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by m disbursed fur ihlem fu of
torn oi on schrmls.
, ... JAM b)S C. JOHNSON,
tpenlier of tlis Houss Rerireseiiiuiites.
' "' ' Ptciidtnl of the Senile. "
. March 19. 1858. ... .
"V' 17
13 ACT to provide lur fucuiiliinj pew Suit snd
Pressea liir Courta.
Bte. 1. lit it enacted by the Gener
ic! Jittcmbly of the Stale of Ohio, That
vlienevcT any setl. prmiiliil, or that niav
hereafter be provMcd by ilia secretary of
slt pursuant In luwr, shall be lust, worn
nut, or defaced, it sh;ill be th duty of anid
tecrtarv, upon being sniiffiid of llie fact,
to provide i nniv seal in lieu iherenf.
- $KC. 3, That when nny souls Invo al
ready been prmidrdfor llieilistriuicnurts.nr
nlienevcril shall he niTessnry In furnish
press fur any of Ihe seals nfnrrsnid, ii shall
be the duty of the rcrel.iry of state tn
procure the same, on the application of the
pernor) holding the iilfice h r wliirli laid
Seal ur press is to he provided.
Speaker of inn Ilouae of Representatives.
Speaker of ill e Senate,
, March 19, 1852.
(No. 48.)
' AK ACT For the protection of Sheep.
Skc. I. L'e il tnactid by the General
mlnemblu of the state of Vino, 1 nut
if any doff or dot's, ahull kill or injure any
aheep, the owner or Imrliurcr of any (iich
W nr tines, cr any of ihcm, shall he lia
Ida for ail (I niia.M S llial may be auatained
therehv, lo be reentered by the party in
jnrcd, before any court having competent
Sen. 2. It ahall hp law ful for any per.
RTnr at any lime, to kill any dug which
may he found running, worrying, or itju
ruiz sheep.
Sec. 3.'l'h it if the owner of any dog whirh
is in the hahil of running from home and
wandering n hunt withouiilie prest nee of hi
.tuner, slull nouliet or nhise in cniiliiie
audi doe, ufier due in, lire viien of its
wandering habilo, ii shall he hiuful I'nrnnv
person to kill such dog whrneier it may
Ee found roaiuing iibout nil the primises,
and auy from the presence of such own
Sec. A. Thiil the art entiled "An set
to movent injury by tines" paaaed lie
reniher ?lih, 1814, ami an net nulled
'An set for die proieelion of aheep,"
passed Much ISlh, 16j0.hr, au l llics.iini
are hereby repealed; prnid. il, that noth
ing herein eml-jincd ahall he no cniislrii.
Cl 59 to interfere I Ii any rigliia, liatjilitirs
or claime. Hint mnv have accrued under
the aaiJ repealed tins.
Speaker of the House of lViresen'iives,
President ol the Senate,
April 22, 1632.
Nn. 40.J
AN ACT sctlinris ng llie (nam, of Juit'ee to
change tlii enne in suns therein a Corpora
tion its party, in certain casca.
Sec. 1. f it tuacltd by the General
.fitembly of the Slate of Ohio, Thai
in any auil u herein a corporation, having
more than fifty stockholders, ia a parly, il
lie oppoiite party, plaintiff or defendant,
si tic raee may he, ihall make affidavit
that he cannot have a fair and impartial
trial in the county in which said corpora
tion keep its principal office, or transact
lis principal hiuinras, as ho verily believes,
and if his application shall he. sustained
by the several affidavits In the same effect
ffne credible p'ranns, residing in inch
coim'tr, it shall he the duty of the court
lo rhai ge the venue lo some ailjnmiiic
county, most cunveient for both parties;
whereupon the suit ehnll he tried or heard
in the fanu manner as if it had been
originally commenced in tuch adjoining
Speaker if Ihe IJuute of flep'i.
I'revdcnt of tin Senute.
April 24, 185'.!.
AS ACT to rejulale the Superior and Commer
cial Court of Ctncom ti.
Bee. 1. Beit exacted by the Gmeral
Jltitmbfy of the Stale of Ohio, That in
whenever the office id judge of the supe
rior or commercial court of Cincinnati,
ihall become vacant, by death resignation,
or oiler wise, such vacancy ahall tint he
filled, but the court shall at once cease and
determine, and all the business thereof,
not then disposed of, shall he transferred
to the court of common pleas nl Hamilton
county, and the clerk ol the said court of
common pleai shall lake charge of the
dockets, journals, records, original files,
and all other property and papers of laid
superior or commercial court; and all
proceedings, caujes, orders. judgments, de
crees, ind' matters heretofore pending, en
tered and had in the laid superior and
commercial courts, shall stand, lie pro
elided upon, nnd prosecuted, in all re
specie, In final delinnin itiou as thoiifh the
same had been originally commenced iti
the court of common pleas.
Speaker of the House of Rep'i,
, ' President of the Suuate.
. April 24, 1832. .
n ' i in
' ' 1 No. 61.
'AM ACT tua'fchthe count; of Kobla to ths
Eiglitti Comnioa Picas District.
' Ssc. I. He enacted by 'he General
:Jlmmbly rj the State of Ohio, That
' Ihe county of Nuhle he, and hereby if at.
tached to and, with Ihe counties of Mus
kingum and Morgan, ihall constitute the
' tint subdivision of the' eighth common
jdeai district, for judicial purposes.
t ,t . Speaker of the llourt of llep'sv :
r: .; j , WILLIAM MEDlLtV ,
i . , , Presidetil uf lli Seoalc
.- April 2. 1853.1 ,
No. p2.. - -I:A5
ACT faint llw tin t aosfJinarth Kstrist
j, . ,. , Caarl ia tlis count of NuDiO. , .,: ,
I 3ee. 1. J)t it enacted by the Gent-
.-ral Jltirmiihi of the Stale of Ohio, Thu
(Its jlpitM auuil suaU Ucreallvr InT UeJU-ift
and for the connly of Noble, on tbo twen
ty-eighth day of August. ,
Speaker of the Hrwip of Ren's.
President of the Senate.
April 24, 185 J.
Secretary ot State's Oi-TtcB,
Columbus, April 13, 1852
I certify thai the foregoing law ti cor
reedy copied from the original roll on file
iu this oluce.
Secretary of State.
E. I
ity. 0.
reuoine fat
A'hl.ind, County
1 hereby certify that the foregoing laws
are correctly copied from the tile furnished
hit office. A. CARVER, Auditor.
MEN. Four Bays later From Europe.
New York, May 20.
Bremen arrived, having made the pas
sage in 12 days and 18 hours.
parliamentary proceedings III England
devoid of inlrrest; also, the general news.
The escape of the Cuban prisoner! from
Africa is eonlirmrd.
The statement that Meagher, the Irish
Patriot, had made his escape, was not con
The Steamer Harbinger arrived at Ply
mouth on Fiiday with advices from the
seal of war at the Cwpe. Dales sre
Table Bay, April 1st, Sierra Leone, 13.h;
St. Vincent, 23rd; Sicily inlands, May
Lieut. Gen. Cathrart arrived nut on the
31st in Her Majesty's Steamer Magera,
with troops, being 77 da) a making the
passage out. SImi look lire three times
coal gave out, and troops were placed up
on idiorl allowance.
l it -licence, fro n tho scat of war is satis
factory. The CiifTres avoided a general
h ilile, bin in a skirmish on the Dili March,
Col. Marlborough mid Sergeants lluggiu
and Fiance, with four privates of the 3rd
Rcgit-mctil, were killed. Sergeant Lang
was captured by the Caffres. Colonists
generally depluml the removal of Sir
Henry Smith.
A le tter from Cape Town stales that 49
bodies from I'irkenheail had been washed
The London Times states that ihe ship
ping returns for thu month ending April
Slh, show a decrease of entrances when
compared with last year.
Demand for Kite improved Carolina
7s Od a IS 0,1.
Funds steady. Quotations of Friday
closed a fraction lwer than at the begin
ning of the eik. Consols fur account
and money, OGi and C9 J
Arrival of tho Af.isa. j
New York, May 20.
The Steamer Africa arrived this morn
ing from Liverpool.
Demand for American securities active.
U. Stales Sixes, 1808, fi.lOj tol.lOj;
Pennsylvania Fives, 84 j lo 85jc; Ohio
.Sixes,'l800,l,0l lo 1,02; do. 1875, I. -07
lo l,07 Maryland, 91 to 95J; Vir
ginia Sixes, 1880, 0!) to $1; Ohio and
Pennsylvania Sevens, 92 lo 03. Freights
declining; German emigration from Liver
pool large, at 'i to New York.
A project is agitated in London to build
a tower or.c thousand feet high with the
materials of the Crystal Palace.
The case of Gibbs againat Col. Fre
mont, heard on Thursday in the court of
Exchequer, related to bills of exchange,
lor supplies In the American army, en
dorsed bv Col. Fremont. The court con
sidered Fremont responsible, but referred
the whole matter fur an amendment before
giving decision.
In the House of Commons, on Wedncs-
d ay, during the discussion of tho malilia
bill, Lord Iiuiell, in reply to a direct ques
tion, said there was no reason whatever lo
apprehend hostile intentions towards Eng
land on ihe part of France. Mr. Ilrighl
move l a proviso In abolish flogging in lie
mili ia negitited by 100 majority. Sir
Charles Napier propounded a plan for na
val uiilitia.
.The anniversary of Napoleon's death
was commemorated i i Paris, on the fill),
with great pomp, closing with a banquet.
Parts is crowded wnh strangers; attracted
thither to witness the fete on the 1 0th of
May. Ten thousand cards of admission,
to witness Ihe ceremony, were distributed.
Eagles lo troops had been issued. Kumor
is still life that ihe troops will make a for
mal request of Ihe President lo assume Ihe
title of Emperor.
Plans for a crystal palace at Paris had
been adopted, and Ihe work would shortly
Steamboat Capsizjj-Tital loti.
Yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock, a
small stern w heel boat, the IV) lona, a
packet, lung between this city and Pom
croy, while niter indenturing 10 round to
at the foot of Smith street, fur the pur
pose 01 taking lit low a coal boat, wai
struck by a equull of wind which pitched
lier over oil hi r lieam ends, filling her
lower tleck anil liolil with water.
Deiwaen twenty five and thirty persons
including pasiengen and crew, were on
' boad at the time, and the greatest conster
nation prevailed. . J he boat lay fur sever
al minutes nn her brain ends, during
which tho upper cabin was washed away,
carrying with il the crew and passengers,
dinging lo the drifting pieces of wreck..
Some twenty nr tinny skiffs promptly
started from Ihe shores and bolh sides uf
ths ricr, snd the Filth street Ferry boat,
Caph Jo (-iuoiUue, proceetled to the sopt,
and succeeded in rescuing from a waiery
grave all who were nn board a I tlx lime
of the accident. Ths hull, in a short
lime, turned keel upwards and floated lo
a distance of sever tl miles down the river,
where, ws beliove, it was secured by ths
Captain and a portion of ihe crew.
Tits Pjiona was owned by Messrs.
Wnnilendorf & New Ion, of Pomeroy,
Ohio, the former tit eaptuio and tho latter
the clerk of Ihe boat, and was valued at
$4,000. . Sin had on board but little
freight st the lima of llts occurrence.
i CuiJiJlutr
Banks and ths Tax law.
. Lasl full there was quite a panic in the
money market in New York; and Hunt's
Merchant' t Magazine then spoke in the
following frank boneit ' manner of ilia
eaurcofthe presure. Hum's Magazint
ii a paper not obnoxioui lo the imputation
of Hank deilruclion principles, leveled
at every one who ventures an opinion
against the immaculate honeatyvaf bankers,
and perfection of the swindling institutions
thai occasionally commit scandalous rob
beries on a too confiding public. Its
opinion will therefore be received with
less suspicion. The panic jusl now start
ing in Ohio, by the rebellious banks who
do not wish to be taxed with the "vulgar
herd," is designed lo relieve these hither
to favored institutions from the operations
of Ihe lax law. The extract from Hunt
is an opportune remisence:
The Bank Powkr. That Ihe banks
are llie authors of the present pre
vailing panic in llio money market
there can be no question. There have
appeared no signs in the fiscal firmament
to indicate a coming itorin. No comet's
trail, with war and petilence in its wake,
has swept through the untroubled air.
No evening blight no midnight mildew
has visited the honest fields. Tho re
sources of the country are greater than at
any former period. Its agricultural yield
redundant 40 repletion, ill commerce
spreading ill wings lo s rich return; its
public works productive beyond example!
individual, State and Federal credit at an
enviable altitude, with seven millions ex
cess of specie over 1850, and California
to augment Ihe store. Contrast this pic
ture with that of 1837; when we were
imporling our bread from Europe when
our half finished works were consuming
themselves in interest anil decay, and no
means lo complete them when Federal
and Slate slocks and private credit were
convulsed by ihe lit rent of repudiation
and tho taint of suspicion clinging lo our
name. Then this panic at a season so
houyant so full of auspicious promises?
When every wind that whistles on the
mountain or sighs through Ihe valley,
speaks of a future prosperity and great
ness which the croaking of a thousand
banks cannot gainsay. The money
making power should be vested in Ihe
State, and taken from ihe custody of cor
porations. The period is not far distant,
when some other generation will look up
on the retrospect; and marvel that we
should have tolerated for a single day
such a collossns as the money-making pre
rogative of banks." JIunt't Alerchan'i
The population of New Jersey is 480,
555. The population of Texas is 202,502.
The population of Mississippi is 000,
555. The population of Louisiana is 011
074. The population of North Carolina is
The population of Sutith Carolina is
The population of Maryland is 583,
The population of Wisconsin is 305,
101. The population of Arkansas is 200,
C39. The population of Delaware is 01,
535. The population of Virginia is 1,421,
501. The population of Illinois is 831,
570. The population of Tennessee ii 1,002,
C25. The population of Conecticut is 370,
731. The population of Indiana is 088,
410. The population of New Mexico is CI,
505. The population of Pennsylvania is 2,
311. 780.
The population of Minnesota is C
077. The population of Ohio is 1.9S0.408.
The exact population of New York ii
The population of Oregon is 13.203.
The population of .New England is 2,-
The pnpidilton of Iowa is 102,214.
The population of Kentucky ii 892,-
The population of Missouri is 082,-
Rklatives. Hon. Edward A. IIaiirir-g:iii,
late U. S. Senator fur Iiiilinna, and Capt.
Duncan, his brother-in-law, living in the
same house al Covington, Indians, on llie
mosl friendly terms, had a personal mis
understanding nn tlie7tlt inst. Ii appears
that on the day anil evening previous,
they had both lieen drinking, and on llie
morning of the sad ocrurrenre, Copt.
Duncan wrnl up stairs lo Mr. llanneg.in's
room, nnd an id creation ensued between
the parlies, when Copt. Duncan gave
Mr. Ilanncgan a slap in ihs fare. Mr.
Ilaiint'gnn, upon the indignity he full, and
the impulse of ihe moment, struck dipt.
Dnncjii wit1! a knife in llie lower part of
llie stomachc, indicting s severe, and
what is thought, a dangerous wound. Mr.
Ilannegan, recovering from his posses
sions, aroused by the supposed indignity,
snll'ers ihe mosl excruciating lorlurrs in
the reflection that he has, perhaps, struck
down as kind a friend as he has on earth.
A rumor reached Cincinnati in llie earlv
part of lh week that Duncan had died uf
his wound.
' A Family or ten Persons Poisoned
The family nl Mr. It , Hard, ten in num
ber, near the town of Patriot, la., after
partaking of dinner, a few days ago, were
all seized with pains in ihe .bowels oud
vomiting, every symptom or poison.
The wife of John Illy (Ballard's son in
law) and his two small, children,. Miss
Ballard and her brother, died from the
effects of whal was supposed to "bt poi
son. The remaining five still lingered,
wiih f-lnl hopes of thsir recovery. Sus
picion was immedislely cast o Mr. Illy,
and ha was arrested snd committed lo
prison( but the physicians liars bceu urta
pie lotlclecl anything like poison.-
Washington, May 20, 1852.
Ilocsa went into Committee 'of the
Whole on the territorial hill, and laid the
following aside, 10 be reported lo House
Bill authorizing legislative authority of the
several territories tn control appropriations
to be made by Congress forjupport of Ihe
government of said territories, and tho bill
making an appropriation for Ihe comple
tion of public buildings in Minnesota. The
committea look up Ihe Senate bill relating
lo salaries of officers of lha territories of
the United States, and tn repeal the proviso
which makes any officer who absents him
self for a longer period than sixty days lo
forfeit his year's salary. The committea
on Territories, reported an amendment in
effect that salaries slpill not be forfeited,
provided llie President of ihe U. Slates
shall be made satisfied of good cause for
such absence; a debate ensued, in which
Mr. Carter aaid that Gov, Young, of the
Mormons, had acled contrary In all de
cency, nnd had trampled our flag under
foot, and abused the general government in
tho most vulgar terms; this he said is what
the administration calls absenteeism. Ho
then defended the Judges for leaving thai
territory. After further debate between
Mr. Giddings and others, the IIouso ad
journed without coining to a vote.
Senate. Numerous petitions asking
llie passage of the Homestead bill were
presented. Senate then took up the bill
granting lands lo Wisconsin, lo aid in the
construction of a railroad from Milwaukie
lo the Mississippi River. After discus
sion, postponed until Monday.
The bill authorizing the President In
designate porn of entry and delivery for
the collection district of Pugel's Sound,
and the bill granting right of way and
lands to California for the construction of a
railroad from San Francisco to San Juse,
were passed. ' ''
Deficiency bill taken up. Mr. Hale
submitted an amendment lo tho effect thai
no estimate or appropriation of money, in
any hill, shall authorize the payment of
any increased pay or allowance beyond
the amount prescribed by law lo naval of
ficers; which was passed, and the Senale
then adjourned. .
Washington, May 21.
Senate. The chair presented from the
P. U. Department a communication os
swering Mr. Sumner's resolution for a va
riety of information.
Tho hill for the removal of obstructions
in the Savannah river, after some debalo
was ordered lo be engrossed.
The bill lu increaso the salary of the
District Judge of Massachusetts is now
lloi'sE.Inimetliately after organization,
the House resumed the consideration of
Ihe bill relating to llie salaries of territorial
' Fnm Eavanna.
Charleston, S, C. May 21.
Letters from Ilavanna .'eport thai four
respectable citizens bad been condemned
by a military commissioner for having in
thei rpossestion a patriot Hag. Four others
had also been condemned for not attend
ing a ball given in honor of the Queen of
hpain, tliey wero all transported.
Bursting of a Lake.
The Canada corresponding of the
Tribune writing from Toronto, May 5lh
says ;
"A lake about two miles and a half
long, and located eight miles from the
village of Drighlon, burst its hanks on the
21st ull., and completely drained out the
water on the neighboring land. The
bank through which the waters broke, was
about forty feci in hemht. The rush of
water dug a channel twenty -five feet deep,
and about one hundred feet wide, lor a
length of two miles, uprooting forest trees,
carrying away mill-dams, and drowning
two men. Thus occurred the singular
phenomena of a lake being dried in a few
Tiir UNDgnonocND Railroad A trial
lately had in the United States District
Court for New York city, before Judge
Judson, lends to show where al least a
part of the money comes from thai sup
ports the underground railroad snd oilier
contrivances by which tho anti-slavery
society carry on their machinations
against llie peace and prosperity of the
butith. A letter from Iuw York says:
Mr. Win. -Johnson, the trciiurcr, we
believe al nil events one of the leading
officers ol the snti-slavery society, was
arraigned, tried and found guilty of the ol-
lence of coming and countcr-iung money.
II appears Hint tins worthy, who was an
English abolition emissary, had for some
years been in tho habit of manufacturing
large quantities of spurious coin an oc
cupation for which his original calling as
a silver worker particularly quahlietl him.
lie joined a church and soon look a high
rank in the association for spiriting away
foreign slaves. Money speedily became
pleniv in the collers or the kidnappers,
and Mr. Johnson, thinking doobilt-ss that
he was doing Oud and himself service al
the some lime, waxed bolder and more
reckless in his pursuits. Bui the eye of
justice was upon him, and its hand event
u-.illy grasped nun. He proved a most
excellent character, but in vain. Neither
his exemplary piety, his phibnthropy
nor his philosophy, could save him. The
evidence of his coill was irresislable; he
was con ne led, and Sent lor a term of
years to the Slate prison. We condole
with tho the anti-slavery society upon
their loss of such a valuable officer nnd
such a worthy meniber of this respectable
TN Pnrsnanro tn the command of as 17i.ntlnii
writ eilleif a Fi. Ka., issued from Ihe Court of
Common Ptcaa of Ashland Cuanty, Ohio, and to
me directed,! will eipos In publio site, at lh.
door nl th. Court Uouia, is the town of Ashland,
: . J ' . . . . ' .
iu raw vuuniy, on
Saturday, the 2(1 A day of June,
A. D., 1850, at on o'clock P.M., of aaid dar
ths lollowms disoribed Ileal Estate, situate and
beiag ia the Bounty of Ashland, and slate ofOhio,
10 win oeing in arraefidea on nail ol lota No
thirteen, fourteen snd Soon, in the town of Sol.
livan, it said County, and to be sold aa ttie pro
pertr of Henry II. Drake, at the suit of J. M Gor-
ham appraised at ihtsuui of 4112 40. Terms of
. .. ijAC GATES, Sheriff.
May 25, !.. . . lu-pOM
.. Notice ,
18 horoby giventhat 1 have been appointed re
ceiver ot all lha orooertv as well mm ihe !.
due-bills, and account, belonging to the arm of
oampaei sto., ana all persona owing said arm
ara requealed 10 araka immediate piyeir-nta.- All
having any alaima sgainit aaid firm, will presort
the same duly auibeuticnied.
J. D. JONES, Receiver.
' Mar SO, 185J.--lir - . .. ' .
THEHB will be offered on Wednesday, the lath day
of June a-xl, at 10 o'clock, A.M.. Ibe bulldlns ol
a Brldje at, or near Lidich Jd 111. in uranre lowutlilp.
l.t'KK SKI.nV,
MarM, 1W8. awl
THERE will he olTered on Tut'day, the nth day of
June next. at one o'clock, P. M.. the hutldlng ota
Bridge across the Jerome Fork, tn Orange township,
at or near iq. Campbell.
. . ItlKB fKlBY,
May 90, 18M. . Swl ,
HARjuitTfceivrdttbiiCiuck, Watch and JpTve!
17 ctnbiihmi!t. a very fine aurlment if
Clock, of different ityle and price, mim very he duti
ful. Ala"), W ate he 1. Gold' and Silver. A very flne-aa
ort merit of Gold Pun, warranted. A tpletidiil an
ortmont of Pitol, Accurdeon Knfvc. cImoi.
Amber Readi, Muntt filrlnpi. Violin Bow, h'pooni,
ltenett Ktiivei and Forkn. and variuui other arlicki,
which will bo nold reasonable fjreaxh.
TTJ Tho under -ifi: tied, thauhi agenoroun puMte for
their pait Cavort aud lulicila a continuance of ilielr
patronage. Wm. K ALSTON.
Way lflh, 16'. 3 mo. 12.
IX pursuance of nn order of tho Court of Com
mon Plena within anil for tho r-.ountr ot Anhland
aa'd 8tate of Ohio, mnrfe at tho May term of anid
Court, IH51, 1 will otTor lor ante at Puhlic Ven
due on tho premitos on ths 40th d.iy of June
16! at 10 o'clock, A. M., tho following Heal
Kiuto. to will Lots number 108, 100 anil 110 in
Amlrow.i addition to the town of Aihland,
Ohio. Alto, un the tamo day at 2 o'clock, P. Al.,
I will otfer lore-lie on the promiaea, tho e.iat
pirt of tho north-eaat quarter of Section 27, town
ship twoniy-tour, ranno aevonteen the aamo aa
conveyed by Nicholas Perrnie to docedent, con
taining one hundred and forty acres, or so much
of the anme na mny he ncceaiary to diaclurge the
liabilities ol said eatate.
TiTini of aaloi One third Cash in hand, one
third in one year, and the residue in two years
from tho day of sale, with intrreat. Back pay
ments aecurod by Mortgage on the premisea. -
C. tl.DEMINti,
Administrator of J. L. Lin g, doe'd.
May 19, 1832, 4,v52
Probate Notice.
THE following Administrators and Guardiana
haying Sled their accounts in tho l'robsto
Court of Ashland County, O.. for settlement; the
oime aro ordered to be published Ihreo weeks,
during which the same aro continued for the In
spection of any person interested and for elimi
nation, via:
The final acct. of Aaron Cuninghnm adminis
trator of Hugh Murray, dec.
ii ii ii ii j, s. Woaiberhoo and Jacob
Lyhurgcr, Executor of Jacob
L) harper, .dec. ..
ii ii ii Bunt. Wh.tinnrsh, Guardian
for Mary A., George and Ira
ii ii ii ii j, Sharack, Guardian of
John Pleuii!cr.
L. CU11T1S, Probate Judge.
May 13, tS02
fTWE undcri.gneJ hiving estibHahed himiclf
X m tue bunding Inrmerly occupied ly Bell flc
W hitney, ii now receiving a largo and cxt .naive
Stock of Groceries; carmittntj in part of Coifce,
Teaa, Sugar, H)ici, Fiih, Tobacco, Confoctmn
anea, ka. Alio, n choice lot of Liquors tor Mo
dicwal purposei,
Hiving purchased our i'.ock for cash, and our
expanses bring lest than that of most other ei
UbliihinPnt ot'a similar kind, we can offer great
er inducements to p jrehasers than our neighbors.
Farmers, Mechanics and all others! ore invited to
examine for themselves.
Ashland. May 12, 1003 6 in 4 1
TFIE Proprietor bemir permanently ettahliihed
in the town ofMifflin, Ashlaud County, Ohio,
would respectfully inlorio Ihe public generally,
that ho ia prepared to mako Colhna to order ami
on thechortcst notice. He is also prepared with o
ltoar.e to convoy them to the p'neo of enterment.
Mifflin, May 13, 18i2 4ltl
rpilK undrrilgncd would renpectfally In'orm the
X public that lie Is prmiaiirntly lucatdd in the Town
of MilHIn, AshlauU County, Uljio, where he will man
ufacture and kt-rp conHtautly on hand every valiety
ol l.'ahiiiel Vara: consisting of Tables, llnreaus, Cen
tre Tables, Rodslrads and all other articles uiually
caii-d for in that Hue: which he warrants to be made
o line bet materials and in a Workmanlike maimer.
MaofJofTina mail, on the 'hottest notice and in
sty i, and delivered in any part or this and atluinina
uudiii-s. juciw.palcw luls south or Vail' Tavern,
,, JOH.t M. WKAVKIt.
Mimin, May IS, IMS. j,n)i
Just Received,
A SPLENDID assortment of Cold Pint, with
and without cases, Pen and pocket knivos.
(nun. oilran Porte Monnaica plain and fancr.
tor hoth Lidiea and Ceuileinen and lots of other
arlicloa "too tco'jna to menshun." All of which
will he aold at the loweat possible prices.
. ,, W. II. H. PUTTER.
Ashland, Nov. 19, lS'il.
TIIR undersigned wil h enable to fill all
orders lor afire- rae quality of CHAIN CBA-
ULt-.B, vrnicu mayo miauton upon him at
hia shop ahout 2 siiles ml or Ashlaud, on the
vv ouatei roau.
on A I
May U.lSjJ.
1852 Cleveland, Columbus and 1352
CONNECTED ai Cnlumhua with the Columbus
& Xenix, snd Liitle Miamia Jtad Roads to
Cincinmtif the Pittsburg & Cleveland, Painea-
vine K Astuabula Kail Hoads at Cleveland, and
with the Sanduxky k Nowark Hail 11 oud at She I.
by. .
On and slier April 6 h. trains leave as foilowr.
Sunday excepted:
Cleveland for ColnTibus, Express Train, at 11:00
and Mail and Accommodation, 2:30 P.M.
fjlevoland for Columbus aud Way Ststions, with
r raigni, si o:uu a. Al.
Columbus lor Cleveland, Mail and Accommoda
tion, at 6:00 A. M. and Ki press at 1 1:50 A. M.
Columbus lor Cleveland and Way Htalions, with
rreigut ana mock, at o:3U A. M.
P issengers leaving Cleveland by the 11:00 A.
M. Express train, dine at Shelby, arrive at Co
I n mh us at fit 10 p. M., and Cincinnati at 10.16 p.
M. Rotiintng leave Cincinatti at 6:36 A.M.,
dine at Columbus a 11:30 A. M., and arrive at
Cleveland at 6:30 P. M., connecting with firit
Ctw Steamers for Dulfilo and Dunkirk.
Passengers leaving Cleval md by the 8:30 P M.
train arrive at Columbus at 9:3ii P. M., and at Cin-
cinnatti next dsy at 110)0 A. M lleturning
lea-e Cihcinnatltt 8:30 P. M.t Columbus at 6 00
A. M.. next day, and arrive at Cleveland at S;U0
P. M., in time for the trains leaving for Centre
ville and Pittsburg.
The Express train stops at firalton, Wellington,
New Lonon, Si el by, Oaliou Cardington and
Ot I aware only, and reaches Columbus at fi10
P. M., Cincinnatti at 10il0 p. M.
Passengers will be ticketed by Rail Road and
Stagea between Cleveland and Elyria, Cleveland
and Oberlin, Cleveland and Milan, Cleveland and
Narwalk, Cleveland and W ouster.
Mr-The Compiny ia prapartd to receive fr light
on consignment, and traniport it to any point on
tliegr Road. fl-'or particulars, see Preight Tariff.)
O. A. KNIOMT, Agent, Cleveland.
GEO, WATSON, Col ambus,
J. P. DAVIS, Hheihy.
A. ST"E,Ja., Super ntfn.Unt.
OlDre of the Clev.nd Columbus k Cincin-)
ati R. IU C.( ClaMland, Marcl., 80, 1803. j.
ON aud after Thursday the Ira! day of April
next, the Eipreaa Train will leave Clove,
land daily, (Sundays eiceptod) at S o'clock A.M.
tor.Welleville, an i stopping at way Btalione will
arrive at Hudson at liii A. M., connecting with
the Akron branch Kul Road) at Ravenna 11:04
A. M., connecting with Ward'a Line nl four horse
Troy Coachee running between Warren aud
Woosteri ai Ailiance 12:13 P. M., connecting
with the Ohio ft Pennsylvania Rail Uoad.and at
3:10 P.M., connecting with the no and splaudid
Steamer 'o eat City, arriving st Piltshurg the
earn aveoing.
Tho Eipress Train will alao loave Wellevill
at 13 M. fur Cleveland, oonoecting with the
tteamer which leaves Pittsburg th sain morn
ing and arrives at Allianooal3:4nP.M., connect
ing with tho Ohio ft Pennsylvania Rail Road; at
Audaon 4:36 P.M., connecting with tho Akron
Dranch Rail Road and arrivo al Cleveland at 6 P.
M., in time for th Steamboats on Ihe Lake.
Fare from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, by C. ft P.
R. R., (4 00.
Far from Cleveland to Pittsburg, by way of
Wellatill. 3 60. "
Ths A?nommodation Train will learn Ravonnn
on snd slier Airil 19, 18 3, at 1:00 A M. Karl
ville, 7:20 Hudson; 7:45: Macedonia, 8 0."ij Urd
lord,8:32 Nowburg, ti 47, and arrive at Cleve
land at B:10
Returning will leave Cleveland al 6:3P P. M.
Newburgh, 7:00; llidford, 7:2li Misceilonia,
7:40; Hudson, 8:10 Karlville, stSO, aud arrive at
Ravonna at t:45 P. M. '
Paasengore will be ticketed tli rough by way ol
3 ESTCP 23 UD 8
TWENTY more agents Wanted to canvass or
sell Headley'sgieat work, the Lire or Louis
Ko'Iuth, Govcrnorof Hungary. Introduction by
Horace Greeley,
Eighteen Thoutand eopiea of thia popular work
had boon eold in six weoksl Agouti ran mako
from tltrtm to fill ijlliri fir i!ay telling (ail
ALSO: Agents wanted to aell acvflral other
worke from our popular list of publications. All
who wish to engage in this plou.antnnd profitable
business, fur paniculura, ftc, will please address
uspoirptiirf. .
All persona wishing a copy of tho above work
can, by remitting il.So, receive a copy hy mail
pai'paid. ., C. I. )KRBY ft CO., .
Publishers, Booksellers, lie, ttandusky City,0.
Agents Wanted,
WE are in wnnt of Agnta to cnnvasi tliis
part ot'tho State fur now Bonka,
A final 1 cnpitnl of but (10 or $ 15 will be re
quired lo co mine oco wall, and ao activo person
o-n eirn from f 3,00 ti S5.0U per day. Some of
our Amenta earn much more.
Thoie deniroui of oiig;ipinff in thia profidble
buiinem, tn;iy obtain our plan oTopcration, and a
lilt of our Publicm om, by svldroniric, poat paid,
M. V. TOOKKIt & CO .
2rt'60 No. 0t Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio.
WILLIAM W. Wintrri," and Wintera
hn wife, are hercny notified licit on the
20th d iy uf April, A. D., ti&2t 1'ilti.im Taylor,
Thorn hi Taylor, Levi 'I'oy lor, James Tiiylo , Uavid
Tnylor,Juhn Taylor, Andrew J. Taylor, Sarah Jno
McGuirc, Thorn;.! McCuire, AiUline Sl-ulTei,
Cli.irloa ShaH'iT, lieir at law of William Taylor,
decenaci, tiled in the Court of Common Pit us ol
the County of AiliUnd and StMe of Ohio, a bill
in Chancery rig unt Ihe aid William W. Winters
and ' ' Wintnrs hii wifo, the aub.'.Uuno and
prayer of which bill ii, th.it on or about the 1 1 th
day of April, A. D., IMD, in id Wtlli.im Taylor,
then in luil life, purchased from inid William W.
Wintcri, a certmn tract of land lyin in mid
county of Anhland,and agreed lu pay therefor the
auni of HS-J.t'O, on the payineiii of w hich aid
Winters agreed to convey by deed, aaid real es
tate to aatd Taylor; that at the time of the pur
chase, anid Taylor paid to said Winters tho sum
of 1)173,00 and lenving unpaid the sum of $360,
00 tint aince the payment of said sum uf 175,C0
aid Taylor Ima died, leaving complainants his
heirs at law and legal representation, and that
Winters and w:fo hive piirRted, and earh gone
to parts unknown, and thi'said sum of (3A0,0(j has
never been piid by said Tiiylor, nor by anv per
sun for him, nor has siid Winters ever executed
a deed for said premises so sold by him, as
nforesaid, cither to the complainants or tn said
Taylor, aud p'aying that compluinmita may be
authorized t briny said moneys into court for the
use of said Winters, and that said Winters may
be compelled In execute to complainant good
and sufficient deed lor aaid real estate, and that
Baid i - Winters his wife, may be compelled
to join her husbind in the cxreution of said
ued, and that on their failing so to do, that ssid
court will decree slid promises to thenecomplain
nntt and te said William W, Win'cra nnd '
Winter' his wife, are further notified that unlcFS
they appear and plead, answer or demur, to said
bill within sitty days alter the nett term of Said
coort, the said Complainants at (he next term af
tcr the expiration of anid sixty d iys will apply to
said court to take the mn iters of the bill aa con
fessed and decree thereon accordingly.
KIliKWOd!) t Hl'HNS,
Solicitor $ fur Complainant
April 29, mi.' 6v49
Appointments for May.
DOCT. 11. TUIn, An'avtical Pyhsicinn, will
bo in nttendnnce at his rooms si follows!
Ashland. Kiimpsnl Hotitie, Thtirsdny and Friday,
27th and 2Sth of Mty; Wnostcr, American House,
Saturday and MnntUy, 29th and 3 1st of May,
Mansfield, jVurtfi Amcr-can Iloitoe, ruesi,iy and
Wednendny fo'renoon, 25th and 26ih of M iy.
Thorxtent nfdiaesse provaihng throughout the
community is try 1 y aiarmmgr Scarcely an indi
vidual do we p us in the street but tho counte
nance strongly evinces the diieaso or internal
dernngemout wnich Is rapidly hastening the pe
riod of dissolution. Diseases of the Lungs, Liver,
Kidneys and spleen are becoming more and
more numerous, nnn Irom the no many other dtffi
eulties arise; aa Dyspepsia, Dropsy, Erysinelai
Canker, Khortness uf brenth, Asthma, Dixxiness,
Coldness of extremities nnd Chillneas, Palpitation,
jvimiinesa.iJetrihiy LoMtveness. Piles, Uiarrhcca'
Catarrh. Iladarhf, Prolapsus Uturi, Flour Albui.
incon'inence of Urine, Inllammations, heat and
burning nl the body, chills, l-everi, n &c.
If an individual ia asked why he docs not resort
to remedies rr hiscomphint, the almost inviria
ble reply is, "I don't know what to do; I have
tried the regular Doctors, the Hommpathiiti, the
Thompsoniuni, and all others. I have taken the
advertised medicines until I am tired none of
them do me any good I am eoiouletrly discour
aged: I think I never can be cured." We re
spectfully invite the attention of this large class of
sunerer to the INCtWTllOVKIlTI ULK PACTS,
(not theorics.r whioh we publish monthly, :
New Castle is situated about IS miles eaat of
Youngstown, end has long been one of our eila
biished appointments.
Mr. Charles fiulton. of New Csttte- Pi., wu iud-
denly taKen til. with dixslness of the head. In July,
H-tH, winch eniitlnusd (luring the day. From that
time for am, similar attacks ocr.urcd every few days
attended by a in out dittr Pin ichneit, and a hrli
InelToctual vomiiins nearly approacliina suams. and
leaving the entire syntffin relaxed and proitrate. The
paroxysms ranged Irom six to twelve hours duration
and io violent hi to caim hiroto Ull wherever they
occurred. At tlmei. It apiiftred to the patient as
though surroundlna of'jecTn, with the bed tiimn which
he lay, wnre revulvlnn with fvaiful velocity. His
kidncyiwere much deranged In artion, and bowels
were exlrvincly coMlve, never movlnft onenev than
once In ten nr twelve days, snd sometimes until the
9 Jlh, Without evsritallnx, unless by the aid or power
ftil cathartics. Appetite wis vo acinus, yet food
caused uucaidne'i and dlitresa nf stomach Prom
flrn altars, until commencing Analytic rrmedles, tn
Nay lat. a space or nearly three yra", Mr. f utton
cuild neirorm no Ishor whatever, and for a portion
of tht time wssconflnrd entirely within dnors. The
heat phyilclana In the vicinity Were einploved. not
less tn an twelve, in all, including Allopathy, or Apo
thecary, llomffonathic. Indian and Water Docturs.
healdm a largo variety of patent medic! net. Nothing
usrd.eiTectcd material relief ioma effecting a posi
tive Injury. Health wa vlskhly Improved frum flmt
week, and at the cIom of the month was aMe to com
me nee labor. Over eight month have sines slsnsed.
and ha Is still ste to do the work nf a utrong man ;
says ha now lesls WKI.b, suffer no dlxilneis, no vo
mltlag, digestion good, and baa not had occasion to
tatas luiysie tor moMin.
rpiKiSRwiahln fur ttlfl or Sliotgua Fowrls
JL cas b ftirniahed with as gnod an arlicla ia
is mnoe in ths United 8tats by eallinf st
IIimImmHi....;. a.i.i i 4
I th
Bept.14, ItHl. ' i,,f
Chas. P. Freeman & Co.,
H Broadto(vbn Door South qf Liberty Strut,
NAVK now on hnnd, nd will be receiving
daily through tiie leaion, AVtc Good$, direct
from tho European minulncturert, and rath Ave
iow, richtfahinabte.fancy Silk MilHtar Goodg.
Our (stock of Rich Ribbont mComTea9very Yurie-
ly of tho Jateit and most beautiful deiigni im- :
ported. .
Many of our good are manufactured eipreaa,
to our order, from out own dflxtene and pntternt,
and aland unrivalled. Wo offer our vordafor nett
Coih, at lower pricm than any credit lioute in
America can ntlord.
All purcl.aera will find it frreatly to their In
tereat to reserve a portion of their money, and
make aeleotiona from our great variety of rick -thwp
grootfr, . , . ..i.
KibboDi rich for Bonneta, Can, Suahea and
Belli. ,
Bonnet Silka, SMini, Crapca, LUtea, and Tax-'
I e torn. ,
Hnhitu, Rleovoa.CuflB, Kdginna, and Inaertiiifra.
Kmbmillnrfirl IlnvifrA. I nn ami ll.nv.iit.t.' .
Cnmhrir ll.lltfa.
Blnn(taJlltiBinn,nndRmlroliIfrc(1T.aeeafotCapii. '
Hun ton, MccliJcn, Valoncienea, and Brunei a
o " ii wn 4 nn un, oiuvrtiK tsio
Thrrnd, and Cotton Lion.
, SIIU DO-tlUU Btl .
Glovep, and Mitta.
ranch and Amorio-m Artiflcul F'Owere. i
French Lice, Knizlioh, Americfiti, and Italian.
Aprn 7, I8J3, 46tt' 'i-'
i'er llio t'ura af
TTr1 Thl. l.n.. I. i. .... ..
j .w,..vM nut.... ... .ii. cumiriDniij vrim
tin confldtuca we reel In an artlce which seldom tails
uio iiapi'icsi enecis mat can he desired. So
Kideia Ibe field ul Us usefulness and ao numerous th
cases of ila cures, thai almost every acctlon of ths
COUntrv ahemta In nrrii.mB ...vn.i. k .
r -.h. fuuf.bi Miiuvru, vrn
have been restored from .Liming and even dciperale
diseases of the lungs, by Its use. Wliou once tried, Ita
superiority uver every other medicine of Its kind, Is
. .n.oic... iu Ci,CII,e onservatlon, snd where its
Virtue, ara knnwn fl.n .i..v.u ... i l... . .
, ... ruulIb uu lullficr iieB)ialfl wnal
amldote to employ r.ir the diireHln( and d. nitrous
slftctiuna of tlm pulmonary ortans, which ara Inci.
dent to our climate. And not only In the formfJahk
.. upon mc iuoei, tiul ror the milder varictlca of
Coi.na, (.'oians. Ifotsststas, 4c, and f.C'iiiLnaas It '
Is tho plcaiantcst and ssfial medlcini that can be ob. '
talueil. No family should he wil hliut It and l.n
who have used it, never will.
caJ the opinion of the fillowlns Ocntlemen, who
.. .. ......,.,,,.... , lltu iu,i!ii scctious or countrr
B-linr Hey are lur.led-c.ili and all a. merchants of
u i' i 0"" !irM" hracier-as the
i i . i. u.iie.aio Jlialers In Med
ic re with an experience unlhuileU on the subject of
M I Ul thev HUf-nk. If lh... I. .... ....... , . 1
mentor excellence, sci ' "
H e the under uiirneii H'Lnl ,.u f... t.t.
. , , " uKgfit, Hav
ing been long nqwwitcd with Ayer't Vherrv
I'CCtorai. hfirphil ffVi '.ft, mtr )l.r j. . .
and TltOSt cfTfCtuat tems.lt, D..f
poin( tccr ajerrt to tht AmtrUan Pcopl,. And
j,,,, ... mnouieape 0 tit tompotltion.
una eitentmcusirulnerM rA,nii..., ... ..
n,t,"Udat Korllhe.r bttt covfidtnet, end irf(
.:,,, ' "" iluir relief
all that medicine ran do.
J'r.w, .rfm.nrfi 4 Co., Do-ton Mass,
Uf' k Cuttcm, Uallimor., Maryland.
IMi t y;rAs, llansnr, Heine
ieirf, ;rrai( Cm., ( I arleslon. 8. C,.
Jacob S. Fcmnt. Uctri.lt Ulcliiran. ' ',
T. H. MrJmlhtttr, l.oiilsvllle, Kentucky. 1 ' "
K '""'s. Mis-ourl. .
Jot,? Tucl.tr, Mobile. Alabama.
A .Ink, llurliDston. Vermont,
I. ", , ",n,"l '- Aujual.. Geu.le. I
, .'. J""- T" n""'. Nov Jei.ey. '
Vlark If Co., t'blcaco. Illiuoi,,
.. F.. Ilmm, Uurllnston, Iowa.
M. A. &, Xorfoii, Vlrelnla
tMrard ttnnrhtir,!, MiiIlnD. ,wtrt,
7 fl 1 n''it ?! ,"i'd.lpl.l.. fa
i it' -k.L A "l "'. 'ahbin.ion, D. C,
J. Injll c... New Orleans, fa. '
,' ,, India,,,.
C. t. lieme.rf a Cm., Kan Pranclaco. Cel.
t ". T.ll.l,,..., P0r(d,.
II. H. ,,., Knnftin. TcunM.ee.
C'i"is 0 llucr, l.lllle rf,.cll .rk
"'";,' '". cm., uxi-, ,;.
M It. ..itedie, Calvrelun, Texas.
Can. Hcr, Jr., frovidence, HI
Jot. M. Turner, Fevannah, Ila.
He. Celmtei,, k c. , tlc,nnatl. Ohio.
r nNr i'(iIU:l(iN )L'NTIJJSr
r M C,",t" k. FZ 'PK's'eo, Chill.
Kr.fjT;ni i C'.- v" '". Mexico.
trri '', C... Ilojot,, N, uKDml.
el. frmri en.. I.hna, IVm
fr Cm., Halifax. Nva. ''cnlra
7. Hll,r ,, M, juni, xew H,'on.wiclc.
hcr..Puo 1. 1. 'belfouu, iu ll.ef.
Prepared ami anfj Ksi r. . . y t . ...
rk... r "mmm Ay, rrarttcal
throoullleSM. " Agmte
"''""""or 10, lssi.
Plows! Plows!!
. 1.1 . ...... . . .
i,'Aii.Tir.n'B wlihlnf to
. purchase Plowe can
luil Long's fc Hiier'e
Patent Metal Plowe, st
tlie Hardware Store, beet
luility, for four dnllare,
varranted nond or noeal...
H. LU I'll Kit at CO.
Aurii l4,183'L-iai47
- P. S. Voil will r..l.
loet that we had a very
c, uvu ariicio or onaeii'
shear laat year.nnd a chenp articleol wool twin.
We can furiiishe belter article of shears this year
than baa evor beon eold in ll.is market made ex.
nresslv fur fine waul. mnA .k..n.. .k-
u"l. II. L. It CO.
NOTICE is l,erbjr givon thai the copartner
ship heretnlore ansting under the Kirs of
fcuuire, riuinpsel b Co., le Hue day dissolved by
term Of llinitatliin. Tim nnl.a.n.1 hn.L .........
sr. in th liamis ol' J. II. Squire, for eettleiuent
no coiieouon. rcrsona Having acoounte ansettled
are requested to call at the old stand and settle,
as ihe busiaese uf lb firm must be cloeed up Im
mediately. J.R. SQUIHE,
J. II. y. 8AMPSEL,
A. DKLM. . .
r I 'HE umlersisned would return lhanks to th
X numerous Iriende of Hie old Arm for their
past patrnnago and would inform the puhlic that'
the business will he continued at the old stand?
under tbo firm of Squire fc Porter.
j. r. squire,
wm. porter..
Asliland, April 7, IRM, .6tf -
Fashionable Barber and
Hair Dresser.
THE Subscriber having purchased the entlia
interesl ol his lormer partner, (Oilherl Meeds),
would respectlully announce to th cilnen. ol
Ashland, tlul he has removed to the baeemenf
torvorilie''ffim)js;HoSf where he will b
'on hand' atalluoiosto wait on his customers.
With ihe full assurance t' at ha "Can't be beal'r
as Faihionelle ihir Brum er Cleaii SKartr,
be begs lesve tn say if you give him s nil. yo
will find ALL RJUUTf
. r . , I- HIOIIWABDEIt. .
Ashland, Feb. 18, 1852. 89ft
' To the Farmers! ;
TAItMKRB wishing lor Cockle or Clover feed
JL iS'eanbi,,pliedwlthafltrtrticl'
at the Hardware Storo in Ashland
fepl.JH, lael' u,f

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