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BHt, frl-Weekly ut Weekly,
BrE. COWLE8&00, ,
B fcAit, on rar
" ilX BljOttu.
tarva ojof in&
I or Mt tlm. .hit Mutj per biodib.
WiTerad ia uitj, hj uurw, Ucnuiir nek.
iuihs or i-wii.i.
Br Bull, on rr.
41 SIX BObth
For ( tiata, kaiarx wnk
1B ooaua lead uu eo w galtac SB of
Dounnd Ib Oltr by oarrlr waes, eesrs.
rin,onM , , njt
mu 01 tuo au4 upwarua, tarn i I, lS
IT. OGpMB. Ill CIGD...
lbs fMkn-va of Otnbe wilt raottia axuaaoataa, M
How :
A oin of TvBi aeoarof Waafcrr.
A Oiub of Tw.iiSj, aooaf of 'lrt-Weakir.
Binoe the war u commenced, the prioe
f white printing paper ha adranoed near
ly a hundred per oent, owing entirely to
the aoereity of ootton rage; our type let
ting bill haa increased one hundred per
eat) eoal one hundred and twenty-five
percent; glue, molasses; turpentine, oil,
. Ink and all other ingredienta that enter
Into the manofaotare of the newspaper,
have advanoed from forly to four hundred
per eent ; our telegraph bill haa inoreaeed
800 per cent, and jet the lubeoriptioa
'price of the Lias in haa only ao far ad
vanced from 25 to 43 per cent. By a aim
pie mathematical calculation it will be
Been that there ia no recourse left for a
newspaper publisher bat to follow the ex
ample of newspapers in Chicago, Cincin
nati, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Toledo and other
points, and raise the subscription.
On and after next Monday, May 80th
the LxAnxn will be furnished at the following
rates :
Daily by nail par Tear..
M oo
4 UU
e Moa
1 TO-Weekly br Mail per Year.
. 4 00
" "0 Moa
" " " 1 " .
4 H 14 " 1
1 00
1 40
. -60
" Weekly by Mail per Tear.
' Km.
" a
Paper dativarad by camera in the city.
Kews Aganla .
JH 60 per 100
In Cincinnati, Chicago, Louisville, and
St. Louis, the subscription prioe is higher
than the ab ots scale, and eity subscribers
are charged twenty oenta per week. In
Detroit, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, they are
charging the same as above. We mention
these facta to show that sheer necessity
compels us to make the above advance,
aid that we are justified in ao doing.
Two Graifl Patriotic Concerts
Tbv cw tot) rated Americas Prim Donat. Maita-tod br
Thn.ost ftccoxu ptUhed Pianist or the A fa,
Tada md Wtdedaf Eponinft, Mag ZUt
. mUJvuUt, 1864.
MIm Tsii hM Jntt r tornKl from the r-utero arid
"K ltldi- Htl,wher bei Ptriotlo fonfii were erj
Vter raoetTl tb the irrmtett eot hint win.
MtM llu will appear Id tD eecLDd prt to tplrm
3 id Mtlltary Ooetame, when ihe wttl dHlirnt br n
dteBeewltn to moat -lblHD jVatriutio boitgi of the
Ticket! Moeotti Wo etmrwe tor re-erred ttt.
Tic tela en be obtoi ed at Brslnard Oo 'a Mnaic
- Btore, where a diagram o( tbo Had oaa bo aeen, an d
Door 9 pa at 7 o'clock; to e immenoo at &.
FHOTOttBAPU albums!
J. B. COBB & CO S.
241 Superior street
Seller SappHetl oi Short Rtice,
Obt Lift oompriM. a rmiiety ol
By th. Largalt Albem Hmbm af Hew York, Beaton
ana Philadelphia. Baring BPCOIAL TEBM8 on
thaw good ft, va an aow arafared to tnraUh thrm to
. .l THE I0WiT, EAT8S.
WW de wall ui call and examine tor .taek of
41 TIPSKI02-8T.
Tbo ndonicoed haa p amra In anihoaoctDit that
Ha ooneeQDeiiceo! his iocreaiioR besioaaa, at well aa
atIUi a view of intltDff, i ooDaecli.ii thai with
x.tns jBdooniFio-oaaaurtikeBtoi
Gentlemen's Undergarments
............ i
tot which hi old t.nd wa. not infflelrntlr commc
aioaa, he bm toaaMi to. aieBiiaM bjkb a.
Xo. 41 Prk Building,
. ' i
Itnated berween the Oonrt Hoaae and atone Charch
- K MAtiarn. ia litla ri;w
Hm haji ioatt mtorned troin thacltiea of Kt Tork
and BuMud, where, he haa been aoeoeaifti! Id aectirin;
larseaad bftvatljal iiua 1 1 (ooda K ' gentlmeii
wo , of bsih oreigaa&ddcnuatic manulacture, at
aearl7 fonner ynoe .
Id makloff tuueDOtoaormaDt and InTlttnc roar
r atteatsocto hla exieaaive and well selected a.ock.bo
would at the aame lime tbauk too and the public for
the liberal anpaort watch baa op to tbU tlmi been
soatorred coon taim. and biaae br dnvotioir atriet at-
tentfea to toe detai of the bnaineeifl u well aa to
' the e4opttot) id tkta city of all the DOTettla Initjie
aa aooa aa toot appear 10 koo isaainir aaraeu, to
awertt a ooatlonaDoe of the li nrtl patronage which
' f lie Breis kklrtt and Collar nade
, 10 please the weartr.
Ia, A. XEPKSriE,
. 1 -
Umti4eimw of Skirt mU Collars.
KTS luTluisui k CKisiLH
, XI Aavcaaad
owBuok. a. a a. Kariusua
t f f ,
t o n n
26. 18(54.
NO. 124.
hare flDOfiaalltiea of Black Tea uolouf and
hrtltfaat that wllieuit tbe Tnattaatldiona.
bodr oab ha .utted at 126 Ontarlot.
oia2 CBUaUHlI.L A B ).
JAPAN TEA A. Good Aeticl,
f r Mle br UHUBOBlLli A B BUI B Kb,
i.' PKMKi Aa I hniTr laraeatock of ffocda
on hand, a-d trade tcit bnak, will coDUbeuco
iruta tnia uar aeiiiof on
Tnthe atock wi I be toond a hand cm" aaeort-
EDfut of P ain Black Bilks, aoiUble lor reaw ai.d
martM4, wbicfc will buoffered ac low rica. Black
Alpaooaa, BamMttiDti, leLaiDe 'i-wuiato i'l'jtli,
I amarim sm . mA taexearM beina a Itlll aaaortmeut
Ol Mourn Id Good all at rcaouaote prlcM.
Into jjineLts, ri'low caw ciHen, c., ac , wiid a
fall a-aonmrLt of bout teeptce coods Also, a fall
awjrtmftntot FiaM Motairi, o 1 re pet.uily ln
Tite parcbaa-not Drj Q odatoarive " a cail.aa 1
CuarDt- to frli thim 400 da at prtoe lati-'ect. rj U
taemaeiToa. k, HI'MaK,
marai nornerapeenor-at.aDa rsbnc sgparo.
t J iLstraLeivedaTrr lara. an mwst of!H(wieiT
at h.w arlo ft. A lara. lot ol Glove. N.wljl
iibweilleDrrainamtiK. a iarc Mwnwi" n
r.ai Willow ihalr. Biaketa. A. illrd LaeMOI all
T. U. MIL.10,
mvs atl goaprlor-tt eornfr Fobnc fqnara.
XJ Una-Not T?rjeipn,l.e, bat nrlMnl,
The New York World and the Peopled.
Mo hing in the whole history of the sus
pension 01 ue noria ana joarnai oi iom-
merce has amaied the Copperhead jonrnals
ao much as what they are pleased to term
the apathy of the people." , For these
same Jonrnals of which the World was
ehief hare been wearing of iate a defiant
and do-it-if-yoa-dare manner toward the
GoTernment. T&ey have been like Irish
men at Donnybrook Fair, "spoiling for a
fight," anxious for somebody to pitoh in
to them. The World, especially, had
all the swagger and bravado
of a professional bully. It fired off semi
rebellious sentiments with a sort of tri
umph. It laid in effect j '-Touch ns if
yon dare, Mr. Lincoln. Interfere with ns
in the slightest degree, allow the least of
your shoulder-strapped minions even to
lay his Utile finger on us, and an out
raged people, rising in their might, with
all the terrifio power with whioh a nation
bands against oppressors, will .hurl yon
froJi your tyranioal throne and revenge
the insult to the liberty of the press."
Bo rente i the World. And now what
happens T Why, Mr. Lincoln, in the very
faoe of :his nighty menace, has
been and gone and done it For
three days the offioe of the New Tork
World was closed by military authority.
The people knew It, the New Tork riot
ers (Qorernor Seymour's "friends")
koew it it went forth everywhere across
the land. Was there any mighty commo
tion T Was there any sign of an outraged
people rising in their terrible wrath to
revenge the blow at their libei ties ? Was
there any infuriated mobofblooiy riotm?
Not a bit of it The people assented, qui
etly, to the act, and acqoiesoel, with a
feeling of satisfaction, in it. We hope the
World will learn from this that the nation
is aa yet by no means ready to rush into
revolt, at 'evolutionary bidding.
Ohio for Lincoln.
The Union State Convention yesterday
confirmed the action of the Legislature by
unanimously adopting a resolution recom
mending the re-nomination of Abraham
Linooln for President The action was
not unexpected, and yot It is significant
Th other loyal states will all fall into line
with Ohio.
Over fifty Millions.
The amount of subscriptions to the 10-
40 Loan reported at the Treasury Depart
ment up to Saturday the 21st inst,, was
$64,564,400. The subscriptions have
averaged about million dollars a day
snoe the loan was first offered.
A Captive Rebel Editor.
The teleeraph reports the capture of Ed.
A. Pollard, assistant editor of the Rich
mond Examiner, and a writer of some cel
ebrity. Here is an opportunity for retal
iation or exohange for northern news
paper correspondents who are held by the
enemy, by a most wanton barbarity. It
is not that we have not had rebel editors
enough in our hands to ransom all our
correspondents from this ernel captivity,
but beeause oar authorities have neglected
the means that have at times fallen into
their hands to protect them. Browne and
Richardson were esDtured at Vieksburg.
We captured there all the oity editors, and
released them. It is time this was changed.
bet Pollard be consigned to such fare and
surroundings aa the Confederate barbari
ans are giving northern eorrespo dents.
A Captive Rebel Editor. The St. Louis Fair---Recarlos 8300,000
[From the St. Louis Republican, 23d.]
attendance during
day and evening of Saturday was quite
aa large as on any previous day, and the
receipts at the tables quite as large as us
ual. Tbe receipts on Friday amounted to
over 10,000, and last evening Ueneral
risk announced from the masioians galle
ry lo the crowd be ow that the Treasurer
had already $300,000 in eaJ on hand, ex
elusive of the receipts for Saturday. A
diepatoh was also read from Virginia Uity
Idaho Territary, stating that a portion of
ibeir f 20,000 donation in silver bars had
already been shipped from San Francisco
by Wells, Fargo k Company's Express, and
the remainder would be forwarded at an
eirly day.
[From the St. Louis Republican, 23d.] Threatened Deacent of Pirates on Our
A letter from an officer on an American
war vessel, dated Dover, England, May
4th, cob tains the following important in
format! 'n:
It has been known to us through Con
federate caval officers, that the Alabama
was coming here, and that the combined
Confederate pirates are to make a demon
stration on onr Northern coast, so soon as
they can get ready. The deteotion of the
Rappahannock, and the non-arrival of the
Alabama here postponed it for over a
month. Ibis cornea uireot from Confed
erate offieere aboard the vessels, through
our spies. . .
A man in Portage County was enrolled
in two Districts : he was drafted in both
and ia at the same time in the 100 day
service. Upon Bearing or nis prises he
swore he'd secure a substitute in both
plaoes, and then see if -h could be let
A88EMALT. i ;
Tbe Delegates to the Baltimore
? Convention.
Rebels attack tbe 5th Corps.
Warren, Hancock and Burnside
after them.
PULSED. Rebels Calling oat Boys 15
years old to Garrison
Richmond. "
Illinois Republican State Con
vention. Gen. R. J. Oglesby Nominated
for Governor, and Win. Bross
or the, Chicago Tribune for
Lieutenant Governor.
[Special Despatch to the Cleveland Leader.]
COLUMBUS. O., May. 25.
The Union Convention to-day was large
ly attended, and that, too, by the best men
of the Stale, not like the scam and off
soouring of all respectable society that
were here on the 23d of March last
Everything passed off as pleasantly as
could be desired, and all seem to bs highly
gratified at what was accomplished.
The Convention met this forenoon, and
was called to order by Ex-Governor Den
nison, Chairman of the State Central Com
mittee, upon whose motion the brave Col
onel Stanley, of the ltth Ohio, who hap
pened to be in the eity, was called to the
chair. John W. King, of Muskingum,
was made temporary Feoretary.
The several committees were then announced.
That on resolutions are as follows
1st Disiriot, George Heck, of Hamilton ;
2 ad, M. P. Oaddis, of Hamilton ; Si, Peter
Udlin, of Montgomery; 4th, Benjamin
Stanton, of Logan; 6th, E. Q. Hancock;
0th. William B. Smith, Highland; 7th,
Henry W. Smith, Madison; 8lh, Colonel
Isaac Gaas, Riohland ; 9th, C. K. Watt a,
Seneca; 10th, George B. Haynes, Lucas;
11th, E G. Lover, Soioto ; 12 ih, W. H. P.
Denny, Pickaway; 13th, Colonel John A.
Blair, Muskingum ; 14th, Martin Welker,
Wayne; 16th, Edward Archibald, Morrow;
16th, John A. Bingham, Harrison ; 17th,
William McCoy, Carroll ; 18th, John John
ston, Summit; 19th, Abner Kellogg, Ash
tabula, j ..
The Convention then adjourned until 2
o'clock. -
At the afternoon session a permanent
organisation was accomplished by con
tinning Colonel Stanley as President, and
selected nineteen Vice-Presidents, and
George A. Benedict, of Cuyahoga, as Se
cretary, assisted by one from each Con
gressional District i
The Convention then proceeded to nomi
nate a State ticket. For Supreme Judge,
fall term, tie following gentlemen were
Luther Day, of Portage; Horace Wilder,
of Ashtabula; John Welob, of Athens;
Simeon Nash,' of Gallia, and Walter F.
Stone, of Erie.- Before the vote was count
ed Day was nominated by acclamation,
William White, of Clarke, was unani
mously nominated for the middle term,
and Judge Wilder for short teim.
For Secretary of State the following
were named : William Henry Smith, of
Hamilton ; Abraham Ka?.e, of Seneca
J. W. Langhorn, of Jackson ; Major Can
nighanr, of Harrison ; Gordon A. Stewart,
of Hardin, and Oviatt Cole, f Medina.
8mith was deolred nominated before the
vote was footed op.
; For Attorney General the following were
proposed: Colonel J. M. Conn.ll, of Fair
field; Colonel Wm. P. Richardson, of Mon
roe; C.N. Olds, of Franklin ; Robo t M.
Uriggs, of Fayette; Jamea Murray, of
Wood. After th counties were called, the
rules were suspended and Richardson was
unanimously nominated.
For comptroller of Treasu y the vote
was 872 for CoL Moaes R. Bailey, of
Fulton, and 828 for 8. 8. Osborne of
Lake. 1
For Members Board of Publio Worksi
Phillip Heriig, of Auglaiae, and James
Moon were nominated. The former for
the full time.
Hon. John A. Bingham, of Harrison and
J.P.Bein, of Brown were made Presidential
Electors at Large.
Ez Governor Wm. Denniton ; Ex Cover
nor David Tod; Hon. Columbus Delano and
Dr. G. V olney Dorsey were made Senatorial
Delegates to Baltimore Convent on by
The Alternates are Geo, B. 8enter, of
Cuyahoga;Jamea London of Brown ;' J. T.
Shryook, f Muskingum ; 8. U Worcester,
of Huron.
The fcllcwing resolutions reported from
the Committee by Hon. Benj. Btantjn,
Chairman, were adopted with immense
oheers and without a dissenting voice:
' Mttohti, That the' people 'of OhiU, In
Convention, assembled, solemnly renew
the pledges heretofore made to the conn
try, that they will, in the fulureaa they
have in the past, sustain the Government
with all the resources of men and money
In suppressing this wicked, atrocious and
unholy rebellion against the Constitution,
the Onion and the Laws.
Etiolvtd, That the loyal, popular instinot
of the people in demanding the re-election
of Abraham Linooln to the Presidency, il
lustra tes the higest wisdom, and that in
obedienoe to it this Convention cordially
recommends to the National Union Con
vention his renomination.
Saohti, That we congratulate the oonn-
try upon the brilliant successes of our
arms and make acknowledgments of our
gratitude to the Army and the Navy of the
United States, for their past sorvices,
whioh we accept as a guaranty, that under
Providenoe, final viotory will speedily
come and this rebellion be forever crushed.
Saolved, That with just pride we pro-
elaime the fact, that in the Cabinet, in the
field, and in Councils of the Nation, the
ability, fidelity and patriotism of Ohio,
have been proudly manifest.
Setohed, That this Convention hereby
pledges the cordial support of the Union
men of Ohio to the great measures which
have marked ihe Administration of Abra
ham Lincoln, and especially do we appove
the pending amendment to the Constitu
tion to make the States of the Union all
free, and all Republican,' and, therefore
forever one and indivisable.
The State Central Committee was an
nounced as followed : ,
1st Distoict, J. V.Guihrie, of Hamilton.
2d, H. G. Armstrong, of Hamilton.!
8d, J. M. Millikin, of Butler.
4th, William Garrey, of Miami.
6th, John Walkup, Auglaize;'
6th, James Parcell, Fayette;
7th, A. B. Butles, Franklin ;
8th, Thos. C.Jones, Delaware;
9th, F. Wi kham ;
10th, D. Steele, Lucas ;
11th, James Trippe, Jackson ;
12:h, D. H. Willard, Hocking;
13ih, John A. Sinnett, Licking; ,
14th, 8. 8. Warmer, Lorain ; '
15th, D. C. Pinkerton, Morgan ;
16th, H. Skinner, Guernsey;
17th, Josiah Hrtell, Stark ;
18th, Jno. C. Grannie, Cuyahoga; ,
19th, C. R. Hunt, Trumbull.,
The Convention then adjourned with
enthosiastio cheers for Grant and the army
and navy: " -
Ihis evening Governor Brough,. Benja
min Stanton, Hon. John A. Binghsm and
others addressed a large erowd in front of
the State House until a late hour.
The State Central Committee has se
lected the following Ezeoutive Committee:
Dr. G. Yolney Dorsey, President ; James
Williams, Secretary and Treasurer, and
ex-Governor William Dennison," Henry
Miller, Theodore Corns took, B. Gilmore,
and A. B. Buttles,
[Special Dispatch to the Cleveland Leader.]
First Dispatch.
WaSHUOTov, May 24. The evidence
before the Treasury investigating Commit
tee, is in some oases of the most conflicting
nature. A leading railroad man and an
other prominent oitiien of New Tork,
swear positively to an attempt on the part
of a certain Bank Note Company, to bribe
Mr. Clarke to abandon the effort to print
Government notes and bonds in the De
partment. The President of the Bank
Note Company swears directly and posi
tively to the contrary.
The evidence about alledged immorali
ties in the private life of officials in the
Printing Bureau, consists almost wholly
of the affidavits of prostitutes submitted
to the Committee by the deteotive who
worked up the oase. The Committee has
not deoiied whether to summon these wo
man or not. But a single lady employed
in the Department has been found to make
any charge of the kind. She swears that
oa the oooasion one ef the subordinate
Clerks in the Burem winked at her; and
that at another time he made an ambigu
ous remark to her, which was susceptible
of an improper construction.
a. iirii fbok oiiieax h'olillav.
It is understood that Gen, McClellannas
written to one of his friends that in his
opinion unless Grant has anderated Lee's
strength the only contingency In whioh
his campaign is likely to prove a failure
is a failure to receive sufficient supplies.
Democratic leaders in Congress begin
to agitate the propriety of postponing
their nomination of a Presidential candi
date, till the close of the summer campaign
The House Naval committee listened to
day to a majority report in favor of New
London as a site for Iron Cld Navy Yard,
an exceedingly elaborate minority report
in favor of Leagne Island has been pre
The House Military Cemmittee agreed
this morning to squelch all propositions to
increase the pay of army officers.
The administration members talk of
holding a joint caucus from the two Houses
to eonsider the questions raised by the ap
plieation of Senators and Representatives
from Arkansas for admission. Tbe whole
question of reconstruction is involved and
the party is utterly without any fixed poll
oy of the subject. The three Representa
tives were heard at length in support ef
their claims before the House Election
Committee this morning. They made
plausible statements and some of the Com
mittee are inolined to receive their appli
cation with considerable favor.
A train loaded with fifteen hundred of
our -wounded from, the Frederioksbnrg
hospitals came in last night; those not
able to eome by rail were placed on trans
ports and sent around by water.; The
wounded are all removed from Frederioks-
bura;. ......
Second Dispatch.
Second Dispatch. WASHINGTON. May. 25.
The feeling over the news from the front
as announced in an offioial . bulletin, is
hopeful bat not enthusiastic.
Nothing is expected from Sherman till
the fall of Atlanta.
There are minors that .th rebels are
evacuating Richmond, but they are utterly
The House Noval Committee took np
the subject of the construction of the Na
val Engines.
This morning Qnintard of New York,
and Bushnell of New Haven, were examin
ed at some length. The Committee ex
pect to report upon the subject before Con
gress finally adjourns.
The Tariff bill will not oome before the
House until Saturday, and probably not
till Monday next. Large numbers of
Peansylvanians here, were urging still
higher duties upon steel and iron. It is
said that the bill will, on an average, oome
fully np to the resolution temporarilyad
ding to the present rates.
Several more witnesses were examined
by the Treasury Investigating Committee
this morning.
The aoousers begin to feel as though they
were In a bad predicament. They have
as yet utterly failed to sabetantiate or even
give b reasonable show of probability to a
single ohargo. This, too, in the face of
the faet that so bitter an enemy of the ad
ministration, and so violent aa aoouser if
the Department aa James Brooks is a lead
ing member of the committee.
A statement in a New York paper, par
porting .o give an aosonnt of Cabinet
meeting yesterday, at which certain mem
bers denonnoed the policy of the Govern
ment in the recent Spanish extradition
ease, and in suppression of newspapers, is
utterly and absolutely unfounded. -
The debate in the Senate to-day looks as
if the gentleman having the assurance to
olaim a seat in that body from Arkansas
stood a very slim chance, indeed, of geU
ting it Charges are made that he voted
for the Secession Ordinance in Arkansas.
[Special to the Cleveland LEADER.]
Mouth or tbi Rid Rrvu, via Caiao, "
May 25. J
The fleet of gunboats and transports are
all out of the Red River.
General Smith's Corps are embarked on
transports, and General Banks' army are
marching across from Simmesport to Mor
gan aie.
Generals Canby and Banks are here. It
is not known what will be the next move
ment. I
New Obliaxs, 19th, via Caixo,
May 26.
All feel very gloomy here about the dis
aster on the Red River, the oon sequences
of whioh, are beginning to be felt through
out this department. , Before Banks, ad
vance from Natchetorhes, all was bright
and oheerfuL Now all is changed, and the
rebels are threatening defeat at Franklin,
Brashear City and land at this point.
They are persecuting the residents who
hive taken the Amnesty oath, and General
Polk has sent a force to Mississippi to an
noy as. The guerrillas have fired into our
steamers in several instances below the
Red River, but doing ns as yet, but little
damage. j
Major-General MoClernand is lying dan
gerously ill in this eity, from some chron
ic disease. Fears are entertained for his
[Special Correspondence of Cleveland Leader.]
CHICAGO, May. 25.
The Union State Convention which met
at . prinfield, to-day, was very fully at
tended, and entirely harmonious. Major
General R. J. Oglesby was nominated for
Governor, and William Rross, of the Chi
cago Tribune, for Lieutenant Governor.
Both on the first ballot
Chioaoo, May 25 12:46 a. h.
The following is the complete ticket
nominated for State offioe rs by the Union
Convention at Springfield to-day:
Governor, General Riohard J. Oglesby,
of Macon ooanty.
Lieutenant Governor, .William Bross, of
Beeretary of State, Sharon Lyndale, of
St Clair.
Auditor, O. H. Miner, of Sangamon.
State Treasurer, James L. Beveridge, of
Superintendent of Publio Instruction,
Newton Bateman, of McLean.
Congressman at large, 8. M. Monlton, of
' The first resolutions offered, which were
somewhat qoali fled in their - endorsement
of President Lincoln, were tabled and a
new set moreemphatio in their endorse
ment of him will be offered.
' A committee of Conference on the Bank
Bill was ordered.
Mr. Trumbull, from the Jadioiary com
mittee reported favorably on the bill to
provide for the taking of a census in 1865.
A message was received from the House,
announcing its non-oonourrenoe in the
Benate s amendments to the Bank but
On motion of Mr. Sherman the Senate
adhered to a committee of Conference
which was ordered to be appointed by the
chair to .neet that or the House.
A motion of Mr. Lane, ef Kansas, to
have the oath administered to air. Fish
back as Senator from Arkansas, was de
bated at some length by Mr. Lane in favor,
and -Mr. Howard in opposition, withont
eonuns to any conclusion
The Internal Revenue bill was then
taken np.
Mr. Harris offered an amendment
to the Finaaoe 'Committees amendment,
the object of whlcn is to make the tax on
beer, ale and porter, Ac., $1,25 eta. for 81
gallons adopted.
Mr. Morrill from the Conference com
mittee reported in favor of fulfilling th
promise of the Government of full pay to
colored troops, entering the servioe of the
Government prior to January. Report re
jected, 25 to 121.
The House passed the joint resolution
that the undistributed portion of books and
do laments purohased by each House pre
vlons to the 87th Congress, and now depos
ited in the In erior Department here be
distributed to the present Members and
Delegates In Congress nnder direction of
the Joint Committee on printing. The
said books to be delivered as early as pos
sible. Mr. Morrell, of Tt, made a report from
the Committee of Conference on tbe disa
greeing amendment to the Army bill, re
specting the pay of colored troops. The
main pointo the report being to fulfill the
promise to those who entered the service
prior to Jannury 1st, on the assurance
that they should receive full pay. The
House rejected the report ,25' against 121,
and asked another Committee of Confer
ence. Mr. Echenck reported a bill authorising
the President to take me sures to con
struct a railroad from the valley of the
Ohio to East Tennessee. Consideration
fixed for next Tuesday.
The Speaker laid before the House the
reply of President Linooln to the resolution
adopted yesterday, endorsing the corres
pondence between Seoretary Seward and
Mr. Dayton, relative to the resolution
adopted by the House against the invasion
of Mexico by France.
Mr. Seward says, it is practically an ex
ecutive question, that It does not belong to
Congress to take action in the premises,
and that, while the President receives the
unanimous declaration of the House with
the profound respect to which it is entitled,
he directs Mr. Dayton to inform the
(Tenon government that he does not in
tend to impart from onr heretofore enun
ciated policy, concerning the French oocn-
pauon of Mexico.
COLUMBUS, O. May. 225.
The Union State Convention was large,
enthosiastio and harmonious. All the
oounties were represented but two.
President Colonel T. R. 8tanley, of
Vinton, and one Vice-President from each
Congressional Distriot
Secretary G. A. Benedict of Cuyaho
ga, and one Assistant-Beoretary from each
Supreme Judge, full term Lather Dar.
Portage ooanty, by aoolamation. The
rules were suspended, and Mr. White, of
Clarke county was declared the nominee.
For Short Term Horace Wilder, bv ao
For the vacancy occasioned by the re
signation of Judge Gholson Wm. Henry
Smith, of Hamilton.
Secretary of State Colonel Wm. P.
Riohardson, of Monroe.
Attorney General Cot Moses Brailev.
of Fulton,
Comptroller of the Treasury Phillin
Hersig, of Anglaiae.
Member or the Board of Public Works.
long term James Moore, present inoum
bent For the senatorial vacancy are elected :
John P. Beinhn, of Brown county, and
Jno. A. Bingham, of Harrison ooanty;
delegates W. King, ex-Governor Denni
son and Tod, Columbus; Delano and G. V.
Dorsey; alternates J. D. Shryook, of
Zuesville, G. B. Senter, of Cleveland, T.
S. Wooster, of Huron oounty, and James
London, of Brown county.
Kesolntions renewing the pledges to sus
tain the Government with men and money
for the suppression of the rebellion and
recommending the re-nomination of Abra
ham Linooln by the National Convention,
and congratulates the country on euooesses
of our arms, ai.d returning thanks to the
Army and Navy, pledges the support of
the Ohio Union men to the Administration
of Abraham Lincoln, and approves the
pending amendmeots to the Constitution
lo make all States free.
The Republican State Convention which
met in this oity today, made the following
nominations :
Gen. Richards Oglesby, Governor: Wil
liam Bross. of Chioaaro, Lieateaant Gover
nor; S.Tyndale,of St Clair, Seoretary of
state; J. is. Haynie, or Alenaer, Auditor;
James C. Beveridge, of Kane, Treasurer;
Newton Bateman, Superintendent Publio
Instruction; B. W. Moulton, Congressman
at large.
Resolutions approving of the acts of the
Administration in resisting by all force
known to civilised war, all effort to de
stroy our National Union, were oordially
endorsed; also the President Emancipa
tion Proclamation aa a legitimate war
measure, with regard to th as of tbe
negroes as soldiers, warranted by usages
of ci vi used war.
Resolutions express opinion that acts
of Government have been in main highly
conducive to the suppression of the present
Rebellion, and we eordidly declare if
Abraham Lincoln receives the nomination
at the Baltimore convention will give him
most earnest support
A special Washington dispatch to the
Bu.letin says that the Republican has is
sued an extra, announcing th retreat of
Lee over the South Anna, supposed to the
defenoea of Richmond, and that Grant is
rapidly pursuing him. Also that Jeff.
Davis has fled from Riohmond.
The Bulletin has the following special
dispatcn, dated Washington Zota :
The Republican has an extra which eon-
tains the following highly important and
glorious intelligence:
It gives ns pleasure to be able to an
nonnoe that intelligence haa reached this
eity that Lee after falling back from the
Nortn Anna a has already been stated.
commenced a hasty retreat and he had
reached a point beyond the South Anna,
pursued with great vigor by Grant The
latter is in the saddle all the time, day
and night, directing th general move
ments in person. Unless Lea stops to
fight to-day w shall next hear of a grand
oonfliot for the eity of Riohmond before or
in the works of that capital.
Report say that JeS. Davis and his
cabinet left Riohmond some days ago.
There is little doubt bat that Riohmond is
by this time pretty well eleaned out of its
inhabitants and that it is nothing less
than a fortress.
There are still a number of ear sick and
wounded at Fredericksburg.
Skirmishing with guerrilla oecnre dai
ly but always in our favor.
Frederioksbnrg, dated yet
terday, says that a number of ambulances
under a flag of truce, have gone to Chan
oellorsville to gather such of our wounded
as were left in the Wilderness.
The guerrillas in that neighborhood oon
tinue their depredations.
BOSTON. May. 25.
The anniversary meetings are well at
tended and the proceedings generally in
teresting. Rev. A. B. Frothingham, of
New York, and Rev. Dr. Elliott, from St
Loois, were among the principal speakers
at th Unitarian Festival last night
FORT MONROE. May. 24—2 P. M.
An arrival from the James River re
ports everything quiet
There had been no fighting or skirmishing
since Saturday night, the 21st
Latest, 6 P x. This morning General
Gilmore went oat on a reeonnoissano, and
at 8.80 a, . met th enemy in some force.
After an engagement of an hour and a
half he completely routed them.
Our loss is very slight
It is reported that nearly half of Beau
regard's forces left him yesterday, an '
marched towards Richmond, probably to
reinforce Lee.
The rebels have male nine attacks on
our entrenchments, an.' have been repuls
ed each time.
Wax DirAXTMHT, Wabhtb-qtos, 1
May 25, 9 r. n.
Ma;. Gin. Dix.
date from Grant's head
quarters is received by this despatch, is
dated at Mount Darmel Church 1 P. m.
yes today.
The dispatch says everything is going
well. Warren has 400 prisoners. Han
cock has some 800. Wright has picked up
some 200. The whole number resulting
from yesterdays operations, will not fall
short of 1000. Warrens loss is not over
800 killed and wounded. The prisoners
captured who are in a great part North
Carolinians were muoh discouraged and
say that Lee has decieved them.
The pursuit is delayed by the great fa
tigue of the men, still Hanoock and ; War
ren will reach the South Anna by night
fall. Gen. Butler in a despatch dated Head
quarters 7 o'clock, this morning, reports
that Maj. Gen. Fits Hngh Lee, lately pro
moted, made with eavalrv, infantry and
artillery, an attaok npon my p st at Wil
sons Wharf, north side of James river, be
low Fort Powhattan, garrisoned by two
regiments, all negroe troops, Brig. Gen.
Wild commanding, and was handsomely
Before the attaok, Lee eent a flag of truce
stating that he had force enough to take
tne place and demanded it surrender, and
that in case the garrison should surrender
they should be turned over to the authori
ty s at Riohmond as prisoners of war ; but
if this proposition was rejected, he would
not be answerable for the oonsequences
when he took the place.
General Wild, replied : "We will try
Reeeforeements were at once sent but
the fight was over before their arrival.
Oar loss is not yet reported.
No other news of military operations
have been received by the Department
since my telegram at 9:30 last evening.
SYRACUSE. N. Y. May. 25.
The Union Republican Convention met
here to-day.
The following was adopted by aoolama
tion, the Convention rising and cheering
Resolved, That this convention, approv
ing the administration of Abraham Lin
ooln, and recognising his integrity and
patriotis efforts to suppress the rebellion
which he found in existenoe upon his in
auguration, hereby express its preference
for his re-nom.nation for the office of
President of the United States.
The Democratic Union State Conven
tion met at ten o'clock at the Court House
Hon. James Guthrie, President and Jas.
8 Wallace, Secretary. Four delegates at
large and two from each Cor gresaional
Distriot were selected to represent Jten
tuoky in the Chicago Convemion. It was
also resolved that an electoral tioket be
selected on the same basis. In the after
noon session electors and delegate were
appointed. During the consultation of
the convention Colonel Frank Wolford ad
dressed the assembly, eliciting the most
enthusiastic applause.
The convention at their evening session
were occupied in the discussion of reeo
lotions, the result of whioh has not yet
The Republican Convemion met at
noon, at Moiart Halt Fifty-sir counties
were represented, and delegates from
twenty counties were chosen who were
not present Hon. G. W. Williams was
appointed President ani Colonel A. G.
Hodges, Seoretary. Among the prominent
speakers were it J. Breckinridge, a. r.
Burton, Lucien Anderson and Judire Wil
liams. Mr. Breckinridge told the Conven
tion in his speech that if he was appoint
ed a delegate he should vote far Lincoln
and nobody else, and was rapturously ap
plauded. Allusions to President Linooln
and to the prospect of universal freedom
by the speakers never faikd to bring
down the house. Mr. Breckinridge was
appointed on ' of the delegates who were
appointed from Ihe State at large, and two
were appointed from each Congressional
Distriot to represent the Republioans of
of Kentucky at the Baltimore Convention.
i he Convention passed the following re so
lction :
Ruolvtd. That the Union men of Ken
tuoky,in Convention assembled, are for the
preservation and maintenance of the
Union, the supremacy of the constitution,
and the destruction of the rebellion, with
out any regard to w.iat these object may
The proceedings of the Convention were
harmonious and enthusiastic
A Radioal-Union Stale Convention was
organised this morning, with Colonel W
C. Renneck, of Buchanan, as President
Four hundred and fifty-two delegates were
present, representing eighty-four ooun
The following nominations have been
For Governor: Taomas C. Fletcher, of
Iron ooanty.
Lieateaant Governor: George Smith, of
Secretary of State : Francis Rodman, of
The Convention is still in session, and
ex: acta to complete the ticket to-night
Yesterday Afternoon's Report.
HiADQtrAXTias Axmy or Potomac, 1
Ottnii'i Btatioh, May 22. f
The advance of the army nnder Han
cook arrived at Milford teeterday, and
met the foroe of the enemy, whioh is said
lo be about 13,000 strong, and drove them
through the town, punning them some
distance. Our loss is onkaown The at
tack made our headquarters train near
Guinea's Station yesterday afternoon. The
114th Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves,
with the 69th Pennsylvania Volunteers,
formed the line and drove th rebel, eon
sisting of the 9th Virginia Cavalry, across
tbe bndre.
One man of the 69th Pennsylvania was
killed and two or three wounded.
Several prisonere were taken.
10 p. n. General Hanooet is seven
mile south of Bowling Greene and occu
pies the bridge over the Mattapony. Oar
cavalry had a good deal of fighting but
drove the enemy all the time. Our posi
tion now is deemed an Important one and
Richmond i in greater danger than ever.
Wa DapAnrnnnr,
' Wabbixoto, May 2410 p. nt.
To Mqor-Qntrl Dix :
A dispatch from Grant, dated 11 o'eleek
last night, states that the army moved it
position to North Anna, following closely
on Lee's army. The 6th and 6th jrp
marched by way of Harris' Store t
Jeriet'i Ford, and the 6th eorpe succeeded
in effecting a crossing and getting int
position without muoh opposition. Baort
ly after, however, they were violently at
tacked, and handsomely repulsed th at
tack without maci loss to 'as. We Ma
tured some prisoners. Everything look
exceedingly favorable.
Another dispatoh giving a detail of th
movements and speaking of the rebel as
sault on Warren' position -say he wa at
tack ed with great vehemence. I hav Bar
er heard mora ranid flrinv aitha nf n .
lery or musketry. The attaok resulted ia
a destructive repulse to the enemy. At
the position attacked by Hancock th reb
els were entrenohed and in considerable
fore between the creek he had crossed
and the river, and made a pertinacious re
sistance to his onset, but before dark he
naa ioreea tnem from their work and
drive them across the stream. It ia al
so said that ia these engagement th
slaughter of the enemy was great Our
losses were inconsiderable. The rebel
charged against onr artillarv and mffMj
especially from eaaeister. .
A dispatch Tom Grant, dated S o clock
this morning, haa also been received. It
states tbat the enamv hava fn tiath-
from the North Anna and we are in pnr-
suic negroes wno nave oome la aay taas
Lee is falling back oa Richmond.
Other official riianatnhM frnm 1 haajl
quarters say Warren, Burnside and' Haa -
oooa are pnsnmg lorward after ue ra.
trotnag army, narner captured good
number of rtris inara laatavanln Kni k
had not time to count them, or asoertain
his loss.
Hanoock is storminc rifle nita oa thi
side of the river. Last evening he also
took between 100 and 200 nrisonen and
drove many rebels into the river, wher
tney were arowned.
Warren also captured some official ca
pers, among which was an official order.
call ng out boys of 15 years of age to gar
rison ntenmond. Ambulnnoe men and
musicians are also ordered into the rank
Sheridan was this morninc at Dunkirk.
and will be at Milford to-nignt
No dispatches been received to-day frost
Sherman, and none expected for vral
Dispatches from Butler have been re
ceived to-day, ielatirg briefly his respect
ive loroes.
Admiral Lee. in a telerrem. dated th
22d, to the Seoretary of the Navy state
mat iaat nignt and Saturday night the en
emy attacked the army, and waa Handsome
ly repulsed.
A dispatoh from Canby, dated th 18th.
mooth of Red River, state that Bank
troops had arrived at Semmesport yester
day, and will reach Morgan's to-day. Th
army i in better condition than wa ex
pected, and will soon be ready to resume
offensive operations.
(Signed) . E. M. STANTON.
The Herald' correspondent savs General
Hancock moved his eorps st midnight ef
the 20th, following the road opened by our
cavalry and marched to Bowling Greea
unoDstrneteJ, crossing tne Mattapony at
Milford. After proceeding about a aula
sooth, Hancock halted his oolumn and
formed in line of battle in a commanding
position on the erect of a rang of hill
where he ia conn lent that he can stand
against any foroe Le may deem it prudent
to attaok with.
We occupy the railroad between th
rebel army and Richmond, ever whioh La
transportet all the supplies for hi army.
iiee must vacate nis stronghold in th
swamps and forest near Bpottaylvanin
Court Hons aad out his way through th
net wmott na ts entangled and march hi
army Bichmondward, or he mast crush
the Army of the Potomac where i' lies.
Another correspondent say that Le
finds his position in front of Spottsylvaaia
completely turned aad ia compelled to
abandon it It is consequently now a
race who shall first reach the next line of
rebel defences, supposed to be on th
North Anna. Le is a trifle ohead of our
army in a good condition.
May 21st Gen. Wright waa attacked
but soon pat the rebels to flight 1 ' 1
Another correspondent says of the fight
at Malford station, French's baUeryamaseol
the rebels while the cavalry foroe flanked
their position, when they beat a hasty re
treat leaviag behind th battery, six
officers and 60 men, besides a quantity of
delicacies, wearing apparel Jeta, lent ap
from Richmond on th day pravioas.
NEW YORK, May. 25.
The Herald's 9th corps correspondent
says; -uk
Simultaneous with the attack on our
'eft firing wa heard on the night of th
9th. A division of cavalry attacked onr
extreme right wing, composed of Ferrera'a
oolored troops. The attack waa very
impetuous, with great steadiness, and a
heavy volley from the rifles of the oolored
troops brough' the rebels io a bait Thsy
formed again, however, and advanced
more steadily, when again they were met
with unflinching bravery, and finding
they could make no impression left th
field. Next morning not a rebel was to be
seen in our front
Here, as on oar left rbel srategy so
often successful with this army of cutting
off our supplies, failed, and they abandon
ed the attempt with disgust
Extended details of Sherman's opera
tions in the Tribune show that after seve
ral days fighting one morning the rebels
were found to be in full retreat, aad their
supply and ammunition train burning,
but their artillery carried off.
We have 4,000 prisoners and hundred
more are coming in. Hooker haa crossed
tbe rivej near Resaca and Sehofield erod
ed near Pelton. Stoneman panned them
with cavalry. Johnston, engaged tnem
with artillery.
The trial of John W. W. Andrews, th
leader in the July riot, was concluded last
evening. He was eonvioted and sentenoed
to Sing Sing for three years. ,
He made two speeches in whioh he said
ihat instead of inciting the rioters to vio
lence he did all he could to deter them, but
admitted that he sympathised with them,
in eppoeing the draft and olaimed he had
a perfect right to express his opinion.
Charles B. Mix, Chief Clerk of the In
dian Bureau, has returned from his mia
sion to the Six Nations Indians. ' He wa
enccessf j1 in gaining a treaty for their
surrender of eertain lands in Kansas, ow
ing to divisions among their leading men.
NEW YORK, May. 25.
A special to
Md., 24th, says that Gen. Hunter aasumed
command ot this department on the 21st,
with headquarters in the field. '
NEW YORK. May. 25.
The Glasgow, from Liverpool the 12th
has ft rived.
The Asia, from Liverpool, May 14th,
and Queenetowa 6th, has arrived. ,
Oi rHAOX, May 10. (jovernmeat has
concluded on a truoe for one month, eom
memiing on the 12th icst '.
Tle allies remain ia possession of Jut
laud, and the Danes of Ale.-i
' Ti e auction sale of fine plated wan,
watches, jewelry, fancy articles, etc., takes
piaeathia (Thursday aonk, at the aae
tin room of 0. Cotter 4 8oa, No. 1M Beak
trept Sale to eommanoe at 19 oolock A.

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