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United Slates TZagazine and
On the lt of July, 1637, will be published
at Washington, District of Columbia, and de
'livered simultaneously, in th principiil eititi
of tbe United t tales, new Monllily Magi
sins, under the above title, devoted totbe
principles of I he Democratic party.
It lias long been apparent to many of the re
flecting members of the Democratic party of
the United Staf f, that a periodical for the
advocacy and diffusion of their political prin
ciples, similar to those in such active and in
fluentinl operation in England, is a d'tidew
turn, which it was very important to slipply
periodical which should unite with the at
tractions of sound and vigorous Hteruture, a
political character capable of giving eflieient
Mipportto the doctrines and measures of lr t
, psrty, now maintained by a large nmjority cf
1 the people. D'i5cusing,the grat question of
policy before the country, expounding and
advocating the Democratic doctrine through
the roost ablo pens that the piry can furnis
in articles of greater length, more condensed
force, more elaborate research, and more ele
rated Una than is possible for the newspape
press, a Magazine of-thia character become
an instrument of inappreciable value for the
enlightenment nnd formation of public opin
ion, aiid for the support of the principles
. which it advocates. By these means, by thus
explaining an'l detending lha measures of the
great Democratic parly, md by always furn
ishing to tho public a clear, and powerful
commentary upon those complex questions of
. policy and party which a frequently distract
the country, and upon which, imperfectly un
derstood as they often ore by friends, ami no's
represented and distorted as they never fail to
be by political opponents, it is uf the utmost
importance that the public should be fully and
' rightfully informed, it is hoped th.it tie pe,i-
odiCil in question nviy be ma le to exert a
' btneScial, rational, and lasting influence on
the public mind.: '
Other considerations, which cannot be too
fciehlv npprtciated, will render the establish
ment and success of the proposed Magazine of
very great impor'ance.
In the mighty struggle of antagonist princi
ples which is now going on in society, the
Democrtvtio Party of tho United 8ta'es stands
committed to the VVorid as the depository and
exemplar of those cardinal doctrines of pulii'
cal faith with which the caute of the People in
everv ace and country is ludctitifted - Chiefly
from the want of a convenient means of con
centrating the intellectual energies of its dis
ciples, this party has hitherto been almost
wholly unrepresented in the ropublio of let
ters, while the viewi and policy of its opnos
ing creeds are daily advocated, by the ablest
' and most commanding efforts of genius and
In Ihe Umted Statu M.to.tzii the at
tempt will be made to remove this repro.ch.
The present is the time peculiarly appro
priate for the commencement of such an un
dertaking. The Democratic body of the Un
ion, after a conflict which tested to tho utter,
most its stability and its principles, have suc
ceeded in retaining possession of the execu
tive administration uf the country. In the
consequent comparative repose from politic il
strife, the period is suspicious for organizing
and calling to its aid a new an I powerful ally
of thl character, interfering with none an 1 co
operating With all. ' . ,
Co-ordinate with tlds main design of The
r United States Mticaaine, no care nor cost will
be spared te render it, In a literary point of
view, liunoraoie to tne ' country anil lit to
cope In Vigor of rivalry with its European
competitors. Viewing (he English language
s the noble heritage and common: birthright
nf all wbo speak the tongue of Milton and
Shakespeare, it will be the uniform object of
its conductors te present only the finest pro
ductions In tho various branches nf litrratuae ,
that can be procured! and to diffuse the bene
fit of correct models of taste and worthy exe
cution. -' . ' ,
In th:s department the excfuslveneis of par
ty, which is inseparable from the political de
partment of such a work, will have no place
Here we alt stand on a neutrd gnuud of
equality and reciprocity, where those univer-'
sal principles of U'te to which we are all alike
subject wilt alone be recognised as the com
mon lawv. Our political principles cannot be'
compromised, but our common literature it
' will be our common pride to eherish and ex
tend, with a liberality of feeling unbiassed by
pa-t'ml or minor views.
As the United States Magazine is founded
en the broadest basis which the means and in
fluence of the Democratic party In the United
8tt can present, it is intended to render it
in every respect thoroughly National
WoitK, not merely designed for ephemeral
interest and attraction, but to continue of per
manent historical value, With this view a
considerable portion of each number will be
appropriated to the following subjecfs.'in ad
dition te the general features referred to
A genoral summary of Po'ltlcal and of Do
mestic Intelligence, digested in tho order of
the 8'a!e:,5mprling all the amhftutio Impor
tant facts of tho preceding month.
ueneral Literary Intelligence, Domestio
' and Foreijr.
General 8cicitifio Intelligence, Including
Agricultural Improvements, a notice of all new
Patents, fco , , .,
A condense.) account of alt new works of
Internal Improvement throughout the Union,
proceeded by general view of all now In
eperatitn or in progress.
, Military It Naval N?ws, Promotions, Chang
Ci Movements, fco. ... . .
; Foreign Intelligence, -
" Biographical obituary notices of dil'inguisb-
tu persons, ......
, , After the elos of ench session of Congress,
M eU of an enlarged number will bo pub
lished, eenUining a general review a id his'ery
f it proceedings, a condensed abttract of im
portent olicial documents, and ads of the
. cession. . -
Advantage will be taken of the means eon.
centrited in this establishment from all quar
ters of tho Union, to collect and digest such
extensive statistical obsei rations mi all the
most important interes's of the country us can
not fail (a prove of very great value,
.This portion of tho wek will bsseperately
pared so as to admit nf binding by Itself, and
will be f irnished w'.th a copious Index, so that
tho United St'i Magasine will also consti
tute a complete Annual licoisrta, wn a scale
uaitiempted before, and of very great impor
tance teaUclaimei, not only sa affording a cur
. rent and combined view frem'monh to month,
cf ihs subjects which it will comprise, but also
far record and reference through future years)
the value of wh'ch will Increase with the du
ration of the work.
Although in its political character The
United States Magazine addrriie it cLaips
f support particularly to (be democratic par
ty, It is hoped that its other features referred
to iibove in tependeiiily of the desirable .ob
ject of becoming acquainted with the doc
trines of, jannr.pone.iit thus advocated-will
recommend it to a liberal mid candid suppoit
from all parties, and from the L.rge claCs uf no
party.' " .
To promote the popular objects in view, and
relying upon the united support of tli? demo
cratic party, a well as from others, the pric ;
of subscription is fixed at the low fate of five
dollars per annum I while in mechanical ar
rangement, and in size, quantity of matter,
&c,llic United States Mngazinnwill be placed
on a par at least wi'h the leading monthlies o
England.' The whole will form, three large
octavo volumes c:ch year. " - - '
The subscription wilt be in a)l cases paya
ble in advance, or (for the first year only) lix
dollars on the delivery of the third number.
The absolute necessity of this rule in such an
establishment will be obvious to all.
In return for a remittance of &50, eleven
cipies will be sent for $100, twenty three
copies. The certificate of a postmaster of the
remittance of a sum of money will be a sufli.
cient red ipt, all dangers of the mad being at
the risk of the Publishers.
All communications will be addressed, pest
paid, to the undertigm d, the Publishers.
n'ashlngon. V. C , March 13, 1830.
Papers copying this prospectus, nnd
lishing it till Jo y, will be fun ished with the
Magazine for one year, by sending a copy of
the papi r to the I'ublislK'rs.
K03I.IS S . AOjaiWirSDIAKT. . .
" Fever A'siguc,
And unrivalled an a Tunic ' ullaxsei of Debility
t'imule OMructioni, t'evert, iic.
Owln? to tbo unprinoiplod vcimlity of a
cerium set nf prctondt ri In skill, in tl.o rt of
ooinpoHiiilitig medicine with reference to the
euro of humnu ills, the country Inn bem ilnlu
gcd wi'.h nostrums, to euro thiannil thut tlio
iiisc oi.e"U)iiio mixturo" unJ unollj.r "piiu
ooa," unrt "onthulicou," &o. &c, uil infini
tin, i, until it has become nectssury for men ol
science, ami those who wish to iuve the unfor
til Mite from iiuposilin and tleulli, to loud
thuirnid in stopping the ravages ol qunckofy
uuil prciumptiuii. Therefore, this Lozenge
wu iiiventml by iin experienced Chemist and
l'hy(ciun in uooonlunce with, the immutable
principles ul ' physiliiuiciil ncieiice its uppllcn
blu to the puthofnpy of human disease and ox
prcssly to meet tho ivunts of EMIGRNAT3
iinl people of ull plnci's whero Hie above
.diai'iiii'i prcvuil, nnd i indicputiibly the best
medi iine ever befriro offered to the public for
tho cure of thoia iliicnies. Having more
power than the Quinine, it bus none ol its
'danger tu the constitution, hi it prevonti the
formation of DISEASE IN THE LIVEH,
AUUE CAKES, Aio. so often theoohiaqueiioe
of tho injuiiiciom use of QUININE, H will
never full to euro the ague and f ' discuses of
theoMiiititution jttomluiit upon it, whon uicd
aeoonling to the direction!. Tbera'aro twenty
four Losengei nnd six lMliineach box. Price
iino'loilur per box. Fhe oheiipcit meilioine
ever hefjrc olfored in proportion to its virtues.
Directions Inil'lo of tne Box . ,
: .0. jt. NOULE, Gonnr.tl Agont,
Dexter, Jl.T,
This may certify, thut huVin been afflioted
wilh Agua nnd 'eer, in a not iigixravuted
form, fur mure tlinn twelve nionlha, without
any intermlriinn, except fur a few days, I was
nt length perfectly cured by theueol'une box
of Noble's Againediiui Lozenge, lifter having
tried most ol the prepared remediei with no
effect, such ns Quinine, Bark, and varinui com
pound!. Buch whs my lituatiou, provioui to
using tho joen(,o, that I win wholly iucapa
bis of doing miy kind ot'lubor, and rapidly ou
the decline, a low ciuys' use ol it, however,
wrought so gr;nt n chunge, thet I waiable to
oomiuenoe work, which I have continued with
out interruption over unco, although many
months have elnpied niiioe. I would recom
moll, I this niediciuo to thoie BllUntoit wilh Fo
vor and Ague, as A ture nnd eifoctuul remedy
for that iliieaio. OBliD TAYtjOU.
8si? Uiohignn, December 8, 1033, .,
I oertifj', Ihat I win eurcd of nil invetcrnle
Ae'iq hv the use of Noble's Airiiinedinn Lu-
tenfe. . I would rnomniniiirt it as n radicul and
permanent romeny lor tnnt (liieme.
Doxlcr Villngc, Michigan, Feb. 24, 1B3B. ;
I can cheerfully testify to (he superior efflca
cy of Noble's Aj;imo(lian Lozenge, hi n ronia
dy for Fovor Hiiii A);uo, from its me in my own
case, having been perfectly cured of Fever nnd
Aguii by II, after Imvinx inudo n trial of va
rious other medicines with mi effect., 1 - -
' JOEL NE(iU3. -
Vobster, Michigan, March SO, 1836.-
ftr-Thii medioino can be had whnlcmlu
and relull by applying to the General Agent
who will bo happy to show soma of tho very
many certificates wbioh umolicited are throng
ing in, or by finding orders toHlrong& Walk
er, Hudson, Portage Cnnnty, Ohio, or to Mny
other regularly authorised agent in New York
or Philadelphia.
Koriulo in Knvounn by I. SWIfT.
Hudson, March 9, 18.16 ' 45
i.. en
Publitfitd monthly i 40 pagf$ imp, 8w. at $ 50
a year by
. j . , . TERMS.
THE torms nf the Family Mainline nr
t 60 h year, invariably in advance, nnd uo
tubscripllon will be received for leu than one
year i ami all ttibioripiiuiii will he discontinued
nt tho end nf thu year, union they are ogain
paidinalviinoe. . . ,:
Suvcn copies will be sent to one person for
$'.0, and fifteen onpies for J), the amount
in nil oaiftto be remitted to us tree of expense,
but wher there is evidence that tho money is
carefully tinolosed nod ainilud, we will assume
the risk of t e mnil. , . v - .
Post in uteri p ult the western and southern
tales nro authorised agents, and all who will
not ns such shall receive u copy of Ihe work,
rihtiyrsmit a the amount required for levon
ubseriberi. ;" . , i .
, Wo are now prepared to furnlih the work to
any numb r of. subscribers, either fr.im tho be
ginning of th K volume in January 18.15, or from
the Number !'or July, nnd these are the only
times nt which I'lbicriptinnscnnhororamenccd.
All communications concerning Ihe Family
Magazine may bo dirootcd post paid, to
;. : s ' ; . ...... . EH TAYLOR.
Justice tllaras,
MANY articles u re beloro the public, a a
ouro for Unit most obstinult and lornun
ilg.disetiie the. Uheumutiem, and lroui close
jUertion,wenre led lo'belieiollu y have nt
a very jcrcul extent, failed lo produce tliat eie
liruhle result j und may it not be attributed U.
the fact thuturticlessiiid to corethii trouole
uiutf ilssurdcr, ure nlso recoii,n.etided to cuie
tilinust every disease with which uiirfruil bod
ies ure uttucked,nndin theirprepurutioli that
objectis kept in view, viz: to have the dcBiIi
cine u cure for all diseases
The Vegetable Uheiimutio Dropinreoiicrcu
to the publio us u remeo'jr fur Hheumulifmj
und iis no ciise is known where a jlfef t.-rtt cure
was not efl'eoted, we urojustilieil in declaring
it valuable medcine lor'tluit ptinlul diftiue
ami for no other is it recommended. Price U
Mnssrs. O. Si S. CroBb &Co. Oeullcmeii.
I feel happy iu having it in my power to Halo
t i you the good effect ofyonr Vegetuble Rhcu
malio Drops, or sure remedy, hud m restoring
me from n sick bed. lis the month ol April last,!
wua so alllicleil with the Inlliiiniitory Kheuiuu
titm that I was confined lo uiy bed . 1 was en
tirely unable to help myself. 1 could notio
much tit turn mysell iu bed, and il wns with the
fsrealeit difficulty flint I could be moved init
I tried rnriutis kinds of medicine, und wasiit
tended )'V a skillful phjsiciun, bulnll to no ef
fect, intil lmndo use of youi Sure Remedy,
which when npplied us directed, f;uve me iiu
medinle relief. Within u short tiiiieiifterlcom
lunnced tiring it, I was able to rjde out and ut
tend my usuul bin-iness. I enn ehcci luKy re
cominend it lo tho public u's bcinc a jood med
cine lor Rheumatic complailitn. init bus been
u uuuiber ol uionlhH And I hate hud no return
Co!umbuf,0liio, Nov. 1st, I8M.
Jlcisrs Crosby '.e & Co. .1 was .afflicted for
snvorul months with the Kheiimntiem;andiiuv
ing used tvery remedy recommended by the
most einiiieiikphysiointic within my rear h with
out success, latieiigt'o procundu bottle of
jour Rheumntio Drops or fitire Remedy, und
made Ihe Hpplicnlion as directed, hnd before 1
hud used one hulfol it, a perfect cute was ef
fected ; and to my knowledge the suite nnllle
cured two of my neighbors. It is nenv about
two yonri'since 1 n?eii your medicine, und 1
have ntt been troubled wilh the Khcumrituia
Marion, Mnrion Co. O. May 20, 1832.
'HMliS vnluublo medicine is celebruteil Tor
X curing W hi leSwellings of evrydeJcrijition
Bgro Legs and Ulcers ollniigstundliif. . Gliin
dulur Tumors, Felons, or what ino people
know by the nume of Cuturrhs; Khcumutio
pilius, untl liruises; Tctterei;! ull kinds ; Chil
qluins, or purts ufl'ected by frost; ittsalooone
ol the best remedies fur Sculils and Burns.
For glniidulur swcllingsfi tii superior to nny
medicine yet known. It is much taler than
morcuriuluppliculioin, (us it dom not oontuiu
the smallest atom ol thut mineral,) becuuso i t
duel not lay tho patient liable tu injury from
exposure tocold.
it curcithe wont felons or whitlows on nn
application of forty-right hours.
Rheumatisms which luive stood So long as
to beoomn a systomutic ditdorer, require ineili
nine to be taken inwurdly lo rr move Shcm en
tirely. But In mo6l canes by applying this oint
ment externally, "sdirected, it willgivo relit
Wusliinglon, Murch 2?, 1020..
Sir My ion being udlicted for five years
with While Swelling, and having upplieo eve
ry remedy recommended by the most eminent
physicians within my rrnch, wllhout siioceks, I
allnugth pruonred one jug of Dr. JiulUiu's Pk
teut Specific Ointment, and stato,fortho bene
fit of tho afflicted, that before one jog was used
a perfect cure was ell'ecttd.: My ion has en
joyed good health over since. I have no doubt
lo the uinimeni nione ne II inuuuie.i, ns no.
tbliiff else' win uicd for more than nine months
before the upnlienlion of the Ointment. '
..Respectfully,' JOHN COCKE.
I have mndeusoof Dr. Judkin's Ointment,
nnd it tun, proved a most valuable medicine to
my lonti, who for ninny years has been ulfccted
with chill blains, und was obliged to wear Indian-Rubber
shoos, till I made use of be
Ointment, whloh ell'ected uh entire cure, it
s alio the beit remedy fn lores mid wounds, ..
have ever used in my family.' "
1 Worcester, Mass. April 12, 1834. ,
, J- j
frt-For nle by '
: . U. S. Bfll3TOL, Ravenna. . .
J. D. COM M INS, Akron.
April 23, 1835. . 51 loycow
'"' ; T.W1UTE'S
fSHE only Speoilio over jutollcrcd to the
- JL I'jiblio, from which n milieu und permu
nentuuro may be obtained, ol that disngleo
bio pain, tho tooth-iiolir, wilb ull its uttt iidunt
evils: such us fructuring jaws in extracting of
tbo teeth, which often proves more pniiilui I bun
the touth-Bche itself und colli pausing from
the decaying teeth to thcjnw, thence tu the
hnud, producing a rneiimuiia nllecion, with
many otherutiplouiant cffccts,uch utdisiigree
ablo breath, bud tusto iu tho luoulh, 4o. &c.
Mil nf which ar o ooonsioiicd frwoi foulor decay
ing teeth. 1 am happy iu having it in my pow
or to offer to the world a remedy thut will not
enly remove the pain, but preserve the tcctb
orom further docny, and detach tho curious
mutter from such ashavo not ooiiimenccd ach
ing, nnd remove the tartar nnd all oilier filth
from the leolh, restoring them lo health and
usefulness. :
Nr. Thomae It'iitc I huve the plensurj to
Inform you, that I have been using your Tooth
ache Diops in my practice for tomo time past,
and I mint acknowledge thut I find (hem far
superior to nny thing J have.' ever yet known
foi that purpose. . -
I am well convinced that it will cure mcst
cnies of Tuotli-ache, when it is timely and
properly npplied and frum a few wei kv'ex
porio'noe,! am decidedly ol (ha opinion that it
will havoa very bencficiiil effect iu preserving
Ihe (eelh ; and recommend it,' hoping it mar
prove a blessing to bumunity,aed advantage
ous to yourself. - . '-'
WM. I.'BIRKlEY, Surg. Dent."
, - : ,No.99,SoUth Fifth Street,
September 12, 10'2'J. Philadelphia, Pa
Bait, (Pa .) Ootobeir 17, 1838. '
The subscribers having witnessed the plea
sing eirocts of Dr. Thomas Wbite's Vegetable
Tooth-Ache Drops, feel a pleasure in recom
mending it to those that arc articled with tho
Tooth-Ache, ns atnle, nnd in most eases per.
cotly efficient remedy for the disorder.
II. 1. HARVEY, Eri. Erie Observer.
O, N SAGE, Dentist.
)r. Whiton's Vegetable
SIDE convenience Of a cheap remedy, in
il the form of fills, suited lo the commence
ment of most of the indispositions to which we
are liuble. needs no comiuent. .-
Many disenses,in their forming stage, are
arrested, by theexhibilion of proper cathartic
mcdicint. and the consequent suffering and ex.
pense nre thereby avoided.
All thut pills can otl'oct,in preserving or re
storing health and that ti much .nny be ex
pected, and will be derived, from the timely
use ol these pills.
They HTi'peouhnrlyexcellcntin every ynn
ety of lieadai:he, proceeding from in foul, acid,
or 4i7ot(8tutoof thestomacb ; and in ullfcves,
isnnees oi me system, ccpenueni ou mo sumo
cause. In short, for every ilerongemeut of the
stomach and bowels, requiring cuthiirtic" edi
cine, tfte Vegetable Anti-Bilious.Pillsudmi. no
crmpetit , . Price25cents.
AU important remedy for all those who lire
afllicted with inflammatory complaints
by its easing pain, counteracting iritlninmu
tions, mid giving speedy rcliel without clisa
grecnble scusution, nnd lor its active itrcngth
eningisodoric properties tin effeclual remedy
for the Rhcumutism, cramp, acue iu t lie breast,
burns, bruises, scrofula, old sores, ulcers ofall
mcst everydeseription, particularly (ever sores
Those persons suffering wilh liver complaint
pulmonary ditcnses,iifliinimBlion ou the lung
with pains in Ihe fide and breast headache,
puins and wcaknessin (he bnck, will find rclie'
and in all cases it may he used with safety. If
the puin be in thejoiutf,it has proved mosl'ef
fctual by applying illothcfcol. It should
be spread Ihiuou soil lealhor or paper, and up
plied to or ut near to the part afllicted us pos
sible. In case of severe inflammation, bleeding
mid a dose or two ofgentle Physio may bo. ne
cessary, und tho rhister wnril changing, und
thin coat added e'vr? twenty-fonr hours. In
ouse ol lever sore, oaily uso of 6j rup made of
the liurnocii Root forsomu weeks wor' oe
useful nnd important.
It will be found highly useful for r afison
tho feet, also for Strains and Bruises on burses
Muds and sold, wholesale nnd retail by E
DEAN.nl his Drug &. Medical Sto'o, West
field Chuutauquo county, N. Y.
To tub Afplictko. Thismoy certify, that,
hnving been afflicted for five yeurs puitwitb
what the dorlors call the nervous rheumatism,
in my hip, Ir.gi, and jet, so that the cords con
tracted, and I lost the use of them, in a great
measure my feet especially, bad become al
most useless, lha 1 1 huve called ,cn physicians,
from every quarter, both Botanic .nd Apothe
cary, without any effect, and having mademe
ot'he Chemical plaster, which has relived me
from pain, loosed tho cords, and restored my
imbt bs to bculth in u ihort time.
Menilon, July 25, lf)32. i
Thii mny certify thnt 1 havo been aflicted
with the rheumatism in my shoulder. In such a
mariner that I could net raise my hand to my
headwind I applied the chemical p!uiter,wbich
effected a cure in less than 43 hours.
. Jumcsfo.vn , Eepfeo.ber S3, 1833.
I huve witnessed in nn invcteralo ense of
Fever sore, of lour years standing, in my fami.
ly, an entire cure. was effected, by the above
Plnster,in about four weeks. Wu, BRITTON.
Weitfielil, Junc4. 18J0, ; ,
I have been afflicted for six years with nn
inflammatory rheumatism in my feet and limbs
attended wilh ugonizing pnin, depriving me of
sleep and euse ut tir?a. night mid day. I have
sought in vain for medical relief, until hearing
o. the Chemical Plaster, sold by E. Dean,
' t.iuh has afforded immediaterclief . My feet
were in such nony that it seemed as if (bey
would split open, I npplied a platter und in
a few hours they were perfectly easy and free
from pai-i. WM. CHASE.
OZrt'vr inle by ISAAC SWIFT,
April 23, 1835. . Ra vennu
riJUlE particular attention of the public i
JL requested to this valuable Medicine,
which has acquired an unrivaled reputation for
curing Diarrhoea, w looseness, Dysentery,
Sick and nervous headache, Cholera Morbus,
Chollcs, Craa.ps, &c, and that frequent and
futal mnludy among children, termed Cholera
Infinitum or Summer complaint.
It is recommended by a great many Physi
clans, Clergymen and families oi the first re
spectability, who have repeatedly ued il, and
sent their certificates of its utility (o the pro
prielor, wliii h n ay be seen, by callihg on any
oflhesgcntt for the sale of this medicine.
Among them will be found the names of Doc
tor Dodson, Philudelphia, Dr. C. Ilsmmond,
Leeshurg, Va. , Dr. Lawrence,,, Cedarville,
New Jersey.
Iicv. T. J. Kitls, Vastor 2d Baptist Church
Phi'iu'elphia, Hev. Wm. Dncon, (Mj D.) Pas
tor f jl.e Jtptist Church, Woodstown, N. J
Rev. C. J. Hopkins, of Freehold, N. J. Rev.
E. M. Barber, Reading, Pa , Dr. M. L
Knapp, late Physician to the Baltimore Dy
npensm v ond agent for the Maryland Vaccine
Institution Dr. Wm. Steeling, II ridge ton,
N. J,. And a host of other tqually respecta
ble.. ... .. . .
Prepared and so'd by Dr. D. Joync, sole
proprietor Salem, N. J. (.
And may be had of Dr. Itnac SwiA.Ravenna,
Ohio. Where alsol kept J sync's Indian Ex
pectorant the most useful medicine for coughs
colds, Influenza, Hooping cough, pains and
weakness oi the Breast and other Pulmonary
Hav-nna, Mny 11,1837. 1
rnillE subscriber has located himself In Rn
JL vcosu, and established a BAKERY,
where -.:;.
Calics, ESrcail. Crackers
and all articles in his line will at nil timet be
kept on hand. The pvbiic t e requested to
call, as he believes I s can afford them new,
ml warm Breed, Ca rters and Pie", cheaper
than they can make thorn-
Bakery two Door East of I. Swirl's Drnz
Shop, -- , M1LO FOOT..
Havcim JuTy 14, 1836, ' '
Known to this community aa an Operative
Dentist, tender his services, a
Physician and Surgeon,'1'",
to the citizens of Ravenna, and id vicinity
Office at the Globe tavern where be may at
all time be found, except when necessarily
absent. Ravenna, Sept. 29. 21 If
N.D. He will continue to perform DEN
TAL STJRGEP.Y, astirual.
SWAVE just received from New-York, n
- O IS O C E El I JE
which they will sell .Cheap for ready poy".
Their glook cousjsti in part, of
Table Sail
Pepper Suuco ;
Citron '
Chonnlnte . : .
Sal Eratus '
ZaMe Currants
Ravcnnn, Dec 2i), 1836
f HE subscriber is receiving a general
i. aortment of
. Those wishing to purchase are invited to
call and examine his sttjck,t the store recenU
ly occupied by Mr. Whittlesey, on the north
ide ol the public square, nearly oppontethe
Court House. ' .
Ravenna, June 30, 1836j 8
A tfrfineral As-
sortment ol WIMJris, lor
Sale bv.
C. -VI . SU lA , vf.
Raveonn, Deo 29, 1836.
A FEW barrels of SALT, for sale by
Ravenna, Jan. 18, 1837.
for sale bv
Rnvennn, Dec 29, ld36.
FEW Boxes best Spanish CIGARS
for sale by .
8. MASON lb CO.
Rnvrnnn Deo 29, IP56.
LOT OF HOLLOW WARE for sale by
S.MASON, & Co.
April 1. ' 43
for sale by
Ruver.nn, Deo 29, 1636.
A received, and for sale by
Ravenna, March 8, 1837. 3w44 ,
W yfl FRANKLIN STOVE, for sale by
11 O. 'Sc. 8. MASON, & Co.
April 1. ' 48
- - , - : 8. MASON, k Co.
AP"IL 48
A FEW DDSHELS White Beansfor sale
hy 8; MASON &Co.
Ravenna, May .11, 1837. .V-
"BTIilHIK kept constantly on hand,
Jll : and for- sale by .
, i S. .MASON & CO.
Ravennn, Per. 29, 1036, '
A few barrels of ' MACKEREL,' and
PICKEREL, for sale by
Ravenna, Deo 291836.
lha SUGAR,
. . S. MASON It CO.
Rnvennn, Dec 29, 1886. .. ,
NOTICE is hereby given that my wife
Nuncv. has left mv hed nnil Knar I . n.'.ih-
out jusl cause or provocation. Thcfore I for,
t - , L . . .
oia nuy person narnonng or trusting her on
my account, a I will pay no deb's of her
contracting LEVI BURROUGHS
Stow. May 12th, 1837. 3-2
W OTICE is hereby given, thnt all persons
1 indebted to tho estate oflsrael Isbel,late
of Tallmnge towiibhip, Per'age county, Ohio,
deceased, axe requested to make an immedi
ate payment to the subscriber, and all who
have legal claims against said estate will pre
sent them legally proven for settlement with
in eighteen months.
STEPHEN WOODEN, Administrator of
Israel ii.De I, uecu.
Tallmnge, April 13, 1P37. 4t49
V Guardian Sale.
PURSUANT to an order of the Court of
Common Pleas of Porlage .County, made
at the May term 1837. I shall offer for sale,
at public vendue, at the house occupied by
widow Mary King, on the premises, ort the
tenth day of June 1837, between the hour of
one o'clock, and four o'clock P. M . the undi
vided Interest of Homer King, Maritta. King,
and iilnry King , minor heirs of Hezekiah
King deceased in and to the following describe
ed lands towit thirteen acre and sixty one
and a half hundredths in the Northwest cor
ner of Lot one in Portage Township Twelve,
acre in Lot forty-nine, and one hundred and
ix'y crc in Lot forty-nine, and forty acres
in Lot sixty-nine in Northampton -to be sold
subject to dower.
REES JONES, Guardian. -May
10th. 1837. 4W
rZiiIt McIJeadj 's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given, that all who are
iudebted to the estate of Hugh Mclieady,
late of Paris township, Portage county, ohio,
deceased , are required to- make Immediate
payment to the subscribers, and all who have
legal claims against said estate will present
them legally proven for settlement within one
year fom this date.
Pa-is. May 23, 1P37. 4t3
ist oi 'ficb faouiss,
iROM 8 o'clock, A. M. to 13 M. f
Frnm 1 n'. li.rlr P M 5 P M '.
From 7 o'clock, P, M. to 9 P. M.
. On SundojJ from 8 to S o'clock A. M.
' 3. D.K1NO, P.M.
Ravennn, Not. 10, tS38. : . s: Tit
ESPECTFULLY tender hi service
as Putsicias and SoBocostotbe Ciit -
v.ens of Ravenna and vicin.ty.-' ' . '
Residence at Dr. J. DeWolf.
avenna, March 30, 1837. :
:" S. W. COCIIR AIV ;;
Attorney at Law,
CQCrOJficcaltht Lower Village. J 4 ;
: lebruarv. 18 1836 : " .
Just received, and for salt)
S. MASON, & CO. "
Apr. 20
OULD say to her customers that iht)
fas receieved her Spring and Sum.
mer FASHIONS, wilh a variety of MILLIN
F.HY. Ac' She lies an unusual supply of"
of almo't every variety.
llnveimn. April 27, 1837. 51tf"
X FARM situate in the town of Charles
tjV Portage County, Ohio, containing one
hundred and three acres; 75 under good im-.
provement, well watered; an orchard of graft
ed fvuit, and a sugar orchard; a sufficient
quantity of Plum and Peach trees; a well of
good water near the doeri a comfortable),
tiair.o dwelling' hou'e Sc barn; located on the
read from Ravenna to Wrren,four miles from
the county seat, & one from the centre of the
town, j of a mile from- the Mahoning canal 1
near a saw mill and grist-mill. For further
particulars enquire of the subscriber on the
premises. JOSEPH PADDOCK. ,
April 24, 1837. 6H
Tub Statu oi Ouio? In the Court of Common
Pohtaoe CocaTT.fsi Pleas Feb. Term, 1837;
Benjamin F. Hopkins"!
v ,1
Daniel Collar. . In Chancery. "
George Collar & 1 I r
Thomas Earl . J - . '
T THIS Term of the Court came tba
t&a Complainant, by his Solictor, and filed
his Bill si-tting forth thut the said Dancil Collra
on the 18th day of April 1836 sold to Com
plain nt one and a half acres of land in Lot
26 in Franklin being the same land deeded
tn npnrrsn P.nllnf hv Ihi. Amlnlul-nln- An .k
by 7':
estate of Wm. H. Price. That atlhough theT'f
buiu ianu oiuuu in me imuic ui oeorge uouar,
yet the said Daniel was the equitable owner,'
as he purchased it and paid for it said George
being a minor that Complainant had paid for
said land-that to vest the title In Complain-.
antsaidDaniel filed Inspection in this Court
that he obtained an order to sell the same
that he has sold it for upward of three buns
drcd dollars, which money is now in the hands,
pf. Thomas Earl, agent for said Daniel and H
that said Daniel and George have fled the
country, without making title to Conplainarit' '
and said bill prays that so much of said money
now in the hands of said Thomas, i shall
be sufficient fur that purpose, be decreed to
Complainant and that said Thomas be enjoin. .
ed from paying over said money "fo said Dan
iel &George till a final hearing of this cause
and it appearing thai said Goerge and Daniel
are not residents of the Stale) of Ohio, it is or- "
dered that notice af (he pendency of thi suit
be given by publication in the Western Cou-.
rier, for six. consecutive weeks. '
JYOTtrwi -
siid Daniel Collar and George Collar, ihat
unless they be and appear in.thi Court at the
next term thereof, to commence on the 8th
day of May next, and within sixty days there
after plead, answer or demur to snid bill, the
same will be taken as confessed, and a decree
rendered thereon accordingly. ! Aw- -
. L. V. UiF.ncx, Sal'r
- Rnvttma, March 30, 1 837.' 6w4S
T11 a Stats nt Onto, 1 N the Supreme
Portage County, ts. , S4tJL : Court.- . '
Vacation after August Torm, A. D. 1836.
AHhrra Wiltinms, Y ,'r '' n ' - ;
. vs. ' V Petition for Divorce,
Benjamin Williams, j . 1
, The said Benjamin, Williams will take no
tice that the said Allium, his wife, has on this
8th day of .May A. D. 1837, filed her petition
in the office of the Clerk of said Court, prays
ing for a divorce, a vinculo matrimonii, and
has assigned for cause, habitual drunkenness
for three years, and tutu 1 neglect of duty.
He will therefore appear at the next term ol
said Court, t be ho'den on the 4th day of
September A D. 1837, and show cause if any
he has, why the prayer of the petitioner shall
not be granted. - 1
11. P. SPALDING, Solicitor. ' , ! 3
;;,t ...AWEIsXS,
'' ". FOR THB - ' ' ': :
for Ihe Western Courier, to whom payments
may be made. .
James Woodward, Franklin .
Marcus A. Bicrcc. P. M Nelson, ' ' '
Miles T. Norton, E.ri. Hirnm. . ' ' ' "'
Jarhxv J ehincs , P. M. New Portage.
Aionzo uee, uosion Ulno. : . -
John B. Whee.len, P.. M lia,lson. : '
George Lillic, Esq. Northfieltl. . .
E. S. Clinpmt.Ui, P.M. Shalersville.
James Wright, li-o.-Koolstoivn. ' "
J(,el B. Burnett, P. M. Brisufield. '
Rcan Clark, P. M, Midillebury. ,v.
Bdnoni Thomson, ShiikTsville, ' ( j ;
Sktii Harmon, Mantua, .. J .1 '
Lewis IlujiisTON, P. M., Akron, '
Titob Wktmore, P. M .,,5tow, iJ
WauAM Uadunkb, Freedom, -"
CriiUNCY CiiE.Jr. .
MichaelStKwa4 bltteUbt,M(, - i
IIkn&t Baldwin, Aurora, , , , . :
HiNBV WETHoRE.CuyahoEB Fallsi, ;..
EthahAli.ino.P.M., Twinsburgb,
j. C. Ai.voRi,OId Portugc, ' - -.
Jonathan RlF.r.aiK, Randolph, ' '
II. A. BtiRCHAnn, Windham , ? . ,; ....
.Wilson & Snn, Derfielit, , .
Wm. W. Wolcott, Garreltsville, ., '
Tiiouas B.. Selby, Paris, " ' ' '
Francis Lk.wis, Pulmyru, J ' :r ,
S. DrcKiMinN, Wadrwortb,1 ' v
Jniisi Pardki!, P. M.j Medina em ' o, ,
HetsT KfMiitrrBt Kicli6jt de. s' .,.- .V"-

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