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For Judge of the Supreme Court,
For Member of Board of Public Works,
, , Xf Conlrary to expectation, we have
not received the official proceedings of the
" Democratic National Convention. We
jublih, however, in lo-day'e paper, the
' proceeding! up to the Bih inst. General
Franklin Pierce, or New Ilamthhe,
nominated for President, on the for.
- ly-niMh ballot. A Telegrapic Dispatch,
just received, announces the nomination
of William R. Kino, of Alabama, Tor
Vice ProsiJent,
Right for Oncei
The AMander has told the truth, once,
during Its existence. Tell it in Guih, and
bublish it in the streets of Ashland. It
teas Mr. Dreslin, and it 'wai not Mr.
Bliss, who made the deposit in the City
Bank of Cincinnati.
The report ofMaj. Johnson we have
not seen. When we have, we shall know
nd say more about it.
But is our neighbor not aware that what
we stated was true namely that Mr.
Bliss, the whig Treasurer, during the time
he held the office, kept the Stale's money
in the Banks?
Will the editor deny that, during tho
whig management of our Slate finances,
the people had no treasure or Treasury,
tn the building which the taw designed
for it at Columbus!
i Can the. editor deny that during the
brief time that Mr. Dliss was the nominal
head of the State Treasury, he amassed a
fortune, by allowing the Banks of the
Slate the use of the public funds, and
aiming with them the PLUNDER ?
If the editor and his correspondent know
anything about the facts in the case,
they know that Whiteiiill, Kelly,
Bliss ii Co., during their days of Supre
macy, were in a perpetual and unholy al
liance with the Bankers and stock-jobbers
of Ohio, and that their "financiering" at
last became' so expentive to lite tax-payers
bf the State, that they were hurled from
Will the Ashlandcr and in correspond
ents confess the Iruih? Will they "own
up" the iniquities of their party leaders
who have been so righieously "blark-ball-ed"
by an outraged anil swindled people!
Nous verrons, and, in process of time,
when we get a Hide nearer home, (which
we hope will be in t few weeks,) wcjshall
us our best exertions to "smoke out"
these, whig financiers.
And in the meantime if any thing is
wrong in $ur own household, we will
plead guilty because we arc not ditposcd
lo cloak or sanction malfeasance on the
part of public officers, be they whom they
may, or belong to what party they may
The Ashlander may feel no alurm on this
Corel .
The Convention William Alien Adjourn
meiit of Cftiifieiw.
Correspondence of the Ohio Union.
Washington June 3, 1852.
There is no use in making an effort to
compete with the telegraph. Long before
this letter reaches its destination, through
the lazy mails, the narr.e of the Democri
who is to succeed Mr. Fillmore, will be
known through our town end county.
! The Halls of Congress, Hotels and
streets of this City aro deserted. Every
body "and the real of mankind ' are at
Baltimore. Yesterday I made a visit to
(hat city to rook in Upon the Convention
The crowd and confusion were so great
that I was glad to make my eacape. In
common with thejgreat mass of the Demo
cracy of the country, I feel no very deep
inxiety as to who shall be the candidate,
being well persuaded that a Convention
which embodies as much talent and worth
as that now assembled at Baltimore, can
not trinlte other' than' a good choice, if
they select any or the names which sro be
fore them.
While upon this subject, I will mention
6ne fact, of which I am thoroughly con
vinced; and that is, had Ohio, through her
delegates, presented for William Allen,
her distinguished and favorite son, an un
broken front, he would have been the
nominee of (lie Convention beyond all
doubt or question. Bat 1st by gones be
fcy gones. '
Till ''knowing ones" generally predict
a final adjournment of the present session
of this Congress on Monday, the 2d day
of August. The members will find it
difficult to excuse Ihenrselves to the coun
try for continuing the session even as late
as that dale. The resolution fixing upon
the day above named will coma up before
the House on Monday next.
Books' anb Stationary .-'We (fall at
rentier, to the advertisements of Jos. II.
Riliy V Co., Booksellers, Stationers,
Printers and Binders, Columbus, Ohio,
wnwB win be lound in to-uay't paper.
The Hew Tax Law;
It is evident that tliere is' a misappre
hension of some of the provisions of the
New Tax Law, by Farmers in various
parts of the county. We canj in no other
way! account for the complaints uttered
against the Law, by this community. The
law, properly construed and properly un
derstood, is all that any Farmer in the
State could desire. We firmly believe
that it is the only Tax Law, ever enacted
in Ohio, that extended "equal and exact
justice" to the great Agricultural interests
of the State. Heretofore, Farmers have
been oppressively burlhened by taxation,
by whig tax laws, that chartered monopo
lies the swindling banking institutions of
the State, might go free. This gross ine
quality no longer exists.
Whigs, in certain parts of this county,
misconstrue and misrepresent the law, in
order if possible, to render it odious and
unpopular. We hope no Democrat is sil
ly enough to pay any regard to the misrep
resentations and falshoods of Whiggery.
In some townships, it is claimed, that
cm;) i in the ground are to be listed for
taxation. Such is not the case. Auditor
Morgan settles this matter, in a letter re
cently written to the Auditor of Huron
county. He says:
"I feel no hesitancy in deciding that
growing crops, still in the ground, need
not be returned to the Assessor as person
al property subject to taxation. At the
season when assessments are made, crops
in the ground have at least but a preenri
ious existence. They may never attain
maturity, and their value is wholly contin
gent. Before ripening for the sickle, they
may become as valueless as stubble. It
would seem unjust, therefore, to subject
them to the buillien of taxation in advance
of obtaining a reliable value."
It is also claimed, by some, that wear
ing apparel, food for home consumption,
&.C., are to be listed for taxation. This is
also denied by tho Auditor of Stale. He
"The new tax law by this department
docs not require an individual lo list for
taxation such articles of food as he has
provided for himself and family. Those
articles must however, bo such as are in
tended to be consumed at home, and in
clude nothing that is designed to be sold.
This may embrace all the pork, beef, flour,
vegetables, fce., kc, which the family has
actually on hand, and intends to appropri
ate in good faith to its own consumption.
This construction of the new law is nor
believed to conflict wilh the intentions of
the framers of the constitution, and until
otherwise required by compelentaulhorily,
will be adhered to by this office."
Complaints are made, by a few, that a
great number of individuals, not worth
over two hundred dollars, will be exempt
from taxation. This complaint is un
worthy of notice. No man, will utter
such, who loves juslice and equality, and
who is willing to extend to his neighbor
the same rights aud privileges he himself
enjoys. The man of wealth is allowed lo
hold his two hundred dollars worth of
property free from lax, and why the same
exemption should be denied an individual
simply because he has the misfortune lo
be poor, is a matter difficult to conipre
Persons complain that Iho law compels
them to list chickens, old saddles, dogs,
tie., tie., "The law allows, to every in'
dividual, two hundred dollars worth of
property exempt from taxation; and there
is nothing to prevent the owner of chickens,
dogs, old saddles, &o., from including
these articles within ihe exemption
We presume it wss never contemplated,
by the framers of the law, that such arii
cles should appear on the duplicate for
We think the law when properly nnder-
stood, will meet the unqualified apprnha
lion of every Farmer in the State. By it,
we claim, and lime will prove ihe correct'
ncss of what we asserl, that the Farmer's
taxes will be greatly reduced. We ask
our Farmer friends to with-hold their com
plaints, and first give the law a fair trial.
Ohio Patriot.
14th Congressional District,
The Democratic Cenlral Committees of
Ashland, Lorain, Medina, and Wayne-
composing the Mlh Congressional Dis
trict, have agreed to meet at Harrisvillk,
ON FRIDAY, June lh.-imox.
For the purpose of arranging the time and
manner of nominating the Democratic
Candidalo fur Conirrpsa. Ernrv tl.m..
oral is invited lo attend.
Ashland Common School Association.
This Association will meet in iho Court
House in Ashland, on Saturday, the 20lh
inst,, at 10 o'clock. A. M.
It is hoped that iho friends of education
in the county, teachers especially, will be
in attendance. Delegates lo Ihe semi-an
nual Meeting of the 0. S. Teachera' As
sociation will then be appointed. Oilier im
portant business will be presented for the
consideration of those present.
It is expected that Mr. ,. Andrews will
be present to address the meeting.
By order of the Ex. Com.
W. T. ADAMS, Prei't.
Hayesville, June 1, 1852.
P. S. Teachers will take notice that on
the same day, there will be a meeting ol
the Board of Examiners, held for the ex
amination of teachers, in the Ashland
High Sehool Room. W. T. A.
Baltimore, June 5,
Hon. Win. R. King of Alabama was
nominated for Vice President, on second
ortign Hems.
Three dayilater from Europe.
Decline in Cotton Advance in Provi
liom and Dreadtlvffi.
New York, June Id.
The steamer Asia, with Liverpool dales
to the 22d ull., arrived this morning. She
brings fifty-five passengers, and 9122,000
in specie from France.
The Franklin arrived off Cowes Ihe af
ternoon of the 20th. The City of Glas
gow arrived at Liverpool on the 21st.
In the House of Commons, Mr. Hume
asked whether the correspondence be
tween the United Stales respecting the
navigation of Ihe St. Lawrence would be
laid upon the table, and whether the dif
ference on the subject between the two
Governmenis had been settled,
Mr. Parkington said he would give an
answer to the question in future.
Lord Palmerslon called the attention of
Ihe House to ihe dangers threatening Ihe
Constitutional Government in Spain and
In the House ol Lords, on the 18thult.,
the disabilities repeal bill was read a third
time and passed. Earl Derby repeatedly
denied there being any present intention on
the part of Government to propose a change
in the Maynooth grant.
Earl WincheUea made a violent attack
on the Catholic priesthood, and said they
were endeavoring lo subvert Ihe power of
ine yueen, but he expected and huped that
the next Parliament would remedy the evil
by revoking the Maynooth endowment
and emancipation act.
Another awful colliery explosion had
occurred in Lancashire, by which more
than 30 lives were lost.
A duel had been fought between Col.
Romily and Hon. M. Sinythe. Neither
of tho parties were injured.
A destructive fire occurred on the banks
of the Thames, at Dnrkliead, on Tuesday.
The loss is estimated at 1100,000.
The demand for passage to Australia
per Independent Emigrant's line is very
active. Deputations have been sent from
Yorkshire to urge upon the attention of
Government the critical state of Australian
labor. Sir John Packington said that the
principal difficulty that existed was the
scarcity of ships.
Odillon Barrotl and Ilrnglie have refus
ed lo take the oath of allegiance.
Several persons of distinction have re
fused to take the oath of allegiance to the
The bill on the residence of foreigners
at Paris and Lyons, would be soon sub
mitted to the Council of Slate.
Three hundred more political offenders
had been remanded from Paris to Havre,
for transportation.
The French fleet appeared beforeNaples
on the 10th.
Gen. McMahnn had quilled Constantino
on the 7th of May, wilh an army of 10,
000 men, to undertake an expedition
against Kabvlie.
Several of the French journals are nut
wilh savage articles against Generals
Changarnier and Lamoriciere.
M. Uilillon Harrot has been declared lo
have forfeited his seat in ihe Municipal
Council of St. Onrlin, not having taken
tho oalh within the time prescribed.
It is understood that negotiations for an
Austrian loan of about three millions lbs.
sterling, are in progress between the Messrs
Rothschilds & Sons and Ihe Chief of Fi
nance of Vienna, who has arrived in Lon
don for that purpose. It will be five per
ceni. siock, payame in London.
A telegraphic despatch Irom Frankfort,
dated May 18th, says that the new Aus
Irian loan of thirty-live millions florins,
convention money,- has been taken by the
nuuse ni iioinsciiiiu.
An angry letter is said to have been
presented by ihe Russian Ambassador,
Count A mini, lo Ihe Austrian Government
upon Ihe subject of Ihe customs tariff.
j ne L.mpernr ol 1'russia arrived at
Dresden on the 12th May.
Letters from Turin report the resigna
tion ui me enure caoinei, ana Ilie lormation
of a new one.
The Prussian Chambers have been pro-
The financial affairs of' this country are
in a meiancnoiy condition.
The Grand Council of Berne were dis
cussing the new law rpgarding ihe press.
The Case of Wm. L. Chaplin. Judge
l.rawrord.oPthe Criminal Court of Wash
ington city, has rendered judgment in fa
vor of Ihe United Stales, and against Sol
by Parker and -others, who went bail in
the sum of 0,000 for Wm. L. Chanlin.
charged wilh kidnapping slaves in 1850.
and also judgment against Chaplin, whose
recognizance was forfeited, as he never
appeared for trial.
Time and Place of Holdino Nation
al Convetions Whig, Baltimore June
lfl. Native American, Trcnion July 5.
Frec Soil,. Cleveland August 4. Liberly
Parly, Buffalo Scjtt.' 17
Boston, June 4;
The shin James W. Fannin, from flm.
ton for New York, in ballast, got ashore on
Great Point reef, Nantucket, on lha 2d in.
slant, 3 P. M, She was boarded by men
from Nantucket, with whose assistance she
was got o(T during thai night wiihouf dam
age, arid was at anchor in Holme's Hole
yesterday noon.
New York, June S.
Sieamcr Northern Light, sailed for San
Francisco ihis morning, full of Passengers.
Hon. Perry Smith Esq., U. S. Senator
from Connecticut, died yesterday at New
. Washington, June I, 1852.
HdcsE. There were but few members
present, to-day, - . ,
The Deficiency Bill was returned, wilh
numerous amendments! it was referred to
the Committee on Ways and Means, and
ordered to be printed.
After Ihe reception of a few reports, ihe
House adjournej until Friday!
i Washinoton, June 4.
Mr. Briggs presented the memorial of
Wm. B. Aslor, Tor the immediate estab
lishment of a mint M N. York; and show
ing, since the tunesatinn of California,
that ninety millions of gold bullion had
been received al the port of New York.
Mr. Stanley asked and obtained leave to
introduce a bill for the payment of the
fourth installment of the surplus revenue.
After several motions for calls, the House
adjourned till Monday.
New York, Juno 5.
The steamship Isabel from Havana 31nt
ull. reports the Island quiet, though there
was yet some little invasion excitement.
heveral persons had been arrested on
charge of being connected with it.
The Humboldt sailed to-day wilh 150
passengers and (640,000 in specie.
The Crescent City, this P. M. look 350
Hillsdale, June 5.
The express train going West, last night,
found ihe switch wrong, sif miles west of
Jonesville, and ran oft" the track, killing
Harvey Spaulding, Ihe Engineer, and one
fireman. No passengers hurl. The train
very much damaged.
Washinoton, June 4, 1852.
The papers of this morning announce
the death of Lieut. Benjamin B. Gassel, of
trie United Males INavy at Macao,
Philadelphia, June 4.
The 2 o'clock train for New York ' ran
off the track near Sand Hills, from a rail
being displaced, completely wrecking four
of ihe cars. Mrs. Purdy, of Heightstown,
had an arm broken, and many others were
more or less injured.
Horrible Outrage and Death,
Philadelphia, May 20, 1852.
An old convict, named John Book, en
ticed a little giil, between 0 and 10 years
of age, on Monday last, into the woods
near Roxborough, and perpetrated a most
brutal and horrible outrage on her person.
The child when found could not slaud,
and, after lingering in great misery, died
last night from the effects of the outrage.
The wretch has been arrested, identified
by Ihe child before her deaih, and com
mitted for trial. It was wilh difficulty that
the execution of summary vengeance on
him by the father and friends of the child
could be prevented.
Railroad Accidents.
Mt. Vernon, O., June 2.-The cars from
Newark, O., this morning ran offilie track
at this place, killing instantly Joseph Stscy,
of Zanesville, and injuring two of the
hands, but not seriously. The engine is
literally mashed.
Boston, June 2.
It appears that only four lives were lost,
by the upsetting of the boat at Sancnok
village, New Hampshire, on Saturday eve
ning. Their names are Mr. Bahcock, two
sisters named Haley, ai.d Miss Thrasher.
At Bridgeport, Conn., on Saturday, Sid
ney J. Beardsley, of Stratford, was instant
ly killed by being run over by the express
train from New Haven.
Steamboat Disaster.
New York, May 31.
The now steamer Eastern City, u !ile
preparing for a trip, yesterday burst one
of her boilers, finally wounding V. II.
Steamers, and the Captain and liuiNiii-rr.
Two have ainco died, and three of tin:
hands who were seriously injured, cannot
Two Men Drowned. On Friday
dight near Glasgow, two men by the name
of Dawson and Wuhero, were drowned
while engaged in washing sheep. A sheep
had broken loose from Wilhcro and was
swimming out into the stream when he
reached after it and in a muincnt was be
yond his depth, grappling wilh death.
Mr, Dawson plunged into the stream to
assist him, and they clasped together to
rise no more. new Lisbon I'ulidium,
Mrs. Henry Clay.
Col. Forney, in a letter from Washing.
Ion to the Pennsylvanian, stales lhal Mrs
Henry Clay has never in her life visited
Washington city, but would do so now
were she not loo old snd feeble. Ho adds,
"A few days ago, she sent Mr. Clay a
bnquelof flowers; but when Ihey reached
here they were faded a melancholv evi-
dence that both the giver and the receiver
were fast hastening to that bourne whence
no traveler returns. The old man, elo
quently, held it tn his lips for a tew se
conds, and said wilh mournful natlios.
'the perfume Is' almost gone! But not so
wilh his frame. That will live fmnvor
green in the memory of man. His nhvi.
cal frame will decay, but his great history
will never be forgotten. Of him and of
his place, in the regard of men, in ihe
dim future, it may well be said:
"Ygum.y break, you may raia the v'aae if you
But th. scent of th. ro.a will bans.
, "
piifiorKRY or a Silver Mim in South-
ern Illinois. Ihe lienlon Standard
ayi: Ve re rjretlible) informed that a
rich mine of ilvr?r ore haa lately been
discovered by Dr. Smith, in the vicinity
of Gallatin, Saline county. The discove
ry wai made by Ihe Doctor in exnlorinc
a vein xsi led, when he discovered what
lie toon to be nlvcr ore; end in order to
be certain lie tent to St. Louie for a niiri.
ernlogist, who, in analyzing the ore, ex.
tractea 10 per cent, ol pure silver, and 20
I)C illarkctj.
"i w rw iWv -mSa. Sj
sveat tiimiirioiiiii.
, cSrain.
Want tbusk..
'. -J
R.WAilb. .
Tallow f lb. . .
ba.l.v w bush. .
Co. a, e bosh
Rvo 9 bush
Oats f buih. ......
Plods bbl
Ha. ft
Mhodlokbi ft . . .
KlDa.G.ISH ft...
Bs.r .....,
La.d ft
. . . .40
Kaoi 9 dot . . . .
CmiMflb. . . .
... Jl
VVhiti Hum f biiah.IUU
Onion bush SO
Potatom biuh. ,.esS7
. .10
AfTLSi 9 buib...
rsAcmiy nua., ,
. . .7'
. ..10,
Timothy Kikd ybuib.s 00
l.iovm Htio buili. 3 im
FlaiHiib tbuib ..! 00
Wool 3433
CLEVELAND, June 8. 1852.
Flour Market continue! inactive with but lit
tle inquiry. Salei moderate; 600 bull of atraiglit
u-HiiuB in iuia a, anu oui extra 13 D2 and
3 76.
Grain Wheat In demand - galea 6000 bmh of
good Northern arom store al76Jc I60U buili afloat
at 7 J) .
Com In fair demand with but little roini for
ward rom firil liandi.wiih a alight advance from
previous quotauona. galea 4.UUU buah of goo I
VYUBiem iiiiiuii,ui idURO J,a.
(lata Are in good demand at 35 snd 3Rc.
Barley Moderate aupply, prices remain nom
innl at bli and 60c.
Rjt Steadyj quotations in the abaceoce of
aalea, nominal, n and 60c.
B'ickwiieal 60 and 06c.
Proviaiona Pork Tlnre It but little inquirv.
Ralea have been made moatlv in small IntAil'fi
bbla and upwarda. Me-e at $17 and 17 76j 'rime
9 lou.
Lard No aalea to report, prices nominal al
10 and tic.
Live Hoga $4 and 460.
Beef Hut little doing. Meas 12 and II;
primo, fS.
Live Cattle $3,37 and 3,60 per cwt.
Butter Fair supply in the market. Good freili
roll at 121 and 13c. Strong 10c.
t'heeae Prices unchanged. New dairy; 7 and
Eggi The market it well supplied at 10c, and
targe quantities nave.ueen atnppcu inr trio ast.
I'o'aluea Scarce at t7jcand 1 1, 00 per bush.
New Yoaa, June 4th, tSSi.
Flour Sales Conadlan600 bblt common brands,
t,6 in bonilsi 8les domeatic9000 bbls, H and
4,HI; 4, 12) fur common to straight state; 11,12
and 4,26 fur common togood Ohio; 4, IN and 4,26
for favorite alale and round hooped Ohio; 4,12
and 4,31 J for miiedio'ascj Michigan and Indi
ana. Grain Wheat Salea of 5000 bu.li white Mich
igan at 81,01.
Corn Salet ol 30,000 bush at 60 and 60c for
unmerchantable. White it heavy at 61 and 62 J
for low to highmiied Western.
Pork Sales of 250 bbla- 18 for mess; 16,25
and 16,37 lor prime.
Beet Salea 200 bbla (10,50 and 14 for meas;
6 and 7,76 for prime.
Lard Sales ol 2S0 bbla and tiercel 9 and 10J;
760 kegs, private!' rma.
At Mlllhrook, Wayne County, Ohio, June 5th, by
the lliv II. J. Jones, the Kcv. II, DIXON, Pastor o(
the Chunhof IlLcipto at Anlilaiul. Aahlaiul County,
Ohio, (formerly linm Asfonlly, l.lct,lcrhirr, Kn
aland) and All,, MAKV V. Kl.Sli, ol A'uhville,
Holmes County, Ohio.
On the Stthult., by Elijah Fart, Jr. Fm.. Mr. RAM
UEI. WH1M.KH, and Mite MAUV VuUNG, all of
Ashland County Ohio.
HoornKo's 6saA Hirraas. These celebrated
Bitters prepared by Dr. C. M jA Kn, 1?0 Arch
street, Phllaai'litiia,arepcrforrolnaitonllilngcurci
throughout the wbole country. We can bear witness
to their curative powers In the case of a friend or ours
who had the Liver Complain, who had tried almost
every ofher medicine, but without effect. After ta
king a few botlki of these Blttera he was entirely
cured. To those who are slmilarlv afflicted we rc.
commend tbeni to take the preparation, knowing
that they will cure the disease spoken of. and manr
others to which "flesh Is heir to." There Is a spuri
ous article made In Philadelphia. Tho only place to
Set the genuine article la ISO Arch alreet, Philadel.
pliia, or Dr. Jackson,' or his ageuta throughout the
Ma. Eoirot : Please announce the name of GKO.
W. Hll.l,, of Hanover Township, aa a candidate for
the olnce of Prosecuting Attorney, subject to the
voice of the Democratic Party at their Primary Meet
ings, and oblige SIASY DK.MoL'KATH.
Ma.KniTon: Pteas announce the name of CHRISTO
PHKK C COUI.TKR. 01 Perry Township. ." .("
dale for Hie oflice of Countv Amlltnr ki. . ,h.
decision of the Democracy at their Primary Meetlnri.
llll VlhllffA A UlltT Ai. ' '
u,"i'nK",lT,iPI"M,,";.0""" ,he "" "'C. A.
SMI I, of (Hayesville) Vermilion Township, a. a
Candida e f.ir ( uuuty Recorder, subject to the deci
sion of the Democracy al their Prlmai v Meeting
t Mui ni? ',V," i, Pl"!f """""n" 'he name of ITKNRY
J. Hlllll.tl Oil, ofPeny Township, as a candidate
r.-r the oflice of 4 nunty Commissioner, subject to Ihe
di cii..n uf the Democracy al their Primary Meetings,
and oblige A IIO.'-T OF DEMOCRATS
To the Afflicted.
fPIIK undersigned having located himself at
I Milllm, Ashland Co., O. lender. In. services
to nil lliiiae surTuring tinder sickness.
All kinds oldisca.es have already been treated
with thsQfcit success by the practice of the Botan
ic or Route and llerhs System of medicino which
1 follow altogether.
Acule Und Chronic Rheumatism,, Dispepsia,
Piles, I etter, ncrvoua and female Complninta.
rita.Crampe.Sick-lleadache, Palpitation of Ihe
Heart, Asthma, Liver-complaint, Kidneys ami
bpinal affections, Consumption if not gone lo
larj 8croli,h Fever and Ague, Dropsy, Coitrcor
thick neck, Sic., I hive already treated with the
best success nhoutthis neighborhood, as the cer
tificates will show, we could procure more vet
Persona requesting my service lor the.e mentioned
and every other disease will always find me readv
to do my best for their welfare, and lo attend
promptly to calls from any dis ance
A. ROZUKTIIAt, Botanic Physician-
Jr'rLT1" ,b1'"-"""thaPs medi. ln. ha.
perlcctly cured me of the Piles and take pleasure in
lug ronen year, and used t.ery possible mean, but
all Tor no purpose, until the above named Dr ha.
treated and cured nie. vt'M CMNKNMirtl
Duller Tuwaablp, Richland Co., 6. M.rcb l'?lh 1B55.
uJ"ibe ""man of the undersigned wa. cured
Mlltlm Tuwaablp, Ashland Co., O February !M l(ij
I do berebr eenlfv ,Ha, n. tj, ...... .... .
hu perfectly eured m. of the De.pep.i. Live 7 to"
tne nuri',' '"''1'"''11' ''" Ibis it.tememTo
the public etc. kzha iiav
Muuu.ky Tp., Richland Co., O. March 3d, IH.vj.
BlomayofTp., Richland Co. O. Mc'h mh,HoVj'
.1. hope. ,r r.Uin, w.n.' K SKj
.,,.1 i r . " recommended to me.
and I found myself after, .hort time cured, to my
great Joy I feel by this lime . well as aver 7
German Township, Holme. Co., M.rchlsl 1853
Wm. Humphrey Guardian,) By order "of the
r vs. ProbateCouriofA.h-
Suaann. Humphrey. J land County.
ON the 17th day of July, A. D., 1852, at 3 o'
clock, P.M., upon Ihe nremiroe in the town
of Hayesville, will be .old to th. highest bidder,
Ihe following Real E.tae,'u the property ol Su
sanna H.mphri y.to win Ihe undivided one-eighth
part of l.ois 64, 4, Si .nd 66. 8 iid Lot. situate
in th. Town of Hayesville, Ashland County and
Stat, of Ohio. Suiiject to the dower nl the Wid
ow. Terms of sale one-third Cash in hand, one
third in .ii months, nne-third id on. year.
... -. fiu"rdian ol SuiASbA UtmrHacT.
Ashland, lun. 1, 1853. 03
NAT";,l!.l;,Je'!'"r '", N1' on,n Mthday of
April, ISM, Ihe undersigned ws appointed Kmc
utor of ll.e estate of Joseph Tran.ue, dec, of Oranae
tp., Ashland co,, Ohio All having claim, a.ain.t
aid .stale, are requested lo present Ihem in one year
fromthi.d.te; tnd .11 thoM knowing Unmaelvea In
debted lo said estate, ti, retjue.ted to make I mine
4I.I payment, JOHS JAmilV.
THE ! It 12 AT
Dr. milium IhWi llolsam for the
L.ungt, for the cure of
Contumptfon, Decline, A$lhma. Bronchilit. Waif
ting Of the jtetA, Night Bmeatt Splitting of
AJ.uoa, rr looping- cougn, xjnetuf of BTfaintng,
CotdM, Caught, lnjtumia, 1-ktyiiie, tain ia tki
e, ana a aiuaiei of tne cneir and vungt,
U ottered for a better receipt. It contains no
Opium, Calomel, or mineral poison, and la salt
for the moat delicate child. ,
It ia ea limited that 160,000 persona die annual
ly in the United States with Consumpt:on, and
Professor Elierly says that a vast mimbar oi' those
could havo been saved by the timely nee of some
prompt remedy.
Dr. HALL'S Baham strikes at the roof of the
disease al once, nod such ia its speedy effect, hat
any no using u ireeiy acaoraing to directloue
tor 24 or 4!S houre.arc notntirelv satiiiiml with
its merits; the bottle may be returned, and fAeir
money will bi carejully returned. The must dis
tressing cough is frequently relieved by a lirlgle
dose, and broken up in a few hours' time. The
ahiicted do not have to take bottle alter botlla be
fore they find whether this remedy will att'urd re
lief or not.
Call on the Agent and get i pamphlet gratia.
The treatise on Conaomption alone ia worth more
than the price of this medicine. You will find
certificatce of Physicians in Cincinnati, and ol'
othora whose cures have been ell'ected bare at
nome, wnere they can be found.
The public have been imposed upon by reme
dies, recommended by certificatea which have al
waye originated from some unknown aource.
We beliove that a medicine Possessing real mar.
its will effect cures' wherever, it is used, at home
wen ns auroaii. i iiis ia no eoragorit Prepa
ration, but one which if used in season will save
the lives of lhouand; and peraona may make
this bargain with Agents from whom they pur-
i,m.bk, mi,, in eivory caie wnere it is used Ireeiy
according to directions, and entiro satisfaction is
notgiveu in 24 or 4b hours, thev can return the
mcdicjne, and their money will be cheerfully re-
ur nru.
frrile ure to aek for Dr. H.ill'a Balsam for the
Lun;re. . For Sale by
Dr. B. F. WHITNEY, Ashland. O.
IJIOM the pisture of Joshua Brown, about 2
miles south ol Ashland, on Wednesday niaht
last, a Sore t'ofl, 4yearaold this month, ahud
all round. Any person returning said Colt to me
nsiiianu, snau ne noeraiiy rewarded.
, ., . . , i. R. SQUIRE.
Ashland, Juno 2d, 1862. 2tf
A. D. SkeUenger, H, D.
KKrCfLKU LOKlShliS. Alb and rnn.it w j.i.t
It affords him much pleasure to have thin opportunl-
friend. !id,llb.,A,."unX,Sr
practice "' " ,l"'c"l,tU' "is of
Da. K. haa just returned from the ' J,;ti..,i e,.
r.l J!i auri" "'" he visited seve
ral of the most noted "Hater Cure." and '. l.r
unea or lua raatera cllies, wilbaview ol increas
ue hia Medical knowledge. Owin. lo o,.
misrepresentation, on the part of sme of his pefce.
sional brethcien. Ami ilinir h .
deem, it in oper. lima briefly Ir. ,l.n. 1.1 i. 'TV
medicine: ' " lu ...
1st. He Wilt not Interfere with m . i. .1 ,
of any other physician, whatever may he ilicir theory
system, or practice. Sd He rollow. nol eiclu. velj
aiding nature" to '.. .,,. of ,orc ,;4J
casts, which he treated during the past year, wilh tile
of ofy anc.-iie vor iou nd it necessary to resort
i?v 7llh 00i, ""''"---"'d very .eldom ha. l"
given uy (MWlor M,r,.r,l preparation. 5th. He
IS llld.'11'indc'llt Of All Oie ...rl, ...... ' .... i
utb. Combine. .11 ,h, be.t i ,.' , ".V" r"":
Jh. ,i i t "mm)m". I'."""t. and safe, rationally
r,lr. T.V ""'., 0r""''". " Nature'. Luiver.al
t.uro. lrm.:-Kea.tinable,Kllle,t.it,, April and
.Vvcmher: office In, nr. n,.r..i... i' .
in the evening-.,; when nol pinressi,,,,.!!,- eniaved
-be i mar he cousuped, al all hour-ni-hl or day"
at hl lice -A. II. SKEUt.Gkti,.M. li.
June 2, i&ht. '' ' jw9
JOI. .ULUVAI.T. r. .
Jos- H. RHey & Co,
Law, Medical, School and Blank Booh.
P t , "AP""I'i;S AND BORDERS, at
I Wholesaler Window Kha.L. .j v.........
Window Cornices; Oil Paintings .nd Engravings;
Plain and Ornamental tiilt Frames for fonrnta,
fcc; Rosewood Frame, and French Glass for En-
gravingi! F.ne Cutlery; Fine Fan..) Steel Good.;
......... ..,.,., roriurnor and toilet Caaea;
Blank Dralls and Nulea from Steel Plates.
Feather Dusters, Work Bojer and writing
Desks Travelmi, Dres.ing ,d Writing Caao.
for Ladies and (ientlcmen; Hair. Teeth and Nail
ru...es; Gllil Pen, in (iold and Silvor Caacs;
Pearl, Shell, Ivorv and silver rr.l r-.. ..j
Porle-tnonaiea; Pupier Mache Fol Boies tc.
"", n nneuanu ll.inkor.' Cave..
Banks, Merchant, and County Olhcrre furnish
ed wilh Blank Cook, to order, of the beat mate
rial nnd male in tho best manner.
Engliih, French and American Stationary.
MI IIRORS-The finest French Plate, from 4
Frame. '" ""' or"mel"l,l ai ricllv carved
Job i i'rllltlnj.-nill Headings. Letter Head
inga, MiniDintr Hill.. Are.. ,li,n. i..
and on good terms. ' 7's1,T J'
"The Ohio Jlarmoniit" Patent notes.
DECIDEDLY Ihe boat and mnsi popular col
leclion ol CI urch or aacred music ever pub
lishedpossessing many great advantage, to the
learner over all other hank, citant.
Published by Jos. 11. Riley fc Co., Book.cller.
ami Matloucra, I'r.ntcr. and Jliu.ler., Columbus
Oh'd- im.,-l
rj'HE nderslgned will attend nn the 18th Inst.. at II
iorh of MiuVcan on tho ro.d 1, .ding from .Mauslield
to A.hl.iid. for the purpose ul letting to Ihe lowest
lid be.t bidder, tb. rebuilding ol the Url.lgo .1 that
pl.ee. Plau given at the sale.
RniiT. I.rsrn .
Tho.. B. AKuaawi.S Ccmmlnio,ri
J. WoTOorv, ) 'sjd C, O
June II, Its'. Jwj
IS hereby given, that Hi. undersigned have been .p.
pointed aud quaiilied a. Administrator, of the e.
talc of fawuel Khaincy, late of Ashland coanty, Ohio
deceased All person, having legal claims against said
eelale, are required lo present Ihem legally aulh.nti
caled within one year from tin. dale, and all persons
knowing theiii.elve. indebted to .aid a.l.te .re re
quested to tu.ke immediate payment,
SAMUEL Rmni.rt,'
June, W52.3w3 Mmimmtrlm.
rpilE underaigned will make . tour through th.
-B. Avotin- n c.nrn couniic. ol onto, th. .ouVll
ern and interior portions of Michigan, aqd North
ern Indi-nt, In about three week.. Thos. who
h.v. old or new claima, or other lefta! buainea.
lo transact in that direction, ahbuld apply imme
diately, liy mail or nlherwiae.
tttrllel'er lo Dr. B. B. CLAlilt, P. M., or to
GATES It McCOMU, E.qr.., A.hl.nd. 3wJ
', . , K. H. SAKFOKU'
New London, JuneS, 15J.
T UN away from Ihe sub.crlW (in lb. fxth ult.,
It Geoige Haker, a bound buy lo lb, forming bu.l
ne... He had when be leu M w,ramul ,",llum.
nier pant.. 1. aliout ia y,. ,,d. Al, ,M, K,
May 90, 1HW,
rilIFRK will bo offered nn Wednesday, the loth day
"I June neit.at luo'clnrk, A.M., lb. building ol
. Bridge at, oi near Lldigh Mill, In Orange township.
I. II k U A' I.', UV
May M, 1MJ.
rilHERB will be otrciea on Tuesday, the 1.1th day of
X June neil.at on, o'clock, P. M.. the building nf .
Bridge .cross the Jerom. Fork, in Orange town.hip,
.1 or near Ksq. Campbell.
May , 16J8. jwl
nn n ur r ' o ur..
preperation, but a Medicine whit A
" makes cures at komt where the parties
, tan be found. jl" -
lor th. id., tliat it i.
orllv a common aoldv
and that il will eoos,
'Iwear itself oirtl"
Let.fri.nd tell yoein
7 all kiodneM, what will
onn be the probabl. reault.
In a short lime, If you contind to neglut
yourself, yon will begin to leal . .eoM of light
ne. .nd oppression .orou eh. chut, accompa
nied with 1'rou.tieat sharp darling pain.. Th.n
dry, hacking Cough will Mtin.aad wh.a you
raise anything it will b. a thick .od yellowieh,
or wh.t. frothy matter, itr.akarl perhaps, with
b ood. If you atill tuk. .o medicine, the.e un
pleaaant .vmptora. will inereata and yon will
soon have hectic fevor, cold chill., night aw.au,
copioua cpector.tioo, and then great proMr.ti.ll
If yon still neglect your., f, a few week, or
month, will aeo you consigned to tliegrav., leav
ing your triend. to. m urn tW .rabidly consump
tion did it. work, and hurried you .w.y. friend!
have vou no cause to b. alarmed I In the .bove
ketch you may iet,a glaai, how .very case of
Consumption progroaao., with more or less ra
pidity, to . fatal termination. Of.ll thethouaand
and million, whom thia great di .trover ho. gath
ered to the tomb, ever, tingle catelbegan with
Coldl II this had b.en attended to, .11 might
have been well; but, being neglected, under th.
latal delusion that it would "wear itaelf off," il
translerred its deadly action to the sub.tnnc. of
the Lungs, eicitmg there tho formation of luber.
i " An"ner another cold added fu.l to
the dime, until these tubercle, began to .often
and .eparatn, leaving, by their ulc.ritlon, grot
cavities in the Lungs. At thla criat., th. dise.n
is very diflicult of euro, and ofteutir.es .et. at de
aance all human nnane.
In the later or wor.t .tage.thi. medicine will
olteritnne. arrest th. disease, or theck Jl.' pro
gre.s. and will alway. m.ke the pstient niore
comfcrttble, .nd prolong hi. life, tad it i. th.ra
lore worthy of a trial but ia its incipi.ntor form
ing period., Consumption isa.cur.bl.aa.nyoth
erdisea.8, .nd Dr. UaW, Baliamfor the Lung J,
I 1 T"lf"" willt" itot.ur. at it it
taken This is strong language, but we can refer
you to numberleaa living witneaa. to prove that
it is truol Aad therefore, we earnestly eihort
every mnn, woman and child, who has n Cough,
or, i. subject ... colds, to keep th. medidine bf
you in the house, and whenever you take cold,
do not "let it alone" to work mi.chiofin yoaf
sy.tem, but eradicate it thoroughly, and ai once,
by this powerfully healing compound, and leave
your lungs uninjured, to carry yoaiu full vLor id
a good-old age! - -
M.A...n o , CinrmsiATt, I)M,l.t. 1B5I. r
Balsam for the Lung., a mo.t valuable medlcln.. .
1 have been freojiently .clacked Willi disrawe of
the lungs fur the las five years, Jod.ljr HairVBal
am ha. alway. broke tp the disease one, I fl
mat the public should k now th. meriT: 7l"-A . 2"'
ite.mcnce on Plum, 3 door, above sixth Siroet;
. n o .flii"'iaTi, July Irt, IMt'
Missa. O. R. Ra. 4 CoaW ,; l b,
w.i s bad objection, to have n,v i,.m. I. ... :.
lached to . Patent Medicine. But when tbl.k fu .
now have every reason to believe) it bM Mved my
life, I am Induced by a senee of duty to thoM afflicted
a. 1 have been, to make my cm known and rec.nv
mend your Malsam a. Medicine that can be full, re.'
lied on. About a yuar .inc. I wa. attacked irlil.
Luug Pever, which left niv lumr. much iii-. o..
cough ww diatreaaing, attended with pain In mv'lefl
side. I h.d .een Wi.ter'. H.l..m of Wild Cborrv
puff.-d ii in the, paper.. nd t concluded to trv it I
used bottle ifier bottle, which In lute and in it. ope
ration resembled psivgmle, aoothing temporarily--'
My disease bad by thi. time become firmly ae.ltiL 1
bad coM night .weat. hectic fever-.wenl.gor tli.
limbs, ec, showing confirmed cofisumotionl 'Onra.
mcoic. 1 obtained from my Physician also failed giv
ing me permenent relief or benefit,, my lungs now uj.
cerated and I raised barge CTlantitie. or matter -from,
Ihem. The Dr. laid niy friends that I maatdiel Mr
brother then got a bottle of Ilr. Hall'a Balsam for UmV
lungs, .nd I eoinuieucad taking it. Atiirst It sick...
ed me, hut after taking more, I found It went lo the
spot the very seat of my diwiuisj. t begaa to rale
with more ease and could .eel daily, that my lung,
were healing until by the use or 4 bottles, I waa reato'
red to heller bealib than 1 had enjoyed for yean, X
believe if 1 bad used llr. Hall'. Balaaio ben I wa.
fn.t attacked, it would have .aved me a vast amount
of.uffering. All I can say to others, ia to try It .nd I
think you will be beucfflcd ifyour disease la on your,
lungs. Youre Rrppeotfully
. Three doors above Fifth street ou Vina.
Timer. Musi Horse. Lit kino. J)Ae. ?d. IPS!.
Mrssaa. B, asset Co That iln H.ll'. B.ls.infor'
the Lungs, ia one of tbo greale.l Medicine, in tb.
world. Laalspring Iwa.down wilh tbe diaeaa. of
the lunge, .nd Ur. Wi f Covington, attended on!
me fot a long time, .nd then told my nelghbora that,
1 never cnuld eel well, ,d that I might live two
week.!! 1 win and gut two bottle, of Dr. Hall'a Bat .
sain, and when I bad uaed ond bottle and . third l
was well, .nd am nftw better tlian
part of a bottle lo friend of mine, who bad ..or.
tliruat for a long time, and it cured him. . .
ncspeciiuiiy. vours, JOUR COLE
COX SUM PTIOS fJU Jig Dill " 1
Tetlimony of a PhnUlan.
Msta. Bia At Co.-)r r: Tb. public gen-'
eially are ; fully aware oflhe lhflt,.and.ofremedle.rK
diseased lungs under the title, of Srs.n.rlll '.Pills,
Plaster.. Liuaiiient., fcc, thai are dailjr .brought to
their none, through the newspaper., tf w.y ollv.r
llseineiil.. My orjeet in wi lting thl. not. tor pabll
cation i. to induce tlie public or at least thoM who'
are f tnicted (it they will ue patent medicine.,) Ioum
oiie Ihatcmtein. grticlc. of real Me. I a pulmoa.rr
dienses. 1 am cimacioii, that, in ao doing. 1 am act'
lugiiosl unprol'e.aaally, and derogatory to the In
tere.i. of medical.cicuce aud the regular practltian
era of medicine
The Medicine to which I refer Is "Dr. Hall'a Ralaaao,
fer the Lungs." I have prescribed it iu large number
orcasc,and always with .uccea.. One caaaln par
ticular, to which 1 wisk lo reler, waa given up by
several physicians who had hern called in cojisulla
tion with nivsell. The Patient had all the symptoms
nf confirmed consnniption.sutb a. Cold Nhjbtk weal..
Untie Peer, lli.axing Cough, with continued Pain
In the lobe nf Ilie rtgbt lung .Itended with severe 111.
.rrliK.I He coimteuced Immediately to get bMter, by
th. use of Ibe above named medicine, and Waa Mich
restored to bis u.u.1 healihl I h.v. .Is round Dr,
11.11'. Balaam la mo.t valuabt. hlpector.nl for
biraking up dislrc..iii Cough, tint CnMilh.t f hsvtr
ever used. Vf, 1), WKIUHT, M, U.
ClRjlMNATt,!tOV. 9, 1840,
,:e i
We the undersigned. Physician, of Cincinnati, car-'
llfy that llr. Wright', statement, are entitled te lh..
fulle.l confidence cf the public, and w. con rully.cor
roheral. what bit has said, having used Dr. Hall's -R.I-'
urn In .number otca.es, with the happie.r.llMlal I
. J. S. LAWSOM, M. D
WM. C. S.yillt, M. 1)1''
-,, ,'' ' JOH.NSON, K. V.
Cincinnati, Nov. 91.1, 1840. Jmol
J'l? DrJB1r'. WI11TNET A.hl.nd ft!' -
IN pursuance pf ao order of the Court of Cens-j
mon Plea, within. nd for the eiasn.l a.li-.V
aad Stale of Ohio, made at tho May term of Mid
Court. 1861. 1 will offer lor al v.kiu v.Jl'
due on the premi.es on the S8lh day of inM
!H6i t 10 o'clock, A. M.,the rollowU:l.ul,
.....lo, wii: ui. number 108, I0smd J 10 icy
Andrews' addition tn ib .f a.wi i I
Ohio. Also, on the same day at t o'cioch, P. H.'j
I will offer lor tale on tho rremise.. tho
part or tho north-ea.tou.rter of Section 17, town,
hip twenty-four, range ..vente.atha Mm. m
conveyed bj Nicholas f errme to d.c.d.nt, con
taining o-.,. hundred and forty acrrt, of ,o much
(if the .am. na may be n.oessarj to dl.charg. ihe
lisll, lilies ol .aid .state. .,
Term, of sale: On. third Cash ia hand, one
third in one year, and the res, do. in two '
from the dsy of ml., with intervst., Back pay
ment, secured bf Mortgage on th. premlsaa. .
i . c. ftrikiMiNii
Administrator of 1. 1. Lang, dei'd11.
Mayl9,lH6a. . 4. it
Probate Notice. ,
riiHr. Allowing Adtnioiatrutors and Oa.rdiAdy
X having fiiod tlv.ii acoonnt. in the Pr.ra.id
Court of A.hl.nd County, O.. for solljean'enl'i A
simo .re ordered to b published thrtia w.dttj
during which Ihe ..me are coatioved lb (he law'
.paction of any person interestod eii ftrr eaami
n.tian, vi.t , .. - r
The final aoct. of Aaron Cn'nlhgham admleio-
- rr.tor ol Hugh Murray, dee.
' "j.g.We.lh..b....f,J.,,
Lybarg.r, hmilon of Jaeok
I.ybwger, d.e.
' Banl. Whitm.r.h, GurdlggT
for Mary A, tjeorgt end r:
. Knight.
John Kharnek, (i-akrdl.e
Jerhn PiAraigor.
x. . L-mitoMahatij
M.J 10,. 1351
per cent, of Hurl and lead:'
u.s , W3.

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