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n A. RKAD & CO.. Bank las, 95
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EOST i)N Sunday Woitmwo. a
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on viitcti waa enerave.1 the owners nnnte, jih.
Eobmaoo, 91 Tracy -.m." Any oi retumioff him
will bo liberally rcwardrd. bqt17-W
GfclNT-?. WaMEU-Io fOLTClT
, nnUi hr Abhott's IlufoTT of thnBebeilion
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nn antaM&ed Toward.-. in Cuyahoga County.
Addnia by mail, or ca.lt at room .. 4. Anerian
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TTunted immwlifttelr, three fir.t-clau BODY
bharet nnd fractional fthtrefl of the Cleveland
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I iwor'a Ivwb (Hftm. onnim of Water and Bane
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TiroOD YAHD. Kbaubi A Bao,
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toot of tiupcrifcr-st.. in the Dock, where they w'll
keee on hand all kindi o! H ICduBT. MaPLE,
ESALH nd HtXEP ITonr Foot Wood. Wood Cawed
by HachiTjt-ry wha ordered, and delivered in any
art of the airy. O.B. KJaAC8,
an31-Sta Agent
JjVNtilWK FOR faALK. A Sioond
J band Knriiie for aato, eirht ban ynwer. Will
inM cheap La caab. Apply at tn Leader Uffloa,
for m&kit-c iJodbls or small MachfDery. Inquire of
ilNONDAV itHrHXlr.i. KOV. 33. 10 1.
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Columbia 9:30 t-w
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IWt'ftlrefM wlshfBg conrTacce to either of tw
above TraiMor Riaw. will be called for br Oraches
of etvena' Omnibus Line by liavinir their adaree.
at the OmoibiM Office. 147 IkuperiurM.. next door to
the WfiM-.lJ llmir.
0. A. Baad A Co., Baakan Oold, BUraT and 0n
pona Botwht and Sokt, and Moner Xalaaed.
John Kllalsr- Academy of Koato.
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Attantioa Oo. C Local Ko lea.
War HatKlaf-Lccal Notice.
Kitrooa Oxide Gaa local Kotlra.
Ladii0, look at the beautiful styles of
Winter Bonnet! jolt opened at Mrs. Bhtw'i
rooma. ' botI 7:131
Lectuxts is Obkilii. The College So
O'etiei Library Association cf Oberlin Col
lege are makins; arrangrmeDts for a course
of leeturM ia Oberlin thii winter, from ear
bt 'eeiurere.
pEteoBAt J. Wilkei Booth, the cele
brated actor, Colonel Eomphreji, of the U.
S. A., Captain Ejpher of the First Artillery,
and J. Vissolier, of Kaw York city, are at
the American, whioh ii now doing a deserr
dly big business.
Diboidixlt. We leant that A band of
dranken rowdiei greatly disturbed the qeiet
of dwellers on Erie street last Saturday
Bight by earrying off gates, breaking fence
palings, &e o. The perpetrators of this
wanton mischief, if tbey can be dissoTered,
mast be made to t aai toe run penalty or toe
law. ' What fun there eau be in such folly
and mitohief, is beyond our comprehension
Wood-sillies ih Limbo. The city or
dinances direct that all wood cball be sold in
the market, within certain iied limits. But
the itinerant wagon diiTers baTe insisted on
telling it where they pleased.
Tbey v?uld and yet they would not, little one,
for the selling of their wood was stopped by
the Folioe who eame down'en tbem like a wolr
oa the fold. An extra session of the Police
Court was called on Eatarday, at which IS of
(hem appeared, plead guilty, and were fined
ach ii and eeeis.
Tax Kiw Ladies Hall cr Obiilik Col
LXei.AU friends of Oberlin will be interest
ed ia the announcement that a new Ball,
for the aooommodaticn of the ladies studying
In that excellent college, is in proeess of
erection. The last brick baa been laid and
it will soon be enclosed. The building will,
when complete, cost aboat $30,000. It is
three stories in height and is a most hand
tome tlruclure. It will be completely ltted
p ajrith all mcdera improvements in the Tery
beft manner. Such a building is an honor
and ornament to the tcwnfand a Tery sub
stantial and gratifying indication of the
prosperity of the college.
We see the suggestion made in some of tor
exchanges', that en Thanksgiving Day a
eoUcetion ought to be taken up In all the
ehurohe for the benefit of the sick and
wended soldiers, or the families of such.
We most cheerfully concur in the recommea-
ajetioB, and invite the attention of the mia
"fteert ef oar sity to the subject. If sih a
Bsastrre were made general throughout the
sand the amount of gocd resolting therefrom
areoU be incalculable, while the day would
hut be converted into one of practical blest
fag. Few who celebrate Thanksgiving at
Jome bat will be glad aad thankful for the
Maottetutf to devote a small ana to such
Am object. Probably it would be the simplest
way to tend the proceeds of such ce!U stionf
to the Sanitary Commission, which it the
wis Grand Almoner ef the nation, and
ktows, perhaps better than any other society
The Case Building.
This splendid building, one among the ta
est If not positively the finest building in
our city, in point ef elegance of architecture
and ia respect to lite, it being pressed rap.
idly toward completion, aad it aow to far ad
vanced that it it possible for as to pre
sent eur readers with tome account of it,
and its Internal arrangements, The di
mansions ef the building are two hundred
by teventy-tix feet and It exteadt the
whole distance between Superior and Rock
well streets. It will be eixty-three feet ia
height from tide-walkt to eaves, and seven
teen feet from the eaves to the tidge pole, a
total height of eighty feet above the ground
Its basement story will be devoted to stores,
offices and store-rooms, and will be nine feet
from floor te ceiling. Aa area, fire feet in
width and at deep as the basement, runs
completely around the building, and beyond
the area, under the side-walks, are vaults for
the une of those who rent the basement of
fices. On the first floor are eighteen rooms, tea
of which are seventeen feet by thirty-four in
dimensions, and eight seventeen by
fifty. One of them will be used aa aa en
trance te the Concert Hall above, and the re
maining seventeen are intended for stores
and bankt. If tome merchant-prince desires
to rival Stewart in the site and splendor of his
emporium, he will have an opportunity in
these etorea, for they oaa all be thrown to
gether by the opening of arched passage
ways between them, making, out of the sev
enteen, one magnificent room two hundred
fest long, aad seventy-six feet wide. This
story is fourteen feet high.
The second story is divided into rooms for
offioes, etc., and will be leased to lawyers,
insurance agents, and other business and
professional men. At present, no room in
the building is leased, as Mr. Case declines
all offers until the building it ready for ute.
The story is fourteen feet from the floor to
Above it the next story is mainly filled
with a splendid Concert Hall, which will, we
hope, supply the great need, to often ex
pressed and felt for a suitable bnilding
for concerts, lectures and big in-door
meetings. It is to be thirty-seven feet in
height and 120 feet by 73 in size, and is
intended to seat, in the bod v of the Hall and
and the galleries, tome two thousand people.
It will be fitted up in the best style, and
lighted not only with windows at the sides
but also by dormer windows in the roof.
The remainder of the story it devoted to
more offices ; two rooms, eaoh 22 by 73,for
the Cleveland Library Association ; a hall
50 by 73 for rental to any society desiring it ;
and a fine room, lighted by sky lights, which
Mr. Case thinks of using as a picture gal.
The roof of the building is now being
erected and attracts considerable attention
from the peculiarity of its thape, which it
at the sides a ooneave curve, presenting a
handsome eppearance, making the Hall
higher, and giving it light from the splen
didly ornamented dormer windows which
will decorate the roof. Thii sew ttyle it
ealled the French Roof.
The material of the bnilding it brick, but
the corners and tides of the building contain
much masonry of remarkably solid and mas
sive structure.
Its buildert are Messrs. Heard and War
ner. Its architect and Superintendent is C.
W. Heard, E.'q. It is Mr. Heard's hope to
hive the building entirely completed within
a year from the present tints.
Cohbixatiok We are toon to be favored
with the most excellent concert that hat ever
ben enjoyed by our eititent. Three grand
instrumental and operatic eoucers will be
given at Brainard's Hall on Saturday, Mon
day and Tuesday, November 28th and 30th
and December 1st. Gottschalk, the greattst
living pianist, will appear, reinforced by the
following musical celebrities : Meile. Anglo-
llna Cordier, the great nprano and prima
domna from the Italian opera, whose appear
ance in the role of Dinorah, in Meyerbeers
new opera, caused the greatest sensation on
reoord in New York, Boston and Philadel
phia ; Signor Carlo Patti, a brother sf Ade
line and Carlotta Patti, and the voung but
distinguished violinist who has been very suc
cessful in our Eastern cities, and Signor Biig
noli, the greatest of tenors, the sublime notes
of whose divine singing still lingers in our
memories. The Musical Director it the em
inent Mr. Behreut. AH musical omateur
will doubtless be on the qui e for the great
musical event forthcoming. Mr. Devivo, the
agent for Mr. Gottsehaik, is in town making
all necessary arrangements for the entertainment.
Rtctomxa ix tei Focbth Waxd.
There was another enthusiastic meeting ia
the Fourth ward on Saturday evening, the
result of which was the thorough (organica-
tiou of " The Fourth Ward Reeruitisg Asso
ciation." The following permanent officers
were ehoeen :
R. D. NOBLE. President.
A. T. BRINSMADM, Secretary.
D. A. DANGLER, Treasurer.
The Business Committee was increased co
fifteen, and tome other changet in it made,
so that it now stands :
E. T. Hall, Chairman, R. D. Noble,
Hpnrr flair, V. A. Inc!er,
A. T. Rrimmade, John C. Grannie,
I. H. Man-hall, O. A. ChiMs,
Lonis Smuhknifht, L. H Severance.
G, E. Hrrick, 8. J. Miller,
T. . Mears, F. A. Brand,
Captain Wallender.
At the close 'of the meeting subscriptions
to the Reoruiting Fund were made to the
amount of about five hundred dollars. There
will be another meeting at the Engine House,
Huntington street, on Wednesday evening
next at 7, o'clock.
The Business Committee are requested te
meet at the office of Mr. I. C. Graanis, at
UK o'olock this forenoon.
Civil Beaxcb Bifoeb Jbdoi Boltob.
Byerly m. Soofield A Co.; action for (10,000
damages for non-delivery tf petroleum oil.
On trial. Willey A Cary, R. E. Mix and S. B.
Prentiss, for plaintiffs, S. J. Andrew and
Loren Prentiss for defendants.
A. H. Brainard es. Shattuck ef. at. ; quel
tion of Homestead Execution. Deoisioa for
plaintiff. Willey A Cary for plaintiff, G. H.
Wyman aad E. T. Hamilton for defendants.
Civil Bbabcb Biroax Jurat Footx.
Weddell es. Tamblya ; question whether
plaintiff suing for rent, at against a counter
claim of title to another "piece of property,
should have affirmative relief to tet aside the
deed set up by defendant, oa the ground of
mistake in deseriptioa. Decision reserved.
Willey A Cary for plaintiffs, C. W. J. But
ton for defendant.
Thabxsoivlko Sebticeb. We leans that
he members of tb-O Plymouth, First Pres
byterian and several other ci arches will
meet together at the Stone Church forThaaki
giring exercises. Services will commence
a half after ten and the sermon will be
preached by the ev. S. M. Wolcott. '
A meeting will be held Wednesday eve-
Ttrai.Me .tbe,cons,rea,ational fiorlna
Trial of Lewis French for the Murder of
William King.
Thii eate, which wai disposed of daring
the present term of Court by the acquittal of
the accused was, not only ia the details of
the evidence, but ia the manner in which it
waa developed, one of unusual interest.
King, a negro, was killed a year ago, oa
the evening of November 22, 1862, and the
ease continued oa the application of the de
fendant to enable him to procure the testi
mory of a woman whom he alleged to have
been present at the time the fatal blow was
struck. The Bute claimed that King was
wantonly murdered,in the absence of witness
es. French admitted the killing, but claim
ed that be was set upon by King in Kinsman
street, just above Eagle, in a furious manner
and did the deed in self defense.
King was found lying on the open ground
ia front of the Butcher Exchange, dying,
and never spoke after being discovered.
French left the city Saturday night, re
turned Saturday night, and gave himself ap
the next day.
We append an abstraot of the evidence in
the case, giving tho facts elicited for the
State and for the defence.
William Potts testified that about nine
that evening French entered his saloon on
Miami street, frightened, breathless and al
most speechless, and chased by King, that on
King's appearance French ran awav
again, that he saw King was bleeding and
sent him off to go to a surgron.
Mrs. uiemens testimony showed that
French entered Lee's saloon, on the corner
of Boliver and Miami, a doten rods below
rotts, about nine o clock. He bore a knife
in his right hand and concealed it ia his
sleeve. Talked with Lee, and went out the
back way. Lee is now in the army.
a. White testinad that, meeting French
being taken to jail, he aaked him how the
thing happened, aod that French told him
that, while on his way down Kinsman street
that evening, he was approached by the de
ceased, who said to him " Where are you
going, you d d son of ah h," aod
struck him a blow t,the face, bruising his
lip, which bore the mark, aad that he then
struck K. with his knife.
Sheriff'Crew added that French said that
after the blow they clinched, and, King be
ing too heavy for him, he cut him. ,
Dr. Mayer described the wound, and said
that it wonld cause death in from five to fif
teen minutes. There was no other mark on
the body.
Xee prinoipal witness for the defense was
Miss Anna Farley, an interesting srirl of
twenty, the woman who saw the struggle. It
appears that she was a dress-maker from
Me&tviile who had lived in the citv two
years, and was stopping at Mr. Warners on
Kinsman street, above Perry. On the night
in question, she was going borne from a place
where she had beea for work, and when go
ng up Kinsman a man preceded her a lew
steps Meeting another this man called
out: "Is that you, you dirty sou of a
h." On the other askioe if he
meant him, he repeated the language, and
s'ruck the other, end a struggle ensued.
w itness was ingatened, tried to cross the
street, was prevented by a railing, and was
passing by the combatants when the man
who came down the street, who was borne
bsck against the fence, broke loose and run
rapidly down street, followed by the other.
The night was dark and she didn't know
either of the men. She told Mr. and Mrs.
Warner, but didn't hear of the murder as
W. didn't take the papers.
the witne&s was able to fix the date from
the fact that on reaching Warner's she
found that a younger sister bad left town,
and wrote to her the next Tuesday, recailins:
her to the eity. The letter had been regain
ed and waa produced in oourt. It bore date
Novainber 25th, 1S32. She had never
seen the defendant or his father until the
trial. Mr. Riddle bad called on her a week
before to find out what she knew.
Tbe witness was examined at great length
by Mr. Palmer and sustained herself admi
rably, making an excellent impression on
the court and jury.
Asher Warner's testimony corroborated
Miss Farley's as to the sisters boarding at his
house, ihe date of the younger sister's leav
ing, which bis diary showed to be November
21d, and as to her having mentioned the
fight. He had never heard of the murder
until last spriug, when he heard M. S.Castle,
hsq., read r rench s affidavit for continuance.
Afterward Miss Farley spoke again of the
fight, saying that she dared not hire a room
in that locality, of which they were speaking,
and telling him the circumstances of the
fight. The coincidence struck him and he
epoke of it to Miss F.
Mrs. W arner confirmed the preceding tes
A number of witnesses swore that before
Saturday his lip was without a mark but that
after Saturday it waa badly twoliea.
It appeared that he was a rather quiet and
yielding man, while the negro waa a power
ful and quatrelsome fellow. The young man
Is only about twenty and appeared well dur
ing the trial.
Mr. Palmer argued the case for the State,
Messrs. Riddle and Cwtle for the defense, to
the jury. We had not the pleasure of hear
ing Mr. Palmer but the speeches of the gen
tlemen for the defense were most admirable.
Mr. Riddle's effort did full justice to bis wide
reputation as a eriminal lawyer. The oharge
of Judge Coffinbery is spoken cf as one of
great clearness and ability. Tho J ury, after
an absence of fifteen minutes, returned a ver
dict of not guilty.
Obeblix College. "The Fall Term"
at Oberlin ended last Saturday, and the great
body of students are already off for tbe per
formance of their winter's work or the en
joyment of their winter'! pleasure. Many
oi the Oberlin students spend the winter va
cation in teaching, Perhaps no other insti
tution sends out so large a number of teach
ers. They may be found scattered all over
the loyal States.
The prospects of tbe winter school, wmea
is usually organised there during the vaca
tion are, we understand, quite promising.
Prof. C. 11. Penneld will undertake the
charge of it,
R a ci no The horse-race on the County
Fairgrounds on Saturday wu attended by a
large crowd, and considerable even betting
wag done on the horeei, which were consid
ered a dose match. The horse Sam Slick.
entered by W. H. Potts, won the first heat
two miles tn 5:49, The mare Maria B rough,
entered by Win. Hoffman, won the second in
5:44. The excitement was now great and
the horses went In for the last heat, which
the horse won in 5:45 by aboat six inches.
This is one of the olosest races ever known in
our city. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi
Nitrocb OxtDB 6a9. Desiring ever to
do all in our power to relieve from suffering
those who require painful operations at our
hands, we are prepared to use Nitrous Oxide
Gas for those who would have teeth extracted
without pain. In adopting this gae, we do
not expect more perfect relief from pain than
has often been obtained from the use of
Chloroform and ether; bat as Nitrons Oxide
resembles more nearly the air we breathe
than chloroform or ether, we hope iU appli
cation as an anaesthetic for brief operations
will be more universal. We intend to ad
minister the Qas in our practice with proper
discrimination and care.
B. Btricxlahd,
B. F. RoBiasov,
C. K BuTTLna,
L. Buti-ett,
nov23;123 N. B. Amblkb.
Attkhtium Gompaxt D, 29 th Reqimekt,
0. V. M. Al! members of this company are
hereby ordered to appear at the Armory on
MondfiT even in r, Aovemoer ZJ. at 7
o'olock, r. m., in uniform. It is hoped that
all members will be present as there is im
portant business to be transacted
uy oraer oi me uommanaent
nov23:120 4 S. B. Thojus, 0. S.
A Wae MiETiMtj will be held on Monday
night at the Methodist Church (corner of
Hanover ana Charon streets, nest oiaej on
purpose to devise measures to raise the
quota of troops under the President's laat
call. Good speakers will be present, and a
I-, .rrnaiTte ii pniieitea. xtnliv roan a
Patcedat fcvEifiss, fiOTember 21, U6S.J
Flaur titeadj. Bales 100 b bis red double extra
at 16,25. Prices ran) at 96.W$fi.n for good to
choice country ground red whaat Hoar, and S7,1
7,a5 for white.
Wbet Sales 1 car red on track at Sl,r5; 3,000
bushels free on board at Sl,2, and 2,000 bobhela
bite afloit at Si ,50,
Cera Higher. Sales 3,000 bosk from store at
Oat Firm at 6 'c.
Rre-SeUiiig In small lots at $1,13.
Bor.ey-Qaiet at 11,25.
Hlsbtrlnea-Flrm at Mc.
Hosts Have advanced and range now 5,G05,25
for light to cfabce heavy.
Para; Market firm and tending upward. City
brands are held at 117,00.
Lard Sales 4,000 Bs common stocks at UHc In
Halt Selling at S2.20 for Fine and 2,25 for
Batter GboIce"qQa'U.es continue in fair demand
Prices range at Jz324c the outside figures for
small lots rery nice la small psckagee. There is no
Central selling. Prices of the latter are nominal at
Bscs Sca-ce and firm at 19c.
Dried Fro It New apples are worth 7c ; peeled
peaches 18c, and nnpeeled 9c.
Feathers Sales 2:0 Dm at 60c.
Onions Sales 10u bbls at S4,00.
Vttam Market Hn'il and drootinr. Boies at
SlSfor MiddHrg CpUndfl.
r loar -X" nigDr wun mooerais oemana.
Sale atM.4AMssS.60 for vtra .State : S7.U287,60 for
extra round ho-rd Ohio; S75'a Sti for trade
urnnuri. marKei closing qa.
Whisky Market -Xi,iied and 5c higher. Sales at
Tfttd-Ac, cii efl- n,t 7tirf733.
wheat aiart Brraer oat qaiet.
Sn'Mat SI.42"iMA tor Chiciuio .-prlntr: MVaMfi
for Mi'wankcp Olub ; SI.AKtiel.Ai for wiuter red West
ern: SM7tfl.4ri tor Amber Milwaukee : ljfiU&l
for Ambt-r Michigan.
Kye-JiarKei nrrner. caies ai si,su wr n eii-
Cora Marh excited and market 34c higher,
demand chit-fly ppecnlatire.
!&lffl at i,lfea.,7 for shtpefna; mixed West
ern in Btre; cl'-aiDsi firm at Utt-r ficnren.
Is-Market excite! and 2 to 3c better with good
bus. lies doing.
tNaiMyta-tt-ceior western and eta'.e, closing ai
otitnidi! price-.
wool Diarset very nnn.
Kaa-ars i!"aty.
Irk Unchanged with fair demand.
I ard-Quietaod etcitdy.
Hurler Ma. ket firm. Kales at Sa)2le tor Ohio :
2tti3 c fir State.
Cheese A shade firmer. Sales at 136c for com
nioa to prime.
oner easier but continues active at 7 V
Wrrllnt V?xrhnoa-T Market firmer bet quiet
at If-tflu-, for firt-claa bills.
Iwwtld Uarket nnpettle-d and Arm. Onmnine at .14.
declining to &Z, advancing toM.'a, and closiue firm
at ran
Tote., exports of specie to-day SV'.ir.noO.
Pepper a hszro, told dealers, failed yesterday.
IslverifllnHI Mf ne-U MsvkxC mile-t atld ItA-aHr.
United Mutt Si of Ksl mnmnt WV
8-ren-thitty Trwnry Ncite.. , rw
United eta'.eti One Vtwr CnificntEU.
Mocks At 2d board firm and active.
Ctiicaeo and Bocx Inland
Pitta burn. Ft. Wayne and Chicagu.Mw.
Bt'enaand Th.rAiw. , ,
- MM
Illinois Ontral sec rip , ,,, ., ,. ,
HI ich.a-an .soiithoain t llM Mlll
Michigan mafenirm.. .,, ,,, ,, , ,
WI'HB- - 1 ,
Erie DivferTfAi..
New York intral..
Jleveland and P'tiahurtr
Alton and Terrehaute.-.
racinc nail..
rhicaaTOanii Northwestern
Cleveland and Toledo........
fn.iwauk.ee ana frame du Chic
Harlem .,.
H iittaoti r-,,r,.r
Flour Fair demand .
Urieat-rirket firm Imt onift ai at Sf.21
for Chicago Sprinat ;t.?5 tor Sheboygan Spring.
axrai - 1 akBi urni.
(ither eminR qoiet.
Vhlk-y Firm. Hales at 5e.
FrciiEhta 2Uc uii whiual and 12W.r on fmxt tn Ktt?
imports T.ono bbls flour, ao.nno hub wheat,
bubb corn, bush OAfs, ly.o i) biu-h baricy.
KiMriri o.t 0 btild flour. Iimum:. hmh whsa,t.
9 oou biuh corn, ll,w bosh oats, g,xio buh barley.
FTonr Markt stead.
Wheat Slarkt-t firmer'bnt QTier. Fates last
night tor t'bicagoSpriua ; SlJS Iwr Amber lotra.
1 ora vniec.
Gats-Market Firm,
other grains nominal,
Caaiavl Prelchta 1c hiaheron flour. Blnur M
etUc, wheat lee to New fork.
Market firm and !c hijrher.
Wheat-Active, iiulv at Si,tol,m
Com--Market firm, bales at yj.
(rat" !? attwiSf-.
Kt;retps-ei f,fX-t bbls flour, 40.0L-0 bush Wheat,
.'on bu4h ecru.
RxBrtrt- 3. 40bbl flour. 37.000 bush wheat. 31.-
0K) bush cru
Flour Cncnanged.
Wheat-Unil. iviles at 1,10 for Ko 1 Winter.
H rrrlpta 2,W be 1 fl. -nr. Si, WW) bush hat.
Hhlpmeuts-3,333 bbta flour, I0 bush wheat.
Rose & Prentice' Provision Market Report.
The followinc are tbe rates eharB-ed br them :
Hnms auszar -cured premiaufl Uuns, St I..m...m11c
Dried Beef el tb..- lie
Shoulders rujirarctirt)d ei it..rr. ,- T, -,-,,., t
Baeua r hmoked Hides ei m
Lard Prime leaf, kettie-n-nd'ed in bbls tb..ll6c
" PMme leaf, kettle rendered in kegs 1 tt...nc
Pork No. 1 meas f. f it ah
axtra clear ft obi
S No extra chariTt made for Das'kaaTes or cartrure
to railroad depots or hoata. All articles are a-arrant-en
mnctiy prime, and etjoal to anythine In the State.
Orden promptly fihed. Oar siurar -cured Hams aad
kettle-rendered Lard took the tint premium at the
UteOhio -:ate Fair. h'J- K A VRiMI.,
fios. 142, 144 and 146 Uotarlo-aU, cieTeiana,
Receipts at Toledo.
The receipts of Flour, Wheat, and Corn, at
on Friday Last, were as follows :
Flour, hMa i S,T
Wboat, hi.-i- , 8,302
Corn, hn.-i 2,4j8,i
Oat", hoah w... - -
Itetrlay. hnah .,,.
Daily Receipts.
The following statement shows the dally recelp of
flour and wheat at the nndermentloned places oa
Kovem-w 18 :
" bo.
. 2,7k3
... 3,325
New York
C i ncin natl........H.
Milwaukee ...-.
Detroit . .
. 6 371
Osweex) H
Export of Breadstuffs From the United
The Shipping and Commercial farnlshes the fol
lowing statement of the exports of bresdetutts from
United States to Great Britain and Ireland since the
1st of September:
lyjZ.!,".. !95,j0
lncraaseWM..HHHWM , . 72,113
163. M
1 , , ,M W
Decrease. fO
W2. - - ----- .J,447 W
-m w,132, 4 1 7
Decrease. - J,656,328
1W3. ., ... - - - 2.439
Ttrrm, , lr3S,2C9
1SS3, , . 22,817
1S63 . .12S,2W
Passed Detroit.
The following vssse.s passed Detroit Friday ;
ft Prop A ewe ; bark Orphan Boy ; scfar Z. F-
' 1K)WW 5tr Traveller ; prop Iron City ; brig Vsn
ice; Stir H. J. tLatibon. Live Yankee.
APLE SYRUP Or .thi Best
aoa'vtT. can te made from a nice article of
At Li. blQi H, which can be fr-u d at
50,000 Persons In Attendance.
Impressive Exercises of the
Dedicatory Address by President
A Grand National Testimonial to
Our Fallen Braves.
[To the Chicago Tribune.]
HARRISBURG, Nov. 20, 1863.
A treat dav for the aation, the burial
Dlaee or her xtoriooa derennera on vne
crisis of the national safety waa splendid
ly dedicated to valor, to patnouim ana to
freedom. The people have been coming
all the week, and some dayt aiaox the
town wea fall to overflowing, to that the
hosts who arrived yesterday and last
night were compelled to sleep on the noors
of private houses. The demonstration of
military, or nigh omcials, secretaries ana
oitiiens ia the procession was superior to
anything ot the ktad ever witnessed in
this country.
Ward a. lAmon, Marshal of washing-
ton, was the Chief Marshal of the day,
assisted by numerous aies.
Rev. Mr. Stockton, the venerable Chap
lain of the United States Senate, was in
troduced, who offered np snob, a prayer as
only he is capab.e of. ihe vast assembly
stood uncovered in breathless attention
during the invocation, and few indeed
were the hearts however obdurate, that
did not unite with him in this prayer for
the great American nation. "Sever was a
man selected for any service so fit in
every respect to perform it There the
reverend gentleman stood, looking as if
himself waa one of the brave dead, whose
graves were spread out before him. just
risen from the tomb to invoke the Ood of
nations and liberty, to bless tbe sacred
work and inspire the hearts or the living
with the grandeur of the work still before
Mr. Everett, the orator, proceeded with
a discourse occupying two hours and lour
minutes in the delivery. Tbe capacious
stand was filled with officers of the General
Government, Governors and their staffs,
Foreign Ministers, Admirals and the mem-
bers of the press. In front sat ihe President
of the United states, and on his left sat sec-
retary seward and Mr. Blair; behind
the President sat Governor Tod, Hon. John
Brough, Governor eleot of Ohio, Governor
seymour, Governor tjurtiu and others.
Perhaps the most attentive and apprecia
tive listener waa Old Abe himself. He
seemed to be absorbed in attention so pro
foundly, that, till the spell was broken by
a mistake of the orator in saying General
Lee, when he should have said General
Meade, which mistake caused the Presi
dent to turn to Seward and with a loud
voice say, "General Meade:" but the orator
seemed not to hear it. At this time the
orator made the same mistake, but the
President eorreotea it loul enough to se
oure a correction by the orator. Another
listener, whose countenance seemed most
to express the pleasure felt, waa John
Brough, Governor eleot of Ohio.
At the conc'ruion of the oration, a choir
from the musicil Association, of Baltimore,
treated the people to the following beautiful
IThe followinz thouzht seemed so aDnronri.
ata to the occasion of the consecration of the
Soldier' Cemetery at Gttyibutgt Pa., on the
ldtti ot November. 18J3, that 1 could not resist
th impulse of pu'tiog them m the following :
November 19, 1863. B. B. FRENCH.
As Holy Ground,
Thi9 root where in their graves
We place our country'!) braves.
Who fell in Freedom a holy cause.
Fighting for liberties and laws.
Let tear, abound.
Here let them rest.
And summer's heat and winter's cold
ehalt wax aod wan. above iheir mould ;
A thousand years shall pa-s away,
A nation still shall mourn this cl'ny
The soil id bloat.
Here where thev Ml,
Oft ahall the widow's tear be shed,
4 if: shall fond parents mourn their dead,
The orphan here ?hal! kneel and weep.
And mnideti9 where their lovers sleep,
Their woes shall tell.
Great God of Heaven I
FhM all this sacred blood be shed f
bhall we thus mourn our glorious dead ?
Oh, shall the end be ruth and woe,
The knell of Freedom's overthrow,
A country riven 7
It will not be.
We trnst. Oh God, thy graciott9 power
To aid us in this darkest hour ;
This be our grayer: Oh Father save
A people's t reec'oni Irom the &rave
All praise to Thee.
The Marshal then introduced President
Lincoln, who spoke as follow, after the
immense applause :
"Four score and seven years ago, oar
fathers established upon this continent a
Government subscribed in liberty and ded
icated to the fundamental principle that
all mankind are created equal by a good
God, and (applause) now we are engaged
in a great contest. We are contesting the
question wne.ner this nation, or any na
tion so conceived, so dedicated ean longer
remain. We are met on a great battle
field of the war. We are met here to ded
icate a portion of that field as the final
retting place of those who have given their
lives to the nation that it might live. It
ii altogether fitting and proper that we
should do this, liut in a large sense we
cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we
cannot hallow the ground. The brave men
lying dead, who struggled here, have con
secrated it far above our poor power to
add or to detract. (Great applause.) The
world will little heed, nor long remember,
what we say here ; but it will not forget
what they did here. ( Immense applauBe. )
" 11 is lor ns rattier, the living, to be
dedicated here to the unfinished work that
they htva tbna far so nobly carried for
ward. It is rather for us here to be dedi
cated (he great task remaining before ns :
for us to renew our devotion to that cause
for which they gave the full measure of
their devotion. Here let ns resolve that
what they have done shall not have been
done in vain. That the nation shall, un
der God, have a new birth. That the Gov
ernment the people founded, by the people
shall not perish.
The conclusion or the Presidents re
marks was followed by immense applause,
and three oheers given for him, aa also
three cheers for the Governors of the
The number assembled was between 60,-
000 and 50,000.
The National Cemetery adjoins the Get
tysburg Cemetery, sloping northwards to
wards the long line or hills from which
the foe made their attack. The old ceme
tery has been beautifully improved, though
not all the monuments and iron fence de
molished by shot and shell have been re
stored. It is an elevated and commanding
site, sloping down handsomely all around,
except to the eastward, where a slight de
scent brings np to the Baltimore road, and
immediately across the hill, where the
earth defenses of two batteries axe as they
were constructed.
Lieutenant Governor Anderson, eleot, of
Ohio, delivered an eloquent oration at the
Presbyterian Church this morning at six
o'clock, which was roundly applauded, the
cheers several times being prolonged.
This effort is considered by man j the great
production of the clay
After the prayer by Reverend Mr. Stock'
ton, the Band played old Hundred.
Last evening at a late hoar, tne r resi
dent and others were serenaded, ia re
sponse to which Mr. Lincoln excused him
self, aad speeches were made by Judge
Bhannoq, of Pittsburg ; McTeagh, of Phil
adelphia ; J. W. Forney aad Montgomery
aad Blair announced a vigorous prosecn.
tion of the war as the determination of the
The number of bodies exhumed and re
interred, up to the present date, ia about
nrteen hundred. The number still remain,
irg where they were at first buried, ia es-
timated at some two thousand. This would
show a greater number of killed than ia
set down in General Meade's report of the
battle. The discrepancy is explained by
the fact that some twelve hundred of our
men died in the hospitals here, who are re.
turned as wounded.
Some four hundred of the rebel wounded
also died in the hospitals. These were bu
ried with as much ears and attention at
our own men. Probably as many as a
thousand of our dead were removed by
their friends. The unrecogniird bodies
will probably number 1,000. This is as-
counted for by the fact that many of our
men who were killed in the first day's fight
were ounea in the trenches by the rebels
ana ine won was finished on the follow
ing Sunday by oar own troops. Never
theless, many names and initials and sou
venirs that may be identified by friends
have been obtained by Mr. Wells, and will
be made public as soon as possible.
Thirteenth Annual Course of 4s
ClCTeUnd library Association.
The Lecture Oonnnittaa hare the nt atrnrst tn an-
noqno that a great pains and expenee tbey hare se
cartd the follow. on distinguished Statesmen, Anth
on and Poets ai Lacturerefor ihe Ueirnlar Coorss.
Theories will oqzd prise Twelve Lectures.
Hon. DANIEL . r iCKINbufi, . New York, oa
Tbnradav ETefilnsT. Not 1th ' Thn, TTninn
".I'tnu l a, 1 nil a,, meaatnor of "Among tne
nnt-s "mr Doa-nurn rneoas," c . on Tnarsdsv
BITaRD TIYLOB. On TftliradAT KTsaninx?. D.aft
3d. "Kunniaaod her Peonle."
Dr JOHN ti. HObLAND,t'TlniothTTit)mb,"on
inursaay areniTig, rec. iotn. "Tbe IN at tonal Heart.'
aivo-'d u. uu5Maov,(a Ainaor, Xw Vor. A
Poem "The Oodn."
Prof. LuCifJ AGASSI Z, of IT sssachrsctts. Two
Prof. Win. G. BIOHABDS, of Bhcde Island. Two
Ml EMILTSHAW.of MsAsaehusstts, Besdfngs
rom the Putits.
at-af-Thc 4Vmmitte are llkew1a fti cnrrMiv,rir1.vi
wun cer. MtnrT ward Becner, eon. Jas. T. IJrsdT,
Hon. Tbos. P. Member, 'Xaos. Kachanan Head, (ieo.
Win. (haitia and others
Ticket-. adrnlttiiiaT a Gentleman and T at x a tri
Course, 93,00.
i it-set,, anmni.ng a uentieman and two Ladles to
ine lunrse, !g.,uu.
lirsfis, admitting on person to t&eooTire. w-3.
SaarUo-ders of Course Tiketa maw lecnrs R- wr-rtvl
seats on inv oaf oi tne Lee tare bj app.Ting at Drain
am ard ( 15 cents for each auat.
Single Ticket (Ho Lectnres will be irom 25 to 50
vaieis. iiueiTNCWUCfla'i exrra.
nYr?-f4 Lectr-re Commutes.
Positively Without Pain.
Ta Dl'"KERfON h-w ferared tbe ser!-" of Dr.
"O-vd, oi new vorg Trafew aay, to aesit-t him ia
Extract ng eetb with the Nitrous Vxi vai. Dr.
Pond has alsree exo 'Hence In nrfB-rlnflr sa a iruin-
l.t: rioaT ih- Gas bavins beenal.h tbe eie'ebrated I'r.
C slton, and adrainiatered it In thoosaadsof cases,
wMh entfe 'ncess
Dr i OLTOH first ann'iel this Das for stireical onera-
tlons about lx monihuasTo, and within tbe ( two
moviios, nMoiir-wtea over ruua tbociud texts
with serf ct satisla-tion.
i he ad-ranta&e of itroos Oxide over Ether and
Chloroform, cr :
riasr It is perfectly barm 'ess. Bo injur was sv
sr known to follow lis Inhva ioo.
.Second The tosenstbilitv ptolncert Is perfect
wur-r vii u as i p ir idq p-ropei 17 aommriterec.
'J H RES 1 1 1s DtotSanttO llshalft. haHn no i.f.
sreeable fm?ll it taste, ai d ceer prod"-- nan-ea
BT'U vicKnesvi. to say opining 01 inecauger . :i yrt
an attends ether or chln'olurm.
focBTH The whole time occupied, of Inhalation,
teeth x traction, a-d Teturn'ne to aerfnneA,n.cioiisi.
ntS', dea not exceed three miaotia. From threeto
tea teeta can be extracted br one cose, depending 03
location, terrp-ranf-ut aod age. No it-jury reeolu
fr-.aj glvlns fire or six d- in tuotv! n waiting
af'r e-icb use for the bleeding to subside
F irr a It can beizi-rea with t sty fn ail sorts and
itwt-i of dfaraa-, Cn be aim to persons snfla-iog
from consnmptloB heait dtsesae, rash of blood to the
nea'i, mc, witn no Da encre
HanrhnndTed testimonials ai?ht ba Braeent1.
but th following, from the iiev. Tbos. ti. (Mbom. of
flew Ha-ren, Ootid ,is aMmeasnmcient. He says:
' I hiad six flrmtv rooted ireth ez:rac;ed while ntidee
tne iriniieuceot ins ain onu xtaetas, sum lowered
br Cjl-man bcrine: tbe om rati-n I ex-9eri
enced no pain, aid wai delighted, 011 retnrni' gto
consw tocanenj, to nua inui rxy teeia nau nsjen rvmoT
ed without a di-axrfe-.ble kentatiou. 1 enjoyed 1
moat, ddiitrhuul dream wane asicen. 1 naveeteeri
f-r.ced no Itconvenletice irom the admlnintratioa cf
the'si Mydangbter bad one, aid my stater two
trTfth extrfu.ed wulit cpder ibe inrlnenut: of tbe fame
Gai. aixl tbeexpeii-cce and tmtimony accortlti p-r-ktlTiitb
KliUD. I tra- indttL.-d to aiibaniC to the
oper-ation in ronqaencsoi ton les'imony ul weveiMi
memberat-f inr c iorch and coBsreeatioc, who lc-
ft.rm'd me tfitir teeth had been xt'actxl without
paia whi'e the were ondr tu.s innuence of tbis
powerful rrmed'al agent."
To tbore abo bae bean tortured by sribint'tifg to
tbe extrastion of their teeth whi'e Ttridly cosciors
and who direaniors exra'.lent way of TrmcT-ng
thee "a-fleiid'cg members," I can cord ally rsccm
mend Prof. Col ten and bin ssiMfii assistant.
SsT"Asntits in tbs Ciy or Ttrtnliy, secdlngpA
tleati, cm bare tbero Nraincd with their mouths
ready (or the impression.
Mr. J. J, LOW. A rent for the Stewart Stores, has
and recemmends Its ass by those using Stewart's
Celebrated Cooking t Parlor Store
It 1 al-o mrtrnlarlT adauted for Steam Farnaces.
for sale by the Ton or Car Lead.
ST'Orfl -; lrft tmr ofrtra. rfskT-ernRii-nt PlatO err
roai unice oox 1510, wiu oe promptly niieo.
jrig-iy f. W. HARDING.
TilSSOLUTION. Thi Copakt
I wiBXHirbvM-etooreexfsttar between the sob-
scrlbers auoer tbe firm of Baldwin, DeWlttACo,
ia ibii aT uirswiveu vj mu'iirat wuatov car. inniiif-tO-re
baf irg pure baaed the fn;erst of Mr. Baldwin.
Tbe beeinea will be continu-d nadsr ihe arm of
OlsreUnd, October St, 1S63. ocUl-La
FOTfCE A H Ma mar. who has Ion ben con
nected with tbe CleTeland Agricnltoral Works, has
become a member ot on nnn, ana win oe louna ty
his frtendi, se ufcul, at bsoid placs in tbeoflioe.
noTS iutpuuu'a. liiwni a i,
KiBSHir hert--fo'e ex luting nnser the firm and
style of U. T. L YUM TU KBl LL. was by matual coa-
tea 1, aiseoiTea.on ins aw oaf oi isotemoer, tees.
The business will be settled by A. T. iiVUH, at the
fosravar place oi business, Merwln-Ht,
At, l. Li I Ufl.
Olsmland, Horeabor I, U&s.
Tho nnderslariied will ccntinne the hnstn's as here
toiors, at the old and wiablishad piacs alerwin-St..
CleTeland. hio.
Cleveland, Not. 1, irks.
NOTICE. The Fiem op Bead
bubv. Fish fa ft Ct . terminated bv mutual
consent, on the 3!sc nit .Waldo A. Fister retires and
John u ireh'.re. of St Lcu.s. snccet-ds. AUaccooaia
will be settled and all payments mutt be made to
Brad burn- W i Hams C ., at tht, old stand, TSili
o&nttnos Lbs buusess as bsratofnrs.
noT-l'V rifi, irt". ri w. "T tt
that be U making larTtesddiUonstothe fanner artfxk
as is ueceswary toinaka Uonaof th teat Family dun-
j f ASH 1UK Panar Collars, new .'!.. star.
vrelatt. aad Sailor ; rspar Uoffs, aoln'd. trto and
1 CtiKILS -Tbe anorBirned baring ptirrba'ed
the stock of GoMa formerly owned by J','i.n iikivsa
Co., (No. 272 Snpeiior-St., direct ly ovpoeltt he Post
Offlca.) takes this oDortUnftr to inform the trade
LATER FROM GENERAL BANKS. He Takes Possession Brownville
His Position Impregnable!
On the Move Southward.
Occupies Madison Court House.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.
General banks entered BrownTil!e on the 5th
in-tt. with a sm-til force. The rebels had burned
the old United States barracks there, and a large
amount of property and part of the town, and
piunaerea an tney couia ana nea on tne un.
Our proMpe-f-ts are good, bat Banks needs ten
or twelve thousand more troops.
The people are generally favorable to the
The Mexican Genera!. Cuhas. was a refntrt-a in
Brownsville. On the 6th he was called uoon bv
the civil authorities to organise the citizens to
Krren. uio piuoaeroi re oe is ana put out tne con
uagrniion. Alter me entrance or uenerai I4anka
he. with his force, advanced to Matamoras. auid
drove out Ruise. who was firorah a to ua. an.l
sought safety in Brownsville, and Cubes hoisted
tne rrencn nag.
The following day Cabas was attacked by Raise's
party and Cabas waa shot. Rtiie was arain
reinstated but was again forced to fly by Corteoas
who has seized Matamoras aod issced a Dronun-
ciameDto to the effect of re-efabli!thiDe'the Mex
ican Connitution of 1867. Governor Finno, of
J uarez is to lace command.
Kuiee is sgun in browo-ville. Cortanas has
shown his friendship for the Union by loaning
three very valuable steamers to General Banks.
On the night ot the 7th another revolution was
expected in Matamoras. but it failed to coma off.
Part of our forces were kept in readiness that
cigu-. w ltwm ana proHMr tne American consul s
reel u truce.
Recent cantures cf blockade rnnnr ntV Tana
rear niver nas so ir arnieneo tna -Nortn 1 a-oiina.
rebel State authorities that ther have fftven on
tne Business ana larmeAi out tne privileged of
iiTipnriing coniranan 'to an 10 pnrate parues,
The Hospital Examininr Board has ben or
dered to inspect the United States General Hob-
pitais in uarnttourg, A'niiaddiphia, bt. Louis,
Chicago, Mound City and Cairo, and ia the vicin
ity ol each of these cities; also to report on the
manner of forwarding convalescents from these
hospitals to their rVgiments, and to suggest
oivasurea to uacuiiaie .neir return.
NEW YORK, November 21.
Department has advices from Burnside to-day
anu it is Biarea in omciai circles uac tnev are en
couraging aod there is no dancer of his safetv.
ine Army 01 tne roiomac is still moving
southward. It occupies Maiison Court-House
uwiav, wnicn moks very much like a nana
movement. Pontoons went down last merit.
unr cavairy na already, it i said, got ia the
rear of Geoeral Lee's forces. No doubts are felt
in the minds of intelligent persons as to the re
sult of an engagement between Meade and Lee.
1 nere was anxiety respecting aurnside at the
war vepartmeni dui it is no longer leic
NEW YORK, November 21.
Convention in this city for raisinaTlare has
raiiveu Mieiare to iaicago irom eignteen to twen
ty-iour collars.
R. King, Minister to Rome, and John E. Marx
sa len j-jav.
VJT TATE. By virtue of an order of the Hon!
Daniel R. Tilden. Judge of the Court of Prof -at
a a nd for the County of Cuyahoga, and State of
vs iu, win aeii ,ne aigneet otaavr, as cne
door of the Court House of said county, in the
i.iiy ot uiaveiaau, oa tne xmd aay 01 Aovemner,
lataa), .o ciocK p. a., tne tuimwing decnbea
real estate, as the property of Mary Keokee
Monroe, the only minor child of Nelson Monroe.
deceased, to wit :
The lot of land bo rinded northerlv hv a lina
equi-distant between Superior and Euclid street
sixty-four feet; easterly by land owned by
beorge A. Stanley; southerly bv the north line
of Euclid street sixty-three feet; westerly by
land owned by E. N. Keyes; with a joint right of
way to tne occupants on each side or the last
named boundary, from Euclid street to within
fifty feet of aline equi 'distant between Euclid and
Superior streets' (one-haifof said way is taken
from the land of said Keyes A totrether with the
eiegant modern ount nou-te 1 hereon, known as
Lo. j fcuciid street, with the appurtenances
thereunto belonirmg, the late resiaonce of IS el-
son Monroe, ueve'iHvi.
Appraiised at laM,titi6.
baid premises are suhieet to a leae. which
may be cancelled at any time aft?r the first day
of May, I'M, at the optiwnof the purchaser.
- uai.f.. viio luunu 01 ino purrinigsj
nunc y oo 1 ne ukt oi sa'e, tne oaiance payable on
the toth day of July, 1866. with interest semi
annually, secured by bond and mortgage on the
preroi-'ee, wun policies or insurance id tne sura
ot lu.iAA, to me saiiriaction ot tne undersigned.
1 tie purciianer to tiave the pnnlege or pa:ng
the whole or part in sums of not leas than Sl.uiti
at any time prior to July 2s, 1H06, by tlt-ft gifing
the holder ot tne secunues th'rty days previous
uunt-r. m. d. okjj i 1.
no vl f: 125 Guardian of Mary Keokee filonroe,
aTI UARDIAN'S SALE. Natioa is herehr
T giren that in nursaanne ofthe command of
an uruer 01 saie irom tne rrooaie uourt 01 c-uya-hoga
County, to ma d reeled. I shall sell at auc
tion on the 331 day of November. 18fU,atli
o ciocK a. n , at tne soutn aoor ot tne uourt
House in the city of Cleveland, the following
preinir-ea to wu ; 1 ne lee eimoie 01 ine one ua-
dived one-fourth part in common ofthe follow
ing premises, situate in the township of Eattt
Cleveland in saia counry, ana bounded as fol
lows : Beginning in the Plank road aod sooth
degrees, e-t 3chams links from the
west corner of Chittenden Lewis' land ; thence
south dOS degrees east 8 chains and 70 links to
said Lew is' west line, thence south 4 chains and
64 links, thence north doV degrees wst 4 chains
aod?t3 links, thence norths degrees east 'ii
una, tnenee norm oouegreea west. 0 soains to
Plank Road, theoee north 3yJ4 degrees easts
chains ana jw iidkhio tne piece 01 Beginning, con
taming 3) acres of land.
1 erins caan oa oav 01 aaii.
Nov. 11. 1863. WM. D. THOMAS,
novl2V28 Guardian.
WT ANTE D Br thi Hibrew
V V Coneeevation. "an she Cheapd ''on Eula-elt
a JTemale Teacher, at a salary of S3 u oar an am.
'ine applicant tnmt oe competeut to loitraot id tbe
Ene Uh branch tw. such as are taasbt In the ommon
Shoots. The appricai t will takahargeol the lower
ueparimnt 01 pain "-cnooi.
DDiicatlots. aco'mDanled bv Oertltl-tee. mnst be
addres-ed to A. be n w auz, sraalaeiit of the toa
greKation, P.O. box 3232.
noTii-ia o uAnRLPnB,yc7.
WANTED (Kwittiho MAOHUra)
V Y Varntera. Votantearrs and other, to know that
.heir 'worjien folks" can earn SA to C30 per week with
sne 01 asm s ueieoraiea eAnitting MacDins. 11 wiu
wn Itscost In thlrtyclays. Price, complete, 175.
Wf-liht 45 aonnda. Tnlaht rroBi 90 twit to St-AS
oesa ior auxuiar ana aampiasj aena stamps. 1
afw-n rjs i i.aki-ft.. rhisA7o. nt.
$300 for New Becrnitst
$400 for Veterans!
BsDi-cn-va, aoio-Doaiea sien, witnmg to enitst tn
this old WesUrn Hees-rve aeglsien, now with Gen.
Boraaide, in East Teooesaba, can do so by calling on
Herg't KB Bl ELL. Warren, Ohio,
Core'l MtANR SUM I HQ fON, Akroa, O
era the Becmttlng tmoe at RasteM's Forest City
nog-SB, uiaT-rjiapn, v. a d. t x.i 1 La iu ,
"ft r. -viaiov- n t 10 1 -tTniry,
Plumber, Gas & Steam Fitter,
I7SI stsMsNU, rM Oflees
Oat Fixtures, lead and Iron Pipe, Fare and
litfi Ivmpt, tSalK Tubt, Water Vlotett,
Copper SoiUrs, IxnJa, &c. .
XVOrier, from tb. Conatrr .proas ,tb atatm.1 to.
noV7- K2
I rontiil lrv L's'ivba tor Invali-la. Prir , al
F ftr C.-nts per Bo tie. and as stood wn.asaa waa a-aar
mAde rorsaleby CBU-joILL a rku.
r ovsi sssr-wesr lora loo W iritario-Ht.
J.,1 alargwar
.ro7i Sac .DUl
ir aoA oa-iier auaot imcai yiaa ever oe-
nunued diaDO-i'iOi rosed atreaeo"a-
b'e smcts. Yoor eu-t-Ksi cJicitsd inA oar aaa
aocauoa, Slo. iZ, v'nu10 srrat aaatKle.
It 1 1 1 DIL1I e D BU I Ha,
lSSQptanot . (b.w locatla-
U R. this year growth . r,nd nf th- be-t q usUty,
a. ti
ud v Bvn 1 aj ist s a Bru..
Guerrillas Near Washington.
Strength of Gen. Lee's Army.
National Expenditures last year
Rumors of Burnside's Safety.
Another Army Corps Gone to
Another Copperhead Plot.
In Vermont This Time.
In Vermont This Time. Conscripting in Memphis, Tenn.
Late Operations in Arkansas.
WASHINGTON, November 22.
men approached within three miles of Baal ton,
with tbe intention of makine a raid on th. Kail
road. Being dressed in Federal uniforms, th.
detachment of the 1st Pennsylvania and 6th Ohio
Cavalry, who wars in tlie immediat. vicinity at
th. time, mistook them tor frends. bat ecoa
discovered their error, when the rebels fired
volley into them, ' by which several of tbem
were wounded. The rebels were instantly pur
sued and driven into Snicker'. Gap. Six of lh
enemy were captured. At the latest accounts,
our Cavalry had not returned.
John Minor Botta, who ia now at his reaideoea
at Auburn, Culpepper county, previous to our
recent advance over the Rappahannock, sent a
letter to the Richmond Examiner, on th. anfc.
ject o' hia arrest and treatment. It is fall of in
terest and a copy hat been obtained for publica
tion. Impressions in regard to the enemy's strength
at the Rapidan are various. Some maintaia
Lee's entire forces do not exceed 36,000, others
place it as hitch aa 75,000.
It rained all day yeeterdav.
Gentlemen, who have arrived here from Fort
Monroe, Mat. that they beard there that th.
correspondence of th. resn;tive agentw, for th.
exchange of prisonera, has degeneraud into
personalities and o9s of mutual confidence.
Their usefulness is thereby impaired and hence
the opinion is strongly expressed that if there)
could be a change of agent, aa exchange of near
ly all, if not all, the prisoners might be enecieJ
The payments for ail branches of the publie
service, for the fl..cal year ending wi:h the ra-t
of June, were !H,uo0,(i0O, of which amount
tao,ooo,ooowa5 for the army and tt ,000,(100 for
the navy.
A surttciency of money has been placed in th.
hands or all the Paymasters to pay our armiaa
up to th. present month.
John K. Stetler, of Philadelphia, has beea
sentenced by court martial to live years impris
onment in the Albany Penitentiary for fraud, ia
furnishing supplies to th. army. The sentence
waa approved by the President.
NEW YORK, November 22.
. j . v
H J fhfi . ,m, I AlmT ,be. 1'e'omae
- - .. mo army is not aii -
"Un e,u'd ome mud, but
A Wa.hinat.n.wi.l i.'n tr . .
-- . ' u. aenua atatea uiac
little appr.hen.ion is felt for the safety of Bura-
enables Grant to reinforce Burnaide
A Knoxvill. letter to tbe Herald ofthe 7t.
meiitiona the fight belwe-n the Union and rebel
Worth Carolinians on , rench Broad Rirer, in
which the former whipped the latter, and dur
ing th. ght many l th. rebel rsgimenta went
over to the L nion ranks and poureal in their fir.
into their former enrorafea.
mJZ. W Yrl" Tlmeha letter dated Annap-
B?7h i J""'0.?'! u'rlr1 -ere from
Richmond. Six died on the pas.v. These
thie hundred and Say were thi nnt 'that eonld
b. ricked out to Mod. They all eonlirm th.
preaiou. aceouats of hombl. harahip anal
A Memphis letter of Ihe loth, to th. Times,
state, that the Memphis Charleston Railroad
is being abandoned by our forest as tne evpensa
of guarding it is too great. r
v wiw report repeatew a.
saults by guerrillas on the river.
i. i.Z., , ' -unnesota, Has brought
... ".u . . .....y wi-.n trie ia.ana on tr.
border of the Red River, by which w M-.jn.r.
: - - 1 1 ro mi '"'. aca aii ooatroetioas
to traders from St. Paul are removed.
Adl-pateh to the Herald from the Army orth.
Potomac slater that our earalry oceupy Cuinep
per but the infantry have not yet advanced It
u rumored m camp that Le. hat fallen back to
' r-. -'". iu turn rear OI onr rorees
now nm.e lt k... L.
. r - " modi., committed oy
deserters from our own army.
CAIRO, November 21.
.,i,ti Zi J n aay toat the ret en t
military order created a very great excilem.nt
there. Every person whe act-one are snspi
ciona is immediately conscripted and sent to
camp. So passs to leav. th. city are graataal
to any but those well known and entirely above
suspicion. The new order has been isred r
.. (.a.p... oi rarrying into eneet a prevmas
order to the following purport: All able bodied
men who do not enro l their name, in soma
military company within ten davs fora data
will be impressed into the United Slate, serviee.
Colonel.. K!l an.l P.i.iirnu. .
. . -..,...,.. c near .axraaua.
Tennessee, with two orthree thousand rebels.
Two rebel mail carriers were recently captured
near eomervilie. ' r .
i - -gon loaoea witn cavalry
clothing, on their way from Little Rock to Ben
ton, was captured by sixty guemllaa, aad of all
the Clothlno- carried
J 7 guniioac ro. v, was
accidenily shot oa the Uth mat. near 8mit.
al KA t- .cniiieut was caused yesterday
. iiiiV oy report, that
e body of eec.siooist. in Montreal, who had
Planned to aeiae Kn-t f . .
v 7 JiuaiKiiwiT, ucatroy tna
?,r"! 'r,dee at Rouse's Point, and plunder
Plaltthnr. uid 11.. 1 '
Th. infnrmu.nn 5 . j
- - " ...... (.iu rtacnea over-
n.r Smith and Collector Clapp of the port, on
u m t- 3 ."...uiuun.icmliin uieotnceria
charge of tort Montgomery, who soon bad ru
auna readv to ait. h. ...
Con. ' " " - - "P-
i.h,,A. i j ywvmuij imxea witn tna
Johnson Island project. :.
Th. arrr-T ... . .
j - . 7 .riM'D, u iiib jecna
country embarked to-day ai BruhearCity tor
some unknown point in Texas, by way rf Ber.
wick FU The ... ... ' : . ,
j j' - - " ' tnBvtmiM uiirni Her.
to-day aad reports th. dtappearance of tha
I ra.i. with Kt. i . . . . om . .. .,.. .
idly increasing. A rumor is prevalent to-day
among secession sympathisers of a rebel defeat
in WesMrn Louisiana.
COLUMBUS, Nov. 22.
To ih. ......I u.i.,- r.
, ' v-uuimifciwa : i oe re
cruits heretofore ordered to report at Johnson's
l-land will report at Camp Cleveland instead of
the Island. ore,
D. TOD, Governor.
CINCINNATI, November 22.
Miles GrpenwooH'. r-..-h . n. .hnn.
Canal and Walnut streets, was partially destroy
ed by Are at oue o'clock this morning. Losa
about -Ji,ooo, insure 1 for Sloo.ouu. One fireman
was killed and several others wounded by tha
falling wails.
SALES OF 5-208.
. .
The euh.Airent renoru the ... . . w .
fl,olo,so on Saturday, and during the week.
15,317,460. . ,
3d 2DITI05
Balatsa DIrctoiT '
Poblitthd y O. W. HAWKS, for tbe last Ten Years.
CoBtalnlns: names of Btif-ineaj Men thrrnitTbont tbe
State ot Ohio, and a thorough claaWflctUitva uf each
D ranch of btuineMS. At-ent-i are niw c an uAAii.tr thta
City for Suba;ribers and A.Ker.b-i s.
s3STThis work noeds no references, as Business Men
In Cleveland hae lunar aince aiatif ii actynuting R"rat
Companion. lSaaCTiation price S3,ai, payable oa -Je-liverr.-f
Book. u'lVU-Lf"
flaw AU K Lay A NT tiblx ri'Kwrrvjwx.
AUCK SOOCK, ot new deaiabns. at
COM La,.-!' Wddna fiossa.
Saw- t Vjoo, mit Me th. Linn..
tiotd AirtaceLbis, r
( :bsvelaiB rhaiBa.
aad lots of obiter Ooods jeat awaivt-d at
l-ooltomiriwi lAlr-ea " UGH U56.
IAROM ETER S-Woonirwr a
J ?.let. TUI3MOHXTSH-Berri. Ptk,
o.all'a, tfailewav, Uwd. o, Wart JjtV
anelt L'. SVleli Ooat.
EIJS GLAS.jfiS-Nw t-UTwr t a
Iwit mit foe IV. V In.. W
I HEEDM.S boa hall ariaae Timothy im4 its.
baSS), toe sale is Iotn to by
'1 BAIVOAB, UABLf.l aa, I, V IT V l
nnvlS TT -v-H n ww--v...rj

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