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Lake bLore, (Kat
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Mail ud Accom'a
Plttaborwa and ""I
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Auommod 1 1 on
PtMsbarrt ud w h.eiin
BF-rritM wMhtac cwtiveyanos to either ot tbe
above Train, or boats, will be called lor by Coach
ef Stevens' Oanibns Lroe, by leerine; their address
at trie Omnlbns Office, 147 Supertor-b't.. next door to
tbe vv.ddi.il House.
Frederick Douglass Leeture.
W. J. Carer (Jo-Hoop Iroa, Ac.
B. S. Greea national War Manual.
H.B Tattle A So-Oo!rrnerhip.
W. Clvelfc-Propdrty for fale.
A p. M yen Bank Bafes Local Kotke.
Joha Allaler Hclmaa Opera Troupe.
Obsesti (he adreiliBement in the local
BOtiee with regard to blacksmiths wanted.
Scbtdat School Union. The Animal
Meeting ef the Sunday School Union will be
held this (Monday) evening, in the 2d Pres
byterian Charcb, at 7 o'clock.
fc B LAt'itCDKD. The new propeller
bin's; -i; At Peek Master j yard for Wmi-
low A W. v: : t ready to Ve hnehed."
Che will be lannched within a week or two.
Coma't Battikt at Mcbfriesboko'.
A telegraphic dispatch was received at
Rarenna oa Friday from H. L. Day of that
plaoe who was at Nashville, stating that 11
member! of Goodspeed't (formerly Cot
ter ') Battery wen killed at Mnrfroesboro',
And the balance eaptnred. This will be tad
newa to many of oar readers. Ihe citiions
oT Ravenna, where the Battery was chiefly
rearsited, are in the greatest anxiety to ob
tain particulars.
ailboao Impeotihents. We learn
from the Dunkirk Union that the large build
ing: which has been erected by the Erie Rail
way Company, for the transfer of freight
fram one railroad to theothor, Is completed.
It 13 so arranged inside that the Erie and
State Line ears ean run into the building and
load or unload. There is also a platform on
the west side, so that it would seem that the
facilities for the transfer of freight from one
road to the other mast be ample. The
structure, though of wood, is a sightly one,
And Adds materially to the appearance of
that part of the town.
A Dabgebocs Counterfeit. The couu-
terfeit $3 bill recently issued on the Black
River Bank, Watertown, Jefferson county,
New Tork, is a dangerous one, and calcu
lated to deceive good judges. The bills are
signed E. L. Paddock, Cash., and D. Fad-
dock, Pres. The ground work of the bills is
of A reddish cast, and the figures black.
On the left is a figure representing the God
dess of Libej-ty, and on the right A female
holding In her bands a medallion with a fig-
are three engraven upon it. The vignette
represents a female in a sitting posture hold
ing a cornucopia, and on the left, nearly over
her head, A small eagle with spread wings.
iheateb. 1 here was an immense au
dience at the theater on Saturday nigbt, the
occasion of Mrs. Ellslcr's benefit and the last
night of the seaaoau At tbe elate of tfc let
play Mr. Ellslcr was called before tbe cur
tAin And made a very handsome speech, in
which he thanked Clevelanders for the liberal
manner in which they hare sustained him
daring the past season. He said he should
return with the company and re-open the
Academy of Music in tho spring.
The company leave for Columbus on this
morning's train, and will open the theater
there to-night. We commend mansger Ells-
lerand-his company to tbe people of Colum
bos, assuring them that they are worthy in
every respeet of being sustained. Columbus
will hare A treat in the way of theatricals
for the next three months.
A New Vessel foe the Pebbtbbdbq
Teaoe. The Perrysburg Independent says:
"The shipment of produce from Perrys
burg has increased so rapidly during the
past few years, that additional facilities
have become necessary for getting our sur
plus gram, &c, to market. To meet this de
mand, F. R. Miller A Co., together with
Captain Champney, purchased the schooner
xtuby last winter, but she was quite too small
for their business, and F. R. Miller has just
returned from Milwaukee, whore he purchas
ed A fine schooner, having capacity for car
rying 8,000 bushels of grain. The Ruby has
been told. The new vessel is valued at $6,000.
We congratulate tbe citizena of Perrysbury
on the acquisition ot this important addition
to their business facilities. Another season
F. R. Miliar A Co. will probably be able to
get their grain to market before navigation
closet. If they don't, it will not be Captain
Cbampney't lault, lor ne man ean make
better season's run than he."
The Academy of Music. After an ab-1
senee of six months on their Western tour, I
those old favorites, the Holman Opera
Troupe, make their rc-enfree at the Academy
in Bellini's beautiful opera of La Somnam
hula. As we have never seen the Troupe in
this opera, we must rely upon tbe following
from the St. Louis Democrat :
"An immense and very fashionable audi
ua iiaabUi nigkt to hear the Hoiman
upon lroupe. 1 ne great feature of tbe ere
BIDS WM ia wimrtk Miaa
Sallie appeared as Amina. The music of the
part it not only magnificent, but exceedingly
difficult. The first recitative inspirod the au
dience with an interest and confidence in the
marvelous voice and great dramatic powers
of this young ariule entirely unanticipated.
" We feel assured in saying that the sentiment
wat universal with the audience that neither
Patti nor Louisa Pyne coo Id hare afforded a
greater vocal treat than did Mist Sallie Hoi.
last night, and she was unanimously
and deservedly called before the curtain at
the termination of the opera."
Bkidoikq toe River fob the C. & T. E.
R. The application to the City Council by
the Cleveland A Toledo Railroad to cross the
river at Front street it exciting much inter
est, and the importance of the question de
mands that it should be examined with cam
And decided with judgment. The interests
of the railroads centering here, of the City
nd of the public in general, are to be harmon
possible. Xtieonlvohinciifintyiabri.1i.. 1
1 , 1 . 1 mi 1 . 1 .v., ; , . - i
afsh ; all.
interest! would be best sub-
aarvad by bridging it there. There is a way,
fciwever, to effectually obviate this imagina
ry or real difficulty, that is, to extend the
pier into the lake some fire or six hundred
feet over the bar into fifteen feet water, (the
water at the present end of the piers being
only twelve feet,) and then the bridjre on
Front etreet would be as far from the end of
the piers as the bridge on Lighthouse street
now it and there it no pretence that this
onage injures navigation. Xhil arrange
Vment would improve navigation and make
the best depot grounds on the continent and
1 would not at all interfere with the streets of
f turn city or private property. The cost of ex
I tending the piers on the plan adopted on the
1 west tide would not exceed one hundred dol
' lara per foot lineal measure say the whole
' $150,000. The land made on each side of
. the river wonld go far toward meeting the
. expense, ah tne rauroaat centering here
and the eity are interested in tuch an im
provement aad should have a hand in car-
r rying it otit. t)
The Railway.
The C. & T. BArLBOAD Should tub
Xobtheeb Divibio bb Ri-opibid ? The
Toledo Commercial of Saturday morning
contains a column of editorial with regard
to the necessity of re-opening the Northern
Division of the Cleveland k Toledo Railroad,
which was abandoned four or fire years ago
It says there seemed to be good reason for
abandoning the Northern Division at that
time basinets being insufficient to keep np
both divisions then, bat that no inch
reasons now exist for allowing the Northern
Division to lie Any longer idle. We quote
from the Commercial :
' It is now four years or more since that part
of the Northern Division west of Sandusky
was aDanoonea. in that time, without the
timolol of railroad outlet, the wild country
m uttowaeounty has been opened up to ara
markable extent, flourishing settlements ex
tending at this time from the abandoned rail
road nearly to the verge of the Lake shore
With the encouragement of a railroad outlet
east and west, there is no calculating how
mucn lurtner advanced mignt be tbe cultiva
tion or the ooun ry. It is a rich section in
exhaustible in its resources of toil and tint
ber. We believe the stave, lumber and tim
ber traffic alone would almost, if not quite,
pay tne extra expenses ot Beeping tbe -North
ern Division in operation. The great forests
of Ottawa county are immense aggrega
tions 01 weaitn. Ada to tnese the extensive
beds of plaster of the Peninsula and we see
what wealth of resources is neglected by the
railroad interest.
" At this time, as we are credibly informed,
tbe C. A T. Railroad is obliged to draw
larcelv Tor its sunnlies ot wood unon the -
est roTerred to. The demand cannot be pos
sibly met by the country bordering on the
Southern Division. So it would seem that
tne trouiiiau ve uwn wants suggest the re
sumption of the abandoned track. A small
portion of it east of the Clay Junction has
been in use more or less during the past year.
The road gets a very snug item of business
from this seven or eight miles. Some seven
hundred car loads of freight have been hauled
out from Martin, Ottawa county, the six mile
point from Clay Junction, during the past
season, we understand. And it is believed
this could very readily be raised at that sta
tion to fifteen hundred for the first year of re
sumption of the Northern Division."
The Commercial adds that the through-
freight business demands an additional ave
nue eastward from Toledo, and states its be
lief that if the Cleveland A Toledo Railroad
Company let the opportunity of now using
the Northern Division to advantage slip
through its fingers, some othor enterprising
company will take tbe matter in hand and
build a competing road between Toledo and
Says the Commercial:
" The track of the Northern Division re
mains as it was when abandoned. The iron
is all there as it was first put down. New
ties would have of eonrse to be put in, and
the bridges, especially the one across the
feandusRy ay, more or less repaired. But
tbe whole expense! of repairing and putting
tbe road in complete running order, we are
told, need not exceed one hundred thousand
The subject certainly demands the consid
eration of the C. A T. R. R. Co.
Micmcux Cinteal. The statement of tbe
Michigan Central Railroad Company, just
published, shows an extraordinary degree of
prosperity for the six months ending Decem
ber 1st. '
The net earnings were $465,000, or nearly
eight per cent on the .stock ; from which is
deducted the entire appropriation to the sink
ing fund for the year, $74,500; leaving six
and a half per cent.', $380,500.
At the same ratio of earnings as for the last
half of the year ending June 1, 1863, the
year's business will give a net result of
about 11 per cent. Tbe company had on
hand nearly half a million dollars in cash
when tb dividend waa df 'arad-. The sink
ing fund now amounts to. 900, or about
seven and a half per cent V stock. At
the present rate of accumulation ' sinking
fund will, in 1870, amount to abt.
000, or 30 per cent 00 the stock.
conformity to an appointment of a CoinmivgJ
vj iuv coiurau ciuzuui vi wovetanu at a man.
meeting held at Metropolitan Hall, city ofY
Cleveland, January 6th, 1863, to take in con
sideration and make preparations for a suit
able celebration on the 15th of the present
month, they beg to report themselves to the
citiient through the following medium,
deeming it under eircumstaneet impossible
as to time given to call the citiions together
to receive our report, to celebrate as in
structed. Your Committee met with ob
stacles which are unavoidable and detrimen
tal to our progress as a Committe on celebra
tion for the people. The Committee, after
their appointment by the citiiens, f. und a
committee of individuals who had made ar
rangements to celebrate something. That
Committee consisted of Geo. Vosburgh and
others. The citizens' Committee deemin? it
expedient te acquieice with them, had an in
lerview witn tbem for the purpose of having
a general celebration, but failed to consum
mate any arrangement for the pleasure of
the citizens at large, which we deemed that
every man, woman and child should have an
interest in. Therefore, in our minds, we
deem it out of the question to celebrate, as
we could not effect a union thereon. After
which, we the Committee are sorry to report
no celebration and wish this to be consider
ed a discharge from further duty as a Com
mitteo ; and hope the matter of celebrating
will be considered at a future day.
W. E. AMBUSH, Sec'y.
of Committee appointed by the citizena of
Propeller Rebuilt. The nroripll
Gov. Cushman, owned by Captain Dwigbt
Scott, is being nearly rebuilt, by R. Caulk
ins. It will belenethenednearlv 30 feet and
rwin be Increased by 2 feet depth of hold.
Its capacity will be increased by 200 tons.
The Gov. Cushman wat built about six
years ago, by Mr. Moses. Captain Scott is
proprietor of the propeller S. D. Caldwell.
Wabted Immediately Sir A ic i
Blacksmiths, to which the best of wages and
steady emnlovment will h a i-
0t.i' Co-i Lke Erie Iron Works.
Sewiko Machihes. We have
on' hand a full assortment of Familg and
IfriHUrirfama; machines. We deal in none
but firtt-etam machine: and warrant m
fully in every respeet.
U. . Crowell, A Co.,
No. 211 Superior St.. Marble B I or lr-
Thbee Thousand Tons or Pube Ctrrr-
fewa Coal free from mixture with infant
Uoal, at urawtora s Keteil Coal Yard, at 1K
root 01 me oeneca ocreet anaea.
ut..-; i -n.
Dehtistt Dr. B. F. Eobinsem. effic.
Wood !treet. All kindt of sargieal -Bj
mechanical dentistry done, in the test w.an
ner and at a low price. dec2R2r, '
Blockade Baiskd.Fo the ben r
whom it may concern and our numerJDa pat.
rons in this vicinity , am hannv
that the great crowd of freight, i Deluding
Government supplies As., that baa occasion
ed such unfortunate delays dorin g the last
Fall and Winter, it now cleared, up and I
trust we shall not meet with an.' further de-
?DliVl ?a out s M"ntj.' Dispatch
l'8, B,,.k,B a1 good time,
: A and 4 days from w York to Cleva
land aad 4 and 5 days from Boston to Cleve
land. Classification aad rates aama . a,j:
nary railroad freight.
. . BOVLSTOS, Ag't.
jan8:421 OffioaaeAr Passenrer Denot.
Dm. Bettilet ariveB Tjartirnlav Ho '...
the treatment of all ehronie diseases, but
especially those of the lung,, Bomeopothi tal
ly. Office with Dr. Beckwith, near the P ost
omy. Retidenoe 233 Perry itraot. nev2?r,4T7
Pick-Locxi asd Tbieteb Fbpitbated,
Hebbixo'b FaABsxnrm Ieb Diillid,
W hare placed oar new Daodecagon Sank
Locks on the Mammoth Wrought and Chilled
Iron Fire and Burglar-proof Safe, made for
the Mercantile Bank, New York, corner
Broadway and Dey streets, for a pick lock
teat, and offer the above large sum to com
petitors at an inducement to honorable com
petition. Should these locks prove equal to
the test, they will be sold hereafter to Banks
at the low price of $50, which gives a manu
facturer's profit equal to that received on my
Wrought and Chilled Iron Bank work.
Bankers should preserve this for reference,
Lewis Liixit
Troy, N. T., January 3d, 1863.
The $5,000 forwarded by Mr. Lillia was
plaeed in the Safe the 20th of December, and
notice given that Pick-Locks could have nine
hours in which to test their skill and receive
the prise. H. R. Udubill, Agent,
108 Broadway,' New York.
New York, January 2d, 1863.' -
Barslmr'a Thwarted Lillie'a feafea Tri
umphant He Trine1 a Safes Fouad
Pot-OHtBEFsix, Deo. 16th, 1862.
Lewit Lillie, Etq., Troy, X. Y. :
We have had in use in ouroffice for several
years past, two Safes, one made by Silas C.
Herring of New York, and one made by
yourself. Within the past four or five weeks
both Safes have been subjected to a severe
tist, by Burglars trying to blow them open
With powder. They succeeded in robbing the
Herring's of what little it contained, but did
not tucceed in opening yours, in which were
nearly all our valuables.
Yours truly.
Doughty, Wilkibsob A Co.
From N. T. Journal of Commerce of Jan. 8, '.
nerrlaa'e Frmnklinite Iron Drilled.
The undersigned were present atan experi
ment for the purpose of testing the Drill
Proof qualities of a sample of Franklinite or
Crystalized Iron, left with the Manhattan
Bank of New York by S. C. Herring A Co. as
drill-proof. The Iron wat tested with a
hand-drill five-eights () inches in diame
ter, and was drilled readily in oar presence.
Wk. L. Jicobs,
Edward Bcbks,
Gilrebt Lake.
Brooklyn, Jan. 7, 1R63. .
The undersigned will convince any who
will favor him with a call, that LILLIE'S
SAFE3 and, LOCKS offer greater security
against Fire and Burglars than those of any
other manufacturer, and that it is folly to
trust your valuables to Sheet Iron Safes.
E. P. MYERS, Accat,
Corner of River and Lighthonso streets,
Cleveland, January 12, 1863. janl2:lt
Office or Wateb Woeis, )
Cleveland, Jan'y 5, 1863. j
Notice to Wateb Takees. At a speoial
meeting of the Board of Trustees of tbe Wat
er Works, held this day, the following order
wat passed :
1 bat in view of the fact that the time of
aying water rents having been changed and
no notice having been given through tbe
fostomce aB heretofore, we hereby extend
the time of payment to the 15th inst., and if
not paid on or befere that time the Rules
and Regulations of the Water Works, ap
pertaining thereto, will be strictly enforced.
8. F. Lesteb,
- Petkb Thatcbee, Jb.,
L. M. Hcbby,
,jan7:422 Trustees of Water Works.
Grand Concentration of beauty, health,
comfort and durability of tbe teeth secured
by using Hudson'a Unrivalled Tooth Paste.
Sold by druggists and Dentists everywhere.
Wasted a situation as book-keeper, or
Assistant book-keeper, by a young man who
ean give the best of references. Address box
42, Oberlin, 0. nov26
Gold Warned ,
And Fractional Shares of the Stock and Drndend
Bends ofthe ClovelandA Pittsburgh and Mahon
infr Railroads, at the office of
jan;9:422 99 Superior street.
F. Weaver
Has fitted up a Ladies' Hair Dressing room
over his Barber Shop, No. 182 Detroit street,
West side. He is now prepared to make switch
es curls, Ac., at the lowest rates. Curling and
hraidsne done in the best style. Give him a call.
Btimpaoa is, beyond all question, a auperior
artist, and we advise those wishing to get a line
likeness to call upon him. A visit to his gal
lery. No. va Superior street, will richly repay
both clUasn and stranger. RJTtf
Indiana aad Keatackv Mewer Wanted.
C. A. Read A Co., pay the highest premium
for the Bank of the States of Indiana, Kentucky and
Canada Money, at 95 Superior street.
decJ 425.
Silver Plate Ware.
Just received and for sale at the lowest possible
rates, a splendid stock of silver-plated ware.
Cake Baskets,
Batter Dishes,
Napkin Rings,
Call Bells,
Cake Knives,
Knife Rests,
Tea Bells,
Pie Knives,
Dessert Knives,
Fruit Knives,
The above goods are from tbe largest and most
reliable manufactory of Plated Ware in this
country. I have sold their goods for over ten
years, and will warrant every article to be of the
hent qualtti of double plate.
Lontt out yoar Cbnstmas presents in time.
nov W. P. Fooa.
Uverv gtautle.
liew Livery, Boarding and Sale Stables, Si
CbAXonlain street.
Fbajik B. Feabb 8. WlLtaiDoa.
juIy:R13 .
Soldiers' Banty, Par susd Peswlaaa.
Secured and promptly collected for soldiers
and their heirs. Pensions secured to the widew,
mother, children or orphan sisters, in addition
to bounty money and back pay of all deceased
soldiers. Invalid pensions and back pay tor
discharged soldiers. Discharges obtained tot
sick or disabled soldiers on furlough. All claims
arrowing out of this or previous wars, against the
Pay, Commissary, or other Departments or the
.Army, Navy or Government, promptly collected.
Weublish"The Soldier's Friend," a paper
of much interest to soldiers and their heirs.
Sen d nt your name and stamp, and we will tend
a co py tree; or twelvo copies, one each Qonth,
tor i i cents.
Apyily to ut in person or by letter, with stamp,
and your business shall have prompt attention.
Fees low, and no charge until after we have ae
eompi.sb.ed -hat ,. undertake. g
Ofnce Lym.a's Block, near the Court House,
CtoTeUad. aeptl&RST
Saturday Keiisua, J an nary 10, 13. )
Beu Are in fair demand at lut wek'i rttw
We quote them i2,09 for good qulitief.
Butter Remains quiet and unchanged. Sales are
making in a small way at 1G17c for fair to good W it
em Beeerre, and 18c for choice rolU Ko thing doing
in Central.
Cheese la telling all the way from 9 to lOXc,
according to condition and quality.
vara Are unchanged and sell at 17I3c, the In
tide figure being the usual one.
FleMr Bemaine in light local inquiry with an lot
in email loU only, at a range of 5t7S(.(i,t for common
to good country ground red double extra, and $6,25
t,S0 for white wheat do. Buckwheat aeLs at S3(75t$
4,00 perewt., and Bye at t0,00 per bbl.
Fruit Dried apples are in active demand at an ad-
rance. Closing tales on Saturday were at 49 '5c.
Peachet are tteady at ltl4Hc for peeled and 7c for
no peeled.
ii rain Wheat has improved about lc, and is sell
ing at SI, 13., 14 for red on track, and from
tore. White is quotable at tt, 11,22 according to
quality. Corn L scarce and higher, and sella at
60c from store and delivered on track. Oats are tcarce
and wurtb 4&c Rj e is nominal at :uc, and Barley at
Hisjhwinea Remains quiet at 3tVc.
Hoc The market has been active and steady and
closes firm at 4?uvy
Ittirsl Quiet with a few moderate sales country
rendered at ahfo&Xc.
Oils Carbon has farther declined and sells at S0
55c. Ko cbaDge in other varieties.
Prevision Quiet and nomiual. Pork is held at
$tl,xll,50; common ehouldurs at 5c and hams at 7c.
halt Unchanged and selling at S2,u0 for fine; S2.U5
fur coarse; 126c for 10 lb, and 1 Oc for 14 ft sacks.
Hn cars Have advanced and we quote alt grades
fee hiKher, as follows : Porto Rico UMnSjC.; Cuba
lOdailc; New Orleans U(aw'4c; Coffee yellow 1154
&l?c; Coffee white 13rl4c, and .crushed, powder
ed ana granulated iw.'fl'Ke.
Coffee Has advanced and we quote Rio at S2fe33c,
and Java at rcsT'ic.
Heed h Clover is sailing freely at t5fi2Sfi!,(A.
Timothy is quiet at 92,00.
NEW YORK MARKET.—January 10.
at tiWo.7tic for middling uplands.
riour Juarket less active and 5c lower, closinn
alrsat (26.5.r extra Biate: fG.rwtfflfi.sorhofeedo:
$6,)a6,40 superfine western; ff fiari,yu common to
medium extra etttfrn; K..ya.7.ttri common to good
shipping brands extra round hooped Uliio.
v ninny maravi nrnter. Paieuat 4Heuc.
Wheal SI arktit lea acivc at d lower.'
hales o! CltiCauroHDriuK at l,! ml ,3.1: 51 rlnrankeeclub
at iT34uMO; wiuter red western at J,47ynl; amior
owaat ti,iui,u.
Barley Very scarce and vricca still continue to
4 ors-Lees doing and prices about lc lower. Sales
at M(cc for souud shipping mixed western aUotU
and m store, 6&&ni do. unsound, 62c white wetttrn
in store.
4ftat In reauest at better oricea. SaIm at fi7r274r
for Cutnmun to prime.
Pork aiarket opened steady and dosed a shade
firmer. Sales at H'a4t4,3l Li for old mes;)l,'-JWl
12.V' far old and new prime; l3,tHCji,f., iold ud n-w
prime mess. The Government contract for 3.ini hhls
new mess deliverable within ninety days was award
at i 16,49.
Beef The Government contract for 3,000 bbls navy
beet was awarded at l.i,Jd.
Ilrrnaed IIuch Closed a shade firmer. Kale at
JHa'c lor wesiern.
liaeoa Ml dee Market less active.
lard Market opened steady and closed a trifle
ilfeser-Market mornartivn at ',-:ir. nor ivtnt nn
FterlinExclinnsre Market firm. Th a not a-
tions are lirvujui, fur luercluuiis', and 101 W for
Gold Market unsettled and irretrnUr. s-meniniT at
37, declining to 3rv, advancing to liz'o, and cloning
nnn at 3s.'4 per cent premium.
Iwoverument (icka Market lower. United
Slates 6's, 'Sicoiipoiin,y7tn7;73-IOTrvatirv Notes
IUj'la.lii3; Iniied tSint.-s 6's, Hal, i-egUteied, 974;
t'niied f.'s oneyertr certificate y;; United Slates le
mand Notes 13-b.
A note was read at the Htock Eicr-aope from snb-
Treit-urer Cisco. Statin.7 that Secielurv 1 h:ii. ha, I not
tome to borrow money.
N. Y. STOCK MARKET.—January 10.
touri 6 WiW; Tennessee b's 61; Illinois war loan Hnj;
Chicago and Kork Ittland Pacific 31 ail 14;
Michigan fcwuthern 4V do. guarantefd ri; lilin is
Central scrip Cleveland and Pitisburjt iti;
Cleveland and Toledo tC; Chicaito, Burlington aud
Quincy W; Alton aud Terrs iiatlte 33; Pittsburg,
ori ttayiie and Chicago h3s; do. 1st mortsate liu;
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Boosa.) dec!0:i30
McClernand supersedes Sherman.
Valuable Rebel stores destroyed.
Rebel officers to be confined.
Friends not allowed to contribute.
Burning of Louisiana State House.
General Banks at Baton Rouge.
Formidable works at Port Hudson.
Ordnance Department Treachery.
More Iron-clads Commissioned.
Narrow escape of General Butler.
NEW YORK, Jan, 10.
Hassan have
received sailing orders, and leave on Tuesday
9undav last the zunboata Currituck. Anniradt
and Ella went into tha piankatailk to cut out a
schooner which had run the blockade. The Cur
rituck (tot tuhore, but was pulled off. . A number
of cavalrymen appeared near the schooner,
which was up a creek. Our boats fired on them
and they skedaddled. Finding it impoRsible to
get the schooner Out. She was .helled tonretier.
and when they lelt she was in a light blaze.
Joseph C. farmer of California, arrested for
fraud in obtaining and converting a draft belong
irg to the estate ot C. Way, is held to bail in
the sum of $10,000.
A dispatch from Stafford Court Route. Vir
ginia, ol the 9th, says : This afternoon ten of our
scoiit9 were fired upon near Stafford Stores, ten
miles from here, by a band of 150 rebels m am
bush. Our men escaped capture, but two were
wounded, one mortally.
The train on which General Butler was going
to Boston came in collision with another train
tins morning. All the seats in the car where he
rode were smashed, but the General tM unin
secretary Chase holds a conference with the
Bank Presidents to-night.
Dangerous counterfeit 5's on the Bank of Amer
ica of this city are said to be in circulation, dis
tinguishable only by the fact that tho signatures
and date9 are engraved, while the genuine are
Advice9 from New Orle.ana renort tlmt the reb
els have 12,uuu men and thirty guns at Port Hud
son. The earthworks are said to be four miles
in extent.
The capital at Baton Kouce waa dcstroverl hv
fire recently, with many thousand rare niid val
uable books, papers, Ac. Loss 87O,0uo.
l ne following is rrom a Kichmond paper ;
WlLMIMOTOK. N. C. Dec. 3U. The irnn Mteamer
Giraffe, with a valuable cargo of Government
stores, and a specud messenger from Europe, ar
rived at a Confederate port to-day.
The steamer Marion has arrived from New Or
leans 2d. News unimportant. Banks was con
centrating his forces at Baton Rouge.
CAFE RACY, Jan 10.
it .mi r nn.i.n.iA.w
2d, passed at noon to-dltv.
1 he workingmen at Manchester had held a
meeting to express their sympathy with the
North, at which a congratulatory address to
President Lincoln on his course was adopted.
Additional French troops are declared indis
pensible iu Mexico.
I Commsbcul. Cotton sales on Friday 5,000 bales
at YvVi decline. On Friday the corn exchange
was closed, owing to the holidays. Tuesday's
prices were steady and unchanged. Provisions
very dull. Consols quoted on Fridav at 92Kta
for money. Erie shares 42c ; Illinois Cen
tral 42;i41c discount.
nomination, hum hen unl In
the Senate by the President :
Wm. E. Phelps, Illinois, to be Consul of the
United States at Petersburg ; Thos. H. Clay, of
Kent cky, to be Minister Resident of Che United
states to the Republic of Nicaragua, in place of
Andrew B. Luekmson, resigned; Chan. Gilbert
Wheeler, of Missouri, to be Consul of the United
States at Nusenliere : Noah S. Wilson, of Indi
ana, to be Consul at Lallanion, San Salvador; J.
u. niansnehl, ol Wisconsin, to be Consul at Ta
basco, in the place of Soah I.. Wilson; Wm.
Walter Murphy, of Michigan, to be Consul ofthe
tinted States for the Duchv of It rtlnswi.lr in l.o
place of Bellis Martin, resigned ; Arthur Fal
som, ol Illinois, to be" Consul ofthe United
Suites, at Cape Haytien; J. Cosby, of Kentucky,
to be Consul of the United States at Geneva. "
quiet. Through the inspection of light
2-pouuder ammunition it is shown to he mn.il
worthless, the fuses beinz badlv filled. see,'l
casualties occurred from them to our own men
uuring tne recent battle.
Th-re is no truth in the report in Richmond of
Sumner's debarkation. He still occupies his po
sition in front of Fredericksburg. None know
this better than the rebel military authorities, as
daily Hags of truce go over under his supcrvis-
,. , ,
The followinewa9 received at hAalniisners in.
day from Fortress Monroe:
To General Halleck : A Dartv of cavalrv .nrl
infantry was sent from Yorktown bv General
a.eyes anu lanaed at West Point night before
last and returned to-dav with a auantitv of ni-
majs and eight loaded wagons.
i ney uesiroyea tneuepot and rolling stock at
White House, burned a steumer an. I apt.ral
sloops, boats and barges laden with grain. Thoy
uu ius. wuatever.
ALBANY, January 10.
sult, the vote standing Dean 41, Sherwood 41.
Several attempts to adjourn over were lost.
After the 48th ballot the House adjourned till U
o'clock Monday.
NASHVILLE, January 9.
to be confined until Davis' order is revoked.
Rebel prisoners to subsist on army ration-.
Food contributed by friends to bo used for hos
pitals. Repetition of contributions to constitute
jail offense.
LOUISVILLE, January 9.
attacked a construction train at
Antioth, nine miles from Chattanooga, destroy
ing a locomotive, two cars, and the Mill Creek
brtdice and capturing the bridge builders and pa
roled them.
CAIRO, Jan, 1.
A Memphis dispatch thia morning, says Mc
Clernand had arrived at Vic ks burg, and super
seded Sherman in command there.
There had been no fighting for several days.
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miktiiK a w wruT.wrrr
w.d.l.gant mwJl9 , HAUHM ASH.
Gallant Conduct of his Troops.
Loss 600 killed, 1,500 wounded.
The Troops leave for Napoleon.
Change of Sentiment in France.
English sympathy with the North.
English sympathy with the North. Address to President Lincoln.
Endorsement of his Proclamation.
CAIRO, Jan, 11.
Yazoo, we have authentic accounts from Vieks
burtf. Sherman's renulp incomplete. The en
tire lorce under the direction of McClernand re
embarked veitcrdny on transports, closely
pressed by tfio rebel advance, which, coming in
ranjre of our gunboats, were driven back with
severe loss.
At last account the entire fleet of transports
with troops had arrived at Inland 22, on their wiy
to Napoluon.
There .9 nothing definite from B.inks or Farra
ent, thotitrh rumors of their advance are incir-
The enrnirement was less general than here
tof re reported. The principal hfrhiinij wn?done
by the center under tho command of Smith r.nd
Blair. Tlioconduct of the latter is hie-hiv sick
en of.
Our loss, as ue:ir as could be ascertained, was
l,o" wounded, ooo killed and 1,000 missing.
The C.ipt:iin of the rebel cunboat lienten died
of wounds received in the recent attack at iLun's
Tho ."tefimer Mnsselman was bumrd bv p-iisr-
rillasat BradleyN Lundmg 10 miles above Mem
phis. A. Captain Moore, in command of about luo men,
ntta-ked a camp of about 3 rebels at Huntoon's
Mins,35milesea?tof Fort Pillow, on the morn
ing ofthe 8th. The rebels werecompletely sur
prised, 15 killed, 46 taken Drisoners. 60 horses
and a lot of small arms captured. Two Federals
were wounieu. i ne expedition was absent rrom
the fort only 27 hours.
NEW YORK, Jan, 11.
Orleans ad. She brinift dutnaU'hes to tneral
Halleck. She iansed peveml i?iinloats 1 sound
up the river. Passed transport Alernmac with
troops at Southwest Pass ; also gunboat Ken
sington. Purser" Cook reports: By the arrival of the
gunboat Clifton at Southwest Pass, on the even
ing ot the 3d, I learned thatarly on the niorn
iuy of the first the rebels made an attack bv land
and water on the Federals at Ualrcston. Our
gunlHiuts were attacked by rebel steamers pro
tected by double rows of bales of cotton, and
loaded with troons armed with rifles, muskets.
and other arms.
i'he Harriet Lime was eantured bv boarding
after nearly all her officers, inchidirie Captain
W ainwriuht and Lieut. Lee. and the crew. l;joall
told, had been killed by musketry from ihe rebel
steamers. My informant states that but one or
two of the officers and but twelve or fifteen of
the crew escaped death.
The guhrioats Cldtonand Owasco were ena
ed and escaped, the former loosing no men and
but one wounded. Tne Ownseo lost one killed
and thirteen wounded. Two barks loaded with
oal tell into the hands of theeueny.
The Westiield. the tiaa-shiD f Commodore
Rcnshaw-, was not engaged being ishore in anoth.
er channel.
Her crew were transferred io transoorts. and
Commodore Renshaw fearing she would fall into
me nanus or ine reoeis, uiew uer up.
rty suine missmanageiiiem or acciucni, tne ex
losion occurred bejore the boat coutMining
Commodore Kenhaw, Lieutenant Ziniinerman
and the boats crew had got away, and they were
consequently blown up with the ship.
iiiuuii " ui me t-hi ri veu hi new vr
leans on transports, und the remaining troops
are on their way back. They did not arrive un
til the place had been evacuated. All the tlott
are on thoir way to New Orleans.
1 he rebel torce was estimated at about 5,000,
under Magruder. Our land force, under com
mand of Colonel Burrill, ot Massachusetts, did
not exceed too. the residue not having arrived,
or not being disembarked in time to tight. Our
loss was estimated at from 1j0 to 2XJ killed, and
taken prisoners.
The navy suffered the most. It was thought
that the rbcl loss was much more, as our guns
were tiring grape and cannister continually in
their midst.
The rebels had several batteries on shore.
The Federal troops were on one of the lontf
wharves, and it is said repulsed two charges of
the rebels before they surrendered.
Advices from New Orleans state that Jacob
Barker's paper, the National Advocate, publish
ed nn extract on the 'id, containing rebel reports
of victories at Memphis and icksburg, and Jeff.
Davis speecn at jacuson. mis caused a ier
ment and tbe rebels were hilarious and saucy.
On the momtiir ofthe 3d mst.. (ien. Banks
sent a guard to Barker's office and the Advocate
was for the third time suppressed. This step
gave great satisfaction to L nn-n iin-n.
Capt. Clark, post Commissary at New Orleans
had tendered h s resignation arid would probably
go North in the course of a month.
The steam r Matanzas has arrived from New
Orleans -U snd Port Roynt sth, bnngiii!; Sl'.m.iW,
consigned to the United States Assistant Treas
The three netrro regiment? aro to do gam son
duty at For s J:icksou, St. Phillip and Pike.
Farr;iut was uljut to attack Port Hudson, lie
is probably waiting for Banks to make a land at
Rumors are current at New Orleans that Jeff.
Davis is preparing an expedition to take the
Crescent City.
Colonel Ludlow, Staff,
just returned from City Point, having accom
plished the exchange of prisoners which will re
store to imnu'diui aetiw tier vice about 2o.'of
our paroled tm-n : l-t, all the officer and men
who were deliv-o.l at City Point from the lit h
of November, l.:i, t-o January 1-t, l.va; I'd, all
officers and nu-u capture! at Harper's Ferry;
3d, nil the ohVcr und men paroled at Winches
ter N'iitoitiUt l'-th and L'Wh, J go-, an-l Pecemler
1-t. 1; J ; 4th. all officers aicf men paroled by
Colour) Imboilcii Noreniber t'.th, lst'.-2.
6th All the oftiers nnl nrn paroled stOolds
boro'. North Carolina, My 'd, lb2, and deliv
ered at WnshuictTii : T'(h, All capttiren iu Mis
souri, Arkn:t-M. New Mexico, Texas, Arizona
nd Louisiana up to January 1-it, is, are duly
exchanged: 7th, All eantured in Kentucky,
Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, South Carolina
and Florida up to Ieeeiiiber 10th, lfi2; nth,
all captured on the -sea and iinlf Coast, and wa
ters flowinj? into the same, up to .December 10th,
are dnlv exclutr.acd.
Colonel Ludlow says that it is highly probable
that the Confederate Government will rescind
their order retaining officers ofthe Cnitod States,
and also that citizens who are prisoners, will
son be released
The daily Bulletin of Charlotte, North Caroli
na, January 1th, savs the papers thin morning
published a report that Oeneral Hind mm has ex
ecuted ten Yankee officers in retaliation for the
The following is from the Richmond .Examin
er ofthe irth:
A special dispatch to th Charleston papers
savs that Bran addressed the citiiens of Ieek
ard and Winchester, Tennessee, on Monday, as
suring them that be would not leave them, but
make a stand between Alliance and Tnllahoma.
He had fallen back to give his men repose after
battle which exhausted the enemy.
The Yankees have advanced six miles from
The following is from Kingston, North Caro
lina. Jan. 8th:
The ememy are making preparations for an
advance. Reinforcement are daily arriving
irom Suffolk. The Yankees at Moorhcad city
and New burn are about 0,000 strong, and are
under General Foster. They will probably at
tack Charleston, Wilmington, Weldon and Golds
boro', simultaneously.
It is reported they a now "ooking their
marching rations.
The Richmond Enquirer of the 10th contains
the following :
Raleigh. N. C, January 9th. The State Jour
nal has reliable information from Newbera that
the enemy has not Jew than om.uug men on
the coat, and th .t a mot formidable fleet was
at Beaufort, it is supposed an attack ia medi
tated on Wilmington aud Goldsboro.
Paris De
cember llth. i-tat- that the impression among
rne F ren.-h is that the policy of Je L'Huvs can
not last, and a change of Ministry is not unlikely
before February; that at the hUt Council at the
luillenes the President's Message was pro
no.mced wise and all the South could ask. Upon
the sarneauthw,ty the lettemrates that the Em
peror ha abandon! his penchant for the South.
Another good Hgn .stt the Moniteur has been
?JiP'inte i11 the unveraal dis
approbation which ihe propose for an armistice
encountered One article even jted that the
Government had never expected th blockade
was to be suspended during the armistice
The President's message produced an eit-t-lent
effect aud has not been successfully assail
ed in any quarter, while his earnestness, moder
ation aud forbearance have captivated all who
looked at it fuirlv.
It appears that during the recent capture of
"ui,j pnugs, uy ine reneis unuer van iscrn,
they burned a hospital just ready for occupation,
although an iorn promised that it should be
snared. This was one of th finest in th hnnth.
em Iepartment, havinKli.Ouo bunks, an immense
lot of drugs aud surgical appartus, and thou
sands of blankets, sheets. 4c. This Droceedini?
was in riolatioa of a promise and all rules of
yituiAcu wariare anu is an evidence otthe barbar
ity and want of principle in the rebel officers.
An attempt was also made to destroy the gen
eral hospital! which contained over5uu sick. By
order ol Van Dorn a lot of ordinance stores
which had been stored in the building, consist
ing of powder, shells and catridges, were piled
in front ofthe hospital and fired. Medical officers
protested against this but were treated with con
tempt, and before there was time to remove the
sick, the walls were riddled with flying balls
and shells aud finally an explosion 'shook the
bulding, destroying every door and window and
wounding a'-out twenty men. It was by the ut
most exertion the hospital was saved as a shelter
over the men from the night air. Added to this,
a rebel Cavalry otfk'er named Brewster, who stat
ed he liad been detailed by Van Dorn to march
otf every sick man who had net been parol led,
collected together, pistol m hand, about 15U sick
and forced them to rise from their beds and fall
iuto tlnf, thrfrt-nifttt; to irhot thr- nwvrj,-rl ffl.
cers who expostulated and made the poorfel
laws. guttering from typhoid fever pneumona and
diarrhuja, start with them on the road.
The men fWl down in the street, and had to
rise asrain for fear of Ieing shot, when thev were
so weak that the slightest motion was agony.
On being importuned if there waa any thing in
the name of humanity that could be done to in
duce him to stop his brutal proceedings, he
finally consented to let them alone on receiving
apaper signed by all the surgeons present, stat
ing that the men were too sick to walk, and that
theirremoval was an impossibility. This state
moot was signed by U. R. Wirls, Medical Di
rector, i:th Army Corps.
CAPE RACE, Jan. 10.
A meetimr of the werkinsmen of Manchester
was held at" Free Tmde Hall on the 31st of De
cember, to pass resolutions in support of the
Federal cause, and to agree on an address to
President Lincoln. The Mayor presided, ex
plaining that he did not do so as Mayor, but sim
ply as a Belle llavward among Quakers.
Mr. Barcley, Member of Parliament, and the
negro Jackson, Jeff. Davis' escaped coachman,
we:e present.
A letter was read from John Stoart Mills,
warmly approving tho demonstration as a just
rebuke to the mean feeling of a portion of the
people, and as a source of unqualified happiness
to those whoe hopes and fears in- tho interest
of humanity are bouud up in the prosperity of
Resolutions were then passed evpressingsym
pathy with the attempt of President Lincoln and
his collegiies to coerce the South, and high sat
isfaction at the proclamation of emancipation,
and other measures tending at once to give free
dom to the slaTe and restore peace to the Amer
ican na" ion. The address to Mr. Lincoln con
gratulates him on his humane and righteous pol
icy of emancipation and beseeches him. while
yet his enthusiasm is a flame and the tfde of
events ruus higu, to nnish the work effectually.
The annual f-tock-takmeof cotton in Liverpool
developed an excess of lon.otn bales over the et
ti mated quantity. This attracted much atten
tion, and depressed prices nominally luif a
irenny ; but a.s the market was cl-wed on the
fir"t, the effect was not finally tested at yatur
dav's price.
Virgi ma State stock touched 47.
Liverpool, 1st. Bread-stuffs quiet and steady.
Flour quiet and firm. Wheat quiet but steady.
White Western and Southern 'JUtftiis. Corn
steady ; mixed -Ss tidcr1.? 9d.
Provisions dull. No'salvs of beef. Pork nominal.
Specials of this mornmeare quite barren of
news. The gunboat Montgomery arrived en
ttaturday from Mobile bar iu eight days. No
A letter from an officer on th V. S. steamer
Bibb, off Charleston, says Fort Sumter is plated
w.th railroad iron.
I f the arrival and ctuMiuiF ut tlm niaJla t th
Cleveland Pont Office.
AOVEMIICB 17, ,4&2.
VUrrxRM Wat. daily, for Buffalo and int rmii-iL
offic n, arrivi lit us a. m.; cio- 2-'M r. m.
tjStta- W y. HhiIv. f..r U ill,.nilih liintsiltA
GtJi.jTia, Ashtalxila a .d LeDUvaut, arrive ,t 6 li P.
.; and c.osos nt 7 a, h.
EASTtKJf THKOUUU. dtaiiv. for HnflAln. RoHton Nit at
Yora, arrive a. m., ( i$ r. .: c loses .t& a. u
7 I. M.
PlTTSBTTBDH WiT. dailv. for Pn.lnAeliihf&. Bnfti.
moru, Wtuhuitrwii, riu-iburirh,Caiitou, An run, bin.
lllon, Bteubeavill, B. A O. It. R., arrivus :22 a. .;
clotwwi a. M.
PtTTKBL'RdH T HROtTQH . for Phi liulclnhi.a. R)a1tlm..r .
WaabuiKtou, arriTes s:3ii r. n.: ciuses 2:'jH r. m.
Cincinnati mat. for tilinnlju. Iruliunitnr.ha T.,-,n.
Isvillf , .St. Louis, Nanhvilie aud Cairo, arrives 7.3 e.
.: eloest).:vi i. w.
Cincinnati THaoctiH. or Colnmbiu. IndianKimli.
At, Louis, Nashville aud Cairo, arrive v.M a. a.: clo
ses 3:2 r. m.
WUtTEMN VI AT. Tr Toledo. Chimavo sand riMtmil.
dail(, arrive ti:'if a. m.; cIinmh c m; a. tt.
W kstkkn THRoufin, for Tok'tio. ChirntTo and De
troit, daily, arrive 7:5tl p.m.; cliftcu p. m.
Sandcskt Wat, Klyri via Northern iiividion, ar
rives at yi'Ml A. M.; ;lortes i:i)0 p. a.
Nauoninc Way, Warrea and Vounxntown arrives
:3u p. a.; ti l p. u.
Medina Wat, daily, arrives 4.-00 p.m.; doaea&uO
k. M.
UocEPORT. Dover. Sheffield. North KfiiemrllU .
urives and clusutton Tueiduy, XbursUay and .Satur
day at VJ m.
Bath, ttrerkavtile. Cod ey. Ac. leaves Tomrtr
and Satnrrlnyi at ;:uu a. m.; arrives Mimaajiaad ri-
aAn at 3:mi p. m.
6UAL0S Cr.NTr.a, Grander, Hin klcy, North Rojral
tcn, leaves TiHHsl:i'd -tiui iatr.i d.tys at 7'JtJ A. M.', ar
rivea Mon)ays aud Fridys at ft;W p. H,
W AURENrjviLLic, daily, tvrriveri 10:16 a. M.: ciosus
10:3O A. M.
kAtiTCLEVELANDand Ellchd. d&llr . Arr.ii4-tti a m
Clone 3:DU P. M.
BiS-Time f Arrival of Mails in above St hctliila
at lilt l'pot, anil tiue of Uiniribtitiou ol mail? reauy
lor delivery u usually one hour later tluui arrival ut
t. t'Mail aud Proo Latter are riwaired bv law ta
be pre-paid.
All City Clrrnlamare rf-iuired to U pre-paid with
a p'fitiy jt&nip.
- tjtuce upun irom a. m. to 7:?r, p. m.
y ("lU TK", P M
I ISisti. 61. siS. fif. ai:d tii Uiver-St.. nd n tanrl
tn the Dock. Clm-eland, Ohio.
W. F. Carev & Co.,
Wholesalft Aeencvtor the ! of HhoanrMrt7nr' Jn.
niaia Nail-i, Oimnion turl (;hareral Sheet Iron, Jttnl
tFa lt-il r Plate, Spriiw 1'low and Itliriter St !. Meel
Plow Wimrs, IUr Irwii, Criit.in Window fJla, Urind
ttonea, W ni. O. Harr'it Vlt-brated lira front tiut,
Ac, at mniiiil'acturrrs pri auil:lt24
KAKirSaMii KuKkS,
at I)nnili1:(ltw1 WF.LLS'. II Pmrl-Ht.
K.WELLS, DsALxa in Haed-
. vnr.. rtar trim. kjowr'a Hiiobh. Htwl. N.ita.
Binlclor Jlrli.arM, Atfricnitura! liiitfiiii'iira, Ib-ut
ri'lti.f. .Mnlla. Ki.rlli.ft, A xtt-., .tc No. II I'carl-M.
W..t Sl.i.H:iUnfl. Ilhio. nnAin
Excelsior French Dye Home.
H, 96 Vnrra-Su ( Soar 8t. Clair.)
-K. fer 10 all Inr ll,,uwln theCitT.asd
enirairt. to to only Fir-t ( k Wurk, baTiutr, beaidoa
excellent li-n, III. be.t t'renr aiui Kiui.ber ID
town. ti44in ri-ri ivcti aim ien v.ni or axpresa iruna
,rn1 tnaii ruirr. m t h" ii'iinl r riovlo
Al Wkoletalt Retail 183 Supcrior-St.
M . BUKT has mat mtnmM from New York with a
largaaud Tartad awortrswitt ol i.'LOCiiiif somprisiDST
it Least 50 Different Kinds,
Including ahe celebrated Calender Clock, patented by
H. 8k inner, a lame number of whicu are Id oaa In
tnla city, and give tbe most perfect atisfactlioii.
Also, a nne atoca 01
MBepairing done on abort notice. ynnea
KRtt AND JKWSLEK, No. 15, Wert
nblic Sgoare, (near the Court Honee,)
V Profesiional Piano-Forte Tuner. f-V-i
ill nHiar. lt t th Miuin Stnre of 8. ( I I I
Reainarrl A i)n . fiV. Ho aMa-4 -tr Htreet. Will IM arOfDsH)?
atteatled to.
1 T River Biork, Maln-u,
Will seat Six H'iridrerf Penoos. Is wall llihted with
Gas; Vo4t-L ga'BuD tfaetttege, and Dreaaiua ibkjoms
aijOin:DX- Upon for CoDCerla. Prtie, Lectnrea,
c. uan;:at A. f. WKBB. Proprietor.
Connty Officers, Lawjen, Jistiees and
Constables Blanks.
IS Soperior-se , Cl.Telud, 0. (Entrance thronf h
M':aic More.) deC2:42
Lartrr's Watar-Praof Camrwaltlaai
Tar Errplng It
And there Is aothing
that will compete with it
Kurma Waraa Oct.
IPS iperior-8t..
.i ' 'jL-iiii
increased our tacilitie to
Meet the Increased Demand, .
Citr Cnatomers mar be conatantlr anv pi led.
far-Merchants will do well to Introilnn thew.
A dlecoent ot ai fl cent, will be madawlws orOered
Of Ihe hile of 1 frsor more.
aTSTUCKlNO A KN alwara on hand.
. - iJLSVBLAJiO WilHulKOCd.,
iKa 1H7 liank-A.
itlanufaclurlus; Company,
VJMBHFLLAS manufactared wilt taa Patent Klba
and Nolchea. Sold by the ( aw orJjoa from tha
SWMarchanU deallnit in the article pica, call up. .
on, or correspond with us.
licensed Banker and Broker,
poos a General Ban kit,,. Exchanre and Depoaft
bninu: Buys and Sella lucurnt Sunda, ti,,rj.
Sllrcr, United State, Notra Coupons, fnanan id one?
and Premium Fund, of all kind., on the modi la.or
aoleterma. ufflce hours from 4 a. a. uin r a..
Ill Bnpi rior street. Cleveland. Ohio. ocili:3
xJ paoraiiToaa or the
Cleveland Floor Oilcloth Factory,
Abo Maaafactarnra ol
Aad Metallic Fire prowf Palnl, (Or, ta on.,
rJJST'rilt'P'1 r'" u1' " aho (rata
no-Ht.. t leTelann,, Ohio. . aeniu
i .1-. VJLIJU,
Open Everj Day,
At 172 Supirior-St
'Has aw.ixixiail
m ' r hi. unt nujnba.rfc evor made. i.
i'.";.!".? ,?'lr.",1Jn,tin Ualranbed WrinterTand
nil NOT UU"T. GKO. D. 1!Ki,b!,
vaeu air i.uyaiioe;a county.
B h" an, betore siTiny Pntnam",
Wringer a trial aad judae for uur Ire, which ia u
a.1- fi?i ii uvi'it
l.. if AOKNiV, No 31 Bank Street. Wm.
land, Ohio. W are prepared to trnct Un.imol
...ry docription relating to Inr.ntiona, lir.wm.
C-aveat., bpecitlcattoua, Patent., lninncemenu, iid
the PaWut Law..
lnthe'2t"d ,l""1m" 1"ho aar want taatracttoa
Cuttlns: and Fitting La(Iles Dresses,
Bo"' Jackets, Gtnta' bliirta. Ac, ara informed that
" "u" luiiniiniiie above
lartnenteon a Bow principle. It ia aannrpaaaod !or
auir, wuo an u extremelr ainipi.. An,
lad, mar acquire a knowledge ol cutting the above '
Rariuenta in Ml to 40 uiiuiitea.
J?" !J? Wl"hee u that it mar be trird and inveatiew.
ted. Tbia newly rented method ot ,'ittin and Out-
. T eruuEiu uen,re ine pal'lir by J. Kohle.
of the city of New York, and is ured by cipyrirlit.
Mr. kidiler Iim. lnul . I,,,,., uv u..
bnnlnea. in nil tbe Drincieal r.lti... ni
The uudeniimod m;.y be f ocud at Xu. hill Senee.
"'-wu me uoura oi , A. Jl. and i f . M. ' The
pneeof Uulmare very ehenp within the reath of .11
loiintof. VI .n.l H U Tk.
Aitenta wuuted, to canvada a:id travel Ladies
m.to r.xid avenu, and can make from Kl to ait per
day. Town aud County Kighta iU be sold on rva.
souable terma.
Alao.auowand complete system for Cattlnc Sea.
tic me n , tiarmeou.
.. G. N. MOOSIT.
" '? fr..-), N..w V.irli ('(rv.
TR HUNTERStili-Co-wTinuisat
-t theoldeelahlilH-d piati,, 17 Maths.' Block
outh stile of tbe Pnbiic Hyiuarc, Out. .n.1,u , cur in
all ltin.1 coiiw iu tact he m the only rn,-tle ebl' - .
ctnu in CiVvrlauiJ, trratinK the uAUm tug :
nttnifly: K rrulul. iiuwn. Clcvra. Lang Iiimwm
Toni'-r, Ki-tula, BnUv-lutJ aud Kin muaimni, Au'
and evir, uitul VmkueMt aritl rtll di-as pw-o. '
liar tu lViialo lucorrbeaur W lut, . Suppnu.na .
O! the Mclum, Puiniul Mt-nnlnmiiD. Iiiituinittti. D
and Ulucraliuu ol the UttTtu ut WubiL I'ruUuu o .
rllinaof theWooib. Ail dimuM. ol the tl JT.I AU
kiu, eutiruly ivinuvtMl Itoin thr ytjteiM. All Jf awa
of theurttaumiM rnerati)iitti.iualtur l-miUts.i ii(
Trnauieur nature, iruatbd in a carwiul, tlu..-:ih
aud judicium mauuor, pwiuUMluut by ioujE4xin ti uca
and Inruetiifatiwa.
Low prirtjg and qnlck cores. IWet.t caatfl
cured In from tbrve to eight dnya. All nypr;:ii:i.- tuul
aKrcunttl toiats outireiy reinuv. d iron. IU- ).iai.
lr. UlNTkU is ronatantly curing com. it. i-c-rn " '
four to eieht w,ta that have buuu trtxl by uihor
phyniciaiii from outj to tbrne yeurit.
Yuuiitr mu adtkUad with aeutmnl wkiWMii Prw.xl.l
apply to Dr. liuutur iniuiitlUivly, witlur in pcrv u oc
by letter, aa bo tHvvr tail U cure. H in irninlivii cir
p(riectly aie, and uiakuowa to any othar piiyjiciMJi
ia the L'uitiil Stat(.
Patient ol either aez, HHu at a dlntance, by ut-
ttiK th,;ir Ui- ia wriiiun.ivmrfail the mptuuid,
cut ubtaiu mwaiciiif, with dirtctiuii i(.r Its tu, bp "
al'lrtwMiu br. HUMKii,o( yitf.ciaud, Ohio, Bit
p.ii'l, and encloaiog a fee.
" All ot tha above disAasoe CUKID, or no pay -w
All commanicationa ctali(ifDtial. '
Knai hiet expuru.ac) and extras I've practlrd, ha Z
makm aotcrapi.tj in aTtin that whatovor h? dti
drrtnlttn hi cpcclaiity, he will a.r ckktainlt " '
Mnruaa. Nu tnattfr bow h' mtijr to tho ca.e
wb-ttntr h-.m eiir debility or prMiratiou of itie -
yu iu,or truiu uiiiucceaHlul trtaaiiut at of nipiricar-.-or
-RMt-styli-il " M. !.'," whom amity hv ank-riu- '
niitely tx-u undr.or trom tbt !alrwdrv,k:a-y that manr
Of iny paiitDU t?ll me kept tha.ni frum aa eavrly apoii
catiun U me. or the do Umo fnlil idfci,.f owiiunw "
thedioetvw by tb adTanraDkaCt or auct and aotriftir
moral amid: for thoy, one and ail, aitake the case .
worse, and if it ia an early one from the cam, of be- 1
tUR entirely local, it nflw the en lire .in ia.rltjcoumy
and then rjulmftix-git aa well aa U-'i treatim-uty
wbicb Dr. Uuutur ia happy to be able tor-ay that -thorough
iQ.asetiffaiioa. aud sreat imprvTement in
hetrttatraeiitul private and dpio.tvi diww of hoth.
afx. of boweyer Umu duration, yiajld to hi iftudocl i
it tbounfortansteTalQelifeand hoalth.theyahonld -be
nart) aud call ou a phy.iciau or ag aad experiuuca, ;
" No chartre tk.r atlnoe. Tho Ih-ctor' oince la
eonntantly thronged with patieau from all partaoi
the coo n try
Dr. buuhrli the only ajjent IntheUnltMl Sat?p ei
lbrDr. VIMIOLH' KK.tl ALlt AlU.NTiiLY PILlti,
the only Fdiimmi nuil Fill in th L'nited btatea.
Ko article of Utxliciui,t uteutied lr tneupeof Fev
main, that bai ever Ktm in apnMaran, han tj.et S
anch antTtirHfil ntKreHa m thwe clelraid PilU. No '
dtaeartf is so little andentood.and LtMMjuetitLr badl .
trtttrd as feioaie di.4. Tht-ao Pills are the rult -of
much study and caretul experience; in mil vrit tit
of female complaint, and in all Civwg of irrf-KUlAri-tioa,
bupnwwion, LocorrhtWi or whlu-, lotianiinatiBl
of the BUvlder, Kidaoysand Womb, and loss of Nerr- '
oua KoerKy, their use is above all pt Ausontr tba
mauv thounanda that have tiaed thura in all pu-rs ot -the
tiuiou. uoua speak ill of them, fur all iikethm. :
1 hey cotita.ii) no mercury, no iroo, no steoi, do dead ly '
oilit. Their use cau do no harm, and wiiea umd ao
cordiDsT to directluB-, always do .rood.
N. tt. Marritdl ladio who bavu ivaeon to b.HwD
thiniAs?lve in the taniily way, ibnulii uot nse thm. '
as by their actiou ou tha woaib, tuiaciixTlage wculd
be the cease j uen3e.
Price 1 or box. Person endfas for Pill will ;
ncktse one tiollar aud two poataeo ttuunos. '
Several person kuoiutT the elhcM:y uf theae Pills)
have advertised as beinK aeuUlor Dr.lchula Pill, i
and aollintv a worthless article.
Thegeuuino Vicaoui fin ale Itauai Pills can
not be found at any othor place in the I' cited otaua
axeept at Dr. lluutr Infirmary, C level ana, O.
Dr. llaubT has ia his pssi,Tn nunitrroua uertlfl-
catea aud Uwtimoniala, which relieved and happy pa
tient have tendered him, and have kindly pnrmittcs.
him to exhibit to those desirous of his errios.
tsW OtHff. hnnew fmm . w. tny. m dtHrlT ' '
, We have very Swntt and Lvciow
Grown on fiit in-Bay Island,
which ara far superior In quality to any frown ha this
ror aa oy ua oox or leas onaiitsiy. at
J. STA1E A 8fN ,'
I'S '-ntuHf fit
SBOKlNa. H. W. Bidstiad ft Co.. respect- :
rally announce to their friends and tha public, that
haviDst made extensive arTmnjrafDenis in their Katab
tfthruent, they are now arpared to attend to tha
Veterinary aad tthoeintof Horsea, fa tu moat skill
ful manner. All busiuoNa done, and charge maiia.
will ba satisfactory wa will warramt.
MmGive MaoaiiaUd if ac aa weaay, raat let as
kmow. frba-BJ
.r:r- -
rj lartehx!

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