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The Cleveland leader. (Cleveland [Ohio]) 1865-1865, June 28, 1865, MORNING EDITION., Image 4

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AGKNT3 WANTED. Business light.
CV dint, lucrative and honorable Builubli- (or
laill or ire t emeu. ill emptor Agents on a haleiy
or . nimuwon aud sivecontiltnteniplormrnt. Kn
cls's ems, audaudreee It. . Loc-woni. Dt-tri.it,
-tiLUigm. jUB, 2;2
"T ST. A Jet Cross Gold Tippesl on
8- three acinta, yeste day afte-uoon. on buoerior
at. betw--en ceacca aud tank ala. Finder will be
arAllr r.KArtltitl h t-.'nrntnir
to Merchants
-iatloatt nk.
Cricketers and all lover ot the ram. It ! pro
podby iwoor thie iirvivnra nf tl.M old .-Int. tn
' T m tcb at tliis d ble Raul. betwea the eiocle
and marrit-d men of Cleveland ihoe wishi ir tu oar.
ucittie in fie atove en- wi I please hand ia tiieix
All ere luvitod. BI. DAT.
1 rtrt A.GKNTO WANTED to Mil "Our
-LvV Mattrr Prcwtut' one of the beet selling
No 2, At-at r Huild r,
jnney:223 Agents for -Northern Ohio.
WANTED. Two or three Furnished
Hootufl without board. Kof rfnci givett.
aacire ior two days "U. w, u
' i-ader Offics.
WANTED By a returned Soldier of
trmp'rmt ana iniuitrtom naoits, a situation
nf i-Mb cLablft clitracter. Dm hd ex-eriance la
tboffroierr buaineaa. At-drees ii. i). iL, HI Rockwell
atrwt. jane?.. :23
C TRAY ED On the evening of the 2 2d
ft- met . I'om td ijivpry irn m, usubiost.
to all i -lack. Horse, about nia hands. Any rron
tftving i fornialiou or returning him, will b" nitnbjy
rewara:-a. jjezi:. J. I. Di-Alra.
- OOUil AuEN iaWANTED-- For a
n- t a line of wnirkt waa in tTw DieTtona to Mar 16th.
1m3. It the Yt A It t'erLi;T and rt'LL, to a atogle
rclTO ToiaiueoiNM lareu aoa ctealT eriatra paKai
bo-ind in emlov-d leather, silt, illfutrated bj rx
unioktelr Ln-a'itifal itt-ol n'aun acd -uane. M. Ui'
tu'l-s are waiticg foxjnst snch a b jok. i'rice, rop
Also. for"Th LOYAL WEST to the Tines of the
K U ltion 1 tie di ost lni rort ant work evor pabltan-
ed iu the WetJt. " r Ciinlrs. with full dtcrip.
liuiu eud trmi, addreM lilvMiY HOW C, No. Ill
Miio -t., C.nciuati, i. Jc-l't
A GREAT BOOK. Aobntb "VYaktbd
to "OUR GBJCAT CAPrAIN8,Membrac.aic
tlte li'te or lirauc, t-ti-irruau, PU-naiD, inomta ana
ir. cut with baaufifnl Hteei IN-rtrftit. lnabkd
to.dieiB wiiiDud it proli table to ooeage in theia'eof
ihis w im. or territory, auarrM, . onr, d. o.
Gfti KN. ltooni. Amtricn istuicung. uieveiaiMi, u.
l?OR SALE -House and Lot No 267
Plttnhnr-rh nt . crint-aintntl 7 roonu. weM of TO'ld
water, fruit trees and (trapes. Lot 337ti- Price
jl,;ut. JZi:Z2
J1 0!? A MONTJd! Agknts tVamtid
C?XfWi Tervwhfre to tntro eoe the improTed
gniwBudCuiK J' Fmilt tiEWiNo M Arm nk, the
cnlt low price Machine io tbe conn.rr which im Ll
ckksgp by (rovr and liakor, Wlwelerand Wilenn,
JJoWR, biagvir and (Jo., and batcheldos. Aixotbtr
r.ifwhio now ftoid kr mm than forty wxaie are in
vaiNUEMRMTs, and the w-Ucr aod ns-r liatvle to line
and iraprisonmetit. tiaUry aud exp?OjtM, or larxe
comniiMi , a lowcd. Illustrnt'-d circulars eent fre.
AJdrtea SHAW A CLAKK. Bidtlctoid. iLins.ail-225
lJ evrywbOTO. at $70 a Month, expeneea ptid. to
e'!l ritK-en Articit-s, uto n.-tift a.-u ib ever o"ri.
ull parttcalara free. Addnaa Ulid T. GAliK,
Jlnlileiord. Maine. giyu:
X TLKHKN. tiiuople with caulofrnea aent fur 29
ct.iit. inclose an pi v'o. with yuur own name,
aud address 11. iitMklT-, 5b Liberty It., Kea York
. uy. jeimn
V'JJttJJ In sums to enit at the old staod and
wel -known ailiMU'i MIAN (irFlC-. on Hecu-
ritio ot every ktntl, via: Gold and Bilvor Hatcbee,
DiMmonds, c-ilver Vttre, Jewelry. Gone, Pintula,
t'!uUiiue. Urr Uooda. Pianue. MfSodeona. and all bt-
ainal property and article, of value, oo tbe mot att
le'actory terms. Busiueea strictly private. Ksttib-
(uhed 1V)U ti.B. A variety of unrctlet nied Vfatcb.
es, J"Wvtlry, uuna, ftc, tor sle at bargaina.
Ofllce corner ot Wtor antl hnaericc atraeta, i
L'avia A FnizntUl's (Jitlitii.e ltor&.
m-C" J. W. WAON1CB.
(Successor to C. O. Bruce At Preston),
Army and Navy Claim Agent,
Otltoe Bio. 1 Lyman's Block,
Kear Court House, on Publlo Square, Cleveland, O.
We collect Ponsions, Bounty, Back Fay, Prist
Uoney, and all other war Claims.
eOur opacial Agent resident at Washlns toa,
1'. 0,. devotes bin eutire time to the collection ol
f. rn 'sits1 AooorHTs, procuring Get uacatea of Aon
tuOeotedneas and obtaining pay.
A" fee. low. h'o charge until ws have i
rushed what we nndertake.
taerman Laggnafio spoken. a pi 8
Attorney at Law, and .
Authorized War Claim Agent
Ornn 168 BurxaiOB Sr., Outiuid. O.
8acan Pecslous. Collects BonotitM, Back Pay and
irise moLey, aua rroeocuuw war UiAims
of OTerv diinrit'tion.
-W" My AvsuoLato at Watthtutcton riTee partira.
Itv attention to the se.tlcniuiit of UJfFKKlid'
"AI1 pereou having Claims asdest the Gor
animent should apply to me at once.
wCkmmouioattoas enclce-Lna; stanp will reoetvo
Lao La Belle and Northern Lteht.
sail on Meaaare Excuraiona to tha Unoer
lakes tn the following days, tearing Cleveland at
. u cioca jr. m .:
Oapt John bp-lding. I Oapt. M. U. klurch.
Thursday, Jnne ..V2 j Taeadey, Jnae..2T
" Jul7. ' Jniy..U
" July ISO I " Jmy Wi
Aug 3 " Auc 8
Aug 17 aug..V2
TU Be Steamers were built expreasly for tba
JMflWi are niton np WILD etery care tor lb. com
fort, convenience and eafety of Passengers, and
provided with carelut and tftlclent oflicera.
Tbe "RuUIE" ia acknowledged to be the flnett
for keal'h and plrasnre on tbe continent. Tba
'Konnd Trip" comptlses a distance of about two
tnoaeand mile, and la tnll or variety and internet,
wnicb, witb tbo cool and iuvitforetioff atmo.Dii.re.
rndtra it all that te oeairabla tor a. anrnmer trip of
recreation and pleasure,
ttate-tooms can te aeonred for tbe Round Trip,
uu iuiurar iuiviuaiiuu KiTtn, vj apotjlDg to
nn7:3t Clareland, 0.
T. CO. Fob Oqdkns-
vt'EO aod Iitrm(H- late Porta. a-f
llie e-4UiDh pcrew steamer eii
A RHUS, a. bairn, Manor,
Will leTe on Fiiday. June 3Jih, at tf 1. M.
M ot fruigat of paflriftge apply to
Foot of buuerlor et.
n. iv. BCiwn, rawenRer Agnt.
Tbe I launch ecrew atmmor
MAINE, K. RicutanaoR, Blag'er.
IM leare on Tnaredaj, June lUlh, at iU A. H.
i"or freight or lUMr apply to
ftLl'uS, FBINCn ACt).
n. n. P1QLH3LK. rai3engtr Agent.
PKKIoB. Ihe new elrsant and
reliable ateamer IK0S3ll)E, 'i.plaln J Tnr
ner. will leave oar loak oo her firat Grand f'l
wt Cxcarwion to Lake fcnperler, w.th an excel ent
Band on board, on Wedniedaj, June oUi, at 8
v v wi x. ja.
8 a.e Booma can be aeonred for the round trip,
uu -it bbww into.maimn oniamea, Dy apply-
jnn84.2M 1Z7 and 119 Biter atreet.
The new, fast and magDlnoentSteamera
Otpt. CKO. McK AT,
will loave Cleveland, t.,
Ai-Dilay, June .'A
" Jilj 10, !!4
" Ang7 XI
will leave Cleveland, O,,
Mondsy, Joae 19
" Julj3, 17, 31
' Aug.14. 8s
Bent- , 16
bept. 11, US
The above Boats are nw, atanncb and strong,
fast and okan ; are ofho-rd by men of long asp
nonce oo tbe ron e. who, role business will be
auienma to tue oomrort and aarety of Paenengera;
and he Proprlsfirs will make tha Pleasnra Trips
ol thii ceason .iceii those of any previous season.
Tue Boati will occasionally visit La Point and
jnoiu; ano, the nUSTH Billing, Isle Boyal,
o. Good Muiio on board, and tbe Table supplied
with every luxury
JX not tail to visit the coil, bealtbful and invlg-
..uiieviiiiHgin uatae oupeno-.
losecaraltoom aud obtain further Information,
myvij v naniiPtiniifl M w , Agents,
Jm:S (o 1 Klver St.. Cleveland, O.
.MiilBg B ladles' HTT BmstB j
fm. DAT, 46Pcl)lle Egnare,
BTtssWIiTiriTOW Wit-It (Its to a charm.
I I i"v,ij a . '
jl. mia auasutsiea. n.a areas
G. W. O BO WELL k 00
r United SUtes Standard
Warrantaa eorv-ot and dura
ble. Over It HI Varietiaa
adantad la - i.H
"(-. -a ' -
lAlus and Dry tidJlj n 1
firm, Bnrarlsur and IHunp, Proof; orerosi
oiaerent ittylas and Blaae, lor wvutiuc-bowaa,
Ielllms. Ac
Also, Forsvtk'a Warekoniae
roitylac fruawse, Basrar Blllla, ako.
wv-eraj wewtera Agerts,
(7 vfsVr llrrot, UerslftBi, Obm,
Fire and Blariiie
Of CleyelajfJ, OHo.
Capital, - $500,000.
Tbti OoBopany la bow full? orfraDlaad, aad pre
paxed to write f ui tvad Caboo JiuAa.
H. B. P4TNE, PmMeitt.
8. D MrMILL4N, Vice Prerident,
B. 8. 0 JJB, Secretary.
Office, Sexton's Block, eor. Superior
ana nerwia streets,
a. a. r. h. r.
Atlantic A Great WeeWi
A. A H. W Mabonlng B ranch
Lake Shore. Cleveland A Irle
, 8:25 80
. S i 8:10
. M t as 840
Oonneaut A Xrle Aooommodation
rittabnrrb At heeling 8:00
Cleveland PitUbargh, Accom
Ooiumbua 8 ns
f-t-" 8:10
t: 10:'J0
2:40 10:00
Detroit Boat..
Atlantic A enat Weatarn. 1;M
A. A O. W tlahoalng Brauoh.10.0
Lake Sbore, Olevela-d A Brle.... T:U0
Oonnoaut A Brie Aoooumodat1cn10:!t)
Plttabanrh A """-i-g I M
T"1 $-.40
-r 8:18
iMtrolt ' 6:00
n0 t:60
S.W 8:10
wf Cltisent wtahing conveyasoa to either of the
above Trains or Boats, will lie ealied (or by Ooacbaa
f Btevena' Owiaitme Line, by leaving their address,
at th Omnibus ornot, UI Bnrwrlor ftreat, saxt
door to the WwMll Hon.
IreBlgBated BcnnBltorjr for all TbdIIc
Authoriaed Subscription Agent for tha
7-30 LOAN.
This befog the only Popular Loan now before tha
People, the Bank will bep on haud a foil anrt
ment ofsiies. and fill all oriUtrapnunptij and wUfa-
Fit Per Cent. .LejrnI Tender Hotea,
With Aooroed Interest to date, received In Day.
tent for fcnbecrirtioiie. end will redf sn at Dar the
Oo opens ob the boron Thirtitw presented at the
Will also parofaaso United States Vovohers, Oer-
hd rates ol inoobtediieea, ana ail teniment. m
Cttiitiea. feb-WS
mTAfwT a -P-a m wt-tw
f. i I 1 1 1 1. A I . MA PJ K
Agent tor the Sale of
U. S. 7 3-10 NOTES.
five Txir cent. Lesral Tensor Molea revived in
payment of aame with accrued inUreat.
Ail deecrlptions of
Bought and Sold at best rates. ap!8:B4
Academy of Music Mr. W. Ilolaton.
B. T. Co. For Osdeneburg.
H. T. Co. For Chicago.
Dr. DeBart Local Notlre.
H. B. Tan Norman Lccal Notice.
Attention Co. K. 29lh Regiment.
Ll(fbtn!ng Fly-Killer Local Notice.
Basil L. Bpaugler Sale Postpraed.
Phalon Mew Pertain.
H. Coe Stewart MuDioal Normal Pchool.
I. a. DaWitt Gcods Harked Down.
M. A. McBrlde Admlttistrator'a Sale.
O. Cutter A Bon Anetion Sales.
. E. Lockwocd Agents Wanted.
LostJet Croat.
Wm. Day Cilcket Match.
J. J. Wilson Agents Wanted.
Calvin Carr Wlncow Olaa.
Has. Bhawb' Rxiius are headquarters for
style ana quality of Luvdies iiata, June 20.
All the railroads leading to this city carry
lor half fare on the Fourth.
Jult Coupons. C. A. Read k Co., Bank
ers, 85 Superior street, are paying the high
est premium for July Coupon Interest,
Bakomiteical Obsibvations recorded by
Xi. xi. Boiomonson, Uptician, under the
American House.
June 27, 1865.
Atmospheric pressure as indicated by the
mercurial baromoter :
8 A H.
6 r. h.
29 5
2'J 9.
MsTSOEOLoQiCAL Obsikvatiohs. Recorded
by J. 8. Perley, Optician, No. 133 Superior
street :
June 27th, 1805.
A. M. 12 M. P. M.
61 dog. 70 deg. 72 dcg.
rcsTpoif shirt. See notice, in another
place, of the postponement of the , Bale of
government property, stables, lumber, ic,
on tue Heights in this city.
iiu-xiAriau uas-riFss. rne gas-pipes in
Prospect street are being suuk two feet
lower, preparatory to the grading and
paving of said street.
Skcoxd Ohio Cavalst. The 2d Ohio cav
alry, now commanded by Colonel Dudley
Seward, has been ordered to SpringGeld,
Mo., for duty. It left St. Louis on the 23d
lor that place.
Noi-Ai Music School at Mkadvills
We refer our hosts of Meadville readers to
the advertisement of a Normal Music
School, to be opened in that place on the
25th of Jury next.
Iiictcbs. A locture on Monarchiem, Re
publicanism and Feniamsm, will be deliv
ered at Chapin's Hall on Thursday, (to-
morrow,) evening, commencing at 8o'clock,
by James UcDormott, Esq., of New York.
Admission 25 cents.
Paid orr To bat. The 104th Ohio roEi-
mens wui Do paid oil to-day and disbanded.
So we were informed last evening by the
leader of the band of that regiment. The
boys can stand any amount of such news.
Notici to thi Ladirs, The ladies of the
Entertainment Committee are requested to
roport this morning at eleven o'clock in the
rarx, to assist in serving a dinner to the
. Chairman.
abb nut-Siva Aiowca. Many persons
have remarked the matchless manner in
which the grass was recently mown in the
Park. The work was dona by the unrival
led "Buckeye Mower," for which mower
and reaper Mr. H. W. Luetkemeyer, 150
Superior street, is the agent.
Ihdustsial School Pio Nio. The excur
sion train to Elyria, Thursday, bearing the
Industrial School scholars and teachers.
will leave the foot of Champlain street at
eight o'clock in the morning, and arrive
here at five o'clock in the afternoon. Su
perintendent Rucker furnishes the school a
free ride, -. .
AOADiuTor Music Mr. Holston's ren
dering of " MUky White," last night, was
so quietly natural, so free from stage exag
gerations, so careful of details, so apprecia
tive of the character, that we do not hesi
tate to pat it is the first rank of eomio act
ing. He also played " Dominique " again
wiin acceptance. j
To-night he will appear In his admirable
role of "Jabaa Bunney" in tbe "Black
Sheep," and also as Simmons" in the
ncn concluding comedy entitled "The
Fat Alpha Ex.iutioi The Fhi Alphk
Society of tbe Cleveland Inititute gave
Ihoii cond Annual exhibition Uat even
ing, in Ihe hall of the Institute building.
A yrj large audience were present, em
bracing many friends and patrons of the
institution. Indeed, the spacious room was
crowded to its ntmost capacity, and when
space for seats failed, scores of eager, appre
ciative spectators and listeners sfootf out the
term of the performance with commenda
ble patience and heroism.
The hall was arranged and decorated
with taste. The stage had quite a theatri
cal aspect. Over and behind it hung the
banner of the Republic, and on either side
the dressing rooms were screened by the
national colors. The supporting pillars in
front of the platform were wreathed with
evorgreen and made gay with miniature
flags. Buspeudod over the front part of the
stage was a placard tastefully edged and
festooned with maple leares, on which the
word " Welcome," stood out ia silver and
evergreen lettering. The chandeliers were
also decked out with flags, and wherever the
hall presented a point on which patriotism
or the sense of the beautiful could hang
their own evidence, there was some tasteful
and appropriate adornment,
The exercises commenced at half-past
seven o'clock and lasted two hours. Theie
was so much variety, and the perform
ance was conducted with so much taste,
spirit and ability, that no weariness was
felt. This cannot always be said of public
exorcises of this sort. The pieces were all
short and concue, and we were treated,
from first to last, to an entertainment of the
best quality, in which every particular
" dish " was dealt out in quantity comfort
able and satisfactory to take.
This Society numbers about one hundred
active and honorary members. The fol
lowing are the ofl icers:
President H. B. Kingoley.
Vice President C. A. Wilson.
Secretary C. Eumiston.
Treasurer P. G. Ewart,
Critic C. H. Cady.
Corresponding Becretary H. E. Smith.
The programme of exercises was as follows:
1. Music-Vocal Trio :
3. KsHeyAngol WbisperB.Mi4S B Brnwster.
3. Uration be'f-Haiie Mr. A. B. Butt her.
1. l'er. The Ambitions Youth.Hr. C. A. Wlls n.
6. Muslo .. .- i ..Ocheslra.
6. Bee Song of the Spartan Mo'her
Alias A. Brewster.
7. Zonare Kxerclro Atiesrs. tiasoer, Wilsu,
Ew.irt and titration.
8. LYe The Ci.ion (comic) L. Foster.
9. Music Vocal llaelt
Hiiees Warden and Brew.ter.
10. William T.'ll.
William Tell
Gee'er .
Ve ner
A. E nulor
...C. A. Wilson
P G. Ewart
B. Duicber
.R M Eaton
U. B. Ktngsley
erre. M. 1). v aid
feasants, tioldiera, Ac.
. atnaif flrlitr.
The essay by Miss H. Brewster, was
I v
I gracefully written and full of rich eenti
men., iitn it was eomewna. too long, we
fancied, for such an occasion, and wasread
so low that the house did not get the full
benefit of it. It was on the whole a very
neat and praiseworthy effort.
Mr. A. B. Dutcher delivered a well-written
and interesting oration, which was
well recoived by the audienc.
The declamation by Master C. A. Wilson
was pronounced with thrilling effect. It
evinced great care. He entered into the
spirit of the piece, and whether in point
of voice or gesture, acquitted himself ad
mirably. II is declamation was followed by
a stirring performance by the band. And
here it should be stated that one of the
many fine features of the exhibition, was
the discoursing of most excellent music by
the fine band of the 104lh Ohio rogiment,
which generously volunteered its services,
and lent spirit and charm to the occasion.
"The Song of the Spartan Mother'
was recited with excellent taste by
Miss A. Brewster. Her rendering of
it would have done credit to one much
older than herself.
The Zouave exercise was perhaps the most
brilliant and novel feature of the occasion.
The various evolutions were gone through
with, without the timing assistance of an
officer calling off the stops, and executed
with so much precision, that, as the curtain
foil, the excited spectators broke out into
loud,long-continued and enthusiastic encore,
and presently the amateur Zouaves re-appeared
and traversed the silent manual
again. Louis Napoleon himself would have
applauded the performance had he seen it.
The comic declamation on " The Union
was a good specimen of American spread
eagle,Fourthof-July oratory ,and iladeliv
ery by Mr. Foster was the perfection of
By special request, Mr. A. E. Angier re.
cited Boker's poem descriptiveof the battle
of Lookout Mountain. It was declaimed
for the most part with just appreciatio:
and great power, but we thought we detect
ed a trace of mannerism in the general
style, an imitation of certain points pecu
liar to Mr. Murdock, which we do not
think profitable to adopt, Mr. Angier has an
excellent voice and more than ordinary
elocutionary and dramatic ability.
Mioses Warden and Brewster sang with
good taste and fine effect a very sweet duett
The crowning feature of the exhibition
was something in the theatrical lino, and
the presentation of " William Tell" proved
of absorbing interest in the able hands in
to which the several characters were com
milled. The treatment it received was
most effective, and the corps showed
themseves a very respectable amateur
company. If they should set np a perma
nent " side show " here, we don't kuow
whether manager Ellsler would like it. It
would seem almost invidious to particular
ize, but tbe rest of the incipient actors will
allow us to praise with all heartiness Mra
Angier's "William Tell." The character
was thoroughly and justly conceived, and
the hero personated in a style almost above
During the intervals of the performance.
the band stiumulated the audience with
excellent music-
Take It all in all the entertaiment was a
rare and most pleasant one, and reflected
the highest credit npon all the parties en
gaged in it. May the Society have many
returns of their literary anniversary.
Collisiom and Loss OP A Yissil. The
Detroit Tribune of Monday says that be
tween three and four o'clock on Saturday
morning, a collision took place off the Clay.
banks, Lake Erie, between the bark Re
public, bound up, in ballast, and the brig
Canopus, bound down, with a cargo of
grain, which resulted in the sinking of the
latter vessel in about twenty minutes there
after, in seven fathoms of water. The
damages sustained by the bark was the loss
of her jib-boom, bowsprit and headgear,
with some slight braises to her bow. The
brig had 16,500 bushels of wheat on board.
and was bound for Buffalo. She was S8t
tons burthen, and came out new in 185&.
Her owners, we believe, are Munn A Scott,
of Chicago. The crew were saved, but lost
all they possessed on board.
Nsw Railroad Coaches. The C. k T.
Railroad Company have just turned out of
their works at Norwalk two of the most mag
nificent coaches we have ever seen. They
ride with the greatest comlort. It is almost
like sitting in one's parlor in an easy chair,
and taking a ride, so perfectly are the
springs adjusted both in the seats and
trucks. Each coach is fifty-six feet long by
ten wide, and will seat with comfort eighty
passengers, me nuisn is in tue style of
oak, giving a lively and cheerful appear
ance, as well as an air of strength and sol
idity, while at the same time they are fur
nished with all the late improvements in
ventilation, saloon, kc
; United Statu Court. The ease, concern
ing a wool transaction, of David Petit et al
vs. Peter O'Strang et al., was being tried to
jiT yesterday. The parties are from
Marion county.
City Council.
Council met at the uaual hour, the ¬
dent, Thomas Jones, jr., in the Chair.
All the members present, except Messrs.
Reynolds, Russell, Townsend and Weide
man. Reading minutes of preceding mooting
From nroDertv owners on West Rivor
street, asking tbat an ordinance may be
passed prohibtiing coal or other property
from beiDg unloaded from cars wbile stand
ing on the street. Board of City Improve
ments. From owners of properly on Orange street,
remonstrating against the contemplated
Javing of said street, between Perry and
ackaen streets. Board of City Improve
ments. From proporly owners on Mulberry
street, asking that said street be graded
between Main and Spruce streets. Board
of City Improvements.
From the Committee on Parks and Pub
lic Grounds, to whom was referred the res
olution of Mr. Buhrer in regard to the
erection of a music stand in Monument
Square, in favor of said resolution the cost
not to exceed $50. Adopted.
Of Ship Channel Commission, averse to
the claim of Aherx Merchant for services.
From the Board of City Improvements,
with bids of various parties for sprinkling
streets. Filed.
Of tbe Board of City Improvements, stat
ing that they have appointed Wm. II art as
collector of special taxes. Filed.
Of the same, on the remonstrance of prop
erty owners against constructing the Huron
street branch of the Erie street sewer, grant
ing the petitioners' prayer. Adopted.
Of the same, in favor of granting the peti
tion of S. C. Aiken, and others, against the
construction of a branch sower in a portion
of Bolivar street. Adopted.
Of the same, averse to Darius Sber'dan's
claim for damages sustained through the
grad ing of Lyman street. Filed.
Of the Committee on Public Buildings, in
regard to the heating of the Brownell street
school-house. Filed.
From the agents of Gold's Improved Heat
ing Apparatus, upon the same subject.
From E. R. Perkins, Secretary of the Cel
ebration Committee, inviting the Council to
join in the celebration, as a body. Accept
Claim for damages $3,000 of Jeremiah
Baker. Board of City Improvements.
Claim for damages $100 of James Mc
Mann. Bsiard of City Improvements.
Claim for damages $1,000 of John
McKinty. Board of City Improvements.
Contract and bond of A. Barkdoll. Ap
proved. Contract and bond of Messrs. Robison
and Wick. Approved.
By Rogers,
Improvements be and they are heroby au
thorized to contract with Messrs. Thomas
and Leek for the sprinkling of portions of
Erie, Uardon, Seville and Pittsburgh,
streets, in accordance with ther bids, sub
ject to the acceptance of the same by this
Council. Adopted.
By the same. That the City Tressurer be
and he is hereby authorized to refund lo
Patty Garrett tbo sum of $3t 29, and to
Peter Thatcher the sum of $155 93, an
over charge of tax in the construction of
Franklin Alley sewor, as tne sma amounts
were assessed aud paid by said parlies.
By Mr. Thomas:
Whkbeas, This Council by sn ordinance,
some time since, allowed the Piospect and
Kinsman street Railroad Companies to in
crease tbe rates of fare to seven cents for
each and every passenger, during the
pleasure of tha Council upon the representa
tion of said companies that, on account of
the high, cost of hay, gram. Ac, it was
impossible fjt said Street Railroad Com
panies to carry passengors at the rales
then being charged, to wit: five cents,
without suffering a large pecuniary loss ;
and whereas the cost of the articles is now
very much reduced, with tbo prospect of a
still further reduction, therefore,
fiemtved, That the Committee on Ordin
ances be end they are hereby directed to
submit to the Council, as soon as possible,
tho original ordinance, or such an amend
ment to the prosout ordinance as will limit
tbe rates of faro upon all the street railroads
v bve cents lor eacn and every passenger.
By the Building Committee, That the
Committee on Public Buildings be author
iaed to contract with Measrs. Prior A
Warswick for putting iu the Brownoll street
School Xlouso, Gold s Improve 1 b learn
Heating Apparatus upon the terms named
tn tne proposition, lablcd lor one week.
By Mr. Dangler, That the rent of $100
due the city from It. Waterton. Buperin
tendent of the Industrial School, be remit
ted him, and tbat rotice be given him that
tho rent of the building now occupied by
him for the purpose of manufacturing
brushes, sha 1 be $100 per annum, com.
mencing on the 1st of April, 1865, payable
annually. Tabled.
By Mr. Rogers, That the Board f City
Improvements be authorized to employ
somo suitable person to act as bridge ton.
dor at the Soneca streot bridge, in order tbat
fast driving on tbe same may be stopped
tbe wages to be paid not to exceed $l,5V
per day. Adopted,
By Mr. Truscott, That when this Cooaci
adjourn, it adjourn to moot on Wednesday
Julyotn. Adopted.
By Mr. Rogers, That theCommiasionerof
Harbors and Wharves be requested to re
port to this Council at its next moetinc
whether the Contro street bridge is being"
managed in a careful and proper pnan ner,
and whether the tender ot the bridee
qualified to perform the duties incident to
that position. Adopted.
By Mr. Pelton, That the Board of City
Improvements be requosted to notify tho
owners of the vacant lots on the corner of
Church and Pearl streets, to finish pavine
their Bidowslks with brick at the cornorof
said lot, within thirty days, and if not fin
ished as required, to have the sauio done
by tne city, at the expense ol the property
holders. Adopted.
By Mr. Huntington, That the Street Com.
missioner be and is hereby directed to re
pair the street crossings at Hudson and
Greenwood streets and on Scoviil Avenue as
soon as possible. Adopted.
By Mr. Jones, That the Committee on Gas
be and they are hereby authorized to place
a lamp poBl on Miami street, at such a point
as tney may deem beet. Adopted.
By Mr. Roberts, That G. S. Wheaton be
allowed- the sum of $200 for makioc out
special tax receipts lor the coming year,
commencing on the nrst aay oi April, i05,
Ad opted.
By Mr. ICbeers :
Whkbras, This Council has this evening ac
cepted the invitation ot the Committee of
Arrangements having in charge the
Fourth of July Celebration, to form part
of the grand procession on that day, there-
Resolved, That the President of the Coun
cil be and be is hereby requested to pro
cure suitable moans of conveyance for tho
members on that day, and collect tbe cost
of the same from the members prorata
By Mr. Sturges, Thst the sum of $250 be
appropriated to the r ire Department, to
assist them in procuring the necessary
uniform for the celebration of the coming
Fourth of July. Adopted.
RBv Mr. Huntington. That the Board of
Lily improvements ds directed to examine
the Irving street sewer, and make such re
pairs as may be necessary, if any. Adopted.
An ordinance to provide for the sprink-
ingof portions of Erie, Pittsburgh, Gardei'
Scoviil and Lake streets. Ordinances.
An ordinance to restrain from running at
large certain animals, therein named.
An ordinance to levy and assess a special
tax upon all the lots or lands bounding or
abutting upon Dare street, between Detroit
and Lorain streets. Passed.
An ordinance to get up a special tax npon
all the lots or parcels of lands abounding
or abutting upon Mill street, between Mon
roe street and the south line of the city.
Ordinance to levy and assess a special
tax for widening and extending Superior
street, east of Erie street. Passed.
An ordinance to change the name ot
Depot street. Passed.
An ordinance to repeal an ordinance en-
tilled an ordinance prescribing the terms
and conditions of street passenger railways
within the city oi Cleveland, passed Sep
tember 20th, 1659. Ordinances.
Aa ordinance to amend an ordinance to
establish the grade of Michigan street.
Second reading.
An ordinance to vacate a portion of su
perior street. Passed.
Conceeiiso Ohio Regiments. Acting
Mayor Jones received a telegram yesterday,
stating that the 115th regiment, 626 strong,
and the 20th Battery, left Nashville on the
26th inst., en route for this city.
He also had a dispatch announcing that
the 177th 0. V. I., 683 men, would arrive
this city about noon to-day. They will
receive a hearty wolsome.
[Daily Correspondence of the Cleveland LEADER.]
MEADVILLE, PA., June 26, 1865.
commencement exercises of this time
honored institution are to be hold in Central
Hall, on Wednesday, the 2Sth inBt. There
are only seven graduates, viz : R. N. De-
main, Brownsville, Pa. ; George A. Chase,
Titusville, Pa. ; Ben. E. EJgeil, Newport,
O. ; J. Eeemer Davis, Silen's Grove, Pa. ;
Dana L. Hubbard, Wheeling, W. Va. ;
Edward S. Mcchesney, Latropa, Pa. ; and,
Lloyd Lowndes, Clarksburg, W. Va. Never
since our romembrance have there been so
few in the senior class. But to know the
cause, we have only to think of the many
noble boys, now sleeping on the field of
battle, who lo't the class of 18C5 to defend
their country's rights.
Literary Societies The Biblical Literary
Sooiety held their ninth anniversary
at Central Hall, last Saturday evening.
The Hunter Prize Essay was read by W. W.
Fainter, of Mercer, Po. Subject "The
Holy Land : lis Past, Present and Future."
R. N. Demain, Brownsville, Pa., had the
Valed'ctory, and C. II. Stocking, of Ilanib
den, 0., the reply.
The anniversary exercises of the Philo.
Franklin Literary Society will be held at
the same place on Monday. The Woodruff
Prize Essay will be read by E. S. Mcches
ney, of Latrope, Pa. The Valedictory will
be delivered by Dana Hubbard, of Wheel
ing, W. Va , and tho roply by J. A. Simp
son, of Rosemond, I1L J. E. Davis is Pre.
sident, and J. I. Pinney, Secretary.
The Allegheny Literary Society will hold
their thirty-first anniversary at Central
Hall, Tuesday evexing, the 27th inst. The
Hazeltine Prize Eisay will bo read by
Henry C. Pitus, of Philadelphia, Fa. Sub
ject " English Aristocracy." B. E. Ed'
gell, of Newport, 0 , has tbe Valedictory,
and W. J. Wilson, of Warren, O , the roply,
F. L. Blsckinan is Speaker, and W. W.
Moore, Secretary.
Prize Contest. The College Declamation
Prize Contest comes off at Central Hall,
Tuesday, at 2 P. M. Music by the Co. K
Band. Tbe old Co. K Band will play at
the Society anniversaries and also at Com.
Meadville Theological School. The
commencement exercises will bo held at
the Unitarian Church, June 29. h, com
mencing at half-past ten o'clock A. M.
Thee are fivo graduates, viz : Samuel J.
Dickson, Westfield, N. Y. ; T. H. Eddowes,
Galena, III.; S. S. Nowhouse, Palmyra, 0. ;
A. A. Roberts, Paula, Kan. ; George F.
Boabd or Education. Board mot pursu
ant to adjournmont on Monday evoning,2Uh
Present all the mombcrs. President Pit
kin m tho chair.
B ecial Committee on candidates for the
position of Superintendent of buildings and
ropuirs reported the nsmcs of W. J. Wat-
Orson, E. U. Abel, Goo. Hartnoll, Mr. Sione
and Mr. Pratt, as suitable persons for said
position. Whereupon W. J. Watorsoa was
duly elected, and his salary fixed at $t20
per year.
The Committee on E ist High School re
ported tho following pupils of Slid school
as sandidatcs lor graduation at tho coming
commencement :
Anna W. Johnson, Nettie B Avers, Mary
Srucad, Kate Piper.Kllen Littlelon,Canliue
Uattersly, l.'lward Kiuegel, Chart's It Hi
egel, Charles II. Whitiiker, Leonidas A.
W i loon, Jamos A. Kins', and Th'.s Irwine.
Tbe Committee on West High School re
ported the names of Misses M. E.Algcrand
A. K. Jonos : Iroorco 15. Deunitou, J. r
Rhodes and Frank Elliott, for graduation
as above, lioportB accepted.
From Miss Folsom, asking whethor tie
Principal of a school has authority to com
pel a teacher in one ot the lower d. part-
nuenta to taice box clashes into his rcom for
examination, Ac. Kolorrcd lo Committee
on Rules and Orders.
From A.G. UopkiiiBon, Christians Rounds,
binUy A. liucsol and Mel ii llussel, dcclin
iug to be candidates for re-clcc',ion as teach
ers. li;coivod and tilod.
By Mr. Kolbe, That the Committee on
East High School be authorized to make
such arrangements for the commencement
exercises as they snail deum nccostiary
such as printiLg, diptorass, programmes,
seating the nouse. Ac. Adopted.
By Mr. Mellon, That an appropriation of
be made to lurnisn music lor the exhi
bilionof the CoutralHiirh School. Adopted
By Mr. Price, That tbe City Treasurer be
requested to requiro ol eacn teacher a cer
titicate of the Superintendent, that all re
ports due from such teachers br-ve boon
rendered bffore paying the bill of sail
teachers. Adopted.
By Mr. Mellen, That the Secretary of the
Hoard ol LMiucation be requested to pre
pare a communication and present it to A.
G. Hopkinson, Eq., of, tbe West tiido
High School, expressing our regret that
hia health has obliged him to doclino be
ing a candidate for re-election, aud ex
tending to him our sympathios in his a mic
tion. Adople 1.
By Mr. Eells, That it shi.ll be tho duty of
the Superintendent of Instruction, in fu
ture to provide for tho written exauiinct on
of all pupils in both the East and Wost
SidoSchools, ia the principal studies which
thoy may have pursued, in the same man
ner in which such examinations aro con
ducted in the several Grammar Schools of
the city. It shall also be tho duty of the
Superintendent to lay before tho Board of
Education for their approval, at least three
weeks before the close of tho last school
term of each year, a list of such questions
as he proposes to submit ss tne basis ot ex
amination of the severe! classes in the
High Schools, at tho close of said term
By Mr. Reeve, Tbat the'suHoct of break
ing windows at the Egle street School
House, rcpred by Mr. Oviatt, be referred
tome becretary lor in vesligation. with au
thority to bring the offenders io justice, un
ices eatiaiactoruy settled. Adopted.
Adjourned two weeks.
Promotions. The following promotions
in Ohio infantry regiments, were entered
in the Adjutant General's office on the 26th
21st Sergeant Robert F. Ronham, to let
23d Lieut. Colonel Joseph Horiaon to
Colonel, and Major Thomas Sikos to Lieu
tenant Uolunel.
49ih Lieutenant Colouel Joseph R. Bsrt-
lett to Colonel ; Major Milton F. Miles to
Lieutenant Colonel ; Captain John J. Kes
lr to Major ; Sergeants Cesper bnyder and
franklin n.uiDeris to 1st Lieutenants.
llllh Sergeants- Alexander Rowland,
Michael J, tnngnt aud Herman n. Mc-
Daniolsto2d Lioutenauts.
128th 1st Lioutouant Orlin S.Haynes to
Haei-rr's Maoazinr. The publishers of
this excellent Monthly have sent us,
through the establishments of Cobb, An
drews Co., and Ingham k Bragg, copies
of the July number. It is full of good
Commencement at Cleveland Institute
this (Wednesday) r. m., beginning at two
o'clock. jun2S:223
Of Cleveland.
Designated Depository for all PuMlo Monlea.
and Financial Agent of the United btates.
Authorized Subscription Agent
Seven-Thirty Loan.
This Bank having been appointed a Denoaitorv
and Financial Agent of lite Goteron-nt, will
promptly fill aft ordura for tbe Popular 7-30 Loan,
now being rapidly taken. Tba decline in Oold
sanst continue to render thie Loan a d-rir&ttlA in .
vestment. Tbe usual cooimission allowed to La-As
aa'tA'A-kers bo bay to soil ag l.i.
ite Per cent. Legs! lender Sotes,
With accrued interest added, ne ivedin payment
for aonacripUona. aflatnrtd 7-30 Coupons baid on
presentation. United Stat- s Vonshore nnrch&aMi.
and maturing Certificates of Indebtedness col.
lac ted.
t!i.m W.-vOBTTBii.Casbur, ,
cadjhy or jaus-u.
PBic-u oirTDiiisinoB.
DraasCtrel. and Parquet te SO cents; Secured Seats
jo nroM, To cents; ramlly Otrele, 60 oeuu:
jJallery, u annts; Private Boxes, $6 and fs.
S'unle seats la Private Boxes, II.
Colored naraons Will. anH.e t.1 nn,at,n.
ess, be permitted to occupy seats la any other por-
huii ui ine noose, ears the liallery. Admission aba.
atooro open at T. Curtain ilsea at a.
Of tbe Celeb tied Comedian,
MB. W. 11 O LSTON.
His pieoi s are aew. bis performance orielnal. his
comic hnmor nnmiatalle, and free front all vulgar
WEDNESDAY eveeinc June 28. will b pre
sented Ihe tev Comedy, esll-d
Jftbca BunnT. Mr. W. HoUtrn.
Toooaclnde with the new Comedy, oft led the
Dlmmona...a . Mr. W. Hoi, ton.
Sartat trHasrations for tbe Fourth of July.
Two r-erlomtanriWL Br'erno"" antl eve-Meg.
- -
Sol . Dr. LUt. bbajSb coawilted on
erery cord .ion aid ptctv of Mxaltar so railed
Pricatt Duca$e. at th Draft 4tore Ho nSaprior
treet, CleTelacd, O,, oa Moiiday and Tv'itSv Jaly
3d and 4th. 1866. X" ;,: Janei
H. B. Tan Sonna., H, D.,'SHqi'ODatbii
Pbypktaa and Burgeon, hat Foc-tedta MlaboU,
OhU Office In Hooth'a Bni'.diog. o;po.fTf ffut
(j fflce. Offioa hoars from 7 to a. m , 1 io -Hk-ir..
and in tbeYcn.og Jane28:2:3td3ttwijJ
AiteBiion xvia Ket.me.Bi. Tom
are hereby trdnd to appear at your Armory over
Parish Jk Knight's store, Wednesday eTtnlng at
?K o'c'ock. It is neoesaary that eTory member
lion Id be preterit, as baslnesa of importance will
come be 'or j the meeting. Jauo28;t23
1 lie Isliftitulnc riy-H liter. Destroys
Files instantly, and is not liable to be mUUkua
fur anythlog elre. Is easily pre i arc d snd a?d(
and doei rapid execution. Kacb iher t will attract
d kill a talari of Flics and promotes quiet ia
rt-adlng-, peace while yea eat, and t io com'orta of
a nsp in the morn log.
Kohl by Ml Druggist.
June38 2 l;eod4tw.
Realinff wax. Hed and Black, Fruit Wax.
AiDCvury Tailety of Bottle, Letter and 8hae
makera Wax, mannfstctnred and f.r sale at whol
sa'e at the very lowest market rates.
J. T. MET,
janu27:2-3 638, frnl 6th St., Cincinnati, 0,
literary Exhibition. The Phi Alpha So
cfety of Cleveland Institute, will glTS a Literary
Exhibition In the Grmnasiam of the Institute
Building, Tue. day evening, Jcne 27th, 1865. Ad-
mission 35 cents. Tho proceeds to be devoted to
the purchase of a Society Library.
Omnibuses will ran to aid from the Woddcll
Poors open at 6 Per formance to commoe
at V o'clock precisely. June27:223
jSoiice to H atertnkers.
Omci or WaTsawoaas,
Clivklavd, June 26-b, l(5b6 J
All Water Bents should be paid on or before the
last dy of this month. Whoever neg'ectt to do
so, will be turned oil, and an additional dollar
charged for turning the water on aga'n.
By oidor of the Board or Trust e
jane,7:at-.1 8opt. aid -Engineer.
f f Hf .as I. A. We, Dressmaker, who address
rd a lettor to "Sachem,1 tome time in May, In
care of Jdr OtI.ce, will write 9gai, her letter
will receive attention. The fbrxer letter was ao
ciie ii tally inidlait, and wsa never deliver d to
Baches, who fs now in town. jciuo27:l!2)
A lit inn I Auui vertM.ry' ai t;lewwla-n-.
Institute. There will be a Re-union of the
Aluant of Cleveland Institute, la the parlors of
the Prln.lpal, on Wednesday eT.nlog, June Stitb
at which time the annual address will be given by
Mr. Albert H. TV. tie. A fail attendance is par-
tica'arly r qaealej.
By oidtr of the S'clely.
KBKNKZCR F1BU, President.
Ella iCruBOWS, So-Tetnry. jr26;a2
Heen DittcaMe ni Bar.
Invalids, broken down In health and spirit! by
Chronic Dyspepsia, or sutToilng from tbe terrible
exhaustion which fvllowi the attacks of acute dls
ese, the testimony of thousand who have Ireen
ralsbd as by a miracle fro 31 a similar state of pros-
.ration, by UOdTKTTIU'i B TOM -Oil BlTTIllS.
ii a Dure guarantee that by the same means jri
too mj be strengthened and restored. Bat to (heee
who stud In peril of epldorolcs, to all who, by rea
son of exposure, privations, and ancongenial cli
mate or uoheaUhy pursuit, may at any moaseni
ba stricken down, this paragraph h most jMrtim-
Uxrlif and auj'httticnUp addressed. Ion, who are
tbui situated, are proffered aa a)oluie safeguard
again at the danger tbat menaces yon. Tone and
regulate the ay item with this harmless medicinal
tJtimulant aud Alterative, and yon will be fore
armed against the tnaladiea whow seeds float
arou d )on In th) air uascen. UfSF-CTTER'S
SroaiAUll 11ITTKRH are not only a standard
Tonic and Alterative throughout tbe United Slate,,
but .hiy are accredited by tho certificates of the
mt'St d'stlnuish:d citlsens of the Union, to tbe
pe pie of all other lands. In Canada, Auntraii
aid tie West Indies, they are gradually ttking the
place of all ohr s'onm.h'cs, whether native or
foreign, and as eurtly sn t nth Is progressive and
dt inonstiation overthrows doubt, they will event
ually saprtde every other Inri.orant and Ueslor
ative now employed In satdicinal practice.
Boarbou, Bye, Scotch and Irish Wbi-ky,
French Brandy, Gin, Port, kladeira. Claret and
Native Wines, London Porter and Scotch Ale, for
medicinal me; the very best Congress, Kissen
gen, Vichv and other Mineral Waters, at HALL'S
Homeopnthic fit arm toy, Ko. 17 Monument Pailu
0. A. RSAD.
f. H. BKAD
C. A. READ & CO.,
Authorized Snbacrlptlona Agents for the
7-30 LOAN.
Tbti nntl eomtnlssioa allowed te Banks and
Bankers who buy to sell again.
B balk as in
Bim and soli all deaaripttons of
-nfcWea!eo bny and tell on Commission all kinds
orPiocKoana Bonds at me n. i.rJtoct rxotianga.
ti ortrrs oj man or express proupiiy aiiea.
iwsveune otainpe for ai.
Lnuab's KnlttiuK Mac la ine. Gkmios
TaiDBrnxMT. The grealt-it Invention of the age.
Narrows the toe, knits the h;l, complete In one
piece. Will do 1 11 tbat It Is promised to do In our
circulars. Call on or address, with stamp, A. L.
J0UN3JN, it 0 Superior at , Cleveland. mj'i7:-16
Iiarrtaes. and Dysentery. We have ex
amiceda greit nnaiber o. letters f on s meof tbe
m :st prominent c it Irons of Cincinnati and Coring-
ton, etc., speaking ia tbe highest terras of Ir
Strickland's AntiChetera Mixture for the core o
dianhoei and djsentcrf. The letters are too long
to publish. Mr Woods, of Ojvington, says he
wat pronounced incurable by the best doctors in
Ciocinnati, snd one bottle of Br FtiljMadd's Aitl
Cholera Mixture effected a permanent care after
siiTerlug for mouths with the worst form of diar
rhoea and dysentery For sale by Druggists.
PEN TON St DU1NHAM, Agents, Cleveland, O.
'Be affable and coutteous In onth, that you may
behonor'd In ac,e,"
Ure Dr. D. H. Seelye's Liquid Catarrh BmeTy for
Catarrh difficulties. Cold in the Hiad, and for
cUanting the nose and head, that year days may
be long in which to b honored, JcM:rS
Will curs the Itch hi 48 hours also curaa Bait
Rhonra, Ulcere, Chilblains, aad all Jfrnntkna ef
tbeb'ktn. Price 60 cents. By sending SO cents to
Weoka cud Potter, 170 Washington st., Boston, will
be forwarded free by mail. For sale by all Drug,
ftiata. Braone Aa-eTaoaa, C lev eland. Agents
for Korthern Ohio. ashlliF daw
. 15. &11S, Banker,
111 Superior St.
rmscrlpttona received to the
"7 3-10 pien Cbht. ahd 10-40" JUtiohaX
Oca mission allowed to Bubscrlbers.l
B. Bonds of l&sL
-TU. anrw
Hotea, aad all other Government lM-nHtw n-
chise l and lor sale on tbo moat favorabi terms.
to.'d, auv&r, coupons an-i Canada money bougnt
nJ sold at ivxt ratoa, Lvnoaiis received and Col
lections made at all aoocaalb . points. Cncurrent
funds converted at lowest rates. Bavrmn. Btanips
I Plated Ware, jnst received by
uutrnan si w.,
TUESDAY EVENING, June 27, 1865.
We have no essential changa to note to-day in
the local money tuark'-t Theie was perhaps lets
demand for currency from tho buslners com won
tty. areffult follow irg the stagnation in trade In
cident to the decline in me. cuaod he est, which
bat comptetrly flttteaed o.t comunrc'al circles
here. The ruppiy of both currency and -..change
continues c ose, and the latter raks trm atftar
buying and y premium selling.
Cold rulsd wlih rather m re sttadinecs to day
and without decid d cbange from yoeterday, cks-
fng this afternoo. at HI-,. Theie Is compara
tively lit'le specnlstivo movement In the market at
present, and but little export demand, but the cus
toms demand is active atid ltrge, aad upon this tho
pnos is now cbit tly maintained With regent to
the fntnre premium, extensive calcnUtions are b-:
Ing made npon the expect d Ehipuients ofctiton,
wti'ch la again assnmiDg the diinen iuoa of a king
in Ihe irfluence it Is looked to to exert u;on foreign
exchange. An iiifiuentlal banking and exchange
firm of N w York, in their last cir.u'ar to Karoce,
expretstd thjepinloa that during the next eifeht
month i the lowest tstinated ootton shipments of a
million bales won'd aud I 0,OOO,O( 0 to oar ext. oris
If this opiuion ia correct, the price jf gold, cotton.
and biiif of eschar ge must decline coueidoiably.
The import entiies of the put week were the
amount of f,. 71,277, and the exports of Domestic
IV dace to $-,-155,9.6.
Currency in Cincinnati anl Chicago is easy, and
re is awe effart to Itnd than borrow, xrtde is
veSkHhtin both cities.
ILfrwhols sambor of National Banks in rxut
eiice and authorised to Jane 24 was 1,334, with an
aggregate capital of St-0.ri4.00t, and a total cir-
feaiatioa of f U3,PGt,S75.
Tnadecliniogcoadltion of the E asters markets
for the pmt Jew days has Anally brought about a
complete stagnation in commeicUl circles beret
n l for Breads! utta particularly the market is in
an almoAt notolnal condition. TraLashC locs to d-y
in grain were on so llmUed a ic .e as hardly to af
ford a reliable index to the market, which closed
havy. PruvUiobsare nncbaogeii, but tn tbe sg
gregate quiet. Other articles qauifd arewithoat
notable chauge, but dull. kw
lira following were mo reoeipu ana sobjpiiib
at this point by Railroad, Lake and Canal of isaa
ing articles during the twenty-four hours andin
, , . . ,. .
at seven o'clock this morning :
Articles. Kecuived,
Flour, bblsMM.
Wheat, bu.
8,6 is
1 0"0
2 5
2 U
Corn, bu
Oatn, ba.M.w.
liutbur, tr-s......
ish, bMs
1 ive ttotfs, h-i
10.tr 0
Cattle. boml.
Sheep, beid...--
Cbi?. lba
Lard, Ita ..M--........
Biphwiiiee, b' ls...-...--.
Petrulettm, bbls.H....M.M
roal, tons .................
Iron Ore, tons
CS6 1U
iron, IDs..
a Is aud Piukes, lt8.H.w
Corpr, tOU-.e.aHw.u....H
Luiu Iff, feet -
SLtiugles, lSo..HW....HM
1-ath, No....
Staves, No.w..mHm-..H...,
Salt, bbis i .
Potatcw-e, buih.u.
Wool, lbs..
- Tmj
N. Y. Money Market—June 27.
ffonew Easv at ii&H 'Act.
109 lor flint
Kierlius; fcxehnuge-Cull at
clae bit is,
Uolil Qnit and without dee;ded chance open-
Ina; ai Hi;,, advaucitg tj aud closing at
New York Stock Market—June 27.
Government ttoekH-Firm snd act it.
Hovcn-thirtv couuous Ten foity c)aj'nn9'
Fiv-twfuty rMtupj s 10.ta; U. o. sixes of l't7 lla.
rort Wayne A Cliicago 9r; K.vk TsUml mi
Knrlhwesfern UH, do prftrr.d fM; l-vltiud A
rittHburnh 'J4: IUiuoi 0-nraI scrip 1".!7; CitatoD
AtlaUti stfnisiU!p Co M"t Vora r-uufrM
K4; Michigan 'outhern $4 -:.; Mnpi 1; hi
1 Mis.uis(jit Cefliti'.ateti '-!.; one yer ctrt'li-
National Bank rf Ciivdaud.
Ann Kin taciAit Aqrrt or tub Hsitbd Htatis.
Special Agent far Uto Sfclc of
Ihe 7 3-10 3.4ks
Five pr cent. Leral TenJor Notos recoived In
payment of tuute fviiL accrued inttrtJt.
All doicriptioue oi tiivornuieut ikcmities Bmht
ana toid at o.ut rnt'-s. v -z zt
R. J. FARMER, i. V. l'ALNTKK, J,U4. FArtMKB,
Farmer & Painter,
Ho. 115 Superior fct Cleveland, blilo.
roa tub 6aji or tub
balers ia Cvlri, 81lvr, Coupon, Ixchatngo, Cana
da and Uucurreut Moby.
Bny aud a'l iKsorip-iuu of tioV Ui' JUST
BOtSDa. Ateuaell
Cashed in Gold
Cleveland Wholesale Market.
TUESDAY EVENING, June 27, 1865.
Fr'litrlitrV-The following are tho rates by Lake
(strtun) and Itall from this poit to Wow York and
Boh ton. All Ball rates are Are ns high r.
To Mew -for. First class; itfj; titwond class
77c; Third claat: 70c; Fourth dun: 40c. VUrar,
To rV'ston. F rst class: 1 1,08 ; B-.-cond o'aas:
88c; Third clam: 7&o; Fourth ciaas: 4'. Flour.
Flour Pa l. W.t quote at 7,tjO(7,50 for XX
red ; b,0 (tj fur white
Wlteat Dull, bei,vy aud nomiualiy lower
The only sale rep rtod todvy wad SUt bu JNo. 1
Corn-Pull and heavy. Tale 13u bu rjec'cd
from store at &tc.
Iftat- Dull and beavy. Ho sales reported to-
d y, the market clo-ing nominal.
Kye Without sale acd nomlnaL
Barley Inactive and nominal,
Pork-Qu'et. City-packed Mots held at 16,60
Cletr steady at I31,0i.
Urtl Liufet at 19c In tierces, 20o In kets, fur
city-rendored; 10c tor country do.
SinOskewl MealM Market steaily, and demand
fair for EJams and DrUd Beef; other hindj quiet
We quote. Buar cured harxe, caasvasued, 13i ;
plain hams, canviwe-d, 2c; dri-d be-f canvassed,
2-c; bacon 18c ; shoulders 10c for canvssecd and
15c for un-anvtvsel.
Beef City Hess held at 16,C0, with light de
BultVer Less active, but steady at 21 (323c for
Western Beeerve.
tTieewo Fair Ira4n demand at the range of 10
glfe, the outride fl jure for prime lot.
gf In modrrate n."it at WSo.
lllKhwIne Held at 12,(0, but market dull
and nominal.
Aleotiol WrVrket qnl-i and stilly. Huld t
91,01,06 for W per cent. Neutral Proof Ppttits
3 16(32,20. Cologne Spirits, 98 per cent., $4,16.
Patrolnam- Quiet at tBt'Oo for refined ia
small lots t the trade.
Lake Flwliln good stesxly demand at nn.
chngtd piices. idalea 36 half bbts Whiteftihat 99,00;
26 half bbls Pickerel at 98,00; 30 half bbls Her
ring at 7bi 10 half bbls Trout at 97,76.
Dried A pplemVury little doing. Very nice
held at TXQSc.
Pota toes -Held at 80o by car loads for Paach-
featUen-In demand at 75c $ & for nice live
SaltStea-y. Held at 9V--6 for Fine; 93,30
for noaraa and tiroon) holar.
HoimFlrm. Mew Ynr titatt l&i-i50o. accord.
int; to quality ; Ohio K-V--
naia--otcaay. JSarirj filalt faild at 91.70 ties
A!e end Vwrww MarkH vWrtv. W Quot
as follows : Present Ufa XX Ate 9.0; Btrok 11
91-V0, K-nnctt ?!6,00; Paia Crtsni 91 1 PorU
fti. Half and qaarter barrels In proportion.
Witoi linttr--ijf3Wv-ato and Akran held
Plf-wv'-"Pewp land pleater fl'.,00 per
ton; Calcined 9i.oo bbl.
TUESDAY EVENING, June 27, 1865. Rose & Prentiss' Provision Market Report.
Tbe feJIowtog an tha rates eharged by is j
-Hamsnnr-cTired prearaaa hajus fl-.- 2l
Cnwawetl lEaiua " ilbm-..stit
lrid -Wret w Bt.. ....Lci
RiMnlJer insr-ocre! t... .......,,...17
Betsir Ct Socked fd-wj iv.- ,,, ' Q
44ar4-Prtme leaf tfrt 'lrvrnd d in obnor troa.19
rrtae lcaket:le.rcdrd in ks Tb..tf 1
POTSt Mo. 1 meea t-M-r . 60
Axtraticar V '.. r.,,, ISO to
Ho extra chary m"de for (chses or cart
age to rairoad deMu or boats. All articles nn
amn-anted utrt-tly plme, pr frral to anytt!nr It
we cut, irtious prcifiij v'.i-:.
i'-ifrg k Pitsvr;?-',
wift)Vl Km. 112, i4i sau 119 vateito nrwt,
riXtosi-Hors active aid k'gber. f ales at 4S-
rlnur fcHino lower, store active.
Baua at fo VOO 05 for extra state; fS 70 for
tosiuiifl to good ahlppior mauca .atr. rouno
boo Chic; 8 7'(v$l Ml lor trad, brtaje.
The mark.t cl.ainfr steady. Incul4 in lhe.
sales are 8 too bl'la ef.ztra slate ftr export at.
'era wltl.iu tne raese.
ukr-firmer tali a at f j 03 for weite' a. .
aud axall o's at 84 14.
Wtts-aa lc b wer ca Cbe spring S3on
winter fl .M t.t Chicago t prior; ,l S7l .1
for rmer MicbUan; SI 60 for rc4 wlu.er 'ioledw.
81 rsl 7Ufor amb.r JUtCIitgan.
Hye Vlnl t.
arley u'l. 1
Biatlrjr Sf nit-Firm af 81 W.
a aaras llnli aud Seaic lower. Sates at 7ftS,7"
for unwnnd; oi4iS.ro lors-.-unl ari-?4 wito.-r, th
etter price Icr kl'n-aneu
IMU- Dull and Itoij lower. Pa!l et 747Sc
for western: oloaing with aalta to a live at th-1.:
tar prio .
Stuirnr- imll. Clltn Huicovsdo I2..H and 200
bolt, llavaua at 1(j9l4c. 1
WoIiu-mt full.
Waal-Out .
f-lrnleimi Very Arm SfuiV for crude;
6'u;o'-e fr rvlincd in botdi 77(t74o lor free.
Irorm rubber, cltalns beavy.
racaatS'4 eoo)S 10 lor new meefl. cloainr at1 i
:i b rash; f J3 U'iw'-O 17J- for lfMS-4 new do. cash - "
is bbt4la sfid tor prim.; and 818 or prim-rt
meas altto 3,7150 bbla BfW meae for July s&dsB
(B'i s I rs option at (it i'y-' 76. f
SMjri Active at ltsll lor pla.n most, tnu izaia wi
fvr eatra mess. :
DM Hisii.ta-Mi.re active at f S CIY27 60. ;
CBS ytrt- vleatly aa'l mttre aril. bkfca
at Hci,ojHc for sboukers, and 16djl0 lor bams. r
SMS ost vutrs.
lJirtl 5tuy ai Inlioa. '
S-ulicr (JitieL baka at aelc for Ohio, end
S8a'rcc lor State
Ibceee tluut at salCo. a
rionr-f trady and demand moderate.
W lir Ina, tire aad aoniit aL a
oris Pall snd drooping- Aoatlra
Ssttlw tjoi t and teuai-e downward
s et aifnal.
Bitrlcy NomlaaL
nuhltjr- Lull.
anal Arvlaxlsrav- Fl-m. To New Yurt. wh-.ai
11! c, corn l'Ao, oat. So.
Like lmiMrtr-Fir a4 hours. Flour S.73
bbla, wheal 41 Ji7, bo, Co-a x7,.M'i, oati 6.1,797.
,4 nnal iorr Klt ur iu3 bbls, wheat ol.t-'JS
ba.-itim 22, lov, o.ta 3,m.
. . . . , . . . ,
rii.Vbe'itS laSo lr-w.r. V-hlto alicHtra. lu6'X; .
atXrwr M cbigaa f l,s H; red Wabasa 9l,,al
4r-i ui ; ko oUtwid.
,Oi4MQsie at ovo.
Heeeij-Fr p-.st weHt : heat at8,0 bo;.
Oi rn I4.UU. I n ; Oata li,u0 bu.
tSIvm nifw- Fur pnst wtek: Wheat 0U i
bu; Cora 'i.uoo Ira; Oat e 4,lDO bu
Ffonr i steady Fales at 95,75 for No. 1 -prior;.
7 t.7 SO lor IrU
itiAi r
4 -t5 fur white; ot
(or d nolo extrna.
Wheat- Quiet,
go siing 1 1.SV.
Winter red 91,15; Ko. 2 Clnta-
NEW YORK, June 27, 1865.
The current prices for the week at all the mar -kets
lte-r Cattle Int quality, 9H C-lsl8 00; fnir
to god quality 916 (4!b lO; CoMtmoa qiiavUty
ri (K'daU ir, iufenor quality 911 ti4l2 ft).
wn and .f,lve-i 1st quality 9-sU W (itW 0O,
oniiuary 9-ai UtT ' u-, common quality 9- 0lr-a
60 i", inferior quality 1 10 (."o ou.
Veal ale lat4iuaiity, B Hll; urdF
nary quality 'JIO; common quality c; liifcrioc.
quality 7(iA,.Sc.
MtH aud Iaiul Kxtras, pr head, 17 tH'
(T. tri, pritnt quality 9 -7 oniiuary quality'
6 cs.4uwoa quAiiity 9 cO(4 l; uitertui lo
qu Wali L8.
Swine Heavy Corn-fed, tb, tjU-c; Ufcht
and medium 'Jityc; still-fed vyAv.
Th ca'lle ntartt tultt i be whole a shade be
low the previ' us we-k. Beet ipts aie beavy , tvr
130 more thau lat week, jtt tti dtmaud wan
b.Hk, n'arty all the cat le beintt s-ld. ihoro
wtie but f w prime and ex'ra bullocks in the
yards and the s. Id well, at a fl'gnt ad'aoce. Com
moa and i .feiior um iea of which thw y art's wt-re
mostly tiiliH', teld filly v'4c per lb bel w an weefcs
liuro-, n,o t of i hem dum i4) t Itic p.r lb. Ihe
avira.te tving I'-'v
bite paid Lait.biare cmln? In vry freely for
th a muoti avll at a define ol ljc p r lb
Prut's of live ho-; are gocd and tuere is a slight
Ktct'ipts tf a I stock at tho yards for this werk
and lttit w ek weie as followi:
L'efvrs. fittri, ciws, 1 ti; vt-al talrea 2,6'J7; sheen
and Utulu, '3,6 9; swine 14,K1U
latt wti'k Jmhvw, 4,;7t; cows, HO; veal calves,
2 ai0i; bhL-ep anl Ismbs, lii.bii; twine, 10,VtJ.
[By Telegraph.]
sn.Mir-Qol.'t. ,
Vehrt "nil and declln d Jtjllc. lak-J
fl 11 for No. 1, and 3"(.4"5 f r N . S.
Oira-Hni.-t srd deciinid Sc. tales at 51; j-a
63 I. r N. 1, -r !i"!c for No. a. "'
9?r Pull deilmid aja;aO. caK-s at 4t
alt- ftir No. 1. r
II ixhwinosA-Piill atft 95al J8. J
KwliM-rTM,5.S0ilbbls; wheat, I9,t" ' M
orru. KfJ WK oa a fi,(Oi.
NliljMiiontx-6 ll bbls Hour; Jf.lKS) bo wbsati
aOtttxi o., ;t-tiM4 v.W. '
FrclitiilN "Uuatly.
[By Telegraph.]
lonr-T nil .ad dopirg.
Bopt-rhne at 87 .'to.
VrlitlsA Lo I and heavy. 8 .tbera red $1 65
al 7l.
fern-1 utl. H-lea white at tSttO.
Vtiiietsty Neminal.
ra'es or Weattui
[By Telegraph.]
FloHr Putl
WUeat 1.U Red (I 75al 8i, white 12 00a
rl- ij'ilol; s-tli-s .i"0" biwh Joiltiw at (I.
. ntN sirm. M tit s at 7 c.
frviNiiriN Ki ui.
4 ittn rirm .liI aaha of mldJlir g at IJali.
VV i-tiy llnll .t Si (2 HI.
ENTERED............JUNE 26-27.
Btur Momleg 8tr, Vijxt, Detroit
P. op Akron, tmith, t'gleTirtb irnh
r hr J f 'i'rsy, L'neiie, Hay City
Hchr &lilan. Porter, Marquette J
Chr W ti t -Squall, Hsuk y, Fsple Harbor
8- br W H Wflaid, hreTeort, Toledo
Qhr Wm K-1 ley, rut'in, Saginaw
Scow H Q Wiiiianis. Jaeaatdy. sisginaw
Scow J C liUis, Iteck'T, &g raw i
Prop Akron, emilh, JJetroit t"
Prop Weto.'r, Wi sou, Uuit;nRon 4'v
Sohr QuictlM'ep, lit me, Sig oaw
tchr Ironoi'loe, Antlursou Muniutte
Hcbr Wenoua, IdtxiUgue, Wanju tte ff
fccow Unclr Sam, Hi inn, Ptirt ho.e :
WUBblt. U
aeelior lutlfiKndciit rtnr Tootts .,
Wf are now mannra;tnrin and have for sale tho
It Is universally atritt d, whorvv.r kuown, to
be the Kr av.K
WeotTcrthcm to the public all complete, with
wheel a an! s a, at low price
39 Ctntrestrmt,
ytf:2UAtw Clevelnd, O.
Medium ISabbad Mower.
Th"se Machine contain more points of eir
.nc than any other before the pnblie. The Mi
lUKit rJljllH-P.n eutaaswalh 4 fmt 8 lnchen
wKle. Th-LIGHT H lilll)AHI cuts 1 foot aiuchra
wide, llralt liKhtor than any other
PRirct Licht Hubbard, til to.
r t Helium liu-bart, (tlKO.
Tha Jbargest aasorttceut in the Wast.
Qardea and Lawn Kollers,
lorse Kacs, (hnms, Ro'!-Scrper.
And a variety of AQRILrfjTTJBAL IMTLS
MKS IA ifanufaaiured and for sale at tbe
Cleveland Agricultural Works.
Office an-1 Warer'tonv.. attt Center street.
je21:a'8 TtirNOI OVE. MtBrBY A CO.
jjjjSJV.e Ob TUiS
120 wers and Reapers
4L(i riUKS i'ou Kmif.L'tV,
Ko, ISO Hoitrrlwr Mtrr-t,
CLaV-vUAND, Oil It.
The BU0KITKsucersda sTI ot'er Vathinea.
Buckeye, Junior. Itt4'.
" Senior. IUO.
' Con-bin.d, 2?t.
A'l tht e in wnnt of Mowers will do wll tn alva
Ibe'r ordtTa nt once, either pcreocally or by mail,
as the rapply will be eabauatod very soon.
JelS:22! If. W. 1.1'ltTKFMFTrK.
Biav, 136 Baast Mtre, ClewelaBse, Ohl.
We are prepared to transact busineaa ol wv ei '
it:1ntloa reltin to Inventions, I'rwwiDK., I'
vefen, pectllraCiona, Tatenrs, Ic(rintrercntH ar
tail. taut latwa UUUKI1M1R A
vT . .tt.t . ,,r..,.- f..r P.unta
!Uf8, CAPS, STSAW 00is, 4
L. Benedict a bona
Save a larre assortment of all tha latest rtvl ' 1
vhlrh they or at tba (.west market rat., wboi. t-.
lie autl retnil. at
901 Superior rtret. ,
Uucb 39.

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