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The Ashland union. (Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio) 1854-1868, June 21, 1854, Image 1

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J. snERtDA.lCi.KHK C. C. Plea
covmiorricEisi -
ISAAC GATES-.". Acditoe
-tromnipr'JOXES. . :.; , ; .sheriff
. JiK&V. ......KECOEDEK
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, CoMiiissioxEES.
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"tiBtOW SMITH-':!--.!-: Sullivan.
"J. '.McCORMICK.. . .LorDosyiLLE.
. WM RALSTON --J-S Mayoe
. J. MUSGR AVE - -Recorder,
R tPl'tITLfcEtlSON . Marshaix.
.iLf HUM"!
h.t. AhlutJUlitr. Vbio. ..,
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CJ iiil'l)17"TJ'f ' fnw- BM-
to fci re. ;ry tric, toruer of wain a
r-. J. W. JOIIKaTO.f,
. V , Attoraii-at Law,
T OUDONVILLE.A.iilaod coonty.Ohio. Prompt
X aueo;ioq civeu lo .11 buines conaec ta. wita
'hVietrU profeii.ion.-' - ," Jane M. IBM Jti
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f AtkUtud, Okim-
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'tAJfaWO'i6chie ' partaermaip rlll jrlTe
Betr ihte lu tbl.'nrf mirroonding conutiea
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A.iHJ. im-83a. ,153.
IlLorney fLjM. 1,1uiMriiui h -.
en i' Main Street, Weaf or the Eamp-
rHtuW AabUWA.'OU
-I. IMMM IWWtll (..IMJili "4.
. .. . M.EX.I.OtiOJkll.i'LiISOIV. ,,, . .
JJtftrneyi', Law of $oliQiort in Chancery;
''VxfiLt.tteDd'to all proie''ibnal' bualne.a "en--LYV
Itmted o their atnloi lata a-a joining
fcpoBt.,;.AalilauAJIOTf-S.W ?5a. .,rau ,:;
lMrteT..O -,;a;W. jrxxxH -.-(t ijiit
- j ittemfg and Couurilor aiXatut'...
J-VB&IGB OTer Drug Store of Sampaell ck Co. Bu.i
ti' iy( iu toil and,neighboria couaiie prompt
j-fc ntteniiM't. I i.
. . A.9la,d. Not. 83d. 1653. , 3tf
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iiaauMii Intautc !ii to elWJaai.-lrtcnM.
vfl'lcli 6a il.lii atreet. ever the rilore of "
,J ji.rM4iii 4t.l; A.bt.nd Oounur, o.
Vv't-i-W-j5(f r .
jk,A jrrORSEY. AT; LAW, o: Jatix, o ibe
jfi: Tiace. toiiduHvliler'isblaudCpuaty.Ohio.
-UllTnet'34-JS. ;-! T- .!
-fAFEMlVrfr'Plta.?.aV i. Kaei-KU&a,.Mi
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, - " BT; BAYARD TATOB., .-.-, !
Speed wifter. Night! wild Norlhera Night !
' Whoao feet Arctic ralabda know ''
i;,Wben MiflVnlbg' bre.kera ah.rp and white,
"'J iTn (be coBtpTainiog' itiorea of irao-w. ;
'fiend all thy wind, to .weep the worid",' '
'- i''-Awd howl in' the moon'ein pe hrr,"'
And han thy banner, red and eoJd j
: ' Againat the bkield of Terf atar !
mi ' it-lj. ! : . tl.. A llan
nrftf tt '-V 1 ' ltie.: and qbIt thai part of he Atlantic
!..! -,1 FwliicK ire between the f latrtude; of
the Orkneys , and .the,., latitude of
Guinea. Either bottlei-papera had not
been atartea. eiBewncre, . or . f inej . nu
not been, picked ' up, , o .inforaaation
of, their haying been picked up had not
been forwarded to London., The At
lantic, especially , the portion between
Great Britain and .he) United States, i
nlentifnllv seratched over' with- these
linOB of route... ,A large number, of bot
tles thrown into the ca near ;the costet
Africa were picked up on the 'shores of
the various West India Islands ;,' while
tnose tnrown into, vue m uvur it vmui
of the United' States,, found their way
to Europe!" .This corresponds, -to a cer-
' tain degree with the known direction of
. tne currents in the . At (an tic. . uae Dot
tle seeins to 'anticipate the Austral-Pan:
ama route : for it commenced its Yoayee
on the Atlantic side of the Panama lath
mus, ana lanaea on tne , irisn jo8t. i
Another, bold bottle cut across 'the At
lantic, -from the Canary. Islands to Nova
Scotia. .Three or four, started by Arc
tic navigators or whale fishers from the
entrance to Davis' Strait,, voyaged to
the north-west coast of Ireland. One
bottle played fare pranks. .,. It started
fromthe South 'Atlantic," jumped across
Westej-ri;Afri?ca,.then, across the Straits
of Giberaltar, then'through' Spain acjross
the bay of Biscay ,rthrpugh a, jvi,ttiig-bu
portion of Frapce. near JBres't and landed
at; Jersey., " he truth is," that a i straight
to'itie place of
routa: and such a
which cnuJd be errvnloved on the " chart
If Is' eyidjent'ia$. the, bptt': Arayelcd
first toward the" no'rih-west, jnd" then 'to
wards' the rriorfheasj, to. 'get(round the
African and Eiyopean coasts.;, ver j like,
jyi'it Vapproached' pcar.ite'" 'American
coast in. the coursa-of its Uap. ;
Thechart'affiiy-ds tip infonn&ion. re
specting the lapse bf tune during (W.hft'h.
the bottles were.pn their respective. voy
ages butf'att.accQmpanyirig able gives
alf tha'can" bOj ascertained j'tliereupon.!
Tu this'table are inserted eicht items of
'. I'inforih'atlon" cpncQrolnij each battle .and.
Its coilteiio-T iic uuuiuvf HuiLiU'fii ucarir
on tne cnari;. tne .t name oj.i.ae ,senaer;.
ihe'date tflien' it wasilaunched into othe
t.-f :u Zw.f-. i..'iv!'.;,i'.-iv .4- .
sea tne laHtuae oi rue, pic ; tine, jjqn-
tude: the place .where it was found
fe date'.wjien it' yrina. Found : arid the
' For what bare I to d with nrorn.: ; r
t Or Sumner', glory in the aJe !.-.;
With tbe Wuhe ting oftbelorert bom, . .,
;Or the beckoning glean of eoow aaila f
; . Art Ao ei gonerh wboee blue, eye ;
jj-I Thf fleeting Romrner dawned m ,-,
Gone like the echo of a aight, t , .. .-.
T Beaida the load rc.ouadiog e. ! , .
i wit -.! -J:-1 ''J:-'--Oh
t brief that time ofong and flower,. ,
:; , Wbicte bleat, through the Northern, &and i
. ; I jiin e. am id i ta jea fleaa . bo w era, . , ., J , ; '
j Aoa.on tae.DiacK ana toneiy iirwij
1 bo loreat waya, me aiarry, uioomy .. ' j,
Which yet abaM pave ita shadowy floor,
gB-otdowa my apirii.'a aiale o I' gloom, "
ahajl ijlossom eTermpre j
'Ji-A- f. Mi j-,' ': ' -.'tS' X- 'i v."u S
.And never more .ball battled pine .
; . . i.J I ' -. . f x .: . i ;
Their aolemn. triumph aound for me,
fine drawn from 'Ihe'place pfinynersion
f finding,, maraj putj thist
line is tne. oniy, one
Nor morBinz.fringe the mountain-lines,
ri f.ii ::o 7 vij- f :.; v if d
Nor mnKt fluall the hoary aea -
. But.Nigbt and Winter' fill' the ak' j,"",' '. 1
I. .r
. j . T TJF. .j .s.jj oJ .
Chime, wilder with my own despair.
-Tbe le.3ea twillpTit'tiolffalid long,
I 0a-aiowpy'Bettling-llhwa,1 g
No wandering bant a-wakea aoor":'i
Ini Vikei bought afcoaenb gtt'dT ',
J'.Th f'oxca air-1 .till and dark 'u-l! .
The numb earth lie in icy re.t, ...:
fAa:aJa3ardeadaara4Udnfe apark'.' ll
Of burning.gciet witmniiny breatj.i'
t If ALB,' If 1-1 "l-:tf. ! Oi'tl .'!;
ii Ane'( aaEHeacAOTDnxi. woee ow marw ,.
' Tj Loe'a rejoicing aornBier baick-i ;i , V
MTirit wli.. WiaUy ahpre,-. .!: i.k 'i
1 uWMh; af to JigaA ita trgfikj, ,.,'.
Ppefcd awHler, 5iRlit L thy glqpm and Qtiat,
Are, free t apoilnd ra,ve hereity.;.,' I
oil the 5 eoast ' oft Cab.,'!avlwaVr(By I (fossibilitrthat Columbus may h
months afterwards. "J.':? f.i , ftea sueh- a parchment, In ay haVe
''The bottle chart in the Nautical Mae-1 is' is cedar. keg:- which1 ma V
W . , ... .v. I - -:. . T
aye writ.
have be-.
aiine attracted much attention . among 1 come incrmsted. with martae sheila as
aea farinir menl Sir John Ross pointed I to be shielded from destruction, which
Out how much caution is required before 1 may have floated upon a little-used coast,
inferences, can. safely be drawn, concern- j and which may have been wedged ih.be
me ocean currents from the apparent voy-1 tween two rocks ad tightly, as to have
acres of these itinerant bottles. .. He in-1 remained untouched and unmoved, end
istcd on the, fact that a light 'floating I probably unseen, for. three hundred and
bottle is very decidedly affected by the fifty-eight jears. r iA.ll. this may be. so;
wind,' let the current be flowing in. .what 1 and yet it would not be prudent to give
direction it may.', . To try this, he shaped I full credence to the story , without some
a flat hiece of wood exactly the length corroboratioB,' - There has been some-,
and diameter of a ; bottle ; this bom g thing" like corroboration; however', ef a
loaded with lead, W that Jtbe Jieck . part .curious kindX " Xjtptain iD'Auberville's
only ' wasTlSible ' when immersed... was narrative was . civen. iii. the. Louisville
thrown overboard from i the Actaeon: a I Varieties, whence it was copied into the
sealed bottle was .thrown over board., at j 'limes: shortly after its appearance in
the same time; a tale of westerly, wind I the great leading journal, Mr.' Morier
was blowing; and it was observed that I .twang writes to the editor of the Times,
the bottle was drifted along by this wind, I statins that he has- in, his possession, an
while the - immersed wood ot , the same old volume ot voyages, containing an ac
dimensions remained comparatively sta-1 count of Columbus's, voyage in February
tionerr 1 On another occasion' he filled j of the year above named, In a very dread-
a bottle with' pitch,' to sueh an extent as Iful Bea near the A tores. "There occurs
to enable it to swim upright with ' only I in. the narrative this passage, " The
the, neck, above .water; when this an I admiral. finding himself pear death, to
an empty .bottle were thrown; into the I the end that some knowledge inight come
sea', the latter separated to leeward of
the former at the rate of a quarter of a
quarter of a mile per hoar.",1; When Sir
J ohn -went on- his arctic Voyage in eigh
teen : hundred and eighteen, - he threw
overboard wenty-five: copper ' cylinders
in-! Davis' fetraitto they' were ' of just
t6 their 'Catholic" Majesties ' of what he
had done iu' their Service; 'he Wote f as
much as he eould of : what'. lie had dis
covered i on )ft elin of parchment ; and
having wrapped it up in a piece of cere
cloth, he put it into, a wooden cask and
cast it into, jjj seawall .the, pien imagin-,
such weight as. to show" an:,,ihch or "two ing it had been some piece of devotion."
above1 water at one'ehd 'but it ;was not I Mr, Evaps thiiiks that, thia .passage is
known.4b.at any of theer had reached the some sunnort to (Tant: D'Aulierville's
Britihoasti inthe'uceediiit'-fiftefen j atory; ' The subject' is 'e'ufious ebopeB'to-f
yearsa fact which Bcenied' to'hiitf'tofn- jfieserve-furtUer. 'scrutiny' alid especiaHyij
validate certain reasonings respecting I wpuid,:rtr-b4Trignt andsiproper lthhtthe
ouwiemtB iiV tb aoTlhefu-'part 'oTtWe At- barnacle-covered keg and its precious, bit
:,TiU la.t.wUd reqnj em fbr the loe r
,ppar,ia;thy unbed.ng ear. ) (
had been out at sea nearly sixteen years
this roving "bottle was immersed in, eigh
teen hundred and twenty-six, about mid.
wa across' .the. Atlantic, and was picked
up' in 'er&rhteen ' hundred and forty-two
C'';r i .i-'.YliJ'11t '"' ; on the French coast.near Brest; it may,
-jsitci ziuscuuiim: ifofughtcwe vw
T.'-"-" " - ' : I therir unnoticed fifteen vears out of the
nizteen. for there are obvvnusJ v no means
irrorn vcitai' nnrnsio irorgi.j i i
!,:.. -ft T - . . i -..Hill !!. ;.'...
xheke is a maaeoi oottiintr up mior-1 tie had . been absent fourteen vears
mation until -wanted,-which occasionally f three' others.' ten vears each: the major-
perplexes-those who are not 'behind the I ity were under, a year; the shortest in
Bcenes, and - wb do Jniot!see 'swhy! and t terval: between the throwing , out and
wherefore the thuig is done; " It was I picking up qC a bottle, was five' days.
-1 . k.ir. l,.t tl.:.lk. I Tr -i ' li 'it.'- ft
mvus unil B wutUT u una . WMU- ig Lli la luaii iiapicu luouiuuc.- iua it.ce-
tie department1 was established ; we are I horse threw out a bottle on the seven-
not without examples of its previous use, I ieenth of April, ia the Caribbeah JSea
Dut it men oecame a oennite system. and by, the twenty-second of the same
toe -date. when it was. found ;, and the m
tervaf 'in da Vs. ' - One of these ..t'rayjelersi
the Trebus, iu his voyage to the1 Ant-
articeeas, ineighteen hundred and forty-
three, -Were pteked np. 'some -months ' af
terwards, one: on-' the coast bf' Ireland,
and - the. other - out ' at ' sea 'off ''Leg-iw-iWr:
jt-ririTTlr made '-more"" th'aiir half a
circumnavigation of the globe in a high
seutheru r latitude,-1 'before it "found its
of determinine the time of its arrival on 4 reetiBsr place on the shores of Australia.
a coast, unless some watcher happens to j Judging from the narratives of our sea-
be there at the moment. .'Another bot-
A captain' of a ship tells of "his wherea
bouts'; he writes on a piece of paper 6r
parchment ; he encloses this in- an empty
bottle ; he seals. this bottle, and casts it
into the sea p he leaves it to the mercy
of the winds and waves: and he believes
that,' at isotufl time' and inr some plaee, it
will be picked upland theeontentsopefa-
ed and read. ..-.--,
This is not a mere freak or joke. It
has in it a serious-and- intelligible pur
pose'1 JSavigators are greatly interest
ed in determining the strength - and di
rection of tbe currents' of the ocean, and
the winds which blow ever if.:: Now a
bottle ' containing" orily .a': slip of paper
will noat- and travel - hither and thither
month the bottle had made, a nice little
Voyage of about three degrees of .longi
tude m a westerly, direction,
' The bottle' papers often contain such
notes as the, following :- I .write, this
letter, in oraer mat xmay-t nna out tne
current:' 'let. me. know if, evec yo re
ceive it. ,'It is a fine day. for, the time of
the year, ut we nave a ioui wind to
gether with such entries, as to names and
positions and dates, as will serve to m
dicate the starting point of the bottle s
voyage. " Captain Marshall, who launch
ed a bottle off the coast of Spain, deter-
mined to leave no chance untried to. get
it safely forwarded by the, .finder ;, so he
wrote in . rMifriisn. - tv noever dicks ud
with very eliffht rmpulse ; and if it do I this paper': is reauested to publish it in
not eTicouTiter:a'riide' dashing against a I the first newspaper,' British or Foreisrn,
piece of rock,' it may remain tn tact; we in order to show the course, of theur-
know not how long, eather floating about, rents:" jb French, " Ayes .'la" prjie.de
I ? . t : - - ' i - -n -
ceci aans, &a jpurnua, , jc riiva.io
r-, i , . .... . .
wuuiKiryT-. near. ot. netena,-' ana -were en las -liacetas .snanolas. Ino-iesas-.o
rv' and unvisitfed beach.'-True, if such I n ' .'i n,
bottle were' sast" forth -on the first of
"picked- up'otr 'tie3 thirt y-firsfof DerJeih
ber, "ftear the -Isle 'of ' WiffhtV'-the facts
ould not prove that the bottle had
taken Iheidireet "Bearestcourse from
ih'4 one'4sland d the'othefneitherHhat
American a s. Xh'e englishreauest' suf
ficed, for-th'e bottle was picked up jiear
Dover about jalne ' yeeka "afterwards.
S V -Jr ''.' V'ii - LV -Ltl'-' lilt. 'LL'-
juef oi tne most jmarjtaie poiie-rvoy-.aeres
occurred fn eiffuten': hundred aiid
had "beeti' ceirtitoubusly'-traVeli'nir forty-two;" a shin left .-Thurso for.Cana-
autlirg' a'Bnaee. of three rnindred 'and I da - ;iha .wjbin "aVSui' '-jljFt.eirXhI1'iid
: a .bl ' t r t. v t rr r
rfi VlVBSlTcaJiratn Ktrfglea TowuMiitn Aaktabd
Jj. LJH.tTi'lo.Uffica. tiiajUeaaiitualaeryice
ToThVlihif geneiariy," Particular atteutloU pid
i ejieiaieie. niai m ni nc uniwaii n. vhu.
jcuiuptaioU. o Id.. Korea,! eic,i Cancer., tiebirroii.
' t-ant;eliatr, '"tirmora . aenroTeo - withuur the
eyKwangeowtCe j . ilMar a. mir-fSVL:
AVA5K AH. Aaalautil ay. UMO Aioj(t
?3 Tceoi4.he Pie.ce and Sol.rjr "Public,
-is BoTeaaberfiad83.,-i"-i'- J t'"'4
tTM AS i. PUtoV 'pea iTTa' JTpecti5liy'
A. uouDcef tnat ne aaa ra-umed
tbe praouce e
Med'iue in all it. braucbea. office in iba.bm-
. 3Mre Wor o". H. TL aampael & Ou., Aanfsa , O.
DB' W aElD.aS V '
.f-rrrLUatieiid to all bu.Ue. eonBecud with hi.
C'JaMlfiaai-Oaicelntlw'Lnvaq. iru;. a
. I . . .1....1I 1 - . , I I 1 -.,vrr rii-. .
Bijt-iuur - uayo.- --")--!! "many-'uuf mue out, a, po.iue.was aunqneuw ; .,,,ms
ties; 'at Waity-drfferent iivaek-'yfxp cast bbttle was. "plcjtfd ''tma "09V bf ".Soitfsh
ifttothe-sea liear'Sfe Helena; a' epmpAt- coast', wthir twd.mif
4a"6r'Of th4 reltaB.hhes.'aiid'distauees whe'nce'thessel liaJd eiart'ed about JSve
-toigh-perhapfrjgii'e eto kxengtj which ; pnriie bore,. c' '.t, ', !
the navigator IroxAH ster?d up aihoRlns fhe 'bottle-'wr iters'1 occasTonSlv'miu-
witheood. ui.tetttione, in
117 oa
valaable idota; Agalrfif 'a-lBh'if.-e in
diseresSj-'-iintf -Jhe 'jerew3 .or-' passengers
gle ood humpr.
their documents.
douStfuf whethej- they' will' eVefj' again rpTcked ,up , containing 'a .'pap denoting
eee UeuyCjf.aTew fVing' "words may Qi$a that "fl d'peu' caW miff i"tie.' ft
be entrusted to the merciful wYefe"iiAt I the briar Flora. on'Julv the'tweiitv-nintfi.
anVTraTe,-a -bottle thus -filled-With what leia-hteen hundred -and forty - It ran
i ' i- :"it b;-: t-o:.Tii-r- fi;-; I
cannot make any one' drurk? unless'lt
Wltn floy, M aif innocent; DOttie,' ana .. There.diinity that .hapea,our end.
ir -uu nvrv iwu umu-nirrnr. - : i jvnu
nbgn nul" them a. we may.
K.Ass.ir. a?.
a. 1lsKr, JervmeTiUe
-" a.A8tb; Ki4.
A.bland county, Obio.
.; fi'-t
f v :i
It i tibobrEtioTV.
KK, Dealer fn W.lchea, Jew
elry. ClOck,' Yatrkee Notion a. die.
Jt .Ic4e4-jie CIocbb repaired and
Warr rated. Bigbeat price paidlor
outwotoanaiiiTer. uppoai'eVM
RAAinael H ae .
AaUenA,.ibi 1 t iiaatf .-.lilec 1, 185&J.
Srff'iV"-"1? -v..'...',
. 1 Ti-u -irnriYirv U 1 L- f-D D . J-
5- " fie Jluildiog., Main atreet, A.bland,
enio. '-Oolir'and Steel Pena, and a choice
variety 'Of Jeweirr.
band. KoTamber S3t, J83V
conaantljr on
Iect, so far es beeould,' alt . IheTreebrtls f degj A min'wesf,' alf welL errore
of beetles picked np, with at few to fay- I you, the, Micky, finder 0 this .enclosure,
ftsg the groundwork for useful inferences hn whatever part Jof.ther'gtobe.'itma be,
ucrcaibcr. ric urcw hliu uiuocu wi am i arc nucsicu mi scuu 1 b tiuuvr cuvcr. a.u-
etrirraved'.'a very carious-'cliaTt of all the dressed to the Editor"bf, the 'Nautical
bottle voyages', concerning which any ii- Magaiin'e.'iForth lienefiti' of navigation,
formation could be obtained. ,jt"corh-- ;ihsome small 'degree toward ascertain
prises a huadred and nine teeh voyages, ' ing the currents of the' ecean,,"'"W'e i left
or (tracks, 'each 'marked y a straight Poole on the nineteenth instant' bound
line Ircihi the point where' the bole wasi jto, Carboneur,', Newfoundland,'" aad,
drpppedinto the sea,' to the point whef'e! nil rtheptf pasf two days, have had very,
ii iwas picked hp. ' Of the bottles hatef-; rp,ugh-'yef,ter. ,The passengers ."have
mediate peregrinations, Bothing is knowm just Tiadt ibevT' morning luhch,"7with a
auoj .1 mw Vj m vucmwua I glfllW t AVUVU JIIVI aiU 1UWUU U11UA-
rpute Jj)ut,-as -tiie.chajt compilers, .were I ing success tj the aipye' ragaxine, hnd
in'lhp rlrkns to iiiat 'matteiT''triPTJ liar! I tirtrJt tLow rttiiv' anon' hiiVHWAdl in sen 3 in ir
.'v-r -:. -Trill 4"'-. i J ZtL - I t ' J f J i .J; - r :v " o
Cre- left bnt Bimpiy- to (r.8W a Jine I fpth :; to seamen full, and usinflt
'from the point 'of. departure to the point fry of the cause of Win Ja, formed pn
of .arrival,' to iharkk the general dire--1 Yate information frpm experienced nay-
make' 'olearfif fher "could, ' the "actual and always in the hearts of her devoted
route whie"be "boUls had1 followed. '' I BubJebWP "The' bo'ttWwaa pioked np
of parchment should, be. preserved in I
.- r a 31- "i . i.iH. i - 'LL-iH: - Sir. r'T.. 'LL 1 ' ' 'l'' -1
ji ivmiiuraimer-jmsukutjti:c, wen kuuti u i eunie puuiic eBLoupnmeui qeyeu j siyuie
aridiujicousBisarvet-s; conibattea' some 'oii'inuseunr m'ppaiii, "Which the rest or the
the views of Sir Jobn Rftss. ahd'insiSfed I world knows nothing about.'' 'a "'"-'"i
mhe""'gi!e'iaratini6'Vahie:oi' the1 bot-j.c 'Jhe Jws,lot6ly -aricni ai bottle-quea-
ili A . .! . . . .. J i -.. Jn. it- . n 'i t a i .1,1. i i q
Bie-paptnT iBystem,-- unuec tiue -caution j rjojiijiornenjitcipsj ,; T opuie i) us Been i
Hgamat hasty general ifeatioh.'5 'Heat'the picked up on the northern coast qffcji
eaute time, suggested that it ihight ' b'61 a I beria. fThe Ryssian government having
goou-piairtoi euipioy-'wuire- lotftc!?, tne given oraers tnai a good loOKrOUt suouiu
gja88.beirig veudored opaquely" 'whte-' by "ber kept fbr'anysfrayihform
oxide of -arsenic;! - He thinks'' that the I from-gih-John-Tr'atMinV this bottle was
bottle anight-be'reladeted -visible" feirotiffh sent .-toi'-jthe, ,Atb?rUiti, J'. It . contained
to-be-.eoeu'from-thc cVeiik of "a-hip, and .nothing, rnojr oquhj apy jjae.a first ,say
that, when picked apo thecotitfents inight for what p'urriose it had . been emnloveA
be opened and registered; additional in- Some time afterwards'," however,' itj: was
formation introduced, and the1 "bottle re- a discovered thatlhe bottle waS On'e 6'f those
launched, luis might be a'very valtra- twhichthe.: jSorwe'riaH fishermen employ
ble adjunct to'-the system."''' " l instead of corks, to float their inet..tAs
two ani8ters thrown intff'tae sea by. 1 the prwejri.un ; fishermen do not go
to,, Jjie ... Siberian coast,, . , how ; did. t.the
bottle come.tJiere ? If it floated, jround
the coast.-past the Nprthr Cape and the
! White. Spa1 and Neva 2embla. it. would
surely -indicate a current, flowing ia that
direptmnj:,arkd-. thisurrenfcjjnighi . pos
sibly , have, something' to. dp ,witi the
north-eastern' route to the Arctic regions
(From the New York Time 7th.)'IO'l ' ,
lc"j BAiiis 'confession:'1 .
:0j1V.f; l:.'i."i .'''' - -.Hi'-iV '.:?i-Q :
After thflirkotier had ' been taken
from the ,wdatw Hermitage Depot, he
was placed ia a barn where Dr. Carpen
ter sewed up the wound .in-, his, throat
and then 'commenced a conversation with
him 'in 'presence of Justice-Corey. ;' The
Erisoner said his name was Nicholas" Be
eehaa, and, that he was ready to. confess
the awful -crime he. had committed... His
lips trembled, 'and), he then, remarked,
"Doctor', keep the people away and 1
wiH tenryoii about St.' -' The' medical
gentleman complied with his request and
then told the, prisoner that: Mr. '..Wick-'
bam was dead. .. At hearing this announce
ment, the , wretch , looked - up andV fex-'
claimed,;"My God, is he ' dead !" ' The
Doctor replied it was the -' Solemn' fact,
and continued,. "I want you to . tell me
why and. bow you. committed this shock
ing deed,-". The culprit nerved himself
and very deliberately, made a confession
of 'the' shockingafiairi ; Oh the evening
of the night that the murder -was perpe
trated, he said he was at the yillage of
Greenport and took his trupk and other
things to the house 'of 'O'Cpnn'er;' where'
hepar'took' of a hearty1 sOppeV. -'"He (hen,
eontiaued : : "ii
ye '"I then left; the- house -in' -my-shirt
-sleeves, and. started ffottfoo for Cutch
osrue, and informed Mrs. O'Conner that
I should return in, the nicht, so as to
r attend niy 'new employed at ' 'a.'brickyaj-d
FrhXhenibrnitig; I-walked all the1 way" to
Gutelioge nt reached the house ot M r.
fWickhani' about H o'clock; tha.t, night..
J, walked around Uie pemjses.an.d tutaUy
pulled oflT iny ' boots in 'the' :yard bd
plac'fid th'eW'ne'aP 'the 'kitcten ' dooi'; I
then went to the woodhbuse:Tid "got the
tppstfhpje-axe an.4 came-:back,tathcil?tch-
en, .raised the grp.und-flQor window; (un-
il A'-" 1. . ' i.l.. iLt.'; 1
uer vue, room .wuere me eviurcu uuj
slept;) I got rosidey heard the dog rustle.
but he knew me," and I passed bnward to
the stairsjeading to the: second story ot
il ' 1 T i: . i i i .. 1 1 . .
file ttyuHC. . i mat ncui bisuib J.HsfH
room, and .fanding him Bpund.j asleep, 1
struck innf three or fbur'blow with 'the
axe'trh hFs beaa'and fheh' -lcfE him Tor
deadf -fromthiBTPont I went to the long
hall, vrhera was situated. uie bed-cJuaauier
of,Mr..and Jlrs. Wick,hani; all this tjme
I had, ajiglit in my hand. audr as 1, got
vd the hall Mrs. 'Wiekham'was' aroused
captains, the 'Paoifie "Would be a: capital
theatre for the bottle experiment. It
present such a vast expanse of Water,
and the interspersed- islands are mostly
so small,, that a bottle-voyage of five or
six thousand miles might easily be made.
x lie iwiuc-pipers uare gtvcu us more ' a j . V V - J v.
- at. . " I in viauucDa auu Quuauiuc, auu UC4IVCII IlB-
.e a. .0 r pit ia nnr. far ntr Anrf fhan it nhsniM.
U .w ......... U
I - -
advocated by M.r, Peterman. All these
may be only possibilities, not. probabili
ties ;ye-, ought we to: be thankful to a
common green bottle, even for being in
strumental in suggesting such thoughts.
Bright and1 Geoomy Horjis. Ah!
this beautiful, world.' Indeed, I know
not' what to think of it. - Sometimes it
the many recent Arctic- expeditions than
would be supposed by persons who have
oaly glanced 'Cursorily at the matter. -i
Captain iBird threw J 'overboard a cask
containing , papers, when ' on board .the
Investigator iu eighteen hundred and
fortyght"-It was picked up by "the
rrince of VV ales, Hull whaler, and af
forded to the' Admiralty evidence; of the
position of - the Enterprise and Investiga
tor on a particular day. From the same
ship, bat when under the 'Command 'of
Captain M L lure, ( who has since 'made
himself famous' by the discovery of the
north-west passage,) a bottle was thrown
out while -she was voyaging down ' the
Atlantic towards the Belrring's ' Strait
route, in cbruary eighteen hundred and
fifty.,, -The bottle flpated three thousand
six hundred, mUes in two hundred j and
suddenly and is dark and sorrowful, and
the- 'clowds" 'shut out the' sky. In the
lives of the saddest ctftrs there are bright
days like this, when we feel as if we could
take the great world in on? arms, ' Then
come', the ' gloomy hours; ! when the fire
will neither burn in bur hearts nor on
our1 hearts;' and all without' and wtbm
is 'dismaL'-eeld and dark; Believe me.
erery heart has its secret sorrows', which
the world knows not; and oftentimes we
call a man .cold when he is, only sad.
' JT"Frotn the great eras of national
illumiriation.- we date the commencement
of bttr ' main national" advantages. " ; The
1. 1: J . J ' '. :,i l!t:i?.:.J.i ! J
tangle oi ueiasious, wnicu stinea ana
distorted the growing' tree.have been torn
away ; the parasite weeds', that fed ori 'its
i .1; . uaj v: i;. i j;ai..
tt j r 1 - I very rirota, iuu ueea mc&eu up wita a
f Honduras, By a.very singuW.coia- taryOleneel'Td'ils, there remain
cidence.. Cantam. Collmson.. who .com- I- .'., 5. 1 . .
... . .. ... 1. mi 1 17. mi ipKnnrips T n mnflTaur o wi- inn
ni.llKled the Kntertnai! . tnr rnmTin.Tfinri I '.7. . . , ' . ..'-. .. , ..!..-
, . v T" , , i - r uinuuai iiuuivvciuciiiB, mc tiiutiuus, uu-
sh in to itie ..Investirator.,tbTew out. a I.p..j -- a-.-... ,..-?, ,i i. . 1 i
v ' , , " .. . . , - i uuEaruoua 'rairors oi tne inuusinous,
bqttle.which foundfa xestws-placthnear via ikirMi.',
the other bottle. but under very- different I .-.J?ii-rtr. '-.JZ i-.i. ia-.;i '
circuiiistiuir'ea t JM'l InrA . liinnplinri.liia t . T ; ri, f i . .
i r-T i"-- j'Vr j V ,r f ffom'itsf leaves and- fresh: rooU'tne"
bottle nearjCape..Yerde J;slan.dsi iCllaIi- U ,1-iT-,.-n-T,,ui laJi.j-sd:
son Iaunci
th.er sout
ed his. six,, hundred utiles far-
. . audi nine, daysi-afterwardst ;
tlea fpund their . way , tp .- tbe
. i.
vet Doth I
Honduras ;cpast,.as if a, fellow . feeling
actuated them as weU,as tbe-paptaina,-,t ,
---j-i'' ' ' i" "' -i- ' . , i.
??A JO.T
go ,.,J.e.atQn ruositluis;,,,.,,, j ..-,.,
Captain, p'A,ubefryilej,.ja rlihei.bark
ili!i.!iT 'tn ti .?, iHi.i i;dl
f -rPoi.iTEs;Tbief e is kpme.thBrg. high-;
er; in politeness khatf ;Chrftti in' &oraliftts
have recomed;, in'lts'Ibesrform,'as" a
simple out-coiner, all nervadin.? sh'irits.
aqrduiaily-bottle- AJi va,CS 1U:, J,s. '
voyages, or cask-voyages, yet retyaKded; L .: ki 'JZa xa..utsvt4i.
- , ... - , - - - r iu. r ui it u uie - buliuiuc ui bcu iu tin?
W..'R, year.wo Kttfffr.habitnalTna
the trestrteit 61 ouf .rnclei-toetbpr
witfr-al 'respect: unaffected, 'fpfJJmah'' as
iwiu'.iiun . i.r Jiimiiui r v. iiuji iTinruii ur i . - zm. ... .
rr;,---'-pi - rr7-r-.i- t-..-- . our brother under the same grand d
oq tJie.twenty-sevetitttQf Aueuflteiehteeri I , m j.h o.it n.i il i.
jjuiaujcu UjUuHityirpuq,, Aftjweui. wiwt hb4i.a 'A ot i "' -"i "f"' vat? .txoa
hw.l0liM8 passengers, crpss-;Uie Straits L.t t. ,.!'.. u . -m r!- .'v
to 3lpunt AbyluionitheAifcicaH. 9Ai.-WW&IlQ
as.'thex were pfttbwtf.tftjiig,
pne-oj tne crew picKexi pp whas
to, be a niece of rock, but .whjcfc
tain thought to be a kind, ef pumici
uu cAiiiuuauuii, ai, .wan iuuuu w, ua a ue- . . . .. ;r "..;,-! !
dar keg.cpmpletpl'y. iocrustedwilui, barnJ SM-Wi6 f"" P,
' . V . T . V 1 1 a-n 1 t 1 U nil' Ell fll I1IT 111 IV. IIKM M, I. rtt' III lfr-ILTMiaJI .
acies. ana other .marine-gneus, (L,.he keg . vj-.t?. . - TT "tTJ
was opened; .and. withip jvas fpund a co- dtillmg precious hijuori forjOthe and
rtnan'nt'. 'cnv-rA i'n . ir.A e - not for its own use.
.------, r-.r-yi'i-,,'" rf 6"'" I - -- -
resinous substance,, ...Within -the cocoa-1 . . iU:,..;'.T,U--!t ;? V;;-!'1 -
nut shell was a niece of naj-chment onver.l AN ASrJlEEABL E ,CpMPANIpN',--i
ed with very old writ.ir.cr : wKior. virina. nf I savs p-" The jnost agreeable 'of all com-
those ' present jcoiild. read.,. .:An Ameri- panipns' is. a simble: frank man, without
B-stone 1 alnarT J"" i wnen -tjie touo. ana lmpen-iT'i-.
I orisHvind.1 ad tKe .shiD'lhir'' firca of moire
cain merchant in Gibraltar then, read, it,
and found, that jt was. (brief account.
drawn up, by Christopher. Columbus, in
fourteen hundred and jiin6tv-tiiree..'of
v:L ' js ' ' : " ii .i ! .
bio a.iucf icau uiscDyeries up fQ tuat time.
it was addressed to .Jerdinandj and Isa
bella. - It stated that, according to -the
writer's judgment, the . ships could not
survive another day r. that they were be
tween the Western Isles and Spaing -that I v' Gentility.' ia neither in birth, wealth.
two similar, narratives were, written and J manner, nor' fashion; but in the mmd.-r
li.t at.r.r ' ' -i I a iv:l. -l-L.L. -a T.-"' ' a 'j.V.i.i:.!
vuivTvu ww .hue. oca., ju uaoo an a Larav.L i j uiv-ii neuse 01 iiuuur. HBiermiuuiou
-t 'll " "V.;M - ' - i --"l. . i ; i V -V-.. -T. -..
Buotuu go tp, xe.,noiiom,j,.tn. ne nope I never tp take a mean advantage .of anyt.
any' bigb pretenisioDs' to. ; An, oppressive
greatness one wbp.iloyes life, and under
stands f he use of i4 P.Vi'g'Dg $like, at all
hours; above all, of a golden temper, and
steadfast as an anchor, 1 For sueh an one,
we gladly exchange the greatest genius,
the most brilliant wit, the profoundest
thinker." . . , .., . ...
and awoke;" she 'opeTrtd'- i.et be-rbohi
door and exclaimed:.:. if Who ' is!-that?-
why, iN.icholas, is that yott?.'i'i I immedi
ately passed io,front -of.Mrs. .Wickham
, -a ''. i,--...:." '; j
ana set tne lamp aown in tne oiner ena
of the hall; by this time I heard both
M r: aad Mrs.- Wiekramvatld, uban'' look
ing around found them both, out of bed
Mrv.Wickham ,came;to the-, door--with
his with his wife and. cried out: . "Nich
olas, what are you doing here; go away
instantlyr'' I now approached them in the
doorway and pushed them both back Into
the chamber:, then "raised the axe and
made a blow at Mr... Wickham,, but he
caught it with his right hand and jerked
it away from nie, and while attempting
to. use it in return','' I used my' fist and
knocked - Mr." Wickham 'downy but he
raised aad - struck at me with the axe; I
however caught it by , the handle and
leveled him to the floor with a blpwaqd
then gave him. three more in rapid sue
cessipn: " '' ;UJ 1 " '"" :
- -During this -strnggle Mrs. Wickham
caught hold of me and tore my shirt off
my back,., Jjlrs wickham then made an
effort to get put of the window, and as she
got upon the sill, 1 pulled her back into
the room "arid gave her several blows with
the axe; 'she fell prostrate, and as I turn
ed to go out of the room, I saw Mr. Wick
ham was raised , up again and I, again
felled him and beat him until it seemed
'to hie he was dead' "I 'then went from
this bedroom through the apartment of
the negro and fastened the door- -with
piece of rope, to" prevent the girls coming
out and escaping into the street J. . then
passed down the stairs to , the ' kitchen,
thence 'to'the' parlor and tip anp'iher'pair
of stairs to the third floor, to' the bed
jpom .whene, the-, girls ial ways" elepfctj
found iheir. window, -open ,nd .both ..of
them being gone. J. hastened away and
tnade7ah6ffort to find my way down the
... , ... .. 1, .7
stairway x Bad come up; Dut as i naano
light at this time,-and; got"!c0mpitely
-bewildered . and lost so: that. I ?ould net
get down; J. -waajtbn .cpmpellea 40 .re
turn, to tne.pea-pom 01 jir ana ytrsA
Wi'ckhani'.'waik'b'ver ''tbeir bodies. vraise
JEW wilidow", "and leap' on" the1 the gfass-
plot' As L reached tlwgvo'jmc, :! heard
,the.girl pffat;a d'lfltancespreaBiit'g Viery
loud to the neihbors this was the first
I beard of tllem that night; befope jump
ing out of the window I thr'ew'out'"the
lamp and axfied the gtass and left Ahem
rUiexe, , 1 ncrof w.enij t he kitl.en,.waere
1 had placejl. my bootsaud. after, putting
tlTeih on sfarted' off eastward, at ' full
ijpeed;" across ' ' 'Cor'il-fieyi3,'' drchiir'ds 'atid
through-& thioket "f svoods lo -Cox's lane
aad.tbeh took the Lorg lalaBd Railrofed
track direct for .GTeeiiBort. !;, reached
there about 2 pclock that-mpyniDg-went
to Upnner s anj without waking them up I-
went tPTsecfj'wheir golng"to 'bed'ifwas
my intention to wake ' trp' earfy 'In. -the
morning hnd. tBke,the-steaiB ferry boat
across, the, sauna to x pw. Xiondpo thenpe
to the city of New Yerk, by the .Spring
field and New Haven Railroad.' In the
taorning'I was' a wakened1 by' the little
hjay of Conner's who remarked " Have
ypUi heard of thenKirder last;, night at
miles. 4; L was anable to?get-jotheaf3,
as. they passed, to.fast, and then I steered
my course for the Ashamomack- swamp,
wher e I remained throughout ' tbe 'day,'
and finally came out and web t to house
of Thopjpaoaon the road, at 8 o'clock in
the evening, to get something, to .eatw
Thompson , waa irqm my,cotmtry, and I
knew him. . When I won iu his " house
he exclaimed to me, "Are yod the inan
that liyed .with the Wickham i family? '
to which I replied yes. -Thompson then
said to mef tIon,t'yeil -leave here or you
are. a dead man,"" at the same time seis
ing a gun and pointing 'at, my head, I
then -said." I have done that arid '-Will
shoot you if y oat attempt t 4eep.njoi"
,, At this time Thompson saw Silas Hal
lock, from Cutchogue pass his door, and
as he ran to eal,him I sprangout of tbe
window and "put off into the woods again.
I was pursued, but beat them running.
I then thought I would go back to Green-
port, and, for that purpose, crossed over j
the Railroad Jiridge, over the, creek,
where I was intercepted by three men
who shot at tne,' but I "was not touched.
and I quickly got off in the bushes--' arid
thickets. :, I then; went 'off in the interior
of he woods and, laid down, against a
tree for the balance of , the night... -On
Sunday morning I was led to believe the
watchmen had been increased, and I kept
secreted under the leaves' and bushes; -During
the day three different. 1 persons
walked by ,iny . head . on , Jhreer,,different
occasions, arid came near stepping on me.
After they had gorie pii for' a long ''dis
tance'! arose arid put off iri'V westerly
direction, ;with:aview-f getting towards
iBopklyn,,. Abquv ll..p'clock the;. was
agin seen by a;sentin,eln and pursued Jkt
'aupth'eiswamprwhere the watch was set.
He 'then left for the'west .'and 'crawled
along through a hedged to'a --vaeat;1lot,
.wUt'U-bo was frightened by a! young: man
naiuad-JohnHallock.., in.all tbese tbree
discoveries he was shot at. ,bul savs he i
'orily'f ce'eived wtf small ' pigeon ' shot ni t,
bis1 arrd.' Hefe'Di'.' Carpentcrr'emaTk
edi -f ? Whyi itras close work withTyou''?
Tbe prispper said-, 'Ohyes.'.an4 1 .wisit
a. i-ti. a - -a- ,1
c to . Moa .inev jiaa.s.UPif mei,, was, then
wishing so all the time. I went back to
the" interior' Of tire' swariip' oh' Sunday7 af
4erB6oTi, and laid down, ".with iiiy head on
abogjiaitd covered myself .all over with
leaye;; .bushes, and grasgn- . Finding I
was, disppyered It puTled ,.OVt uiy? razor
and cut iny ilirpat;. I had ccntemplated
cdmmittlrig this: for' a week p'as.'The cul
prit fuxtheraaid.it was-hie intention to
ravish the:giri Ellen-and then : kill theni
both. He was then asked what he wan
ted to. kill Mr. and Mrs? "Wickham for:
He then remarked that he 'felt1 angry at
Mr.-Wickham for 'discbarghig;'him,1 and
disliked Mrs. Wickham beoause ah t eok
the part of tbe girl Ellen. Holland- j The
above is an accurate statement, made by
the wretched criminal, in presence of a
magistrate and the physician who dressed
:: i.:.- i- -i''-.'i'
' 1 ' ,;TREAZSl , OF , A BEAR!"
' "At Czerny, in Bohemia, lately during
the pertormance or a play called " The
Bear of the Moo.ntauj," iri which a bear
pf great docility and dramatic talent.
performed the principle part, a singular
scene, net in the play occurred., , r
- is rum was put out of humor, and Com
mitted sundry indiscretions, arid it was
with difficulty that he could be prevail
ed upon to' go through his part..
' In the last, scene the bear was induced
to commence a waltz with a young arid
beautiful peasant girl, and Beemed to
take much, enjoyhient in the dance,
In a moment, hewever, the. joyeus
spectacle was changed into a scene of
terror.,: A pierehig ' shriek was, heard
thrpugb all tie tumult,, and the lovely
dancer was hurled around with the velpet
ty of , a swift wheel, and. discharged from
her partner's . arms; head, foremost into
the pit, where, hewever, she was caught
by fhe audience without damage, . -The
stage: lover not' having perceived 1 the
catastrophe,' so rapid' was ityadvarieedte
take his part in the -dance, when; : brum
served him a similar trick, by. running rip
a precipice with him, arid throwing bun
off Into, the mimic sea below The as-
ipnlshriient now, however, had "turned
into constetriatibnV"'1-''The -bear " w'as seen
dancing forward, xvidently pi eased. with
bis own exploits, . and. with ilia' jnuzzle
bfpken, tfi imis k.4japginJg, loof e ground
his necK. ana roartn? nerceiv. . ... i
iMTM- i ' -; V' T-l Jl J-.-i-
xne tpwn ponce was caiiea in, tormea
a'efrey tad' charged the" bear' witfafixVid
bayonets. Eiriog wssTrat ofi the'tjues-tion,-as-the
buUatg. which -missed the
bear masaatakEifi"ac4rTrpraikfaajidience.:
A part of the heart training had been-
the-'platdAtfetetTiss,hnal su4denlyktiiock
iug dOwa'.the ixrporal of the, guard with
"flne;paw-and -sejaing hiftinuskef;jwiti th,e
other, he threw, his., crpssbelt oyerh.is
eSch was ' electri thex bear ' atarepiJug,
bpundLDg and rearing With aQ the air of
a conqueror, and - it was not until the
roar -wag entirely ateppea. 'AniKaiar at
terward he was captured 'by neta, liSle,
asleep on the benchea. - - -'
; si e.-jc " " " i
Nicholas rises at an early
goes soonto thabuainess of the day af
ter taking a- ahortv walltThe ..saost
scrupulous crdep reignf in his study; the
walla are adorued with, pictures of regi
mental costumes." The furniture ia ele
gant, bat net oyer rich; ' while there" U
no where -to be seen' trscp pf pteleaa
eraanienti'aThe dinae-fnea:iaiiaUj
takes, bnt little time, for;, it t, served
quiekly, while the dishes are eomparative;
ly few. " " The Czar eats heartily, but 'ia
very' moderate m his drink. "He neitb
er smokes nor takes anuff. - lathe even
ing he has two or: three ;cupa 'Otj' very
strong tea, and spends the interval be
tween. that and n bed time at some game.
Despitebis regularity of life, which, js
necessarily' much" interrupted byprecep
tioHoV travels, &e. ; the Czaf ia no" -slave
to hafcito According to these who have
had the best -opportunity lof judgiBg,;liis.
relation to the Empress ia. simple, p. yet
noble an expression that., undoubtedly
a'driiits'of varied' interpretations, Wh
men ere' not without their influence it his
Court. rL,1846 a younglieutenana. of
the . guard. danceda,)pOj4,0witk1 :LA.dj
Dashkoff, so much, jp. bear .entire,, satis- '
raction, 'that he was soon after installed
aSF one ofthe'aid-de cainps 'tp 'the' Czar,
His friends composed a pew polka, which
they dedtdatei-W htfilj' ttidertlie ironi
calrtitle.of Uie'PromptapoPplka. I'j
".Much has never ben said of the, ex
nibltiSnTi'f parental' feeling oh thp Pari bf
N-fchtrlnftuiat least rbe ''did n'ot 'display '-
it-in ioinp lively degree while hk children
:yea-emwe4 youn.g,-nc3;he. Grand Dttca-
ess Uiga the.i'rmcess:;Alexanara,jand
the Grand Duke'-Constantine' were fre -
juffgmgoutwaraiysihce they have been
grpwntup, alajge ampuBt 'p . fornil'anj -
ceremony has accompanied their lnter-
vustiiie, 111 11 La wvia. trii .ko.
.1. -I it!.i;.i - jn .-..:i-t'?
hat ippirie jnariner might pick np one or I er, an adherence to truth, d3icacy,
r.l,A At . ff ham IK n a 1 . nilth ,n- n a I Unl.,lmA lw4' MiAj.'. ill t. n .
yv, v- . aHKUi, ,rt.&iy.,ia -yvuimi ivaj- I DVUWUCDB, UllfaiUO bllUBQ .1IU WU!
rageoualy improbable m. this atory Jifor
it within tbe bounds of a" reasonable I
Cutchogue? they, hate killed Mr. Wick
ham." I passed this off "with the lad
and then took a view" out of the windpWterments iaiid berr for. bin lifi.-,-
jtvuivii uvciiuu&cu iiie Ataiii uuli - i
ancl wharf: where the ferry boswts
from.,ij I saw, large;jcrow persons
there from.iJutchogue TX "rt ?
to Venture out an4 10 ew, iondon
as antieipated.';'f 3rfssed myself at B
o'clock, twy08 :aa4 left the
house ai101' I-could withput being
.cut tu.. vue. w?stwai;a
Jni."" wens to . tne westward - on
4,w railroad track with the expectation of
.y catenmg tne sx ew , X ork tram of cars in
ri.-we J the wood s! and loatsiri & rin th a Ji i n A v r
pouteucBS, towaruo muse wita woj", 1 T ... , . r o rrc "V
Uva Jealiiigni atw the seo
teristice of a gentleman. I depot, ana therefore walked ott two
tack, antf ' proceede.dt,'"deliberately to
pririie arid ' load:' -The terrdr of theu-
dicrice jwasi'-now trein,--arid ' shrieks
were heard frens etcrK side,;lis fe pskii-
ed the;muzzle .'towards Xhe, crowded ,.pi.
The police Widened their circle.m all di-
1 1? .. a .1. -1 T ' -.....
ItrtJLlviin. w u v cue ucai, lvnu acuuoivui-
ed tb military ' mahbiuvers, 'an d who had
exhibited -latolyat St. -Jretereljurg.! In
the pantomime of the battle ot Jrultpwa
palpably look; the Sweedish. captyesand
pipked ,ouit each of theni froin hr lading
place bt a tender touch ffom he point of
ft - 1 t 11 11. AJ; ii. i Lit.
me uujruueb. jlu an TLnoir- iiigui uie audience-
roared with iaughter, it was evi-
ji 1 1 1 1 ;T 1 i,i?
aent tnat nis fustipiuiiatutu recollections
were, stit jstrong uppn him for he com-
enedeyery than of his 'captives to kneel
upon toe stage, strip-off -hi i acoou
10V Oii
, A , flourish shauld- . accord mo- tn -the
real play,, have followed this victory of
ii. j 1 . . . ' : - - ' .
tne oear, ana tne orchestra were so terri
fied that they forgot their part,' The
ear grewled fiercely at the kettle, drum
mer, and, finding that-h is signal was net
obeyed, he made Ana .mio-htv konnd at.
bheir itself, -and .rolleij jn,q tie or
chestra,., ;He had, no sooner prostrated
jthe fiddler than,he sprang gaifantjy inJk
fliA .if Tai-a Ail ... :M e.. ' ' L
confounded. The rapidity of the flight
equalled the terror of the moment, and J
course. 1
. . i ... . i. - ,:V.
m 'leay, saysr "iMchoIas lorgetl i
maiestr enly in domestic life1, wner lie
ia Reminded that man has his"' happipeM
independent, of stajte dptie,u ; There i .
however, a degree of coquetry in the dot
mestic' life.pf theVinter Palace. lf
1 : Persons'well acquainted with) ibe Tm
penaj family assert,' 'that though Nichr
plaa may loye bis ehildreii-dearly,' yet it
yet it .cannot be deniedj that he assumea
towards bis sons a serious and .coldev ,
nleanor," whilehis behavior' po his daugh-'
ters i's'1 chivalrous in - the extremei 1 bat
this is the. conduct - which he gen&ralN
adopts towards ladies.- The -weak an
sickly EarpreaaAe t treatawith aCompas
sipnate affection: we can find no better
word. " ' When from'- iridispdsition' she ir
confined to her apartment, Jie 'frequent
ly visits .there; and the newspapers' which .
are always loud jn praisef his nndimia-r -ished
affection, mentioned that, at , the.
time of -fhe imperial stay at' Naples to
1 847 Ae ued to carry her in his arms up
the staircase to her chambers. ' During
the burning of the .Winter Palace in 1836
(says Gratcsh,) Count Orloff reported to
the Emperor that the fire was about
reaching the Imperial private cabinet 'er -study,
and asked him what be desired to
be saved in it, as no time was te be lost.
?' Only ;my port folio, " was the repljj;
." It contains the letters of the Esapreaa
which she wrote to me during our en.
gagement. nMicJielsehrx History"
A BEATiTrui. Incident.- A naval of
ficer being at sea in a dreadful storm, hia
wife was sitting in the cabin near him;
and filled with alarm for the safety of the
vessel, was so surprised at his composure
and serenity, that she cried ppt. i"at
My dear are yon not afraid P . Hoir
is: it possible you ' are so calm in- such a
dreadful stoiw" ' '-.'. j'-',r'M'1
': He rose from his chair", drew his sword
and pointed it at the breast pf his wife,
and. exclainel-"'s,''!:i"" ''a "!lT '"
" " Are yoii not afraid ? .V-ovja-s'l
V-KWirmtaritly .answered No:'1 '
Because.,' reioined the wife; ktipilr
thi sword is in the hand' of my husband
and he'loVee me too "eU to hurt me.1" 4
"" Thea,w said he, 'Vemember l know
In wheut I believe, and he whp hpldsthe
iadsiBihwifisVnd - the T tfkUr- in "thJa.
hellovv his' hand isiy fatheT-i' -5'.
GKET'Pttisii-M3oMwalfisa '
had jufet'sorrendered t Washington, and
Waskintoh' Wafe-HlarohiBg in triumph to
Philadephia,when-etoTped -a-" Fred-
ricksbirgtairMidcneer of his :m6 ther. .
Cannpia,.b)anied, bells pealcd.an.i phfi
people, fam'jn crowdsr:;tp the cityf SP
meet'"'th'e onquiror. '"We "wilVnot de- '
Seribdr lhe hieeting' "Between the- mother
andson,-who" had notmet for elghryeira,
The next day La Fayette visited her hunv
ble- dwelling, and in glowing language he
spake, to her of the greatness of her son.
Th'e'niirdii-'s replyTsays 'pne,'' conveyed
bhef of the '-'wisest lesson j i-er uttered?:
ji.'-' I ,amnotmtprised,,, said she,,. ' for
George was a good iboy." ti True gjeaf
nes, then, children, must be founded on .
gopdnesa,, ,. , . , .
1 rX3T8I& "JfHN Heeschee boa declaim
ed; that i!.if he were to pra v. for aaste
which ..should. stand, him.-instead under
gyery variety .pt circumstances, and be a
source ' of ha ppirieas anof cheerfulness' to
him lirougjfci life, and a shield against its
ills, however things might go fiJniga, an
the world f.Ojra upon him, it would be a
taste .for reading.1? Give man-'be a.
firms, this, taste, and the means of gratC
ifying ltt and v pu cannot fail of makinff
him good and happy ; for you bring him
vx contact with the best iaociety of all
ge8, jr'k ..toftdereaay ihe.bw toti
the purest, men who have . adorned J.u
manM;y' mating him i, denizen of all n'a-
ona, ' whtetopo&ry'ot iil times, and
giyihjthim practical- proof that the world
has been treated - for him, for hia wolac.
1 a a '
ana tor nis enjoyment..

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