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i. I'
iiio u nion. ;
OF 0 11 10 . ,
Subject to the decision of the National
Convention. r
For Judge of the Supreme Court,
For Member of Board of Public Works,
i! -n
. Iijmentcad mu.
We give below this bill, as it passed
(lis House of RopresenUitives. Two of
111 prominent features arc, that it excludes
from iis benefits such as are already in the
possession of land, or who mny sell land
with an intention to obtain a freo grant;
and that land acquired under this act shall
not be held liable for debts contracted prior
to the issuance of the patent.
It ia not supposed that the bill will pass
the Senate at this session but that it will
become a law before many years, we have
no doubt or fearbecause it is demanded
by the best interests of the whole country,
attd is designed to benefit a class who have
ffever before enjoyed but few of the bles
sings of government and none of its
bounties while in peace and in war they
have borne their full proportion of the
The following is the bill :
Be it enacted, $-c, That any person
who is the head ol a family and a citizen
of the United Stales, or any person who
is the head of a family, and liwl become
a citizen prior to the first day of January,
eighteen hundred and fifty-two, as required
by the naturalization laws of the United
States, shall, from and after the passage of
this act, be entitled to enter, free ol cost,
one-quarter section of vacant and unap
propriated public lands, or a quantity equal
thereto, to be located in a body in con
formity with the '.i'i;al subdivisions of the
public lands, and alter the Bailie shall have
been surveyed.
Sec. 1. And be it further enacted. That
the person applying fur the benefit of this
act shall, upon application to the Register
of the Land Office, in which he or flic ia
about to make such entry, make affidavit
before the said register that he or the is
the head of a family, and is not the owner
of any estate in land at the lime of such ap
plication, and has not disposed of any es
tate in land to obtain the benefits of this
act; and, upon making the bffidavit as
above required, and filing the affidavit with
the register, he or she shall thereupon be
permitted to enter the quantity of land al
ready specified: Provided, however, That
rto certificate shall be given or patent issued
therefore until the expiration ol live years
from the dale of such entry; and if, at the
expiration of such time, the person ma
king audi entry, or if he be dead, his
widow, or, in case of her death, his heirs
or devisee; or, in case of u widow making
such entry, her heirs or devisee, in caso of
her death, Bhall prove by two credible wit
nesses that he, she or they have continued
to reside upon and cultivate said land, and
still reside upon the same, and hate not
alienated the same, or any part thereof,
then in such case, he, she, or they shall be
entitled to a patent, as in other cases pro-
vided lor by law : And provided further.
That in case of the tie all of both father
and mother, leaving an infant child or
children under fourteen years of ne, the
right and the fee shall enure to the benefit
of said infant child or children; and the
executor, administrator or guardian, may,
at anv time wiihiu two years after the ilcaih
if the surviving parent, cell said land for
(lie benefit of such Infants, hut for no oih
er nuroose; and the purchaser shall ac
quiro the absolute title by the purchases,
and be entitled to a patunt Iroiu ttic Lulled
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted,
That the reeis:er ofthe land office note
all such applications on the tract books,
and plants ol his olliec, and Keep a regis
ler of "all such entries, and make return
thereof to the General Land Ollico, to
gether with the pruof upon which they
love been founded-
'Sec. 4. Andbt it further cnated, That
a)l land acquired under the provisions of
this act'shall in no event Dcsome name lo
the satisfaction of any debt or dohta con
tracted prior lo the isauing the putetit thero
Sec. 5. AiJ be it further enacted,
That if. at any lime after filling the affida
vit at required in the second section ol this
act, and before tho expiration ofthe five
years aforesaid, it shall be proven by two
or more respectable witnesses; upon oatli,
to the satisfaction ol tlte register ot uie
land office-, that the person having filed
such affidavit shall have actually changed
his or her residence, or ubandoned the
aid entry for more than six months at any
one lime, then, und in that event, the land
o entered shall revert back to tbe t,ov
ernment, and be disposed of as other pub
lie lands are now bv law.
See. 0. And be it further enacted.
That if any individual, now a resident of
any one of the States or 1 erritories, anu
nnt a citizen of the United Slutcs, but at
the time of making such application for
the benefit of this act shall have tiled a
declaration of intention as required by the
naturalization laws of the United States,
and shall become a citizen of the aame
before the Issuance Of the patent, as made
and provided for in this act, shall be placed
upon an equal looung wim we umno
hnm riiizeui of the United Stales.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted,
That no individual shall be pormitieti in
make more than one entry under the pro
visions of this act; and that ihe Cominis
ioner of the General Und Office is here-
bv required to prepare and issue such rules
and regulation consistent with this act as
shall be necessary and- proper to carry its
provisions into effect; and that the regis,
tor and receivers of the several land of
fices shall be entitled to receive tho came
compensation for any lands patented under
the provisions of this act, that they are
now entitled to receive when the tame
quantity of land it entered with mor.ey,
to-be paid by the party to whom Ihe pat
ent shall bo issued) Provided, however,
That all persons entering laud under the
provisions Of this act, shall, as near as
may be practicable, in making tuch en
tries, be confined to each alternate quarter
section, and no land subject lo private en
try ; And provided further, That noth
ing in tli ia act shall be so construed as to
impair or interfere in any manner what
ever with existing preemption rights.
- The 8h e Trade.
Some of the protectionist prints are
calling upon the journeyman shoemakers
to lake the whig side in politics, for the
reason that, under the tariff now in force,
enacted by a democratic Congress, great
quantities of boots and shoes are brought
into the country from France. The rich
dealer, according to them, makes a heavy
profit on his imported boots, while the
American journeyman starves.
The Puughkeepsie American has taken
the pains to look a little into this matter
of the import of boots and shoes, and, in
consulting the Annual 'Report of Com
merce and Navigation for the year 1851,
made up in ihe office of Mr. Corwin, Mr.
Fillmore's Secretary of ihe Treasury, il
finds that in the vear ending J in. 30th,
1851, there was an importation of 102
213 pair of bouts, bootees, children's
shoes, &c. valued at $83,7G2.
As an offset to this importation, there
were, in the same time, exported 77,(178
pairs of loots and 205,108 pairs of shoes,
the product of the United Slates, valued
at "1 153,838, leaving a balance in favor of
the export aide of the account of $375
If, therefore, foreign countries send us
boots and shoes, we more than return the
compliment. For every boot and shoe
brought into the country, we send nearly
two out of it. But if we consider the val
ue of the goods imported and exported, il
will he seen that every dollar's worth of
boots and shoes brought into tho country
from abroad, we send six dollar's worth
of boots and shoes lo foreign countries,
As matters now stand, the balance of ti'ude
is largely in favor of American shoe
makers, who will see no occasion for any
higher duties than are now imposed on
imported boots and shoes.
Opinions of a Whig ut (inn. Scott.
A correspondent of tho Baltimore Clip
per, a Whig paper, in alluding lo the sub
serviency of tho Washington Telegraph
to the interests of tho Scott clique, utters
some truths which politicians ofthe fede
ral party might heed with profit, if they
would. If a Democratic editor would
venture to suggest that Gen Scott would
become has become "in the political
history of the country a more contempti
ble thing," ho would at once be anathema
lized as a graceless heathen. We hope our
Whig friends will not "alay" us for mere.
ly copying from one of their accredited
I'll u following is the extract:
The Trlegraiift has a' perfect right to
hire itself to whom it pleases but this 1
feel ut liberty to l ay, that if it devotes it
self lo the service of its employer In the
same degree of cxclusiveni-ssilial parliz in
journals generally do, it cannot and will
not render acceptable service to Hie peo
ple, and will cease lo be read except by
politicians. And, as lo its selection and
advocacy of General Scott in preference
to all the other candidates, I have but one
word to say, which is this that, as he is
inferior in political experience In all the
other candidates in the field and is uttcily
unqualified for the presidency or any oth
er high political station, I deprecate the
idea, though not possible, of putting him
wltcro Ins present high military glory, anil
world-wide renown ns a general, would
surely grow dim; all his now green lau
rels lade; and lie become, in the political
history of the country a mere contempti
ble thing.
Long Julin Wcntwnrlh.
This man, who was a member of tho
last Congress, and who made himself no
torious for tho violence of his opposition
to a settlement of the slavery question
upon any other basis than that proposed
by the froe Soilers, has finally, il appears,
sought a position again in the ranks of the
National Democracy. We have not en
tiro faith in the conversion. A Washing
tion correspondent of the Baltimore Sun
You will have noticed, that among the
nearly 300 delegatus to tho Illinois Slate
Convention that endorsed the fugitive slave
law and the compromise unanimously,
was "lung John Weulworth," of Chicago,
Two years' mixing with Ihe people ef
fected a more perfect cure of his mind
than four years' sojourn in Congress,
Thero ia many a I'romclheus in Washing
ion ought to touch ihe earth again, for his
and the country's sake,
- Wrong.-
The last Democratic Messenger, at Mt.
Gilcad, contains a little squib rellcoling on
our member of Congress for the vote he
gave or, the resolutions relative to the com
promise measures. Now our friend-Sharp
should recoiled that the democracy of this
Congressional district are decidedly in fa
vor of the Fugitive law and the Coin
promise measurer, therefore Maj. Busby
but fairly reflected Ihe will of his con
stituents by Ihe vole alluded to. We re.
gret to see our friend 8. truckling lo the
"silers." Marion Mirror.
IV Friend Shar; we suppose, holds
lo Ihe doctrine that "the Representative
should not be palsied by Ihe will of hit
constituents."- We do riot see upon what
other ground he can denounce Maj. Bus
by for executing ihe dearly and oft-expressed
will of those whom he to faithfully
represented in Ihe vote which he gave on
'he compromise resolution.
Tlio Bank Panic.
The Whigs and Bankers of Ohio (sayt
the New Liabon Patriot are, just now, in
a terrible state of excitement! And, "what
has caused this great commotion!" Why,
the General Assembly, in compliance With
the imperative exactions of the Constitu
tion, has incorporated a provision in the
New Tax Law, requiring that "all prop
erty employed in flanking, shall bedr a
burden of taxation EQUAL to that
impotcd on the property of individuals."
To this, tho Whig leaders are bitterly op.
posed the Whig presses are now teem-
ing with fierce denunciations against this
portion of the Law; and a simultaneous
effort Is being made lo get up a Bank Pa
nic! The Bankers of this Slate seem lo
demand exemption from exqai taxation,
by Divine right; and the leaders of the
whig party, who have always acquiesced
in this ancient predicate of Monarchy, are
attempting lo sustain them, in this mon
strous demand!
We are not surprised lo find the Whig
leaders and the Whig press, at present
lime, opposing the principle of equal taxa
lion, when applied to Banks. They have
over done so. On all occasions, they
have been found with the Banks, and
against the Tax-payers'! The peopl
however by the adoption of the New
Constitution, have decided that all proper
ly employed in Banking, shall be taxed
EQUALLY with the property of indivi
duals; and the Ueneral Assembly has
simply carried out this riglueous decision,
in the present Tax Law. Let the leaders
and llie organs of Whiggery, then, blow
their bugles, and sound the alarm. Lei
them cry Panic and Ru',.i lo Iheir heart's
content. It will avail them nothing.
The issue between the Democratic and
Whig parties of Ohio, is now distinctly
made. I he Democracy sustain that
portion ofthe New Tax Law which lax
es ihe property of Batiks EQUALLY
with the properly of individuals, and the
Whig party opposes this just anil equa
provision of the Law. LET THIS BE
THE ISSUE in ti e coming contest in
this State and, on the Second Tuesday
of October next, the Whig leadors in Ohio
will be buried so deep, that the hand of
political resurrection will never be able to
reach them!
American II plot, Clcvaland,
Tho best Hotel one meets with in his
travels between Ashland and Washington
City,- is the American Hotel, at Cleveland
Until we tried this house, we had always,
when sojourning at Cleveland, fell the
want of a house; but when, on our late
Irip cast, we enjoyed the admirable com
furls which we found at this excellent ea
tablisliment, we involuntarily exclaimed
"Eurckal"Vu commend lo all our friends
who visit the Forest Citv, the Amiiuican
Tho Atmlandf r.
Ttils paper, which, shire Steinoraver's
lime, Iihs been published, when published
al nil, nn Friday, c. mains, we tinderstmii!
for we have nut seen it a characteristic
attack u pn tho eilitur ol Hits ptipcr
What it's all annul, we don't know, hill
presume il is severe, aa usunl; and so, as
we are ton fir away to rri.lv, we will
make a virtue nf necessity, and confess
without more ado, lliat we arc dreadfully
7'ee Judson McC'omo & Co's. Ad
verlisement in this paper. lie has a mag
nifliceut stock nf Goods. The enterprise
of Mr. M., always places him in (lie van
guard as lo the quantity, variety and prices
of his Goods. Cull and examine them.
CVSce Dr. Smith's card in another
column of to-day's paper.
For th Ohio Union.
Mr. Editor Sir: It appears there
an opinion, obtaining circulation lltrougl
some parts of Ihe farming community, that
lite two days work heretofore performed
on the publii: highway, by every male citi
zen between twenty one and sixty years
ol age, is done away, I suppose the opi
nion has obtained currency from the rend
ing of the 1st. Section of the I2ih article
ol the New Constitution, which reads as
follows, lo wit : " The levying of taxes
by llie Poll is grievous and oppressive,
therefore lite General Assembly, shall nev
er levy a Poll lax for Stale or county pur
poses." Now by turning lo Ihe 23d Sec
tion of llie 8th article of the old Constitu
tion, we rind the same identical words, and
we air had to perform our two days labor
on the public highway, under that Con
stitution, It will also be found by turn
ing to the 1st. Section of the schedule in
the New Constitution, thai all lawsuf this
Slate in force on the first day ol Septem
ber, A. D., 1851, not inconsistent with the
provisions of the Now Constitution shall
continue in force until amended or repealed
And as Ihe legislature has neither amended
nor repealed the law, requiring the two
days labor heretofore performed, every
cilizen that was heretofore liable In per
form his iwo day'slabor on llie public high
way may still expect lo perform the same
These two day's labor ia a mailer that
is regulated by law, and is therefore still
binding and in lorce. Every Pennsylva
nian knows what i Poll tax is, and thai il
is not tin work performed on the roads.
The wotk generally done in this part of
the Slate ia the full when we work out a
part of our tixea on the public highway is
an other matter altogether, there the amount
of our work is regulated by the amount of
property we possess. But the law re
quiring the two days work on the public
highway is not regulated by the amount of
property that we may happen to potsess,
but treats all alike, rich or pour, ill it
comes within its provisions. B.
Ashland, May 22, 1852.
Interesting from Australia,
Six weeks Later News from New South
wales The Yield of Hold.
We have received the Sidney Morning
Herald, and ihe Empire, up lo the 20tli
The production of gold, il appears, is
till on the increase. The weekly mail
from the mining districts, with a govern
ment escort, had just arrived, and the gold
received at the treasury was as follows:
From Turon, 2,852 ounces; From Ophir,
20 do., from Balhurst, 308 do. Other
arrivals by the regular mail, during the
same week, amounted lo 891 ounces. 'I he
Turon mines are exhausted, and some
points are now entirely deserted, caused
by the numerous discoveries recently made
in other points.
News Iroin South Australia (Adelaide)
had been received, and the all-absorbing
topics embraced in it are the commercial
depression ol the colony, and Ihe rapid
decrease of the laboring population, through
emigration to the Victoria mines. A peti
tion was in course of signaturo praying
the government to interfere, by assaying
the gold dust which had lotind its way in
to the market, and permitting it to be re
ceived in payment for land taxes. Gold
to the value of 10,000 to 50,000 was
in the market, and was found lobe wholly
unmerchantable. The highest pi ice for
gold dust paid at auction was 07s 2d., he
me a considerable advance on ft rmer rales,
Wheat is quoted 4 a 4s lOd. per bushel.
Flour, at the mills, 13 tor tirst and 11
lor second quality. English Barley from
2s.. 4d. a 2s. Od. per bushel.
Locomotive Smashed Narrow Escape
Last evening a freight train came in on
the C. C. &, V. Riilroad and was slop
ped on the south side of Fioul street, the
locomotive New York detached and run
into the engine house. Orders were given
that the tram should not he run on the
pier until a signal was given, and parlies
were busy in cleaning some timber from
the pier track. The man in charge of
1I19 train, concluding he had wailed long
enough, let the train slide and the switch
being unchanged since the passage of ill)
locomotive Ihe train ran into the engine
house, driving the locomotive and tender
and a tender which stood before it, through
the brick wall of the building and into the
lake between llie house and the track of
the C. & P, Railroad.
A fireman who was cleaning the fire
out of the New York, was carried on llie
engine through Ihe wall, and fell into the
water under the engine, escaping un
harmed, the piles of Ihe C. & P. track
keeping Ihe locomotive ott htm. 1 Me
front car of tho train, loaded with .oats,
was broken into kindling wood. The lo
comotive was hadlv damaged. Cleveland
Iltrald of the 20A inst.
The New Mexican Revolution.
The Washington Telegraph publishes
the following in reference to the revolution
in New Mexico;
Private dispatches were yesterday re
cehed in tins city from New Mexico via,
St. Louis, lo the effect thai a revolution
wis inticipated, and llisil Gov, Calhoun,
who is eonvalesi-enl, after a protracted ill
ness, had availed himself of such military
assistance as could be proeured, to resiio
and quell whatever opposition lo the law
should arise.
Dispatches from Gov. Calhoun say
thala threatened revolution portends seriou
trouble. Volunteers were being raised In
subdue the rev Juiionisls and preserve or
der. Baltimore, May 21.
Further advices from the city of Mexi
co announces that llie Mexican Congress
are lilt engaged in tlicusing the Tehti
an rpec question. Mexican now demand
$2,000,000 for the right of way.
Advices from Virginia report the death
of Judge Baldwin of the Courl of Appeals
of that Slate,
An ordinance has been reported from
the City Council, proposing lo subscribe
$1,500,000 for Ihe Parkershnrh railroad.
Matthew Wells of New York, died
suddenly at Savannah.
Jan. W. Elnionwas killed at Charles-
Inn, by walking out of his bed-room win
dow while asleep.
Hideous Crime,
The Cincinnati Commercial of Wedncr
day last, gives an account of one of tho
most hideously inhuman sacrifices of life,
that has lately come lo our nniiiv. A
whole family named lilyc, consisting of
ten tiers.. ns. residinii one mile below Pa
triot. Ind.. were poisoned a tew (lavs
since, and five of llie number have died
The suspicion ol llie crime rests upon a
person connected with the family, whose
own wife, and two of his own children,
wi ll n sister-in law and brniher-iii-law,
died from the efl'eels of the dose I The
family were taken siek after dinner; physi
cians were sent for, and poison at once
detected. Post mortem examinations were
had, and the stomach of one of the vie
lims was sen! to this city In bo analyzed,
and nn understand that arsenic was the
poison administered. The suspected son-
in-law is now under arrest, and will under
go an examination at Patriot. The five
survivors of this hellish deed are vet lying
sick) with hopes of recovery .fasl.
A RcMorkd Cuba Expidition. The
Wilmington (Del.) ' Jlipublivan, in no.
lieing the rumor ol another expedition for
Cuba, mentions the fact that Capl. Lewis,
who commanded the steamer Pampero,
which carried General I.opej! out lo Cubi
Sometime since, purchased the Cornelia, a
fast sailing schooner, belonging lo I) ran
dywine, for llie purpose, as was then al
leged, of trading between New Orleans
and Rio Grande, It was said at the time
that twelve more vessels ol that class were
wanted and cnuld be told at New York.
Perhnps this may throw tome light on the
expedition in prospect.
$l)c iHctrkcts.
AiMyiTmuEs curreintT
tcoillOTK inn willlli sgiaili ,
BfcKSWAI 9 lb 9.,
WitliT t busb ....55317
Tallow 9 lb. ... , t.6(a
Knot 9 dos j!
Chkk.i 9 lb
W ii in Bum 9 bush. 100
Onions 9 butfc so
Potatoes 9 bush. . .02387
Uahlbv f Dusa. . .
Corm V bush
, . .40
Kyi V biisu ,
FL.ua bbl
luxi a
ArPlfl 9 busu
HlDKlGftKKM f I,,,
Pastlia 9 buiti
llr 9ft
I.AUD r ft
Hotter 9ft
TmoTHTKUD 9bUlh.S 00
I'ioi'hShd 9 busb. S 00
FLlllDtiuh...l 60
Cleveland, May 21.
Flour Little doing in ihe market.
We hear salea in lots, 1000 bhls. of
straight brands at C3.37 and 3,47; 00 bbls.
extra at 3,75.
Wheat But little inquiry, with little
in market. Prices remain unchanged.
Sales limited. 2000 bushels northern sold
at 73c. We hear 75c. was offered for a
superior article.
Corn In good demand. Prices varia
ble. Western mixed, 42 and 421c; sales
2,500 bushels prime yellow at 43c.
Oats Market poorly supplied at 33
and 33c,
Barley Sieaiy but inactive 55 and
Buckwheat 50 and 55c,
Bye 45 and 60c.
Clover Seed $4,50 per bushel by the
Timothy Seed 42,50 by the quantity.
Pork In fair demand, sales 50 bbls. in
lots 17.50 and 18; Prime $14.50. Sales
40 bbls. at S15. Hams are in demand.
Sales 8.000 lbs. at 10c. Shoulders 3000
lbs. at 8c.
LardQba. per lb.
Live HogstiAO and 4,60.
Beef But little in the market. Prices
steady. Mesa $12 and 14. Prime S8.
Buttei In good demand. Fresh roll
121 and 14c.
Cheese New dairy 7 and 8c.
Ergs Di and 10c. per dozen.
Potataloes 871 and $1 per bushel.
At i hm Rimnisl tTmia In ijM.nJ m Vanfili Iml
by the Kev. Holla H. Chubb. Mr. Phillip tir.rtcs. and
Min 8 MiRoiRST Hiiinkuiht, til of Loutlouvillc, U.
At Hit residence of Wm. H. Gibion. Exq , in Tiffin,
on the 17th hut., of con m mitt ion. Mrs. M. LOUISA.
Contort of the Hon. JOHN G. BiiK.V, T- etiurcr of
HoorLANo'i Giriuh Bitters. These celebrated
Bitten prepared by Dr. C. M Jackioh, VJ0 Arch
itreet. PhllaJclphia.arcperfomilnr; astonishing curei
throughout the whole country. We can bear witneii
to tbelr curative powers in the cane of a fiicml orouri
who had tbe Uver Complain, who had tried almost
every other medicine, but without effect. After ta
king a few bottles of tbcie Uitten be wai entirely
cured. To those who are similarly afflicted we re
commend them to take the preparation, knowing
that lley will cure the disease spokeu of, and many
others to which "flesh is heir to." There Is a spuri
ous article ma'le In Philadelphia. The only p'ace to
get tbe genuine article is li:0 Arch street, Philadel
phia, of Dr. Jackson, or bis ageutt throughout the
Botanic and Hydropathy Physician,
HAVING permanently eiUti!lhed hiimelf in Aih
Und. Auhland county, Ohio, on llie north Street,
ippoiite Mr. Jlruro'f Card inn Machine, He would Jtmt
ay to the citizem and inhabitant ol the nurrouud
iiik country, that he holiln hhnaeH in readinea at all
tiinea to attended to all buniucaa connected, will hia
Aiiiianu, oiay so, ify;. w
TN presenting a short enumeration of a part of
1 our rich
to "lift people, wo set forth no "wind And gasco
nade" nrfjiimcnt to nmtnin ui, but prefer leaving
thiit fur those whnto gmidi are aotd on tho'4wiiid
,inncip." We wilt any, our Guoda are pur
nnrcliiibcd exclusively t'r caih. and cln inely
hnap, mil in selling, we will utlliere to our plight
il principle Hnd well tried ay Hem which haa ie-
curud to ua our prove lit cxteiuitQ trade.
We have plain bik. dresa and Apron Silki, 24 to
40 inch, price from Al) cents to 910; plain and
ligM. light and d trk ailka, z) to J3 inch, price
ifiin 75c. to $1,25; plain bik. crape, tilk Ttannei.
French J ickontta, pmntcd Muaiina, llercge and
Mum do Lainca, irom 10 to 60 cents: plain and
ttg'd. m urning Lruvna, Irom 8 to 2 j cents; rich
changeable Puplina, from 1G In 60 centi; crimped
Dimity, French, Scotch and American (Jinghmni,
Cli'iuuraya, all colon, Iroin 10 lo 26 centa; white
giiod ot every variety, including Cambricka,
Muslint, book, plain an it barred Juckoneua, irora
8 to 50 cents, mode tol'd. Moreena.
CoM, lace, Rutland and Gimp; illuaion he;
Engliah atriped straw; aatin and lace alboni mut
tulip; rolled and plain edged lace, and lace and
tulip, rolled edged lace nnd p'arl; Miasea, pearl
and pimp, tunic (lata, Co burg and cut laco, rolled
front pedal, goiaamer flati,
A ntnat unntplote oaiortment of trimming rib
bon, ailk lacea, nil colon and widths, fringes do.,
gimps, braids, bonnet linings nnd ribbon, all co
lon und atyles, French and German worked lace
collars, culfr, under sleeves and cheiniaettH, fi om
10 cent to 03, b.k. Freich silk and throad ruitts;
Summer Cloths and Cnssimercs, all colors,
tylci and prices; Saitinetts und Jeans, Iront 2
cents to dotiltln-milled at 61)36; Husaia Du.jk for
panta, from lti to 31( cents; 60 pieces linen coat
ing, from IS to 37) contn; llarnsley's bleached
and shrunk twilled nnd plain pant-linnon, su rimer
tweeds, cottenndes and denims, from 8 to 26c;
striped shirting, satin, silk, and farmers' aattin
venting: spring style blk. sil t hats, pearl straw,
Leghorn, Canada straw, and palm hat, &o. .
25 pieces carpeting three-pit, all wool, dou
ble in-gram Irom 60 to 75 cents, and 87 1 cents;
Venitian.from 26 to 60 cent; stair, from H to
37 i cents, a I hemp; 37 inch at 86 ceuts; grass,
drugget and oil ciuihi.
Muslins; from fi to 8 rents; blerchcd 56 inh,
at 6i cents; ticks Irom 8 to lo coiiU; butts, white
and col'd. carpet warp, coverlet yarns, &o.
"Oiirki nioanJ Jam Cnffrei IS halfclifstt
Imperial, Y. Hymn and black Toaii la bula.
Stuart's rrdncd Syrup twenty httda . and
and Mill. Cuba and N. O. Molaiieai loaf, pulior-
iiod, cruihcd and N.O. Sugari Rice, Tob.cco,
led. Give u call, and tnjnnc lor ycuncHoi.
CASH FOlt WHEAT. Th higlit figurca
paid lor 60,000 II".
Aihl.nd, hUj 26, lSoJ. ltf
TSl!! iwif from tba anhserlber on the tfHh t
IX Oeorga Bakar, a bound bo; to tba farming busi
ness. He had on when he left a red waminus and sura
mer pants, la about 19 yeaia old. All peraons are
warned aealnst harborlna ol trusting bt.o, and tha
above ranaid will b liven for hisrci.un.
MaT , IMS. Jwl
RESPECTFULLY tnnoanc. to the cititni ol Aihalnd ind adji.lnitg eonnll.(tli hmartr.
.CrTAir1e,l,a" ,'lllcn"n peonit.ntly.oB hand, the mosiikg.M adiiinTt.oX
U..IOI STOVES ...r broBhtio (hi.marUt, compo.edof.il tho l.te.t.ndmo.tim oVeTpMTr
llol-Air and Air-Tight Cooking, pu,lor and Plate Slovesl
aotr la uie. We commence with th.t onlrerll,.p0on and highly celebrated tOT, cilia
Sarpasiins all otharitOTes for I large and well regulated oo-boing the moat perrect'for bikini
routing ind broiling Bow ia uie. This slot, wai patented In 1847, and haa .inc. that t.m. kui
graatl j improved, in ae much that it Hindi unritilled by any other cooking atom in th world. Ot
this atova .atufbctorr reference, can be gi.en in thit county, it iathe eulyrtoveia th world fre.rrom
inndo nlaiei thorefore it ie the mott dumb!, lo fact, it iajuat th itott th furm.r wanti
W hae alio another not atyleil
Hoving in own large enough to bib ainht loivei" breid at onoe. Thii itore, being simpl la it
arrangement, and in good itjlo and lane, with a beuutilul de.ign, nf all, fitted up with a aumoiw ai!
rungcinent, render! it equal, if not lupcnor to any other detconding ductule now ia uie
Which i. very highly reoomm.nded by tlio.e who have them in u econd to none for.conoa.Ti
nd wi. patented in IS49. contain, eight place, for cookir.g, ha. a ., arrangement and . briclt
OF FIVE DIFFERENT SIZES. The firm of th' .love cannot b .ron..e,l tike. tr.i fr.t .
lurch hvk". r,7..bi:." aDd wit" p,rct um('"aiij-u a" '"
Premium Stoves, lots, Stacks and Hies of them!
ofovery de.cription, and ot fair price., varying from 83,60 to $iu. Tha.e .to?-, haviivir bean nw
ally npprovi-d, it i. thought unnece.sary to nnko y remark, on their merit.! The, K.Va
Sato thin all otnor cooking .lovo. in u.e, the draft being good in all p,?t?o. 7 '
Patonteil by Jewel b Boot , i. ompliitically the queen of all P.-,,r Store. It I. adapted to th
want, .f th... who love tho fireplace, and th. convenience of a .tove. It ha. Lo.n pronounced If
wl ! hI i',o ?hV l" '""i ,t0l have Ko'i 1, and g.
both of which hav proved, by .oreral year, u.e, to bo eicelle.it .tovc W would alio eall itt.rf
tion to our anortmont of
for pub,ie ind privat. otBce., School Ilou.o., fcc, Sc. They would further .tate, thit they puroo."
keep.ng on hand, in their proper .ea.on. a Urge and general annriment of ffw
We wo.ild alio call tlie attention of tho public to th (ac!, that v. keep on.antly on hand, andf
will continue to manufacture
ol every de.cription, at wholesale end retail, on th. mort rea.onnl.le term, at price, to suit the time..
JOU WOKK AND HOUSE SPOUTING dono to order, on tho .Uorie.t notice, and at exceedingly low
price '
of all kind., taken in .ichang. for Stove. n.dTin War., for which Hi. higho.t oaah orice will be mid
0.d-St,, Sir,, In ll..u,r.K. M I . f ...... f l . t, . ""'m.
A.hlaudjOhio, July 30, 1901.
"UIERE will be ml J at Public !ale,althe door
of tho Court House, in Aknn, in tl;e cuunty
ol' .um.iit, on Snuru.iy, t!.e 29;h day of M.tv
n.-lt, A. V., 1S52, bptweon 8 A. M., nnd 4 P. M..
the undivided lull' of the following describe,'
tract or lot of j.ind being the louth-castquaite.
of the north-capt quarter of Section number
iwci.ty-eiht, in Township number nineteen, o.
Ilano numb, aiitoen, as th aame were num
bered in the county of Richland, before theereu
tion ofthe county of Ashland, and is now situntoc
in Ihe last named county, containing forty-onf
acre, of land. Appraup'd at 1 160 00. Will he
sold at one half the appraisal.
iiKMiy sriLMAjr,
A'Ira'r nf Win. GriHwoid, ric-d.
Akron, April JS, ls.5-2, 6w49
and all ditfcaneH arinlne from a disruderd Liver or Sto-
macH, such a I'onwtipation, Inward Hie, I'lillnenn
or Blood to the Heart, Acidity ot Uie Stomach, Nausea.
Heartburn, I'twunt lor (und. Fullness or wr-Uht in llie
Stuinacii, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Klutlerlnp at
the pit untie StoAach, Swimming ut Head, Hurried
and diniciiUHrf ftttiiiig, riutteriui.' at the Heart, Clio
king or Suffocating sensation when in a lying poi
lure, Dimness uf Vision, Dots or wel'o lieforc the nu-lit
Fever and dull pain in the Head, lieficirnty fr IV r
sniration, Yrllownons of tho Skin and Kve. Pain In
the side and Hack, Cheat, I.imba &c, SudUeu Flutes
of Heat, Burning in tl.e Flenh, Constant Imac-ininsa
ot cvu ana ureal ucpreeiion or fcp.rHr, can be eUcc
tually cured by
on. g. m. jackson,
Thtlr power owr tht a-'toos diteases it not txrrll
ed if etjualUU by any othtr pteperafivn in the'
United Stile, at ihe cvtst attest) in many cases,
after tkillful physicians had fail td.
These bitters arc worthy the attention of invalids I
FuHaenii.c meal virtues in tin: recti lust i.u ol disuses
or trie Liver and lesser gianrt-, cxTcising the mot
searching powers in weak lid's and affections ol the dl
gextivc ui,aus, they arc withal. eaictceriaiu and ,'ka-
Krndnutl bv 1 onviitrrd.
From the 'Boston Bee'
Tho E litor si d, Dec. 2... j
Dr. Jlooaituud't ettebraled (Vfrma Bitten for the
Bill. 1
cure of Liver complaint, Jaundice Dyf'jia, Chronic
or NorvoUH Debility, is dme. vcUly one of the mom pop.
ulai medicines ut the day. Ttiitte hiittt have Km
ufied hy thoUKHidH, and a Trierd at our elbow bay he
himself received an cirectuai and puiiuaiient cure of
Liver CoiiiplattU from the use ot thin mud!. We
arc convinced tha' in the use of these Hitters, the pa-1
(lent coiioianily pains ttrciifithand viirur a lad vr or -1
thy of ureal cojuidwiatiun. They arc plea'ant iutatn
and smell, and can be used hy persons with ttm jnvst
delicate stoiuachs Kith safety, under the circling
nances. We are Fpi al in? from expciteucc, and to
the atilictcd we advise its use. i
Scotia Weekly ono of tlie bes Literar pa-'
prs jiubli hed, sitid, Aug. i'iUi:
'Dr, HaoJl'intTs German Bittern, mantifactiirerl hy
Dr. Jackson, are n.itv recontinei.dcd h som of the
must prominent members or ihe rACi:liy as an article
of i nuili cilicacy in cases of !r:,m!e W(eiiie!, As
sncli is i lie case, wo wutild a.1vif all mother to ob
tain a buttle, and thus save liieui Ivciiuuch sickness,
Persons ..fd'.-hihtaicd cmistiiDti.ma win ffnd these
Hitlers advantaRCuus io thoii health, as we kin.w fiom
experience tho balulai'y effect they have upon weak
The,PhilmlplpliiaR.itiirdii) Giiieltc,thebejt
fira.ly newapapnr published in tliu United Sutca.
The Kdi or sujs of
"I is ssldwi that we recommend what are termed
raionl Medicines, to llie contidence and patronane of
our rt-adcrn, and therefore when we recoinniend Hr.
llootlanu s trcrnian muors, wc win it to be umiiuct
ly undemtoud that we aro uut speaKing of llie nos
trums ol Ihe day, that are nnied ahuut for a brief po
riod aud then loi'KOiten afier they have done llie i r
guilty race ol iniHf uicf, but uf a medicine lung ostah
liftlied, univvisaHy prited, and which haa met the
hearty approval ot thu faculty itself."
bvidcucu upi evidtmce has been received (like the
foregoing) from all sections of the Union, the last
thrte ytart, and the Ktrmigest testimony in its favor
is, that there is more of it used in the practice of the
regular Physicians nf PhUa lelphia, than all olber no
trmiis combined, a fact thai can easily be established,'
and fully proving that a scientific preparation will
meet with their quiet approval whou prcaeuted even
in ihii form.
That his medicine will rure Liver Comp.al.it and,
l)yspepsia,no uue can doubt after using lias directed.
Itaci speciiflcially upon the stomach andliver; is pre.
frrable to calomel in tl billion 4ittt ihe eftectls
immediate. They can he administered to females of
inlauis with safety and reliable benefit at any time.
This medicine has attained that high chat after
which Is accessary for all medicines to attain to In
dute counterfeiters to put forth spurious ankles at
the risk of ihe Uvea of thoae who a.e Unseemly de
ceived. Look welt to the marh ofthe Genuine.
They have the written slguature of 0. M. JACKFON
upon Ihe wispper, and his n me blown U the Bottle,
KitAotif wAiea.lAry arc puriu$.
Fur a tie Wholesulu and Retail at the GER
MAN MEDICINE ST011F., No. ISO Aroh itreit,
one door below aiith. Philadelphia) and by re
spec table dealers generally through lit country.
To enble all olas.ios oflnvii'd's to enjoy tl,e
advantages of their great 'eatorativ powers,
Singh Bottle 75 Cente.
Foraale by Spink k Howard, Wooster, Jt. f
SaaiDiell. tC ... Ashland. Hayei k Kininper,
Hayeaville, John Hoffman, JeromtTill, turge
b Ktgeiow. Mansfield,
, Jan, IMS. lyf
on) Ijfilloiy llto.
6m 10
The best and cheapest Family McdiciHi
in the world.
An ulliralite, Tonic, Diuretic and mtfd CA
arlic. Prico 25 els. per box, containing 50 Pill.
tach b.ix contains flrty pills, which mal.es them as
cheap again as any other eiendaid pill, and fuar
tini,:a cluaper, and warvanled much superior in tha
cure ol various .li.cawta, lo any gf the Syrup mix.
ti.it'H sold; bcs.ih's hhig a more convenient and
p.u.cr foiiu (ur use.
nuiti asioi.lsl.iue sucmmi which haa attended th
X Uieofllr. Hoherl's Coinpnund Karsaptiilla Hlla
is ptorahiiLCaiit aud conclusive that they are truly
and that they will cure all curable Jiseates, quicks'
a..l more pleasantly than any other n.ediclne eve.'
known. The l'iil era pilnciuallr an allerative n.ed.
Icu.e, (their lesis being the solid e.uract of Firsapa.
rilla. prepaie.l In a suiieriur i.iani.f r.) but suflicientlv
ca.lia.lic to fidilly aMhisl nature, without puririna; uq.
necesflarily, which make ttiem peculiarly adapted tci
weak and eiilerhUd pcrnns, iuv.goraliug and
sle..Etl..'i.iug Ihe h.dy, purifyli.? the syslsrn, pro.ln
c.ng new rici. blood a..d a heallhy eclluo of the ato
marh and liver.
They are acknriw1eil;rd bv our aM'st physlclana t
be not only unrxce.tui.al;,e, lut cltt, clous ia tha
blthc-yt degree, end as a fiexcrat
Tho Contpound Parsaparilla Pills a-e usrrj for th
peruianenl cure of those Uiaies which 4rit m m an
liupuiG state 0 ihe blm;-i and mm hid fecrutitns of th
liter tvi'l atr.ir.erh, fh- i)iietas, scrtifula crklrii't
evil, ulcers, scald hiad, ttunate cutaneous erui.
tl(n, blotches, hu'.K jiiiiiples, sure, weak or infam
d eyes, jriaiid It uweliinnf, iheumatie alTeciiona,
pain in llu: Uvi.cs, at"l joxtts, dropsy, dyspepsia,
asihn.a, dianiiudand dvfp.iit-ry, coughs, cold.;, con
funipiii .i rslKii rancid l,y capillary obitrncilons of
the i'.iiis. in p-ion vl scro.'jh.us constitittlons, lu'
flainaUon ( ( the ui.t,, ij.f.itein.a. li diftfutinns, bead
atho, iaui'diee, k-ver and asue. dull fe ver, and fever
In fiieifl, jciiffsl ii4 net vjus debility, anddiscaKa'
arising from mi ii:i'iiicimn u-e or mercury, and when
ever medicine ia icaultcd to tnvig oiate and puilfy tht
Tlmjara a purely vtireUhlr dompound, and may h
used by pftsuiiN or all pecs. Tiity art pleasant to tha
rala'e, and prducr no ii-,iif, uncapinci or irlnliii
In their o,h ration. Huudml- of certificates could ba
giv u ol th.ne who liev;un&t them with grerat benefit.'
Vcask no rtMO'i to taKe our word to the merits
f tha mediruie, but u rail on H o aent and purchase,
a ho., and ti en tual it di.os out pve the most perfect
sat inaction, thi'y can i-etiun thu boi and receive tht
imniry paid for the (.ame. I'iii cbascn will be partto
tf'ar tiak f-tr "Tir. Huhe.rt'a Co.npmiml SarMtaiillal
1'iils." and ohiervo the gitu irrarrpsr on each
Vox bas a fac sirr.iie 01 Die sipnature of Jos. Roberta,'
M. i and C. P. l-y, iind to.ir.nciiase none others.
Letters on the subject t f t!te medicine, must ba ad
dressed, post paid, to C. P. Fay, Uwego, Tioga Co..
elT Vuik.
Dfa'ers In Ashland County ran (fan. terms on an.'
qniiy of the Kduur ofthe tuluii, at aishlaitd, Ohio.
l y ia
OVER half a mil'inn nt'if-alimntiinla have btan
rrcei o by the- Prpritorof KI'ALl&TKR'S'
Ahh MbAijiXr UlN I lri 1 1 From rhyaiciant
ihe most skititnl and cotot)r3l(jcl,riom Counsellorr
lnnt nod in thr t:nv, trum Jntlgea of celebrity on
tlie Mitnrh, from Minftora ot the flospel, whose'
unlfcituinj intogrity hne mat! a tlicm shining
litfh'i intiie path ol' Truth, from enlir;htened Pro
fe6ors,frm ocute iMorciianls, and from those of
overv st ition, nime and (teffruoof mankind nil'
ofwhich, without one ilisanritiiiff t.bjeotjon, pro'
nnniipo mm i nnimnni 11 n uumi
An ii.y by tl .y it uiiuWliuaivoly ottnadi hf
sphore ol' nctinn aiorni ttie bortlrra of our vast''
fiuiiiitrv. nml ia rirr.'itaip.l tlirniinh itm mtn
evidencoa of it power anil new proofs or its'
efflicacy aro continually tlevolopfd. Three mtlU
j fans ol boxes, applied to disease within the la
four ynara have estahlished the astounding fhef'
boyond thn power ol cavil or c'ontrndictiou, ths:
n i.f al.l.ii.lp. m tne cure ol ail iumora.
Ulcors, Snrea, liums. Tetter, Piloai orof-'
ula, Erysipeha, f'liilhlaina, Scald Head, Bore'
Kyea, Quinsy, Croup, Kliemtiatism, Broken
11 r cast, Auo in the Face, Corn, fcc. It complete-'
ly reclnrea the Iiiacnsiblo PERSPIRATION, an
hy tlila mentis opens those a venue a' by which'
nature intended to expel the raorhid matter of the
body thus ia the system cleansed: tbe blood pt
rifiod: and the h alth reMorcd.
It has power to cause all external Pores Scref
ulotts Humors and Poisonous wound to discharge
their putrid matter: and then heal them. It ie'
rightly termed All Healing, for there ie scarcely,'
a disease, external or internal, that it will not'
bon?it. I have used it tor the taat fourteen year
for all the disease of the chest coneumptioa
and livcrj invoking the utmost riaiiffer and re
sponrUnhTY) .and 1 declare before heaven end
man, that not'in one aingle esse haa it foiled to
benefit when the patient waa within rch of aor
tal moans. , ,
J. M'ALISTEft, UP Fu!ton;at.)'; Y., Sol
A. k S. HENDRY, Atrent (or Olrio. ,
Foraale at almost every Store end Drugglal'
Slrop io Ohio, and hv f
123' Ashland.'
18 hsrfl.j iTri,itit III. undarsijrntd haa baa1
appointoj and mini. fled aa AdmiDiairator ftl1
Hi. aiUla of Jolia Cutican, Ban,, d.caaard,
W. B. CAW.
Mr in, vat.- i5a
NOTinlt Is hnrfhf afvan that th. nndtrflfie. ka
duly ar.r.olntrd an. qualified a Aaulolatr
trkar of il,. esiato f Joau A. butaaaaM, Lata al Ass
laiidCosnlJ, Obis, J.t.a'fft.
ar ,!.

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