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lfCttrtifce Bole at its fat, it uever bacarrr
p- ritive as uitef r 83000 --
3. 1 hit e not. when UiM tteVrverM juii!
lndortd w 4 wus, in leiral effect,
totW $2000 iiimn ore. I ? r.
", Vhat It beiPk iiierely Kore'y, ni
fca'vi)jt xroeiiled to tbe trHfiitioii. w m
lUble npon it el a note f r $2000, wor for the;
B:0 ey 'oaiied np"D tqoeM. " - -..
- 5. Where, ddou ll whole record, it n an
event that on a ra uial recovery can bc
bod. judgment lor U e defendant will not be
tvvera;!. tnerely oeeaose ine cooii. oeiow mmj
, -1TT nidi SU lilT IIIW WV IWM w w j - (i
t .j . - !I
Ah ;lWA-BrNTH.kfth:24
V; ;
Ti e Orand Jarv more ttwfn'a. week .io
Md. a rtretmertea5r!,ick1ei loathe
murder of Key. v i thee became the iory ot
B ... -
District AtTOrnev to pn-pre so imuc -mml
and nlsce it bfore them for their fitmi
.i .. - ot. . J. 1 . . J-- l. !.
at'Tntn i-mi nfl mu in (lav. w lieu 11 wm n -
' turned tv flieth ft true bill The reason cf
tbe delay jg understood to he that they might
is Hie tnmntime hare an opportunity to ex
amine autimouai wuuetwea inure nmicwini
relative to Mr. Batterworth. no that if they
- J . . mmsst. A MiinniaHt AarBoA thaB HI sTl 9 Bnrflj.f
film iointlv with Mr Sickles "'-'!---- f
Mr 8iant()D 'of Pittsbncgh, and Meters.
' Macaander and RadelifT accompanied by the
t father of the aceaxed. came mo -Conrt and
' - aaked that next Monday beaet down for the
trial, bat nf.er a conference with the District
. Attorney; Monday week wax agreed upon
for the pwpoKe. ',
;l. ' Tim Saw Jiraey Senatcr-
, Mr. Wrieht, who bt bo lonr riven the rote
. 01 me atuie 01 jNew jerney on toe wronjr aioe
:j; i near Iv o'-erv q iesrtioo. baa htn withdrawn
' by hid friend fn. m the United State Senate,
and thft. RinnhHrMt-' liayff mtnrlMd in hi-
rjjr Mr. John 0. Ten Eck, of Mount Uol
' iy. l5ur-ini;on cnooty
. air- ico r.ycu u a yonrg lawyer 01 oremuv
tioo, who wan Ulely noaiinated by Governor
bewail a- i uiilfa 01 'ton ouprenw 1 uuri, -on
refuaed the pnwition. - In hU political neni;.
' ment he a dcidi d Re pniilicaa.and the Nev
"'arK Daitu nave: "His rotes io the Heiiuie
arcai ivwjrra dio w vrarinrniiy kutuciicu
- 1 t j
lion ev.teniion of Ala.verv. the. niaininiine nf
the Union at all hic:rM, uoo .interference
r wmu ruiu; lUHinuiioijy, rciinumy 111 numic
t honest v m fHiblic kffjir. which characterized
it the early yeara or the republic. . ; : -2
'.;; .,-. -. Hi, Baahfgr Pika'i Peak-'.
, ,vrTh rush by the Ban ttml and Sw Joseph
Kaikoad roniuiae to incrcaoe daily. O ; F.i
- nay tiree nunaren pasnereiTu arnrea lie re 01
wngie traM, and the next any lar bacdied
j . anvu. More than a tl.ouiuind a day piss
Ibrnnirh thw it.v hV'tlm. JVliiMAnri nvpr itMin
era aod the Pacific; RiilrHd,, Nen'eni of
otherN crow the Mis i-ipui at various ferrie.
. .. in wfigiiijN, an.i btomhiijc ine cinetiHieer oy ine
- rnoer oireci roaaK iot ine wesiern noroer wnne
. ui .no Amn'iaB li'vi .nil iHiiu k-u) i o-itrii
. 1 hA nnmliAr rr .incr hv nil a lamiMi nf tntvpl
o v " :
.'estimate at 1 wo thousand per diem...-.
. . 1 ' :. M:ttl OF THK WEI.M. i
- - T(ie W!)r in Vi'ginia between the Letcher
and Goprgin parties rages with'iDcreaped fury
. . nL.. vr r it. a ' . -. .
m uv .urioia targiiM puis 111 niuunimg a iar
' . r . ,1 . . ' . t . l ..
vi ne vnciri. uuiiiuimi'g an CAtraci nuni tuc
. iNortniR Hernia, in wbicli the editor raid tnat
- v innnia would one day be a f ree state, 'and
the aooner the better. .
" The Italians of New York propose to open
' snhfcription ihronghont' the United Sta-es
to rfft-r to the King of Saidinia a sword, the
1 : 1. r 1. . 1. uii : r ti r
unv ui wuiuu aimii vuuttinb ti a buibii eiaiua ui
- iiaiy, in pore juiiiornia gom, as a innate ot
TniiiaiQV aiiu auiiiiraiifin ouensu dv iitr iiu-j
' ianai here to the champion of national inde
icitunwn iu imij. t v t ,
At the next session of Congress the desks
' io the fTouso are to be removed, and the eats
11 of members brought nearer together j Tbe
eiperiment will have a better assurance of
ir .v. i.ni: .::'. r ..1 i.
' auisuo mo iiauniiig puvicu ui iiidiiiTrrB W3
' !iolished.'" Mr, Seward, will attempt to intro
uugo iiiio new rciurin imu 1110 ocuaus, auu wild
a guou proBpeci 01 success. .1 r,j -
"' A woman has been indicted at Anderson, S.
C, for being a 'common scold. , . . . :
''''' ' : The General Assemhly fO.3 ) of the Pres
byterian Church of the U. S , convenes at In
- dinnanolis on the 19. h of Mar next. A very
, V . . 1 . ... 1 .... - - -i .
... large attend ince is anticipated. . i ;: .
. ..Mrs. Uunninehara Burdell passed through
PalBHltnMk V. ah Ilia 1wt M rAf.finnlh
She tried to travel incog , bat-was detected by
mnwna ..! TliA ..ttiluinaiil H. tijitinmtDa1 an
;. thedi.covery.,.J.;!,5S7,ji .-.': f
.The rrovotralcur Calholiaue. a Southern
-Catholic jjurnaL learns f om persons worthy
of eoiiBdeuce, that General Walker, recently
it-. , . '.1
. converted to the Catholic Church, bas deter.
mined to enter a rel'mon order and become a
, . v Catholic P'ie-t., . . j .. i; , , ; " '
. John Frank, who lives in Brown county, O.
. served iu the Mexican .war with distinguished
. braery was at the bailie of Palo Alo.
Mnnttrnv ar.n KiiHna.. Viiaia. has on hiianerann
aivtv Tiaiiiln arnn-dvL find ha twenfv ai nhtl
" " A gentleman in Cincinnati a few dys since
emptied his pockets of a parcel of letters anil
papers -which he had accumulated tliere, and
burnt them. "The next moruiiur he discovered
that among them was one containing $500 io
bills which be had intended for the mail.': '-':
It havinir been chaieed. that Ex President
- Pierce. 1.0 absent in Enrol, was anxious to
t ; '.. ecire .tbe Jlemociaiio. notiiiijation. for -the
;; . Presidency, he has written a letter to a friend
. , in Boston, in which he detlareatbat under no
possible cirenmstancea will he again permit the
n-e of his name in connection with any public
office . . - : i- ' ' -. :t ,.'
: -. . The Vineennes find. 1 Gazette says that the
is ' r .A r .- ... .
., . Eheiiff of tbat county lost bis cow a few days
. n nntt H(n A AtulMvar flA t .U 140 ff llAr Bill.
. , where, after the most diligent search. Jjast
. S'turday ber half . pat id remains were found
In the jury room of the CVtuxl House. She
... had been locked op there, probably, to return
s - verdict, but after eating all the law papers
in tbe room, of which there was a considerable
anpply, she yielded up ber breath. '
The Pike's Peak emigration is becoming a
creat movement.-- Every steamboat ' that
' ploughs against the current of tbe muddy
MisfO'iri is crowded with adventurers eager to
. t...i. r,.nnM In iha ha . lantt .i.U-n
- - . , A . inn. to. . P tlin UttuntiH J.mn
erat visited seven Missouri steaoiera Friday
last, aud found -from fifty .to .one ,-haudred
, Pikes, reakera on each. boatv Bt. Li -uis
mmti allh lha frnltt iMilrwra Mn-arhil hhA
; . suE ient energy to make the j mniey to Pike's
Peak 'and dig gold, usually heloiig to the pro
- .' . duo iv c1as ami the country will lose labor
... of more value than all the gold thai may he
.. scraped together in the new fields, even if ihej
mwA mm t..li la 41utifMHiia j .. ,, . -
:-! .'? ;.-; A lowde-boni which belonged to Black
Wisconsin '.riter, in 1833 helot gs to a. Mr,
i . M iviiiyillDii, vi iaciiptri( luwn . ii ma inrc
n f (. . f i. . i
..... uun.-io norn, ana uu iniereaiing reiie oi me
v. ', gieav warriur whose home was in sight of Da.
- . . vei'.ort. - -
Biitkrnpf Li will be winked o tt iu the next
.Conuat!.'. The Herald remark: " Tl.erea e
, n u.lv tl ir v" thiej and aciivo mvo who were
' . kpubwi tn.vn iii iht luAt. - revulsio'i. and, liiev
Wi I nt ver leave eff tbe purs.il of a new bunk
Wednesday Korninir-' ; Bairn, 30, 169
at v l. . w mill aoN.
LtMA V. B AJ 1
..iuit a. f.liib
,.-..- If ,40 In aaranca. s 1 Pi
( ,2,iOafarr eloof year) t
tfm ppr will be diKODtinaed witil II vwim
ara pwd.-aseept at tba optical at thr rnbl shers
tuiitiififl 01 ku; a-aper pusjisnra in
tlii- Vunlf of Portage rendeia likml
d (aaliiieaua au4 j4n4rale aatwlinaa
tor AdrrUstat. - Bwainea Jtlen will
tak-ilee. '
Expo; ore of the Thieves who have been
- n : irl-:. - '- r
i lie Kaaeall'.y of tdeertonaud morgM
, aia aware
Thair Concealment of BreilWs Treasury Theft
A nomber of letters preserved in the pnhlic
offices at ( 'olnrbbns have been publislied in
the Ohio State Journal, aud open rather a
rich .-chapter.-: everytbinfr ' eonsidei ed. ; The
knowledge of Bre.-lin's' defalcation aad Un
guilty co'ocealmeot 00 the part of Edgerton
and Morgan is clearly shown by their own
eitera. "Tet, afir this knowledge they eon
sented to bi reiomioatiouorSiatTreainrer.
aud Morgan was a-candidate on the game
ticket for re election as S'aie Auditor. Thet-e
are the pare men now set to investigate Trea
sury defalcations, men who,' themselvei, need
to be proted by an inve'tigntiog rotumittee
Seviu days after . Morgan had reported to
the Governor tbar there teat a balance in the
State' Treasury of jine hundred and eighty
four thousand six hundred and eighty dollar.
he wrote the following letter 10 Mr. Aikin-on,
showing that he knew there was" no such bal
anee lit the Treasnry as be bad falsely reported
to the Governor: , ..:. . .. . ;
- ' . Otbm of omtnimttaDerfi of Ink'nc Faod
, CKUiaibm o.. Mot S3. sl.- J
Hoe: S; J'. Atkniton, 3d Auditor Of 1 iwnry.' '
q - T - WaRbiOKion City.
Dear SJ7 The embtrrawineii'S which
neem to h tve overtaken our Sta'e Treasury
have rendered it pnideot, in the opirion of the
I'oinmiSrn.iters oi the bmk'.ng fund, to pro
vide as far as in their power, fur anv conim
uency by which the prompt pavinent nf the
January interest mat be put in jeopardy, and
to ibis end tbev have resolved to convert the
whole amount (106 200) of U; iled Stales
Bonds now in their possession. into coin on the
advertised term of SectetJ.rv (Jo hije &c.
(The letter inclosed the' 106 200 U 8.
Stock.) ' r"R ' ' ' -
. i .- I EDGCRTON TO If'RSAIf .. l-i
, - , Stale of hio Tranifir XTee I '
'' " '' '''" ; ' Nrw Tork l 14, 1-61. .
fJoa. W. D.-jlor an, AtMng Com . ire : ,
,ler Sir: 1 deenj ii ny duty to advice ynn
that I have some f ais of the ability of the
Treasurer of 8tte 1 o place the funds requil
for the payment of the January interevtou the
Foreign p'lhlic debt, pavahle in thi-eily, iit
my hands before the t proximo.', , I am not
not advised of the precise form of your' draf
npon him for that purrx se. whe-her paalle
on presentation or on the fimt of January next
If paa!le.on piesentatiim. I have a right to
ii quite into the probabilities of its payment;
b.tl if payable on the 1st of Janury neftheT the'
t'om issionerg or myself have miy right to
miike inquiries or examination on the i-nhjeet,
for il e I reiisnrer has until that day tomeet it
aud neither of us has any legal right to ques
tion hiaalJIiM. ,.,'r . , .
, fn 1 he nsusl course of business. theTreaso
rer should remit funds to me in anticipation f
the draft and the day of payment, hot np to
this day he t"S noi remit led one dollartnward'
the interest, m-i'her hs h any funds here "to
meet the draft of 850.000 drawn on the 29th
nit. for investment ao Sinking Fund. It mav
perhaps be' nju9t , toward the Tteasnrer to
suspect his ahiiirv to meet these drafts in time
to save the ciedit of iheS'ate. tint nndtr the
present embarrassed and exceedingly stringent
condition ot M onetary affairs, it may be pnt
dent- for the Commissioners to have the mean
in their power fomeet the interest '1 am
aware that you bare already taken steps to
avert stich, a hlow to the credit of the State,
hy disposing of the Uuited Stau s Stiwks and
1 trust you will lake such further steps as a ill.
beyond anv coutintreney; ptac" the necessary
fuiide in my iianiis, it. case of arv default on
the part of the Tieasurer.-- I. think iht here
after, to enable the Commissioners to know
positively the condition nf the interes-t ac count,
previous to the day of payment, and to prevent
any fears or embarrassments in rela ioo to it,
yon should make your : requisition upon the
Treasurer some months iu advance of the time
the interest becomes due, payable on present
alion i! -'. '.,"'
' 1 should then open- an account with the
Tieasnrer .of Sta e. chargiue him -with the
amount ot., the reqnisition. and crediting him
with such remittances as he might n.ake on
account of it " - : L
r: .-ifi A' P. EDGERTON. Transfer A sent..
.. Stkubknvillr Ilec. 6 1854'
'"'""Pear Sir I havn a let' er this morning trom
Pr T (Trovitt) in New York, which eKes rise
again to suspicions 1 have expressed to ton,
but which were well nigh dispelled when I left
Unlnmons. .. tt
He sava. although I trnst tnn I-ave filritndv
m,, him, that, so far an he knows, B. f Breslin J
has not a dolliir in New Y'fb. 1. has ot
conrse seen E. (Edgertoi',1 atid accordinrr to
i former custom tht latter wonld know whether
any funds were there. He says also, that
fears are entertained on the street, that Ohio
will not meet ' her interest.' These apprehen.
sions, we:mav sop: ose. have arisen troin the
failu e of .B.to provide for his 830 000 draft
at d that there is no other reason to -the fear.
We of course can judge as well as they can.
Now: I am as Von know, ready to do any.
thmsr to sustain tbe credit of the Siate. and 1
think we Would be criminal to neglect any
p-ecaiiliona. . I am willing also to defer mv
opinions expressed in mv letter from here as to
the immediate investments of tbe proceeds ofj
the U & bonds surrendered, at the present
low rates of our stocks, if yet and Dr. T are
of opinion there is danger as to B.'a providing
tbe interest., If yon come to the conclusion,
the money ought to lay in the Sub Treasury
until we wish it, as .1 am unwilling to trust
the integrity ot the New York bankers, when
I distrust the integrity of a sworn officer of the
State. . ,
On the nttier hand, if there is no new rea
son for distrust at Columbus, I am witling to
ska, the position with. yon.. We are to pre
sume. titat every officer will discbarep h- sworn
duty, and that B.. having a half million of
pubiic money, will dispose of it as tbe law re
quires'.' m - r- i t ' - -. '' - " k
Asiain writes Morgan. ' ' ' -' i "
' " ' MOl'OAIT TO JnORTON. ..
;-n .U- Ottci of Com miwdoDrr of Sinking Fond ?
3.liimhas, Ohio, Ie 9, 1 64
Hon. A P Eookht rn.
-., Tianrf'r JJgent JVt w Tork -:
-: Dear hlii s - . t r--,: .
In an imtrne- with I he .Treasurer; I failed ft
drav twin h nt auvijiing which was calculati-t
in sneo ngni on ine col. onion nj nis I .mis or
the nature of his 'epute l difficult ie .
' I deeiu'lt prudent I o ket p ourselves in as
uood position tor meeting .a disappointment
as may be in oar power and, to thnl end. will
defer the. cancellation of the bonds (96O00J
receiiny in-io oy ine ttanul BaiiK. tbut Jhev
may be hvpolhecnted incase ft become up
pessary to-matte piovision for 'any dt ficienry
go the part of the Treasurer. 1 will aho re
eve for the samf p irpose the three U.-S
Warrants ($87 OhOl still in my nossession.
' I "will be glud m hear that you have pri -rhased.
bvtlte 16'h ln-t.. bonds to the full
amount of Hie 8i.,kiti!r Fund now in oar ios-
e-stion. , riicn rts as toil shall purchase
mny he eiti ed iu tour (See witiinni cm.r-el
lu ion i.ntit i,f(t-r we shall hnve safely duubltd
'ne ti.uiiinry -;aie.
; Oil Jaiinury 18 h, 1855, Auditor Morguu
made his report to Gov. Medill who it will
be ruaar inhered let BreJas wt the Treasury
aaaaalis without hating wn legal hood
m 1 m that report evered np this mta of
corruption, this WMmstToiis theft, thus:
r . A n . n t . ..
uuruciyrumm ofmt jintnai II effort 6J the
t CVtawMtwrrt of the Sinking Fund to Mr
-. Uwermvr of Ohio.
' '"f , 'OrDOi of Orvirnan d SHkrnc rmod.
rolambM. Jaoomrr la. IS-V J
t Ho.Vii. M EMii,- Governor Okto.
s Sib: , At the osnal time
' for nrnkirttj provuon for meetrne "the Semi
Anoo.il interest due on the first day of Jnn
ry on the foreign debt of Oh o. the condition
01 tne 4nnev iirarhet throwfrtiet trw eotintr
was (and vet if 1 exceedingly unsettled An-
amidst' 1 he general ien in wbich seemed
evrvhere to prrTail seternlmf tne Banking
luxiilMtmns of UAn had already sunk m:
hop"le' ta krai-tcy. Fur these and nlhrr
retnons I J ihe ( :ommistoners dVem it itrer-i
prdient an 1 nnnt fe to iits'nict the State 1' e
nterio exchai re he iiiterest money r his
' porsesshn for lime bills on New York , as ha'
': been customary Inead. therefore, of issuing'
their aoal leauisition. the? mae their ordei
on "be Slate Auditor for his draft on the
Treasury for par funds paraitle directly to the
' ssote Aeent. w . w - ln
1 RKMi'h nf Novemtwr last, it aps deemed fc'
in the j-j'trment if the Comuri-wiorers, to su
. n-nder ailhont forlher rWay, the bonds of the
U ited 8'K'e.-. purchased 10 Aneust and Sep
temher 1853 a temporary investment of the
Ohi Sinkip Fund, and to apply the proceeds
thereof a early as practicable to the purchase
of Ohio Stocks. ; , . .. .. , ; :
, ; That was the way the Jannary Cape in '55
was doabled. now let us se how Moriean and
Edgerton got around the JuIyCape of the same
: year. In -Jnne,. Treasurer Breslin .ioformed
Auditor Morgan that he, Breslia , could rot
meet the July intere-t. . ' -
. WhenT asnrer Wibson ,in- '57 .informed
: Auditor Wrizht. ef a similar elate of f-c's
says the Cleveland Herald, Gov.' Chase stalk.
1. ed into the Treasury, demanded of Gibson the
keys, an I never left the Treasnry nntil a faith
ful man was put in charge, and as quick a
. the wires eooM convey the information, the
-people t&f Ohio were told that -a .great fraud
had been detected, and the unfaithful servants
bad been driven from the State House.
But Auditor Morgan and Gov. Medill did
do Sbcit hing, but Morgan aad Edgerton agar
racked their iogeouity to cover up this atari
ling fact. 7, :. . y ;.
"Eiicirwing 3 U. iS. Treasnrv warrants for 887.
000 and orders to :se 854000 on hand tor
iinesttoent m Ohio Slock, including 844000
; . At-tor Bonds. .-, - ,.;
; , OiBea of OnmnilntloBer of 8mkinK Fand.
nd. J
" t'oiombus, onto, Jon ZT, IH&o,
Hon. A. P EnorRTON.
OAo Transfer JlgentsJYew York
Dear Sir: , .
.My mmive in placing this amount in your
hands immediately, is to provide aeainst a
- faibire on the part of the Treasurer of State
, to place iu New York the fill amount of the
-draft for, July interest.. On last evening. 1
was waited on by Mr. Bre-iio. and notified ot
- his inability to meet the interest iu full b
" proper time. , He assured ire. however, thst
'.the deficit wonld not exceed, at the utmost,
..one hundred thousand dollars, and that, the
sum. if loaned in" New To k by the Go mm is
gioners.sho'tld be paid in full a ithin thirty days
. W.M. 1. MORGAN.
Acting Commissioner of Sinking Fund. '
T. S. Mr. Bre-liu an-ujres . me, as already
Bloted. that the deficit will, in no rontioeency,
exceed one hundred thousand dollars. Sitduid
this reasonable anticipation prove fallacious,
und there be an actual deficit greater thaii,f.he
surplus redemption f inil in ur hunt a ih
bonds purchased from Mr A-tor (840 OOfty
' might be used as an hypothecation h,r addi
tional lumis. ... v. ,
' But Edtiestdn t ees a rock that. Morgan does
not see, or Morgan, perhaps, thiiiks it has wa
.ter enough over it to get the ship over in safety.
Edgerton writes : ', t '
- ;T - "! fcTAIB OF OHIO. TaA.l.rKB OrFICK, ,
Blr ork, Jud- 30, liM 5
:-Hon.:W, D, Morgan, Acting C-immissioner:
Sir: Yours ot ..tut; 27 Ii of June, with tne
'' iuclosures, was received ibis morning "
" I leatn with much regret by your letter of the
inability of tbe Treasurer of State to place
, tbe amount necessary for the pjymeul of the
. interest on the I'tUilic Debt due on the 1st of
- July, iu my hands ou that. day. I urn fearful this
embarrassment is not tempo ary. ' a
There is standing to the credit of tbe Sinking
Fund 8193 892 18, so that there is already iu
my bands sufficient amount for the interest due
on the ls of July. I am pleased to know that
the means are thus at hand; I am couvinced by
thu present embarrassments of ti e Treasurer
that there is no safely in tampering with a pub
lic or .a trust fund. : ; - Ou itfl ciiou
. you will pe ceive that your suggestion of raia
' ing any oetjeit tbeie might be iu the interest
fund- by ; an hy(.oihecation of the stocks
bought of Mr Asior, could wot be carried out,
because those , slocks have no longer any ex
istence. The certificates ore cancelled on being
surrendered, under your faun ructions to ibat
tff-et, and cannot be again re issued to any
. one. So with the stock of 1860 purchased aud
I cancelled, it caunut in case of an emergency ,be
.re issi.ed or hypothecated, as it bas uo louger
any existence '
V A P. EDGERTON, Tr. Agent
So the inieiesi in July is paid but of the
Sinking Fund by Edgerton, and that cape is
'doubled. On July 18 h Edgerton renders his
account with tbe Tieasurer, and shows that
of the intern I so advanced by bim Treasurer
Bre-!i i bas made sundry re mi tances, leaving,
' however.a deficiency of $97 558 58. July 31st
' Morgan wrote to Edeernn, as follows: 'The
" S ate Treasurer, no. fi-'s me that be is pre
pared to make np 862 000 of the deficit.'
i On the o h of Aug jsl tne I reasurer, as snown
, bv another account rendered by R tgerton, is
behind band still S5 5oi Ou Aug 3d Mor
gan, as one of the State Fat d Commissioners.
writes io Attorney Genetal Mcl'ook. anothe
Commissioner," that Breslin is-at ill in arrears,
and say This is indeed lamentable, bat 1
. fear the worst is to come; To this McCook re
.plies. Aug. 6 hr that he exceedingly regrets
that- Mr Bresith'hua not part the amount ad
vunced,' Ate., tca.i adding- We can, of course,
'. place no ieliai,ce on the Treasurer of State,
after what bas recently occurred.,
Tbe fo egoing clearly discloses the fact that
.Edgerton, Morgan, M'Cook and others, well
knew of the defalcation of Breslin . and tbe
., bankruptcy of the Treasury, and yet after this
.knowledge they sustained bim .for reelection
., and ran with him on tbe same ticket !
, . Let a robbed and hetrayed people ponder
these developments of partisan rascality.
i - j. i Township Clerks to Giv-Bonds.
v The following hill. introduced by Mr. Wat
sov. of Cnvahoga, passed the House by yea-
111. naa 7 and the Senate by yea 20, nays
'2. and is now a law. It requires Townshii
Cleiks to give bom's I r the faithful perform
ancn of the 'duties 'of their nffiet. ndiiil.es
" effect oh the first Mon lay of April 1859 Th.
ToTii-n'p Elections are near at hand and we
are under obligations to" Mr. W. for u copy I
the law for publication.
"An Act rko,i'1ri.xg Towmship Clbks to oivr
Boos. '
Section 1. Be it enacted by the General
Assembly of the Utate of Unto, I hat. ea b
i nil every person, elected and qualified to the
office of township clerk, shall previou-lv io
entering on the do'ies of bis oRj.-e, give bon
' n ith at leat too good sureties, to the trnstei s
- of such tOAiiship and their successors in omet
iu such sum as the trustees mav deem prope
conditioned for the faithful performance of In
duties by virtue of said office: which hoi d
shall be lodged with the trenstt erof thetowi
'"ship; and if the sai l bonds, or any of ther ,
' shall become fnrfeiu-d The township treasury
by order of l he trustee a, is hereby authorize.'
- and required to sue l r and collect the sum ,
for the use ot the towngmp.
: ' Sec 2 This act to be in force from and
after the first Monday of April, 1859.
'. Tarn Tart Flayed tout- ..
It Feems'that the iminortal ami vmmaeolate
Lrfirnant Gdverwor. Thomas K.lFordof the
:nv of ilant-w.'ld, in tkn Coatfty-iit Richland
it d State of Ohio, has added anew and ex
remety interesting cliapter To Jria tarilliant
personal Mstory. -- ".' '. ""' . ' '
His tesHmorry' WTore That angast land aw
ful trio.lSdgertoc, Reemefin 'and Morgan, was
a unique asd an entirely 'ansuFpaseed testimony.
Hut the commentary of Breslin thereupon,
adds richneea, if not grace, to this feature in
he pro ceding .
I 1' seems tbat Tom Ford undertook to'tm a
fro between, for the acj 'st ment of Breslhi's
ami tRilisotrs ho ne what complicated financial
oriera'ttms, with the State of Ohio. To this
end he wrote to Brefin, and had correspond
ence and interriews witli Gibson, proposing
to use bis mighty and resistless h tl ience to
carry through the Ohio Legi-latore a measure
of compromise, by which BresHb and Gibson
nvghr be reliered from the apprehension of
arrcs;, and their respective 'aecuritieg released
From liability. He seemed to act upon the
principle that be was dealing with corrupt and
nmcrupulou men. who are revelling in ill
?otten eains. and he seemed to think tbat he
night, io aarWitoernf way, finger a part of the
ne. I he measure of bis exceeding self
eoreeit may be conceived of. when it is con
s;3e ed t bat be rated the value of his influence
with the Ohio Legistataie at twenty-five thou
sand dollars. He went to Canada and visited
Brtlio in person, and intimated to that retired
financier tbat with twenty five thousand dol
lira, be could get the aforesaid eitmptotntse
measure' through the Ohio Legislatore. HI:
views were certainly moderate when we take
into consideration the fact, that half a million
bad been abstracted from the State Treasury,
Mr Breslin has written a -long. statement
which is published in the Ohio Stattstnan, in
which he delineates the astonishing, and patri
otic, and disinterested feats of Ex Lieutenant
Governor Thomas H Ford.' We quote
I shall hold this unscrupulous man to a strict
account for his testimony, so far as I am con
cerned. Others can do a they please. No
one more keenly appreciates-tbe overwhelming
disadvantage nuder which I mast appear be
fore the public I have a great delicacy in so
doitie, and it is indeed in violation of a' deter,
initiation lung since fixed, and adhered ton til
the pre nt. not to suffer myself to become in
vohed in a newspaper controversy with any
one in reference to my personal troubles. But
I am prompted now to notice what appears to
me a mass of most malicious, dishonest, on
truthful testimony, eiven for no other pnrpose
than to gratify feeling of revenged I do not
claim to be exempt from censure and excoria
tion where truth wilt justify either, and the
par y administering the c is firation is himselt
a" honest man. But I have feen so much
and so manv. satemeuts, just as absurd and
untrue as those which came from the lips of
Ford as Heslinumy.' that at times I am almost
-nverborne by their effrontery. '
:The truth uttered against me in my pres
ent difficulties, it would seem natural, in the
estimation of every generous man, to be st.ffi
cient ptinisement and humiliation for mc; bm
to he calumniated and pursued by those who
have the vanity to believe that their reckless
testimony against an already ruined, absent
and defencelesst man, will ii. flute them into
con equpiue, as having been among the
wi-euces. who ' kn id something? no matt r
what. in the 'great drfalcalion business,' is
little more than even the most stotctd (which 1
bv no means admit myself to he) as to the
good opinion his fellow men shall form of htm
would be wihmg to uuconcernedlv endure.
ProhaMy it. will be said. I have nnse'.f to
bl une for these things. Suppose I admit that:
it w ill not justify a wrong, or a mis statement.
o my injury, by any body else. It is not
manly to tia'uee another with falsehoods
fho is already at your mercy ), because you
nave reason to believe that bis position 18 sucb
that he dare not refute them.
Ford in his testimony said he knew Bresl'n
some 18 or 20 years ago. when be fBreslinJ
worked us a printer in Mansfield. Breslin
de ies that he ever woiked as a printer in
Mansfield, that ha ever lived there, or that he
ever bad any intim te acquaintance wilh Ford
that be was a stranger to him till afler.be
was nominated for Lieutenant Governor and
indignantly repudiates the claim which Ford
sets up to special, personal intimacy. lord
says Breslin wrote to bim the latter says the
former wrote first, and he fBresiinJ wrote in
reply. We quote from Breslin's sta'ement:
Breslin wrote to me I Ah I did her Why
did he write? I will explain: After Ford had
cached hon e f om Columbus his term of
office having expired he, voluntarily and to.
me most unexpectedly, wro'e to MR, s ntitig. i.
substance, that before he left Columbus, ii had
been rumored, Arc, that it was iu contethpla
tiou to propose sii'i e legislation in hehnlf of
mys If, sure'iea, &c; that he bad no doubt
something co-Id be done, and he would be
htippv to contribute any a.istance in bis pow
er ! &i Receiving a letter of this character
so wholly unlooked for, and from such a
distinguished' and, it was understood, influ
ential so rce with no personal reasons, that
I ws awnre of, to justify such condescension
and kindness, to one now unable to require a
gei e-o Hy, I was filled with gratitude I "sat
do vn, and, for the first time in my life, then
is ansWkr to that litter, and not previous.
had the honor of addressing my first letter to;
'Hon I ho nas ti ford. .Mansfield Ohio; ex
pressing therein my thanks fr bis proffered
aid. nnd iuiormed him that I would write to
Mr Gibson at once; al.-o adding, I believe
that I understood Mr. Gibson would be at
Columbus during the week., where, doubtless,
he could meet bun, iT desired, &c. If Ford
insists that wrote to him first, 1 challenge
him to place mv letter in the hands of John
Y Glessner, Esq , to be published without al.
terai'ion. .. . ..V,- - . ..v.-- ,.
. But Ford's interview with Breslin in Canada
is the richest of all. B eslin describes it thus:
Well. Ford, as lie says, visited me at Ham
ilt n. What his purposes were I could no
divine when I first met him. It seemed to mo
that, eurelv, he did not travel over three hnn
tired miles to answer my letter of a few weeks
nrevious! Then I addressed myself carefull.
to what Ford had to develope, in ref reuce to
all poinU, th9 compromise, or anything else,
itid to await his suggestions generally. Afier
discussing other matters, he commenced his
nariative tf .the causes of the defeat of the
co in iro i ise;' varions delicate imimaiions soon
n'erspersed his remarks.aato what could hi.ve
t een done, 'if things had been got up right,'
ii was no trouble to get. things through if the
filing wereoti hand. Art These I understood
us sly denotements at once, a id bard by came
i he 'tl.j ct.Hinl quicklv followed thecata-trophe
of the interview and his visit, in these words,
lirprtillt. I itelieve:
F. ' I 'ell yon. John,' thai with Twenty
five in usand tioilars I can carry that thing
lima h nextwinter 1' ....
Hrb-ux Well. Ford I shall gWenoTweo
i ti ihousund dollars fur that or any sucb
i rposo. Mor-'over, I'm deed broke 1'
Here all came out! Here was the verv
s.iesi. g point, on account of which Ford and
I ledges dogged Gibson, and for the purpose
herein expres-ed and no other, I am perfectly
uti-fied. Ford came to Hamilton. And here
'lis- tes iin.-ny comes ' in appropriately anil
truthfully thus:
Conversation was rather ahrnptly broken
off. Gibson, hat) preceded me and it is my itn
urera on (!!) forestalled B.eslin against me 1'
I left, dissatisfied.' ' "
True, for once ! that is, that 'abruptness'
lid step in, not about Gibson 'forestalling' bim.
out , u I most instantly, when I gave him the
ibme, decided answer, and in a few minutes
heieafter a 'solitary Captain' could have been
en shouldering his musket,' in donhle quick
time, to the tune nf ' It's all in my eve.' on the
lOtneuHrd stre ch. to gi Hedges the melin
chitly news that their nice 'twenty five thvi
und' prnj.-Ct WU8 'MOM EST COMATIBC8 IN aWAIt
po I' &o.
He left 'di satisfied' with the wiierview.' he
says. No doubt of it ! Ir would, p-obably.
iot be too unicll to snv tbat be teri in emi
pneirt tlisgust 1 think l did ! tit occurs to
me iccrtsoimlly that, he di I ! and I B id a
goo I deal in his. deposition to convince tne
that he resolved tu take tne expenses of a
Tool s errand to Hamilton out of jib in that
does men'.
Again be s.tys: .- . .-; ' , .
In speaking of expenses it was well under
stood between as that the word included all
exnea.8 to insure success . I was authorized
to tlraw at. my discretion and no questions
a)Ren, they being willing to trust me. - . ..
Uat as look at this uaragrapb.- It means
norning. aikI can mean notiiiog. unless Ford
intends to be understood that he was author
Xd. and consented to BUY' Success:' in
ther words to BRIBE members of the Leg
islatare, if it was necessaiy 1. . a .
ihen comes this virtuous testimonv:
I never did draw except for the 875 already
stated Before 1 left Columbus, aud not hav
ing quite enough to pay all I owed here.
Hedges, of 1 iffin, and Borland wanted me to
go to B.irtlit & Smith to get sufficient to cover
my expenses, but 1 -refused, because I was de
termined not to be understood as handling
Bresfiii and Gibson's money. I preferred to
draw on a personal friend at Mansneld, which
I did
Indeed ! While the Legislature was in
session, and opportunities if anv, were to le
serz'd to accomplish ' success by using 'anv
amount of money, Ford kept qniet. ami was
'in tbe ring.' but after the adjournment, when
neither 'success' or legislators were within his
grasp, he suddenly became so pure that he
would "draw on a triend rather than handle
'Breslin and Gibson's money I"-' Very like a
virtuous whale, indeed I When every member
bad gone borne and there was nobody to buy,
he took to tbe stool of repentance and couldn't
touch any suspicious funds, not he t Why
dntn t be repudiate tbe idea of 'handling Bres
lin and Gibson's fund of success.' daring tbe
pendencv of Ihe proposition for Compromise T
Why didn't this upright negotiator, whose
patriotism sprouted go suddenly, rebuke the
audacious individual who made the proposi
tion that be was to 'draw' for tainted 'money t'
vv by remain quiet and contented, and perfect
ly willing, previously, to undertake, to him, tbe
agreeable achievement of 'sccCRSs' through
the identical ' money' he afterwards refused to
("handle? 'Ford bounds into his falsehoods
with the dashing intrepidity of an old charger,
but matly prances around more like a clum
syolton the highway, seeming not to care
wnerner ne struck his bead against a stnmn.
a fence rail, or tumbled headlong into tbe
;--.Bot the truth bbont. this matter is. f"and I
say it instantly, without consultation with anv
one.! inat.rords statement, tbat he was
authorized by myself, or any of the sureties, to
draw for any amount of money, for any such
purpose as he intimates, is a gross falsehood
and slander upon them, myself, and all con
I am responsible fo a great many foolish
things in tny official life, the mo'ive for which
arid the circumstances bv which I was sur
rounded al. the time, Ihe public cannot annre
ciate; but I trust I may Bay, if I have a ftiend
to whom I can appeal, that nnder tbe chasten
ing r flections of these my bitter dayn, I am a
wiser, it not a better man, and that friend may
rest assured that I shall not add to my past
misstep, the culminating folly of placing
825.000 fif that sum were ninpjl o any other
amount in the hmids of Tom Ford for any
purpose, much less for bnying 'success' through
the' legislative body of our own State.
That Ford mixed in discreditably with the
affiirs of the defaulting Treasurers, cannot be
d-nied. His voluntary letters and voluntary
visit to Canada might have been very disin
terested, and yet very grave suspicions as to
his motives surround' him.' On the whole,
Tom Ford has expended his barrel of sweat.
and may be eonsideied ' played out,' and news
paper columns may enceforth be relieved of
any further extended notices of him. 4
, Great Curiosity.
We hara oi.e nf tha pronto t cariosities n I most rala
able Inventions in ihe known world, for which wo win
agents ere rj where. Full pi rt Tea 'art int frf.e.
BdAW & CLARK, Biddeford, Main.
Mroh 23, 1859. ' 4w .
S"c Monthlies
B,U4)D, April,
Save been received at the
THE WEEKLY PAPERS, ara all to be t uud at the
The Great Rush
Has la eonseqaenre of rrwit dwlopmnt-i hen
cbanped to tht. EMPORIUM Utf FASHION, of
Next door to th Deinocrnt' Builtliiig. Main Bl.,
The (sohwribera have ioun-d a co-partneraliip f. r do
intrafreneml Tnilnrtng husiue a, and trust by prompt
ies ami clone attention to ihe wants and tastes of tlitr
Kiittotirera, to srive tliat efrree of Mti&ntction tbat will
st-enj-e for them a liberal stiare oi paironane.
ttSCutttns; done to rder, on short notice. ATI work
n sr.antfd to fit, if properly made.
Our p ires are always at tlie lowest living rates, and
foil s ehe ip as trxiod work can he afforded at.
We sr.- in receipt of the latest American and European
rap mors, b very body is cornisllv invited tf aiv as
tall. &KBVE8 & STOUKFER.
- Raven" a, March 30. 1869. . war30-6.n
Settle Up !
LL my aceonntH, notex, &.,ai- 1. ft in tha hands of
1. p. M. Cnau Er.q , lor collection, and all person
indbud t" no-s are requested io call on Mr Cnantaud
settle fp, a"-l s-tp cots ai;d all parens having claiuis
npon me, are requested to present ihem tn Mr. uttauf
fo.-adjiiflmett. WM W4RD.
Raveni'f, Mtri b 28, 1869 mar30 3
No one can H Cloth imr cheaper
than the T Jlr tht man n fatn res it.
I will soli BETTER CLOTHING f-r
THE SAME MONEY, than can 1
btiogitt etse here m ihts County.
Of all knd and qaalittes.
VE8T8and P .NTS, -
All of my own manufacture.
AIho, Goods warranted to be of such material as rep
resente.1 to the archaser.
N. B.
A ap'endid article of fine Broad Cjoh
IrtatF can always be found at uiv Cloth-
.-. ; .a ins; siore. . , .
Edlnbnrftta. March 30, 1859. 2m
New Millinery Establishment.
WOULO recpeo full.v Infbrrp the ladies nf Ravenna
and a 'joTiiis; towns, that they Mae opened a Mir
litterv Esialilihntent In tha rooms in Allen" 4 Bl ck for
merly occupied bv Ba rl 9t Waif, and intend io carr on
the buinea tn alla nrancltea. We cordially Invite the
attention of the ladies to onr Hp ring oning.
On the First f April,
Of Millinery and Pahcj Goods ! r
Our stnek is entirely new, and we are ennftdent that we
can ilaae a'l who. muy favor os ni-baeall.. We shall
alao enrrv on tha
In all iu lane': insuu ins given iu the a t of Cut
titte Tretses bv Rule.
Ravenna, Mnrcli t lfi-9. 2m '
tic ia brelv trlvan. that the anscrlher has bee
appointed and qualified a Administrator, with tbe will
an exeo, .n me e-iaie or wens ;iarw, mte ni netwn,
FortaceO anty.dei-enaed. - C. U.8FERET.
Nelaon, March I. i859. mclil3-3v
Poe & Bro's Advertisements.
200 roiriiilf'll
WE wilt par th. above p ic far
in good,, at tl. lowest market pii. ...
Ravenna. March tM, 1MB.
Electropalhic Physician!
FROM ROCHESTER, N. Y., is stop
ptii(at MR. E. P. KING'S,
Wiier. any who may wi.h, majt eoneult him without
oeanM.and uh,eunVutlv eeelre treaintent. eliculd tiny
itrMi.etn do eo. Pcrsone ptilfwrltifr with Cnoeumptlen,-
PHlav, Htieuntatl.m, neurnia Liver unnipiuni. iy.pfi--la
-FeniRle W akneiir, Afttimi. O-tarrh, Spiael Carta
tore.. General Dvblirir. Pile,, White gwellluva, ol nj
o her dnemee, thonirh it tn.y haw hern of lone .tandlna.
Hhtiuld out detpair ot bein restored io health, before
Thoroughly Tested
Elerttro-MajnittleiH, "KILI.FDLLT APPLIED.
RaTauoa, Hmnu 33d, I86B 1m
Tbe steamship JVova Scolian has arrived.
ill; pticesasier; but quotatton unchanged.
Wheat dull, at a decline of Id on French;
American uuchaoet it. . WeslttO Bed 5.-9u(S :
A. . . . I
2,l! Vhllp7 K M I llj
. Corn stead v; yellow 5,10.'6 21; whUe
Fbaxcb Less warlike and more peaceful
indications are apparent. Prime Napoleon
bas resigned bis place in (he Ministry of Al
ireria. Thin resignation is regarded as a peace
off-ring. The Monittur had u pacific-article
which atrracted great auetntion, ai:d had
Very favorable eflect-npon the tnnila.
Great Bbitaih Mr. D'Israeli, in reply to
a question, said that Government bad not in
tended to grunt exclusive privileges to the At
lantic or to aiiot her Telt graph. -
Ltird .Nass alluded to the arrival of tbe Ne
apolitan exiles at Cork, but suggested uo offi
cial actirin. j - ' ' 1 '
It is reported that Government dispatches
sent bv American steamers to tbe Admiral on
tbe Pacific have recently 'f qrently failed to
reach their destination in regular course. '
.The leaders of tbe Old Whig party bed held
a meeting and resolved that Lord John Rassel
should propose certain 'amendments to tbe
Reform Bill. ;.- .. ,;, ... v ., t.. .
There waa much excitement, and meetings
in opposition to the Government niea8ure,were
being held throughout England .. - ; -,-. .
Prince Napoleon's resienalion gave great
buoyancy to tbe funds in England and on the
Continent ' '. ,. v ..
Austrian securities had an immense rebound,
having advanced in Vienna from Friday to
Monday fully 4 er cent, whilo exebarge. on
Vienna bad declined in London 7 per cent, in
threg days.,.. 1 ,''.,'! '
Tbe Times and other leading London jour
nals extend & cordial welcome to the. Neapuli
tan Exiles. ,; -.. T, , ;
,"SwiTZBRLAD: The; federal Council "has
iinsued a ciretilar, announcing the determination
to maintain .the, neutraiity and integrity of
Switzerland. . t-: ' . - ' :
Austria Tbe Moniteur's ' pacific! article
produced a favorable 'HnpreBsiolr upon tbe1
Emperor. Count Buel and i be tending states
men believe tbat peace will be maintained
Fear-v however, were entertained of au explo
sion inibe lialiun Duchies.
Loid Cowley remained at Vienna.
- ' - Naplrs The health of the King was snch
that if was supposed he would never he able
to rule again. The Qleien conducts all state
bff lirs, and is reported to have cau-ed the King
to sign a trejty (ffeosive and defensive, wiib
Austria. It was reported that- tbe Neapolitan
Government offers to ftiruhh the Pope four
battallions of Swks troops. -
Hp ais!. -Mr. Prehton, the U. S. Minister,
had arrived at Madrid.
, Ita'i.t. Arrests continne at Milan Di
content was general,' and a complete stitgtmtion
in hosiness-- There was continued activity in
Pi. qua. - New batteries have been erected.
. Pbusma The young Prince has been chris
tened under tbe names of r reuerick William
.Victor Albert.
COA.TES HALE. Ib Suffield. Manh 17rh. lSU. hy Ihe
Rev. M t:imtca. Mr uovar'i h. tn m. ot New nan
. ntore, to Mist C.ordh M. Hale, of Suffir-ld. . ,
RHUPLE lEET In Charleston 11,011 ti ?3' Inn ,hj
r'tmintfT K. Ctirsicfl. Smi nt. lha itonscf of Will Urn
Web! , Mr Lewis Rhuple io Misi Clmrisw Beery, all of
"t'fltlt3tit win.
fP" A bemotifni cake loaf received. The printi rt
nenedlcti'iDfi upon tne wedoxj pmr.
OartORNF BANCROFT. In Nelson on the 9-Uh inn ,
by Rer. P I Ucrtit Kilvraird N- iborae ut Ciutrdou.
aud Urreitn Knncroi of is ft .hen
KIRT UErGHToN. In Roo eiown Mareh 24. hy Aa
C. CliKpiniin. Esq., Mr. Alt ert R. Kirt, of FairfteM,
. . CIaii.biaB Co to Mine Mary Jane fieighton, of Kou.a-
town- .
GARRETT. At the residence f Chenoweth Neosrw,
MitRonrt,on tne luth risr.., nf i;onHniptinn. J hn ts.
Gnrtett, eldMt son of Col- ElUha Oarrert, lle of Por
tape Co., Oltiu.
. Last trummer be Was attarkrd with fMfteaxe of the
' Innes. he lir erred on nntil nVath nut an end tu hi suff
enuifs. H died m tbe eood maa d'e h mot bis -last ett-
eniT with a aiidlrof vKforv.trinmrhifHr in a livinirtnith.
and rploicfnein tinne of verlasttDti' life. Mav a donldv
poriiou oi t4.'s suMxiuinK grace rrtit with tly l-ereaV"d
: reiaftnns or im excei'en yonnR tan, anc wmy sney r
c-.tusokd vy.ih Lite rt flection tbat Ibeir loss Is his etemU
gain . j w.js. r.
FUHRY- Of Conrampfton, in Oneida, Kuox mnnty.
March 13 b. Fiances L, wife of JntiiPt O. Kurrj.
in tbe 0' h year of ber a 17c.
Durins; evt-re illness of eereral ninnths, she wm
ptnen avnac'i'-errtii; read nuch nar Kitle,Cruaid 111 Je
, aas at ber Kedetsiner, in Deacb wm ftappv 00M
"DEPORT Of the Treasurer and An
il dl or of Portsge Cvunty. as n qmr-d ibe '6:h
' Section of an Act 10 (irthar i.ro'ide for tbe letu r retru
Istion of the nc int. disburrvnten and a fe keeping of
ine Fa bite Keveune, pa sen pr 1 iz u. i.a.
June 11 To ;ilau.-e in
Treasury at date
Poor Fund. .....1791 Wi
" " Gen. Rev. Ktind.l-t8.49
!$ 2112 56
- Feb. 4 Toam't of funds
t-rlniifj'ing t viate
: ' col lee ed on Dup. V
u To ain't conn- ;
. . - ty fni'ds cnl-.
. levied on tba
236HS 2-i 1
came..... ..,...$673019 h
M To ani't tirnlu'e
f ndf collected
on sam. ....C46 68 94
- .n am ft pr :
fm d eo'leuted
' - on same 1019 I? 8l
. To am'i build
ins: fund cnl-
Iet.'d m anvcS941 51 8
" 10 am t roau
. funds orlleCt'd
on s. me 7166 42 f
26501 00 4
To ani't of towntthip, scb ol am1
M-bnol house collet ted on auj
t4:62 48 H
To cost offldverticiiiK dtflinqti'm
. 101 1"' 0
6042 40 0
1089 94 6
1661 20 ft
To a-n't of cum ti on school fundi
rvc'dfiom arate.MHM.H
To ain't Western Reserve aebool
fond iec d from sati-...n...w.
To ncitjeutJ receipt, niuce Jnm
11 h. 185-. a-.. ..
185b. .
Sept. 1- By orders redeemed 101
oa e. ..M .
Dec. 7 By orders redeemed t
$1961 04
9140 27
Feb. 4 By rod rreelp1 a-lowd
t on ditl'eiite (tf 1858. ......
By State's portion ot tux
6036 77 4
:: collected on duplirate oil
1M H ....
23'0't 28 1
March 8 By orders recM to date
130399 45 0
italnnc to treaa
' urr tor General
Fere, to- $2516 71 5
w Balai cein ireas- 1
; nry fur Bridge ; I
Purposes 1. 23 41 f
! ' Balance in treat
v poses 287 0
. . Balance in tipa- . .
nr for State Ag
ricultural ocie .
ety 110(0
4.ft fn 4
$7M79 0t
Notf s as SVcuritles nn C'intlnal Bonds, $300,Ot.
We hereby crrfl-j t at il above Hietcm- ni seorrec
. . h w f,r (j. in r. wnnKKi, Traaa .re
ALKRKI) R-.LDWIX, Auditor.
R-tvvnns.lvfyi.chSO. 1859 lw -
Manufacturer of Melodeons.
T1IIK FOLL' ViNO ate the .lavs snrt priees we 1 lend
1 to kr-p on hsnd : 4 ricsves, 40; 4XOct.B0; S
Oct. f 'O; 5 Oeuves, Pisno Cuse, B8ll; ibis Is tlie sise
thst Is sold by arrnta for BI(K). no not sell to sp-nts,
and thoe who buj of us get rbem at tbr first ccat. Tih
aitove instrnmi'tits, neatly flnl bed. made Iu the Istest
stales and tmi.rorem.nls. ara warranted, and a ill be kept
in repair free of charge. Particnlsr attention id to
tuning aitn tefsirlng of pianos. We tune fttr 8 within
the cortora"oti. and warrant eerl.frliiiu or no charges
made. Jvieh'denns nf other maninVcture tailed si.d re
paired al ressoliable prices. Work armnied In.trnc
tions given for plsylng the Melodeon nt 15 cants a lesson,
Shop In Pfe-i Ii hkr k. Mo 8, third .tory. . .
Bareima. March 29, 18S8 meli!t0-ly
f TTlLLprsnd fora"l tl rum n a aon.at the sia-
IV bit f the anbporibem at he foil uiKtr.r,: rr
ola 9 $8 and $10t Roddick. 93, V nd 8. We will
also pay ibe highest pit e iVr the nse ot tbe mam. a d
take tbe mule at four mn tha o:d. Owvala la 2. v ar
old, and 13X hands high; Rod rick 3i yera old, and
134 bands high. u.ik.
CharIsUwD, Mrch 18, 1S&9. saarTlin
Mm ssl-aVSS
; Notice. . f-
THE REPUBLICANS of Brimfield are
eaete.l io u.eeial the cemer, on t trinwh
4.1 .1 - u , .f . -. . ... I ... . n U .....! . .
dida eaaa Umj wih ioe.ipiK.rtt..? itn eartoaa tswaeafa
nAitm R K Wl IU . U V f... . n. . u
t. , .. -- . """" " -
B irnB M Merch SS h IS.t
Republican IVominating:
Caucus in Charles-town.
THE REPUBLICANS of Cbarlestown
Towosfiip are berehr noctirit d (our Towuehip Com
vattu-m man benur ab-ienl from the State) to meet at the
Crnter on Friri evenin. April let, to J at iu nomination
a Township TVlc-t, to lie utportrd at .be April ekctina.
a luu aw-iioanoe i. wxennji nniicretl. - ft
Chltlretowa, Mai oh a J, IBM. r: . :i
Notice to t he Republicans of
DAAiun. .
mvm w .9 av ww at.
J- arr nociri.i f u aet at tht- Toa n Hall, on Frid.y
Mh lT.v,AMrhVUTIN'Co'nmU,r,"",,
Randolph Republican No
The BVnublieaui. of Rnndnlnh uwmiiiIhI . I
meet at Ihe uaoal rlaee of holdine rirc. oi.a,:
on Vt aj evatiina. April 1st, &9, to put in uomluatloa .
Township Tick't fur tbe April Election.
rjy order or E.X. ikni. . . . i. . -
W 8TE A OM A N, Sec.
H. R Mnaaa. Pres't mrt.ll db
Special IN"otices.
: P irtag County Aimcaltural
So 316' y. A sUted meetiit( of tbe
iu.ird of Government of the Por-
i sire GountT ArrieBltnral Sot-itv
w , ue neiti . Kite om.- - ot tne avcretarv, l-i K iveniian
Tuesday. April Mli 1.-U9. A full M,.bnMofili. mem
ber- of the B .rd is ile-ired, aa basin, as of importance
.ua itun in, nieetine.
mt-30-lw MV'LD. HARRIS Jr. Ber,
Will be at the ereutiaBttouae,
W'd-e.';t Apiil6th . ;'.'..:
I.otntiiiii Harrow.
rpHR SUBSCRIBER desires to rail the attention ot
A Karnir. and o(lir bit erected in imnit'T-nientp of
rnnmntr iinpieinenta ana viactunery, co tne above i:
narrow. n indention eoiiaists of
Three Iron Circular Harrows.
A tt at -bed to a triaiiiriiJar ahaped wnailen frame, hy nirans
nt jtiurnais or pins projeeftns trom the enter of each
circle. The. circulars ar-- fatinirrii an i cline.FO the teeth
on tbe sid" that in- line downward sink imo the jrround
aeepes-,ana oy inis nieanit ...
Tbe 11 Oft Perfect RntAtinsr motion
T1 e crea de1derai'Ui e h a ned tn the construe
tion of orary hiirova is simp kiy abwnce nf nitnee-e--at
y friccion. aud ease of moti n, atd it is laiiued for
this imp mi ve ment that ttieae valti hie rentsii"shave been
ercuretl in a greater debtee f perfection than thise pre-
eiiied ny any other rotacinir narrow in u arranireMieiit
most wonderful for timpli.-ity. R has every vantage
found in all the I est rotstimc harrows, combine in one.
This Harrow, bariniv; il.ree small circular eoMtinoiir
revolving, will pnlveriz the s I more ingoineoiiceover
tbe ground, than a cointno i larriw willtbree ttmesover.
I t admirably arrai'ire' to prevent clrrrjHng.
' tjT'lt will rotate as well on aile "hill as vn leve. jrmaod.
(. jr It is very Ftronir nnd tnrahe and is less liable to
g t oat of reair than any nitier- harrow.
' " CLKTa.4D, Om, October 14th, 1858.
W". the nnderftigued. having witnessed the oin rations
of Howbu-'s Threk Circu Rotatiko Harrow, nxently
inveiiii-d lv Ctiar)t Howell of litis ritv, can ehevrftiliy
teH' ify. tbat, in nur opinion it i ibe n o t pr'ctarmiigw
menr fr -ulvert ng tbe nil th it bas ever been intro
dncrd to tht- far' injc romiuuniiv and we are mlly con
vinced hit Vr. Howell has aui-ceeileU ia- prnduci'ig the
-oeyi roCiiitnff nurrtno ' niH one t a ta ienti etattaKe ine
leatl "f all " iter, ctittt have been in use h ietore.
Tbe implement richly deceives tie attrition of all
persons inu-rested iu improvements i f ihe kind. ,
A G. 8RARLH. P. ,. . n
G. A 4TEVF.NS. C,eTel,lda
C SWELL WhlGHT, B. drord.O.
t . C. S.GAlE8,Brookljn,0.
CxEVKLAHD, O , Jnoarv 14 lif 1459.
Having examined the operation of Howkll's Thrfk
Circle Kotatikw hareow, i at it pieareu to say tnat ic is
the beat iusirnmni lor effecting the purposes for which
it is oeslgned I have ever seen applied to the soi A ok nt
the advantage comb n d in tlii liu-row , are litfhti es t f
draft, freeh;m trom clotreine, and' 'ts eanarity for pol
verizisig "J.e siiil, each of which of themselves, wou!d,in
my opinion, recommend it to generai nse.
J. 8- TITUS, Flushing, Long Island. -i
on ii f 7 and State Right for Sale
f3 Any funhe infm mat ion relative to tlie Harrow
or tne Pateut RUiit, can lie otvalned h address ;ng
No 68 8tiperior-8, At wafer iiaildinxs, Cleveland, Ohio.
March 30. 18;"9. 3m
. Hiram Giddings rs lisha Garrett.
CHEIS IFF ! LE Bv virtu " of an order ot rale to me
fc-7 dir ct-d an;I deliverd from h c"nrt ot romnwii
plena of Po-taio- c -nny and state of "hio, I simll exeie
to aleat public vendue at the lnor of tlie court bunee in
tne town -f Kavenua. in inid cniity and Riate. ot Samr-
ay, tbe 30th day of Apill, a D lt.9. at or near the hour
of one o'c ock p. x of saiil day, Ihe following described
lands and letietiieuts, to wii :
8ttuated in the to -n.p nf NeNon, in tbe county of
Port ige and state ol ho and if t-n iwn hy h- i k part of
hit N i id toivnsbip; I eeinnlng at a stai-e iandh'g
ou J:e nnrili itue ot tuiid int no. i in ibe 'fin pond, and
at the uo-tit taeat corner of lav id o-Ane-l by Rlwiii A'wood
in tneanmi-lot ; it ence sou:h on the east Hue of said
iwo d'i fand 9r odt, to ihe remerot Silver Creek.
aio.uc4ue-rmi south nf !iiik whire andat three hemlock
tree : thence iouth 4VP, eat 22 rod; tlit-nce north 8tt,
e-- '2 ro-1 hence tiortli 22",est 6 rud; tlteiieeaouib
6b e at 18 ods.fcothe center of th- Mghw .y; tbence
no tb 3. eat 41 rods, to the center of the ereet, ; tlieaee
down the ct-nte' o tb crvek no-th 40, en si 32 rods:
thence nunb 60, eaat 70 rods; theiee w-t on the north
line of raid lt 1;8J4 rods, to the place of Seinum?,
containing 38 acre oi Iind, more or Icim; excrptinttwo
ar.rs sold U R. Scoti, in-'lnding ihe tannery wi.fa tle land
hereby couvey-t are included tbe lower fir st mill and
sw mill atid lulling mill, together with oUter buildiugs
siandinu Miereou.
Also eix acres of land on said lot No. 1. the south aide
of the creek where Mr TuorS house sta id , hrgiunl'g
at a pwt at tl eS W corner of ald piece in the enter
of the ioad feto v M-h the N. W.criirof J"hi Tab r
barn hears 8. 89 20 K distant 46 linka; thence N-54.
E. 5 -hi ins oi 19 linkm j hence N-1, K 9 chat a ad
46 dr.ks; th ne 8 1 ity. W. II chain and r7 links;
theme N. 89 5tr. W. 6 chain- and 88 links, to the
P!ce of betfiniilnir. imnti iums 6 acrea and 6S 100 of an
acre of la d : cxt-etiMnip t acre ot land in 'he S W. corner
tiierent. heremrore oede! to nam ijiim iaoor; aoiu sib-
jtMJt to the interext or Alvin James therein
Appraised at wot.o. t rwo inoosanu, six nunurea ana
sixty six dollars.
Taken on an order f sale as the property of Eliaha
Ganett.at rhe auitot Hir m GUdinga,
ertns, cash on day or hi ie
Sheriff's Office, Ravenna, March 26. 1859. mch30-5w
Thomas Campbell tf EUsha Garrett tf al
SHERIPITS 8 A LE - By virtue of an order of sale te
me dir cs d and delivered from the Court Common
Pla. in aud for the county ol Portage and 8'at- of Ohio.
I anall expoae to sale at puhlic vendue at tfae doer of the
Court Hou-e to tbe mw of Riminn in saiJ co "'tT and
8'Ate. on Saturdsv. ti e 30th d v of April. A D. lv& al
or near the hour of I ieiock P. M. ot said day, ibe foi
Kw:ng d"scrliasd laints nd tenements, to wit :
Senate in the sown bin of Paris Portate County Ohio.
and kiowu by being a pan cf lot No. 24 in said town
-mp, atiO is more fiartniiiany snown as vniagn imi nn.
21 aud 92, in the Tiltajre rf New port, agreeai ly Mtar
ev nndu hy 8amuel D HtTfsin tlie tonrh of July. A.
D lfSl. and r cor.teit m Punrue County R. o r-l Book
59, piiire 379,nnd if etudes a v ooleii 1aeory, water power.
aiactil ery na an improvcm-'nta -ii reon.
ADhraw da fcl 5.00,10 Tak n on order of sale as
the property of Eluba Ganett and al., at ibe suit of
Thomas Campbell. .
Terms Cash on d y of aale. 7 .
. TH MAS R. WILLIAMS, Sheritf.
' Bi A.M. Hacket. Deputy Siierilf,
Fuller, PtflTa A tiy.
Sber-fiTs Office, Ravenna, March 28ih. 1859. me-5w
Lewis Umttadlrr rs John R Roberts,
QHEKIFF ALE Bv virtue of ao orrter nt -aletotne
diiectvd and delivered from the Conrt of Cutnmo
Pleas o- Port-tge County and Stae of hi" I shall expnae
to ffMla at Dnh ie vend e t thedo.tr or the court ton- in
the town of Raven a in tahl cou'-ry of Portnteand a'ate
of Ohio, on au dav,te su a cay j April, a. v. I soy,
at or near the lu' of 1 o' h k p. st. ot said day. the
following deacrth d Jai.d and tenemem-s to wit i
Situate in tl-e rowtmhtp of TarR roumy nf Portajre
and state of Ohio, oeirg a part ot tot no.x in ran, ana
more fiarit ul r'y Kit wn as part of viuaite tot no. n tu
the village of Newport, and being part of the woolen
fact ry lot, commencing 14 feet cant of the wool n tacto
rv wl ere It now stands, and running lnt'g tbe sooth
hank of ilte mill lace o tne lowerend ef ihe lock: tueitca
th. n..t-f h al.to of the im k in a westerly riir-wV't'OW
nnlnt l A itwoT ertart of lha woolen factor bairdl'tSa.
and tnciudirr an me hiiq Dewtrtreai inr atw rw v
hound hv a nn- rnnnmar i leet eass oi ww nwrrj uitwi
wlch the nHvlfvrv nf roimr to and from aatd -or.
vVo.n the a-rtat mlU lot. Aireer,by a hHdge or plat trom
acrooa the race, not tnterf-riug with the pHviler of the
mill or canal; be ng tlie aame aeeuen to wa stotierts ny
John W. Hay and wiie, rem oar .wi, loaif.
Appmled at two nunarea ana uirtf utree ana
third dollars.
Taken on en order of sale as the prpartv ef Job
Rot-aris and ats, at the suit of Lewis Umbetadter.
Terms, cash on the dsv of ale,
THO'S R. WILU..M9, Sheriff.
Qi.aiawrtaaw Hael. A I I'm. .
Shet'tTi Offl Ravenna. March 26, 1
ntl .i. .i.tiite on " we-l CO ner or a -
Connor.- stteet". r ... .
tolnlnr one-heir - ...,.. . rood
laiwe t.o-rv .... - . ,nwa ror
"". mriei niirnoses irrtal H.d. n.n win he
uiauufscturinff purposes. a'., vivi .
oflered ... a cub buysr. aj n". J -12
mcieh-t. or ui trf .-
Commercia .
a A VENN A PK1CKS CI hi R 1 1 .
j' Crre(etl fteeklp.
" " Fa'rm'Proslsiee. '
Per Buthel. , Cheese .
" ""at f l,2ital 4J Lard
ra -----....6ia7uelBees Wax,
6a. J.
... aa '
vora, in Ear..
Flax Seed.
Bea.nl, whit...
rioiothy Seed.
- 4eeiBidea. srraea.-
.Um-Bel li ides, dr;.....
i. csir klna.
75cal.OOif,lf Bkina-lre
.0O2,,(ilp,i.ii. areea-eaeli af..ll
Clorar Seed
aeoae.75 Keatber. ea
Potatoes New ii.7'c.
OnlOBJ . .-.-...MtaaCSei
Vlsx . I,
Hnms. Ore" ..... rall e
j rer found.
Sboulders. dr.... T.S
linen AppieeMMM.H....ia e
Per Isoeen
vnea reaeoea, pare.ls e
IM Dl.u n A
KsW .
Hoitey.. - .l2i.lac
Brooms . B)l.7&a,ik
rer Tan.
1IaT.-. a5.60s6.iO
Balnd Per Oral
SfV'Wood.percord.- .10a
Per Buthel
Pea Not ..l.75s2,r
Meal, corn- .....1,0U
Per Pumd.
Borltwhrat Flour. Se
Ploard.taMe extra. . .7
do Mw.ainf;le extra... 7 .nv
do.. super tine- ..a l;B
White Fisb,.. . .
Stearin. Candles .lKiej
wbiteFfsn. nr di ...
rallow randies.. Uallepiekerel,balfr.la.
.4 ;o
Sole Leather. 29.81
Trout, half bis
Rarneae Leather.--28c)Slt
Coantry Calf..
Plaster per ton .10,01
rrenea ' ao
rer beuea.
Upper Leather..
LinseedOil i Ms tee
Molasses Ksf
Per Ken
Sugar, brown ...
Nails, 8c 10 p -4,fXls5,M
Powder. riae..... .7,
Sugar, pulverised ...l S
Sugar, erusbed . ....18
gugar.loaf , . 1 6
Per Bam.
Bslnlns.bslf boxes... ..
Suiar. coffee .....:sv;al4
Ralsins,ar boxes ..l.lf ,
Cod Fish
,6-l01sss,8 X 10.. Jl,10s4,f(
0 )ffee. Rio, 14.
. . Jsra.201
Coal, stone..
. 8.56aS Tt
Tba general aspect of business matter continnes Nth
eheeri ig and enagraing. . The late Foreign Hews has
a beneficial influence. Tbe New Tort JBvming Act in Us
money article an js the . pacific tenor of tbe fbtejgn news
bj the Neva Scotia it, has Imparted a more booyant feel
!ug-lo Wall Street affairs- Tbe general rise In English
and Continental funds la decided enou. a. o wa-rat, on
the flrat impolse, expectation of an amicable adjustment
of d fficultiea. thotgh tbe absence of mall intelligence
will contrail to check sanguine calm at iocs.
PRT GOODS The New Tork Independent ravs :
The importations have been large dot-in, the week, and
have Iteen niosUy sold en arrival, the demand bei-g ac
tive f- r all dedrahte desctlpti"na of Eoftlteh as well as
French fcbrics. The g(ndV In pnblie s oee are nn usually
limt-e-l- Tbe anpply, tliontcb large, is still not above tne
Mania frt immediate consumptl n, aad prices are ennse
qtiently well BUstaned in general. There if a scarcity ia
French goods, especially of grenadines, ha re ees. &c,
which are in quick de:nand Ribbons ae dull with a
lame stipnly. British prints sell read Iv. . French anm
mer ana ik are morn wanreo. i oee w. an orniiwiia
1 arse supj ly of to reign delaines Oris year, which r arte
It to active con-perltioa wlih those ot horn-- rtnet iav
hot nevertbekse with a food demend. Tbe jihherv of
ne gh boring citirs -includh g both Bos'on m 0 U- ltinwre
have een buying kagelv.tiera. All a spk goods sre in
good d-mand. In doniestie tabrics thete is a n oderate
activity, and prices perhaps a sfande earier. T itue and
delaines are in xnodrrnte reqnewi at t-teady prices Of
heay woolens, fanev cassimer ares the only fatrr hi
quick den and. Iheie ts yet a lair inquiry fnr spring
g'snds, wbih is Hksly to continue for oroe Huh?, but
there Is ftneh demand for hery all goods f m the
ehubl'tg trade.. Ready made clothing is extend ng rap
I ty. The coosuuiption ineieaaes Rreatly ev -ty year.
PHILADELPHIA MARKET.-Flour is quiet; set -a of
2,000 hbls at if 6,62 fo extra, and exft a family ai $7 00
m 1 W; suf e-ftne ia nflF.rtd at RO.71-. S-lea of R,
Flour at 84.3TK: Bmdf'orn Meat a t3,87f Wheat coates
forward slowly, l nt "here is liitle rtemend ard prices
have declined; aalea 3.500 hush at $18 fo- Red, and
91.70 for poor White. Ra eomntanda 95 fSl. Com
lias advanced; sales of T 000 bush. Pon be.t Yellow at
f9e. afl ar. Oats in better demand; sale 3.008 bush, at
55e for Pennsylvania, and 54 for De aware.
BALTIMORE MARKET. F'our rrv doll: Howard
siaeet is twifmiativ quwed at W beat sm'heitged;
sat-s at 81 60faJl,f8 tor White. Uom dot and nnciianred.
Provisinr.r quiet, without rbanKS in prices. Coffee firmi
sales 6 504 hags a' l Xc for Rio. .
The Cineinmati Oatettt says :
There is s good demand money, but the supply of
mital ia ahont eonat to it. ard aceen table DSPef i ne
rnitat-d without ditficultv a' I0(t W cent Tbe gsBer
al tendency is in the direction i au r ee market
Total. RetxipU qf CuitU of ail ktostUfar the Week.
Al Ailerton'a.. .9461
At Browning's.. 15
At aBrien's..... 45
At Cttamrrcrlaiu'i.-. fl
Po tasi week..
Decrease .......
Av week, 167
Ax. w- week, I966
Ar. V week, IMS
Av V week. ISM
27 2
Total of all kind th's we k..
T- : Total of all kinds last veek.
., Number on pale vesterriat and to-dat at Al-
lertnti s ot Beef Cattle w . 2461
Numbe. laat Wednedav do do do 2t
Sold to Putt hers at Bergen. New Jersey. 519
Price r,f Brtf at IbrtyFtmr(h Street.
"-i ; I -: This Week. Last Week.
Premium quality No e. : - 125)13
Bet qoal'l v lfK12 l"l I
Medium quality ..f.HI0 . 8H S
Inferior. ... ., 7 8 7 O 8
General eellhigp ricrs . ..7ill . .
Average f all amies. akoot..9i(-- 9
A. M AHerton At Co, proprietors of the Waahingtoa
Oreve Tarda. 44ib street repor. the cattle in market from
tbe following Ststea :
From New Tork.B.....-.Ba,. .. 971
. Ohio..., 47
vv ' ; lllinoi- H60
- PennsyWatjia. ...... ...... 65
"- "' Indian 40
Kentucky 26
New JerVev... .............
. Mehltran-. 64
Canada.. ..
- ' Vircinia.. 88
M aourf. .... . .........
" Iown... . ..MB . . mm . .... .... ... . .. .... 170 ,
REMARKS N HEP.P CAT! LK- The naket fcsa
ruther sdvnnced. 8 'me few pnrehaes of the heat grades
wet. made at ii' in.nroremeiit The averaia prioa is
abnnt equal to Inst wek. No premnm cal'l. were oa
sale - We quote el 712r svarsge BVSe. Tte se.wwl of
Lent n.s ok rtfterstett, s jet, iu checking perraptibly the
demand for B-f Cattle
MILCH COWSThe swill milk report of the Academy
of Medicine hra fevwlvxed the trade Hi dta-itiery sto-k
C'w are Mrtr deciddlf neglected. We quote BOminaUy
al 2560
llirht for the M sn, and holtere Arm. but the mak.t has
Keen rer, qnie fhis wwlr, end tba sales mns'ty confined
t small lots of pulled and fleece, within lha range v
The Inquiry Is limited, and tikeTy to ewnrie-oe o
some tim . as most of the cloth-producer are supplied
at present and only purchaw accorititr to their tvanat
nnrertt wants; hot the aock I analt, raciteofarrr of na
tive qualities, and former p-ieea are ausraned. The
ma'ket or foreign he'te -'i pied, rod the quality of
Snmh American a moch ltnr than last rear: importer
therefore hare raeen. emhled to orafn an advance f
onts ft centv W Tb o- nme An meHn- geates of which
80 bales eoM, and 109 do Cordova on terms which we
conM not aacrttn.
' WHRT PROSPBfT8 The new from every quarter
t eTweonragieg fn regard to the erowir-e beat erot. Wo
gather ov -A'l-es from e-verjl loealitee. The Peoria
(IP.) Trmnterijd say. Within the past few days wehava
conversed -1th aeveral tw'tlemen from the nelch otiag
Veal Sheen
Cows. Gal es. 4k I-a bs.
58 474 72
52 . 60 l'M-0
09 -78 : 900
28 47 1S84
22 6:t " '
233 404 4118
..... .-. 155 ,
in3 31 ".r.-T--- HIS
310 i7 . f5S f539
36PT 247 - S:'8 : rP38
3. tii 237 928 . . 12
3257 t2 1SI4 - 10682
onsintiee, and aT gia cheering aeeotmhi of tbe growing j
wheat crop. Onr rxcttangea from all section- of the 8shs
bring us the same cheering testimony, and douhi and t
anxiety have everywhere riven place to a cheerful hope f
m lh frtture.' - - . f:i t j
The Mongoaery (Tit ) JTerkU ears. The isarmea
seem to b that tte crop is com." ont air-aal rty, Is ihe j
am l reply te inquiries addressed to e Users of the coon-
t- - ' " -'" f
Tbe Sfarta CIH ) HeroM mmd Prea naya, N-ver dM w. i
sea wbaat look mora beantitnlly and promising than It I
does now. An extraordinary crop is ia prospect.'
rnsed C
saga, t
The Woodstock (til ) SranaMi vya, Wa are tmfsaed
that tba wheat erop throarhoot this eounfv nrrmr loaaad
better M this sessn ef th yaar.' ;
The Greenville (Tl ) .aVraaeafs sava, A tew weeks
ihe mrmera of this cntmty war. vev much divpiriHMl at
the yloomy twoapeet far wbaat ibis year; but later their
fares have assumed a mora cheerful aspect. They now
say that the prospect for a food wheat crop ts .vary day
hrhfhteninr, and aoma .van say that au abundant field
smnW not surprise bem.
The Cairo (III ) 0sssff ssy's Everythina; is la an oaa
sual afata of torwardnrea this sprlny, aad if the pi swat
fin. weather rontinuea, ear farmers will, the ansulnj
season, barmt heaTi.r sropa than for many years past.
Wheat never pronriad bettar tt has same up rood aad
full, and I. several wreaks anted of rala laat year. Pratt
ptmiiisss abundantly.
Th. Tomato (Canada) Omat asya Hn ewttmaes can yat -1
be formed of the prohat-le characrar of the aext 1-areeat,
But although the time baa not com. when this will be
pa'alNe, not. may bt taken of present proyresa Tha
rratn( wheal crop has eeeaped two deaitees. iDter
killlniand tha heavinc af the soil, with a wond r'utly
small amount of damare. Ta the Bet of tbsac danawnv
ft was xpoaed la's. '" W oVrlna; tba We
whiter. Tbe daatter has now paaed; .ad froea all mfar
niMam we aaa obtain oa tba sur.et, tha erephsa passed
tt almost uninjured; eertalnle with much leas Injury tVa.,
In such a winter aa that which has jnet passed, there waa
mich reason fo lear would take pUc."
KAVKNNA. The huarness of tha week haawxhibitad
no marked pecubarltj he (eneral tBiaet
itbont as at previout rep or-. The wea her. ath-aaa -ery
variable, eontaini" interaiisture with s-.- a d al.ina
bat tha temperetare of lha a at wpnara a vary ml d, aad
vaaalaUoBiaoreln rapidly forward -ttlp-eabl) mora
forward hy a month, than last year at ti ls data.
Mt. . t.-. nrw e l.-1ay t.a-
nrated Mewlim rella CA. POwa. .Ob a"
Ptt.ttt. me sale at maBntaoiar pr s. A bo Ptow
Points for ' lines' patent: a .una -tic., a
' Marot . ' V. 'Tt .".
rai al Asian,
r -trn aiMi letl tea. ewer In-anted f
aaseui (ai
bin. .r mm It answer. hb fnr a no k. 1 1 --' t
step, ftitteacurioal'j. Por sle jBATTYB.
HarobSa,'. r.A.CTaTJjjj.jjj-

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