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Dinu ia p.bli.hed' vrf Wedeeaday
' 'Mraiauj ia the lwi art Aaklaasl, Ashland eo.,
an Htii t. over R. McMtku't Store-
tkbhi r icKscRimoiT. -
- Th Union will be fnraisbed to iWribwre
'as th nU af TWO DOLLARS per snasm.
If peyeseat aa atae be for. t!a expiration ot
"'Ihe veer. Twa DotAABi an. Firrr Caurre, j
ill invariably ba charged, if paymeat aa da
Jarred till after lh azpiratioa af the year.
;- A ssilnre t pay ia rail, and g ive tica of
iaeaattaaaaca la the Peblieher, at th cloaa of
the. sitae subscribed for, will ba considered aa
eagag.ateat for the next year, aad so oa year
after year. '
til -
.1 Om sqaare, 11 liaaa r leea, 3 week .
; arlnt.. $ 1,00
i Every aabsoqa.at iaaenioa. .......... 37
On. aqaara 6 months. .............. B,00
! Om aqaara eve year................. 9,00
"' foartk col a ma one year 14,00
mm third col ass a one year. ..... ..... , . 17 00
'.''One balfealaaia aae rear............ 3,00
- Two third, oolanta .no year.......... 30.00
."Three fourths culuma aae year... .... 35,00
'-Oeacaaana aae year.... ... ......... 40,00
IS .
93odk anb Sob printing. '
' - Having just parchased a rapeub aew praaa,
.J sad added large lot of new type to ear already
, aiMMm auonmeit o- Job- materia la, we are
.J a prepared ia execute, io atjle that cannot
xfc sarpaseed -hy 'any office ia this section o(
.Vcwaatry, ... -r-- .... , .,- -. ,
Rooks,. " ." Bonds; "'-' Label ., -"Circrriars;,
"Card, Dr!ta, .. ! '.Kiceipts,' No'ee, :
! Posters. Bills, : ,': ' Clu ck. .. l inii'ests
i-Bianka.-- Bill Heads, Tickeis, Deed.,
Pamphlets, pecgbajuies, pustees,
' anuria abort, every deecriptioa of Piaia and
-J Decorative) ' - ' Z
i mmmet. ia the fines, atylaoftha arc, tad caa
fail ta give eatiafactioa.
attended tew '- t
All erdera promptly
"'".' . ALX KINDS OP . '.' "
: Blink Deeds ani Jastiees Blanks
kept eoaaUatly a baad and for safe at ihia of-.
. Aa. Oar Blaaka are aaatly pnatedaad oalbe
beat qaality af paper, and give general aatiafsc-
aioai arrtk tboaa who Ware aaed them. Orders
' respectfully Solicited.
I. ;
! -
J- X2C" -In . thcaa daja, when there is
tach a presaare in the money market, it
behooves a to live as economically as
possible. One way to practice economy
is to purchase good goods at low prices,
and it has long since become a fixed fact
in this sectioa of couutry, that Bcsh
HEll's Cmporiam is ' the place to get
them.- -' We believe he' has one of the
best assortments of Qaeensware ever
brought to town. See his advertisement
in to-day's paper.
' '' At a meeting of the citizens of Ash-
land, on the evening of the 15th inst.,
it was determined to celebrate the com
. iug aniversary of Axericax Independ-
xkce, in the
We therefore cordially invite the people
of Ashland and surrounding counties to
meet with us on that occasion, andpar-
ticipatein the festivities of the day. The
: exorcises of the day will consist of the
reading of the Djclaratioa of Independ
ence an appropriate Oration, together
!'with a. .-'
, Gnal Military a.il L'ivle Processioa !
co ua posed of the Iufantry Companies of
", Rowsburg, Jerome ville, Hayesville and
' Ashland, the Ashland - Fire- Company,
. And the AshLtad Gun Squad, who will be
I on hand witK their " BIG GUN ." A
- sutaptoous dinner will be served up in
'the Grove." All the, old soldiersthe
patriotic heroes of other days, together.
i , with all iliulgters of the Gospel,1' are
; specially iu vited to be present, and will be
., entertaiued free of cliarge, . . .
it? j - i . . -. - .. . . ?
. .Processieu will be formed at the Court
Housi at 10 o'clock, A. M.''pre'eisjly,
tinder the direction of 1 the - Marshal of
.Kthe-Dy, in the following order;
- 1st. Martial Music ; 2d. Fire Com
9pany; 3d.7-Military Companies ; 4th.
c Old Soldiers and Ministers of the Gos
pel; 5th. OratorReader and. OUcers
- of the Day; 6th. CititeEB-
: - . Procession will march througb the
' Tprincipal Streets to the G rove, where the
- following will be observed as the
'; " ' ' OBDEII Of EXOUCISEs. '
:' 1st. 13 Roands by the Gun Sqnad;
-2cL .Prayer by the Chaplain ; 3d. Read-
ing of the "Declaration; 4th. Oration;
-5th. Prooessioa re-formed and march to
...the table. ... - .
FaiE.NDS or Freedom whatever may
I' be your occupation or calling in life, give
vOoo day to your country, and show by
year presence on this occasion, that the
spirit of '76 still animates you. Come
By Order of the Commi'tee of Ar-
i . . ......
raagements, .
J. B. SAMPSEL, Sec'y,
'iThe troubles of the country
. wcoiae trom uneasy politicaus its safety
'..from the tranquil masses. " ' '
.Tae above gojden aeutiment, says the
. aOutario Messenger, is fouud ia the cou
. eluding seutenee of Col. Benton's - mas
':terly speech ou-the Nebraska question.
JSo mau liviiig has seen the great politi
.cal truth he lias so aptly stated more fre
.'igueutly verified." -.Take, for instauce the
.memorable ' Panic Session, " iu whteh he
'afirl m itinut rronitfiTLt -nart in defet.se
of the .illustrious Jackson, ' and of the
policy wmcn ' aaveu tne xtepuoiic irom
wJtehtg subjected to the tyrBsy of a
' migiity oligarchy. Men ambitious for
.'fame And preferment were theu fooiid
: ..declaring Uie , oouiitry. ruined " Our
aials - solitudes; -our -lakes deserted
i wastes of water: " CoL ' Beiiton; near
'; "the . close. , of the '.session, exposed the
farce, and told the agitators that "though
they had sat there until driven away by
- the'-dog-days aud the auuinier solstice
preaching panic, 'rain and distress, they:
would Jeave there to go to their '.homes,
And find every, wbere, as they' passed
Along; evidences of the highest prosperi
ty ihat ever blessed the land. -
TrriM Doings in the South.
The memphis Whig, of the 8th,
brought us tne harrowing' acoount of
crime and punishment,in the county of
Marshall, Miss: ; - . ,
Mrs Redman, a very respecUble lady,
who was but lately married, had gone,
out into the field to hunt turkeysA uests,
and was out of sight of the house, when
a negro man, who was plowbig in a field,
close by, came to where she was, threw
her down. And committed a. rape upon.
her person. , J. he. black fiend made her
promise that she would not tell and then
returned to his plowing. - '
The lady repaired to a hill close by
And raised the alarm, crying for help,"
when the fiend left his plow and deliber
ately walked to where she was, and rav
ished her the second time. - After accom
plishing his hellish purpose, he J choked
his victim to death, thereby committing
a double crime, aud then resumed his
plowiug, as if nothing bad happened.'
Xu a few hours the lifeless corps was
fouud, but no traces of the murderer
could be discovered, until a pair or
hounds were , brought axd placed upon-4
the Bcentot the track. Iluey immediately
tracked the track to the negro, who was
still plowing, but he denied all knowl
edge of the affair, i y .
At length he- confessei to the com
mittal of the deed, givinga full ' state
ment of- everything, aud v taking, him
away, the parties passed btbe house of
tLe l.t gio 8 Litll tr, who said it was his
brother that did it, as he had .talked to
him about it before. . This occured on
Monday evening,' and the news did not
become generally known that night, but
the next morning it spread-like wildfire,
and the whole Country' was1 aroused with
iudigtiktion.''. ' The excitement became
iutei.se ; the people gathered from every
quarter, aud the black wretch was taken
by 'the infuriated crowd aud first castra
ted, theu hung by his neck uutil Scarly
dead. He was theu takoo c'own aud
again hung by bis heels .uutil life was
nearly extinct, when he waa shot by some
ten or a dozen men in the crowd.
-" Swa n's Revi sed Statutes of Ohio.
We are frequently interrogated, as is
also the Secretary, of State, as to wheu
Swan's Revised Statutes, authorized to
be purchased by the late . General As
sembly, will be distributed to counties.
The law. providing for their purchase,
requires many important alterations aud
additions to the volume as now publish
ed to be made, which, in' substance, are
-as follows z .
The Coi.stitution of theU. S.,the old
Constitution of Ohio, the Naturalization
laws of the U. S., aud all the geueral
laws enacted by the late Legislature.
To have these alterations and additions
correctly made, the publisher is allowed
until the bitter end of August to deliver
the books to the Secretary of State; as
will be seen by the following, taken from
the law upon the subject ;
" Fifth. ' That said Derby' shall de
liver the number of copies of said work,
for which the Secretary of Stite hereby is
directed to contract, within four mouths
after the passage of this act, to the Sec
retary of State for distribution.
Proclamation of the French Comman
' dfp ... ,,-
There are now 50,000 French troops
at Gallipoli. Marshal St. Arnaud has
issued the followicg proclamation : '
Soldiers of France : We are on a
foreign strand but the Sultan is our
ally and treats us with hospitality... , Do
you know what is ment by hospitality
iu the Orient ? The guest is made the
equal of the master of the house. ' You
will not abuse this hospitality ! We are
come hither to defend bur ally agaiust
the barbarous aggression of the Csarv
Our miss'on is great, and if, with the as--s:staucc
of God, we , succeed in accom
plishiug it, we shall cover our salvs with
glory, as did our ancestor a Our Emper
or thinks Oi 1y of the glory of France and
of your welfare! - He expects from you,
in the struggle agairstthe barbarians 'of
the .North, the courage and valor which
will increase the glory of our country.
Let Vive l Empereor be our war cry,
for-it is that which led our immortal ka
cestors to viotorv. ,' .With cry- the of Vive
f Emperear, we will conquer or die -f
The: Is?and of "Cuba--whieh ' is nowfin
coi sequence' ;'p.f recent,', .occurrences en
gagiiig a large share of attention in the
m nJs of the' American public- is one
ptlft moat valuable districts of territory
in the world. Its annual . productions
(a sontbern paper1 states ) to?npriW$ 13,
500,000 ."worth'V'of. sugar $1.5,000,000
worth of tobacco, $ i,3 i 0,000 worth . of
coffee, 2,000,000 worth of corn, and $7,
000,000 of other ' agricultural produce.
The grand total, of, its . production in
cluding dairy a"d domestic animals,
averages $39,00Q,000 per annum. The
population of the Island in 1841, was
l,00,-8ii4,- sincludiug 418,391 whites,
429,391 slaves and" 151,838 free colored
people." Five years ' subsequently, - the
white population" had- increased. 7,S36,
white the blacks decreased - 107,872-
making an aggregate population then of
but 1 ,8V,7d:i. la the city and suburbs
of Havana in. 1841, the entire population
was .160,750. - Five years later, in 1846,
it coaipromis jd but 128,597. ' ,
JCS The present organization of the
financial system of the Tjnited States is
purely Democratic. The Sub-Treasury
has not only saved the nation, but rescu
ed the commercial community from gen
eral bankruptcy and ruin, and this to an
extent of which, the latter . has not yet
formed an idea,- and, of eonrse, cannot
appreciate. ' Indeed, as a eeneral truth
the community Is not yet half aware of
the social blessings and political advan
tages it has derived from the : principle
aud policy of the .Democratic party; and
many . a Whig who now owes his eom-
commercial prosperity and social hap-
P in ess to the Democracy, is not conscious
. i i . i - c . . p
in me no prejuuices oi a party wartare,
that he is indebted for that happiness
and prosperity to the sterling wisdom and
invincible integrity of Thomas Jefferson
and his Incorruptible disciples. Let the
people onlv know facts give them to
understand truth let them comprehend
the real issues of the parties that now dis
tract the country, and, they will, rally to
man in support of the Union, and the
Government that now conducts it to hon
or, prosperity and fame. Penusylva-nian.-
. . '" ' .- .1 ..
AsaLjrffJuueJ. 1831.
.rrM.i!....S8 a 31
r . ' I ..ana
fr-f."'..7 ."les
.-. 8c
was at ..... .nxrJ. .f
7 .......v
Tt MOTHS'. . .. .M. ... ; . . .
Bstts Ireajna toJWn
can. 4....r.. . ....
riiTWUJi jaaVaae.
Bassw a-1 .' A . J. .
FLOtik abptrfine gSCSS txA g.00S50;
retail at fO.MXS-IO.U) i J
VCos kaloa'yeateijUvlteroAtiaT SCOO bushels
atST58. f o-Oay 'itKMrCasJarfT af sis,
- O.Tywlruieyircd4uc; jtaiit 44c.
--"Posa H'f leTniaittSiioiiiiaeily aj 12.87. -".
'Hams SrofamonoeiUaaellaPa9c.
Eoot-nau an c. s
wBoTTa ICtaVH. Jfilos of S5 egr0jne ' He
Cuiii 37t-.. rie)" I" aiallfuta fcic
Ui fcale -abr at Ft fur (panei
- TaLtow le ufl bbl at 116''
llaiKB ArrLKs Ku.all tales at l.irl,'.'5.
'UaiKB J'SACBH-i-Su.all ale al lie ror pteled.
Wmn Bkak. 4c. ;
. lava Hosi -Are dull at 3c 'for fat, aad 3 for
SKABa. Cloier, 3,U). Tijiolhy, S,U-A,GU,
j . : - " Ksw Tors, June 10.
Flocr There ia .a material. falltua.ijff in the de
mand fur fiout aid tli iarAaA fius xotuiuoa a'adva
lower. Some inquiry fur tilling coulrat ta, but at
prices below the Tiewa bf holders. Couaiderable
ooiuou of Uia ah pmeala were aiade by parties who
bad received floor oa contracts and d aoaed of it
iu tbat way a vtclerence to selling st the market
price,, bate 4ttt.il bbls at a7,5L37,?.i Aor couioiuu to
tiaigbt state, ST-B'SV-S lor favoriie aisle, s:,"50
e,5u lor coaiui'u'to fcood Ublu aud tulAed Im I tier
livhitau. cauadia loyer.,.leSU bbls.
More Wheat offeri us and uiaiket easier." Sales .
3CUJ butoud wbits i; aiiadiau al $ J,07.
-a e mnmnal at l.atl.S : ;
- Bailo aoiuiually the raiue. ' '
Corn Saiea 86,04)6 bu uuaouud a "6S"0 and 80S -Sic
foraouod weaiera mixed, dosing dull ; 60teX.c
fur while aoutb-ru.
, Oats iu uemaad at better prices Xl&iOic for
wcetera.' ) "
. Lard Better Inquiry with salea of 700 bbls at 9
See . . . . .. ..
ButterFair business doing ; H 18 for Ohio 17
19 for btate. " , , '.' ,. '.'
- PMii.ADiLrHiA, June 19 .
WOOL. The market coutiquca dull aud prices
are., diooping. Wi learo irooA Waskinglnu. Pa ,
and from Wellseille, Vs. that the clip will be a large
oue, but that ba era are not offering as much this
rear as last, by ten cents a pound While aoina
the rery finest wools will ool command as Much by
twe- ty cetu. In thecssteru maikeU. the average
rates are la to lice u is luwsjr tbau but year, while in
Englaud, owing toa reduction in the price of wool
en faorics. sqd the iucitasing ,hse ifcott.n coa.b:n
ed with wool, the latter has declined twenty per
cent, aelow last year's quotations. Some lo l of
the new clip nave been received from New Jersey.
. Philadslvhia, June 12ia. .
There were rather more Beef tattle ottered this
week iu all a iout 14UI bead, moat of which sold at
tlLia per VAi lbs, which is a .slight couceaaiou
fruBi the rai.es realised last week, i bout SOU bead
wer taken forew York. Cows arete fair request
awl range frout S .U up to SJO each, as lu -quality.
There were about 8C0 liogs ottered which sold at
$3,SC8I0 per 1C0 lba.-ler laige aud small Juts.
bbcep and Laaiba continue acarce aud wanted.' '
lcxa- i)crtiscmcnti
Another Arrival of New Goods
AT THE - v-'.i.
i tr;r,BusHNEtL, , - .
X70R the third tima this a'easoa,. sends forth
JL7 his proclsmauon to the People Ashland
aud, surrounding cnuuiiee, aanouocing that he
has just received a frrsh suppljf of new .
which he is bound to sell at some price during
ti e Summer, end nikr rwnra lor his Fall sup
ply. The only " advantages " nl which he
can boast are, th it lie has the ntwat goods, thi
latitt Mtylet, tkt largett atsortmtnt, aud can sell
bis ponds as ' ' ' ' -' '
thaa'any establishment in t' a county. He has
loag since luand out that the people will kelp
those who help them, and it is no n-attor of sur
prise that the freat tush is tn the Peopled Km
puriuin, and that the Old Fortresses" sra
cninpnratively descried, sinee bis Second st- ck
of New Goods hia arrived: : .t::-. -
sesES : '
1 have an uiiMrpasH-tl -irs.Timent of iMain
and- Figured Uresa "ilfca. Fureign anil Duifiest'c
Lawns ni d Ginghams, evrrv deription iff
bite Goods: Biuneti.,-Ribbun,-aud;'ln- stiprt
every description of a
npferssary o complete n Lady's Wardrohe." Lei
t te distinctly understood, that f have the'lar
gest and' best assortment it '
WEm mw'A mr i :
rrir brtuigTit Vt Arthland, upd yb who doubt F
catl antl ee Cur yuurkWives.V Lani'es it'ou wan
Co pnrcliaffe QueoiswrtjA the People's Kai-pori
um.i the p!uce iogetjt.. In the. .-. :
" Gents Department, v.
I am luily prepared to meet any demands that
in.iy he ixnlfe upoi rne JIj KtocA of Cloths,
v asaiuie'res, Vcstings, aid. . , . . t .
i v&ty ' extensive". Iluts and C:ip,'in abundance.
I naWui.o large,' atsortmeiii ot - - --.
arid am a1so",prpa-red, to do custom wnrfc' on
short iintxe, and warranted to give SntisT ctioiurj
' In cniiclnsiou I have only to say tint the
StifcJk is complvte iu all its parts, and I caa
warruut satislaction eitber iu ijual tyf .qiKUiCity,
or price.'-Highest marret price jiaid lor.
' : WOOXj I
and AUTfcia'ds ol CJUK I'llY PRODUCE.
nlliiinitM.ii. ff. 14-'- "; 4lf
it divorce:
Ashland Common
Mary U.iinda Grubb.PifT
John R. Grnbb, Deft
ri'HK s.id def. uilunt will take nblice, that
. I ' the amiersicned on the 16th day of June,
loot, ti'ed her' Petition in said Court against
hini, ai-arg'ng ia substance--thatjsnid defendaiit,
about the 13, h of March left- said Petitioner,
aud went to Ca iforni.i, without prontling any
means for the support of Petitioner and thrir
minor chiid. That he h.isbelore and since been
guiity ol adultery, wilb one .Rachel M.iffil, and
w th divers other persons unknown lit Petitioner.-
- Petitioner adedges as causes for divorce.
1st. Gross ueglect.ofduty. 2d A Itery. And
the prsyr f said Pcu-ioner is that marriage
contract may be dissolved ; that she may be
recUired to "her maiden name, that she may
hive the care and custody o' their minor chtid.
and forreasoablealimii,te..nnil unless said
detendant plead, tmwir, or d-milr to s.nd Po
tition on or before i he first ilay of the nt-xt term
of siiil four!, to wit the 38th d:iy ot August.
1864, the same will be t-ikcu a confessed, nd
a decree taken accord ng y.
" By Keilogg &'Alllsou, her Alty's. .
"June 21, 1654'. ... 9" '
Ashland -Com.
Pleas Divorce.
Married, On Wednesday, tbe 14th inat.j st
Union Valley, Washington Countv Peaaby
the Rev. ffniUM Ewibo, Mr.7 WMB- Mc
KENNAN, f this place, to Miss. S. AN.VA,
daugbjer of David Quail, Ks. . . .
T-?Ws aeknowledje -the' reeelpt of a Tare and.
beautlfu'. caxe fro.i. the above couple. Through Ufa-
may tbey '' ' ' ' "
By sweet esrperienee know
TbatManiage, rialitly uiiderstoea,"'
Gives lo U c teudr si.d the .good t ; j
A.Paiatliee below.", : . o.ji t-; "
On.lbe ISth inst.,by Johx Vau )Se?t' F.sq.,
V'A U.Ta a;l ofPerry Towusliip, AshknU county.
Uhio. ii: , m( ,u ' "
' "TTj Accompsnying the aiove' wss 'also'.anolber
excellent cake, f t whi.vb many tbanh-. , ,
O, may their ways be paths or peace ... ,.Sl
a - Viiich e'er the r'liall i.f borrow s .un?, .
Tucir hours be blear, their joys increase'
-: Arid alt taeir-tsres bs '
THE iuiilersigncd, will.sey lo H e. lowesi jnd
1 best bidder .on ..Saturday, the oih,aay : oi
July ucxlUiOiuiJdJngol ajiydge cross.lhe
vernnriion river, on m Mare r;ui osiworn
townships of eii-iirorei-lt and Kugsles, tier the
firm of Jacob "Mvers Sale to rnmrmnci at
one o'clock, P. M. ' '- tV.KR -KI.BYJ'-
A .VonderCAl DiscfHrery has recentlylneea Hnaile
by JJ. Curtis, of -luis city, io-tbs treatmeut ef'cou
sampii,stiiuia. and all liseafssorthe-liings.
We teler to l)r t'uois'a-lU'geaiv.or. lubaliug ily
geaii. Vapor ai3".clierri- syrup."" Wiibi.il. tliis jiew
method the Jir. baa rest led many afflicted ones to
rperlecr health ; Se an evlileuce of -which-lie'lias
Innumerable certificates." h'prakfng of the treat
ment a physiciau. ren'iarl a: It isvidcnt that in
haling constantly breathing: an agreeable, healing
Vapor, the medii inal proprelies murt coiiie Jn di
reel contract with the whole of the . serial cavity
of tne tuna, and thoe escape-tbe many and varied
changes produced upon them when introduced in
to the stomach, and subject to tne process ot di
gestion. The Hygeaoaisf. Tale al all the drug
gists throughout the Ccuiltry. JV F, Dutchman.
. See advertisement of Medicated. Inhalation iu
another column of this paper. 'f?
Asaa tss Uswisj' letter in Savar af Dr. Jt. L.
, ams. Liter Belifm.
Dr. A. L. A SAMS Dear Sir: I have beea much
af your invaluable Liver Balfsm,' from which I
have fuubd great relief, aud in. my opinion it far
surpasses any Medicine which baa ever beea in
troduccd. want you to seud me wore as soou
possible. , ',
Yours Keppeoifully,
Pike, Bradford CO., Pa. LOOM IS WKLL8.
. JJParticular places become dear
to tb0 fjeart of mau more generally ' bj
tbe asseciatiocs attached to themi than
by their beauty, conveuiei.ee or fertility..
"Nor is this 'the cause only as affectiug
individual, fcrattachnieut founded on
memories or-traditiot.s bipds tribes aud
nationa likewise to certain spots, and this
is carried so far occasionly that the mere
name of a distaut country will call from
the . bosomv feelings of affection and de
TOtion, joy, pride and hope.' ' '
Hj'-Tht Germans have produced seme of the most
excclMut remedies for varions disja-tea. Also
which mav be specified Dr. Hoofland's celebra
ted bitters," for sale by C. M. Jackson and nwd
with remarkable "success In Liver complaint,
Jaiiudiie, liyspeps.'a. Debility, aud a geneial de-
minniHt ot the stomach. The bunday IX aiatch
says of -his medicine: ' -.
We feel conviucrd. that In the Use of the Cer
soaa Biiteca Ike patient dues not become debilita
ted, bat cvneieeiiy gaius strength and vigor to'
the frame a fact worthy of great consideration
The. btltsra aie pleasant in taste aud iu smell, and
us ba admiuirtcred uadarauy circumatancea, to
the must dclirate atomacb. Indeed thry cau be
used by ail peisoiis with the most perfect' -salety
It would be well lor those who aie much effected
iu the nervous aystem, tucn.mence with one-tea
epuuufial or less, aid ranuaily iuireaw. Ml
speak Irom eapeilencc.. aud are, of course, a
pteper judge. 1 be press far aud a ide, have united
in recoiuiuending the German Bitters, slid .to the
afflicted we luosi cordially advise Ibt-ir use. ;
May SI, IBS. . 'wt '
JXZr Siptili'i Scraftla, sad Ditamied BtaaaT. For
these Unfile diseases, Carter's Spautsb- Mixtare
lathe. only specific. ...
Ihe proprietors Jiave in "their, poasession over
one bundled certificates of the mosi.exuaoidiuary
cures effected by it, -. - ..' .
We refer -to tba certificate of Rrcbard Adams,
late High Kher for Klchmoud, Va., Edwin Burton,
Commissioner cf the Kevenoe fur KichmontT, Gen
welch of the Maiuniulb 'Cticus ; llr lleudly. 0
Waliiugtou city ; Air. Wiu. A.Isllhews, aud .1).
H, Uick,,.siM. of Kicbmoud,, Vs.: Ml. F. . Boy
den, Kxchauge Hotel. Va.: and a bust, ojfjOtiietrs
wbwliaseaeeu aesof ifa woiat.descilpUoa Cured
Lby Cartel's hpauiab Mixture. They alisertify that
it is the trcatest punliercf Hie bloul know
May St, at. 4wl
fBsiBjavisaiia Brackbart( Estate
TVT O r 10 B s'Rereiby;gieii .that the sulisenhers"
IN have "beea "auuoiuted aud .oualitisd, aa
iiuiniitu vr tin tne estile.ul.Henjsiaat rack
hSTt.iate of Asluaod county deceased. -
.--m,. u. . UAMEL fcU'KALY
. .-"f" - HKNRY ZEHNhlR.
June 14, 1854.
Mary Belinda Grubb. I'.fl".
John R. Grubb, Defl.
OI1N R GflUllU will take notice," that
DeDositions will- be taken in this case, at
tie iiffice ol Young & Hriukerholf, in Maostield,
Richland County, Ohio, on WediiusOiy, tne
Iflih d ty f July A. D. 1854.be we-n the hours
of eight o'clock, A. M.iour o'clock, P. M. of
said day. KKLLUUO K allimw, ,
- . . . r -
- . i - ' . ,At,iy".Tir rm.
June 21, 1854..' ' " ' . 3w4
Jane ti ;54.-4w4-
: ' AM(IS. HH.()RN:
,1 '-"Cnmrnr.-inrierr.
'! ,'" " NOTICE' :1M rA ;
ISherebr givt-n. thit th" nnilersi?nd htshen
this day-'duly appointed finit "quftliflenl- as'
Administratrix of th Kmate of Janre? Poa,
late ofAldosd dWutyi'f Irrinf deceased.
I ait n a : pi i fi. ... '.
;',Jnne .21, ?134 -3-4 ",' , A!tlmipi'.,:iltrj!t. ; "
Tbs DemocYits of Ashland County are ra-
, qaealed to trfret at their usual place of balding
election tu each townahip :.: , i', ".;.;
On Saturday, July st, 1854.
Then and there to organize .a Board of twe
Judges and one. Clerk,-who will receive and
open a Poll Book ia which the name of the
voter ahxtf be kept as well at the names ofthe
'different candidates running lor office, Tbs
Committee are unanimous and determined. that
none other than Democrats shall be permitted
to vote, and that no Poll Book will be received
from any township which cot-tains more names,
than too.wbnle number of Democratic votes :
polled is the township at the last Presidential
or Gubernatorial election. Each Poll Book
must contain the names of the voters voting at
the meeting. None others can be received.
Kery good Democrat will perceive the neces
sity ot this if it would serve no other"' purpose
than to preserve the organization of the Deino-
I cratic party, which is paramount to the promo-
lion ol any set of men, . A a ;;Jt .
J The Judges aad Clerks, -after the elect!' B,
shalf certify' ah al itract orthe. vote's polled' for
each .Candidate, and. return it, to. tho .Board of
Canvassers by one of the Judges certified to by .
HbJ -Vhriler Board,' and shall ' appoint one ol
helr rjiifrihef 'td return llie 'Poll' Booky which
..return Judges aud the. Central Committee will
constitute tho JJoar of Canvassers Jo be -held
erf MONUAY,-JPLY 3", ieo4'at 12 o'clock,
at trie Cour Ilouse "in .Va'afiJ, and tho .papdi-
Lditea, hjving tlm highest. number .of vote, for
each office shall he declared the choice of the
Deinocrbq psrtv drtiouUsauv two or more
candidates receive an erruaj .number, of. voteeH
for the same otiice, .it -shall be the duty l the
.-B.oarsi nf.CaarvafSerato decide- ahicb shall be
the nominee. A mnjorFty of the Board shall be
deemed auflicieni trdeteratine.
- Tba Candidates to be-Veted 'for' nrer''" t Pro
bate.Judge'j' l Clerlt'pf the" dou'rt; j. "Sheriff; 1
Prosecuting Attorney ; 1 Auditor; 1 Treasurer,
I Comiiussionor a Jufiriaary. pi rector-. ' ' '
I I At llo same time and place the Democracy.
of each Township arei reqnested to choose
Delr;-.tes to represent them at the Concresr-.
Lionala Convention, the tune'uud'place of "which
will liercKia uuivcii. i iiu uuiuiuic uciicw
the county will be entitled in the same number
as at the last Con ressionlT. Convention which
Was -?4.iind apportioned a follows :"' ,: '
H iuover, 2 Del'egttes j " Lake, J ; Green. 2;
Mhccan,2; Vermillion, 2 ; MifQin, 1 ; Mil
ton, 1; Montgomery 4; Perry, 2 j Or;in5e,2;
Jackson, 1 Sullivan; 1 ; Troy,' 1 ; Rugglcs, 1;
ClearcreeV, 1. . ...'
The Polls to.be opened in each Township at
8 o'clock, A. M , an J closed at ' 7 o'clock, P.
m. ; : -: '-'"' '
-re J.' SHBRIOX,j- 'i
s. p. cowex, -" :! -
'- H. BUCK. " "' '
;7 : ' :: WM. S. STRICKLAND,
. , , . " .' jAMES;ALBS!tSl)X, .
De-nocratic Cnntral Committee. ;
0 the itsceipt. mud Expenditure mf Ik InJInfrf
Ailui Cmmj, Okie, far the year eammeneinr
Jems 10 , 18i3, ass! ameUwf Jems lt, 185t.
AatilairaA Costsity Istrirmaii-y- Dektsr.
To amount drawn from County Treasury (1993 59
sua busu wheat raised on farm, a 1.75, 164 uo
bush curu ' do .
' 18 bush oats '- do-'
" 74 bush rye . . do
4074 lbs pork do
IAS nush turnlpsr"- do
9 clover seed do '
lbs wool ii do
10 tons bar
" : 60 brooms - - '
S65 busb potatoes
14 bush beans .
23Gt lbs lard
10 dried af plea
0 dried peaches
.274 cabbages
, 1 ' ai re I crout
4 bush beets
:'i- II bush Onions
do .
1 bl apple butter do
1 4 bis soap ;do :
- 4 loa s foijtflr do
4 bis cuc:iubers do
Mouey borrowed from E,
5 5
. do
do .
do .
do .
do ,
. do
do -do
do '
' do...
40 cts
Wets .
' 8 cU '
.4 cts
Sects '
SO cts
. ' 2.00-fi.OO
Ashlar 1 County Infirmary Credit.
By paid E. Moore 'Superintendent. ... . ?50 00
iiu do ' for la! year's services,' " 150 t.o
" do Samuel Hou;h, hired hand. ' ." 1 - lt!0 00
do- Kev. H. IK Kmerson, C'haplatn, - B4 tu
j do lofirmsrv Uir ctors-. ....... t3 fin
t0do ,-Foi fauieaiug wood and mabooses, )U) 00
do' T.'J Cox's bilj .lor goods, $52.20 of
whit h was1 incuired.by. Vauorinan, 60 44
F. Fox's bill contracted by do 16
JJ, Younglia, t . ; do - , ,-do- , T 6 OO
E. Havisou, . . oo . do aui
E. Sprinkle, br'i'nsinff paupers. 2 cO
DM. LAHK at ClUMi wooid re
speetrully inform the citizens of Ashland
and vicinity that tbey have4 associated them
selves together for the practice of Medicine
and Surgery in all.tbair various branches, and
by diliceuce and close attention to their office.
rand prompt attendance upon 'oil calls at all
hours, they nope to merit a - iionrai snare el
public patronage. Da. Class: offers his thanks
te all those who have heretofore favored him
with their business, and will be under renew
ed oblieations for a continuance of. the- same:-
50 JJJ I Da. Crake, will devote rpeoiaL attention ta the
W I ...J. 1 .. .. . C- 'n:.i :
3 Oufeiis, nuii uvia tsspeciuiiy -iu sii uisoases 01
the i-yi , either acute or chronic.. .
BVaT- Orrica, artjoining MiUington's .Drug
Store, opposite P.& J. Kisser's "tore.
OSrDa. CLAaic'i residence near the Metho
dist Church. -"j v" "- -
Dn. CaAKE's Tin third street opposite A .
Wasson's. P. H.CLARK, M. D.
April 19th, 1S54 n48tt '"....
1 ,J- A' IeW ifl. thttc!; '
Sx0 CO
50 90
. 74 00
162 84
37 50
30 07
42 12
1 . 00
0 CO
111 96
6 f'O
2 00
5 50
-14 CO
8 00
8 00
10 to
57 00
.. :315 88-
ffy O i dollar will be charged Candidates for
announcing their namtt. except a-aere they art
not subscribers to tht" Union," toJetn they u-UL
invariably be charged three dollars. .Pay.
ment in all cases In advance. , .
do .
i da :
T. C. BiiJhncIl, goods and provisions. I2U 85
A Kelly, NboemaUer, ; - 3-4-45
W. Hkiuuer, KlacUsniith. : 49
.Hays & K-Tttiuin&er. goods etc, - :, 10 60
-S. Wb Unctoii. per loni. fi 10
- 4a hsj Snyder, (out d .or pauper' Z(:'.Vi to
""do-H.-Sultscr: Shoemaker. " "'715
do l.uther, uiali and Gales, per fhingles, 16 50
. d 1J. Youugliu. pes sotnu,, (Hi
rloi j : McCanib, goods etc.,; r it -75 06
' do1 V. -Wasaon, leather liiO, ' ' ' 10 03
do Clupstoi. o. Iluuisaocdd, etc., 44 fc2
do K. Houph, per iyork, f
Tdo .eruooii- k V, illMniapeT sawlngi.r rk ; 9 to
t-elo JirKryte.iiecooperrmj; 6 P8
do Heltiiian, el. aK b-4nu ng pauiters, 4 00
.do .1) ..Cowan' bill, 354 of wtiiua waa 4 r
incurred by Vauomian, , ,80 50
J. Laatshaw, do do . ,.' 00
W. Craig,- ' ;do 1 do ' ' ' ' 3 87
J.H. Mills-, : do- do- .' ' ' - 6 es
W. P. Shell,- do do '-: ' : :: 14 s2
J. Irwin, beef hill. , , ...10 75
G. W. Urie.ptr brick, ' . .. . 10 95
U.Caricr, white washing, ' 13 0i
U. Ilarmaa. thrastmie. - 12 5
do.G.il Miller, culling box, ; 1 . 3 to
d.o J Webster, biiugin pauper, 1 50
S. K. Hrdmaii, et al. bunging pauper, 10 511
FisLcr, (keeping out door pauper.) 14 to
lr .Mcbeih, docior'ng do do do 'M 84
Wolf a d Kinili-, sawing bill, 187
H. parToidt cariienter work, IU if5
Baker blacksmilh, ?ll 52
I. K. siebaod, potatoes by Vanorman, ' to
J. l.autsbaw. fur waggon,. ' 52 CO
Youugliu & Shaffer, coffin, 4 to
S, oun, ct. al. for lumber, 57 00
' Consumed ou Farm. -..
55" hush. Corn, 40 cts
do .'do
,do .do
' do
. do
182 do Oats, 28 cts
74 do Kyt, $1,00...;
15uV doTui-uipK.
9 "do C ovei-See.1,
;-5G5 do Poiatoe
1 da Bea..
16 do lined Apples,
. S do Pescbes,.
4 uo Beets
11 do ' Onions, . .... .......... .
4071 lbs. : Pork,
5ct do Lard,
10 Tous Ha,,...
' 56 Brooms
274 t'abbages,
-.--.I barrel frou',
1 do Applsbulter,
...4 ..do Soap......
2 do Cucumber pickles, ....
4 do Loads orn fodder, . . .
208 bush Wheal;
SCO 00
50 90
74 00
37 50
?0 97
132 50
- 2 00
16 CO
9 CO
. 2 GO
5 CO
162 84
42 J
50 CO
10 00
10 96
' 5 00
14 CO
8 1 0
10 (0
8 CO
set 00
TS'hsV'Siy givtrn. trt me -Stock ndlders of the
' Frankliii and Warrrti Rail "Road Company.
tnit The annual 'inefinij Pif tttr elccdon of of
ficers will be lifld at the .(lice ofthe Cimnany in
FrnntMn. on theKtitina TnesrtaY: the I Itlr at
Jnlyr.l64vat tesyo'Qloe,-!. M-- .!;.' - -'- 1 -
! - .'-" PATENT1 ' :-! "
TT AS awarded the Firai . Premium, at rbe
W.J.'Vforld'e J'air, Jn New York, in 1S53.
Also at the Ohio Stite. Kairs or.three suocess-
ive iearsnd at all other plrces, whenever,
rxhiliitml Warranted -to twrtand cltTn-from 20
0 40-basttela-perday, or lroni-d to 54ahels p r
hour; aud with aaewj Improvement, (now be
ing 4"tieuiWt) to.on attacped -.ta sue ptacaipes
made in 1 vl, tqcy win tui 1 ana cieaaone lourtn
more in' the' same tim'. ' ."I
KorsalChv ' . M. If. MANSFIELD,
' - Sure Manufactuier, Ashlanil, Ohio.
' June 14,' 1854. . .. ' " ' ' ' .' u3tf.
N. B;: P!-osecu(ions Will-be promptly com-menceJ-
for any infringement ol the rights of
the Puttentee:' : : - ' M. U. Mi '
' Ma. EDrroa t Please announce the- name of
Hon. H. II. JoKNf-Jir, as a candidate for re-etec-tinn
to the office ol Representative in Cong res
from ihis Congressional District, suhject to the
idecisiuo of the District Convention, ami nhtlige
. We are authorized to announce the nan-e of
J.D.Joses, as a candidate lor the otfico of
Sheriff, subject to the decision of the (Democra
cy at liieir Primary Meetings, to be held on the
1st dny ol July next.
' ' I nnnnnnce myrclf as a candidate for re elec.
ion o the o.-fi:eof Clerk of the Cou t of Cum.
mon Ple is behjoct to the Primary Nomiuatinns,
011 the 1st day of July. ..SHERIDAN,
Ma. Sberidav: Please announce the name
of pa H.. H vol, of Rowsburg, as a candidate lor
Treasurer, sut-ject to the decision, of the Pri
mary Meetings, end oblige many Democrats of .
? i !ii ' ' i ' J ". - OtB Perbt.
Mb;-6heeiaW Pleaseanriiounce-.the name
of J . S. KULTON, Eq., as a -candid ate- Cir the
orfice f. PrnseKiut ng AtioiIy!Js.iibjrxt.Ji.tbe.
dticlsion or- the . ueiuovruev at more frtmary
Meetings, and oblige r , Mam Y Democrats.
D- 'ili'-SHEkirjAtr: Please'announce the.
'nnmeTtl Geo ' vV. 'McCowkeu. as" candidate for
reclrctin f ib c-fiice' of County i'onimisinn-
! er.'-euhjnet to the'd-cisian of the Democracy at
t.-eir Primary Meetings, and oMigi- ,. r. '.
Hosts or Democrats.'
J. SnssiBAif: Plca'te announce be ..name of
: JnHR.:cRK,SirLrange Tp., as a candidate for the
office of couiity-4'i'Sasurcr, -tmbject to the decision-1
. pf ths -.Democracy at-tbeir Pi-tiuaryleettngs, and '
: oblige liis numerous -i- M DKngcRfllc Fkickm., tj
"ir. Shkridiv : Please .ajiuouuc.e. the .name of
''frrrtf.'RiriDLe. "iif Moufoniei y' Tp.. as a candidate
for the office of to-uufy Treasurer, subject to. the'
ducision of the Democracy -at their-Pi-imary :Mtet-'
iugs, and obliga .Ir AliwrDissciiTic tvsiasos.:
Mr. EoiToaii-Pleaiie denounce 'the'Sisme of
Hl-oh Maouikk, of Montgomery .-Tpi, aa-W -csiidi '
date for Infirmary Director, subjeet to the will of
the Democracy at their Primary Meetings, aid-
Oalige , r-'.M r jBAKT ljcxoca 1 S . j
-lr RsisataAi Please avmou ace ilie name of
A . U. CoftTis, of M.intsomerv To., a. a candidate
, 1 I for reelection to. the .office of Probate Judeiu
7 and for the county of A 'bland, and oblige . .. . . f
IHS LltltOf ST1C t-RlSHDS.,
Editor UsTOlt VitxTuDER Porter of
Moiittyemery-'Townsliip,- wilToe a candidate for"
re-eleefioa to tho office 6t Prosceutin!; Attor
ney, anfject to the dtcision'Wf" the Democracy
ol Ashland e.oaoty at their Primary1' Meetinta,'
I by request of " - 1 ' 1 Mast Democr ats.
Mr. EDitoti :-r-P!eae announce the name ol
TstACt?ATE', of M 'iig im iry Townthip;. as a
cindidate for' re'-election "t- the'office of Au
ditor ot" Ashland comity, suhject it, the decis
ion of the Democracy at their Primary Meet
ngs, .and oh'ijie Mast Democrats.
' find for'New
' London" daily
at";7 o'clock
i 1 A M 'con
nection with the ear on the Cleveland Colum
bus and Cincinnati Rail Road. - '
Returning, leave New Loudon after the ar
rival of the trains.'
"Leave Ashland : for Mansfield on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, at 71 o'clock, P M.j
Leave Ashland for "Wooster on Toesdaya
Thursdays and S itnrdajs at 5 o'clork P M.
September. 18SS. ' ; 18tl "
Livery Stable.
.K WIS wishes It desttnclly
understood that be has not quit the
iverv b'uesiiiess. and that be has iusi. made quite
an edition to his Htable iu the the articles of llug
cies and 2:40 hoi sea.
(lis Stable is now Kept Immediately back of
theampsef Uuse. - f -ustomers can always nnu
some person to attend 10 them either at the sua
ble r Ibe Sapel House. Passengera carried from J
Asiiiaud in auy dirccuou, al moumave rates.
May 17. 185U " 1 5Stf
I-HAVE; procared a right tor an improve
' ment iii building houses; By which a hou-e
may be buiJt' for a smitll amount of mnnev,
pwng all the Conveniences end comtortser the
dearct bouses; sud as I .have appointed John
trial ley, ol Aslihiud, as my agent for this eoua-
aty, please call ol him and examine the mod.
el, and procure a right. . , -,
j, .. t : ANDREW. SNORRIS.
. Troy, Ashlsnd ce, Aug- 18S3...1& , 2tl
ss sUS
Farm for Sale.
' I E subscriber offers his. Farm
1 -4faJej situated in Orange Tp.,
Ashlanci county, ObH.4a' jfniles
Kirtnis, Asutuna. lucre are lou
acres otjaud, UO ol whiua. r un
proved and in(0il ta.te if uu'tivatio.a.andthe
rest.due well Utn'.cred. Substantial buildings
good Orchard, au.J ane rsnuig water,
j,rv-5 '-'.-t ' JoltN FULMER. :
u March. 55tfcn854. , 3m45
' 'N OTlCE f A'TaX PAERtl;
' TVfO MONEY. WitLjie'-jsaiicir lie reeclv
.11 Tales bv'jhe uher ; :4haq.Kn'd a
.ii - u nj'Ar-tf'.i:..'' Anni o..i
Kilo Liin 1. 11. .1 1 Dime ir w . V. jf.HA.. 1 j
is osrttes ai ummii rrodwirer, : .
, TrMOSMrar of.AsMaruiCo.'
Dee. 7,1833. StfV
Hayesville Marble Shop,
.. ..... 1 1, bd hi
Manufacturers of Monuments, Tomb
'" Stones, Tables, Jc. of Italian an d
.American Marble. . .. '
'IHANKFLTIa f.ir nsi fa.ore. would
., -J-reaperstlotljr inform the citixena of Ash
land and the adjoining counties, that they con
Unue theabove business, in. all its vasieus
branches; aid basing no Agents, they caa and
will sell Grave Stones from 10) to 10 per ceni
cheaper than Shopscan that employ Agents
- It is evident that oer-sons buvine of Asenta
must pay the expenses of that Agency. Shop
on Main street, one door east of the Penn
sylvania House. 13tf
A XL those holdinc county orders, on which
tmerest is accruing, will take ao-.iee that
I am now. ready to - redeem all such orders,
and'il not presented Tor payment the tptercst
will cease irons thtedate.
'- ' J- W. BOYD, Treasurer of Ash Co
i fi v. 23, 'ft3. " - g7.i f
":-'H ;i:'.
ABOUT , the 5th of. Apiil last,
a tAixe red Cow. wiih white
idacei(it ycatsioM. 1 Bbasslrayed
, from a drovooKcuws near Ash
. land.- Any person giving i nfonn
a:iiu.. ceacernins . -hep will 'be
liberally rewarded. Address. W. H. Soaton Olives
sure Kichfand Co. O. !v..- .--i
,lay )WI.4J4J-q . aio'- - 3wl
jnpnoim iiou-sk moirrrrAiivEitit
nnmtS tcflrWfafra Hffrae'tan Veen the
' w, ensNring seasbA'af the" following.' places;
bn"Md-da 'and 'Tuesday". of each- week- at
Greenwich cenrr-, Wednesday arid Thursday
'.,AinRah,''ajid Pri'dWy-'ahd Saturday '-at "the
Bampsei Kousein Asbland.
,-.-.,..,.-,. J. ti J, HEARST
'Atpril lth, 1834. taii ' -
Balance unexpended, ..'.......$331,34.
- CondVltloxi sl Infirmatry..
Articles made by Matron and Inmates during the
past year: bed-ticks e. Pillow slip, S. kneels 13,
Ituilts 13, Towels 6, Comforts 8. Carpet-rag 8 yds..
l.inenSl yds., Pauts 28 pair, Khiriso8, Hapeis M.
Hosiery 31, Bonnets 8, Dresses ZD, Aprons 47. Vests
0, Caps 16, Cspes 7. ' ......
- " Csnditlon !ot Farm, etc.
Built one new waggon house, corn crib, bake
house, smokehouse, aud completed tbe wood and
cazyhouse. - The fences en the farm are iu a good
condition, mostly re-set.
' 1 here are 18 acres wheat in the ground, 7 acres of
ry. 11 of oat, 16 of com, i of flax, 3-of potatoes,
i or broom corn,? of beans, 20 of grass for mowing,
and 22 of pasture.
. There were oOO n?w rails made for farm, 100 cord
of wood chopped, and 4 acres of laud cleared du
ring t'e past yeari -
- ; ? Stock on Farm. -
Horses 4, -cows 5, young cattle 7, bogs 18, sheep
old snd ouug 60. '
.- Fanning utensil the-"Same as at former Sfttle
tuentj. excpi-a new buffalo waggon,' which wa-.
purcbased siiice. . ...
. Inmateiof Infirmary, t
The number i,f liuuaies iu the lubruiary is 36, J8
of whom are males, a d 18 feniales.
:Ttie eldestis abor-t 75 yearf of age, and the young
est 6 uiuiillis old. liie h allhof the" Inmates is
rmisi iWrsi' Bflil r MI fl3MinriHd tvith ttiehouse
are prosperous aua.uavnjr- so isi as .iifcuii..iiaiiui.s
will prruiit at least. The iuhnuary is.kept neat and
Cleaaiuall Usdsparuneuts. and much credit there
fore, is due ihe.Superiuleudaot nl u.llliiu lor its
present prosperity .-..V... - ...
T'iik Stats or' Onto, .''( We hereby . certify the
Ashland county, ss. rorgoing to be a irnu ex
hibit-of -the rrct-iptes. expenditures an- couditiou
ofthe Asltland c.iunty Infir aryfor-theyear com
ioS June 10th, leWi and eiuling cans 10th, lb5i--
. G. BilTDORF. Asulaud o.
,.-..--,-; - : - fs -p. K KI1I.Y. 7 ' rlifiniiary. "
I!' Examined and approved by us thii P.Uh day'
of. June 4t.4).Hi5. : -r' :i-f.
- .. ... . lrr.li. ui;u..Lii,i..t.oiD. ssiii-
'. AMOS HiLBOUXi $ county, O,
.recently been made by Dr. 4'tisTis, for
the core tl"A Jthini,' Cons uinpfi on," Bronchitis,
C lughs, Colds, and all Lung. Complaints, by
Medicated Inhalation.' Dr. Curtis' Ilygena, or
Inhaling ily genian Vapor and Cherry Syrup ,'
bas accomplished the most WfinderfuJ cure of'
Asthma and Consumption in the . City of New
York, and vicinity for. a few. months past, ever
known to mn. It is producing au impression
on Disease of tile lents never belore witness
ed. by lie Medical Profession.- tSce: certiC-
catcs in hands ol'Agents. ---.
Tbe Jnhaltr is worn on the breastnnder the
lirsfm,- wiihoat - rtre -leaet'ifwonvenience, the'
heat of the body being sufficient -to evapo'rate
tho Quid, supplying the lungs cons a :itly with,
a heating 'and agreenUle vapor, . passing into,
all the air cc:ls und pangvs ol the lungs that
cannot possibly he le&cued by other medicine.
- Here is a case: 1, -.' ' , i
. a - ..tlima Cured. -
. : . : Brookliw, N. Y., Dec. 20thy lS53i
For about eiglit years 1 have rbecn severely -afilicfed
with the Asthma; lor "the ' last two
years 1 haie suffered beyond alt power, of de
.sciiplion ; month' at a time J have not been
abie to sleep in oed, irettiug what rest I aould
sitting in my chair. My difficulty of breathing,
and my snrfvyinss'Were so great at times, that
for hours together my friends expected each
hour would be my last. During Ihe past six"
years I h.ive.had the aid and attendance ol.
some of 1 be mot celebrated physicians, but
have received no pprmnnnt benefit, "and but
little relief. I at length had the good fortune
to procure.., Dr. Curtis' Hygoana Vapor and
Cherry Syrup- At the lime I first obtained it,
1 waa si-rl'eriiig under one "I my ino-t violent
attacks, and was in great distress, almost suf
focating lor want nf breath. In less than ten
minutes from the time 1- applied the Inhaler
to my stmomach, and took a t eiepoonlul of the
Cherry Syrup, 1 was relieved in a great meas
ure from' the difficulty ol breathing, and had
a comfor-abie niguu. I have since continued
it with the greatest, possible oeneht, and am
now comparatively well. God only knows the
amount of suffering this medicine has relieved
me from. My advice to the suffering is, fry it.
Consumption Cured. -
New York, Dec. 27th, 1853.
I Came to New York in the ship Telegraph;
my native place is St. John's, New Brunswick;
whea l reached this city, my health was very
poor : hrd a very bad cough, raised a good deal
of matter, which .was frequently mixed with
blood; bad pain in my left side, and was very
thin and emaciated. My friends and physician
pronounced my c ise Consumption, and beyond
the reach of medicine. I accidenttlly heard
ol Dr. Curtis' Uygenia, or inhaling 11 vgean Va
por "nd Cherry Syrup, and obtained a package,
which I verily believe was the means o Saving
my life- Soon ' alter wearing the Inhaler,- 1
took the Cherry Syrup as directed, and con
tinued to do so, my couph gradually growing
better, until it entirely left me, and I now con
sider myself cured I still wear the Inhaler,
as the use of it is rather pleasant, and believing
it strengthening and purili ing to the lungs, I
feel unwilling at present to dispense with it.
Sold by Boyd & Paul, No. 149 Chambers st.;
C. 11. King, -corner nf John street end Broad
way, N. Y. Price $3 a p ickage.
N. B. Any person inclosing- $3 to Boyd &
Paul, or Curtis (X Perk ins, New York, wil re
ceive a package containing a bottle ol'llygean
Vapor, one of Cherry Syrup, and an Inhaler
in a neat box, by express, Ireo to any part of
the United Suites; or four packages lor 0 10
June 7,1854 .;' . Iy2., '.
WVW SjrrsvAsSa-srstsisfV
Emerson's American Hair Restorative.
rjOR restoring the Hair on heads hopelessly
J. Bald, and. to prevent the hair from fall-
j tug..k MfliSmilr gold
who nr)-using IU
? Hot Phorn.
snurilliiii. Sale of Heat Estate."
IN-lnirsi'iaiice"" "of" an 'order ofthe' Prohate
' Court'of Ashland coimtv, m ide at the June
tend thereof, we will offer lor sale' at .Pujilic ,
vendue on the premises, on the 4th davm July
xt.' the undivided hail, part of ihe l'I'olTovyiiii;
premises sittlite"Irt sjid con'ntv to wit': Part ol
the north eas quarter of section 4,township 12,
range 16, bounded aa loilons, . lo - wit begin
nine at a stake in the north boundary lino of
said quarter, thence, south ti a. stake in the
south boundary liite-thereof; thence west along
said tine one hundre-1 rods to the south west
coraer of said qimrte thence along' the 'west
boundary. I me. jlliereol to ttie.no rtli west corner
i'f said Quarter", thence east on the north li'iun-
erary haelOa rOrlsj IStmks-tcrthe'Trlace of lie-
ginning, containing 100 acres and 150. rods more
or less. .
Also asmall tr.ict situate in, the south east
qoa tfer 5f section 33,fownship 23, range 16,
e emtneircirig at a. stone iu the -south boundary
lint ol said quartertnencc north to the mau
leasing tho' t-prmg west of said line, thei.ee
enstwa-uly along sua road until it lniersesis tee
south boundary line ol- said quarter, thence
West along said Hue to the place ut beginning,
containing 4 acres and perches more or
less. , , . .... . . -" r ."- 3
Term of Sale- one third cash in hand -one.
third 'in one year ana the balance in two
years from sale. Back payments secured by
mortgage on the premises.'
- ' ISAAC MASON, ' '""
'Girardiansof Klmrra and Anna Jane Mason. .4
J. W. PmTBSol.lorPat'rs.
' ' June 7," 1S54. 4w2 -
opinions riein r
This is a new .article, re-
eeatly. mtreduced to tho poWic,. and :.will
stand. '.n its own merit. Some of the bes:,
citizens ot Cleveland and Pittsburg 4 who were
hopeiieasl j iiald ; lew "montlis-sioce,: have
uowShe evi(lence"rj"Thcir head's to"shi6w of
ts,qierits. ; The. proprietors- have such cenfi
t)enc,c.in it that they , a uthorize, their aPnts
totuke' heads on, guarantees puce, to .' be
agreed uoun, between the panics.;; a.:t.e t
',: 'C-.&J "r l5A.Wai.cr. - :
.C i f -11Ate it Kii.iwqEa.Itayesville.
i E. KISHER & CQ, Proprietors,
. '. 'Jt -67, Superior tU, Cr.eeI(aniLJ-Ohio
May 13,13. ...'..--.:' .. .; , )y4
Stabler'a Diarrlteeat Cordial.
IS a pleasant MUtais, eompouaded In -aaree
ment wil a. the rHlcs of -Pharmacy, of Iherapeu
tic agents, -lowg known and 'cetenreted for tbeif
peculiar efficacy in curing 1MAKRHCEA, and simi
lar affections of tne system, la Its aettoa, it
allats hatse-a and produces a healthy' condition
of tbs LIVER, tbus Brmovin the cause at the same
time i cures the disease. 5" . - , '-Kii'.jS
Stablcr'n Anodyne Cherry Erpfctorwt '
lscopfidrnlly recommended to invalids, a cuso
RPABssp.by any known preparation,- for' the tare
of CrM Hoarsene, and otherformsor t'lHnsisa
TIO.N in an early stage, and for the RUf of tbs
patient even in advanced stages of that fatal dis
aese. ... , . .. - ... ' . 4j
ltcdmbincs.in ascientific ifisnner, remedies of
longesteemed value, with other, of morS4recent
discovery; aud besides its aeathing and rsaisaueli
ties, acts thro' the skin, gently aud with (treat ef
ficacy, lor Ibe cure of this class of diseases. j -
Tbe valuable Meilicinea above namedhave recen
tly been introduced, with the approval of . a nam.
tcr or our Medical Preftesieu la. tbe city of Balti
more and eve) where, and in practice have auccee.
derl most - admirably in enrinc the ' diseases for
"-uich they are prescribed. Tbey are odeied?' to
the country 'pt aci itioners of Medicines which ha
can ia all respects depend c poo as prepared in
agreement, with the experience oC some ol the
most learned and judicious Physicians and strictly
inconformity with the- rules ol-Pharmacyr'an4
as especially, serving Uis convenience, who .can.
not sotc&dily as the City Physician, have iiis own
prescriptions compounded by a practical Pbaraaa
CCUtUt i - ' - .3..
See thedescriptive Pamphlets, to be baf gratis of
all mho have the Medicines for sale, cents Hsing "
econimendations from tioctors Martin, .Balt-
,i Doctor Muti- says, "I do not besitata to
lecomniend your Diarrh&a Coriial aud jSnodenS
(jlterrm zsrrsNS,'4'c- '-'J - '- -.-- '- -
lioct. Joim Addisoh says. It gives me msch
pleasure to add my testimony to that of othera; is
lavyr iif the . eMraertHmar ,tJfcV of y outi Dimrr.
taw Cordial, CJ and Of the t.rptclara-mti ' 1 bav
no hesitation i't'recdininendihg it as a most Valua
ble medicine," &c. ' -i'v-.-.- r "5-7
Doci. R -A. -Paths says he has nsecl the Diarr
haia Cardial in his practice "with tae happiest ef
feet, and thinks it one. of the most-convenient
and efficient combinations ever o fie red to our pro
resaioa.", '!' ' :.. --'"-- - ;.'.-.
lioct. L. 1). Hakdt writes. "I have administer
ed your Anotla-ne y.r peit e'tunt in" several cases of
uroncnia.Anection, wan tne- mm mappy rr.u-a.
sud from s knowledge of ifts admirable -effects, -
I can, with the greatest 'confidence, "Tecommensi
It," dC. !- - , . " r-1.
uoct. w. n. Love writes to us-mat ne bas ad
ministered the'rrecrrss to his wife, who-4ias
had the Uraachiti . for. fonrteen- year, and-.that
she is fast recovering from her long standing ma
id y. it bas in a lew ween, done ner more sooa
than all the remedies she has heretofore used, un
der able medical counsel. ' - "" ; ",
Siatkm of the best ApoTsntCABtn and '-FrsanK
AL-soTisTS iu the City of Baltimore. "Wi aresalisfi-
ed theprcparations known as 8taf1eia ' Jinedane
Caerrv Mxpectarant aa Waaler's jjiarramm uer-
dial. are medicines of Grkat Valuk. and vers
jident for the relief and -cute ef the diseases for
wiucu tney are recommeuueu ; iney near ins evi
dence of skill and- care in their preparation an4
style of puttipg up. and we lake plead aura- in rc
coinnaenii ing them.' , r
Tw estt hkvin ofthe most respectable" Mracn
akts. residents of Mabtimo, ViReimA.and Kosrrsi
Caro um,' who have sold and 'also used these
medicines themselves, say, "From ourown expert-
encs and tlut of - on eaalesisr, we do confidently
recommend mem fro Bono r-uonco. w e nsvs never
known .ny remedy used for the diseases for wblca
they are prescribed, to be so efftcieat, and. te alvs
such entire satisfaction to all." -
-The above notices efrecommendatlon from mem
of high standing, snd MERCHANTS -or the first
respectability, should be sjfnriest te satisf all,
that these medicines are KartAjr af trial bv ths af
Acted, and that they are of a different atamp and
class from the, -Quackery." and "Cur. , Alls'-so
much imposed upon ihe public-
For Rale by Urasglsts, Apothecaries aad cotta
try Stors-keepcrsgeiierally.
A .IJyslcry';. BJpIaiel..'j :
A Revolution Is Certain, Victory la 0r.
DR. A; L. .ADAMS '
NEW THKORY-OF DISEASE Is awakening lb.
inquiry in the minds of all who read It i How
it si that Americana have been ao long ami s.
slavishly immured in darkness aud igrrbi auceoa the
subcct.efjliseae.'- ; ,-!. :v - .A
is" offered to the afflicted of the Slates and Terri
tories for the entire cure of Liver Complaints "all
stares, -Bilious r-'ever,- Ague and -Fever, Chronic
I ung Fever. Dropsical Affections, Consumption,
Below Complaints Diarrhea, Wysentery, Kbeosaa
tism. Bleeding Piles Blind . Piles, fScrofula, Salt
Rheum. Drsiiensia. General Debility, Nervousness
.Costivness,-4ludigejuou, OtsWacted Menslrua,
tion,.oic.. , - - t- ' jar .l
hr. A. V.-Adams' "Liver . BaTsam has stood -the
nit test for the last nitesn years, sh mam
1 otlce. Caleb Plummer and Rebeeca Pltim
1N mcr, John W.C-ook, AunaCook, James Cook.
Lydia Cook. Levi Krhler, and Jane Kehier aud
Elixabeih Comstock, heirs at law aud legal repre
sentatives of Jehn Pittenger, deceased, are here
by notified that on tbe 95th day of May, A. 1). 1854,
Jamea sjouiatock .."Administrator ol John Pit
tenger, filed ta th. Probate court Of Ashland coun
ty, his p lillon and ta. same ia- new - vending, th.
object and prayer of which is to obtain an order of
ssid court to complete a certain contract iu wri
ting entered into between said decedent aud Daniel
Pittenger ou tbe S5th day or September. IB-Hi. by
lh. terms of which said decedeut sold to said Dan
iel the following premise, situate in said county
to wit: Part of the south west quarter of section
14. township 3, ran ye 15; commencing at tbe
section line west ofthe quarter poat, between sec
tion 14 aud S3, 10 chaina. 5U links; thenc. north
3 chains 15 links, thence west 4 chains, thence
north Hi deg., north 36 chains, SO liuks te the
quarter line, tbence west on said line to the north
west comer of said quarterly's chains, 10 links,
thence south-oa the section line-15 chain., Ibence
north 87 deg . east 10 cuaina, thence south 17 deg ,
easts chains, 74 links, thence south 46 des.; east
3 cha'BS ;i links, thence south 14 deg-, west 13
chains, t5 liuks, Ihence south 87 deg., west S
chains. -.0 Jinks, thence south 89 deg.. north 4
chain.. 00 link, so the section line, thenc. east
ou said line SS chain. 30 links to the place of be
ginning: contaiuing 74 29-100 acres, which said
contract was afterwards tr nslerred to oue Jacob
Krandt. since deceased.' aid petition asks an or
der to execute in behalf of tbe heirs of said John
Pittenger adeed for said premises to the heirs of
said Jacob Brandt. : J. W. SMITH,
May 25tb. 1354. ,'.'.. 6w2 . -. : . Sol. for Petr.
Administral.r's Notice. i
frtflE uadefsHrned have been nnpointed Ad-JL-:
nnnistrators of the estate of John Grindle,
dec'd.''Alf person, knowrng'-themseives. in
debfedtd caid. estate, arc requested to make
immediiile. payment (. and all persons basing
claims against said estate are requested to pre
sent them legally -aata-entieated -within - one
tear Irom this date. ,: 'X
' -,.' "'".,.'.' .ABRAHAM GR1MXE . : .
: .-" ' uriiv:r.iiivnlif
jjuae 14, ISJAi.li .Jwjkf Adraiaistratores .
,."' i Frederick Konp's Estate.
Nf3TICE"ls berdby giveri; that tlie undersign
ed have b-jen appoiiued an4 iju.il ilieJ as
Kxecntors on ttieeatate of Freileuck Koop,
late rf Wand coirnty'.eWMeiR.'
-n -v re. . .. r' DAN tRL" KOUP, ' 1 .
jane 14, 185. Sw3
''""Importa.iit'HiscoTcrjr !"' u. ".
BKVAN'f? PTjtMONIC WAKETlSare hnfail."
. ing iu the cure of Coughs, Co.lds, Asth-inn-,
'Broiicbiiis,. Sflord : Throats, Iloarsenoi.s
Uifiicnlt Breathing, li.cipientConsumption, and
Ii.iseasca ol the Limps. - They bnve no tastoot j
medicine, and. my child will take them. 'Thou
sands have been restored to health that had
before (Impaired. Testimony given in hundreds
nf cases, A single do.e rc.ieves in ten mm-'
utes !- " .- . - . . -i - :
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic- Wafers the orig
inal and only geuuiu.e is stamped ' Bryan-"
Spurir. kind, are . oifered tor sal..,' .Twenty
five ceut a- box.' r-uid by dealer generally.
J,.IIH.YaN i Co., Rochester. New York.' Pro;
prietors. . Whole sale by J. D. Park , Cincin
nali. trtiio; Wi Fiskie Cleveland, Ohio, ' .
.'rbruary 8, .1854-n3Stf. v i't:''.
ProbateTv otice. The following Executors,
- Administrators and Guardians liivuig filed
their acconnts f..r settlement iu the Probai. court
of Asblaud couuiy. Ohio, the aams are OA'derrd. to
be published in the AsblaudUniun fur three weeks.
and win oeiurueaiiug at ine juiy term oi court,
1S54. vis: :
The final account of Francis A ndrews' Admr.: of
U : - - -. Jaccb Beam, deceased. - '
. "r s James D"ty, Admiuistralor of
... - A.idiew Kegg, deceased. -
'." John Garst Adiuinistrator of
John W. Ward, deceased. '
sA--v David F. Young Administrator
; of John Wetx, deceased. "
i, . . . .'. Joseph B.VVorley Administrator
.t.- . of George Worley, deceased.- ;
-, . - William Lash Administrator of
"r ' ' ' - '''' Henry Miller, deceased-
u ..- John Burns Administrator of
- George N orth. deceased.
.. .... " John Yule and L.. Plank Kxeo -.
. . mors of Janett Htrouack, dee'd.
" ' " C. Brackler and J. hboults Ex-
'-5 -1 " ecutors or Christopher Brackler,
deceasi d. - '
.-Partial " A - Finley, Administrator or
. HaTmau Helman, deceased. -
Final. ',. . Joseph Heltman Guardian of Bet-
' sy Humerickhouser.
. .. - ' christian Kramer Gnardiao 'of
John and Almond Morris.
. . - Jaeob Miller Gaaidiaa of Simon
.. . . Landis. . : '
June 7, '34. A. L. CURTIS. Probate Judge. :
OH las Fraa kiln dc DTaneB B.B, Col
v Fa xk Lin, Portage CO., Ohio, Sept. 88, 1853. . (
ETTio., held June 11. 1853. the following, sses
nients upon Block subscriptions were made, viz;
Ten percent, payable July 1st; ie5:, and au assess
ment ol ten per-ceut. at the end of each succeed
ing sixty days, until the whole amount is paid.
Three instalments are therefor, now due. to wit:
The first when subscribed, (by -the charter,) the
second July 1st, n:d" the thirdAugust 31st.
Subscribe!, iu Aohland village aud obuuty are
respecfully requested to immediately pay all
instalments now clue, and as they hereafter be
come due. at the Banking House of Luther; Crall
at Co., Ashland unless Called upon by thi Collec-
'"f.':.; V' -. ::i . JOEL. W. TYLE8, See.
.. School Notice;
THE School Kxaminers of Ashland County, 0
will hold their next Public Kxaminatione, as
!UVjiAsitand; on the t bird "Sal unRyT" JfMay; At
ffavanuatl, on Hbe second Pattmlay of -nly! At
Havesville, on theeconattu:Uay of .September.
AvAsthlsudron the first aUrday of October. Al
so, -st Ihq nam plaeoJhnhrrd aturjav-of
October." '-" " .
v.ar.h .nafir.ant for a Ceruficate will bereouired
ltd furnish evidence of a good moral chaiactee-l -i
BxamlnattiH-s o commence at iu cciooa, aui.
9i jUi order of the Buaid., -n t -g ;
,'n .'. - tr- W. HILL; Sec'y.
AahUnd. May 101b. 1H54.... : .Mtf , :
jvihc am
proved I o ihe mosx
doubt, that it is ; -- -. "---' -!-' :.' -'i
The oaly Reliable Meilicine Ever Discovered
(being purely all vegetable.) fer tne permanent ari
of the ahove diseases. The most sceptical have
come its most sanguine votaries; - and pronounced
Ike Liver Balaam to be th.-.:! J-n-,,, -i -iii
Only ltel lable Hitbiiiger of Health to. jh
"afflicted, r,VEBTw;asBi:,...Ul,
Testimouisls- come up. from every track-it bas
made-, swollen with -expressions of gratitude, for
ihe ruliol received b its uss. : And ia .uboi ittlug
this, iuq Liver h&leam isrecomuieuded lo "alltbos.
suffering under the-1 -: ."-'..-"- .--ti
and st once procure one bottle etprA-Jj. Adams
Liver Balsam. '
-Tlrerrrsrlers it nnll"l nto eha-SftdteaTTTlract
founilb-y-maKingapplicailon to the'Aeu't wbe'ro lb.
balsam is sold. givi;ig-B lull epitome of the cause .
avd.oure'ef all diseases! containing, also oertilt-"'
cates Tiom those whJ have tested its unparalleled
ascendancy ccr tbe dtssafed to wbica we- are alt
siiMrct. ld bv K..11. tiUUBB.de Co.. Ashland
JoTin MoCrorty, West, Windsoi ; Slurges & Blglpw
. JUassucld- P. Stanwis,:- Rowsburg; iJ. tt.
aemaui(ddt Co Wuostsc. ;." ' '
" Gl E. ScoTii, General Agent, Ko. ot SandOFPk
Street GUaago, Illinois. i j r.t u L-iu s i;-iiil
February 1,1854. n37 ly.. . -. , f -
::. 5--C,:.iUIJMES-r.ni:7 ii5 .
Mlnvfxcturer of Bomta and Shosrt ;
L.HKEE doors below tne i inesmii
. in. Office. -Ashland-. Ohio.: Cirstora
WorUnlone-lo order on Ihe shgi test aouce
aua mosi rsaouaiMc is. a
December 14th. ' 1853.
JaunAiee, Dyspepsia, Cbrwnic er Wer-.
vut ioblllty A.wei as tkc Jvltlneaa.
And all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Constipation. Inward Pilss
' Jf ulluess or Blood to ths Heart.- Acidity of t.
Stomach, Nausea, Jleart Burn, Disgust lor Food,
Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Erueta
tHMis,- Kinking or- Fluttering at be- pit of ah.
'8ioniacb. Swimming of ibe Uesd, Hurried and
DKncolt Breathing, Flattering .1 tbe Ue.rt.Cbok
t iug or Suffocating (Sensation w ban in lyist ,
posture. Dim in ss of Vision, Dots or Webs before
. the Mght. Fever aad DuM pain in tlse Bead. Do.
ficieucy of Prespiration. Yellowness of the Skis,
and Eyes. Pain in tbe Side, Back; Chest, Limbs.
Arc Sudden Flushes cf Heat, Burning in tho
Flesh, constant imagininga of Evil, and Great
- lvepression of spirit., caabeeffectaally cured by
using. - : t -, . f .. ., i j- - r :H';Lfr-w
Dr. Uuoflaail'8 Celebrated J5crmari,j3ittera
X man Medicine Store, 190 Arch 81. , Philadelpkia
Their power over theebovaisssesisnot.xceUsl, .
if equalled, by any other preparation in the U. State. -as
the cures attest, in many case, aftar skillful
physicians bad failed. ;, "" i. 1; V, '
Thess Bitter, are worthy the attention of invalids. -Possessing
great virtue, ia tne -rectification of -Ais.
eases ofthe Idver mna lesser glands, exorcising ths
most searching powers in"weakawss and affections
of thedigestiv. organ, tbe are withal safe, cer
tain and pleasant, .i ... ; . : . - : ''" er
'" R. B, Pkrkiks. Marietta', Ohio, Feb. IS. J851. said
"Your Bitters are highly ortsed by those who have
used them, lo a case of Liver complaint; of long -standing,
which bad resisted the skill of several
Pbysicisns, was entirely cured by ths us. of five
bottles." C. L. Draxs, Freedom, Portage co.,0.,
April ?, 1859. said : "The German Hitters yoa seat
me last bave not J el come to band. . 1 have dmb oat
ofthe article for some time, to the great detrim.at
of invalids. It is a medicin. mncb thought of aad
songht after in this community. . . .
B. M. HoTi nmsn m. ., Bedford, Cuyahoga ee, .
O. Aogast S6. J85S,- said : The Bitters you ship
ped me in Msy Isstarp all gone 1 think It
mnrj, n.Ac n. and I mi recmnxnoiidin. it to sar
patients and uieuds, (which I do for no ether pat
eui medicine.) You "will picas, forward a larg. O
supply. "'- J - :- ---- :-i
li. Fra.ch. Wooster, O., Nov. 30, 1859. said : ,
Ibave used some three or four bottles of Boofl
and' German Bitters lor Dyspepsia, and derived
gnat bene fit from their use. 1 believe them to ;
be good for all diseases for which tbey are recom-
mwm.dORR. tvoostef;-0.,-October S.185, saM i
.you ask me -my-opinion of tbe .German Bit .
ters . I have used them, for Dyspepsia And Indl
eestioa.and take pleasure In stating that think
they are the very best remedy extaut for thebovo
complaints they are decidedly in advance of al
the proprietary medicine.of Iheday..' - .i
Mr. Orb is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
These Bitters are entirely vegetable.-' They never
prostrate the system, hot invigorate it.
For Kale bv R. H. CHU BB & CO., Ashland, and
oy Druggists and dealers in me-licincssvsrywn.ro. -
.-Asniana reo. j. uo iy.
! i
-. !
4 . FRUSH.upply of Wright's IndianVsg
efofe Piis, a standard k'nglish Medicine,
fur tbe revtsntion and core"! disease, tat aid
und. improve 'digestion and purify the blood.
For sale at tbe sew Draj Store . Ashland,
-b - ".'-':r'iRoi,tA' fti CHUBB fcCVjV1
'-.hHII .I' ltw?! ll..! " 'vJl
LEWIS: &!FtftTCHRRS Vegetable Cosa
peuad for tbe care ot Epilipey or Fits a
recently" discovered 'invaluable Medicine,
purely - vegetable,: lor tho tore ofthl. dread
fnl tiieeasca.i.sjusj received ad for aslr bji
R. H. OJJCBB & Co.
... - '"fcn J L. "
jkiie; -1853.5 - --f' r

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