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"CaiStADOKu d a Alii ME"
tr i ueWT.d.
H.Boru to beBo-s-JDlses,
ii for ft living hrnwn.
f.r a rarlt-et blaoa,
i tiki 0b-t date. Hub,
faBt ll tuaUUtaBSOBS,
Jal Or.LT Ya
and tBe
Mot ell Bao osslre to bit tha lalor ol tb.lr ball
chess' vi' safety, owls' ulr and rapidity, to ear
bad laejr war desire.
ataauavrtorea bT J. Oristadoro, Mo. Astor Boo,
Haw Tort. Sold svemrhere, and atplled bT all Hair
The felly of Trifling with Pimm ii fre
BBtly aviated by ths direful results that ara sal
evident 1 mty walk of Ufa. liar, ditery dl .ease,
arUlos from aaals indiscretions, and tea dotertrra
ttnt eneot of asereury and athar mineral iU, ara
beta to be deplored and prevent. The ieat ob
jml h carried oat la anrr Una ot tba boot, "HU
MAN rBAILTT, or PBvslolocal Keeeercbes,"
waick Be ban eoraBlled after much stody and re
search, aad Ii embellished erltB oolored ergreTlng
tUoalratlui thadiffaraat Bhsses ol rltel and tv.no.
Uonary disease.
old b7 OK. BABEOW, 1M Blaackar street, lew
York. Trim SS cents. Bent free everywhere.
old also by 8. W. dark, DruuliU, Olevclend,
The Brandratk Pills cannot ba too highly spoken
oL Thar remove all obstinctlous, give energy and
strength ; cur tha distressing headache, unfortu
Baulr ao prevalent with the aex i depreesioB of splr
Ita, dullnaei ol sight, nervous aflecsiona, blotches,
rim plea, aallowneae of tha sk In, are all lemoved. and
ajaveolte bloom and general eprtshtlineas, Indicate
the power and healthful new of BBAMBarra'a Pili.
Ladiaa, at delicate periods, will and thorn unrl
Taled ; the are the beet medicines for mothera and
ahlldren, and onre wormi and oosUveness.
Let II be remembered, that Brendretb's Pills aie
air In their operation, and ret unite mildness wlih
aSciesT, and require no alteration of diet daring
their use.
Mre. Morgan, corner of 1Mb street and Union
Square, Hew York was dying- apparently, of Con
OKiatloa. Bbe waa given up to die br her Phrsl
etine. and all her triende, but after uilng Bran
drata'e Pills for a few weeks, the cough left her and
aha b gaa to regain bar strength, and is now able to
attend to htr duties, and feels sure of socn attaining
robot health.
Mrs. Wilson, of No. 33 Beach street, New fork,
kas cared Dyspepsia, Bmall P. I. Heasles, Dropy
and Typhus Fever, and all Headaches and Bllous
diseases, with Brandroth's PUis, will be phased to
answer any eueetlons.
old br A- Gardner, tit Boportr street, Uteva
tand, Ohio, and ty all respectable dealer In medi
cines. TO H0B3E OWK1BS.
rr. Sweet's Infallible Liniment for Horses Is un
rlTaled br any, and in all casea of Lameness, arising
trom Sprains, Bruises or Wrenching, ita ellct is
e-i,gi and certain. H amors or Saddle Oalis and
Kingbose mar be eaalfy prevented and cured in their
inelpient singes, but confirmed cases are beyond the
BoaeibUltr of a radical care. No ease of the kind,
koererer, is so desperate or hopeless bat it may ba
alleviated by this Liniment, and in faithful appli
catloa will always remove the lameness, and enable
the Bona to travel with comparative ease.
Every boras owner should have this remedy at
aand, tor Ita timely nso at the first appearance ol
wtll enectoaliy prevent those formidable
mentioned, to which all horses are liable.
and which render so many otherwise valuable hcrses
nearly worthless. Strong Armstrong, fronts lor
Cleveland . decUaitcwoAwBJ6
Til ficBscaiBiu Hv Jesr Bet up at
their ivstoi reed Mill, which is In connection with
tbelr Oil Cloth rectory an4 bite Lfa Work, on
the eanal;uit above imtarlo ktroet, a x4ow fliill lor
iriading Cora and Cob sleal, in the nee ot which
mo tnan twenty-five per cent, is saved in feei
tng, either to bees, hon as or cett I". Corn in the
ear bouaht and taaan in exchange fr meal.
JOilii W ABSlliK A .
Oveltnj. Jan. 4, 1858. jaciBi7
v a-! in,, immnnnt of the most ldaTO'
rne ot kr'KiAAC'jjM. AU ts Glassos, whether
for near or mar sttnted, are ground uudr his own
loivaruna , by maoL marr ol a new sonstrosclcn, wltf
Caimuii esue, so alio suit tha eyes in ail cases,
Bnribg aajenees, uiaaineee or lunaDioiauuu w
i f as, and Imparting strength for long reading or
aLrfrKKoneon would hareintorm tbeputUe that
rver exnpioys any on in the sale ct his Lentea.
a..y" Atao. a aeleEr.'daaeortroentGfriPH t'iiAcwi,
U- Juc X'Fia.OOMJ'A.'rfcsJi. Ac, on hand.
at- AUTlPit-lAL JUj tnsened wiKi&st lata,
g vrle4 ss nstural.
io Ho. us bsparior ftnat, eider Araerfou
Jastjakt 13th, 1862.
Various drcamitascas hava df layed the depart are
fj Dr. BeadalU but the principal of th.se is the
great demand for his services, whkh his peculiar
sf stem of Treats est has caused, but ha must assure
those pvsons who Intend to honor him with a call,
that athar aggsgements will preclude tks possibili
ty of hla remaining after
Ipintaneous anJ Kmoanons cures,
yflikaui Culling, tain ar Bleeding,
At HI Superior St., (over Lcadar Office.)
Tbafollewlng TewtlnlOTilsrs, selertod from thon
aanda, renlerit onneeeeearr to discuss the nature
mm i.tnt. TjunniLS.
T rtv te the removal of my Corns, without
rein.byDr.BdeU. DDSSil(Q.
Vrnm W flraiMAr. Xai..
With pleasure I teatif) to the skill with which
Dr. Kenoall operates ; .,..
Cleveland, Jan. 1, lt62. W. CBAPSIB.
rrom Karl B ll, E.q , U. 8 Marihal. '
n i a. 1 1 ir-r-m i MVAral corn rom the
eeatol members of my Ismiiy, without p-'iu asd
very eaUalacKirily. iisL HILL,
Cleveland, Deo. DO, 1M1
Trr.p. I. Alrort Ktn.
Dr. Kendall hai extracted aevrra' corns from my
least without pain, to my antire satisfaction.
Lilevavana, alec 8J, 61
lu aLCOIT.
rh.avvi A a II. Dm. !Ui. 'ul.
I hava had aavaral corns extracted by Dr. Beii'laU
-without pain. a. Buauasa,
From D. T Stovers, Ac."
Wllk pleasure I endorse the ioreo:ng.
D. T BlITa8.
Clsreland, Dec. 26, '61.
from Joseph Poole, Ks-l., Cljveland.
Dr. kendail rmov,i from my fret two corns,
'(more eppropriatoir named thorns.) to my entire aat
election and certainly to my great rolii f.
Frrm eo. Edisc n.
'Dr. Bendall has entirely cur.d two rtd and pain-
lail corns tor me wlthjntany lmmeoiaie or auoee,
aueot lucenveoience. ni. EDloOA.
Oieveiaud, Deo. 26, 161.
Tr Ranrlall ra-aoved three corns of lone standing
from the leetol my wife, in my preeenre, without
pain, and to br sauitaciion. H. B. brELMAll
Cieveiand, Dee. u, loci.
Fvmb IT. P. HoriaM. DtntiM.
Mr. Bendall has this A. M. n moves from my foot
a corn et twenty years standing, in a I. w mlnuu
and wltheut pain. W. P. HOUTON.
Cavveiand, Dec. Is, 1861.
Dr. Bsadall has removed a oora from me wilhout
iar aaia, ana a am Bow xeiuictug.
Dr. Bendall has extracted two bad corns from
-soot without pain. o. a,, nurjuta.
r. MiO-aallL Jf. D.. Cloalo-uL
Dr. Bendall bee removed twe corns lor me in
a, ai ee 1 1 and harmless manner.
Taysifansaaaaia. L. AioOONNILL, M. D.
fVws irs KzeeUmey Ha Pmntam MwV Aiaeoaaa.
aor to tee uoevr o itrmi Dmtitm.
S ham -- nal aati ntiwTtinn IB atatluST that
BenUall has extracted two very deep enros from
aeet, whica had tor many years g-iv-n ms ereat pe-m
e,nd ti,--x ha baa abown alao in this case that ski)
and knowledge which have prooarod him so very
4Vsaarveu e reputation. suflBan.
From T. H. fiubbert, Ksq , Bank ct Gommerre,
CLavaxaao. Dec. K4. Irfil.
Dr. Kendall extracted two eorns from Mrs. Kurb-
i art loot la a law minutes aufljui p-iin.
l. rl.ilLEBEBT,
f from His Imperial Msiestv, Empertr of France.!
Monsieur anoall m a extrait les con evee
Aranoe soxoees ot uqs sranoe iiabilite
BaTT Me. B can produce thooeanils of certlDcat-w
trom f rotdeeore ana arooiors ot siemcai arnooi
ni riollaffaa. aed in aod.tii-n to otb. rs his boo
n,m.tn, cartihcaea lfm soma of tho Hovel Fare
4, imm of Enroaa. which have been kindly ftiralehed
ira lor the tuepeauori and satis taction ol those
whomayr'tiuira Bis serriots.
' Oi2c Hours from 10 to 12 H. and frim
2 till 4 P. It.
Beadentary visits before and after tba above
Jobs Pistae:- Legal Nutlc.
S. Ooodbeart-f 110 Kewatd.
L. Pren'lss Dlvros Notice.
n. I, lakln Snow Shovel.
Taylor, Grlswold A Co-Balmoral nklt.s.
J. Oileta'foro-Sprciel Mollra.
Dr. Barrvw's-Speclal Motion.
Braudoth's Fllis-!paolal Notice.
O. T. B. Wadleigh-Two Uotels for ksnt.
Walsh A Evans-ramily Oroosrles.
J. J. Ilwell-Local Notica.
Uolumbiu t.M A. M IMP. X,
loledo 1.M " 10
Lake a bore, Caxt M " 1.00
i'nuburg and W hauling... .at " 140 "
Mahoning T.eO " ( 8S 11
Banduxky 4 80
Onneaut..... a 1st "
Uuttolt Boat 100 '
ColuiuLoj 90 A. M
Tolrdo .S0
Lake Shore, East 1.16
fituburg and Wheeling.. a 44 "
Mahoning 10 60 "
Sandueky 9 00 "
Uonnvaut t ii "
k to "
10 "
146 "
LVtroitBoat 4 00 "
Cltitens wishing eonveyano to cither of the
above 1 rains or boats, will be called for by the
Coaobes of Stevens' Omnibus Line, by leaving
their address at the Omnibus Offloe, 147 Superior
street, nest door to the Weddell House.
3a- You can et cranberries, hickory
nuts, and drier) apples the barrel, carbon
and lubricating oils in quantities, and at
prices to suit cuntomore, at Geo. Bprague's,
0 visit's Exchange. lr
eVThi price of the Molina Lbudii to
nsars agents is On Pollar and Fifty Cants
par hundred, and no deviation under any
The portage on the Liasia, to Kewt
Dealers, is one-fourth of a cant per oopy.
We would prefer that parties remitting
postege stamps should send us one and thrt
cant instead of larper denominations.
AmoaL MtrriKO or C, C. A C. Bailboad
Stoceholdiis. The stockholders of the
Cleveland, Columbus A Cincinnati Railroad
held their annual meeting at the office of the
company, in this city, yeeUrday. The Sec
retary, Geo. H. Russell, submitted the fol
lowing exhibit of the earnings and expenses
of the Road for tho year 1861. His report
was adopted :
Trom Passynrers.
.1W,5 H
.. el,934 93
r xpreaa
2U 115 S
7 U56 64
lotereat on Depolls.M 6,564 y6
Mllesae 13, tti 31
Other St urCo.. 231 S9
tl.U3.xa 76
December earnlrgs, (suhjett to corrac
tiona )
Total fcr the year
Ul Til 14
gl,2ii 001 9l
Passenger exnrcea.. . J.''S lift 12
Freight dj H
fleceral do
MS 30 St
17,670 51
It), 643 47
33 0 81
Repairs of Lo omottve....WH...
do PasneDg r Cara....
ao i ret g hi uars..
do U'tM..WM
do BQildiugs..
do FoDOee.
ao Bridges
135,633 77
13,te 14
5,Xfi ti
6.0 as
3.57 17
1,1:6 SI
46.184 54
),1U 1,6
2,5e6 7
151 ti
Damai.ee to Stock
t.oaea and daw.ges tw Sreiaht
Fire damages .
urstu.tous and aertvnsl dam-
agw S 439 OS
Bepaire mua expeuaes of Tale
Krapb . 4 r-"
Taxea dor the yea ) ".t3" W
1 Merest f ir-."-- '-trst t a
Si-jrteaBe boLCsJ . 2'.54i 8T
Kxchange . I,2805
544.115 03
December expenses (estim'd) 42 MM 00-151,115 03
Fet earnfnss for 10.! .
664,beo PS
DiTideod p&id August 1, 16!1, 5
per pent.., 1237,310 uu
Dlidsud paikble F.k r 1 l62.
sper cant .. B mm
1474,620 CO
Surplus earnings for the year 166I...1M 2 83
The purchase of the Springfield, lit. Ver
non and Pittsburgh Railroad (Delaware
Cut-off) by the Directors, was reported and
confirmed by the Stockholders.
The election of Directors was then pro
ceeded with. The following ticket the
same as that of the previous year waa the
only one presented :
John Id. Wcolsey, David Dows, Erastus S
Prosser, Martin B. Scott, Samuel 'William
son, Amasa Stone, Jr., Stillman Witt, Lean
er M. Hubby, Hoeea Williams, John Mil
ler, Joseph Perkins.
At a meeting ol the Board for an election
of officers, the old officers were unanimously
To-Niqbt. The lecture of Bayard Taylor
npon "The American People, Socially and
Politically," will be delivered before the
Library Association this evening, at the
Melodeon. The high position accorded to
this lecture by the press, the acknowledged
ability ol Mr. Taylor as a writer, and the
opportunities he has had, from his associa
tion with the people of almost every land,
for estimating the social and political con
dition of his own countrymen, are reasons
sufficient for expecting a large audience to
hear him this evening.
Sid Afp Ait is Haxcocx Couhtt. A cor
respondent writing from Hancock county
informs us of a sad and fatal affair that oc
cur red at Mount Blanchard, in that county,
on Tuesday evening last, between two phy
ticians Drs. Msntfiold and Hsggarty.
These gentlemen had been associated in the
practice of their profession, but the partner
ship had been recently dissolved. Meeting
in a store on Tuesday evening, a controversy
sprang up between them, in which Mans
field charged Haggsrty with having injured,
or sought lo injure, him while in business.
Haggarty thereupon struck him, and retired
to a seat. Mansfield did not offer resist
ance, but repeated the accusation, when
Haggarty again struck him, this time in the
temple, the blow boing so severe as to cause
the death of Mansfield on the following
day, (Wednesday,). Haggarty at once fled
to parts unknown.
Editors Liadii: The house of Mr. E
Goodheart, Mcrwin street, was last evening
inked. Mr. Goodheart is an old citizen, and
is repected by every one who has ever had
his acquaintance. No cause can be given
for such an act, excepting malice by soma
person whose only pleasure it must be to be
at all times the evil of the community. It
should be well looked to to ferret out the
perpetrator of this most rascally deed.
January 8th, 1862. S.
Nothing could be mote despicable and
pitiful than inking a man's residence for the
purpose of revenge ; it is, moreover, cow
ardly, and none but the most craven-heart
ed would resort to it
Bioom Catalet. This regiment, Colonel
Doubleday, will leave Camp Dennison next
Tuesday for Missouri. It has been assigned
to Gen. Lane's command. The regiment
will be paid before leaving Camp Dennison,
Tai BiATtQ Pom. The pond was in ex
oellent condition yesterday afternoon, the
labor of some thirty men with four scrapers
having cleaned it of snow, leaving as fine
surface aa any skater could desire. What
effect the subsequent light rain had we do
not know, but do not think it affected the
lo materially, If any.
Death of Euclid Volunteer.
AU who have gone forth to battle for our
oountry and the right, in this, our nation's
peril, are more exposed to danger, suffering
and death, than we, who have remained
quietly at home, er joy log its many com
fort and luxuries.
There is quite a number from the town
ship of Eunlid and vicinity, who have thus
nobly volunteered their services, and if
need be, their lives, In this holy cause of
redeeming our nation from an unhal
lowed rebellion. God only knows whom of
these we shell be permitted to look npon
again in life, and who shall be spared to re
turn to the loved at home.
But one of them his suddenly fallon. -Thomas
Corwin Dille, in the bloom ot his
youth, hss been s natohed from earth, and
we shall see his faoe no more. His disease
was fever; and after lingering in a hospi
tal awhile, the fell destroyer came to still
the heart, and to close the bright eye for
ever, to all earthly scenes. How crushing
ly did the tidings of death fall on his sged
parents' ears; and the whole family will
mourn, long and deeply, over the lost one,
cut down in the vigor and strength of his
early life.
Long before his sickness he wished to
moot the enemy in battle array, but never
had the opportunity; yet he died no lees the
hero than he would amid the storm and
glory of the battle. He was about twenty-one
years of age, and the youngest of the fami
ly. He left his home, where the bright sun
light and the joyous songof birds were heard
by grove and stream, and the blue waves of
Erio were dancing in melody and music.
It was blissful and inspiring for the yortng
heart to go on the mission of good and
glory to the nation; but he thought not that
the winding-sheet would be encircled about
him, when he next should be at his father's
dwelling. No finger pointed to the sad end,
and no clouds dimmed his bright horizon.
Ah! but now the reed is broken I The
flowers are withered, and cast upon the
same altar that contained the most holy
things of our nation's dignity and honor.
Many have been thus nobly given, and the
bright hopes that cluster about them, for
ever dashed to the ground. But it is the
noblest place to die. As the oil of the lamp
of life ie going out, the dying soldier's
thoughts can tower above all around, and
rest with the sublime consciousness of dy
ing in a glorious oauee.
S. P. M.
Euclid, January 6, 1862.
From the 23d Regiment.
Camp McIlsath, hiab Fayittivilli, )
January 1st, 1882. J
Editors Liadix: A happy new year to
you I This has been a "gala day" with Co.
"A" of the "bloodless" 23 i. Although we
are located in a country damned by "bellig
erents," yet that did not hinder us from en
joying ourselves hugely to-day. Oar Com
pany has hsd the good luck to be stationed on
an outpost some two miles from Fayette
ville, with the duty of keeping up a "picket
post," and also to keep the roads in repair,
and in that we perhaps have the advantage
of the other Companies in the regiment, as
we can have the first pick out ot the good
things which we may find attached to the
farm-houses in the country. The whole
Company has done honor to a New Tear's
dinner to-day, which would throw many of
the nice dinners of Ohio in the shade. It
was prepared entirely by privates E. B.
Campbell and Frank Hal pin, under the su
pervision of Lieut, Geo. W. Hicks.
The following is the "bill of fare" which
was presented t us at the table :
inrltey, Dakeu Pie, tppe
Chickens, baked. ta7t
" boiled. Cakes pound.
' Pe- " silver.
Bread, soft Kol(j
" hard. Sugar ATsta.
Cheese,WesternReserre. Tarts, v -Ohio
butter. Bauce, appVe.
Tea and coffee, " peach.
Clgara, Wheeling Stogas. Preserves, Igrape.
Of course we did justice to such a uieal as
that, and we have no hesitation in sayang it
was good. There has been a great deaf aaid
with reference to the hard fare of eolurjars.
but we have come to the conclusion that "a
soldier's life is not so hard aa some would
ke to make it, but whether rood or whether
bad, depends on how we take it."
Ihe regiment is tn general rood health.
ix Companies of the ii Brigade, left day
before yesterday for Raleigh, some 25 miles
from here. There were two Companies of
the 23d, two of the 26th and two of the 30 th.
They intend to occupy Raleigh this winter,
and thus be one step in advance when the
time comes to push forward. Five recruits
lor our company arrived yesterday Irom In
dependence, in your county. Our Company
nas now its original number, with the ex
ception of 1st Lieutenant, viz: 100 men. We
nave bad, since coming into W estern Vs.. but
two deatha. We have had two promotions
and one discharged. We have at the pres
ent time about 20 men absent from the Com
pany, half of whom are sick and the bal
ance on furlough. Those lick, are for the
moat part nearly able to join the Company,
or in a fjir way for recovery, and we expect
oy next spring to De able to do our snare ot
the fighting. Occasional copies of your paper
find their way among us, and it does us good
to be permitted to peruse its excellent psges
W. P. C., Co. "A," 23d Regt., O. V.
Thi Sciihtific Amsbioas. We have re
ceived the Iaat issue of this valuable paper.
Wo cannot too strongly.urge upon our man
ufacturers, mechanics and artisans the im
portance of a weekly communication with
the columns of this excellent scientific
journal, devoted as it is to their interests
and advancement. Every number contains
sixteen pages of the latest and most leliable
intelligence concerning the progress and
condition of the meohanio arts not only in
this country, but in the Old World, together
with new discoveries, inventions, and what
ever pertains to Industrial pursuits.
Snip Maste&s' Ball. The Ship Masters
give a ball this evening at Chapin Hall
the proceeds to be devoted to the relief of
the widows and orphans of mariners. No
more worthy object could be presented for
the patronage of our citizens, and coupled
with the fact that the ball is in the very
best hands, should render certain a large
Bsai it i Misd. Do net forget the In
dustrial School Children at Banford's Hall,
West Side, this evening. ExerciBos will
commence at 7 o cloclc. Aamuiance iree.
Addresses will be made by prominent gen
tlemen. These children call for your pat
ronage, and it is hoped they will not go un
Thi Histosicai. Maoazixi. To the sa
vant, this Magazine is of great value, while
it contains much that is interesting and in
atructive to the general reader. The Janu
ary number, which is before ns, contains
many historical and biographical sketches
of great interest.
Nobth Amsbioaji Biviiw. We have re
ceived the January number of the above pe'
riodical, containing valuable reviews of re
cent works, many of them of a peculiarly
interesting character.
Bauoioos Kotiob. There will be a Union
Prayer Meeting in the First Baptist Church
on Thursday and i riday alternoon, com
mencing at 4 o'clock. All Christian friends
are invited to attend.
tSS" There will be a Donation at the
Scoville Avenue M. K Churoh, on Thurs
day evening, January 9 th, for the benefit
of tha Pastor, Rev. E. B. Lane. All friends
art iavittd to attend. jan7i8t
NoTtOi. Persona holding certified ac
counts against the United States for articles
or service furnished to the 2d and 6th Regi
ments Ohio Cavalry, and 41st and 4Jth Reg
iments Infantry, will please present them
at this office for payment without delay.
J. J. Elwill,
jano:SoV Quartermaster V. 8. A.
ffoTO. Cutter & Son ssll on Thursday,
January 9th, at their Aualiou Room, Bank
Street, at ten A. M , a large lot of sundries,
among which are a lot of Wines tnd
Liquors, Store Fixtures, Soda Fountain,
Gold Watch, Gun, Sleigh, Harness, Baddle.
90 dozen home-made Woolen Socks, with a
great variety of other artloles, the whole
to be sold to pay charges. A chance for
bargains, no doubt. jan7.369
Lava Tir Gas Bcanas of an improved
pattern from those recently put in the street
lamps, for sale at 26 cents each, by
W. P. Fooo.
CaiwrosD'i Rstail Coal Yaid. Buy
your coal of him. His CHIPPEWA" Is
the very best for family use.
Office and Yard foot of Seneca street
b idge. P. O. drawer 171.
pm- J. B. Hall's Arnica Oil, for Chil
blains, Frost Bites, Burns, Bruises, Cuts,
etc Price 25 cents, at No. 17 Public Bquare.
Nov 8-R 11
BrHiaioTrras. Stimpaon is, beyond all
question, a mporior artist, and we advise
those wishing to get fin likeness to call
upon him. A visit to his gallery. No. 252
Superior streot, will richly repay both citi
zen and atraneor. R27:tf
Dr. Gibson, Professor of Medicine
and Electropathy, cures obstinate cases of
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Neural
gia and all nervous diseases, and diseases of
the Brain, Throat, Heart, Lungs, Liver and
Urinary Organs, and all Chronic diseases.
Reference given to many formidable cases
cured in this city after other physicians had
failed. See advertisement in another col
umn. Office No. 117 Ontario Btreet.
Feast Paxus Livery and Boarding
Stable, 89 Seneca street, A No. 1 Horses and
Carriages at raasonahl figures.
HVFor fresh Homcsopathio Medicines
in Pellets, Powders or Liquids, of any
strength, call at Hall's, 17 Publie Square.
pS Coal Oil Lamp Chimneys, that cam
ot as BBOa-ax bt tn HiAT, can be louud at
W. P. Fogg's, corner Superior and Seneca
Jrtr"" Your mother wants a sewing ma
chine, and you can get one of Grover A Ba
ker, perfectly new, for ten dollars less than
the manufacturer's price, by inquiring at
Hall's Homeopathic Pharmacy, 17 Publie
Square. Don't lose the opportunity. tf
IX 0. C. Cery'e Cough Cure. deexJll
ajgtogg and Mm.
We ar
prvred to furnish
rLAGS made
cording to Army
Hefful&tloQj at rery
low rU.
BefrinieDtal Oolora,
Cavalry ta.nclitrda
Artillery Vl&gt,
Gompany "
Qarrleon "
f AaV.
lna and Muslin, to
order, on liiort ao-
Ho. 311 Superior St., (up stairs,)
tnav-laad. Ohio.
52d Regiment, Governor's Guard
0. V. U. S. A.
For the 52d Btglmtnt now In Camp Den" lion, la
Eroritled with eTerything that a Midler wnU lor
it comfort : Aran, Uniform! for tinmmer ant.
wintes. Army Overcoats of the very beat
n senon. with hi imtly oelebrated band, haa en
lilted and ia new With tbia regiment, in for the
A few mora gfod men wanted for tbia fine Befit
Pat and Ration to Com me sob at
Tiki of Enlutmint
Comfortable Quarters are now iro tided In Cam a
for all. The Rudiment is fast fl'liDfcr nn : thooe
ioiQintr may be assured of fair and kind treatment
uooaana steaay mo" oniy win oe iiten, ana sacn
only are invited. Kich man Is in tit lea to
Par from SISto Sn ler month. Now is the time.
and the liegimeDt a good p ace to serve f oar coca-
lent. u. v. stun, ol rowier, unio,
jan3BU Hecroiting Officer.
a Lie enrtsED
No. 102. Public Squire. ClerelaDd, Ohio..
B.tb Tubs, Water Closet, Wash Bsln, Pumps,
nyarHQTg. orasi ana i-i-tea ooki, inaia
Bo.b-r Hose, ttnlrauiEed k
Inn Pit (Jt prer Bolrt
And Pluni'jer'i HatveriaU of all kiatit,
ttaCitraid Coantrr orreri tor Work nromptl?
atu udtd to. Bepairli t solicited, and neailr txe-
coted- ja&7
MiLliliNJiiiX UUUi3 I IN Hi W
MUM. W. 8. POBTIB. S4 Renoca street.
Is In receipt of a new and choice stock ol
aw Style Bhlrrsd Hau. Viewers, Ribbons, Mottra
ing Goods, Dollars, Veils So. Alio.
f3esl-lea a great variery of
nable and tashion-
able goods cot enumerated.
iiadles ara res sect fulli
Invited to call ana examine.
sear Dress makiiic dona to mar la tne verr Be
aneae e.re-4
HwrHK. No. 24 PobMo 8anrre. and br tb
stone unnrcn, one 01 tne vieasanicst tooauone
inecltT txaa neen moroagDiy repHirea, ana u nov
3tMn for ikarderm. Vamllloa wisblnar to f urn
their own rooma oan be aocommoited with larM
and oonTenient roomt and bedTOoma; and Sine
B warden and Oaf board an wlil find good ason.mo
daktom on iaaaonable taroia. ttefetj-AiiOee a-iTen antf
P Bloodryl Derham BULL. 3 years old bred
Lex neton. Kentuckr: weight over2UM : has tak
en the first premium at two State Satra. 4 an
seen at tbe residence or H. LOW KB,
jauS Rlltlaw lietrott at
I have ready tbia dir. a Sue aesortmrnt
LOIL LUPd. embracina seviral nee styles
and patterns, which I offer for eale at wholesale on
ly, at pri ee much below the figures of any other
Ceaier uor. or m new awe
Jamary 7 8. 8. BBBII.
iSJ CBIK3. Pievlons t aifratioas in premises.
I eta deairoua to reduce mv stork oi urootrias, an
propose d ling so ty selling family Iota
Retail at Wholesale Prices:
Now la voir time to ge' 23 pjunoa and npwarda
Btutae of any XI on at Barrel prioe.
Five p:ninis and upwards ol TaA, tha bast
market, at rhest prkes.
leu pounds ana upwards of choice Java ana
uuniA at oag prices.
all foot's warranted to cost you lees at retail than
they now can ra oougni ior at wnoKaaie
AMf-Look cut lor bargains at
U. W. Job ti', Ieaaad Ooftaa Dealer,
JaaS MS Hoffman's Slant, jrah. auara.
saemrel I'rmae,
President J. L. WIA.TUIBLI.
Tloa r net-St. B. boott. 'Treasurer . T. Ltob
at. b. Uatl, A. tiatn, B. 8. Davis. B. Browaelt, B.
Harvey, A. J. Beuea, Ii, t. La tar.
J. a. Uuaaay,
S. r. Lee tar,
at. B. levtl.
riiOVK-alarkst dull and ouchasged.
No sales
WURAT-Marketaiilet and steady. Hal'Sof!
oars red at Ms on track; I oar red it V3) on track;
S. 00 bash red at i ts from store; 1 ear at Sac ob track;
and 1 car half red and half white at 9S; and 97c.
CORN-Doll at Mo ob track, with sales oil cats
at that pries.
OATS Dull at iSo ob track. Ho sales reported
BtAN3 Pales of 00 Bnshela prime quality at
BIQOWINKaJ-Market arm Sale of SO bbis
BUTTE a-M iraat dull at Wfr Vie tor W B. r. U,
and 9311a for ksg.
EGOS Doll. Bala ot 2 bbis at 12-.
CHEESE-fiteadv at 6,Si6o forchilr W. B.
LARD Stead at 6i7.So fur common to choice
kettle rtBdered.
FHriTS Dried Apples ara firm at i.aWc
Dfled Peaches, anpeeled, ara worth 83 V a-.
8EBDS-01over la sUady at $3,75. Timothy Is
TtMTTBr-Market opened and closed heavy, and
Sc lower.
Maine 1 .ra at 5,40a5,M tor sriporflne state; 15 709
SNi lor aura eteu; S5.3oa5,M for snsorane weaurn;
ed.7lKo)5.VO lor ooiumen to mttilani estra western;
5 vi6w lor stilesins; brands extra round hoop
Ubio.chlettr at the inside price; 16 u'.iu.7i for trade
CANADA Front-Market shade eaiier with
moderate demand. Hales 750 bt Is at 5js5,55 fcr
superfine; 15.75.75 tor common to choice extra.
KVet VI AlVtl Market aiuet and stead;. Sales
at l,.--n,2.',
- lnlrtN in EAT, Market qalt and nncfaaored.
W1HMKV Market firm. Hales 509 bbia at 'J&&
l2Mo. the latter an extreme price.
a;H SLAT Market quiet; ehispers generally in
' let upon lower prices, but with onir verr moderate
stock oneiing. holders are unwilling to sellatanr
dicline. Bales are 17,5ilu bu-B Chicago spring at
1 2sml,32, tne latter price for choice; .o. hush Mil
waukee club at I,&1,33; 18, ms) tmsn winter red
weatern at Sl,41(aM3; 3,i00 buabela choice amber
atchigaa at S1.46; Suu buati common white western
at f 1,14.
K. at Market dull at 8133c. Bales 2,800 bush
unsound at 7lo
MA K i. at v Market quiet and steady at 72c.
Sales 7,oTu buah California at 70c.
SJOltft. YlarfeAt opened steady and closed rather
quiet. Hales 73 000 buah at Ac for mixed weeeern In
store. 6&4$o6;c delivered; 69c for handsome round
ret low.
CATS In moderate reqnest. Bales at 4144c for
Jeratir, Canada, western and state.
PORK Market generally ia without important
change, with a fair buaiores Hales 1300 bbla at
ll,;i12,?5 lor mess; a,JU9,50 lor prime, the Ut
ter an extreme price.
BesasK I'tie Market rules quiet. Bales ot 200
bbis at S4,0onv for country prime; S5,lA5.M lor
country mess; I0 ,ooU,(a) for repacked meas; 111,75
All 00 for extra mess.
Patina: MCMM RET-Market quiet et 119,00
021. India mw firm. Sales 3 S tierces rt 824.
KKKfHAnp Market Quiet and steatly.
Jt m EAv-H-Market quiet at 4)ac for
shonlders; 5Ss6Sc for hsm4.
SOIOK.ED 31 U.ATS -Market quiet en J without
BACON Sides more active. Sale 1725 box- at
A)tc for western Cumberland cut midtllea; 6A7cior
city do; 737Mc for short ribbod do; 7Mc foi long do;
7c f T lor g clear; 744c for short clear
OK KaMiil) HOtjat Market slightly favors buy
ers. Sales at (4 2 4jp4,.v.
UkBt is Market more active at rather easier pri
ces, cal s 2.3UJ bbis at 7Sa8H
BUTTER Helling slow at il15o tat Ohio,
and lfiaaic for stale.
COEEeiE-Uarket dull at 5S7c.
FXOTjK -Market leai ao'lvs and 5c loxer.
WHEAT Market dull and He lower; 6MS70C
for No 1; and 64i65c for Ao 2 in store.
GORM-Market doll. Sales at 2IX322HC for
mixed In store,
i OATH. Market dull
i HI PiK. Market quite Arm at S8,874.
OUEMHBD llOU-l'ricts unchanged for 1 ghl;
heavy. Ssoliv lower.
LITE HOO-4 Carket active and 5c higher.
Bales at SZ,ZO 3,UU.
RECkiiTta-4 ion bbis Sour; 27,00) bush wheat;
16,0.0 bus com; 2,0 0 live hogs.
EXCHANUB. cm turn Xork. Arm at Mo premium.
BEETES f-tot d as follows: first quality f9,0J
t9,a; rdtnary $8.rnt&!,75; coamon 7,bjatuU; in
rior Se,M7 0 Receipts 40)6 head.
Il I IA II UOWS-ln moSerate request.
VEaL in moderala request. Sales at fXae per
head Beceipts 7978 ,
SHEEP eV LAfllBS-Prim. r,.50vS7S; oral
nary atJuas'.aei xnuulun H'oe'lMi iaiarior 12,74
aU 511
ttWINK-In tive request. Beceipts 42,8-8.
Quoted, lstaaality J-,(g3c; other qualities at 3(9
31c' - -
MOSET Brokers have plenty offerdd at 5 per
cent In the usual way; 647 per cent jjini
banker's bills. , --
Market hleher with fair bualn at
Ccieago a Bsck Island 2 Galeoad Chicago Gfill
Mi-bigaa Pouthern 4v'i; Harlem 13: Erie 34 h; Erie
preferred MS Hudson 34 bonds 77; Pecinc Mall wif!
Cleveland A Toledo 36; New Tork t eotr 18134; Erie
3J S. d 4tb 77; Calltornia7s 77; Unt4 Htntee 6s
SI reKisrereu ee. umiea a aies a si coupons oi;.
' 6O0 barrels Vpp-r Ten si ills,
5tO Harvest "
4oO Metropolis "
Sua " Quen City "
StO 14 LaBeUe Biver,
100 " Navarre olty.
1U0 " Pride of Ohio,
Sou M Orescent,
aus " Siring,
tuO bouci.ern Mills.
lor sale at wholesale and retail, at lowest rates, at
A. St. riKUI St UU a,
aorSnrlaw 116 A 11 Superior st.
sale br
dec Is: till
Ovfa't's Kxchanire.
A. TBaGaiNT, Wviatt's Kxchange.
aore. for aale b j
Floub! Flour' ! FlottbIII
The antacribera harfna formed a co-itvrtnerihf
and located themaelTee at No 18S Ontario it , now
offartotnecltis'ni of Cleveland and .cinitr, tne
very bat brand! of W bite and Bed neat Flour.
Bye, Buckwheat and GraBam Floar, iiat, Oom and
Oil Masai. Uorn. O.u and all knd ot Mill Feed aa
cheap, or cbaper than cn be bought eleovbere in
tne city, r lease call ana examine oeiore pnrcoaa
ng, aa we are bound to gire ;oa gooa bargaio and
g d art ic le.
A. D.-au m ioar waarreBUi.u, aauu ftju4isi uv'iitwvbu
to any part of the Oity or depuU, free of cbaige.
d. a. Tan jr&Lsi.
Faresrt City Floor and Feod ajtore, lo U, mu
163 Osiario Stbht 163
We hare on band, bouirht exnretfllr for tbe H OL
ID A V S, a well aelected stuck of beaaoninga Essen-
cea, ixiracif . vermacefia xapioca, jnaccajonii vit
ron, Maata, iNa'megt, Oaula. ic.
Foreign Fruita Baiilna, Garrenta, Prnnea, Ao.
We hare alao Woe den Ware. MeuBrea. Tnba.
raua. bogar itoxea, ato.
All admit that we bare the choicest stork of TXAd.
BUUAK3, COFiTFJLSand SViiUhd in thia market.
OnrCABBOH OIL If neTer returned, bat empty
anariso apoxlona good aold at tha well tnown
tana oi . hi. rn r & tv.
no28 loJ Ontario aireei
No. 194 Ohtabio Stbt,
Tss liew York AfeDov for the sale of
riHUTOosraoTioMiBT.roBaioH racrre,
Tba abnva nfcmal fennds will be
rlS O. &LLIH OO.
Single Rooms 50 cents Per Day.
- City Ball Square, cor. Frankfort
(Opposite City Hall.)
Meals as they msv be ordered ta tBe 8 pa '-ions Be
fcctorv. There is a Barber's a&op and batb Booms
attecBtd to the Hotel.
Beware of BUM NX S3 aad HACK HE-N who
say we are full.
B. FBKBCI1, Proprietor.
t, a, J and t Murray street, Id door (roes Broad
arar.oesoelte the Fark, Near Sort, hmrxlrji; riins
Proprietors. St. Moxalns, late of Peart fctre
lloBsa, atoasee :. lienor's Hole
like a raallv too OlQAIs 1 If so, call aad try
Thar are the best TIT! CXHT 0IQAB8 In tha
ettf. aiemeaiDer use araau,
BtilTTr.n a aarui. is
Oer. lotia st, asd Ua I ark.
British Warlike Preparations.
Federal Victory near Eomney.
Congressional Proceetllngs.
Indiana Democratic Convention.
Last Night's Report.
HALIFAX, Jan. 8.
Tba iron-plated frigate Warrior bad got
orders to prepare for sea, and was to be kept
in readines to leave pending the solution of
the American question.
Great Britain deputations from religious
denominations, including the Congregational
Union, the Baptist Union and tbe Baptist
Board, had an interview on tbe 27th with
Earl Knsssll on the subject of the threatened
war with America.
Tbe English papers continue to teem with
articles on tbe American question. These are
mostly confined to speculation. As the
nearest precedent vet quoted to the Trent
case, the Times draws attention to the affair
of tbe Dutch brig Eendrick and AlHa, cap
tured br tbe British in 1777, while she bad
on board fire officers for the American armr,
ine snip ana omcers were released by the
Bntian Admiralty. The judge ruling that
although the officers frankly admitted their
positions, yet as they were passengers on a
neutral ship which sailed from one neutral
port to another neutral port, the proximate
destination of the passengers weie entitled
to be regarded as an innocent destination,
and tbey were consequently set at liberty.
Tbe Times claims that this case plainly es
tablished that between one neutral port and
another all persons and things whatever may
be legally carried.
The London Daily JNews, in a letter from
Hamburgh, gives an account of a meeting
of English mcerchants there, at which Mr.
Ward, Bnusbcnarge de affairs, read a paper
purporting to be Earl Russell's note to Lord
Lyons in regard to the Trent affair. This
note is worded with great moderation. It
describes the seizure of Mason and Slidell in
the terms of Capt, William's report to the
Admiralty, it makes no mention ot tbe
opinion of the law officers of the Crown, of
wnicn so mucn nas been said in tbe papers,
bat simply aad explicitly characterizes the
capture of tbe Commissioners as an infrac
tion of the Law of Nations and an insat to
the English flig.
It declairs that the Cabinet at Jt, James,
considering the cordial and friendly charac
ter of the relations existing betwen England
and the United siates, cannot doubt far an
instant that tbe Captain of the San Jacinto
muS) hare acted without authority from his
It then adds that the British Government
feels confident that the Government of the
United States will not hesitate to take tbe
only step possible under tbe circumstances
namely: the release of the prisoners, and
making at the same time suitable reparation
for the insult offered to tbe British flag.
Every regiment in the camp at Cldersbot
bad been medically inspected, so that they
might be in perfect readiness to embark im
mediately for Canada.
A body of train nurses, on Miss Florence
Nightingale's plan, were to proceed at once
to HaUifax.
The Array and Navy Gazette says that
there is a prospect of trouble with tbe
The batteries of artillery at Bombay on
the point of embarkationJp. fft'jftfr TCT
yj jiiirrriiT6iegrams from Bengal.
The English lands were flat on the 27 th of
December, and j; lower caused by the tone
of the Saw Tork journals per City of Balti
more, which it was argued rendered pros
pects of peace less favorable.
The board of trade returns for November
show a falling off of tbe exports of 8 per
cent, as compared with the same month in
1860, almost entirely n.ade up of cotton
manufactures. The decline for tbe eleven
months is 7 J per cent In a letter written
by the command of the Qneen, it is stated
that the only consolation she could hope to
find in the rest of her life under her sad and
hopeless bereavement, is to carry out the
wishes and intensions of her beloved hus
band. Tbe Paris bourse was flat on the 27th
December at 67f.25c for rents.
There was a vague rumor that an attempt
had been made to assassinate Gen. Guion
at Rome, and that one of his aids bad re
ceived two poignard wonnds.
It was reported that thj French Ambassa
dor to Rome had proposed to the Ex-King of
Naples to take np his residence in France.
Advices from Pekin say that the Chinese
authorities appeared desirous of receiving
European consols, and a favorable influence
on foreign relations was confidently expeot
ed. Latest by telegraph to Queenstown, De
cember .9th: The Baravia has arrived at
Southampton. The most intense excitement
prevails at Liverpool to learn the news she
Liviepool, Dec. 28. Advices from Man
chaster are favorable. Market ler goods and
yarns having an improved tendency with
light transactions.
Livrapoot, BaiAD6TCFFS. Market easier,
Tbe various circulars report floor dull and
declined 6i: per State 303(2,343. Wheat in
active and declined 1(a) '2c per Central red;
common lis 9d12s 7d; red Southern 12s
6dl2s 9a; white Wisconsin 13:13s Sd;
white Southern 13s 3dl3. Corn quiet.
Mixed at 33s 3d33s 6d; yellow 33s 6d;
White 3rjS(o)J7S.
Pbovisioss. Market quiet and steady.
Beef quiet. Pork quiet and steady. Bacon
quiet Lard upward tendency: quoted at
lohdoi marxits. Breaojtucs ami but
quotations steady. Sugar steady. Coffee
Latest via Queenstown, Liverpool, Sun
day. Sales of cotton yesterday and Friday
15,000 bales, inclusive of 8,000 to specula
tors and importers. Market easier with quo
tations unchanged, some authorities quote
a decline of rc
BBiADavrnrra. Market closed steady
Corn firmer. Mixed at 33s Sd.
PaovTsioss. Closed quiet and generally
unaltered. Bacon sligbuy easier.
Losdon, Saturday evening: Consols closed
90J90 for money. American stocks eon
tinned dull and no sales. .
Hatab. Sales of cotton for the past fire
days hare been 6,000 bales; Orleans tree or
dioaire 1501! bas 143f. Market firm with
upward tendency; all quotations advanced.
Stock of cotton in port 136.S09 bales.
A letter from tbe 12th Indiana, at Sharps-
burg, states that a portion of the political
prisoners recently sent from Wiliameport to
Washington, were captured at Sbepards-
town by a detachment from that regiment
They report from 60 to 80 cavalry encamp
ed near that place. There are also two
companies of militia at Morgan Springs, one
mile east of Shepardstown. It is reported
by another Source that the rebel pickets
hare been recently strongly reinforced all
along the river from Shepardstown to Little
Georgetown, nearly opposite the four locks.
above dam No. 5. Most of tbe pickets are
withdrawn from oar observation during the
day, bat return in lore altar night-fall.
NEW YORK, Jan. 8.
The steamship Bremen bat arrived from
bouioampton the 27th.
The London papers ot the 24th publish
Thourenel's dispatch to M. Mercer on the
Meson and Slidell affair.
Recruiting for the aimy was going
in earnest in England.
ine screw corvette Satellite and gun
boats Shclldrake and Spider left tor the
south-west coast of America.
ice uovernment has decided to loim a
reserve of troop) at Bermuda.
The whole coast guard was ordered to
bold themselves in readiness for war.
The London Times of the 25th says that
Count Reicbberg has witten a dispatch to
the Austrian Minister at rf aahiogton, fnliy
justifying the British demand in the case of
the San Jacinto, and urging the Ambassa
dor to aroid endangering their ova affairs
by any hesitations in satisfying tbe jnst de
mands ol toe bnglisn Government.
A special dispatch to the Intelligencer
from Cumberland last night, says a detach
ment of Gen. Eelley's fbroes, commanded ty
Col. Dunning, of the Sth Ohio, left Romney
last night at 12 o'clock, and attacked the
rebels, 2,000 strong, at Blue's Gap, east ot
Romney, at daylight this day. The rebels
were c.mpletely routed, with a loss of 15
killed, two pieces of cannon, their wagons,
tents, Ac , with 20 prisoners, including one
commissioned officer; our loss none.
It is rumored bere this afternoon that the
rebels are in fkat retreat from Hancock.
The Democrat is informed that a Federal
scouting party brought fire prisoners into
Columbia who were endeavoring to jcin Z1
licoffer. The party report Zollisoffer, with
4,000 men, between Creedsbm-g and Co
lumbia. Greensbarg has been almost destroyed by
the rebels, but Ward's Federal brigade has
gone there to take possession.
Tbe rebels captured fire soldiers who were
guarding Borealis Ferry, killing a man
named James, and taking 15 or 20 guns.
The guard were surprised by rebel detach
ments on eacn side ot tbe river.
The Norfolk Day Book of Monday says a
saw mill in the Navy Yard was fired by an
incendiary, but extinguished.
Judge HemphilL ex -Senator, died in Rich
mond on Saturday.
There have been several fires lately In
Charleston, S. C.
The steamer Ella Warley ran the blockade
at Charleston from Nassau. The Nassau au
thorities forced tbe Flambeau out of the har
bor ta cjal, which gave the Warley chance
to escape.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 8.
In consequence of disproportionate assess
ments having been made on secessionists in
this city, under order 24th, Gen. Halieck
has appointed a new Board of Assessors to
revise tbe old list, and make such changes
as they deem proper; all the other proceed
ings will be in accordance with this order.
The Board are enjoined to assess na individ
ual unjustly, as there will be no farther ap
peal from their decision.
There is no doubt that William A. Hall is
elected to Congress from the Third, and
Thomas Price from the 5th District
It is ascertained on inquiry that it if now
settled to the satisfaction of all parties, that
there are no grounds for the charges against
Adjutant General Thomas, or any member
of his family.
The United States Agricultural Society,
President Hubbard of Ohio in the Chair,
met, and after some preliminaries adjourned
until to-morrow.
ST. JOHNS, Jan. 8.
An extensive riot took place as Carbounear
yesterday. Some twelve to "foSTiKf -persons
were shot, but none killed. Troona
were sent from here at midnight to nreserre
by asserting that Pennsyl
vania has given more, and better clothed
and equipped men than any other State, and
tbat tne universal movement by the people
signifies tbat they are determined to quell
tbe insurrection, save the Union, and never
to tolerate any plan for its dissolution or
CHICAGO, Jan. 8.
The Cincinnati Express ran into the Hvde
Park train, on the Illinois Central Road, five
miles from this city this morning. Win. A.
Barron, late County Jadge, was instantly
killed. Seven passengers were wounded,
but none fatally. ;
CHICAGO, Jan. 8.
A fire broke out in the clothing establish
ment of Isaac Marki earner of Wells and
Lake streets, last night- Stotk valued at
$25,000. Largely damaged by water. Fully
MENDOTA, Ill., Jan. 8.
A fiie last night destroyed the Pantol
Mills. Estimated loss $45,000. Insured for
Mr. Powell presented resolutions from the
Legislators of Kentucky, asking the repeal
of the law allowing the Judges of the (7. S.
Courts to hold the terms of Courts at Cov
ington, Paducah, and Louisville. Referred,
Mr. Powell also presented resolutions
from the Legislature of Kentucky favoring
the construction ef the railroad connecting
Kentucky with East Tennessee, and making
connection with the loyal people of east
Tennessee, and west riorth Carolina. Ke-
Mr. Powell presented resolutions from the
Kentucky Legislature concerning our Fede
ral relations, and denouncing the rebellion,
The report of the Judiciary Committee on
the Kansas contested seat was taken up,
with the resolution that Stanton is entitled
to the seat After some discussion the sub
ject was poeponed till to-morrow.
Mr. Hickman, from the Judiciary Com
mittee. reported a bill, which was passed.
that the Committee be authorised to send for
persons and examine witnesses as to the
telegraphic censorship of the press, which
subject bas been referred to the Committee,
and compel the production of the papers and
dispatches sent or proposed to be sent, ani
that, ii necessary, tne (Jommltiee employ
On motion of Mr. H "man, the Secretary
of War was requested to inform the House
whether it proposed to compensate for the
transportation ot troops and munitions of
war to those companies which have received
public lands for the construction of railroads
on condition that they would perform the
ssrvice without payment 4c
Mr. Tallandigbam introduced a resolution,
whieH was adopted, requesting the Secretory
of the Treasury to furnish the sum total ot
the floating debt ot tee United States, giving
as far as practicable the heads under which
the said debt may be arranged.
On motion of Mr. Upton, it was resolved
that the Committee of Ways and Means be
instructed to consider tbe expediency of re
porting a bill amending the Sth section of
the act of August last so as to provide tor
raising $100,000,000 instead of $20,000,000
by direct taxation, and that in this connec
tion they consider tbe expediency of tele
graph and stamp duties, and excise duties
npon cotton, tobacco, and all malt and dis
tilled liquors.
On motion of Mr. Cox, it was resolved
that the President be requested to communi
cate to the House what, if any, steps tho
Secretary of War has taken for the system
atic exchange of prisoners.
Mr. Blair offered a resolution which waa
adopted, instrueting Congress to inquire Into
the expediency of completing the branch Pa
cific Railroad from Rolla to Springfield, to
facilitate military operations
Mr. Lovejoy offered a resolution which was
adopted, instructing the Committee on pub
lic lands to Inquire into the expediency ot
reporting a bill for tbe consideration of the
Souse, empowering Generals in command
who may take possession of any inhabited
portion of of rebellious States, to appoint
commissioners of sequestration whose duty
it shall be to take possession ler the United
States of all property found without owners,
to convert all such personal property into
money, to be paid Into the United SUtes
Treasury, to sell all sequestrated homesteads
and to give, not exceeding 150 aciers, to
snub settlers as shall occupy the same for
three years.
The resolution was adopted instructing
the Committee on ways and means to in
quire into tbe expediency of p.edging public
lands and proceeds tberetrom for the pay
ment of public debt and interest
The Gommitte on Judiciary were in
structed to report on Constitutional power of
making Treasury notes payable on demand
a legal tender.
NEW YORK, Jan. 8.
The 91st regiment embarked this after
noon on the steamer Erickaon for Key West
The Democratic Convention which conven
ed at Metropolitan Hall this morning was
pretty largely attended, every county in tha
State but eight Were represented.
The Convention was called to order by
Hon. N. B. Palmer, Chairman of the Central
Committee. James W. Chapman, of Jeffer
son, wts selected temporary Chairman, and
J. .Bingham, editor ot tbe Senunal, Secre
tary. Hon. Thomas A. Hendricks, of Mari
on, was unanimously elected permanent Pres
ident His remarks on taking the chair wer
severe against the Republican party and the
policy of the present Administration-
Joseph J. Bingham, of indManapolis, and
R. S. Hastings, of Lafayette, were chosen
permanent Secretaries.
A Committee on resolutions ot one bom
each Congressional district was selected, to
whom all resolutions before the Convention
will be referred.
A test vote was taken on a proposition to
make a platform and adjourn without nomi
nating candidates for omje, and was lost;
yeas 72, nays 421.
The proceedings thus far are harmonious
and enthusiastic.
The Convention took a recess.
Tbe nominations will be made immediate
ly after the adoption of a platform.
The Convention re-assembled at 2 o'clock
P. M. A motion to adjourn till next Vh
of July was lost during the absence of the
Committee on resolutions. .
The Convention was addressed by Hon.
Jno. G. Davis in an ultra secession speech.
A platform and resolutions were then re
ported, which are very long, and were passed
under the operation ot the previous ques
tion. Tbe following is an abstract ot the
1st That restoration to the power of
Demoeracyean alone preserve the Union and
2d. Endorses the principles heretofore put
forth by the' national Convention of the
3d. The existence of the Union depends
on the faithful observance of the principles
of the Constitution.
4th. Declares the present civil war to have
mainly rerulted trom slavery agitation and
tbe consequent organization of the geograph
ical party at the eorth, producing its coun
terpart in tbe boutn or secession, disnnion
and armed resistance to the general Govern
ment, causing a calamity which we have
now to meet as loyal citizens. Btriving to
secar4lt.best mode cf settlement calculated
to restore theX JefliLand harmony.
5th. Condemns the course of KepuoiT."ans
in the last Congress in rejecting all p acq
6th. Peace and harmony would now reign
had the party now in power shown some de
sire to settle internal discussions that it re
cently exhibited to aoid war with England.
7th. The restoration of the Union can
only be accomplished by the ascendency of
a Lnion party in the South which shall, by
counter revolution, displace those who con
trol and direct the Southern rebellion, and to
encourage this definite settlement by addi
tional constitutional guarantees of questions
at issue between the two sections demanded.
8th. The Republicans bare fully demon
strated their inability to conduct the Gov
ernment through its present difficulties.
9th. Twin heresies, Northern sectional
ism and Southern secession is inimical to
the Constitution.
lOih. The object of waging war in tha
shape of conquest or Bubjjgation, and for
the purpose of overthrowing, or interfering
with tbe rights and institutions cf States.
11th. A war for the maintenance of the
supremacy of the Constitution and integrity
of tbe Union we will sustain with all our
energies. . ""
12th. Denounces all violations of theCon-
stitntion as usurpations ot power.
13th. The proposition to liberate and arm
negro slaves is unconstitutional, insulting to
loyal citisens, disgrace to the age, and cal
culated to retard the suppression of the re-.
bell ion.
14th. The disregard of the writ of habeas
coipus, and the imprisonment of citizens of
loyal States, are flagrant violations of the
15th. The liberty of speech and press are
inestimable rights to citizens, and formidable
to tyrants only.
16th. The seiture of Mason and Slidell
was either legal or illegal. If tbe former,
the nation has been humiliated by their sur
render nnder a threat If the latter, they
should have been delivered np before im
prisonment 17th. No party cry of republicans, hypo
critical in view or ot partisan character, and
of all civil appointments and party caucus
sing at Washington. - - -.
18 th. Disclosures of enormous frauds, im
plicating beads ot War and Navy Depart
ments, and a demand and thorough investiga
tion into all State and National expendi
tures, and that a speedy and marked ex
ample should be made of all such birds ot
The nineteenth complementing meritor
ious conduct of indiina troaf s in every battle
field where victory perched on our national
and send the greeting of every Democrat for
their future achievements in the coming con
test " . ,
At 5 o'clock pending a motion to nominate
candidates for State omcers the Convention
adjourned till 8 A. M. tomorrow.
Ex-Gor. James A. Wright delivered aa
elocution on the life and character of Stephen
A. Douglas, at the Boll cf the House of Representatives.
Tks test Oocrls fcr tba Bjoaty
Ches at II esnta-fww seiiiaf fcr IS seats.
Wert SS oents sww selllns for
Twistt-Fiti Czsrs Pia Yaed.
areTaey ariseecrlerl ootcrs.
aacfl 23S o u rarer ut

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