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.r HAVTJlXi, Sept. I IV 1SJ.U v
, .! fallsae Tart Wdn day aUtavsaas, by A. Haw
B. K, Csaj a Um following . , T
HA ttaner wtll M dtt miltwit ul all
Waitxd. A bo 16 r 16 yean of are,
.k wanted immediately, at this office, to learn
the prlntiBg business. Ha should com
-well recommended' as to character, and
Iv .should possess, a knowledge of the common
tyancnea of an English Educattdn. '
t'fgrNo Foreign news of ant importanee
v! frirWe have received two torn raunica-
- "ji.'tJona Intended for publication In the Sentinel,
but, too late for insertion in thia week' pa
per. .. i hi ,...! , ... , ... . , .
!'' C3W would call the attestion or those
"Who are fond of dancing and feed tnnsio to
the card of JE. B. stt In another column
' It la hia farewell cotillion party, aad will no
,. floubt afford a r opportunity tor a few
JiouraoT pleasant enjoyment ,....'.!
.';(&OnT thanks are due to somebody, for
a ,fx ceU.tnt piece of muaio composed for
yhi 'Pilino v'orte,' by' Mrs. I L. Dwro
t is Bnh'tled "Nebraska Redova" and ia ded
icated to J. WT. Giat, Esq., the Very UN
Swiei and (Mpul. V editor of the Plain Dealer.
rfm.-,ii :y, i . ansa ,
&5We art' un aer obligations to J. A.
0KAiDsoirr E'q.'; lni place, for a fine
, i 'of pitches presented to us a few days
7incTaV of own raising, and
itv largest ano." nici specimen of that
fltind bf Trait, we hav e see.'- Tbey were not
.sirify'oeautiful o4he .eye, b ut delicious to the
XKrGdet lyH Be -ok for October, is
on ourtable.' No'magazu' in 'he country
is more iliighly prked by i'he readingcom-
ThRsMSneyear wlwnWnliwn. flM
' Os rear payable after lb xptrtioBoT alt ' .
" month., and wiihln h veer, ).
Oae year barsbta after rls erpirsUna, : i jg
.tioity th th . tfiis,yThe, pre sent number is
;s : usual foil of useful an- d entertaining
; matter. We recommend it tt our readers.
iTermsohe copy, one year 03.T1 Two cop
jes one year 5,'&o. -Address L. A . Go-
; ET, Philadelphia. '.
" ' 'OCT We are requested to state, that C.
.' Ian caster, Esq.j liite of Oregon, wi. U give" a
lecture in Ravenna, on next Saturda J afteT
noori, the 23d ins't., at 4 o'clock, P. lvf- up
, on the bistory, climate, productions, e c, oi
. that territory. ' , The sulijudt u one of p ecu
; .liof ; 'iuterest, nd will no doubt be a rich en
tertainment to H who may attend.
Rain, Raih.--Oi last Thursday, we wet e
. vitfilcd with quite a heavy shower of rain and
' hail. We learn that some damage was done
in the south part 'of Ravenna and Charles
town, by the wind and bail, in the breaking
of windows, blowing down of fences, and
stripping the orchards of thoir fruit. But
the damage was not to be compared with
. the benefits. Never did the dry and parched
' earth need it more. Farmers in this region
- of the country? have lost thousands ef dol
lars by the drouth. Some of the cMps are
' nearly cut off the pasture fieds attd ead-
bws are barren, and the trees are beginning
to die fn the woods. At such a time a show
er like that of last Thursday, is indeed a
'jblessing. -;
, 03" A number of the Ukited States Ma
' oazine, (published monthly by A. Jones &
ICoiy 1, 3, 5 and 7, Spruce St., New York,
. also in Boston and Philadelphia) has been
-' vent to us. It ia large and neatly printed,
(. and contains a number of well written arti
"clcs, tales', i.c. We o' course, should hot
agree with' its publishers in. their';' views of
- the present administration; but in this, thoy
, have a right to their own opinion and we to
;.ours.. . The Magazine as a whole is a well
' feonducted and valuable journal. It is fur-
ished to subscribers at $1,00 yer year. "
ijWe have received a catalogue of the
', 'arrangements, committees, premiums, &c.
"of the National Exhibition of Cattle to be
"held by the U. S. Agricultural Society at
"Springfield Ohio, ,pn the 126th,: 26th and
;., a7th idays 6f October 1854. 2 ;Six thousand
dollars 'worth of premiums are to be distrib
. uOsd among the competitors. It iV intended
i to bef indeed anatonal Fair.:; The circulars
'ispned by .the Society invites the friends of
Agriculture from all the States in the Union
to attend it, and contribute so far as possi
i ble to. the interest of the occasion. '
. . . i . in, ! . ' ?"
;"Bakk PAitxfRE3.-i.Prom h Eutteliif issued
from Dye's Banking - House, : Cincinnati;
we learn that the following banks have re-
- VeWtly faileld or are' at least doubtful f ! iii't
v'tarmers aiiu ' Mechanics'. Bank" of K!ent
. Countyi-llL;- :- -:- -'
Parmers", and, Merchants' Bank bf Mem-I
phis; Tenii. -jf '- "' .ir.-.--:,;i.'
. ' DrdVers' Bank,' Ogdensbargh', N'. Y,;,
-.. "B9nk of Mlfofd, jfiilford, Delawar. '
; jBankdf Carthage, Jefferson County, N, Y.
The. following Banks are doubtful, and
oiir readers would do well to refuse them:
Bank Of Cast leton, YUo) :S:iTOK-'Mr-.
Bank of Milledgeville, Geo., -' ' r
.'"i;S6wh Royalton Bank; Vt. ;! ;
Merchant's Bank, Macon, Geq".,'
','NatroiiarBaiik District; Cplum.bia. , . , ;..
Commerce Bank, Tenn. ",I i j -'
'I'MartuTaturea and Mechanics' Bank, Geo.
Woohtenaw Bank,: Ann Arbor Mich. f
. -, ' ' , ! f ; ' I ' ' I
- ','brhj'mail Note; law. ,--j-.i)
i The CieTojand tierald, i is in favor, of en
forcing ; the 'proyisioni. Jof' the email note
1aW: ? Some of its views are as orthodox as
..the law" allowa; Whig, paper to entertain.'
It'aaye:' ';' fTvMit i f . ' " '.
"'"V'One of the evils of a paper enrrency ja
the ondMO. circulation of small bills, the
flooding ot 'the ' country with foreign notes,
,M9 that they enter into all retail and minute
trade. ' .If a plan, can be devised to substitute
' for these bills, specie, and: Ohio notes a
. great good will be accomplished and much
flawed to that claa; who can ill afford to
.. 'taod i ihave dr suffer a losa." "i"-! " 4 ' y.'
..imH i ' -'- -mta i ) ' f f - " '
', lrD'citwho waa hong at Dayton, Onio,
' the other day, Was Inclined ttt have n atth
In any religion but the Catholic, yet ha was
;!vUited occaaionalky by Proteatan minietera.
mi l About a week before he was hung, he.waa
asked by one ' of these gentleman, a worthy
LTuend talented mail Have you any objection
:r, to my prying with you !" "I guess not,V
aaid Alien,, ':pcry MUeteipf.r ( , ; f
-'. I'
He who Irf the world would rise,:' '
Should ia tiw BentMtl adrertiaa. ;
WHS 'VHiS'Ha; WW' wtiM 1 1
Tai IXelrclir TraUr,
enialean extractV article id ofltEs
Rc!prcit .Treaty betwlaa 'the United
States and Great Britain. If contaixja a Eat
of the articlef jnadi i free of duty which are
aa lojiowa . 4
It ia agreed that the articles anamerated
lit the schedule hereunto annexed, being the
growth and produce of the aforesaid British
colonies or of the United States, shall be
admitted Into each country respectively free
oi amy : .: , .
- 7'-;t h a &edjto j.'! j i
Grain, Hoar, and breadstoBs, of all kinds.
. Animals or all Kinds. "
Preah, smoked, and salted meats.
Cotton-wool, seeds, sod vegetables.
Cndried fruits; dried fruits. , , , .
i' Fish of all kinds.
Products of fish, snd of all other ereatnraa
living in tba water. ,
.Poultry, eggs,
Hides, furs, skins, or tails Undressed.
Stone or marble, in its crude at tawroucht
state' ,, .
siate. .;. ;. :' . ' ., ... " . ;
Butter, cheese, tallow ' ' '
Lard, horns, manures. ; ''
Ores of metals, of all kind.
Coal. . ... i ... .( , . ,t ,
Pitch, tar, turpentine, aa&es.
Timber and lumber, af alt kinds, round.
hewed, and sawed, unmanufactured In whoie
r la part vr-U::; .. v-
firewood. 1 -
Plants, shrubs, and trees. " ;
felts, wool.
Fiah oil. ' . " "?'.':'
Rice, broom-corn, and bark.
Gypsum, ground or ungfowhd."
Hewn, or wrousrht, or unwrousht burr or
grindstoaea. : . ; i en . . -
Dvestuns. . i ,
Flax, hemp, and tow, unmanufactured.
Unmanufactured tobacco.
Ra-. :( .:,:,
Erie and Norih-ast Ilailroad
t - : Case.. . :
The following decree, aavs the Plain
Dealer, in the famous esse Of the People of
Erie and Harbor Creek vs. the Erie and
North-east Railroad Comoanv. deliver.
ed on the 7tb inst., in the Supreme Court of
rennsyivania, Dy Line! Justice Black. As
will be perceived, it sustains the Erians and
Harbor Creekitea in their hostilities against
me o.aiiroaa company, and requires that the
railroad traek through the streets of Erie
and harbor Creek township, shall be taken
up. ,
It appears to this Court, that the defend.
ants have built, and do now use and main
tain, a certain railroad, known as the Erie
and North-East Railroad, of which said rail
road, a part is within the present limits of
the city of Erie, and upon a certain street
thereof, and another part is upon the bed of
a cenain puoiie road, in Harbor Creek town.
ship, trie county; and that the said rail
road, in those parts thereof, is a public and
common nuisance.
"It is, therefore, ordered, and ajudged, and
ue creea, inm me defendants shall, on or be
for the expiration of four months from this
date't take up so much of their said road as
lies npon the said streets, and upon the Buff
alo ro ad, and remove the materials thereof.
a o as t o leave the said streets and road in as
gK)d co ndition as they were in before the
co.nstrm tion of said Railroad.
"And Vt is further declared and ajudged,
that the a id defendants are bound to make
the bbrough of Erie, with such limits as it
had in 1843, the western terminus of their
railroad. It is therefore decreed and order
ed, that the sa.'d defendents shall, within four
months from th is date, change the route and
conutruction of their railroad accordingly,
and make their vveatern terminus at what
was the eastern lin e of said borough in 1842,
or within the said borough. And the said
defendants shall re-construct their railroad
supply the parts hereby ordered to be broken
up, according to plans and specifications to
be by them made, and to be submitted to
and approved by this Court, on full notice
to the counsel of the Commonwealth, and
not otherwise. .
"And defendants shall pay all lawful costs,
to be taxed by the rrothonotary." "
- Sandwich Islands ceded.
A gentlemen direct from Detroit says in
formation reached there yesterday to the
former Consul to Honolulu, A. Te Ercx,
Esq., saying that an Agent, under instruc
tions from our Government, had obtained a
deed of cession the whole group of the Sand
wich Islands, signed by the King and all his
Council but two that the cession is on the
most favorable terms and will be accepted
without , a doubt. Good Hoorah for the
"Oceanic State," or the "State of Oceana."
We claim the paternity of the christening.
Po'n Dealer.
Oijr At a meeting of Broken and Bankers
held in Cleveland on the 6th inst., the fol
ow ing resolutions were unanimously adopt
ed: : :-'..t I ... i
. Resolved, That on and after the 20th inst.,
all foreign Bank Notes of a less denomina
tion than $5, and on and after 1st day of Oc
tober, next, all $5 notes will be regarded as
'. Resolved.' That on and after the first day
of October, next, no notea of a less denom
ination than $10 will be paid out, except
ing those of the Banks of the State of Ohio.
A New Source of Supflt. Gathering
coal in the bed of the Ohio river, on -! the
bars opposite Cincinnati, is just now a profit
able business for a large number of men and
boys, who have quite a . fleet of skiffs em
ployed.' , The Gazette says the nan yield
ing so'' w"C!J:hve for years been covered with
sand until 'this seSJon,,, The floods of Iaat
winter bared the treasure. Men. are said to
be making ten dollars per . day taking out
boulders quite as much as is made on tlie
California plrcera. They have to work in
water" from two tu three feet deep, and look
from a distance like flocke of water fowl.
,., Decbeasb or Tns Cholera. -As we pre
dicted on Saturday, we have the gratification
of announcing this morning that the Cholera
has entirely lost the vim lent and malignant
character which it' possessed last week, and
has now settled down into a manageable
disease, as easily conquered ; by the physi
cians aa any other malady. Rapid in its
rise and progress, it is subsiding almost : as
quickly, and in a few days will exist only ia
the remembrance of our citizens. Pittsburgh
Post, Sept. i8tt. :.v'...-.
' ,i:r: ."I 1 . . ' : - ' ,i - . :
- Valuatior or Real Estate lit New
Yoei. The New York Journal of Com
merce says .the asseeeora' returns, just Sent
in, show an enormous increase, during the
past year, in the valuation both of real and
personal property in the' City of New York,
amounting on real eatate to eighty-seven
million of dollars.' The comparison is shown
as follows t ' The total assessment return
ed for 1863 waa $401,466,79(1; do. do. for
186a4?8.090f000. , ; ;.
oMltedW: Isaac McMilien,
Treasurer of-Weyns township, Maskingum
county, died last week, at an advanced age.
Mr. McMilien waa sleeted Treasurer at the
time Wayne townabip waa organised, and
has been re-eleoted every year since, with
out having an opponent. ?'v:-:;
XLova of children, is always th indication
f a genial naturea pure, unworn, and on-
PortaSo Caxsaty Afrieattaral Saw
' ! TW exhibition5 a&l Pair will hi held at
ia jrottouj, of uis Society, la Karen o a,
a Friday and Saturday,- October flih and
'U, ism. , !.;
On best Spaa of work Horses. Dlplo- -
. ma and . " $Sfio
Id best do do do , . J,00
' td best do" do do ' -; iflO
On beat single work Hons, Dip. and '. s.oo
3d best do do do - " ; 1,00
The followingJCommittees wets appointed
Dr. Lyman Collins, Hiram Swell, L C.
Pains and Lewis Phelps. '
Oa Niat dttib "
Liba Underwood, David S. Spsacer, and
Thomas Brigden. ' -, .
.'''1,. OaMacHCoWS. : ." ' '.
" PrsAcla Strnr. Omii luiM. A fltl.
Reed. -. r ...
0 TaAlssor WoiKisa Oxi & Hoksxs.
Geo. Sheldon, John Johnson and James
0 Shew Pi Woot.
Austin Collins. Carlton Goodall aad H.
On SftEEr Lotto Wooa. "
William Nelson, Chauncer B. Curtiss.
and Norton Andrews.
Oi Mules avd Swihs.
Dr. 0. Manlev. T. P. Rino- and a. II. ft.
Prindle. .
Oit Cloths ad otAee Household Maiu-
vactuiied Abticles.
Class A A. V. Horr, Mahloa Allison.
Mrs. Mahlon Allison, Mrs. D. Mcintosh, and
Mrs. M. F. Spelman.
Class B J. A. Morgan, John Parmele,
Mrs. Alvah Udail Mrs. Win. Cooltnan and
Mra. H. J. Noble.
Ok Butteh, Cheese, Suoas aid Floui.
Robert label!, Edwin At wood. Mrs. Hor
ace Reed, Mrs. Edward Parsons and Mrs.
Geo. Sheldon, Mrs. H. L. Carter.
Ok Fhuits asd Flowers.' ;
S. A. Gillctt, H. L. Carter. Mrs. W. W.
Hinman and Mrs. Theodore Clark. -
On Fabis Library.
O. P. Brown. L. W. Hall and Alohon.o
. 0 Grais asd Vegetables. .
Amoa Austin, William King and Conrad
Fowler. . .
Or Miscellareous Marufactured Arti
cles. Francis Lewis, J. J. Demarest and John
Or Farmiro Utersils.
Harvey Baldwin, L. B. Southworth, and
Thomas Hough
On Plowiro.
George H. Shields, C. H. Bostwick and
Oh Fowls.
Henry E. Canfield, J.' T. Green and R.
Bard. ?
Or Farml.
D: Mcintosh, E. L. Williams and Alvah
Udall. .
Or Sweepstakes.
Wallace Williamson, Albert Brocket,
James Hall, Moses A. Birchard and O. L.
Or Fittiro up Grouhds ard Floral Hall.
Wm. Coolman, Wm. Frazer, U. S. Bris
tol. C. F. Rowell, and such others as they
may designate. .
On Horses Cattle John Rhodenbaugh.
" Neat Mules Jeseph Angell.
" Sheep aud Swine D. P. Pond.
" Household and Manufactured Articles
G. Keeq.
" Butter, Cheese, Sugar, Flour and Veg-
'etanies a,, in or ton.
" Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles
Charles Rowell.
" Fowl! Wm. Messinger.
SuperinteL'dents of the Departments will
have all the articles belonging to their De
partments, sys tematically arranged, in ac
cordance with thv1 preceding classification; so
that all the articla 8 or animals to be examin
ed by one committe 0 shall be together. The
officers of the Society ani Superintendents
of departments will bo xnown by their om
cial badges.
1st. Competitors mufc t be the owner of
me omects .onereu. aii iruim au egeui-
bles offered must be raise 1 by the persons
nresentinsr them, and all sDe'Cimeos ot Man
ufactured Articles and Art must be made
within the countv. - , '
2d. All articles must be registered by
the Secretary, with the name a.id residence
of the owner and labeled with .the number
corresponding with the registry. A Jarge
building has been erected for the ' especial
Dumose of Manufactured articles, w hich will
obviate any objection for fear of im'ury. It
is so constructed as to insure a good i 'how of
all specimens of Mechanism. A f Ion ' nan
will be fitted up, where the Horticultural
committee will be present to receive an"
arrange the Horticultural and Floral sp. eci
mens offered for competition. ' - ,
3d. AH Animals must be registered I T
the Secretary, with the name aod residenct 1
of the owner, and the age of the Animals
and labeled with, the registerd number and
age. , Bulls, Hordes and Colts, including
aucking Colts, which are offered for Exhi-
eitionr must be trained to the halter, so that
they can be led or tied. Animals, as they
arrive on the ground, must be immediately
reported to the, Marshal, who will assign
tbem their proper places. , ,
6th. No Premium will be awarded Uulesa
the committee deem the claim meritorious,
nor to any but members and their families.
6th. The Discretionary Committee will
award such. Premiums as they may deem
suitable on meritorious articles or animals
not on the premium list.
6th. Badges will be furnished to all who
have contributed to the improvement jf the
Agricultural Grounds, ana. to all members
who are not in arrears at the Treasur
er's office, which will entitle them and their
familiea to admission during the Fsir to the
Exhibition Rooms... . ., " ; .
N. B. Persons engaged in cattle buying
and droving will ba permitted to enter work
in oxen for premiums; but such, persons must
compete with,. each other, and not with those
who exhibit farming oxen.' ' Each class will
be entitled to the same ratea 61 premium.
William R." Hallock, J. P., Chief of Po
lice, with bia assistants will preserve order,
and enforce a strict compliance with the
rules and regulations of the Board, ,
The several Committee are requested to
meet at the Grounds on Saturday, at 9
o'clock for the purpose of receiving list of
articles to be examined, " y?
w: n Officers of the SooiBir..!:i;:j
; President -Wm. Coolman, of Ravenna.
Vice President -Alvah Udall, of Hiram.
Secretary P. B. Conant, of Ravenna.. ,
' Treasurer -Wm. Fraxer, of Ravenna.! :
' Executive Committee Wm. Stedman, of
Randolph; M. F. Spelman, of Edinburgh;
Joseph Angell, of Windham; Wm. R. Kel
so, of Brimfield; U. S. Bristol,, of Ravenna.
. Manhal Horace Reed. ; , j
Assistant Marshals Wm.- Woodard; and
R.D. Kelly. .:, -V. '" ,:t
WM. COOLMAN, Preaideqt, h.
P. B. Corart, Sec"y. . . 48 1-3 w -
s OrA Cadet baa just entered Weat Polrjt
from Tennessee, 4 feet 8 inches In height,
He will do to lew te Grenadiers. t ,
Pwm aw Cterala-4 fkta bmim.)
FaHrmre mt (He Prouctlatr lasar
' aaee Caw wrilarUard. .
- Ma. GaAVHIaresaarkn-f aooa the fail-
ore of this Company, you aay la your paper
ofytsterdayt , .'. :
Tba effect of thia failure will be bad,
tending to bring discredit oa responsible In
stitution. '
It has bees knows to most Insurance men
for yean that the affain of thia Company
were ia a vary bad state, and to such the
failure causes no surprise. It ought to have
failed yean ego. The Protection snd iEtna
Cotnpaalee or Hartford are among the oldest
in the Union. Tbeir capitals were origin
ally in same. Tbeir agencies are osoally
ia the hands of tba aansa persons and their
policies uiincr man ouiorwiotj cover ue sams
riak jointly. . The Protection Company have
tailed mainly because their business, extend
ing from Main to Georgia, and embracing
au classes or risks oa isnd and on tne ocean,
on river and lake has been too much ex
tended. Tbey could not control and over
look the detail as a company should, which
expects to do' a $af "business. Every tem
pest on the water, and every sweeping fire
on the land, was sure to bring them in for s
large amount of loss. Another fact worthy
of note is their capital was insufficient for so
large a business. It is probable that within
the last ten yean they have had at no time less
than three hundred millions (! !) at risk.
What wonder then that such a Company
should fail after a succeesion of large fires
through the country; yet the late fires have
not broke the Protection Company, but their
late large losses, added to the stringency of
tne money market, nas rendered the pay
ment of all old claims hopeless. I do not
think that this failure should in the least dis
credit offices that confine their business to
reasonable limits, snd which do not sssume
a larger amount of risks than the size of their
capital will warrant. -
The Coral Crop.''
In the counties of Marion, Logan, Cham
paign and part of Clark, the corn crop is by
far the best we have seen this season, and
will, we judge, be much more than half a
crop. In Crawford county, Judge 'Musqbave
informs us the corn crop is excellent, and
the clover seed crop a little better. We aaw
some gentleman from Scioto county, who
say that many fields of corn in that region,
will be a full average. On the whole, the
corn crop of Ohio is better than we suppos
ed. Many of the Scioto Valley, and North
Western Ohio Farmers will have full cropa.
Corn and fodder will be fed economically
and sparingly, the coming winter, and the
stock will "get through" well, and there
will be next spring a large surplus of feed
on hand. Unless the signs which farmers
have formerly regarded aa reliable, fail, the
coming winter will be one of the most
pleasant we have had for years. If this be
so, those who are short of pasture ought not
to neglect to sow plenty of rye. Ohio Farmer.-
Superintendent oftbe Lunatic As
ylum at Cleveland.
We are glad to hear that Dr. Lear dee
Firestohe, of Wayne county, has received
the appointment of Superintendent of the
new Lunatic Asylum at Cleveland. An ap
pointment more deservedly popular could
not have been made. As a physician, few
men in the State occupy a higher rank in
their profession than Dr. Firestohe. He
is just the man to organize the new Institu
tion, and place it upon a basis that will meet
the expectations of the people of the State.
O3"0nc of the most fiendish acts we have
ever read is recorded in the Rowan N. C
Whig. In Cabarrus county, last week, a
man by the name of Holbrooke hung his
own son. He had sent the boy to a neigh
bor's to procure something to eat, and the
boy returned without it. Holbrooks then
sent him back, and threatened that if he re
turned again withont it he would hang him.
The boy returned aa before, whereupon his
father took him out to a tree and hanged
him. Holbrooka then ned, but has been ap
prehended. '
The English Crops.
We have conversed with a friend who has
just returned from a tour through Engla.id,
Scotland and Ireland. He says in the Unit
ed Kingdom it is estimated, that the crop will
average fifty per' cent, more than last year,
and twenty-hve per cent, more than was ev
er harvested before. It is all well secured,
and the people are exceedingly rejoiced.
This will save hundreds of millions of im
ported breadstuff's, end the money rates of in
terests it is confidently expected will come
down to three per cent, unless the war con
tinues. flam Dealer.
Keep toub Sons Employed. Let play
be but their occasional privilege, and they
will enjoy it far more highly. Employ them
in the garden, if you have one, as work is
not. play. Give them daily and regular du
ties about the house. It will do them no
harm to perform humble services. ' It will
help you and help them still more to have
them bring wood or coal, to scour the knives,
to make their own beds, to keep their own
room in order. .. a
Of Cbotera-lnfantum, EMILY, only child of Lewis
an d Cornelia Lee, aged 4 years.
. Gone dear girl in youthful aweatuesa,
; Life dull bangeful royage ia o'or, '
Now thy beauty Id completeness
Bloomi on Hoftyen'a unfading shore. "
' Tliy pure spirit npward winging r
. LenthJa shell of mortal clay, ,
Goa."4",11 angel round it alnglng . -,
,W'TO,Mto tte'ealmiofdayl '
-' . Thou w. V art robed In light excelling,
Stood i snaph by oar hearth.
Far too b IS0"0' mortal dwelling,
, Far by fa. r too good for Earth. '
1. Vn tat we. ofglory
' . Marks thin npward flight above .
';' Where you pra,"' fbrth the atory '
T' Of a Savior's dying lore. , , ; ; '
Dr. TU BBS will b e at the Prentiss House,
Wednesday afternoon-and Thursday until 3
o'clock- r. M. win ana itnn ,oi "ci. . , ,u v
i See advtrtisement in another column. j'
Trj Invalids recovering front the affects of Fever,
BilUous Diseases, or long continued illness of any kind,
will Snd Carter's Spanish Mixture tbe only remedy
which will revive their drooping eoustltutions, expel
all bad humors team the blood, excite the liver to a
prompt and healthy action, and by It tonic properties,
restore we pauent io niv alin vigor.
Wa can onlv aav Tar it.' A sinelJ bottle ia worth
all the so-called Sarsaparillaatn existence; It contains
no Mercury, Opium, or any other noxious or poisonous
drag, and can be given to the youngest infant without
See the certificate of wonderful cures round the bot
tle.' More than Ave nundred persons In the City of
menmona, vs.. can wmij iu iu gooa enesi.. .
,. ,Se8 adrertlsement. , lV 477-4W
TTP Dr. Hoofland's German Bitters, prenared by Or.
CM. Jackson, are Justly reckoned amongst our most
valuable medicines In cases ofdyspebala, Jt actslfke
magic, strengthening the ton of the stomach, stliaulal
lng In digestive powers, and giving ruddy health to the
cheek and brightness to the eye. There are thousands
In thia community who can testify to their virtues, and
thousands will hereaiter add tneir testimony
NOTICE The subscribers hare removed
their Store and Tie shops -to the old stand of Cyrus
Prentiss, on door West of tbe Prentiss House, where
they win be nappy ro see tneir on customers, wu .
matat near ones at pan make it eonvenient to ca 1.
rrz STEAM! 8TEAM1 .
XTTBara manufacturing Steamers tor the purpose of
v nesting llti wasn water, anu vrw u
arn. wliliJi MmS. m aft MMVMiitint-
- eokisom wxxsxr it ,
-,,.!dBOttai3 RCJBLACQu .
And others, DeeJen ia the respective articles
-:, ! . :j " named. below. .; u. u
Wbal,prta4I, flJw
Cora, So. S
R7, '. So. ' n
OaU. da. 4s
Mm! ilft1t 0 1
1 We
Tallow '
Hoooy, ' '
Port. ' 4
Flour SM." fJO.t
Fetalot, ' 1,X41,&
Eft, a dofea, looi
iCod Pith, -
'Htm 3bufriisrmro.5.
farewell Cotillion Party.
M T? B. ESTY will give a Farewell Co-
aM union nny.aiti nan ia saaionrlllo, oa
Friday, geplomtwr Stttb, alt P. M.
Good aiMta will b brovldad for lbs octasioai
Com vorrbodf.
Card of adailaaioa (1 A-
W. . A.
VOKKBB, Maaarera.
FOll SALE. The subscriber has one su
perior loued Melodaou uanufartured by Bishop
Child. Clereland. Raid initrument is entirely new.
folr and a half ocUra; Will aoU it at barvaia.- It
may be aeen by calling on
Ravenna, Ohio.
Ran ana, Sept. 13th, 1854.
DISSOLUTION-The co-parterahip ex
isting betweea the subscribers, waa dteaolTed by
mutual ronsoi t, on UieTUi day of Auruat, 1H64.
The busineaa of the coeiDaujr. will be seUled It either
of them. 6KO. KOMKR VlLttt.
l-3w . . K. B. REEVES.
A Good llugy
?OR Sale, cheap. Good wood will be
. taken In pay. Enquire of
Ravenna, Sept. IS, 'M. , . 0. M. Sohhivii.i.s-
Stoves for tbe People! '
JS. CLUTE, woald say to the people of
Kavenna ami Tlelnity, that he rnntlnuua to carry
on tbe Copper, Tin aud tihect Iron business iu all lu
branches, and will furnish aa good ware as any other
establishment, and as cheap too. He will pay especial
attention to the manufacturingand puttl,, up or Eave
Trougha, and will do all work in that line as cheap and
a Heetle" belter than any of the "one horse' Tin
shops traveling about Die country.
All wares made and sold at this establishment, will
be of the very best materiuls, and done in the most
workmanlike manner ane warranted. He Intends to
keep on hand a general assortment of STOVER and
HOLLOW WARK.oftho very latest snd best patterns,
and at prices that defy competition. Old Copper, Brass,
Pewter, Hags, and most kinds of country produce re
ceived in payment. Rcnairlni of all kinds dona on
short notice.
His shop is on the south side of Main st., lust across
from the PhoMilx Rlock, Kavenna, Ohio. Just cull in
and satisfy yourself, gentlemen as to the quality of
work and prices. JOHN S. ( LUTE.
.Ravenna, Sept. 11, ISM. 4r)4-tf
Proclamation, Annual Election.
THE qualified Electors of Portage County,
Ohio, are hereby notified to meet at the usual nlams
of holding Elections, in their several townships, on
Tuesday, the loth day of Oclobor, next; (being the sec
ond Tuesday,) between the hours of six o'clock A. M.
ana six o'clock r. St. or that day, lor Uie nurnosc of
one JudgeortheSuprema.Court.
" Member of the Board of Public Works.
" Representative to Congress.
' Probute Judgo,
" Clork of tbe Courtof Common Pleas.
' County Auditor.
" Bheriff. "
County Commissioner.
' " Director of County infirmary.
Notice also is hereby (riven to the Trustees of the sever
al townships,that the following l the annual apportion
ment and number of Jurors, which they are required to
return to tbe Clerk of tha Court of Common Picas.
Names now in the Box.
Frank Un,
John Webber.
P. W. Bsrd, James Wat.
lace, Robert Clark, 2d.
Daniel Brown,
C. II. Carlton, ...
E. AtwooU, A. Mills, B.
William C.tlutson.
Randolph, -Kavenna,
Hoots town,
John linger.
Leverett ftorton.J. for-
ker, John Cutler,
Donald Detnine.
Julius Derihick, Jus. C
Simon Burroughs, Fred'
eriek Plumb.
David Soil, . McCl7ugh
an, Win. Puulus.
Also to return at the same time to the Pro
bate Judge,
Atwutor, 242 8 Z. A. Hnrton, A. Wnmis,' 4
R. Gilbert, K. Ilntton.
Aurora, 187 7 B. Blair, H. Elder, E. Can- 4 '
Brimfield, 2.10 9 John Jonos, C, C. Frn.ior. 8
Cbarlestown 194 7 F. Hull, A. Austin, C. B. 4
Doorfield, 292 9 Wm.Caio, H. K. Day, T. 5
Lyon, J. Boyd.
Edlnborgh, 259 8 8
Franklin, 3H0 12 J F Clark, D Lovccot, B 8 '
F. Anderson.G WWoll
Eroodom, 253 8 A Robinson, H Brown, 1 5
T. Clnrk
Hiram, 282 8 G E Houghton, C VaUL'hi 5
B Wheeler -Mantua,
209 8 John Ksty 7
Nelson, 317 10 J M Gibbs, H A Hlglor, 1' 8
S Tinker. F Couch
Palmyra, 282 f D Thomas, O Stevens, J 4
Paris, 230 7 W Holcomb, D B Cutts 4
I O K Jones
Randolph, 400 12 T Gorhy, J A Schroeder 8
J Rnapp, 1) K Whoele'
Ravenna, 580 18 Z Juild, W King, C Bout II
"wick, P P Dnwley,
ICillis, A Ely, J Walt
P Hued, E Collins, J 1 3
Catlin, J 8 Austin, .
Kny L K Whitney
Davis Hsvln, Eli Tuttle 7
James Wall Jr 7 '.
Ii Mishtor, S Wifson, J 5
tfritch, H Thomns
ninonnm, ar , ,E Gale, L Jifgloy, R Earl 11
5C94180 I ' ' 115
For duties of Trustese in this case, sea tho"Acttd
regulate the Election of Slate and county officers,
"passed May 3d, 1852, Vol 50, General Laws, also Sec
tion 1, of the "act denning the jurisdiction and roguln
tingtbo practice of Probate Courts, passed April 26",
1854. .,
Given nnder my band nt Ravenna, tlda 2d day of Sep
tember, 1854. .
479 JAMES WOODAKI), Sheriff.
- Analytical Physician.
. Will be in attendance at his rooms as follows.
' Ravenna Prentiss House, Wednesday and Thurs
day until 3 o'clock, P. M. 18th and 19th Oct.
Akron Cobb's Exchange, Tusday 17th, October.
, Warren Gaskill Houso, Monday, 23d of October. '
Cleveland American House, Thursday and Friday
21st and 23d of Sept.
Those afflicted with Chronic diseases of the Liver,
Lunin, Kidneys or Spleen, Inflammations. Rheuma
tism, Asthma,5hortness of Breath or difiloulty of breath
Ing, Dyspepsia, dropsy, Weakness or Nervous disa
er, dyspepsia, aropsy, weaKness or nervous disa
ftles, Restlessness, Loss of appetite, Constination,
bilities, Restlessness, Lo
Derangement oi tne niomacn, oinous tractions, urav
cement of the Stom
'l. White Swellings, or any longstanding diseases, ue
InVltea to can. .
No Charon roR Conspltation !-Dr. JT., neither
bleeds nor blisters; nor is he a Homirpatiiist; he nevor
usoe-WoVcury, -trsonio Antimony, or any other inmorai
as a medio. 'I agent; nor is he a Thompsonian, he neither
(team or gives emetics. His theory of diseases differs
from all others that have been adopted, but not more
an than his ava'em of treatment. He does not make
sick to make well nor tear down to build up again, nor
allay amy nervous irritation, by pawning up with ano
PaUanta should mart well the date given above.
Our entire time being pre-engaged attendance-must
accord strictly with published aunonncmonts. -
An unbiased opinion as trt the probability of a cure
is always given, subjecting tne patient to 110 expense
wiinout s reasonaoie prospect 01 success. : . ,, ; ' y
. .-.JVI (; PARALVB1S. 1 i
Many enouirart betns- made concerning this fermid'
able -disease, we select tor the present report letter
rrom ann old and well known citizen or Portoge coun
ty, Ohio. It was written In Doeembor 1850.
.. In a few Instance since remedies have been tempo-
u sraw iHHinucof since rvmeaiee nave ooen
lly retorted to, by which he has not only retained
unliable heelth and powers of endurance, but tbi.'
lar escapee auntriner atiacxsoi raraiysis: - . In
. Dr. Teaaai Having employed your treatment forli-
lib wty to publish for tbe benefit of other,
1 was taken
a aliook of Paralysis In February, 1846"
It only affect
ed my ana and vote at flrtt, but the pain In my arm
which fotkvwcd the shock become more severe, and ex
4ndedsvr my aystem. After the: shock I ws still
able to walk, but had little strength; and my limbs war
weak and. numb.' I advised with several physicians,
some recommended calomel, but was not relieved.
My general health waa very poor when I applied to you,'
in January, and though yov gar me very little encour
agement at the Urn, I obtained medicine and eora
meooed It use, For tbe first two week I foil slightly
worm, after that, Improvement commenced, and has
continued until I am. able to ktbor.tnost of the time; 1
ow feel lik new man. ' " ' : Q. CHASB. '
- Hootstown, Dee., 18. f ; ; ?r--.tf' .4-.
'.M ";. .; ;. , Jfir-l. . .'ikifritl, sat' j
cb'UfSlTiox and affAius
oa Tin
Washingiea Union Insurance Co.,
or Clitsuid, 0.,to Jdlt 1st, 1854.
2to. of Policies lasoed daring tbe Mat etc
months, . . fmi.
Whole Bo. bf Policies tawd to date, ' .' I7.S43.
Aatoant of Property lhsuredJaa. 1.
.1IH. S)d3IaS , "
Amoant of Property Insured dar- - - '
ing past sis sseolh, , tjnjm
Whole amount Insured, . gioapu
Aaaount oi iepot sow in wren
January 1, lr4, 15t,aSl,
Amount or depeslt Ifotea reeeiv-
ed from jaa. 1, IBM, M date 94
w bole amount of Note. .. 918a50R,4
.. .
vw nmaw is nrnr Of tOOPS
. JlJJ t, 154, . 14,r4,33
Sash Pram i urns received from
that period to dale, , 22,300,0
Total, ! -Amount
of losses bald since Jan
uary 1, 1854,
18 J43J4
Undetermined claims Including
losses sot due, SS.770JS
Deposit Notes aa above, - - S189JuO,4a
Cask balance, 44 ... S6,ia,3,77
Personal propi'rty ' 4 . . yMu.uo
Sundry Cash Items, . ,- g3u,u
WasliiniTton ITulon Insurnnce Co.
Ko. of Policlus iasuvd, . 9,130
Amount insured, . S4,044,ltl.lin
Amount of deposit Sotes In force, t?l,9ue,50
Cash balaaee, Jiinuary 1st, lavt, 10,381,33
Cash premiums from that period
to date, 3418,48
Losses paid since January 1st, '54,
Balance in favor ot Company,
Losses not due by torm of Policy t33S,32
110 oiner nntius are Known to exist.
Trr''No Assessment upon tbe dopnsit Notes of either
Department has ever been required, and tliejron
dilion and prospects of the otHcv were ncvur mors flat
tering. The company is legitimately a Mutual, but It
also issues Policies tot a cash consideration in full, at
the usual rates of sound stock oftlces.
Georgr- Mygntt, Clere'ud
D. B. Duobam. Clevllarid
If.. 1 . ttackut,
A. 8. Sunford,
S. B.Stures, .Vanstleld.
Timothy liukor, Korwalk.
Cyrus Proutiss, Baveuiiu.
John Clark, Brunswick.
J. F. Robinson, Bedford.
W. M. Powell, Ohio City.
jacoo rerkina,
Bviiinmln NortliruD"
G. B. Senior, "
O. N". Skecls,
t,. . uook
D. B. DURHAM, Presl.
O. H. SKKKI.K, Secretary.
ral Ageut aud JJcputy
non 1.
President and Treosur-
Cleveland, July 1, 1854.
Agent at Kavenna.
-... .
. -rf - '
Take Notice.
The Ravenra. Hat Stoee is Removed to
rOU3G MES'S STYLE of Hats, 1 Inch lower In
1 Crown than tlie style usually worn 1 rimmed with
Bluck Silk Velvet. Thcso Hats were inaunliicturcd un
der myspocial direction. Forsnmplos call st my Store
or notice tlioso fushlou-able Huts, worn by fashionable
young men, to be seen at any time on Broadway.
Huts, Cis, aud Straw Goods,
rem the sprino or 1854.
TAMES TWITT has just returned from tho East and
is daily rocoiving frosh Spring Goods, of all styles,
ijualities and prices all these goods were selected with
cure lor dome trUo,ana will bo sold atvory low prices.
Ravenna, April 0, lt!54. Jamis Twitt.
TN PANT'S Straw Caps; Misses' Flats; Infant's Straw
a. nats; mranrs f lats.
Janes Twitt.
-Souiu extra flno Just rue'd trom
James Twitt.
tho Fac-torv.
aWEMKXDOUS Big Stock of Children's Caps,
April 0, Jautes Twitt.
TRA W Goods, will be opened in a few days.
O Aprils, James Twitt.
NO. 1, Silk Hats, manufactured by tho colebratod
Hnttors Gtinlu and I.eary. When yousolecla Hat,
do not gut ue tlisl is a heavy Hat, one case In two,
thoy aro made of paste bonrd. JAMES TWITT.
S1IA11Y SIDE Just received 4 casosofSummor Hats.
M"y15l James Twitt.
ES'IN the New York flntter, so7TtwoTundrod
J Wlrtu Awake Hats, the first day thoy were intro
duced lu New York City. Twitt has any quantity of
mem t iio. 4, rnopmx hiock. James I witt,
A Kemi-Xai'tioai Romanci or intense interest, t
the Author or the "Pirate Doctor," the "Law
vku's Story," the "(Ho Doctor," 4Jo., .Sj-c,
flHE success hitherto enjoyed by the au-
JL thor of tho above popular works is a sufficient
guarantee of the favor with which any productions
coming from his pen wtll be received by tbe public.
"The Cabin Boy's Story" la a romantic nurrotivo, il
lustrating tho horrors of the Slave Trade, as carriod on
In the Coast ol AfrirH. Tbe author has served In the
navy and the descriptions and characters aro painted
from personal acquaintance with them. The story is
full of exciting Intorost and anventure as the celebra
ted work ef Defoe, "Robinson Crusoe," and has the ad
vantage over that glorious fiction, inasmuch as it Is
founded on facts of every dny.occurrence. Tho history
of tho heroine of tho Story, Zuleika, tho Circassian
Slave, purchased at Constantinople, educated and mar
ried by tho reckless, yet chivalric, Seymour tiie com
mander of the Albatross, is simply tha narration of a
fact painted from the life, and all the numerous charac
ters portrayed throughout the story are vividly and
graphically drawn.
The publishers have already received ordars for the
wbnlo of the edition it was oriirinallv their intention to
publish; consequently, they have been obliged largely
to increase il; and they respectfully request that all
orders may be sent In Immediately.
inuy conimonuy expect mat toe worK will create as
much Interest as any word of fiction that has of late
years emanated from tho press, as, notwitlistanding,
since the publication of "Unclo Tom's Cabin," works
routing to slavery In America, rno and con, have been
numerous, none have appeared having relation to the
system of purchasing slaves on tho African Coast,
written by one who I'm a witnessed it In all its hideous
deformity. Tho work Is written in chaste and pure
language, and will bo a welcome and instructive ad
dition to the family library.
The work will form a beautiful octavo1 volume of 400
pages, handsomely illustrated with flue ongravlngs, and
elegantly hound in cloth. Prioe, in cloth, one dollar;
In paper, 75 cents, at which rates copies will be s . 'lit by
the publishers to any part of the country, free of post
age. TTf'Forsale wholesale and retail bv the publishers.
No. Hi Bum in Street, New York.
And by aH the Booksellers throughout tho United
States and British Provinces.
Hardware ! Hardware ! !
THE subscriber takes pleasure in saying
that he has now In hand, tho largest and most com
plete stock Hardware ever offered In Portste countv:
comprising a full assortment of all articles usuulliy
kept in a liaruwuro store, and those of the best quali
ty aud manufacture, which will be sold cheap for ready
pay, Aug. 38 '54' at E. T. Richardson's.
A LARGE and general assortment of Nails
Glass and Mouse Trimmings of every varletv, at
E. T. RioauansoVs.
IRON of every kind and size; Cast, Gor
man and Spring Steel, Steel Srlngs, Axels, wagon
Boxes, cast ana wroucht Iron Anvils, solid box Vices.
Sledges, wrought Nuts and Washurs, Horse shoe Nails
and Nail rods at E.T. Hichardson. ' "
FARMER'S can now find at the Hardware
Store, Corn Hhelle's, Hay and Straw Cuttora, of
the most approved kinds, cheap aa can be puruhased at
he Factory, Hay Knives, Shovels, Spades, Crow Bars,
Picks, Mattocks and Chains of every description, at '
E.T. RicaKsso.
MULEY and Sash, Mill Saws, Cross Cut,
Tennor and Circular Saws, of all slsos, Hand,
Rip and Back Saws, of the very best quality and finish,
(It E. T. BirBABDBOn.
CHAIN and Cast Iron Pumps, 8-8, 1-2, 3-4
I and 1 in Lead pipe. Sheet Zine, Spelters, Bar
Tin, Rivlts, eVe. E. T. Ricbahpsow.
RIFLE Barrels and Trimings, Shot Guns,
and Revolver.. " , E. T. Richardson.
CARRIAGE and Harness Trimmings, Pa
tent Hub Band and Patent Loathe;', constantly oa
nana, ni i ... ,: .. . .. juvhajuhion '.
J alt kind of Mechanic Tool, and those of the best
quality; Cutlery of every description, curtain Bands
and fixtures, Paint Mill, new style; Bash Scythes, and
Met most every Kind or good usually found In a
Han'war Store, hut too numerous to mention here, to
which i most respectfully invite the attention; of the
public. 'Ko. e, rnosuix tiiocc, Kavenna, umo. '
' Augustus. .1854. ' ' ETKiCTAanisraT
NOTICE Dr. B. i MORTON, would in'
fbrni his friends and the publte,tht he has moved
hi ofitoe, lo hiaDwoUIng House, on Main 8t nearly
opposite th Town Hall.Tu Kavenna, where he ready to
attend to all th eoUsin hi profession,
AUgQSt IS, "34,
'' 477-tf
dllOKED HAMS, do, Shoulders, Bide
D side Pnrkfor sale ht v ' i i W. BaTWOtm'.-
PUTLERY of every descoiption kept con.
V ftnV and, Bt rf . T. KiettARMOg.-
kj tbe Cowrtof Ptebawt the ttk Say sfOeleVm
A. D. ISM, at om e'clotk le tbe iftmisM, a M
rrTU' IU be sold ism highest bHUmr, M follow.
ta (Ml Estau, as the property of lisn Hok 1st, a
fTfx: One pteeaof ta4 atloaW ba the -
ship of Pa)Ara, tk tho reanty of Portaaw, Obtot
known as beu.( sW n friJkA So. 14, aUkea
said kM Ko.l4, tbeeovVMM u,. (iwlt HM ofaali.
lot to tbe HeruVVVaa4 ranter of sudfeb tSraew Smitsi
oa tbe West Una of saM lot Shy-two rod o,mem kast
by II ae ruaatng paralM aeroes said lot, wita k
mentioned Ubc tbeaee Bsrut a tbe ktaet Hs W aat4
lot, to saw pUoe of kegUalnc, esatahilna tt asawa mt -land
also, aaother sicca) of lead sttnats La the towae
hip of DeerSeld, H be county of Portage, a tore said,
k now aa being part of Iota Ko. (Saad to, bosndMl to.
follows: Boriaaing at a Bast esaweiag swvosi chain
and be links Kut of tho Konh-Kasl eoraor of SM bo. .
Mi thene East M chains and SS links! tbewes) sooth ,.
chains and at links; It on WestMehalna to lb Kae. '
line ef tot Ko. Si Iboboo soalb I chain, S3 Usw to
the center of the high-way; thene Hon -! degremt
Wast 13 chains. W links la a post) thane Sorta Uie-..
greea, BastSebaiasand links to posU, Ibmo Baal
14 ehalna and 18 Unks to poeti Berth Ka4 1 dogma, .
West Id chains, S4 links t lb phto of begiBaiag, soa-.
lainti.g M acres of land; A Wo, aa wUmt plo of lM
situate la sold townsfctn of DeariUMi know a beinJI
part of lot No. W, cowimeaetag at the Boath-lUa err
ner of said M No. 83; thear West along the South 1I
lo th Noath-Wsl orn.rl these Horth sn (a Ssat
Hn ninnincaeroassaJdkrlloth Bast Mm of Umskjm.
shall contain it acre of Uad. The 8S acres appraiJ .
at SMXMkt. The 40 arm riandwi lot Ha. SSan4.
Itt.apraiatd at 1 300,00. The U sens ofUad ia Ps
aivra, aepralsed at a iiuo.nu. . ,
i erms aiaoe 1 now at to ani.
JACOB V. MKLL, . A,,rfto
August So, IBM. 478-4W
trbat Nrt Ice.'
VOTICE Is hereby given to all persons Itw'
11 terested, that the Executoreand AdmtnittratorC
on the following mutea, have Drvwatad to tba Court
of Probate, for lb county of Portag,! lb Slat of
Ohio, tueir several MtUemMI aeeoanl which ant
placed on file In th oBle of th Indg f said Court ,
aud eo n tinned for lb inapectten and exeenttoa of all .
persona Interested, anttl Monday 8s N day of Oc
tober, A. D. 1H44, to wit:
Robert Hall s Esteie rnal Utaiueat'
Wm. Well's do do do
Hiram WlncbePa do do do .
Joba J. awsyaea'a dor d . , d!
Isaac Ives's do do do, ,
Jacob kg korte " do ' " Parttaf do
Wm. lb Selby's do do da
Attest, LUTHER L. BROWN, Probate Jodg.'
Ravenna, Sept. 4, 18S4. 47-w
A TTACHMENT Notice is hereby glw
Ii. en that at my Instance a writ of attach mwit wa
this day issued by David John, a Justice of tbe Pear
of Palmyra township, tn tbe county of Portag" aad
State of Ohio, against the goods, chatties, money, j
rights aud credits of Levi Gould a aoB-reatdent f th
county, for the sum of (35,00 DAT dt WAN If .
Auguet 4. '54. 47-3w
AATTCHMENT At my instance ill t-;
lurhinent was this day issued by C. Brown, a Jue-
lice of tbe Peace of Deorlteld township, Portage eoua- '
ty, against the projusrly and effect of Allen William'
son, a non-resineiii
day of August, 18.13.
son, a non-resident of said county. Dated thia SSIh
47D 3w
l ticeis hereby given that the subscriber has bea -appointed
and qualified aa Executor, oa the Bstat of ,
James C. Wallace, late of Portage county, deceased.
Dated at Franklin, this llstdav of August, 1854.
i-.i wAKmsj buki, executor. .
tice is hereby given, that the subscriber hatbeea
appointed and qualified aa Administrator aa lb Ba- '
..... 'f 1 ... -I I UT A7aKU,. t . I II . '
ceased. Dated at Ravenna, this id day of Kept., 18S4.
is hereby giuen, that the subscriber been appointed
and qualified as Executor, on the Estate of David Thorn- '
as, late of Portage county, deceased. Dated al Pari. '
this 1st day of Septcnibe, 1854.
A TTACHMENT. Notice is hereby iriven '
11. that at my instance a writ of attaohment waS thl '
U issued by Clinton Voung a Justice of tbe Peace) .
in Hiram Township, county of Portag and State of
Ohio, against the good and chattel, rconaya, right
and credits of Adam McKibbln, a non-resident of aald
county, forthe sum of 34,tt). August 17, 1854.
47-3w J. B. VAUGHJ.
NOTICE is hereby given that oil the 19th
day of August, A. D. 1&54, an order' or attach- '
ment was mis day Issued by George Sheldon, a Justice .
of tho Peace of Mantua township, In the County of
Portage, and State of Ofrlo, in favor of James H. jflea
ols, against the good chatties of Adam McKlbbin, a.
non-resident of said county of Portage, for the sura of
82fi-,00, or in a suit pending before saMJ Justice,
wherein said Nichols is plaintiff, and said MoKibbln d- '
reudant, which said order has been duly served. -RANNEY
79-3w Attorneys for Plslntlfl.
Groan no More.'
ARE you afflicted with pain in the Head,
Eyes, Lungs, Breast, or Bowels, or with Lame
ness in the Uiubs, get a bottle of Root German Dint-1 '
ment, so It thoroughly and be cured. If this oint
ment should not give satisfaction, after thorough ap
plication, the bottle may be returned to the agent, and"
tlio money rofunded. . - . .j
Agents: I. Swift, Ravenna; Dr. Earl, Franklin; snd'
sold bsono Agent in each townseip. 4813ht
ftuveuiaa Suirinfit mills..
TIIE undersigned have purchased of Mes'
rs. Whittlesey the above well known Milii,reprcv "
PRred at all lime to pay the highest market price for
Wheat, Corn, Rye, e Particular attention given to .
custou work.
Wn hnVn In .Annwltn. will. h
... ...... .. . . . . .. u pi.,, vuvum a
FLOUR mi FEED STOKE, at the rooms hUeft oJseui
pied by H. Day, opposite the Phoenix Block, where can'
be found at ail times FLOUR by th barrel er is sacks,'
FEED of all descriptions. Also, SALT, PLJ8TF.lt,'
ftnveniit, April 3, 18&4.
ladfaua Money Wanted
WE Will take all Indiana money with one
or twe exception, at par for goods, or on ac
count. Pkintim, Hof-ius dt Co.
Ravenna, Sept. 4, 1P54.
N- 6tTCER. A. Baird having formed a
co-partnership with J. Dewey of Franklin, will '
continue business as before, at tbe old stand la Allen' "
Blo. lt, under the name and firm of R. A Baird t Co. '
DI SSOLUTION-Tbe co-partnership here
tufore existing between the subscribers, la th
mercantile nusmnoss, in t ainijra, i-ortago county,
Ohio, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. -.
The business of the old Arm will be attended to by D "
E."Wil.on, at the old stand. D. E. WILSOS.
Palmyra, August 8, 1854. L. P. WILSON.
Jnnc , 1854. . -
AV. IIORRdt. Co., have this day com-1
. meuced receiving Uioir second In volee of Sum
mer good., among which may be found a Urge stockT '
of Carpets, Bonnets, Bonnet Ribbons, Maniiturbfeek..
aud colored, plain black Silks, blaek and eelored1
Brocade do long and short black Mills, Meek silk
Shawls, wall Paper, window Shades, die.
And in addition to the above fact, are maftfed cheap''
and gidngUke the morning dew. Call andjudg for''
yourselves. :
BONNETS Ladies you will save money'
by calling at the Shalersvllle Cheao Store and ret-
ing a bow Bonnet. A great variety Just priced, and th''
newest styles gelling cheap. A. v. HORR Co.
TEWELRY Gold Ear Rings and firmer"
V Rings; Gold Pins and chains; Watches, Silver ta
ble and tea spoons, silvor Thimblos; a large stock Just '
rocuiveu quo soiling very cneap, A. v. MUKHtto, -
T ADIE'S HOISERY Ladies White Hose '
11 selling at 6f cents per pair, at tha Shaleravill
Cheap Storo.
KEEP COOL 1,000 Fans just received
and selling at 3 oentr a place; also some nle on
for more money. A. V. Hoaa dt Co.
SHOES We have received our stock of
Boots and shoes, consisting of all style for ladle,
girls, genu, boys and ehildrtaVwear. W sell Iheia
very cheap and rest. A. V. HORR dt Co.
THAT Ticking at one shi ling per yard
JL woith K conts; three eases Just rec"l; abo good
Feathers on band.
a. v. nosa at 1
COD FISH, 4Q00 lbs of prirnte large Cod
Fish, Just ree'd. . A. V. Hoaa A Co.
THREE cases Lawnsi the best that can W
found for one eliilllugper yard, Jasl ree'd by
' - - A. V. HORR dt Co.
PIFTY CENTS will buy at tbe Shalew
-L villa cheap Storo, a better Lawn Dr pattern,
than can be had at any other Establishment; fast col-'
or. . . 1 A. V. Hoaa dt 0.
SILKS A large Btock or Black, Brocinfe,"
striped, plaid, Fouland Silks Worth ct, aoW of
fered at 4 3d, mow is y oar time to buy; pllejast ree'tft
, . , ... . - .A. V. Hon Co -
OH DOZEN Sythes juat received,-snd for
U3 sale by A. V. Ho d Co.
ORSE RAKES, for sak.
A. Ho Co.
IN EN COATS Good one atone dor-'
lar eaeai
1 A. V. AORH dt Co.
WHITE FISH and Trout, by thtf tarre!,'
V V half bbl.- and pound..
BOOTS Three cases just re-'
ceived, a good article, eUlng at on dollar pat
. jtoaa tvo-
F OUR Cases Ticking-, best quality, selling
at I pr7nl, - by A. V, Howt Co.
9 DDI) YARDS Carpetingr just received
vUUU aad for sale at a small advance abov eoat,
,').:,.,'--:..; ,;..y; bf . A. V. HoU Co.
pLOCKS We have just received a large 5
V assortment; tall and see thm. A. V. Hoaa Co.
T OOKING Glasses all sises just received :
jli ana soiling nm : v. stosa LO.
,J.4 .!lJV. rot '.j s-.C
m m 'mm '" -r"
i.?iT .?90at

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