Vermont Harrison 8.
Virginia Allisen 5, Harrison G, Alger ?,
Sherman 10.
West Virginia Blalne 2, Ureaham 6,
Harrison 3, McKInley 1, Sherman 1.
Wisconsin Harrison 20, Qresham 2.
Arizona Alger 2.
Dakota Harrison 10.
Dlstrlet Columbia Blalne 1, Alger 1.
Idaho Qresham 2.
Mentana Qresham 1, Allisen 1.
New Mexico Alger 1, Sherman 1,
Utab Allisen 2.
Washington Territory Harrison 1, Alger
1, Qresham 4.
Wyoming Sherman 2.;
Tbe seventh ballet was completed at 12:30
and resulted as fellows :
Bl-erman Sit
Allisen 70
Aleer .
Ultimo ,
, 218
At the conclusion of tbe seventh ballet
Mr. Hendersen, of Iowa,, said : "I rise te
thank the friends In this convention who
have shown their confidence in tbe char
acter and fitness of Wm. B. Allisen for tbe
presidency and here, with tbe authority of
tbat gontleman, 1 withdraw bis name from
the further consideration el this conven
tion." (Applause).
Alabama Harrison 3, Sherman 5, Alger
10, Blalue 2.
Arkansas Alger 14.
California Blaine 1, Harrison 15.
Colerado Harrison 0.
Connecticut Harrison 12.
Delaware Harrison 0.
Flerida Harrison 2, Alger 4. Sherman 2.
Georgia Qresham 1, Alger 3, Sherman
9, Harrison 10.
Illinois Harrison 4, Qresbam 40.
Indiana Uarrlsen 29, Greshsm 1.
Iowa Alger 1, Gresbam 3, Harrison 22
Kansas McKInley 1, Sberman 1, Harri
son 10.
Bell call demanded. The result of the
call Is aa loll ewn: Alger 1, Harrison 10,
McKInley 1.
Kentueky Harrison 11, Sberman 8,
Alger 1, Qresham 2, Blaine 1,
Rell eall demanded.
Kentucky petted: Qresham 2, Sherman
7, Harrison 16, Alger 1, Blalne 1.
Louisiana Uarrlsen ' 9, Sherman 3,
Alger 4.
Maine Harrison 5, MeKlnley 3, Qresham
1, Sberman 3.
Maryland Sherman 4, Harrison 11,
Blaine 1.
Massachusetts Alger 1, Sherman 2, Har
rison 25.
Michigan Alger 20.
Minnesota Alger 1, Harrison 13,
Mississippi Harrison 4, Qresbam 3, Sher
man 11.
Missouri Alger 15, Qresham 8, Harrison
7, Sberman 2.
Nebraska Alger 1, Harrison 9.
Nevada Alger 2, Harrison 4.
New Hampshire Harrison 8
New Jersey Han isen 18.
New Yerk Harrison 72.
North Carolina Harrison 7, Alger 4,
Sbeiman 11.
Kcll call demanded. The result of poll
was Sberman 11, Harrison 8, Alger 3,
Ohie Sberman 45, Harrison 1.
Oregon Uarrlsen G.
Pennsylvania Sherman 1, Harrison 59.
Rhede Island Harrison 8.
Seuth Carolina Harrison 4, Sherman 4,
Alger 10,
Seuth Carolina being polled. The result :
Alger 10, Sherman 4, Harrison 1.
Tennessee Harrison 10, Alger 7.
Houk demands poll.
Tennessee polled ! HarrUen 20, Algar 3,
Texas Harrison 20.
Vermont Harrison 8.
Virginia being polled.
Virginia Harrison 15, Sherman 9.
West Virginia Harrison 12.
Wisconsin Harrison 22,
Arizona Harrison 2.
Dakota Harrison 10.
District Columbia Harrison 2.
Idaho Harrison 2.
Mentana Harrison 2.
New Mexico Harrison 2.
Utah Harrison 2.
Washington Territory Harrison G.
Wyoming Harrison 2.
The eighth and last ballet for president
waa oempleted at 1:13 and resulted aa fol fel fol
eows: SIQUTIt ntUOT,
The nomination of Harrison was received
with considerable enthusiasm. Delegates
roae en masse and the oheerlng waa loud
and long. .
The band also played patrlotle alrr.
The roll call demonstrated tbe accuracy
of the vote as already given and Governer
Feraker moved tbat the convention make
Harrison's nomination unanimous. He
eald tbat the delegation from Ohie, who
were all Sherman men, wculd go away
from this convention all Harrison men.
They could de se, he aatd, with perfect
consistency because they all knew tbat
Harrison waa born in Ohie. (Great ap
plause. )
Mr. Uerr, of Michigan, said he oame here
hcplng tbat one el Michigan's sons would
be obesen as tbe standard bearer of the
Republican party, but they had net suc
ceeded In tbe desire, and new II It were
asked hew tbe Mlehlgan delegation would
stand by Harrison he would reply by
pointing out tbe way In which they had
steed by Alger. He accepted tbe result
and he hoped that all the delegations would
return te their homes believing that the
nomination whleh bad been made had been
Indicated by Frovldenco from the start.
They bad come here be said, te place a
aoldler at tbe head of the ticket and In tbat
they bad snoeeoded.
Senater Farwell promlsed that Illinois
would give her electoral vote te Harrison
and be also seconded lite motion of Gover Gover
eor Feraker te make Harrison's nomination
Mr. Depewsald that as the only presiden
tial candidate In the convention he also sec
onded tbe motion. He thought wben he
came bore Ohie would carry oil the honors
because that state always gained tbe day.
The dolegates would go away w ttheut heart
burnings and full of entbuslasm.
General Hastings said he had been In
structed by the Pennsylvania delegation te
congratulate tbe conviction en tbe selection
It had made. Pennsylvania had a hundred
thousand majority for any Republican can
dldate and Harrison would get It all.
Qen. Hendersen, of Iewp, said he wna
full or sorrow net bocause the man or his
choice had been beaten, bnt because tbe
convontien bad nominated a man against
whom the Democratic party couldn't utter
one truthful word. Ne candid ate could have
been round who could have claimed a
warmer place In tbe hearts et tbe Amorlean
people. Ne words of calumny could be
uttered against General Harrison's charac
ter and what would the qullldrlvera of the
Democratic party de ? Iowa had promptly
withdrawn lis candidate te with equal
promptness It responded te the call of the
oenVontlon when the tide turned in the
direction et the candidate who bad been ae
enthusiastically named.
Mr. Boutwell, et Malno, said tbat bla
delegation bad been placed In a dellcate
and embarrassing position. Tbey oame
Impressed with the feeling tbat tbere
might be attributed te tha vete et
Maine, a slgnlflcanoe apart from nu.
rnerlcat strength and they had on en on
deavered te avoid this. Hew well they
bad done this the convontien was tbe beat
Jndge. He pledged the hearty support of
the East te the nominee, ene tbat wenld
call bark the refraln wben another Harrison
was In tbe field: "Have you heard the news
from Maine 7" In tbe forefront et the battle
the white plume would be found gleaming
as It always had. been (Qreat applause)
Creed Uaymend, of California, said he
waa pleased. Davis, of Mlnnesets, sec
onded the motion te make tbe nomination
unanimous. A dispatch was real from
General Alger thauklng tbe convention for
its support and pledglng support In behalf
of Michigan.
Wise and Mahene also speke and Lynch,
of Mlsslppi, supported tbe motion te make
the nomination unanimous.
At 2:10 Harrison's nomination made
At 2:20 an attempt te take a recess l frus
trated. Qen. Hastings takes the ehslr and
the convention proceeds te call the roll ler
vice presidential nominations.
At 2:27 Dennys, of Kentucky, placea W.
O. Bradley, of Kentucky, lu nomination.
CtuoAeo, June 25. 11:05a, m. The con
vention called te order,
11:22 a. m, The roll el states called for
Gth ballet.
11:50. Seventh ballet begins.
The result of California la as fellows :
Alger 1, Harrison 15.
12:32 Pennsylvania and New Yerk are
conferring with a vlew te agreeing en Har
rison. 1234. HonderBou, of Iowa, withdraws
1235 Cullem sajs the Allisen vete will
go te Harrison.
Things leek ycrf favorable for Harrison.
1237 Reperted WIsceniiln'a vete will go
te Harrison.
12:47 Quay siys Pennsylvania will vote
for Harrison.
12:50 Friends et Harrlren claim they
will nominate him en this ballet.
12:58 Thus lar Harrison has gained 110
1 p. m Harrison's frlends say be will
acrely secure the nomination during this
1:01 i', m. Harrison only requires five
votes mere.
1:05 i. m Harrison nominated.
Ir20 i'. m. Rell call erdered te verify vote.
1:25 r. jr. CbBtincey Depew says Morten
will be nominated for vice president en tte
next ballet.
The Beveral llalleta.
MiMKS. r -K -
i i it a i i a 6 7
Bheruian if.'JiJ ill uuitifUi 113
Allisen 77 1 16 HI I 84 W, 73 ;
AIer i 811111; 12." m Hi 137 13) lie
Harrison I 791 M, Mi7 :I3U JisDtl
Deptiw 19 W; ej '
llawley I ill ..' J . .
OreHtiam ill 10B m W .. )! V.J)
Uuik 1 2ii ail 161
Filler w!,..
Icgalls 2, is 16 1
fbulp i! )t is,..
JIUlne is ' ai u a te ll 5
Lincoln ! 8 V1 1 . . . . 2.
McKlaley 2 Si bill 1 It 1! 4
reraker I. . 11.
UenKlas I , I 1
rred.urant ' ,- ) -- .
Il.ymnml . j . i 1
A otialrhtel.il.
Saturday evenlng Geerge Norbeck and
wlfe,otNe3i5 Hist King street, were sitting
en tbe front step for a time, wben they
went Inte the house. They had net been
In five minutes before seme thief walked
up and stele from tbe step a very fine
I camp chair whlei had been left out.
JUNE 25, 1888.
Uerr It Ilsppsna That Hi iBUIllgcncer"
Sutriaises Us I.ecal nival.
"Hew la It the Intklmciknckii Is
always ahead In Ita telegraphte reports et
the Chicago convention 7" Is a query that
has agitated the mlnda of many of Lancas
ter's cltltens.
It may be well te state that, nrlmarllr.
the Intkllieknckh Is a subscriber te the
United Press, an organization that baa a
complete aystera et wires, which are tapped
IntbelNTnLMnuNCEReftlee. The United
Press has a dlroet wire Inte the convention
hall, and every move made by tbat body la
recorded thousands of miles away instan
taneously. Ten secenda after a ballet la
taken the result is in Lancaster and ether
large cltlec a vast amount of lime la aaved
by the dlroet system. Te relay, or repeat a
system of rejwrta, involves a less of time
that means mere than the aurfsce views
Indicate Thus Is happena that the United
Pres?, having a large corps of writers In the
hall, assisted by the meat rapid telegraphers
In the country, Is onabled te sorve Its sub
scribers with tbe- nevts with aa much dis
patch as the modern detective camera re
flects the rcenes against which It Is directed.
During the balloting last week the audi-
enoe befere tbe Inteluokneku bulletin
beard was large enough te partially block
the street. With pencil and paper In hand
scores of Republican polltlelana eagerly re
corded the results posted the mement after
the wires brought them. On Friday night
the iNTRLT.ieKNOKn bulletined tbenewa
of tbe convention taking receaa until Satur.
day morning at 10 o'elock, At the ether
nowspaper nlllecB tbere were meagre
crowds. When the anxious der.en In front
et the J.'xamxncr wero told of the news via
the iNTsr.LinKNenn they did net believe
It, and waited fifteen minutes te soe the
same bulletin put up befere tbem,
The foliewlug Is taken from the Wash
ington Critic, which gees te show hew the
servlce la appreciated :
" The bulletin servlce of tbe United Press
from the convontien hall has been for tbe
past thrce dajs both instantaneous and ex-
uaustivp. une second after the develop-
uiuui i a ;mu uaner, or we total or the
ballets or all tbe states, or any Ineldent of
Interest In tbe convention hall, tbe Infor
mation was In the editorial rooms el the
Cntic. United Pr ess operators here copied
the Information from the special system of
wires at several convenient points In the
corridors surrounding tbe hall et the repre
sentatives and the first Information from
Chicago reaohed tbe Republican and Dem
ocratic numbers by the alert messenger
boys, who rushed In with tbe bits of white
paper bearing tbe legend et The United
Press.' "
The I'lrst te Anneucca IL
The first le pest the nowset Harrison's
nomination In thlselty, was tbe Intkli.j
aiiNOKR, and wben tha bulletin announc
ing the ohelco of tbe eindidst', was
plaecd en tlie baard, the grett
crowd or Hopublleana that strotched hair
way across Seuth Queen Btroet let out a low
cheers. Geergo Bewman sniiled In bread
style as be rccalled bow many bets he had
wen by taking the field against Blaine, and
thore woreothoiH wlie looked unhappy at
the thought that thelr candidate had bad
roeord en the labor question In California,
and bad n Know-Nethlng oareer that
would be disastrous In New Yerk.
Whlle tbore was disappointment en
many faces becauae Blalne was net cbosen,
yet thore was a Harrison sentiment In this
town, due probably te the fact that Dele Delo Dole
gates Hhroder and Saldomrldge supported
him from the soeoml ballet.
But n row minutes after tbe result had
been announced Joreph Biggs, of the New
JCra oilke, swung the stars and stripes from
the Era building. Then the biggest part
of tbe crowd dlspcrsed, but little Interest
being apparently shown In the result for
Vlee president.
Sunday StTlnniirm I'rlgliieneil ICIilit Hsu
Unet Inte tlis Couiatec.
Sunday afternoon n party of boys were
swlmlng In the Conostega, Just below tbe
new railroad lirldge. One et tbem, who
waa net n very geed swlmmer, made a
narrow crnnpe from drowning. He sank
asveral times and was finally saved
by Ira Froellch and Milten Graver.
Sunday a party of men spent tbe day
holding a plcnle en tbe south s!de et Cenes
tega.at Relgart's landing. Tewardsevenlng
tbey desired te return te their homes In this
city and te de this tbey were obliged te
cress tbe ereek. Right of tbem piled en
tbe large fiat which is used for hauling
poeplo across. They had been drinking
considerably daring the day and were there
fore unsteady. The result was that they
could net keep fctlll and the Hat upset, All
were thrown Inte the creek, but they man
aged te escape by swimming te the shore.
This is the llat en whleh the high school
boys woie riding recently when It wss up
set and ene of thelr number was drowned.
l.'Klitninc Mirth. Ic ami It I Hoen Con
sumed Ilia l.ltsMteck Iteteuecl.
On Saturday afternoon about half past
five o'clock the large lunk barn et Jeseph
Buckwalter, who rosldes In Manbelm
township, about thrce mlles eaBt et Kast
Petersburg, was struck by lightning and
totally destroyed. The fire was first
notlced by ene of the titen who gave tbe
alarm. All the Jlve stock and most of the
farming Implements were saved. Seme
hsy, straw, plows, and about twenty
buahels of corn chop wero destroyed. The
barn was a large frame strueture, with a
large shed attached, and was lnsured In the
Manbelm Township Mutual Insurance
company for 12,500; which will net oevor
tbe Ions. Tbe contents wero also lnsured,
but the amount was net ascertained. Near
tbe barn was a large corn beuse and pump
house, both of which wero saved by tbe
Htreuueus oxertlons of the neighbors. Mr.
Buckwalter was near Orevllle assisting his
son In hay-msklng at the tltne of tbe fire.
When he returned home he found what
was ence a large and bcautllul barn a mass
of ruins.
Kxunliiitloiiafer Transfer.
The examinations of pupils for transfer
In the several publle soheols of the city
were begun this morning, and will be
concluded te-morrow. City Superinten
dent Buehrle conducts the examination of
pnplla in the grammar school for transfer
te the high school, the grammar school
teachers of the secondary grade, secondary
school teachers of the lntormedlato grade
and Intermediate school teaabers of the
primary grade. The soheols will clese en
Wednesday end the oemmencoment exor exer
cises villi be held en Friday.
Nuntla' Hterui,
The refreshing rain of Saturday evening
cleared the atmosphero and lowered the
temperature several degrees. A severe
storm lasting but a few minutes struck tbls
city en Sunday afternoon. The large wil
low tree In front of Peter B. Fordney's
rosldence en Seuth Quoeti street, was
broken elf. Branches of trees In ether
parts et tbe city were also broken oil', but
tbat was tbe extent of damage done.
Neat te Jll.
Andrew Jocei, arrested ter drunkenness
and dlsorderly conduct by Otlleer Oil, was
sent jail for five days ibis morning by
Alderman Halbtcb.
Tbe same magistrate committed William
McLaughlin te tbe couety prison for ten
days. William received bis pension a few
days age and as la his practice he went en a
big dtunk,
The Well Known PennsjlTsnta J or 1st Ktplrr s
1st Londen On Baedaf.
Jehn Trunkey, Judge of the supreme
court, et Pennsylvania, who haa been In
liOnden about four week, died en Sunday
at Londen hotel et renal disease. Hla
wlfe waa present, and his eon, who la at
home, waa Immediately telegraphed te,
Jndge Trunkey waa en the common
pleas beneh In Franklin, Venango county,
In November 1877 when aa a Democrat he
was chosen supreme Jndge ever Judge
Sterrett by a uisjurlty of 0,520. His term
would have expired en the first Mendsy of
January 1800.
fits liar Riesling-,
A bar meettn g te take aotlen en the d eath
et Judge Trunkey was held In the large
oeurt room this afternoon, Geerge M.
Kline, esq , was called upon te preside and
Cel. it. Frank P.ahleman was olected sec
retary. The chair stated the etject et the meeting
and paid an elcquent tribute te Judge
Trunkey, whom be styled ene et the ssfest
Judges en the tench.
Wm. U, Uensel, tut., "-M he knew
Judge Trunkey since his nomination for
the suprome Judgeship in 1877. Deeeased
waaanatlve of Pennsylvania, and for 40
yeara practiced his profession. Early he
took a front rank, and In 18GG was selected
Judgoef the Venango and Mercer district.
He bad sorved a fnll form aa
president Judge of Venango county
when he roeolvod the nomination
for supreme Judge In 1877, In the cam
patgn of that year he defeated hla opponent
Judge Sterrltt and has sorved en the su
preeo bench slnce his election, except tbe
past tow months when his health rtqulred
him te go te Europe. Thore were high
hopes of bis reoevory and hla death waa a
shock and aurprlse te his many friends in
this city and stale. He n'eved the appoint
ment et a committee of five te draft a
suitable minute.
Wm. Aug, Atlee socendod llie motion and
also paid an elequent tribute te tbe worth
of deceased aa a gentleman and Judge.
The motion for the appointment of a com cem com
mlttee was unanimously adopted, and the
chair appointed Mems. Uenasl, Lean an,
Wilsen, Atlee and Ceyle as the committee.
The committee reperted the follewing:
At e special meeting of the members et
tbe Lancaster bar held ter the purpose of
expressing the feelings of the bar upon tbe
death et Justice Jehn Trunkey, of tbe
supreme court of the state, tbe aeeretary of
the meeting was directed te put upon tbe
mlnutea and te send te the family of the
deceased a copy of tbe following :
Tbe mombers et tbe bar of Lancaster
county, have heard with deep sorrow tbe
Intelligence or the death In Kurope or Hen.
Jehn Trunkey, for mere than ten years
past, ene of tbe Justices or the supreme
oeurt et Pennsylvania.
Fer nearly forty years of his llfotlme he
was a distinguished member et our profes
sion. As a lawyer be held plaee In tbe first
rank at the bar of Western Pennsylvania.
Hla eleotlen te tbe common pleas bench c(
his natlve and adjoining counties by a vote
whleh disregarded party lines waa
indicated by tbe integrity, ability
and fairness with whleh he dis
charged the responsibilities or that high
position. Called te tbe supreme Jurisdic
tion of the commonwealth, by ibe velne et
Its electors, be faithfully met and fully
discharged tbe duties of tbat exalted court.
His Industry, learning and fairness, hla
dignity and courtesy furnished blm with
tbe best qualities of Judicial oxcellenoe.
He adorned tbe boneh he legally served
tbe state and he deserved the high con
fidence In whleh he was held by the peo pee peo
epla He was, withal, aOnrlsilsn gentleman
who united with tbe accomplishments et
tbe lawyer the sraeea and vtrtnesef private
and. social Hie. Living, be Illustrated the
best type of oltlnenshlp ; and In his deatb
the bencb, tbe bar and tbe people of the
state have sustalned a grievous less.
Tlie Artivts suit Atigmt vieivrrs Unit Rien
Alter Kiglit Inning,
Saturday ovenlng a goed-slzod audlonce
waa at tbe Ironsides grounds te witness a
game of ball botweon the Aotlve and August
Flower clubs et tbls city, which have been
rivals en the diamond for soveral years past
The game was olesely contested for elght
Innings when It was oalletl en account of
the ratn. It was then a tle by the aoero of
10 te 0. The batting was net heavy en either
side and the holding waa very loose, The
bcoielufull fellows :
Al'Ul'ST rujwiit.
r. if. ru. A
B. II. re. A.
Cllnf. ..,.0
i.eiutav, m.i 3 u
iniarin, ji.i
lUtlD, e e
llsgy.it An, 1
llomet'r, f, 1
Trout), pAs.O
Hnlndei, in..O
Hill, 1 0
Wlieh, B....0
UilMcMt.l 0
I'entz, r....t
llel'iigur, 1.1
6 0 2(13 1!
Total .
,4 0 0
Til 15 13
0 0 0-11
0 4 0-0
August flower,
1 0 l
Two-tiesn hlls-lteliler. Ilestnltari three-
batfihlL-Lelbley tiasenn ImlU-err Trntib 1,
etntanylt hit by pitched bell Wltcb, J.elb-
frleilt, i'nntzistrouknut-byTraube, Uagyv,
llncartti a pastel lmlls HcUeehan wlla
imca ueKiriii I utnieil mays iMwn. Jioi Jiei Jioi
Ilegtir, McUeehau, witch, Urtmnmr, HollliiKer,
Unify ana Itlllt 'hit by .hallea ball Hairy i
suilnn buses Acttvn 1, Annual riower'ii left
en bue Active S, August flowers. Uinplie
Hate 1111 Nana.
Saturdays championship games reaulted
aa fellows :
League New Yerk 7, Philadelphia, 0 ;
Bosten 8. Washington 3 ; On let go 12, Pitts
burg 1 ; Detroit I'-', Indianapolis 2.
Association Brooklyn 4, Athlotle .1 ;
Baltlmore 10. Cleveland 3 ; Louisville 10,
Cincinnati, 10 ; Kansas City 0, St. Louts 3.
The Sunday games were : Brooklyn 14,
Baltimore 0 ; Cincinnati 11, Louisville 4,
At Gloucester, N. J., yesterday the Clove Cleve
and club defeated tbe Athlotle Reserves
by I) te 3. The latter was greatly over
matched and the game was a farce.
Tbe Orand Army Kawuipiiisnc.
Great preparations are being made for
the gatbering of veteran soldiers en tbe
Gettysburg battlefield during tbe week be
ginning next Saturday. Fifteen hundred
tents were shipped te Ibe field from tbe
arsenal at llarrltburg en Saturday, and 600
additional tents are being pitched for the
New Jersey delegation. The United States
government has also shipped 1,000 tents
from tbe Schuylkill arsenal. This encamp
ment of tbe Grand Army will be the largest
ever held In Pennsylvania.
l'lnger Mathcil.
Henry Slough, cablnot-reakor, whose shop
is en Grant street, injured his hand badly
en Saturday night He was working with
a hammer around some machinery and he
struck the Index finger of his left hand,
masbleg It badly. Dr. King attended him.
Saturday evenlng'a rain storm caused a
large quantity of earth and at ene te eave lu
at the holder new building at tbe gas
Yeung Democrats te Mett.
A special meeting el tbe Yeung Men's
Democratic club will be held In the club
room, en Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock.
The election or about forty new members
will take place.
lern Adding; te Ul Wardrobe,
Themas J. Uumrelngw, et Reading, Re
publican candidate for president, Just re
celved S new frock suits, making 3J suits
and 17 overcoats, coating l. 3,000.
The Latt Fer lbs Tartu.
The seventh and last subroenafor divorce
for the present term was isiued Saturday
afternoon, upon tbe petition of Anna M.
Rennlnger, who socks a divorce from her
huaband,Jehn J, Rennluger, en tbegreund
tf assart ion,
Orgsetreil ter tbe frtddsnllM censage.t
.lehn K, ataleae Re-sisctea Ohalnmaa.
A Resolution Adopted drpteMng
the Death of Jaege Tresksy.
The members et the Demeeratle eeMtjr
oemmittoe, oheaen at the last primary eee "
Hen, met for organization this saemlaaj, let
the rooms or tbe Yeung Men's Deaaeef)Ms)I
elub. Jehn K. Malene. esn.. wajre-stfaaaaaav
chairman hv apnlamatlnn. anil " - - - 'a
were chosen secretaries, also r-y atfllatu ,. j,1
.uu . nununu uMiuui, ur. a, n. H.WJWrti',;
New Helland ; city, Dr. D. R. McCersalest, j
nuutuern, i. a. .rauersen, jjiiue iTliaiBj - r
Messrs, Rntter, Hensel, Krelder, StanOe $
and P.'autr, were appointed a committee ea 3
assessments and they reported the amenata "';
te be paid by the several candidates.
Mr. Hensel offered the following reselu
tien, whleh waa unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That this committee haa heard
with profound regret the Intelligence et UM
ftnftlti In TCilrnnik rf tlnn rt.H r-n !
one el the Justices et theeuprtme oeurt et ??'
. ---.."fw v. mw vwuu jtiwamew. .. ,.,
ronnsyivaeis, elected te thst position 1st .Mk
iei i uuun inu nuuiinaiien ei inn uemoeralle
Dirty. We mourn hla less aa that or an ahia
(ami honest Jurist, whose fesrleaa discharge '
of his high duties adorned the history of
man wheseexemnlarv character lilnsmtaS - J'Sw
the highest type of citizenship. , jh-j
It was decided te form camnalra clnhs 1st &:"
savers! snrtlnns nf thn nnnntv- ann - V.j
oeatlvo oemmllteo made up of the naeea -'-ih
Kami nf ill nr.ti MnnnnAKiAA e mm th al ?'
lowing districts were appointed te loesi
W.B U. M JU.J WM.M4...VO I1VU1 Ua JtM1
alter tbe formation of the clnbe : Kllzibetti ?'S.:
town, Columbia, Mr. Jey, Marietta, Maa,
helm, Ephrata, Llttli, New Helland,
Strasburg, Qap, Mllleravllle, Quarry villa
KIrkwoed, Fairfield and BawllnsvUie,
Kmanuel Hetlman, et Elfzibethtewa,
candidate for their irtslatnreln tha Nnrthant
dlstrlet, declined the nomination en aoeoaat '
nf lll.liMlth. Ilr. Wm Thnm nl UuKa. W,
- -- .,
eonville, was placed en the tleket te fill Mm
- 7&
Iteoef nlea- eflh Illrd-le-Hand M. M. aa afci'-Tc '$
Willow Slrett Reformed CharebM.
tee uiruin.iinna m. Ji.onurcD,erwiHesi g.j
mev. u. a. uoepor is pastor, and Which aswji
bsen alosed for several weeks past that ees'v,
win neeaea repairs ana impreveaaesissj;v:
sorvleo en Sunday morning In thepreaeaee jg?. .
M.a-. wv m...w, n vv.n.wt 1'MWW j:, 'I
or a very large congregation. The morning ',L
servlce waaoenduoled by Rev. T, A. Fera-Ai-V1
toy, corresponding aoerotary et tee Phluv- ss. J
delphla Sabbath association, who preacbe4t, SS
an Interesting aermen.
jLioiure uii aeruuuu n jueiuuuui iote ISSSSS1 ;-.;
wai held. In the afternoon there waej'sv ,
children's meeting, very largely atteaMte .
The exercises consisted et singing by tJMP'-J
children, and addteases by Rev. Ferater.
of, Philadelphia, and Rev. J. R. T. Gray, e,t:
Lancaster, in me evening iter. UHsy.:x
proaebed te a very large congregation. J'fy
The rcecnt Imprevementa of the e4imsil'.r
cost evor 1325, and the entire earn WMj
raited liv nnlltellnn or antianrlntlnrt. aa thaft:.
the church Is entirely out et debt,
..,. , - . .,.---, rjL- -
recent Improvements consist of the repaJat-Wr3
Ing of tbe church .edifice Inside and esj, ' ,'
I eeif '"3
making it one or tne very nest ana
semest church buildings In the county, -a
Th Willow Btrsst Reformed Cnarak.
xne wiiiew ireei rteiermea enaresui
under tbe pastorate of Rev D. W. QeraUttV
held a spools', reopening service Sandeariih
mernlnir. Tbls coneresatlen waa antaav,&;
Ized about twelve yeara age by Rv. A. B. !
Shenkle, and waa taken charge of a year A;;.?
..a. , -... . uu. v i , . rm .v.v n,aa ., . ?
tboehnrohodltico ncotled rtuievatlnfi n.4 V
a fnw wAfki uan J. ft. Mftrtln A CIa. wtftvta ;C
" " " ' - - --w-y 4 -a
nmtilnvanH In rrt-niruip iml nthvwlata 1m. vV3 1
waafaiw w w j'H'ws hhh vawK aw aWSSSj - f . L
prove K. The work being finished there- W
nrunlntf anrrlAfl rafl linlil Nnnilav. Haw :!.
Gerhard preached a sermon IremNebemlaJti K
4thebapter, 0th verse, "The people had a v
mind te work." speelal musie waa re-y.c
uereu py a weu-irainea oneir, lea ey u.ut, -.ij
Rush. Ninety dollars' worth of boeka ''r.'.j
have been
added te Ibe Sunday school
Th Kert or Han Intalla Want.
mt. . ,(aIhh. ,...(.. ... d h.m 1-Lk 'U.-i'
J. Ingalla was received by a member of the
Kansas delegation In the convention :
lngten, June 10, 1S88. Yeura 13th at head.
It dees net make mueh dlllerence who la
nominated, in my Judgment Tbe candi
dates will cut but a small figure In the fight
We can elect anybody or we shall fall, The
least conspicuous and therefore tbe least
oem til lea ted man will be the beet seaae-AJ
body like Hayes la 1670. Among Uf:l
tbe men named there la net one 'leader' -,,.;: -J5
no ene whose nersenal or his ter lest relau aw .
tlnn. If, tlm nnnnta arnnltl Iw.lfiaitllfirM.. v
HUM. VI .MW nnjitu ..wu..- ... .-w m ... . . -
of 1,000 votes In the canvass. Sherman. A11I-' -,,,
son, Harrison, etc. Depew'a oenncoUoa
with railroads and corporations would be a
beavy lead, especially In tbe agricultural
states. We might as well nominate Gould
or Vanderbllt at ener. My Impression la
tbat Alger or Qresham come nearer filling
tbe bill than any of the ethers, with aeeaej
fellow like Pbelp, of New Jersey, who
could reach the conservative fercea et the)
Kast and get contributions from tbe maan-'
faeturers and Wall street But you eaa
Judge mucb better than 1 what la beat after
consulting with tbe delegates.
"I have the use el tbe wlrea during tbe
convention by tbe courtesy or tbe company,
and veu can, therefore, telet tjn fully
at all llm.ia If anvtlitniF nf lr r A rrsicrud
nlres. Truly veurs. w1!
Jeiin J. In ci, t-v
. Bv
Tbs Km Kna Olab. LT$t&3h
'inn I'.asi i.nu risning ciue is maaujt.''t
extonslve preparations te go Inte camp at Svj;
Wfllai.1. Island In thn Hntnnnhanna. athara ; i!
they bave spent their summer vacatlena for
several years past They will leave Last
caster, twenty-five strong, en Monday, July
lOtb, and will remain away all week. They
have aoenred a tent 40x20 teetla sir, which
tbey will useln the camp.
Te Clese en WednsaCay Might.
Si. Mary's lawn fete, which has been In
successful operation for three days, will
come te an end en Wednesday evening.
The crewda grew larger each evening.
Tha Lnwjars l'lcnlc
The annuil plcnle and dinner of the Last
caster bar will be held at Tells Haln to
morrow. O vor fifty legal lights will partici
pate and a fine time Is expected.
PWashiwotem, D, 0 June 25. Pet
Kastern Pennsylvania, and New
Jersey : Slightly cooler, followed by
warmer, light te fresh westerly winds,
fair weather.
Hack Frem Cblcace.
County Commissioner Gingrich returned,
home from tbe Chicago convention en Hun
day alternoen. He was tbe alternate in the
convention of Samuel M. Seldomrldge and
substituted Jehn W. Mcutzer te set for
him. Mr, Gingrich says the Lancaster dele
gation had a geed tlmb and he would have
remained until a nomination was made bat
was obliged te return home en account of
private business,
Its Careful Willi Watt.
Bernsdetta Noell, a young woman living
in Mount Pleasant township, Adams oeunty,
cnt a wart off ber feet a few days age. She
put en colored etoeklngs. Bleed poleenlaf
set in du caused her death,
3 '
1 .ZK.
fa' .
- SM

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