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' i
llii. Llj UOtUllll liiLM.
National Democratic Ticket
t- For Preside!,
- il .v : MEW YOKK.
' '"'"''.j' "For Vie President, .
Francis 3?. JBlair, Jr.,
. r:. .:. ichatobial nwroia at labox,
, KUFC8 1. BAXNET, of Cuvaboa,-,;
' HUGH i. JJSWKTT, of Muskingum.
: msTsicT xlictobs,
- 1st Dict- i
" Bth
- 8th :
J. M. NOBLE, of Hamilton: -
GEO. W. HOUK. of Montgomery;
. W. JACKSON, of i -
ISAAC 8. PILLARS, of Allen; ' -
il. U. DAVIS, of Uermoat;
WM. J. ALEXANDER, or Greene;
JOHN A. CRAMER of Ottawa;'
''AHMKEW ROACH, of Wood;
, EZRA V. DEAN. of Lawrence;
' i. J.XJBEENK, of Pike;
, C. KOLLETT. of Licking; , ;
' H. H. I'OPPLETON. of Lorain:
JAMES M. GAY LORD, of Athens;
A. W. PATRICK? Tuscarawas;
GEO. W. WEIMER, of Summit:
MATT. BIRCHAKD, of Trumbull t
; : Democratic Pktform.
The Democratic party in Rational Convention
assembled, reposing its trust in the intelligence,
patriotism,' discrimination and justice of the
peopte; standing upon the Constitution as the
foandation and limitation of the powers of the
Government, and the guaranteeing the liberties
. of the citizen, and recognizing the questions of
slavery- and secession as having' been settled for
all time to come by the war, or the voluntary
action of the Southern States in Constitutional
Conventions assembled, and never to be renewed
or reagitated, do with the return of peace, de
mand -'
First.' The immediate restoration of all the
State to their rights in the Union under the
Constitution, and of civil government to the
American people. - ,
Second. Amnesty for all past political offen--ees
and the regulation of the elective franchise
' In the States by their citizens.
Third. - The payment of the public debt pf the
United States as soon as practicable ; and that
all moneys drawn from the people by taxation,
except so much as is requisite for the necessities
of the Government economically administered,
ha honestly applied to such payment; and where
the obligation : of the Government do not ex
pressly state upon (hrir face, or the law under
which they were issued does not provide that
they !x paid in win. they onght, in right
and in Justice, to be pai4 in the lawful money
of thu tnitfd States, ;TV,tmiors of appUns-
Fourth. ftial texatioa of every species of
property sccon i. to its renvalue, including
Government bcr; mat pusaisecnritfcs. -Re
newed cnren-;
Fifth. Onec. r
.the people, th
rrt!ie Govern stent ant!
'i the tr' e- holder, the
pensioner an' t : -.:r, tbei-sv nw ( it
bondholder." : viv: , '. cries
"Read it again. "J Fii't;. J -itiou w
again read and again e:..
Sixth. .Economy iii ii.f ...
Government, the refriictii.r
y and navy, the ateliti-;
bureau Great cheering r
mentalities designed to
ey, simplification of the s t.
nance of the inquisitoriui
awl collecting the Internal
burden of taxation mat'
lessened, the credit of ihe fnvt saunt; aar$he
currency made good; the'ujyieal of all enact
ments for enrolling the State Militia into' Na
tional forces in time of peace, and a- tariff' for
revsnae upon foreign imports, and such eqnal
taxation under the Internal Revenue laws as
will afford incidental protection to domestic
wanufketuree, and as will, without impairing
the revenues, impose the least burden open, and
best promote and encourage the great industrial
Interests of the country.
: Seventh. ' Reform of -abuses la. the: adminis
tration, the expulsion of corrupt men from oF
nee, the abrogation of useless ofHocs, the resto
ration of rightful authority to, and the inile
. pendence of the Executive and Judicial Departments-
of the Government, the subordina
tion of the military to the civil power; to this
end, that the usurpations of Congress and the
despotism of the sword may cease. '
Eighth. Equal rights and protection for nat
uralized and native born citizens at home and
abroad, the assertion of American nationality,
which ' shall command the respect of foreign
powers and furnish an example and encourage
ment to people struggling for national integri
ty, eonstitotional liberty and individual rights,
and the maintenance of the rights of natural
ized eitisens against the obsolete doctrine of im
mutable allegiance, and the claims of foreign
powers to punish them for alleged crimes com
mitted beyond their jurisdiction. Applause.
In demanding these measures and reforms
we arraign the radical party for its disregard
of right and the unparalleled oppression and
tyranny which have marked its career. After a
most solemn, . and unanimous pledge of both
Houses of Congress to prosecute the war exclu
sively for the maintenance of the Government
aad the preservation of the Union under the
Constitution, it has repeatedly violated - the
most sacred pledges under which alone rallied
that noble volunteer army which carried our
lag to victory; instead of restoring the Union
it has so far as In its power dissolved it and sub
jected ten States in time of profound peace to
military despotism ' and negro supremacy. It
ha nullified the right of trial by jury. It has
abolished the habeas corpus, that most sacred
writ of liberty. It has 'overthrown the freedom
ef speech. It has substituted arbitrary seizures
and arrests, and military trials, and secret Star
Chamber inquisitions for the constitutional tri
bunal. It has disregarded In times of peace,
the right of the people to be free from searches
aadaeizures. It has entered the telegraph offi
ces, and even the private rooms of individuals,
. aad seized their private papers and letters with
out any specification or notice of affidavit, as
required by the organic laws. It has converted
the American Capital into abastile. It has es
tablished system of spies and official espion
age to which no eonstitotional monarchy of Eu
rope would dare now to resort It has abolished
the right of appeals in important Constitutional
questions to the supreme judicial tribunals,
aad threatens to curtail or destroy its original
jurisdiction, which is irrevocably tested by the
Constitution, while the learned Chief Justice
been, subjected Jo the most atrocious calum
nies merely because he would not prostitute his
lgn omee to the support of the false and parti
san charges preferred against the President :
Ita corruption and extravagance have ex
ceeded anything known in history, and by its
frauds and monopolies it has nearly doubled the
burden of the debts created during the war. It
ha stripped the President of his Constitutional
power of appointment, even of his own Cabi
net, Under Ita repeated assaults the pillars of
the Government are rocking on their base, and
should it tncced in November next, and inaugo
rat it President, we will meet as a subject and
conquered people amid the ruins of liberty, and
the scattered fragments of the Constitution. , :
And we do declare and resolve that ever since
the people Of the United States threw off all sub.
jecUou to the British Crown, the privilege and
trust of suffrage have belonged to the several
State; aad have been granted,- regulated and
controlled exclusively by the political power of
each State respectively, and that any attempt
by Congress, on any pretext whatever, to de
prive any State of this right, or interfere with
it exercise 1 flagrant usurpation of power
which can find no warrant in the Constitution,
and if sanctioned by the people, will subvert
our iorm or Government, and can only end in a
single, centralized and consolidated Govern
ment; In which the separate existence of the
State will be entirely absorbed, and an nnllmi
"1 despotism be established instead of Fed
Tnlon of equal States, and that we regard
! utruetkm acts, so called, of Congress as
. . ana unconstitutional and rerolu-
nsnxpationa '
ttonary and vov --'
That onr aoldien
and sailors who Icarried the
- viotory against a most
: . : be, must ever be grate
'he guarantees given
' 'oily carried into
n .A all v
.. ... - i.-Yl 1 111."-
fully rSmerani:-" tu.
in favor mu8 w
trlbuted as
. "nosed of
r cecotKw-js .ta .nonktOeA,..
That t people, and p on.,
among the peopij hom
Iltost - be P"1'"- tlUes. ana
pries established by the Goieiemeat. Whne
grants of the public land may "be allowed nc
cssarv for the enenrragement of inrpartaa pub
lic improTementa, the proceeds' of the sale of
such lands, aad not the lands themselves
should be applied.
That the President of the United States, An
drew Johnson, Applause, in exeniising thl
power of his high, office in resisting tbc ajrgrss
ions of Congress on the constitutional rights of
Hie States and the people, is entitled to the grat
itueof the whole American people, and on be
half of the Democratic party, we tender him our
thanks lor his patriotic efforts in that regard.
Upon this platform the Democratic party ap
peals to every patriot, including the conserva
tive element, and all who desire to support the
oonstitatioB and restore the Union,- forgetting;
all past difference of opinion, to unite with as
in the present great struggle for the liberties of
the people, aad to all such, to whatever party
they may have heretofore belonged, we extend
the right hand of fellowship, and will hail all
such co-operating with us as friends and broth-
. : ! -.
Read It.
On the first page of the Press will
be found a complete vindication of
Horatio Seymour against the, foul
and false ' slanders of the Radical
press, charging him with disloyalty,
and a complicity in the New .York
draft riots. This article ia not'iriade
up from Democratic' newspapers, but
presents the facts from the record, and
facts which are entirely beyond dis
pute.' No one can rise from the read
ing of this record Without feeling, how
utterly unwarranted and base' are alii
the denunciations -which have been
heaped upon the Democratic nominee,
Let every Democrat read and then
present it to his Radical neighbor, that
he, too, may know to what deptlis of
falsehood the Radical leaders will de
scend to injure the fair feme of a po
litical opponent. ' , : ,. vc
DemaexaUe Candidate for Congress. "'
The Democratic Convention which
assembled in this place on Saturday
last, put in nomination James ifcEw
in, Esq., of Mahoning county, as, the
Democratic candidate for Congress in
this (the 19th) District.' Mr. MBEwn
is a gentleman of strict integrity1, and
of most excellent business qualifica
tions. He possesses the JefferBonian
qualifications for the position for
which he has been put in nomination,
The people can, and probably will, 'doi
a worse thing than to elect him to rep--resent
them in the councils of the na
tion, lie is in the interest of no gold
ring, nor oil ring, but is of the people1
and for the equality of the people in
their rights and privileges. ' We glad
ly place his name at the head of oar
columns and urge the Democratic and
Conservative voters of the Nineteenth
Congressional District to look to their
own interest by casting their votes for
htm. on the second Tuesday in Gc-
tolerC"N, -."j-.j . v f. i :'; -,;:!
... ; Th Platforms The asmsi
We keep the platforms of the Ohio
State, and National Democratic Con
ventions standing in our columns from
w nek to week, and will continue to do
n y until the several elections are over.
And to-day we publish the platform
adopted by the Republican - National
Convetion at Chicago. Te commend
these documents to the careful reading
and comparison of each and every
one of our readers. These-are -the
authoritative exponents of the princi
ples and policy of the two- parties in
this contest, and to them should, the
voters appeal to know : what, are the
issues involved. . ,.
' A . careful perusal of these docu
ments will show that the points , in
controversy are few, yet that the gulf
that separates the parties is wide
anoTagepytliattlie principles u
videthe two contending parties are
as antagonistic as light and darkness.
heat and cold or good and evil.
We said the differences were few.
They may be said to be but two that
are of great importance. ' 1st, Re:
construction ; " 2d, Finance. ' !"
The Democratic party claim that the
Union has never, in law, been dis
solved; 'that while the Southern
States passed ordinances of secession;
to support which ordinances they're'
sorted to military force, and thereby
temporarily suspended the relations
that had heretofore existed between
those States and the Federal Govern
ment; that still, all such ordinances
were illegal, unconstitutional and void,
and .that all that was needed on the
part of the Federal Government in
order to preserve the integrity of the
Union, was to destroy , the . military
force by which the usurpation of .au
thority was sought to be upheld. This
being accomplished, and the authority
of the Government having been en
forced, the power of the Government
over the States, as political organiza
tions, was at an end, whatever., may
have been its authority over the. indi
viduals engaged in the insurrection
ary movement ; That the reconetruc
tion acts of Congress, by which they
assume the right to blot out State Gov
ernmcnts and the very existence . of
States ; to control the subject of suf
frage, conferring the elective franchise
upon ignorant negroes and denying
the ballot to intelligent white men.
and the other manifold-wrongs attend
ant upon the reconstruction schemes
of Congress, are base usurpations,
wholly unwarranted by the Constitu
tion, and revolutionary and tyrannical
in their tendency and - purposed- That
the assumption of the right of : Con
gress to control the suffrage ia part of
the States while the right of other
States to control it for themselves is
entirely inconsistent with the true
theory of our Government, which
rests upon the equality of the States
and the equality of the citizens before
the law. --
Upon the subject of Finance the dif
ference between the parties is quite as
marked the : Republicans : claimingH
that the 5-20 bonds are payable in coin,
while the Democrats assert that nei
ther the spirit nor the letter of the
law, nor the terms of the bonds them
selves, require that they shall be paid
in .any other manner than any other
obligation of the Government '.We
are not wanting in good Republican
authority for saying . that the assump
tion of the Republicans in their-Na-
platform, and by most of their leading
politicians, is entirely without war
rant. ;. But the Bond-holders have the
Republican party in their control, and
it is compelled to do their bidding. r..
While this burthen of debt is press
ing heavily upon tiie necks of the peo
ple, while the people are; required, jn
time of pence, to respond to the tune of
from four to five haudred millions of
dollars a year W the. demands f, the
ax-gatherer, in order to pay the curt
iut-mpcrycg wf the0 y anient, sat
isfy j$ie hjhigr depandy of the bond-hdldtx-s
aki niinMn tils Freedmen's
Bpreau, aej forecast M16 point of
the Bayonet, th reconstruction meas-
eslllctbaT'&Mmeal Pnftlp, the people
will not find it a paying business to
neglect these great and vital questions
to listen t&TOie- sorisoTosa -tw
Radical ranters about " traiton
traitors5",,;se -
and 0 - fOt
cession sympathizers,'
kind of stuff: nor Jo hoed, the blatant
falsehoods abuJhejajchery oTthe
Democratic part v-to-the Union, jwhiUV
they themselves areefii afje
the Constitution jtitd sapping 4hol
foundation of theOoVeittnYrtA taMed
down to us bjpier nioj-.yiaolic
and wiser, men, To burn jpuojn
fingers' in ralaiitljftidkai eitats
from the fire wiW pro vw triq(Mi-;
a lucrative bnslttesg Tlo'fent
The couAtl'48-MnaaimrrXMncKl
vote M''tneitntsiHv5
them will do that sameliift
we La
the most positive
asMiranoe.a J"aie
assembled iriiWHve'5eVrrwon
the glorious anixgSriJai UilSSr
tional Independaoay m ( MMtptwes
of theUnio mi.ffi, djail
their unalterable deterBajiiistiiarn sctid
their ballotf 1 Wej&Wtlrlf
lets went d'mjiiAit$ttmk
e., in defense tJanUatseavdrtrBat
constitution bcgnnfljltwl jnt lay!ofaW
fathers; and Jtawirririt)riiu
arms shalf 0 ti$W$$t$i&
the Radical. jimiimk Pf KX
sight of ah leetio.' iAM-fnry,Mw
and far -wluttodidadUaf sKaslU uf! ssboattl
If there are any5aBifvffi HRht
for' a 'dlsrneineyJi
If there beky Amte)lib4o
pile a dfibfjaut huon the
backs of the toiJjMrg- millions of our
laild nkilngib'QWoldefSnMr
ebasStfM 3ornmtntnW1nSde
preb'ld. toem $
fifty feWillSPMffi
di85ran,cls,eI nten yfetfjnvMp A
aouhUes8,yotel? Badjhj bo
tujld, nptiHQ, Jajuf fe,
mennosf agpjrevwnVojth
dered. hisuske ud,jwe ff Jh,a
".).ntp.igpirj oyengjg y&ttf&t
the ConstitutidnHJojjjrcgc
lawspassed inijursnance, o&.Oandrto
'1 ..' li, f rs r.:4r? -ii it. J7tf
in reauisilion. ihere can't ba a shadov
juCt Kf!if3nflmm s
ii Ti
, .
s miuvncv,;
Senator. Sherman made a speech at.
..-. uaii sY-Ti.T 7a7Tkw :i t
iif :'i n ii.
nltl,1 in wnicli he piafiuv'aud emphat
ically de'clarcsa inav the. &-2Q tlhited
states Donxis are iegauvpayaDi
greenbacks.' ..'Now.
1 A
tors," goinj
'to cio-wSffi ftnfsMf.eSI
iese ' "treLmiaDie ,J ptlefc!
atdr' for '.'these "treaso;
ances r
polie ftieir pyniearsor7fli5a1
forty years rad' Mirtc'i tnaimVl
gally payable' in1 greeiibackSj vmyjot
uuacK.Bvwnv vote ii
to elect nien as. rtesident and v-icg
President anS ineniDers"orit?diXrels
consult itheij; fwJ' inWsfi Jtfe
taiii1 and' defend their VwrT"ngnTs in4
Hin imiflt frn t out nrtixr u r i-ru a . v
Adustnient of (he
"snri i a w
es in uu nintn
Th6',Dem6,crts,b'f th'eNinfli(M-tj
eresslonaf DMfrci mn8s-ea,o?!fi(re1
VVUlliaVQ vn. kvitvvua tm w If a. v a u.a .4-ua,vu I
EHei ntio?.kTtdndnrsl.i4uTv,nVi'f
ranged for aii'aerjtastmehtrof mhetrtffr?
Acuities: '"The "two5 candatenWrrfli1
ii' Itus. Uar tiil- im. kit ,
the'"enll5ri ri&mjj AVfiir rrVrrW
the'amTca'bll arran'matTttPrlftff-
cnTttet1ieTfoire ffmmhSi'l
niiu M b;.-gqyItiqnMffTttrfl nl
xutmpai . leauerq auu H(,uiuueiH, ,iuat
aref denouncing i theVT)eTOQcrac .asj
"Jiarsl "scoiuidreXs!' ana v renucua-j
am wWii'ttf re'ceive th&mmm
e wm. Ji."iusrnirxii"aoaFnl'WVWW iaii.,, xne eaualitv
: will bmbtrAsnfrrericf f QJQonle 'and eventlie perDetua-
raV'at3h6lme.5i b-"W UiJkfion ptulifi blessings beaiieathed to i,s
r.fia jaaoqa. -rfa ifUM ,vso4i3Wneiit ju-e at :stako in this ,.,,,
Asarem-' ttm ifnJrMlVlU
I' g" niii'iwnnii5f
of aUteTehTcn iMk&MtiSWM!
X v,a a siwa wt u(tU 4 ClUUVTallC XU fil
ness;'eiMbftedl;,yeir fftef flaDviheT
Dehi'ocracv'rrf Wifttfltir
ink 'their'politicll IrHemfaMrrtMl tlWwi as-.vftHdidate ibr Governor of that.
assanlW of WTrt-rfecfPu't6'rI rrfWif
oted ntnaes,.ff mreiufkBSP
aiid angnrseTF &V&V&&&a
1 I ff A,l k.-l--.W.i nL.T 'A . wr,mt 4 - - - Ll
in looctne Tar-,orTne,Tftsr"iW.T
-lV.-i,l.i'.riit l.-.rf mrfl ,-h4a f.trm mmi JiVlUlia.
or-rjmconr.". :.T..r:r. . . . . 12Wf
McClellaW.lf.oT jo. M-sm ohiksM f
Radical, iimioritv;: "71 7 (Mrrll0P&vot Araphocsand
w..T''' 'nw-IW71n
Radical rrrrtWrKl4.Biy?iM2)riU;(i;
! Thktl9'wTraarrfcfeft&4j
igiiaialKHAf.T Itew ot Hf d, bumitv itfedw lermdiatf ' loss un-
, -.......--..wrwiiM-BBroJMl
UitAi' of ijio'io twtf J'fijeaoiii o.
Ike County, Ohio, is to takeielsLdcii. BurioJBBeenBo Vwhoro om-
pr tlie Akron ytHiegniing tle cam-
aWntanaVr'w'CUe'JIiMWeii t
Q8iiou? gentleman writing
thiteupSion foia itbvinus tie plume
usft ifaskt,af Vbcnzine" wo'd
cutrnstge ould fce more .brilliant,)
in the"YrT?i Chrtyicle, pays uiis de
voiVstpfoufiUnldlKe do. not
ordinarily design to notice the drunk
en ravings of this foul shot-gun nor
hiTefanj.bTita.single paragraph
L."1 UJ i?""-V
- iflcti"AoiV lit, lii beii so often echo-
ed from other quarters, that we pro-
poSe -bridSy to" notice it.
tt is as fol
lows?4 VWilU!:! . .
-kH if fVf 'jr 1 tFvcdi-the-wool
iiawii bBl frenr Portage ' county. - A
fDgn..lKlM earn oven.to Uio. Repubh
Sft?y" MWjf "played out,"
vu u.tLK to m wauowiug in uie
'iaivif" ,'''-"u, --'
-hnay tnaraisty Mnsket," hn
iikeWiCfiSntJan 'stand tip before
a "lass of whiskey, "Tint it can't be de
fleVmTOBeWrHteT-'has the eflect
KMorT8rislh-lit5e'fe tosuch a degree
rw rtrrrraKt; mm as a liar as lscu
the whole ken-
unci orKamcar pnus mat arc vcimn
I xmr heelsknovr'nill Well that Hams
it?16nfr,never Wenf over to the Re
pttbHcan rJarM'birtwaS never asked to
TTfrio.'roeW War -broke Out and
erretfefiontrtisfs 'saW 'that they had
fcctdnrioriifieJ'auiry ' "this very
rSraWi-hh,m.shingt6n, Jeffer
tnirfiBn'4d8'mnr i&dl prophesied
writRS I3lf ow Ihe" establishment of par
lilies and sec
ffo'dfsVac.me'camW to the. De
ftSA?racy aiift- g?e' ""them to aid in
savlflgfi'ljdYe'fne'nfe from the de
sM oWhlci'ltn'reatened ' ii 1 'They
prornfseol'folbuVy'ine political battle-
; they pledged themselves', to pros-
Ccfire xne war "in no spirit of revenge,
nor lor fthe purpose of, .conquest or
suugatio8hr"tolfiWjfere; with any
SrffiesthntSbns of' any of tlie States ;
Buty bnia4htam' the1' Constitution" and
enforce tB'fitWo f 'aSsl'fn pursuance
am'Xti& the ! Union
ITieW4y SUM 'to ' cease: These
The i
jicai aiipiuvu ui uiz ciilxiv
1onueiu xreinocray, uiii, uiey nan
Fic sincerity of the
lift VtCiit-t t.t ! . -
tession'of ataenment manitested
tffe TTiiibn
fiv tlie Ttennblicans. and
ieiri' and as an
sincerity " aiid good-
ttS&mP VaKf tS" the 'Democracy :-
e arc ii fSie.ascenden'cv; the oflic-
:s are at our . control : only give us a
tbur control ; bnly
najuT'-'anu .we will make an
ojmr-frlvislpngfj "ikt offices" and of
ngrThelu sQng'.was." heeded,
.WJRtSimpsT,,one voice i,ne ijc-
ochicv new' to tlie rescue. ' Thev en-
ftrdme'faiiklro'f iuie'ai'my; and la-
cl HHVil
fy c
cbricerv'able way for
tlie success of
avowed purposes of
tiyiwif n tiie vrVerider of the ar
iijiea oifuj 'febeliioii 'arid i victory
syveflie Union and piaintain the Uon
sfirtiofi'idt trrJifltthers',,,1t had been
enftrbeft for ''nMse'pilrpose of per-
ii, Ml .is i --nil i- : : t. i
lJlJ A II Jl tUU O v I. S AKXiM. 11C
fimjfjW'aeitty-IM- Consti-
andl':i instead of the
GiTTtricnt-fty ihe'patVlotic founders
of lie f5cMsVftufi6ii,I,l6 plant iipon the
ATrfcyiean1 Wrnmi cttt a grand coii soli
w,: ... .' 1 ..
MdatCtl emprte'.' "Froitrsw
rffeHir-e never Astid back," for it nev
eYieerv-Wfe8ent' ' '
9-kiRf:6,b wilf'this ."riisiy" old
'tiMVtB&tfo. iirhbKrthc Repnb
jlfcltri')MTfarob'scrvedlt Did
Itfieynot? pVCTfrtc'the warinthe spir-
itdfettigt??UIDia' t3i'cy: not eonqucr
loVluT1ttifte1t3re Sou'tlftfrii States ? Did
!tffef fot lhttfrfere with the institutions
hVftie'STato,Did tlmv rrr-
tefonV:':rfith all the' rights,
lOeMtlmd?mmi of the 'Several
StnWo'1rek 'thekilnfements off
HaMfilceJ'-ctftd'bina hsto a party so
- " m
sMAOTairZheblanmial election for
ofrpAIembers 'of Congress and
'uthf'BAte1XiegislatHre, takes place
4 'Maiaiiti)u:ihei l4:tlii of the present
lMiitrui-KBotis of -the''iKlitical oartiis
arftaaepocbed to. be; welll organized for
taooittet.'and'activelv at work- ' Tn
ainewsiiiiirVSirmont, it is, with the
ptnwh-ai)y, a.yatei-ii chase" the Re
i'UcauiiiJaajorhies! 'having! . been, in
18G7, lil aiid in I8CG,- 26,756. It is
pirtia'tawabiejitoi expeot that their
p50iitxtthioYear. will ; range 7some-
whejjDohejtweeniUiose iignres
I'M .OOi
.a8n5oWF?f& WpWUont Oie
r. ... . . I ... .. ii i; i ,
the second
not, let no
&m j9A9.'xrF't. once.
Vga iViSWWn1 and,., talk .with
m iirdrJnpPStant issues at stake
?XfVi,Wriifi9UB40r8 pf our Gov
4gle. Can'ijseV ( Organize I and
TUiVW ,-iftl n,iay.,9i election !
TmfMK Convention of the
The Massachusella Democratic Con-
Coiner Ad
Wf B,jt fMiiiII ,
ictJasilda'TV'arelioiisii'a in Tin.
f io-
(cSfroying property to the val-
i imi
di m Kf.-L..; :
A. mtmatsu destJafcb from Fort Ilayf
i r-1 . - . -
h(!Vf.iI,a ana: mnd
mClodgjrvnfniitjreimorniiig of tlie
imi I ' - a-T i ' ,i '
Whvubi dhu KonU.-,. i
treasure is-tliew isom- heart also."
roSvne pur efforts', wlieii they awoke
o i learn. uiat.Jiii'8lciad'of"'a'war' to nre-
nesday-ofi October. ... If ,
X flvk, which met at Al-
!'""te jKi.insi., nominated Hon.
rt'HoffmaA for Governor.
liBNwatQrloaiifi C'rencent is responsi-
To the Stockholders of the democratic
Press Company. WJ-
In the fall of 1667 the subject of
starting a Democratic paper at Raven
na, upon the basis of 6tock subscrip
tions, was first asritated. but iio betive-
eflbrts were made to aceopiisfL&atX.
end until some months later, when a
plan was determined upon which it
wjis believed would insure to the DeT
mocracv a rnrin.iifnf. fct.-ililiylimAiit
and obviate ,na,,r of the .llffiraHa
which had heretofore attended the
publication of a Dcinocnitie'paper luf
the county. -
' This plan was submitted to the Derh
crats of the several townships in the
county, and having met with the most
satisfactory encouragement froni every'
section, and a snilicieiit amount -of
money having been -pledged to war
rant the organization of a company
for that purpose, the stockholders nict
in Ravenna on the 11th day of July,
186S, and perfected their organization
.under the name of " The Denwratic
Press Comi-axy of rortage County,?'
by the election of the following olli
cers : .; ,
President S. D. Norton; ' ?.-.: t -!.
Vice President Clinton Young; U
Secretary II. C. Raimey ; ,1
Treasm'er Charles B. Stowe;. :lii i
Trustees T.; : 1. Jones, James M.
Churcli, Daniel Bogue, S. F.-IIickox
and "Wm. Gardner. -A- T )i:
So soon as practicable thereafter,
the unpaid subscriptions of the stock
were collected, and the officers and
Trustees, to whom was entrusted- the
purchase of the press, type, &c.:liav
ing satisfactorily informed themselves
upon that subject,, on the 11th day. -of
August last effected the purchase,.at
the Cincinnati Type Company, thro-'
Messrs. G. S. Newcomb & CoiiOf
Cleveland, a cylinder power press of
sufficient power aud capacity to meet
preseut as well as future demands;
and the necessary type aud material
for a first-class newspaper establish
ment, and which it is believed cannot
be excelled in any country office in the
State. - The entire cost of the estab
lishment, thus far, will not exceed the
sum of S2G00 00, and while from time
time a few additional items may have
to be added to renderthe establish
ment more complete, the Company
have a surplus in the hands of-its
Treasurer, and its financial condition
is equal to any emergency that can;
arise. ..-.i .rtif
Provision has been made to: keep
the property fully insured in a good
and responsible company, and ho. oth
er outlays in connection will be likely
to arise .,-. .:--t,. imnu
Satisfactory arrangem cuts have been
made with Samuel D. Harris, Esq,
who will hereafter edit and. publish
the paper, and the officers of the' Cornt
pany feel assured that .with: the well
known experience and ability of: Mr.
Harris as an editor and conductor of
a newspaper, the necessity which'nas
so long been felt in -the absence i a
reliable organ of the Democratic party
of Portage, will be ably and satislacto
nly supplied by the ." Democratic
Press ;" and they would add the iuis
thcr assurance that as the "Press? is
organized upon a sure basis, and do
signed to be one of the permanent in
stitutions of the county,. it i.wUl con
tinue to bo so long as the: Democrats
of the county desire a-naner-to.-bn
published.-. But as no. paper' ;caii live
without support, it is important that
at the beginning, not only for. the-sue
cess of the enterprise,! but the cause
tivtliat active-elloiTsTljo
made by every Democrat to increase
the circulation of the: Press, by sub
scription and otherwise.., :
ine lirst number of tlie paper, has
been submitted to you, and while it
has, upon every hand, met ;' with .jkhe
most decided approval, it is beljeved
sucn arrangements have been made
that, at the proper time, the paper .will
be enlarged in size and otherwise im
proved, and at all times found to be
not only a desirable family paper, but
a fearlcs advocate of Democratic prin
On behalf of the Trustees and Offi
cers, II. C. Ranxey, Secretary
A Failure; ' ;
The Rads of the pious town of iSai
lem, undertook to raise a Grant' aiid
Colfax pole in that town on last Tues
day week, which proved quite too
big a job for them, as they will find
the task they have undertaken this
fall, of selling out the 'country to the
bond-holders and Africans to be. "Ve
have an account of the grand fizzle in
a private letter from that town, as fol
lows : ' :-'
"Bills were posted, announcing that
a Grant and Colfax Pole over 200 "feet
high would be raised in "'front' of, the
Jiroadway Hotel. Judge Ambler and
Rev. Iligley 'would entertain1 thc
crowd with their opinions of' the
Democrats. Well, the appointed hour
came, and quite a number of people
were on hand, but for sonic ' reason
the pole was not ready.' So Ainbier
maae a lew remarks and" gave notice
that the raisins would tike nlin''nt'
o clock thc next day (Wedncsdav.,i
.in uiu nine appointed we .were again
A i .i,. . a ! . . . , : - .. .-.I."
on the ground, and, after some delay.
thc pole began to raise. Evcrvlhiiur
went well until it got sortie' "fifteen feet
from the ground, when it began to
bend, and, when twenty feet from the
(ground it broke short off at the first
splice, came to the ground with
crash and broke again above the third.
splice. There was a picture of Grant'
at thc top which got smashed com
pletely. Thc pole lies out iii front of
the Hotel with a lot of sick looking
Republicans sitting upoil it.' I do
know when it will go up,' but I think
the Jtads of Salem have 1 undertaken
too big a job, and had better let it
out. I see there arc about as many
niggers on thc fallen pole as there arc
white men."
' -.t
an exchange says the Rads have
actually arrested a negro thief id
"Washington. There must be sbihe
mistake about this. "When the 'mat
ter is examined into, it wilt be found
that the African gentleman is V Wr-
secuted and much abused individual.
and that some white man is at the bot
tom of the larceny. ;.':! lj"'' ""
llov. Geo. II. Pe.vi.i.kton will posi-
ivdy address the people at-Cleveland
to-morrow, (Friday.) On Saturday
ie will address a mass meeting -in
Akron. '":.,
Oiiai Curcvncy for the Ooven
i-utiand the
Xeoid, the Lahorer and
i. ft
I Colder, the Pension.
SoUUer, the Prod'
and the Bond
Holder. '
jrhejDondhqlder demands gold for
his bond, "the Soldier niust Cikc
UT111,,ack8 for his Pension
-He BosmnoLDEit demands gold for
eenbaiihjsspj;, i( !
his bond; the Farmer; -frog, the
PHAinc jiuusttakeeijeiif
prodqcynis,) ,Tfe9Qdiev;po$iQn Mf:
isoxDHOiQBp.s . pJ.im.gold are worth'
MhrSyfmkHf, SI ill gold will!
ilie BOKDHoxiriKHnbtjiins his goltu
WAp.BT'Wg I'i-jlHWjJifegwmiR, the.
WF-OSq rtiejgojaSax.prHtitliey:
SUO,p,qenen r Ul ZJI'JTjUI OT i
-on his; Birdeni ftAajJBxefjl!
F.AjLMEK,aiid -MMMfWpwitf!iify$f,
own taxes and tUe,,bQndholders.toot I
touiKB j gae
fsn. 1.;,, TT. T T i
terest in gQhij.aud. ,no pmftnds
.With&9T?'Sevalue of a green-ll
DacK dollar was seventv-onc cents : in
in lSGfiftf fenlalfa"?.! fofn'
Inisdi'c BSLDdS)
in gold for 5500 TlpiidMrTc ImsVt'rawii
interest hi dl(JioYu
ifii was worm at least iUU
AIA Villi 1 s II
11 41U1
IS paid in
goia,ne,SccMM WW
anci This added to the interest
makey ,a4i6t',ff-onof'S575 in four
yefHiOifan rSvesnifAr1?6f i-SJCOT5
The goldJtb jrr b6Br-tiple and
es are nam in curreiicv.
ccntsldHttto'thl'ronaholdcr !
dryponMbr sugar pays four
contiihgflfoJre 'BcSrMrofaeTl
The whole iio'iPSl-C00,()00,000 !
In Jtlie mpnth'Hijlnflieiiiterest-bear-
ing" poifTon '6t it ?icrda!e4ctsixtvi
liiillioifs, " tlius " aifdr
ii iu out;
iic iiiouin
nearly faur niillions.oramjiiarintcrQst
i ..aioiu
luau iiiai l
and destroys the'
Tlie Boxdh'olr,s demand that labor
in-6du!ctiofe','shl,De,1HledJ,?or their
beirefit; tRey m-Viin flaihW at a'
privitedg"flJ WasliJ liiM x6rn1) 'from
taxatun, Iul ,xoY wat
ym - itucjfj4he .b w-(JiQttff tjuj peer? e.
.;EirjevMtfingiwft os,, dl'inkiftnd-j(va
are taxijdjto, RJtlej BondUokler,,
Pay TnE DEBTtfxiiGaSr'Kst iwdi
you pay. jjtiirthB nrjrencv the Bond-
you f Wmulajiijjdurju' invigorate
.business,! ,?i uaaX, ,noJ!thi7f
! - PfAXi.'W E?;!4jf GREE;fncs iud
you paji.acftAraUiSrtO; hoonacq
: ?lGciiei!airriMd,k)f Dliro, iv'to
mtmvsit .oCGanressT'rudeiitl.l'ii niail'
tarjr: pers6ag-EuXla)i;ighum wd4i4
lieivc, pVsoatiifniJlorailetg'ds
lel oiicaac, lUiy VctMrH tatjiUiaaU
typical bjvJdi- oXItBe- iiSadMai'Ifaiar
.vUe jias jietatisyji sitdtifch Hilqiikm
in .wlwU-het-dwtedAhat'. ifawiaeoibjei!
liiteiitiPH. 0f;tieHei-aii3i:antAif ejqeted,.
jgtess, to- admmistei,tlieHnttVi.b v the
neip ot " a little tdanAlaftKioeeittO
steefe citilcsKa. Wiyouct't
j Mseoiitthelangiiafo-bMljia
..fe Wdtone of the
armed despotisms of Eurone - TWien
cessity ot usmg arms m defence of lib
erty and ofa''cvelSlemSl
ami sadly a&of a thnVga"phorred tlioiigiv
h'miiifi&rv J,W.ii'uiT.-?: XiSiikN.lV' 'J?'&1
.v yv yilr Ullliucfcuu UUU
blood-stained jiusrenresentative of
doni gloats upon' the ni4isnAcr! nf neln
Ids"' lit tre-trlaifgiilaf H mc ot seeJ cHlll-l
ed a bayonet," WrtMaMilgarand viru
(Hat m Affiorricanf ipeMv'fentrflsiV
t-hc seridnsJ 'and alWdstnwftif 1 tsiitiW
settling ba5kigaiii' 'tlld' MakeX'tfcfftlAe
of fcrdiri- kftfirVI'RriA. 0WhXii'd OtiMa.
--JC -if( Y-in-ruim-i'l frl I'
iff.t '''i'lioM--sAAlibjAi l-:-MiKiJio
Inll y-OKipeltetl Upoov the-ni-n n5iW:
.ate, held a Republican meetinmiytlii.:
pet baggers aiifj, Xankee,arenot tg ho,
ta-n sT87 a Ad' advT.seit ' 't he ncgi cs not f
fU- Vniil-nA. . , . t J
or, yxiw
r 1
est comeg'ffotn1 th'e tariir that tlie
el-hmcrit,4adPfitei''Ad6r man's
coffee land WgaiorllVMePtai
iu i-iic uiii iiici na ui uiu, iJUupiCs
are by tins .cifracf pal We'ln ireen-backs'iif'isWPdada.'
LVlU ULllllUllO iai ll,l i l 1 1 1 1
tiiinrftheitiefia tLogMiUtirn, Jnlr , , " i"n??.1mt -H;".Yok,aWSylvahia !
turp,ipx 0ut,;the ..ncgi-oes. wmdd.iin-L j M-J SlWllcfr? Wjr feivH fttihff-WlMQ-rwlUJtbrow.theiUHelvcs Into ;
crease the' jnaioi ffv fnfAri,.,Ti '-ATlInsito tbn AeoaKhnlnnMhikaiafatiiiii Hi
tot th& tliolghllnfgr5 'mmmmwvrt mimft m-mSmhkirfnadoiLi w "
woiiiurowiwv-s,mTifeetithfchr g'iieman whohainauguLaleilwi.
rierWaLv blDod,.,whicsK,w7miS,w.r policy inrnataTE
benefitted' the Democrats, Jto was
glad they'-ha'df doMvf Merwlse. He
tlio.ught lOocniliilf eloctioDj nckmlil
W-tW !twc9,t7 W9lu.fuli,dn
. j The wlfoW MlAWon rfcm
aitd ciol.trtiflibry WaMcfmarVf of
lus hearers lwiug dond.tlkili whfcfc.'Wirte.
occur thitey.'ifcjilioj toillBa) i'lioRideii'iA
lial elu(Mioikt.in..:oiq Janv oioi Inl d
lltlllA. Sll. .,..1-.- llll. ...
jNuista, utole taitK-K.,! V) .
l,omisylvuia,tJioWr1l:!th, ;n,a is
WJU0,;uitotrjH;iatlinri ,- ri nt boil
IiMiiaiw, .October iSiUiii bja,;:, avj.
Ipwa,Ootobci; I3jUi ,rM ,rx , rioo,.
WesfcVJitfiwiJ, .U-Tuei;;22iL,x- ,juc
- i; -.m n ni'..(-aii I.,,.' ; :,.' it'ij.ni
EK-l'iitiNiif:, !irat(!K'iiriiUaf6ri-:
outily. ill ist'iiinirenidmwo.in' Coneord.-
pemalts MwitJ. Vrit Winih Q, . ""'iBM,! Mierman, ol
passed oil" quietly. YMmlf 'fli' ttf Judn
i linn- j . ..IU'.'n.i.. d. piiuioh" A T,'CI.tr Wr,-iiiehan
. i ThfttfoJtowiegte-eleotious arc.iai. 4 W& HMm-". KW
' .j ..'.. Oilj .--j ;a) its tl
to-1 J3ie atlearwiK are the Resolutions
mlfairB ltw flin
F- r- -5 1
m Ijrst e congratulate the country
onfflie assared success of the recon
o-ws ot congress, as evinccd;hffatism assured tltc TJeiuocracy-1'
States lately in rebellion, of eonstitui-j
htsto allraud it is" tliis'duf v'oT Tlie
Government to sustftin tio-irjrtitur
tions and to prevcistiliefMlifiil of such
States from being remitted to a state
at tne boutn wasncmanded bv evcrv
MOnVflerwScBiirjilpAJrvtc to'sVaf'tif-t'Tfiff-,
Third "fetuo?in'eeall forms of
it m u mhiu : s
tlie national JiPii(vi'
urcs" the pav
ment of the public' m
ledncss iu the:
4. . .1 i..kl.l..UL..l t C.A K .. 1 .. 1
fcucuuuiK sucii;aLyvssiuussiKiouu.wui mil I
-iTt.ftTltif jJnftjte-OiB WltWo jirti
taxation snoum be equalized iyj,d re
duced as rapidly as the national ialtu,
.itlipCrUlitiiO OT Y.01 KAT8 TJATAiri.iS I
H ltth ThecntBudebt, contract-;
cQM It tSa Jiv. fw-tkfi'i'rcrvation'
should be extended'over a fair period
:fTnidfemTrtiTAm4-t4ritfHry of
-;Fe9Jri-,whiejMjit v?Wic hoigyj
e ?l!n3niai!
01rrbiiMeh3?lel;i9Tse hifrrovfe
wfc jfroaitrilhatneBrituliHti 4Uc4lc cii
loan us money at lower rates o&mfce?;-
-tiii;itbivcff oiisasdw-iaM tiA-A
wijn yie stiacteat econoinA:.jind:the
'ibMpvam1 HEicif ''xftv-bmm
fdtu4veW5JAisMslle lwutllyai'oi'Jtadf
.Eighrb-r-we prqfoividlv deplore he
nhtiinel'ana "deoVW-lil
fcaBtt'liincaiiiiiad letSeieemio
to A4eireshlcut,!3Mimirfcv djohnsonj
he-tredgctf tinrijilibtfJfwliS hi
fwui'pen niffff''jemsiavvffftWMnra
fuun1ieh3i;tniko baa reftt?ied to eenntd
tha, kws hWbs; jl hieh.oe
eweo tha -iTrnatt-jl 'fliktta,v Vn
lifo of tluwcijl4zcmwluJjns abused the
the Stational Jjegisiai ure as unconsti
tutional ; who has pcrsisteimy" aiid
hjs IWlrfU-, ftrHu-ji-f)iler Mlempt mpiiirt)
msvMdrtfp fmidiricVn-dirbrtiicM
ffiiijtitheref f-illawivoi9ii6i' thrrtyo
live oenaiors. rioFwon in vorfi
:(1 ways' sJ4 j anitfd frfestlA-3t!
law of natioiisiKratjvar with our na-
tiomirafehf)? afrTOiiendence. Nat-
as tlrougli they were natiye bprn:id
no citizen of the ttfflteVl' Stale's1, 'nUtiyc
or nattnzMmHifc&qiable 8nrist
-aitd, diiUAriwiimenli sbr Lali (Odw
oriilrfoiit bffcttefleirM91benfiT.",-c
, ailJentfcrrrjCAt elliwhffiwariViliHthfm 4m
tue,iralsiof the da w'.tkje
, m- -w.au.ua. i-u s.i.. JUllUDllila UI Cillli-
paiga Aidcui8v ifcnihniTeiie'd their
the 7iouim.es. .aiid pensions,. -provided
,by qie'ldTo tneseT?ive aefehdors
ioi'the nAtlon are obli&ations nnvpr tn
ibe forgotten .;thft,ntMw's hrid6Tiaftsfj
,o fneH;fj(VrvgiliniatiTef
jwJbHaMlpdai aaSiWdVsS'inathJ5
.Jlpalrrri'Ifjl.WWaRd iMSWurii'
pnuiic, me asvium ol tlie oppressed of
m-nm&tnhviom Mwm ewnyifd m
couragedbya liberalf tiiiiiliiwtMicy.0!
rnV v.J?l,', WVIUlsfUBe6iI
people strugft-luig for tlieir rights. I
i wnig Brospian WTwwettddet! ' by m
uiiiujouBl.;oj&ivoo! oa joi 8;uii)d
1 iAlV?cyJW ily-cpmmojidil
aiic witHif-l. nk.i
iirv ppiuu vx luagiuilUM' aild
I T il T V. "V-1 ll
n thqebelinin,.Mit'm6-'riow frardcW1
jiiKl-J(e5yy:topeite with us in re
storing the peace of thcepuntrv and
ernmcnts upoir'thrffeaSis'rtf Inmm-Hni
JusficeEiihl aaLRiaJrta.i-c
k.MhcontnHmVoiiVf tlte. lovalJ
l)CDpR) ; and we. tavpr tvUie-jwmovnl I
ot tne aisqnaliiicatlOhs JJnd rest riVt ions
rantcajsteuM id ifliosiki)irithftiif4i)t
Willi II
: i l 1 . 1 i m r ,. . ,
muuaursavaiutaratioi ot independence
as the,truiV(fYiuilft1iii nf
. j .v,...vi..iiu in.iiviii" iiic:
1i11 ; k. ;i J
' ucuera:
lave dtsipqvc
i'Aifi"1 Tl,t kl,,fu, at
oTtue bright and shin-
ii iiiiie one
mvisfits vMUf
UodyJCyirrXe remciifCpreU 'that
1 hn.r V -1 J muln n li . n. ji.
e" Itn'siM; b"afi6h
SW iiriivdviyirixv-Tiri1iAUJf-.c .
- W
Ol IJIdO! Innn I MiMMi.i,tV.d.
: to'viin i
s MuncXreu-
' tiit iiif.Tn .v..... i.Ur !;:?.
....... . . .11... - -JM 1U1! ?tll f
liiSTI. l.bpuhh-iry wnrr aiemass'c's'V'y?
t-l-.v iKM-rti-fiiih r-
i tho slamt.stf
" . . .. a A I n
vqjtXT .y rai.,ii.ia ii j,-sii .v.
tlie IKnH'-mt'Aii8'lsf -me., on
Siiluvd(iy eventrit tusk t'i
lOl'Vll III 1CIl.1UV11j JL V. WIli'l ll,ll(- I j
tionssecjjrtiigquaL cixikmd-pju-'dT'UTant- Thc -editor-' of tbat veiy si
Trnue. tq p"ay. so long as repudiation.
inuuee others omcersj.o .ii-nore.ma
olate the. laws : whQTia's eniiifoved
iHVepowWrft render iiise-
w.-WvafiaOetenfi ot .urnat Ml
atn nnd'wndiTTiro'jCiSali "powers: fh
lw 1 Jl.
etf td- The' Tftflrffi' niWcfi.rftY.Sin- v a'Mcyv '..-w-nmui:
: ,m&mkiW&hZtiU i itU;savfisviiosea bv
iQ-satftv, ot the levaJ .noonlc i
we liavc disco
ring HiatN session, ami crtt'e"Dris tJius'exT)ressed : " s : -
HmPl'c linll fSttwjlhcriiiwsent. indications we
1 ...... 1 '-A I . . .111." ... . . .
ll Al'l il
rL "'The Siens of 'ibe Ttanmm.J ' 1
The Hound. Table, when 11m 1
tinal Dcmocratie' Convp-nt,. -mi
j 'fits nominations" Ji'ily;!lcriticised
. - ---.-
icuon oi uic convention with so,
- 'f severity, and with, somewlrat of d
A A!tev had insured the election of G5
fcekly has,- lio'w'efei-7 "been -watch
fefiv Pi UwiW-?? and the dritj
publkijsciiiimcnt since the nominatB
:-OuTT3onviction - was -frcely
I "or7?j j. :r tor Urew-sja.nnrd-bea;
the 1W:. : .jtjiitid et ?il to5
own dSWrDhUiU'icmerl
rfrom IntHfrif ions" "oirtlflj-snrface, tf
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that the pebpfo instinctively realize t ii1
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I. :?w 7" t. -r l
wortli. who was
l(rlllillflLil 11. mi iil.i.m.,l.i..i ...... l :
diite for Congrvsi) in 'this-District and
inclined, vsportJ0a'rRelt rtl.
nlo longer ago Jiiau'Jit Saturday,
il)Yhu;cd in,llii(;i'rc,sui;e of, one i.our
-'lfrWi-tfrlVr ,yonl.i soo, Garliold .
'YlS1- ),1'0.,lfi1iT0"lV,l4ort him.
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l:jilfirf'RV.HbHran?hhye voted to e-?M1l?i'n'cLh-6fs
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artslc.r'Tlre 'h'O.bf the Northern
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hjW lllb Mid-LYgklaturo "like mad "
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yWriclh Radical parvV ' :' '

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