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' -ot nlo:
l'jPubited at Ravenna, Portage Co?, Ohio.
' tTJW W.-IIAlt Proprietor.' '
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t, : t Rates of Adverbttng-
Geo Square (or Jew) ore week, 80 59
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tine Sqnare, three week, - r r r , - f . 100
rach subsequent insertion, - -- -- -- --C2C
A Liberal discount made to those who ad venue
by the year." r " t ' t ,-v. " fV'
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pnid, r-sr-epf af the option of the Publisher.
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?In. Harriet liwchrr Mowf ' - '
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oR i - .
1 - LIFE - AMONG THE llOWLY." ii.
-ifnUlS great work which hse luce been ex-
I rjected.-is now completad.-By,all who
,. tmve rand it,t is pronounced to.be ie tlory
t For pxrv of description nbn'rhrilling de
f r'tmetttioo c character,, iti -is nnrialed,i and
a will add fresh laurels to the reputation;pf; the.
talented Authoress. t- ., . .,; :v, .-,.-''""
" ,! " " It will be published in two Vols.12mo.3l2
3,-r!08 in BSckVot.; with 6"e!entVkS4igrt8?b
3 JilHnes,. engraved by-Bakei t Io three styles
. nt' binding, paper covers, -for Si. CO;-cloth,
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; Publiehers, Cleveland,. Ohio.
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postage under 500 miles on the paper hound
' lining 25 cents, and 34c on the cloth hound.
Persons sending these 'amounts in "postage
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tioned, 6haII receive a copy by mail pre-paid
to aid in circulating this workv . , 1165
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" Rnvenna, July 1-52." -'. : .
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WHATEVER concerns the health arid lmppi
heaa.of a people, is nt all tiniea of the most
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every person vtil! do 'alt In their power tw save the
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CtfcSi' t feel it to be tay duty to solemnly assort)
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ma oaui aro :moie; it yoiutava anappcii'.e con
tinually changeable from one kind of Jood loan
other, bad hrcuth, pain in the ttomuch. pickine a'
the noao, hardness and fulness of the belly, dry
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..- . ' for the Ohio Star
'A nonK fr4he Vita omJ"u
At Pittsburgh where they.met of ate,-f rj
Te counsel oa'afTairs, of .Stats;; ,4j -j.. c'i
The fiends of freedoai jitd Jeclarev , y. .
Xhat JHale'a tJie; tnen tp Uike the chair, ,,4 i
s i sA-eiear-tbej trael.fur HVle Md, Julian,
That skVeryil rrOnge do maintaio, ''JS-' i
ta'awieliaifal land of puriv-
compromise shiiU chain uurhaods,;-: ii
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To.hinilicBs' settlers weTwouid giye,. f
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That l,hey-with homes may all be blest, i
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The tida is mbVitif strong anddeep' vviy.i:
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. yfarenaa, v?g. 21. 182; V .- . MiiaN.'
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A Tale for (be 'flutes,
" This is the most diffieultiwdrm to dcstroy'of all
that infest the human system; it grows to an almost
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in the Intestines and stomach, affecting lite health
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llioso ufBicled seldom 'if ever suspect that it is
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ciirinv the most ohstinnto.case of Tape Worm
Mo part of the system is more liublo to disease
than the Liver, it serving as afilterer to purify the
blood or giving nhe proper secretion to the bile;
so that any wrong action of the Liver ofl'octa the
other important parts of the -system and results
variously in Liver complaint,' Jaundico, Dyspep
sia Sic Wo should therefore watch very symp
tom that might indicate a arong action of ihe Liv
er. These pis being composed of roots and plants
f urnlihCs by nature to heal the sick,.namey : 1st,
An Expociorant -which augments the Becretion
from the pumonary mucus membrane or" promotes
ihe discharge af secreted matter. Sd. An Altera
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the certain morbid action ot the system.; JU- A
' Tonic which gives tone and strength to the nervous
K'. - system, renew in heath and vigor to oil parts of
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all others being base Imitation. , -. '
Agents wishing new supplies, and stora
keepers desirous of becomiug agents, must address
the proprietor, i. N. Ilobcnsack. Philadelphia; t'a,
AOENTS i -- - -
Dr. Isaac Swift, Havenna;- A."V.Horr, Sha
"svillc; I. 11 Sheldon, Atwater j K. . Silley,
e"hld ; D. K. Wheeler, Kandolpb ; Dr. Pren
tice, JWnGcld j J. H. Sexton, Youngstown ; Iloyt;
'Sr Co Warren; "nnd wliolia-ile 1-y Dr.
G. H. "ejNa-, No. 140, Wood st., PittaburclH
V. Hayvt, Cleveland. , .: - : H8I
. : Copy right secured according to. law-.;
Published in the 'Ohio IS tar t bfXptestpn-
v. ... -.. mustpfi ij me jJuUior.. . .
6btiet.1 ' -
The cold wind Was blowing in at the win-
dow of the chamber, but Mrs- Morris was tod
agitated to notice that the sush was up; -detracted,
'Bhe ran down stairsv and- bpgan to uri
braid her girls, tliut none of them had intimnv
ted lo; her Amanda's- iotonlions." They all'
protested, upon heating the' note, it was eb
tiieTy- new to tbem: But how did she get
I away Without any'-of them being accessary 1
- I The -queshon 'could- 'not be ttnsWere(J-.-'Ex-:
'.nt'innfinn ..T .tin . , ...... '. n ... ' J ... TT
H.iinui.iii w mo f,uiio9 nu lusuc,-' nor
bed'-was 'greatly -disordered, i She-had "-evi-dently'slept
in' ft?" The clothes "she had'Vorn
the evening before, were on the back of the
chuir, ard her shoes and stockings' were on
tho floor, where - she had" "probably slipped
them off.X'But her nightgowtf fe'nd'cnp were
missing.' Her 'watch vim on the' toilet, and
her combsi.' ' -Nothing" was: missing from her
wardrobe. ' Upon going to open the window
overlooking tho ynrd.two marks were observed
opon the outside of the sill, ''which sugested
the idea of a iudder. Upon tho grbund was
piefeed'tip -a piece "thiit evident'yibrrned a
part of a ludder, haying a screw a? each' end,'
and sockets in ilslength for steps. The cir-
cumstances would have led strongly to tho
suspicion that' Arhandu had been violently ta
ken off, had it not been probable that her cries"
if she mrtde resMai,"cei would have been heard.
And her inlimacy in the O'Hearrfa'"uiifjr,'t0f
gether with -the liberal concessions she had
recobl!y,:tnnde iti speaking of the' Catholic
doet iDOs, ralher confirmed the announcement
of the letter left upnu the toilet J1hssv-1: 7 ..-' "
'' Mrs. MoitIs. immediately sent for Charles
Simpson;-But the messenger returned with
a; note,-statTng 1 h;it MrC Simpson liad left the
city 'the -preceding' afternoon, to- fie absent
sererar days,5 -hot "without saying where 'he
was going.- The inayor tif the city was Jin
mediately informed of th'e'tu durrrstnnces ; Jhe
: 1.
f '
sait r c v "
iriiAU ot joca.g Hnnd Sawsal80
V Cr""-CUt lenOD' lC Felly-and Web Saw.
ut -' : ' -"- FiASEK'S.
CASH paid:
Bounty Llnd warrants, warned. f..r
l-uy .mo niglieat mnrkot
-which lli subscribers wiU
Kvcnna p , April 5.
son. They felt that all their earthly hopes
were perished. r MrvSimpson's first impulse
was to seek his children in forefin landsi
But he feared his 'nbsence would add to Jiis
wife's aiitiction ; nor could he hope to find
Sta'lessfnc6''not the slightest i'ntimafiqn'hail
ben'giveh, fk "either" hole'as to, .their local
eatujation."' There di some' hope, hbwev
er. that Charles, mifht return, after seemg
fiis slst'eVdmitted ihtix whateef convent Ijejli
oebtf. seleotei' tiy'or tat$m..t, -Ttfe afllictad 1
parents determined to.wait patiently, trusting
in tlie Lord,- . '' Sjareilyj'i said tley,-: 'tween
Amanda - has accomplished hep, object,; .Bhe
Will then writouto.U8, and ihqgt w can take
measures, to - rescue, her., from, her jeauitical
ileeeWers.'VThoy consoled themselves witlt
the hope that Charles was not himself con
verted to the Catholic faith, as he had always
very warmly.eren tolhe 0!HeilrBt expressed
his abhorrence of the Papaey ahd-lways
er the joints of a, ludder, Jhey p. anted if fcaror
fully against tfie "wall. "The night whs dark,
and the wilfd whistled noisily through the
house, atthouh net - against tho window
wliichc'TJUnfiM uplifted1. " His movements
Were Sockreuri'at'fte had the sash pusned
up witiidui 'ffie IStest 'noise'.-Attentively
listening' be aiscoresed br her breatliifle that
Amanda wis sferiifg'soudly He had With
a large sum of';m6neEy ."bribed theservknt girl
ofthe house lo'assiit hlm'xo'a.ri the informa-j
tiott lie h'eed ej ; reVpctI nfhandn's clmm.
ber, and W place iu her'Wacap a considera
ble doso of morphine. lie approached her
bed, 'and getting his hand cautiously over her i
mouth, he pressed a piece of sponge between
her teeth, and immediately fastened It. there
with his fiuudkcreliief, so as To allow hor at
the samo lime to breathe.' Amanda groaned
as one" who has taken a large opiate,' hut! was
too rnubh Vnder the': influence of the :mor-
phiiie to i-fler any resistance. "tlundiis ban-
thenw. sThey concluded: that he r had yield--ed
to her affectionate; solicitatiop, to accompa
ny her aa a protector,-and thai; be would re
turn, either with or .without her. But why
chided. hi Bister ,1'or her- libwul'iTy towards J dageddown her arms to ber body, and'.lifted
her to the window.! "There hi aebompiice
received hor, took herr swiftly down the lad
der, and wrapped, a warm" cloak around her.
Dtindas felt for the toilet,- Muck the note.
did she go away, in her night-clothes I , And ; had prepai-fed into the glass frame,' and, ex
why did not Charles take his trunk with kkn ?peditib!lsly follo wea, " ' A "part of tlie gadder
Did tliey leave, their, clothes and-; supply
themselves with others, to avoid being discov
ered ? .-.These thought perplexed them, lint
at the. same., time- inspired the hope that
Amanda was not a convert to Romanism, but
was f jrced away,: : and that Charles.hut
they knew not what to think, it was all 8 mys
tery.. -They, prayed to be cnlm,od, under
the gracious influences of: the. Spirit, they
found consolations which none but those Who.
liave true Christian; faith' can realise. 1 ;-4 ;. t:
4CtfAPTiR.IIl-.?.-t' 4 h
;-iThe,r;eader,will. recollfct .,hnt. there was
a witness to the eiubinoe of James aud Atnan
da, vhen,Jhey,; pledged themselves, Iq. one
another at Blossom V Hotel.,, olin .Dundas
was a man of . strong and voluptuous passions.
Without- virtue. Jie had.JiUi crispot,!; ion. fot
tnattimooiul connection;, but "aej. passiotiBtaly
cesolved to have Atuaoda for his mistress.
He hat nenetrutioa- enongh to aee that she
Was ot a girl to be allured, from the path of
rec(itud . i'o jioesesa. . Jier) ' therefore ho
must adopt some violent meogu.re -.Her dark
coinplexion,aDd her strongly expressed ejipo-
jsitioa Xailuveryt euguested hi plan..: From
iha time he- wa careful to keep notice of b r
wherever she went j -and -when she vas left 1
in Philadelphia, and became intimate: with a '
Catholic family, he settled ell his plan-in da-
tail. - To milend. Amanda's friends he de-
was unititention-dly left in the yard, it hatr
irlg Come loose as they were taking it over
the " back " wall, '"ihplr folitlj the 'carriage
wuiting for them at the etld 6f the alley." As
soon as they entered it, their stapified priso
ner was placed in a long narrow box, perfora
ted with a few holes, and the" carriage rolled
on towards tlio- Navy Yard".' They' gut "Out
at a wharf, and Dundii3 and his Compnniun
banded the box" to two men in a yawl."' The
boat pushed oiT frorrt shore, and' made rapid-:
ly towards a ship in the strenni," that had, the
morning befofot been cleared at the' Custom
Hon'sto for New Orleans. "'' 'J '"".". ,:
'Bravely done," said D'undas, aa he hand
ed B purso filled Jwkh gold' jiieces to. his ac
complice, aba got into the carriage. This ac-
complice was nono Other than a city coneta-.
bie, wbo liad tur money hrred himself to res-v-
tore, as he hought, a runaway slave, to. hr
master, 'without incurring; the risk of botne
Quaker's interposition in her favour. " " : I -
it was so frequent an occurrence lor Dun-
das to be out late at nighti and even until near
morning, that it. excitod no great eurprise'
When, be pako'd up jtjni poj-torut the United
States Hotel
n. After a late breakfast, .Dundas Btnrted, in
his carriage, - with ..hia colored coachman, for
Ballimore- At that time it wag permitted to
hold a slave six .months iir Pennsylvania, and
termined uwn- -making oho UopieBsioo. that iDuodns bad availed himself of (hie advantage."
CHears were examined, bb't llley professed
as. much astomslithen't Isany. ":In:tfief eourse
of -tho day, the fallowing' communication 'was
taken from the post-office by Henry' 0Hebr :"
'"Sir: ouTiSientf ariif ma siaWal;.
ready far from this ciry".4- Take scare of what
effects-they have in Philadelphia, land forward
thoiu to their parents',,.,;.. ,f-;i .fr.r,-n ! r 'f
' Yours, &C., E .',.. t,ABOKTOB3..7: g
- -This note was handed, to the major, irn--mediatoly-"
on its' reception'Bt that officer
at once suspected that young O'Hear was an
accomplice ia the i nl)(luction,"nnd ha'dVonly
feigned ignorance. ? Upon examination, it was
ascertained Hint ho had been, from borne sev
eral days, arid had only returned to breakfast
that morning.'. 'But as nothing further could
be ascertained,- no legal proceedings could be
instituted) against him. ,' There was a atrong
suspicion against the .O Hears, although there
was in their deportment, all the appearance
of entire innoeeuce rr jiir$ti,i''XtA ' j
.' The affair produced .considerable excite
ment in Pbiladelfihiu for several dny?,'and !
lice alTicera "Were kept upon the search ; but
therebeing nothing further beard of Ihe par
ties, it passed off, as such things generally do
in large cities, and was soon lost sight of by
the multitude. . But who can describe the
feelings of Mr. and Mrs.' Simpson, when they
received the intelligence in Cincinnati? '.: But
for that blo3sud religion thnt had possession of
their Iieart3, they would both have sunk at
litii tci ocoe iulo their graves, or havo lost Iheir tea-
1-7 U.-'
she was tho victim of Jesuitical craft. And
to keep .her brother as. long as -possible- igno
rant of his sister's abduction, he addressed
him the following letter,.-which he , contrived
to have suitably postmarked : y s 'i?-,)t.w. !
'f:sHV CHaai.ESToifrS, C.,Feb.:i,1852.M '
i Bear Chables: -Hasten to me as quick
ly as you can. It is all important that Aman
du. should not knew of .your coming- You
cay Bay nt your board in g-houeo, that you'will
be absent from Philadelphia a few days ; but
do mt8e her lest she- should urge you to
tell her more. . Huston, .as you value:." your
friend,". ---, -A '.M--'v -r.r ... ' . ;
i v.,'. it:tJ AMES BALJjOU
-.Tliis was writton io close imitation of Bal-
:lbu's..hand,ChMrlea.wns' thoroughly, de--
ceived by it, and leaving Word at his boarding'
house of bis temporary absence, he "jumped
into the stage thut affornoon, and -hastened
towards Charleston, He arrived iq Charles
ton after his friend had loft IbrlNew Orleans.
He learned that the negroes had also started
upon their journey - to- Qhkii a He J-inquired
anxiously for the -acquaintances of Ballou, to
ascertain what could have been the object of
hia hastening bbn to Charleston; but not ob
taining, after -.two dirys,:ahy- satisfHction,- and
not knowing what else to do', he -determined
upon returning immediately to Philadelphia. -
Looking into "the Courier to aoe' what hour
the: Northern' stage" would" start,' his ' eyes
Caught a paragraph, giving an "accountlof the
mysteiioiis departure of his BisterThun
derstruck: withf the ' intelligence,"' he dashed
dowri the "pnperahd uttering a strong excla
mation against the R6mah Cath"olicS,be rush
ed from tho hotel to the" whniVes.'and1 iriqui
renl when any British or other foreign' vessel
Was toieave for' Eiirope':'4 There'as bne to
sail in a few hours" for Liverpool,-loaded with
cotton. He engaged his passage, and Telurn
ed to the Planters Holel to-pay his bflMTbis
reminded bini that ho had not money enough
to'db more than pay bis passage fo Liverpool!
He stilted his situutiorl to the captain of the
shippahr? the cause of bis, anxiety- to" get to
England as soon as posible "It is probab!e,t
said-he, , "my-sister has sailed - either : for
Liverpool or Havre. If I start now t may
possibly reach tlie former port before" she
does, or, at alt evenls, soon after.' If I bear
nothing of her there, I shall proceed immedi
ately to Havre." . The captain "generously
offered to take him there aud buck, leaving
bis passage to be puid on his return to Amer
ica. By Evening Charles Simpson Was on
the broad. Atlantic, with - what feelings the
reader is left to judge. ',' ' " ' ;'
. This part of Dundas plan succeeded be
yond his expectations. He was equally suc
cessful in eluding the watchman ; for, unob
served, begot out of a coach,' accompanied
by an accomplice, and entorod Mrs. Morris'
yard over the wall, next to the small alley on
tho back "of her house. Having fixed togelh-
At Baltimore tie sold bis carriage nnd horses
and engaging passage in,a Liverpool 'ship f.if
his servant and iiir Mrs. Morris's girl, who
bad an ived by atogo,: he . handed to each of
tliem a large sum of money, charging them
at the peril of their lives never to utter a word
of what had transpired.: -Thei ship sailed in
a few days, bearing away, these wituesses of
Dundas guilt. - ., -cr.;-; tv. .',-r
Dundas immediiitery took hia passage by
stage, find arrived in New Orleans about ihe
same time that James Ballou landed there.
He was, however, entirely ignorant 'of Bal
lou's -depmturo from Churleston hikI Ballou
himself had possibly never thought of Dundas
since7 he left him at Blossom's Hotel New
xlaven.': s- ---i. ;:; ,'" :;-;.. .'s ? -:
01d Mr Sjmpson had nnt been informed
of Ballnu's inlention to visit New Oileaiis.'and
thought he was accompanying his slaves on
their, route to Ohio."-"He had "therefore, no
information how' to direct a' letter, so that it
should roacU'him. 'And James was In entire
ignorance of what -had transpired, but' waa
wondering why he bad not received a letter
from?: Amanda or Charles. However," as
about thnt time the mails were: frequently ir
regular, he' thought it probubja thtit it Was
sortie failure of the post. 's 7" cru "
' CHAPTER IV.f'.;"
, Tho.ya wl bearing Amanda, having reached
the ship, the box was immediately, tnken on
board;:. the-anchor was drawn up, tho sails
spread, and. with a stiff broeze, and a favora
ble tide, the vessel, though somewhat obstruo
-She was a mulatto Wonau, of rather pleasant
countenance. " '-"
' Merciful leather in heaven ! " exuluimed
Amanda, as well as hor swelled tongue and
hoarseness would allow, " Where am 1 ! "
Don't you know i '. asked tho stewardess.
: Who are . you I " said. .Amanda, implor
ihgly, i; tell me ; ttnd where ii.m I ? " . -
. .. yhe terrified looks of the beautiful girl, and
hor Imploring manner, excited the pity ;of the
mulalto-, -J?;.u.st.;s-t
. M.AVby,":Baid sire, as-.tetHlerty nsshe coukl
express herseif, I am the. stewardess of the
ship Mary, bound fur New Orleans, ami I am
very sorry for you j but you must try to he as
easy as. you can." , -. 4. :. ... -.tiS. i
,Vith a heavily; breast and chokirg voice,
Amanda- could only ejaculate,, as she cast a
wild look . at tho . stewardess, :- Ship. Mary !
New Orleans! She aajik heavily upon the
inatress ; for eIio had fainted. -. ,: - . X
The worhau ran Upon deck and called out)
Mr. Watersi.yrjur.girl is dying.'-' .
I This, was the, name of the man who liad
received jind opened the box.,. He. hastened
to hxahin,.add,. by. jhe use pt volatilea and
water, restored Amanda to consciousness.
She fixed ier eyes upon him, aa though try
ing to recognize hitti, and then, with, a pite
ous sigh, placed ber band upon, her moutli.
-s "Now, Martha," eaid h8, be composed.
You are sick) and must he Careful of yourself.
Stevt-urdess, you had better get her into a
berths and, after a few hours, she .will probnr
b!y ibel easieb."-;,lle then -returned to ihe
deck. i,y
- .Amanda was tod mucli extuiusted to offer
any- resistance ; and the stewardess raising
her Upt elie leaned upon her and Walked into
a small and rather uncomfortable state room.
and laid herself down hi the lower borth.
Jano,,for that was the name of the steward
ess,. covered hpr.Warmly;aud retired- ,:Am?tn--
da was Oow perfectly restored to conscious
ness find self-iiossession. ' She raised her pi
ous heart in .supplication to God, to sustain Iter j
nnder these incomprehensible circumstances-
She remembered that, after drinking tea at
Mrs. Morris's, ho soon became very sleepy,
and - went early to bed.; - She bad an indis'-
tioct recullecttoa that Mrs. Morri's girt seem
ed very much agitated while assisting her to
undresB, that tjle girl had asked her if she felt
unwell; uud tlW ehe had apswered."! feel
arrDgely,'n.lie saw the girl writing at the
table, as she was dropping to. sleep. She re
called numerous, unpleasant dreams she 1iad
had, and now-.she was evidently very weak
and exhausted. Her tongue was thick, her
voice hoarse, and her head was heavy She
thought she must have been very ill, and out
of hormind. -. Perhaps she bad been so a lone
time, ami was now being taken by her friends
on a sea voyage, in irder to restore ber to
healtltfc-;;It already had bad a good effect up
on her, and she wrt8 recovering her miud.r
Probably it was her. physician who had just
beoa attending to her, and he had culled her
Martha merely lo humor heivc; She may, in
her -derungoment, liave called herself so.
Porhnps her brother was on. board as bet protector.-,;,
These -thoughts : -.-passed-..- rapidly
through her miud.nnd she began to thank God
thutBhewas recovering her senses. - Pitiy
iug devoutly that she might soon be entirely
restored, she fell asleep,- and rested, quietly
several hours. jTbe stewardess came in sev-.
eral times, to see . how she ; was..: . Amanda
slept so sweetly shadid dot disturb her. , i 1
When 'she awoke she felt much better an'd
quite-Yefreslied.,:Her,tongue was- Sot so
much swelled, anil she audibly said, I thank
thee, gracious God that I nm restored to my
l ight mind. ' Precions Jesus, blessed be thy
name'; Saying this, she devoutly laid her
hand Upon her breast; She felt something
hardi and running hoj! hand into her bosom,
drew out the mioiature ef James Ballou.
She had neglected to" take it from her neck
when she retired!' io bed the night before.--
I'1 Dear James said she to hereelf, " I did
not lorget you in my L'erangerneot. .She
oponed the' case," and; there ' dropped out a
small' piece of pnpor. "She replaced the
miniature in her bosom, "and taking "up the
paper, read :. .
" "Dear Mis9 "AmaKda
Forgive me tb',K!u Mfc
ted'iaocasiooally by - floating tcev, proceededj wfong I do you but it is too late mr ;rij'erf narne.
And in the night, or may bo long before day
tins moraing, when I Was asleep, you was
brought ou board in a box. This is all I know;
But la knows I never expected to see sueli a
onrj as you a-going to New Orleans to be a
'. Amanda listened to this account with great
composure, and calmly asked the Woman if
hor clothes were brought;
' '"Yes,"" said Jane, " your trunk was put
on board yesterday morning, aud thore it is
fflKj-e-rtflV b ' '
- '"That is not fay triink' said Amanda".
"Mr." Waters said it was.'
,":.tifWiir,"f0.uD8 kitid enough to ask' Mr."
waters wnoro my ciotncsarel "..
Jane soorj returned with a" key, aaytng;
4 Mr. Waters says your clothes, ore" in that
"Amanda opened tlto trunk; and found it
filled with a qtianl it f ot plui'n c!ui Ming, suitable
for a servant girl Sho again bui-st into tears
but bad calmness nod thought enough to se
lect such articles as aha noeded. ' Jane hav
ing left her to attend to ber business, she
dressed herself in'tlie" TJIiiiu attire' und, hav
ing smoothed her hair.aud put jt tip as siiiipiy
as "her rich ringleta.'w'ould,allow-her, she
opened the" state-room door; and' requested
Jane to call Mr. Waters to her. V
When ho came into the cabin, nud saw
tile beautiful girl sitting calmly' and her pen
etrating black: eyes fixed Upon bis, there was
a momentary expression pt remorse ; but it
immediately passed off, and he addressed her
iri that mauUer , that none but a master of
staves knows how to assume : ' :-.
Well, Marlha you are hotter, aro you 1 ?'
My name is not Martha," sir; and I would
be informed by you why 1 am your prisonorl"
" Look here, nono of your airs, girl ; re
member you are' not in Philadelphia' now." -
Amanda's philosophy, was not enoueh for
this. The tears eushod futth. and nh ,f,'
bed aloudJ .5 i ; .- ' .';;.: -'.-' ' ? .
The smvo monger took her by the arm.and
dragged her to the state room. Pushing hor
in,, he closed thb door upon ber;: a
Amanda threW herself upon lior knees.and
remained in prayer probably more 'than ad
bonrvvf The door was opened, and Waters
entered.- Slio rose and stood before bi.n.i
T'lie tears wore flowing rapidly ,but hor pres
ence of mind waa complete.- -.. ., : ..,'.."
"Mr. Waters,! am in your power; nnd I
think now I can -.with- patience, meekness, 7
and resignation, submit to such language as
yoa may choose to employ, however harsh.
I entreat you, sir, totell mo'tiow and why I
am-'here."'' '-''' " .V - '!
" Well," said Waters, " since you can now
speak wiih less impertineneo, I will tell you
what perhaps you-have not known before. ' I
am your master, and you are"my servant.;..' .;
' I btd already come to the conclusion, Bir,
that some such claim had been set up, or oth
erwise! could not have been fa toy present
situation. . ; I am also, perfectly aware, that
ouoe in a slaveholder's power, ; the- laws of
the Southern States and the authority ofthe.
federal government, give him every advan
tage." But I appeul to a higher powor : . l ask
you in the name -oi heaveu's Sovereign, by
What authority you cluim me as your slave V
."Very1 prettiiy "spoken, iiidoed," replied
Waters," " but know, girl, that all that learn
ed talk won't do for me. ' I suppose you think
you are a white girl, because old Simpsou
has "made you believe you are his daughtor ;
but"! wilf let yott know that .you arb not
Amanda Simpson, but Martha, the daughter
of a mulatto woman,, although vou have a
white father. . You were born in New Or
leans..; . My father owned your mother. Mr.
George Simpson's brotbor, who died in Now
Orleans when you were an infant, was your
father, and hence you look like tho Simpsons.
Mr. George Simpson being in New Orleans
at the tiiiio with his wife, they tried to pur
chase you, but my father "would not sell
Some months afterward, when thev
turned to CincinpgiMPt- R INGS 1 i 1 f and
ir-aOF' inches wrde, of tastern manumcture, for
ale cheap by - - E. T. RICHPRDSON.
PATENT and Enameled Leather A
good assortment just ree'd and for sale very
low by E. T. RICHARDSON.
God i
pint form; "and : let mo'snyVhe stacds upon iUi,,
There are several other topics to which I wish ; -to
call your attention. " He speaks in regardv ,
to the anti-sluvery men," and says that they.
ought to resist 'ithe. Fugitive Slave. Lawhy -
speech and with, the sword. Now, I will go .
this 'far with Mfi Smiili, that those who slo w
Gorsuch "Were . thejinost efficient protootors
of the Constitution thut ever lived.. I say il;
I will say it wherever 1 go;' But there are
some men here whobave . wives and children. -TBey'
foei that it is not their duty to go fai'r
waruV oppose the law and be hanged, leaving .
their wives and children widows and orphans. -
They adopt another course, and endeavor to -repeal
it. and not be shot down like dogs.
: A member "askod"tvho 'would shoot thetii.'"
Mr. Giijdings said, the United States-a !
my ; and if in protecting the slave a friend
would kill bis master, he would be hung.-r" .
There were few enough anti-elavcry men,
and they had none to spare in that way. - -1 ,
will strive for tho repeal of that taw wttb all
the powers of my" jnind and soul.," I have ai-s
ded and will ai l ids many Jerrys in making
their escape as he has done, and I have arm- !
ed a slave, and .told him ia the presence of '
his pursuer to shoot him should be-ottempt to
to take him, and then asked the pursuer to ,
take him. He, the slave-catcher, asked me
what the slave would do, and 1 wild that
loss 1 were mistaken," and ho
my expectations, he wotUJ; "i-'fe'issi do.
. - j. ft,W cnt f-hpnn nt
nm surer went " -" ----ci
Pittsburgh Free Democratic IV a
. i. . tional Convention ;:-tr- -
As the debate on the " Platform," between :
Mt. Giddings -ant Mr.' Smith will bo of inter
est to our readora, we give it below. It will
be understood, that both these gentlemen
Were-eq the oommlttetj on resolutions iliat
Mr. Giddings presented the majority report,
which as amended contilutes the 'Platform"
tliat Mr. Smith presented a minority report -.(see
ofTtcial proceedings pnUIishcd last week)
and .ujnon this the debate arose. - ...
. ( - . . i . ....
' Debate on tlio PlntCorm.:. "
v Concluded)
.. REftT OF Mil. OIDDijfGSJ - i- i
. Hon Joshua B,, Giddings, rose and -said i
It is not my inlenuon to delornyou at length,
on. the subject upon -which- my 'friend' and
brother hascommentod.. Some weeksogo my .
situation totally prohibited. my- speauitig, and
I -am still ill, but will say a few words, und
will leave It to iriy rriond, Miv Adams.- If he
deems it necessary, -to spealt ih -"defence ef
the platform. And first I must express the
admiration, which I feel for bis brother who.
hadjust addressed us. I have long -revet-'-,
ed that noble man ; but he has liveri among''
New Yoik'ofiticiaus, and knows nothing of
the West What! speak in desponding terms
to the men of Massachusetts end Ohio!-
Why, surely he does not know them. Would "'
he teur from our hearts tlio hejie ef see'u.g' -our
b'luiitiy . diseuihrallod ? Not I am uai
and infirm, , my " bead is covered wilh gray . .
hau-s,yet lot mo flay that t bolievo tny broth
er will live to sob it take It. placeZ.But his
friend tihd ho lived in different attntisphcres.
He had hope for the mighty West, -s Yesier
dny", four years ago, a mass convention had
met ut Buffalo, and laid the foundation ut : -their
party.;; Since thoUi thejf; had -o his ;
State sent thirteen members to tho Legtt!ar
ture, and through their exertions the infamous-,
black code,' which had disgraced the statue
books of -Ohio from its very foundation, "bed '.
been rpponled' Our progress was onward
and upward; ' ive are growing stronger an'l- -
sl longer j the eyes of the nation-are upon ue,
and the sluveholdors tremble. Will -Mr..-.
Smith doubt ? God forgive him I say for h;s
want it tuith. (Tremendous applause.).
Here we- aland, every one, on the fixed rock .
of truth, and will go on conquering and to con- -quer
until the victory is nchicvedv'-.'
' Our friend p; bceeded to recount some points -
which he deerrred necessary to forward the-
progress of our cause. " Now bore is a new
p:irty', thO foundation of which was laid in .
fiuff ito, aud bus been increasing ever since.
Had they not left the' old parties ? - Here -'
Mr. G, -called on the Secretary to read the
20 h resolutiortf - declaring thtft the -Free. .
Democratic; party is not orgrnized to aid eith
er the Whig or Domooratie wing of ihe great
slave compromise party of the Union, but tu
defeat both. " . ' ' ,- ' ' ' Z
Mr. G,., continued i Now, I have nothing
to say in reply to my friend and' brother, but .
to thank' him for bis able argument in favor ": .
of tho 'majorit j report.-.'.- He feels just what I
feel, just whafyou feel.' "I repudiate, before.
1 , . .... ' 'it - 1 . .1 . . n . A ...... n .
- i' l
- 1
cently I Bsc-.
of the JT
Jt! Road.
rapidly down the-. Delaware. ,,,The boa -was
taken into Jhe cabin by two sailors, who laid
it on the floor and retired. t-The captain; of
the ehip,. and a middle-agod, gentleti)anly
looking passenger, were-: the only persons
awake-in tho oabin. . -The steward esa was
asleep in one of the berths.-. .Addressing the
enptoin, the passenger requested him to fur
nish .a screwdriver.; -.-He silently handed
him one from the tooj-chest, and' assisted in
opening the box.?' Amanda moaned as if in a
distressing drearaf but -was sooor still again.
upon being laid carefully on a mattress.. Thre!9 fr 'tie
band was removed that confined her nrni.'m!l!!m,I
, lUBb a wa v vu
repent. I would not have assisted yos8crrae0' ihe num.
ter, butthe money was a strongf-ot 61 cheese, will be
than I could resist. ' I am' aceeds of same,
ho told me hp could get ygtS. STRAIGHT & Co.
I" thought I mightttK -June 24. 1852. 118I-4W
mo. ' Bbt nbwX'ast Iroit Well Curbs.
eruble. ' Buf J hcbivkd at tbsNew Ehdtui Stobk.
hia ham''V H above article designed for the chain
and the sponge taken- from her 'moth.
captain went on deck, and the passenrOK STORE,
tired to his berths-.'-Amanda slept '" '-'
,mn anil frn an oft'mla Vt arain Kmii.
and J'ou vj tv, stability, cheapness and taste are concerned, it
cannot be surpassed ; also on band the reels and
chain of the best quality. Also the Tube manu
factured of the best quality of pine lumber, and in
fact all the articles pertaining to the Chain Pump,
wbici, are offered at remarkably low prices, for
the ready. Please call and examine. -E.'T.
any f"
ra, a new
until some time after daylight. .(or' police,
awoke, there was no -one. i-reby given that the under
warm coal fire was burnin- ooln appointed and qualified
i. i i r v . 1 1 i '!" on the estate of William
the breakfast table was r ofJDeerfie,dt portage
was still dreaming, for shy , ,
having had somo horrible v THOMAS GREEN.
and her head felt strangely.-! ; 1182-3W
was considerably swollen. ' . jv ,.
., ..,r ..-V" TPrysupenor Sck
vjxio Dim, j uiauu uoiwu u ; . j,
herself this was no dream.- Sft
screamed cloud, .but was too t;
stewardess at this time made hi
E. T. RlCBAKDtOft.
New Paint Shop.
The undersigned would inform, the citi
zens of Ravenna and vicinity, that he has
resumed his old business, viz: House,
Sign, Carriage and Ornamental ratal'
ing. Having bought out L. D. Darrow,
he feels confident that he will be able to
give general satisfaction, and solicits a
share of public patronage. , '
Shop over E. Woodruff's Blacksmith
( Raeona. Aug. 14, IWI. H8I-3m:
- Spring aud Summer Coeds.
WE invite the attention of the public to the
arrivaiofourSPRINGGOODtf. All those
who wish to get the worth of their money bock,
will do- wel fo look through our stock, and pur
chase their spring supply.
A complete assortment of all goods necessa ry
for the demands of the people, eon he round. We
call the attention of the Ladie to our print and
Dress Goods, Bbnrets &c Gentlemen lo Sum
mer Eoods. shirtings. Boots and shoe, and hats.
Farmers, bring your boys, and we can Clothe Idem
fromhead to foot, to style, and vxri ch.ap'.
Friends, call and examine our goods soorr. ,
Mav24. 1852, ' -
HAS removed his shop two doors west of the
Collins House, in the atora formerly occu
pied by Messrs. Brown & Hurlbut, where he ia
prepared to execute oil work entrusted to his care,
in a neat and fkabionsble manner. The subscri
ber is grateful for paat favors, and respectfully so
licits their continuance.. He has on hand Cloths,
Doeskin,' Cassimere, Satin and Fancy Testings
and Trimmings, also a- fine lot of Cashanrerett
Tweed and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, vhieh
he will sell very cheap. A superior lot of -
mig AJDTr-m Afi&JE B 3L T H lit '
constantly on hand. Particular attention paid to
CTJTTXIfCt where garments tore made out of the
hop. Ail garments made by him. ore warranted
to tit, ana an wors warranMit,
RaveBaa, Jaaa, W52. L, DALRVMPLE.
IN coafbrntity with statute ol Ohio prescribing
the defies el Cotiaty Tie8orr, notice is hereby .
given, that the amount of ui charged oa etch baa- :
died dollsrs volusiioa of uisble prnpsny withia'
ihe coaaty of Portage' bf th year J&t if as Ibl1
lows, to wit: - - ' ' ' " " L . . .
For State sod Canal Purposes..,.,. v.,,, 35 cents.-
For Coaaty Purposes......,,,-,,-.14: r
For Poor Parposes.... ....... t "
For School furposcs.. ............... ,,iu
For ftridge PDrposes...,.,.v..... 6 r
ForRoad Purposes... 6 -
Atwaler... ...... 6ctf. FrsBklin . ., ... .-.28 ets.
. Rsadolph S
Rootstowa a m
Shalarsvillo .-. ... 6' " -
Sueetsboreaga...- "
. Deerfteld. , u
Windhsrfl ....... S .
Pari. . 4
jThe Treasarer or hia Deputy will attend ia ihe
several townships at or Bear the asuil pltosa of
noiaiuf elections, tor toe pvrpese or retru
fazes, frosr sine o'clock A. M., to foar o'clock P.
M'.w ea the foll'owina dav. to witr . - .
Deerfield...... Sept. 13 Randolph..... Sept. S4
Aurora ...... .. S
Brimfiold. "
Freedom ........
Mantua ..... ... 4
Charlestowa ..... 4 n
Nelson 8
Ravenna 22 "
Paris. ....... . . ,-
Nelsoa. .......
Uirsm ........
Freedom .......
Charlestowa ..-
14 RooiUowa .... S
15 Sbdervilla..-.v 27
16 Mtntaa ...... v 8H
17 A orors.. ....... Oct. t
13 Sireetsboroaga. "
- SO Franklia .- 4
SI BrimReld...... ft
St Ssffleld
23 Rivenna... ... . " ..- 1
- n win iD aireao as Hi DDKS, so JUfVRIIf
from aid after Ihe 7th day of October nntU I ha 20 ih
of December, for the purpose of receiving all Uiea
charged- oa th, daplieste of 1853, that have self
been previously paid. - T
ifessurer' imce, rortsg e co. i
' ' RaroaBt, Aagarl Sd, 1852. V
nau on(vf
i -
'.! ' '
i-fls.f.-Ajaiiiu now -criin
. now cmns lobo, par ;xMlcnCf, a p
. ? t,,,, ,
To sit dowri. urdubinit to such falsehood and
4,"-"""fa' i'iuvu mj-eu recreant vljs
selves wt aiscounfenanee "..all future diseuVion of
that questin which alFpartiea." declare to be ihe
question of the country and of tire nge, that wnl-:
"8a are "vrluL''' ar.id'Rmi'-"1'- lv
" And ht; ajjiir;tJ,it h . anrj Ck rtieg" Jonea
parted; bothrtiZe iiser than thrv were five
nttr hnfnrr.. -thnt i.,: .w..,. -
w ...-4
- r-r -' :'. j. ' .S t:
r- v'-: :.. ..:.--;: yJ:'&
,. "" , jS ..v" i-Ka will
"" l-oye ef
: onrfther
it::, m ... . . ,.
fabn-biorn7'(tbilly of enslavfog their racer
and thr by building p and; . Bggrand iring fhe
slave interest aa a grettt national concern; thtry -4
tiS I

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