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i i-. , . . , . n t
i. .. 0VEa THE LEFT.
11 ' ,0, don't yon remember Bill Spriggi, another,
'-' OM Sprint that lived it the Hill I
With eyeejvat lie a pig's, aaothsr, -'
' ' And ton lis parrot's bill I '
, . . ' WiA tnra up'cbii,
. Aad I yellow skill
Ho u jst Ik i" f" "!
Ovr lh lf, know, olher,
Over th leA jou.snow.j
' ' He come tourl mo co molhor,
..J. - Wh.l we lived ev.raouti,
,!i-r:Ad tried t hies me the dinoe mother,
V. Aid pcl hi.-obii i y snoatli I
it' Th" ol1 'e"P,ce',
I alappcd bit face
-. l m lint be Mid nwaa.a loing blow,.
Over the left , yoa know, mother,. .
. Over the left joereaow.
'"' He was ugly end old bet rich, mother,
; The Inet iaaartaat thing
"" So 1 left the etupid wretch, mother,
' Come, when e pretent he'd bring.
He aaid, "(My dove,
J"-.'. Will yoiie my love
1 told biro, "Oh, yea, j'letao,"
, ' 6er the left, J no know, mother,
'" Over the left, you know.
" Anil Hlrry got .nirerjealous, mollicr,
' Although an reasoa hid he I
' And sighed like a broken bellowi, mother,
Bel I told him Riddle-ds-rte ! '
It'e all a ihim,
TJr oldlh'ng to bam j'
For all the love 1 ihow
la over the left, you know, mother,
Over the left, youkaaw. v
Anil'ere I wai wedded to Harrjr, mother,
I itill my humor would please
' And though I contented to marry, notlier,
I vet could not help-but tense,
i pahould love evermor
Old Sprigge, I ewrmi
It made Harrjr mad ae a hoe,
Bet 'twee over the left, you know, mother,
Over the) lft, yon kaosr.
When t (food u'ptt the altar, mother,
To wed the man or my choice,
'pretended to tremble and lalter, mother,
Aad ipoke with inaudible voice,
To " love and obey "
Dear Ha-ry, that day,
To pledge I wa. no ways alow
But 'twas over ths left, you know, molhor,
Over the left, you know.
The Scientific American, haa the fol
' lowing ai to the above machine. It may
be difficult precisely to understand where
hilereita now are ; the combination of two
such managers and capitalize- as Wilson
nd Beardalee, will make it diiTicult for
parties to protect theirinleresis. We have
heard that Beardelee and Wilson, who
, were in opposition, combined, that B. look
the interfile of Wiloa and is now re
ceiving the rents and the profits of Wilson,
. is assignee' of Woodwork's and at the
same times telling hit own. There are
many assignees of the Woodworth ma
chine here in Ohio and the Weal, and it
. may be of much moment to. know what
' is going on.
Woodworth and GoodK4R Patent
Extension. In the tele graphic reports if
New York daily paper ol the 21st, we
find U.e following statement:
" The agents of Messrs. Woo J worth's
and Good) ear's patents are preparing to
. extend their business, by special act ol
Congress. There are, however, a num
ber of opponents very active against
This fully confirms the truth of our
' statement made in No. 10, in respect to
these patents, and it should act as a pow
' eiful stimulus, upon all those who, from
- principle, are opposed, to these extensions.
' Our position is well understood by the
readers of the Scientific American,"
but we erotic with regret that some of our
' most able and irusty co-operators last year,
' are now cither dumb or are avowedly
, friends la the Woodward Extension
' scheme. There is danger, let all those
' who feel npon this subject, be active in
I their eiTorte to bring public opiuion to bear
upon Members of Congress.
' We have not a farthing's interest in the
mailer, H eannot effect us for good or evil,
but a host of inventors, manufacturers, and
mechanics, are liable to snslain immense
injury thereby, therefore lliey should or
, ganize in one determined effort to thwart
' the movemenie of these schemers, and
speculators. In volume seven we devoted
column after eolava to the discussion of
t "this subject, and bave presented every ar
' gument which wt deemed important, to
effect the object in view.
Our readers whs are specially interest.
d eannot expect as to devote much more
apsea to its consideration, therefor we
hall, in future, briefly allude to the efforts
of the schemers, without entering upon
lengthy discussions of the merits of ths
ease, which are bad enough to insure its
Ws are irrevocably opposed to the ex
senaioa of either of the pateots in ques
aion, and are prepared, when our services
are needed, to exert tvbaX personal influ
ence we posses. Some aerive aod trusty
person should be employed to wsteh the
Movements going or in Wsshington and
. export protre ; our daily paper report
era do not leal interests! ia the Matter , and
are therefore not expected to keep the
giublie advised. We reeommend onr
eeailers to eetd carefully the Report of the
Jlouse Committee, published in Vol. 7,
1 it is truthful and powerful, ehowing up the
. Woodwoxlh jiatent lo its true .condition.
TT Lucuts Paige, of Cavendish, V,
i lias invented an improved tea kettle, which
is constructed by placing in th bottom of
n ordinary tea kettle, sewn elbow shap
ed flues open at the bottom and at th
.aides just below 1I14 flaugt. Jjr this
arrangement a larger ktpount of healing
' surUre ls obtained, and th water ie made
to boll in much less lime. A very good
ides eerUiulf. 'J'bs inventor has applied
' for a patent. .",;'.
How blest, th Pei ntert ilmr-le life
tu flora the noiie or Hie City's illlfa.
In tho last Patent Offie Report, Mr.
Jas, Campbell, of Weaton, New Jersey,
gives the following a a superkw process
fur curing hams:
Tbtbeal method I have found for curing
hams is, after the hams have been cut, let
Ihem lie out on a shelf, w lie re iboy can
have plenty ol cool ak, so that the animal
heat is entirely out of them, before you
attempt lo put them down in salt ; then
corn them down. for two or three days;
after which drain off any bloody' waler
which may come out, and then make the
following pickle, sufficient to cover tliomj
Take nine pounds of salt, three ounces ol
saltpetre, one ounce of salaratus, four
pounds o( brown sugar or molasses, and
six gallons of water. Let ihem lie iu ll
above pickle from three to six weeks, ac
cording lo Iheeize of the hams, when you
may take them out and smoke them with
good hickory or apple wood until sufficient
lo suit your taste. 1 hey should be taken
down and hung up in a dry place lo pro
tect them from the flies,
I have barns cured after the above
method, which wure almost as fine when
eighteen months old as when taken from
the smokehouse. And while upon the sub
ject of hams, I would further say that,
when you boil lliem.they should be boiled
until dune, in good soft waler ; and when
nearly done, throw in a handful of clean
timothy hay ; it absorbs all impurities
that may be around the outside of the
ham. As soon as done, take out the bay
but leave the ham in the water until near
ly cold, when you may lake it out.
Colli'dion (liquid cuticle) is a somewhat
rccenl discovery, nd has been applied In
useful purposes by surgeons, but 1 am nol
aware that it has been used to prevent the
loss of milk by leakage from the udder ol
the cow. The mode of applying it is'as
f.dlows t
After milking take a l'. in piece ct mm
linf about the size of a three cent piece,
wet it in the collodion and apply it quic!;
ly lo the end of the teat. It drys imuii
dialely, and adhering firmly, prevents the
escape of milk from the orifice. It can
readily be removed at the next milking.
On first making use of this means, 1
did not anticipate anything more than tem
porarily to pre vent the eu'. After mak
ing a few applications it was discontinued.
and I was somewhat surprised to And that
it had permanently lessened the fault.
Upon reflection, the modui operandi ap
peared as follows: First the io'lodiiin
contracts the orifice, and then prevents the
escape of milk; and second the bag br
coming distended, its capacity is perma
nen'ly enlarged. Try it.
Another useful purpose of this article
may be mentioned. Cows' teats, often
become lender from chaps and deep fit
sures in them. They may readily le
cured by moistening a piece of muslin in
this liquid and applying it smoothly to the
parts affected, it adheres so firmly that
it will not be loosened, even if the calf, is
allowed to draw the milk.
Air. Editor; The above recipe I ci.t
from a llarrisburgli paper. Asitgivesno
credit it may be original. Pleate publish
it in the Slock Ilegitltr, and add, that
molatttt is the sovt reignesl remedy ' fur
the ehapped teats of scow to be applied
after milking. Of course the udder should
be waahed with cold waler, which of it
self will frequently cure slight cases.
My observation and experience, though
limited, go lo prove the better plan lo be
letting the calf have free access lo the
dam for twenty-four hours after b jr h.
The sucking and bulling it adminislers is
just the right treatment for the swollen
udder ; and eases of 11 Garget " are ex
irerrely rare where tl ia plan is practiced.
It is also much easier U separate the moth
er from ihe calf the next day, the maternal
instinct being then partially quieted.
Also, it should never be permitted to kill
a calf in any place which the cow can
have access lo. Their pileoui Inwings in
such cases leave 00 room to doubt that
they recognize the blood of their offspring.
The writer has known of actual lean
pouring down the face of a cow, on being
shown ihe bloody hide of her calf. These
msy be ikmighl mailers too trifling for the
consideration of " men of mark "but it
is not so ; the beautiful humanities must
all combine, In form the perfect character
SlluralNew York.
&" Lamarliue says: "The Turks, as
a rsee of men, and ss a nation, are still
the first and most elevated amongst the
people of the Eut. Their character is
noble and gfand ; hfir courage is intact
their virtues reJious, civil and domestic,
are ealeulaftd lo inspire in every impartial
mind esteem and. admiration. Their no
bility is written on their brow, and in their
actions, if they it ad better laws and a
more enlightened government, thry would
be one of the first people in ;he world."
Flap Jacks Scald a quart of Indian
meal with sufficient water to mike a thin
bailer. When it is lukewarm, alir in half
a pint of wheat ilour, and a gill of yeast,
and a leaspnnnlul M salt ; lei U stand
over night. Jf sour ia Ihe morning, add 1
little salcraUis, dissolved in warm waler,
Allow two table-spoonfuls of Jhe batter to
a cake, and fry them ia butler or nice
lard enough ia prevent them from slicking
lo the frying pan. Eat them wh.il 4ut
with butter and moIssses,ir sugar.
Laroi ViancT. James Gordon Ben
nelt. Editor and proprietor of The No
York Herald, As ,bea tried and fined
TtnThoutand Dollart, for libelling F.d
watdP. Fry. He has to pay th costs
SISQ. I.i , v
Ihe. Broad Gutge Kod.to the East
The Dayton Gazette contains an ac
count of a recent conlerence in that city
of the Dayton stockholder with President
Kent and Treasurer Earl of tbe Uoad
Guage Company '
, Interesting statements were made of the
contemplated route, showing the dietance
by actual survey to New York lobe 100
miles ajyujer than any Qlher. road from
the south-west. There were two routes
through' Pennsylvania from the Slate line.'
The Venango road is under contract to it
intersection with ' the ; Sunbury and Eric
road, which is under contract to Philadel
phia, and both will be finished as soon as
tho Oliio pari can be. The city of Phila
delphia has subscribed Iwo millions lo the
capital of Ihe Sunbury and Erie road.
This line connects with one direct across
New Jersey lo New York city. ,
' The other route runs from Franklin to
intersect the New York and . Erie road,
and there are ample means for its comple
tion. ' 1 ' . I
On llio Ohio part of ihe line there are
bona fido subscriptions to the amount of
ten thousand dnllais per mile, for the 210
miles from Dayton lo the Slate line, and
the whole line has been let lo Mr. Doo
lillle. The object is to construct a road
from " the great Southwest of uniform
guage, easy grades and ample curves," di
rect lo New lork ol grades tiny per
cent, better than either the ISaliimnre and
Ohio, or the Pennsylvania, Cenlral-a road
of the greatest capacity and on tho shor
test route lo the Emporium of commerce
When this is done, tho question will nol
he "can the road procure business?" but
can Ihe road do all the business that will
be offered Liberal donations of right
of way and depot grounds, and large ad
ditional subscriptions to slock ore being
Messrs. Winters and Deckel on Ihe pari
of the Company, and Messrs. Grimes,
Parroll, Steele, Garst, Thresher and Sway
nie, on the part of ihe citizens, were ap
pointed a Committee to open a correspon
dence with the interests Southwest on Ihe
subject of their connecting at .Dayton,
with their line by a road of the same
guago. The Rnpurt of Ihe President with
a map, will be published in a few days.
The Mississippi and Pacific Bailroad.
A railway bill, of which a copy is now
before us, has recently passed Ihe legisla
ture of Texas, by a strong majority in
both Houses, which is intended to secure
lo Texas the advantages of the great Pa
cific and Atlantic road. Ths bill, which
is attributed to Senator Rusk, is liberal in
ils provisions.
It directs the Government of the Stale
10 advertise for proposals, 10 be made up
the 1st of Argust next, to build a railway
from a point on the eastern boundary ol
Texas, not north of Fulton in Arkansas,
lo the Rin Grande near El Paso ; the road
to eross the Trinity, lirazns and Colerado
rivers, as near the 83d degree of north
latitude .as practicable, and to be built and
equipped in the most approved manner.
Fifty miles are lo be' finished and in ope
ration within eighteen months after en
tering the contract, and one hundred miles
more every year until completed. The
bill grants lo the company obtaining the
contract twelve thousand eight hundred
acres for every mile constructed and put
into operation ihe lands to be surveyed
in sections of six hundred snd forty-seven
acrt s each ; and the "alternate sections to
belong In the Slate. The lands thus gran
ted are to be alienated by the company
one fourth in six years, and lbs remainder
in the next six years.
The act also provides for the union of
this company with the other companies
which may form the different links of the
great railroad. It requires a deposit rf
9300,000 guaranty on the part of the con
tractors that the terms of the act shall be
complied with : and in case of failure at'
any lime on their part, to fulfil the eon
tract within the time, snd in ihe manner
specified, forfeits the guaranty and ihe
work already done to the Stale.
It is said that a company of responsi
ble northern men sre about lo organize,
and commence proceedings under this bill.
Evening Pott.
The Panama Bailroad.
There is a (air prospect lhal this long-
desired work will, within a few month, be
completed, anu a transit irom ocean to
ocean be effected in'abnol two hours with
ease and comfort. The New York Tri
bune learns from the report of the engin
eers, a copy of which has been furnished
lo 11, that ihe entire length of this road
from Aspinwall, the Atlantic terminus, to
Panama, on the Pacific, if 49 miles. Of
this distance, 23 miles are now in opera
lion, and in January next ihe cars will run
31 miles leaving a section of 18 miles to
be constructed. I Ins section is on the
back bone of the Continent, or the sum
mit ridge, of which Ihe maximum grade
on ihe Atlantic elope is 61 feet to ih mile,
snd on the Pacific slope 70 feet lo the
mile. 1 he highest elevation of the road
is 250 feet above the high tide of the Pa
cific. It is estimated that 6,000 mon can
erftnplete Ihe road in six months. Tho
force now at work consists of 1,000 men,
in'round numbers. Ol these about 400
are white men, and the remainder natives,
Coolies, snd Jamaica men. Arrangements
are made to bring 2,500 native workmen
from Carlhagena and Ihe adjacent countrv
In January, and the Board of Diieclnts
have ordered the slnprncnl of 1,700 Coo
lies from China, snd 1,000 hands (ton
Ireland. Motion Tranicrtpt.
India Robber beneath Raila.t-TIh
New Yoik Central Railroad Company'
have assumed the expense of laying one
or Iwo mile of India rnbber under Iheir
4racks, Intended lo obviate materially .the
present destruction ol rails snd machinery,
snd do away with lh noise attendant up
on the motion of the itrain. We are
glad lo learn lhal this, invention ia lo be
tried in this. country.' A pstanlwa taken
lo England two J' ears ago, but we have
neter beard of it adoption there. '
1 p ' . . .1
VP Gold and silver are metals quite too
nesvy jor us to carry 10 heaven; but, in
good hands, (hey cau.b made tojsve tji
$I)C l)i(? Union. V .
0 s is ; 3 ' 113 d ; is
5 2
S' s' T Jetv
IS, 14
4 ll
II 19
St 71
is 1;
19 aisi
14 IS
48 ra.St'SJ 3d 117 Sri
181 U'-11
91 28
.. .. .. 1 a, x i
S 61 7 81 U 10
I 8' 31
8 9.10
lsJlO 17
4 5.
IB 10
I2H3 14 13 1617 m
io .Mi'91 w iu VJ
w -
91199 83 84,
95 fs-
il'.ti I .2,
8 t
13 to
22 93
Jo ::o
0 7'
13 14
18 1.114'U16 7IH,
IB 90 31 99,83 94 8.1 !
4 S, 01 7:
17. IB1 HI
4 S 0
ltl 19
9 Mil
Oft. I
9 3
9 HI
IIS I7il8 19 SO 81
99 9.1194
30 .......... ..I
ll 4
III' 11
l.l It 9! S 4 S S
I 8
7 B S.lOjlMS IJ
14 13110 17 18,10 90
19, Ll ,14
13 IS
91 99 8H'-'4 95,20 9,1
Mao soar, ...'.J
10 90 91 9919.1
i84 S3
28'20 301
1211S uliih
3 0
isf l:t
1(1 '17
17 IB!
91 93 20187,88,291:0
93 90 97.98 91)120!.
jftaok anii M Miifuig. :
Having lalelv made large acMHioaa 18 our ai
aorlment of Job Materials, we are aow prepared
lo eiecote all kindi of
in a iljle that cannot be sorpaaaed by any ealab
liahmeot in tliia or adjoining counliea, and at the
lovreat ppullile prices. All kinds of
X3IJ.3ri5 DEEDS, .
will hereafter bo kopt constantly on hand, and
fur aale at this Office,
Joljiis film's Column.
Dealers in nil kind of
ANNOUNCE to tho citixcnR ol A ih hi nd Co.
that having purchased the businom of II
Luther Si Co., they intend adding to their stock .
during the present week, copinluta snort
n,et of
Tools, Bailing Materials, House Fur-
nishing.and Coach nnd Saddler1! Hnrdwurc, all
of which they invito the attention ofFarmort,
Mechanics ami Houio-kee pen, and recommend it
ttt complete ai ny eitnbltihmcnt of the kind in
the country.
Ashland, Not.23( 'ft3. 27-tf.
10OI) the. aaaorted eizes Load Pipe.
1000 " " " Smoothing Irons.
KMJO Dirap Hiagna.
100 CowaCluiae.
600 Yard. Waterproof Clmh,
100 Kega Pure White Lead.
100 tiallona boat Sperm nil. . ,
100 Nq. 1. UrdOil.
100 , : . " LieaeedOil. . ...
, mo ', Terpentine.
ftO No. 1. Kurnilere Varniabj
30 I. Conch .'I
100 Boiea (lias all ei;ea.
600 Ilia. Putty.
6000 LighteSaah.
10(10 II,.. iNimp Chain. '
. 10(H) feet Pint Tubing.
60 Vhecla,completo,
A I..SO. Anvila, Vicea, Bolluwa, Hammera,
Slcdrfes, Raapa, Kilea, i'lncer., kc, 4r. All ol
which we oir rlower thaa can be had anv where
in this part r the State. Applv lo
JOHNS fa Al.LI'.N. .
Ai'joining the llaok.
December 21, ISADi n3MC. .
SMITH, X50-VU tib Co.,
Wtl.l.Iar Ihe lilghe.t mtrkrl price Tor XOO,
OOO pui'udft uf suod clr.n FU.V, Ucllvl'lcU
Si the liaitlwei. ciluic ol llit-iragrnl. in A.lilaiiU.
AiljolHlnelheU.iill. '
Ashland, Jan. IP, IMS. nSllf.
Tnvlit J. lHllaril, sfatiunr t) Snliif,
gi an qtiaui c. Mi o j, a,m 4 unco mc l
Ca.t Hxi-ci, Hay, Harlev and Manure Pork., t'tay
vllle, New York. ror .lt, Whole. ale and Krlall. Iv
our only genu, " JOIIKK di AI.I.K.N.
Haritware, Iron end Nail Dealer., adjoining the
auk.. IDec.stxrU.I
Hedlltg-ton, Manvfirtvrtr . Oram aid
. Nr,
rM. SrytA... Lilllctnn. New MamnHliir. Mar
l l K. Jfa.ar.i.j, wl.li tin cIMuna of AhlnJ
county, to remember llial tin) can at all time. Hud
our Scyllie. for sale al tho Hardware Klore ol our
only aulhoriird Ajent., JOHNS AI.I.KX.
Dec. 3S, Will) adliitnlnir. the llank.
Em Inner c Mberinnia. Mnnftfrtrt .sua,
yj.er., Blitdi, Ifc . Mananeld, Olno.' Ordera re
ceived hy our Agent. In A.hlaml,
Uec.lif, 3Vlf JOHSK A AI.I.BN.
adjoinluf the Uank.
Gardner t Walker, afr ! Otrim,
V,H mtd Hcwr Sr,i,, Akron. Ohio, Aeon.
ai.nl .upply can alwaya b. found Willi our Asent. in
A.lil.uci, JCIINHA AI.LKN.
10ec,S8,32lf adjoiuini the Uauk.
llarnhlll'. Pntrnl Cans Planlnr.man
' ' ur.clured by Mcllri.lit tt (Jo., Cleveland. Ohio,
A aupply for tail county will l found at the agency
fnecaP, Jtl adlolnlngthe llank.
Grllfrth Ac Carvora, Concave meet cultiva
tor 'fceUWor a4e U'liolc.l. and Kelt! I at tbe
acencyof JOHNS & AM.KN.
Dec. 58, Mtq adloininsthe Dank.
ttfblle'a Aire. A Ursa stock on band, i al.o
II I fcat v.rielf of uk.r nifker. lo be bad at Hit
ll.rdw.ro mora ot the Aiuala JOHN dr ALI.ES.
IDec.SS.aSlf.l adjolnlnslhe n.iik. 1
Jabne Ac Allen, beln Acenl. for rt.l nnm.
ber ol Maker, of Tool, of all de.cjlpliona, wl.b
Ui. peipte of Aahltnd, and adjoining couclletlo re.
member ttiat they c.o buy .tick article, cheaper of
th.m lliau they can elMwhere. Their atoie la ailjnla.
lnlhHuk. Dec. Uf), Mlf JOIINH 4 AI.LKN.
JaW Urulvr. Ircocli Calf Rklea, Uibt and
heavy l.i.lnf Kklna, Cochin.. I, Urnnaed, Klue,
Green and Pink Colore, Cork Kolee of all .la.., Hoot
Webb, Was, Thread, Rrt.ll.., Awl., I'ea, Slioe
Knlvea, Ac. ax., duply at the Aeency of
ltc,lM,:atf r JdHNS i AM.KN.
I franklin Fire In.nranre I'ampnny,
K.r.loca, New York. Capital .WO,IHHI. lu.ure
property on term. a. liberal a. any oth.r Rrat cla.a
reeponalble cnmp.ny. Applicaltona recelvrii by our
omce la Jotid AJIca'a Hardware Store, aJJoio
liujtlte ll.uk.
IIIAVR procured a right lor an improvement
in building hooaes.bj which a hou.e may be
built for a small amount of money, with all the
aonveniericea and comfurta ofttie rlearoat houaeai
and at I have appointed Jobs Smaller, of Aeh
laod, ae my agent for this county, pleaae call' n
him esd eiamine the model, ann prccure a right.
Troy, Aehlaad CO., Aug. 8, 1SS3. Si
TilRsubacriberhas Jnal received from Se.F
York a Isrie atocK of ' '
. Fall and Winter Halt 1
orthelate.t and moat fa.hiooablettylee and heet
qualitiee, which he is enerins ail ratea which
cannot Tail to be eatiefeelorf e Dia epatomere.
at")!. B. saah for fur. and sheep pelt.. -1 ,
1 'i.l1..j e.-i 4 ifi.r
NO MONKY Will hereafter b received for
Tasatbyms othar than Gold sad Silver,
snd the Rills of Solvent OHIO Banks... This it
by order of. the State Treasurer., ,
d 1 IV t Oil I W
Trtalkrit if AMnni Co
' , ',. " ' ', md.
T) ' I). BOICE, proaenta h)a regards to all of
J.V. ilua old Irieejls, formed when, in the Heato
of 11. Luther, k Co,, and wifhoa, it diatinctly an
deratood that he can be found at all limee.thie
eatabliahmert oa Main Street, ie the fpom for-1
merlyoocupied by H. Kellogg, ready and willing
to attend to the wanlaofell. aud purpo.ea keeoing
Hardware inall its brojichoji ' . . . . i
Building Material!, House Furniihing Goodtf.Ta
be and PocketettttcTy.-Fmning. Krmer Chiaoli
apft Wauef , Bond llundt' and Chopping Aiea,
Adieaanuouioc edge loola, ., t
M Putty, MiDOut !lmdr V&nttrli Hip latid '
Wood Saw,,. larga ajiortmenl. aBrncn nnd ,
Bita oralldcacriptiona Plane, Ilitta, Gougoa, Cq
it and Roaowood; ButoiW'i Horae Rttpandrilof
of all doicriniion. jLog, Cable, Trace andow,.
chalni, Lcclti, Latches, Butt and 'Bcrewa, Sad
Irqnt Strap 'Hinfea, &c,iBcDch mid Phtogle i
Knivpi, Pump Chain, Tubbing and futures, Brata
and Perce I nm TCetilei (te,1 Scoop- Shoeta, Hho
ela and Tou?fj Lead Pipe, liar Lead, ioc, Uun
Barrel a, Locks, Trimming! itc, j
Coach Trjnuniapli'Knamelott and rleur Oil Cloths
Chenp, Hhocttxakers lodinga6ie.. l'aihta, Oils,
Varniiliea, V.rui.h and Paint Ilruahe., 'Dust
Brushes, -fltvnd 'llcllnwa, Corn Tonatcrs, Steel
Spring, and Axlosj MnlloaUld Iron, Uruae paods,
&o.,&c. ,
Sp.ico la not abffmlcnt to enumornto all the ar
licloa, but call aid, buy tit tlioClioap, Hardware
Storo- "' ?
'.ot, f , i : . i Ri Dj BOICB.
A.hland, Deo. Sth, 16.13. n32tf. ;
i a kki; six L iv a fTi n tiiu hiiadui
A Great Knock-Down! L
Not ait l iH-I-tntr, but Iu tlto price off
YOU.niay tillc about the acrimmage between
the Turks and Russians, and the 'rcatuf
mankind," but it docs'nt begin' to-equal (he "war
of extermination which 'I . C. tluahncll ia now wa
ging againut hit high-pciccd flompetitura. Me ia
now receiving a large assortment of t i
Tn addition to his lorincr stock, which he wlllioll
at much lower prices than could be nfforded ear
lier in the aiason. Ho has no leading articles,
but will sell Ids stock on RVcraee, nt the lowest
possible prices.1 Tbe unprecedented and unrival
ed sales of lit establishment, speak louder than
all the humbug advertisptnonts which have neon
thrown out before the public by CASH t TURKS,
ciiKAPsnju;s,tc. .
lie would partirularlv call the attention of the
public to his large atock of ...
of his own tnanurncturo, all pf which ia warranted
to the purchaser, at p'ices thnt cannot he Itndcr
sold. All are invited to oall nd exstniiiA his
stock. Seeing ir believing none shalldoubtbut
those who see nyt.- '
Ashland, December, ISA 3. 2m 30
APPKAl.S to llic ncoplcj He thinks he has artibt
lotlcniftiid a fair liOailnjt.- He ato-iio tjiore, nnil
(ttui't feel willing to nil nil t to anUiliix Irv. Hr
lias incuril up, In Uif! Klttre Itnom fonncrl) itccuiril
by Mnsf!iav tk. Uuihoell, aw immense slot, It f new
and ftwliif.nable
To whet) helfflvjtes tlicettfiitlonor all their who
wfsr clothes, and rat fond. He docs fifll frc. fncli
neil lo no into anything like Uctsils. 'j'Leie are im4
type suflicicitt in itie county lo eimmerate liiorntlrr
slock. He will luors.y ) UtatU kM Uw-vijuiat
aiitl mnmbftautiltil sttYlc of 1
fCliSSSB : CKD.CDdlC39 I
mic li as lielanrs. Be i act", Hlack Fllks, l.awns. Col
iat i,Kevflsi, hdliiitpt, KilihoiMs, and a full eaorjaiit
ol all thr nrw fabrics. In ll way ol
andClnlhf, Cwsimfrcs, VentiiitHi Ktaple Oooiliik
liisstock will coipi'sic Wilt) any vor brotiht into
hs county.
Groceries. Ilarihvarc,' Croekry, Hals,
arnl Ca,!', Huotf fti-if Klines, RoneUanil Rtraw Oooils
Unibrclla1 ami HaraoUIn ftioai (iiaii1lty ami varie
ty. All or which Willlfe" sold ai cxiiTmely Inw prt.
cesforKfady Pay. Aim. Kl.OtUt liV I NK llAKHKI,
from the JevoniPVillc Mill. Pora, Finli, Hall, etc.
taken iu eiohauge lor (foods ,al the hi j best nurect
rates. !
JTTN. B. My competitor say that It Is "old
points'' thai I am ssHinit m: -Tkis is a mliakf
they wltl Irrn in ijitod time. !v n.-nirrous cunlo
iners . who crowd m? lnre, dally, raw anre litem
I list I sell only NfcW RfiCMtaLlVNKV IMiMKS! ryt
Tliegnods buyhif prople ofilie town of Al)lmi Tml
vicinity, have rxliiMted a rrady dlitposKion In rally
undcrlbttum banner of gooUs and mtv f riceaf
"Forever floalthat staiHlard ptirel!
. ' Where brealbealUeXuc Uut.fallf brforf llf' i
H.MtMAIIA.N. ' Aslland,Tirayl1,IM3-55if
ne"jeveliiy store
In. GOODKELLOW haa npencrl in tlie new
room, two floors east or Muaars. Kisser & Uis
aer'a Store, on Main street, a
Watch and Jewelry Uatnbliiihuirnt,
wliere he will offer every article Uaually kept in
inch eataliliihmenta, st very lo tales. '
Among-hia slock may be found llirld and "li
ver M atrliee, of every ilrarripiiun, sanely and
iualily. Pina, Ladic.' (old llroacliea, Crape,
Knameleil, Clualcr, Knot, CurT and ticarfPina.
i:lt DitoI'.J, Hooks AM) mc;i.
Gold Rinjj., I.otket., Pencils, Gold Chain., Bag
ley Gold Pens and Holders, large asaolmenl.
ft)i,Yi:it npoon.
Table and Tsa Spoons of pure eil.er, German
Silver and platod Spoons, Ilutter Knives, Saltand
Sugar Shovela, Silvei Kurks, lie, lie.
of every deacriptioe, Cwm the beat Amerir.an and
Engliah eaiAblUlioienta. . Alan Noedl'e, Port Mo.
niea, Dreeeing and Pocket Combs, and Pocket
Booka, Violin and Guitar Stnnga. j
(;oj;gIes, Eye Hliades, Compasses
and Acnrdeons. Kigbt Day and Twenly.fotir
Hear Brass Cloaks, i tlie most tplenduJ Papier
Macbea, Koa. Wood and Hsbogaa) caae.
Cleaned and repslred, and work warranted. Old
Gold aad silver bousht at the higheat price. J
lnvilethe public to eiammamy Stoek before pur
chasing elsewhere.
. ' i. n. nooDFELLovy.
Aahland.Deo 21.1S53. rial tf.
New Column Building,
WUOLftSALEDealeialn Dmft, Mrdhinit,
Ptlnti, Oilt,Dyi, Utaki andHlnlwntri,
Miult, Perfumer), 0o.jtrerr, iJegiwfTCacA,
Panty Goodtftc, ,
We would .y lo the dealers in, Ashlaid sad
community, thatthe
is Kited ep from top to bottom la a sdperlorstyle,
and we are undoubtedly pre pared tojebanyertiiila
in our linea of iuiainoe to pnrchaaera advantaire.
as we buy ia large quantiiiea from Importers an
Uanulacturere, and thereby nave the silvsntage
of ihe lowe.l prices and will tak pleaaur ia
giving th earn to pur sustemsrs. , Oar assort.
pieni of 1
Is eeaapleU, ineludiag Cues, Pistes, Cberaica's,
Gilding Stands, Frsines, lleadreats, and alap
Camera, fiirninlied at New York Priceain ehorl
notice. Our price, you will find below any dealer
lauieveiana artny uiner weaterniowa. '
, Were.poclfullj slic it orders from th trad
which will be promptly forwarded. ,
' Old Iron Wanted.
rrilttaabtcrliitrwtll ear CiMI tat Mr qe.etltfor
X old met. I dellnrrd t aieroundery la S.bl.e.
Feb I. 1711. 1 . SI. ll. ilANriflBt.il
ll (.! "l ,.l .; . , I : ..lif tSllll
SHEUirrs: ?ALE.
II' 1 1
.i raaari-J.i.'l"V'' ' 'u-':
use olHagoJieiiegg,: . tn Ashland Corqinoii
M. f ' Pleat.
.Join II. Uierhsrf. j
PURSUANT to the command of an orde oj
aale, aaaued ia,lhe above ease, from the Court
of Common L'leaa of Ashland county, and Stale
of Ohio, lu me directed,'! will upose td public
sal? at the doer pf the Court qu,e, in aaid- cpunr
Ihnd'ay :thi dth rfny of Mtirclu' lSHIi,
th i.nll.. r ' urblook.'A. M. and
lour, o'cook P.M., of aaid day, the one und(
.a.ia ,ir r An rniiowinir de.r'tlbei V real estate
aituated and beiptii the Jiouuly. ot AjhsndAaiid
State ol.Ohio, to wit j Part of tlie iioilh-wcSt
quarter f lsoeiillo.i(Ji) twbntytiv, -toWnship
(Iweity.wo, fange (Itl) sijlpen beginiiinjst
tlio nerlh-enil corner ol Aid quarior, Ihuiic
aouthon Ih.Mal quarteMrinie,.! punureii fu
foriy-lwo tii) rods, to, tht centre of the creek
cnllcd: Jerome KorW' of the Mohetnn'oreek.1
thence north ehsns; the. touvi of said ereek,to
the north line ol aaid quarter, thence east on
the said north, line one hundred rods te tlie'pldce
of (icgionlng... Al, part flho souh-ifC quar
ter ol acction twenty-liiur (i4,) lnnhifi and
.m .hn.ihutnii ai ilia aouih.eatl or-
nerofeaid nunrter, thence north one hundred
and sixty rod. nnd eighteen lihk.tolheiioNll-esat
corner of said quarter, thence west to the quae
tcr line ailty-thrce rods seventeen linka to Ucnr
jamiVi Moroe lanUs.ihencr sduUi eighty-eiglitoda
ivith ihn itn.t line of said Morea landtt Uience
nest with the said Mote's Innd. to the center uf
the crehkf thence aostlmn mo emtei inereiii 10
the said south line, thenco along said line lo the
place 61' beginning, one hundred rods distant,
coniainiiiD sovenlveii ncres thiity-fivo rode, the
lirat above described tract of land, containing
tiny-four scree one rood and ittur rods. i 1
. Terms of Sale Co. hi , , . i. ,
J. D. JONKR, ShtrifT.
KoWi; IEo3.-n37. 4w. pf 6,50.. ,. r m, ;
folornpo II. Mortal, "
In Aa1i)nnd Common1
' PI. 1 ' '' i
' 6. Smith. 1
diaries !!. Smith, Xdm'r.
ol McKacbman,Dcc'd.
In Ashlaud Common
... ., Pleas. , I
Snmuel tltfllh,
PURSUANT to the command oftwo ordort of
sale iaaucd in the above caaea from the Court
ofCommon Pleas of Ashland County, and Stnto oj
lima, to m iliroctod, I will espoae to public
sale at tie door ol tlie Court tlouao, in said coun
ty on 1
Monday the 6th rfnu of Marcli, I8S4,
between the hours. of ton o'clock, A. M. nnd
fouro'clock P. M. of snitl day, the fullowinff dc
acribed real estate to win In lot nembnr ninety
eight, in tho town of Loudonvillo, in the county
of Ashlaud nnd Slato of Ohio. '
Apprniaedat throe hundred dollare. TCrlns of
Sale Cash.
.1. D. JONES, Sheriff.
Mi. 1, 1854, n7.4w. pl'4,12.
. '. Richard Gregg, J ! i
-. t'S. . In Aahland Common
" Kli Bailey, et. si. ) ' Pleas. '
TkllRSUANT to the command of an onler of
X aale, leaned in the ehoro caao, from the Court
of Cnmtron Pleas of A.Mond county, and Stats
of Ohio, to me directed, 1 will evpote to public
sale at the door ot tlie Court llouso, in .aid coun
ty on ..... . .
Monday the 6A day of- March, 1 854,
between the hours of ton o'clock A. M., and four
o'cluck P. M. Of said day, the following deeenbed
real eatate to wit i Being lot Nol thirty-oight, in
ihe town of Savannr.h, iu aaid county snd Mate
oi iinio. - '
,Tcrms of Sale Cash. , '
J. D. JONKS, Sheriff,
Feb. 1, 1854. n?7. 4w. pfi,3,73. .. .
I.: O. tVil.on, George W. Ga.lirlre,
Win. VV. Juhii.tfin, ri.inuelAt. Wal'
ler and Charles A. AUiit., r.rlneri
under uaina sf b. U, VYil.un ot Uv
Pine. '
Civil Aclior).
1,1 '
1 .!!
Judauii McCumti, Adierl Mt(;ontb,
Cdas. H. ItaDiliif, Win, Jisiiimtuit,
Mc Bride, SnrlUon A Co., James Mc
Hnoe, Httiry HcHnde, McHriUe. In A blani
Kobiiisnn 4 Hoove, Jonriili Mc j Com Hi on Picas,
a-iMMn, jsisiry arano jsilsuiiiu, iray I f") uaiV,
UrlswolU c l o , I iiiitemleii, Hhsa
k L'o., Juhn K. alcltriilc At Luilwr,
trail Ar Co.. Hcl. iitlai.t.
TAMKS Welt HI UK, Honry MoRitd. Snhn K. Mc
O Bi iilr, Mcliriile, Mirldun A Co., Mc UrlUe, Hobiu
son A Hover, Day. Grlswold & Co.. and rMUmitlfn
llitdiCo..deIciidaiits ahovc liaiiti-d. will liki mi.
tlce that the ahovc named Plaintiff Hied in the Clerk's
otnee, ol t te t'our- ol Common Pitas of Ashland
foinilr, Ohio, on tltr luili day of fauvtry, A. I)
and on the HUl day ol January, A. IK li-M, their Pi--
uiionaiui ui'iiieiiifiiiai aim ameutUd Peiitions. Ip
wliicb faidoiisinalami sitiiitieina nnd amended
iwlitinn-.ll Wavrntdtliat the Itt-im. Judion A A fieri
uct.oiiitara inaeitu-si o mc niiis. hy fiotf asftiUuvrs:
lit. Nofedsltd Anill 111, it M, duo at six months.
nd callli? fui 63ir U-ru.
M. Nmedatrd Seitt. 10. I3. due at sir fnnnt.ii.
and calltnn for l ini . ,
Plaint ill (urtlitr seek to hold 0fHli". wart and mer
chandise wlticli have been anaisoLd by chattel rnorl-
riGuio jm-h. flicniiiie. hfieiiion anil l'n., James and
Henry MctlMde. Mc llridf, l(oh)oB and Hoovi-r, John
K. McOiide and Jupenh .McL'omh. Also. Nntr-j llm.k
accounts am) other c hoses In act Ion q untciird ln-ltris.
nay, uriiwuiu aim iu.,aiiu i u ti iriitirn, Milan and co.
hull ot which sales and Uan.fcn, lianilitli allege tu
he (raudulent.
PialntitTs also serfc to hold ilf fpiiJuut, J. K.' Mc
Rride lorieiircsenlattuns made to nlainiiirst. u, th
solvency of dctrmlanls, J, tV A. McC'oriihi.
The prayer ol plaiitiiTs irlitfous aie unitantially
asfollowst the Ailotraiice of ait liij'uhctU.n,' the ap
pol'iment , of a receiver, an order ol aitacjtuient
ttitli notice lo psrnlshefs named therein, alo, plain
tiffs pray thai said sif(iiinsiit ard aale uaf h rtl
anide as fiamlnlent, and procrds applird ti the pay
ment of plaiulilU tlaiuis, and for ulnar i:4 Ituilttr
Defendant will further lake notice, thai untst ihsv.
plead, answer or drnmr, to satd nia.niiirH iiiiionsi
on or b ft ire the V6tb tlay of Mareh grt, the najne
win ne lanen an conicsseu, ana plat nti lis will de
mand relief sought. . . ' i'. '
, , nr.i.i.uuii it am.ifo,
" Attorney's fuV plaiolitTs.
Ashland, Jan. 53 If.'!. iiUi Uw.
r.uVefielhy. Administrator; '' "
0rJon.U(an Jla.lelt, dee'd. I , p,, rot(
Jftmes DuDfee,' and Noplji j A-JiUnd tJuuut jr. Ohio
r.iiianei nunree )
rPHk staid Jamei hnnfii Aaial HfinhU wil..i.ii. rt.,-
L fee. who are heirs and lrn.1 ritrri.t.itv.. r.rn..
said Jonathan Haalclt.diic'si. arahfrct. (1iitwi n,.i
on IheSlstdaf of Jannaiy, 1KH, aid adminlnirator
men ms pegiiou ji unurl U Prohatf, of said- Asbr
land county, Ohio, the ohiett and prayer of which is
to obtain hi order Ac. al tho March term tf laid
t-muiiur me saie o i me loiiowlnt rral estate. fr
ns.t.i isaer iU uiiamaii nancii, aDcesJca, KlISlI,
or so much thereof ai mav h nsrs...r. iAn.u ti,-
dehla of said decedent, lo wit : The farn upon which
the naid Junathan UaiVctt cesided at th ,nue ni his
i-i.uaiau m lHniauu rouniy, unio, and desert
nru as loiluws: J lis north ha f if iha ininli r..i
Huaiirroi timn iweivt, in townskip twenty-two.
In ratife iiumher seventeen, excrntin innrirn. her.
tnfureconvyedltf-satd decedent to Christian Ves-
iwr, couiaiuui seventy u acres mora or ler.
'. ; . ij,, KELLOGG ALU NUN,
Ajdiland, Jan.fli, JftSI.n3l 4w. ,,
s or pjioiiate jont r. ?
OK the JUh day of irehruary A. lli R14, brtweta
tha hours of teh o'clock A. M. and four o'clork
P. M. on the n remises harainartar tlitsertbstd. Will ba
som to tlie bixhcfi liidtler.lbe following real rstate,
as the roerty of John lhmn.d4eaed, to WHt situ
aie in uie county oi Asiiiauu, and Mate ot unto, ami
ia towMhiptwsaiythre. and eelton twentv-Hvf.
and range aixiaen. and heln, of the north-easl
'tiuarter.iiitundcd as follows, heinnltiR at ths north
cail coritcr of Joiin , Nauoies lands; lhance ruunhia
west eighty rods on Said Madoles north line lo tha
quarter line of the Howlshery lands ! ibeuca iinrtli on
said nuarter line to Hit south-west corner ot Jacob
Mirhlcy'sUnd; tlisnte ea-l on said Mli Mey M)utb
ime riiniy roas ; inence sotilb to I lie place of begin
niiu(, cootaiakiti ttiiily a;re. Bor r fm Apf rMt
Teraia of sale-One third east, tn haid. aim Uilrdla
one year, and oua third In two years with interest
irvni uie ur orsait t nsca payment t ke'iaesurw
HV mnrtsTitsTM All ls nritsniaut-B
., truo M4C0HSS . MAKTIN WOLF, Asia."
Ally's for Plaintiff, of Jo II H LKHMAN, dee'd.
i Ashland, Jaa.lH, IH-M.rtM 4w
NOTK'Kli hereby given, that tks undersigned hu
been duWannolnted airf m all fled as Admlnlftra-
tor of the Kniafl oi Kvd Heitt tgar, deceased lata of
MnnteonierrTft.. Astitaim eouniy. uato. All nersnna
isnowknjt J.hjomsclveg Indebted lo, or having claims
against said Kstatsarr requested to Alalia settlement
Willi lo Hf yaariroiuiuia oaia. 1
japnary 1, TfU.- HIP t ,j , ; , , q -1t '
r PACHRRICK, at ths old Itaaal formerly
occupied by Mtchael Millar. aliiv tha
cNalty house. kDjeostamlv od lund erarv
variety of good iWwtrs't'P iatoiketlnf drinke.
which can Im desirod bv an ont foad of feood
Cart3r's j)anisli Mixture
fcatsawirst'i.f'.ia.irj'r" ,'
EiilNtiiTs.! Vi llii' oir!
A N hir.UII.le Rernnlr for Bcrclul., King's KvIL
i f. )(lieu'iflatl.at, )ti.llisle f'ulalieiiu. Eruptlun.,t
Piniplr. or Pu.tyr. on Hie F.ce, tllotche.. Holla,
(l.i.nicHolt Kki. INe4orai'trYfcUtri Kcafdilltd,
Kiil.rKrineul and Pain ofllifl Untie, and Joint., flub-
bnru tilorr., Npliillifb Jiiaoi'itera l.umsarni Hptutl
Cfjmplailit., and all JJi.i'aar. ali.ing from an injudi-'
cieu. use or MereuSvJlaiimulwieaiii Llfe;or Imnurl
l).or tho Uluod. . . . ,.
' Tlil.vaUitbl. MdlclS.;i.liMi liaSfledontee.lebra.
ted for I tic .number ot cxtr.ol'illnay enrra rlTeotcil
UiHiBh It. ar.nc) , hka hulue.d' the1 prnptletor.,'.!1
Ihe urgent rtuueal ol tlicft frlendf, lu offer It to tho
public, which they do whs'llter utrao.l coiindento In'
In virlut. end woudcrlul ciiratrve vronertlem Tli1
fflllolriliK crrliflvalc. .elected from a lame niiirihi'r '
are, however, atrongcrteallaieny than Uiv nete uorit.
or the )iroirlei(ir. ) and are all Irom gentlemen ttell-
known la tliofr localille., aint of. the highlit rt.nbc.''
Ubilll) . many of tlieiu residing (a the lily ot lllch
.iten,Y. 1' ; -i,
F. Ilovnss, F.q .ofllieHrchange Hotel. Richmond
kuowncveiy nhere, .ay.he has ren th, Mediciae..
called Carter'. K-fianl.h .Mixture adminuiteTed n over-'
a hundred cases. In nearly altUiS dleeaaee tot Whlcn'
il i. recommended, with the mo.l tHlonfrtliingly good'
remits. " lt .ay. II 1. ths mail tslraordlhtry'ineill.
line he ba.ever.een. , ,
Anna k Fevsa ;.t tleaa. t Xerehy eertlrV,
that lor three year. 1 had Agu, and Fever of the mot
violent deaertstlon. 1 bad aevtral Phy.lcl.ns, took 1
lame nuanllliee ot 'Onlniue, Mercury, and I believe,
all the Toxica advertised, but all without any perma-'
lirnl r.lleC Al la.l I tried Carler'. Kpanl.h Mixture,
two bottle, of which effectually cured me, aad I Sm
bappy lo aay 1 have had. iieilhrr Chill. or Fever since.
I eon.ldor it the bent Tonic in the world, and the oniy
mcdiclne that ever reached lay cane, . - . , ,
. Heaver Dam, near-Rlchmoiifl, ya,.. - i
ti. H. l.tirs, Kq., now tu Ihe city of liklrmond, and
for many year, lu ihe Poatofflae, bunch confidence
In the ..Icni.hlni efnc.cy ot t'.rtet'a Npanl.h Mix
Utre, that he Iim bought upward, of sn bottles, which
ho ha. given away to Ihe afflicted. Mr. Luck '
has never known It to rail wbu uttea acoerdiu to'
direction.. '
in. Mism, a procllctng Phf .letan,and fnrrleily'ot
Ihe t'ily Hotel, in the city of Richmond, tmy. he ha
wltnred ill a number of Instances' the' effect, of
Caller'. Hn.ni.h Mixture which were meat truly sar.
prl.lnc. He y. in a caS:uf Conenmpllon, depend
euUiu the Liver, llicgoud effects, n-ert wonderlu tjU-
kmi'ii If. Baissaa.of Uie firm of flrinker e Mor
rls, Richmond, wa. cored of Liver Complaint of S
jesra standing, by thq u.e of two bolllea ol UalttlV
Spanish Mixture, ' 1 r " ' r n 1 -, '
UntUii m Roaenet... The :Bdlors et-ttie
Richmond Republican had a servant employed in
tbrlr pro. rooia, surednf vioteolHcrofUla,iconbisjed
Willi lcticiiThattt.ni, which entirely dl.abled him front
work. Two bottles, nr flaitertapaniah Mixture
made a perfect cure of him, and the K.htor., In a pub
lic notice. .ay they "cheerfully recommend tl wall
who are afflicted with any df.ea.e cf the blond,"
eVrii.1, AaoTuaa CLeanr-hYaorati.-'l.litd aiv.iy
valuable hoy cured ol Ncrofula by Carler'a Kpaul.h
Mixture. I Cfin.iJrr it truly a valuable medictae.
J.iiii. M. Taylor, Conductor u the It. P. & P. H.H.
Co., Rli'hmnnd. Va. ' . ' .':. , 'i
Mr.Jons Tnnarans, re.idlng fa the'eityof Itfch-
mond, wa cured hy thicohottlt. of Carter's Sp.nl.h
Mixlure, of Sail Rheum, which tie haluekriystlfeari
aud.whiih all Ihe ph..iciana of tlie city could not
curt. Mf.Thomp.nn I. a wellknown merchant in
he ?"l"'f KIchmeinL, y.(i aud,,lij. cure s mil .!
W'm. a, M.tthbivs, of ItlolinHMa, bad 4' sertant
cured of Syphlll., In the wor.l lorm, by Carter'.
Kpaui.h .Miiii.ro. He aays He cbtcrfnllritoMiaisiuls
it. and con.ider. it an luvalnahlc medicine.
, KicHan K Vt'rn. of KIchininKl,. wa. tlised of
Kcrorula, and Wh.t Pliy.lcian. called conQrinrt) linn,
uiniuion, by three bolllea of Carler'a fcp.ulih Mix-t"'-
, - . -, , , i
' Kwrte nVeTnW,"nmmlMorer r tlie reveniHij .aye
he Iim .een the good eOrcl. of Carler!., Spanish Mlg-
'lure In a number et !lypimfilc etwV, and Say a tt I. a
Vfi fact cure for liat bnrriMe diieve. it
Vr. O. Hsnnr(. of Richmond, cutfifofOld .oree
and tllcrr., which dl.abled him Hum walking. Took
slew botlleur Carler'a Spaui.b Mixture, and was
enabled lo walk without a iulcb, la a ahortitliiie
perm. nenlly cured." ' ' ' 1
. l'iiuolial'leiiAa at N. W.ai Claw 4 C,i Uo.M,
SlaWrii Lane. .New Vork. '
n.'1-'; 'V "uf. W"- . Jtirtai W SlrtPt.
Hriisirr. Iltsas No, l;j,M.lu Street, Riabrsond,
And 1'ir.al.Sy R. II. Cillla.. A.bl.n.l. HI S (it, at
Co., Savanna, J. KriMi,. Il.yevilllr, J; Hmi ,,
Jeroinevllle. Asnrsmsdi Itiiw.a.l.midonvlllr. and
Dialer, iu .Meiliclue. everywhere. Jan. If, 'JS. n3J ly
7b Al D w ess'c v a e oiTTT,
Uacrsoii's Amerlran Hair Itestoratlve.
Ilnh reitorinff itie'jlalr on head, 'iiopefeaaly
. Ilajd.and to preient tha hair from, falling, .
ia winning polil. n epieions from peraons wio aio
otinrf rt. ' Tliia is a new article, receullv i'ntro.
duceil, to the public, snd iriltieteud on its osrn
merits. Some of tho bin' citiicn. ol Cleicland
ana Piltabitrf, whir were hopelessly bald a few
monina aiucn.mve now the evidence on intur
hearla to ahew of ita morils. The nronrletnra have'
such oonfidiinre in ttUhal they aulborite thejir
aijoiit. to tike hoada on guarantees price to be
iireea upon Between the parties.
,n.Ji;if.l i :Ati i?ii.:U. !l-
' 5 N.ft'.HAfHsCLt:,! '!"'',
ii . 'i ,: lUrisk KmniNdEa, HaresrilU.
, C. K.. KISJIKIl it CO., Proprietora, ,
'-'i ' '' -: til, Superior m, Olevolstn, 6hli;',
JyJ.I'Ji1.3' ,lLt! I 1 'Hin
...... i-t : HR. ,SVA.Y,NE,, , ... ,.,.,
An emincjil Phyaician.of Philadelphia, hss(ivfn
to the world the benefit o his experience by
n, prepsrinu remedies suitahl to almost
every ttiaeaae. "
Dr. Swayne'i Compound Stritp of fiVjf
.'. Cherry, lor curing' u)rht, Cohh, '
1 !, ,;.CunU'i;lioi!, Bill) ill tlisesse t
or the 'tiiKOAT, rintAST and J j,,
7, ' ' "" nixes. v , " , '. . . :
Ih; Swnyne'i Vh,ntfa', 'A,i'
Ker ilestroyina; Worms, cafrlng Uyapspsls k'o.
Dr, Swuune't Sugar 'onted iianupa.
'. and far i'illi, . ... . '.
'A gentle purgative and alternative Medicle
for.uperior to thoPilleingeeoralisa. i" '. .i(
Dr. Swaynt'e Cholera Morbui Diarrlijifi
una jjytemery uoruiul,
r fsllinpremertf -' u '" 1
A never f
A freal aupply Joatreceived.by, ,
. . , ll. H. Ciitiei, k Co.
Or Great Western Half Restorative!
Ir promotes he growth, -softens, tnabeo per
manent, and reabirot the natural color of tha
nur. It giro, health to Ihe skin and to theglahds
which funs tho hair r--remove ill leurr, Dai".
druir, Kruptiona snd, Feverish Host from the
scalp. It fnilcns hair prevents baldnl'S, SU
even nausesa full growth whet the hair stat
ion off, Iteontainsno coloring matter, but ef
fects U. wondorfnl ehtngee la the conilitlo of
Alio hair, by giving health, to the skin oT tho
ocau, anu gi.uug wnicn lorm tne hair. '
Price 60 els. per bottle. A liberal dodaclloa
made to wholesale , purchasers. AddresspJ,
HltfHWARDKN, Ashland, AshlSnd County, Ofiio.
, January, Ulb.iHs3i. , ,., ,;. ,1. $4,f,
l'ilJ filMtl l-'iluJU .,:'
LEWISkPLETCIJKns. VegekWeComs.osd
Tor the cure ot Epilipay or Fits recently
di.coTered lavalualilt Med elea. aarhtti,
iiio, lor the cure of thisdresdful diaesae. , Ju.l
received sua rbr ssl by' It. H.CHUHB It CO;
. . . Drugglatf,Ashla.d 0. I
j;'y.a. .,, ,.,,, it' V
A I'aKSIl supply of WrtghiMhirVeiitQbU
tV Mill s studard Esgllak Meditlnt, for th
reveotionind aure of duoase, to aid aid imp"
prove digeationand purify Ihe blood.' For sal
stlheaew JJrug Store In Aabland, by i,l mum)1
"Farm for Sale., ;;:
rpHB subscriber, living ia Cringe Ti.1, Ashlssd '
1 COUntV. Ohio. 1. itn.irnna aI mIIL,. kl V-.-.-
cpnsisting of .on hundrsd aid ninety seres of
Jnd; Willi a Ilnua, n.Va and Orchard oh it.
-,siuimiures anu lortsaort. improted. -n,
. - r i DABIEL CAMPBKLL, Jr, '
IHeemotr 0, l8o. U..s .j..uj, gmg.

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