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nntUnh HuUiult tit AmtrU Dtmet-
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'for'higt of the Supreme Court,
SUEPAR0 f. isorris,1
Is 'or'ttlk3it tOiSTT." '
- " Jb' fctorij e Hoir WVrll, 1 1'
" " !' " or BllttEB fcoCNTT.
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' : ' t'SITE TAIE E!A" u ' .
Upon lb present Ohio Ibegitlamre der
votve lb necessity f electing a United
States Semtor, to fill the plsee of the pjrei
cut jociimbeot, SiHion P. ChasL Not
hide amating, to n outiiilet t Cohim
buter tb irtisgm and devices mafe
umi of by the friend of the different csh
didVtei toincreaee tbeir itock,' ind each
dt&tb'f JuW nunc viry their estimated
ihe.prtmtbleeharfietfprnomiiutiou. An
other feature in the pettilialr position many
of f1 member of the Legislsture occupy.
omiiay,,they i for AtUs t Tew,
Wruew, e aw glad to ay. are for Ms-
sari ike young Democracy go for Piioh,
of Cincmnati. Thi gentleman bae fine
abilities, but we must respectfully dissent
frotp thi ctop trap at young Democracy.
There i but oe sort of Democracy, viz:
that turnitbed ti by JarriMox, Jackson,
nd a host of other lightiTn the Democrat
ic party ..j. Any dev ialion from the doctrines
laid Jawn by litem, we csouol recognize
being done ; from proper notlvet. The
etm young America is every unmeaning
expression, exist only in the imagination
and ihoutd iot.be suffered lobe Interpol
I 1 is our partVi to create toy distinction,
Col.' MANYftkNt'l friende speak loud
of h'scbincuiof nomination. " Sometimes
they are very confidential, end develop
the whole support of Mr. M , (which, of
course, is stupendous.) and Will like their
lesv'e of you br catching yon by the coat,
casting leer of the eye, and giving you a
huaehiftlhe ilbs, much aa to say, "see
vender endue 0f power liie 'Public
Workt there u our strength. " Take eour
Mr.' Cobwin's friend equally as nu-
rnerpu omu others pursue the " even
tenor of iheir way' apparently making
no effort for his nomination. : Hi friends
re Very true, and we' would not be sur
prissd it he exhibited more strength than
some other supposed to be stronger. ,
. We hsve ihoi noticed some of the prom
ineritr'caodidate. We 'now come to the
name of Wit.' Ainu, by far the most proin
Inett, in pur opinion... Mr. Aiie will
lead sll other for nomination .Whether
lie will succeed, is question hereafter to
be decided.' If pure man sud an honest
politician, can have any elaims upon the
DroMcney of Obwj if sound tuiesman
ship" n4 nnsWerting derotioh to the true
intefctis of rh Demoemic party, entitle
any man ht ibis Stale to lite nominstioq of
t'oheJ Stales Srnalor, that man would be
Yu,ua Allbs. , If at any lime hii nom
ination were Heft with the people, then
swigiil bis frieuds rest secure. Hut where
MifigM diiplici y, end all ill vices per
lalninjf lo polities are lu be eneounie'red,
il render hi chances fur nomination, at 1
least s little uncertain. He has acquired
whatever fame and reputation he now pos
sesses, by pursuing a straight forward
course, having only for his greal ambition
ktnetlyt II is miud never dncends to
strategy or iroplifity, to accomplish an ob
ject. W bw thwl kswws him, does not kuow.
tbirto be litref And if true, is he not the
smi above til other lor ihe United States
tfciriiei.. .,
It member of the Legislature tiand
untrammcled, without being influenced by
kuy outside pressure, and we think his
nomination is certain. Let rot Mr. At
.kn'i friends in lb Legislature if they
are bis true friends say they an fur him
first, another man second, and so en through
ul lbs list of candidates. We speak ef
thisy oceans it is not th unusual wsy of
talking.' Let them go for Wa. Au.iN
limply nothing' beyond show their po-
rit'ott slid slant! firm. . This i ihs eours
pursued by true friends U others we sua
peek Wt keliett Bow, sS wo tvr have,
that th ly way to make k man strong
tnd U successful, li for hi friends lo'stand
uue'io biin eeier j irldiog. Bucba man.
witk'.wch fiiond. can lwy succeed
Noenrerwsy Utberetolnjureamsnin
cosiest lik this, than for his friends to
suffer I wsplcbiw to srls ss lo bw success,
It if 'po ibeir oine lo (JoiibH ifc U
enough for bi eoemiee to o it.
ft auoUroul (r ieei oflbi gentleman
Will will lean wirlr pessure, thai be ha
eotrc Chief CIrkof the Council
of tflBttttou'Th Democracy of Mie
rola, fpuhy ndtliavt' atratl a better
lectio.; ,' Whilst it? atVStW,Wyri
pa) taod higas i we eatietntnea? of the
pemocrstie pirty, bsn did Mr. MaAli.
' liere'e iU jro),:'- "T.., ,T, ,,
Mediel College, d.td at bi residene ea
me JSih insC Prof. JWwaao, wu
u. j Cm Kdiin, the Mdieal Journal,
T a Out CttiriWv-T ki mlseklf Sfrieel--
lural piper, slwal kar tk Ium ef T
(knaer. As little as w ksvw hwi rmla(, w
stvtr vtt ksv ptvmi it, Kiibsal fUbsnsf
tta Utmt. that were w a lara d , A4 be of
f r4t (rwliwl isterMt. rr, llisre IS seoi.
OBJ is kiltUtnl kaowledge. '
Shiils AH BAArs. This old asd taitKful
rguofth Utaoctaty it Richlud, cones lo
this woek with sa ur ow are sow
prsuaU food an appsonsn u a' piper is
Its Ktno.i ki is ewe itlielio tlut tl
Bttuur lui aol besa nitariallr iffcclnl by Ik
rsflmi of Richland county; - ,, , . ,
Kew Voas Mmcu WonisassTnin. This
is eicellsnc paper lor all who hue - aiuwe la '
their souls. Koeli ssmbsr we reeeuie ks Iws
or.tbre of lb kt ' of ""C ngd
for Ike Piano, GuiMr, id otber isitrameati-
ThM Maiicsl Josraals will Us mors to csln
IhoiliUlios ol' lbs Soul," this esrUia otbof
Joumls ws sow save in our nisd. Pries 19.
ill sdM. Address V. K. Dcoo, N. JS7,
B?osdwsy, NsW Vork., I - l !. ,
Tut, N'ew-Yosit Mkicm. Review ad Chosal
Adfosate. Is ttlechoipeit end bet. Muiical Pa-
pr in lbs world. Tttii Journal (which haa htrs-
lofors ba publitucil Ykostlily) eummincsa
tlfla yoarlhs lalot TkopYeeest moslh, asd here
after it will bs pobliibed erery two weeks
o every other Thkraday tkeVcby jirioj rocis
Iban twite as much matter wttV6ut any lncreaae
is price Each number contaioa likteea quarto
pageij iiiit ef which are new rau.fc, coSniatiDg ol
glees, hySiia nnea, chaata, astnemi, eedication
sod holiday Jitcei, aod, is ihurl, Srery Vartsty
of n; aie adapted to psrposes of religions Wor
ship, to pnblfe eeeaitono, kwd loths home cir
cle) all of which will be ef a practical character
and tuck ss can be auag by perwn of ordinary
muiical attainments, la lbs Kditortil department
of the Review' are angaged (is sdditios to Mr.
Cady, the former editor) gentlemen of Ihe high-
eat talent sod ripest muiical experience, among
whom Sre, George I. Root, Win. B. flrsdborry,
Tbomia Ha.lingi, snd Lowell Maaon and its
eiltle bf correspondence, home and foreign, ia
complete'. The muiie stone is s volume woul I
cost over Ive dollar) in the usual rural, Bewaes
Uiii, there Will V an immcnos amouSt of maiicsl
newa, ernya, eriticiains, inatrseliona, Ac. kc. sll
for only ess dollar 1 Evsry ons reeling S parti
cle ef inisiest is lbs cause ofaratie will surely
tubaeribeC Tbe Review will situ be a retail!
medissa for Ihs announeement of ne musisal
publications by sll Ihs leading psbliihing hsuees
In the Union. The ebscrrptWil I'll of this paper
is daw larger lhas that el any aimilar journal ia
thd wuHd,d lira new arrangements, rendering
it the cheapeat aa well a (it ia hoped) the Boat
valuable nmical pspsr vsr publiihed, must
largely increase its slresdy unparalleled clrcula
lion. ! - : - . "
TERMS. On- dollar per ssasst, or tit copies
lor dvodollara, always in adranss. -
Ipeeimes nusabsrs seat en receipt ef Iwo let
ter peetags atsmps. . ' . , i ,
Addrssa, (alwaya poat-psidl '
I 13 Park Raw, H'W-Vork.
f'onsiilersblk opposition Is manifested
in many portions lit the Slale,.to the pres
ent School Liw. We see by the Legisla
tive proceedings, that nttmeroue petiiione
a e eenl in, praying for it repeal. The
modifications aalcd for, al Hear' a we can
gmher, xre substantially as follows: To
aboliah th office of School Cooimiaaiotv
er : '( 1 no tsxr for High School
purposee ; to elect School Cjtahiiner it
the thnusl township elee'lione ; that bul
dne mill on the dollar abould be levied on
the whole people for building school
houses, and no libraries at "ihe public ex
pense. . ' '
From what we eoulJ gather in conver
sation with incmbetw whilst In Columbus,
we are of th opinion, thnt they desire lo
have it mor fully teeted before repealing
it, This, of course, is merely our opinion;
it may be acted upon ibis winter, bul we
llimk not.
',, ." .-J..." . ', "",,:'' ' -i
Ukcs hss been received, tnd will ap
pear next week. . .. , , .
The name ol the correspondent should
slwsy secompany th communication.
We mention this from the fuel, that we
have received ' several communications
without any name." ' '
E7 Public opinion bat been to strong
against a portion of th Cincinnati Police,
that Capt. Lcitxt, one of iheir number,
liss had lo resign. He wat at ihe head
of the Dedini mob.
Skktewck o Casio and Tavlob. On
Tuesday last, John Craii snd Jesse Tay
lor, convicted ol nrsony were ch sentenc
ed to ttvtn year imprisonment in the Pen
ilentisry. Previous to tu sentence ol
Craig, a motion for a new trial wss eery
ably argued by Judge Deam and Win. M.
Orr, Esq., for. and John MeSweeney and
Win. uiven. Esqra., against but the mo
lion was overruled. A bill of exceptione
ha been suhseiiqenlly obtsined. t ' i v
Tbe Court adjourned u Tuesday after
long and laborious session. If flynt
County Demotrat. '
- ,i '
. Mm Vftua't Last We hssr thai'
one of th 'very hards" was eongratula
ling himself yeettrdsy in Mike's presence
upon ihe cordiality with which the f real
dent treated him in a reerni interview
'shaking him by the band with srr affeo
tionate warmth," s he explained. He
asked Mike whether ll didn't loooh at
though his Excellency might be coming
round lo lb Hards. -No," said Mike,
"it lojks mor like th eheriff thtking
fcsnds with t feflnw after he hss pulled ll'
esp aver his eyes! rrasftiiifien dferr;
'' NotQmT. UPToTiata." Oreeley,
of ihe Tribune, professes lo pise sons
relisne opo the wisdom of lint Maker,
but alter til- esys lb Hartford Timet, h
terms to think hi own view ire rather
belter. W ilnee If following queer thing:
" Oofi thtii for'abvUthisg slavery in
Ravi! wss doubtless III rgA'tlroe'nnd
yet tM think; il would, humanly speaking;
hive been w)l for the sUvs-holdwrf o
btrt sbolishsdil tome time tariff,'
XT lui G' Birney, a candidate for the
Presidency ia 1844,1 lying dangerously
a.KOfl pertly lit, to rniiaaeipina.
f ! ' iAMUAItt. si, tost.
t Enrror fJlsh) bmoN si-Th irgiskt
rnr is pushing bnsineetwlth coiisideiaWe
fore tl ih peescnt' time, j J
f Inquiriei touching the manajemenl of
ih UosrJ" of Publie Works bsv bee!
blade In both branche of th legislator.
Noihing definitejhowever ha yet reached
either bod. k resoluiioo iu reffcrenc to
the sale of the Public Works, snd the slock '
which the State own therein, has been of
fered, which Was rtiere j lb th hfarWing
femmillee oh Publie Work. and Public
Lands." During the pendancy of ihisreeo
1'ition, very iettereetirig iliscussloh1 sprang
up, in which MsnV Atkinson, Foot
W illiams,,Smilh, Davis tnd Jewell partici
pated. '.The whig showed t strong dis
position to out under tnd steal Democratic
thunder, by trying to make the people be
lieve thatjbey were the advocate of true
reform, when the fact is notoriuns that
Ihry'wcre'lhe author of the internal im
provement which have involved the Stale
in the enormous debt' which now hange
over her. The Democracy predicted this
stale of thing when Ohio went so largely
into these internal improvement. The
irue remedy is to sell them a speedily at
the interests of the Stale will permit.
Swarms of corrupt, rptien bangera-on, al
ways have tnd alwaya will surround this
Board, till these wotks tre disposed of.
hence, the sooner they ere told the better.
Resolution have been introduced into
both branches, inquiring into the propriety
of enacting a lew to soppreii small bank
notet ss a circulating iridium.' ' Il is to
be hoped that the' Legislature will fake
some deffinile action on the tuhjecl. Ohio
iliould return to a Contlitutional currency
as toon tnd speedily at the nature; of fhingl
Will permit. ; ' , , ,.
' A resolution in regard lo instructing our
Senator, and requeuing our Represents
lives in Congress, to go for the passage of
a law to (lonale the public lands lu actual
settler, jiving to each 160 acres, wss of
fered and referred lo its appropriate com
mittee. ' During the pending of this reso
lution, a very spirited discussion rose..
Here again th whig portion of Ihe Sen
ale attempted lo cat -under tnd lake ad
vantage of the question, it is known that
ike whig doctrine ha slwsy been to dis
tribute the proceed of ihe aale of Ihe
publie land among Ihe Slate ; while Ihe
Democratic Parly were always in favor of
using il for revenue and Ihe payment of
the nalional debt, and when that was ac-
cnmplisbed, then to .give tbe remaining
lends in small qusnlitie to actual seitler.
Th contest lor the election of United
Slates Senstor grow more spiiiied, as we
approach the time for disposing of thsl
mstler. ' Several candidate : are panting
for die heat, and anxiously wsiting the
hour. One ibing is certain, they cannot
all be elected. ' Then.- is much fighting in
the matter, and it is extremely difficult to
predict who will succeed.. 1 m ktill ol
ihe opinion, however, that'the tall chief,
Ho.. William Allcn, will be the man. .
Vore tnon, ' DEMOCRITUS.
' . FtksOliloVnios.l
Dr. SuEatOAN t In yours of the 28th
ult., we observed t code, for the candidate
teacher, by which be will be enabled in
prove bis competency, for, a tusccetsful
examination ; whilst we gladly eongrato
I ile the Board in iheir efforts, (designed as
progressive, no doubt, especially thsl psrt
alluding lo natural sciences field not long
since almost unexplored, bul now en
gaging the greater minds ol the age.) we
dn not fully concur with all the obeervi
u'ons, in the trlicle before ut.
Physiology we sre taught, means a
- discourse on nature;" formerly il meant
the eame it phytic now does. At the
present it includes only the functions of
snimals tnd vegetables, " and gives sn ex-
uUnttion of the laws which regulate the
growth of vegetables, the cry stalization of
mineral, snd the functions of tuimnl life.
The last sentence is eorre'ci t bul it goes
far beyond this definition. Tbe expression
" snimsl life, in Physiology, refers only
lo t certain series of phenomens, apper
taining to only one clss of nerves, tnd
not, at Ihe writer here meant, to life w
find il in the animal kingdom, vegetable
aud animal, . , ,
The nervous system is divided into Iwo
classes of nerve those belonging lo th
etrebro-ipiiul eoxts, or eranisl and spinal
system, and the organic system. The first
preside over animals with exterior bodies,
whilst the Utter system preside over com
position, snd decomposition. Both may
b represented thus : -
' 2nd. Nutritive.
1st Animal ot of relation, , Digetlion.
.Sensibility,',, . , j,;. . Miorplion.
" Muscular Motion, . .- A'utrilion,
r Expression, Secretion, Circulation,.
In Ihe firet, there i consciousness
heac. the epithet animal j the second or
ganieebaeanMeommoa toman and animals,
sud presiding ever the orgsnie function.
The propriety as ihi distinction most be
obvious lo the most superflcisl, and il can
not Tail jo srresl the attention of every
reflecting mind ( for it would be utterly
Impoeaibl to have correct conception of
Phyiolngy by etudylngonly the functions
of aulmkl life. ': It would indeed be a very
meage tfliir, and i doe not fail to txcii
surprissi rh wtttv all tha Iraditioo, anuV
record of wisdom from lb dsye of Col
Jlen ap4 Pregory, and witb all th ligb
yet entMating from 'Mailer," Wagner aae)
Carpenter; thai there are minde pro
fessmg tb lescH; who hav fallsn into
auch a multiplicity of errors. '' ; v
Whilst they nive claimed ten little lot
iheir science ! Ike obe band, they wave
fallen lfito the kpposite extreme ol chim
ing loo much, a the following senience
proves " tbe crystalizstion of minerals. "
I eryitallogtaphy a) pari of the seJieuee of
Physiology t ' We tliink not I bot'ssserl
that the conditions neeesssry for eryitalli
xallon are diametrically , opposite lo those
eo'mpstibie.wiih life."- ; ; ., ' .
Richmond, and , Dunglison isserl that
" Pbysiologjl is the science of life." i An
other author of distinction says, "The
object of the science of Physiology t,.to
bring together ia tytejattie form, the phe
nomena which normaily present them
selves during the ' existent of living
behigi." The distinctive chtracterrsiie
of Inorganic bodies' is, rest of organized,
independent motion. ..Life, . the rocky or
crystal once formed, never changes from
Internal causes. Its molecules invariably
preserve the position they have once ss
sumtd in respect, Joeach i other. .The
Granite and Limestone of our hill remain
just as they were farmed by remote Geo
logical epochs, 'tbueyou see thnt mutation
is the law of animate,, not inanimate
nature; of ofganized, not cryslalized
matter. : . " ,
! Cryatalixation ie the formation cf crys
tals, during the passage of certain bodies
from fluid to a solid form the phenomena
are ascribed to cohesive attraction,, thus
placing il legitimately in the province of
chemistry. Is It not strange thai Oraham,
Kane and Faraday should travel out of
their provinces, snd treat of this branch
in their respective works on Chemisiry.
And no less singular is it, that Carpenter,
Majendioaod Durbach.omil to mention it
in their Phyeioloeical writings. Where
lies the error t ' lit our Physiologists and.
Chemists, or School Examiners I
Chemistry we are informed, " Is tbe
science which 'investigates ihe composi
tion, and properties of bodies." Certainly
this must refer lo all the properties of
mailer ; now doe Chemistry investigate
Ihe essential properties of matter t Ex
tension, figure, divisibility and attraction,
or (he peculiar properliea color, hardness,
elasticity, die '
They will require the applicant lo name
the ponderable bodies simple tnd com
pound bodies. "This requisition will sel
dom be complied with, for who can nsme
til the compound bodies in nature, Acids,
Salts, Oxides, Sulphurs, id
The1 definitions of Physiology tnd
Chemistry, ire, we consider, extremely
defective, tnd a much belter one of Natu
ral Philosophy "mighl have been given.
We would arrange Chemisiry and Natural
Philosophy thus :
Piivsics. Phenomena of Matter.
Phcnoxina. Depend upon re-sction
Matter, may be viewed ss in Masses
or in Panicles; hence re-action is between
Mattel and Particles, or between Parti
cles, , '
Masses on misses, masses on particles,
particles on particles.
What a Scotchmah iiav become. At
a meeting; held in Ldinhure h lust week
lo obtain "iusiice for Scotland,1' Sir A
Alison, the Insluri n, related the lollowing
anncdole. ' '
Gentlemen, one very eunous thing
cured to show how Hcnichnien do rie al
ihe world over and with thit anecdote 1
will conclude. Marah.l Keith hsd Ihe
comma-id of the Auslrisn army, which long
cnmbatied the Turkish fmeesur. the Dan
ube, under the Grand Vizier, and after a
long and bloody combat ihs two generals
enme lot conference loeclher. The Grind
Vizier came mounted on tiiimrl with sll
ihe nninn of Eastern magnificence. Ihe
Scotch Marshal Keith, Irum the neighbor
hood of Turriff in Aberdeenshire, at the
head of the Austrian troops, had a long
conference, and after the conference, the
Turkish Grand Vizier said lo Marshal
Keith that he would like lu speak a few
words in private to him in his lent, ind he
beetied that no one should secompany htm
Marshal Keith accordingly went in, and
the monieni ihey, entered, tnd when the
conference in the tent wn closed, the
Grand Vizier threw off his turban, tore off
his beard, and tunning lo Marahal Keill
said. 'On. Johnnie, foo'st' wi' ye, man."
(fud laughter.) And he then discovered
that Ihe Gisnd Vizier of Turkey Was an old
chool companion of hi own who had dis-
ppesred thirty years belore irom pansn
school near Meiheli. l,Lugiiier.; L,on
don paper. - '
Insane Timoron , Excessive Jot. A
writer descrihins: the Lunsne Asylum a
Blackwell's Lland, says ; Here is t wo
man whom o hss deprived il her senses,
Her husband tnd child were on ootra t
vessel whk-h was wrecked. Going down
to the shore evrey day. it if the wish of be
ing nearer the beloved objects that lay bur
ied beneath the sesrtuddenly she beheld
them lending from the vessel which hsd
picked them up snd saved them. An
overwhelming flood of joy pievsded her
bosom, ind then resson wss gone forever.
She never hit known ther einee, bul it
on whst she thinks the ism rock, where
she used lo bewsil their fate, wringing her
hsnds ind moaning most piteously while
evry week the nusbsnu aim son cons snu
gaze nn her face,' in hope lo rouse on
gleam of meuioiy, bul in vain. , j
' EFA negro, returning one night from a
dancing frolie, when crossing th river,
lost both ears, and earn near being
ewimped1. Determined to eo whit be
ever did beftiret he dropped on his knees,
nd'eiclatned, 0h, Msa Lord f if eber
mi isewksa to kht old Ira, now it da
; .(,' SENATE.
', j ',. ' Tiiksdt, Jan. 17. ,
Mr. StotTH, ef Madison, en leave, irri
troduced a bill tupplentehiary to Ihe Codi
of Civil Procedure, which was read al
the Clerk's desk and laid upon Ihe table.
Mr. WRItiHT offered a rssohstion in.
stroetihg the Committee on the Judiciary
to inquire' Into Ihe expediency of trans
ferring marriage licenses from the Probate
Judge lo the County Clerks, dco.a which
wis read at the Clerk's desk and adopted)
Senate bill in relation to publishing the
general lawt in newspaper wti laken up
ind considered. . . , i i: :
Mr. WILLIAMS, of Columbiana,,
movee) lo strike out the first section, which
provide for the publication of all general
laws in noi more than Iwo newapapers in
each county, at prices not exceeding 00
cents per thousand ems. , , v- r
The question being on striking out, wa
put and carried. So the bill was lost in
the Commiilee of the Whole.: !
Senate bill to amend the act prescribing
duties ol supervisors, anil relating lo
roads and highways, passed Feb. 18, 1853,
and to repeal the 93d section, was laken
up and considered, n '-i.-v-i t
Mr. R1ULET moved lo strike out the
first section, which proposed to renew the
provisions of the old law in regard to the
certificate and payment of mad labor.
After some discussion, Mr. Riblelon leave,
withdrew his motion. The bill was adopt
ed without amendment. ' 1
The committee, on motion, then rose
and reported that Jennie bill in relation lo
the publication of the laws in newspapers
bsd been amended, and, on motion, it wis
referred in the Commiilee on Printing. '
Mr. ANDERSON gave notice of his
intention lo introduce I bill for Ihe punish
mentof persons who adulletate spirituous
liquors.' - - -' '
On motion, Senate joint resolution in
relation to the public lands uzsold in Ohio,
was laken up, and the substitute offered
by Mr. Atkinson was agreed lo, ind the
joint resolution wai passed, as follows
Wiirkaj, The owner:!;ij, 0f the pub
lic dsinain ll vested in the General Gov
ernment of the United Stales, in trust for
tha benefit of the whole people; And
whereas, it ii the true policy of our Gov
ernment to encourage the distribution of
its public lands amongst landless citizens,
snd lo prevent the monopolizing the
same in Ihe hands of speculators. There
Rtsotvtd by the General Jlstembii of
the State of Ulno, I hat our aenalors be
instructed, and our Representative request
ed, to secure,. if possible, Ihe passage of
au act, by the Congress of the U. Stales,
granting lo each individual who will settle
upon any or Ihe public lands and improve
ihe same, one hundred and silly acres
thereof, st Ihe actual coal to the Govern
ment ol aurveying and locating the same,
and from henceforth entirely abolishing
the system of disposing of Ihe public
lands lo nun residents and speculators al
snv price.
Jtttolved, I hal Ihe Governor be re
quested lo forward a copy of Ihe loregO'
mg preamble snu. resolution to each of our
senators ami Kepresentulives in Uongress
Tiiuisdav, Jan. 17.
Mr. MORRISON offered t resolution,.
which wss sdopted, instructing the Judi
ciary Committee to inquire into the expe
diency of so amending ihe Probste Court
law, as to give ssid court the jurisdiction
of the naturalization of foreigners.
Mr. HOUSTON offered Tor adoption
the following, which were adopted:
Whebeas, it has been alleged that the
moneys ol ihe Stale hive been depoaled
with bsnks ind bankers, ind oilier institu
tions or persons, on terms, the office or
officers making such deposits, receiving s
consideration either in ihe form of inter
est or in some oilier way end, whereis,
if toeh praciice exists, ihe interest ind
security of the Sine ii thereby jeopard
ized, snd a remedy should bt provided ;
therefore be il
Htfohrd, That the Treasurer of State
report to this House, it as early a day aa
practicable, '
1st. With whit institution or institutions
person or persons, he has deposited or
caused lo be deposited any portion of the
moneys belonging 'lO'lhe Slate during the
paet two yeara. J ' ' 11
2d, How long iriy tuch deposits hsve
been permitted to remtin with any such
institutions or persons, and, if changed,
how often such change were made, and
fur what purpose.
3d. Have any such deposits been trans
ferred from any one of such depositories
In another, in another section of Ihe Slate ?
if so, where, and for whit purpose t
4ih. Has he been in the habit of check
ing upon or ordering transfers from my
uoh depositories in favor nf Daniel Beck
el, of Dayton, or the' banking houses in
which Ihe said Bcckel is interested t If
so, when, for what iccounl, tnd for whit
purpose f 1 .
Sth, Whsi amount, if any, has he hsd
deposited wild the Bank of Marion or its
officers during the past two yesrt ; when
tuch deposits were made, tnd how long
continued t ' ''
8th. Whil eonsidention, In the wiy of
interest or otherwise, 'direct or Indirect,
hss he received or igreed to receive (or
the use ol audi moneys, or making tuch
dennsiis or transfers t
7th. Has he msd any loan or loan of
Ihe money nt the Slate, on time or oth
erwise, to any institution, company or in
dividual t If so, lo whom, when, and for
what purpose, and upon whit terms f.
8ih. At a hat limo and of whom he has
purchased exehsnge lo psy the interest on
the Stsie debt, and whai rile of premibm
he hat paid.
,''';". ' Far&AT, JarV. 18,
Mr. WRIGHT offered the following
resolution, which ws sdopted !,, .
Jfesowerf, Thai the Commitle on the
Judiciary be instructed to inquire into ihe
expediency ol so intending th liw defi
nine the jurisdiction tnd reeulalinf th
pneiiee ef Probate Corns, as to allow to
Probata Judgea throughout this Stsla a
fixed ealary, lo be paid out of the county
treasury, and graduates) according le the
population of lb reenecliv counties. And
further to require ssid Judge lo rooder I
. . . . i e k.. . I -I. , i
iriei account Ul an lenuv uin cuargcui
I account ol all feet by them charged,
ell collected, tnd lo pty over iff
arid charges by them eoHetted for ser
i as ssid Judges, to the County Treat-
as wel
fee and
later. - i ' ; ! !
1 Mr. WILLIAMS offered the following :
Xiettved, That th (tsndine Committee
on Finance be instructed to inquire into
the expediency of providing by law for
the sale or au publie works owned by the
(3s. 'L.l .11 L 1 I I... t. da-..
uJ.ii. Ji . T y
111 rB.lMa.llfl. Itirnnilcs-a ml oatinl nmng.
nic. In such wsv ss will ha most eondu.
eive lo the interest of the Stile, for the
luruurn ui nupiyiiio mo proceeds oi sucu
tie lo the payment of the Slate debt. .
wh .h m. pdrAV..i in tl.. r i
ii Pilblie Workl and Public-Lands,
Friday, Jan. 18,
Mr. EMERSON presented a Petition
from citizens of Ashland county, for sun-1
ury mooiiicatinns nt ine sciiool isw.
special report from .he Bosrd of Public
I'h. SI'I.-Ak'R-IJ 1. ,1 Knf.,, I
Wnrks.in xenlv to i resolution eallins- un.
dn them for a, statement of the speeirio
purposes for which ail money drawn from
ine ireasury unce ine loin wovemoeriasi
had been applied. I
the report was laid on the table and order-
vil iiiuiiwii ui jeiis niiuuLii 'i iri
td to be printed, '
Erie Trials at PUUburgh-Lowry Bnd
. , '
PlTTIIIIIDnil fan Ol
' 1 I
ml - r . I .. . , . I
I lie ioun wss occupieu yesierusy in
honrino- ll. .nncluninn .f t..limnV f...
the respondents. Hon A. Loomis ad-
dressed the Court for the prosecution, and
Hon. Wilson .tlcLandless ind Judge I
aepourn lor me ueiense. i
This morning, Col. S. W, Black ad-,
dressed Ihe Court for the respondents.
E. M. Stanton, Esq., followed for the
Company, in in able speech I il was a
logical and maalerly effort; Erie was
completely used up. . VV hen he hsd fin
ished, l.owry got up and declsred he was
prepared to pive thai he never said he
would obey the ordets of the Court "over
the left." Mr. Stanton objected lo his
making a harrangue.
Judge Irwin, after alluding to the mo
tion and charge, aaid the charge of rescue
and escape was not pressed. Thechirgo
was resistance. Contempt by destroying
nf subpoena was of daily occurrence.
This was a mitigated form ; bul this case
was mnre serious and the first step lo in
surrection. We ire in the midst of such
a case, snd the guilty must be punished.
In i his case, there wss a legal arrest, snd
may have been an interference, but he had
only to deal with those before him. He
ile lined the powers of the Court ss laid
down by the act of 1831. It gave no
power lo punish for constructive contempt!
there must be a command to some per
son named in the process, and a disobe
dience to justify punishment under the
first section or (he act, which hid no ap
plication in this case.
Section 2d shows this lo be the inten
tion of the law.
It providet punishment
of other persons not mentioned in the pro-
coss, for obstructing, &c, by indictment,
1 hi limit the power ol the Uourl to that
method. : A jury si ne can ascertain (heir
guilt. M. U. Lowry tnd Allred King
must therefore be discharged.
They left the Uourl, surrounded by a
crowd of sympathisers.
Dreadful Tornadt. Brandon Destroy
ed Losi of Life.
Mr. Veenon, Jan. 21.
Yesterday afternoon our aeclion of Ihe
country was visited by Ihe heaviest storm
of wind, rain, .hundsr and lightning we
hsve bsd since 1828. ' The tornado was
the severest about six miles south of us.
Tre town of Brandon was almost en-
lirely destroyed. Scarcely t house ie led
lo mark the site of Ihe place. . .
A Doctor healon. of Hrsndon. wss
severely if not fatally iniured.
A Mrs. 8m th had her arm broken, ind
. .j j - j . - .
hi r head severely cm bv ihe fallino- of her
house, so much so thit her life is desmired
0f, -
Tha tnrnailn was nhnul I half a mile
wide, tearing un everything in ill trick.
At Rrnmlmi. larva iwn storr houses
were moved from Iheir foundation ten or
- - -o -y -
twelve feet. '
The full extent of damsel wa ira vet
unable lo learn.
Our streams overflowed iheir hanks,
and in attempting to cross Armstrong
run " last evening, Mr. Ebenezer Jenkins
was thrown from his buggy and drowned.
The stable of Buckingham & Co., of this
place, wat struck by lightning,
In violence thelomado was little behind
hal known here as ihe Burlington lor
nadn," in the year 1828
1 hn lower parts of our town were al
most inundated M iih the Iremendoue quau
tity of rain, tnd our streets looked more
like rivers than coiiiuum thoroughfares,
The damage must be greal, a the ice-
lion through which ihe norm pissed wss
thickly settled.
ChabIeston, Jsn, 20.
The Georgia Legislature hss had five
bslloliiigs for U. S. Senator without suc
The last ballot stood Dswson, Whig,
08 ; McCalltster, Democrat, 03 ; McDon-
aid, 80.
. " Hrovidekce, Jin, 21.
The bill to repeal the Liquor Law and
substitute a license law, was Isid on the
tsbl this morning, by a vole ol 14 to 20.
Wasuinoton, Jan. 91.
M. Bodtsco, Ihe Russian Minister, died
10 tin city yesterday. ,
I Uwisviiab, Jan. q.
The Legislature have aominatsd John
J. Crittenden lor United tlsles Senator.
Election on Tuesday aext. -
1 he AIabipooo UnaoNicLE. 1 his is
the titli of a biw weekly journal issued
in the town of Mariposa, under Ihe ia
parialendena ol Win. I . uhilacr and
Allrsd a). Uouiu. Mr. Whiliore wss lor
merlv connected with Ihe Louisiana Live
Oak, tad Mr. Gould wat formerly assist -
ml editor of Ilia Cuwinoali tiaiaH. eon.
sequeoily Ihe new p.psr will have lo back
il th expencnoa of twe popular editor.
X.-I. -J,
Wasuinoton, Jan. 18.
llouss. Mr. Wslsh was followed by
Ms. Culling, who slso look ground sgainst
(lie Administrilion.
Smith, of Alabama, replied, and
defended the Administration.
He l.x -
neclej (0' sneak again to-day,
The resolution of Mr. Ewing, for 4he
tppoinimmri o a jomt commute lu pro-
pose an amendment lo the Constitution, so y
as lo ibo is i ihe intervention oi electors
tllinB .1.. pr.:i(ent tnd Vice PreiL:
uvili, ana ouuneiiiiiji tuo viwi.i
. ... it.i!.i.:- k. I
syslern', by dividing the' State Inlo the"
fame dumber of districts at etch Slate,
iis Senator and Representatives in Con-
cress, wss agreed lo.
8enatb. Mr. Cooper presentej die
Dr0eeedinet of t nnblio meeiins- in Philsw
dell,l,ia f'or.of cb"P oc?,n PMt'
Mr. Cooper also introduced a bill grant-
ing land-lo the Stale of Pennsylvania to
ald id the eompleiion of ihe Sunbury and '
n-:i,.,i . .u. ..,.i,i;.i,m..
. v. ',,,,, f, ,h
Itmulo teaclieri.
Mr. Cooper ipoke it much length and
with ffreat force of the imnoriance of con-
Lcc,inI Erie and Philadelphia by railroad';
.,l ,,,, ,! .nl. f npn.iJin- f, .L. 1
6 . 9
ffetflntlniiM' oilni.Kliin .if lAnnliA.a tlA
f,' v. v
, . , .,
"0VCU 10 "-
Mr.' Wade, of Ohio, replied, He re
garded this measure coining with bad.
grace from a Stale like Pedneylvania,
uho,B ... ..... ,...,Vllv ,
communication by railroad between oilier'
Slates over its territory. '- The bill- was
: . ;
The consideration of the. right of Mr;
Phelps to a seal in the Senate, wat post-
Ponfd un,il Wednesdsy.
' he bl dividing unio into two judicial
district was passed.
House. Mr. Walbridge gave notice
that he should hereafter move thit th
select commiilee on amending the Const!-1
tulion.be also instructed to inquire into
ihe expediency of making provision for
Ihe election by the people of all postmas
ters ind collectors of revenue.
A bill wis psssed for the relief of wid
ows ind orphans of officers tnd private
lost nn the steamer San 1'ranciaco.
The bill for the support of West Point
Academy was then uken up. Gerril
Smith made a speech sgainst the wir
spirit of ihe country, is inconsistent in
nation professing the faith of the Priboe
of Peace. . , - ;-.
Address of Jndge Hfyert, Lieut. Got.
elect, on taking nu seat u President
of (he Senate.
Senators : I hive been called by the '
suffrages of our common constituency lo
preside over vour delibers lions, lnex-
perienced as 1 am in much that perlsins
lo thit titutlinn, I enter upon the dischage
of its duties with unfeigned distrust nf my
qualifications, ind with a lull cenvictiou
thsl I shall not only need your forbear
nice but require your aid.
I tm aware how difficult it is, in a sit
uation like this, ihe duliet of which must
often be discharged tmidsl exeilement
and without tune for examination or re
flection, for any man lo give universal sat
isfaction, or even to escape eenaure. If
shall, however, be my eonetaut purpo e In'
discharge the duly incumbent upon me
with impartiality, singleness of purpose,
ind fidelity ol intention.
Rulei are nereassry, for Ihe govern-
n,en of deliberative bodies, not only )
for the dtspslch of businees, bul lor Ihe
pruiecuun in iiiinuriuco, iroiu 100 so-
coachmcnl of power. Buch rulei at IL
. i
may oe your pleasure irom lime so time.
lo idopl, you will of courso expeol me to-
enforce. I shall aim lo do eo with Uriel
impartiality tnd due regird for the rights
ol Senators,
' 0 auppose Wsl in weir ailminielratioiv
I will not commit t'rort, would be errogi.
I i,r , , ,
iingiomyseiiiorgreaier.Bnowieiigeoi par-
hameniary law thin 1 can claimjo poa-
In order thst we msy be in the gretlest '
degree useful to our constituents, and
mainlsin the dignity of the Senate, it ia f
necesssry that we should ill, in tin dis-
chargs of our duliet here, manifest a spirit '
of kindness, forbearance, moderation, and)
mutual respect for each other, and may
not the hope bo confidently entertained
that (uch will be (lie case throughout the
present session f
II is not my province lo recommend to.
you measures for your deliberation, bul it.
may not, however, be out of ihe place lo- -
say that ihe preaenl session of the Gener
al Assembly will not be on void ef high
responsibility lo its mmber, ind of greit
interest lo tin people eif this Stale. We
have hid but one Legislative body tinea
the tdoption nf the New Constitution, '
which rendered necesssry tht remodel
ing of most of ihe laws of th Bute, and
the adoption of them to many new and
untried principle. This work, which; -
was so well brgun by our predecessors, i
noi yet perfected! hence it will b the
duly of Ihe present General Assembly to'
revise such laws i msy require Revision,
ind also lo ensot tuch osw liwi at Ihe
exigences of the Sine may demand. '
With Ihe experience we now have of the :
working of the new ijstem, a nearer p
proxiioaiion to perfection ia legislation1 '
win oe exoeoieu oi ins nreuni. man ataa
attained by the list Generil Aisemblv.-
I .Confidently reiving, gentlemen, upo'n'j
Tour eo-Onernion ind suimrrl In analiin'
me, I shall endeavor lo enforce the rulea
- ... ; - ii -
and preserve order tnd decorum in debate.
This is necesssry thit we may dispatch--
the publie busmen In Ihe tbortttt linte l
....,:..kl. . .
i utaviieauio. . ,
i IM wit In conclusion express iht hope.
that when we shall have ended our official
- dutiee here, we msy emit aad eeare1
from our oonsfHiiente the salutation, Hwll
- done good end laiililul seivsuls.
1 ' P. T, Bamam tad John II. Csain hsve
I laoh sivsn 1.000 tut inn mhhiu f u. -
hsauif a firm for tha frssndresa ehihlernj.
picked ap by Mr. Prate at the Five Point,

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