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-- .;.-.-X-jT -"-.,.- V'5.' -v..
JTOsniecratie par
-ot nlooa '
L.yf . t
Wit i
n :
Free Dent'1" Executive Com
. . mlttce meeting.
The Free Democratic Executive Com
tniftee of the County of Portage, are here
b notified to meet at the office of H. A.
6riftin Ravenna, on Monday the 6ih of
September inst.. at I o'clock . P.: M. to
nominate District Assessors, and to attend
toother important business. - ' ' '
A full attendance is urgently enjoined.
- fcavt nna, Sept. 1, 1852. .
Tre Democratic CoavreeeioDal
CO nrcnUon, XVIII District.
The Free Democracy of the XVttl Con
1 grrssional District, composed of the Counties
nf Smrk. Summit and Portage, will hold a
iSntaimta Convention . 8t MogSdore, on
; Wednesday, the 8th day of September next.
at 11 o'clock A. to pot in nomination a
MtndMata for Coneress. kscn. township is
entitled to one Delegate. .
Aog.23.18a2. ;. - . -. ,
Free Democratic Meetings.
Meetings wilr be held as follows, an the
: friends in the respective pieces are request-
i ed to (ire due notice of time and place. La
dies and centleroe- without distinction of
'lrty. are cordially invited to attend these
sneetineaV '" ' "';
Newpobt, (Paris Township) O. P. Brown,
will speak Friday evening Sept. 3.
Fbeedom. O. P. Crown and J. W. Ty
ler, will apeak Saturday evening Sept. 4th.
RAtroofcFH. O. P. Brown; will speak
Monday ereniag Sept. 6. '-.' ; ' ,
;Mooabok. R. H- Folger, of Maseilon
jind O. P. Brown, will speak Wednesday
evening Sept. 8th.
Hi bam. O. P. Brown, will apeak Friday
evening Sept. 10th. . '
GsaaiTrsviLie. O. P. Browa, will
peak Saturday eveoiug, Sept. 1 1th. ;
Speaker whose names we are not now
eble to announce, will probably be present
with Mr. Biown, at most or all of the above
meetings. ' ;-.
Mad Dogs!! v I
r At a meeting of the citizens of the vil
lage of Ravenna,' convened at the Court
House, on Friday morningr, August 27,
1852, tor the purpose of taking into con
sideration the proper measures to be adopt
ed for, the protection of the inhabitants
. against' Hydrophobia," Charles Green
was appointed chairman, and C O. Arnold
secretary. Thereupon, it being salisfacto
lily shown to the meeting by Duct.: H.
Pratt, R. i. Mason, and others, that a Dog
belonging to said Mason, had (hat morning
died of Hydrophobia," having been known
to have bilien several Dogs ond flogs, in
the village, and that great- dunger to the
juhabllanis was to bo apprehended there
from. . l'hereopon. on motion of John N.
Skinner, S. O. Harris jr., and E. Spalding
.. were appointed a Committee to report Res
ojm inns, ' expressive of. Ihe sense of the
''ro'eiing, thereupon 1
: i)n motion' the mee iug adjourned to
meet gin ai 3 o'clock P. M.
) At 3 o'cloi k" P. M., the infe:ing again
C nvened ( u suanl to ndjournmen', 'when
- the Comn.it ee' on Resolutions presented
the foilowiiig teport, w)ii'ch, after being fil-
" ly discussed, Was unanimously adopifd.
. Wherea. a Dog belonging to Rufus I.
Mason, nf thi villagv t d this morning.
exhibiting symptoms of Hydrophobia, and
which the pny-icians ol the pince who ex-,
: mined h,,aU concur, in anying was afflict
el with that disease? and,-wber8. id
dog has been known to bilo several o her
' dogs as well a other animals; and. where-.
' as. we rf-gnrd the protec'jon of the people
- of this Q omunity against this horrible dis-
.. e:ise, as of innni'ely more consequence
thnn ihe entire eanin rare, iherelore. -',
Resolved, Thrit some peculiarly strin
ginl and active' measures be forth iih ta
ken to rid the town of its surplus of dogs,
and to prevent exposure to the appalling
disease of Hydrophobia.. . - . .
Retolecd, That lor the spnce nf one
lit nth from and after this date, it shall be
Considered lawful for any person over the
, ngs of 21 jears, to destroy any Dog be
: longing to any resident of this town, that
may be found running at large, off from
his master's premises, or any dog or other
animal exhibiting symptoms of Hydropho
bia, within an area of one mile either way
from the Court House. -
Resolved. That- all does or hogs may
' hi kept confined in a secure place; and we
'will destroy, and will permit any other
person over the egeof 21 ye:irs to destroy
our own does or nags or those ot other in
-dividual, when, running at large within
the meaning of the above resolutions; pro
vided, no person shall he required to shut
. up his hogs until he shall have had three
days notice ot the passage ol these resolu
' lions. . -- - " .
Resolved, That we will respectfully re-
' quest cititens. of other townships, visiting
ibis place, to leave their dpgs at nome on
lil the dsnger arising from our recent ex
posure shall have been removed.'
V Resolved, That each person here pres.
, ent, will, and every good citizen of this
villoge and its environs, ovght to consider
himself a special committee to carry out the
' ' provisions of the foregoing lesolations.
- C. O. Arnold, Secretary.
; The Committee appointed to procure a
Hearse for the village of Ravenna, would re
' port that they have purchased of K. D. Clars
" - fc Co., of this village, a neat and substantial
Hearse, and the same irpaid for and now is
, in the hands of Wm. Ward, who holds him
. self in readiness to furnish the Hearse in good
'-' order," with horse and driver, on all funeral
occasions wnen aesireo, iot u buiu ui u,
' dollar, to be paid by those for whom it is used,
' : if they are able ; if not, the amount to be ra'is
, ed by some other means, so that all can have
-: the benefit of it. " "J"
: The Committee would take this opportn-
itv to express, in behalf of the citizens
. ' .Ravenna, t'leir ' thanks : to Mrs.. CtrRTiss
Eatcb, for her iintiring'efforts in raising
ese to procure Said Hearse.
. 1SAAU ww i,
Ravenna, Aqg. 21, 1852. -
85 Tho scoount which a correspondent
gives o ine nootsvown meeting is crowded
w"n """" " ' ".':.. -; .' . .. ,' '
' - of aJtuKin ii piatnord, Ravenna Phio,
-r t ii1
i onoes, Heady Made Clothing,
..i , -
: Mews of the "Week. . "
The Democrats of Michigan have nomina
ted Robert McClelland for Governor and An
drew Parsons for Lieutenant Governor. .
There are 13 Religions papers published
in New York the aggregate number of sob
scridera amounting to 100,000.
A fire broke ent in West Troy N. Y., on
the 19th inst. in a Lumber yard which soon .
spread to two large blocks of buildings adjoin- I
tween 40 and 50 families were - rendered
houseless. Lose 100,000. ' !
T ' t I 1 A . V, h.. '
The annual cost of cigars in the United
Stares is abont twenty millions of dollars.
.The wife and daughter of Prof. Webster,
have arrived in this country from Fsyal. ,
Joseph R. Ingersol hu, Uo appointed
micister to England, in place of Abbot Law-
renee. -;'.';:- -."""
A fire at Cambridgport Mass., on the 18th
consnmed property to the amount of 825,000.
The National Woman's Rights Conventi.M
meets in Syracuse N. Y. Septembei 8th 9lh
and 10th. . . -- . : ';.
The Boston Atlas states that Mr. Raotoul's
life was insured for $10,000, in the British
Life Insurance Company. . -;
Mas. Swisshei.m of the Pittsburgh Satur
day Visitor is out tor Hale and JaKan.-'
some paitt of New Hsmpahire the Cirr
mers have been obliged to cut brsnobes from
the trees to feed their cattle on account of the
droushr. . f .' - . . i
There are in Indiana fie female Colleges
under the control of the M. E. Church,
with an average of nine hundred pupils each.
The Toledo Blade says that not less than
one hundred and thirty thousand dollars will
be invested in permanent brick buildings tins
year, in that city. -1 ' , ' .
- The finished Rail Roads in Ohio measure
nine hundred and eighty seven miles.
Passengers are now taken from Cincinnati
to Su Louis in 48 hours. "
TheGardoer case at Washington, has been
continued until the December term of" the
Criminal Court.
It is rumored that Prince Napoleon son of
Marshal Jerome is nominated as Minister to
tae United States. " -
.: Free Democratic OTeetlng.
The several Free Damocratic meetings
held in different localities in the county last
week, were well attended, and the best and
finest spirit prevailed. .
' TheTneeting in Cbarltttow on Thnreday
night, was large and waa ably addressed by
O. Pi Brown Esq., and the spirit of 76 is
well aroused in that staunch and good town-
. A correspondent ; gives an interesting ac
count of the meetings in. Rooltlaw on Thurs
day and Friday evenings ' Mr.Spelman did
eood service to the cause, and we trust be
will be able and willing to visit several locali
ties, in the. county during the campaign.
Friend Blake mnst keep the harness on and
w rk faithfully through the Campaign.
- The meeting in Edinburgh on Friday eve
ning was the finest of its kind.. . We were so
fortunate i.a to be. present and had our spirit
refreshed and strengthened by mingling with
the sincere, earnest and patriotic ladies and
eentleinen of that pleasant town.; .The mee'
ting was a very large -one and wap addressed
effectively and to the great acceptance of the
moole.bv O. F. Baowsv ot Bvenna- The
HeioHTon Sikgers those Mimstskls or
LiBERTT were present.and added much to the
interest of the occasion by their finely execu
ted, soul stirring snogs. vrri -i'- i ;
The meeting at Garrertsville on Saturday
evening, Mr.own unable to attend ac
cording to appointment on account ot socmen
sickness.- The meeting was well attended.
and was addressed, in t the absence, of Mr.
Brown, by Albert Austiit Esq. of Raren
na, and J. W. TrLER Esq. of Franklin;
Our informant, acitizen of Garrettsvillle says,
that " the speeches of Messrs Austin and Ty
ler were effectire and impressive, and that
the meeting was one of great interest and
valne. '-'"- ' L: - "' i ' j'"1:
We bear the best and most satisfactory ac
counts from every portion of our County, an3
surely our cause must be onward, we are
certainly growing eierj where ss aparty,and
the good and the ti ue, bravely snapping asun-
der old party ties, are fust rauktog themselves
. .
under our glorious banner.
the labors of the Farmer, Plowman.
' Hedeer. Cattleman, Shetiherd, ' Fisld-
. wotker, and Dairymaid. By Henry
- Sthephens. To which is added explann-
inrv : nntpa. rstmnrka. etp. hv John S.
' Skinner, Inte editor of the Former's Li
- brary .- With four hundred andjifty il
, lustrations over 1.000 pages. Wan
zer. Beardslev & Co., Rochester. N. Y.
.1852. ;...' v.. -: .
This is unquestionably the most complete
and valuable Farm Book ever issued from
the American press. No one examines it
without bestowing upon it the highest enco
miums. Though but just published, it is
already widely attracting the attention, and
awakening the. interest of Agriculturists,
and Agricultural Societies and many So
cieties are making arrangements to include
copies of this work a morg their lisl of Pre
rnium.. fr. he healowed unnn i-omnelitors for
.- 1 I -
prizes. - . ' ': -, --v. ' .
It is commended to the attention, of the
Farmers of Portage County. - -
The Publishers have left a copy at the
Star Office, which can be examined by all
who wish to see it. . ' ..
- It is also for sale al Hall's Rook Store,
Ravenna. V-:''- '- .
Mas. Swisshelm This patriotic and public-spirited1
lady, has, sineerthe Pittsburgh
Convention, given her paper, the Saturday
Visiter, political position. She has placed
at mast-head the names of Hale and Jnlian,
and her paper is now the organ of the Free
Democracy of "Western Pennsylvania. We
rainice to welcome to the field of moral poli-
1 j -ical
conflict, so able and Worthy a co-worker.
r ii 1 1 t mniiiiisimn
i wisjrto secureuemi must make it,TJ;t'"TTV
- , , r.7;T: . I ovor
State Convention of tae Free De j
., - c oc racy! . . - :- r. " I
On Tnesdsy, the 14th day pf September the
Free Democracy of Ohio will hold a Mass
Convention at Cleveland, for the purpose ui
fnrminff an Electoral Ticket far Hale and
Jnlian, and put in Domination Candidates for
the respective State Offices- ' ;
It is expected that Mr. HALE will he
present to address the thousands who wiJ
congregate on inai occasion.
. By order of the - - : ' ' '
STAlb VUJlBll i. 1 11,.
Rev. T. C. Eaton,
Has appointments to preach at Bnmneld,
Sunday, September 5th, during the day, and ,
at Ravenna, in the eveninr, in the Umversa-
AETicnltnral Fair . aasl CaUle
The annual meeting. Cattle Show and
Fair of Portage County Agricultural Sobi- j
ety will be held at Ravenna on the 29ih ;
and 30. h days of Sept. 1852 pursuant to
the provisions of the Constitution of the
sjciety. . . ?
A. A. HARRIS, Secretary.
Potusiae. Thousands of parenu who use Ver- 1
mifugeeompoaed of Castor Oil, CaZome, &c, are j.
not avare that white they appear to benefit the I
natleni. Ihev are actually faying Ihe foundations
for a series of diaeaaea, such as salivation, A of,
light, akne of limbs, 4 . 1,1 !
In anotlier eoumn wiu be round the advertwe-
meat of Hobensack's Medicines, to which we ask'
h. .M.niin,ofaUflirectfv interested in their OWB
the attention of s directly intereatea I
as wer aa their children's hearth. ..In IJver com.
plainta and all disorders arising if om ibose of a bill-
ious type, ahoad mace nee oi toe omy
medicine. Hobensack's laver Pills. ":
trT"'"!! hot OKcaivan,'' but ask for Hoben
sack's Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and observe
that each has the signature of the Aropnelor. J.
N. Hohensack, as none else are genuine.
O" Another Scientific wonder! Important to
Dyapepties Or. i 8. Houghton's Pepsin, the
true digestive Fluid or Gastric Juice, prepared
from Rennet, or the fourth Stomach of the Oi, af
ter direciionspf Baron Ijebig, the great Physiolo
gical Chemist, by J. S. Houghton, M, U. Phila
delphia. This is truly a wondeiful remedy for In
digestion. Dispepaia, Jaundice, liver complaint,
constipation and debility, curing nature's own
agent, the Gastric Juice. Pamphlets containing
scientific evidence of its value, furbished by agents
sratia. S. e notice among the medical advertisements.-
. - "2-iy
- .... of Utiea. N. V. '
UnieB Jlalnal Lit Ini'iraace Com pan y
, : of Boston, Maaa.
T Protection Insurance Company,
of Hartford Conn. -
Western Fsrmert' Mnlnal Insnrante Co.
of New Lislxin, Ohio.-.- - -The
siihscriber having been appointed agent
for the above Companies, will issue Policies on
the most favorable terms. ; '- -
Hj The above companies stand among the
beat managed and safest Inaurance Companies in
the country. Applications made to
. .. , : . 1. S. HERRICK,
General Inanrance Agency office. Ravenna. O.
la Windham on the 19th nit.", by Brainerd
Selby Jr. Esq. of Paris Mr. Hibam G. Ah
ir.s of Newton Falls, to Miss Julia Asm
Jacobs of Wmdham.
9X33 3B. -.'-In
Sbalersvilln, at the residence of his father-in-law
Gen. D. Mcintosh, on the 30th ult,
of Consumption, Samcki. Masok late .of
this village, aged 40 years. ' "
- EF" Funeral to-day. at 2 o'clock P. M. at
the Methodist Churoh in this village.
- Ravenna Institute. . :
THE aubscribers would respectfully ' an
nounce tothe public, thatthoy are now
so situated as to accommodate over luu si a
dents ; having procured additional rooms and
furniture for their accommodation,'' This In
stitution is now undxr the guidance of R.. L
Dodge, a gradnnte of Union College, former
ly Principal of S pence rtown Academy, in the
state ot JNew lorK, in connection wnn w.
D. Clark and B. F. Dodn, who were teach
ers in-the same Institutions, aided by Miss S.
A.' Dodge, who has charge of the female
Department. ' Feeling grateful to the public
for the liberal share of patronage they have
received, they hope to merit a cootinuanoe of
the same. The course of instruction embra
ces every subject of science and literature
taught in the mi st improved Academies. '
. : a t-.IS.LW3.
Primary Heading, ; $2.00.
Common English Branches, 3 00.
Higher j - " 4.00.
. Latin or Greek, : ' ' - : 5,00..
Drawing, - '- 1,50.
Vocal MuMO. 2.00.
Instrumental Music, with the
use of Melo Pean, . 3 00. -
ft. L. Dodge, A. B. Piiocipa! and teacher
of Languages,
I xi r r r'i.
W. D. Clark, teacher of Drawing and ex
perimental science.
D - V. Dodge, teacher of Mathematics.
Mr; G. F. Greeo, Prof, of Music.
Miss S. A. Dodge, Preceptress. 1183
Harper's Magazine for September for sale
Sept. 1st. J- - :
NE Box of heavy, high ad low tip
Syracase Hames, just rec and for sale at
wtL,l.l,Ain r AAiLti o.
Ravenna, Aug. 30, 1852.
NE Box of Plated Hnmes Ware.
hew sttlb, just ree'd snd for sale at
Ravhnna, Aug. 30, 1852. -
Farm for Sale.
The undersigned, offers bis farm for sale,
situated in Mantna on a good traveled
road 2, miles from the Corners, and 2 miles from
the Bapids in Hiram. Said farm contains 223
acres of excellent land 1 60 of it under improve
ment well timbered lias on it a farm boose and
all necessary form buildings a well of soft water
and n pood bearinsr orchard and well watered
- throughout with living water, altogether one of
we most aesiraoie iarms in tne coomy.
For further particulars enquire of the subscri
ber on the premises.
Mantua, Aug. 30,1852. 1 183-3 w
Life in the South -A companion to Uncle
Tom's Cabin. -
Aunt Phillis' Cabin : Or, Southern Life as
it is; by Mrs. Mary H. Eastman.
- Kossuth in New England. I
Campaign of Gen. Scott in the Valley of
Mexico. , I
' Bartlett's Life of Gen. Fierce, bound and
in paper covers, with steel plate engraved
portrait, an elegant edition. -
. Lawsof Life,by Elizabeth Blaokwell.M.D.
" Thoughts for a Young Man, by Horace
Slavery Letters and speeches of Horace
Mann ; and numerous other new and valua
ble works, just ree'd and for sale at
Ravenna, Aug. 24, 1852.
eu.uuu. and tiled amm. I
D R-H AL8EY' S -FOll
ES T. Will E !
Tbe discovery of the Fva Erf Wise iit the greatest
blessing of the ace. Pot op U aiiart bottles,
a single bottle of which does awt (ood,,
and goes farther in the core f diseue i
- : than ln bottles of anjr Sarsaoar- .
" - . ' iilain use, d warnnted to
core without any anr ,
. pleasant or weaken
,r- uigetcet. . -.
The method by which all Sanabhrillas and oth
er similar medicine are prepared, is by boiling the
roots of plants to obtain the extttiHa. Their me
dicinal virtues are thus principally evaporated and
' It is not to be' wondered at Iliati that r0 and
even twenty bottles e tbeae Sartnpari U ere
even twentr Dotne """pi"
sometimes taken wiihootaav perrrpuhle b efit. 1
Not m, with the Forest Wine. - By ins invention f .
rn wonderful chemical aparetus, a perfect Wine is
nmduoMi without heatiae: relainine. at the same
time, all the primitive healing properties of the rare
medical plants of which: it is composed, thus ren
dering the Forest Wine the most eAcient medicine
the world ever produced, at the same time the
most agreeable, ' - -
Are diseases of the mind as wall a of the body, are
U-nall v hnM-rhton or troubles and afflictions, and
are moat common to persona of delicate ronsriin- j
notts and sensitive minor. Low spinia, meiancnoiy
frightful dreams, and fearfol antiripaiions of evil
injm .lie anguieat ctu-w, ,rri.nij j
nervous disorders. The Forest Wine end Pills are
an energetic remedy in these eemplain's. - .
Extract of a letter from Mr. Joseph C Paulding,
- - Philadelphia, Sept. 7. 1353.
Db. G. W. iuit-Uesr Sir. your Koreet wine
and Pills hare cored mvwife of a dreadful nervous
maorder, wnn wnicn juie mo oeen nmici ,ur
many years, jier ooar waa wrawi w aBicu ...j
8be 'was frequently diaterbed in her aleep by fright- j Prea to maae our estaoiiBimeni sucu, . ra.--r..,
j - ..k.n.ii .nH i I who mav want, can pet at all times what the
ed with perspiration, and at thnes inboring under
the delusion inatsomeniing areauiui waaaoou. ,u
happen to her. By the u of four bottes of the
. . fox of the pills, she is now in perfect f
health. She has regained her fleih and color, and
niova aoeietv aa well aa ever.
General Debility,, Emaciation, . Wasting
of the Body. $c ; " '
' Manv neraona are afflicted with some one of the
above complaints, without being able to trace it to
any particular cause, and therefore delay Ihe use
of the proper remedy, until the disease becomes
constiiuiionsj. These disorders are often charac
terised by a sense of sinking, or entire exhaustion
afier exercise. . Mo me experience sluggishness. las
situde, and at times, paleness or flushing of the
countenance, palpitation of Ihe bean, or like aymp
toms. - - - - '
The excellent effects which have ever attended
the use of the Forest Wineand Pills, in every spe
cies of debility, is conclusive evidence of its happy
results in this class of disorders. Many have re
sorted to these medicines as an ULTiSMTtiat, and
been speedily cured. For nervous disorders and
debility, the Wine and Pills are taken according to
(he directions on the label -. '
V Ague and Peter, or Chills '
Are caused by the miasm io effluvia arising from
marshes, decayed vegetations, end low, damp sit
uations. In Fever and Ague, the forest Wine
and Pills "are a sovereign lemedy. When th y
have been taken agreeably to the uirecuonr. we
have never known them to fail in affecting a com
plete cure. In the first place, take a large dose
of the Forest pills in time, that iheir operations
may subside before tne return chill, i ne siom
aoh being now well cleansed, lake three or four
large doses of the Wine, at intervals of half an
hour, commencing about two hours before the pe
riod for the chill to return. This breaks the ague, '
after which the wineahoutd be continued in small
doses, to restore strength. See full directions
around the bottle ;
I) if . HAL SJS X'S .
Gam-Coatrd Forest Pills
Are an important adjunct to the Forest Wine.
They are coated with pure gum arable, an inven
tion tor which Doctor Halsey has received the on
ly pa.ent ever granted on Pills, by the government
of the United Stales.
The Forest Wine and fumeoatetf forest fills.
unite in accomplishing the same great end, ihe'
purification of the blood, and restoration of the
stomach and bowels. ' i- . ' ' . ...
- The Forest Wine and Pills are recommended as
an efficient and certain cure in the following com
plaints: Dypepsm. oabitual costiveness, dropsy.
complaints of th e kidneys, incipient consumption,
pmciiaeef general heallh. snd female weakness,
tor which it is a o verergn- remedy;- languidness,
nieht sweats, nervous disorders, loss of appetite.
low spirits, and want of nervous snergy. ague and
fever, whicb it never fails to cure; scrofula, ery
sipelas, jaundice, unhealthy color of the skin.
weakly and impairea state oi me constitution.
, v .... . TQ THE TiuiEs. .
Nothing in the world is more absurd than the
eastom ot using paints, cnaiKs, etc. to improve tne
coumeiuuiee. True beauty and loveliness ac
company the highest perfection of health, which
again invariably follows the purest state of she
blood. W hat artificial appendages equal that vi v-
id expression ef countenance which emanates from
blooming health? What painis con pare with the
crimson colored blood casting its brilliant roseate
hue throucu the truosnnrent texture ot lite saint
Wltat charms are more captivating than those of
nature, in- her highest perfection of health? t-et
Dr. Halsey 's Forest Wine, supply the place of all
eosmeucs. J he ose or this exceiie.it wine lor a
short time, creates pure, rich blood, which, cour
sing through the veins, penetrates the minutest
btiers that verge toward Ihe surlace ot tne sain,
causing alt unhealthy pimples and blotches to dis
appear, imparling a vivid, rosy color to the skin,
and brilliant expression to the eye's.'
In corroboration of these facts. Dr. Hnlsey has
many testimonials from ladies of the most respect
abe standing in society , . --- -The
Forest Wine, in large quart bottet, Sl.pe
bottle, or 6 bottles fof o. Gum-coated Forest
PiIs, 25 cents per box. ) For sale by the appointed
Agent in Kavenna,
1182 C. HATCH, Druggist, Main st.
and will be publUJied in October,
The Citizen's "Hannal of Govern
ment and L,aw ;
Comprising a familiar illustration of the
principles of Civil Government; a practical
view of the Slate Governments, and of the
Government of the United States an ab
stract of Common and Statutory Law, and
of the Law of Natious; and a summary of
Parliamentary Rules, for the use of Delibe
rative assemblies; with supplementary notes
on the Government of the State of Ohio.
and the Constitution nf the State.
Author of the "science ol government.
late member of the New York legislature.
and of the JNew Xork convention for th
revision of the slate constitution
This book will be printed and bound in
the best style of modern book making, and
will contain about SOU Vima pares. W
wish to offer every citizen in ihe State an
opportunity to purchase a copy of this book,
and to accomplish this desirable object, -
lOO Affcnts are Wanted,
To operate in all parts of the Stale, to
whom we oiler liberal terms; lor particu
lars of which, address by mail,
. V , ; V J B. COBB & Co.,
: ' ' Tujliihers, Cleveland.
August. 1852. 1183 6 w
Uncle Tom's Lament for Little Eva, a new
touching and very popular piece of Music.
Temperance Glee Books; Songs for the
times, and a great variety of sheet-music,em-bracing
new and popular pieces, just received
and for sale at
Ravenna, Ang. 24, 1852. "
Administrator's Notice
"lfiTOTICE is herebv eiven that the under-
y signed has been appointed and qualified
as administrator on Ihe estate ot William
Pickering, late of Deerfield, Portage county,
Aug. 21, 1852. ; 1182-3W
fiSICKLES A few very superior Sck-
, for sala by
E. T. RicHARDSon.
Provision and Variety Store-
In the Rooms formerly occupied by H. L. 4 K.
Day, Lwuns xuocs, JMatn st.
fTVHE undersigned are receiving a well se
I lected stock of Family Groceries and Pro
visions, which they are prepared to dispose of at
low priees. Our experience in this trade, will
enable us to offer puictiaaera articles of tli? bet
quality, and at satisfactory rates. All articles
warranted.. . . . V
The following comprises a portion of our atock :
" Corrsa. ;.- -Rio,
Saymira, Java.
C dfish.MackereLTrout,
nrg. -:
u t l
Jour.?; Hyson, Imperial
1 OBCCO. "
A full assortment. -
Gun Powder, Black.
Kusau and Molasses
segars do. ;
Orleans. Ha vans. Crush
Hams. Shoulders, Dried
ed. Powdered, Granula
ted, Loaf. . B. H. CoffeeJ
Stuart Syrup.K. O. Mo
Beef, Porkr, usages,
Tongue. - a
. Prices!
Soap, Candles. Hopes,
Cloves, Nutmegs, Sin
Cordage, Oils.l ar. nice,
ger, Cinnamon, Alspice
Madder. Indigo, Bosin,
Pepper. Mace, &c
Soda. Creatta Tartar,
r aulTS, Sc.
SaisUlSi Figs- Lemons
Sal Soda ; Canary Hemp,
and Kane Seed, Cbeese,
Oranges, Prunes, Dates
Dried Currants. Preser
(Jakes, Crackers; row
Ider, Shot; Gme, Sand
ved Ginger, Candies, as
paper. Pails Tubs Wash-
sorted, Liquorice, uts
IboarfJs. Mop tlandles.
all kinds.
Fk -
Brooms, Brushes, Biaek
img, fte-
The earliest and best of Green Vegetables, and
marketing generally, always on hand. . . No painrj
country and cities afford in our line. Those wfeh-
mg to purcnnse, are requeaira 10 ceu
in our stock and pricee, and share with us their
ntrrm , , H. W. SMITH Co.
N. B. Cash paid for Butter, Eggs, and Pro
duce penemMv. -
Kavenna. Ate 10. 1832.- 1181-tf
ing the origin and progress of the Bonaparte
Family, the best history of the times of Na
poleon yet published. -
THE WHITE SLAVE a powerful an-
li-slaverv work, beautifully illustrated, writ
ten by Hildretb, the Historian, jusrree'd and
for sale at HAL,L. S tSUUK S l Uttfe.
Ang. 17, 1852.
- scaiM rhsnrfl for Aranls.
THE subscribers have just received a large
quantity of the Life of Gen. Winfield Scott,
by Mansfield, for which we wish aeenls lo travel
all-through Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.' It is
the latest edition, brought down to his return
from Mexico, and thousands of copies can be sold
by men of energy and perseverance. We have
also many other popular Books for agent. For
further particulars, address post-paid, and the
sooner the better, TOOKEK & GATCHEL,
176 2m 102 Superior street. Cleveland, O.
iust . received one case more of those
superior black silk hats, latest style, also 1 case
uperior while beaver hats, also a few convention
and tvossutn hats at tne new store ot
June 29. h.l. fcn.nAV
LA RSK splendid assortment of
and Lace under sleeves and french muslin collars
can bo found at the new store of -
June 21 - . h. i.. 4-a. oav
Feel smalt bright Chain
just the thing for wells, for sale
r,. i, rucHARUson. .
Axh nnt imnrovement on the old plan.
a good assortment just received by
r.. s . mvnanvsun.
Has permanently located in '
STRKlSTSBUltU ruttisuii vJ-. v.-
And will hold himself in readiness at ail times,
to wait upon those who may desire bis servi
ces in either branch of the profession. He will al
so perform such. operations in . l -
as may be required of him in as neat and durable a
manner as can DC aone oy any uetuiat m mu coun
ty. .-.-.,- . 1163
atreetsboro, April lain, luoa. . . -
AYING TOOLS A complete asbrt-
ment at low prices, for sale at
June at. infa. RlCHARDSOir s.
Ci4IiCs SOUTH. . ,
MATTHEWS, the Onguerrean, is going south
to spend the Winter; nil that want fine like
nesses before he goes, had better call soon, Mat
thews is posted in all the improvements in the art,
by receiving I lie Daguerrenn Journal, serai month
ly. Rooms in Allen's Block, nearly opposite Hall's
Book store. -
IE end y for Operation.
THE New Steam Grist Mill, in R i.
venna. is now ready for eneration.' Farm
ers and others will please call and examine the
most conveniently arranged still in this part ot I tie
Ravenna. Aue. 2, Itto'J. liou-tt
HREE Pieces, founded on scenes in "Un
cle Tom's Cabin," viz : Little l!.va," "I
am Going There," and "The Death of St. Clare."
Also. "Uen tfolt, ano me new anu very poputor
Answer of Ben Bolt." - For sale at
Aag.9. 1852. -,
bv H. M. Addison, Cleveland.- Price
single copies, 10 cents : 12 copies, $1,00 ;
100 $10, sent at this rate tnrough the mails
free of nostsee.
. Mr. Addison is always wide awaKe to every
thing that can advance the cause of Tempe
rance and Liberty. He recently issued a
fine niece of Temperance Musio, and now
offers to tbe pnblictwo popular songs with the
musio annexed, entitled "The Liberty Ar-
mv." and "The cause of .Liberty."
Those who would possess themselves of
line music and soul-stirring songs, will be sure
to notronize friend Addison. . -
Call at Hall's Book Store and see these
songs. - " ' ' - : ' - . -
ctbttE received a small consignment of
WV cheese per C, C. it C. Rati Road.
March 8, 1852, . in regard .to which; we
have had no clue to the shippers name.
The ower, after having described the num
ber and mark of said lot oi cheese, will be
entitled lo nett proceeds of same.
Cincinnati!, June 24. 1852. 1181-4
Cast Iroa Well Curbs-
Jcst rsgktvrd at thrNbw Hardware Stobsv
THE above article designed for the chain
numn.and for an article wherein beau
ty, stability, cheapness and taste are concerned, it
cannot be auroassed : also on hand the reels and
chain of the best quality. Also the Tuba manu
factured of the best quality of pine lumber, and in
fact all the articles nertainine to the Chain Pump,
wbicu are offered at remarkably low prices, for
the ready. Please call and examine.
New Paint Shop.
The undersigned would inform, the citi
zens of Ravenna and vicinity, that he has
hia nld business, viz: House,
Sien. Carriase and Ornamental fata
.'.. Hnvino- haueht out L. D. Darrow
he feels confident that he will be able to
give general satisfaction, nnd solicits
.h of ouhlic natronsee.
Shonover E. Woodruff's Kacksmilh
L' Ravenna. Aug. 14, IWI. 1181-3rtt
, v ,
pefffes todrsTOuntena'heV'.ali fu'tura discussion of" - .""So are yousnid
Mtfrcnisi's ifterltlt Cattaolicon.
THE Buperiority
of the above, corn
pound over all oth
ers, for the Cure of
this class of diffi
culties, and the on-
I. -Amwlw If, m
jf Ijlarge portion of
sucu cases; me
immense numbers
now afflicted and
upon beds of sick
ness; or otherwise
, fT. i .
Jl remedy, are our in
ducements to its
preparation an d
diMvuiiUMUuu mi ouikui tue. country.
, Our knowledge of the superior remedial pow
en of this composition, and its excellent and kind
influence udon the female cons'itution, is founded
uoon the truths of medical science, ana connrm-
r. . . . . ff- I r I
ea by lite experience oi uiousanuu ui wuw who
have taken of this Catholicon with the most happy
and universal success for the disease and de-
rangemenis commonly called ' - -
AmOAg these are Prolapsus Uteri, or falling of
the Womb, Chronic louammation ana-ulceration
of the 'Womb, ' Incidental Hseaaorrnage, or
Flooding, Floor Albus or W lutes, Chlorosis,
Painful. Suppressed and irregular Menstruation.
etc, with aU tneir acenmpanying evus, ( cancer
excepted, or whatever durauon ana severity
All these complaiblacan be pleasantly, safely, and
certainly remedied by this preparation.
Tbe general failure of the worthy attempts of
the medical faculty to cure this class of diseases
heretofore, is greatly to be attributed to their re
liance upon local remedies, aside from the want of
a knowledge of tne proper treatment for tne gen
eral economy: Already, very many of the pro
fession, having witnessed its salutary effects, have
thrown aside their conventional prejudice, and
are manifesting a due regard for the welfare of
their patients, by recommending the use of this '
Medicine, and resorting to it themselves in the
treatment of all the complaints for which it is in
tended. '
Tbe influence of this composition upon the fe.
male constitution is of the most friendly kind, the
most delicate and feeble female need have no
fears in its use for any length of time, for it con
tains no mercury, nor any article which can prove
in any way injurious, being made entirely nf veg
etable extracts, and prepared so as to taste like
a pleasant cordial,
- The modus operandi of this remedy, in the
cure of this class of diseases, is through the gen
eral economy of the system, with a peculiar de
termination to the female organs.
The preparation, after undergoing tne most
labored and scrutinizing trials by scientific men in
every possible way. to perfect its curative adapta
tion to this class of complain!s,for a aeries of yeara.
has become all that could be desired to fulBl its
mimrinn. and bv its fruits it may now be known in
the cure of thousands, but its career is but just en
tered upon, formillions of ladies are now suffering
for want of its aid. '
Pamnhleta containing much useful information
Inuchins- the nature and symptoms of the above
diseases together with testimonials from ladies
of the highest respectability, as certified by the
most satisfactory authority in the pamphlet, to all,
which the attention of ladies and practitioners is
respectfully invited can be had gratis at the store
of Curtis Hatch, Llruggtst, Harenna. .
P. B. Peck ham. M. Utica, N. Y.
. X. Y. Foole, M. D.. Syracuse, N. Y.
L,. D. Fleming, M. D.. Canandaipua, H. Y.
M. H. Mills, M. D., Rochester. N. Y.
W. Prescott,M. D., Concord, N. H.
W. W. Beese, M. D.. City of New York.
J. C. Orrick, M. D., Baltimore, Md.
Prof. Dunbar. M. D.. "
J. B. MABCHIS1 & Co- Propretors.
Central Depot, 30 Broadway, New-York.
1 lH2-6m ' ' .
United States. For sale at
Ang.' 17, 1853 " ' V -
To Contractors.
EALED proposals will be received at
IC7 the office of the Company in New
'hiladelnhia. until Wednesday, Aug. 25,
4 o'clock P. M-. for the gradation and ma
sonry of twenty-four miles of the luscar-
awas extension ot the Cleveland ana rius
burgh Rail Road. Irom Oneida to New
Philadelphia. Ihe line embraces some
eht and easy grading as well ss some
envy and very desirable; work, and will
be ready for inspections on Wednesday, tl.e
18ih of -August next. Planes. Profiles and
specification will be exhibited at the office
or the Company Irom ana alter thai date.
Terms made known on the day of letting.
C. PRENTISS, President. .
ISAAC LINTON, Chit f Engineer. -Engineer's
Ravenna. July 28, 1852. j 1181 Sw
THR subscribers, successors of J. B. & G. Mc'
Elwain, are prepared to furnish at Iheir large
Steam Factory, just north of the Prentiss House,
different sized;pine Window Sash and Blinds to or
der. Iso keep on hand a general assortment of
Chairs. Bedsteads, Bedstead Posts. Table Legs,
&c, all made of good materials, and in a good,
workman-like manner, and sell at low figures for
the ready. . McELWAIN & ARNOLD.
(SS ADDLES A good assortment just re-
9 ceived and for sale at from $6 to $10. Call
and look at them, v , A. . Horr.
HiTE Fish and Trout 20 halfbbls.
ree'd this day at HORRS's.
July Hth. - :; - '- ' ' ' . -. '
TIIRCULAR SAWS A good assort
A J ment. of the best quality, (some extra thick
ness) for sale remarkably low by
BUGGY 'SPRINGS li 1 J and 2
inches wide, of Eastern manufacture, for
sale cheap by - E. T. R1CHPRDSON.
p.Vl KIN r ana cnameteu jjeatner n
; good assortment just ree'd and for sale very
tow Dy fe.. T. KIC'HySltUgmi.
. Spring aud Sumuicr Goods.
WF invite the otiennon 01 w
arrivafof our SPRING GOODS. All those
who wish to get the worth of their money jiack
wfll do welt to KlOB inrougi. u r--
rrsfal. goodsneceary
rthedem.dsof the people, ean be found. We
call the attention of the Ladie. to our prints and
??" . -"!L ftWet. e. Gentlemen to Sum-
mlT adV shirtings. Boot, and shoes, and hats.
Farrs, brg you? 'boys, -nd wecan Clothe fhem
from head laiooi, m .. -
FrienI.. car, w h " 11CK & CO.
Mav 24. '85. - .
1j. DHB1JU W
HAS removed his shop two doors west or the
Collins tlouse, in the store formerly occu
pied by Messrs. Brown MuriDut, wnere ne is
prepared to execute oil work entrusted to his core,
in a neat and faabionsble manner. The subscri
ber is grateful for past favors, and respectfully so
licits their continuance, tie nason nanu viuuis,
n.kin. rinmimere. Satm and Fancy Testings
and Trimmings, also a fine lot of Cashamerett
Tweed and Gdnuemen's f urmsning uooas, -vnicn
t,m mill .oil tr.rv chess. A Sdoerior lot of -
constantly on hand. Particular attention paid to
CUfTlNO where garments 'are made out of the
shop. A-ll garments madb by him. are warranted
to fit, and all wort Kimmw
Ravenna, June, 18S3. L. UALRVMPLE.
1170- .' ' ' . - ' '- , r "
Smith, nroifr & co..
Booksellers and fstslioners,-
59, Superior Street Cleveland, Ohio.
Have arrafigilments for supplying all the Into
publications, as they are issued ft ous the press,
and dll the Standard workft in tbe various de
partments of History,- Bioeraphy, Travel,Po-'
etry and Miscellany, at Wholesale. , '
, . SCHOOL BOOKS. - v .-.
The leading and Standard School Books i
general use latest and best editions, in every
: 1 - - '
Of dilTerenf kinds, plain arot eiei.ntiy bound,
with or without Apocrypha. PsaimS, Con
cordance, Chronolog;cal Tablesy Engravings,
&c. Testaments and Hy mn Books inf. gen
eral usC. , .'.'': '. r - ' - - '-
Consisting of Day Books, JourmitS, Records,;
Pass Books, Memorandum Books." and every
description of Account Books, made firoiti the
beet linen paper, botfbd with reference to great
strength and finkibilityr warfonted eUal to',
any other' hooka m&nutacfured id' any part of
the United Stales, and sold, very low. ';
LefJtdVarftl Csji RnJed aiidPlftin.from Amer
ican. English and French" Mills? fgtial as re
garTds quality, variety and pricS, toatty dlher'
establishment in flie Union.'
They respectfully solicit a call front Country
Merchants and D'ea' derally. . 116-ly
I 'EMONSand Oranges, a few'Boxes fresh ohea
j just ree'd et ' -' ' Horbt's.-
May 19. :'' '' - . ' . . - ; , ,
PARASOLS', a larsd'asshrimentjust rec'd, and
selling very cheap at ' " HCbr's.
May 19, ..... - '. . . r
RICE, one Tierce of Kate, a very tine article,-,
justree'dat Hokr-s.
May 20. - - - - - ;
SUMMER Goods, a great' variety of summef
cloths, for. men and boy's wear, lust jetfd ar
May 6; - HOKICS.
WHITE Tlaster,' vrhite l.ime. Water time,
Salt &.C, on hand aaJ.for sale at '
Shalersville. May 5; . . u-v o.
T II K 11 K 'lv
Fire Insurance CoMipany
- IN. AMERICA!; ? "
THE undersigned" haff been, .appovntea
Agent of the Mtva Fia Insusasce
Co. op Haki6rd': Coheticwt, and wreauy to
make surveys; and issue policies. ,m-
May as. 1852. tlt.lNn.lt i amr '
V. Horr, has just re'eemd" S large assort--ment
of Bonnets; among which nury be'
found Gossamer. NeaDonftn.Peart Florence, Sat
in, and many other surins style, lorsale tow at
Shalersville. May 7th.
mull . -It... lut nnalitvul Mills OI alt sizesi
ii just ree'd. Those wishing te buy Noils con-
save money ty calling at
Nay 8.
Window eaiass.
LL sizes ob band, of the Franklin RockV
Glass at l - ,.-r , - Moaa s-.
May 8. - ; '
FBIHE best stock of shoes in old Portage, just'
JL r
ree'd and selling at the very lowest prices,'
4kt r. rtoKK.-
May 8. ' . --- . . ; - -.' .- .
Ladies Dress Goods.-
AL ARGEassnrtmentof Beroge De Lainea
Persian Cloths, Berages, Lawns, Stri
ped Silks.&c just ree'd at ; ' Hour's.
May 8.
AV. Horr, is now receiving his stock of spring
and Summer Uoods, which he wHI sell at
very Low prices. , '
Call and examine for yourselves.-. , . "
Shalersville, April 24. 1852. fl?ff
ARPET1NGS We received on the
17th inst, two pieces more of those hSndV
some carpets;, any one ra want o a goeu carpet
will do well to call. . I.. 4-R. pav.
- if o i $
E MO I R of Mary Loodie Duncan,Car-
ter's edition.unabridged and unepurga-
ted. What I saw in London; Golden bteps
for the Youne; The Wide, Wids World, by
Elizabeth WHherell; Queecby, by same au
thor; History of the Mormons, illustrated;-'?;
highly interesting nurrative of Truth stranger ."
than Fiction, just issued from the-press;
Lockhart's Life of Napoleon, just received at
: July, 1852. . Hall's Book Stoke.
1A.CKS! TACKSI From 2i to 24
oz. suitable for carriages Trimmers- antf
cheese Box makers, for sale et manufacturers pri
ces, at the Hardware Stole of . .
, . . .- "K T .Rtohawso! .
FOR I lie campaign may be caught by those large'
double spring Traps, superior te any licra
olore offered in Portage-coaUty, at
July. : FRAZER'3.
USH SCYTHES Just the articler
for Farmers, for sola htv by
til X. tltUHAK-UOUll
Harper's Magazine'
' For August, a number ot'-extraoridmory in
terest, 100 000 copies publisbecf this naaolbv
Just received and for sale at! - . "
: Aug 2.185-2. . :
- 18 h'dds Sugar,-very fine.-- t
' 111 bbls Molasses'. -
Z " Syrup; . - '.
2 " Crushed Sugar". --
' 2 " Powdered do.
' " Clarified do. ..
Just ree'd and fur sale cheap, at Hob's; :
Msy au. , . - . m '
IN coaformity with a statttta' oi Ohio presertDinv
the doiies 01 eirtioly Treaaarars, notice ta hereby
given, thst the smount of tsi charged oa each hun
dred dollan valuation of laxssle prnpsrty Wilhia'
the county of Portage' for the year 1933 is as lol
lows, to sriu '. .A-
Por Stste sad Cans! Purposes.,, ...v., ,.35 centr.
For County Purposes.. 14 w
For Poor Parposes.. ....... ,,,.,,..','.
For School Purpo W. ,r
For Bridge Purposes.... ........... 6 ,r
For Road Purposes.... 5 -
Atwsler... ...... Sets. Fransua ...... v.xacia
Aurora 3 "
Rasddlph ,..,, S "
Brimfield. '. "
Freedom........ S
Mantua ........ ' 4 "
Rootstowe S .
Shalersvills ..... 6 " -
Stteetsboreagh, ..' t '
Deerfield...,.,, "
Windhsar ....... 3 " .
Chsrlestowa 4 "
Nelson..., 8 "
Ravenns ........33 "
The Treasarer or bis Deputy wiil attend ia the',
several townships St or aear the asusl places ef
holdtuf elections, tor tne purpose ei feeetnnaj
taies, from sine o'clock A. M., to four o'clock V.
ar.-. ea the folfawina-dsva. to witr '
Doerfiold. . . .-. . ffepu 13 Randolph. .. . . Sept. S4
14 Roo.stoWB " S
Paris, .v.w. . .
13' Shalersville. .-.V 37
16 Maotaa ......v " 3H
H Aurora.. ....... Oct. t
IS Streetsborough, S
20 Frsnklia v,....
81 , Brimfreld...... ft
S3 Sofflold .t... a
S3 Ravenns. ...... " - T
Wind htm .-. . . ,-
Uirsm ........
Chsrlestowa ...
EdiBbsrgh. . . . .
He will also attend at bis office, hi Jtavenaa
rrom sad after the 7th dsy of October ontU the SOut
of December, fbr ths purpose or receiving stl Usee
casrged oa the, duplicate of 1853, that kavs sef
been previoasly paid. ' - T
1 . Tressurevs ntnee, rortage ee. t
-' Raveaas, Aujait 2d, 1862. V
i ' - .1 renwn faorn7Aftbilty of enslaving
s. - "' )V' of 'i
,-.- " nnrrA;
. 'V . - '' '.' r ;
1 - ' " . t -
S Ol
fs s
their race
. . fcce

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