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HAVE.. ti9. t9, 1S4.
Tile Weekly Portage Sentinel
Is published .Try Wednesday at Ravenna, bjr A. But
and B. K. Ctum at tie following
TERMS One year payable within si mes. I,JO
One yc-ir piyabie alter tb expiration of six
months, and within the voer, (.00
Ou Tuf raviibla after It. .miration, i.jo
Ko paper will be dharonttnued until all arrearagea
are paid, except at toe option oi puuiiioera.
(f We.; learn tint tho mall pox hai
broke out in one or two families, living near
the South line of Bainbridge, in Geauga
county.' Three deathi have already occur
ted. .
C3"E.. T. RicHAnDaos has received an
extensive stock of Hardware. - See adver
03 Our neighbors ol the Democrat, have
raised the subscription price of their paper,
to $2,00 per annum. They offer substan
tial reasons for this change.
OrOur friend 3. V. Mell. Esq., of Deer
field, hai sent us a fine list of subscribers,
for which we tender our thanks. Favors of
this kind on the part of our friends and pat
rons in different townships will always be
gratefully received. Who will send the
next list! 1
Wnrrcnnnd Franklin Railroad
We published to-day, the proceedings of
a meeting of the subscribers, to the capital
stock of the Warren and Franklin Railroad,
which will no doubt be read with interest..
From the statement of the condition pf the
road,and the resolutions adopted at tlie meet
ing, wo infer that the company are deter
mined to push forward the work as rapidly
as possible. Some have entertained fears
lest the pressure of the times in money
matters', would cause a suspension of the
work. Tho statement presented at the meet
in?; above referred to, will have a tenden
cy to quiet those fears.
We hope, that the work may be carried
forward to a uceeBful completion.
The Lf.ctuke of' Mrs. Oage. This very
justly celebrated mitlioros gave a lecture at
tho Town Hall, on last Sabbath evening,
upon the subject of Temperance, also one
on Monday evening, upon the subject of
"Woma'n's Rights." We had the pleasure
of being present, on Monday evening, and
while we do not by any means, endorse all
the sentiments and propositions presented,
yet we heartily approve of very much that
was suid. The lecture was full of thought,
and valuable instruction, which if followed
out, would be of vast benefit to the ladies
of any community. Her remarks upon the
subject of physical Education especially'
wera replete with truth and argument.
Side Walks. The enterprising Proprie
tors of the Phccnix Block, are causing a
wide and substantial brick walk to be laid
down in front of that noble building. As a
matter of economy and convenience, would
it noalso be well for our citizens to con
struct side-walks in other parts of tho tovvu
where they are needed, before the winter
season sets in.
The United States Magazine. The
November numher of this valuable Maga
zine has been received. For sound nnd
practical information, thin work will com
pare with that of any publication in the
country. We are glad to learn of its in
creasing popularity. Terms, 1. 00 per an
num. Address J. M. Emerson & Co., 1, 3,
5 & 7, Spruce street New York.
Petersons Ladies National Magazike.
Great improvements will be made in this
capital Magazine for. 1S55. The reading
matter will bo increased to nine hundred pa
ges a year. Each number will contain ' a
steel engraving; a colored fashion plate, and
between twenty nnd forty wood engravings.
The fashions are always prettier and later
in "Peterdon" than in any other magazine
Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, the celebrated au
thor of "Fashion and Famine," is one o'
the editors, and writes exclusively for it, as
sisted by all tli 2 best femalo authors. No
other magazine has such stories as this;
and morality and virtue arc always incul
cated. The terms are a dollar less than
those of other magazines of similar rank,
viz: $2,00 a year, instead of $3,00. To
clubs the terms are cheaper yet, three cop
ies being sent for $5,00, five copies for $7,
50, and eight copies for $10,00, with a splen
did premium to the person getting up the
club. Address, post-paid, Chari.es J. Pe
terson, No. 102 Chestnut street, Philadel
phia. Specimens sent on being written for.
The War in lhiropc.
Very angry notes aro known to have re
cently passed between Franco and England
on one side, mid PrtisBia on tho other. The
design of-these protocols is to induce Prus
sia to depide for or against the Czar. There
is little prospect of the war beiiif termina
ted during the present year. In all proabili
ty the allies will huve learned wisdom Imfore
the commencement of the campaign in 1856.
"Then, instead of fighting in the Crimea, at
the very extremity of the Rusaian Empire,
sthey may have determ'ned to .also carry the
var into the vital part to attack Russia in
a central place. This can scarcely be done
without the assistance of Prussia, through
whose territories the hostile and invading
army would have to march, as was done in
J812. ; ' :.
Louis Napoleon has now an army of ono
Jiuhdred and fifty thousand men in the vicini
ty of Boulogne, a position whence they could
rfcadily . march upon Russia. It is alleged
thai this immense force, which will winter
in its present encampment, is to be sent
against Prussia in the spring, unless Freder
ick's William join the alliance against the
Czar, . Louis Napoleon, ifjio other means
will do it, (and protocols are only paper pel
lets,) (nay desire to entice Prussia by force.
"An extension of the war" appears inevitable,
and, should it take place, who know but
that, when the contest is concluded,, a new
arrangeujent pf Europeaii territory may take
place, to" amend that under the treaty of V
erina; in 1815, by which France may fulfill
her long-cherished dream of onoe morftjob
taining the Rhine, as ono of its boundaries
an arrangement which, at under tho cider
Napoleon would take a large slice from
Prussia 1 "We are verv confident that Louis
i Napoleon ! some political views which he
keeps to himself, but bears constantly in
rolndr B-and-by, perhaps Prussia may be
tbej"stc . man,' with France : M residuary
l4ftet-iWtc York Daily Hm..;!..
Itlore Indian Murder in Texas -
A Tragic story.
Our latest dates are Sao Antonio. 3d;
Austin, 4th, and Galveston 9th Instant..
The San Antonio Ledger, of the 2d, has
an account of another murder and outrage
committed by the 'Indians. The Ledger
says: - -
On last Sunday evening, air. St. Will
iams, living ua the Medina, about 14 miles
from this citv.was cruelly butchered by a
party of six Indiana. It seems that he had
gone from .his bouse for water, and soon af
ter, bis wife hearing him shout for assist
ance, ran to the spot, and found that the
cruel work had been done ber husband waa
killed. The Indiana then came to the house,
robbed it of its contents, and carried off their
three children. They left the house a short
distance, and sat down to enjoy a leost, serv
ed up with the most shocking cruelty. Mrs,
Williams followed them, and by entreaty
succeeded in getting from them hor two
youngest children. . i he other, a little L'iri,
they would not eive up, but carried her off
with them, and is still a captive among thpin.
They also drove off the horses of Mr. Will
iams. Mrs. Williams started off for a neigh
bor's house almost frantic with grief, scarce
ly knowing where and for what she was go
ing. After wandering about lost and be
wildered for the whole of Sunday night,
about daylight she came up to tho house of
Mr. Caruthers.
Several citizens of the neighborhood start
ed off immediately in pursuit. We have not
yet ht'uid whether or not it is likely that the
Indians would be overtaken, but would rath
er think that they will make their escape.
The news reached San Antonio on Mon
day the 30th, when a company of fifteen or
twenty regulars, under the command ol
Cant. Calhoun, was sent in pursuit of the
Indians. Tho party returned on tho eve'
ning of the 1st instant. The Ledger says:
They loi lowed them some six'y or seven'
ty miles, when they concluded it was use.
less to go further, and gave up the pursuit.
The Indiana wero Oumnnchea, instead of
Apaches, as first reported. In their flight
they did not fail to net out their ruling pro
pensity, that of stealing. They stole sev
trul horses from the settlement about Qui
hi. Mr. Montell, a gentleman from the
Bundara, reports that a corresponding par
ty of Camanchea passed the Banilaru Pass
about ten days siune. They were undoubt
edly the party who committed the depreda
tions, as they took the same trail back.
We leurn from them Austin Stale Times,
that fivi companies of Rangers were mus
tered into the service of the State on the
3d inst. We lenrn from the Slate Gazelle
that the R ingers will be sent to Fort Mar
tin Scott and Fort Worth, to await the or
ders of Gen. Smith, and upon these will de
pend their future service or disbanding.
The Gazette snys the Runner? are fine men,
from every part of the State, and well
mounted unil equipped.
Tho State GazeUsi.AU the following trag
ic story:
A daughter of Daniel Merrill, of Liberty,
had the misfortuue to bestow her love upon
a villain, who succeeded in marrying her.
After a few yea's of infamous- conduct, the
wretch, whose name was McCory, abandon
ed her, und not contended with leaving her
to the cold mercies ol the world, took with
him their daughter, the only offspring of the
ill starred match. Mr. Merrill pursued him,
and seeking to evade his pursuer, fllcurory
pushed on to tho sea-const, still carrying
with him the child
At this time, as though Heaven had cho
sen to wreak vengeance upon him, the aw
ful fctorm look place which swept away the
town ol' Matagorda, and evervthini; in its
p .Uli. Jt was during this terrible visitation
that he found himself near the bay, and
placing the child in a temporary place tf
safety, he undertook to brave the maddened
elements in reaching the town. Night set
in, and while darkness enveloped the earth,
either the sudden rise of the ocean or the
overwhelming blasts of the
wiikI became
the aveuoii)!; arm oi
his injiiri'il wife, and
smote him to the tii-1 . H i body wa af
terwards reconizntl . Ii l i y i.iu' : 1 i. .!, i: ltd
the child wus rescued alive, tu ,r i m. . i n ..'.1 llu
face ol iu iinjllj(;i
fjO"TliH free and in'cepted Miisonsof Cal
ifoiniu ure not to have a free liyiit. Thu
Grand Lodge has declared that dueling is re
pugimnt to the principles of Freemasonry,
and members ure to be expelled from the
Iik!C3 if they resort to that mode of settling
their disputes. No Mason who falls in a
duel is to be buried with Masonic honors.
(Baininerciol intriligfnre, &r.
liAVlNXAJVl Aiiiiirr.
Corrected Weekly by Geo. Buel and other deal
ers in the articles named below.
Flouk t3 Bbl. Ex. $10,00, com
V heat $ Bush. r
Rve liush. -Cokn
"tf Bush. . - -Oats
"tf Bush. - -Flax
Seed Bush.
Timothy Seed p Bush. - -Cloveb
Seed p Bush. -Beans,
white, p Bush. -Potatoes
"tf Bush. - -Onions
p Bush. -Butter
p lt ...
Cheese p ft - -Lard
p ft - - -Eous
p Doz. -Salt
p Bbl. .- ...
Coal, stone, p Ton
1, 85 1,90
1, 00 1,25
1,000? 1,25
50 75
2 ,00
9,00 10,00
Wood p Cord -
ay it) J on -
pcciiil Jiotimi
Kruni and after uate, twenty-live cent eacli will be
cliarced for thu following urticles, of not more than
live lines euch: Marriage, Deaths, Notices of Fire,
lieileions. uud all other nieetings. The terms will bo
strictly iu advunee and no attention paid Ut any notice
unless accompanied by the cash.
Novi)iiiburS2, 1854.
Dr. TUBUS will be at tlie Prentiss House,
Wednesday und Thursday until 3 o'clock P.
M. a7lh and 2Kth of Uec,- .
See advertisement in uuotlier column.
Jrtasonic Notice.
Tbo members of tfnlty Lodge So. 12, of Freo
nnd accoptud Masons of Kavutilia, are request
ed to mml nl tl.ul. (1..II l.i U.ui.11111 nn Moil.
:V day evenliiE. Doe. 4. at Oi o'clock P. M., at
which time tho annual Election will bike place,
' K. T. KIC11AKDSO.N, W. M.
JOHN G. DaWOl.F, S.e. . .
Diseases, Liver Complaint. Neuralgia, Dyspeps in, Cos
tiveness and Piles, are all relieved and cured In an
Incredible brt space of time, by Carter.'. Kpanisb
flixluro, tlie groat tonic ami purifier of Uie blood. It
contains not a particle of Mercury, Opium or any nox
ious drug; l prrfectly liarniless, uud baa cured more
than Ufa hundred cases of disease.
We can only refer the rouder to tho certificates, a few
of which muv be found In another column, und all nf
which aro detailed in full around tbo bottle. It is the
greatest of all Spring nud Pall Medicines, und. pos
sesses an influence ovur the blood truly remarkable.
, te advertisement. . 4w.
iiyUouanda Germaa jBitrri. We would call tho
atieiitiou of onr readers, to Uie advertisement of Dr.
Hoofland' celoWuted German Jiltturs, prepared by
Dt.C. M. Jackaon, Ho. 131) Areb street, Phlladelpbia.
In cases.of Liver complaint, Dyspepsia, Dlaeuso of the
Kidneys, and all diseases aribiug from n disordered
stomach; their power Is not -eieolled, if equalled, by
any oUier known preparation, as Uie cute attest, In
maay asei, alter tha. most celebrated physicians had
failed. We can conscientious)- recommend this med
icine, as being what it is represented, and urge our
reader, who are atHk ted to procures boUie,end Uio;
will bo convinced of the truth we assert. , . , , .
HATS AND PAPS.--A ' large stock of
Hut. and tips of all stvlos just received and sellr
tog rerylow. , , Oet.8,.lBj.;; A, V. HOKB St CO.
SHEARS, Scissor and Pocket Knives, of
Uie finest quality, can be found , : ; .,
v Jta U MM. n A.Jim .
.ii , .i ".rf.?'. ii
Sub. '
Oa the 16ib of Xovamlwtr. In WasblurUin town.bm.
Union Co., Olilo. Sir. ORSON ALLYN, (formerly of
niraui. rortaga lo) In (lie twouiy-aliilli y ax or lix
ag.. lie leaves a beloved wife and chilli to moura hi
The circumstance, are aa follow: oa the ere nf Ibe
IjUv be .Kent much lime la linclnr beautiful and fa
vorile hymn of bis. lu praise nf 111, beloved Master,
and the till of the Rear Joruul.-ni. went lo bed well.
awoke at throe o'clock, and aaid he waa cold. Hi.
wife Uiea covered bim well with clotl.h a-. He mule
ao other complaint till hair suet four, when he aaid be
waa cold, ami very lick, and requested hor to build a
Ire which waa doue immediately. (She then adminis
tered lo ItlewaiiU la the boat manner she could sail be
died at about Bre o'clock.
3tm Slbufttiscraruts.
Aualytical Physician.
Will be iu attendance at Ills rooms aa follows.
Hnrciina Prentiss House, Wednesday and Thura.
day until 3 VclrtH, P. M. !t7th and gftth Due.
Akron Cobb's Exchange, 1 inula) Stilh December
warren t Milium Hons.-, montiaf, lat or January.
Cleveland American House, Thursday and Friday,
7th ni.ii Hill Dec.
Those afflicted with Chronic disnasc. of the Liver,
Luiiir. Ki.liiti.a or Suleen. Iiiflimiimliona. Kheuinif
tism, Asthtna.Vbortnessof Hrculhordifllt'iiliy of breath
ing, Dysprpsin, dropsy, Weakness or Nervous disa
bilities', Restlessness. Loss of appetite. Constipation.
Derangement of thu Stomuch, Bilious Affocllous, Grav
el, White Kwoilliigs,orahy longstanding dlsuuses, uro
invited to can
Ko ( 1UR111 for Coksi'Ltitiox !Dr. T., neither ;
bleeds nor blisters; nor is hen Hotna iiulliint; lie never ,
uses .Mercury, Arseme Aiituiiony,or any other miiicnil It is under the control oiconipeient Instructors, who
as a medical Ageut;nor i he u Thompsonitin, he neither ! have had much experience as Touchers in one of ths
steams orgivea emetics. His theory of diseases iliuVra first Klr.cational lintitulionslo Mass., and who will de
from all others that have been adopted, but Lot more , vntu their best effort to promote the moral and in
so than ms system ol treatment, tie ones not anake
sick to make well, nor tour down to ouild up again, nor
allay auy nervous Irritation, by patching up with ano
dynes. '
An unbiased opinion as to tho probability of a cure
is always given. Subjecting the patL-nt 10 no expense
without a reasonable prospect of success.
Dr. YusbS, Hlr Knowing the vast amount of iiiffec
lujt existing among females of the present day, and
having drank to the dregs, from their bitter cup of af
flictions, 1 gladly make known what iu my own cao
has proved thu long sought remedy.
My hualih has been poor for eighteen yours, and ten
vonrs of that Lime I shent iu bod a helpless sufferer.
scarcely nblj to. sit up long euougii to have my bed
The uiis-ry of those yeara I cannot descilbo. Pro
la(tiis Uteri with heat, w eakness and pain through smalt
of the back and abdomen, und sharp pains extending
down tho limbs were among the earlier symptoms.
Walking or standing became difficult at ttrst. an J at
leneih iillurlv impossible. Soon digestion failed and
I he entire nervous ay sic-111 seemed unstring, palpitation
of the heart and dizziness uuil oppression of thu head,
also added to my sutfuriugs. -Ptixak-iaitH from faraud
near were employed, by one of whom I was aliv:iled
and rendered worse than before. Your first proscrip
tion was obtained In October, one year ago. Improve
ment was slow ut first. 1 have not only beeu able to
leave my bud, but am now doing most of my house
work, and can walk a mile and buck u ithout s jiioua in
convenience. Yours truly,
Baldwin township, Sandusky County, Ohio.
Axes! Axe.!!
JOINER'S Hurd'e. Powell's and Collin's
J Chopping nud Brood Axes, of the bust quality, at
manufacturers prices and wurruntud.
nOVEY'S Seeloy's and Gordon's Pntmit
Straw und Con. -I-'talk Cullers, al.l lo be the best
ftl;:clilnes in inc. selling low. Fanners ple.isj lake no
tice, o'o. B. Puecnu Block.
Snv.SB. ' T. niCllARliPO.V
Icitcicsiin'r ?Vivs fi'osEi Eiisl
i 'l..e!.;ill l f.-.K.s.ojx!.
; TIIE l!,9t Telegraphic dwpatr.h report tho
l l. .11 ol M-onslot'oi, me strouiioiu in in if nsi; i.s
. ,., ,., , , ..,i,i,i ;.s,.i f ,. v.... ...
: and Kfa'iah. but Mf full "f 5ebast'.il is not are: l r
Ill:: II Hi
' l.i
ii lie.' pi le.' of iiools, Shoes, (toilers ;!i;ii
!v ::t ll.e sl'.r. of J. H. Hostwlck i- t.'o.
All kinds ofyniter innl wilder shoes lor !:.. lies we
will sell ote;.;i..'r llein we ever sold ISieiu betiire; the
tiisli or iwi.ly pay v i'.l bring cheap shoes to the urcha-
Grsit Ileihu-tion in Boiihets. V.'e have a few satin
hoiue-ls .iu liiind et. whoi vi-r wants a honnet here is
the place to buy it. VVe will sell the w hole lot or sini:
Iv a I ten per ecu I. ubovo cost.
' Nov. all. JH.-.4. .1. II. BdSTWICK .V Co.
TX liirsc Hard limes wo will rndcuvor to i
J. to niaku il us easy us possible to jut rctiuseiti partic
ularly iu tin saving of cash.
We will lor thu eush deduct 3 per cel. t. on any bill
anion nti isff lo ton dollars or uver after selling the jooils
ul Ibe lowest cash prices.
Nov. 211, 1854. J. H. BOSTWICK & Co.
I3r!:i!! Notice.
IVTOTICE is hereby given to all persons in-
il terestod that Kxocutors and Adiuluistraturs on the
following; Eslatcs have presented lo the Court of Pro
bate for the County of Portage In tho Mate of Ohio
their several settlement iu counts which are placed on
file in the office of the Jiklne of said Court uud coiitin-
ued lor Ihe inspection anil exception or ail persons in
i teresled until the nineteenlh day of December, A. !.,
i iimi, iu wu;
S) Wester Gilberts
Matthew Hutseus
Thomas ( urls
Harriet Furiibums
Laura Warners
Final Suttlcineut.
do do
do do
PartMil do
do do
Samuel Masons
do do
llonewell Jewell Guardian to Megill Jewell do
jM. Huiuhau'rll do to Jacob lltiiuballh Ac ul
Erustus M. Vonng do
to Ijorimia b.. ouugdo
toThrbollen H.Clark do
toThos Price nnd nl do
to Jnuies C. llyurs do
to Kdwin Hiill and al do
b Ploru Kino do
to Lovinia Ileum & als
John G. Lewis do
David Thomas do
Joseph P. Pownai do
B. C. Wauii do
George B. Conantdo
Jobn Ifcum do
Attest. LUTHEK I.
ISKOWN, Probate Junce
naveuna, Nov. 27, &).
491 -3w.
Tresi rhs Orrii k, of Krunklin Si Wurren R. K. Co. I
Franklin, Portage County 0., Nov. Kith 1854.)
rT'HE Stock Subscribers who have neglected to pay
uny part of their subscription are hereby nolilied
thai the whole amount of their Stock is now due, and
further indulgence oil the part of the company would
be gross injustice lo paying subscribers, ns well as re
tard the progregs of tlie, work. And ll'piiyment in pai l
Is not promptly made Uio collection of the whole
anion nt due, with intorest and penalty of live per cent
will be enforced,
tf. E. P. BKAINERD, A. Treasurer.
Icffal Notice.
X nolicu Unit G. H. Detiner & Co., tiled in the Court
of Common Pious of Portugo county. State of Ohio
on the 2Klh day of October, A. D..1H54. a Petition,
against bim the object and prayer of which is Ihe recov
ery of 9 104,40, and interest.- An ntttii hmeut bus issued
out of aaid court in said cause and has served on cer
tain property of .aid Francis K. Illaucluird iu suid
county, which said Petition is now pending and mild
Kluucliard Is required to -answer by tbo Sell) day ef
January, A. D., JKS5.
Ow. Att'y for Plaintiff. .
Teachers' Exaininatiou.
The ''Board of Examiner." of Portage County, will
bold examinations this full as follows:
1st. Saturday, Oct. Blst., at Uie close or the Teachor.'
2d, Saturday, November 4tlt,
Sd, ' '' 18ih.
4th, " ' llocoinber 2d.
Tho oxainitiations will commenee nt 9 o'clock A.
M. each day, iu tbo Court House ut Kavcnna, unless
that room is otherwise occupied.
' All applicants will bo expected to furnish satisfactory
evidence of moral characbir.
The Board expect to hold no' other examinations un
Hl spring, ' . BK.U. NEWELL, Clerk;
Oct. 3d, 1834. lC-0t.: , ' , , .
. Franklin Seminatry. :.'..
THE TEACHERS of Shalersville Insti-
X tute have ntudu nrrangemenu to change their lo
cation and open a school at Franklin Mills, to com
mence on Mondny, Nov. 27th, 1854.
Together with the Academic School, a Mercantile
Department ba. beon arranged and the services of Mr.
Chas. Pec hare been .ecured one of IU mana
ger, and lecturer). J. K. PICKETT,
Former principal 't Folsom's Mercantile Branch.
' Nov. 8lh.!54. 48-Hr. i n . e . w.
., '.';.' JCWClry.,,,. :i:
AT R. A. BAIRD & Cq's.; can be found
at. all ttinoa a large and well .elected .toct ol
olry, of every dewrlptlon, and selling at the lowest
possible rates. . . . , - ,
' N. B. Samples of the newest styles received every
week, from the nianufnetorioa at the East, consequent
ly the newest aud pioal approve, atyle. alway. on
hand, r -i ,iv! ,jr!''-. i !.).',r.; '
HE CHEST Medicated Fur Chest Pro
tectors. For aala by
Nov. !, 1F54.
Itrivrunn Srbools.
THE WINTER TERM of these Schools
will coaiiaeuce oa Monday, Daeeuiber 4th, and
will continue 11 Weeks.
Ills Tory Important that all who attend, eomovnee
la irst day of the term. BESJ. HEW ELL, Sunt.
Bavenna, Hot. Si U4. 3.
. is em "
AT my
XL daylssi
instance an attachment waa this
sued by John Kroner a Jostle of the Peace
of franklin township. Ports county, against the
Propertv and effect of Alansnn Hewino, a non-resident
of said coanly. Haled this 11th day of Nor. KH.
4 HO 3w.
rnstitia iMSMlla.
Atwntcr rioinlnary.
THE Winter Term of this Institution, lo
cntedin Atwater.Portcfeeonnty.O.. on the Cleve
land Pittsburgh Kallroad, will rominenee on Wed
newlay, December Bth, and continue eleven weeks,
nnder'tha charge ofits iiresent Principal, Mr. K. B.
PAIKCHII.ll, tsshtrd by ilis J. H. BAKTOS; both
from one of Hie leading Edorallooal IiislltuUoui In
Taaas. Pur common English Branehea, a 3,00
Hither Mathematics, Latin, Creek and French
' Languages, ....... 4
Instrumental Music (aitm) including use or In
strument, ------- jo.nti
Pencil l)rnwlnz, . - - - - s,IK)
Good boarding con be bad iu private families, at
verv rttisonulilf rates.
Tho Board of Trustee beir leave In curc theiub-
lie, that this Inxtitution 19 r'-topnzed 011 a perinniicnt
basis, and affords facilities for tliornnirh initriiction in
the various !. ram lies, surpassed by 11 other similar
InMitiilmn. in Ohio
tfliectiml wenars or those wnoss instruction is com
milted to their charee.
Per particulars please srblmss the Principal, or
Alwuter.Xov. 11, THU. 489-tf.
rOTICE is hereby given, that tho under-
11 signed on or about tin luth day of July last, gave a
note to It. A. Baird, lor the sum of 10. Now this Is
to warn ull persons from buying or receiving said uotv,
as it was given without consideration nud the under
signed will never pay thu same unless compelled lo by
Xolson, November 8, 1P.54. 489 6w
Atloutioii TcaciiersWilmol's
1? N G 1. 1 S H CRAMMER. The Author
J having secured the copyrijrtit of the above work.
according lo law, is happy to auimuiicc to the teachers
of the country that hi-i large ami splendid chart, is now
in process of publication, mid will soon bo present
ed by Mr. iliuot or his Agents, for the considera
tion of such teachers us desire to render the study ol
Grammar peculiarly iNTUaLm-iNU and Eftv for the
This work Is the fruit of years of toil anil investi
gation, has been carefully prepared by tho uuthor
with a rofereuee to leaching with rapidity, acci r.h y
und intfjkkst. The r.ri ki w: i iukt was first intro
diiceil and used by tho author. He has been inform
ed however, that un eirort is being mude lo introduce
n chart somewhat similar to his own, but yet coin
iiaratively worth i.css. The uitdersiirneil would ad ise
Teachers Booksellers und all persons interested in ed
uciitlonal reform, to await the publication of "Wil
mot's Kelectic Chart," which is only lluitimatk
thing of tlie kind in the country.
The copyright of the above work being secured, all
persons arc hereby forbidden the publication thereof,
unless bv special urrangeiiient with the author.
Ravenna, Kov. Kith, 1834.
THE attention of tha friemU of Educu
tloual Progress is berely culled to thu fact that the
novel and interesting system of Kngiish Grammar,
which luis beeu taught su successfully by A. Pickett Iu
the Nelson tuid Wliiilliaui acadeuiies, and by J. K.
Pickett iu the Brunswick aiidSlialersville Institutes, is
now being published by J .K. Pickett. lie. lias secured
the copyright for his Churl and Key.
Thu Chart isulreudy completed itid can be bud by up-
plviiig to the uuthor it t franklin .Mills or at the Hook.
store of Hall, llernck & Wadsworth. liuvonua.
Key will be eoiiiiileted iu a few weeks.
Ravenna, Nov. 1'itii, Irol.
Kcw Map of Portage County.
IjROM original surveys by P. J
. C. K.,iullKir of Trunibiill couuly, m
J. Browne,
nnd the princi
pal Ciliesand counties in the State of Nev Vork, show
ing all tho Uoads Hail roads. Slremin, idillls, Churches,
Sinr.'s, Taverns, School Houses, Black Smiih and
Wagon Shops, nil Furnaces, Kaebrtes and Machine
Shops, ami all the biiiblings priuci.'iilly tliroujili tlie
whole I o'.inty (and alio the lines of lite original lot..)
carefully including those who subscribe iu advance to
liio map, price Bve dollars pbr.yale on delivery of the
lump. -dfinr
CN the walk, near the Depot of the C
J P. K. I!., a poiliet-bnok, whiili ean beobt. lined by
Ihe owner, if tliey
lie a lull ami eomnteiii neseiipiiun
ol'the simte to
Ifavelina. t. 10,
lSS-t. 41-SI tf
' j'.' "h". ' BOSTWiCK ' & caTr
li.'alors In Ftuple and Fuuey Dry Oood-i
Uueeiisware, ee. Xo. T, Pliu'lii.v illoeli
, Kaveaua.
7, a oa in he lure the
luiblii'., it liltle I't-
trr than ui;al, but ail the better for tlie people; I
lulu pun-bases in the City, ahva. give us tlieadiau-
li.iv . l-.teh .'.iiiedon u 23 per n.l. in lliis town, (over
ll!i! left.) e ill endeavor to give our cus-tomers 111
advantage of our late purchasers, which will reduce
..... r..,.,r,. i.. ,.il. i Ti,i. i.., r i
railing ot! and Hie only way to im.Ke up tii.i
islos.-ll a big pile of Coods, so coriH!
on friends, we
are ready I'oraii) thing and any prices.
OH ! how
what a dep
are the miihty fallen, 0!t !
prcsslon in the Tea market. lJi iu one
shnrl inoiith is certainly knocking oif large proliis iu a
hurry, and as niurcliahts generally are getting rich loo
fast, we will try and have thu prollls llxcd at about liv
ing rates, our motto is (live and let live) good Tea, 5U
tepeVib. -
cent Tea, (tbal was) wo w ill sell for 3.11 ceu
flease mark that.
WE will sell better Calico for 6 cents,
than was ever dreamt ,of in man's ecoimiriy, and
we can back up this asserl ion by producing the good.;
and furthermore we will s-dl J. llrigns & Co's. Dtiu
nells. Kielimoud and Carres beat Madder prints, fur
lb. Mark that ton.
UILKS, SILKS All we ask, is for the
Lj people to come und see them, and the goods will
sell themselves,. It is only necessary to say here, thai
wo will sell black Silks one yard wide for "81,50, and
one yard and a quurUir, for $l,?e. Don't forget that
as you puss nloug.
AS this is a progressive world, we will en
deavor to keep up with the fast llmus, without any
particular kind of aid, or stopping to gut rested, and if
cheap goods and small prollls demonstrate Ibis pro
gressive age, we aro not bo numbered among those
M ho fall short of tho 25 cent reduction.
WE will give a few articles that can be
found nt all time, nt our Store. Dress goods,
Dress trimmings, Collars, Undersleuvus, Laces, Edg
ings, while goods nf ull kinds. Linens Hoisery, Gloves,
Veils, Cords, Tusscls, Buttons, Zopby Worsted, Shirt
Bosoms, Collars,. Handkerchiefs, Cravats, liawls,
Flannels, Linings, Checks, Stripes, Tickings, Jeans,
Salinuets, Cassimeres Doe skins, Broa! Cloths, Car
pets, Oil Cloths, Mats, Hugs, Ribbons, Bonnets, cur
tain Muslin, Comforts, Suspenders, Fringes, c,
Gaiters, Boots, Shoos, Groceries and spices. Crock
ery, Glassware, and every thing that the necessities in
the people demand.
Our Shawls alone will establish our prices 2j deg.
below zero.
tATIN BONNETS Ah! we always sold
kJ more Bonnets than uny other bouse in town, and
our full bonnets aro cheaper and more beautiful than
ever. '
LADIES who take delight in making their
own Collars, Sleeves and Chemisettes, will find
the muslin ready .lamped and tho best of French work
ing Cotton, at our Store. More hereafter.
J tho most beautiful set of Crockery, ever brought to
this market. If any one expects to purchase this fall
or winter, no crockery can bo found ao cheap or so
beautiful, na at tho store of J. H. BogTwicn. & Co.
you any bare walls, sinokey walla, or any kind
not papered? If so don't fail to cover litem with some
thing bandsomo in the way of puper, comfort and
beauty, and always dcsirablet don't forget that tho
very thing you want i ntNo. 7, We uavo more than
we want for our own use, nud can part with Mine ou
cheap terms. '..
PARPET, CARPETCarpets are one of
J tile comforts of lire; not only lubor saving, but
ornamental! W here is the person who can abide pun
cheon Boors. It Is certainly economy to have evory
bouse carpeted; remember' that we have earpeUfroni
3'i CM. to per yaru
E have a splendid assortment of Goods'
and what i. more wo do not with to keep than).
These are hard time., and whoever ha. tbo money to
spend can have goods at almost no price, at all. v We are
b ound to sell them, whether we make anything or Hot.
We are not to be undersold. ' - ' ...
J. H. Boirrwtra e Co. 1
ll form his friends nnd the pablle, 1het h. ha. moved
bl. ortlco, to hi. Dwelling House, on Mala Kt.t nearly
OpposltetheTown Hall, in Kavenuu, where he ready to
attend to all the Culls in hi. profession. " ' ; .
Aiuruat 10, '34. : '- : v. y' 1 ' 4t7-tf
MR. ALANSON K. KINO, hasthw dav
been appointed Rtton (Vte brylng gronnd,
la Ravenna township, by UieTrnataMof aaid township.
, - - Attest, A. B.CR1FFIN, TowCkrk,
i Uarenptv; Ortobw ,ie54. A
Fall Goods IS J I.
If flock of goods, comprising broad cloth rati
meres, testings, dclaiues, cahmcrca, poplt..a. em
broidered robes, pariaetUis, aierinos, tiriut. shawls,
groceries, crockery, hardware, A.C., whk-h we gaaran.
tee to st'll at figures to stilt. Call and esamine brfor
nurchaaing. PK5T1!S, HOPKI.Na t Co.
October lltli, I9S4 lu-tf.
Who are the f'Uuow-Xothing-s!
THAT is a question not eaaily answered,
but the question as to who sells roods the cheapest
in naveuna, is a aiaiter mcn mom wiij s-mw.
Vi e are quite willing lo leave tlial matter with tiie eo
pie. IImj "wind rk" w will leavw to Uioee h
may have beeu out of Uie busiues a few years, nod
"got retl," but the tolling goods aa low as tuey can
be bought, we will must ciivorfully attend to. Many
goods have materially decline' iu price this fall, and
among oUiers. the article of Tea. W can now sell
good Tea at three shillings p;r lb., and ''other goods
in proportion."
We have now a Hire stock nf KALI, and WINTER
GOdllS, and will take pleasure in showing thm to
all who may favor us w ith a call, und if tliey fiud them
"twenty-live percent." above our neighbors, we would
suggest Uie propriety of their purehii'thg elsewhere.
PKli.NtlSS, HOPKINS di Co.
October 18, 1PS4.
THE "WIND MILL" Still in motion! is
X will be seen by reference to the Xow Merchant's
card of last week. Goods sold as low aa utual, at the
old stand of Pkotiss, Hopkins ci Co.
November 1, IS54.
IL itiwoiitlmie that branch of our htiinr, wt offer
our entire sl'K'k ut cost. IIiomo wniiliiijr ni-vl'iinn In
tiiitl lino will pleatw cult mid mvi Mime money.
Oct. 31. IKt4. PRKNTtntt. Hot-It I Ml it Co.
pUFFEE SUGAR Don't pay nine cents
J iter pound at our nvlhlxirs. whvu you can got ua
pitiJ an uriiclo htirw utcilit.
October 31 154. l'mtMTti HopKitta & Co.
HORSE BLANKETS A good prticle to
be found at 1kkti, Hovkims at Co.
OTRAW CUTTERS Just roe'd, Rich'.
kJ Patent fitraw Cntter,.of the most approved pntt 'rn,
suitable for cutting both Straw und Corn Stalk,, selling
cheap by 1kkntis( Uopki;iV Co.
B"UFFMA71rtOBES lot of very fine
onosjust received, iind S'llinp us low they ca
boliuuIit in towu. I'kkntiss Hoi'KiNs & Co.
iD did nssortuieiit of Vesting, Cassimeres und cintlis,
just received aud selling at tk'urcs that citu't be beat.
Pc.Kii'i'is, Hopkins A: Co.'
BLACK SILKS Any lady wanting a
Uluok Silk Dres.;, cuu Ihul nn arlkk' superior In
-Hiulity, bcuulititliu Lutrt-' ami cfit'uM-r limn cwr stiU!
in KiiVknii.-i at Piiemih, Moi kins & Co.
PAPER A liirge nnd well se-
i'Io-1 as-jortmoi.t of Wull utul Wimlow iiuiht.
just rucunctl. uuJ selling from 6J ceiiU u.
HaKMiKi, Hoi-lass & Co.
fjpEA! TEA!! Throe shillings will buy ap
L cooii an artlclo of Tea, as our m'iht.or sA
for forty cents, at Vrkntim, HofKiNn & Co.
BOOTS and SHOES--A full stock con-si'Uiucot'Gt'nt-i.
ISoulsun.l Nhotts; Lmlii Morocco
llootood, Gailcra, Hiiluii.s Gout oitaiitl'il uih! patt'iit
Ji'itttiur Shoos, Children nnd Youth' iiioe of every
dtucriptiou. Cult and 'tr then, ou."
r'itKNTtHB, Hoi'KlNt & CO.
X.M Lawn. Puarl and ColM straws, jiiHt rcc'.;ivod, and
so clia thai. they can1 1 hulo but sell; uUo a bunuiit'ul
assortmyiit of Winter Ki boons, fioni ton centti to three
Miilliiig-, togo with Uicni.
PHKNTlftft, Hoi'KINS & Co.
JV assortment of Huts, consisting of Know-Nothing,
Wid. .Awake, Ai i veers, &.; Also a fine usAoitmentof
Pjaid und Cloth Can, soni, new and verv desir-il'le
styles; AUoa BUK'rior arlielo and latent lyj of Silk
Ha tut all oing oil' 'a slmde helowM Pluenix Block
prices. PitESTi-r, Moi-hkins tV Co.
f ADIES COLLARS A beanliful assort-
li in out; also Chemiettes nnd l-nder-deovcs, just re
ceived, and for sale at very low figure, by
iiti!NTifK. Hopkins it Co,
f ADIES CLOTH A lino article and very
M di'sir.-iblu I'lilurs. duMijriied expressly
for Capes,
TaliuuN, iVe., Just receivt
.1 and selliltir low, at
1'kkntiss, Hopkins ili Co.
Isadiiiusi Hloi.k y Vii!l!
VE Willtitke all Indiana money with one
lV ortuo exceptions, at par for jroods, or on ac
count. PuuN'TIliS, Hol'K'NS it Co.
Ritvenna. Sept. 4, WM.
O YRUP.' SYRUP!.' A superior article for
kJ sale cheap, ut Prentiss, Hopkins or Co.
fl'HK UMJKKSKi.M-.U w now receiviiir
L his slock of I-ull and v inter Goods bonlit within
tin last throe weelis in Sew York and Boston, and ii
prepared to sell them at extraordinarv low prices (ow-
!. .. . . .1. . .I....O.... t t. I.. nf ..r..1... .,...1 1...
! 11. lo uie Ml e.n onu oi iieiii. .ti . iv a v. .icy ....
i assure.-iiis cu.sloinyrs and the public that he iiiljnd.-,
I aln ays to keep up wilh the times and will sell as low
I us ant oilier establishment west of New York.
Oi t. liVt'.H. H. L. DAY.
nARPETlNGS 5 pieces Brussels ami
J Tapestry Cariieliiig, in pieces siiperior2 plyln-
in do, B piece, tine B ply Ingrain do, 3 piece. Dutch
Hemp do,." pieces Cotton and Wool do, 2 .ieeos
I r-ni" carpel, nufs, maus, cre.,jusi ree. i. ... .. ,or
I sale low, i.y (Nnv. 1.1 II. L.DAY.
J urllclu of Liulies Cloaks and Talmas, somo very
suiiurior. also tlu- cloth in all colors to make them just
received ut H . L. DAVH.
"U ELVET TRIMMINGS A large assort-
t ment of Velvet Dress Trimmings, for sale at
II. L. DaVS.
' piIAMBRAY'S-20 pieces
j V pliiiii Chambnij's tliul liuvo lu
of those dark
been so much culled
for, the best goods in
America, 'or 1 shilling ueryaril,
just received a
"OOL ! WOOL ! !--The subscriber has
in Wool at the market price In Sow York and Boston,
(less tbo transportation.) All w ho want to sell their
Wool ut what ilia worth, fur lliu coA, willdo well lo
improve this opportunity. II. L.DAY.
M" ErInOES Good ull Wool French Me
ntions, such us usually sell for lbs can bo bought
for 7s per yard at II. L. UAS.
DRESS GOODS Fluid Merinoes, Raw
Sillts, Persian Cloths, Psramcttas, Coburgs, De
Laities, iVc, ut low itgures can be found at
J H. 1.. DAY'S.
BLACK SILKS A large assortment of
Black Silks at 2ie per yard lose than ever before
sold can bo found at H. L. DAY'S.
p REAT FALL IN 50c TEA. 1500 lbs.
T of the best 50c Tea ever offered In Portage county,
is now on tho way from New Yorn (and owing lo the
greut decline in Tea) will be sold ut tho extraordinary
low price of 3"ie fur pound by H. L. DAY.
Cof.ts of
every style and iiialily; Frock do. do.,
Business do.; Pantaloons of every variety and price,
vests, drawers, shirts, rappers, stocks, cravats, hose,
ckc.,a large stock just recciveu nnu win oe soiu 10 cur'
respond with tlie low price of Wool by H. L. DAY.
lluri'uh Tor C'he:ipsidc and No. 7.
T H. BOSTWICK & CO., are now re
al ceiving a splendid assortment of Full anil inter
Goods, w hich they will offer to tbn peojile of this vicin
ity, at prices that will astonish even those who huve
read the forty cent advertisement. Cull at Xo. 7,
Pbrcnix Block, and satisfy yourselves.
More particulars and more goods next week.
October lfi, lt-54. "
Groan no More. .
ARE you afflicted with pain in the Head,
Eyes, Lungs, Breast, or Bowole, or with Lame
ness in the limbs, get a bottle of Root German Oint
ment, so it thoroughly and be cured. If this -ointment
should not give aatisfuclion, after thorough ap
plication, Uie bottle may be returned to the agent, and
the money refunded.
Agents: I. Swift, Ravenna; Tir. Karl, Franklin; nnd
sold bsone Agent In each township. 4fl!bn
;" 9iotiee. - ' ... i
NOTICE is hereby givon, that application
will be made to the Hon. Wh. Mkoill, Governor
ol Ohio, for the pardon of Kinnldo 1). Baxter, who waa
convieteu al tnu last J une term oi tlie i-ourioi com
mon Pleas, of Portage county, for aellin; counterfeit
Bunk bills, and is now confined In tbe Pcuituntinry.,
iNoveiuber 15, 1654. 4w.. ;
."n.:' Notice. ' '
DRS. H. PRATT & A. BASSET having
formed a co-partnership for Uie practice of their
profession, and can be found (except when on profes
sional business,) aUhn1oe of Dr. Pratt over F. W.
Seymour's More, or by enquiry at. the Drug Store, of
C. Hatch." ' '- - : "' ' ' -
. Ravenna, Fflbrnnry 14. 1854. ' fv 4Sl-tf
"niSSOLyTlON.i-iVdtice! is hereby giv
U that George L. Hotchkfas )uu tbia day retired fr
tha firm of hVWoll, Witter & Co. The business of the
8rm will be settled by Rowolloi YViiter, w ho ulnae are
authorized to settle the same, and .w.ll continue their
biuilies. ut the old stapil, 0-1, Phcrui.: Block.
i-.i,. , , C. F. ROWELL. '--
. ..- i .1 1 SM .WM; K; W1TTKR, .
t :.. i GKO, L. IJOTCUKIS8.
Ravenna, Oct.' 91K, 1P54.
WANTED. Six efelffrood TatloreGlrl. -!
CUTLERY tf very dwicoiptranv kept
. ii Notice.
Chartette Hnskini and
Jacob V. Mell. Ada'
mi Jam Hons. Ins, dw
la tb Probata Cert, Por
UgvCvai.tr, Oao.,
rs .
Charlotte Uosklj.a and
all other heirs and lerol
Keprcaeu la tires of
Jaaief Hosklna, def'd.
Putluon to secle a con
tract bet weea James UoS'
kins and Jane a Uuoa.
J Ann I'. Mell, Join Ber. V-'"f Kerry, Henry
beery, Louisa Hoary, JonnUuui Klsey, fcliaa KUey, Ab
ner lloskins, mho reside la the Slat Michigan. Jane
Hoskint. JJsrr ll.k,na sad Sablaa Uoskins, are hern
by notified that Cuariotbi Uoskins aud Jacob V. Melt,
Administrators, have filed in said t'ourt, Uielr petition,
tiraviue for the execution of the follow inceintract en
tered into, llo- lilh day f Hovamber, A. 1). 1KK be
tween Jaiac Huskins aud James Uoon, the fulluwii.r (
premises sitiuited in the towuship of falmyra, Porburu 1
county; beinc art of lothumher (Hi fourteen. In Uie
fourth division of lot iu said township, common II)
known as land formerly owned by Katuuel M. Gilbert;
the said James Hoon airr.wd to uiy to said Jam s, llos
kins the sum oftl.urti tWraaid preinbm uws dcferrl
pavment, and tlie aaid Jsiael Uoskins aarevd to aiok
auto the said James lloon, a good end snfflrient war
puntee dee.1. ou, or b.'fore tlie l&tu day of Kovember,.
1H.V4, dkii Uio punctual payiiiiMits by llw said J awes
Ham, ofcoiisbivralion nioiiey aud other tliiugs nioru
particularly drsrribcd In said petition; in order t.ee-
cule tiioaaia rouiract oi me aaiu ikwihs, w-
eeasel. and so aoun aa tbo aine can lny be done, ,
an order will bo taken lor Uio conveyance of said I
premises, unless the said persons appear, plcadc.au-
swur, or tiemur ttiercio.
c. , JACOB V. ME IX,
UcerfluM, Nov. 0, 1IU4.
Administrator off
Jumaa Hopkins.
Pi'tiliou to sell Lands.
flb:irlolte tl;kins nd
Jacob V. M.-ll, udmi'i-1 In Uie l'ro':.to Court of For ,
istrabirs ot Junius Uos
tage count) , Ohio.
kins, deceased. I
Charlotte Uoskins. and I
all heirs und lepra I rep-J
roseiilnlivi'S, of James 1
Hoskins, deceased. j
J Ann C.Mell, John Beery. Kmily Itcery, Heary
Beery. Iiulsa Beery, (loeelluu tlsey. Klita Klsey,
it ii .... 1. 1 .. ,..t. . ...i.i.. ii...t:t,it....r u..iiiai lai..s
I AbixVllosklns, who reside In theStaloof .UiehiguiOJauo
Hoskins, Mary liosKlns, anil Miuino nosKins. ore nere-
by tiotitled that Charlotte Hoskins undJacob V. Mell. i
.tilminisireinrs. have tiled in said Court, their peliiion
praying for the uio of the following pr.-iuisea; to wit: i
biiiiiidi-d en the Kast of hit line number (11) ulenen in
the tnwuship of Hulinjni; n the seulh b oib.'r bind ol
the suid J.-mies U;ifliin;on the west by third lot line: on
the north by land uf Georuu Grle. being purl of lut
iiuuib"r eleven. In the eoutii division of lots in suirl
tiwnship of Palmyra, eonttlnliij; forty acres of kind
more or less, mure pr.rticulurly deseribed In suid pe
tti ion. iu ordr to dincbxrire the debts nf suid dee.'dvnt,
nnd nk the neat U rui ofsutd Court, or so soou there
ufior us the sduic can leir.'illy be done , nn urder M ill be
tuki-n for the auleofwid real eslute, uuless sulci per
suns tippeur ploado, answer, or, demur tberi'to.
.I.M'oii V. MEI.I.. ( Ailiuini'trutorsof
CUAKLOTTE H0SK1X, Jninesllokiua.
Petition for Dowor.
Calberlne Wallers, 1
rs. I
AiiraliHni v uIUth,
John Wulters,
Henry Wallers,
Joseph Wulters,
Kuoch Wulters,
Kli Wall'Tt,
lluvid Walters,
Jucob Walters,
Hninuel Wult irs,
Cutberiiio E. Walters,
Christian Siubmijrlii
In the Court ofCoininaii Pleas
of Portnge Count) uud Hwte
uf Ohio.
opllUl Mut'Ullll,
Williiim Cox,
S.-ir.-ih Cox und
illiuin Puiilris JvV. I
K.noch Wulters, Kli Walters, 1M id Wallers, .Taeob
Wiilt.Ts and Snniuel Wnlwrs, of the State of Miihl
i;:in; and Cntherine K. Walters, Christian Slubauab
and Sodiia SlabKUjrh.of tho Slate "f Indiana, ore here
by untitled Unit Cutlierlne Wulters lias tiled iu said
Courtlier Petition pruvinz for dower. ns widow or
Henry Wnlti rs, dueeitsc'il. In the follow inp premises,
to ii: lllly ii' res of land in lot number forty, in Kan
dolph. iu said eountv of PnrbiKU. being tho run! estate
of Mhieh the said Henrv Walters, died seized; a full
ami purlieiiliir ileseriptinn of ahiob is (riven In said
peliiion, wherein they are made defendanls, nnd un-ienslln-v
appear at the next tern of suid Court, uud
nnswer 'thereto, an oriler will be taken for the assign
ment of said dower.
4f-T-Cw Atlornej for Petitioner.
What Ev!ry Woman Should
1?VERY womnn should know that if sho
XJ Is in a poor, sickly, ''ebllitatud condition of health,
making existence a burden to herself and a source o
painful anxiety to hor relatives and friends, and, per
haps, (horrible reflection!) entailing and inflicting her
own maladies and sufferings upon her children, that It
Is her duty to understand why and from what causu h
sufferings arise, that remedy and relief may while yet
there is time, be availed of, tlie causes bo avoided In
future, and her health restored, that she jnuiy be fltUd
for Uio duties uud capable of Iho enjoyments of liife.
Let every woman look nt tho emaciated form, the
death-like complexion, the deep-buried, lustreless eye,
the sunken cheek, the gloomy and depressed spirits,
the shattered nerves, thu prostrate aud helpless conili
dion of many a wife, mother, daughter or sister, if not
twrsell' included, within her own circle, whoso days
are days of agony, and ask hursolf, '--Musi this con
tinue! Must,lbisbe Is there no roniodj! Ko reliefV
Ko hope?
Tlie remedy is by knowing the causes and avoiding
them, and knowing Ilia roinedlcs and beuellttlng by
The ure pointed out in ,
Professor of Mseo'cn of SVtimrn One kundretlth
Edition (.iim.nnn) l8mo. ,;;;. 250 On fit t paper, tr
tra binding, 91, ml.
Every complaint to which a woman is subject, from
girlhood to womanhood, as also us w if and as mother,
is fully described, with ihe causes, the symptons, and
also the proper mode ol'ticatmen till a plaiu,simple,but.
in liie most chaste, language, onsily understood. And'
thus every woman can discover, by comparing her own
symptoms will! those described, the nature character
and causes of her complaint; and b spared Ihucu
anxiety und sulferllig. -. .
The wife about becoming a mother has often need o
instructien and advice of the utmost importance to her
future honllli, In respect to which sensitiveness for
bids consulting a medical gentleman, will find such
instruction and advice, and also explain many symp
toms which otherwise would occasion anxiety or
How many ure suffering from obstructions or irregu
larities peculiar to tho female system, which under
mine the health, tho effect, of which they are Ignor
ant uf.aud for which their delicacy forbids sucking medi
cal udvico? How many suffer from prolaptut utrri
(fallingof the womb,) or from .faer aens (weakness,
debility, ic.) How many are In constant agony for
many months preceding conllnctncnt? How muny
have difficult, if not dangerous doll vuries and slow and
uncertain recoveries? Somo w hose lives aro hazarded
during such lime, will each Ui.d in its page, the meat's
of prevention, amelioration and relief.
How many bitter moinonts, how much anguish,
might have been spared lo the sufferer, to her husband,
to hor relatives, by a timely possession of (his little
His Impracticable to convey fully the variuu ub
Jccts treated of, as they aro of a nature strictly intended
or tho man ied, or those contemplating marriage.'
But no husband; wife or molliur are excusable if
they still continue, in ignoranco of those physiological
luws, by tho knowledge of which their own lioulth and
happiness, as also sho future well-being of their chil
dren, aro secured. .
CAL COMPANION"" is a standard work of established
reputation, found .'Jasscd In thai catalogue, of the
great Inula sales In New York, Philadelphia and other
cUlen, and sold by all the principal book-teller, in .Un
united Suites. It was first published in 1R47V. since
huve been sold, of which there wero upward, of ONE
the high est! -nation In which It is held as a reUaMo pop
ular Medical BOOK FOR EVERY FEMALE; the au
thor having devoted hi. exclusive attention .to-the
treatment orcomplaints peculiar to females, Id respect
lo which he I. yearly consulted by thousands. ; f . .
In conaequence of the universal popularity of the
work, as evidenced by Us extraordinary saW, various'
impositions have been attempted by Imitations of title
page, spurtous editions, and surreptitious infringe
monts of copyright, us well npou' "ooofcsellef s us Upoi
tho public. It has been found necessary', therefore, to
CAUTION THE PUBLIC to buy ao book aules. the
words '.lr. A. M. Mammm,' US! Liberty afc, N.
is on the title page; and buy auly of resectable add
honorable dealers, or solid by jnaiT, aud address to
Dr.AwM;, Maurioeau. , r . i i ry
: IiyUiwB Veeeiptot One Dollar "Tho. Marrjea? Wt
man's Prlvato Modienl Companion" ifct.(mmle4
frit) to tin? part of tho'TJnllod Slate, the"Canadasa
British friMince.. At letters mini oe po-puiu, mn
aiMresasd to Or. A. M.-MinpieaBt, Bog Sfr
Vafi'tityJ. Mlomaiumf-St-New
Vork. y ' " -
Aa.HT. is OHio;-Huntcr Maddox, Ripley; Bd
irards J Uosh'orn, Claelnnatt; Bi B." Kewmali, Rotj
a'lriVlllnciinii), ,Batef Cedrge Halt; Ashtabula.
Jno. Saxton, Canton; D. Iimb. Flndly; W. E. "Eare,
Jfsasrillon Jnd. PerkiDSWAflietl. ' :i t !f
. ... . .... ....... ... . .j
-n.-fcij vi. .alM
1 wosU tapsclfuUy oaaosiac to tb citiwas o In M .
I" nlled iutes aiwt vuo CanwMis, thai for tb purpoa of
cullivalii x a U4 lur tM nc arts ttmucbMiltiMoaa
try and Willi a view af mcL.lliia; avery family la b
voa isi-d of a frallery of l.ucravlucy . -m
Titer hat. determined, la ordvr so ereat sA .itcftaW .
ajhe' for, Uier liaa;ravimra. and tbas aos uly pa-
pi J) incut loa Urge number of artiau and otnenbat
iiiYpira auionj; our CO Ju'.n uion t taste for w '
art, to present to the parrbasen of their a(ravifl
w hen aju,i of which arold, i
iSHMM lilFIS, or Tna umi roar tr $lMJf. ....
k . H,.i,,u,nr. It.. lk.llir KliraTill. li.rnf.iM. .
I receive not only an Knsravinfr rictily worth tbe ason
e), but alts a ticket wbickawutlo suss W Na. 2
Gilts wbwa tbey aredistrtbul.-d. ,
For HVK UOL1.AHS, a hijfUy inlsluid EneraTlnf
beauUrunr PAIX TtU in Oil,, and HVK GtKT TH K- ' '
fcTS, will'be scut; or Vita Doiuu worth 4 seteadid 7
Eurmi2a caa b selected from Uu tatalogu., aa4 . ;
x-nl bv retursi mail or express.
A copv of the I'aUloo-uo, togethe with a peetmw
of one of the Engravings, can bo aeeu at toe offle af
this paper. ' '.. .
Iror iwk dollar ent, an Uaf rwri. rertk -,r
ik.l aud a Uift Ticttl, trill immviMttl) ,
W.rtfrd. ..ft
Tho fo.awllU oclioviug Uwt Um success of thi
GraiT XTioiL.l:?iD.aTAio will be materially pro- .',
1IlotB4 thl. f ,.rer and enterprise of intelllretit aad '
panerann jlmt't, bars resolved l tr wlU rack
Oil UIV wu i.vrrai tvrm..
J me most itvermt i.rm.. , . t :
Auv ucraou wishing u become an Agent, by lead
ing (I'o-l I'-I'W i. will am riva ar siTraa r
ic, a One Dollar Kffrnvlnf, aG!"T TICKET," a
l'mpeetui,u C"i aJ nil other DCcusaary iuor-
, lit it. fIik.'ilJ.oninl.ru,n oftbr SmI. 4h. f;irbi will bsi
; pluocu iu the luiius of a I oaxiiica or tbo reacaua
uironsuoul tint Unik-dbtaleaaud Uw t anadu.
to uc nis'iuim Trw, oue nuuee oi wnen win pe giv
.. '- .i i-
t lJWt t
' io,u
j , jLit ol tiilt.
I 10(1 Marbl-J bu-U ef Washington, at
ItaX. ' i r my, . - - ..
liai ' Webster,
iKl ' " Calhouu,
jo di -sut Oil I'uluiiuxs, in splendid)
5u0,teol pbtn Kugravings, brill
, ,nr'd in oil, rich glU I
.. . .
Rill Ira ties, size ri4 rt. eat , )
,.ea.U ,
il iuii tly 1
S4x?0 ni.ach, . J 10 S.000
innoo ..feMirt steel idnte F.infrnvlnirs.i - ' -
col'd in oil. of the VtashiunwuS
. ,,i mkt. n. nu. h. 1
4 40,004
037.0UU swel plalfj engravings, frorul
lial dil!iarei.t plates liow 111 posses
sion of nud owned by the ArlUts'
Ui.loa, of the market vuluj of i'roia
SO eents to $1 enili,
lirsl li ss il.veli.i-a In3!itst., .
r !,
: . ; : a
i'Jbull.llhS Luis lu 100 nnd Kilst t.
X. Y. Cily.eaih .'jl! 0 ft. deep, ut
p.ut) 1,CC0
il) .
Ida Villa Mil.et. enntainin; each 1IMXHI
-mi. It. in. the suburbauf . . t
and eoaiiiiaiidiui a mu!rullK,
t law el the Ilailsou KivurumlLong I
Isl.ml Sound, at J
' 50,006
C!) perpetual loans of ra.lt, williout In-) "
lerusl, or securikv, ol'S4.'."0eaeli.)
SB - " " JI.O
ItlU " " . " S "
2SII ' " '.'II '
i.ueo " " " i "
llvferer.ee in regard to the Heal Esbiti
5X00 ,
S,0ou ,
"' " 5.000
F. J. Viaa-
riiKR or i.e.. Ileal bstake tsroken. A
Y. Orders,
(iMist paid) Willi money enelosed.to be addressed.
J. W.'IIOI.IUtOilliE, See-y.505 Broadway, N. T.
Tr'l lu' Uiigrav iiigs iu the Catalogue are new ready
lor delivery. 6 in
?Saa..iatYiaVi -at 1
C.'arter's Spanish ixlitre.
. Let tlie Afflicted Read and Ponder ! .
l la, King's Kvil, Rheumatism. Obst nute Cutane
ous Eriipliuns, Pihvuplua or Pustules . u tbe face.
Blotches, lloils. Chioie Sore Eyes, Rinf. Worm or
letter, Scald Head, Eulurgen.eut and 1 In of the
Hones und Joints. Mubborn Ulcers, Spliilltl Disorder.
Lu nibngo, Sniiiul Complalnts.nnd all lliseas . ari.lnc
i from an injudii ions use ol Mercury, luiprudeiic in Life,
i'r . or tinnurllv of the Htood.
TLr'l'kis great alterative niedieine and Purifier of
Blood is now used by thousiiiidsofgruteful patients front ,
a 11 1. arts of Hie United (States, w ho testify dally to tbal
remarkabl" cures performed by the greatest of all med
ial;;ia, Rheuinalisin, Scrofula, Kriipliuns on the Skin, ,
Liver Disease. Fever, Ulcers, Old Sores, Affection, of
the. kidneys, Diseases of tbe Throat. Female Com
plaints, Puinsund Acliing of the Bono and Joint.,'
uro speedily put to flUjlit by using tlii. great uud Uies
tiiiiablc rcineily.
Forall diseases of the blood, nothing has ycl been
found to compare with it. It cleanses the aystem of
ull impurities, acts gently and ctficier.tly on the Liver
and Kidneys, strengthens Ihe ingestion, gives tone to
Stomach, makes the skin cltmr und healthy, und restores
he Constitution, enfeebled by d isea.se orbroken down
by the uxceeses of youth, to its pristine vigor and
For tho Ladies, it is incnnipiirubly better than all the)
cosmetics ever use.L A few doses of Cartkb'. fip.a
ish.Mixti lit will romove nil .atlowuessof eomplexloti,
bring tlie rose muntling to tlie check, give elasticity to.
the stcp, and improve the general health In a remark
able degree, beyond all tho medicines ever heard of.
The large number of certificates which we have re
ceived from persons from al 1 parts of the United States,
is the best e iilence that there Is no Humbug ubout It.'
The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and
lHibl'x men, well known to the comuiunitv, all add
their festiinonv to the wonderful effects of this GREAT
fall on the agent and gut h circular and Almanac,
and read the wonderful cures this truly greatest of all
Medicines has performed.
None genuine u-i less signed BENNETT If BEERS,
Proprietors, No. 3 Pearl Street, Richmond, Va.; to
win. in a 11 orJ.Tj for supplies and agencies must be ad-'
And for sale by I. Swlfl, and C. Hatch, Ravenna:
VYuun g( Wilson, Deeillcld; D. Heslwick, Edinburgh;'
J. Y. (.'one, Franklin Mills; C. & C. R. Harmon,
Aurora; O. I.. Drake, Freedom; Parson. If Kooty
YViudliain, nil Dealers in Medicines everywhere. ,
Rnvi'nhu. Nov. 8, 1H5S. ly.
K.l VF.it C'O.nPjLAIKT,
DYSPEPSIA, Jaundice, Chronic or Nei
vous Dul'llily. Disease of the Kidneys, and all
Diseasse arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomach;
jiacli as Constipation, inward Piles, Fiillncs. of Blo4
to the Huad, Aciililv of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart'
burn. Disgust for l-ood. Fullness of Weight In the;
c... 1. K...ir K i-n ..l..t Kli.L-lt.w c 171...
the Pitol'tne Stoinarh, Swimniiiig of the Head. Hur
ried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or Suffocating Sensations when In a ly ing
posture, Dimness. ul Visluii, Duts or Web. before tbe
sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Heud, Deficiency
of Perpsl ration, Yellowness of the Skin and Ejes. Pain
iu the Side, Buck, Chest. Limbs, ccc, Sudden Flush,
es of Heat. RurnViigiu the Flesh. Constant Imaginings
of evil, nnd Great Depression ol'Spirits. : ...
Ceu be effectually cured iii nr. lIooJtand''t Celclrttei
German Bitters, prepared ty lir, C. il. Jacktv
X'ZVSJirch nr., Pliiladetpia.
Their power over the above diseases la notexcell
ed, if equalled, by any other preparation in the United
States, us the cures attest, In muhy cases utter skilful
physicians., had failed.- . ..... . ..: ,,,,
These Ritt.-rs are worthy tho nllention of Invalids,
Possessing great virtues In the Rectilcatien of dh
cases of tlie Liter aud lesser glands, exercising tbo
most searching pov. ers in )vcnk!iess and affections at
the digestive oralis, ibcy are, withul, safe, certain au4
pleasant. .. J , ' .
m:no sNbwa roxvilccltii. " " ' ".-,'. 'ii'-n.
John Ilofi'inim, Jeromesvi'.le, Ohio, May 30th, 1831,
suid: "I write to state for your sulisfaetion, and abw
for thatof ithers, that your Gerniau Bitters is what you,
re'itmineml Uto be, a highly- valuable mediclna,whrch'
I knew from lulling used it in my awn family to my en
tire satisfaction. A ll who have tised It give tbe same'
recouimendntititK r:;i-. : -j v j, fJ
Stephen A. Mealy, Canton, Ohio, MsvjU, 1853, say.:
"Haviug heardyour German. Hitters higtSjJeconjineud-
ed from sources in which t ulaced much confidence, I
ordered four bottle, from Cleveland. One of them I
gave (o my .laughter who has derived great- benefit
from II; two of tbo others I sold immediately, ami
would liko yo to tend me a smiprj of It ta scil." .1 ,
Jolm f'.lurk, Brunswick, .Ohfo, May S6, 1RM, says:
"Yoitr German Bitters u.tveiirotcd successful in every'
case tlut has come to my kuox.ledge, and has opened
for itself a grout ilemanil." :'.--:
Tliomsl Lotchford, fovlllgbaa, Ohio, Dec. 86th; 185S,'
says: "My wife has been affected with tbe Llvor com.
plaiet anoV Dyspepsia for a number of years,. larigt
which tiniel hove spent a great deal for doctoring, bntt
she received Very little benellt therelrem, and finally'
the doctors snid she. could not be cored, Last sprlag
she coneludod to try your Bitters, she took two bottle
and ever since taking them she lies been able to atteti4
to ber business, until very lately h had a new attack,
but has again- -eommrneedr Hh?-- Bitters.I bar M14t
juite a number of bottli. tluough her rocummeBda
tion nnd as far as I curt ktrn, Itbas glveit saUsfiKtiost
toalLJLx ( .11 !(-.ik.- ' v-'rt r v V
David Abbott, AusKuburg,' Ohio, December 4, 1853,.
ssysi "P.rMtt sue uear testimony to las vewarkaMeM
cflleacy of your German Litters In the euro of Liver
comblaltiti 1 Pot yean previous to teklag it, I wa. e-
veroly afflicted .with uisVase of tbe Xivet, so much that
I did hot ofcpoct to Ure. bul by r free use of the Bir
teCT tmuvks .to fclnsV Providence,, I lBt . fDyaulf e
tlruly restored to lioalth fud able to resume niy usual
etnploynont." ,V ifi.i 4 -...i,,..-..;
' Theae Bitters are entirely vegetable and fro. from
Alcohollo sttmnlant and all Injurious Ingredients, mild?
in Hieir 'lmnjmVLf.!
proatrato It. . .
; cT3ie arenOfrfJr tUib)e a bf fnm IU irr-'trt-.
oua Ingredients. -
; fMUlbJ dsolersV lhiMcleverrker.i-.;! n'ld,?- 4 '
i.8olfl bvl.Swifl.AfidC. Hhtch. Ravenna; Waun
WHn,:Ieerlleld;JB. rWllt;' Bdlnburr: i W
fH0 franklin Mito p.& e. Harmon, AumrsL
P- tprake. Freedom! Parson. Hoot, Wiuili.aai;
eiwi abjrsla BitdWIamvsBiwtwiilatr. u ljr,
!.U .1rlf

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