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Tuesflay, August 2fl
Bros; ! Minstrels
Joseph H. Arthur.
the Latest
and MUSIC!
Prices, 25, 35, and. 50 Cents.
Seats on sale at J. S. Smith & Son's.
We find we hsve much too large a
stock of Carpr ts to carry over. In or
der to reduce it, we have decided to
make a " horizontal reduction " that
will move them at once.
We are not prone to indulgence in
sensational head lines or extravagant
boasting, but " at this time and place"
positively assert that we shall place
lower prices on Carpets than they were
ever before sold for in Portage County
a bona fide cost basis.
"There is reason in all things," and
our reason for this sacrifice in price is
that we want the room for our ail
Now is your opportunity. You will
scarcely have another such an one in
a life time to buy elegant Floor Cover
ings untainted with profit to the seller,
It will pay you to anticipate your
purchases in the line of Carpets.
We mention in particular our large
and superb stock of Body ana rapes-
try Brussels. The prices we have
marked on them will meet your ap-
proval.and cause you to willingly part
with vour bottom dollar, n needs do,
in a Carpet investment. Just think
of it: An elegant Brussels Carpet at
but a trine more cost tnan an ingrain.
Our Moauettes. Art Squares, Bugs,
Mattings. Oil Cloths and Linoleums
are all dumped in the cost hopper.
These prices necessitate strictly cash
sales. Respectfully,
Capital, $100,000.
Surplus, $20,000.
ikst Rational ank
N, D. Clark, President.
Chas. Merts, Vice Pres't.
R. B. Carnahan, Cashier.
N. D.
Clark, E. R. Crowell,
Merts, H. L. Hine,
Orrin Stevens.'.
Your business is solicited.
econd Rational B)ank,
Capital Paid Up, $150,000
In U.S. Bonds.
TT Q "Rrsnrnmf all kind's hnncht
. . o
and sold, and exchanged at cur
rent market rates. r
U. S. Coupon Four per Cent
Bonds on hand for immediate
D. C. Coolman, President.
W. Holcomb, Vice Pres't.
Wm. H. Beebe, Cashier.
Brown's Bakery.
Corner of Main and Prospect Streets,
makes a specialty of
and CAKES, every day.
We use the best material, and take
pains to have all our goods nret ciass.
C. S. BROWtf,
Corner Main and Prospect Sts (116
We are Headquarters for
Best Hard Coal!
See as before buying.
George Lee has opened a photograph gallery
in Newton Falls.
Miss Lillian Judy is visiting friends in Meso
potamia, 0.
Mrs. W. Blair, of Cleveland, is the guest of
Miss Carrie Kingsbury.
A K. Crane, of Garrettsville, was in town
yesterday, strictly on business.
H. Id. Beatty and wife returned from their
eastern trip last Friday.
Miss Maud Mason, of Delta.O ., is visiting ber
Hon. M.Stuart and daughter, Miss Emma,
have returned from their trip np the lakes.
Marvin severance Is convalescing from a se
vere attack of sickness.
Dr. Belden and Mrs. Hyser took Erie for Lilla-
dale. Pa., yesterday.
Mrs. Robert Frazer, of Akron, was visiting
Ravenna friends. Monday.
Mrs. E. A. Chapman, of Rootstown, took the
Erie for Spokane Palis, yesterday.
E. R. Crowell, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was in
town Sunday and Monday.
Chas. Merts shipped two fine coaches to Lex
ington, Ky., Monday.
Two cars of lumber were side-t'aoked at the P.
Sc W., Monday, for Baldwin Sc Son.
Ed. Cline was called to the bedside of his dy
ing father in North Springfield, last Monday.
Miss Clara Laubert Is spending her summer
vacation with an aunt in Akron.
Frank DeFIuiter has succeeded Superinten
dent Bergeman at the Carbon Works.
The Riddle Coach Co. shipped a fine coach to
Youngstown, Monday, via the P. Sc W.
A boy fight, three on a side, was one of the at
tractions in the south part of town, last Monday.
Lincoln Avenue and north Chestnut residents
hold their annual neighborhood pionio at Twin
Lakes tomorrow.
The Ravenna Brick and Tile Co. are making
daily shipments of briok on a 50 car order from
Mishler Brothers shipped car-load consign
ments of cemetery posts to Bay City. Detroit,
and Butler. Pa., last week.
B. W. O'Neill, B. Sc 0. train-master, was up
from New Castle Saturday to locate the switch
for the new Riddle Shoe Factory.
The B. Sc 0. emigrant trains are now all ran via
Pittsburg and the P. & W. Every Friday one or
more heavy trains pass through Ravenna.
O. C EiF don is nursing some monster boils
on his face, and for several days past has had
cheek" enough for a book agent.
Miss Carrie Lyons died at her home in Charles-
town last Tuesday, of dropsy. Her funeral was
held Thursday, at one o'clock.
Frank Kingsbury, clerk in C & P. freight
office, Cleveland, Is home threatened with a run
of fever.
jr. E Lowrie took the C. & P. flyer for Alle
gheny yesterday afternoon , after an 8 days so
journ in Ravenna.
Our f""" tonjm,.! Tra-Ijkson is hust-
lingfur the shoes of Auditor Freeman. Mr.
Freeman, however, is in the race himself.
Married, July 21st, by Rev. Andrew Willson
at his residence, J. A. Myers and Mrs. Nett'e
Heacock, both of Atwater.
Mrs. E. W . Frazer ar.d son. who have been
visiting Mr, and Mrs. H. C. Frazer for a num
ber of weeks, are now ; calling on Gairettsville
friends- v ' - '
Mrs. Canfl' ld returned to her home in Cleve
land Saturday, after a visit of two weeks with
Bavenna friends, she was the guest of Mrs.
Wm. Bostwick.
Mrs. Grant Shrop and daughter Ruth. of Marl
boro', Stark Co., spent Saturday and Sunday
with her husband's parents. Mr, and Mrs, J. W.
C. Sc P. Superintendent C. F. Loree and family
passed through Ravenna last Friday, en route
for their home in Cleveland, after a Summer so
journ at Atlantic City.
6. A. Rogers, the former foreman of the Jor
dan Sc Goodrich stitching room, was in town
Monday. He is traveling for the Singer. Sewing
Machine Co., and may looate in Ravenna.
A. H. Parsons was in Cleveland most of last
week visiting relatives. During his stay he
visited the Club grounds and showed the East
ICnders how to shoot clay birds. -
J. R. Case has returned to his former position
in the Opera House Drug Store, this time, how
ever, entering the employ of A. J. Packer, who
has succeeded W. T. Hart & Co. .
Louis Freeman went to Chicago Saturday
last in response to a telegram from B & O.
headquarters summoning him to a position in
the Chicago office of that company.
Rev. R. IS, Bosworth, a former resident of
Sootstown, now of Brooklyn, :N. Y where he
is preaching in a branch of Plymouth Church.
of which Henry Ward Beech er was pastor, oc
copied the M. E pulpitof that place lastSunday
The Deputy Supervisors of EUctions. which.
under the new law take the place of the County
Board of Elections will be constituted (as fol
lows: Republicans, Wm. Grinneil, Ravenna.
S. P. Wolcott, Kent; Democrats, D. O. Coo'man
Ravenna. U. M. Marshall. Kent
The Ravenna Masonic Lodge conferred- the
M. M. degree Monday nighc. Twenty members
trom Garrettsville Lodge were present, includ
ing F. J. Crane, the District Lecturer, who in
spected the work. An elegant banquet clesed
the evening program. ;
Mrs. Monroe and daughter. Miss Ward, re
turned some days since from Texas, where they
spent the' winter and spring with a son and
brother. Mr. Pulaski Ward. Tbey are now
living on the corner of Spruca and Sycamore
Rev. E. G. Laugblin acquainted bis hearers
with the proceedings of the Christian Endeavor
meeting at New York City, in his Sunday eye
ning sermon at the Union meeting at the Con
gregational Church. .
Will Monsey and Geo. Chalfant, with their
families, went into camp at Brady Like, on
Monday morning, to remain an indefinite time.
Mr. Monsey expects to attend to business during
the day. driving out to camp in the evening.
Rev S. W. Meek was called home from Lake
side to officiate at the funeral of Miss Kittle
HcCracken, which was held at 3 o'clock Sunday
afternoon, from the Congregational Church
He returned to Lakeside Monday morning.
Robert Lindsay returned ;frem Minneapolis,
Kas., ;last Saturday, after an absence ol five
months. He was five days on the road, being
delayed by floods and washouts in the west.
Mrs. Lindsay and the children are expected
next month.
Mishler Brothers sold a oar load of tile to the
C. Sc P. people, last Friday. The order came
I late in the day, and before 5 p. m. the boys had
I the last tile on board. Good work. Another car
I ,,. . ,.- :,, u.
for the same parties will be loaded next week,
The P. Sc W. wires between Ravenna and Kent
were down the greater portion of Monday, the
track was flooded at intervals between this place
and Monroe Falls, and there was quite a wash
out one-half east of Kent. All occasioned by
the storm of Sunday night.
It is now given out from B. Sc O. headquar
ters at Baltimore, that the new P. & W. trans-
Ohio line will be utilized as the main line of
that great corporation, at the adoption of the
fall .and winter schedule. This will make a
magnificent increase to Ravenna's fine train
The Universalist IPicnic at Brady Lake last
Friday, was larg.ly attended and very enjoya
ble, For the purpose of holding an annual pic
nic, an organization was effected. Rev. Andrew
Willson was elected President, O. F, Haymaker
Vice President. H. B. ISriggs. of Cleveland
Secretary, and George Jackson, of Akron
Treasurer. Tuese officers constitute an Execu
tive Committee to make all necessary arrange
ments for next year.
The ball team which was organized a few
days since, played their first game last Wednes
day, at Garrttlsville. As they had been unable
to practice together tbey were deficient in team
woik, which tact, taken in connection with the
poor work of the umpire, made tuem lose the
gameiby a score of 18 to 4. The boys say, too.
that their opponents, instead of being a Gar
rettsville club, was made up ol players from
Hiram, Mantua and Meadville, and included
only two or three Garrettsville players.
Last Thursday Don Donnell and Miss Maud
Beckley, while attending the Universalist pic.
nic at Brady Lake, joined a party of young
people, intent upon the pleasures of bathing.
Young lionnell is an excellent swimmer and
was endeavoring to instruct the jouDg lady in
mysteries ot tue art, and had gone out where
the waier was quite beyond their depth. Every
thing would have been all right had 'not the
young man been seized with a severe cramp,
which rendered bim powerless to help either
bis companion or himself. The young lady, un
able, to keep bersell above water, bad gone
down the second time before anyone could
reach ber. It was a close call lor bo th.
FRESH Received
RasDberries, I
Furry &
0. P. Sperra and family were in Akron Sunday.
The Board of Health meets this evening, j
F. W Crist spent Sunday with Lima friends,
Another pretty display of the A urora Monday
Jos Gledhill packed and shipped 18,000 lbs.
of wool Tuesday,
J. S, Smith & Son are kept busy with trips to
Brady, filling orders for supplies.
J. E Sharp is building a new walk in front of
bis Lincoln Avenue home.
The Disciple Sunday School will picnic at San
dy Lake, Thursday next week, August 4th .
The family of D. E. Sharp will return to Ra
venna to reside in the near future.
The interior of the public school houses are
being repainted.
Miss Orpba Holdridge, of Garrettsville, is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Tolcott.
The Forresters will picnic at Brady Lake
on Tuesday, August 16th. A fine program of
sports has been arranged.
Misses Edith and Flora Whittier.of Cleveland.
are visiting Mrs. bpenoer Collins, on Lincoln
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown returned to their
home in Louisville, Ky., Monday, having enjoy
ed a short vaoation in camp at Sandy Lake.
Miss Clara Griffith, daughter of Mr, and Mrs.
C. H. Griffith, Cleveland Avenue, is reoovenng
from an attack of measles.
Mr. and Mrs. Hine. parents of Mrs. John Por
ter, leave fur Jamestown, N, Y., tomorrow, for
their health.
Union meeting will be held at the Disciple
Church, Sunday evening. Bev, O. W. Holmes
of Kent, will deliver the sermon.
Mrs. T. L. Ingell and Mr. 0. H. Ingell.of Man
tua Station, mother and ne phew of Hon. C. D.
Ingell, visited him Monday.
D. E, Sharp will move into hUformerresidence
on Lincoln Avenue, next Monday, Mr. Mills, its
present occupant, will move onto Diamond St.
The Ravenna Jewelers will close their stores
at 6 o'clock p. m., exoepting Monday and Satur
day evenings.
Misses Amelia and Emma Goeppinger, who
have been visiting their cousin, Mrs. Louis
Schweitzer, returned to their home in Bushnell,
Iowa, Monday night, over the Erie.
Cal. McManus exhibited a specimen of black
suufish such as we used to . catch," Tuesday
evening. It measured ten inches, and was the
largest one of its species we have seen for years.
A portion of the members of Council assem
bled in Mayor Cole's office last Wednesday eve
ning for the purpose of doing a iittle city busi
ness, but owing to the small attendance, tbey
adjourned without even organizing.
Kern. Merrell & Co.. are busy trying to fill
orders, mostly from the John F Byers Co, They
have added to their facilities by converting the
old Crown Flint pot oven room into a core and
brass room.
No action has been taken regarding the time
and place of holding the Merchants' Picnic
this year, although the subject is being talked
up considerably. Everyone agrees that the
picnic should be held during the coming month.
but there is a division of opinion regarding the
place. j
Rev. J. A. Brown, Rector of Grace Churoh, has
received from Bishop Leonard the appointment
of examining Chaplain in the Hebrew language
and Greek Exegesis. This appointment also
makes Rev. Brown a Canon of Trinity Cathedral,
Cleveland. Mr. Brown was selected by the Bish
op in recognition of his faithful services, effioient
labor, and excellent scholarly abilities, and is a
merited compliment.
R. B. Witter and family expeot to leave Ra
venna in time to take a steamer from New York
City next Saturday for St. Johns. N. S.. whence
they proceed to Truro, the native town of Mr.
Witter, where they will visit his sister. The trip
will be taken for the benefit of Mr. Witter's
health, in the hope that a sojourn at the seaside
will recover to him his former vigor. Their stay
will be of indefinite duration, depending upon
Mr. Witter's condition.
Mrs. Otto Sontum has concluded to make her
new brick block a three story structure, the
third story to extend over the bakery building
as well, and be made into a fine large hall.which
ill undoubtedly be occupied by some one of
the numerous Societies in town. Applications
have already been considered from two Societies.
It is expected that the entire building will be
completed by October 1st. It will make a very
great change in the appearance of west Main St.
Yesterday afternoon Miss Agnes Mills, who
resides with her parents on Lincoln Avenue,
wus fenddt-nly stricken down by a heart trouble
at the .bavenna Shoe factory, where she was
employed in tbe stitching room. A physician
was hastily summoned and for a time it was
feared that she would die before relief could be
administered. Her parents were notified of her
condition, and alter she bad rallied sufficiently
to admit of her being moved, she was taken
home in a conveyance. She is reported as im
proving rapidly.
Work was commenced at the site of the pro
posed Riddle Shoe Factory Monday morning.
M. B. Mishler will do the excavating and grade
the lot in consideration of the clay, which he
will use in the manu 'acture of tile. The con
tract lor the bull din g has not yet been let, but
will be awarded this week. Work will :be
pushed as rapid'y as possible, in order to have
the building ready for occupancy in 60 days.
Mr. Riddle is doing a splendid thing for the
town, and our citizens appreciate his practical
Pbilo Bierce and 8 J. Post, of this city, and
Alber t Holcomb, of Springfield. O., wiih their
families, go into camp at West Twin Lake next
Monday, to remain fifteen days . On Thursday,
Mr. Charles Saunders of Cleveland, with his
family and a party of friends, about fifty alto-
sether. will join tbe camp. Mr Saunders wilt
bring his flying artillery a complete equip
ment consisting of a miniature gun and caisson.
drawn by a team of four goats in harness. They
will be in shape to receive their comrades of
Battery A." whose annual Reunion will be
held on the 10th, 11th and 12th. A number of
the boys" have signified their intention to be
present at this meeting, and the usual good time
is assured. The annual Ball will be held on
Thursday evening, the 11th, to which all are
cordially invited
Miss Klttie McCi acken was born at Ravenna,
'Ohio, February 14, lf-72. where the greater part
of her life has been spent. She died July 31st,
lb92. aged 30 years, 5 months and 1 days. She
bad been a member of the Sabbath School from
childhood, and became a member of the Con
gregational Church July 4th, 1&8. during the
pastorate of Rev. C. A. Stone. She graduated
from the Bavenna High School in the Class of
'9, of which she was a beloved member, and is
the first one of her class called to pass over the
dark river. She has been a member of the
choir since a short time previous to her conver
sion, until, from failing health she was unable
to take part. But we trust that she is now a
member of tbe Heavenly Choir, around the
throne of her Redeemer
List of Unclaimed letters remaining In
the Post Office at Ravenna, O., July 27, 1892
for a period of 14 days or more :
Mrs- Eva Bower, Miss Miuerva Bliss, Mrs. M.
Beardsley (drop), Mary Chapman (drop;, Mr.and
Mrs. C. A, Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Clark,
Mrs. Belle Bishop, John A. Dilworth, John
Haohreitn, Frank M. Heckman (drop), Mr. and
Mrs. Grovenor Jones. Mrs. Adam Luly, W. H.
Nichols, John Peters. Mr.and Mrs. C. P. Rus
sell, Mrs. Jos. T. Weart.
J. C. Beatty, P. M.
Lake View Camp, at Brady, which numbers
among its enthusiastic membership the genial
Knights of the goose, W. W- Monsey and Geo.
Ohalfitnt, was handsomely serenaded last night
by the Knights of Father Mathew, Youngstown,
35 in number, who gave a very fine drill, and
the Cleveland Ladies' Quartette, who rendered
with fine effect the imperishable Home, Sweet
Home," to which one of the Knigb's responded
in appropriate word picture. One of the ladies
an accomplished elocutionist recited with ex
quisite humor and fidelity to her subject, The
Watermelon," followed by an inimitable lec
ture on ' Woman's Bights," which, with the
musicaT intermixture, produced a very melo
dramatic t fleet. Songs, Irish jigs and reels, an
accordeon imitation of a Scoich bugpipe. and
three cheers for the Camp terminated the Sum
mer night program, to the regret of the delight
ed listeners from without.
today. FRESH
Barlow Brothers'-Spectacular
Barlow Bros." Famous Minstrels will appear
at Reeds' Opera House on next Tuesday.
This refined company of " Merry Minstrel
Monarchs" needs no introduction to the lovers
of refined minstrelsy in this city. Both from
the point of view of numerical strength and ar
tistic ability, this is the strongest minstrel com
pany that the patrons have ever had an oppor
tunity of witnessing. The company in its
entirety, numbers over thirty people. A num
ber of specialists have been engaged in Europe,
and are said to present something entirely dif
ferent from anything ever seen here. Among
the principal members may be mentioned Billy
Barlow, James Barlow, Larry McAvoy, Archie
Royer.Thompson and Duclos, Baker and West,
Arthur LaBourd, The Manhattan Quartette,
The Leon Brothers, whose sensational acrobatic
feats are said to be more than marvelous, and
" Ferry," from the Folies Bergeres, Paris. Spe
cial attention has been paid to the vocal contin
gent ; this numbers ten carefully selected voices.
The sale of seats is now in progress. Seats
may be reserved in advance without extra
Attention is called to the advertisement of A.
J. Packer, proprietor of the Opera House Drug
Store, which he purohased of W. T. Hart Sc Co.
last Saturday, Mr. Packer has had wide experi
ence in his business, is thoroughly skilled in all
its requirements, and is a gentleman whom it is
a pleasure to meet either socially or in a busi
ness way. While the Pbsss, in common with
the people of Ravenna, regrets the loss of two
such excellent citizens as M essrs. Hart and Crist,
we are pleased that their place will be filled by
a business man of such exalted worth as Mr.
It would be satisfactory, indeed, oould we in
form our readers that the two members compris
ing the firm to whioh Mr. Packer succeeded.were
to continue their residence in Ravenna, but both
of them have decided to locate at some other
point, but where has not yet been definitely de
termined by either. Mr. Crist is at present in
Lima, 0., where he is thinking of looating in the
drug business. Mr. Hart will remain-in Raven
na for a month or more, until arrangements are
completed for his departure to his future, home,
wherever that may be. He will engage in the
practioe of his profession, and possibly obtain an
interest in a drug store as well.
W. T. Hart oame to Ravenna in the Spring of
I IMA, fiuui Olof jltk&4r4u?ing out -tha drug store
of the late G. P. Reed. He continued alone in
the business until the Fall of 1890, when he asso
ciated with him in his business F. W. Crist from
Mantua Station, who was also at one time loca
ted in business at Lima, 0. Subsequently Mr.
Hart took a veterinary course in Toronto, Cana
da, completing his attendance last Winter.
Both gentlemen are among the most highly
esteemed business men of Ravenna, universally
liked for their honesty and straightforwardness,
and looked np to in all the relations they have
sustained toward the people of this town, both
public and private.
The Press wishes them abundant success.
Lake Brady Spiritual Association opened
Camp auspiciously on Sunday, the 24th inst
The address,;dedicating Grounds, Grove and
Lake, was by J.Clegg Wright, of England. The
afternoon exercises opened with music by the
Band.- Mrs Cora L V.Richmond, of Chicago,
made an able, entertaining and instructive ad
dress in the afternoon , after which she impro
vised two poems, the subjects being given by
persons in the audience.
The auditorium is built in a retired part of
the grove that forms a natural ampitbeatre. and
although by the Lake shore it was a gala day,
perfect quiet and order prevailed in tbe grove,
Tbe accomplished Dr. J. C Street, of Boston,
Mass., presided with much ease and dignity of
manner, and pleased everyone. Mrs, byser, of
Ravenna, re id an original poem.
Notwithstanding the excessive heat there
was a large gathering, and a gentle breeze from
the lake made it quite comfortable. Four hun
dred came on special train from Cleveland
The session will continue till August 28th.
ONI Who was There.
A Guide to Washington.
The Passenger Department of the B. Sc O.Jft.
R, has just issued a neat and handsome Guide
to the National Capitol, expressly for the in
formation and convenience of members of the
G. A. R. who expect to attend the 36th National
Encampment of the G. A. R. to be held in
Washington Sept. 20 to 24 next, Besides con
taining a description of all the principal public
buildings in Washington; local points of inter
eat; Hotels. Churches, etc.. it contains descrip
Uols of many Southern battle fields, and is
profusely illustrated. There are several large
maps, including a first-class one of tbe battle
of Gettysburg,
A copy of the Guide wi'.l be mailed free to
any member of the G A. B. upon request. Ad
dress J.- W. Bassett. A. G.F.a... P- Sc W. Ry..
Allegheny. Pa,
Marriage Licenses.
Arthur Lane and Alioe Colton, Windham.
J. A. Myers and Nettie Hickox, Atwater.
Paul D. Crawford and Mabel E. Sprague, Gar
rettsville. Hour of Closing-.
We, the undersigned, agree to olose our stores
during the month of August at 6 p. m., except
ing Monday and Saturday nights.
A Lovers' Hickorr
On Freedom street, just north of the corner of
Bowery and Freedom streets, an umbrageous
hickory.with its wide-spreading branches reach
ing far around to protect the love-sick venus
from the gaze of the moon and the glare of the
morning star. A delicious pair is wont to waste
the night under this chosen emblem of Democ
racy, thereby bringing reproach and shame upon
this genus of the forest, standing where it does
in a most prominent and conspicuous place on
Freedom St. It were better for these night eels
to preserve their decency, and go to bed at prop
er season, thus preserving at least a decent re
spect for the bugs and crickets that claim more
right to the soft grass on which these revelers
i . mm .
A severe wind storm Btruck Brady Lake and
vicinity. Sunday night. It was a regular cyolone,
leveling to the ground the entire row of the east
side horse-sheds, which were well filled with
horses and buggies. Three of the horses were
buried in the ruins, but were extricated without
serious injury. A large tree came crashing
through a tent in which were two gentlemen oo
cupants. Fortunately, neither of them were in
jured.and the storm came and went with no oth
er results save those above narrated. Telephone
communication was also cut off, and for awhile
visitors were huddled in the hotel in terri
fied suspense, thinking their last hour had come
C- & P. Departures.
July 20 Mrs. C, E. Bussell and daughter, to
21, Mr. Grant and family, Findlay ; Capt, I.
D. Spauldlng, New York ; .Fred Bussell, Pitts
burgh. 2? Mrs. Thos. Aitken. Pittsburgh.
S3. Mr andMrs.E.H Long. New York,
25 Bev, S. W. Meek. Lakeside, O
26. Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Sharp. Sharon. N. Y
Mrs. B. Madole and children, Conneaut, O. .
27. Mrs. W. E. Goodrich, Mrs. J, U. Furry,
Xhe Pennsylvania Company will sell excursion
tickets to Cleveland, on account of the Races,
until July 29th, good to return up to and inclu
ding July 30, at $2.15 for the round trip, including
admission to the grounds.
The Pennsylvania Company will sell round
trip excursion tickets to Columbus, on account
of the O. S. Grand Lodge U. O. O. F.. to be
August 2nd and 3rd. Tickets will be sold
August 1st and 2nd. Good to return up to
inoluding August 4th.
Leinpell & Hoto
Will make
on all
to close the season.
mi ft. H. PARS0!iS
We have reduced the
price on all Trimmed
and Untrimmed Hats.
If you want a Hat
for about half price,
call and see us.
Untrimmed Hats, 25c. and up.
No. 3. Opera Block Bavenna, O.
Assignee's Sale of Grocery
The undersigned offers at private sale the en
tire grocery stock, fixtures and equipments of
S P BARR, at his iormer stand, in the Pitkin
Block. East Main street. These goods are of
superior quality, in first class condition and
will be sold at a bargain,
J. H. DTJSSEL, Assignee.
Wa desire. to express our sincere thanks to
the many friends for their many acts of kind
ness and words of sympathy during inesicsness
of our beloved daughter. Kitty, and in our be
reavement. ra,r17ifu
MB. AHU JH.K3. AiiC-.v. mcyuavumi,
A Card of Thanks:
I desire in this feeble way to express my heart
felt thanks to all those who so generously con
tributed to make eood my loss by fire. Best as
sured that your kindness shall ever be held in
grateful remembranoe by myself and family.
We have an exceptionally fine stock of Dia- I
monds. There is no gem that is more covewju
by people of refined tastes, xou will una our
Drices so moderate on ttiese usuany nigu pnucu
stones, that you cn gratify your desire to pur
chase anything in this line. r.nnnlI.
Excursion to Niagara Falls.
Excursion to Niagara Falls via Erie Ry.. July
snth. Fare for round trip. S3.UU. Uooa lor return
until August 4th. Tickets are only good on spe
cial train leaving Ravenna at 8:25 a. m.
I can save you all risk and cost of remitting
monev for vour papers and magazines. Stop at
Bavenna News Depot, in Waller Bro's store.
1210-tf. , H.GARDNEB.
New Goods.
A large stock of New Goods, embracing fine
Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry and Silver
ware just received, at L. J. GoddabuIS.
Novelties In Silverware.
Just received, some elegant novelties in Sil-1
verware. snitable for gifts, as well as of service
in household and table equipment.
A Five Years Warranty with every Fischer
Piano. Parties interested would do well to
examine. a.
To persons who desire photographs of
unions, family groups, residences,
at rea-1
sonable rates. Call on or address
L. J. TIBBALS, Bavenna,
All nersons are hereby notified not to harbor I
or trust my wile on my account, as I will pay
no bills contracted oy ner auer mis uate.
Bavenna. July 20, 1892.
it TSarcmin. In Ravenna Village, a two-
story house (only built four years) large lot and
irood barn, or would exchange for house and
lot or vacant lots in Cleveland.
Address the owner. c. L, GILBERT.
fi8 Corv Ave.. Cleveland. O..
chas H. Lapbert. Bavenna, O. will show the
We are making very low prices
on all of our
Trimmed HATS
and and
Untrimmed BONNETS.
Give Us a Call.
iUtP "111 18 il 3 26 if '
tfl Is o 3 o ?-h bt Via StaS . V- .S -
w? 5 1 .2 -s sg 0-2 , -eg -.s & ry
I tf s boiling; s cr g h - DC
. . i "
Home Grown
Not in Order.
We will have the best in
this marhet,
Which will be received in
the best condition.
June 14, '92.
J. S. Smith & Son
Ho! for Bargains
Never were Trimmed Hats, Toques
and Bonnets sold so cheap.
What is your gain is our lpss.
Call and see cur stock before buying.
Mrs. C. J. Wood.
T-rE HAVE the
VY Largest Stock of
Jump Seats.
In fact, too large for the backward season, and will make
Astonishingly Low Prices for Cash.
Tk.t s Wo fin nnt,
because that would be doing an injury to our numerous other lines every one
of which are really meritorious. We
We do not propose to carry sucn.
T F fj th.t
r Oil, aire vju. auu we n.uuw bucv
ing with them tbe fail value 01 ineir
: L -,i oil
turn out rigui, - ?"
1-1. i A .A c - a a a n v vir r l
We OTODoee keeping it by continuing at all times to deal squarely with
J RF??. fE .ifJ. ofQo. Z We guarantee to sell good Shoes at
prices vVe think w iiTenUtlTd T
we know it -When you want a
A great
M Seal
This Baking Powder is guaranteed to give satisfaction. Every
can which proves to be unsatisfactory may be returned, and the
money will be refunded. We are not giving this Baking Powder
away, in order to sell Glassware, Crockery, and all the various
articles which are "given free" with Baking Powder. But if
you want a First CIas3 Article at an Honest Price, without having
to buy a lot of other goods you do not need to get, use
PRICE J lb. Cans, 15c;
Our Teas ai Coffees
And few equals, at the prices
A FINE LINE of the following
Base Balls,
Milk Crocke,
Jelly Glasses,
New lot
Extra Fine Quality
WARE of all kinds, JEWELRY, STATIONERY, &c.
5c. and 10c. Goods in Great Variety.
Little Block, RAVENNA, O.
Ar to mention any one line of our Shoes,
have not a poor pa r o. "
w e ciaim u " " "
noror.n anon out ot our store without carry-
r . , ,
imuiev. i. r
times rn make them rierht. We enjoy
": - . ar Valine Z-
lill 11 mm lr-! w nil ui ou uca u v vhsau
to home trade. We not only think so, but
good pair of Shoes at a low price, give us a
1 lb. Cans, 25c,;
Have i Superiors
which we are selling them.
5 lbs.,
Candy, Sewing Machine Oil,
Whips, Express Wagons,
Tumblers, Mason Fruit Jars,
On any Article we keep in stock
See us by all means.
T. F. Thompson,
Sisam Wry Agency
All who admire clean, white linen,
should try it.
Cash for Wool!
I am buying Wool for the Jos. Turner's Sons
& Co. Alpaca Mills, of Cleveland, ana will pay
the highest market price in Cash, for wool de
llvered at the Bavenna Woolen Mills, Delivery
days, every Saturday, Either see me or wait
till I call on you, before selling.
i'wo acres of land.'with good house and barns
on South Prospect St , extending from street to
C. Sc P. K. tt convenient to graaea scnoois,
churches and manufacturing advantages.
Also. 3 colonies ot bees, a Droom macnine,
wheel hay rake, &c. Enquire of
South Prospect St, Bavenna, Ohio.
To Farmers of Portage.
I have a few Second-hand Binders, single
Beapers and Mowers, tor sale at Bargains.
F. D. 8NOW.
Ag't Buckeye Mower Sc Binder.
Windham, July 12. lay. A

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