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mmm- JJKaDeificratie ,
. delegates ji..iiiuui'mo,
""Candidates, bat . to- reflirm pt
ile of iui;
it isquitt
Isrnrt-rhe c
1 i
-i -
t I
fr "V.
Cottage Helodeon.
rTWlE subscriber would respectfully eall llie at-
I Icnllnn f , V. Mnauiil nl.!i In wimA TIC W
Melodeons which hei now manufacturing in ibis
place, which for beauty of style, quickness of
touch and quality of tone, is not surpassed by any
manufacturers in the conntry. They vary m size
irom 3 lo-i, 5 and 51 oclavoes.- rnirs ironi -w
to $45, f 80 and f 100. The 3J nnd 4 octavucs nro
,tnade on s pillar. presenting a center or side ta-
Idfl. . Th nflllV3fl OfB in I'lOIlO form.
Pleasa cull and iud for yourselves. " All the-.
above insiinroenls are warranted. All kind of V
reed instruments repaired at short notice and in !
zoo J style, jlccordeons repaired and new reeds '
put in at 12 cents each Anop over Mr. I.itllo s
Uooksloro. ' r; G. F. GflEENr
. Jtavenna, Ohio. ... ' -, 1 167-1 y
TONS just received, and a large
shnro of it is Italian Obelisk Mon
uments and pravo stono. from two incurs up to
eight in thickness, and all sizes, which was select-;
J l. ... .1 : I .. fMm V. n :rnn.rfdr i'n IVmUI Vfirlf'- '
. Hi too our A mer lean is of the beat quality, from the
lUills cf Wm, Y. Kiplcy . celebrated for having tho
Cnest and beat Rutland Marble.
Take notice that here is as good an assortment
. as can be found in the rotate and that we selected
vur stock and purchased of first bands, wethere
' fore think that we can sell a good article as low
as heretofore has been sold a poor one by dealers
i who buy of second hands. Therefore give us a
call before you purchase elsewhere as wc consid
er our experience a garantee timt we can give en
tire satisfaction. HtKLBUT &. I OX.
. Ravenna, Dec. 10th, 1851. 11'17-ly
for sale by KENT, GRENELL.fr Co.-
' Franklin, June 8, 1852. ' "- " '
AltPE'fS. Impbrinl Super 3 Vly,
Brussels Tapestry, Superfine Ingrain, Col-
r U'.uil HA Cnrru.t fit
-. Juno8, 1852. ' -KE YMOUR'S
- Cnrrlag;c Trimnilnss. t
PATENT Leather, Enamelled Cloih.Ac, ice.
for sole ot tho Carriage shop of .s
. . . ND CLARK & CO:
Kavonna, Morch29. 1852. ' 11C1
- tmnber Wnntetl. " '
Vpg gt( FEET of good White wood
lumber wanted.
- . N D CLARK & CO i
V navenna, March 29lh, 1052. . HCt
Drc8 Goods,
SI1.K3, Tissues, Barregop. Bnrrcgo Delaines,
Foulard silks. Lawns, Muslins, and all tho
latest styles of Dress Goods just ree'd and selling
very cheap at the new storo of '--';
May 15. ' . - 11. L. & R. Dst'3. '
ISoniicts . :y y ; . ti.'.
SKC Bonnets of every siylo, and the lutcst
i3W fashions at the now store of -.
May 15. - II: L. & R. Day.
, , t . , l :
Frencls Chambrays.
yds. of Frenoh Chnmbray
UinglmtuB, that cost cte.
to import, selling at 15 els. per yard, el tho new
store of . .. II. L. & tt. Dr
May 15. . :
; View Ciol5iIii6:. y
THE largest stock of Ready Made Clothing ev
er offered in Kavonna, enn be found nt the
new shire of - . II. L. i. R. Day.
May 15. , -' , ; .
' Bonnet Uibbons. f
GOOD assortment, just opened, and sel
ling at low figures, at -.j
May 10, 1852. ; : ; . r
rHEN you come to town, be sure and
eall at Matthew's Dauuerrenn Rooms
(formerly occupied by Morrill & Co..) in
L Allen's Block, Main Bt. nearly opposite Hall's
Book Store, and see the thousand and one
finest likenesses the process is capable of pro
ducing. The new Chemically prepnred glass
works to a charm much finer clearer and
more beautiful than the old way.
Ravenna, July 7th, 1852. -
. Brown havanna sugar. . '
i- New Orleans . " . ' ! . ' . .
V '.-Crushed - .: " . - ' ',
. ". Powdered ' ' . - " -
R L 4 A Btuarts' syrup .
...-,'. -V . Sugar house molasses
Common "
" ;" UK Box Kaisina
' Seedless " -' . . " ,1
'- Dried Currants '. - v '''
Java coffeo . " "
'- Rio " -: - . - ; .- - '."
". Ooloong black Tea '- - .
- "' O.d hyson " '.' ':""-. - '
Young - - J
Also a largo stock of other G roeorics at
Ravenna, June 2, 1852. - . -.
INK'S PROGRESS Pamphlets, for
: , Dissolution, v
mTOTlCE is hereby given,, that the Co
Xl partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, is this day-dissoivea ny mu
tual consent. JOHN B. WALKER,
Ravenna, June 18, 1852. -The
business will be carried on by the sub:
scriber. JOHN B. WALKER.
Sole ana Upper Leather.
'OLE and upper leather from different
Tannervs. inetudinz the 15ullalo tanned
Leather and Baldwins & Sons soft slaughter lealh
erfox sowing, kept constantly on hand by
. i?avenna, Oct 1st. -
PnvnGAla.: . -
.splendid assortment of Parasols, of every
I r-. i . i : .. . i. . r. r
n quuiliy UUU UltVC U. lUU UCW bwio VI -
. . , ... . H. !., & R. Day.
HAT the largest and best assortment
in town, ot Ladies summer dress
froods.sucu as lawns, baretres, poplins, emb. mulls,
silk tissues &c. may now be found, at prices that
will soon make them scarce, at -
. May 24. . , C. 4 J, C PRENTISS
Tobacco for one shilling per pound, at
May 24, V.-ic J."C. FKJCNT1SS.
House Trimmings j
OF all kinds, Strap and T Hinges and Latches
for gates, cellar doors Sec. .Remington gun
barrels, gun stocks, triggers, mountings, rins,
cleaners, powder flasks, shot belts, candlesticks,
snuffers and travs. dinner bells, tea, bells, steel
traps, trace, halter, Log and cable chains of all si
zos, anvils, hand and bench vices, mill and X cut
: saws, also tenant, back, compas, rip, panel and
tret saws for carpenters, tin palo, Mock tin, sheet
zinc, bar fead, shot, toad pipe, spring, germon ami
cost stee, Iron. naUs, shovels and tongs, steel
yards, balances, measuring J apes from J to luu
foet in length, and in short, everything usuoly
found in a hardware store, all of which will be
sold as cheap as the cheapest. rVoase call and see.
Ravenna, June H, 1853. -
GINGHAMS, a good stock of Ginghams just
"ree'd and selling cheap at : - HOUR'S. -
May 5.. . . j-
I- .''.. Hats f Hats! ! -V
F you want the best hat . ever offered in Ravon
na, just call at the new store of II . L. d R. Day
where you can find the best quality and most gen
toel hat in to a nr.
May 22. ' ,' .
of Mosul) 4-tilaUoru, Kavennti ypio, y- ' 1 ' -
' -y.:
"r "o onoes.-KeaaAr'r T'rnnm -UjL!Wuin-to securelheml mu.t tn!"?,"irfr
es Hi
WW.' ''
Second .arrival
I N- 5 2
' STORE- : ? r - ' "
TE undersigned with much pleasure
wobIJ inform his friends,' customers, and
the citizens of 'his vicinity, that lie has made bis
second visit to New; York, for the purchase of
roods thisscaaon. and is now receiving bis second
. . i j : l. i i ... i i ,
Stock of new and desirable poods," which are adap-f
ted to the season, and have been selected from the
eeted froratlie I
latest manufactures and importations; with a view
of pleasing the tastes, and supplying the wants of;
his many customers, 1o whom he tenders his MB-'
Cere thanks for their large and continued patron-.
age. f Since adopting my p-r-nt rootrODf - y j
,llMrgc Salts avd &iniiiti'fttfileS;' i i
my business has very much increased, and I find it
ncressary to visit Hr York mow frequently, as'
in so doing I am teller able to serve thelnterests
of tliose purchasing goods from me, by keepinga
larger and more geuerol assortment and selling at ;
lower prices than any oilier establishment on the
Western Kscrvc. i'leago call and ciammc for
yourselves. "..-." .A V UOKli.
bhalcrsvillc, June 10, 1852. J'. '
COD FlSIft 2000 pound's just received
aiul more on tho way., ; - A V HoP.n.
PRINTS, a large assortment of calicoes, just
received, new styles, good cloths and fast
colors, selling from five cents to one shilling per
yd. at v V ' . . HOUR'S. -v
'May 5.' ;' f :-"
OUR SHILLINGS will buy a beiier
dress pattern at llorr's, than at any. other
store in this section. "... .. .-"... . , r
Shalcrsvillo, June 12. ' .;.
FISH. White Fislt, Tiouf. Swkawtt
Mackerel and Codfish, by the bbl. hl
hbl. and retat', at ;: . o GILLhTlb. ..
;.: X : 'J., Konve. s, -,. ..: . ,
faHE subreribers hereby piva notice lo
B citixens wfl'ortBBO and adjoining coun
ties, that they nave this day entered into co-partnership,
fc ''10 nraaufiirture of Snsh. Blinds,
C'hairs.'fce- under the style end firm of "McEI
wain & Arnold." at the Steam Factory, recently
occupied by J. B. 4-G. McKlwain. .
Ravenna, Moy 15, 1052. . 116J
-5 Foilild. -
Tl f" ASONS Trowels and l(and tools at
SO CT. TEAS, y .
Very Superior uriicle of O'd " and
Young Hyson Teas, just ree'd, and selling
for four shillings per pound, and warranted extra
to any thing ever brought to f.'avenna, for the price,
at 'i Uowell & Co's.
UGARS-New Orleans.Drown and re
fined: also crushed, granulated and pulver
ized sugars for sale at - Itoffm Sc. Co's. .
1HE BEST, and cheapest Silk Hots
ever brought to this coiinly, can be found
at .. - KovsELt oi Co s.
ROCKERY." A splendid assortment
H- just opened at ; ulLlifcTlh. .
Hartford Life Insurance Company.
fWilE well merited claims to public confidence
-E presented by this Company, have given it
unexampled success wherever agencies have been
established. - :
It has perpetual charter, the liberal provisions
ol winch, enable it to oner advantages equal to any
other Company in 'the. United States.
It h.surcs both on the Joint Stock and Mutual
principle. The Mutual rates ore the samo as oth
er safely conducted Companies. Joint StocJt ratts
one-third lest titan the AliUttat. Equal to a dividend
at tlurly-lliree and one-Uia a per cent, pata amiuatis
pi adcance, - . ' " "' - ;
Uooks containing rales, ana snowing tne advan
tages of Iiisuraneo, given on application at the 2a
venna Agency. ' .
Uihce ol Hie t armer s insurance company.
Ravenna, March 23, 1852. ' 1IC0
FOR at Brown's Fashionable millinery Store,
can be found the prettiest shaped Straw, Chi
na. Pearl, and extra super Blond Lace Hornets,
that have ever been brought into Ravenna, and in
number or quality, not a whit behind the fore
most. ."' i 7, i .".':- ""
May 25.-
: :V:
Kent, Grennell & Co,
BK now, opening tlietr. now . spring
Goods, to which they solicit the atten
tion of llie public, confidently believing, that they
are offering goods at lower rates than they are
generally sold in the county, .v : . - '
fjTj" They will s heretofore pay the highest
market price in Cash, lor V ool and V beat.
Franklin Mills, May 17, 1862., 1168
. : NEW. GO 0 DS. i ;
TAKES plonsure in informing his cus
tomers that he is receiving a large and
splendid stock of Spring Goods, which will be sold
for a very small profit, and he would here say to
all liis friends, please , call and. examine foryour-
Havenha, May 17th, 1852. v ! ": ;
- Dissoluion of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that the-co-partnership
heretofore existing between tho sub
scribers under the name of J. Gillis & Co., is dis
solved by mutual consent, all persons indebted to
the late firm, and nil those having claims against
rue sume, sru rnjuireu tu i-an un umi -uiiiis, at
the old stand, who is duly authorized to setllo the
allairs of tho late company. . .- ,.,
. - . - JOHN GIU.1S,'
: - - - - - ENOCH JOHNSON
-" Ravenna, Juno 2d, 1F52. ;- .-' .
The subscribers will continue the .'I,
Lea titer. Boot &. Shoe -
business, et the old stnnd, one door west of Row
ell & Co.'s Store.' where he will keep constantly
on hand a good supply of Boots and shoes of Eas
tern and home manufacture. -; : v.,u
Having made arrangements to manufacture
Boots and . Shoes of ail qualities and styles, lie
flatters, himself that with his long experience in
the qualities of Leather, he will be able to select
the best of stock, and by employing good work-
m-M, iiu i-uii luruisii his cusiuniurs Willi as-goouail
article of homr. manufactured Boots and hoes,as
can be proc ured at any other establishment of the
kind in the country. , .. v . ... , . ; ... : .,
HehaBjusi ree'd his spring stock of Moroccos,
Linings, shoe Thread, Nails and kitt of all kinds,
with a good supply of best Buffalo Sole Leather,
French Calf Skins &e all which will be sold at a
low figure, lb cash and ready pay.
.Ravenna, Jnne 2, 1852.
' . Notice.
HE co-partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned, under the
name and style of Rowel I & Co.. is this dav dis-
eolved by mutual consent. Joseph Loom is having
soiu ins enure interest in ine concern, to c r , 4
V. D. Rowell, who will continue tho husiners,
under the firm of Rowell 4- Brother. All business
with the late firm will be settled by the said Row
ell &. Brother. C. F. ROWELL,
. - w. d. rowell,
".' " Joseph loomis,
: Rayennai July 28tli, 1852. - -
1N1SHING, Fence, and the various
sizes of out nails, also wrought, at
- . . .: : - i'RKSKRS.
, Mattliew Hutson's Estate. -
NOTICE is hereby given that the sub
scribers have been appointed jind
qualified its executors on the estate of
Matthew Hulson, late of Porlnga county,
deeensed. . : . ISAAC HUTSON.
RavennoAuguat 12, 1852. 1181-3w
tx.;-.-. .
of over
JfcAB 1J t. Ior
SED by him; with such distinguished
. success in the care of Coughs Con
sumption, Catarrh,- Asihrni, Heart .disseases.
.Dyspepsia, Gonorrhoea, Files, Female complaint
occ. Sec, Also, Dr. S. S, Fitch's Abdominarsup
tporters, shoulder braces. InhaDng lubes, and lee
lures on Consumption and -the art of preserving
lfcand health 1 oldape, &e.. e. - .
ilviaji.iiiwo lmxi uiiacrairiniuiicuiEciii
for the sale of the above goods, and will keep
then, constantly on hand at hia- Recorders office
in Raveana.-onIy agent for Portage connty, Ohio:
Bj" Dr. Fitch's "Guide book to invalids,, and
Directions for promoting health, end instructions
to muthers, in the. management ot cntldren," may
be had, gratuitously, by calling for it at his resi
dence as above. An extremely valuable book.
;. . , - ; - , - li. UAltlr. .
Ravenna, Jan. 6lh, 1C52. V---.Vrt U-M-lj
J (1) IJ-ir' ll
, OULD announce l,,e people 01 Ksvenna j
f V and its vioiniy. 'al he has located erma-!
nently in this plac, where ho will a!ways.-iiold
himself in rcodi aueuu 10 every ui in nis
professional )'"- In addition to the insertion of ;
a.-tfirial to''', plugginng&c, particular attention i
will be P"ld " tue diseases ot the msulh ond 1
gums, a unmca 01 mo proiession usually neglect
etf. ;- - ? :" t ? -. - -t i
Ir. S. is in possession of all the improvements
which give the Boston Dentists the preference
over those of any other city in the union; and
manufacturing his own amoral teeth on their
improved plan, he can dispense with the glassy
and ghastly appearance common to proeeiain teeth. .
Owing to the absorption., which always takes
place when ine roots ol Hie natural teeth are re
moved, it is necessary to make, use of teeth that
are much longer than the natural organs ever are
so that when the common teeth are used, instead
of being an ornament, they often disfigure the
moniu: nor win ine use 01 iuc otu losmoned gum
teeth, obviate the difficulty.: Bat the improved
method removes every objection, and though they
are composed Of the same materials, they are so
constructed as to be much more serviceable and
durable, and in case of accident they con be re
paired with loss than half the expense incurred
in tho repairs of the old kind . There are very
many advantages resulting from these improve
menls, which cannot be set forth in a nonce so
brief. " Those interested are therefore invited to
call at his office and Dr. S. will be glad to explain
tne advantages ot tins over the old plan, a plan on
which ho practiced for years before he received
the improvements. References will be given to
persons in this vicinity now wcarine teeth insert
ed by him, and to one individual in this village
nrim uih mi uuuro ici in win jawi.v;
' Office in Seymour's Block over the Post Office.
' Ravenna, May Gth, 1851...'. ..1 .. ;: '
Engraving and Dc
Heat Estate and Money Agency,
, Agents JElna Insurance Co., UurmN Y.
Under the Post Office, Bank Street, Cleveland.
Leather! Leather! Leather!
y ' whole salo and retail, at tho well known
r Tannery Stand of Cyrus 1'renliss, a fen
rods south of the court house in Ravenna.' A
go o d assortment of first rate leather can be had a
all times, at prices to correspond with the times.
. Hemlock Tan'd sole and upper leather
' Oak ' do harness bridle and band do
do .- do calf and kip skins
do : do upper and sole leather .
- ' ' W A N T R D . : ''' " '. '
Beef Hides, Veal Skins and Sheeps Pelts, for
which the highest market prieo will be paid, in
cash or taken in exchange for Boots, Shoes or
Latner. . ., ; i. W. bfvOS
; May 10th, 185K
. , .. a i 3 o y-
The boot and shoo liusiness. Win be carried on
in tho the some shop in all its blanches, all kinds
of work Of the right stamp; ' French and common
calf boots, stoga end kip boots, mens, boys and
ladies shoos, all of which will be warranted, and
made in a workmanlike manner, of the best ef
materials. - Please call and examine, ' - . .
May 18th. 1851. " - JOHN A. YOUNG." ,
. - 1115
Heir England Mutual Life Insurance com,
- I'uysician. . . - President.
. Agents for Ohio, ' ,
a .. .- C BRADBURN, Cleveland,:
. ' " , B. Ubkeb, Cincinnati, -
it Jos. Muekscherv Mt. Vernon.
HOLDERS of Policies in. this Company ol
hereby notified that tho quinquinnial distri
bution of its surplus funds, amounting to one-fid
of the payments, was made in December last.
Persons, where applications were forwarded t iru'
this Agency, nre reuested to present their Policies
and receive their dividends.' The Inst named re
port can be had at this Agency, where Persons in
good health can effect insurance on their lives.- .
T . yy . ; -.. c. bradburn,
' " :' '' ' " C7 River street. "'
Cleveland, March Sit, 1819. V . 'tf-17'
Afflicted Read, y
Pliiladclpbia ITIedical Ilonso, '
North-West Corner of Third and Union streets.
-- "- between Spruce and Pine streets, j
FIFTEEN years of extensive and uninterrupt
ed practice sj.ent in this city, have rendered
Dr. K. the most expert and successful practi'ioner
far and near, in the treatment of all diseases of a
private nature. Persons afflicted with ulcers up
on the body, throat, or legs, pain in the head or
hones, mercurial rlioumatisro, strictures, gravel,
disoase arising from youthful excesses or impuri
ties of the blood, whereby the constitution has be
come enfeebled, are all treated with success. .
lie who places himself under the caroof Dr. K.
moy religiously confide in his- honor as a gentle
man, and confidently rely upon his skill as a phy
sician. I' : c .: --t-- . :-. : - '
Young men who have injured themselves by a
certain practice indulged in a habit frequently
learned from evil componions, or at school the
effects of which aro nightly felt,even when asleep,
and destroy both mind and bodv should annlv
immediately.- Weakness and constitutional: de-
hiliiu l.i..- T .. 1 : li 1 I
awaa Htunvuiui .llVIJJf, pilSlUUl lUKSllUUe
and genera prostration,, irritability, and all ner
vous affections, indigestion, sluggishness of the
hver.and every disease in any way connected with
tho disorder of the pro-crootive functions, cured,
and full vigor restored. '
'yy;.; ; - READ! I vTf""
"To nth nndMa nh o o d i
- -'- ' DEATHS : . - v
Kinkclin on Self-preservation!!
. DENTS. -
This Book just published, is filled with "useful
information, on the infirmities and diseases of the
Generative Organs. It addresses itself alike to
Youth, . Manhood ond Old Age, and should be read
by all. " '- ' ... 4.
The value, advice and impressive warning it
giro, vmvein years or misery ana suffering,
and save annually thousands of lives.
I'arenu by reading it, will learn how to prevent
the deslrnelion of their children. . -. i
.A remittance of 25 cenis. nneloned In o loiia.
addressed to Dr. Kinkolin, norlh-west corner of
Third and Union streets. ' between Snruce nnd
Pine, Philadelphia, will ensure a book, under en
velope, per return of moil. -r
Persons at a distance may address Dr. K. by let
ter, (post-paid) and be cured at home. :
- Packaees of medicines, rf
ed, by sending a remittance, and put up secure
from damage or curiosity.
Book -sellers. News-Aientn.Pllnm I'nnv...
and all others supplied with the above work, at
May 24, 1852. ' ' v -. ' 1169-ly
CARPETS-Superfine, Fine, Cotton
w'p. and twilled cotton enrnAi. nlen A a
54 and 6 4 Matting, a good assortment and sel
ling ax low prices at y. - Kowell it. Co's.
FLOUR, a prime article constantly an hand and
. for sale at . Horr's.
May 20. : '
IRON, Nails and Glass, a large stock just
ree'd at : GILLETT's.
$70,000, and died again. ' '
l,qrim now claims to be. par VrrcZencf, a
-, 18 58- , y
April 26th. . 1 - - - - a -
RICE and CORN STAKCli, expressly
for food, at Z. :, HATCH'S, i
April 26. -. - . "
r1 HOICE 50 et. TEA, at
AprU26. : ' .m HATCH'S.
April 2G, ' - HATCH'S.
COFFEBand TOBACC. t";:.."'.y;
-uApriiafe " -HATCH'S.
SOAP and CANDLES, at ;r " .i
April 26. V v : HATCH'S, i
PURE DRY LEAD, and Lead ground
in Oil, at ' r HATCH'S. ;
:April2C. " ; '-, .'- V'7 ..
April 26. . . , ' ' r ;
C1 HATCH, hns ree'd Lis spring supply
-of Coach and Copal Vnrobh. - " ; ,,
TAR, at HATCH'S,..
.April 26. . - .v--! . -
;V April 26. y , ; HATCH'S. -
J5 Apii:26. . . HATCH'S.
April 26. , ; HATCH'S.
at ; , . . , . HATCH'S.
April 26. . - : i : -.-.:. , -
TTJERRY DAVIS genuine Pain Killer.at
April 26.
A largo lot, for sale very cheap ol the
Eagle Clothing Store. " ' - .
April 21st, 1852-: . :... ..
LY NETS Linen and Cotton Flv
Nets, the largest variety ever offered in
this market,, at --. t ... ; - .. . Wm. Fbazek's.
June, ao' ' . '-
Ladies Dress Goods. .. .
LARGE-Bssortment of Printed Lawns,
Printed Jackonets; Colored Bareges;
Isarege Do Lames, foulard AUKs, etc. just rec d
and selling very low at TioWELL & Co's.
WESLEY and Meihodism.by Isaac Tay
lor, with a likeness of Father. Wesley in ad
vanced years, a new work just issued from
the prolific press of the Harpers, tor sale at
July, 1852. - v Hall's Book Stork. -
Nails and Glass, a lull stork, at
Dress JTIakinzv
MISS CHASE, having taken rooms one door
cast of Baird's Jewelry Store, would bo pleas
ed to wait on her old customers, and as many new
ones as will favor her with a call.
Ravenna A rril 9, 1853. : HC2-6m
- . y A K O W
HAS been opened this week in the vacant tract
directly west of the Railroad Office in Ra
venna making tho most desirable sites fur resi
dences, in tho best part of the pleasantett town in
Ohio.. . , . .
These lots are for sale at creat bantams, and
those who wish to secure them, must make appli
cation soon, 10. . ti r.rttt x -a . vir.r,or
,. May 25th, 1052. - r -. :. 1169
Brown & Hurlbut!
AVE removed their Boot and Shoe
- Store to H. L'. & R. Day's new build
ing, and would invite the attention of the ladies
and gentlemen of Ravenna and vicinity to the
largest and best stock of boots and shoes that has
as yet, ever graced tho far famed village of Ka-
venn. We have from the frail eastern fabrics,
to the firm, substantial and well made, home
manufactured work. Our facilities for manufac
turing at home are not second to any boot and shoe
traders in tne west, as we buy our stock from the
Manufacturers in the East. , ......... :-
We have been manufacturing ladies' wear the
past winter for spring trade and bave a large
stock of home mide work on hand. All of our
work we warrant not to rip, if so, we repair free
gratis... , t iu you puwse give us a can t
sr, v ;- . BROWN & HUKLBUT.
: Bavenna May lltlu 1852. f - ;.- .. .. - -
ATENTnnd half Patent Bueey Ax
els, with Silver and Brass Bands to match
lower than have been heretofore sold in this vicini
ly, ot - - V; , - - -i i v. U T Richardson's
II E largest and cheapest stock of Cut
lery in this vicinity, at the hardware storo
, ; ,. . . .-. e. 1 iciciiAuosoN.
4 H A H D W ABB,
WM. iUAZEK, is receiving his summer
stock of Hardware, consisting in house
trimmings, hand andEilge tools, table and pocket
Cutlery, saddlery &ic. Particulars soon.. . . '
' Javenna June 13. Ift5:
:- - JLcgal Notice.
Martha Cronse, Administratrix
on the estate of John Cruuse, de
ceased, , v v - .
. ' vs. ' -' '
JaliuCrouso.Jolm W.Crouse.Ad-'
nmCrouse.JohnCrouse 3d,Lydia
C rouse, Rachel. Forder; Samuel
Forder,Rutiiaraa nrmon, Benja
min Harmon, Elizabeth A'eeves,
Isaac Jeeves, Martha Jane Ear
nest, John Earnest, Hannah C.
CroUBe, Lavina Crouse, Leonard
Cruuse, and the unknown heirs
of MoryAnnMcKelvey. -
Petiiion to sell
The said Jahn Crouse, John W. Crouse. ond t'le
unknown heirs of Mary Ann McKoluy dee'd., will
take notice, that on tho day of June, A. D.
1852, 1 filed in tho court of common pleas within
nnd for the county of Portage and State of Ohio.a
petition against them, and the other defendants
above named, setting forth that the said John
Crouse, late of tbe said counlv of Portone. dee'd.
died intestate; that the personal' property belong
ing to said estate, is insufficient to discharge tho
debts- aea'nst the same that the said intestate
died, seized in fee simple of twenty-four acres of
land, lying in lot No. 1, in tho 4th division of lots
in the township of Palmyra in the county of Por
tage, bounded on the. north by land deeded to
James Reeves; on the cast by the east line of said
lot No. 1; and on the south and west by land own
ed by Alexander Scott; that petitioner is entitled
to a dower estate in said premises; and praying
that upon a final hearing of said petition, tho said
dower estate of petitioner, in said premises, may
be assigned her and that said petitioner may be
authorized to sell and convey said real estate, or
so much thereof as may be necessary to discharge
the debts of said intestate, under such regulations
as are provided by law. Now. unless the said
Jahu Crouse, John W. Crouse, and the unknown
heirs of Mary Ann Mc-Kelvey, deceased, shallop
pear within sixty days from and after the next
term of the said court of common pleas, and plead
answer or demur to said petition, the samo as
against them, will be taken for confessed, and a
decree ordered accordingly. .
By II. II. W1LLARD, her Solicitor. .
July 22d, 1852. 1179-6w
- jTag'r HATS, consisting of Silk. Panama,
'JsLlj5Jr Leghorn, Pearl, Straw, Pedal and
Palm Leaf Hats, just ro'cd and selling very cheap
at ' , , HORR'S.
Shalorsvillo, Moy 7th. ..
CARPENTERS and Joiners Tools, or
almost every description and of the best
quality, which are. offered nt the lowest possible
rates for ready pay, ct the Portage Co. Hardware
store of : E T Richardson.
IRA THOUSAND Superior Pine
P W shingles.for sale at tho Mill of '
Franklin Mills, June 8, 1U52i
t,sjM lAjltsy.tf'ja,
as did!. ""
1 ' I.?"
To sit down, t
"ubiriit to suck fa,iseboodnd
AVE the largest and best
assortment ot Carriages
ever before offered in Portaee Co.
consisting ofCbariotecs, Briskey's, Prince Alberts,
Extension slide -seat, standing lop. and every
variery for beauty and eon voriience, all of which
will be sold low and on favorable terras.
1 he public are respectfully, invited to call and
examine qualities and prices and judge for them
selves, and see whether there is any inducement
tortliem to trade witn ns.- - - -
Shop on Mam street, east of the Public square.
Ravenna, March 29lu, 1052. " . 1161
ATS. Consisting of Silk, Panama,
'Leghorn, Pearl, Straw and Palm
loaf Hats, just received and selling- fast at
ONNETS- A largeassortirieutof every
JLP style, and selling cheap, at
YARDS of prettiest French
- Muslins for dresses ut 25 cenis
per yard that ran be lound in Ohio, at the new
store of M.L. R.'uvv.
. . Revolution in Hungary! !
, Eossnla Sneeetdtd Aostria Defeated!.' .
' "' ' '' - ust received at the ' ' ' '" '
TH & subscriber has just received and is now
opening at his Store, in Little's Block, nearly
opposite the Premiss House, one of the largest and
best selected stocks of spring and summer Clothing,
ever brought to this, market consisting of coals.
pants, vests, etc ec, ol every style and variety,
which he oners for sale at astonishing low prices.
All persons in need of anything in the doming
line, will consult their own interests by giving him
a call, as he is determined to sell cheaper than any
other similar establishment in the country.
- He also keeps a general assortment of Furnish
ikg Cogds. such a shirts of all kinds, cravats. sus
penders, Ildkfs., collars, socks,. Ate. etc., all of
which will be put at the very lowest figures. .
ills motto is . .
"Low Prices and Quick Sales !!n
Call and examine his stock, and you will not
go away disappointed. ''
-:-! UHAlU.bSUKEIrlc,l.ic.it.
Ravenna, April 21. 1851. - H61-5m
otemt according to Aot of Coagiw, In tho year
1861, by J. 8. U0UG11TON, M: 1), in the clerk's 4
Office of tho District Court lor the Eastern ,
" . District of Pennsylvania. - - r
V Another Scientific Wonder!
. . " THE TRUE
; Pre na red from Rennet, or the fourth stomach ol
the Ox, after diiections of Boron Liebig, the great
physiological chemist by J. is. llougiiton, Bl. V.
Philadelphia, Pa. .. - . - '
This ten truly wonderful remedy for Indigestion
Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver complaint, constipa
tion and debility, curing alter nature s own meth
od, bv nature's own oeent. the Gastric Juice.
53 Half a tea-spoonful of Pepsin, infused in
water, will digest or dissolve Five Pounds of Roast
Beef m about two hours, uui of the stomach. -
Pepsin is the chief element or great digesting
principle of the Gastric Juice the solvent of tho
food, the piirifyinc. preserving nnd stimulating
agentof the stomach and Intestines. It is extract
ed from the digestive stomach of the Ox, thus
forming an artificial Ihgesuve fluid precisely like
the natural Gastric Juice in its chemical powers,
and furnishing ajcompleto and perfect substitute
for it. By the aid of this preparation, the pains
and evils of Indigestion and Uispepsis are remov
ed, just as they wonld be by a healthy stomach.
- It is doing wonders for dispeptics. curing cases of
debility. Emaciation. Nervous Decline and Dis-
peptic consumption, supposed to be on the verge of
tne grave., i ne ecientmc eviuence upon wiuen it
abased, is in tne highest degree curious and re
Baron Liebig In his celebrated work on Animal
cnemtsiry says: "An amuciai uigesnve nuiu, ap
alogons to the G.istnc Juice, may he readilv pre
pored from the mucous membrane of the stomach
of the Ox, in which various unities of food, as
meat arid eggs, will he siflened, changed and di
gestcd,just in. the same manner astliey would be w
tht hmnaa stomach ' '..w. -
" 03 Call onthe Agent, and got a descriptive cir
cular, gratis, giving -a large amount of scientific
evidence, -similar lo the aliove, together with re
ports of remarkable cures, ironv all parts of the
United stales. ; r. , .; .
'.''i As a Dyspepsia Cdrer,
Dr. Houghton's Pepsin has produced the most mar
vellous effects in curing cases of debility, emacia.
tion. nervous decline, and dyspeptic consumption.
It is impossible to give the d tails of cases in the
limits of this advertisement, but authenticated
certificates have been given of more than two hun
dred remarkable cures in Philadelphia, New York
and Boston alone. These were nearly all desper
ate cases, and tho cures were not only rapid and
wonderlui, out permanent-- -:
It is a great nervous anlidoto, and particularly
useful for tendency to Billious disorder. - Liver
complaint, fever and ague, or badly treated lever
and ague and the evil effects of Quinine, Mercury
and other drugs upon the digestive organs, after a
long sickness. Also for excess in eating, nnd the
too free use of ardent spirits. . It almost reconciles
Health with Intemperance. :-t "
Dr. Houghton's Pepsin is sold by nearly all the
dealers in fine drugs and popular Medicines
throughout the United States. ' It is prepared in
powder and in fluid form and in prescription vials
for the use of physicians.
Private circulars for the use of physicians,' may
be obtained of Dr. Houghton or his agents, descri
bing the whole process of preparation, and giving
the authorities upon which the claims of this new
remedy arc based. As it is not a secret remedy, no
objection can be raised against its use by physi
cians in respectable standing and regular practice
Price, One Dollar per bottle.
O" Observe this! every ootllo of the genuine
'cpsin bears the written sicnaluro of J. S. llouch-
ton, M. D. sole proprietor, Philadelphia, Pa.
Copy-right and Trade Mark secured. "
ILT Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medi
Agents Isaac Swift, Ravenna; J. K. Sexton
Youngstown; N. Brown, Canton; Fisk Si Hall,
Cleveland. - - - - : I162-Iy
'pHE undersigned respectfully return their sin--1,
cero thanks to their friends and the public
generally, for their liberal patronage for the past
your, uuu suiicu a continuance 01 tne same.
Having just received the Spring and Summer
Fashions for li)f2. wo foci confident that we are
able to oxecute all orders entrusted to our care, in
the best stylo. Gentlemen who aro desirous of
having their clothes made well, and to fit, will do
well to call on the subscribers. - . , - .
All orders attended to on the shortest notice, and
as reasonable as can be done in town. Cutting doue
at all times.
Shop directly over Dr. Swift's Drug Store. -Ravenna.
March 20. 1852. - '
THAT peculiar style of hat worn by
this distinguished l.orson can now be
bad, of every variety for a very small amount of
mnieriai aid, at
May 24. . .. . C. & J, C. PRENTISS .
PARASOLS. A big ussortmont, just
opeued and selling below tho market, by
Moy 21. C. At J. C. PRENTISS.
tfaat qttMtidnVwtilch.' attrpartves? declare
quostiftn bf the country "and of tbe age,
v rl. D
Clothing Store in Ravenna. J '
-Hr H.X.. & R. DAT,
AVE just opened at their New Store
the largest and best assortment of
ready taadeetottung,veroiierea in ronagecoun
tv," embracing all the latest styles viz: . '
Blk.. Green, Brown& OlireProck & Dress Coats
". ... " .' -.. Frockeltees,
'' ":. u Sack ,; ";:.
grey and drab - o; f. Double Coats . . r.
black, olive and brown . . Drap De Ete's
v "" Cashmeretts
tweed, ieans and cottonades. . - ' : ' -
-.- 500 brown linnen frock - and sack - coats - from .
1.00 to 1,50 ......
300 pair pantaloons cassimeres, snttinetls, lin
en, drilling, nankeen, tweed, jeans, duck and cot
tonades. . ' " - - -
400 vesta of every style, quality and price to- ,
gether with all kinds of gentlemen's furnishing '
goods, all of winch will be sold a utile lower than j
can be found in this market. .-..
; 'May 24. : , H. L. & B.DAY.
AN extensive assortment of -'Ladies Dress
Goods," embracing all the lutest styles,
can be found at , G1LLETTS.
splendid assortment ot the latest style
lionnets, nit rec d at GlLbTlJs.
HE best lot for the lowest prices in mar
ket, at GILLETTS.
Large lot of Ginghams, good quality for
one shilling per yard, at
TACKS ot sammer stuffs for nnts Arc.,
very cheap at . " . r : -'.. GILLL 1 S.
Hats! Hats!!
ANAMA, Leghorn, Kossuth, Canada
straw, Palm Leaf, &c., &c-, at
Silk Hats. ..
few doz. fashionable Moleskin Hats just
ree'd at GILLETTS.
splendid lot of Dress Silks, just ree'd. at
MTi LOTH S, &c. The best stock of cloths"
cassimeres and vestingscan be found at j
, UlLiLiHiTTO.
INENS. ' Brown Linen, Irish do. Lin
en Diills and Table Linen, n good as
sortment at . . GILLETTS.
lot of that Tea at 50 cents. Also a good
black do at 50 cents at - :
- -. Parasols.;
JUST recsd, a splendid lot ot Parasols, and sel
ling at lowkr prices than ever was heard of
in Rave nna. at . . - Rowei.l & Co's
RESS GOODS. Silks, Burreges, Har
roee Delaines, Lawns,' Poplins, Bro
cade Poplins and other styles too numerous to
mention, are selling cheap, at
V5I" crs of splendid gimp lace trimmings, an
entirely new article, that cannot be found at any
other store in town, at the new store of
June 21. - m t. Si R. dat.
Fire Amiiliilator. -
nHILLIP'S United States Fire Anni
JL hilator Conijmny, of which Hon. Elisha
Whittlesey is President, Hon. John INI. Clayton
is Council, and P. 17 B.irnum is Ueneral Alana-
ger, bave established an agency in Cleveland, for
the Bale -of territorial rights, to use and vend the
Fire Annibilator in all the Western and South
Western States. - - - "
' Parties can be supplied by mail with pamphlets
containing accounts of numerous experiments and
accidental tires, proving the utility of these ma
chines, by enclosing three or four three-cent post
age stamps. : " ' - - : ' , -5-
- Tbe prices of territorial licenses, or Yields for
States or Counties, will depend upon various cir
cumstances, based npon the number of inhabitants
which will be made known upon application aMlie
Agency.; Office in Cleveland, or by letters ad
dressed (post paid) to Nichols, Brayton & Co.
A Western company having purchased the right
of the State of Ohio, are prepared to dispose of
counties on application as above.
. Agency at tbe general insurance office of H
' Frayton, No. 4, Sartwell Block, Cleveland,
Oho, where samples Of the machines may at all
times be inspected., E. T.NICHOLS.
" " " T. C. SEVERANCE.
Cleveland, Oct. I2th, 1851. 1138-tf
HEsubscribers.successors of.
Taylor & McElwain, is
prepared to furnish at his large
Steam Factory,' just 'north of the
Prentiss House, a variety of Cane
seat, Windsor, Dinine.OIIice, Boston.
and Children's Chairs, at low prices, and of as
good-workmanship as the best of materials, ma
chinery and skill can make. '
He is also prepared to execute jobs of Turning,
and Sawing Lumber for Sash, Blinds, Doors. &c.
On short notice for ready pay. ' . '- v
j ' .! - . - - J. IS. B ti. flicKLW A1N.
Ravenna, Oct. 29, 1850. , . . . , 1087-
- Carriage M akin?. y -
f IHE subscriber would respectfully inform the
JL citizens of Ravenna, and its vicinity, that he
continues the
directly opposite Col. Eraser's, and having had 40
year'sexperience in the business, therefore does not
Iics:uite to say, that he will make workeijunl in
leatnessand durability with any that can be found
in the State ot Ohio. . s - .
Carriage Painting and Trimming done at short
notice, and any orders civen will be attended i.
strictly.'"; ' .'--. ', . ..-. v .
Cash, r arm produce or building I umbortaken in
payment. .., , . .
Ravenna, Jan. 10, ' - v -
R. BROWN has just returned from
Boston and New York, witk'.lfnu
fashions and has made arrangements to obtain from
those places New Fashions Each Month. He
also brought with turn an extensive stock of fancy
Ribbons, French and American artificial flowers,
Embroidered Collars and Cuffs of all kinds, bon
nets and bonnet silks crane and crape Icise of all
colors, gloves of nil kinds, silk blond lace ami
edgings of all kinds linings and straw triimiiimrs
such as buttons, tassels, braids, lace and other ar
ticles too numerous to mention.
(T7 Will the ladies please call at the
Fancv Stork and examine the prettiest stock of
Fancy Goods in town. Ladies silk huts on
band or made to order.
Bavenna, May 1.1th, 1852.
Crane Shawls.
A BEAUTIFUL assortment of Plnin and
lA Embroidered Cauton Crupe Shawls,
just opened and selling at Low Figures, also a
line assortment ot Summer Shawls, ready lor dis
tribution at - C. & J. C. PtNTlss. -
May 24. . : .
IWffOURNING LAWS 300 ynrds of
I T best stylos Mourning Lnwns, nnd llie pret
tiest deseirns. ever olfered iu aventm, cnu be
found at the new store of u. 1.. & R. dav.
d CENT TEA. of the best quality
May 17, 1852. .
Moses Beans.
ANUFACTUKliR of lloots : and
Shoes, of all kinds, two doors south of
the Court House in the shop formerly occupied by
Andrew McBnde, Ravenna. 1130
to be'rte
that swnl-
And here, Sn
bmith and
nar!f. hMhMTXilU ir th
THE Subscriber takes
pleasure in annouco- '
ing to the citizens of Por
tage county and vicinity that
he has received at the Store f!
Lately Ovcvpied bif Jitasnnl
o Hrainerdsk LARGE'
usually kept in a .
Consisting in pslt of Irony Steel, Cut and
Wrought Nails, Ames SHiovols,Spades, Hoet,
Coil, Halter and Trace Chains, Grind -stone
Cranks and Rollers, Pump Chain withoranks
and Rollers Complete, i. A, S, and 11, inch
Lend Pipe, ShuUer. Hinges and fastenlnga.
Colter Vices, Anvils and Sledge Hammers,
Pocket and Table Cutlery, and a large stook
cf Mechanics' Tools generally, which he of
fers at remarkably low prices for ready pay.
Ravenna. Jane 8th, 1852. --j J
Latest Arrival.;
Slsn of the Golden Mortar. T,
AFRESH Supply of nearly all the chem
icals in general ute as medicinal agents
and for manufacturing purposes together wit
a general assortment of Drpgs, Paintgt Oils,
Dyes, Groceries, Glass, Brushes, tJ-Us'--Suph.
Quinine, . Salacine, ,
" Morphine, Chinioidine, .
Valeriannate morphine,Piperine' ..
Acetate morphine.
Solution strychnine,
Elulerium, . -V
Citrate Iron, -Phosphute
Phosphate soda,
Phosphate Lime,
Citrate potash,
Oxide Zmc, . '
Musk, . '
Oil Ergot,
Oil cummin,
Oil bluck Pepper,
Hyd. cum. Oreta,
Sulphate zinc.
Veratrind, .
Podophyllin, ' .
Collodion, : -.
Carl onate Iron,
Iron by hydrogen,
Iodide potash,
Ammoniate copper,
Chloride zinc,
Oxide silver.
Cod liver oil, '
Bulaam sulphur,
Oil Rhodium,
Lupuline, .
Glycerin, ' .
Lycopodiunl, .
Iodide Iron,
Oxide Bismuth, '
Donovnns solution.
Oil cioton,
Oil cubebs,
Oil copnilia,
Oil roses.
. Syrup,
Iodide lead.
Syrup of Sursa.
extracts. . - ' --
Butternut, Conium, '
Crtunebislndica Gentian, .
or Iudinn beinp,Hyoscyamoii9,
Stramonium, Quassia,
Valerian, - Poppy,
Bellailonna, '
Colocynth, -Jalnp
oarsnparilla, "
Turaxicum, .
Syringes, . StolhoscopDs, - Turnkeys,
Trusses, " Supporters, Lancets,
Nipple shells, Pessaries, . Breast pipes,
Catheters, Cupping glassesSpatultis,
Mortars, Thermometers, Scales & weights,
Night tapers, Graduated measures.
Sa'rsaparilla root 1
Tapioca, ,
v leelniid moss,
' Chloride sods,
. .Powdered charcoal,
Arrow root, . '
. Chloride lime.
a sup r article.
baste, L
Irish moss. '
Seidl tz Powders, '!
Corn starchy
Isingluse, - , y "
&c. .: -
Jnynes' hair tonic,. ' Radway's Balirr
" hair dye, - Barry's TricopherouS,
Brigg's cosmetic, Phaluns Invigorator,
Rose oil. " ..-Bears oil, - Antiqueoil, '
Macassar oil, Ox marrow, Pomatum; :
Shaving creamBay rum, :-.
Lily white, Lip salve, '..
Puugents, Soups, .
. . nnusitES.
Painting, .- Varnishing,
Gniiiiing, - Blending,
Court plaster,
&o., &c.
Scrubbing, : White washing, Shnvitn
Huir brushes.Teeth brushqs,. Flesh brushes,
Clothes " Shoe brushes. Horse brushes.
rAIJTTS, dyes, &c.
Chronate potash Chrome green Chrome red
Sul soda ' . French yellow Veuitian red,
Borux, - White loud, " Sugar lead,
White Glue, Black lead, Spanish bro'n,
Cobalt, ' - Verdigris, - Luippblack,
AsphHlium, . Pruss. blue. Drop black,
Vurnish, ;. ' , Rose pink, ... Ivory black,
Gold leaf, Ultra Murine, Zinc jmiut.
Shellac, . -Emery, - Stone ochre,
Paris green. Sand paper, ' Glue bronze,
Cbrume yollow.French leaf,-Jiijian, :
Indinu Red, Tuqientine, Rosin,
Spunish white. Rotten stone, Pumice stone,
Litheragp, Bth brick, Chalk red.whito
Orange mineral, White wax, Phosporus, -Vandyke
Brown,Saltpotre, Alum,
Mineral paint, - - Soda ash, Copperas,
Putty, : Prussmte potash, Chlorate potash
Blue Vitrei,
Oil Vitriol,
Logwood, - -Fustie,
Ext. logwood. : Indigo,
Mu'iate Tin, Chemic,
Lao dye.
Madder, .
Crushed and
Sugar, , .
Ruistns, '..
Ground and unground,
Extract Lemon, Extract Vanilla,
- " Almonds, Jco., &c. ,
Canary, Hemp, Millet and Rape Seeds,
FUli Bono, Baths, Fountains, &o.
Linseed Oil, Lard Oil, Caster Oil, Olive Oil
Whale Oil, Sulud Oil, &o.
Ravenna, June 30, 1852.
(5 I 25 lb. Kegs pure white lead, ground
"S5 QW in Oil, just received and for sale at
June 21. . . . . . -SwirT's.
INC Paint A new Brticle'fii'sup'ersedS'
'A the use ot lead in paiuting, for sale by
June 30. . I. Swift-"
lbs. Brimstone for sale nt'
June, 30. Swift's.
Gross Taper and Vial Corks
for sale at - Swift's.
ARLE Y'S celebrated Heave Remedy, '
a fresh supply just ree'd at Swift's.
ROUGI1T NAILS.-0d 8d lOd and
1 2d, just roccivedand for rale very low
, C, 1 KICHAHDgPH I. .
AWN'S, style of Pattern entirely
new, and unlike any other in lown, at
bkuwn s fviAcr smut..
12COND ARRIVAL 600 yards of y
tlio best American Lnwns for 121 cents per
yard ever olfered in Ravenna, at the new store of
June 21. HL&RDA
ADDLERS nnd Carriage Trunmers
will find nearly all kinds of Trimmings, Tools.
&c, used in ihis business at
- fticnAnnsoN's
New Hardwaro Depot.
A LARGE stock for salo.in a large or
Small way at wholesale prices for
Ready Pay. KENT, GRENEJUL-Jv Co.
I luuklin, June f, is5v
rreasTfrl'iiirli, (r --ey
Lrruttff Jones . "1 .r.,,ri ;n th
WhW Cv nfl tnm oy oi.v,u5 , - .

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